Car Audio

I have a 1000w 15" subwoofer how big should i make box. . . hopefully it will fit behind my seat in my truck??
XM satellite radio can be heard all the way to Mexico City?
Can I power my stereo with a car battery?
Is there a way to guide a bluetooth signal along a wire or a cable?
What Kind of amp would you use for one 10 in a civic?
What is the best car subwoofer that people will hear me from blocks away?
Can anyone tell me what cars a Delco AM/FM Model # 9345280 will fit. Ref # is 60HFF?
how can i wire my sound system in my truck if i dont have RCA jacks?
Really need opinions and ideas!?
I have CDX-GT270S-car audio system with aux in.Cannot connect my pda since it's has usb cable option.?
Where can I find a custom wiring harness for my pontiac sunfire '02 stereo?
I am getting a 4 channel amp for my car is the added RMS of all four speakers all i need in amp watts?
6x9 speakers?
Any ideas on how to get my CD unstuck from the CD player in my Pontiac Vibe?
how can i get my car stereo speakers to stop rattling?
Car system good but not good enough.....?
whats the best brand head unit to use with my JL Audio system ?
Setting up amp for components?
Which amp for my woofer?
all the lights on my car dim as the subwoofer plays?
what kind of cd/dvd player will fit in my car?
One of my car speakers has started to le, why?
driving songs?
theres no code for my music player in my profile, so idk how to take it off lol?
I'm looking for a code for my clarion car stereo.?
Which is better, Alpine SPS-500 or Pioneer Premier TS-A643P?
is cerwin vega a good subwoofer?
looking for a design of a woman in a biniki nothing else?
Can two amplifiers of the same kind give you twice the power per sub?
Hi can anyone tell me the code for my transit stereo? It's a 6000cd the serial number is V093572. Thanks?
would my system be louder If I hooked up two kicker Vrs or one kicker L5?
Buying a high-end music system for my CRV. Please suggest :-)?
what is better for most bass? 15" kicker L7's or 12" W7 JL's audio powered by a 1000 PDX alpine?
How do I purchase and put a new stereo system in my car?
do i need to replace all four speakers at once?
where is the best place to ground my speaker wire?
why are my car 6x9 speakers in my car not coming in clear, and have to much bass?
I'm buying a car stereo system.?
lanzar opti1232d 1100w/2200max?
how do i hook up 4 batteries to my amps??? Helpppppppp?
Acidently put casette in wrong way. how do i get it out?
i have recently bought a kenwood 2200w LED sub.?
What Stereo Deck could I get for my 2000 New Beetle?
How can I run speaker wires under my dashboard in a 1991 cadillac eldorado.?
wats the new akon song, ihave been hearing it on the radio, it goes like this "noticing you noticing me"
REx subwoofer help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
good amp for two 12" type r's?
what types of jobs are in a radio and tv station?
12" subwoofers?
Where is the cheapest place to get 2 Kicker 15" L7's?
Mp3 in older cars?
is it worth getting a cd player for my car?????
how do you remove the stock stereo in a 2000 dodge durango so that an aftermarket stereo can be intalled?
how much does a Fi BTL N2 18in subwoofer weigh?
Big Bass Tunes?
car amplifier not working any more?
how do i wire this subwoofer?
Will this battery fit?
What are some good speakers with lots of bass?
Is this a good subwoofer box?
How can I seal this subwoofer box?
my software is damaged on my honda crv navigation system were can i buy replacment disc?
Subwoofers in my 02 Eclipse...beating the stock system?
how do you remove stereo system from ford fairmont EL, are there tricks?
why wont cd's that i burn play in my new fiesta, but they will play on my lap top?
Which sub-woofer is better and which one would you get?
Hi have a question about my subs in my car!?
HELP need to know how to get a code for a car radio from the pc?
Best Subwoofer Opinion?
can you connect two subwoofers to a mono channel amp?
What Is The Best 1ohm Stable Amp?
What is the easiest way to disable a 2000 taurus from my kid?
what kind of car stereo system would be good to buy when playing techno music with a loud bass?
do you have a wiring Diagram for a 89 Dodge Caravan if u do please send it to me?
does the radio in 2002 PT Cruiser have the anti theft circuit will my radio go dead when I remove power?
Best 15 in sub set up.?
what subs would be good with my setup?
is there any other radio comparible to a bose?
Will this stereo fit a Ford Focus Zetec 08? To replace a 6000CD?
wats the best 6x9s and cheapest price?
What amp should I buy for these subs?
What do I need to build this car subwoofer box?
i own a 05 nissan pathfinder and want to put back my bose deck from one i had installed. how much should i pay
What size amp is recommended for my 2 12s?
what is the best brand sub-woofer for my car?
are kicker comp subwoofers decent or terrible?
How should i set my amp settings so that the sub will stop cutting out?
What are the lowest subs?
On a used car - has no radio?
Can you wire 2 different subs to the same amp?
120vac 15 amp 50/60hz mean?
does anybody know good competition speakers for my car?
how many remotes does a viper 771xv alarm have?
recommend me some settings for this car amplifier please?
wht is the best car in the world?
Anyone in Denver using Sirius sat radio in their car? Signal Problems? What frequency are you using?
What's the best car stereo & speakers to get?
Boston acoustic G5 10" box with GTR10 radiator?
what size amp do i need for 2 12's?
How can I eliminate noise from my satellite radio that is in sync with engine RPM?
What amp should i buy for 2 15s CVR Kickers?
My speakers wont play vocals?
What should i do regarding subs and my 1600W amp?
Headlights dim?
How to make your trunk not vibrate with your new sound system?
Does anyone else hate Legacy subwoofers?
i need factory wiring color codes to hook up a cd player?
Sounds in stereo love?
Is there an aftermarket MP3-capable radio for 2006 Toyota Camry that works with existing steer-wheel remote?
hey a 1500watt amp would blow a 12inch 700watt subwoofer right?
Whar should I set my isf to on my 1800 watt Kenwood amp ?
wiring diagram 1998 buick skylark car radio?
whats a good bumper sticker??
can i have 3 subs that arent the same brand?
I need to add more bass to my setup how can i do that?
What is the best brand for a stereo system?
i have a sub and a mono block amp in my car. the rca cable that connects my car stereo to the amp is broken.?
i need a wiring diagram for the radio in a 1997 chevy blazer?
How do I remove the orig. radio from a 95' Chevy Blazer4x4?
How much money would it be for subs and stuff for a car/truck?
Good amp for this 12 inch sub?
Question about my Subs?
i am using a line converter and it is only only allowing for one of my subs to work?
what is ur fav car??
