Car Buying

what to do if you sell a car and dont know the new owners name?
Which Brand of tyres to buy?
Does it make sense to sell my newer car for an older car so I can have lower payments?
Can anyone identify this wheel?
The Volkswagen Jetta car is good?
I need some sort of rv loan?
Looking to buy a car from the junk yard any ideas?
how to find the security for the car by GPS to know where is the car ?
How does dealer financing work? Is it a good way to avoid a bank loan and high interest rates?
Private car dealership - I don't want to get ripped off!?
Should I get this cadillac srx for 13k? ?
How much could I sell my 07 F250 for?
How much should I be able to sell my LeBaron for?
Mitsubishi pajero specifications? has anybody used them to buy or sell a car?
I am girl who needs help about cars?? please Please?
How many cars can you legally transfer in and out of your name per year in California. Does the state limit?
what's a better vehicle: mazda 3 or scion tc?
what website has cheap pre-used cars?
Best 2wd base work truck ?
Car loan confusion :( help me please?!?!?!?
I just bought a 97 Grand Am w/ 125,000 miles for 7,800 dollars. Im starting to think I gotted ripped off.?
In the market for a new car. I have narrowed it down to these cars: Mitsubishi Evo VIII , G35 ,04 gto , and?
what car should i get?
What is the difference between Leasing and Buying a car?
what site can u buy cars and get it shipped to u?
How much is this car worth?
How can you be so casual in the process of buying a car?
2002 kia spectra ls vs 2002 pontiac bonneville? THEY'RE BOTH PRETTY?
Ideas for convincing parents to buy me a new car?
Anybody know anything bout the OPTARE ALERO?
what new car for under 37,000 has the best muscle car sound???
What 4 seater convertible would be best for me?
Gas prices killing me.?
Anybody selling a used bobcat skid steer?
What is the best car for a 15 year old?
Can you buy credit at a car dealer?
am i alowed a stall at car boot sale?
can i return my used car?
what is the most reliable used car to buy?
Can I buy a car at the age 17?
is it illegal for a buy here pay here place to sell used car with svs engine light on?
Should I accept cash from someone I have never met when selling my car?
Which place should i go to put a tv in a car?
What's the maximum you would spend on a car for a teenager?
Buying a Used Car?
what kind of car should I get ($20,000 or less)?
how much is my car worth?
What do you think of these cars???
i want to buy a maruti baleno car .is it a good buy?
I want to put $16,000 on a brand new car that is worth $19,000. Can a dealer work with me if I have no credit.
which is a better truck overall?
how relyable are Saabs?
Where does the car go when they repossess in another state.?
When you buy a used car....What do dealerships change as in fluids...belts ect.?
Why do people buy Fords?
need help picking a car...?
Is a H2 Hummer a good choice of vehicle ?
What car (brand and model) would you recommend for a college student with a low budget?
what is the best used car for $3000-$5000?
live on longisland and im trying to find a nissan 240 1995?
How much is this car worth?
Question about Automobile financing, can I return the car?
Would you pay $800 for 1989 Taurus?
How long do I have to take a car back that i bought, if i haven't put insurance on it...I only had it 22hrs.
Is it illegal to steal your own car back from the repo lot?
Can I sell my car for junk without registering it first?
How does buying a new car work?
how do you give back a car you owe on?
Is an '02 Nissan Sentra with 110k miles a good investment for $3k?
i have 150$ to spend...what should I buy?
how can i cancel a car lease?
Is a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport a good highschool car?
I have a friend that co-signed on a vehicle. Need advice please?
who has my car loan title?
Nice car 48000 $ price rsnge?
Would we be stupid to lease a 5 year old vehicle?
What are some good girly cars?
what should i get for my first car?
Recently lost money in car scam and need advice re tax situation?
Which one is the most luxurious??
What Is The Best Imported Vehicle Brand?
What's the best deal a new car or one that is a year or two old?
Where can buy the Schneider PLCs?
Wanting to buy a Kia Sedona only the nearest dealer is 2 1/2 hours away. Who would service my vehicle locally
Reliable first SUV for 16 year old girl?
Having a car boot on Sunday...?
I am not a Chrysler guy, but I am getting a 68 300 w/ 383-727 . I will be the 3rd owner 91,000 org
Please help me out with this pleaseee?
Why do we complain about higher gas prices?
I want to buy a car which one would u pick and my price is 25000?
What is the best car choice for my kid?
How much is a 1996 Arctic Cat zl 440 worth?
SUVs that are 200HP or higher but is Manual...I know Ford Escape is but 6 cylinder doesn't come in manual...
is there an internet site that features a large selection of nice used cars?
What is the cheapest way to ship an area rug and chandelier?
Can I trust the finance department in a Honda dealership if purchasing a new car?
i am looking for a friend justin wong yi ever studied in maju sec sch.?
can someone send me a site that could tell me how many miles saturn aura can get after it says low fuel?
which cars get really good gas mileage?
how to become a dealer?please let me know am welling?
What's a fair price when buying a used car?
if lexus is toyota's luxury car, and infinity is nissan's luxary car and Acura is Honda's luxury Car?
Question about a Car?
Minimum age to buy a car?
Do car salesman make money?
18 year old guy can't decide what car i want?
how much $$ can i expect to save if i pay upfront for a new car with cash?
On average, How long does it take to get a Scion tC?
How far behind in MA before car can be repossessed?
where can I find a engine for sale for a passenger van under 800 dollars in Jacksonville, Florida?
My friend got her car repossessed after one late payment even though she had automatic payment?
Trading in a car that I still owe money on...?
4 wheeler i cant afford?
im 18 and can i afford this car?
need name of lien holder on truck?
How much should I sell a 1991 Chevorlet Scottsdale camper top for?
how much is sales tax for a car in new jersey?
Are used cars prices quoted by official dealers in Germany negotiable? How much?
Is it worth getting 1999 VW golf?
Seeking small car with great take off power?
What's the best car for a new driver with a very limited budget of $500-1000 down pymt?
If I get a car and pay for it monthly can i take it back if....?
what is a really cool, really fast car?
dealership paying off truck loan?
GTI golf, or Audi a3?
Good paid apps to buy right now?
Running an ad in the paper in TN to get a title to an abandoned vehicle?
