Car Buying

Is it possible to return a car that a bank hurt?
i need to buy my first car. do u think a PROTON PERSONA XLi, 1997 model is a good choice?
170,000 focus estate petrol with service hist 12 mth mot 3 mth warr for £1,500 2 owners would u buy?
Whats the best new luxury vehicle with good fuel economy and achy backs?
When do the new 2007 auto models start arriving in the showrooms?
Blue book car value vs real market value?
Are land rover good vechicals?
What would be a good first car?
Where can I find local car sales statistics?
To Buy any brand new car...?
I am thinking about buying an 04 or 05 GMC Yukon?
Does a UK company offer a personal contract purchase ( PCP ) finance loan to buy a car abroad such as the US?
is 21,000 miles to many miles on a CBR 600 1987?
How do I sell my Range Rover without paying to sell it?
Gas Prices?
what kind of car should i buy around 7-8 grand?
What first car should I get??
What is better buying outright or leasing a car?
Tracking my 2010 Camaro Help?
race car ....what is it?
can anyone show me an auto loan formula?
What are the advantages and disadvantages for leasing a car for a new driver who will be 16?
What is the best first car. I want an SUV what are some suggestions?
What is the best car i can get for $200 or less a month?
buying a 1990 hatchback manual?
Fast car modern car under 10k?
Tips for buying shredding truck?....?
Good car to buy?
Trying to price a suv for a month payment of $550 and down payment of 3000?
Can I get my deposit back on a car deal?
should i buy this car?
what do dealers do with unsold cars?
what car is cheaper to maintain?
What are the best internals i could buy for this price?
How much is a Chris Sale autograph worth?
Good cheap trucks around 5k with good gas mileage?
I need a real answer.?
Which one should i get? 07 white on black 3 series coupe or 03 range rover white on beige?
Buying a Used Car - Title and Bill of sale enough?
how much would a 1989 twin turbo automatic toyota supra sell for? its white, power windows 6 cylinder?
My boyfriend wants to buy me a car what do i do?
What kind of radio should I get for my car?
how do i find the real price of a dealers car or truck?
what is a good starting car to get if your 17?
I thinking of buying a car...and i want it to be good on gas like a toyota camary or better and also?
Would you run over someone in a car for money ?
are Scion's concept cars on the market?
How much does a new Hyundai i30 lose in its first year?
Road trip. Which 4x4 should i buy?
should i buy the extended warranty on the Nissan Murano?
I would like some recommendations for a teen's first car....preferably a luxury brand such as lexus or audi
what Range Rover years have superchargers?
where can i list my car?
WHAT CAR FITS ME................?
What are the safety features of Maruti Palette?
What happens at end of car hire purchase/Leasing - can I give the car back & upgrade?
LG KU990 VIEWTY vs SONY ERICSSON G705 vs NOKIA 5530 XPRESSMUSIC...which is the best and which should I buy?
Wanting to buy a Saturn SUV, but am told servicing the vehicle will be a problem?
Do you believe that when you buy a used car you're buying other peoples problems?
Any tips for buying cars w/ low car payments for college students?
what autos can fit 5 people.?
If i have a job for this long how long..?
Aren't all American cars crap?
truck balls?
do you know what car this is?
I live in Tahoe and want to sell my Pickup truck on consignment on a lot,but where?
Which kinds of people usually buy the big SUV's? and why?
Is a volkswagon beetle a good car for me? I'm short?
How would someone Import a car from Japan?
is FWD or AWD better?
the process of car buying?
Maryland Car Inspection?
How can I find out the price value of my car?
Toyota 4runner or Chevrolet Tahoe?
Has anybody actually ever sold a car by advertising it in the car window?
How can you be sure you have gotten the "best" price possible on a new car?
anyone acces to MANHEIM that can look up auction prices for me PLEASE?
JDM Civic for first car?
Does anyone know if (in styler) still on sale for $14.99 offer?
Should I keep saving for a car or just buy one now (help me with my life ._.)?
How can I sell my Honda DC5?
i want to buy a honda rebel 250 motercycle does any one know of one???portland area hopefuly no junk,,,,thanks
First Car, trying to Decide?
My birthday is next week, whats the best sports car I can buy my self?
Does anyone know how to get a skyline r34 in the US?
How much should I pay for this car?
Can i make money by fixing old dirt bike engines and selling them?
I just built a time machine...where you want to go?
Points to make to parents when buying first car?
Where is the best place to buy repair manuals for cars?
where can I get a 2005 dodge magnum for a great price in atlanta?
good and cheap cars for tuning?
what's the best make/model of car on the road today?
what is a good older model car that would be reliable and get good gas milage?
What should i buy, an AE86 Trueno GT APEX, or a nissan silvia S13?
Need help on buying a car?
What is my ATV worth?
What are some good reasonable cars for a new teenage boy?
does anyone either in middletown ny or bushkill PA know where i can get a used car ASAP for under $1000?
Under car Neon Lights... Where to buy?
Upside down car loan of $9000!!! Family growing and need a bigger car. What to do?
How much would a 68 firebird be worth if it doesn't run?
Any adivce?
what car should i buy? $18000 max?
How does the owner (NOT DEALER) of a car dealership make his money. (REMEMBER OWNER)?
Is this a good price for a 2010 camaro?
Should I sell my car for another?
Is $7000 enough to buy a cheaper second hand car and run it for the rest of the year?
anyone interested in buying a 1994 lincoln continental 86000 miles for 2500?
Lost camper Title?
how many miles on a camaro or firebird is to many?
im looking for limousine parts where can i find them ?
What is the largest capacity (water) tanker truck one can buy?
Need Advice for first car! Help!?
Do I Need to go to DMV to fill anything out after selling my car in Ohio?
how do you find if you got good deal on tade in?
What is the lowest priced new automobile currently for sale in the United States?
Among Tata indigo CS, wagon-r, zen estilo & santro which car i must go for.?
Car suggestions for teenage girl?
can a person return a used car in kansas the next day to a car dealer and get out of the deal?
where can i purchase a lock right diff to suit a holden and how to install it cheers?
i would like to purchase car in 5 to 5.5 lac in delhi?
reasons i shouldn't buy a Car sterio system off ebay?
