Car Audio

help with my subwoofers?
I'm looking for a subwoofer?
Can i put a Different Radio in my van?
My car speakers keep going out?
Anyone have info on jvc kd-sx930?
What exact parts will I need to install amp, deck & sub-woofer in 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS?
how to get rid of a toyota previa?
what is "HS-IV tuner" for in-car radio?
Will my amp power 2 12's?
After market radio install for 2000 Chevy Malibu LS?
How can i turn my bass up in my car?
Harmon Kardon option on a Mini Cooper?
Amp question about ohms?
Help with LEDs for 06 Toyota Tacoma?
where can I get a cheep car?
hello i need help with a amplifier ita a pioneer gm-x304 its about 7 years old need more info in cable diagram
How long does it take to get a new stereo put in?
I have 2 8 ohm home subs and 2 200w car subs and 1 150w car sub. How do I hook them together?
Orion HCCA or Fi BtL?
Is It Ok To Use This Head Unit With These Speakers?? Please Check! Simple Question?
Should i get a rockford p3 15 or a kicker cvr 15? ?
How do I put my Logitech Z-2300's in my car?
Why do you need an enclosure for a subwoofer?
Did I hook up my deck wrong?
New to amps and subs.. do I have a decent set up?
can a 3 year old have nightmares bout something they've been through?
Ford fiesta 04 radio code for 4500rd?
Problems with installing ampiflier?
Anyone have instructions on how to install a toggle switch to an amp?
i need a radio trim plate for a 89 chevy van?
Why G_Unit called like this?
Which car speaker is the best?
what type of car does Horatio's sister-in-law (SOFIA MILOS) drives?
I have an 03 mitsubishi eclipse - I want to add a radio that takes mp3s - any suggestions?
what is a better sub the Rockford and Fosgate T2D412 or the JL Audio 12-W6v2-D4 debating on them.?
Does a mono block amp mean there is only 1 + and 1 - for the speaker? or can they have 2 + and 2 -?
Subwoofer amp advice?
i hearde that there is such thing as illegal bass. what qualifies as illeagle base?
Switching 4 speakers using relays?
Are Rockford fosgate shallow mounts good?
iwant 2 knw what i need 2 make a custom speaker box one 12" competition sub.?
What is the illumination wire for the kenwood KDC-138?
what is a better all around car stario system...rockford fosgate, alpine, or percision power?
in a car radio when u first buy it what does the wire colors mean ?
Alpine Type R 12" and Kenwood 1800, will these two work fine?
car audio info?
Witch subwoofer is better?
Is there a bass difference between inverting the woofer and not?
Sub question. Sub question. Sub question sub question?
i am looking for some subwoofers for my car,should i get one 12", or two 10" ones?
Which of the CDT comps are best for over all, the CL-60i or CL-61a?
can a hd car radio be but into a 2003 hyundai santa fe?
When Will they stop making Cars??
i would not sleep with a guys on the first date!!!?
Kenwood XXV-05V says navigation off. how do i turn it on?
How do I hook up a sound system to my vehicle?
Kenwood KDC-X996 vs Pioneer DEH-P9400BH?
ANY way to play mp3s in a car when it only has a cd player (no tape) and no line in?
buzzing car subwoofer?
subwoofers in the trunk adds to much weight?
how would a 4 ohm 12" alpine type r sound in a bandpass box?
Do subs sound good in a 03-04 mustang?
what's required for a 2001 chevrolet venture cd player installation?
Hello really need some help my radio is asking for a code its a ford fiesta .?
Kenwood 8105D amp and Alpine 12 inch sub?
Looking for an amp and sub for my car, what should I get?
What are good subwoofers that are dual 2 ohm, 500watt RMS subs so I can run 4 at 2,000watts RMS?
Just bought a 2006 Chevy Silverado, aftermarket cd player no power?
Now any good radio stations?
How does a CD player read mp3's in say a 2005 Saturn car? Would I be able to listen to my i-pod in the car?
I don't know what amp to get with the subwoofers I have?
I have a peugeot 206 with "led" backlights, with "eagle eyes" brand. some leds are burnt. how can i change the?
2 10in 1000 watt DVC subs and 2 800 watt bridgeable amps how to get the most power?
Car audio help needed?
Can you hook up 2 speakers to a mono block amp?
Should subwoofers face trunk or inside of car?
I need help looking to buy Car Audio!?
The difference between a Hybrid Capacitor and a Digital Capacitor?
is my amp broke or is my system broke?
can i bypass imobilizer on my vectra?
How do I set the factory radio for a 1989 Chevy Cavalier Wagon?
What size of speakers do they use in a 2005 Dodge Neon?
What is the recommended amplifier I can use to run my 2 Pioneer TS-W3004SPL subwoofers?
What Kind of Amp Wiring kit do i need?
Alpine type R 1222d question?
Has anyone ever been in a car and really wanted to change the music?
Best speakers for car?
are visonik good start off subs?
Anyone know how the Power Acoustik ov2-1250 is?
My speakers are dead?
Your Open Question: What kind of system should I get? I love loud music, but have a small car.?
Do I need to install an amp with my two Dual 10" subs?
why doesnt my cd player work in my car?
Is it safe to connect an iPod to my car stereo?
Have 2003 Nissan Maxima SE. Car is wired for CLARION audio. Is wiring same as BOSE system for Maxima GLE?
How do i fix my car radio?
cd player!!! need your good help?
i dont know how to read the information about amplifiers.?
owners manual for a 1998 mitsubishi eclipse?
How do I reset my Nissan Almera stereo?
do i really need a amp for my subwoofers?
can i put a factory cd player in without any trouble?
where can i find powered amp?
I own a 2012 Honda City S MT and I want to make changes to the audio system?
Car stereos touchscreen?
Do bigger subwoofers give you louder bass or is it thd amp?
how can i use the aux input in my scion to play my ipod?
Can I upgrade my car stereo by myself?
DVC Sub popped much lower sound now?
Tomtom one 3rd edition speaker problems?
best wiring output for subs and amp for 2ohm?
Boss P10DVc Vs Boss CX122 which is better?
Does anybody know where I can get this....?
is it possible to hook a car alarm speaker to your car audio?
Do i need an amp for any of the speakers i buy to replace my stock ones?
Does it matter what size port i put into my subwoofer box i built?
If I install an after market cd player in my car, will the volume controls on my steering wheel still work?
i just bought a car that dosent have a remote thingy?
how do i remove the rear speakers from a 2004 pontiac grand am?
what is the difference between a vented subwoofer box and a non vented one? which is better?
