Car Buying

Standard Volvo V50? Or do I have to get the turbo?
Anybody know where you can buy a 2007 Nissan Skyline?
Would you buy this van?
I need to buy my wife a small 2nd hand car, where and for what should I search?
I have a leased car in CA and am moving to NY. Is it ok to bring the car with me?
Are you suposed to find the car you're gonna buy before you get an auto loan?
Is the new Toyota Yaris a good vehicle?
Media mail Question! ?
I'm considering getting a new 2012 Mazda3 Skyactiv Automatic, has anyone had any negatives with this car?
Which is more reliable? 2002 VW golf or 2002 Honda civic?
Anyone in Texas, want to buy a 1999 Extended Cab Toyota Tacoma for $7500?
what should i buy with 15 dollars?
Is it worth to buy honda Accord 2013 over Camry & Altima?
Am i being overcharged for Honda CR-V?
I am looking for a reliable, safe, affordable, economical USED car... Which would you choose?
help with reliability of car/?
buying a car out of state?
Which of the following vehicles would you prefer?
What's a good car to get under 5 grand?
Can you recommend a car for a first time buyer?
I am going to look at a used car at a dealership and wondering what kinds of questions to ask?
Out of theses SUVs which is best.?
Where can i get a gorilla for sale?
What type of loan would i need to get if i wanted to purchase a vehicle from a private seller.?
What is the best way to sell your car? Fastest Sale Highest Profit? Ebay, AutoTrader, NewsPaper???
Y people want to import used cars from USA?
when is the best time to buy a car?
How do 18-20 year olds buy nice sports car all tuned out for like $30,000 to $50,000?
What would be a good first car?
What Kind Of Car Should I Get?
Referring to the lemon car question?
Selling my car n buying a differnt car?
I live in Texas. Do I have to pay Texas sales tax if I buy a vehicle in another state?
what percentage of people use their garage for their car ?
i dont want to buy the galaxy s3 if they are going to come out with something bigger an better in a few weeks?
Out of all the car companies out there that exist today, which car company has given you the most satisfaction
selling used car advice request?
What is a good car that satisfies this description?
What would you pick for your first car?
new to buying a car please help bought a 2012 grand caravan 386 month includes warranty?
How does buying a lamborghini work?mercielago?
which would be better?
which colour of car is ideal?
What would a good 1st car be with a 85,000 dollar budget i would like it to be a luxury car?
what car should i get?
Hello! Is it safe to make transaction using google wallet? Thanks?
What car should I look for?
sold a car to a 18 year old and now the fathers call me on behalf of his son wanting the money back?
should I buy a 2003 accord or a 2008 civic?
Car not starting or turning over?
Can a convertible baby car seat fit in the back of a Volkswagen EOS? (capsule to car seat)?
A question for a sale person in a Chevrolet dealership?
i have a question about my situation, please help.?
Is it worth buying a used Honda Pilot 2007 ?
First car with good HP?
Trading a car in, in Michigan VS Ohio??
Can I get everyone's opinion?
how to buy a used diesel truck?
are the pontiac sunfires good cars?
Should i buy the iphone 5 or samsung galaxy s3?
car advise. can I break my contract?
Which car should I get? M3...or S2000?
Toyota corolla 2005 good deal?
is a used 1989 toyota tercel in good running condition for $600 a good deal?
What is a good tuner car to start off with?
I am interested in an item (vehicle) that was listed on Craigslist?
Looking for a low maintenance, reliable second hand car?
In NC can i buy a vehicle privately and drive home without tags?
Choosing a CAR!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Buying a car? No credit. How does it work?
Should I buy a foreign or american car?
can you european diliver a mini cooper?
where can i buy 89 4runner passenger mirror that accept paypal?
Can the Nissan Dealership repo my car for failure to pay down payment?
Do Those Electric Superchargers Actually Work?
Anyone used CARCHEX inspection?
What are some cars similar to the Land Rover defender?
03 1.8T vw jetta questions?
What price is considered expensive for a car?
Which car do you buy?
First car for teen under 9k?
Range rover rpm going up and down?
looking for used/new tires and rims for 01 dodge ram 1500?
can i sell a car that im buying but is not mine yet?
What do you plan on getting for your first car?
Looking to buy a Ford Sport Trac - Anyone have one and how do you like yours?
where can i find a car from the police auctions and how do i get it?
I sold/exchanged my car privately now buyer wants to take legal action?
I want to sell a 92 Nissan pick up, but don't know how much to ask. Any suggestions?
Buying a car in Texas?
Which car would you take?
I'm 20, looking for advise on a new car?
What are my chances at being able to purchase a new car?
What are some good bikes for teenage guys?
I bought a car in CA from a buy here pay here for 7,000 2 months later I moved to FL to make a story short?
How can I get my parents to speed up on buying me a car?
Anybody selling cars in orlando florida for $200?
Anyone with a Ford Mustang Convertible: pros and cons?
Highly recommended first time car?
how much value does a car lose each year?
I am getting a 2001 Chevy Prism for 69000. Am I getting a good deal? Only 61000 mi and looks brand new.?
someone wants to buy my truck over craigs list via paypal and have his mover come pick it up, is this a scam?
In need of some GREAT advice!!!?
where can i get my car converted into a convertible?
Buy a Cheap But Good Car?
My aunt die on 4-19-06 in a car accident arond 1:00 in the morning so I put the news and I missed it and my mo
Im trying to decide between a 2004 mustang gt or a 2004 mercedes ml320, both around 80,000 miles on them?
How do the car dealership come up with tag and tax fees?
To anyone who knows about cars...?
Best car for a teen? (under $20000)?
Trying to get a car any help?
How do I Get Second Chance Car Loan?
Which exhaust is better?
How can i afford a used car quickly with no credit and little money monthly?
1977 Honda Express Moped.. Worth?
What car would you recommend?
What is a good first car?
Which one I should buy?
What are the disadvantages of buying a used car?
does any one have a 1969 dodge charger, willing to pay 1000 dollers?
Value of a Statesman Deville 1973?
is there a '00 gmc sierra toy vehicle longer than 6 inches?
I bought a car from someone...?
how much would this car interior cost?
can i do a Car Lien Sale?