Who sells custom hot rod trucks in the US?
Should i buy a 2013 chevy avalanche even though they will be discontinued after 2013?
What is the best body kit company to buy a body kit from and why?
It's hard to see in my truck bed at night. Can someone recommend any light solutions that can help me?
What's a good name for my new car ?
I was needed to know if I could sale the car i filed bankrunies on?
Need some advice on cars?
Who is better Toyota, Nissan, or Honda?
GUYS ONLY... WHAT is the best size...?
Preferred pricing on vehicles?
Should I get a 1998 Eclipse 2.4L or a 2001 Eclipse GT?
What is the power of Renault Modus?
Where to sell used car parts?
Sold a car on eBay, now the car needs new water pump 4 weeks on and they want £750. I've said no politely?
on average, when buying a car, how much money do you put down, and how much do you pay per month (cheaper car)?
Is a mustang or camaro better?
Toyota vs. Volkswagen?
What is the best/fastest/most ethical way to sell a car?
My 1st car..........please look?
Questions to ask when looking to buy a car!?
is this a scam? please help?
Please compare these cars for me if possible?
I'm sixteen and about to get my first car which one from the following should I get and why?
Wondering how much this car will bring at the Auction.
I still owe money on my car but I don't want to pay it. Can i just give it back?
I'm looking for a first car I'm considering either VW polo or fiat punto ?
I have a 1951 Johndeer and I am looking for a buyer. Can you help me fine someone.?
Need help on a 2008 or newer work truck...?
What car should I get for street racing with 5k?
21 years old, looking to buy a first car, have budget of £2,000 : any suggestions?
I am looking for a specific car. Can I go to my previous car dealer and request for them to find me it?
What can I do to get Rid of My car ????
Anyone deal with " Buyer Services International"....?
How can a 17 year old buy a car?
any one knows,witch brand of havy truck is most popular,in north america?(volvo-kenworth-freightliner)?th…
What porcentage of your monthly salary you should use for car payment and insurance?
would you buy a car off craigslist?
Used 2006 Mini Cooper s price?
which car should i get?
Which is the best car to get for $15,000 or less? I am looking for durability and good gas mileage.?
Which car would you choose?
Is it cheaper/better to buy a Lamborghini/Ferrari in italy!?
How to buy car in arizona but register in ohio?
i need help finding a car?
Is it legal in Florida to finance a vehicle with no early Pay Off?
Any USED luxury cars/sports cars with 30mpg+ city for $20,000?
Is a Dodge Charger a good car for my 16 year old?
Any recommendations?!?
Is this Subaru worth the price?
If a car is 5 speed does that mean its manual?
what is the best 05 Subaru WRX exhaust for the performance?
I´m thinking of buying a new car ?
what can i name my new car?
Should I Buy A Car or Move Out?
Please compare these cars for me if possible?
Car help...what should i get?
Ineed a know how to reveil of uncertanity of auto market.A kind of simulation program giving input get results
I sold a car to used car dealership in CA three days ago but now they want their money back. Where do i stand?
Good used sports car that won't jack up my insurance?
What nice car can I buy my teenage son?
less than 6k 2door car but 4 seater??? little miles! HELP pleaseeeeeeeeee?
Where is the best place to go car shopping for cheap?
Want to trade in my financed car for a used car at a new dealer?
Can you be 17 and work at a car dealership?
does carmax buy used cars that are still financed?
what do you think of this peom?
i have recently passed my driving test and would like to buy a sat nav can anyone suggest a good sat nav?
Should I test drive car or not?
Is it legal for a car dealer (not a big dealership) to put a GPS on your car?
need to purchase a car without paying a down payment. where can I find a loan companies or car dealership.?
Its about used audi cars and car transportation. please help! ?
I had a teacher who told the class that he bought a NEW car on his student loan. Can you really do that?
what car is perfect for me?
I have some car questions?
Can anyone recommend a car to hold 3 baby seats and a passenger? Not keen on MPV idea!?
How much is my truck worth ?
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart?
Some car advise please?
Want to sell my car? 1995 grand am?
Can I register a non-titled vehicle in New Hampshire that is under 15 years old? If not, Am I out of luck?
Can anyone tell me the best place to get a car with fair to poor credit?
Is this a good deal for a car ?
What is the cheapest car right now?
I have to be in the car for 12 hours what should i do? i only want lists please?
what's the maximum mileage for a brand new car purchase?
whats a good small suv for a teenager?
Can I trade a car in that I bought 2 days ago?
Will the airforce help me be a car mechanic?
Looking to buy an older station wagon for $2-4K... which is the best model?
What car should I buy?
are cars cheaper during tax time?
Jeep Laredo 2007 with 84,000 miles or 2005 BMW : X3 2.5i 90,000 miles....?
Do i get to keep the registration plates of my car when i sell it to a junkyard?
so what happened to nice cars for good people?
Amazon Order Tracking Problem?
I have an existing loan through Chase Bank, what website can I go to, to get the history of payment?
What is a good, safe car with 4x4/AWD?
Help! Will my package find me? Confusion with an address.?
Engine dead (loose ball bearing) on 1996 Toyota Camry - what now?
My brother is financing a car for me.?
I am looking to import a 20 year old vehicle from the UK into the states.?
Which Car Should I Buy?
Anyone know of any cheap windowless vans for sale?
What is included in a typical 30 day 1000 mile USED car dealer warranty?
I am a teenager and I need to buy a car. I have a budget of $500. Where can I find cheap cars??
is this a good deal for a car?
Any idea for this gadgets?I wanna buy one for my iphone.?
Which should I buy - Infiniti G37, BWW 328i or Lexus es350?
If I buy a car thats from penn but thats in ohio whats the difference?
Most horsepower gain for under $500.00?
Are car dealerships open on New Years Eve?
I live in Texas and purchased a used car on 12-18-10. I have not gotten my tags yet. I do get a lot of excuses?
im a college student trying to figure out what car is a better bang for my buck?
what is the best year for a maxima or altima for 16 yrld?
What car should i get?
Is this car for sale legit?