Is my amp bad or wiring bad or what?
Car MP3-Capable CD players?
Sony Amp Overcurrent light on?
i need some car audio system advice?
Wiring 2 12in dvc type r subs 1-4ohm and 1-2ohm?
what satelite radeo is best... serious or xm?
What is the difference between automotive speaker cable and normal audio speaker cable ?
I need bass loud so that it should go out of ma car...i have JBL 1100watts bass tube in ma wagonR right now...?
Which one is better?
How should I wire my subs and amp?
I have two 12' kenwood subs with a kac 8104D 1000watt class D mono amp.?
Car audio problems with a sub amp?
i have a j reg renault clio and an trying to fit a kenwood cd sterio, anyone know where the power cable is?
Ford Ka radio code required?
car speaker problem!?
How do I change my language settings in my chrysler pt cruiser?
where can I find a face plate only for a car stereo?
How do I remove the front door panels from my 2000 Chevy Impala so that I may replace the front door speakers?
Need help for amp recommendation.?
how do I wire my car stereo up so I dont have to have handbreak applied when watching dvds?
1 ohm stable question?
What is stereo wiring for car amps and subwoofers?
Car Subwoofer System Advice?
What kind of amp do i need?
Making Psuedo Center Channel/Speaker?
How to hook up an inline converter?
How do I hook an amp on my 03 Expedition with factory premium sound?
Led bulbs? the more the brighter? True or false?
what should i do with the led lights in my car?
sound system question?
Subwoofers for a 2002 Ford F-250 Crew Cab?
Quantum audio subwoofers?
2004 nissan sentra amp wire route problem!!!!?
kicker or memphis audio?
anyone know if a nakamichi td-45 faceplate will work on a td-45z head unit? 45 has 12 pins and the 45z has 15
Why arent my subs loud?
Can you repair the paper that covers car's bass?
my car battery died now my ford radio wants a code the only thing i have is serial no. m169611 can anyone help?
Help with car audio system?
i want to coustumize my car?
Why won't my car start?
Adding to my sub's already there?
Would my amp handle this?
where is the factory amp in 96 voyager?
whats a good new but used car to buy?
Amp question?
what is a quality car amp brand that isnt too expensive?
What's a good subwoofer?
I need help with my sub/amp setup!!!!?
How far can a gps track a car?
is a one channel 800 watt amp practical to hook up with a 4-ohm 1000 peak 300 w rms subwoofer?
How many types of OP Amps are there?
Do you I need a extra battery or better alternator?
Buying an amp?
Does anyone know where I can get a 2003 Honda Pilot Navigation Systems cables?
Car Audio Recommendations? 1996 Extended Cab Silverado?
Is there wiring already for inplace for the rear subwoofer in a Suburban?
Coaxial and Tweeters or Components?
Does 50w on the reciever mean each channel?
what size is the subwoofer in a stock 95 taurus?
Lights dimming with subs?
Has anyone used jbl amps?
what subwoofer is reated with the best quality??
honda civic factory cd player locked?
hi i have just got a vw polo and it has a factory stereo?
Can I make my iPhone radio better?
What touchscreen navigation system should I buy?
Please help me with subs?
Time for some new speakers for my 2002 ford ranger xlt 4 door.?
What does the Hifonics BXi-1208D truly give out at 1 ohm?
Did I burn out my subwoofers? ?
How to remove a 2001 Dodge Durango Factory Stereo?
can i hook up two subs with different rms to a mono amp?
How do I determine what kind of car alarm I have?
did i buy a STOLEN gps?!?!?!?!?
boston acoustics vs mtx vs kicker vs?
Which subs should i get???? help?
I'm replacing my car's sound system. What is your recommendation?
Does anybody know if..?
Which 4 channel to get?
Amp, sub, ohms, help!!?
i want to put in a outdoor com system/ speaker/ megaphone on my car?
new car and new radio?
t1500-1bd on stock electric?
What is some good but not really expensive car audio for a truck?
Is a kit available to convert my double DIN radio to a single DIN?
What subwoofers are good?
What should I purchase to get a banging system for a 2004 chevy Impala?
My subs have engine noise in them.?
how do you link up multable amplifiers?
Cobra 29 CB making strange noise?
how i can plug in my i-pod in to my car radio cd player?
Ford Fiesta 4500 RDS Radio Code?
Which box should i get for these subs?
i need help with 06 Chevy Colorado audio please?
Help With Subwoofer and Amp?
Efficiency ratings of this amplifier need help?
Would this sub/amp combo be decent?
My new kenwood sub rattles, even though I built a new box.?
i want to buy some subs and i dont know what i want. what size and watts sub should i get, and what amp.?
subwoofer question, sub vs sub?
Will this sub set up work?
How to build a sub box 10 POINTS EASY?
Midland cb help asap?
How do I set the clock on a bmw 318i 2002 model?
How to setup a car amp?
My 2002 silverado did not come with fog lights so what do i need to install them?
My amp ground wire always falls off?
is it okay to start a car while radio is running..?
Car Sound System Setup Question?
Does it matter where I plug my sub woofers into on my amp?
how to hook up a mp3 player to my Pionner Car Cd Player?
what is the best subwoofer to get for a middle sized SUV?
i have seen three types of same jbl subwoofer . which one is original?
99 tahoe radio locked?
Can cold weather my car's speakers, especially if the bass is loud and they haven't had time to warm up?
Is this a bad setting for my cars subwoofer?
my amp is not working?
DEAD 98 Ford Taurus Radio?
What head unit should i get?
alcohol angine's? i know its possible but how?
Best possible sub position in trunk?
Ok i have a scion-tc, and i am trying to add lights on the inside how do i go about doing this all by myself?
Car Stereo Dims my lights. Can someone help me and my 1998 Eddie Bauer edition Ford explorer ?
is there a low rider show on the 25th of june?
4ga Wire to small??
Box design for 4 12's?
Wiring kit for amp and sub?
6x9 Question & Rover 214 Speaker Upgrade?
Question about a 2005 toyota camry audio options. I want to play my mp3 player in my car. I have two power?
How do I adjust the clock on a Pioneer DEH1550 car CD Tuner?
On my '05 Mustang, the shaker stereo won't play and shows a phone icon-how do I get the radio to play again?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
Which is a better amp for my components?
how to figure out how many milliamps of electricity is in 1 amp?
Problem With Sub-woofers?
will these subs and amp work together?