Should i get this car?
What is a real good reliable car to buy?
best car for teens!?
I need the best websites that sell rims and tires. Help please!?
what car colors/paints are the most prone to fading due to weather and should be avoided in a new car?
How to get this rear body look? The rectangular silver look surrounding the exhaust for a camaro ss?
what car should i get?
were can i order a service that track your car or truck?
92' Saturn parts for sell?
Where can I buy one direction vip 2013 tickets?
Is anyone selling a 1960 1200 datsun pickup?
How do I sell these bikes?
replacement right lower control arm for 1994 pontiac transport?
I had sold my car to a dealership, title is salvage, now he wants to sue. What do I do?
I need a place to customize a car and know the price of it?
I`m looking for a cheap, shoe store in waterbury,ct but they have to sell nikes.?
i want to buy a second-hand car for college. i have a budget of about $10,000. plz give some suggestions.?
Would you buy this car?
What is the mileage and power of Maruti Swift Dzire?
I work for a radio station.Im looking for free products to give away.can you help with links.?
Cheap car buying question?
Does anyone have a car for 700 dollars?
is it better to lease or buy a car?
can i buy baker's choclate color in wagon r?
What would the price be for a mint condition Morris Minor 1000?
please suggest me a phone in the range between 20000 to 30000?
Is it illegal in Australia to buy and drive a firetruck around?
how do i find out how many owners my car had before me?
different ways to financea car?
what is a good looking muscle car that isn't too hard to find for a good price? ?
I need to find lien holder on a vehicle?
ok another one dealing with my truck?
Why are 2nd hand peugeot 207s hard to sell?
Most Reliable Car?
looking for my first car, suggestions?
how much should i sell my suv for?
want diesel hatchback..2012 swift or igen i20?
Need help about trading a fairly new car for cheaper used car!?
I want to take my car to India, pls let me know how much i need to pay if my car market price now is 1500 GBP.?
What are the best attributes to look at for a second hand car?
What are the best car-buying tips for a new graduate? I want to invest, too.?
I need to sell a 1999 MErcury cougar RIGHT AWAY! My BuyErS!?
used cars??????????????
What Car Would You Buy?
is the bmw 328i a girls car?
How can i make money without working?
address of oulet caRS USED?
How long do you keep your car before getting a new one? 5 years? 10?
Is it gay to have a purple pick up truck?
Opinions on selling my car?
What exactly are Lien Sales?
Cost of insurance for a 20yr old?
Who will win? car vs truck?
I posted and ad and sold my car on craigslist but the check bounced what can i do?
When buying car, if you don't chose AC option do you still get a heater?
1999 mitsubishi eclipse gsx, anyone got one?Is it good?Tks?
mini cooper reliability .. very improtant?
Used car off lot for 18 year old?
Should I buy a car with lower mileage or a car with higher mileage that is in mint condition?
I am looking for 1970 chevelle convertible?
Good gas mpg sporty car?
Mechanics, or car orientated people, college girl needs advice on vehicle.?
good used cars in temecula?
I have driving license from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. D o I have to pass driving test in Scotland?
What all do i need for the swap i have in the car now 1.6vtec?
what is honda civic selling for?
What car should I get?
Is this a great deal?
If I want to spend around $380 a month on a car alone, what could i get?
How do I avoid getting "upside-down" if I trade in my car?
Help with carfax, having problems?
Buying a used car thats been in an accident?
Can you drive a US built car legally in the UK?
have you ever bought something online?
i hate my parents...they won't let me get a car pls read?
A question of morals from a biased standpoint?
New car has 4,000 miles? How is that possible?
Free Car ? Is this a hoax ?
need a bit of help choosing the right car?
Good first car/SUV for a teenager? ?
What first car should I get?
Good first SUV / car?
So I just bought a car in Illinois and I have to bring it back to Wisconsin?
I just bought a lemon from a car dealership ?
Hi! can anyone tell me the exact difference between the 1990 and 1991 Buick LeSabre?
Does anyone have a cheap car for sale?
Im scared what do i do?
shoes with lowest price and good quality?
Which Crossover should I buy: Subaru Forester, Mazda CX-5, or something else entirely?
Where can I find out history info on a 1984 29'Swinger by Georgie Boy motorhome?
is a car still considered new after 2-3yrs?
Do I need to smog when I sell my car after I snigger it for registration?
Which car would you get if you had 40,000 to spend (and could keep leftover $)?
What is an Internet Auto Salesman?
We want to buy a used car. Are there some good resources on-line to help us?
Who should have the final say...? Mom/Dad, MomMom/PapPap, Teenager?
Do i need to pay repair cost of sold car?
which is the best selling car in India?
Ed buys a car on credit,makes down payment of 1500 and pays 250 per month for 36 months,?
What is the value of a 1965 Lincoln Continental limosine?
How much is a Haro X6 worth. someone is selling one to me for 350.. its stock?
Is this car worth buying?
Can you buy a decent used truck for $5000?
Cash up front for a used/new car?
How much is my ATV worth?!?! SEEKING APPRAISAL?
Mitsubishi 05 Lancer Evolution 8 or 2009 Mazda 6? Your Opinions!?
What kind of car would be perfect for a 17 year old?
look for 1956chevy?
06 evo IX MR...WHERE CAN I FIND ONE!?!?(illinois...or even indiana or wisconsin)?
Is this a good buy? Audi Used 2001 Audi A6 2.7T quattro Sedan?
i need to sell some 20inches rims?
Looking for an 84 vanagon engine in good condition near Oregon State.?
2006 dodge charger ?????????
Can anyone run this vin for me?
how do I register items to sell on ebay Japan?
GUys: would u ever buy a car that is red? Isnt red a feminem color?
What kind of car should I get?
What documents do I need to have if I am buying a used car from a Philippine Branch of a foreign corporation?
Which type of car fits this description?
Mini cooper s or vw gti?
can i get financed for a car?
How do I make my Mazda Miata look better?
Nissan Xterra Questions?
should I buy or lease a car?
are the Dodge Grand Caravans reliable under 100,000 miles?
what is a good rwd v6 sedan?
Is 135,000 miles bad on a chevy tahoe LT 1999?
