Car Buying

What car dealership has the best used trucks!?
How much is my car worth?
As a car salesman, what to say to asian customers who come onto the car lot without getting yourself in?
buying a car in canada?
How much is my ss-loan balance as my sss#03-7395512-5?
Looking for a 7 Seater SUV?
What is the best racing car?
Car information for math?
what car should i purchase?
Where can i get a car???Cheap?
How many petrol models are available in Hyundai i20?
Is an Impala worth buying?
best car to buy for taxi use?
Which car should i get?
Is this transaction safe?
Is this a good first truck?
what can you get at a car auction for $7,000?
08 lancer gts or 08 altima coupe whats best for a 17 year old? and what would be more reliable?
Good sporty car around 6k?
What Would Be The Best Car? For Learners & First Time Drivers?
What are the best 'sports car' type cars made by Honda?
are 2003 nissan maximas with high miles a good buy?
Do you know the bluebook value on a dodge intrepid the year is a 1998?
Should I get a f150 or Bronco??(short question)?
WHICH ONE'S BETTER?: Volkswagen Beetle Convertible OR Ford Mustang V6?!?
Car lease or purchase/income and credit question?
what is the best car to go to university with that is 20K or under?
Should i go for a new alto...or second hand ford fiesta in excellent condition worth 300000?
Does anyone know the pre sale password for the one direction concert in Los angeles on August 10,2013?
to Sell or no to sell? What to buy after?
How much longer will my 2001 Lexus RX300 last? Should i trade it in?
How long do used cars typically last on sale (before they're gone/bought)?
where can i buy a cheap moped?
Wheres a good website to find old school cars for under 5k
Please name 10 vehicles which runs on Petrol ?
Where can I buy a month pass for the Metro Bus?
Im thinking of trading my car in?
What is a good first car?
HELP about to buy a used 2010 ninja 250r special edition?
How can I buy a car if the seller has no title for this car?
who can I write to concerning a horrible experience I had with a car dealership?
What are some car sites to buy a car in australia?
honda or nissan or lexus better?
I am planning to buy an AMERICAN CAR this September, which American car brand name is the BEST?
Buying used car disc brakes?
Is there any place on the internet I can find out info free on a vehicle I am looking to purchase?
Does a 2000 Chevy S10 LS come with a limited slip differential standard?
Which car is the better choice?
Can anyone give me info on the Cash for Clunkers Program?
Are there any good deals for cars that have 0% interest?
I have a two door car and bought a pair of mirrors from a four door same car will they fit?
Whats a cool car for a teenager guy?
If one wants to get a vehical taken out of their name that they no longer have access to what is the best way?
Which would you rather buy: Toyota Venza or 2012 Nissan Murano SV?
How old do you have to be to buy a car in Alabama?
would u buy a chevy tahoe or gmc yukon with 70,000 miles on it?
What are my recoarses for an auto repossession?
Made a trade on craigslist now he wants trade backs what should i do?
2000 Pontiac Grand am or 1996 Ford Explorer?
What car should my parents should buy that is affordable?
American Cars or German or Japenese?
Which car should i get?
Anybody interested in buying a nice 1995 Saturn SL1 for $1100 OBO. I will gladly send pictures. Live in Ohio.?
Can you remove yourself from auto loan?
stolen cars?
2003 Malibu Ls vs. 2006 Stratus Sxt?
What is a good first car for a girl with a budget of 5000?
Which one do you think is better for a teen guy?
how much can i get for my 97 mazda protege dx with 123000 miles?
Sold a car on eBay, now the car needs new water pump 4 weeks on and they want £750. I've said no politely?
Four door sports car?
please, i need to find the car of my dreams chevy el camino?
where can i buy retreaded truck tires in west virginia?
Pros & cons -buying a car at a police auction .?
What should I do now that I'm out $15,000?
im looking into buying my first used pickup?
First car for a teenage boy?
does 2002 altima SL with 110K mile on it worth 7200$?
Ive got £6000 for a new car, i'm a young lad any opinions on what i should get?
Is Honda Accord (2009) with 120,000 kilometers on it worth $13,500 Canadian dollars?
UPS or FedEx? Which is better?
need some help with buy a new car how to negotiate with the dealer?
2008 GMC Envoy or Mercury Mountaineer?
can i open a car lot on a residential land?
Is there a website which compares new cars?
what is my truck worth?
does anybody know how much a massey harris pony is worth?
Where can I find average sale prices for cars?
hey how much can i sell my ford focus for?
recommondations for buying a used car?
Which Car Would You Get?
Is 2,750.00 a good price to have a new used motor put in?
Is the Chevrolet Cruze a good car?
I'm looking for a first car I'm considering either VW polo or fiat punto ?
I have tires that are 245/40R18, will a rim that is 18x 8 And 40mm fit these tires?
of these two automobile vehicle which one is having more brand value and expensive?
I am making payments on a car I cant afford anymore. Its hard to sell & trade. What do i do?
want to sell my car, but owe on it?
Which Is A Better Car?
in what state are car auctions best?
which car should i buy a 2007 chevy tahoe or a mercedz-benz s 600?
where can i find a car dealership?
Buying first car! Need advice/tips?
What should I buy first?
Minivan or SUV?
How do car escrow services work? What do they do?
when buying a car from a dealer. what other fee's are on the contract besides the price,sales tax and title?
golf v5 or lexus is200?
is a 2003 mazda 6 a goos car?
how do you buy a car with poor credit?
what are some good cars/trucks/suv's for a fat/tall person?
Where is a good place to buy a used car near Neosho, MO?
Calling all car review experts....???
What do you look for in cars?
In a newly purchased vehicle, what is the paper located in the passenger side front windshield?
Has anyone every work with Young Chevrolet in Utah?
Lemon law on consignment sales?
Whats a good first car/truck?
Can I lease a car for my girlfiend in my name?
how do i sell my car without getting ripped off?
Should I buy this car? Please help!!?
Where can I buy a 1998 Manual transmission Honda Civic within 150 mile radius of Bolivar Missouri?
Wanting to buy a semi truck, any in house financing?
Selling my car. Is their a form I can make someone sign that says they are buying it "as is"?
I want to buy a new GT mustang, but i feel its not powerful like monaro, what is your opinion?
want to know about setting up used car dealership paper work computer software?
Need help on picking car?
I need help finding a car for 2,ooo..?
Problems with Ebay purchase and VPP won't cover it?
