Car Buying

What sort of a car could I get in the £6000 range, I'm 17.?
should i trade for this?
pink slip signed but the buyer wants back the money?
just bought a new car. what do I need to do now?
What is the most economical diesel mpvor van on the market?
Lexus RX350 or Ford Edge for a midsize, family SUV?
were can i get a loan on my car,pay it back and get my car back?
i just bought a 2000 chevy camaro and theres no license plate holder can you buy them?
Why Gasoline Prices Going High?
Fastest, most reliable stick shift sports car for under $3k?
Whats the highest you would pay for this car?
Pick Up Trucks?
Hi I have two years to save up money. Which car should I get?
What would be a good first car?
want to get financed for a car without court knowing?
How much are tags for a 1991 caddlic coupe deville?
Can I get a decent auto loan rate?
Where can i buy and compare used cars online?
Can I trade my car in that im paying payments on to get a new 1?
Where do they sell repossessed cars in sioux falls south dakota?
Is it true there are places out there that let you rent rims for the vehicle?
which is the best 150cc bike?
First time trading in a car?
What is the best car for my grandma to get?
Would you buy a 2006 Ford Focus ZX4 with a messed up bumper / possible frame for $2500?
Is it just me or does the Hyundai Equus very closely resemble a Mercedes?
Why do American cars have low reliability?
How much should I pay for a peugeot 308 sw se?
is the nissan 350z a 4 or 2 seater?
car dealer is delaying to give me my car?
I have a quick question about my car.?
which car is better- honda city or verna fludic?
Is there any other car that sounds as good as a Ferrari when its accelerating?
I'm selling my car for $2,750, how much should I ask for a deposit?
Blazer xtreme or Grand Prix GTP?
does anyone collect old car tyres in the DT2 8BG area?
Ideal first car for a female 17 year old?
2012 car commercial? Guy building car?
Why do you think this car is CHEAP?
how many people can own only one car?
What car should I buy?is it wise?
Where to buy a good used car in Dallas?
finance to purchase a privatly advertised car?
I am wanting to buy a car but i am unsure on how to get it back?
where can you buy car shampoo?
Honda Civic vs Cobalt/G5?
should i buy a car for 6,000 or should i get a better one but in payments?
What is the nicest looking car for under 10 G that will last a long time, and run real good?
fastest car under 6k?
I have a question about how much my car is worth.?
how to get better financing on a car with a negative equity?
How much are the taxes on a new car in Canada?
i've got £3500 to buy a car......?
I need to sell my car, but no one will buy it...would you?
What,s your favourite car?
Help with my car PLEASE!?!?
i need a car !!!?
Needs a new car, but can't afford it. Help!?
is it ok to give our the VIN number of my car to people interested in buying it?
What does 0% interest mean when buying a car?
Should I trade in my car?
Which car would YOU go with?
Should I make payments on a car?
Why does Goodwill charge so much for donated cars?
I don't know what car I should get.?
how can we get cancel the contract from dealer after singing papers but didn't pay the down payment?
I bought a used car that needs serious repairs and wasn't given accident disclosure. what can I do?
which is the better car; 2001 volvo xc70 or 2001 land rover discovery?
What nickname should I give my car?
should I buy a Chrylsler PT Cruiser or a Volkswagon New Beetle? PLease support your opinion.?
who is owner of a co-signed vehical purchase?
I would like some recommendations for a teen's first car....preferably a luxury brand such as lexus or audi
can i tax my car if the mot has expired?
What's the best car u i can get / recommend for 2k -3k?
why do people really buy hybrid cars?
i sold my car for gas money,?
Any tips for buying cars w/ low car payments for college students?
value of a 1997 chevy pickup?
Best older car's for reliability?
Please Help Me With Purchasing a Vehicle!?
What kind of car do you recommend?
I bought something and don't want to not pay for it due to problems?
What car should I buy? 2009 Subaru Tribeca 5pas Limited or 2009 Honda Pilot EX-L?
will this car be fast?
Is there a way to transfer a vehicle title to my name without the seller's signature?
How can I find the trade in value of my car?
im a car salesman wats the best way to close a customer?
should i trade in my 1984 corvette for a 1971 mercedes benz?
which car should i get?
wanted book on clark forklift operating for c20 b-161-902 lpg 1067 copacity 2000 lb capasity 1957-67?
I want to trade in my 2008 suzuki forenza?
What's wrong with my car? ?
Does anyone know the best way to sell a vehicle financed through Nissan?
How many auto dealerships does Rick Hendricks own and what are their value?
How can I get $30,000 doing nothing?
Where's the best place to buy a 88-91 DOHC ZC w/tranny?
first car brand new car????????????/?
I financed a car in 1998,fell behined on the payments,and they never picked up the car.The last time i?
Which car do you think I should get??
What car should I buy?
swapping vehicle at the same dealer?
Which Is Better???
Honda Accord Wagon?
AWD vehicle with good gas mileage...?
What system does NY State use to figure the worth of a new or used vehicle?
Where can I find Jobs that pay Under the table?
need a new car, HELP?!?
My parents want a Dodge Caravan, how do I convince them to get a different car?
can I return a used car that i purchased 2 days ago in kentucky?
What's a good car for commuting? Would a Prius be a good choice?
should i get a lexus or a mustang for my first car?
dark purple car good for first car for teenage guy>?
When will the 2009 mazdas come out?
For renting a car from enterprise rent a car or anywhere really?
How can you find out if a car SHOULD be repo'd?
V5 Logbook who and how do i Change the V5 into my name when buying a car or Van?
are volkswagen gti's fast?
Is this a scam? BMW car?
i want to know bajaj auto ricksha price?
Vans with decent gas mileage?
lease tradein?
Is this car worth fixing up 2 race?
I want to buy a mustang?
What kind of car do you drive?
Should I or Shouldnt I trade in my car, is it worth it?
If a friend sent me a package?...?
What is a good first car?
i want us to buy an X5 for our next family car, but my partner thinks theyre to expensive, are they ?
how to buy an usa iphone out of the usa?
where can I fined used car at Denver Co, USA?
What would be the best time to buy Remote starter for my new car? Suggest me the best brand and options.?
What are some things I should look for and ask when buying a used car?