Help to pick out a type of car I should get! :)?
Can I return my new car I bought from the dealership?
Is buying a "new" used car a good idea for a recent college graduate?
what can I do about buying a lemon car?
Are peaguots reliable?
What should I get for my first car?
Which car would you rather have and why?
What is a good car for a 16 year old with a high budget?
hire car help uk please?
should i buy a 2009, 4.8 L, gmc, sierra, sle?
Old car for trade in qhen buying a car?
Is it possible to buy a decent car for under 5 thousand?
what is the differance between a automatic and a manual? which is better?
Which moped should i buy!?
Any American made vehicle that gets ant least 35 mpg and can tow a boat?
Purchasing my first sandrail, should i build one or buy one built?
I need a little help with buying my next car.?
Is a 2002 Range Rover a reliable car?
Who should pay for the repair on my truck?
Help!! I made a mistake in leasing a new car!?
how many people dose a toyota rav 4 seat?
is it illegal for a dealership to sell a car with bald tyres?
I'm in the market for a new car. What cars should I check out?
any body name a vehicle begining with K?
I have a 99 Altima in excellent shape except chips in the hood with some showing rust.?
when shoul a teenager get a car?
Opinions: Should I sell my car?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of leasing a car?
What good car can I get for under $12,000?
Do most people take out car loans when buying a car?
Resale Value For Range Rover?
Your opinion on Reliable Vehicles.?
What documentation do I need to buy a car?
What is the smallest car available in the U.S.?
Buying a used car, transferring title?
What is the best car to get for your first car?
Is this Toyota Celica GT-S a good deal?
Can you recommend a car that handles well in snow, but isn't necessarily an AWD?
How is the best way to go about buying a used school bus from the county (ex Fulton Co., GA)?
Should I give car buyers my loan account information?
***Need answer TONIGHT*** Is $3000 a good price for a 1990 Nissan Maxima with 200,000 miles?
Does Anyone know about Smart Cars?
What is FluKalyptol used for?And where can I buy it from?
I would like to buy Swift? Is it worth it? My Atos second hand value is very upsetting. Any suggestion?
I want to buy toyota innova bt confused which one to buy BS 3 or BS 4. as m totally confussed abut both?
What kind of car should i get??
which is best mileage car which to buy please suggest ?
My car is very bad, i'm thinking put in sale, what you think?
Car accident, now what? I'm so confused.?
Should i buy a 1994 rx-7 GT twin turbo w/ 2500 miles on replacement motor?
i am looking to purchase a used 2007 Nissan altima , the car I am looking at has 77000 miles?
can i sell a car that i financed 3 months ago and buy another car?
What are your tips for saving up for a used car? How much should I save?
buying a used truck in pennsylvania?
How do I get a car loan with out going to a bank?
Which color should I choose for a new car?
how to get the cheapest car in broward county florida?
good and cheap cars for tuning?
where can i find a 1979 monte carlo for sale?
What car dealerships let you make payments on a down payment and small payments on the car afterwards?
False car advertising on Craigslist?
I am looking for a list of bmw car dealers in the tri-state area?
Should I buy a Nissan Murano or a Ford Escape Hybrid?
went to a website last night but can't remember where can you help?
My car has 182,000 miles on it I want to bring it somewhere to get cash Im in florida.?
where is the best place to buy a '66 clone shelby mustang and approx. how much should i spend?
is a used 1989 toyota tercel in good running condition for $600 a good deal?
What's the best way to sell a car?
What is a better car?
how much should i sell my petrol remote control car?
'13 mustang v6 vs '13 altima 2.5?
What is a sporty car that won't kill a teenager in insurance prices and is good on gas?
First Car for a 16 Year Old?
lien legability?
Public Auto Auctions in Los Angeles County?
What is the best car for a teen to buy that has to pay insurence?
I bought a used car (not from a dealer) and 3 days later it broke down. Can I get my money back?
Is a 95 Blazer a good car?
Help me decide what car to get! Pick the car.?
honda civic vs toyota auris ?
How much should I pay for this car?
What Car should i buy?
What are some cars similar to the Land Rover defender?
how much can i get for my 97 mazda protege dx with 123000 miles?
How much would you pay?
Can you sue a mechanic for selling you a faulty car?
What Car is better. ?
Does anyone know where to get free VIN inforamtion? I am interested in buying a used car, budget is tight.?
is nano car is worthy to buy it and also driving?
What would you ask for a 2003 Mustang Mach 1?
My husband wants to buy a/............?
Dealer lied about my lease monthly payment, can their bank deny me w/o my proof of income?
Is this car worth buying?
I want to know owner name and adtess of car no dl3c bf 1637 santro?
I Need A New Car?
I am going to buy a car soon at a used car dealer. What should I look for so I don't get riped off?
Is it a good decison to buy a new car in cash?
is $19,777 a fair price for a 2010 Honda Civic Si Sedan?
how can I find out the history of a used automobile that I purchased?
what is the monthly price on a 2006 honda civic si with navigation?
who bought the first 2007 shelby cobra at barrett jackson auction?
I am buying a car and is this a scam or not?
If you had 25k what used sport car would you get?
how do i read a 5 digit odometer?
selling my car in a different state?
Any suggestions for cars that would fit my needs?
Where can I buy cheap used book?
Can I buy a Green Dot Moneypak if I'm under 18?
which car?
should i accept check payments when selling my car?
im thinking about buying a mitsubishi?
How much can I sell my car for?
Is a 1996 saturn with 112,000 miles on it, worth it?
In the luxury sedan arena, what luxury sedan has the largest backseat and will fit five adults comfortably?
I just bought the used car. Wat the next step i should d?
Advice on asking for a car?
Can you buy a car with a learner's permit?
2004/2005 Acura TL Used First Car?
where to get a car for under 500 dollars?
how and whre to buy donated cars in nj?
thinking of getting a vw campervan?
i need a car desperately.i have copd,and on a fixed income.and have no money to buy one new or used.?
Your opinion on Reliable Vehicles.?
I bought a used car at dealer, found out months later that it had no rear speakers. What should I do?
I am considereing buying a 98 bmw 323ic with 128000 miles for $8000. Good deal? What problems can I expect?