ICE - looking for Car stereo that will play MP3's from USB stick?
why his the sound quality in my bmw still crappy after replacing rear deck speakers?
If I buy a new car radio will I still need the code of the old from the old radio?
Why Does My Amp Get So Hot?
Car Audio Sony or Pioneer which is better to buy ?
I have copied songs (WMA) from c drive into a cd..but this wont work in my car cd player.please help?
What FM transmitter is good in Boston?
What is the best TomTom to buy with no concern to how much it costs?
Hi, I have an 2000 Honda Odyssey and i cant take out my CDs from my CD Changer. How can i take it out?
I'm trying to fit a new stereo in my car but the ariel connection does not fit, is there an adaptor available?
How far away should i put my capacitor?
hello i need help with a amplifier ita a pioneer gm-x304 its about 7 years old need more info in cable diagram
What amp should I use?
i have a car radio pioneer mosfet 50w4 and i put a cd in and i have no idea hw to take it out?
Is the Thermo Tec-Cool It insulating mats just as good as Dynamat for a heat barier & sound control?
Car stereos touchscreen?
What Kind of Cars Are Cool?
How Many Watts Is A 1998 Ford Expiditions Stock Amplifier????
cd player not working?
what is the best 12" for rap and hip-hop?
Need help with a Xplod CDX-GT33W deck?
Why does my car amplifier go off?
I have a rockford fosgate p3 12 inch sub, what size amp is good?
Any opinions on All Maryland Driving School in Gaithersburg, MD? How much are the classes?
Can my amp power my subs and if so how can I wire them?
When do you need a subsonic filter and when do you not? (car audio/powering subs)?
trying to install a pr. of jvc speakers to the rear deck of a 96 chev.cavlr.?
I have a problem with my 2004 Honda civic's radio?
LEGACY LSW157 "15" 4,000 WATT THERE 4 OHM is there a a way to run them parrallel down to a 2 ohm load?
Leaving the car radio on?
What size of amp should I get for my 2000 watt sub?
i have 2 Rockford P3's. What are the best amp's i could get for these? max: 1000 rms: 500 each?
I need solid reliable power in my car to power a PC and a cooler...?
Do i need a capacitor for a 1200 watts amp for 1 JBL gt5-12 so what kind?
Identify a car alarm?
I know nothing about car subwoofers, but I want one. What's the best and what do I need for it?
how can i tell if my amp for my car is a class-d?
What else do i need for a decent car audio system?
Need Help setting car system up. American Pro amp, 2 DVC Pyle Blue Wave 800w subs, Sony CDX-GT610Ui stereo?
What type of wire to get for my sony xpold amp 1000 watt?
how much does a new 95 honda civic antenna cost?
What component speakers should I get?
my alpine amplifier power cable got ripped out while it was on, and now it just blows fuses and wont work?
What are some tips to make my bass lower?
Looking for car speakers for 2000 Malibu LS?
Which wires are left,and right?
I need some ideas on adding an amp/subwoofer set up to a factory stereo ?
why is my car stereo shutting off?
My car amp doesn't work in my car but my cables are fine?
Who has the best sound quality?
how many amp is in a 2003 honda accord stock alternator?
bass boost too high?
best way to run 4 speakers on 4ch amp to maximize sound quality?
Amp wont turn on?
weak sound from one and only one speaker - same problem with switched speakers - what do I look for with multi?
Is the kicker comp or infinity 1260w subwoofer better? Both 12"?
radio noise when turned on?
1999 dodge durango, any one know what stereo it comes with ?
how do you hook up speakers on a 4 channel amp?
renault master van y reg?
Hi there, please could someone tell me my code to ford fiesta radio, the serial number is m071727 . thank you ?
My car stereo turns itself off? Why?
why does my car keep cutting out?
Do young lads with huge speakers in their cars have them to compensate for the fact that they have small.....?
Car Electrical System / Neon Lights?
what subs should i get?
What capacitor should I use?
why power mirrors only partially work on 95 s-10?
why is there no sound coming out of my factory speakers?
alpine iva-w505 goes dark after 3 seconds.?
The ground and the positive wires got pulled out of my amp I put them back in but now my bass hardly works.?
Can anyone tell me how to take the dash out of a nissan titan? I'm trying to add a subwoofer to my stereo.
Will this combonation of speakers, amp and power supply work. Do I need to do something different???
I bought a car CD player on EBay, can you help?
how much would it cost to install a radio in delorean that can play CD's and has an ipod in put?
Can someone rate these subs?
When i turn up my subs in my car my car healights flicker when it bumps why is this and how can i stop it?
loud music why do people play their radios so loud?
I was thinking about getting 2 12 alpine sws 12d4 Subs?
Are Precision Power Amps still as good as they use to be?
What amp should i get for this subwoofer?
What is the best radar detector and why?
whats the thing called that you put in your car for subwoofers/amps the save your battery?
one 15in kicker l7, one 15in kicker cvx or two alpine type r 12s?
What amp should I use for the Kicker L7 1000w sub?
What would be an optimal Hz to tune/build a ported box to for a JLw7 for MAX amount ofSPL I can get out of it?
Kenwood stereo got reset and wont play ipod aux now?
Installing boom box? How do they do it?
Rockford 8inch p2 or Alpine 10inch Type S?
speaker size in 99 dodge durango?
I'm looking for a cd deck that will fit my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe.?
Honda Accord - sony stereo - which wires should be connected with which?
JL,RF,or Boston Acoustics?
How to wire my subs and amp set up?
What kind of certification do you have to have to start a car customization shop?
Why does my car radio need to heated up?
Why do i get static on my radio when i have my rear de-froster on and when i use my car charger?
What's the difference between an Audio CD & an MP3 CD?
how do I remove the stereo from a 1998 chevy cavalier? do I have to take out the dash?
Will these subs work good?
How to do the big three upgrade on a 99 cadillac deville?
bypass avic n1 w/ new updates?
How loud can i play my car sound system on the driveway before it comes illegal? UK?
car audio experts help me out please?
Car amp not getting power?
what amp shud i qet for rockford subs?
.avi video on Kenwood DDX419 stereo?
How do I wire my two 1000watt 12" dvc subwoofers to my 2400watt mono block amplifier?
getting new subs tomorrow need very loud songs!!?
I have 2 kicker l7's and a kicker 1500 amp. when i turn the volume up the amp cuts off and then turns back on
How much does it cost to fix electrical problems in my car stereo?
Amp and speakers questions?
How do I make my amp run at 275 rms?