What's the best price for a 2006 Nissan Altima with a 3.5 six engine?
Has anyone financed a car through capitol one?
The best and cheapest way to get out of a Auto Lease?
Wanting to buy a Kia Sedona only the nearest dealer is 2 1/2 hours away. Who would service my vehicle locally
How would i mail this package?
Has anyone had one of those black boxes fitted to their car?
Hi, I am thinking about buying a used car. What should I look for as far as the maintenance of the car?
Just bought a new car - Can't tax it until Wed.?
What kind of Camaros are there?
Car like the Toyota Highlander.?
Can I trade in a car if my cosigner is now living in another state?
whats a good cheap decent car to get?
BMW M3, 350Z, or good old fashioned Mustang?
Car boot sale Renfrewshire?
Car Fanatics this is for you: How do I find the value of a car?
Looking to buy a reliable used luxury 4 door sedan. 2006-2008?
Longest lenght of time for new car loan? I would like to have a 6 year loan is that possible? what is the long?
Is 100,000 miles good for a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?
What is the expected mileage of new Hyundai i15?
Is 106,000 miles on a 2002 camero good?
Does anyone know of any car dealerships that will finance to someone with not so great credit in new jersey??
Would you recommend buying an altima 2006?
What kind of Suv do I get?
NEED ADVIDE! Want to buy a 98 Civic EX with 105,000 miles on it for $6,400. Good idea or bad??
Other than cash, what's the safest way to accept money when selling a car (or other expensive item)?
how to get a grant TO PAY FOR BILLS OR BUY A CAR ?
Trying to find a car?
Should i get a 5,000 dollar or less car now, or wait a year and get a brand new car?
honda civic 2000 hatchback or acura rsx 2004?
Selling a car out of state?
What car companies offer discounts to people in the military and for how much?
can a 16yr. old making $800 a month, afford a car that cost $24,000....parents payinng for insurance...?
Importing used cars from Japan to the USA?
Cost to repair paint chip on BMW X5 M Sport Bumper?
Which car do u think would be the best buy?
get a car or better my credit?
Which car would you choose?
When does the mazda 10 car dash end?
which is better for the crx?
How can I find out the current dollar value of a 1950's Desoto Station-Wagon?
Is it possible to return a car that a bank hurt?
How much would you pay for a 1997 4runner?
would this be a good idea? have my father buy a sporty sedan for himself, and for me to get a suv?
How much is a 1981 Datsun Maxima worth?
mobil dijual ford ranger tahun 2004 single cabin warna apa saja?
Would you give him his money back??
Can I take clients with me from one car dealership to another?
You are an owner/operatator for a trucking company. What truck would you buy?
What does the Chrysler employee pricing mean and does it save me money?
best cars for winter please help?
i want to buy a car from a private seller. The seller has the pink slip. How does the process works?
i have a Schwinn Stingray that ive put a 48cc engine on and i need to know what kind of brakes i should get?
Guys: What Name Do You think is best for a baby girl?
how much do u think a 1979 Monte Carlo would cost?
75ps power, good for a hatch?
Other than cash, what's the safest way to accept money when selling a car (or other expensive item)?
Where do you go to for advice when you change you car?
3rd time that i ask :( cuz none answers my qstins, ram r/t 2010(red) or camaro ss 2010 (silver)?
What are some good cars for drifting?
Average price of a used 1997 Mercedes-Benz E 320?
what car should i get ?
Nicest New/Used Cars Under 25,000?
How much should I sell my car for?
i have two 1996 cylinder heads for a el dorado caddy i want to trade does anyone know a site ca. resident only
Need a vehicle asap, is this a good buy?
What was your first car?
93 porche,same model as the one is 80,000 now,How much a 93 would cost?
Is an automobile extended warranty worth the money?
Has anyone bought the Yaris S?
What is the cheapest i could get a new camaro?
Cars for a teenage girl?
What is the best starter drift car?
What kind of car to buy?
anyone know where to find old mercury autos. comet,montage,maverick not on ebay?
good car for a 16 yr old?
Every time I rightclick search on, I receive a reply that the item could not be found.
acura intagra rsx type-s?
What Is the best car for a 16 year old under $16,000?
1999 camaro for sale - what should i pay?
What would be a good down payment on a $2000 used car?
i am looking for a new sports car within USD 30,000...which would be the best option for me?
asked dealer for copies say they cant give them to me?
would you get these rims if you were me?
2011 Nissan Rogue or Jeep Patriot?
How much would you get for scrapping a car?
Chrysler lease wear and tear protection?
What is the best used car to buy?
bought a car did i get a good deal?
How many cars are imported From UK to USA?
Fuel efficient cars in Europe...?
20% of what is $14,016.00?
Used cars in Mostar....?
Describe BMW in 1 word?
Where can I get a good dirtbike online under $500?
Can you sell a car with no title?
Anyone know anything about car rims?
Moderate Prices for used Cars?
I want a new car, do you think I could afford to get one?
How much is a 390 V8 Engine worth?
Trading newer mustang for older high mileage vette?
What kind of 4x4, sidexside or utility vehicle should i get?
In your opinon whats the worst new car to own?
Would this be good for my first car?
Fast cars that wont cost alot?
im 13 and want a motor vehicle for transportation what should i buy?
im selling my car am i asking to much?
give me a giude to buying used car?
autobody technician get pay well?
i own money in 1996 i want to know how much do i own now?
What should I buy? I can only get one?
what car should i get next?
American Racing Polished Baja Rims or Eagle Alloy Polished 058's-Which is better?
How can i sell my car without title?
How do I convince the owner selling the vehicle to take my price?
Can I get a car fax on a used car I already purcahased.?
In the State of Alabama, how much will it be to register my car if I am 4 months late after the transfer date?
what kind of car would you get a teen if you have up to $100,000 to spend.?
brand new car or old?
How much does a car dealer make per vehicle sale on average?
Car loving people, Your opinions on driving stick shift?
Thinking of buying an Alfa Romeo 156, 12 valve car?
Why are the salespeople at Porsche so elitist and unfriendly?
im looking for my first car. i can get a good deal on an isuzu amigo. is this a good choice?
if your gonna buy,an expensive car, best to pay all cash or part finnance?