I an signed on with global
What is the best way to warehouse small truck tires?
how can i get a copy of my buyer bill of sale for my car?
Is A 2013 fully loaded Explorer Limited worth 52,000 total including md taxes, title, tags?
Is a Civic's lease price negotiable?
Can you get a car loan at 15 if your parents co sign?
How much is a 1930 National Triolian worth?
Buy something from other country cheaper price?
Asking price of 17,650areasonable off for 2007 sonata limited,18995 tag and class 2 certifed used, 32miles tot
How do I become a mini car dealer or auto broker in Tennessee?
Can I sell my car privately if I'm still paying it off?
Is the Hyundai Sonata 2001 a good and reliable car to buy?
Been looking for a good used truck?
Can I get a Car Title Loan if my car's back bumper has a large dent in it?
car repossessed, but contract incorrect?
how much is this car?
I have a 04 yellow mustang v6 3.8 52000 miles great shape. gunmetal 17's. any takers? trade? buy?
I'm 17 soon, can you help me pick outa these cars?
My dad is giving me $180,000 to buy my first car! what should I get?
What's a good car I can get for $3,000?
Is an 1985 Oldsmobile cutlass a good car?
Importing a car from japan?
Is pricegrabber the best for comparing prices on new 4runners?
So should I go with a GMC Jimmy Or Chevey Blazer I buying a new truck this Fall or used.?
Where can i do a 160 ton dump truck traing course in Ireland?
If someone gives you some money to help put down on a car.....?
if i learn car driving and do not drive car for some months will I forget driving?
Very important question about a used car's tranny?
Which cars would you consider a piece of sh**?
where can I find a steering wheel for my 1969 firebird,?
what kind of car should a 16 year old girl get?
I want a Car similar to a VW Golf 1.8T or 2.0.... Anyone have any suggestions?
Does anyone know if the 2007 Mini Cooper S come with an aux input? If so where would it be?
How much should I pay for a vauxhall corsa 1.2?
acura rsx.. scion tc.. or honda civic si?
whats a better luxury vehicle?
What tires should I get for a 98 Camaro SS?
What can I do with my wrecked 2010 car?
How much should i sell my atv's for?They are 2 green 90cc atv's..?
what does the u represent in my fords vin number?
Does the dealership have to run your credit even if youre paying cash or with cashiers check?
I'm trying to sell an electric guitar and I'm not sure how you would send it to someone..?
2012 car commercial? Guy building car?
Is it possible to buy a good muscle car or SUV/4x4 for under 5,000 euro?
Will a dealer take a trade-in that's worth more or equal to the car I want to buy?
how much does it cost maintaing a car after you bought it?
Question about Auto loan and such!?
I want to buy a new car but have no idea where to start, can you help?
Where to buy tinted headlights?
What would be the right first car for a 17 year old girl?
Where can i search for a car online?thats under $6,00?
i m 50yrs old single female. Keen to buy a car. advise me cheap and good car?
what vehicle is similar to the chevy equinox?
I am living in NW london. I wanna buy a used car. How do I get a bargin?
Good first cars for a teen?
Whats the best car for me?
What is a real good deal on buying Hyundai XG350L (2005 last year of production) from a dealer(not used)?
"Year End Events" and trade-ins?
I want to buy a car but have no clue?
Nissan Altima Coupe or Honda Accord?
What is the best way to sell a 2005 Honda 230 Dirt Bike other than newspaper?
2001 Lexus IS300 Salvaged Title for $6000?
Car dealer sold car without saying it was rebuilt.?
Where to find classic cars in Toronto,Canada?
Which kind of car should I look at?
I have a 1990 Honda accord with 2167 miles on it the car is in showroom condition.whats it worth ?
which small car do I buy?
Middle class nehiborhood all i see is Honda Toyota?
Why won't a car drive forward but will drive in reverse?
I have found a Ford Escort LX, 1.6, ex con, full s/h, for £750, no tax, owner taking 4 mot, 19000 miles!?
I am looking for someone in connecticut to donate a good running car?
hi i want to buy a car and i want to know where to buy?
where can i purchase a Lamborghini online?
Getting ready to purchase a new car...?
how much can I pay for a 1986 Mercede 300E?
how do u get a new car?
Can't get vehicle financing?
How should I approach buying a used car with a trade-in at a dealership?
should i buy a mustang gt or a acura rsx type-s?
just got me my first car a couple months ago if i keep it a year making on time payments can i get a new car?
what is the fastest car you can buy?
How lon does a lien placed on an automobile stay? is it ten years?
used car loan? problems with financing.?
I want to buy a used car and I'd like some help.?
2008 Bmw M3 or 2011 Mustang Gt Premium?
Im in a moving truck with a car carrier?
how can i transfer my car ownership ?
What's the best first car?
What's a good first car?
Why the hell did they stop making sports cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to get ambient lighting in a used car?
Ok. I have $500. What should i buy?
Do I have to pay sales tax on a Vehicle in buying state and registering state?
where to get a nissan 350z in the south?
Do you have any first car ideas?
What's a better car!?
Whats the best classic car to fix up?
What is a fair cash offer to dealer for car?
Is this a good buy for a first time car?
What's a good first car?
I just bought a used car 4 days ago as is.?
Should I keep my 2007 Avalanche?
anyone selling a car in bolton northwest for a £150 or less?
i am looking for a friend justin wong yi ever studied in maju sec sch.?
I need to buy a car for my college daughter, need to know which is the best small compact car?
I'm selling my car, how much should i ask for it?
What is the safest type of car you can buy?
Getting a new car??? 2012 vs 2013?
Getting a new car and need advice!?
Why are 2010 corollas cheaper than 2009 civics?
Looking to buy a custom 2009 or 2011 Honda Ruckus with a Fat Rear Wheel, i need some kind of info?
used motorbike in vietnam?
what is fleet price for a car? Is it the same as invoice?
2006 Nissan Frontier or 2006 Toyota Tacoma?
Can i get this car down to $6000?
Is there a best month to purchase a used car?
In the market for a new car. I am torn between a Range Rover and the BMW 650 Coupe...Both are sick! Help! lol.
Catalytic Converter and Straight Pipe exhaust on used car?