2000 Mercury Sable vs 2000 VW Jetta GLS?
Between the 2004 Toyota Corolla and the 2004 Ford Forcus, which car should I buy?
Is 5 owners a lot for a car that is 9 years old?
Lexus gs300 2000 for sell?
Do we have to pay sales tax for used cars bought form a private party?
What's a good mileage when buying 2nd hand car?
What do I do when I buy a car in New York and want to register it in VA. How do I drive it to VA without tags?
What car should I get?
Can i back out of car deal before I take delivery?
where can i buy cars that don't run please answer !!!!!!?
2001 Eclipse Spyder GT with 190k miles?
what are the gas prices by you right now?
Help! Which car would you pick?
Can used Holden utes and other Australian GM vehicles be legally imported to US?
the retail value of a compass omega 505 caravan year 2002?
What would be the best used car to buy if I only have $8,000.00 to spend? Thanks for your help.?
which car????
Used car selling question?
Best car for me? Suggestions?
UK: If I boy a car with no TAX - can I drive it home?
Does anyone know the name of the "peterbilt" truck font?
Car for sale anyone??
how to get a grant TO PAY FOR BILLS OR BUY A CAR ?
ideal FOUR DOOR first car?
where can I get a a reliable car with low mileadge under $2500?
owner sold the car, lost the title how would you go about registering a car with no title in Illinois?
what is leasing a car?
What car should i get a 2008 Mercedes benz c350 4dr auto or a 2005 infiniti g35 coupe manual ?
What is your opinion???
Car lease for an 18 year old student?
Whats your favorite SUV and why?
which car is better.............?
someone wants to buy my truck over craigs list via paypal and have his mover come pick it up, is this a scam?
Does speed matter in a car?
report price gouging by ford dealerships?
where is the best place to sell a car online..?
How does a car trade in work? And will I have to put any money down on the other vehicle?
How is this for a Negotiating strategy?
Can you still buy a used car if you just have a permit?
need your help...?
Is one month of the year better than others for buying a used car at a dealership?
Whats the best brand of 5th wheel trailers to full time in?
where is the best place to buy a '66 clone shelby mustang and approx. how much should i spend?
Car or iPad which should I buy first?
Is there a free website where I can find out what the value of my car is?
How do i register my business (sole pri) in Singapore?
Help on picking my first used car! ?
i love 4 cyl tuner cars but im a hick and i hate all things import what do i do?
Would you choose a 2010 Nissan Sentra w/41k or a 2009 Toyota Camry w/58k?
car in guelph! below is what i need!?
I have a vehicle being shipped from Texas to california. Should I tip the vehicle transport driver?
What car dealership has a sell going on?
What would be a good and fast second car?
2013 audi a6 quattro vs mercedes e3504matic vs bmw 535i xdrive?
Is an Oldsmobile Intrigue a good, reliable car?
how much oil does a 2007 yaris hold?
Dealership sold me a lemon I need help?
My wife ran off with another guy. She has my other car which is a nice Nissan Altima 03. The same time that?
What car to buy for my 17th birthday?
I was thinking of buying an old car, but what are the chances that it could be in good condition??
Do you know of nay honset car dealer in the Chicago area?
are Honda cr-v and Honda cr-v wagon the same?
Which car should I get?
Buying New Car - 18 years old?
First Car Advice- 1992 Cutlass Supreme, 260 000 miles, should i buy it?
Rims for my Silverado or Iphone4?
Where can I find a diesel chevette for sale?
When you buy a car isn't there a law called Buyers remorse were you can return it within 72 hours no problems?
Should government duties be charged for sale of a second hand car between 2 private individuals ?
i need some car advice!?
is it better to buy or lease a car? explain.. :)?
are they going to phase out SWIFT?
If you buy a used car from a private owner without a title, how hard is it to get a new one or is it possible?
Best Car for under $15,000?
If I sell a car before I finish paying on it and don't buy another car, what happens to the loan?
what is the process of buying a car?
would you buy this on craiglist?
Any 98-02 Chevy Silverado Step-side black or blue for sale????
Are Vehicle Buy Back Programs A Good Idea?
First time car buying help , I'm a 16 year old?
what is better offroad factory chevy colorado or toyota tacoma???
I would like to buy a Honda Civic 1.8 VTI-S. Should I go ahead?
Trying to save 15 thousand for a car in about 2 years and 6 months ?
Which is a better car?
i got bored from Toyota's and Honda's and thinking of buying either a used KIA, Mitsubishi or Hyundai ?
what's the shortest time of a loan that you can get when buying a used car,(from a big-time dealer) that ...
How Much Will I Have To Pay if I Trade in My car?
Which is the best out of the Acura TL, Lexus IS 250, and BMW 325 xi?
Need help finding a nice old truck?
What should my next car be?
Whats a good first car?
what car should i buy?
Toyota Corolla Price?
I'm turning 18 soon, car dealers, I need your input?
used v6 3.8 engine needed for 1990 ford thunderbird?
I wanna buy used car. what does it mean seller said Title: Clean? Tahnks.?
Getting ready to buy a new car do you have any ideas?
Can I sell my car if I haven't cleared the title.?
opel astra 1,4 gtc vs volkswagen golf 1,4 TSI 122hp?
How much could i sell my truck for? s?
What would you offer for a car that is listed at $15,500?
Used 2007 Camry for 22k with 20,000 miles.....Bad Idea to buy?
is any one selling a car?
how many miles does a car have to have befor its no good?
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
What kind of car should i get?
Which Car Would You Get?
Want to return our new car and get our trade back? HELP!!!?
Does anyone know where I can find a cheaper Nissan Altima?
Lexus RX350 Speedometer?
Value of 1973 Chrysler Cordova in good condition, low miles?
ideas for 1st sportscar?
how much can i get for a 78 pontiac firebird.350 engine with new ostrich black leather seats.with 84,000miles?
where can i buy a kit car?
Buying a 1993 Geo Tracker LSI?
How Long does it take for Target to ship?
shall i buy this car ?
Looking for first car...?
I want to buy a truck is there a make I should stay away from and why?
Blazer xtreme or Grand Prix GTP?
what is fleet price for a car? Is it the same as invoice?
i need a bed for 1996 toyota tacoma?
for 25,000 what is the best suv that can go offroad and get good gas mielage and is not a girls car!!!?
where to buy a good elliptical for under $500? rear powered?
which brand do you think is well know worldwide, BMW or Mercedes Benz?
why do people think Honda and Toyota's are superior to Nissan?