What is a good subwoofer box for 12" Kenwood subs?
aftermarket stereo question.?
are these good subs??
Why is one of my subwoofers hitting harder than the other?
i have head unit connected but any advice for rear speakers and correctly hooking up amp?
Sub amp set up in a honda accord 2000, LOC instal also?
is renegade a good subwoofer brand? are the dual 12's 4 ohms, 1200 watts gonna bump at all?
Is there a way to stop my trunk from making noise with me subs in it?
My car audio system isnt giving full potential?
I have sub woofers in my car that nbeed to be hooked up but my head unit doesnt have the adio outputs?
Car Stereo Help!!!!!?
how can i remove my car cd player and then install the new one?
what kind of subwoofer that will be compatible with my audio gods amplifier 800 watts?
Whats wrong with my stereo?
Is the power wire in an amp kit the same as hardware shop wires?
Best amp for 2 rockford fosgate p312d2?
what is digital radio?
car dvd player not turning on anymore? ?
whats better... alpine type R 12 or the new Kicker comp VX 12?
My radio is shutting off!?!?
What is the best gain and bass boost setting for my system?
does any one know what the beeping noise is on the tom tom sat nav?
JBL P-120 subwoofer 5 ohmn, what amp should i use?
Good 15" Subs?
I want to put some neon lighting under my car but I don't know wich color is legal in New York?
How should this be handled?
Difference betwwen 4ohm, 2ohm, bridged?? Im buying a car amplifier.?
2007 Camry Se - Will two 12 inch subs work?
need advice to fix my car's cd system????
Whats the best frequency i can use to hit the most amount of db's from my woofers???
i need info on seleting a car stero system?
what size speaker wire for 2 subs?
Sealed or ported dual box in my SUV???
rockford fosgate sub?
car stereo system?
Car Receiver preamp out put?
Why Dual Voice Coil Isn't working?
Which amp is more worth the money?
2003 Saab with Alpine head power... no sound?
Amp that match 2 12" subs.400 wts and 1400 wts peak?
i have no sound?
Car sound system. What shall i get?
How do you install a line out converter in a vehicle?
where do i find face plates for my stereo?
How much many watts are in 14.0 volts?
How does this audio setup sound?
What happened to my subwoofer?
I have 2-15" MTX 9500's in the SledgeHammer box and 2-1501D Amps anyone wanna buy?
Is a 750w rms amp to much for my car?
Putting subs and amp into a 2005 monte carlo ls.?
Best subwoofer size for metal music?
Insignia amp? Worth it?
what sort of bands/singers do you listen to in the car?
dont underdstand how rear otput is setup but facia has built in sub, also got 4 channel amp?
4 RCA inputs on my amp 2 RCA outputs on my cd player?
Would this audio system slam?
how do i make it so my car only plays rap?
i have a Sony CDX-GT130 what would b the best 5x7 or 6x8 speakers to use?
how can i install my car stereo wen there is no ignition wire on the wire harness?
what jl audio sub is the best?
how to fix a car amp if its running hot?
what do you do on the summer?
Does anyone know...?
Where is the best place to go to install a sound system and get good quality equipment? ?
Whats the best car Transmitter for Devices ?
What's the best component speakers out there?
subwoofer help?
Good amp to push 2 12" JL Audio w6v2 subwoofers.?
Do they sell single RCA cable to two bare wire stereo connector?
Help with Ford Transit Radio Code?
Amp for 3 Audiobahn Alum12Q's?
Whats wrong with my speakers??
Can I use a aftermarket stereo with Bose?
Is a 300W amp good for a 450W Max(150W RMS) sub?
How do you remove a capacitor???
how to take the factory stero out of an 01 honda accord?
what style car is best for subs?
what is sub sonic on a amp??
speaker wire size for subwoofer?
What will give me the cleanest sound?
Building a kicker 12in sub box?
Problems with 95 Avenger ES car radio...checked everywhere else?
which amp to hook up to two 15" kicker cvr's?
I have a JL 500/1 amp. I want to buy 2 12" Type Rs. Not sure if I should buy the DVC 2ohm or 4ohm. Which ones?
were is the multi dic cd player in a 2005 vectra?
I have a digital starsound 3000w 12' sub 900rms. what is the best amp specs for peak performance?
Is it ok to bridge speakers from the in dash deck?
2008 Chevrolet Silverado Stereo Head Unit Install Help!!!!!!!?
how to hook up 2 kac9152d amps to 2 alpine type x woofers with the most power?
can you have more speaker watts than amp watts?
Multi sized subwoofer set-up?
2007 Kicker L7?
my car radio manual says its output is1000 ohms 1 volt?
so how do i get tech support?
How to use the xover button on a ppi 2200 amp?
Why do these kids spend so much money and crank up their Car Stereo and then get mad when it gets broken in?
What are the color codes for audio wiring on a '01 Chrysler Town and Country?
Which company make the better car subwoofer, Sony or Legacy?
want a new radio system in my 97 grand marquis what should i look for? and/or need?
how do i remove stock pt cruiser stereo?
Whats the easiest way to install a 2channel Amplifier and Subwoofers?
i cant remember the car brand name!?
Will my car radio fit my new second hand fiesta??
sealed box or ported box?
Kicker or Rockford Fosgate?
can i run these speakers off the head unit alone?
What kind of amp do i need for 2 15" audiopipe subs?
Car head unit wiring. If you can't see the wires behind where the head unit is, then where are they?
how do i wire my amp to speaker?
who makes the best car cd player, that is not so expensive maybe around 200.?
Help with Memphis PR 11000 amplifier?
How To Get 200 db in my car?
I'm days away from purchasing a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe, and don't know which way to go with Navigation.
is a slanted front sub box better or a squared front box, and when to use each?
I am installing a 6000w sound system in my car. I want to know if I need a bigger alternator and how big.?
how do you remove a head liner from a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?
What is a car called with the 'H' symbol?
MTX or KICKER subs?
should i put neons under a 1992 camaro?
Is it ok to get an amp that has more power than the subs ?
What songs should I add to my car playlist?
Question about car/truck speakers...Please help me out...?
What would be a good amp mtx terminator subs?
need website where i can put parts on my car and see what it looks like?
ford fiesta mrk 6 2003 stereo model is 4500 and the serial number is M128995?
I have a stereo in my truck and i have LOUD engine noise through my amped speakers. All grounds were tested???
where can i find a ground wire for subs sold seperate?
whats the best sound system u can put in a car?
working at the carwash?
My car has blown 3 subs, whats going wrong? NEED CAR AUDIO EXPERT!?