Should I consider this car, 2008 Lexus ES 350 with NAV - $26k, 34k miles?
Monthly payment on a $3000 car finance?
How do I buy a car in a state that is neither where the car originated from nor where I reside?
I live in the U.S. and someone in Canada is interested in buying my car.?
What are the best family cars under (AUS)$10K?
Car Auction Help?
Good Cars?
Is it possible to find a used car (that isn't a COMPLETE piece of crap) for $5,000 or less?
which car should I get?
Question about Kia Soul purchase?
What SUV should I get for my first vehicle?
is a stick shift easy to learn for a 18yo girl?
What's the best first car for a teenager?
I want to buy a new truck, any suggestions?
A Dodge!!!?
How can I get out of my car loan without damaging my credit?
Don't you get a better deal if you buy a used car from a private person than a dealer because you don't pay?
can a person return a used car in kansas the next day to a car dealer and get out of the deal?
bought a car recently?
What's a great, safe, reliable car for $7,000? I'll be driving it about 40 mi/day for work.?
Where can I get a cheaper car , Utah or Arizona?
Mckenna used cars?
How much is Grey hound busses?
What car should I get?
looking for an auto dealership in Houston named all state?
i sold a truck on eBay the guy paid but never picked i up its been over 2 months now it is paid in full?
What would be an ideal first car for a 17 year old (UK only)?
i want to get my first car where do i go in tallahassee florida? Remember i have limited money.?
can i buy a pontiac solstis convertable for $19,000.00?
How much would u pay ?
Why do car dealerships in the UK charge more than the rest of the world??
Know where I can get a cheap car in Madison,wi???
Trading in a financed!!!?
Cars that are fast around $16,000?
Does Anyone want to buy a gas scooter in OHIO for about $250 Looks like a mini Harley 70= Miles Per Gal?
Mini cooper? Should i get one?
Buying a car after bankrupty is it better?
Recommendations for a sports car with max budget 20k?
When is the best month to get a 0% APR when buying a brand new car?
What is your opinion on Mitsubish Eclipse? Is it a good car to buy?
Now i really need $25000 . How cani get it. Where can i beg. I have agreat problem.?
Gas prices?
Are large SUVs for the rich?
where to buy custom L E D tail lights 95 acheiva?
Why is the audi r8 inexpensive?
what's the most expensive thing you bought?
Does anyone know about Daewoo cars?
Genuine letter or sales pitch?
What are some negotiating points I can focus on before signing a car lease?
should I get a mercedes clk convertible or a 328i sedan?
Vauxhall cars are rubbish. People who only buy Vauxhalls must be easy pleased, That is all I can say.?
Is this a car scam??
Purchasing a car on craigslist using Google Checkout?
list of wholsale auto parts distributors in california?
vw financing approvial?
places that dont require down payment with low credit?
whats the asking price for rondo kia 2007?
Is this car a good deal for $5,000?
When speaking of automobiles, what is the difference between a sun roof and a moon roof?
So, I have $55,000 to spend on a new car....what should I get?
a good hobby car base M3 ?
Is it more cost effective to build a hot rod or buy one? Seems that it'd be quicker and cheaper to buy.?
What car should I buy?
Buy a car and tune it or just buy a brand new car?
what car should I buy (used)?
I have steady work for 10 years and my credit is super bad as I do to buy a used car?
What is the best used car one can buy for under $12,000?
what can i do with vehicle that my ex-roomate left?
Just bought a used van, found water damage, How can I return it?
How can I convince my parents to buy me a car?
Does anyone know of any sites where you can locate the dealer's invoice on a new vehicle?
if i want to buy a car in another state, who's sales tax do i pay?
Is it difficult to sell a car privately if it has a bank lien on it?
Should you buy a car from a relative?
How much does GMAC or leasing companies charge for burn holes?
Three year old Honda CR-V Price?
i need to get a car fairly quickly....but have no idea what to get. My limit is 17000...Help!?
Which car should I purchase as a first vehicle?
why do men kick the tyres of a car before they buy it?
Where can i find list of indian cars,models & price catalogues?
How much could i sell my truck for?
Buying a new car?
what's a car worth in scrap value that isn't running? Say a 95 Lumina?
Is the a dumb thing to try with a trade-in?
Which is the cheapest automatic transmission car petrol car in india?
how can i get information about buying a GTO 1966 car for restauration is a hobby to me?
Are car manuals published on-line now ?
Do you know of any salvage yards in Atlanta that might sell camaros ?
What vehicles have you owned, which was the best, and why, when compared to the others?
If my car is repossesed, will I be required to make any more payments on it?
2.7 Diesel Range Rover Sport.. Good or Bad?
somebody want to sell me a running vehicle?
What is the name of the catalog?
Imagine this three stock cars without any modifications?
I'm trying to buy a used car and the transaction involves multiple states--I'm really confused.?
Would it be wise for me to do a test drive on a vehicle before buying it?
Is vehicle purchase protection program a scam?
can i tax my car if the mot has expired?
How can buy a Honda Dazzler / Unicorn into the United States?
best car for a student? plz help me.?
Where is the best place to get a good reliable cheap car?
Car Decision Help?
anyone got a spot to buy performance parts here in California?
Need a new(er) car, but have credit questions.?
Where can I go to convert my 2007 Range Rover Sport HSE to a 2010 Range Rover Sport HSE?
How long does it take to acquire a duplicate copy of pink slip?
when buying a car whats the difference between invoice price and the msrp price?
How does a car lease work?
buying and selling used cars in market?
You've just past your test: what's the best car to buy?
what is better a chevy tahoe or a chevy suburban?
Did I make a profit on this deal?
My parents are buying a new car?
This needs to go Fast?
What can I trade my car for?
how do i find FiLLaBonG4ya's?
what is a better tire? Falken or General?
How do I tell my parents i hate the car they want to buy me?
i want to get a car for less than $300.?
Is a second hand BMW economical to buy?
Is $800 a good deal for a Kia?
How much did you spend on your first car?
comparison between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive for cars?
auto resale values 1987 chrysler?
What car should I buy with $60,000?
Do you think this is a scam car?