Best car (fast) for college?
price on 1998 bmw 528i 5 speeds 125000 miles?
is there anywhere in or near portsmouth a 20year old can rent a car?
What is a good website to sell old vehicles?
Car salesman training?
How much does a car cost??
I need to buy a car that has a nice look and comfortable for the family.It should be affordable (3 -4) range?
How much should my first car cost, and which should i get?
a cars mass varies in the range of 990 kg to 2000 kg, therefore a car weight varies in the range of _N to _N?
Used car choice: Would you pick a higher quality with 60,000 miles on it, or lower quality with 25,000 miles?
Why do people waste their money buying Brand New Cars?
is paying $45.95 monthly for a high speed internet reasonable?alternatives?
Should I co-sign on a car?
which car should i get?
I can't find the website "must have"?
Is a Mitsubishi lancer Evo considered a sports car?
what to look for in your First car?
Sporty american car,?
can a car dealer in michigan sell you a wrecked car?
A ute for sale at $15K,some 1 asks for time to think about it, it is agreed to give them 3 wks, however the?
Im looking to buy an ice cream van.?
notary procedures?
How is this car part called?
What color car should I buy?
?i need opinions please and soon?
What car should I buy for my first???
Mercury Mystique 1998 trade in?
Pickup with passenger room?
What is the price and mileage of upcoming Mahindra Ssangyong S101?
what country makes the best cars?
what is a good first car?
Help with buying a car at 17?
Suggestions for wagon-style cars?
Buying a care from a private seller?
should i buy a 1997 vs holden ute for my L's?
I wrote down my info on a car title I just bought but now I want to sell it?
Would I get more for my trade-in?
which is better a 2001 Beetle or a 2003 Ford Mustang?
Where can I finance a cheep car (buick riviera 98') in milwaukee wi?
i need more choices on cars?
I would like to know what people think of the website?
Help choosing a car!?
buying a car?
what is a good price for a car that will be listed as two years old out of the box. 2009 maybe a week away?
What car is best for graduation?
Is it bad luck to buy a Brand New red car?
what car would be a fun car on the highway?
is it legall for a dealership to sell a used car that is unsafe to drive and not let the buyer know of it ?
Would you buy a 2006 Ford Focus ZX4 with a messed up bumper / possible frame for $2500?
should i buy a car or a motorcycle?
should I buy this car?
Which one is the smertest choice?
Should I get a 2001 Ford Mustang or a 2005 Chevy Impala?
buying a car. any help?
First car for a teen?
Sports Sedan that you would recommend to a male. What should I look for?
Natural Gas 1967 Impala?
Which is better... buy or lease??
Is it true there are places out there that let you rent rims for the vehicle?
Does anyone have a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 for sale. (Body only)?
Do companys really pay you for pain and suffering after a car accident?
Semi Truck with Cummins engine – Is it worth the money?
To Sell Or Not To Sell?
Does putting aftermarket rims on your car devalue it? PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKIN ABOUT ONLY.........
1996 Chevy Blazer or 1993 Honda Accord LX?
i have to buy a new will be my first one.want something cheap yet nice..any opinions?
Where can i find info on my leased car?
What Pickup Has Best MPG with Full Bed?
can someone help me in geo projek vey difficult...?
What was the brand of your first car?
What is a good first car?
Which is a better high quality car, Infiniti or Acura?
can i return a vehicle that i just signed a lease agreement on the next day and get the trade in back?
What is the best 7 passenger car/suv/van?
Will Toyota Repossess My Car?
How are sales taxes paid on an auto lease in Texas ?
for a used car licence in new york state i need a dealer bond?
How can you tell if a Sedan is mid-sized, or other?
At what point do I sell my 2005 car with 17,766 miles on it to get the best value for a trade in?
I have a 1983 Honda dirtbike 100, how much should I sell it for? ?
How does Craigslist work when you want to buy a car. the owner wants to go through eBay for proctection?
I need help deciding on this car?
i m 50yrs old single female. Keen to buy a car. advise me cheap and good car?
What car should I get?
whats a good first car for a 16 yr old that dosnet cost much?
I bought a car today and have detected a problem with the breaks, can I return it. I'm in ohio.?
Which cars will my 17" Kobe Oku 8 gunmetal rims fit on?
HOw much would you pay for this bmw?
how do I get a grant for a car?
should I pay for brake job for the car i sold over a month ago?
whats a good economic SUV to buy?
What's a good first car that is sporty?
Toyota Yaris or Renault Clio?
Best Car? for my first car?
How do i become a car coustimizer?
which car do you think i should take?
Mitsubishi Eclipse GS or Mini Cooper S?
where are Dvinci Wheels made?
Choose 1 Truck,Car,Money,or Motorcycle?
Would you buy anything from Ebay and what would it be and what's the max you would pay for it?
What is the value of the 9? 95,000,000,000,?
Can anyone tell me around how much each of these cost?
Should I buy a camary with rebuilt Engin and Transmission?
can i buy a new car with a credit score of 572 and 0 down?
how much would a 79 ford 300 block inline 6 be worth?
What are my rights as Co-Owner of a vehicle?
When you have a car that doesn't work at all, (it's junk) how can I get rid of it but get some bucks?
Chevy Silverado - what does LS, LT1, LT2, LT3 mean?
How does recurring car paments work?
What is considered a good car,. good on mileage and not very expensive...not over $14,000 ?
Texas Car Title and Pay Day loans?
is enterprise deposit included with car rental?
Is this a good idea for my first car?
How i can get Used Car Dealer License?
I have a 2010 Cobalt with 10k miles.?
saturn sky prices?
Looking for best van for dollars....any advice?
i want to buy a secondhand minimum range car any one help?
Good cars for teenage girls..?
Is this possible? Can someone do this?
is any one selling a car thats in long beach thats in good condition and runs good for atleast 500$?
Im 17 years old and i got an M3, should i get rid of it for a Sti?
Keep my car or trade/sell it for something else?
Hey Friends what do you Think ?
what is the average number of new automobiles sold into the us market every year?
What should I look for when buying a used car to make sure it wasn't damaged in one of the hurricanes?
