Car Buying

When you purchase a car, does the dealer have to disclose prior accidents to the buyer?
Need help on car decision!?
1997 firebird. How much should I sell for?
they bought my truck "as is" now 3 weeks later they want there money back. can they do this?
Is it a bad idea to buy a car for $18000 cash?
which car i should purchase?
Dont know about buying this firebird formula?
car dealer wants me to sign new contract, can they do that?
Should you lease a car instead of buying?
what's a good car to buy?
Any recommendations?!?
Can I get a car fax on a used car I already purcahased.?
Who would like to buy a 96 Cavalier?
Car buying decision, high clearance & high gas mileage?
What's are some cheap convertables? Anything <$15,000? Preferably around $13,000?
Do You Like Jeeps?
Any car recommendations? Please :)?
Chrysler Sebring Convertible....?
Car choice help please?
Help with a first car?
I need an estimated price of a 1972 Chevy Cheyenne truck, long bed with 130 k miles in good cond.?
where could I find a beat up car?
van or 4x4 cars for sale in egypt?
Mechanic Lien from a place I did not take a car to.?
how much per week do you spend on gas for one week?
Do i or dont i buy this car?
Do you think this is a legit deal?
anyone need to get of there old car in southern ca i will buy it email car model price and locatio?
what does salvaged car title means?
What do they do with the cars that don't get sold in car dealerships?
which car would be cheaper to insure- a chevy cobalt coupe or for focus coupe?
Which car would you love to own?
How do I return a damaged financed car? Should I have them reposses? Consequences? Should I fix it first?
Any good web sites or forums that discuss how much to offer for a new car?
Have you ever bought a vehicle off of ebay?
VW R32, Audi A3, or Audi S4?
You can't afford to FEED a Truck or will you make baby's you can't afford to feed or educate?
I like this car but is it genuine?
which is better the 2011 Hyundai Elantra or the Ford Fusion?
How much could I get the Cadillac 2013 escalade for in an auction?
When having an auto pre-purchase inspection done, is it necessary to have the mechanic do a compression test?
In what wed-site can I find ..........?
Which car and truck lift is the best quality made and that you recommend?
Can a car have two steering wheel?
what are atleast 2 advantages & disadvantages of buying a used car compared to buying a new car?
Can I sue a car dealer for not disclosing previous damage to me?
where can i find a motor for a 1969 f 600 custom cab dump truck?
I want to sale my first car, but I don't have time to meet with potential buyers...?
Has anyone got a good name for a used car garage?
Does anyone know where to buy a moped in ct for a good price about $500?
Should I buy this car or walk away?
i just bought a car with 11 months tax. but it says no fee disabled! is it still valid for me? uk cars thanks?
Which car is the best to have sex in?
Can your parents give you a car if your only 15 with your learners permit ?
I am looking for a car,and have a budget of 2,000. besides craigslist, what r some good websites to search?
Affordable, girly, sports car?
What would you recommend for a good, effiecient first car?
How does a non resident purchase a new car in Oregon and avoid sales tax when bringing the car back to CA?
Nissan Pathfinder or Toyota 4Runner?
How should i get someone to stop selling cars outside my house?
I want to rent a exotic car for under 600 dollars a day in los angeles please help with any info that you have?
I have been offered an L reg Citroen Zantia.1.8 diesel turbo. 6 months tax and mot for £200.Is it worth it?
Ford Escape owners?
Which is better....Honda or Toyota?
How much is ipad mini and is it worth it?
Thoughts on a 1998 Chevy prism?
if u have a non-turbo and but a turbo in it is it a Turbo or a non-turbo?
When can you pass a car on the rught?
Can I give my car as a gift to my girlfriend without her having to pay taxes?
Subaru imprenza WRX?
Should I trade a car that I just bought if I've just found another one that I like even more?
where to buy car stickers in Seattle?
When do the 2007 Honda Civics come out?
I want to learn about cars?
Who puts the prices at the gas stations?
What is the best P plate approved car in the world?
Can I get a car loan ?
i sold a car As Is.... and few weeks later the buyer told me the engine does not?
How much is the interest rate for a 2004 nissan maxima?
would a positraction rear end be a good substitute for four-wheel-drive?
What is a cool 2 door car thats used.?
My mom is looking to buy a car?
Is a 1996-2004 a good car for a 16 year old male?
Which coupe has the best tradein value?
need for speed, getting a new car?
I need some help with a bus restoration project?
I'm getting a car but I don't know which one's best for me. Please, advice?
how long did you wait till you bought your first car?
What type of car is this?
Who has a 1990-1996 300zx front bumber for sale?
Is this car a good buy?
Honda Fit Vs. Ford Fiesta?
were is the best auction to buy use car?
Can you finance a car without taking it off the lot ?
Help Please!! Am i on the hook? lemon laws?
between a bmw 3 series and a mercedes benz c class both from 2001 which one is better?
toyota fj cruiser???? how does it ride?
How much should a 14 yr old have saved for a car?
would u buy a car from nk motors?
is this Mercedes a good deal?
does anybody know what type of car this is?
i have a question bout a loan?
hyundai for a teen guy?
What Car Shall I Get? Car A or Car B?
Buying a car with no credit.?
Should I buy a brand new Hyundai Accord as my first car?
am i alowed a stall at car boot sale?
need a intake manifold for aBB chevy casting number 3963569 does anybody know where i can buy one?
I need help find a used car?
tips on buying a car?
Buying auction cars to sell for profit ?
How much of a car loan should I get?
how much money should i save for my 1st car? HELP!!?
When a car is for sale and it has a balloon on it, does the balloon come with it ?
My lease is up for my car and I want to buy it?
Seriously, how stupid would I be if I bought a 25 year old Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II, from a 'good' dealer?
Michigan vehicle repo for a leased vehicle?
returning a new car?
Does any one know where i can buy a rooftop cargobox for a 2006 toyota prius?
What is the best type of used car to buy, I dont have much money(app 3000) or a job right now and I need a car
how do i transfer a car title to my name?
How many cars can I sell a year in Australia?
What are some good websites for individuals searching for used cars and their prices?