Foreign Cars. Are they really better? (in general) If so, why?
when you buy a car in ohio do you keep the plates?
Bought a used car in WA and there is major tire damage that went unnoticed.?
which is the best car in 30 lakh INR budget?
where can i buy a really cheap used car in Ontario Canada?
anybody want......?
what is the cheapest used car with side impact airbags?
i cant decide what car to get?
is it true that those new car from India, that cost only about 2,500.oo?
Why is it when someone goes to trade or buy a vehicle they always need a?
Where can I find a cheap Volvo P1800?
2011 Camry Vs. 2011 Subaru Legacy?
When buying out a lease on a car is it right to have to sell it back to the dealer then you buy it back ?
How much should I expect for my Pulsar 200?
can i buy a car without a license in california?
I have a 2011 nissan altima. I have a 3 yr lease. After having it for 1 yrcan i switch it to the 2013 altima?
Is a mini cooper convertible a good first car?
Any one owned a late model ford escape or mazda tribute?
Where you can buy stuk from mr nice guy ?
Should I listen to everyone else about my car?
Should I buy this car?
What is the best car under 25,000 fully loaded and why?
I bet You Can Not Find This car Cheaper?
im selling a hott pink ipod nano the long kind not the new ones how much would you buy it for?
Whats a good first car?
Best way to pay for this car?
What nice car can I buy my teenage son?
my son is only 15 yrs. old he is upset with me.?
car dealership in phoenix?
is it safe to buy a car through ebay purchase protection program?
Is the vin number present on all body parts? doors, hood...etc?
What did you pay for your Honda CR-V?
I am turning 16 next year and I have the choice to get a car, suggestions?
Which is better the fiat 500 or the mini cooper s?
Is it possible that a loan company can charge off a auto loan and refuse car back?
My car tax expired yesterday. Do i have grace to drive today?
what is a cheep car that gets good gas mileage?
Is it better to get a used car from a dealer or from a private party? ?
Any body Know where i can buy an auto grass car for under £100?
where can i get a gocart new or used...?
where can i find a good car for a good price in long island ny?
Can anyone recommend a cool classic family car?
Fix old car or get better one?
here's my situation..... ( full question is in additional details)?
What the three most popular colors for automobile in the world?
Need help selling car?
Im 14 years old should I start saving for a car.?
Would it be better to trade in my car or sell it myself?
where should i car hop?
Should I trade my new car up for a used car to save monthly on bills?
What do you think about a Toyota Prius?
What is the best car I can buy?
How to get my parents to buy them a new car?
Is a Hyundai scoupe a good first car?
westlake financial complaint website?
Need a website to help me find a cheap, used, car.?
Should I trade in my car or pay around $1,000 for maintenance?
When will the Chevy Cruze be available in Canadian dealerships?
How can I find out the current book price for my car in the UK?
BMW car price (indian currency+taxes) ? and showrooms pune?
I am interested in buying a 1997 Saturn, but the body is bent..The car is going for only it worth it?
Can you get 20" wheels on the 2006 F-250 FX4 with the xtra cab?
What is the highest rate of interest a car dealer can charge in pennsylvania?
if you were 21 went to college and lived at home would u move out or buy a new sportscar?
IS anyone justivied in owning a Hummer or Sequoya or PAthfinder Armada or Expedition or a Tahoe?
WWhat should i name my car?
can u tell me what car this is?
Is 47000 miles on a car a loads or not?
What is the best kind of car to get as your first car?
Does anyone know a car lot downriver michigan that sells cars to people who are under bancruptcy?
2010 Toyota Tacoma, How much should I pay? HELP!?
can anyone help me please. I only drive automatic cars?
How do I buy a vehicle from an auction? Do I need a dealers license?
What is the weight of the 22' Forte F5 wheel?
is a car devalued at sale if?
Need a car with low maintainence cost & high efficiency(miles/gallon)?
Wise first car purchase?
should i buy the car?
How to buy a set of alloy wheels from Korea with shipment to Singapore.?
What's a good first car?
Trade my 98 M3 for an 02 Jaguar X type?
pros/cons of diesel cars?
Best New Sports Coupes?
New Dodge vs. Used Toyota?
How can i offer my labor for a car?
1970 Buick GS, 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1970 Buick LeSabre, or a 1973 Roadrunner?
a good manual transmission coupe around 4k?
Whats a good First car?
is it safe to put a ad on craigslist for someone to help me get my car doors open they wont open?
What should i do if my car insurer is asking me about my car mileage?
whats the coolest thing to get for under 150 dollars?
Where can i buy a bugatti?
im in the boot of a car did you abduct me?
I am looking to buy a car in South Africa . I am a South African in the U.S.?
estimate value of a 04' gravnd prix?
Looking for the right car!?
Can a Dentist afford and upkeep a ferrari spider 369, witch cost 40,000€?
How much on average would you say a car dealership like these make a year (profit)? (links attached)?
what is the value of my commercial truck?
car dealer wants me to sign new contract, can they do that?
Can anyone offer Help Buying A Car for Less than 25K?
what kind of car should i get?
which kind of cars is better the Manual or Automatic?
Which is more important? Year or Mileage?
I want to learn about modifying cars!! Please inform me :)?
What do you feel about the Scooter Honda Aviator Orange Colour?
My 1969, 426 Hemi, Plymouth Cuda, convertible has 3400 miles on it, in mint condition, whats its value?
Sumatra 3000 series made by RHINO brush guard,anyone know anyone that will ship to hawaii?
What would be a good vehicle with a limit of 4000$'s ?
In June I had my car repoed.?
hi i am selling my caravan the person interested wants to pay through a third party i am susp.of this help ?
I have a 2003 competition yellow Monte Carlo LS.?
What's an average price reduction when bartering for a used vehicle?
Which is the Best sports car?
What's the best 2002(or newer) make & style of used car that you can you buy for less than $9000.??
Car shopping and I need help!?
Stability Control vs. Traction Control?
Best car for teenagers?
Looking for my first car?
Looking for a car for under 5k. Need something that is not a gas killer but also not a really slow.?
How much money should i get for scrapping a used car? (1990 mercury sable?) thanks?
What trucks have keyless entry?
automobile auctions on the Internet?
how much will a 2011 Nissan GTR be worth a decade from now?