How do I play music in a car with only the factory standard CD Player (no auxillary inputs)?
i have two 12' Pioneer premier 1000watt Subs, Can i run them to a 1000w Kenwood KAC-9104D Mono Amp?
Pioneer Premier DEH-P680MP cannot access AUX input?
what size speakers are in my car?
12' Car Subwoofer- Best brands?
is that a good amp?????
i used to be able to play my car stereo loud but now the power cuts out when i turn it up?
Why won't my car stereo turn on?
can someone please tell me how to remove the radio in a 2003 hona civic?
Car speakers not working.?
How to select a Car Audio amplifier that is compaitable with my acura integra 2000 3dr ls?
I have 2 10"MTX jackhammer subs and a 500watt alpine amp?
how can i reduce a car battery's 12 volts to 3 and 6 volts and its current safe enough to control a relay?
why dose my alpine deck skip?
Are the stock speakers all the same in a Chevy Pickup?
How much RMS power would this amp put out?
what the stereo wiring schematic for 2003 ford f-150 supercrew?
Need help choosing an amplifier for my speakers?
How do you know whether to get subwoofers with 2-ohm or 4-ohm?
On a used car - has no radio?
Can some one guide me through tuning my amp?
Onstar adapter for aftermarket stereo?
How does a driver operate Sat Nav and/or GPS; what does he see between the two systems?
Anyone know if this is a good amp?
i just bought some pyramid 6x9 speakers that are rated at 400 watt?
Where is the best place to buy a new sound system and radio for my car?
Whats Wrong With My Truck Speakers?
will this work with my hifonics brutus?
Good Car Audio?
Where can I get speakers for a 1980 Corvette?
what kinda amp do i need?
600 watts enough?
Can i wire two L7 KIcker 10's together for 2 ohms? How do I do that?
hey guys i need help chooseing an amp please?
I want to buy speakers for my car what do I need to know be for I buy them?
What is the best way to install a cb in a vehicle to get best reception?
a sub without a box?
I have two 12" polk audio db series subwoofers. What kinda amp should i get?
I have a 08 civic LX Can I easily install a subwoofer?
Car stereo?
Subwoofer Helppppppp?
Just bought some 8" planet audios. cant find them anywhere online?
Question about installing a new stereo?
Need help finding code for my ford cd radio. serial num M003736?
taillights not working after radio was installed. can you help?
why wont the front speakers on my 03 cavalier work?
how do i get to the rear speakers in 1991 toyota pickup? and how big are they?
hey how do i detach my car aerial because i want to get car washed in car garage?
could i do this without harming anything?
Radio wont turn as the car turns on?
I installed a radio in my 89 corsica and the speakers do not play, what could be the problem?
how many ohms do i get wiring 2x 4 ohm subs to a 2 channel amp?
i have a high powered system in my car i need a 2nd battery how could i hook up the 2nd battery?
I ordered an alpine mrp-m1000 and got an alpine mrxm100? Which one is better?
good place to buy car audio online?
What causes speakers to start ling?
i have 2 12' subwoofers and would like to know what is the best size amplifier for them?
wiring emergancy lights to a new car?
what is another name for a brain box (for a car) ?
My Car stereo is Humming and my ground is sparking?? How do i fix this?
what automotive careers can i choose from?
What Are The Best Subs for My Truck!!!?
Is my 8 AWG cable sufficient to power my car's 700w amplifier?
Which is better.. a 4x6" plate speaker or a 4" round? Looking for best speaker for door of 2000 Cavalier (4x6)
Can I run 3 subs off of 2 amps?
pioneer vs Alpine type r?
I am looking to get a 1200w performance teknique amp for my car, but i dont know what kind of 12in sub to get?
What are the best subs on the market today?
What's a recommended brand for car audio tweeters?
How to wire two 8Ohm guitar speakers to make 4Ohms?
how far away will hd radio reach...?
Why does car Audio power cable have such thick insulation?
I Got a Boston 12 Inch subwoofers. I wanted to know what type of amp i need?
Subwoofer boxes, what type of sub box do i need?
i have no sound?
ineed help with my deck?
What kind of amp do i need?
How to play pandora from andrpid phone to my car?
HELP ME!! I am technologically retarded!!!?
2 channel amp running 500 watts at 4 ohms on a 2 ohm wired sub is this ok?
putting an aftermarket stereo in a 2006 silverado?
how do I connect the power from pioneer radio to my ford fiesta?
what speakers are best for my car?
absolute best speaker wire for car?
Why wont my car radio turn on?
Grounding a Subwoofer in a Toyota Celica gen 6?
Would an 800watt amp be sufficient to power this in my car?
rear speakers of a pontiac 2002 grand am with monsoon system, 4 wires?
how do i wire an aftersales cd player to an audi a4 without buying a power harness adaptor?
2 12" Alpine Type R vs. Rockford Fosgate P3?
Car Audio Cd Player Question?
I need someone to help me out a little on deciding what to do?
if u have subs do u have to have an amp or can it get louder w/o one?
how can i build a ported 15" sub under the back seat of my 2000 chevy silverado?
I have jblcs1215 subwoofer,4ch amp. In my alto lx.Bt when i play music my car dickey produce noise.?
copy movies to dvd?
Left Speaker Distorts, but right speaker doesn't?
What Subs should i get???
i was wondering how the bazooka bass tubes sound?
What is a good subwoofer brand for around $200, and should I have a vented or enclosed box?
My 2008 ford f150 says mp3 right above where you insert disk does that mean that mp3 formatted disk work?
Can anyone recommend a good set of splits?
I need the radio code for my 5000rds serial number M360066.. Bought a new car and didnt get the'h!?
planet audio amps?
How many OHM's is a Rockford Fosgate Punch P2D412?
Bike speakers with bass?
Wiring of Car stereo in a 1990 ford escort diesel van?
How is a is a more powerful sub louder?
How many watts do i need to power my subwoofers?
Will people please stop asking questions in this catagory that DONT DEAL WITH CAR AUDIO?
Who make the best $100.00 pair of subwoofers?
hello,i need the circuit diagram for mtx 1000xd mono amplifier.can any one help?my amp is faulty.?
Any tips or tricks?
what are some good subs for SQ that have very loud hard hitting bass?
where is the horn in a ford tempo 1994?
LOC on 98 Chevy Malibu Radio?
car radio sound cuts out when the car is on?
i got 2 jl audio 12s and 2 kenwood kfc-3011 subs which ssl amp would do the job?
which sound system would you choose out of these two systems and are they both loud and have a big thump?
what some good metal music to blast in my car?
how are amps from rockford fostage? and How about alpine?