What should I do now that I'm out $15,000?
What would you rather buy the 2006 Nissan Altima or 2006 Nissan Maxima?
Used car lemon law for private party sale from an individual?
ford figo or new wagon r?
Should I fix this car or sell it?
Buying a 2001 Toyota Celica?
Im looking for antique/Classic cars from the 50's or older in Washington DC?
What is a reliable Scooter / Moped store that I could buy from?
so confused about renting a car in reland?
What is the avreage amount of money you can expect a car dealer to be willing to drop of a used car price?
Ford trucks (150's. 250's, & 350's) have been #1 for over 30 years. Why is that??
Can anybody help me!!!! What the hell is a potato?
what if I don't like the car I bought from a dealer?
looking for the best car?
What is the best time of the year to buy a new car (Lexus) in terms of deals.?
plan to purchase a new car, budget till 4lacs,please suggest?
Iam looking for a new car under 20,000 any ideas of a good one?
Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris?
I'm thinking of buying a VW Polo 1.9TD?
I own a 2007 prius. the feels like its runing on three cylinders and the CHECK ENGIN LT FLASHES ?
how many lies car dealers lie per second?
Which one is the better car manufacturing? between Japan car or Europe car?
is buying a car over ebay in another state risky?
How much cash is 2012 jaguar?
Want to buy a car, but autocheck reported a few problems?
whats up with Seized Auto Outlet? Anyone know the REAL story there? Been ripped or __?
buying a car?
2003 toyota camry green what is it worth?
What should I buy? :)?
How can I find out the price value of my car?
Buying a car online, like or other online car dealers.How do the payments work?
Car Question?
Where can i find a 2003 or 2004 svt mustang cobra for less than $10,000?
i have bought a car but thay have not give me the log book is the car leagly mine?
what are some good cars/trucks/suv's for a fat/tall person?
Bought a used car without title, help please!?
What's wrong with my car?
i want to buy a scooter but dont want to get ripped off can u please tell me some brands to look out for.?
I want to Purchase a used car but...........................?
I am looking for a list of bmw car dealers in the tri-state area?
Want a car with more power?
what should i buy with $60?
i want to buy a car but i dont want to get scammed?
used car registeration?
Can I get a good used car for 2k?
online uk damaged car auction?
4 cylinder cars? Anyone help me out?
what do you think of this car?
What can we do to get our money back form a buissnes who sold us a faulty car . Please read additional detail?
Should i buy this vehicle?
Where can I get the best deal buying a new Jeep Liberty in the Wilmington, DE area?
Where can I sell my car online?
cost of honda odyssey?
what is the fastest , coolest , and most reliable car for under 5000$ ?
were can i rent a stick shift?
what is a good used car to buy?
Should I Buy this 2002 Ford Focus?
How much are my stock rims worth?
does anyone know any good car auctions in the maryland area ..?
best car insurance?
New Car Suggestions?
Does anyone own a 2002 Volvo S60 T5? If so, do you like it? What are the issues to look out for?
Should I sell my 2003 mb clk 320 for 15k?
Hertz Rent2Buy Question?
Which car would you rather have?
How to sell a car?
2002 Subaru WRX Vs. 2002 Acura RSX?
I'm looking for an import tuner that is better than a Mazda rx-8. Any suggestions?
i want to buy a car which is worth between 2 to 3 lakhs ? suggest me?
county with lowest tax in Nevada?
What is the best used car you can get for $3000?
Own a 2001 2.5rs I owe more in repairs than I do on my car. What do I do?
How can I get a car loan with no job or credit?
Used car recommendation?
Where can i order a T-98 Cambat vehicle ?
whats the best vehicle thats modern and cool but cheap?
Would you still buy a V-8 truck with gas as high as it is?
Where can I find a car under 6000?
Which company makes the best diesel truck?
How can I lower the payments on my high interest loan car and not hurt my credit?
How long are tires good if there not used?
Does anyone have a 1965 pontiac GTO?
what to do when notary mileage and odometer Mileage don't match?
what car do you drive?
what place can i buy a car at?
Do I really need awd?
Looking for an affordable coupe with a V8 with relatively low miles.?
How do you haggle with a car dealer?
where to get a car for under 500 dollars?
Roomy coupes or sedans with manny trans?
Mg zr 2002 alarm fault, please help!!!!!?
what should i buy with $250?
What's A Good SUV for a 16 year old?
2011 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V or 2011 Honda Accord Sedan EX?
Where To Buy Replica Firearms?
what is a good car to be a first car?
Where can i find four wheelers for disabled whose both legs are not working?
I want to get my name of a car loan, can my ex have it refinanced with a different co signer?
selling a car on ebay?
How can I sell my car?
Toyota vs Kia?
I need help picking out a car for me. Can anyone help?
Best compact suv choices?
What car should i get?
what cars are good when it comes to gas?
Where can I find old muscle cars for sale?
What car should i get?
Which of these cars should i buy?
Trying to get the value of a broken down wrecked car!?
If someone wants to sell their engine and transmission how can they go about doing it?
Does anybody knows what car they used in the Reece mastin shout it out video?
any opinions on getting a SMART car?
Best performance sports car with good mpg around 30k?
Find classic Ford F100 P/U?
Can a financed car be transfer to someone else name?
Would you buy these cars for your kid?
im looking for a site called craigs place in michigan?
how much is this truck actually worth?
trying to buy a car and I'm 18...?
how do get a loan for a car thats owned by a private owner?
Does anyone know who bought a grandfather clock between 2005-2007?
should i buy a '94 jeep cherokee with 160,000 miles on it? Its in good shape but I'd drive it everywhere if i?
what are reasonably priced cars that have good pep?
When is the best time to buy cheap airplane tickets to the caribean?
is it better to buy a mazda that has 33,000 miles than a brand new kia for about the same price?
Is this car good or bad?
Which Car? Japanese of British?
What car will last the longest (Km's)?
What does 0% interest mean when buying a car?
Selling my car and getting a loan check, how can I make sure I don't get screwed over?
Where could find these tools aside from sears and ebay but for a cheap price?