How do I apply for a Missouri Salvage Dealer License?
help i want to sell my car but don't know how much for?
How do I take over the payments of a commercial vehicle?
what mid-size suv do you all recommend?
What is a good first car?
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my car sold?
selling a car..........................?
Should I sell in parts or whole?
Thinking about Buying an Astra Convertible (2003)?
Best looking car Under $6,000?
is a 2001 volvo s60 with 192,000 miles on it worth buying?
I am looking forward to buy Apache rtr 180 (2012 model). which color should i prefer? black or white? ur word?
What sporty car should I buy?
How much tax would I have to pay if I sell my car for $10,000 in CA to a private buyer?
Should I buy a car I can't drive?
a website that will alow me to view different sets of car rims on my car?
Should i buy this mustang?
if i buy a car in California and it has unpaid parking tickets do i have to pay them?
xylo or evalia or ertiga please suggest?
what is the best website to sell my car on Canada?
Where are cars cheapest?
Would this be a good car trade?
do you think i can get a bank loan on a lincoln navigator?
Do you feel that the price on new vehicles are excessive?
Can I get a loan to buy my car and tag etc? ?
Which is a better first (used) car. Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo?
i need to buy a car in bahrain?
2004 g35x with 125k miles?
2003 Cadillac Seville or 2005 Jaguar S 3.0?
what is the best used truck to buy?
Overwhelmed with trying to purchase a used car?
Can an authorised tire dealership sell used tires?
need cash quick?
Should I sell a car that needs repairs?
Is clutch a consumable?
Mail from Texas to Indiana?
Which car is the most "chav" car please vote. I recon?
Trying to buy Honda Civic 2006 ex. What should I do next?
I'm looking for a first car, very ignorantly.?
Is it legal to postdate a car contract?
I Am 15 / 16 Can I Get A Loan For A Car , if So , Where ?
Get car loan out of my name?
i am selling my car , which is the best way to sell it?
Buying Truck for $10,000?
Thinking of buying a new BMW at Colchester Lind?
Im trying to buy a American Ironhorse but the vin is not showing up?
Buying a used car, sales tax, title fees?
Name some Fast cars that are affordable? Price range from $15,000 to $25,000?
I'm interested in buying or leasing a honda crv. Any advice?
i sold a car and now the guy wants his money back i dont have it what should i do?
When buying a used car, is it okay to make an offer before getting an inspection?
What kind car is this?
give me as many cars as you want please.?
New car advice? Any help would be great?
Which car?
toyota fj cruiser???? how does it ride?
Should I buy a foreign or american car?
would you buy a car on ebay without viewing it?
Which one would you pick the S2000 or the 350z?
questions on high gas prices?
I have a 95 pontiac sunfire that I want to sell?
What can I do if I traded my car in and everything is not going as planned:(?
How to convince parents to let me drive a manual?
Does anyone know anything good or bad about Vista Van lines?
What kind of car is good for my 16 year old daughter?
hi i hv new stock of car seat cover art leather market price is 3800 my price is 1900 any one intrusted?
Car loan price and the loan you get from a bank differ?
what is the best hot hatchback car on the market?
Buying new car want to take an aa man with me?
What are the most important aspects to consider when buying a car?
93 toyota paseo good car?
2012 Mazda3 OR 2013 Mazda CX-5?
What should i buy a Nissan 300zx or a Mazda RX-8?
how much should i sell this for?
Is there something wrong with a person who rents cars frequently?
Am I allowed to buy a car?
Am I screwed?
Are Lexus RX300's good vehicles?
How much should i pay for a Non-Running Accord?
Sold salvage car on Ebay and after 17 days was never picked up. Relisted it now he wants it again...?
Can the primary on a joint car loan reposses the car? TX?
Whats a SUV/CAR Good On Gas?
best car to get?
I want to buy used Mercedes -Benz Sprinter 2003 for reasonable price (till £2600).?
What does MRSP mean when buying a car?
How much value does a 2WD car really drop in the winter?
tips for selling a vehicle?
What cars would you recommend for a 17 year old male?
Question about cars similar to Honda Civic?
What is a good milage to buy a first time car?
Im buying a first car....?
i have a tractor with salvage title can Iaa buy it right now?
Should I buy this car?
what is part exchange when we buy a car?
3/4 ton truck-are there minivans and small SUVs that can tow like a 3/4 ton truck?
guys what was your first car?
If i get a wholesale auto dealer from out of state ,like in Indiana, is it possible to h have access to all?
best value small car?
where can I get a list of car auctions for dealer with in u.s.a.?
Debating on if I should get this car or not, help?!?
if you had $30,000 what new car/truc would you get [not restore a old car] what brand new 06 car would you get
Buying and immediately selling a car in CA-Registration?
How can I decrease expensive car loan payments?
Can anyone identify this wheel?
Where do i buy a real grand prix F1?
Trade in Honda Fit for a Kia Soul?
A good looking car. Any suggestions?
ebay buyer opened buyer dispute what happens next?
which 4x4 or truck to buy?
Buy here pay here question on car.?
in california can i cross out the name of a buyer on pink slip?
VW 1996 VR6 $7950.... can someone please tell me about this car? (link in descrip.)?
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX or 2004 Honda Accord V6 Coupe w/ Leather?
can i get my money back on a car i bought from private party?
I am 18,looking for a brand new car,and one of those cheap ones does anybody have any suggestions?
What is the best car to get that costs around £3,000?
Tapped a cars back bumper, How much!?!?
were can i get a black outkit for an 2000ford windstarvan?
Should I buy a 1996 Honda Odessey with 130K miles on it?
how to buy a lamborghini?
What is the difference between the Chevrolet Equinox LS and LT, and the Pontiac Torrent?
How does buying a car from a private owner work?
Toyota Corrola or Toyota Yarris. Which one?
Expenses of new vehicles? ?
i'm looking for a car ? suggestion? ?
I have terrible credit and I need a car...I live in southern california....?
Does anyone know where i can purchase a new or used car if i have a part time job? i really need one =[?
is it better to lease or to buy a car?
my bf is selling his car does he need to have the pink slip notarized first, if both buyer n seller live in az?