Cd player face plate...?
what size amp do i need for 4 180 watt speakers and 1 1100 watt sub?
Who sells just power and ground wire?
Is there somewher you can go to get a system put in your car?
Don't you hate it when you start the ignition of your vehicle,turn on the radio...?
Alpine 12" Type-R Amplifier.?
What is optional amplifier?
Is this a good head unit to get?
how do i add freon to a 1999 pontiac grand am?
05 Honda CRV: Stereo fails to go into CD/CD changer mode?
which is a louder and better setup?
Alpine or rockford fosgate amp?
sirius radio?
do i need 2 or 4 channels on an amp?
How do I know if a certain subwoofer enclosure and amplifier will work in my car? Want to buy online, afriad.
i want to run two amps to two different pair of 12 inch subs?
I'm not getting the correct amount of volume from my car stereo?
How can you fix excessive static on the radio of a Sharper Image Twist Alarm Clock?
What should my Cb handle be?
does the belkin car stereo cable work in all cars?
can i put a alpie r type 12' 4+4ohm with a alpine M500 amp?
Anyone know how the to remove a SATURN ION Radio?
Entering security code for Corsa W reg car radio?
Don't know what kind of speakers to put in a Suburban?
Can i miss out the connector and join the wires together?
what wire is positive and negative for my sub?
Can i use my 600 watt wrieing kit with a 200 watt amp?
Is there any way to test a 12" subwoofer to see if it works without an amp?
alpine type r 12's or 1 kicker l7 15?
Im looking for an undercar light kit, for 200 or less, i see the ones on ebay for 40 bucks?
what is the best amp i can get for under $100?
how do i disconnect my after market car alarm?
what size are the rear speakers of an isuzu rodeo 1999?
I don't know how to work a cord in my car?
How should I mount my amp?
Need help! I need a amp and a few other questions?
What is the best freq. set for a Kenwood KFC-W3013PS subwoofer ( Need A Pro. Help )?
how much do you think it will cost to put a good sound system in a 1998 ford escort?
Jeep Wrangler Subwoofer box and subs?
How do I stop my subwoofers from vibrating my trunk?
Should i get a capacitor?
Radio in 2001 ford Taurus doesn't turn on the hour and min button works only when car is off and key out?
which is the best subwoofer to get?
Does anybody know if the lanzar 4000 watt amp is any good?
can using copy cd's damage a car stereo?
Need help with car audio?
Favorite car subwoofer?
grounding my car radio (pic)?
sub box help..... please!?
in my truck 1500 doge the batrry meter indcates high low?
8 Inch Subwoofer Problem?
How do I install KAPPA62.9I by infinity?
Do I need anything to install a powered sub in my car?
Subs in my 1992 Ford F150?
Does anyone know what the colours stand for on the cable for a cd changer in a peugeot 306?
Pioneer avic N1 with N3 Brain Bypass?
Would an Alpine PDX 1.1000 amp power two Rockford Fosgate P2 10s and two Rockford Fosgate P2 12s? And about?
What is the most possible bass i can get for my $1,200 budget that includes amp and woofer/woofers?
break in period for subs?
What subwoofer should i get?
is Hifonics HFi1500D a good amp?
Can I hook up a system to a 90's car stock radio?
Which car amplifier to power subs?
What amplifier can take the JL audio 10'w7 of 500 watts? or JL audio 12'w7 of 1000 watts?
Recommended rms rating of speakers for my head unit?
How do I secure a single 12" sub box in a 2001 focus lx?
amp only works if i put one rca in L input and R output?
How many amps does my stock alternator, on my 2002 Lincoln LS put out?
im getting a amp 2 ohms 1000w RAMs mono what subs do i need 2 or 4 ohms?
Stereo wire connection help?
Subwoofer amp advice?
Help with installing a bass knob?
Can I reduce a car sub from 4 ohms to 2?
why does my radio not play in my 2005 Ford ranger?
Is it possible to remove the standard stereo in a 2007 Honda Civic LX sedan and install an aftermarket stereo?
How would I replace the stock speakers in my 2001 Ford Taurus?
Can attach my sony 6" round speakers in front?
make of stock speakers for 2000 toyota camry?
i screwed my crossover to my speakerbox, on top of the speakers, would it be ok, or would it be bad..?
What size interior speakers (and how many) come stock in a 2001 Nissan Xterra?
who makes niche audio products, is it JL audio ?
my car cd player only plays one half of cd-r?
Do I have to get a 4 channel amp if I have a mono amp?
Which sub slams harder?
best amp for kicker cvx 15" subs?
Where is the grounding wire in a 2000 Jeep GC Laredo, Car Stereo?
how do i power a car stereo at home and how do i connect the wires expecially the earth wire?
Is it possible to remove a casette player from a car and replace it with a CD player?
How much space do I need between my rear hatch/trunk(minivan) and sub enclosure/box?
Which car cd stereo brand has the most RMS wattage?
I have two 2channel amps and want to hook up to one 4ohm DVC. How can I ?
radio code for ford focus serial number M277455?
Good amplifire for 2 1000 was subwoofers?
which is better xm or sirius and how much does the service cost for them?
I have a problem with my 2004 Honda civic's radio?
best brand farad capacitors?
i want to connect 2 amps together to get more power....?
what subs are better from Kicker Solo-Baric S15L72 & Rockford Fosgate T2D212?
i want to put an after market radio in a 99 eclipse without using the factory infinity amp,can you help?
would a boss 1200m class d amp power my memphis m3 15" subwoofer??
CB Radio Antenna Mount for Trunk Door of Jeep?
subwoofers or good speakers?
So how do I connect my amp to my sub?
Need Some Help With Car Audio Systems.?
is mtx and kicker good brand of car speakers and would you recommend them?
What is the best but fairly reasonable price on a car system.?
My Clio radio would not turn off so I had to remove it....?
alpine sub wiring positive negative?
what song could you imagine...?
Look for new system. need help.?
what is the best Stereo?
Best place to buy speakers,and best brand for my budget?
I have 4 15" subs dvc 2 ohms stable, what is the best way to wiring them up.?
Help needed with clarion radio code?
Where can I buy funky pups! ?
Need help with a dual battery install ?
subwoofers and what type of amp?
"RCA Line In"?
Help with Jensen UV10 head unit.?
help with audio setup for my car?
I need a code for my car radio as my dad disconected the battery when doing repairs, please help!!?