Should I get this car?
whos the right person to assist me for buying ford 350?
Where is the best place to search for a used BMW X5 on te net?
anyone here own a chevy HHR?was it worth buying?
explain please?
Does this truck seam ok to buy?
Opinions on this truck?
I have a choice of either a 1964 mustang or 1966 mustang or 1971 fastback mustang what should choose?
Hi does anyone know where i can rent a car for cheap in miami? Or any car owner want to rent their car pleasee?
I have an 01 Astra and twice within the last month as I have been slowing down at a roundabout it has cut out?
is the '06 nissan xterra good buy?
Car Broken Down...Need Ideas?
Buying a used car. Need some help?
can I trade my car worth 3500+ if it has a lein on it for 2400? if so where?? IN?
Does anyone want to buy a classic mini cooper sports pack in the UK?
were to find classic car parts?
How many free oil changes can I get, buying a new car?
What is the best way to sell a classic car and get what it's worth?
what car do you own/drive & do you give it a name????
just bought a car last week. i want to sell it?
Are hybrid vehicles worth it?
Do you think this car is worth the price?
Need to buy specific mustang.. Help!?
Is this car worth it or not?
Can you help me with car buying tips?
Where to look for an old project car?
What's a good car to get under 5 grand?
how much would someone expect to pay for a 1995 rover 220 turbo please???
does someone know how to get DOT SAE approved for autoparts?
Lease or buy a car. Whats the difference?
someone owes me money on car repair done 15 years ago ,can i now keep the car ?
Is a 1999 or 2000 Ford Escort a good used car to buy?
where can i buy a good pistol online?
Where can I find the blue book value for a 1976 Chevy Impala?
What do I do with a car that isn't worth anything?
First ever car you bought?
closing on a house and financing a car?
what kinda car should I get? Between a Pontiac Solstice, Hyundi Tiburon, or a Saturn Sky...?
i'm looking at this '92 camaro?
I wanna buy my neighbors car, but he turned in the pink slip to the DMV. But he's willing to sell it to me.?
My car broke down and I want to return it. Do they let you do this?
Best American car under $5,000 (for me)?
What is the market value of a 1987 aluma lite presidential imperial rv?
what to bring on a long car ride?
If i am self employed, what do i need to provide as proof of income to the finance company?
Can I trade in this car for a new one?
need help how much is a vk commdor worth?
I want to but a small suv, fairly new, which one is the best for the money and performance?
Made a confirmed car payment, but they didn't take the money?!?
I want to buy a second hand car and my knowledge about car is zero then what should I (GET) check(ed)?
.Within how much time are consumers allowed to change their minds and cancel a vehicle purchase agreement?
when is the best time to buy a new car?
What would be an average mileage on a 2005 car?
Should I buy the 2002 mazda versus 2002 dodge stratus?
Popular websites for an old/classic car?
I am looking forward to buy the all new royal enfield thunderbird 350cc. suggest me if this bike is good or no?
How much is shipping for cars and trucks?
should i buy a 1994 handa accord??
Best sedan with good speed under 60k?
im looking for how many 1968 sport satellite (plymouth) where produced in 1968?
whats the best diesel car to buy (second hand).?
What should i get my mom for her birthday?
Is buying a car with high mileage worth the time and money?
i'm looking to lease a car.. maybe a mazda. do you have a leased car ?
i have bought a car but thay have not give me the log book is the car leagly mine?
Repair car before selling ?
Should I buy a car if it has a problem with the transmission control module?
find second hand cars on ebay in my post code?
r u Lincoln Navagtor's good SUV's to drive and what year should I get 1998,1999 or 1997?
I need a new car?
what type of car do you drive?
best vintage 1930's car to own?
avoid lease end fee when return lease vehicle?
Do you know of any classic car dealerships?
Need to buy a larger car any ideas?
First Vehicle: Motorcyle or Car?
Hows do you get a car slaesman to go down to a price that is right for you?
Traded in my 09 highlander for a 2011 4runner. Is it possible to give the 4 ruuner back for my highlander?
Can I get screwed over from checking the sale price on a stolen good tag?
My brother in law bought my car?
How much can I get them to lower the price?
How many kilometers should i be looking for in a used car? (read description)?
Where can i get a suped up street car? Or if anyone has one for sale please answer?
Lincoln cars for old people?
Buying a used car... any tips?
Can I sell my vehicle titled in IL when I travel to California? If so, how, and what problems will I face?
What are the best small cars on the market re. safety, price, economy (mpg), performance & low emissions?
Is a three-owner used car a bad buy?
Help with deciding what to get for first vehicle?
is a new car better than a low mileage used car?
What to look for when shopping for new car?
What are some good FREE websites that can help me sell my car?
Need Help...!!?
how can i find build date for new car order?
how much is a 2002 gti vr6, 6speed with 106k miles worth?
if I made $3900 a month and had a car payment of $236.95, what percent of my monthly income would my car be?
What are some nice cheap sporty like cars for teens?
Should I buy a 2 stroke or a four stoke for my next dirtbike?
Can you buy a golf cart in Beijing?
How do you sell a car that you are still making payments on?
what should i get?
Which of these is safer / better an '05 Toyota Sequoia or '08 Honda CR-V?
Refinance Auto Loan questions?
First car for teenage driver?
Is it legal for a used car to be sold with less than fifty percent brakes and tire tread in California?
how do you read a carfax report?
My mother purchased a car which was financed with Ally (GMAC), and she passed away, can I merge the loan?
Will my car run smoother with a new timing belt?
what do you need to sell a car?
Can 215/65R16 fit on a 2000 impala ls?
can a dealer sell an unsafe car even though it is as is?
Is a Pontiac Grand Prix worth a buy?
Is this a car dealer scam?
Im looking for a little run around for the missus ???
Is this a legitimate reason to cancel/void a new car sale contract?
Looking to trade in my car?
How could I lower this price?
Is a 97 Camry with 200k miles on it worth buying for $2200?
My step father has a truck that he has not driven in two years,he said who would sell it to me 1,500 dollars i
What do a car salesman need to know about cars?
What is the value of my car?
Which car would you get?
First Car: Late 60's Mustang or Used Lexus RX?
Do they have companies you can pay to take with you when buying/leasing a car to make sure you don't get taken?
Thinking of trading in my car but have a question about being upside down!?
what is the downside of buying a car with a salvage title???
what's the ideal percentage of your take home salary should you provide to pay your monthly car loan?