Do I need to SORN car if just sold?
I sold a used car about 3 or 4 weeks ago and the buyer told me that the car's engine needs to be replaced.
what are some good trail riding dirt bikes?
Need help!! Fast , thank you! Im considering buying a new car?
First Cars?
anyone selling a toyota highlander?
Which car should i get?
Should I paint a 93 Toyota Camry?
What's a good price to spend on a first car, UK?
How do I get out of this deal?
want insurance on paying for a car in uk and getting the car back to the states?
What would be a cool first car that is fast and under 25k?
im getting a car i cant deside?
Do most cars with 12,000 miles purchased used last for a while without needing repairs?
Is the 99 toyota camry a girl car?
Need help choosing a first car?
Does this sound like a scam?
where can i find a '98 honda accord in atlanta with less than 90,000 miles for less than $5,500 cash?
Question about car lease deals?
how much for this car?
what suv is better: 2012 chevy tahoe vs. 2013 ford explorer?
Which new car should we get?
Why do people buy 2 door cars?
Does this monthly payment sound right to you?
UK: If my car road tax disc runs out on 8/1/09, can I wait till the 9/1/09 before I buy a new one?
Which of these new small cars are better?
Which SUV should I to pick?
Why are cars on ebay motors so cheap?
Finance position at a car dealer?
Why do people choose a Ford when buying a car?
How do I find the loan value or blue book value on a 5th wheel? I tried NADA and Kelly but it's not coming up?
BUYING (Mortgage finance) V/S LEASE?
I bid on a wheel nut on ebay, I dont realy want it, what can i do?. It is upto £43.00. I thought it was a car
Could I be vulnerable to a lawsuit from the private party sale of a vehicle?
How much can I get for trading this car in?
What does it mean when you buy a car "Out The Door" from a dealership?
Buying a used car; super easy/basic question..please help?
I want to buy a Nissan Maxima 2003-2005. Can anyone advice me on buying this new car?
Am I screwed?
How do I get a copy of my car title?
What is a good first car to be used in Australia?
What is the best car to get for a price range of $18,000-$24000?
Reasons why my parents should let me get another car?
does anybody know where to buy hummers from?
Where in New England are auctions that sell used Police Cars?
wich of the following cars i sould buy?
First Car-Questions: What type should I get?
Credit checking for Vehicle Lease...?
Which Antique Car Would You Pick?
Where can I find a really good used car w/bad credit?
What kind of car to get my daughter for her birthday?
Benz C230 or Lexus IS250..what car would you buy?!!?
The fastest/best car?
Can someone please give me some advice on how to negotiate with a car salesmen?
which phone should i get env2 voyager or versa?
Are all car salesmen shady liars?
How long does it take for a car to go from new to used with a significant price reduction?
Where can I find one of those african safari vehicles for sale?
I just turned 18 and im trying to purchase my first car but i dont know how to get started?
price of a 1968 ford falcon 4 door sedan?
What's A Good Car To Downgrade To, From A 2007 Escalade?
What kind of car would you recommend.?
What Kind of Motorcycle Should i Buy?
Where can I buy a dodge Challenger convertible with manual transmission in MA?
whats a better car a Ford or a Toyota?
what is high mileage for petrol car and what is high mileage for a deisel car?
Is it better to buy your first car or have someone buy it for you?
Were can i sell my 96 firebird for at least 1000 cash on the spot with title?
What type of car should I get?
I sold a car and it broke. The new owner wanst half the money back.?
I am trying to sell a newer car for about $10,000 how would I go about selling it privately?
New Car Help Sedan or Coupe?
NEED HELP !!!!! How long will it take a 18-year-old to save up for a car?
I need a car. I have 2000 dollars to spend. do you have a car for me?
Is this a good price for this car?
Hello 17 and trying to get a car?
Do you know the bluebook value on a dodge intrepid the year is a 1998?
I'm having trouble getting into this web site:
Good miles for a $4000 car?
if a buy a car with a really nice paint job but a crap interior?
I'm a bigger girl and I drive a buggy?
does anyone know where i can find the spoiler on this car ive been looking forever but dont know the part na
Does a person who had a van that is not running need to show they have junked it or sold it when they switch t?
Should I at 18 buy a very good condition(inside and out) BMW 325i 1995?
What car yesterday gave me the results for used cars now it gives hundred less and wont let me specify the age?
What type of engine does this car have?
Which car Will Be The Best In This list?
Should i sell my 92 ford f150 and get a car?
Is it worth the trade?
I want to modify my car with this budget?
What is the best 1st car?
Is a Lexus SUV a mom or girl car? (my dad us planning to give me his)?
I am interested in getting a used nice and fast car. Can you help me? I also want a safe one.?
manual or automatic ?
Swap engine vs buying a new car?
Where can i find a front door handle for a 91 s-10 blazer tahoe lt ?
When can I buy a tribrid car from BODHPS?
how long do u have to have a re-registered car before being able to sell it on?
Have you ever bought a car through Ebay?
down payment on a car?
what is best hybrid car?
All I hear is a Manual Transmission is so FUN to drive! Why?
Ok..I have a car that I want to sell?
Car dealer is out of business but they never paid off the flooring?
What's a manlier but similar car to a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
want to get a moped...please help?
how do i get rid of a car i am currently financing?
Which is better selling old car for just a couple hundred or selling off the parts ?
4x4 or sports car?
what car is better for a 5 ft girl to drive?
Is this a good price for the brand and milage?
Should I get a 2003 Svt Cobra or Mach 1?
I Had A Crash And Need To Buy My Car Back, Can Someone Help Me Work Out How Much I Should Offer For It?
i want to import a camaro 3.6liter car to egypt from america does any1 anyting about customs on the car?
should i buy the car?
I'm a young saudi billionaire wanna buy a new car , so dad told me choose between 2 ferraris or1 bogatti?
car fax reported my truck was in a flood but it wasn't what do i do?
Yamaha SZR price & milage?
Plz help me, I am confused to buy a used car or new bullet ?