My Clarion reads "not update" and wont play disk now ? HELP?
when installing a remote wire to an amp can i just snip the blue wire on the head units harness?
how do i get 1994 acura legend radio code?Dealer is charging too much.?
Pioneer car stereo -- no audio?
Can i wire two Dual 4-ohm Kicker Subwoofers to a mono amp? Which Hifonics amp should i buy to push both subs?
how to connect 6 by 9 4 way car speakers?
How can you turn off the seatbelt alarm on a Ford E450.?
is the alpine m650 strong enough to push a 1 kicker solo baric 12 l7?
should the amp watts be bigger than the max out put of your sub?
which car stero is the best .give me the company ,price n model number if u can ,please.?
Help..trying to wire up a cd player in my car.?
Need help with rca outputs and inputs.?
What speakers should I put in my 2012 honda civic?
Is it hard to install a double DIN radio in a car?
Does my amplifier suit an Alpine Type-R subwoofer?
what is the best components speakers for highs?
i have a 1000wat amp and gets 2 hot and trns of 2 12inckikcer subs are coneted to themwhydoes this happen?
I have a Rover 25 with factory fitted radio. Can anyone help me find the code for it?
Tv subwoofer in a car?
Do you NEED an amplifier?
what do you think about my new system?
is this a nice system? this is my FIRST EVER?
is it ok to put a subwoofer and a speaker in the same box?
alpine type r or kicker cvx?
I just accidently made a small whole in my speaker on the rubber side with a screw driver?
question on radio reception?
how do u build a box whn they just say u need 1.0 cubic feet umm ok WHT size?
Can I change the speakers from a 40W RMS to increase it to 180W RMS speakers?
what amp do i need!!!!!!!!!!!?
subwoof. for car?
Do i need an amp with my sub?
Car cd player won't play burned cds!?
Best Car Audio no price range ?
If i hooked up a 1000 watt rockford fosgate amp up to two 700 watt rms subs and still have decent sound???
how many hours will a 9 volt power 50 led lights?
Car Audio noob needs some help with deciding what to buy?
If you buy car speakers of any size can a speaker installer company make it so they fit?
Can a Kicker 12" L7 handle 1000W RMS?
Need help with my trucks audio system?
what does a capacitator do for subs?
Sony GTX1641 or Pioneer A1674r?
I have Boss 1600w amp with 4 channels running 2 12" JVC subs with a 1400w max power. Will I have any issues?
What's a good brand of car in dash CD deck?
Matching my amp to subs.?
Need help with Eclipse brand car stereo...?
What kind of Brand of Car Speakers would you recommend that are 6 1/2 that are a great brand?
are undercar lights legal in SC?
Would this sound system too much for my car?
Am I overpowering my subwoofers?
how to get rid of a toyota previa?
Grundig CD autochanger in 2000 Punto?
How do i build a 4 hole subwoofer box?
What would be the best 2 subs and amplifier for under $300?
I have two Pioneer TS-W310D4 subs 4 ohm?
best wiring output for subs and amp for 2ohm?
i have 2 pioneer 1200 watts subs, how many watts should my amp be? and is hifonic amps good?
What are some good speakers for my El Camino 86?
What subwoofers would be best?
will 2 12 inch fosgate p3 with a BOSS Exxtreme BLX3500M be a good set up?
Removal of head unit?
need security code for my daewoo audio system.1999 leganza.battery webt dead,and need to reprogram it?
About how much would it cost for wiring and connectors etc.... for installing an amp??
I Need A Lot Of Hard Hitting Bass Songs? Thanks?
What security system for my car would work against my car being keyed?
how do you tell if a subwoofer is busted?
On an 89 mustang lx do the rear speakers mount from underneath the rear deck or from the top? Thanks!?
why is my car cd playing up?
HOw do I hook up an Ipod to a Volvo XC97 (without using a radio transmitter or tape)?
what do i need to build subs?
I want to subs in my car? i need serious help?
does anybody know the wattage of a Kicker Impulse IX702 car stereo amplifier?
Will any other factory radio work in a 2005 Ford Explorer?
Freak fire started in my car?
CD stuck in Mercedes CD Changer?
my car radio isn't staying programed?
Do sealed boxes put out more bass than ported boxes?
is this a good buy? its 2 subs but i dont think its a well know brand price $300?
Adding subwoofer to amp set up?
Why do my car speakers buzz?
I wanna buy some audio for my car hear me out?
I want more bass in my car, what should I do?
I need some reviews about pioneer subwoofer?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
What type of wiring kit?
12 INCH SUBS 700Watt AND 800 AMP?
is there any room to fit two 51/4 speakers under the dash of a ford 2000 explorer sport?
What is a good box for a single rockford fosgate p3?
Should i have a ported or sealed box in my new car?
how do save on gas?
What are good subwoofers and amp?
whats $3.95 x 52? please help?
Why will scosche fd021 wiring not work in my 2000 mercury cougar?
need some help on picking out the right subs for my amp?
could someone please help me understand speakers and amps?
how can i play dvd movies on my factory 2006 lincoln navigator?
what do you think about walmart subwoofers? i am thinking of getting one?
Subwoofer won't work?
amp wont turn on (2)?
I need with my sound system in my car, i need to know if i should get another amp for it!?
my car CD player will play some CD's but not others?
How do I equalize each channel (Speaker) individually? (Car audio)?
i was doing soooo well and now i've blown it!?
Where can I get a headunit installed for cheap price?
Song with lyrics Don't turn around, cause your gonna see my heart breaking. Just turn away.?
how to install a car radio?
in the car bluetooth help?
which information is correct?
what do i need to power a 1000 watt amp in my room?
Is there a car stereo that has a usb port or something so it can read mp3 players?
what brand is better?
Where is the auxillary input in my 2005 Expedition?
What is the best brand for Amplifier kits for car audio?
4 or 8 gauge wiring for a 1000 watt sony explode?
Phillips SC201 car radio not standard radio 4 car. Cassette works but only static from radio What can I do?
If I use an ipod connected to my deck, do I retain the same 24 bit. D/A converter sound quality from my deck?
Would this be a good subwoofer set up?
2 speakers on a 4 channel amp ?
hello i need help with a amplifier ita a pioneer gm-x304 its about 7 years old need more info in cable diagram
What kind of amp should i get?
Does anyone think its "cool" or "sexy" to blast your car stereo so loud it rattle your teeth loose?
where can i find the override code for a Cadillac Ct's?
does a lighter or heavier car handle better?
Does running two car batterys make amp and speakers hit harder?
Will an amp give my speakers more bass?