Should I buy Sony Xplod subwoofers or a bazooka subwoofer with amp included in it?
Radio I changed the battery in car and now need a radio code, would be most grateful if anyone could help me,i?
car amp power requirement?
my speakers are not beating hard?
iPod connection in my car...?
do i have enough power for my speaker with this amp?
Amp for my aux input?
How many people don't have a car or a licenses and are over 20? If you don't why?
Installing car speakers help?
My stinger capacitor voltage display went out?
do pa subwoofers play music? or is it only the bass?
do the number of watts have to match with an amplifier and a subwoofer?
Airbag Light on after an aftermarket radio was installed?
If I get these speakers should I get an amp too?
i have a amp briged to a 400 watt speaker the amp is 520 watts briged the amp cuts out when i turn it up why?
Good subs for Alpine MRP-500 amp?
where can I find a charts for fuses in vaulkswagen passat?
Would upgrading to a new pair of Infinity 6x9 from a 10 year old pair make alot of difference in sound?
Would it be wise to push a 750RMS Subwoofer with a 1000RMS Amp?
will 2 10 inch subs sound the same as 2 12 inch subs with the same watt amp?
does anyone know anything about a prestige p-994 in dash cd player?
Can I install a second subwoofer and amp in my car if I already have one set?
im trying to remember the brand name of a car sub/amp system that starts with the letter D.its not mainstream?
Do you have to drill anything in your car if you put subs in your car?
How do you remove the dashboard to access the radio of a 2002 dodge Caravan sport?
Who makes the best radio JVC or Pioneer ?
If I have a 350 watt car amp how many 12 v amps will it take for it to run properly ?
what is the best car sterio?
Kicker speakers at Walmart?
How do I fix the CD player in my car? There is a CD stuck in it, and when I push "eject" it won't come out.
I have a 97 ford escort I am in process of putting a system in but i cannot find a kit for the cd player?
is pioneer deh 4400 a good car deck for around that price range?
how do i charge and discharge a car audio capacitor with a resistor?
Can you wire a mono channel amp and a 2 channel amp together?
1987 RX7 audio diagrams?
Which amp for a Dual Kicker 07DCVR12 4Ohm 12" Subs?
What dynamat should i get?
good deal or not?
What type of songs to make 15in subs hit HARD? -ez .s-?
Best equilizer (7band) settings for Sony Model:CDX-GT44U?
Good amp for heavy bass?
Need a ford radio code?
How do you take speakers out of a SUV?
What do u think the best system (subs&amp) to put under my backseat in my 98 f150?
What Amp to go with 2 Alpine Subwoofers?
Car speakers don't work?
I need the radio code for my cd player from my Renault Kangoo model/No:22DC279/62 Prod/No:FD0904190318680 ?
Box for kicker cvr 12 inch subs?
Need expert advise on installing a 16,500w system?
Ohms! i need help?
Can my alternator handle a 1000w rms amp?
what are capacitors?? what do they do? and what do you connect it to?
My car stereo antena doesn't work?
what are the factory wiring color codes for a 95 dodge neon im tryin to hook up a new cd player?
Subwoofer enclosure help ( kicker cvx 15)?
What is the point of converting an analog head unit audio signal to digital to and back to analog again?
Are 2 10inch Subs COMP kickers good?
Why does my left front speaker have no bass?
Will my car radio fit my new second hand fiesta??
rockford fosgate punch 3?
should i cut my resanator off?
Will I need an extra battery for my system?
Can anyone provide me with the key code for Ford radio 5000 RDS-EON serial number is M191656?
Can i get any kind of after market car stereo reciever or do i have to get a ceartain one?
What do you think of these subs ?
Which speakers should i add to my doors?
2003 Grand Am with monsoon stereo switch?
Why would bridging my amp send it into protection mode?
How to connect MP3 player (non ipod) to car stereo (jeep liberty)?
how much to replace an alternator on a 2002 honda civic?
what are good speakers to put in a challenger?
Subwoofer help (model number)?
how can i install two stereo in my car?
Hooking up amplifiers and speakers to my head unit?
what are some quality after market speakers for 2002 ford focus?
how do you hook up subwoofers in your car?
What are the best low cost mids for a car stereo?
Subwoofers! Need Help!?
How many watts should be needed to power an 8" sub woofer in a ported box?
Speaker problems--a funny sound?
car radio and subwoofer help?
will my subs blow out my back window in my car?
how can i install neon?
need radio code for ford fiesta 06?
can i install my subs without an amp?
car hard hitting subwoofer that literally murders everywhere with bass ?
Do car subwoofers and amps get messed up in the winter? PLEASE HELP!?
Can i get car audio help please!?
jeep grand cherokee 2000 How do i get the Power Cord Through the firewall?
Do you think this subwoofer will bang?
Where can i buy a cheep car stereo..??
What is the best setup for a '91 S10?
What do i need to look at when it comes to wattage when hookin subs up to an amp?
Plugging a memory stick into a car cd player?
How do I remove the front door panels from my 2000 Chevy Impala so that I may replace the front door speakers?
what do i need to make a subwoofer box?
is this a good upgrade?
How much is this 12" Kicker Comp Worth?
Is it worth it to get a voltage display to monitor power?
What's wrong with my car subwoofer?
does anyone pick a best answer? or does it always go to vote?
subs.. 4 12cvrs. do i need to upgrade anything. amp suggestions?
i have sony xplod woofer 12' 1000 watt with 1 amplifier 500 watt and 2 audiobahn speakers &2 kenwood speaker?
Do I need the Big Three Upgrade?
how to fix headlights dimming with audio system?
Pioneer GM - X524?
How do I make the sound from my iPhone to my JVC AVX820 stereo sound better?
I have two 15' SuperPro speakers how so I find out how much they are worth? I'm trying to sell them.?
what subs sound better (kicker)?
Difficult to install a car cd player/deck?
which car stereo would you buy?
I have 2 kicker 2ohm L7s. I blew the right sub. replaced them and still blew the right sub again.?
What is the best amplifier for a decent price?
what should i do when my boyfriend tells me it is over and then three days later he calls me back.?
How find out how loud my system is?
How do I play music in a car with only the factory standard CD Player (no auxillary inputs)?
Why is there no sound from car speakers after installing aaftermarket radeio?
Where can I run my power wire to my amp On a 1994 caprice? I kno through the fire wall but where?
Subwoofer help.. Will this work?
1 amp 250 volt fuse calgary?
does anybody know how to hook up an amp to a stock 95 jaguar xj6?
What's the best brand in the gps to get?