Good muscle car for 13000?
Selling 2000 Chevy S10?
Error on vehicle sale?
what should i do have my sweet six teen or just save the money and buy a car?
I am selling my car and how can I get a free driveaway insurance for my buyer?
What can I do against a dealer that did not keep their promise?
Lifted truck help please?
question about price of a new car?
How many cars can I sell in California and Oregon per year without a dealer license?
is cadillac 99' good for college studdent?
Would it be better for me to get a new or used car?
How much should I sell a 1956 CJ-5 Willyz Jeep for?
thinking about buying a newer car what should i get?
what are some high powered engines that i can put into a 1998 dodge neon?
Best sports car under $45,000?
Salary vs Car, can I get expensive cars?
Best used car for the price and things i need?
When I turn 16 do I deserve a new car?
What's an ideal first car?
Selling car before its repossesed?
What do you say to your dad to get a car?
Export to China?
is the mk1 range rover reliable?
I still owe money on my motrcycle but have the pink slip. Can I sell it?
if i trade in my car on a cheaper one will the dealer actually give me money back?
Where can I find information about the pros and cons of leasing a used car?
When buying a new truck, how much off the msrp can you expect the dealer to come down ? Any hints on dealing ?
what is a good starter car?
what car would you get?
Would you give him his money back??
What car can you buy if you earn 200 thousand dollars a year?
What are the benefits of owning a 1 1/2 ton truck?
Does anyone know where I can get a Mugen BodyKit for Civic Si Sedan (06-09)?
what is a good price for a used 2003-2005 ford explorer with low mileage?
What happens when the car loan is in default, but the bank doesn't want the car?
How do I get about getting my first loan from the bank for a used car?
how much honda civic ex2003 26k cost?
Whats left to check when buying a used car?
Whats the best SUV out there?
How much money is a 2012-2013 Lamborghini Gallardo ordered directectly from Lamborghini?
what is the best affordable compact or midsize car? Are Kia's (88$/mo) good cars?
2010 Toyota Tacoma, How much should I pay? HELP!?
How to buy car out of state?
what is the quickest way to get a car?
What are the rules when selling a vehicle with expired stickers?
should i be able to finance this car through the dealer?
What is the worst selling car (not truck or SUV) in US?
for 2008 chevy malibu owners?
Where can I find a used tandem bycicle in good conditiion for $100-$150?
Does anyone buy used chrome wheels and tires in Chicago?
how much do you need to tip a taxi driver in italy?
how much should i sell my 91 Honda Accord LX for?
Would it be better to trade in my car or sell it myself?
Looking to buy a transmission for 97 KIA?
My parents are buying me a Range Rover for graduating college? What color should i get?
I want to buy a 1987 Toyota pick up with 314,000 thousand miles on it but the dealer wants 2,995 is that fai ?
Does DMV give out free car reports?
I need to know if i can return my car i bought from a dealership in GA?
What is my car worth?
Dealer sold me bad car...can I get my money back?
Where would be a good place to buy a used car under 10000 and with less of 50000 miles on the car?
What are the performance differences between these two 240SX's? Easy 10 points!?
I am looking to buy a pick up truck.?
Where could I find salvaged Detroit Diesel Engines in America?
What is the sale price of a cell phone that is on sale for 15% off if the regular price is $75?
2012 Jeep Compass 4X4 VS 2012 Jeep Patriot 4X4?
Would you buy this car? I Don't know much about cars but I really wanna buy it.?
What are some good questions to ask/ things to check out before buying a used car?
im looking for a 5 door car low tax and insurance preferably with sunroof and power steering help please !!?
First car? Could someone help choose me a car?
Increase horsepower and/or mpgs?
i need details for the cheapest sar in the world?
What do I need to purchase a used car, First time buyers?
for my 20th birthday,my dad told me that he is giving me an open budget and can get any car i want! suggestion?
What vehicle should I get?
Does anyone know where I can parts and accessories for 06 honda civic in canada?
Should I get a 2002 Infiniti I35 or a 2004 Pontiac Grand AM?
Looking for some accessories for my truck?
i want to buy a new car please help me decide?
Which is the best car in india under 5 lskh?
I'm trying to find a reliable minivan cheap?
what car should i buy?
is a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am with a 6 cylinder engine a decent car?
I am looking to purchase a new car. I will be a first time buyer. Any suggestions or advice?
Increase horsepower and/or mpgs?
can you sell a car if the title is not in your name but it was still given to you? If not what do you do?
Should I co-sign on a car loan for my adult child?
Who sells the air car, and where can I get it?
how old does my car need to be to not need a title in florida?
my car was repossessed now im getting a surplus check back?
Buying first car need help!?
I'm an 18 who's looking for a fast used car. Maybe turbo something that'll get my juices flowing. Help?
a good hobby car base M3 ?
what's a good cheap first car for a 19 year old guy?
what right do i have with my ex and our car?
i dont know much about cars but i have been wondering.?
If I returned a new car 12 days after the sale what will the dealer usually do?
How long would it take?
How much would you pay for this car???
What are the best small cars on the market re. safety, price, economy (mpg), performance & low emissions?
what do you look for in shopping for a used car?
I am buying a car and need to know whether suzuki brand is reliable vehicle.Brands like verona, forenzaS wagon
What car should i buy??
i would like to ask where can i find accessories for my 2006 Toyota Fortuner?
What do you look for when you are buying a car?
Buying Truck, Need advice?
which dealership should i lease from?
Can my dad take my car away from me?
Will a bank allow you to add on an additional car to your car loan?
I need help finding a loan for a car. I only need to take out a loan for 3500 dollars.?
What car should I get?
What would be a good car for me to have for college for Four years or more?
where can i buy a cheap honda CRV?
Best rims and tires for an SUV the size of a range rover sport? Thinkin 285 40 r20? Or should I go r22? Deals?
I want to buy a car from my local dealer, but they won't budge off of MSRP. What should I do?
I would like some recommendations for a teen's first car....preferably a luxury brand such as lexus or audi
Value of a mid 80's Ford Mustang?
Nissan 300ZX vs Camaro IROC-Z?
Does anybody have any first hand experience with 2007 Dodge Caliber?
What is a good family car?
Can the primary on a joint car loan reposses the car? TX?
Need advice to buy a car ? I have 20.000 $ maximum ?
I'm looking to buy a car that was driven to Ontario from Alberta... bad idea?
mercedes benz c230 compressor?
Do ppl buy car hood ornaments nowadays?