Kicker l7 not working?
what connector does what on the back of a kenwood krc-360 cassette receiver (auto stereo)?
My Lights Dim Very Noticably After My Small System Was Installed, WHY?
Best amp for a 750 watt rms 2 ohm sub?
can anybody tell me some good speakers and radio in my old 71 GTO?
How do you listen to your i pod in your car if you only have a cd player? if so what?
can you add better sound systems to your car after you bought it?
I am having problems with hooking up my Pioneer avic-n3 car head unit?
Siruis Radio??
Kenwood TK-790 Radio?
Can I install a touchscreen head unit in my car?
KLH speakers work fine then distort?
My Orion Power Mobile car CD player model 810 works but my new speakers won't. Looking for manual or help?
What does everyone think of pioneer premier subwoofers i need an honest oppinion.?
How can I play music from my iPhone in my car?
I'm replacing my car's sound system. What is your recommendation?
I have 2 ohm fronts and 4 ohm rears, when amped how does that work?
Why am I getting a negitive sive port?!?
how do i fit a cd player to a 1993 toyota carina e? is it difficult or should i get someone to do it for me?
i have a 400 rms 12v amp and want to install it in my 24v truck. can it be hooked up to 1 battery?
sub to amp wiring question??
What amp would best fit this subwoofer?
car amplifier overdrived?
Would 3 strands of 12 gage and 2 strands of 10 gage be about the same as 8 gage?
please help me,audio question?
Which powered sub is better?
I need help with the Jensen VM9311TS ipod not working?
Will this amp power my sub woofer with out damaging it?
what are some brands that make good subs,speakers,and amps?
2 12 inch alpine type r subs in a trunk ported or solid box? i want punchy bass?
Radio wont turn as the car turns on?
I have 2 12" subs at 300w a piece at 4 ohms. Can i run them both off a 1 channel amp?
Car speaker installation question?
Why wont My Subwoofer play anymore?
Help with amp and base in car?
Please.Unlock radio.Serial number M000788?
Anyone selling a head unit of a AVIC-N1 from Pioneer?
Does anyone knw any good music with lots of bass for playing in car??
whats a good sub/amp combo?
how do you reset the stereo on a 1996 jeep laredo after changing the battery?
Can a capacitor hurt your subs?
what subwoofer should i get for my car?
Will i overpower my subwoofers with my amp?
what brand subwoofers would you recommend?
Car sound system, help!?
Who Makes Better Subs Kicker Or Kenwood?
Can you wire 2 different subs to the same amp?
Those rod thingies you poke down the side when installing/removing Car Radio/Disc Players?
will this soundsystem hit hard?
kenwood subs and amps what you think about them?
why might my amp go into protect mode if everything is hooked up right?
how do you link up multable amplifiers?
How big of an amp do I need to get for my subs?
What are the specs on a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Infinity stereo system?
Is this a good simple subwoofer?
Subwoofer and amplifier helppp!!?
Should i buy a 6 channel or 4 channel head unit?
Sirius Satellite Tuner??
Question about upgrading to high output alternators in subcompact imports.?
My fridge started with a loud buzzing noise. Does anyone know what it could be?
Tough one here about Radio?
where to buy speaker material,parts,kits, or woofer material?
I need help finding the right amplifier?
I have a 2005 toyota 4runner with a v8 with a 15 in kicker l7 and a zx1000.1amp, should i add a extra battery?
car stereo system question?
Can I connect this amp to these speakers or what amount of watts do you recomend?
components or 3 way?which is better?
Pro/contra of using car audio with usb drive.?
why would my prime rockford fosgate 1200d amp not sound 100%?
Do fm transmitters only work with ipod and Iphone devices?
Hi I'm looking for the code for my ford focus car radio - serial number M184390?
How can I play my music from my 6th Gen. iPod in my car?
2004 Chevy Tahoe with Bose speaker.?
Are these good speakers for my car?
how do you know what kind of amp to buy for subwoofers?
Can anyone help me to get the 4 digit code for a phillips C-D car Radio player,its in a Renault Laguna 98?
hifonics brutus 2610 what do you think?
Gps Nagivator?
Advice on Sat Nav please?
Does Anybody Know The Wattage of the Front Speakers of a 99 Mazda Protege DX?,Thanks.?
selecting car woofer is a big me anybody?
i need to tie up the ends of my sound system?
Best way to hook up two ,2ohm dvc subs?
Radio and CD work but no sound from any of the speakers?
Are Dual amplifiers any good?
GPS what does this mean?
How would i put my home theater system in a car?
car audio help needed!?
car stereo does not play cd's?
Car Stereo Advice for a '94 Mazda Mx-6?
Will this bass setup give me a good amount of bass?
Why do I get a thumbs down when I tell people what their radio codes are?
What is involved to get Sirius satellite radio?
Good sound system for my car?
Wire converter from car cd player to usb stick?
what are some good speakers?
How can i get the sub specs to make a box?
my corsa cdr 2005 cd player wont higher the volume with the volume nob on the front panel on the cd play help?
What radio/cassette will interchange with 1993 Montero?
Where do I connect a USB to a Kenwood KDC-X590 Car Stereo?
how do i fit a new radio in a rover 45,i have it working but it seems too long to fit in the dashboard?
Running my speakers above RMS level?
Any suggestions as to why my new car audio amp keeps blowing fuses?
Which Speakers Would Be Better?
How do you clean a trunk mounted 6 CD changer?
Does connecting two 4 ohm speakers in parallel make 8 ohm impedance?
2002 nissan altima no sound from stero?
Bass cutting in and out?
What amp will push a "15 kicker solobaric L5? I have a 1500.1 will that work?
what is the best clear speakers in my car?
Whats the blue wire on the Sony CDX-A55 10 disc changer? Yellow is 12V constant, black=ground,red=IOD. THANKS!
Error code 6 on in car CD player?
my zx 400.1 kicker amp with a 12inch kicker 4 ohm sub cuts out.?
Can anyone tell me the code for a ford 6000 CD tuner?
for the a supper car guy/girl?
What type of subs should i get? And amp?
how do i fine a use car lot with use cars?
My radio in my car wnt work, can anyone help?
How can I power a car radio insert outside a car in a speaker box?
Switch back to guitar or stay with bass?
wat is meaning of 2 din stereo?
hard hitting subs under 100 dollars?
how much does a car audio system cost altogether?
Are there lights that blink or move when connected to music?
Can you play a mp3 player through a car stereo?