Would I qualify for dealership financing?
Please mechanics and car ppl?
selling alpine sps-619 6x9 speakers for what price?
Is a Mustang 2003 car with 120,000 miles a good car?
How would I get a loan for a car?
A Vette or a Dodge Ram?
When selling a car in NC, is the buyer's, seller's or both signatures required to be notarized?
Buying Used car from owner who bought it from junk yard?
Any idea about car scrapyard in Mumbai where you can buy salvaged car bodies?
what company imports cars from australia? specifically Skyline R33?
what car is more common in the us?
What is the best car i should get???
Beat diesel ps a vfm ?
We're both working and need a new car?!!?
In which indusrtries rhino 4.0 is being used?
Is it unwise to buy a car in it's first year of production?
have car from dealership and no contract.?
2001 PORSHE boxster vs 2004 NISSAN 350z?
2008 Evo X vs 2009 Audi A4?
When do you consider it your first car?
I am interested in buying a 1997 Saturn, but the body is bent..The car is going for only it worth it?
Getting my first car? Helppp?
Teenager with a Ford Mustang. Ideas?
Do I need to smog when I sell my car after I snigger it for registration?
Has Anyone in NY leased a Toyota FJ Cruiser?
how much is the sales tax for selling a motor vehicle? Miami-Dade county?
What kind of car model is more spacious for 7 or 8 passenger?
Accord, Maxima, Camry or 350Z?
Help!!I need to get rid of this passat?
Lease or Buy Car - Graph?
Purchasing a car with no job? No credit history.?
Anybody know where i can get a used Bugatti Veyron ?
Is 21 City and 27 Highway MPG okay for a used car?
Help suggest a car for me please!!!?
Gas vs deisal question?
Which car for a first time driver?
Need an Advise about a car 1999 Lincoln Town Car?
Insurance when financing a car ?
What did you think about the cash for clunkers program?
If a used car salesman lies to you, what can you do?
what is the meaning of ONO in the context of quotation for a car e.g. Car for $ 10,000 ono?
Transferring ownership to Spouse?
How much can I get them to lower the price?
Best 5 door Diesel Car?
Anyone know who will sell my car on consignment in Birmingham, AL?
An old vs new truck the diffrences and advatages?
Fastest Street Legal car avalable in USA ?
what is the value of a 2000 geo metro that needs an engine but body looks good?
good 4x4??
Can i lease a car for a month?
Do you have any first car ideas?
What Car Should I Get For My 18 Brithday.?
what's the best tire in terms of price and performance...?
Which car seems better?
What car should i pick? help!?
How much would TT&L cost on this car?
I want to buy a car really bad help!?
How can I get into selling weed at 16?
How to pay for a car miles away on ebay?
i need to buy a scooter for myself?
Bought a used car with Frame/Unibody Damage, Accident and engine light on.?
Buying a vehicle Miles away!?
which is more better car to drive manual or automatic?
What would you choose?
1964 el camino?
What kind of new car should I get?
Is an automobile extended warranty worth the money?
Can I buy a car when the bank has the title?
Buy Toyota Hilux mini car toy (replica)?
Can car dealers roll back the odometer on new cars? If so, how many times are they allowed and how many miles?
I'm 19, n what's da most comfortable sedans which is easy to drive for going to collage as i'm a teenagers?
Which cars can be taken from the united states to mexico?
Can I buy a second hand car with the permit?
Is this possible to apply for a car loan to pay off another car loan?
Sporty car $4000 or under?
What is the best aircraft to purchase as a beginning pilot and what's the purchase process?
Im selling my iphone 3g. how much should i sell it for?
where is the best place to find 03 cobra mustang assesories im tryin to red and black out my cobra plz help?
Can you help a military guy buy a car? complication level: HIGH?
My friend wants to buy an ice cream van?
Help with rental car agency?
Where can I buy a Dead Sara car decal or sticker?
Chap 7 / auto discharged / 7400 /Bbook Val 4200 / still have car / wiil bank want it back with such low value?
Does anyone have a resource that finances used cars to someone with horrilbe credit. I mean NO ONE WILL EXTEND
I need help! Im about 2 buy a second hand car but i dont trust the seller?
How much should I sell it for?
whats better Yugo or a volkswagon thing?
What is a good SUV?
2001 Volvo S40 1.9 T(urbo)?
Car problems need help asap?
Selling my honda, how much? ?
what state has the highest smog/emmisions standards? which has the lowest?
what aftermarket parts can i buy for my 05 bmw 525i and still keep its residual value high or increase it?
where can i buy some cheap or used 305 35r 24 tires?
Will the Car be mine? and will i still have to pay O_O?
who has a 1967 impala 4 door hard top for sale?
I need real help?
i bought a car from a desist estate about 3 months ago and i just started pulling it apart for restoration?
Hows trade in's been?
Which car do you like better?
For $8000 what car should I purchase?
Which truck would be better?
I'm planning on buy a car and need some answers please!?
can i return the car i bought , even if it is only 6 mos. old?
if you can and where to buy a power split device like the one for the prius?
Name a car that no one could even PAY you to buy?
Can i buy a car without a drivers license in ohio?
Which time of the year is most proper to buy a new car?
how can I return a car that was bought (as is) to a dealer after dicovering a major mechanical problems?
What is the best car to by with high mileage, nissan, honda, toyota?
Toyota or Ford?
What does "estate sale" mean?
what is the best company of cars that you can gat (honda, ford, ect....) ps:i dont care about the price?
what are some really nice / good cars? my first car I want a Mini Cooper hot pink.. any ideas?
New Driver...need good car :)?
Used Honda Civic or used Toyota Corolla?
Which car should would be the best choice out of these three?
What to get for a first car?
how much is a 2005 150cc atv worth used?
where can you buy car shampoo?
How reliable is a Zazuki Grand Vitara?
I am trying to purchase an Expedition. I cant find anywhere how much gas it will consume. Can anyone help?
Is there a major difference between the chevy tahoe and yukon denali? Which would make more sense to purchase
Where can I find out if my car has a lein, free?
what is a chep fast car for 4500?
Help on my first car?
what small business good for
How can I get the Consumer Reports reliability report for 2007 cars on the internet?