My mom is co signing a 10,000 dollar 2007 car for me cause i have no credit.?
is it ok to buy a car or van with 100,000 mils?
should i buy this car?
i want to bye a car but i don't know where to bye it?
what price guide do car traders use when you trade your car in?
who is jona cooper?
Live in Washington, buying car in Oregon price.?
what is average interest rate for one of those bad credit ok auto loans?
cute, sporty two door car for my 17th birthday?
should i save money for car insurance and a car first, then get my liscense or vice versa?
What is the cheapest way to transfer a car title in Florida?
How much would carmax pay for a 2007 hyundai accent?
Do you think I got a good deal on this used car?
what car can i buy with about 12 grand?
Infiniti, Chrysler, Bmw, or Cadillac?
Do I need to buy new tires, if I want to put rims on my car?
What other online resources are there to check the value of my car besides Kelley Blue Book?
Daneilson need new truck what should he get?
What aspects does Chevrolet emphasize when advertising their trucks and SUV's?
What is the most exclusive car in the world?
What's a good car to start off with?
Saturn SL2 with 200K on it, is that bad?
is a 97 mitsubishi eclipse a good car?
If I pay for my car myself, can my parents still take it?
Is an SVT Focus a nice sporty car?
1993 Ford escort wagon has 183k miles..?
What are good car hire sites?
Which is the better buy?
Best performance sports car with good mpg around 30k?
01 Grand Cherokee Fully Loaded vs 05 G6 GT help?
2007 Volkswagon EOS???????? PLEASE HELP!!?
I'm Thinking Of Buying A Large SUV. What Type Should I Chouse?
I need HELP buying a truck.?
Coupe or Convertible Teenage Male?
i need a good jetski no more then $4000 and no older then 1999.?
How old were you when you brought your 1st car? And what kind of car was it?
I sold a car on ebay but some thing does not seem right what do you think?
What is the perfect car for me?
I want to buy a Nissan Maxima 2003-2005. Can anyone advice me on buying this new car?
Honda Element or Ford Escape?
when i buy my car what part of the v5 do i keep?
Does anyone know a good dealer (4a good deal!) where I can buy a new Vespa (or its equivalent) 125cc, IN Italy?
is it better to sell a car to a junkyard for a few hundred bucks or selling your car for parts?
Where do you look on line to buy a Used Car?
What kind of car is this ???? I want it !!!?
1978 Jaguar XJ6L (probably Series 2). Is $5000 Worth it?
Is 7.89 a good rate for my first car?
If you had 200,000 dollars what car would you spend it on?
please help me planning to buy it?
Importing a truck into canada?
What's a good Honda vehicle to street race with?
I need help when going to the dealership!?
book value for a 1988 toyota pickup?
what is a good suv or truck???
What should I bring when I buy a used car from the owner?
If I buy a hybrid vehicle, my fuel costs will go down but won't my power bill go up?
How much could I get for my car?
Im looking for a small manual Celica type car?
I'm looking to get a new car... Which one should I get?
what car i should get as my 1st car? help?
What is / How would i find the value for a motorhome?
What would you like to ask?What kind of car should I get for 6000-7000 dollars?
if scrapping a ford f-150 4x4, how much should i expect?
Companies importing UK cars to Ireland?
How is a camaro or mustang sound as a first car?
Most horsepower gain for under $500.00?
Give you opinion on my car?
I am looking for Stephanie Stohon in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria?
Car salesman training. A scam?
Has anyone got/know of a VW Lupo for sale preferably in the South West of England??
I want to buy a 1996 Toyota 4Runner. Does anyone know where there are a lot of them for sale at a good price?
Help me please?
New audi A8 VS New Merc E-class?
What colour car should I get?
I want to buy a Honda does anyone know anything?
how to get free car report?
what is the tvs victor resale value -?
What is a good first car?
buying a car?
THE TRADE IN VALUE OF MY CAR IS $60,000 AND THE VALUE OF MY NEW CAR IS $90,000. howmuch sales will I pay?
what kind of new car can i buy for $10,000?
Should I get a car of 4x4 or bike to impress the ladies?
Need advice about purchasing a car?
what car is under $2500?
What kind of convertible should I get?
What would be a best car for a 18 year old female?
They are trying to take my car! ....... Help!?
How to pay for a car miles away on ebay?
if i purchase a car from differnt state how does tax works?
i want to buy a scooter , i have made two choices honda dio and honda activa which one should i buy and why?
A car dealer sells a SUV for 39000 which represents?
Would you say a 1967 ford mustang is a good first car for a 15 year old girl?
4WD vs. 2WD? Could someone please tell me what's so good about a 4WD?
Honda Civic or Jetta Volkswagen?
Should I buy 1995 525i BMW with blown head gasket and try to fix it myself? I have little mechanical skills..?
Does Nissan Motors have a frequent buyers program?
Is a used 1995 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR5 a good car?
Can someone buy me a lamborghini?
What is your Favorite Car?
Which car would you buy? Why?
I am trying to post ad to sell my car, but failed on the step on verified seller. What to do next?
How much would this car sell for?
Has America made a really good car in the past 30 years?
who has a nice car for sale for 3500 dollars?
I am buying a pick up truck but which ones are the best?
I am 14 in a driver's education class...?
which one favourable?local car or imported car.?
Is something wrong with PT cruiser cars?
On average, how much could you get off the sticker price on a new car?
Should I donate my car or junk it?
Advice on buying used cars?
Acura Rsx type S- Have i been scammed!!! need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
trying to find a used car for 4000 dollars....... need help?
best starter muscle car ?
Anybody know where i can get a used Bugatti Veyron ?
What would you recommend I do as a first car?
Which car should i buy? BMW X5, Volvo XC90 or Mercedes-Benz GL450?
Do you think teens should buy their own car?
How long would a 98 honda passport last? 140000 miles 4WD and their looking to get 4500 for it? and is it a go?
In the state of texas ? Buy a car?
Looking at getting a newer car then what i own?
Why ARE Car Dealers all full of Stinking P00 ?
i got 1000 dollars what should i buy?
How can i find a report on a used truck if i have the vin number?
Find the discount and sale price. Tractor:$3,900 discount of 5.5%?
What is the best way to sell a used car quickly?