MTX Car audio? good or no good?
fitting a sub to ford cd6000?
12 inch sub or 15 inch?
what are color wiring codes for a '94 chevy blazer stereo?
What amp and speakers should I get to go best with these subs?
No sound coming from car speakers?
is it safe to use electrical tape instead of a crimping tool for a car stereo?
Will a system mess your car up from the vibration?
What amp would work best with these subs?
I want a stereo/bass system in my car, What do I need?
would a 200 amp alternator be good enough?
What's a good Battery Relay for audio?
What speakers have the clearest sound (not hardest hitting or loudest)?
Which is the best online store for car audio shoping?
honda speaker mounting depth?
How do you remove the tape deck from a 95 ford taurus sedan?
How do i make my car sound system sound like my moms Aura XR setup?
Why can't i bridge my (bridgable) amp without it going in protection mode?
Would investing in a headunit give me better sound?
why did my inline fuse blow for my amp?
i download songs on cd then what to do in order to let it work on my car cd player?
need alot of good bass songs?
does this person exist?
looking for a spanish station it is 107.7 fm Radio Laser. I listen to it in my car. reno?
CD wont eject out of CD player in my car? ?
What kind of mounting kit do I use to install a new deck into a 92' Buick Regal?
i have 2 infinity 12's and a 1200 sony explod amp what capacitor should i use?
Satellite Radio Frequency?
when i put my hand over the radio its clear but when i take it away it loses its frequency, isnt that weird???
Best amp to power 2 12' rockford fosgate p3's?
Does anyone know of any car clubs In central Texas Around the Waco area?
what is the fastest,small and coastly car?
how to power the lights on my tweeters?
keycode for audio system 4500 RDS EON?
Will uk cd players work in american cars?
Sound system for my car....?
Ford Mustang Shaker 500, how do i make it sound good?
Is a crunch gtr 1100.2 amp strong enough to power my 12" subs?
Car CD/ Radio headunit's Aerial question; PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
Should i get the audio technica ath m-50 or the fanny wang 2000?
how do I check inputs on a car audio amp?
Kicker or Polk Audio 6x9 speakers?
what is a RDS Radio?
can mini cd-r's be used in a factory 04' dodge neon sxt cd player?
1991 Maxima Radio Fix?
Audio cd for the car?
what is the aux button on my f-150 radio for?
where on the net can i get someone to customize me a audio deck to fit my vechile?
Subwoofer wiring? please answer. easy question?
how to hook up a alpine mrp-m500 amp to stock radio.?
Good Box and Sub to go with 1200 amps EV2.1200?
how do I install a car stereo?
Can i still use the controls on my steering wheel of a 2003 Trailblazer with a aftermarket stereo?
Will this blow my subs?
Where can I find an adaptor that allows me to install a newer car stereo in a 1977 GM car?
Can a factory amplified headunit be connected to a non amplified system??
Which one is better for Type R?
i have an alpine cde-100 it says usb err 1, what does it mean?
Why do my subs cut out at high volume?
Why does my car stereo receiver keep going dead?
alpine ida-x001radio will not hold preset stations?
2 fi btl 12's with 2 alpine mrp-m2000 amp?
Hey Guys Can you help me out plz?
How to peacefully play my music and not worry about getting shot at?
Is this a good amp for my kicker l7?
Which car stereo is better????????
is this a good idea to mount my amplifier?
Speaker wiring diagram for f150?
Is it ok to run a second battery on a stock alternater?
what type of car does Horatio's sister-in-law (SOFIA MILOS) drives?
why is car audio louder than home audio?
Help with buying a sub system?
2001 ford escort zx2 radio wiring diagram?
if u have a cheap car for sale five hundred or less let me know or free?
Will these items work together?
I have recently purchased a fosgate p2d2 15" dual vc subwoofer.?
What is the best car stereo system for $800?
subwooer help asap want to buy tomorrow.?
Which is worth more, a baby or a car stereo?
does my honda accord 03 factory cd player support mp3?
Is my radio draining my battery?
is there a way to check if im getting a good ground?
xm radio free or not????
Why is there no sound when I install an aftermarket stereo to my 2006 chevy malibu?
Is this a good guitar and amp?
My amp and subs have no power, help!!!!?
I have a 600w amp 4ch I have 2 6x9s and a 10" sub do I need capacitor?
Would it be better to use a 4 channel Amplifier or a 2 channel Amplifier to power a single 12" Boston sub and?
About the stereo system in a 2005 Pontiac Bonneville GXP?
what is the best settings to put my AMP at for my set up?
what is the most romantic music to listen to when your making out and you know?
I need the best way to get the radio out of my 2006 ford f-350?
Is there another power source I can tap into for my radio in my monte Carlo 85?
How do I install a new stereo in my 1990 Mustang?
I want to buy speakers for my car what do I need to know be for I buy them?
car stereo............?????????
How long should I play new speakers on low to break them in?
Pioneer car deck need help please?
I need help and good ideas how can help?
how many speakers do i need for a nice sound system?
Where can I buy replacement parts for inside my stereo?
I have a 2010 Chevy Aveo, Can i Piut A After Market Deck In It?
Wiring of car sound (without front fuse on power cable)?
6*9 speaker in ram??
deos a better car stereo cause louder noise to a sub with no amp?
More Subs VS Less subs same amount of power for both?
I need a keycode for my 05 ford focus radio, the serial no is m149050 thanx?
High output Alternator Stores?
have the radio code and have entered it and it still does not work in 1986 bmw 318i. how doi reenter it ?
Can You Tell Me if these Speakers Would Be good For Bass?
Where should I face sub-woofers in a SUV?
which one would be better out of these subwoofers?
will this radio fit in my 2001 mustang?
Is this a good car audio amp?
Need help with subwoofer box design ?
wear can i find a wiring guide for a 1990 ford tempo?
pioneer head unit no sound, help appreciated?
Hey..I blowed a fuse INSIDE my AMP..and I'm looking for the chip so i can replace it but i can't find anywhere
take it off da rack, if its wack, put it back...i like da whoppa not da big mac!?
does a stock 2000 monte carlo ss stereo have a subwoofer out?
What do I need for an amp?
I want to have a remote car starter installed in the Pontiac MI.area?
is there a way to turn my mp3 files on my cd-r to..?
Why is my car screeching when I turn on the A/C and my radio just cut off?
10-meter radio and CB radio?
Is it safe to run a 750RMS watts Subwoofer to a 500RMS watts Amp?
how good are tube subwoofers when compared with box subwoofers , if i have to use it in a car (sedan)?