How can I locate the particular fuse in the fuse box?
need help pronto with installing my car stereo.?
If you install a CD player into a 1993 fiat punto will the radio controls on the steering wheel still work?
My friends say that if you install subs and an amp in your car, your alternator will die. Is that true?
Component or 2 way?
What could be a issue on my 2004 Grand Prix audio system?
is it hard to make your own ported box for a 15" L7 sub?
how do i install my car amp.?
3 rockford fosgates in a sealed box?
i am running 380wattsrms(in my pickup) to 2 8"polk momo subs. if i run one wire, what gauge should it be?
Which car stereo speakers are better- Memphis or Infinity?
Who makes the best amps? Have you ever heard of Boss Audio?
i got a alpine mono v power 650 watt amp and was looking to see how much it is worth?
Please I need help with a good sub choice for a good price with my monoblock 500 watt rms 1000 peak amp?
where can i get my sound system installed in my car - perth?
how much does it cost for a cd player to be put in a car?
Compatibility of car stereo in India?
Which amp should i buy for 2 pioneer champion series subs?
My stereo has higher fuse amp than in my Car Radio Amp?
i have a corsa c and everytime i turn the volume up the cd player cuts out, whats the problem?
Which is better the Garmin StreetPilot i5 or the c330?
were to get signal from to hook up amp un 06 yukon with bose system?
where can i find body kits for a 2001 toyota echo? (coupe)?
If i install just a head unit in my car how much will the sound improve?
I need a wiring diagram for a Chrysler radio P/N P56038933AB?
is $200 for dual visonik subwoofers a good bye?
I would like to hook up my subs to my factory stereo...?
Why wont my battery send power through my power wire to my amp?
car all speakers produce low volume only when I changed radio with a used am/fm?
can i hook 2 sony xplod 1100 watt speakers to a sony xplod 1000 amp?
My subs are acting weird?
Why are radio signals horrible at night?
12' Alpine type r vs 12' pioneer premier 3002d2?
Where is the radio connector on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?
to find a radio code?
so will this make my jl 12' w7 1ohm?
how do I program Sirius Satellite Radio to repeat a song or seek a particular song?
Which amplifier is better, a 3000watt power acoustik amp or a 1500watt crunch amp 3kwatt runs at 1300RMS @2ohm?
How is the 2006 cadillac sound system? Is it clear with good quality and bass?
is rd audio a good brand? reviews? personal experience? and is kicker or rd audio better?
how do i run one dvc 12 inch audiobahn at 2 ohms, my sub has 4 positives and 4 negatives.?
jl w3 vs. rockford fosgate p3?
what is best way to run my system?
Would a VISONIK VB-212PKG Dual Bass Box with 12" 1000W Subwoofers and Amplifier fit in a 2001 honda crv?
What is the best way to connect an ipod to a car audio system?
1999 gmc savana will double din radio fit?
How do I resolve vibrations from subwoofers.?
whats the best speaker brand to put in your car?
i replaced an infinity stereo cassette with the same exact stereo only it has the cd in it ,the cd wont play .
Ford F150 Kicker l7?
I have 6 1/2" Polk Audio DXi650's 55w RMS x 4 speakers. whats a good/cheap amp that can power these with good?
Where can I purchase a good 2nd hand Sat. Nav. from. Any recommendations on a brand please?? ?
Can a memory stick be used in a USB port in a car radio?
What are all the parts to a good car sound system? Also what r the best brands for those parts?
i have a sega cd & i'm not sure how to hook it up i also need to know what the mixing port is for and do i nee
Installing a cd player in a car?
has any body seen a ghost and do u think ghost r real?
I want to get a new system for my car, would this **** bump?
does an amplifier with 1 ohm resistance capability mean it can handle lower bass?
How can I hook up a deck?
I need help with a Kenwood KDC 138 car stereo?
What are good subwoofer brands?
custom install 4 inch speaker replacing 4x10?
I Want to get a 2005 trailBlazer as my first car I want to put 10 or 12 inch subs under the rear seat?
No sound from radio 1999 Toyota Solara?
I have a pair of rockford t1's 12's and i just hooked up a kicker 800 watt 2 channel amp how do i bridge it?
My 2 10 "subs wont even vibrate any more. Just idle. Help?
Does anyone know anything about the sound on after market radios?
Car Subwoofer indoors?
install a car radio in a 2004 gmc envoy?
My Car Radio doesnt work?
how do i fix a ed 10 in pioneer sub?
Speakers for a Mazda b2300.?
I want to play MP3s in my car CD Player?
Should I get an fm transmitter or a cassette adapter?
how can I receive phone calls through my car speakers?
whats the difference between the T1 and T2 rockford fosgate power subs?
can i buy a key to take out my car radio?
subs weigh down my trunk. Reduce sag?
did my capacitor drain?
what amp wold i be better off getting?
what's the best car in the world?
help with car speaker system?
my aftermarket speakers wont fit ?
Is this a good subwoofer package?
how do I take a radio out of a 93 honda accord.?
What speakers to not damage?
How do I fix up my 1996 Buick Century 4 Door Sedan?
Cadillac CTS 2009 new audio system?
Help with Subs, amp, and car reserve current capacity?
My factory stereo doesnt work! Help!!!!?
what size are the stock speakers in a 2006 ford f-150 xlt 5.4 supercrew?
$1500 for my car stereo?
Can household 3way switches be used for 12v lighting?
my sub box cuts out when i turn up the radio?
how can i plug my mp3 player....?
Im helping my cousin install a system in his 78 Chevy scotsdale we have two sony xplod 12" subs peak:1200?
I want to buy my boyfriend an indash monitor for his 04 F-350 for christmas.?
First step in buying sound system?
how much bass would a kicker cvr 10" subwoofer with a 600 watt power acoustik amp put out?
car audio wiring help?
Requesting a diagram of "FH-P80" car stereo upper bord for "ic 74HC175A"?
speaker box building ?
i need help i have an iphone 3gs?
Is it the amp or subs?
Recommended rms rating of speakers for my head unit?
Why are my subwoofers not working properly?
Very interested in buying 2 Kicker L7s 12s?
Car Stereo System for 96 Ford Taurus?
rockford P1 and rockford R2?
audio system? beginner?
Hello,I bought a pioneer stereo doble din,but it dosent fit in my murano 2004, what can i do?
How can I removed an IS300 rear deck speakers?
What colour should i make my car interior be?
anybody have amps for a car?
Can external hard drives be used with an cd/mp3 player in the car?
Is a kicker better than a memphis or rockford subwoofer?