What is the best SUV to purchase on the market right now?
Is making an offer on a car over the internet a legally binding contract?
sell a car in MN?
Can I mot my car without tax?
I want to sell my ex boyfriends coin and stamp collection and I want to make sure he can not trace the sale.?
A question about buying a sick first vehicle?
selling a vehicle without a notary?
in Ca. who is responsible for smog? who is responsible for towing/storage of said car for no reg.?
Car dealer is out of business but they never paid off the flooring?
I currently have a car on 3 year pcp deal. do the payments remain near enough the same after 3 years.?
New lease and I dont know wut car to get?? opinions?
I bought a car left the lot. The dealer calls and says they now want a co signer. Do I have to comply?
where can i find a good used car?
What is an ideal car for when your 16?
How much less would a car cost if they didn't advertise?
What's some fast 4 person cars?
Looking for a new car?
What is the general discount one could expect to get from the sticker price when purchasing a new vehicle?
how to trade cars between two owners?
Basic Information about the Toyota Rav 4, BMW X5, and the Ford Escape?
were can i find a car under 6,000 dollars in milwaukee wisconsin with miles under 100,000 year over 2000?
selling my car and looking for another, any suggestions(please read)?
would u buy a chevy tahoe or gmc yukon with 70,000 miles on it?
was this a good purchase?
Choosing between two cars.?
Are they ripping me off?
What is a better car?
buying a car on a credit card?
please help.what is finance premium?seller in uk wants me to use this for pmt and this a scam
What is a good used luxury sedan with a lot of leg room and good gas mileage for about $10000?
anyone know of some good car transports?
I paid my car off today with money I wanted to nvest was that smart?
What is the lowest credit score do you have to have to lease a car?
What is the tax rate on a used car in Ohio when purchased in North Carolina?
Bought a used car and was deceived.?
Should I buy a Jaguar?
whats the absolute cheapest i can get a new 2012 camaro for?
I would like to by car MP3 reciever KENWOOD DPX-MP7050, but not new used. Is it possible and what price. thx?
Thoughts on 2011 Chrysler 300? Anyone own one?
Is this Mazda 3 a good deal?
Price of a new smart car?
how can i get an auto loan with extremely bad credit?
How long does it take to get cash for cars by selling online?
Is 22k miles alot for a 2009 Honda Civic?
Are there hybrid vehicles out there that are also dual fuel(E-85), and if so which ones?
how can i report my car stolen that i sub lease out? they havent made any payments or ansered my calls!!! help
How much does a 1966 Ford Mustang sell for??
what is a good price for this car? Help!?
should i buy this???
are 2003 nissan maximas with high miles a good buy?
if i just purchased a vehile, can i drive it from one location to another while its on a non op?
eBay Return Question?
Who Does RV loans for a 20 year old RV?
What is your least favorite part of buying a car from a dealership?
looking for a 1968 ford ltd?
a full size 4x4 chevy truck, king cab, got 1 for sale?
What is your favorite car and why would you buy it?
should I buy a newer car with gas prices continuously on the rise?
Where can I find an engine for a honda accord ex v6?
whats the best car you can buy for around 12 to 13.5 thousand?
How easy is an automatic car compared to manual?
new or used car?
period of time e-test is valid for after the purchase of a vehicle?
Australia car prices?
Looking for a car in Atlanta,GA?
First car for a teen?
Does anyone know where online I could find skid plates?
need estimate on value of a car in 3 years...please help?
Car or truck? First car, which one?
What suv is good on gas?
what is the best car from the range of 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs?
I am looking to purchase a used car, a reliable, cheap to fix, used car..?
Whats the pro of leasing a car?
in hyderabad where can i buy new bike hero honda of cost between 40,000-50,000.?
I bought a car without a title from MD. There is anyway that I can get a title on my name?
i bought a blazer in missouri and i got a tittle but no paper sayin the loan is paid off and th?
How much is a 69 camaro in good condition worth?
What's the best ranked SUV in the $18K to $50K range?
what sports car should i get ?
how to get help after car scam online through autos?
If u could have a car pop up in ur drive way for free what would u want?
What should i buy? need help!?
What kind of questions should you ask a car dealer?
Where can I get cheap festival tickets?
How much do you think my 1987 Volvo 240DL is worth?
Buying a car off Craigslist?
I need a car thats relatively cheap and that is located in southern california as in cypress or long beach.?
What car do you recommend?
im looking for a cheap reliable car in the sacramento area.?
whats the milage of the following indian-bikes ?
Is 7500$ worthy of this G35 Coupe? Advice needed!?
What are the best car brands?
What car should I get?
selling crossfire 150r go kart?
What is a 1966 Ford F250 Worth?
Looking For MANUAL Lexus IS350 (need links)?
If i was quoted at $16,990 for a car but my payments were 340/mth. for 72/mth And the total comes to $24,408.?
what type of car should I buy?
If you had $5000 to spend on a car what would you get?
What do you think abou tthis car I accidentally won on ebay?
Is a 2003 audi with 127,000 thousand miles good?
What's a good, safe, cheap, reliable car for a recent college grad entering the world with limited funds?
So im gonna buy my first used car from a guy on craigslist, after i get the carfax i wanted to get the engine?
when was hot wheeles frist started?
How much would i pay if i financed a car?
Where to buy cheap car seat cushion?
Selling my car, is this proposed buyer a scam?
Im going to buy a car. But instead of losing my money buying a car I'm thinking about getting my dealers lic!?
what do you have to go through to become a car salesman?
Mitsubishi GSX 1998 question?
do you have to lease a brand NEW car?
Looking for Nissan Altimas 2002-2004???
do you have to pay sales tax when you lease a car?
where can i find salvage cars in usa?
can my car still get repossessed?
i found a 1990 acura integra with 158,000 miles for $2900 is this a good deal?
you may sell up to five vehicles in twelve months - means from January to Dec, or from first car sold to last?
3 cars to choose from. Which is the best?
Can I drive a new car right after I purchased it in MA?
Which car do you thinks is better: Acura MDX or Audi Q5?
Which is Faster? mr2 or Prelude?
Could i afford a mustang in a couple years?
Car repossession..Help!?
So can I get a car for $1000?