Car for College Student?
has anyone used a compant called sell car uk?
need a list of cars that are around 20 k?
I just bought a car from a used dealer and paid cash, still don't have a title yet but it has broken down?
How long are tires good if there not used?
i want to sell my Yamaha Zuma scooter?
What car should I get?
where can i get a good deal on a car in kansas?
Selling motorcycle rims?
I am going to be moving to Ak and need to know a good vehicle that will drive on snow and ice...?
looking to buy a ford pinto wagon 1976-1979?
how do i sell a car with a bad engine?
i want to scrap my car but has finance remaining on it?
RPM's (anyone that is very knowledgable about cars would be of much help please!)?
what is the lowest a dealer will go on a brand new car (2010)?
Looking to Buy a Used Volkswagen?
Which flashlight should I buy?
can you find me a web site of auto auctions in or near Memphis,Tn 38141?
Help with this math question.....?
I need a car from $500 to $1000 but i don't know how can i find a car from that price, i need to help with tha
What is a good/newer cheap tuner car?
Clueless (former) city-dweller needs to know: What car should I buy?
Is this car sale a SCAM?
Anybody have any reviews on the Chrysler Town & Country?
whats the best type of four wheeler?
when buying a new vehicle, how much can you expect the salesperson drop in price?
Online car title loan company? Where can I Find a online car title loan company?
what are the best cars for mpg between 2000 and 2008?
should I buy 1996 Toyota Avalon 135,000 mileage with the price of 2950?
Buy 08 honda civic for 12k?
Toyota 4runner or Chevrolet Tahoe?
wanted amc eagle 4x4?
How do I pay for something I bought using International Checkout?
What method do most dealer use to transport the sold used car to customer's house?
07 Toyota tundra buying help (TEN POINTS)?
What are refurbished car?I have been considering buying one?
Lease on car after Mom Dies?
This guys is trying to sell me a nice car at a real cheap price...?
Where can I buy a real second hand MiG15or MiG17?
if i just financed a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon can i return it and terminate the contract?
i am planing to buy 1998 model old cielo!!should i buy this?
Will I have enough to buy a car by January 2013?
commercial automobile dealer in muscat?
Where I could find the website who is selling car/kart racing fabrics with small amount of yard?
Speedest car in the car?
which one to choose,motorbike or car?
jeep wrangler 4x4 what is best way to word ad?
advice on a cheap sports car?
Is a 2000 toyota celica gt a good first car?
Is exchhanging a psp for 89 dollars a good deal or should i just buy a new one?
Motorcycle leasing rates?
please read car problem?
where can i find good deals on rims?
I am getting a car for my birthday ?
Should i lease or keep the car i own?
Planning to buy a new car '07 Camry or '06 Accord?
How many percent does fleet, rental/lease takes off the retail price of a car?
07 Ford F150 with 9'' lift or 08 dodge charger SRT8?
How much would a 15000 payment be?
city auto, bessimer albama?
Can I use my car as a down payment on a new one?
im looknig for a moped under 400 dollars in or near Penn Yan NY?
anyone interested in buying a 1988 ford ranger?
Junk cars for cash? Anyplace specific I should go?
Should a used 2004 Cavalier be priced at nearly $8,000?
Whats a good site to find cars for sale by owner?
i want buy new car . my budget is 6,00,000.?
Currently, How many origional Ford GT40's are in existance today?
Which car is best for a 16 year-old?
Sales tax, how it works on used cars out of state?
Best used van to buy for gigging musician?
How Reliable are Beezid cars?
I have a car that i am tring to sell but i signed the title and now i am tring to sell the car because i decid?
2006 Toyota Solara or 2006 Chevy MonteCarlo?
looking for car auctions near newport south wales where i can purchase a vechile aged between 96and 2001?
i m a used car dealer in ohio can i sell used car to somebody who dont have a licence and sociel securty?
how much will the tt&l be on a 3000 dollar car in louisiana?
What a Windsor 351 worth?
question about buying a car from craigslist?
Which is better - Toyota RAV4 or Honda CRV?
What is the cost of sales tax and liscence fees on a private party auto loan in CA. When and where do you pay?
what web sites can I use to buy used cars in Germany?
What are some pointers when buying a car to get the lowest price possible?
Which car should I get Mustang vs. Camaro?
what car should i get?!?
i wanna take over a car lease on infinity g35 sedan 2007 where should i go?
given the same year made and same budget, which car is a better buy between ford, alfa romeo, golf,and proton?
If I offered to give you one of these three cars, which would choose and why?
My dad wont buy me a car over 6,000?
2004 pontiac grand prix gt2 for $8,341.50?
Two seater for first car?
Can a 16 year old own a car under their name?
What Truck will Last longer and getting my money worth out of it? Ford f-150 fx4 or Dodge 1500 sport?
what does ls means on a tahoe?
Thinking about buying a 1993 Camaro Z28 LT1?
Selling my car. IS this a fair price?
i want a car but i don't have any one to co sign?
I want to sell my car but and lift the burden of having a car payment. Please help!?
Toyota corolla Honda civic, dealer won't take even $1 off MSRP?
Best sport sedan for large people?
I want a new bmw x5 should i get it?
New car for a 16 year old and average salary?
Where can I apply for a grant to buy a car, without having to buy anything?
The cheapest most basic convertible?!?
If you could would you?
How hard is it to buy a used car with NO credit? When is the best time to buy a used car??
I am looking for a HOOD for 2000 Ford Taurus under $150 with shipping to zip code 13413?
If a car is on lease. and the lease is about to expire. can you pay the difference to buy it from the dealer?
What is the best way to improve my credit score?
how much is toyota sienta in singapore?
What is the best car for me?
where can i buy a 1975 camaro?
Can anyone help me to decide with this quote?
I want an SUV that is a little bigger for my family?
buy wrecked cars near Houston ?
Which of these cars would you?
where can i find a car from a private saler for 450 dollars?
What's the best site to sell your used car?
Shipping from California to Cancun Mexico?
we are looking for a decent people carrier?
Is it possible to sell a vehicle that I'm currrently financing?
looking for something similar to a Dodge Journey?
Bike ownership didnot get transfer?