What's a good cheap car for a 16 yr old girl?
What car is the best for me?
How long after your car is repossessed, does the dealer have to report it to the credit agency?
Is 1000miles in one week too much?
who wants to buy an antique horse, bull, buffalo, elk or cow they have real animal fur?
Should I forget fuel economy over saftey and reliablity?
What's the better car for a 16 year old?
Does anyone have some tips on buying a used car? What features should I look for?
which car is best for middle class family?
nothing big. just wanna know where to find products to take care of my car? the interior of my car?
Reliable first SUV for 16 year old girl?
In Indiana,If you buy a used car as is is there a period of time in which you can return the car say 7 days?
free list of repossessed car not a pay site is there any out there? bank or don"t know?
What car would you get if you had a budget of 50 to 70 thousand?
What first car should i buy?
How do I find out the time schedule for police auctions in the state of Oregon?
Have I been ripped off at my car dealership?
Chevrolet Tahoe or Toyota 4 Runner or Subaru Outback/Forester?
Does anyone know the price of the 2007 Ford FreeStyle Crossover?
Should I get a BMW X5, an Infiniti FX45, an Acura MDX, a Lexus RX330, or a Mercedes Benz ML 500?
Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?
what car should i buy for my first car?
what's the best way to negotiate on a price of a car from a private seller?
What do I need to do first in order to be able to drive home my used car?
lost bill of sale for car i sold?
What is the most dependable car under 10 grand.?
Help! What is a good first car for a teen driver?
I need a new car but i have bad credit and no co-signer?
Here's the deal I made on my Toyota Yaris... How did I do?
what are the prices at eclipse WV?
i m a used car dealer in ohio can i sell used car to somebody who dont have a licence and sociel securty?
whats better 2005 altima or 2005 mazda6?
Used parts for car in Richmond ?
How you get a new or used Van or SUV with just filing Bankruptcy?
I am 15 and looking for a German Sedan to buy?
Isuzu NPR & NQR work truck?
Any advice on a first car?
Survey - What's the most miles you put on a transmission?
Best time to buyout my leased car?
What is the value of this car?
Any info on Volvo's?
I am looking to buy a mini, not sure on them?
Classic Car Buying- Auto loans?
What kind of car is this ??????????
Need price of 1997 Ford Taurus, 30M miles, 6 cylinder?
Car question?
Carers discount on buying a new car?
2006 mini cooper s vs 2007 mini cooper s?
I want to sale i20 car in India but how sale?
Best used car to mod for speed for under 10k.?
Does a Car dealership use the same credit score after you are done leasing your vehicle to buy out the lease?
Can a Car dealer trick me?
looking for a reliable small SUV?
anyone interested in buying a 1988 ford ranger?
Are Forgien cars really that much better than U.S. made cars?
i want to buy Hyundai eon second hand ? plz see additional details.?
online uk damaged car auction?
"Can he take my car?"?
lost bill of sale for car i sold?
Ford Mondeo HIGH mileage, worth buying?
how do i get a dealership licence for auto auction?
How much do you think i could sell my 98 mustang for? read details>>?
Which one has a smoother ride! Cadillac Escalade or Infiniti QX56??? 2011 Models?
Who can give me a car loan?
Buying a used car. Need some help?
Car value? what is my car worth?
automatic vs. Manual?
What should I check for when buying my first second-hand car from a private seller?
I need ideas for my parents to buy me something for my report?!?!?!? PPPLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEEEE HHHHEEEEELLLLP?
Alright what does it mean to get a car certified and e-tested?
Would you consider this car more of a girl or boy car.?
which car is better Wagon R or Santro Xing?
Will the price of my Cadillac Deville increase?
how do i get arkansas temporary tags without it being from a dealer?
i bought a car with a dealership 5 or 6 months ago since then its broken down on me 5 times they insist on fix?
what is SRS?
Mitsubishi Mirage, Ok for a guy to drive it?
Auto loan refinace question?
Nissan 350z or BMW 325i?
Im looking to get a 600cc bike, i need to know details about payments and what not?
how do I get list bank repo motorhome auction in Australia?
Sports cars with cheap insurance?
Car buying tips?
car question about struts?
Is there a website like that determines the value of older cars?
would the colour of sprayed alloys come off someone is selling them.dont know if i should buy them plz hlp?
I got a title loan and couldn't pay it back, they never cam and got the car how do I find out who has the titl?
What are the steps I have to go through when buying a car from a private seller?
Would you run over someone in a car for money ?
Broken car for the cars for clunks program?
What type of company is Expo Motor Cars?
what is the black book value of a 1995 2dr chevy cavalier. 258000kms?
does a body kit make a car lower?
Im tryin to think of a car can someone help me?
Best site to sale almost brand new car except Craigslist and dealer.?
I am leaving the counry soon to live abroad, so I am wanting to sell my truck quick is there a place to sell?
how to buy a car with no credit/co-signer?
what does APR on a auto loan mean?
Would this be a good reliable first car?
What RC Car Should I Get?
how to view floor plan of a 1991 automate fifth wheel travel trailer?
how to get gms on a 2011 Acadia?
where do I go to find out if a car dealer is a member of the local or national fair traders?
Where is the best place to look for a used Mustang?
my car is being recalled what are my rights?
need a price on a 1999 transport haulmark cargo trailer?
I have a 2007 Chevy silverado which I have been having problems with since I have got it I've only had it ?
Is it worth buying a second hand car in this market?
Can i change out of florida salvage title to a florida clear title after repairing the vehicle? thank you?
I'm looking for the loan value of a 2000 model exiss 310 event aluminum horse trailer 10ft living quarters?
I just turned 18 an I wanted to get a auto loan, but i dont make enough money to qualifly. What else can I do?
Car Buying Question!?
where can i buy a used maserati gand sport? like for under 50000 USD?
If you drive a super car do the police often pull you over out of jealousy?
Someone rear-ended my new car. Should I ask for more compensatio due to diminished value?
What can i get for a 2004 Dodge Neon?
What's a reasonable price a college student should pay for a car?
Importing car from Japan?
Please advise me, which cars are good and what to look out buying a car?
What is a good commuter vehicle for one or two people?