Reliability of 2011 Dodge Charger?
buying price for 1970 vw bug?
What's the best kind of automobile for a family of five?
Will USPS ship to Dr. even if it says Ave.?
I want to learn about modifying cars!! Please inform me :)?
what is a good first muscle car or racing car for under 7,000?
What are my legal right re: car leasing?
Four-wheeler question please answer?
ebay buyer opened buyer dispute what happens next?
1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue. should I buy?
Mitsubishi '10 GTS vs Impala '06 SS?
if a cars sale price is 12,590 which is 20% off original price how much is the original price?
Pickup trucks with decent gas mileage?
Nice car and small home?
Looking for a vehicle that's good on gas and reliable?
what should i do to find the person who has my car.?
Have a $2000 or $3000 loan on my car? Is that a good idea?
What is the best way to get out of a car lease?
Should I bring my car in?
can someone help with this question on Saab 93s?
Advice on trading a 2011 Nissan Versa for a new Rav 4 or a 2010 Rav 4.?
prices on new mini cooper and where is the best place to purchase?
what car should i get? help me?
What's my 1975 peterbuilt semi truck worth?
Problems with car dealership?
Is it possible to buy a decent car for under 5 thousand?
Should I buy a car with a engine lifter noise?
a canadian friend found a used car in the US she would like to buy. What kind of paper chase is expected?
Steps into buying a first car?
whats a better car **Mustang Gt(2007) vs. Charger RT(2007)** !?
Need a car? Opinions and answers please! ?
Will trading in my new car worth 21k for another new car get me what my car is worth for the trade in value?
Ok Which car would you prefer?
Help! Can't decide on what car to get?
Is this too expensive for a 16 year old for first car?
is it easy to drive a stick?
Why won't the moddedmustangs website let me sign up?
2003 Eclipse or 2007 Cobalt?
are there any car dealerships in michigan that will buy back your vehicle no matter what you still owe?
where can i find a 1981 honda 500gl aftermarketexhaust?
How many months should you finance a car?
is there a law against selling cars in P.A. that have rust holes bigger than a quarter?
what is the best hot hatchback car on the market?
Selling a car, I have a question, Please answer?
Which one would you get with todays economy?
Good,used car for 16 year old girl?
Where are the Subaru dealerships in Northern California?
If you had a 2000 pontiac grand am with only 35,000 miles, would you trade or sell out right?
Car leasing question regarding final payment and total charge of credit?
what is the right value of 6,784,785.66?
Which is better? Buying a brand new car or one that is a year old?
Anyone have a jdm engine for a 92-95 honda civic hatchback that they are willing to sell cheap (like under 800
DeLorean Question; which is worth more...?
is a car loan possible?? I am 20.?
PA Used car Lemon Law?
where can i find a web site that i can get parts for a car in a junkyard cheep (stick shift kit)?
Is this a girl car? ?
what's the best way to negotiate on a price of a car from a private seller?
How much money can I get from old car parts?
So. Cal Dealership with on-site financing?
Purchasing BMW at Dealer?
1998-2002 Camaro z28 or 1999-2004 Mustang Gt?
car fax question? carfax history impacT?
what car should i get????
How much is a typical down payment?
Anyone know where I can get the book value for my car?
If dealership is selling a used car for about $3500, can I put a down, or do they want the full amount?
Questions on buying a car from a private party?
I would like to have my pick up truck shipped to the state Im moving to right now now Im in fort worth texas ,?
which is a more reliable car and better value?
Should we buy this used 2003 Ford Expedition?
Is there a new or even used car out there that is only $100 per month or something cheap like that?
Bad credit trying to get new car...?
I'm 17 years old and I want a car!?
I reecently purchased a car out of necessity, except I hate it. I want out. What should I do?
Is it bad to buy a car with HAZARDOUS/ CHEMICAL damage?
What are the best sites for free foreclosure car listings?
When a thief hotwires a stolen car, how does he sell it since he doesn't have the key for it?
Can't figure out license plate 4tseed3?
I bought a car from someone...?
Good looking, nippy cars with good MPG?
Are there any free websites for buying and selling used commercial trucks? Eighteen wheelers?
how much van i get for 22in rms?
buying automobile?
does anyone know where i can find a 1967 white mustang? im in philly.?
Would it be better to buy a cheap new car or a used luxery car?
Whats the value 20pence 1989?
Looking to buy a moped in the future, need to know pricing, brands, maintenance, etc?
where can i find vin number information for 1985 international trucks?
Carl the Car Buyer?
How to make 4runner sound better?
Any opinions on Sheehy Nissan-Mitsubishi in Manassas, VA?
Will I get a car loan with a credit score of 690, but only having credit cards for a lil over a year?
What car do you drive?
2004 audi s4 vs 2004 mustang mach 1 insurance?
Is $3,000 too much to ask?
Can I take someone to court if they sold me a car under false advertisement?
Truck Deal-Finance, ect..experienced help, pls.?
Toyota Celica 1991 GT?
Anyone know what will make a great 1st car?
Best way to buy a car?
how can i buy a citroen C5 model from Iran?
Has anyone ever purchased a vehicle from Drive Time?
Value of a Comp T/A with T-Top?
Why does the Dodge Dakota look exactly like the Mitsubishi Raider?
Which car is better? ?
Has anybody drove the worlds fastest production pickup yet i did?
Do I need a drivers license to buy a car in Texas or can I use my state ID?
looking for a soft top for a 1994 Geo Tracker Sports?
Opinion on how to buy a car i already know what i want kind of?
how much money will a 96 Corolla go for?
first car?
what car should i buy?
What kind of cars are comparable to the pontiac?
If you had to recommend a first car, what car would it be?
Should I hold on to this car?
Is the mileage a very important factor when buying a used car?
titlemax sold my vehicle?
where can i rent a car for 2 months for under 1200 bux after taxes and all?
What car and how to afford it?
Would a Pontiac Sunfire make a good first car?
what do you need to sell a car?
When buying a used Honda Civic, how much of a price difference should I expect between the Coupe and the Sedan?
In which country Subaru cars are manufactured?
To you what car company is the best?
what is the price of windshield of Toyota RAv4 2005?