Can anyone tell me the name of the background song playing in the Audi Q7 car commercial, playing on T.V.?
is an 80 amp AGU fuse a slow blow?
Can u hook up a amp to a stock radio? Or do u have to get a aftermarket radio to do that?
if my car dosent have CD player , i wanna get one , any clue how much it would cost?
Another question about my speaker & amplifier setup?
What is the best 10" shallow sub?
i have two 12" subs and they both have 2700 watts max what amp should i get to push them both?
what is the 1st country in world?
New head unit installation in 02 Avelanche?
I have 01 ford expedition stereo has no bass output and rear sub doesnt work is there mayb fuse blown?
Can I control my amplifier's power?
what are the best car subs for 150 each?
What are good loud thumping bass headphones?
how to remove 350z dashboard?
Is it okay to switch a house speaker with a car speaker?
need help with my sound system.?
what would be a better set up having the (2) subs in parral or in series?
i want to install an after-market cd player in my mazda protege. where can i find info on how to do it myself?
Dual Alpine Type R 12?
What all do I need to get subs for my car?
what is the best car alarms?
i just bought a cinqucento sporting and i need help wiring the stereo?
sub to amp wiring question?
What's a good car stereo?
Looking for a good spl meter for testing stereo equipment?
Why does my amp sound flat and not getting any tone?
Where can i get a car battery that is a deep cell.?
Can my amp power be too much for my speakers?
What is best radio I can buy for my car ? I have a new vw and want a nice sound system Ive heard that they?
information on a crankshaft for a 283 engine?
How to wire my new Infinity kappa components to my amp?
Does anyone know if its possible to use an ipod with the navigation system that came with a 2007 Corvette?
what size of speakers?
im getting two 12" dual voice coil kickers and i wondering what amp would be the best?
Can I hook up 2 amps to 2 subs? I have 2 12 inch kickers and 2 different amps?
who makes srl duelled mirrors?
Is it difficult for a beginner to install a FM Modulator for iPod ?
How do I Install an in dash navigation system in an 05 chevy van?
Which subwoofer should i get?
How can I remove a nokia car kit from a MK5 golf?
New to amps and subs.. do I have a decent set up?
is my amp 1ohm or 2ohm stable?
what's preamp voltage on aftermarket stereo?
How to wire in a car cd player the right way - what's better than wire nuts and/or elec tape?
Cost to repair my amp.....?
Would 2 12 Inch CVR sub-woofers run good off a 4000 Watt J.A.B. Class D Amplifier?
choosing an amplifier?
Fact or crap, "under powering a sub will destroy it"?
Glen burnie remote starter install?
what kind of audio should i get 4 my car?
ford mondeo radio code?
Would This Be A good subwoofer setup?
How to put wires in car stereo together?
price to install pop up sunroof on a coupe?
2005 Saturn ION2 CD player stopped playing burned cds?
2005 Ford Escape Satellite Radio?
can i put 2 12 inch subwoofers in a subaru impreza outback sport?
where is the audio amp in 2002 buick rendezvous?
mazda rx7 rear trunk speaker cover?
I got a kicker 08zx200.4 amp now I need to find some speakers to macth it?
Subwoofer and amp question?
Question about a cooler stereo?
how do i hook up the wires on the passenger side window switch of an 83 chevy pick up?
how close will 1 15" kicker cvr sound compared to 2 12" cvr subwoofers?
About how much would it cost to install a new stereo and speakers in my car.?
best way to get thru the firewall to install power wire for subwoofer in chevy colorado 2008?
Replacing my car speakers?
Should the music (sound) ordinance be dropped? Need OPINIONS from all ages for a research paper!?
Where can i buy a cheep car stereo..??
what good does a crossover do?
What's better 4ohm or 2ohm?
Two kicker l7 12" vs one 15 4000w hcca Orion?
Will this bass setup give me a good amount of bass?
I have Alpine cassete/CD Player in my car & its Demo button's light turned red. How will it become green?
How to Remove the Factory Radio ford windstar?
Installing stereo in 2003 Nissan Sentra (HELP!)?
Can i just make a box for my sub woofer or do I need special parts.?
Car sound system help?
where can i get harness for indash?
Where is the dodge charger constant power wire to hook up a aftermarket radio?
How do you carpet a subwoofer enclosure?
Can i remove the back seats of a 2004 Acura TL and put an amp and subs in?
2004 pontiac grand prix gtp that has "phone" listed on car stereo display, and will not shut off. Plz advise.
which subwoofer is the loudest?
how hard is it to install a car cd player?
2006 altima anti-theft code for radio?
Will best buy figure out themselves where to put the subwoofer in my truck?
Getting iPod to play in new expedition?
BMW 2005 Z4 and iPhone 3GS adapter?
Which would be a better groundpounder?
Which is better if i wired my 4 ohmn cvr 15's parallel or series?
How should i wire my kicker L7 sub?
Do i need to upgrade my battery for my audio system?
my sub has no sound at all?
I have a VW polo radio which I would like to remove, and fit a Pioneer radio.?
New rear car speakers-what deck should I get? ?
Why is the CD Player in my 2002 Ford Explorer not working?
Have any of you ever had your car broken into?
how to get an amp to power 10 speakers?
If I buy Audio system from USA for my father Alto LXi, will that be compatible?
Whats the easiest way to get Sirus Satellite Radio system in my car without replacing the existing radio?
what is an audio - Aux Input Socket in a car?
Is this a good amp speaker setup and will this amp give me maxa peformance?
at what ohm do subwoofers sound the best?
I need help picking out car speakers!! Not sure what to get, can anyone help?
i need to know how to program my key pad for my 2004 ford escape so my alarm system works?
can the ground wire be bigger than the power wire for a 400/4 ( 4 channel amp)?
best speakers?
2 12 inch rocksford fosgate p3 subs or 1 15 in rocksford fosgate T2 .s?
hi how have cars develpoed to meet specific needs?
how to install an amplifier wiring kit?
how do you hook up a 300 watt amp to a stock radio?
what music songs have big bass beats?
Best port tuning frequency for my 12" sub?
Can someone help me choose a radio for a 2000 ford ranger?
How can I get all speakers to work?
When did the Boom Boom stop?
does any one know any custom or sound competition shows in chicago?
Hooking up one subwoofer to an amp?
Is it possible to blow out the speakers in a car stereo?
How do you wire tweeters in a car?
CD Player for '03 Grand Am.?
'04 Cadillac Deville iPod Options?
favorite subwoofer brand?