Eddie Stobart Truck Name?
Car that is right for me?
I am thinking of starting a business by buying cars from auctions and sell them outside.?
What should i do about my truck?
How much will a used car dealer come down?
how to negotiate on a used car with a dealership?
Is 9300 a good price for used 2007 toyota corolla le?
Mitsubishi Lancer or Volkswagen Jetta?
how do i get $100000 when im 16 for my '64 impala (FYI im 13)?
I just impulsively bought a car?
this guy is selling me a 1973 nova but has not payed the plates for 10 years?
what is the best thing to do about my no car situation?
Buy here pay here places?
Advice On Buying A Truck?
What is your opinion about Bajaj CT-100?
POTIAC, how is the Potiac mark of car is as good as what. which is is origen America or Europe, how is Geo?
Can a teenager get their own car?
If you were given 100k what car would you get.?
Should I buy a Toyota RAV4 2007 or Ford Escape ?
where can i find a Volkswagen microbus in michigan?
I have my first car and i am struggling to find a name to call it, any suggestions?
Good first car that is Japanese?
I'm thinking about buying a Hummer H3 any suggestions?
I'm thinking of buying new small truck. Which one would you recommend ?
i want a cheap but good car for under $4000 any suggestions?
Used car help for 16yr old?
if you have two car loans with a bank and you default on one of the car loans can they take both cars from you?
I have a question about car tints can anyone please help me?
should i accept check payments when selling my car?
Should i buy a 2 month old Rottweiler ?
Am I better off turning in a Toy. Highlander early with 32K on a 60K lease or wait till the lease ends in May?
is it safe to buy used cars from ebay or carmax?
What is the mpg on a f-450 4x4?
Does a car dealer have to disclose if a car was abandoned previously before selling?
Evo or imprezza, please say why.?
Mercedes Glk? Any car salesmen here?
Would a dealer sell a car back to me for the amount they gave me for trading it in?
Help finding dream car??
first decent job. no car (that i own) No credit.?
What is the best way to finance an auto with poor credit and not pay outlandish fees?
I'm going to buy a new FERRARI, but i need help on what color to buy?
I'm a young adult that needs help answering car loan questions?
Question about buying car.?
Im looking for a Honda Accord (1997-2003) for a reasonable price, near Lafayette or Lake Charles Louisiana?
What are the chances that my stolen car will be returned?
Whats my budget for a car?
I want to buy a fuel efficient car. My price range is 10,000$cdn. What make or model should I be looking for?
How much would you pay for a broken 1990 Cutlass Ciera sl?
Are all buy here pay here dealers evil?
Tahoe for Sale?
German/ American/ Japanese CARS?
What cars are better to buy?
I saw a red exotic sports car and it was amazing. I have been searching all over the Internet for it ?
can a foreignor buy a used car with driver license?
What is the best small used car for a mom?
i want to sell my car to get an suv. Ive had it for sale for 4 months but no one is interested... :(?
Which car should I buy?
first car help, need to know if its a good choice.?
Can i get my money back from car dealer if car is no good?
what do you think about this car??
Purchased mumbai 2nd car by mistake having rusty body any suggetion of coating for it ?
Im buying a first car....?
Which is better..2006 Volvo S40 t5 or S40 2.4i?
2004 Range Rover HSE or 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport?
Best pick for a first car. Ready. Set. Go?
Will Datsun have cars in the US in 2014?
who knows everything about hondas?
Why cant i sell my 106????
Is it worth buying 8110 black berry pearl for Rs.8000/-?
change/adjust car loan for new car?
What car in UK under 20k has lowest depreciation?
Penn Warranty best choice for my van?
Does this seem like a scam?
is a 2001 bmw 325i sedan with 148000 for $5000 a good buy?
In a used car, how much mileage is too much?
What would be the best car to buy for fast food delivery, bearing in mind fuel consumption, size and speed?
Which car is best for a 1st time car buyer?
whats the best car to buy second hand ?
What happened at the end of your car lease?
Can i refinance my car?
looking to purchase a used car in canada ON?
Does anybody want to buy a Nissan Skyline? They are both street legal in the US!?
I am buying a used BMW and want to know how to negotiate the price?
Are there any car loan programs for teenagers/students?
hey ppl im lookin 4 for a car but not just ne car i want a vw van aka hippy cruser?
is it possible to buy a motor vehicle without having a licence?
what do the numbers on volvo cars mean?
has anyone ever bought a car from e bay and was it a good transaction?
does anybody know the brand of this car?
Does anyone know of a FREE car history report?
How much should I pay for a 2005 Chrysler 300 with 199,000 miles on it?
What kinds of convertibles have all wheel drive?
how do you do that picture sticker thing on the back of a car where do you get one ?
whats the price on a 1994 mustang seleen SR?
Lamborghini Gallardo or murcielago?
What do car dealerships mean?
Name some reliable mid siz sedans for a 18 year old male (first car) under $4.000?
how does one begin the process of purchasing a commerical vehicle?
What Car would you buy in a budget of 26 grand?
Need a list of older import cars...?
what is the TEXAS law if i trade at a car lot my vehical for another and drive it home and have problems?
Buying a car with 153XXX Miles? Safe or Not?
does anyone have any information on leasing a car?
Lexus IS 250, Infiniti G35X and BMW 325xi, which is better?
Is it possible to build a car that is from 2007?
abandoned vehicle title?
I accidentally potato-ed please help?
what is the maker of tomahawk all terrain vehicle? where can I buy spareparts for this unit?
Is there ways to end a car lease other than selling the car or trading it in without hurting my...?
How do you choose a new car without getting your credit checked everytime you wanna see a car?
buying used car 4 $300 just needs a new timing belt.?
How to apply used car loan for private party seller?
What's the credit requirements of a used car?
Where is the best place to get a Acura RSX(cheapest)????
Buying my first vehicle?
Is the tow yard supposed to contact the lien holder?
What would be a good vehicle with a limit of 4000$'s ?
My friend wants to buy a car and get it in my name?
wat r SUVs and what are sum bad things about SUVs?
I want to buy a car but.............?
lease hire, finance,save,loan by second hand. What car?
When buying a car in NH, what would the sales tax be for me, because i live in ma?