Is this worth the money ? and is it a good first car ?
Which is a better more reliable car??
How do i sell or junk my car even though I owe the bank $3,354 and they have the title?
im looking for a car with the same style "hatchback" as a 1986 mustang plz help!?
Anyone want to buy a 1997 VW Jetta with 115K, rebuilt 2Y tranny, bilistein pss, oz superleggarz with nice tire
I plan to buy a used Mercedes S320/S500 from 1999 till 2001. What should I watch out for?
Should I trade in my car with hail damage, or get it fixed first?
What are the mandatory government fees auto dealers must charge when purchasing a new vehicle?(Nevada)?
What are the rules for selling your car in California (example: unsmogged)?
What is a popular website to find used cars in your area?
what is a website that has (new-ish) repo cars?
whats the quickest way to sell my motorbike?
beginner tuner car ...?
Were can I find the Retail value of a Mercedes Benz 300D 1983?
Anyone have driven a NISSAN LATIO? Please post comments, thanks!?
which car is faster a 2006 nissan altima 2.5s or a 2007 toyota camry le 2.4?
Is it possible to get 1,000$ car?
would you buy a car in a different state?
What is the best truck to buy and the best price to pay for that truck?
What is an acceptable amount of mileage for a first car for a 16 year old?
In your opinion is it cheaper to lease or finance a car?
Is a Used 2002 Nissan Xterra XE a good first car?
How much is my car worth?
What are the chances of getting the actual KBB trade in value for your vehicle at trade in?
Car Model Collection !!!!! Help?
Is my muscle car rare?
How much should I pay for this used car at a "big" dealership?
What are the lemon laws in the state of new hampshire for used cars?
selling my used car which was recently repaired after accident - how do I set the price?
what kind of nice car or SUV should i get?
Which SUV should I buy?
When buying a new car, is it best to get a loan through the bank or set something up with the dealership?
Is it safe to let buyer to test drive my car when I want to sell it?
What's the best 2000's compact wagon thing?
Would this be a good first car to get?
Best car I could buy for these specific purposes?
how can i get wholesale licence in maryland if my business located in nevada?
What should I do about this Pontiac Sunbird?
i have a 2007 honda ranchers 400 4X4 and i was wondering about a snowplow?
Ford Fiesta Or Peugeot 206?
Odometer reading from canada same as U.S.?
Anyone knows a car blogger in Cebu?
What is a good first car?
WHat can i buy under $70?
Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang? (all models 2013)?
I'm thinking of getting a new car I don't want to spend no more than $35,000; anyone have any suggestions....?
okay i hope you guys can help me, i am looking for a website with some tricked out car pictures.?
If you had the money would you buy an expensive car just to show off?
Should I get a smaller car or keep my truck?
1991 Ford Aerostar?
Did i get rip by car dealers?
Which car should I get?
do you sell a chevy convertible 1962 car for under $5000 or less than $5000?
What is the best sat nav for a Polo? Does a sat nav fit all cars or will I need a specific one?
Price/value of a MINI Cooper?
2002 Chevy Impala Question(Answer PLEASE)?
hi, i'm looking to buy a new car - how do i know what i should pay?
I have decided to buy HONDA JAZZ after little bit of survey and comparison cars of that segment.?
Car Lovers! help me please :)?
how much money does an average BMW or Range Rover car sales man make yearly?
I have a toyota camry for sale whats the best way and fastest way to sell a car from my home?
Can I do payments on a car if I just turned 18 and I have zero credit?
What is the Mileage of New Mahindra Quanto 2012 ?
what happens if i want to change my car from peugeot to vauxhall at the end of finance agreement?
Where can I get a loan for an older houseboat? What lending agencies are there for less than perfect credit?
looking for a small car. Any recommendations? Terri Jo Lorz?
Would 17" x 9" wheels fit a car that has 17" x 8" stock?
What is the value of a 2003 cadilac?
Which car is better??????
whats a year 2002-2006 car that would be under $10,000?
Toyota dealer bad customer service after I bought a car.?
Hi, iam thinking to buy honda civic. but i don,t know is it the right decision or wrong!?
What's better a Mercedes M-class or a Land Rover?
How much should I pay for 2010 Nissan Max?
SUV With At Least 40 Miles Per Gallon?
Anyone know a good van dealer?
I want to sell my car I know that I have craiglist places are good this is great need other suggestions?
I am a 17 year old senior in high school and last year a save $1000 for a car.?
Talk to my parents about letting me get a car?
What is the most popular car in USA? And, which is the car more cheap?
is there any web site for a used big-rig ( 18 wheeler)to buy or to sell ? pls post...?
What car should I buy: the Lexus rx350 or the Volvo xc60?
Can anyone give me some advice, I have recently sold a used car and now the buyers want their money back.?
Which Car? Volkswagon Golf or Suzuki Softtop jeep?
where's the best place to get a car loan if you don't use the dealership?
Trophy trucks for sale?
2006 Ford Ranger XLT?
Im 17 I want to buy a used car from a dealer now if I walked in there with 400 ?
Can I find a reliable used car under $4000?
how can i get out of a car loan and into a newer car without paying too much?
How much should i sell....?
Should I buy a new or used car when I drive 100 miles a day?
I need help buying a car... :S?
Decent price on used 2009 Mazda3?
First Car Help???????
I am thinking of starting a business by buying cars from auctions and sell them outside.?
Which car will win this battle?
My dad is buying me a car under 100,000$ dont know what to choose?
What is the top speed on a 08 cobalt with ss motor not supercharged?
Vaxual cars! what do think of them! are they good to buy!?
G37 Model question?
i wanna buy a stick car so is it possible to stop a car in neutral ?
hood scoop on 2005 subaru outback?
Is it better to purchase or lease a jap car?
Squeaking Radeling noise under my truck? ?
Really want this used car, how do I get the price I want from the dealer?
Why do some sellers blank out their vehicle registration plate on ebay?
What kind of car should i get?
Is there a government seized car auction that is open to the public in MA and if so where?
What's a good first car ?
what is the best car to buy?
What is the latest hour UPS/Fedex delivers?
Is this a good first car?
pros and cons of 2000 bmw 323i i am maybe going to buy one it has 98k please help also the a/c is not working?
I need some help choosing my first car?
Which SUV should I get?
What do you have to do to be a car salesman?
New cars????????!?!?!?!?!?
Why would anyone buy a Prius?
I've made a big mistake, I think. Can you help me?