How do I scrap a car in the UK?
How can I convince my wife that ABS is *not* a necessity when buying a used car?
What car do you consider to be reliable..........?
first car: new or second hand?
I submitted my credit app to a car dealer for leasing but I have not heard back?
Resale Value For Range Rover?
How much should I pay for an extended warranty for my new car?
please help with car rental!!! how to pick up the car?
best place to buy a used car?
Is there such a thing as an "honest" car salesman? Where can I find one?
1999 camaro for sale - what should i pay?
How can I get my car this shiny (in description)? Please help Fast~?
Commercial Trucks???
Where can I find info on local police auctions without buying a membership.?
can i get financed for a car?
Trade in my 2008 Honda Civic for a 2012 Honda Civic, help!?
The dreaded time has come - to deal with car salesmen. Any suggestions on how to not get taken?
Where i can get a broke car??? urgent!!!?
What would i have to do in order to purchase a concept car?
how do i get rid of a crappy car that needs engine work and is not in great condition..i need cash.?
How may I leagaly import / buy and regesture a VW Lupo deisel?
Buying a used car - age or millage?
What car should I get? I want a sporty 4 door car that has good pick up. Under 10k?
Is $1700 to much to pay for a 2001 chevy caviler?
Car title in my name with no liens but car isn't payed off. Can I still sell?
Whats a good first teen car i should get?
How do you know if the car you are buying used is a good car?
Which car is better to have se* in?
I am looking for a reasonabley cheap car that is releighable and near the hamburg area.?
anyone in the phoenix area looking to buy a car?
What is the most selling coupe car in the world?
1970 buick gs455 anybody have one to sell??????
duplicate salvage certificate of title?
Ok this is really bad..I BUMPED into a car by accident and now he has a MUCH would i have to pay ?
Looking for help on family-sized car, 2 adults, 2 children, budget 30K.?
New family looking for a good used car?
I only have $1100 i really need a car do anyone know anyone selling a depndable car?
is this a good truck to get?
Help Picking A Car!?!?!?
what car should i buy? $18000 max?
which is the lowest consumer car?
I just want to go to a website that wont charge me for viewing a list of cars. Free is free. Free car auction
is this a good deal for this car (MR2)?
First car..what would you choose?
Financing VS Leasing a Car? Which make more sense?
where can i sell my damaged car?
Is this a good place to buy a car from?
what kind of car should i get? hopefully a sports car?
I need a car! Help anyone?!?
IS there a liable and ligitimate lender out there that offers auto loans with competitive?
Buying a used car need advice!!?
should i sell my p1 subs for something better?
what can you buy for £50000?
Where to buy S$20 coupon for OPC?
We're selling our car and underpriced it...?
Pre-Qualified Swipe & Drive Sales Event?
Is car finance worth it or should I buy outright?
Tips on getting the best value when trading in vehicle?
E46 M3 or 04 Mustang SVT Cobra?
what is the best midsize SUV? I want something that looks good and has good power w/out a big price tag.?
What is a good first car?
which is better BMW 535i or PORSCHE cayenne v6 petrol?
Can I post two vehicles for sale on here?
If you could learn anything about a car dealership, what would it be?
Where does the "total price" part of the NADA car-value-computation come from?
how can i argue the price of a vehicle?
If anyone has a Saturn ION, would you please read & answer my questions? Thanks!?
When will gas prices get lower???
Should I get a BMW X5, an Infiniti FX45, an Acura MDX, a Lexus RX330, or a Mercedes Benz ML 500?
What is the best way to buy a car today?
We traded our pick up for a new vehicle?
I need someone who can find me a car that isn't running.?
best used car for 5000 dollars your opinion?
used aftermarket part store?
Are there so many days to return a used car in Indiana after you purchase it?
coolest cars for under $20,000?
how to transfer or register Oregon vehicle licence plate to california, what are the fee at DMV?
First car for a 17 year old?
Would a Fiat 500 make a good first car?
cute safe cars for 15.5-16.5k?
What are some of reasons why someone would buy a salvaged (i.e. wrecked) car?
I've lost my passport and need to know my number.?
Can a car purchase contract be cancelled for any reason by the purchasor?
i bought for cheap and sold for more, i feel bad?
Choice of Car?
Help with buying a new car?
What was your first car?
Which car should I buy - An MG TF or Mazda MX 5 ?
I want to get a sport car for under 12k that's reliable. Any suggestions?
how much is it to lease a camaro?
when are 2011 Hondas for sale?
What kind of car do you recommend me? ?
What type of bike can I buy in india? Can u say model? It should be give milage.My budget RS50000 to 75000/-?
family estate car ??
What do I do If my brand new car is a lemon?
I want to buy a small car so swift maruti car is good?
Whats a good place to buy a decent used car under $4k in Jacksonville,FL?
does anyone have a car for sale???
I need help.. buying a new car TODAY!?
What's a good car for commuting? Would a Prius be a good choice?
sold a car to a 18 year old and now the fathers call me on behalf of his son wanting the money back?
best car shipping company in usa in 2010?
What Truck is better: Toyota Tundra or Nissan Titan?
Where can I buy a little electric car like the electra-king?
What are some questions I should ask when buying a car?
Can a dealership retract a contract due to their mistake?
Is there a kelly blue book for older then 1992?
Good and fun car for speed and looks?
Used Sport sedans?
Where can i buy/sell a good cheap diesel car in Quebec?
What Should I Look Out For When Looking At A Project Car?
Is this a good SUV...?
Is a 2000 hyundai Tiburon for about $7000 a good deal with about 20,000 miles on it?
First Time Car Buyer on Tight Budget?
Where can I shop for commercial shuttles, vans, and buses in Minnesota?
I would like a Fiat 500?
Should I buy a 2011 Camry SE or a Fusion?
Information for car shopping.?
would 22" porshe cayanne wheels fit bmwx5?
Buying a used car?
Where is the best place to get a car loan in Nebraska?
Whats the best truck out now?
What documents are usually needed to purchase a vehicle in tx"?
What kind of car is this?
Good mpg truck for cheap?
honda accord for sale in india vip number contact 9872000054?