Dodge Charger?
what vehicles are manufaactured to be towed without having to have additional work done.?
car dealer is delaying to give me my car?
What's the best kind of four-wheeler to race?
I am looking at purchasing a 1995 Honda Civic with odometer reading of 132k. The mechanic selling it says the?
Which would you buy Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, or Ford Edge?
What are the signs of a catlyic converter going bad on 2003 impala?
should i buy this car?
1st car for a 16 year old girl?
Anyone know where I can get a 1965-1970 mustang for under $1000?
Looking for great used SUV, around 4-5 thousand. Need ideas!?
i need a site to find out price's of antique car's value?
why would you buy a scion xb or honda element?
how much can i take alcohal in a day?
A mobil wid gud features under rupees 5000?
I want to buy a E350 Sedan but i want to pay it off by the month. how much would it cost monthly?
Anyone got a Mitubishi Colt?
any cheap cars for sell say under 500 that will last 1 year?
Can i get this car down to $6000?
I recently leased a car but I want a different car, is it possible to switch?
Best brand of car?
Price of use cars ? Chervolet camaro ?
which car is the most aerodynamic car in the united states?
what is a good first car for a 16 year old male?
i have a car thats just over a year old, can i trade it in for anything so that wouldnt have anymore payments?
Are car auction reliable to buy a good car.?
Should I keep the Toyota Matrix or look for something else?
Would anyone (in the Lake Hopatcong/Landing NJ area) like to sale used car?
Which of these cars are better? Ford explorer 2002, Jaguar X series 2004 or BMW 328 2002?.?
if u have to buy a car which would u buy?
Tell me the features of Nissan Roox?
How much money could I get if I sell my 1979 Camaro Berlinetta?
2007 Toyota Camry or 2007 Volkswagen Passat?
what is better YARIS or XA & can i add a screen????
Why is this Subaru so cheap?
My car loan is for $24,000, but the car is only worth $16,000. How can I get out of this debt?
how much silver is in a morgan dollar?
where can you buy a tilt a whirl car, or a bumper car?
good first car? under 4 grand and not a civic?
First car? and convincing parents...?
What happened at the end of your car lease?
Why do people by Hummers?
corsa d vxr lowest price?
How do I calculate car prices?
2007 Volvo C30 Price in 2012?
svt focus or Mazda 3?
How can I negotiate a lower price on a used car being sold by a dealer, (not a private seller)?
has any one had any problem with 2006 Nissan altima.?
when is the best time to buy a car?
what is the best car color for a 2007 accord?for a male?
How much should you spend on your first car?
can i swap my none turbo supra 2jzgte for a supra tween turbo 2jzgte?
going to change cars in 3 years. should i just lease?
would you buy 2006 mazda miata for $ 16,999, that only 3K miles from carmax?
How are the 2012-2013 Camaros?
How can I convince my parents to buy me new rc car parts?
What do you people think about this car brand?
How much should I ask for my 96 Honda Civic?
how much verizon charge in the name of taxes and other misc fees when one orders their 94.99 package?
What car should I get next my budget is $70,000?
Mileage concerns on a used car?
What are things i need to know when buying second hand cars?
i have 12 K dolars to buy a car. what is my best value car for the money?
Which is better, the Nissan Murano or the new Mazda CX-7?
I am financing a 2 year old car that I can no longer afford (I lost my job). Can I give the car back?
is it worth buying a Porshe?
Should I buy a foreign or USA vehicle to get the most bang for my bucks?
I’m planning a purchase a second-hand Bajaj Pulsar 150cc 2000 model. How much shall I afford for?
2003 Hyandia Tiburon, good car? MPG? and Body kit?
What should I do to get a car if I have no money?
I want to buy a new car, which one is better Honda civic Or Mazda 3 ?
Which car to buy mazda 3 or lancer x gt?
GM plans to sell nearly 18,000 Chinese-made vehicles in the US in 2011?
I bought a car 2 mths ago and it blew a rod. i still owe $3000 is my care considered a lemon are the liable?
what car should i buy i got 3 million to spend?
Can anyone give me advice about buying my first car?
should I go with chrome or black rims on my 94 red z28 camaro?
2006 or 2007 Mini Cooper????
how much would you pay for these three items?
What is the best used car you can get for $3000?
Whats the best way to learn about cars by myself?
What's better - the Toyota Matrix (Pontiac Vibe) or Maza3 wagon?
What do you think is the best way to lease a car..?
what days is cannock car auction on?
i am looking for a economical medium to small second hand car, which do you recomend and what are its figures?
Are there any car donation places for College Students?
CAn my family steal my car..legally?
Does anyone know what cars Jeremy Clarkson has?
is a rav4 a cool car to have in high school?
Need some advice on cars?
First Car Price Suggestions?
How do you transfer a car's title to someone else?
How do I sell my car with expired plates?
Do you think i should buy this truck?
dealer wont send me my car tittle?
What are best, cheapest cars to lease?
I have an international driver's license, can i buy a car in the United States?
New car purchase question?
Is this a used car scam? (please say no...)?
How does payment work when you sell a car privately?
who do i go to for help filling out business application?
What to look for when looking at an s10?
Should I buy this Toyota Tacoma?
1998 mini's, death traps?
what pickup truck rides higher stock???
do you think this is a nice car?
Buy from Seller or Dealer?
If you had $25,000 what car would you buy.?
how much is a convertible camaro?
Honda civic coupe or scion tc?
looking for free car auction?
Should i haggle on the price?
Should i sell my galaxy note and get an iPad Mini?
Urgent help please???
can i use know longer have the loan twice?
In the state of VA, can I pass an inspection w/out anti-lock brakes.?
Can i transfer a HPI loan onto another car ?
need to purchase a car without paying a down payment. where can I find a loan companies or car dealership.?
Is is possible for a dealership to tell you a car and tell you it is used but it really is a salvaged vehicle?
Cant decide what to buy?
what car do you drive? and would you recommend it?
first car????????????
So what is the deal with the tacoma dome liquidateor sale ?
does this truck sound to good to be true for it's price?
How much would my 84 Chevy truck sell for?
who has the rights or ownership to the car?
Can a underaged person buy a used car legally?
How much would you save in order to buy a car?