Mini Cooper or a VW Passat or Nissan Altima Coupe?
i bought a car by trade in my old car.?
When is the best time of year to buy a car. I am looking for a 2007 but I am not in a hurry.?
Im getting a BMW M6 Convertible but i dont know what colour i shoulg get it in with a black roof top?
I wanna buy a electric scooter in india.Please suggest me a scooter from yash or yo bykes?
Sales tax on car bought from a relative?
can I buy a car without a drivers license?
do you like ?
first car? what do you recommend?
Should I repo this guys car?
Should I buy this used car?
shipping Center question?
First car for 20 year old student in Southern California?
BRAND NEW CAR BROKEN! what rights do i have?
where can i buy a kit car?
what should you do if every time you leave home and the cop follow you. i came into some money,,?
Why is it hard to determine a car's value over time?
What would be a good offer price for this Subaru STI?
Car suggestions please...?
should I name my car?!!?
help picking first car?
traded in my car for a van 5 days ago but still waiting for approval.signed paper detailing the financing but?
how to buy stand by ticket?
whats your faivart car?
If I'm Selling my Car and they're making payments, how do I relieve myself of all Liability?
paying off car loan early?
Am i liable to pay settlement figure for garage selling a car they have now said they cannot repair?
Can 100 people please answer my question?
What kind of car do you drive?
Is it a good idea to switch vehicles?
online auto sales sites in Michigan?
Hi! can anyone tell me the exact difference between the 1990 and 1991 Buick LeSabre?
Which Car should i Buy ?
Where can I find a 1973-1975 Pontiac Grand Am within 1000 mile radius of Reno NV any condition.?
help with learning stick shift?
sold my van privately and now buyer has come back complaining?
Hello Guys!!! I am intending to buy 2007 Ford Explorer. Your comments please?
Would I have no problem buying a 2010 toyota corolla s?
I want to get a Vehicle to do some off roading in! What is better Jeep Wrangler or Ford Ranger?
where do i gfind a cheap car?
what to expect when you order a new car from the dealer.?
Used Auto laws in WV?
Masterlease uk car rental scheme...any comments?
What is the fastest used car 2006 and newer RWD under $15,000?
I want to chip my car?
Cars . . . Help please !! 10 Points !!?
Are there any laws on someone selling you a car that is a lemon?
Is it worth to buy cars like Acura, Lexus, or Infinity nowadays?
Whats a good reliable good looking car for?
i cant afford this car now can i return it, how?
What is your dream car?
Good Car with Good MPG?!!?
lookin to buy a new car?
Hybrid Cars....?
What kind of car should I get and who should i but it from and do any of you have a car that i can buy?
Where can I apply for automobile credit when You don't have much credit?
what is the highest price you would pay for gas??
what happened to the following kia models?
What car brand holds its value the best for trade-in down the line?
Where can I buy/lease cheap but nice cars?
I need a car asap! i live in san jose California does anybody know a good car dealership?
What are your favorite/dream cars?
Which car?
Car help please ???????
Getting a tag for a car?
Ok I'm 16 and I just started a job and want to get this truck for a great price 12,000 would my bank let me ?
how much is this worth?
Just bought a car 14 hours ago and the car is trash, help?
Is there a major difference between the chevy tahoe and yukon denali? Which would make more sense to purchase
what is a good performance exhaust system for my 4runner?
I bought a car about 2 years ago....?
Would this be a bad decision to buy it?
Work on my old car or buy a new car?
I just bought a car on Finance a week ago but I didn't like it much. Can I return it without any problems?
Which convertible supermini has most rear legroom in the uk?
Pros and Cons of lifting a truck?!?!?
Stuck in India. Want to sell my car in US?
How do I go about getting a title for a 1964 1/2 Mustang,we are trying to sell?
what car would you advise me?
Should I trade my car in?
how much does a 1966 ford econoline pick up cost?
What car is a faster a honda prelude or a 1998 lexus es300?
Stuck on which car to get!!?
Anyone ever bought aCarFax report?
How much would you value this car?
Do you know where I can get a new or used 1986 Chevy Caprice Classic Dashboard?
would a 92 explorer look good with 17" alba wolverine rims need answer NOW PLEASE!!??
Does anyone have Car Buying Tips?
Best sport car under $20000?
Is there a place, where I can buy semi-truck trailers in bulk?
How can i sell a car online?
Is there a free website where I can find out what the value of my car is?
Which car is faster? A....?
how much could i get fore these rims and tires?
What do people think of this website for buying and selling cars in Saudi Arabia?
How much can I expect form my trade ins?
should i buy a 09 accord coupe, a 07-09 mitsubishi eclipse convertible GT or a 2010 v6 ford mustang?
What is the cheapest place in St.Louis to get a paintjob for a pre -sanded car.?
looking for a swimsuit/boyshorts with trucker girl logo?
I make 45,000 yrly i want a 2010 camaro ss, can i make the payments?
get price on 1995 sportsman four wheeler?
I have to choose my new car. I have closed on three options - Honda City, Verna and Toyota Corola.?
2005 Acura TL (88K) or 2006 BMW X3(92K)?
Acura Integra GS-R Question?
How to convince my mom to let me get an older car?
ok, i bought an item on ebay through payapal and..?
can u tell me what car this is?
Should I get a Yellow 2003 Hummer H2 as my first car?
Dealership question to those who have expierience?
I'm about to buy a used car. One car has a salvage title, Should I purchase this car?
What car should I buy?
How much are you willing to pay for your car plate number?would you pay one million dollars to get?
What is a good used car to buy in the $4,000 Range?
What is the worst car brand?
Anyway to check the mileage?The 02 montero uses a digi. Odometer-is there anyway to check the cpu for mileage?
what do i do when i want to sell my car?
Does anyone have a VW beetle they want to give away?
Where Can i find car auctions in the central valley?
Where can I find used Left Hand Drive cars in UK(United Kingdom) ?
Can I get a car title in my scenario? (serious answers please)?
car sales are going to come down?
how can i sell my used car with best price?
how can i get a list of seized cars that are about to be auctioned from nearby countys?
How do I sell my car while it is still financed?
We are buying a mid-sedan, how is Hyundai Sonata?