What was the sticker price on your car? How much did you pay?
what should be my first car?
Which of these cars should i purchase?
im about to be 18 soon. and i really want a nice car. Is it best to least or buy i need info....?
Can I return a used Vehichle I just bought because its a lemon?
Whats the most sutiable car for a 16 year old female?
Suggest me a car of the range 9-9.5L, diesel?
Anyone know where I can get the book value for my car?
Which truck is better ford 350 or a dodge ram or a Chevy 250?
looking for a car & i think i narrowed it down to an Acura Integra, Scion Tc, Or Vw Golf?
Should I buy it now or wait till the summer?
1969 SS El camino for 4,500$ good deal?
Should I trade my Celica 1990 2.2 for a Acura CL 1999 2.3?
Which car is the best for an 80 year old man?
I got in a car accident, i only have liability on my car, should i trust people that buy wrecked cars?
Selling a financed vehicle.?
Would I better gas mileage with premium?
Nippy car cheap to tax and insurance good on fuel!?
whats the best car?
what car can i get with $7,000??
We need help with cars.?
I am 16, and i am a very experienced and skilled (not trying to be big-headed) and about to buy a new car?
should i buy a USED car or lease ?
would a 31 10.5 15 fit a 15'' x 10'' rim on my truck?
plz inform me about price of ROYAL ENFIELD ELECTRA?
Should I buy or pass on this car.......??????????? s!!?
how much money are the camper tops that go on pick up trucks?
are dealerships legally bound to tell the truth?
If I buy a car from a dealer do I have 72 hours to take it back if I decide I don't like it?
Car question.........?
What would you pay for my car?
What is the waiting period for the new swift in India ?!?
2000 Mercedes SL500 vs. 2004 BMW Z4 3.0?
Do you think this is a fit car for a mom with a 3 month old?
What kind of car do you want?
Can anybody help me with a car question?
Good car for a 22 year old gril?
swpa meet corviar in Laporte ind. aug.19 and 20 2006?
Can i get financed in my situation?
Paintjob for under $300???!!!?
How can I find a Texas vehicle's title document number without the title?
is there someone who knows where i could get "evo"/03-05 spyder with a good price range?
Can anyone help me to choose between Hyundai Santro GL and alto k10etween?
I have to sell my dad's 76' jaguar because he recently passed away any tips?
cosigned for a car that got repossessed..?
Do government repo auctions really work? Has anyone ever bought a vehicle from that or from an online site?
i can buy a 1985 oldsmobile cutlass for 300 dollars should i buy it?
How much is my 1976 Yamaha 80 worth?
How much does it cost to put a car in your name bought for $1 in WA?
Should I even consider this car?
What make/ model SUV gets the best gas mileage?
Is the 2006 Toyota Prius worth the money?
how do i know if a car for sale on the internet is a scam?
How much can I get for a wrecked 2009 toyota camry selling for scrap?
My twins are constantly fighting over their new car. What should I do about it?
explain me something about the car tax ...?
what type of proof of income is inherently riskier to an auto financing company?
Which car would you rather have an why?
what car is the best fit for a girl COLLORA, CIVIC, ACCORD OR NISSAN ALTIMA?
How much do you think this car would cost monthly?
Which Car should I go for?
car security system help?
how can I find a loan program for low income, high-risk credit?
towland live in 1tabernacle terrance in carmarthen ,dyfed SA31 1DL becauce that person recived a pacle that?
I want to know guys, what would be the market price for a second hand HONDA CIVIC car, 1993 model?
Buying a car after bankrupty is it better?
Is anyone buying large vehicles right now, with gas going up and all?
What are some things I need to do when buying a used car?
Good beginner SUVs please?
Car Payment Help!?
My car is on its last leg.Do I sell it while the getting is good or chalk it off as a lost?
Im a 17 year old kid. My parents are giving me the choice to buy any car i want under $3000?
How much is the monthly payment for a 2012 hyundai genesis coupe or a 2011,2010?
Any way to transfer title to somebody in another state?
can a flood car be repaired and used as an every day car ?
Bought car, title cant be located?
What type of tires would you buy for a honda CRV 2003?
How much should I sell my Mustang GT for?
help deciding on a car?
Car for me?
Got scammed by auto dealer?
Keep it or junk my vehicle? What would you do?!?
Hi i bought a car in November only to just find out it is stolen. what can i do?
model T vs Modern Car What is the difference?
Forte car model what the name?
could an Acura be just as good as a honda or a toyota? Please help..need to decide a car to buy!?
How does a car lease take over work?
Can you help me with car buying tips?
Finding salvage cars near Illinois?
anyone bought a car at goverment auctions?
just bought a 2001 Ford escape?
Does anyone know where I could get a 2005 Silverado SS in maryland?
Corvette or Viper?
I have an 01 Daewoo lanos question ?
where can i get chep new motorbikes from in Australia?
Why wont Jake see sense?
Anyone interested in a 1998 Nissan Frontier?
I'm looking to buy a 7 seater car. I need one which we can fold all the back seats flat for trips to the tip?
Can I have some help with buying a used car? It is my first car?
where can I get an ncr "9 pack" to sell my car?
What is the average depreciation of a new Ferrari after about 10-15 years or so?
which is a better car wagon r duo lxi or TATA vista aura?
Should I buy salvage car?
Should I Buy A Ford Escape?
what is another good site to find used cars besides autotrader and auto?
How hard is it to get a car loan as a graduate student?
dealership changing trade-in value, can contract be cancelled?
i live in upstate ny and i want a 325 xi bmw thats certified where is the best area to buy one at on the east
Can a car purchase contract be cancelled for any reason by the purchasor?
Best car for a 17 year old girl?
which is better and why? yaris or scion xA?
I hoping to get a car? Is there any in-house car loan provided by car dealer?
Im doing dirt racing and need a cheap car and suggestion?
Trade in or private sale?
which one is more reliable and durable: bmw or mercedez???
What cars do you reccomend for a first car?
What is a VIN?
If i pay CASH for a car, do i still have to pay a monthly payment?
what color car does a rich Italian girl drive, and why?