Which would you buy Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, or Ford Edge?
Nissan Patrol or Holden Commodore Sportwagon?
Can I back out of a bill of sale if I have not picked up vehicle yet?
Nissan Maxima vs Acura Tl?
Should I buy a Nissan or Pontiac?
Which is better Chevy or Honda?
recommendations for a car?
Is there any motorcycles in the $2-3000 range built like a hog?
who makes a 4wd van apart from misubishi and volkswagon?
how much would u pay for a car that is salvage?
Need to buy a used car, have $8,000 any ideas?
Which car is the best to have sex in?
Should I buy a Chevy Camaro with over 200,000 miles?
Please help me to get migration visa to UK?
what is the black book value of a 1995 2dr chevy cavalier. 258000kms?
how much did you pay for your chevy spark 08?
Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang?
When will I have enough money for a truck?
does anyone know how much i would get for a vn commodore 98 model. unregistered colour white, 4 new tyres?
what kind of car is it?
Does anyone know what the law is in IL if you put money down on a new car and do not take delivery of it?
Sales tax on the purchase of a vehicle is calculated on the net purchase price (which is the total purchase pr?
What American made car is good with gas but also is a fast and stylish car?
If i have $280 extra a month can i get a used car?
i have a question about otomotif??????
is this a good first car?
Just bought a car and don't like it.?
What are key factors to look for when shopping for a used car?
is this car worth the price?
I am a first time female car buyer - can you give me some advise that will keep the car sales people?
What kind of alternator will fit in a land rover 1988 model?
What's the best way to give my sister a car to minimize the fees/taxes she must pay (we live in CA)?
Motercycle or car? please help?
do you know what car this is?
Is this guy covered under lemon law?
f4i and RR what the diff i dunno what to buy?
where can I buy really powerful go kart engines?
Which one is better Honda Dio or Suzuki Access 125 ?
Where is a good place to buy a second hand scooter in the UK?
What car should I look at buying? For about £1500-2500?
Range Rover, Cayenne, or X5?
What would you say my car is worth?? Pictures!!?
Camero vs Charger!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is a Mini Cooper hard top a good choice for my first car?
Does the age of the car really matter?
2009 scion tc vs 2005 audi a4 vs 2006 mazda 6?
I would like to buy my boyfriend a clio 182 for xmas....................................…
Where can I find a website that has a free vin number check?
Does anyone know the best website to place my SUV up For Sale?
does a 1974 program from the omni atlanta have any value?
Can i down payment on a car if I have bad credit?I have $2000 for a $9000 car, and I have a co-signer.?
Im buying a first car....?
Guidance for buying first vehicle?
What kind of car should I get?
Selling a used order okay?
what is the history on 2005 gmc denali? Please help.?
Should I buy a new car now with the way that the economy is going?
is it better to buy a new car for $10,000 or a used car for $11,000?
Need help choosing a graduation car PLEASE HELP?
what is the on road price for swift LXI, Toyota etios liva J and Honda Brio E MT?
Best First Car Out of the Three?
i cannot afford the hire purchase payments on a recently purchased car.can i take it back to the dealer ?
I'm planing to buy 09 accord coupe either EX-L V6 w/ Navi or EX-L I4 w/Navi, Help?
What is a good car?
what is the best thing to do about my no car situation?
hi i went to and i found 2007 Nissan Frontier, 21k, black, 4 door, manual 5 speed, 4 cylinder?
Who knows how to do this?
Why do so many people think all used cars are bad?
how do i scrap my car in birmingham??? any suggestions?
What would you do if you owe money on a car but payments are too high and need to get rid of it?
can i get financed for a car?
I reluctantly need to sell my audi TT 225BHP is there a recommended best place to sell this car fast.?
where do all the unsold new cars go?
What car should i choose?
dave white chevrolet pictures of people that purchased a vechile from them?
I want to get an AWD car, not SUV but car. What are my choices?
has anyone heard of finance handling a money transfer for a purchase of a car? If so is it insured?
i want to buy car from romania?
Can anybody buy cars at auto auctions?
can sombody help me find two doors and a truck bed for my 58 chevy pickup?
Which vehicle should i get?
Anyone drive a 2005 Trailblazer? Any opinions?
Would you buy a green car?
Need help buying a car?
Is the Nissan Grand Livina good? Judging on reliability, value, all sorts! Thanks :)?
How Much Would You Pay For A Grand Jeep Cherokee?
Which one of these cars is the better car to buy and why?
what a price on a 1987 30ft fleetwood travel tralier?
Which car is better? 2000 BMW 328i or Nissan 350z 2003?
whats the best website i can buy a used moped on?
What is a realistic amount to expect a car dealer to reduce the amount from the sticker price?
Any thoughts on buying a Honda Accord EX-L vs a Hyundai Sonata Limited?
Is it better to Finance or get a car loan?EXPLAIN?
buy cars from people !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is this considered a upgraded car?
If anyone has a Saturn ION, would you please read & answer my questions? Thanks!?
First Car, but fast. 4k or under.?
im doing a maths assignment that has car work but the only problem is, i have no clue about cars!?
please help me we are in desperate need of a car?
What type of high beam bulbs do i use when i get DDM HID w/ angel eyes?
which car should i get mustang or camaro?
Where can I buy a cheap but good 3.0L V6 SMPI SOHC 12V engine for a 1996 Dodge Caravan?
Which is the best mortorcycle to buy?
how can i sell my car if i just bought it and havent put it under my name yet?
What do u think about Audi Q8 car ?
dealerships that are honoring cash for clunker vouchers as of today?
Rewards of being Nice? OLD man with SUV bumps into my car.?
why should I buy a Toyota Sienna instead of a Honda Odyesse?
how long does it take a dealer to get aproval on a cash for clunckers deal?
i got an 2002 acura 3.2 TL with 80k miles and in excellent overall condition for 17500$ on road price.?
I wanna buy a $20,000 truck and my credit score is 450.How much money do i have to put down to buy it?Help?
what is a good first vehicle?
whats the safest car for a teenage girl around 30k? something she would actually like...?
what u guys think about 2007 toyota camry?
what is the cheapest electric vehicle?
What car do you recommend?