Cain I use normal wire instead of speaker wire with my subwoofers?
How do I remove wires from underneath car carpet?
do u watch shakthi TV ?
where can i get a good but cheap sub and amp at?
what are the advantages of loud music?
Where to place front speakers in car?
Do two amps compared two one make a differance?
I Bought The Sony Xplod 2 12 inch subs & There Hooked Up To A Pioneer Amp 2000 Watts Is That Good?
Sound system for my car....?
Do you have this car?
I have a 2700 watt amp hooked up to 2 10" subs and when i turn it up to a certain volume it cuts off but when
I think I stuck a needle in my finger, how do I get the bleeding to stop?
I have a Bose audio system that came with the nissan. what is a louder system i could put in there?
clarion nx700 making a ticking noise?
Is this audio upgrade compatible?
I am looking to put a system in my car, and was wondering what would be a good brand of subs to put in there?
I got a car today and the radio isnt working?!?
anyone know how to get a ford standard radio out it's jammed?
should top gear be banned after richard hammond recent accident?
Bass Blockers for 6X9 Speakers?
how to stop rattling trunk from subwoofers?
car stickers help car stickers?
Help with car audio please!?
What wires and stuff do I need to buy to hook up a sub for my 2009 Pontiac g5?
I need someone to help me out a little on deciding what to do?
I want to open a car audio store. Where can i buy everything wholesale?
2001 impala ignition switch?
Which audio car comp. has the best car speakers? Mainly For rap music, where it can hit good lows for speakers
Any1 have suggestion on optimal settings for CD Deck to match Amp /w Subs?
I am trying to shut my friend up still he has 2 12inch alpine type r witha p1000 amp?
can i hook up a small pair of subs to the rear speaker output on the stereo?
My car stereo keeps spitting CD's out that it used to play perfectly. What could be the problem?
what speakers are good for a 2002 grand prix se? do i need an amp for just speakers?
Should I get a 10" or 12" subwoofer?
Really need help!!? not sleeping till i fix it!?
How do you like to listen to your music?
Do i need a amp for these speakers?
Can I run 4 coaxial speakers off a 2 channel amp?
How can I power my radio head unit without it being in my car?
Someone please help me with a download link for system boot disc for pioneer AVIC DRZ09 car music system?
How should I turn up my subwoofers?
does anyone know how i can get instructions to use a clarion drb3675r in car audio player ?
Best speakers for me?
My car stereo ejects my tapes.?
how to wire 2 4 ohm dvc subwoofers to a 2 channel 4 ohm amplifier?
i have 2 12 inch audiobahn aw1208t and a a2200hc amp sould i brige it or not?
how do i make a subwoofer box?
Best port tunning frequency?
How do i convert MP3 songs on my PC to songs that I can play on my cars cd player, which is not MP3 compatible
How do you listen to an ipod in a car?
Best dimensions for a dual ported subwoofer enclosure?
Where could i get my Sirius satellite radio installed at? ?
how big of amp can you run before you should get a seperate battery?
Need information on JMLabs Focal speakers. Good or bad?
My subwoofer in my car doesn't work all the time?
Can i stream music through my car speakers?
18" fi audio BTL power handling?
every time i put my iphone in my amp or i home it makes this beeping sound can i fix that?
I cant get power to my amp?
amp and sub question?
Car stereo help and fuel gauge?
kicker comp 10 box help?
How much does a decent CB radio cost?
Memphis audio system help?
how can i connect a factory cd changer to an aftermarket head unit in my 99 chrysler sebring?
What amp for my system?
installing car sub woofers?
how can your run your amp to the fuse box then to the battery?
SPL Woofer for around 500 dollars?
Any ideas about playing IPOD on Honda Pilot 2007?
would this be an upgrade at all?
doors vibrsate when songs play in car?
if an amp is stable at 2 ohms does that mean each channel?
monsoon stereo system?
I'm looking for Car Stereo Faceplate Covers?
Can 10 inch subs play very low frequencies? ?
Does anyone know how to fix an amp?
Would this amplifier work?
where can i run my remote wire for my amp if the stock deck dont have one?
What does adding an amp to your door speakers do?
does the gnd on your amp needs to hooked up to work?
is it possible to hook up an external USB drive to a car cd player that has a USB INPUT ?
4 Channel amp? Terminals? What are all of the parts of the amp for?!?
pioneer or kenwood? who's better?
will i get 70 bucks for my kicker comp vr 12 if i sold it on amazon or ebay?
I have a question about my car system...?
I have a pair of Rockford Fosgate shallow 10" subs, what gauge wire should I get from the sub to the amp? And ?
When is analogue radio transmissions being turned off.?
HELP: Is this fixable?
High quality alpine help needed! dva-7996, what dsp, what speakers. big q's, need real answers please, :)?
how many amps in line fuse do i need with my amp/sub?
how do these subs look?
mount averrest?
which is better a triple 12" bandpass box, or a double 15" bandpass box?
If I get new sub woofers for my car, do i have to replace the interior ones as well?
When hooking up an amp under passenger seat and the ground is weak on the seat bolt.what other option is there
i have a 2011 mustang v6 where should i put tvs in my car?
Whats a better sub?
Is installing a navi system on an Acura tl hard, having wiring diagrams, or would an expert have to do it ?
What Amp Would I Need For These Subs?
how much would it cost to put a 2 12 inch subs in my 1997 mercury cougar?
How can you determine the voltages of a car cd radio?
Will this amp work for my subwoofers?
which is better Kenwood or JVC Audio System?
Active subwoofwers for the car?
What is the cheapest car stereo I can get?
i need some subwoofers for my car with tons of base?
How do i wire speakers in parallel?
I need key code for a ford radio/ cd changer please :) ?
Does an amp have to be hooked up to a sub?
use a car sound system in a house?
Askin cause im Curios?
What kind of amp do i get?
deos a better car stereo cause louder noise to a sub with no amp?
Why does my Sirius Satellite radio works with no subscription?
How can I make it so my indash DVD will play DVDs while the car is in drive?
Is any body else worried about the people that are "answering" questions on this site.?
Car CD Player not working after flat battery?
where can i get a cd player for a 1997 cadillac deville?
how to hook up alpine mrp-t220 and sony xplod 1300w in house?
Should I go to Best Buy, Circuit City or a local car audio shop to upgrade my sound system?
will leaving a 12v power adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter drain the battery when the car is off?
best buy installed a new radio in my truck and now my subs beat half as hard before.what could be the problem?
help questions with my subs?
possible blown speaker?