I want to buy a 2nd hand BMW between P&T reg, any points I should look out for when trading up?
Is a trade in going to be most likely mandatory for me at ALL dealerships?
how would you know how much to ask for a car?
what's the best type of truck to buy?
Renault Clio or Ford Fiesta?
I am going to sell my car in auto-trader. It needs to sell but I am not giving the car away .?
Mercedes or Lexus?
i want to take used car to india from canada by shipping.?
Do you think Carmax would give me this much if i sold my truck to them?
Car dealer ripping me off?
gt500 lease?
does anyone have a Toyota Yaris? what do you think about it?
if i buy a used car in utah from a dealer,can i return it with in 3 days????
Is it bad to buy a car that was repainted?
The car that I want has 0 miles is that good?
safest and best car for a 15 year old girl?
Is this a good car...?
what is the average price for a decent car?
What car do i buy? such.difficult ?
is it better to buy a new car or a certified pre-owned car?
Is it practical for a 17-year-old to buy a Mercedes?
Selling our car?
I just bought a car last friday but want ?
whats the original sticker price of a bmw 1990 735I?
Which Used Car to Buy? Help!?
Cheapest way to buy a car?
I just bought a new car, but Im not staisfied with it.The dealership told me they can't do anything any more.
What can I upgrade on my truck?
Pay off Auto loan first before getting a new one?
Japanese Car Import Specialists - I Need Contact Sites from Australia or Canada?
which car should I buy?
Can they boot my car with my proof saying I'm current and their's less than 30 late?
I really need advice on buying a car. Please help?
How can I get rid of my 2001 Chevy Blazer ?
Is this car at a reasonable price?
How can I find out if a used car is worth the asking price or not?
is it worth buying a Porshe?
What A Good Car To Buy These Days?
Would you recommend buying a car from ebay?
If an item regularly priced at $80 is on sale at a discount of 60%. What is the sales price of the item.?
Looking for stock symbol of dyna corp in automotive drive train axles based in Toledo Ohio?
Been sold a Cat D seller didn't tell me?
Where can I get a good classic car for around 1500?
Should i buy 1989 Toyota Cressida?
Choosing from Honda Fit or Toyota Matrix?
Auto Financing With 570 mid?
what is the value of a 1924 Haines Bros, NY Baby grand piano?
Which care would be the best to get, a Smart Car, or a Mini Cooper?
I am looking for parts to a 1986 Jaguar xj6?
How much should i sell my 1990 Chevrolet Camaro RS for?
I'm looking to buy a car, wich one is better toyota "yaris" or hondas "fit"?
Best sleeper cars I can get on a budget? ?
Is 700 miles too much to drive in one day?
Where can i sell used wheelchairs?
can a 16yr. old making $800 a month, afford a car that cost $24,000....parents payinng for insurance...?
Which one should i get? 07 white on black 3 series coupe or 03 range rover white on beige?
89 Chrysler Daytona vs 92 Pontiac
popular cars on manual transmission question.?
Any ideas on a "family" car that is not too family?
Im turning sixteen soon n looking to get my first car i wanna keep cost under about 3-4 thousand?
Smart fortwo vs Nissan Cube?
Where can i get a car???Cheap?
What was your first car?
cash for clunkers what are they going to do with the clunkers?
How much should I sell my car for?
whats the best used car dealership in columbia, sc?
does any1 fancy a bum?
Where can I buy the Dodger Charger SRT8 headlights that were on Fast Five?
can anyone recommend a moped to me?
How can buy my dream car?
need some good advice?
if i just financed a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon can i return it and terminate the contract?
Which one of these cars is the best car for when i start driving?
what truck is the best for my family?
whats a good site for used cars?
how much money?
how much does a $25,000 car go down by each year?
Have my first job & wish to buy a used car?
What is the cheapest new car you can buy?
Should a person trade a 2003 Saturn S series for a 1995 Lumina? The Lumina has 12,000 fewer miles (90) (78)?
In general is this legal?
I need an opinion on a car.?
What are disadvantages of TDi PD?
i would like to apply for a car loan but i don't really know where to start. That's gonna be my first car.
A car has 100Nm torq, is egual to about 10kg force. Is this sufficien to move a car? Can you please explain?
What kind of car is for me?
Which of these two cars should I buy?
is buying a range rover bad idea?
please list the "american cars" please....yea, i am a woman and blonde at that....?
Buying a Used Van - Quickly?
Where is a good place yo sell a car?
Best car to purchase (for beginners)?
Is this scooter any good?
Should I Tell the Car Salesman that We Would like to pay by cash?
is it too much to pay 17,000 $$ for a 2000 ford truck and trail?
i didn't register my car this month for shlts and giggles, what will happen?
What would be the best car choice?
I just bought a used car. When i went to the DMV they told me that the owner can not sell the car because of l?
good milleage in cars?
should i buy [3-year old astra] OR [5 year old corolla or civic] ?
2006 Toyota Corolla with 150,000 miles worth it?
What are affordable, reliable SUVs?
What car should I buy?
Good jdm style first car?
How can one get out of a contract to purchase a used car?
How to get fair market value of a car from 2009?
a good place to buy cash cars in dallas?
What is a good first car?
what kind of car would you like to own?
How come dealers always try to sell you want they want????
Which car should I choose?
Luxury car tax on car imports?
which is the most affordable second hand car?
If you stop paying your car note, can a second hand car dealership issue a warrant out for your arrest?
reliable midsized car?
I am thinking about buying a used car from the USA, what rules have I to follow when I get it here in Canada?
how can i get money for my first car?
would it be a good idea to buy a auto code reader along with going with a certified mechanic when going to buy?
i sold my car to my brother and was suppose to pay me 150.00 every 2weeks and only paid twice and not paying?
What should I get for a first car?
Which car would you rather own?
how much can i sell my van for?
do i lease a or finance a car?
Pickup with passenger room?
which car is a sexier car?
Basic Information about the Toyota Rav 4, BMW X5, and the Ford Escape?
For how much can i sell my Audi A4 1.8T Quatro 1999?