Where Can I get a Free or low cost automobile if on disability?
what's better for a family car ford fusion or ford fusion hybrid?
What happens when you hide a car when its up for repossesion?
im buying a car?
I am a 56 year old woman who is finally buying the truck I always wanted.?
Should I Buy A Moped?
Top 5 classic cars?????????????????
Should i buy gt 520?????
Can a car dealership ask me to re-sign a contract because they want to give me a higher interest rate?
my sister in law bought a car unther my Gilr name , my girl as the owner and her i guess as cou signer.?
where can i find out how much my 69 Cadillac is worth?
Used cars, trim levels, add ons....?
is it necessary to have a DL for a car loan , i dont have a DL my wife does but shes not eligible for laon wa
what kind of car is this? ( PIC INCLUDED)?
What's the best car for someone who is short?
what Pick up truck is the best?
i have a 2005 ford mustang but im thinking about trading it in for a 2003 cadillac cts. im 16 yrs old?
Want to put 24s on another car or jeep. what you think?
What car would work for me?
Where can I find dealers to install a power lock kit i bought online for my car?
What car for 10 grand?
Has anyone here actualy got a car from a police auction or any other kind of auction?
What does inbound into customs mean?
I am confused that which bike i should buy. Hero KARIZMA ZMR or Honda CBR150.? Please suggest me.?
anyone in the kansas city area need a truck at a great price, im leaving the country soon and dont need it now
What are the best turbo or twin turbo cars under $6000? Preferably 1990 and up. Thanks love you.?
Which flashlight should I buy?
I wish to buy the best electric car if we compare quality/price.?
Is this a good deal on a BMW?
Need a list of Suvs please...?
Im looking to buy my first car. What kind of car should i get and what should i be looking for in the car?
i am looking to get a toyota venza or a acura mdx which is better and more ecconomical to own long term?
Bought the car salvage title seller not disclosed?
which car would be good to buy among ALTO,SANTRO,SWIFT,INDICA CC,mileage,maintainance,costeffective ?
Should I get Lo jack?
Can you suggest an affordable sporty car?
Where and how can i get a license to buy cars at auction?
How do you convince somone to sell thier collectable car to you?
Fiat Punto or Vauxhall Corsa?
Buying a car from another state?
Any one know of a good car?
i need a new truck?
Is it a good idea to buy a used Commercial Vehicle?
What would you do in this situation? 300e or new beetle?
when 2011 new cars will arrive to dealer?
Advice on this car situation?
We are thinking about leasing a used car. Where can I go for more information?
What kind of car (sporty sedan) should I get?
Vehical Financing?
I bought a car then returned it the next day and got a nother?
looking for a car..Am I being told the right facts?
How can I find the car I want?
Can anyone recommend a reliable and fast diesel car?
where can i buy a volkswagon kombi van at a cheap price in Arizona?
Do ppl buy car hood ornaments nowadays?
buying a new car any good sudgestions looking for a cheap sports car?
Looking for Honda Civic EX under 3k?
If you had $8k to spend on a car. Which vehicle would you choose?
Outstanding finance on car.?
What's a reliable, stick shift, sporty sedan for under 5k? Preferably foreign...(no hondas though)?
is there a website where you can buy nascar car of the company?
im trying to buy a new truck. which one should i get?
what car should i get?
what can i do if i bought a used car, "as-is" and its broke down after 2 week?.?
Truck help questions?
looking for a good project car?
What is a dependable four door sedan?
How do you legally get a car newly bought from a private seller back to your house?
What car should i get for my first car?
wats a good new car for a 19 year old college student?
Ford Figo or Hyundai i20?
Crossover for a teenage driver?
where can i buy a really cheap small car?
where may I go to buy a salvage vehicle besides online?
How do people check how much their car is worth?
Where is the best place to sell a WD 45 Allis Chalmers Tractor?
What are the costs of exporting a car from the UK to the Bahamas ?
Where can i find 16 inch gold lowrider bicycle wheels, front and back, for sale?
What is a better car?
How much should i sell my car for on craigs list?
2012 Charger vs. 2012 Mustang?
Is anyone buying large vehicles right now, with gas going up and all?
EASY TEN POINTS!!! is it possible to learn to drive in a week?
if you have dealer licence to buy cars at auctions can u put someone else on that dealer licence and get...?
GMC Acadia or Honda Pilot EX?
What are the costs of exporting a car from the UK to the Bahamas ?
I WANT TO BUY A CAR, Please help me.?
What is the best used car (most durable, lowest cost and good safety)in the price range of $US 3500-5000?
Why won't a car drive forward but will drive in reverse?
What other cars have AC compressors that will fit a 95 Camaro z28?
What is the earliest possible delivery date for the new model BMW X5. In the UK.?
Would you buy a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer for $3900 158k?
Car talk? What does this mean?
man killed by auto,01-28-2007 at Rostock, Germany, man not id-ed?
How long do i have to return a car i bought from an owner not a dealer?
Fast, cheap, car for $9000?
Which is the better choice ? 2007 350Z Touring or BMW Z4 3.0si?
Is this used car worth the price?
What does California Emissions Compliant mean?
How do I reasonably negotiate with a car salesmen?
could you please suggest a nice name for my new car?
Used car choice: Would you pick a higher quality with 60,000 miles on it, or lower quality with 25,000 miles?
First time buying a car?? Please Help!!?
I am looking for a second-hand automatic gearbox for my Ford Escort 1,6 1997?
Best sedan between 70-80lack INR($140000)?
Where can I learn about car buying tips to avoid the games dealers play with customers when buying or selling?
Is Japan able to export new cars, etc to Australia yet ?
I'm looking for a good cheap car, V6, 2-door..any reccomendations?
what is the best way to buy a used car for cash?
Should I buy a new or a used car?
Which One U Prefere Ferrari Or Borchee ?
Do I buy a new car, or not?
SAFETY is more and more...IMPORTANT than Meeting Michael Jackson!?
help pick my car please?
what is the percentage of people using hybrid car in the USA?
can i get my money back after i bought a car?
Is a new car for a 16 year old a good idea?
Does any one know where I can look up a VIN number online for free?
which is better a audi tt or audi a5?
Middle class nehiborhood all i see is Honda Toyota?