What would be the price for this car?
car sale' man won't tell me the value of the car im financing, or tell me how much my loan was approve for, ?
Corvette C3- where to buy in NJ/NY/or PA area (or online)?
i am selling my car on ebay but now people are telling me its bad to sell a car on ebay?
Used cars??
I swear people are stupid on here, looking for a sports car with a V8.?
what is a way to get your parents to buy u a car for your 16 birthday?
what to do after u buy from a private seller?
What kind of car would God drive?
How much could I get for my 65 stang?
Is there any way to find out who owns my old mustang now?
I'm 31 days late on my car payment. I'm being harrassed by text. If i dont pay by tomorrow my car will repo.?
What is the best first car for a teenage girl?
Best sites to find a used car ?
How do I sell a car that I still owe on?
what does it mean if a car is a certified rebuilt?
Can I sue a private seller for not disclosing the condition of the car Engine?
How can I order additional front seat legroom in a pickup truck?
Wats the cheapest way to lift a 95 Tahoe?
Where is the cheapest place to find rims???
which costs more a honda accord or honda civic?
what kind of car should i get?
+_+_ New car for around 18 grand?
Have you ever owned a car that is worth a lot now and sold it for cheap back before?
are they not making hummers anymore?
Oldsmobile Parts, Looking for 1969 442 or cutluss hood also looking for 1969 442 grills?
Help me find the right rv for me?
is hyundai sante fe is a good buy for an suv?
I live in Detroit where is a good place to buy all the items I need to paint a car?
I'm 20, looking for advise on a new car?
Get a Car or Truck?!?
I have £1000 to spend on a car and i have seen an 02 rover 45, 45000 miles, should i buy this car? ?
how to buy a car with no credit/co-signer?
How much would it cost me to order a car that is made up of an earlier die cast model?
where can I get a free car?
how much is my car worth?
What kind of car should I get?
Manly car under 25000 dollars?
What do I need to fiance a vehicle?
Do I need a license to purchase a car from the dealership?
Help me with the shipping of a product ! Please...?
whats the best diesel car to buy (second hand).?
Is it possible for me to return the a new car after driving it off the lot if my mother refuses to co sign?
Hi , I will buy a car buy a car and have to choose between mazda3 and pegiot 307 ...Which car is better ?
What happens to New Old Model year cars that don't sell (e.g. 2003)?
New car???
what color sticker will match a Caribbean blue color car?
Why won't auto manufacturers offer 4-cylinder SUVs anymore?
Does Honda offer discounts or rebates for military personnel?
What happens when a financed vehicle owner dies but I am paying for the car?
How to convince parents to let me buy a car?
suggest me any car model in range 3.75 lac to 4.20 lacs?
Anyone Land Cruiser fans out there like to buy a Toyota 40th Anniversary Land Cruiser for $10,000?
Is the older toyota celicas good cars? I'm looking at a 1981 with 85,000 miles on it?
Can anyone with an unlimited carfax account help me out pretty please :(?
How should I buy my first car?
does walmart sell crossovers?
Classic Mini !! help !!?
Mercedes C250 Coupe or Audi TT for 16 year old?
How much should i expect o pay for a 1996 saturn at a car auction?
what are some of the best options for someone with a crappy credit score who's trying to get an auto loan?
Which vehicle here is the best face value?
I'm buying a new car. How should I drive it initially in order to "break it in?" And for how long? Thankyou.
120k lot of miles for 99 Trans Am?
buying price for 1970 vw bug?
Lease or buy a car. Whats the difference?
rx-8? cobalt ss? rear wheel? please help!?
found numbers on tounge but only numbers and letters, not enough for a vin number in calif it was z235540, ?
Would you do this to your husband?
can anybody tell me if the vauxhall vivaro is any good?
I was wondering if someone could please sell me a reeally cheap car?? im in desperate need! thank you!!?
where can i find a site to get prices for used trucks in canada?
if you had 60,000.00 dollars to buy a car what would be your choice of car?
should I buy a car that has been in a accident before but has a clean title?
What is the best mudding 4X4 truck?
What is a cute first car for a girl?
what is a better first car for a 18 year old? nissan altima coupe or honda civic coupe?
what should i buy a toyota mr2 with the stage 3 engine or a chevy chevelle?
How does a person set up a payment account if they wanted to purchase something from another country?
wheres the best place to buy a car, apart from ebay or autotrader?
odometer not running in a car that i wanna buy...?
how much are you guys paying monthly for your infiniti g37?
how much should i ask for my supercharger??
Name for my cool car?
need your advice?
2013 ford fusion for teenager?
advice on Motorway car buying?
I hate my new car after a month?
Favourite 2 supercar under 200k?
How much should I ask for my 1988 Pontiac Firebird?
Need price of 1997 Ford Taurus, 30M miles, 6 cylinder?
What is the mileage of Maybach 62 S?
What car is right for me?
Can you help me choose a car?
What is the best SUV in your opinion?
Sending a guitar help!!!?
Best first car?
Can I buy a car using as a third party?
How do I get a hold of Ca. older car buy back telephone number?
Where can I find an 18ft diesel box truck for sale for $3000.00?
whats a good first car?
When buying a new car, what does residency restrictions mean?
Need car decision help asap!?
What is supposed to happen when you trade in a vehicle for another vehicle of lesser value?
Mercedes c300 Sport or BMW 328i?
Is This Salvage 2001 Corvette actually worth $11,500?
Can you get tax credit for leasing a Hybrid?
Cheap trucks to buy for daily driver and...?
is it safe to buy a car on craiglist?
What kind of car would be fit for a 16 year old?
2005 Toyota Camry vs 2002 Honda Accord vs 2005 Chevy Malibu?
2007 Volvo V50 AWD vs 2004 Lexus RX330 AWD?
Should I buy a 50cc dirtbike or a fmf exhust pipe for my Honda trx250ex?
nissan juke or toyota camry ? or suggestions?
The big debate, Standard or Automatic?
where can i find a 1965 mustang in california?
How can i get my credit in order to get a new car?
do police auctions to buy cars really work!! i would like to buy an suv and i just wanted to know if i could?
I want to get a cheap little sports car...?