Which is the better value, the Honda Accord or Hyundai Sonata?
why is toyota corolla the largest car sold in automotive history and the best selling car in the world?
What Car should i get?
Should i buy this car?
Whats the best make and model should i get as a first car?
How Old do I have to be in Indiana to get a job as a car salesman?
Which car is faster? A....?
what is a good car for an affordable price?
Car finance Voluntary termination?
How can I get a Nissan Skyline gtr R34 in the U.S. Cheap.?
volkswagen cc lease deal?
Where can I get my Carfax?
Should I sell my car?
Does this sound like a scam?
How to sell my car online?
what are good used-car websites?
Do you think this 1993 Lexus is worth checking out?
Buying a car from a 3rd party CA?
should i buy a corsa as it`s what i`m learning to drive in?
the best value for money car on mumbai metropolitan roads?
why are gas prices so high?
Which car should we get?? Kia Soul or Kia Forte?
how much is a "cheap car" but would be a good car?
Which do you think is a better deal, a BMW x3 or a Land Rover LR3?
When purchasing a used car, is it more important to consider model year or mileage?
What could I trade my 97 Honda Civic ex for?
Just got my first car, any advice?
Q&A for minivan owners...?
First Car Question/Help!?
why do car prices end in ..995?
what year and model of used mustang could be less than5000$?
price quote on 4x4 2006 super duty ford truck?
Car advice, what should I get?
holden commodore 2000?
Used Car engine blown after 26 days from purchase?
how much would a used 2001 mazda protege cost at an auto dealership?
can you buy a car at sixteen?
can you sue a person who sold you a car knowing it was defective?
Subaru Legacy, Honda Accord, or Mazda 6. Which is better?
what is the blue book value of a 1996 chevy lumina with 123,000 miles in good condition?
where is cars?
When do 2009 car models start coming out?
What is a fair salary increase for giving back a company car?
what kind of 2 door car can last a long time?
best car to buy between 25k and 35k?
i need advice on a car.....?
What car should I get?
What's wrong with getting a nice car as a Teenager?
Should I buy a Nissan Murano or a Ford Escape Hybrid?
Looking for a list of bank repo motorhomes and auctions?
which car should i buy?
can a car dealership sell a car with an illegal exaust?
I'm thinking of getting a Mercury Cougar.?
where do you buy repo cars in miami fl ? a website would help to. o?
When will Toyota Yaris be introduced. DATE not just spring?
Which of these vehicles should I buy?
How much do you get for a car at a scrap yard these days?
How much would you sell a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix for?
what kind car do you drive?
I need a new car i don't want a brand new car where can i get a good used car in Miami?
i need help with cars?!??!?
A typical average MINIMUM to spend for a used car/truck?
Is a Pontiac Grand Prix worth a buy?
I have a quarter dated1776-1996 how much is it worth?
buying a non certified used car?
$45.000- What car would you buy?
When pre-ordering, do I pay when it ships or when I confirm it?
Where can I purchase wholesale JDM parts?
Should I pay car taxes based on where I register the car and not where I bought the car?
Manual or Automatic Transmission? [Future Value]?
Mechanic Lien from a place I did not take a car to.?
Buying car out of state. Sales tax Question.?
Do you love your convertible or would you rather not have one because of the weather and sun?
Which is more important? Year or Mileage?
what car should i buy for my first?
Anybody selling a car or no someone selling a car for no more than 1,500 in the Joliet Area or Chicago area?
Bought a used car and was deceived.?
Help! I need a new car and don't know what to chose! ?
Honda Civics for sale in Colorado?
Is it a good decison to buy a new car in cash?
should i sell plymouth prowler 1999 with 28000 miles or keep it to sell in a few years?
Are Ford Neon cars good?
What Should I Do? Want A Car...?
What would be a good price to pay for a 2000 F150 5.4L with 60,000 miles?
I liv in VA and I need to buy a good car mid size/or the nxt size wth good milege,min any1 help chose
16 years old, What car should I get?
Would you buy this civic?
directory for cars?
Wanted:1929 Sunbeam Motorcycle Piston?
How much who'd I pay for a 1998 camry le with 146000 miles on it?
can you comfortably fit in a 911 porsche coupe if you're over 6'2" tall?
my job is like 8 miles away and i can't get a ride?
How come different auto insurance agencies charge different prices for the same insurance company?
auto trany to stick?
Opinions on selling my car?
Which Used Car to Buy? Help!?
car comparison advice?
What car dealership has the best used trucks!?
i want to have a career in car racing,preferably rallye,does anyone know where i can get more help?
Whats a good cheap first car?
what car should a girl drive for a first car to get maximum respect from guys?
What's the lowest age to own a car in Georgia?
Are there any good websites that I can sell my car on without paying anything to post it?
I purchased a used car and made a down payment in the state of NC can the dealer charge 868.00 for fiance?
What vehicles on the market fit six or more people?
1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL 94K miles 5 Speed Std?
where can I find out about regulations and legislation on manufacturing kit cars?
WHAT IS THE BEST PRICE TO SELL A 2004 CHEVY IMPALA with broken head gasket?
first car - any suggestions?
Car recommendations for a 19 year old guy?
Anybody want to buy Forza Motorsport 4 cars?
how much would you pay for.....?
Installing a back up camera or dashboard in a leased car?
I need a car but don't have money for a down payment...what are my options?
does anyone know of any web site other than ad trader free ads, and auto trader where i can buy i used car ?
what should i expect to pay for an R reg or S reg hyundai coupe?
how much do they take off a cars sticker price if you buy it without financing?
seats for gt40 type car ??
How to Save Money for a first car?
what to do in order to maximize life expectancy of my car Turbo ?
Random story #3: So, this is how it all went: i got up that morning feeling groggy...?
What is a good, small, and gas-sparing car that isn't too expensive?
How do you sell a beater car and for how much on craigslist?
HOW MUCH IT COSTS????i would like to alter my swift car head light with serial light like in audi cars?
What's a good car for a first car?
what happens if i stop payment on a check i gave the car dealer, because i was not satisfied?
i got a car from a dealer that has weekly payments can they repo my car for missing one week payment?
What is the best place to sell your used car?