***Where can we find a DECENT car?***?
Is a 2007 Civic Coupe LX good for teenager or 2011 Ninja 250r? HELP!!?
Whats a kid gotta do to get a Porsche 959 around here??
HELP! Going to turn GMAC car back in -- how do i have them come and take it?
Bought a car from a friend and it broke down?
audi or bmw...which one should i get?
2010 Camaro LS Price?
What qualifies as a dealer for a used car loan from a loan company?
i have indica vista suffire,i bought it on loan in january ,if i want sell it how much return will be?
What CNG kit is the best for Chevrolet Aveo Sedan car?
What color truck is nice?
whats the safest car for a teenage girl around 30k? something she would actually like...?
how would you find a companys phone # if old phone is not working?
Should I sell my car or trade it in?
Which car to pick? help!?
Is it safe to disclose your vehicle VIN number to a prospective buyer you have never seen over the phone?
pros and cons of the 2005 kia rio hatchback?
if I sign the contract, but change my mind before I leave the dealership, is the car mine?
What are nice sexy above average cars out there under $50000?
Sold a bad car!?
found an abandoned truck on some land. how can i get the truck.?
Car Lease gone wrong?
would u buy a car from nk motors?
Car guru's help please!?
Honda civic EX 2005 sedan?????????
if you buy a car privately and it breaks down doyou have any comeback?
How much do dealers usually make on consigned cars?
what to do if the bank is taking my car?
what is the law on selling used cars!!?
How long can I drive with an expired dealer's temp tag?
I want a new car, do you think I could afford to get one?
If you buy a car with finance on it, are you responsible for paying the debt to the finance company?
i owe 11700 on a car payment if i put 3000 towards the remaining balance will this lower my paymnet?
What kind of truck can i get for around $5k that has good pickup (i'm not really looking to haul stuff) ?
Good, cheap first car?
a pontiac dealer told my daughter make her payments a smart buy for 240 mo.then after 3 mo refinance.?
American cars or Foreign cars?
Any body have a mo-ped.. are they worth the money?
Alfa Romeo GTV6 any good?
What is the value of a 1975 airstream land yacht camper in good condition?
Can i buy a new remote without having to buy and install a new car alarm?
Does a corvette really get the girls?
Which is better a 2004 Pontiac GTO or a 2008 Ford Mustang GT?
How much would you value this car?
what is the car with the best fuel economy?
What price to transform a classic 4X4 in monster truck of show entertainment?
Do you have to have a license to work at a car dealership? But not as a dealer...?
does anyone know where i can find some American Racing (ARE) 398 wheels 15x7 for sale?
Is a $45,000 vehicle attainable for someone making $50,000 a year?
Truck for a 17 yr old?
If we owe 7,000 on a truck and we get a loan for 6% interest for 5 years how much monthly would we pay?
350z vs s2k vs TL ...?
Is the MG ZS 180 a good car?
If I pay the full amount on a truck, will I have to make monthly payments?
What is a good car to buy for $3,000-$9,000? One that is cheap to fix in the future. What about those hybrids?
Can a Baby ride in a car seat in the front seat ?
Want to buy a Ford 350 or GMC 3500, to tow my toy hauler 5th wheel, which is the better truck?
Hyundai Getz?
has anyone used the $8000 tax credit?
What car should i get?
Does Superseal auto A/C leak sealer work?
What should I name my car?
I'm 17 soon, can you help me pick outa these cars?
My step father has a truck that he has not driven in two years,he said who would sell it to me 1,500 dollars i
Hi im an 18 year old looking to buy a new car. I want something powerful/fast but cheap at the same time?
Anybody know a used 2008 altima for sale?
what is good car for a woman for under $12000?
I brought a car with a sc title and i am transferring to nc does it have to have a notary seal?
SUV/minivan that seats 7-8 and is fuel economic?
car finance hell! can they take it?
where can i found out where there will be a police auction or bank reposessions?
where could i buy fire jeeps or fire brush trucks?
I need the adress of japan international motor show in nairobi?r=1235221407?
What to say when buying a used car from owner?
Lifespan of a car?
what is the most expensive brand new car on sale in the world?
i bouhgt a car on a buy here pay here dealer. both of them in bad condition. is there any way I getmymoneyback
Which car should I think about getting?
Do you know of a company that personalises the badge (wheel cap) in the centre of an alloy wheel.?
how to work a car deal?
Looking for a car?
Concerns about buying a car?
what should be my first car?
So I want to buy a car in the state of new jersey, what is the process?
What cars should I be looking for, and what cars should I say away from?
Which car is harder to drive?
where can i find a cheap moped in NC?
I want to import a used car motor from canada to the US. Where can I get information on the US duties?
How can I sell a 1987 Toyota Corolla for the most money that needs repair? Sell it for scrap somewhere? Where?
Would i be a fool to a buy a used Jaguar XKR instead of something more reliable, cheap and sensible?
Anyone ever dealt with American Credit Acceptance for an auto loan?
Getting a truck put in my name today?
tips for starting a buyherepayhere car lot?
What do you think of ISUZU TROOPER 3,0TD?
When you trade a car into a dealer, who gives the tax credit? Dealer or State?
Am I spending too much money on a first car?
Which car should i buy?
Which of these cars do you think is the best value, which one will i get most miles out of?
im buying a wrx?
What car would you absolutely not buy?
Can car dealership take my car back after 2 months because the financing didn't go through? And keep my down?
What kind of cars are comparable to the pontiac?
Best car for me? Suggestions?
Is an in-house financing car lot the same as a tote the note car lot?
How do i get info on buying a truck from Mexico?
How much would I have to spend to get a decent car?
income tax return as down payment for a car where?
What should i get a 05 Toyota Tacoma or a Honda S2k?
If you had $10K, would you buy or lease a car?
Newer basic car or older loaded car?
New hampshire car inspection?
I'm thinking of buying a Mini Cooper S and can you tell me the good and Bad of it?
Guys i want a car under 8 laks . I am confused between lancer and nissan sunny .swift desire , any suggession ?
would it be cheaper to own a horse than to own a car?
most reliable car?
Im 19 years old and looking to buy a 2000 mustang priced at 5000 and only a 1500 down payment. I want to look?
can i get a car loan with a contract job?