3 Solobaric 12" L5's. Will it fit?
Everytime i hook up my amp da red light come on and then it blink. to green and back to red?
is it possible to uncrimp a wire crimp?
Can my amp power my subs and if so how can I wire them?
how many speakers are in a 1990 vovlo wagon?
How to wire Loaded Dual 12" Illuminated "illumiNite" Bandpass Subwoofer Box?
does a traffic ticket for loud music count as a point on your driving record?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
s: Question about my upcoming CB install?
Subwoofer accessories?
Kicker... does this sound good?
Anyone who knoes about sound systems please help!?
best subwoofer for me?
2001 Impala, trying to install a stereo?
My cd player will no longer play cd's: How can i fix this?
will my ported box have good sound quality?
My sony mdr-ma100 headset isnt loudenough, is ther anyone who bougth thisdevice, why is this happening any s?
What kind of amp should i get?
Is a 12 inch sub better than a 15 inch?
Whats the sound quality like for the Solo Baric 15" L7? Are they good enough for a SPL competition?
Are these good sub-woofers?
Does anyone know who won pinks all out in Donaldsonville La.and what kinda car was it.?
How do you bridge a 2 channel bridgeable power amp.?
would a profile california amp fit my 2 kicker l5s?
am trying to hook up my ipod into my stereo?
I just installed a used radio in my car (2003 Malibu) and it is reading "locked" How do I unlock it?
Will a class a/b amp work on four American Bass xd8 subs ?
Have an Alpine CDA 9831 head unit w Ipod Adapter - put into 06 Mustang Shaker 500. Bass distoring...?
what are the best speakers for a car?
What kind of speakers do I need?
i am thinking in making a great audio for house?
whats the song thats on the car commercials? it goes, lets go lets jump right in, screamin', c'mon baby letsgo
Radio code for a Ford serial numbered M287133 required?
Need help with car audio.?
custom subwoofer enclosures?
For the bassheads, What song/album rattles like two midgets fighting in the trunk?
Why does it seem like everyone in caraudio disagrees about everything?
Best subwoofer brands?
theres a in my subwoofer cone plastic thing how do i fix it?
i need wiring diagrams!!!!?
does anyone know the four digit code for a sony cdxm800 with the serial no. 3528014?
How to install a flip down monitor on a suv?
1ohm or 4 ohms?? For my 10's?
I need an amp but don't know what kind I need?
The AM reception on my 2001 windstar improves greatly when the engine is off. Static is loud when on. Why?
Will (2) 10" Kicker L7's sound better in a sealed box?
when i turnon my headlights speakers loose power what could it be?
How many ohms will my sub load to my amp?
which sub should i go with? taking a poll?
I need a professional help guys?
Subwoofer Helppppppp?
Hi there can you help with my ford stereo code (serial no is m224191 thanks?
I am getting a kicker 12 inch sub i think its 1200 max but im not sureand 800 watt amp how hard will this bump?
my radio isnt putting out no sound what do i do?
What would be best to do with my sound system?
what would be a good choice for sub woofers if...?
is this system fine to use?
Alpine type r box help?
How do I put in my subs?
Subwoofer and Amp questionss(novice)?
ARE JLW3'S any good?
how thick is ?
making a insanely powerful boom box?
how do you install a capacitor?
Amplifier repair question...?
Front door speakers slightly too deep, Ideas?
Connecting stereo speakers to receiver?
Two Type R's with a mono amp?
How do u put in a 1997 acura tl radio code? Is the code on the bottom of the ash tray?
what should my frequency settings be put to? my alpine cd has 60 80 100 200 and my amp has a frequency setting
My subs I bought are a little too big for my box, they hit the wood on the inside.?
What other year/make vehicles factory radio will fit my 93 Buick Park Ave. I want 1 with a CD player.?
What does mp3 capable mean in terms of car stereos?
Any good Phoenix radio stations?
what is better kicker cvx 15 2 ohms or 4 ohms?
pioneer eeq mosfet 50wx4 super tuner 3d?
RCA cable problem !!!!?
Installing a new Head Unit in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am with a casing issue?
i want to wire two 1250 watt rms subs but i cant find a 2500watt rms amplifer. should i wire two 1250 ampliers
How do I get power to an active crossover for my car?
Car Subwoofer Amplifier Input Voltage?
how would a 2 way speaker in door and a 3 way speaker in rear window sound?
How can I listen to music on my iphone in the car?
Can anyone let me know where I can find the circuit scheme/diagram for Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit?
What Are the Top Speakers 6.5 Inch round?
is it possible to hook up a remote wire for my amp to a stock stereo?
How do you I get my power wire to my battery?
i need a amp that will push two cerwin vega stroker 12' (2000 watts rms) i need a good cheap amp on a budget?
kole audio subs?
i need help?
Is hifonics brutus 1200 watt a good amp?
what do yopu call a song played on an automobile radio?
convert an AM radio to a AM/FM radio?
What would be louder on a 800 watt alpine amp 15 cvx or 12 jl audio W6?
what is better MTX or Alpine for car audio?
how long are you suppose to break in a new subwoofer?
Box Impedance Rise. Is it controllable?
1000 watt amp Kenwood?
i have a 1200watt amp can it work with a 800 watt sub?
in a 01 mustang what color is the radio ignition wire?
Do i need an amp with my sub?
I have an 07 Lincoln MKZ with a THX sound system....?
Cd problem? Please help asap?
whats the best amp i could get to power a 12" solo x without breaking the bank. looking to spend $300 or less
whats the difference between action mpt device and usb disk?
Will a 600w computer PSU run a car stereo, 600w amp, 10' sub and two speakers?
best sub and amp combo for 300-500?
which amp is better the rockford 2500bd or memphis mojo mc1.4000?
my speakers are ling after half voume after installing amplifier in car? whats wrong?
External Speakers, Waterproofing, Ratings?
Setting up a car audio system?
DLS Amplifier D1000 any good?
2001 Dodge Neon radio help?
Well i have just bought a new 2400w pyle sub and when i hook it up to my computer it starts to smell bad?
car dvd repair????????
hi i need a code for a ford radio serial no m197296 can anyone help please?
can anyone tell me if is it possible to fit 2012 vw polo stereo on older version such as mine 2004?
What kind of sub woofers should I get for my SUV?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
Radio antenna broke, how can I fix it?
just had parrot ck 3000 evolution hands free fitted but.........?
Trying to find an amp for two subs?
wiring an small amp and sub?
are there any how to guides on how to install an aftermarket car stereo to original factory car harness?
Can I attach a subwoofer directly to Sony car stereo without Amp?
Is my speaker blown out?