How should i buy my first car ?
i have a 1997 chevrolet lumina 4 door sedan how much you think it worth?
Can you remove yourself from auto loan?
What kind of cars can I get for $6,000?
Is this a good price for car (PIC)????????
Would a 1998 volkswagon jetta be a good car for me?
best super luxury car choice questiion?
Can I sell my old TV at the Car Boot Sale?
2005 Toyota Camry vs 2002 Honda Accord vs 2005 Chevy Malibu?
which car is better? an 03' mitsubishi lancer or an 05' ford escort?
im 18 just got my driving permet im trying to buy a car to learn what car should i get?
Has anyone used to get a new car?
Used or Brand new Car ?
Does have a shipping center in Chicago, IL, where cars are inspected before being posted for sale?
car titles in texas NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!?
If I buy a car eBay, do I have to pay sales tax?
What color is better for a SLK, Red or Blue?
i want to buy my first project car but dont want it to be to overwhelming where should i look.?
Two seater for first car?
Saxo VTS or Del Sol vtec?
When is the best time of year to buy a car? (when do the next year's models come out?)?
How long would it take?
Does anyone know of any buy here pay here location in CT?
How Much does a Lamborghini or High end Car salesman make?
Need Help with Financing Car?
What—or who—is making the noise?
Is it better to finance a car?
At what point does a purchaser own the car?
Would you buy a high mileage car for $5000 from a car dealer?
locking for a store where i can buy police car model and accssore?
How to sell a car with a loan in someone elses name?
I want to buy secondhand automobile?
What car should I buy?
AWD vehicle with good gas mileage...?
What is the website called where you can compare Car prices?
Best cars?
What is the best car I can get?
Would this sticker look good on my car?
Among the1.5litre cars, which one can achieve the best fuel consumption. Also same question for 1.6litre car.?
Car makers can't sell every car they make every year so where do new cars go that do not get sold by dealers?
What should i get for my first car?
Which SUV would you buy????
i have to buy a new will be my first one.want something cheap yet nice..any opinions?
I have a vehicle which is co-signed for, can the co-signer turn the car back into the bank?
Which car would you prefer?
Is an all wheel drive vehicle as good on gas as a 2 wheel drive?
I need the info on and forms to get salvage License to buy and fix cars?
Car Companies now provide exchange offer in which they take back the old car ,what they do with that car?
What is the process of trading rims? Price?
Should I buy a hummer or a motorcycle?
where can i go to buy a cheap car under 500$?
Why wouldn't you buy my car? 2006 Charger?
Best Dealer Deal on Focus?
Buying my first car, what do i need to pay for besides the car itself, and how much will it be?
Buying a used car?
What are some of reasons why someone would buy a salvaged (i.e. wrecked) car?
How do you determine the unladen weight of an Isuzu Elf Truck?
How much could this classic car sell for?
I wana buy a 1969 camaro RS/SS coupe, how much would it cost appx.?
Is this ebay/paypal fraud?
Good Car For Under $5,000?
how to buy a car from a private party?
How long would a 2nd class parcel take to arrive when in the same city as the seller?
I am looking for a used car?
which car i can lease for $300 dollars per month?
How many cars do you own. What kind are they?
Can anyone tell me if $900 is enough to buy a nice car from an auction?
What car should I get considering, I am a girl and?
How much should one pay for tax, title and liscene fees in TX on car that cost 8-12k?
dealership lost contract should i sign a new one?
How much money should I save up for my first car?
Parents dislike every single car I want to buy?
Bought a used car at dealer has been fixed 3 times and broken again lemon law?
What type of car should i be looking for?
buy one get one half off return.?
Why people have to judge so much?
Which car would be a better starter car? A 1989 LTD Ford Crown Victoria. or a 1996ish Dodge Neon.?
what should i name my car?
does anyone wanna get rid of there scooter?
Should I Donate or Sell my car?
ok i had a car reposessed in 2003 and they are now taking me to court in 2006..?
which car should i get?
do you really enjoy watching NASCAR?
What is the best gadget you can buy for a Moped?
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer ES with 160K on it?
I got a car when I was 17 and my grandpa co-signed and the loan is in his name. I want to trade it in?
Any tips on buying a car off e-bay tips on Security etc.?
Can I take a 60-72 month loan on a used car?
Which one of these two cars is faster?
license to buy in the auction?
New Prius Batteries?
Which car is safer? 96-01 integra or 2002 rsx?
what to do if i bought a car that is not working?
I have a /?
trying to find the value of a 1975 chevy malibu classic/2 door, what could i sell it for?
What is a classy & unique named for a used car dealership?
when buying a used car,is the extended warrenty purchased when car was new, still good?
Going to start learning how to drive, what Car should i get ??
i have a1965 ford ranchero i would like to sell need paint job?
Which two new cars should my husband and I get?
2007 Saturn Aura XE. Is this a good car?
How many cars does the US export?
My engine is blown and I have 2500 left on the loan, what do I do?
should I sell or keep my car?
Curious about a certain car?
Are 2010+ mazdaspeed 3s recalled or something?
if you buy a car to own is there still a down payment?
If you had any amount of money, which car do you want to buy in fact ?
I need to get rid of a financed motorcycle. what should i do?
How do we trade off our car??
Trade car in with a personal loan lein on it?
Buying a car from Mexico/Bringing to the USA?
What car should i buy?
What are my auto loan chances?
how muxt tax is there american imports (Car radio) and when do i pay it. to ireland?
When will dodge challengers price drop?
06 RL or 07 G35 ???? Which to buy?
Where can I buy a 1967 Chevrolet Impala hardtop sedan, 4-door, black?
What are the pros and cons of having a loan on a new and used car?
Do you continue paying for a leased vehicle after your lease is over?
what is a the regular trade in price for a 2002 Toyota highlander?
How much does an F1 car cost?
if you are under 21 can you purchase a vehicle without a co-signer?
can i trade in my car with damage to it?
i'm going to buy a used car-help with negotiating?
looking for a 4 cyc wagon/suv that gets great gas milage?
What do you do when you're upside down on your car and need to get out of it due to a high note and divorce?