What would be a good car for a 16 year old??
What would be a good first car?
How many cars have you personally owned? 11 so far?
Is selling a car that's not in your name a crime?
When do DEMO cars go on sale after new models arrive?
Vehicle Loan Qualified?
State of Virginia can a used car contract be voided within three days?
Trade in my car but still have a loan?
What car does the fastest 1/4 for under $23,000?
Sold my car on craigs list now they want there money back or they said they would sue ?
Best car (2nd hand!) for under £500?
How to I ask for a deposit back on a car I've decided not to buy? Do I offer to let them keep some money?
How much horsepower does a Ferrari have?
Does a Car Dealer have to tell u before u buy your car, that it has been involved in an accident?
What is your opinion on American vs foreign cars?
How long to get car title back from Honda?
Have Bad Credit .and need a Loan .?
used auto dealer in bakersfild ca address 600 ?
Is this a cool car for an 18 year old?
what is the TEXAS law if i trade at a car lot my vehical for another and drive it home and have problems?
if my car is a wright off, how much can i get for it?
Car For 16 Year Old Girl?
how much money do you save by buying a car in detroit. live in ma.?
Today will be my first time walking into a used car dealership. Any advice?
Written contract help!?
What is a cool 2 door car thats used.?
Please help ! Looking for a car:/?
How much should I sell it for?
What would a truck go for .....................?
Which car is best for towing and general use?
11 thousand dollar car worth next year?
Which 4X4 has the best mpg? Looking for a small suv or passenger car answer?
Help with buying cars! I'm 16 year old male. ?
Im stuck on trucks anyone wanna give their opinion?
what's better crown victoria or grand marquis 2006?
What is a good last car.?
Selling my car - getting scammed?
Besides a house or a car, name the most expensive purchase in someone's life.?
which samsung tab should i buy?
I need help picking the best "first car" (that's cheap yet still safe and reliable)?
Which car should I get?
Should i supercharge camaro ss or challenger srt8 ?
which is better BMW or Audi in luxury cars?
What should I do about my car situation?
if one gets a car totalled..based on the current msrp, will it cover ur down payment and payments u have made?
99 eclipse gsx for sale?
How do you get a mechanic to honor his sales contract?
what kinda suv is better?
i have performance parts for a passat 4 sale?
Picking a car for P Plater?
Do you prefer a sedan, compact, pick-up, minivan, coupe or other?
I am buying a car from a private person and need some clarification?
What car should i get?
1989 Honda VTR Interceptor 250cc?
car experts & car enthusiasts?
How to tastefully put it out there of dealership upping the price on me, but then selling it cheaper?
Guys what do you think of ?It concerns shopping.?
Which luxury car is better?
how much is the shell of a 1969 ford torino GT (not fastback) worth?
What was the price of a dodge 5 years ago?
You favorite Air filter?
should 14 year old kids drive cars?
how much would i get for salvage price for a £6000 car?
cant sell my SUV because of dead bidders on ebay?
Is this a good car to get?
what is the responsibility of a co-signer on a car?
2005 mustang car loan?
What is a good, cheap, car to buy brand new?
I sold car on ebay, now buyer wants money back, what do I do?
what should i do with my '01 f150?
what is a good family car that's good on gas?
How does trading a car work?? 10 points?
funly number plates?
how to obtain an auto aution license?
What would be a reason price to pay for a 07 Hyundai Elantra private party?
Should I sell my car for scraps or should I try to sell it?
Who can sell me a long bed pick up truck?
what other sites can i put my car up on to sell?
Opinions about Hertz's Rent2Buy program?
What is the best way to buy a new down or no money down???
looking for a vg30dett engine(300zx twin turbo)?
has anyone got car finance from car craft in uk? what did you think?
Damage costs to this car on ebay?
where can i buy an american muscle in singapore?
What would you name this car?
Which one is better than tha other?
1~2 years in Germany. Rent or Buy a car?
Where are some quality car auctions in Daytona Beach, FL?
Mitsubishi Triton 2000 Question?
Is automatic transmission is one of the standard features for 2009 BMW 3 series coupe?
How much do I sell my tire/rim for?
what car should i buy MEAGANE II or nissan TIIDA?
Should I get the Saab 9-3 or the 9-5?
do u find it reasonable when high school students get luxury cars?
Dodge, Ford or Chevy? Which one is the most reliable?
New Car or Second hand car?
will i be held liable for unpaid tickets from the private owner if i buy her used car .?
Can I return a car to the Private seller if it fails inspection the day after I bought it and the failure is?
I just won a lawsuit for 7k. i want to buy a used car, what do i do?
Please any one can tell me about car specilist those who can tell me which one can i buy?
is it possible to trade in a vehicle that is being financed through a bank to buy down the selling price?
What is the easiest kind of car to take care of?
how to sell a car properly...?
How much gas mileage does a 1972 plymoth road runner get?
What is the trade in value?
Hi, I got a promotion.. I want to buy a car for daily travel to my office. which is a good car in traffic?
Best 1990-2000 small pick-up?
PLEASE,Help me telling me how to register a salvage certificate car in Florida.?
Where can I go on the internet to buy a kit to remote control my car?
I need some help with selling something?
Guy bought car, wants to return it...Help Please?
Buy a used car or fix mine?
Is it good or bad if your cars miles are high?
Buy or lease 2012 Hyundai Elantra?
Does anyone know of a convertable car that seats more than 2 people?
sarching for used car dealershipswith a buy here pay here option.?
Which one 07-09 sti vs 07wrx?
I want to buy a car from craigslist, please help.?
Honda CR-V or Ford Escape ?
How to handle car dealer saleperson who wastes my time?
Can I trade in a car that I owe 19000 and I have only had for six months?
I live in KY and im trying to sell my motorcycle which has a OH title. Which states laws apply?Lemon Law?
looking for pre 1923 dodge brothers parts doors and canopy espiecally?
Please Help Need Advice on A car situation?
Why is it that so many people truely believe that car salesmen rip you off?
When buying a classic car what do I need?
waht is the value of a 1980 firebird formula needs work?
Is a subaru impreza a good first car?
Which car should I buy? 06 BMW325i or 06 Mazda RX8 or Nissan 350z? My budget can only afford this three car.?