What is the best way to sell a used car quickly?
I am not a Chrysler guy, but I am getting a 68 300 w/ 383-727 . I will be the 3rd owner 91,000 org
I owe money one my car.I want another would my bank lend me the money?
Honda Civic or Ford Fusion?
Car with best gas mileage ?
When is the best time of year to buy a lexus?
Carloans without credit?
Traded car on craigslist and car i traded engines blew not even an hour later?
I dont want a car...?
Help on buying a car?
cheap cars are as?
How do i get to giles automotive damm web site?
Should I stick with this Fiero or change cars?
what is the best way to get a car?
Can I ask a car dealer for a temp tag on my car I got elsewhere?
What would you do with a 97 Bonniville that has been broke down for 3 years?
Which $4000 car would you purchase.... Honda or BMW?
what is better an 2001 f-150 or gmc's 1500? i am buying a truck and need some advise?
Approximately how much would a 2012 and 2013 mustang GT cost in 2 years?
Anyone selling a 1978 Chrysler Cordoba?
Imlooking for a car privately owned?
What is the status of my purchase with Steven Fletcher Finance?
Auto Financing With 570 mid?
Does anyone know where to buy a moped in ct for a good price about $500?
What are some good dependable cars with good mileage?
2006 Nissan Altima 2.5S Special Editon?
My heart is torn between two cars?
how many alumunim cans does it take to make one pound?
How to buy a Honda Accord in new york?
I have an automotive Blue Book from 1918. Where can I find out if its worth anything?
What is the average advertising cost per used auto sale?
I have £1000 to spend on a car and i have seen an 02 rover 45, 45000 miles, should i buy this car? ?
Which car should i get?
how much is my numbers matching 1969 corvette worth?
First used car for college student?
Which car should I buy?!:(?
What should i do about my car?
Which one is better?? Selling the car in your state or another state?? Any experience for this stuff?
what are some of the best options for someone with a crappy credit score who's trying to get an auto loan?
From this list, which car would you go with?
should i getiphone 4s or guitar?
I sold a used car.I have a signed reciept. what if buyer does not transfer title? am I liable?
Is 150,000 miles on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring jx bad?
Besides a house or a car, name the most expensive purchase in someone's life.?
Should I buy this car?
where can i search for a price on an 86' Honda motor scooter?
1974 Ford Mustang II India?
Should i buy the 2011 camaro ss or 5.0 mustang?
Should I buy salvage car?
Would it be wise to purchase a car with over 100,000 miles?
anyone know where can i buy this truck? ?
There's this Chevy Biscayne here in town?
Whats the best people carrier?
I sold a truck o n eBay and now the buyer is claiming I misrepresented the truck and is going to an attorney.?
I got jacked by an old man. I need some help.?
what's the best European Model car i can buy???
Would you choose Jeep or Dodge?
can you get a car financed without a driver lisense?
can somebody find me the cheapest cobalt ss they are super hard to find now that they dont sell them ):?
anyone know the cheapest to buy and run people carrier UK?
dodge or chevey?
kia soul midsized suv?
Should I buy an iPad 2 right now or wait for the Mini?
Should I trade a Toyota FJ62 for a 94 Jeep Cherokee 4 cyl 4x4 4 speed?
Question concerning the bill of sale for a vehicle?
"Will someone with access to carfax please look up a VIN for me? Please?"?
Best older car's for reliability?
classy car or sporty car?
Is Mercedes ML350 Nice?
What can I name my new car?
If you could learn anything about a car dealership, what would it be?
buying a product for 9 dollars and selling for fifty?
If a used car (sold by owner) only costs $1000, do you think it'll run well enough?
Is this a used car scam? (please say no...)?
advantages and disadvantages of a bicycle over other v e hi ca ls?
Can someone help me please car question?
What is the Ford H plan?
How do I find out what my car would be worth as a trade in??
How is it that people with no money and horrible credit get new cars?
How much are car tags?
I recently completed chapter 7 bankruptcy and need a new vehicle, how difficult will it be to obtain credit?
I can no longer drive - can I lease my personal vehicle??
Is this mileage high for a 03 Yaris?
What car should I get considering, I am a girl and?
I am planning to buy a Certified Preowned Mercedez MOdel. Any reliable modles which would last long time?
How is pink quite in a car or in a motorcycle ?
What are my chances of winning this bet?
whar about kia koup sx?what u think people i shoul buy it or not?
Car help! Mustang or firebird?
Where can I buy and Audi TT Roadster CHEAP!?
On which website can I find any Aston Martin for sale in the uk for £41000 or less? 3 years or less please!?
can't afford a honda or toyota what's the the next best van to look at?
Does anyone know if this would make a tribrid car?
What car should i get? Easy 10 points?
i want to make a listing for the sale of my pickup and then be able to print it out to dislay on the glass how
Is buying a used car from a car rental company cheaper than buying it from a dealer?
ive sold n 91 nokia its very hopeless phone. and im going to buy sony ericsson p990 i how is it?
does a 1996 impala ss use up a lot of gas?
what is the part # for a right rear tail light assembly for a 1974 vw beetle?
Question regarding financing, car payments and interest?
Can I still give it back?
Car for about $25,000 or less?
Why would a used car dealer in Missouri give the loan company a Missouri address when I live in Illinois?
do you think $1100 is about the right amount to pay to have a transmission put in my van?
13 digit vin check?
What are some sporty/cool cars under $13000?
How much should I budget for an average second hand car near boston?
I just bought a car in Flordia where do I need to go in order to get a one trip plate to make it back to WV?
what's better - new honda civic hybrid or toyota prius???
how much to tint one car window?
When buying a classic car what do I need?
Does anyone know any websites where I can find For Sale AND trading stuff for instance Craigslist?
what is a good and fast first car?
what cars have 0.0% financing right now?
What kind of car is best for a teenager?
should i buy a car even though I have no down payment?
can we trust autonation?
About how much would it cost to get a car and road trip around the country for a few weeks?
What's the best car for a family of 4 and reliability and safety?
i'm 14 looking for my first car what kind should i buy?
How much will taxes be on my new car?
What's that website that recommends a car or a television to buy based on how you rate different features?
What is the best way to sale a newer truck?
does anyone know how i can find a cute 1995 1996 honda civic for like 1200?
Va charging sales tax on SC car sale?
Should I get a cheap car first? ?
lost job my car was just repoed one month ago should i call a lawyer to set up payment or bank i owe $6000?