What kind of car is reasonable to purchase?
chevrolet spark LT or hyundai i10 era?
is a 1977 pontiac 400 worth buying?
I am looking in to buying a 2001 VW Passat has any one had any problems with this kind of car ?
Which used audi s4 should I buy?
What should I know if I'm buying my first car?
i am confused which 1 t buy,new ritz diesel vdi or new swift desel vdi?
just signed a car sale contract 3 days ago can i take the keys back?
i lve in hawaii, should i buy a car or a moped?
How do you take a child support lien off a car? What if the car is already sold?
Renting, Leasing, or Buying a Cheap car?
used wheelchair vans?
Buying my friends car but pinkslip is with bondsman?!?! HELP!!!!?
buying used car but know nothing about cars :) help please?
I'm looking for a car, its my first car, 20,000 dollars is the restriction help?
What is a good first car?
what is the engine life expectancy for a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM?
What's the fastest muscle car in Forza 4?
whats a good car to get need help?
How much should i offer on this Kia sportage?
how much should i sell it for ?
Ford car latest prices in bangalore?
Should I buy this car?
How can I decide if I should buy this car?
made payment on a car that belongs to my friend . now he wants the car back .by the law can i claim my money b?
im getting a car... i have questions?
Whats the best auto loan rate to apply for? I live in Chicago. So far I was approve for 7.9 APR on $17,000 car
ok im buying a car and im thinking a 2007 honda or a chrysler sebring but i don't know which one is better
whats the best car for me?
What would be a good car to buy under $8K?
How do I go about getting a new car without breaking the bank every month on payments?
So I just bought a car in Illinois and I have to bring it back to Wisconsin?
Return a leased car the next day after?
Should I buy a new car? Mine is a piece of junk and I got a new job. But...?
new car like 88 Camry?
1996 Nissan Altima for 5k, good deal?
Which car should i get?
Should the MSRP and Cash Price of Vehicle (on my Retail Buyer's Order) Be different?
PLease Tell me what u think ????
How to minimize the application in s40 v6 phone?
How do I go about purchasing a car from a person who has bought it on finance?
I want a MUV which can seat 10 people and has a good engine?
is the 1994 golf gl iii a good car?
What does this tracking mean from CanadaPost.?
Planning to sell my used (luxury) car - value around $20K - body has some dings, scratches. May sell to ?
i need the kelley blue book value on 1994 ford ranger..having trouble with my slow computer?
how much could I get for my car?
What type of motorcycle should I buy?
Got tricked into signing a power of attorney for motor vehicle title?
kindly give advantages and disadvantages of car leasing in chennai?
is it possible to get used Jeep Wrangler under $3000?
Should I buy used car with high milage?
im searcing for my first car and i dont know what to get.?
Advice anyone for buying a new car? Also, what is TTT in car talk?
Do I have to pay sales tax on a Vehicle in buying state and registering state?
Are there any hybrid cars that can be purchased for $6-7 grand?
What exactly do I need to transfer a vehicle, I'm the buyer?
Is it a bad idea to buy a car with 162,000 miles on it?
where to buy cars that have been repossessed for cheap?
Recovery Trucks....Which to buy or not to buy?
How much can I sell a used iPhone 3 for?
Help with first car looking for something older?
i am going to buy a car..i am little bit confused whether to buy ford figo or new swift..which is best.?guide.?
Is anyone interested in model cars?
where can i find out how much a car cost....?
should i buy a mustang gt or a acura rsx type-s?
Is 110,000 miles on a car ok for a 2007?
Mustang or camaro Whats better?
what type of luxury car or suv do you guys recommend for a 19 y/o girl??
What is the perfect car for a teenager?
can i sell my car by switching payments to another person?
What car is cheap, small (good gas mileage), and has the best transmission?
how much could i sell this for?
what cars would you recommend for a 17 year old?
what is the closest auto auction in louisville ky?
Are Ford Neon cars good?
How much is a can of plasti dip and where can i buy it?
Classic car for a teenager?
I want to buy a car....but don't know much about cars. Any suggestions as to a "big small" car?
American looking Car ideas in the UK?
What kind of cars are good with high miles?
Whats a good asking price for my car?
LPG Rebate website?
How much should I pay for this car?
What car do you drive?
Is it wise to purchase a car remote from companies who sell them...and not from the dealer?
Should I buy a 2011 toyota yaris cash (base model)?
what are the differences between the Nissan 350Z and the Infiniti G35? Where can I compare used cars?
Need help with car problems?
best vehicle to buy if you want all wheel drive or 4wheel drive but not suv...not exspesive to repair?
from a lemon car company to world's 4th largest car company. how did hyundai do it?
Looking to buy a car???
my parents have won the lottery so money is no issue, where can i buy a fully operational tank?
how much should a 2005 pt cruiser with 9300 miles cost?
Can you own a car but not use it for a while? (more details when you click on the question)?
Do i really need 490 horsepower?
Ideas for a car? Please help!?
I sold a used car to a party who has now stopped payment on the check. Do I have any legal recourse?
Recommend me anything within rs 4000 to buy in my birthday?
Can somebody suggest which amongst is the best car?
I just sold my motorcycle, I have a lien. What is the most effiecient way to get my title and transfer it?
buy a car with a bill of sale?
Need a checklist for performing safety checks on used cars?
When a car dealer says $ due at signing... What does that mean?
Would you buy a "SMART"?
Is Subaru Outback a good car?
should i buy a mustang gt or a acura rsx type-s?
how do i find a place to give me a free quote on my truck with them wanting me to buy another car?
Do you think this car will last?
I own 2006 Convertible PT Cruiser paid off - has 64,000 miles should I purchase BMW 128i?
How do i buy a car, like step by step?
What can I do if I bought a used car from a dealer, and he did not tell me it was in a accident.?
Chevy or Ford???????????????
Should I buy a 2007 Tahoe for 24,995 with 75,000miles?
What is the best car for cheap (later models) to fix up and sell for a profit for first timers?
Shipping to nigeria. Cars and barrels?
Which one is better Honda Dio or Suzuki Access 125 ?