Kicker CVR?
whats better two 8" subs or one 12"?
Radio stops working, is it wiring?
Which is a better product?
how to hook up power/ground cables for my Sub Amp?
does my setup sound good?? kickerz
how can i find my true love cause i been single 10 months?
chevrolet astro 1989 cd player installation instructions ?
Can 2 jensen XS1010 10 inch subwoofers handle 510 watts RMS ? ( 255 watts RMS each)?
Subwoofer help, one or two subs?
Ford 5000 rds stereo code?
Problem with car cd player?
I want to get some base, do i need anything besides a sub woofer?
what kind of Wire harness do i need for my 2004 Saturn Ion?
does anyone know where to find the xj pod ( sub encl. for jeep cherokee) made of wood???
does anyone have a 12 inch jl audio w6?
Is there a way to play my motorola razr mp3's through my car speakers?
Is the Kicker 07DC122 Dual Comp 12-Inch 2-Ohm Subwoofers In Vented Box a good buy?
What would you do with $2000 ?
what kind of car do you drive? why is it perfect for you?
Is it possible to pick up Satellite Radio with a regular car radio ?
What should I get next to make my system sound better ?
Will this be a good match for a sub and an amp?
Should I trade My Subs?
Why does my radio (dual xd1225) in-line fuse keep blowing. HELP PLEASE?
where can i get sub box hookups?
can i run 4 kicker comp 12s on this amp Pioneer GM-5400T 760-Watt, 2-Channel Power Amplifier?
Is there a big difference in Re audio Sr's and Se's Subs?
hey how do i detach my car aerial because i want to get car washed in car garage?
what size amplifier do i need for a 800watt 4ohm peak power SUBWOOFER?! the sub is a Kenwood kfc-w3009?
how do I access my car stereo in a gmc '94 suburban and connect it's auxiliary line input to my navigation
I have a 12" sub peeks at 1200w with 1000w amp it turns on and works till i turn it past 30 volume?
results for "code to a factory volkswagen 2000 car stereo"?
landrover discovery 1997 radio code ?
how much is the navigator Model Garmin Nuvi 350?
Does an amp have to be hooked up to a sub?
Need Some powerful Speaker Brands?
how much is a sony xplod xm5022x car amp worth?
why does my radio power not work in a 2007 tiburon?
Hooking up two cvx subs 4ohm to a mono amplifier ?
After installing my sound system my cigarette lighter and light globe does not work..?
would a BOSS PH1500M amp be enough for 2 12' Rockford Fosgate T1 Power subs?
My truck is black and CB antenna is white, can the antenna be painted and still get reception?
Is there an xm in dash stereo to replace the one in my Toyota Sequoia?
1992 cadillac sedan deville stereo/speakers?
What is the legality of playing movies on an in-dash player while driving?
how to hook up speakers in the trunk of a 99 grand am?
what would be the best brand of 6.5" speakers to use for a chevy sylverado pickup?
Installing amp in a 1999 Toyota Rav4?
best dubstep subwoofers?
how does a car calculate the fuel mileage on the digital display?
Why is my horn not stopping?
Is this true?
i need the color coded diagram for the stereo wires for an 1985 mustang?
5"x7"/6"x8" Speakers or 5-1/4" Speakers?
Is this a good system for my car?
Some Amp Tuning Questions?
How do I setup my amp?
I have a '98 Toyota Camry and my check engine lndicator is always on?
how do you replace a stereo in a car?
need help finding an amp for my sub?
would this amp work with this subwoofer?
Can i use the satellite radio antenna as a TV antenna?
where can i get foam to fix a jl audio 12w6v2 sub?
Kicker CVX 2 12's I need an amp?
What size amp do you reconmend for two 12" 750watt subwoofers?
can you just get subs for your car without amplifiers?
One of my Subwoofers Hits Harder than the other how can i fix this?
Is this a good brand for car audio?
what would be the best amp for my kicker L7 12 750rms, 4 ohms, subwoofer?
How do u get a stuck cd out of the cd player?
Good sub/amp matches for 1 or 2 subs?
What is the best type of subwoofer for my car? Sealed or ported box?
My amp turns on, but subs dont hit?
What does AES stand for? It was on one of my speakers?
What is the best anti theft device-solution to avoid car stereo robbery?
What is 94.12% of 2125?
How to wire LEDs to car sound without damaging anything?
what is a enclosed subwoofer box?
Is this subwoofer package too much for my Honda Civic?
sparky3489, I have a question for you regarding the equalizer to a sub...?
Sub woofer making a wierd noise?
How to get the gps to work on my car touch screen stereo?
Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1 to much for 2 Alpine SWR-1243D 12"?
can i hook up a rca line converter to my rear speaker wires if i already have a stock amp hooked up?
How do I improve car radio reception?
Smart upgrade for my '96 Geo Prizm's speakers?
I'm replacing the stereo in my car and the stock stereo has two plugs in the back.?
Need Some Good Advice On My Car Please?
where can i find custom dash molding for a 2002 ford escort four door?
Need help with Eclipse brand car stereo...?
Need custom sub box dimensions for ram?
More voltage to an Autotek Amplifier...?
Does anyone make a car adapter for a microsoft Zune that doesnt use an fm transmitter?
how do i change my back speakers if they are mounted to the sides?
are kicker l7s good subwoofers?
How do I install a playstation 2 ?
How are amps drawn?
Can someone help me with installing a stereo, amp, and subwoofer?
Is this a good sub and amp set up for the price? If so how good?
i need a wiring schematic for a 1993 toyota aristo.?
How much does a typical car stereo cost?
my subwoofer wont stop pounding?
RCA Stereo/ Subwoofer Help?
Help install PA speaker to car without a CB radio.?
How do I remove radio from 02 Dodge Dakota? Trying to add CD changer. Does dashboard snap together?
how are satellite radio signals routed to your vehicles radio?
Is CEA-2006 compliant always necessary?
Help with car electronics?
Is it possible to pick up Satellite Radio with a regular car radio ?
Is lipo amp safe for man?
Why Don't my car get gas to the motor?
can anyone tell me how to wire a cd player into my 1994 crysler intrepid?
I want to see a picture of a 70 - 80 corvette oil temp gauge?
What are the best 6x9 speakers for my car? I need loads of bass without a sub and amp!?
i have 700 to spend whats the best set up with 2 subs and amp i can go with 4 my truck?
How can I cool my amp?
I have 2 subwoofer of 10" with a peak power of 260 watts n rms of 130 each.?
what would be louder 2 12 inch sony xplodes or 1 15 inch sony xplode?