I was granted a car in a divorce and I traded that car plus some cash for another car.?
Can I throw away refinancing and escrow papers from when I bought and refinanced my rental house?
Okay i bought this truck and now i realize that the notes are to much and i 'am about 5,000 upside down on the
I want to buy a car from an independent dealer...Help with loans?
Vauxhall Signum - A lot of car for the money?
What is 89,95 EUR in US dollars?
what is my monthly payment for a car loan of $12000 for 36 months at 1.9% interest?
I bought a V4 car thinking it was a V6. Can I return it?
urants, gas stations, etc.Are there any free publications available in Buffalo NY pertaining to car sales?
I am looking for a car that i used to own in nsw.what is the best way to track it down?
I need a new car, but I have NO credit; what do I do?
What would be a good first car?
honda prelude 2001 or nissan silvia s14 s15 s16 witch one should i buy?
How long do I have to void CA auto loan contract?
What is the difference between the 2009 and 2010 Dodge Challanger SE?
I have a 99 toyota that is damaged in the front a man offered to buy it. I paid 6000 for it and asked3500.?
Trading in a 2007 Dodge Magnum? 81,000 miles - 3.5 high out-put.?
how much would it insure a mini cooper 1.6 for a girl of 17?
Is KBB's invoice of $19759 accurate on a new honda crv lx trim level ? How much shipping is reasonable?
Is buying a 12 year old car a good idea? Whenever I type this in, I just get other websites. Nothing that shows available Eurovans?
i live in voulsia county fl does any one have a min van for sell under 1500?
Is this possibly a scammer/robber?
Who would win in a race?
Angry at hus. over a car...thoughts??
How can I not buy a bad moped?
Need to know original car color by VIN number?
What is the best mpg for a truck?
What cars of the last decade have potential to be a sought after classic?
Car websites For Oklahoma?
ok.. suppose now i bought used car in, say, $5000. will it come with number plate of previous owners one or?
Would this be a good first car for me?
Should you be wary of used cars with really low mileage?
trading in cars 2007 toyota highlander for ford f150?
are the vehicles on the only ones for sale at the dealers?
Why do people buy brand new vehicles when they depreicate so much in the 1st year?
most dependable new car over $200,000 for 10 years or 100,000 miles.?
ford dealers in Lebanon tn. web address?
Am I scoring a good deal?
What should I get for a First car?
How much can I sell my 2000 jeep grand cherokee that is overheating?
I just bought a 76 Ford Maverick and all it needs is a carberater?
i really need some help....?
******Should i buy a C5*****?
What is the song that is paying in the current Mustang car ad?
What should I check when buying a used diesel Jeep?
what's better - new honda civic hybrid or toyota prius???
Automatic, powered steering car (Scotland Esinburgh area) under £8000?
Is this a good deal for the Nissan Armada?
Website that you can submit your car and dealers make offers to buy it?
Sold a car on ebay buyer now wants to sue me what should I do?
HI, I'm a 33 year old female and need a car,IT HAS HAVE LEATHER INTERIOR?
is 114,576 miles a lot for a Used 1995 Lincoln Town Car Cartier?
What types of electric drive vehicles are available for purchase in the US? Where can you go to buy one?
Ram Air-good or bad?gas mileage and performance are they affected?
Best Crossover SUV for me?
what is the best rated car transportaion company?
whats the best way to sell a 1970 chevelle ss ?
Generally.. Which car is more reliable?
What is the best two-wheeler in the Indian market under or upto, Rs. 30000?
Will Hummers still hold their value?
i found a 2009 camry for sale online and it saysToyota Camry 4dr Sdn I4 Man (Natl)?
hi I was wondering what some good drift cars are that are under or around 5 grand?
I got some serious problems...?
which car is better ?
how do i want to take a car while my name is black list before coz of the same problem can u help me?
Should I buy a Honda Accord V6 Or Accura TL-S?
Need Ford Cobra Help!?
Ebayers and Craigslisters out there, Help!?
what is the best place to sell my car(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)?
where can I find an owners manual for a 1994 Jaguar xj6?
i want to decide between honda vti ex and toyota corolla 1995-1996?
What are your thoughts on a 2004-5 Dodge Neon???
Is it illegal for the dealer to sell your trade in before the deal is closed.?
What do you drive? Do you like it? Is it nice?
question about new cars?
I'm about to start my first real job, at $40,000 salary. Is it reasonable for me to buy a new car?
pink slip signed but the buyer wants back the money?
I have the chance to buy a 90 eclipse 2.0L DOHC non-turbo. It cranks but won't turn over. Dude has replaced...?
Car Scam? "Ebay Invoice"?
Is my eclipse faster then the mustang?
is this a good buy for $350?
Mustang, Challenger, Camaro?
Which is the best online shop for sell cars?
Will I be able to at least get approved for a new car with a cosigner?
I have a $7000 budget, what should I aim for if I want honda civic or accord?
would it be beneficial for me to change my car?
Car dealership won't let me test drive used car.?
Planing to buy a BMW M3 soon. Apart form the BMW Approved Car Wesbite, where else can I buy this vehicle?
I want a convertible, can't decide between Eclipse Spyder and Jeep Wrangler.... 19/male/Mass/college student
Can I trade Two vehicles for a newer good used Car?
Where do I start on doing research on getting a new car?
which bike should i buy?
what kind of interest will i pay on a car with a 653 credit score?
what re some of the coolest cars to have as a guy...?
Im looking to buy a reliable masculine vehicle. Any suggestions?
In Vehicle Repossession. How many months of not payment before they Repo?
Can I gat a Chevy Trailblazer with monthly payments of around $200?
My car is starting to clunk out.. I want to buy a new car, but don't know what would be a reliable one to get?
getting a loan and buying my first car?
PLEASE,Help me telling me how to register a salvage certificate car in Florida.?
My First Car, I need help!?
Possible car issues ?
Can I get a tag for my with out the bill of sale ?
How do I get a free car if I don't have any money? I've been without one for a year now.?
I'm looking to buy a used car, need help picking one?
Buy cheap payza vcc for Everybody?
I LOVE Smart cars and really want one but my boyfriend is refusing!?
Question about Selling Cars for Living?
Other than white or red, what color would you choose for this car?
What's a good cheap option for a first car?
Should I pay for my own gas money?
Should I trade in my 2007 scion tc?
Ford Mustang vs. Jeep Wrangler?