What kind of car should I get?
I am ready to purchase a new (but affordable) car. Any thoughts? something cute, but practicle?
Best UsedCar For Teens or What Was Your First Car?
does anyone know where i can get some decent rims for a Chevy Impala LS?
Does anyone have a cheap car for sale? :(?
Trading in my chevrolet?
how expensive is it to buy a car in ca?
Small car/hatchback suggestions?
are 2004 Oldsmobile aleros good cars?
i live in the dallas are and i was wondering?
selling a used hoveround?
At what point do I sell my 2005 car with 17,766 miles on it to get the best value for a trade in?
I'm looking into rally cars?
Does anyone know if a dealer will take a car that was previously a manufacturer buyback as a trade?
how much is the General Motors family discount on a new automobile?
if i get my used car dealers license , would i be able to sell at least three cars a month part time ?
2006 infiniti qx56 or 2006 audi a8 or 2006 porsche turbo?
What's the best hot hatchback on a £3k budget?
Am i looking for the right car?
who is such a nice person?
We bought a car and now the temp. plates are expired, car dealer will not answer our calls.... NEED HELP PLZ?
They say that Toyota's cars last the longest, is this true?
is it good to buy a salvaged car?
What are the Interior features of Ford Ecosport?
Sould i get this car?????? plz answer...[[pictures]]?
Is there anyone selling a nice car for maybe 4,000-5,000.?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a van instead of buying one?
C200 2001 with 40000miles vs c230 2004 with 65000 miles?
Any opinions on the 2007 Camry LE?? I Might buy one...?
this is a salvaged car do you think i should buy it or not?
Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-7?
where can poor black folks rent a car without a major credit or debit card?
What do you think about that car?
Help me with GAS PRICES?
What are the rights and responsibilities for new and used cars under the NYS lemon law?
Buying a Second Hand Hyundai Accent ? Reqeust your Suggestion?
what is the average interest rate when buying a used car 03' 04' 05' for a twenty year old?
where is a good dealer i can go to, to finance a car?
where to buy nissan skyline r32 in canada?
I have a 1970 Buick Riviera that only has 26,000 miles. I'm wondering if the market is good for selling?
how much a porche 2005 in best color cost in USA?
Should I buy 2002 Jetta 1.8 or Jeep Liberty Sport for 6k.?
whats the best used car dealership in columbia, sc?
Does pull a part clean out the cars when they buy them?
When purchasing a used vehicle, does the mileage matter? If not, what should I check for?
Would you buy this car?
what is a good price for a 2002 Kawasaki 650 4X4 All Terrain Vehicle with about 300 miles?
18 yr old guy have had a bmw 3 seriies 97, but paying for either a nissan frontier (05-09) or a newbmw 3?
what is the better car? 2012 Auti tt Or BMW 328xi coupe?
Camper towing with a '05 Pacificia?
Can I find somewhere the anticipated future resale values of specific used cars?
What car should i buy?
i want to purchase car pl give me advice logon, swift or acent?
is it possible in ny to get a new title for a vehicle that you buy with out one?
I get paid cash instead of a paystub, where can i find a car loan with out proving my income?
How old does a car have to be to be considered 'classic'?
When selling your car is it safe to let someone test drive it because of insurance reasons? I do have?
350zx or RX8?
Now this is what's going on I have given 3,000 down deposit for a chrysler pacifica now they want more.?
What is the average price for a usedin fair clean condition 1999 Mitsuhibi Galant?
what is the excise tax on a $12995 car in Mass?
Best car on mpg for traveling?
Trade a car that i owe on?
what are some good cheep cars for teenagers?
What's in your dream garage?
in 9 ball and 8 ball how are ratings scored?
What is the best new car to buy (using low-pollution and low-cost as the two main requirements)?
Should i buy a 2003 volvo xc90?
What would be a good first car for a 16 year old?
What kind of car is this?
Should I get a cheap car first? ?
Car dealer...or stealer?
which car is better Wagon R or Santro Xing?
Volkswagen Jetta or Mazda3?
What would be an ideal first car for a 17 year old (UK only)?
i bought a car and have had it for 2 weeks now the dealership is trying to take it back, is that legal? HELP!!
Dealer sold me a lemon car what to do?
how much money do you save by buying a car in detroit. live in ma.?
I have a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado and im wondering roughly what its worth?
Suggestions for a slightly (3-5 years) used car with a third row seat.?
whatts a really good car for???
can i afford a used 2010 camaro if i make $20k a year (not including overtime)?
could you please tell me what is part no of connecting rod for volvo TD 121?
Will a dealer lower the price of a car alot if you pay cash?
im looking for a new car any ideas?
daihatsu copen .. opinions?
which car should i get?
Is This Car To Big For A New Driver ?? UPDATED WITH CAR :L?
Whats a better overall car a corvette c6 or bmw 650li?
Is cash for clunkers still available? and does my 94 firebird qualify? it is driveable.?
how much less will i get for a salvaged title?
what do i need to buy in goverrment car actions ...and were can i see listing for next actions?
In Ireland when you sit the practical driving test for a fuill licence do you have to use your own car?
Should I buy a rebuilt/salvage/ accident repair car?
Sticker price?
Range Rover Sport or bmw X5?
getting a job at an car junkyard?
How to select best car in India?
What is the best Car for Me?
If a car has a salvaged title...?
what's,english of tagalog?
will a prop shaft for a land rover freelander 2002 1.8 petrol model fit a 2003 1.8 ES model?
Can a teenager buy a car?
Does anyone know a good mid-size SUV for $20,000 to $35,000?
why do parents buy lemon as their 16 or 17 year old's first car?
Luxury Car for tall people...?
How much is a 94 camaro worth with about $6000 worth of go fast goodies, and only 70000 miles?
Help with buying a new car...?
where is the best place to get a reasonably priced leased car? Please.?
I have $8000 and am looking for my dirst car.?
im looking for a new car any ideas?
Hummer H3 or TrailBlazer SS?
How do things work at carmax as far as selling your car to them?
Which is the best make of car to buy a hybrid? (Toyota, Honda, Saturn or ..........?)?
Does transactions of buying and selling of automobiles affect a third party?