What should I look for when buying a car?
i live in mumbai and planing to buy a car?
is a nissan maxima with 73300 miles on it too many miles?
How to price a car when selling it?
2012 Honda civic coupe or 2012 Chevy Cruze?
Have domestic - U.S. - cars yet become as dependable and long-lasting as imports, i.e., Japanese cars?
If you could buy any car from 15-$25,000 what would you get?
Do you know of any salvage yards in Atlanta that might sell camaros ?
2009 sienna w/95k mi for $13000, or w/45k mi for $17000?
Can anyone donate to me a pick up or know of an organization that can help me out?
how much are used yamaha vino's worth? 2007 & 2006?
A newer car with a bad transmission or an older car with a brand new transmission ?
would it be a good idea to buy a auto code reader along with going with a certified mechanic when going to buy?
I just turned 18 and want to buy a used 2005 AcuraTL that coast about $ much will I be paying a month?
where can i find a good reliable cheap first car on the web?
Should I accept the new car?
How to sell a car to someone that wants to make payments?
Would girls laugh at me if I drove a Honda Fit?
What type of car is this?
What is the best way to get a good deal on a new car?
What car should I get? (see details)?
What is the most reliable car to buy if I'm looking for a used car?
between the renault clio and the peugot 207 which one is better?
is it worth buying a Porshe?
Classic car wanted?
looking for a new car...?
How can I buy a car even though I haven't passed my driving test?
Just wondering who has been through a car repossession that was a lease?
What is a first car that's fun to drive?
If you were to choose between these 2 cars which would you prefer...?
What does it mean when a car company wants to buy my car back?
What would you pick from the Three Cars I'm Listing:?
can my finance company sell my car even when i have been paying the finance?
Fuel efficient cars in Europe...?
what is the fastest car engine in the world right now that's in production?
Is 72 month auto loan a bad idea?
Down payment on a car help?
Is this car worth it?
Is it possible to buy a used car registered after March 2001 for £1000 but have less than 130g/km CO2 emission?
What is a good NEW & CHEAP car to buy?
I gave $100.00 but have changed my mind about getting the car - does that person have to return my deposit?
buying a used car with cash - details inside :)?
How do you check the new car inventory of Lexus dealers?
Where can I purchase Anime themed car seat covers?
How much does it cost to buy your first car in UK?
Suzuki alto any good?
i need to find a cheap car for sale in ohio! at least 1500 to 3000!?
What can i buy with $200?
what luxury car would you choose?
Should I buy a Mercedes A-class?
Can't decide which car to buy, please help!?
Me and my husband are fighting over new
Any tips on buying a cheap first car ?
I bought a car left the lot. The dealer calls and says they now want a co signer. Do I have to comply?
Where do i find the value of my 1977 Porsche 911 coupe?
what us muscle car (NEW NOT OLD) should i get for $100,000?
When will the current Jaguar X-Type be replaced??
can i buy a pontiac solstis convertable for $19,000.00?
Are used Hondas overpriced?
Is a mazda 626 year 2001 a good investment with only 30,000 kms?
What are some cheap rear wheel drive cars?
I am looking for parts for a GMC Envoy 2000. I am looking for one that has been in an accident or roll over.?
is 45,000 miles on a 2009 car too much?
Has anybody actually ever sold a car by advertising it in the car window?
Trading one vehicle for two?
What is better Ford or Chevy?
Trying to find the best truck?
I you live in Massachusetts and bought Honda Fit recently- did you pay over the list price ? ?
how much would this cost ?
Is this normal when buying a car?
Where can I find average sale prices for cars?
Selling vehicle on Craigslist need help?
how could i get a car from a dealership without a down payment?
What would be a really cool car to get?
whare can i buy ricon caplio rr660 cheep?
what is a good car to be a first car?
Do you get more money by selling motor and transmission then the shell or the whole car with motor and tranny?
where can i buy a r34?
I just came from a party and the Valets dented my passenger seat car what to do I do?
How can I find a way to export used autos to Venezuela from the US and not have titling problems?
MPG for jeep wrangler.Is their a way to improve it!?
What is a Radio Girl at a car dealership?
Where Can I Sell My Used Chrome 20" Rims At In Chicago,IL?
how expensive is it to buy a car in ca?
I'm looking at Mercedes Benz E500 or S500 and BMW 745Li? Which car you think is better? Cost, Insurance etc.?
Lexus GX Lease ?
I live in QLD Australia and was wondering what would be a awesome first car wich i could drive on my p's?
would you trade an old porsche..?
Only have 5000 for a new car?
looking to get a loan for a car?
Shelby GT500 or Corvette?
What car to buy for first car?
I heard from a dealer that 2006 is the last production year for the Scion Xa. Is that true?
I'm about to buy a New car. I'm torn between KIA Spectra SX 2006 and Toyota Corolla LE 2006 Which is better?
Would you choose Haggling or No-Haggle process for purchase of a Automobile?
What car is better, FORD or Chevy?
Could a 21 yo without credit finance a car with a decent downpayment?
im thinking of trading in my 99 ford to mega motors and its not running how much do you think my car is worth?
Buying a used car that was in a car accident...?
Car loan questions?
Suggestions for a SUV?
What do people think of the Toyota Corolla T Sport?
im lookin for a geo metro to drive back anf forth to work but i live in lower wisconsin do u have one for me?
What auto APR loan should I get?
locate my 69 cougar eliminator,orignal lic.plate # was zjx 216,can someone help me find this car?
Cheap ATV?
What is the mileage of Mitsubishi RVR?
Buying a subcompact SUV in Nashville, TN?
how do i get a ferrari for a reasonable price?
Second car opinion choice (norrowing the choice between cars)?
We bought a car without a title in!?
Whats my car worth?see details?
Any 50cc M/C for sale in india?
Can I be held liable in this situation?
Which car should I buy? List of contestants below.?
Where can i find a Classic Cadillac from the late 1930's to ealry 1940's?
I'm 14 and want to know how to save up for my 1st car?
bmw 128i vs lexus IS?? please helpp?
Are Range Rovers Worth it?
can i lease a vehicle anf put 60,000 mile son it in one year and not have any over mileage discrepancies?
In Indiana,If you buy a used car as is is there a period of time in which you can return the car say 7 days?