My mom's 1994 Tercel just blew an engine, she wants my advice on a new car. I'm thinking Versa or Elantra?
how hard is it to get a car loan when you owe a deficit from a repossession?
Good irish websites to buy a motorbike?
For sale Chev Suberian?
i want to buy a ipod touch16gb?
How much money is needed to buy a decent used car with low miles?
How much can i sell my 1976 chevy malibu classic for?
Does any one have any idea where I can buy a chopper style bike for under 12 grand?
Who helped create trade routes for ancient Greece?
1949 international pickup truck ballpark value?
how to view floor plan of a 1991 automate fifth wheel travel trailer?
What car should I take? (Details on which cars inside)?
i'm probably being really stupid but?
am looking for possible wants or war rents for an eagle talon Vin no.4E3CT64U8LE151351?
What is best thing to buy with 350$ ?
I have a car that i didn´t pay and they sent me to civil court please help I need advice?
Can I afford this car?
What's the better car, the 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer or the 2010 Honda Civic. Cheapest Models?
Focus ST170 or Civic Type-R?
Honda accord or CRV???????????
What are the drawbacks of Tata Indigo Diesel car? When was it last upgraded?
Decent vehicle good on gas, big enough for family?
How can you tell if a '94 S10 SS is fake.?
bought a used car but want to register my car online.?
I bought a used car from a private party but he didn't give me the registration and the title. Now what?
JEEP Liberty Limited Auto: BLACK or Patriot BLUE ?
Where can I sell a car that's not driveable (small repair though)?
Used crotch rocket?????????
What do you think of this car?
How can i purchase a vehicle used or new with horrible credit and no co signer or no money down? SOS?
Which car is best for a beginner?
just bought first car from the dealer....?
how do I finance a car that I own that's 8 years old?
Nissan Almera 2005 1.5L Saloon .?
Can I get tips and advice on buying a new car?
Was this fair? what should I do?
Cadillac SRX or Audi Q5 (2012)?
how can I buy a car blindfolded while wearing a pink thong that i bought for under 10$?
honda accord coupe first car?
Is it possible to return a car you just financed to purchase a different one?
what is the 3/36000 mile gm warranty?
what to do when car dealer gives you a different amount aside from advertised in internet?
whats your favorite car so i have ideas what i want to buy?
What does the Chrysler employee pricing mean and does it save me money?
What car should i buy?
what can i do when i find out after signing the contract with a car dealership that took total advantage of me
Best places to find used Japanese cars in Dallas, TX?
is a 00' chevy malibu good?
how to buy a donated car from a charity?
what does obo mean when buying a car?
I have a 90 year old mother who is looking for a used mid to small car with the shift on the column, any ideas?
Which is the better SUV, INNOVA or XUV500 ?
Where is the Jstar dealership in whittier?
Used cars??
Have you ever met an Honest car sales person?
where can I get a free car?
When buying a used car in payments, when do i get the title? Upon downpayment or payment in full?
Are Vauxhall Corsa's a good first car?
is it good 2 buy a police impounded car?
I am wanting to buy a new car, but do not know where to start?
what does lien sale mean?
GM, Chrysler, or Ford?
What will my monthly car payment be?
which car to buy suv or muv range 08 to 11 lacs?
Which used car is a better buy: Lexus ES300 or Inifiniti G20?
how much do you think a used four wheeler would go for?
what is rubber made of?
I want to buy used cars from Netherlands. Any clues about such web sites?
Any ideas for a cute small coupe?
WHICH ONE'S BETTER?: Volkswagen Beetle Convertible OR Ford Mustang V6?!?
In your experience, what kind of car would you recommend?
RV buying secrets?
Suggest me a vehicle for personal use within 6lakhs.?
Should I get 09 s2000 or modded 06 Civic Si in Illinois ?
Where can I find an on-line auto locator that specifies which dealers have specific cars in stock?
where is the web site for the winners of the price is right that want to sale their car to pay the taxes?
looking for older vw bettle 1968 to 1972 needs to run good & in fair shape around a thousand dollers?
How does sales tax work when buying a car?
A good first car for a 17 year old boy?
I am looking to buy a car in South Africa . I am a South African in the U.S.?
price of a used ford focus?
the world today are we selling used cars?
does anyone know where i can find a late model caprice 91-96 in california?
where can i find performance parts for my 1992 vw passat GL.?
what is a good 10 second car for newengland?
Expedition or Tahoe...?
Suzuki XL7 has anyone driven one or purchased one? Thoughts/Reactions to it?
hi i looking for a car small car has to be a three door if posible and i want it yellow must have small engine
my consumer rights regarding buying a scooter/bike?
Does anyone know about the vehicle lemon law? (serious only!)?
question about buying a car from craigslist?
can you fit these tires on this car?
is there a way to check a title through the department of transportation?
What car would make the best taxi?
Car for my teenage son?
How much does it cost a mo for auto insurance when your 18?
Im buying a truck for sale by owner?
I bought a car 8 months ago and still have not received my title....what can I do?
2001 toyota Celia gt.. good first vehicle?
can u drive a wrx in the UK because of the EU emission standards?
Should I buy a recent 2012 mustang v6 or an 05-09 v6?
Can I buy like an ambulance or a police car and drive around with the lights and siren on?
Do all cars have power windows and automatic locks that are from this decade?
i was approved for a new car and trade the old one in, does that end my bankruptcy?
Can I trade a car straight across, if I still owe money on the loan for my car? while still paying on the loan?
is it illegal to sell a vehicle to a person with out a drivers license?
how much is a 99 jeep cherokee sport 2wd with 4 drs and 80,000 miles worth?
can i buy a new car(of the year) without credit??
What does curbsiding mean?
is it a good time to buy a new car?
should i buy a kawasaki ninja 500 06 at 2000 with 30,000 millage?
I want a good car that don't consume lots of gas. Help?
Which car is better to buy, mazda 3 or a lancer?
How to know what dealer paid for the vehicle....?
Does anyone know about the Mercury Mariner?
what is the most expensive cars nowadays?
Which car would be a good first car?
I want to buy a 2007-2008 Lexus IS 250 AWD. What should I make for an offer?
Good cars/trucks to get for Alaska?
why is it hard to get a potential reseller to answer my calls while he expresses interest in our products?
good and bad points about a range rover vogue td6?
If I returned a new car 12 days after the sale what will the dealer usually do?
how much is a 2003 tacoma prerunner with new tires and am/fm/cd worth?
whats a good car that is sporty? ..but not a sports car.?