What are the most used tags on instagram?
Is buying this car worth the money?
What is a good car to buy?
How much is mileage is not good?
does any one in florida want to buy a ttr 90 dirt bike?
do you have to be 18 to buy slimqucik?
if you have two car loans with a bank and you default on one of the car loans can they take both cars from you?
Does anybody know a company named CARMAX,or something similar that use to sell fuel saving kits?
how much are KMC racing rims 17" worth?
Range Rover Question ?
What size dirtbike is best for me?
How can I get out of this vehicle purchase?
when you lease a car from a leasing company is insurance coveredin the lease?
I am going to look at a car being sold my the owner...should I go alone?
I am looking for a car. Where would I look?
I'm buying a new car. I could use advice. Please help!?
i wanna save up for a car. i want a convertible with 2 doors and 4 seats any ideas?
What would look best on my car?
Steps to owning a motorcycle.?
pricing advice on camaro?
should i buy a mazda cx 5 or an hyndai ix35?
I want car loan in uk?
Which would make for a better car?
Is it illegal to sell a used car in Texas without the inspection sticker being current.?
what would you prefer?
What is better Ford or Chevy?
How much is 84 old honda civic worth?
Out of these cars which one would you get?
Best Sports Car Under 20K?
What are the ramification of not completing car loan?
What car is similar to...?
This Is For Truck People Whats Your Favorite Truck Or Truck Company?
Which is the best small family car in india?The i10,the Brio ,the liva or the Ritz?
interested in buying a car and then fixing it theyre letting people buy it for 1100 obo but theres a problem?
How to buy from a dealership like this?
Bmw, Inifiniti, or Lexus ?? Which one would you choose?
Would you chose a 1995 bmw 750 il or a 1999 el dorado cadillac?
what is one of the websites that has only new and used high performance, and modified cars for sale online?.
Is a PS VITA better that a 3DS? Im not really certon on which one to buy, can some1 help me out?
Where can i buy a 32 without a licence in australia?
i have 10k what car should i get ?
Should I purchase this 2002 Mitsubishi Lance OZ Rally Edition car with only 34K miles?
How can I buy a car before my 17th?
What kind of car do you own?
if i want to buy a suv under two thousand dollars online where is the best place online to search?
What's the difference between leasing and car and buying a car?
What is the mileage of Hyundai Santro Diesel?
How much could I sell my 1997 car for?
What would you buy, ford focus fully loaded or a hyundai elantra fully loaded?
i live in ohio and bought a car and didnt get a title what can i do?
Looking for a RWD Coupe, Good Aftermarket availability, 6 cyl?
Advice for first time car buyer?
Is it illegal to put a for sale sign on your car?
hyundai elantra or mitsubishi lancer which one is better?
is a 1999 grand am good for learning how to drive?
can you get a new title for a car if you lost the original title?
Which is cheaper to insure: 2006 Acura TL or 2005 Mazda RX-8?
Can Victory Dealers sell to exporters?
Blown head gasket, worth buying a car like that?
what happens if i stop payment on a check i gave the car dealer, because i was not satisfied?
where do I go to find the blue book value or the best actual value of a used car?
What's a good all-wheel drive car?
Is an '02 Nissan Sentra with 110k miles a good investment for $3k?
What would you buy with a choice between Chevy Cobalt, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, and Kia Spectra?
Manual Or Automatic Tranmission?
What car should i get?
Is a car with a used motor put in worth it.?
If I put a down payment on a car at an auto dealership and then decline the purchase, can I get my money back?
how to cancel a car lease?
Buying a used 4x4.?
How long until you're about even on a car loan?
sources of income that can also be used to buy cars?
How can I convince my parents to buy me a car?
please help i m getting 2003 dodge neon sxt, 76000 miles, in 4000. is it good car. its goin to be my first car?
Does the lemon law apply to used cars in the state of Louisiana?
Is 135,000 miles bad on a chevy tahoe LT 1999?
how much a car is worth?
Where can I find a 1969 Chevelle?
If you want to buy a new car, what a main factor that make you buy that car?
Should I save up for a Motorcycle or Car?
Where to buy used car?
Who was able to buy cars in 1946?
Best Cars to Lease for $20,000 or Less?
Scorpio CRD2 SLX?
Which car is best overall?
should I buy a vw jetta or a vw passat?
Used Ford or Toyota pick up?
On an average car, how much does £20s worth of fuel cover in miles approximately.?
What is really meant my euro 2 and euro 3 emmisions?
Hey... car experts come and help plz?
i want to buy a new car..?
Whats a vehicle that can actually sit 5 people?
guys plz suggest me mobile phones within range 4k-6k...?
I live in a different country than where the car is for sale, how do i know it's legit? what is ESCROW? safe?
Would it be wise to buy a 8-12 year-old car?
sources of credit to buy a new car?
what stores sell supra?
i purchased a used car, then i ran a carfax on it which it showed the car had some front?
how to work a car deal?
how much money is a used ford f-150 raptor?
car financing possible for me?
Best car for a teenager?
Is there ever going to be a camaro with 4 doors or....?
buying a used car?
why do people buy new cars ?
You guys are AWESOME here! Another question!?
How much and would a home made go kart and where can i buy a cheep 6 hp engine for it?
So i just bought a moped that i dont know how todrive?
Most ideal car for 2.5-6k ?
How much is a Meyer Diamond snow plow worth. ?
can i sell my lung?
Which car should i get?
What can I expect to pay in addition to the price of a used vehicle?
What kind of car should I get?
1987 Chevy Monte Carlo...?
hi Help buying my first car?
Which suv should I get? a 2005 Volvo xc90 or a 2007 Mazda CX-7?
My 2012 v6 Honda Accord feels just as slow as my 2005 Honda Civic 4 cyl? Normal?
Thinking of trading my car in?
Should I Buy a Used 2007 Mazda CX-9 or 2007 Volvo XC-90?
what kind of car is best for a wheelchair user thats not a minivan?
What is a good car for under $5000?
I bought a used car, and the guy lied to me?
Re: Car Title transfer when selling or buying? What are the steps.?
Fast cars for under 8,000?