Looking for a used car,What are the most reliable cars?
The car dealer trying to screw me over?
best special financing for auto loan?
I need help on buying my first dream car (2012 Mazda3) !!!?
Buying a Car, what other epenses will i need?
Which Car should i get !!!!!! Need Help?
Good first car for teenage girl?
Need SERIOUS help picking a car!!!?
smart car?? Good idea!?
What are the best to worst rebuild kits I can buy off ebay?
car loan modification?
What is the smallest six passenger wheel. 3 adults 3 kids? thanx?
On which features do you concentrate more when buying a car ?
importing a hummer from usa?
what is the best way to find a 1977 chevy pickup in michigan?
Where can I get vehicles that are auctioned by the government at?
where can i find a air suspenstion kit for my 1986 chevy pcikup c-10 really cheap?
First Time car buyer questions?
What is the legal age for entering a contract?
which diesel car is good mileage and seating capacity 6 to 8?
Is this car legal to drive in the UK?
who is the captain of germany?
best sedan under 50k?
Car sufficient enough for average person?
Trade in or private sale?
Car finance loans and interest ?
Your opinion on a purple car?
How do I know if I'm getting a good deal for a '98 VW Jetta?
what is involved with buying a 17 year old used car in Canada and bringing it to get titled in the USA?
In any given week, 1.5 percent of the population is in market to buy a vehicle?
Need a new SUV quick!! Envoy, Vue, Blazer, Trailblazer ?!!?
What are the drawbacks, if any, to buying a car that has been salvaged?
What are the most reliable vehicles?
interested in buying a '95 dodge intrepid?
a person who wants to buy my car wants me to transfer the title before the checks clear, is this a scam?
Am I getting screwed in this used car purchase?
Is this a reasonable price?
What do you think of the Chrysler 300 car?
i need help, first car?
How How much should i sell my 2000 Toyota corolla if i needs a new motor ?
2000 Nissan Maxima help?
Whats the best car for a street racer under 100k?? 10 points to best answer!!?
I have good credit but my debt to income ratio is high. Can someone with bad credit but a higher income cosign?
What's a good car under 1000$?
I am thinking of get a Honda Accord (1996-2001) in fl was wondering how much is basic inserance?
whats the best car for gas milage?
get price for mt 1992 serra travel trailor?
What kind of car would be perfect for an active, cute girl?
Best full sized sedan?
I want to get rid of my car ASAP, what are my best options?
What tuner Is best to customize?
Should I pay for my own gas?
My son is a minor and he is financing a car?
how can i get a car for free?
I'm a first time driver and I'm gonna buy a new car soon.?
Do we lose our deposit on a secondhand car if we don't buy the car?
if you buy a brand new car from another country that is not imported to the U.S. could you bring it over?
would a use Mercedes ml320 be a good car for a 17 year old boy?
im looking for a car help?
Would i be spending alot to fix this car if i bought it? ?
Which car should I get?
Is mercedes car good car like honda?
I need opinions on which car?
looking for a 4 cyc wagon/suv that gets great gas milage?
Hyundai Elantra a good first car?
IPhone 4 best price now? I need one and want to buy online for cheap p?
I am seriously thinking of bidding then buying a car on e-bay. Any experiences with this?
What steps to follow when buying a car the first time and what to watch out for??
What is the nicest looking car for under 10 G that will last a long time, and run real good?
Tell me if this is a good idea?
Can I afford a Chrysler crossfire ?
Selling my car and got some questions.?
is it legal to buy a car, then sell it two years later for more money?
which is the costliest car?
What kind of moped should I get?
Can a Michigan motor vehicle finance contract be sold without a "right to assign" in the contact?
Can I own a car at age 14 in Minnesota?
Fastest 1 litre hatchback or saloon/sedan?
Bought a 2008 Saturn in 2011. Been paying 26% interest?
Has anyone sold their car to "Big Bucks Auto"? Is it reliable?
Better Car: BMW 325i or Benz C320?
is this truck a good deal?
What are the best american engineered cars of 2012?
Manual V Automatic?
Does anyone have an opinion on the nissan titan? (this ? is for truck lovers)?
What is a good first car?
In Rajasthan or near where I can get verna auto transmission test drive?
lease or finance a car? pros cons good vs bad?
What a good sports car for a 16 year old thats under 4000?
Has any on heard of a Grand Prix Mclaren?
Will honda CRV have a 2010 July 4th sale?
What is the avreage amount of money you can expect a car dealer to be willing to drop of a used car price?
what is your favorite car?
Is this a scam or not?
What is the better sports car ?
atvs quads how much area they?
Does anyone know the average dealer auction price for a 2001 BMW 330i with 91,000 miles on it in Missouri?
what 4 door car is a good choice for a 17 y/o?
how is the best way to price a car?
how much is my 351c engine worth?
show or sell? tough choice.. HELP!?
What are the pros and cons of Audi A3?
What type of car should i buy?
Suggest me a car of the range 9-9.5L, diesel?
buying a new car but do not know which one to get a mazda 5 or carvan 2006 help?
How much do you guess a '69 Mustang in pretty decent condition would cost me?
least most inexpensive 2006 car to purchase?
What's a good asking price for a 98 Dodge Neon? HELP!?
With the mid year vette values going thru the roof. Which are the up & coming years to buy for investment.?
Can you please tell me about your experience buying cars on ebay?
If you were lookink for a ford f-350, deisel, 4x4, duel wheel, utility body,used.where online would you look?
First car choice help?
i want to buy a second hand nissan engine in scotland?
What car should I buy?
How can I profit from a car that needs work?
I am looking for a bulk seed tender.?
Which car would you buy?
what's the best 4wd / awd vehicle / truck money could buy?
any chevy caprice for sale in chicago with 24 inch rims?
how much does it cost to get a used car inspected in maryland and where is the best place to get it done?
Is it possible to return a used car I bought from a dealer yesterday?
What's a good first car?
What is a cheap car to buy and insure?
I am going to go off to college soon and I want a different car.?
Is it better to lease a car or buy it out right?
where to buy cheap escalade cars?
Where is the best place in wyoming county New York to buy a car?
Do you think this is the right car for me?
Leasing car fees......?
around 100miles on new 2006 nissan quest. should i go for it?