Car Audio

What does it take to play music files from an external hard drive thru a car with only mp3 player option?
iso car stereo manual for dual mp3 cd car stereo?
why does my car audio amplifier cut off?
What size are 106 speakers?
2 12 inch alpine type rs are 1 15inch kicker l7 ??? I want more then loud I wan bass u can feel plz help?
Woulld you rather have two 10 inch subwoofers or one 12 inch subwoofer?
Wiring question..............?
Has anyone ever heard of Niche Audio?
what is the best amp for my subs?
How do modify my navigation system to have RCA inputs?
does anyone know how to enter the radio code on an nissan micra i have the code but don't know how to do it
Is bestbuy decent for installing car audio stuff?
where can i find the radio fuse on a 05 monte carlo?
Why are my car speakers making a popping sound?
Does anyone know if it's possible to install an after market navgation sysytem to a 2001 lexus gs300?
can this head unit fit into my car?
Amp fuse burns out everytime i put a new fuse in?
How many watts would i need to push 3 12" cvr's?
My battery died and now my radio wont work?????? HELP!!?
Where can I get a 3 pin plug adapter with a car cigar lighter adapter with 30/35 amp capabities.?
On 5ch car amplifier can i run crossover we tweeters?
antenna question?
whats your fav car and why?
Two Audio Amp Question?
Where should i go to get my car stereo installed?
wiring a dual voice 12"subwoofer and a 12"singal voice coil sub to 1 amp?
Where can i buy a P.A for my truck?
The manufacturer of a CD player has found that the revenue R (in dollars) is when the unit price is p dollars?
what to do with ground wire on stereo?
What is a good brand for a in-dash car cd player?
Anybody have a Garmin Nuvi 660?
how do i work the telivision system in the gl450?
would this amp be good for 4 kicker comps 12"?
How do I set the clock on a Pioneer DEH-6700MP car cd player?
car audio capacitors what do they do?
which one is louder a 12 inch diamond audio D9 or a digital designs 2512?
What is wrong with my car stereo system?
i need help??
Hopefully last question for subs ever, is this setup correct?
is it legal to get all your windows in your car plexiglass?
which subs for my car?
What is a good amplifier for my subs?
Do I need a Farad Capacitor when installing a subwoofer/Amp system. Amp - 1600Watts?
I need to purchase a van with wheelchair access but the prices are disabling?
I need help running 4 12's on a 1800 watt mono amp.?
My car won't start but the radio works and dashboard also ?
Help with subwoofers?
What size/dimensions of speakers and head unit does a 2004 Corolla S have?
What's a low noise preamp?
The sound in my car isnt working? help?
good amp to push 2 13w7?
1999 Chevrolet Blazer speakers?
How can I remove a casset tape from my car player? It is a 2003 Hyundai Sonota. Does anyone else this problem?
What should my input sensitivity be at on my amp?
Can I hook an mp3 player up to a panasonic cq-5110u, in car player, and how to set stereo up to do it?
what size alternator do i need?
do you think the deh-80prs is better than the kdc-x993?
can you wire to cp power supplies to one amp?
Okay I'm getting either a pair of infinity 12" subs or jl 12", what kind of amp do i need for them???? Thanks?
I wired in the auxiliary for my Pioneer 50wx4 and it's very quiet. Help?
Pioneer Amp Flashing Blue Light?
how to make factory dvd system in ford f150 work with aftermarket hu?
my 4 channel amp that i was talking about but didnt give the name or the wattage its a boss riot 1000w?
what is the video format for a Boss BV7320 car stereo?
RE Audio SXX12D 12" VS Alpine SWX-1243D 12"?
i have a 1200W HIFONICS BRUTUS BRZ1200.1D 1200W MONO D Car Amp what kind of amp kit do i need?
I am looking for a subwoofer system and I'm on a budget is this sub goodquality? JBL GT-BassPro12 12"?
My Alpine headunit shuts off when the bass hits at a certain level.?
can anyone tell me how to remove the radio from a 1993 honda accord?
Volfenhag sub and proper amp to go with it?
Can you fit 2 10 or 12 inch kicker cvx under the back bench of a 2010 silverado?
installed new stereo..dash lights won't turn on now..HELP.?
How many amps will I need for this?
What size speakers go in a 1997 Nissan pick up truck?
help with 1990 f`150 amp and sub install?
how do i know if my amp has an internal fuse and what does it look like?
please help im stuck my sub wont work on AUX, CD but it works on Tuner?
How do i fix my Kenwood?
What brand car stereo do you recommend ? What features would you get?
I am debating between three car stereo systems, which should I buy???
need help with subwoofers ?? HELP?
Where can I find the original stereo for my car?
how much should i pay for used boston acoustics pair g5 sub woofers in box?
if i connect 2 speakers together and lower the independence will it increase the wattage?
Will changing the radio or speakers in my leased car void the repair warranty?
How to prevent rattling inside vehicle?
Can i have 2 amps connected to my battery?
Type r 12 4ohm or 2ohm amp + sub advice?
old truckers logo keep on truckin?
Why is my subwoofer quiet?
Can you use a mono amp to power 2 12'' subs?
protec amplifiers?
Question about car speakers?
How do I boost my antenna strength on my 1999 Buick Century?
Subwoofers blown or is it something else?
instructions for pioneer fh-p888md?
what kind of speakers?
How do I replace the AUX outlet in my car?
Ford Mondeo cd 6000 radio code?
car system question 2 10 inch jensens?
How do you imput the radio code into a renualt clio?
Can I switch a new subwoofer with old one?
Hi my kenwood car stereo has just died on me:o( so ive ordered a new one........?
What does subwoofer preamp output means?
subwoofer box question?
Taking out speakers on a 2003 Alero?
How do you wire a light with a switch using dc power?
wich subwoofer is better?
Gran Marquis 1994 Subwoofer question?
What car amplifier should i use for these subs?
Broken ipod car charger?
What is the best kind of subwoofer out there?
Which power coard comes with the Garmin Nuvi 200?
i purchased a car from jdbyrders was wonderin about the refund for the rip offs?
How do i turn on the "loudness" or bass option on my sony car CD player?
2 15's or 4 12's (power vs cone area)?
can you just get subs for your car without amplifiers?
regardless of $,whats the best possible speakers to buy for a car audio system?
I own a 2001 Vauxhall Astra LS but don't have radio code. Garages asking stupid prices to cure code problem.
im looking to spend $2000 to $2500 on a car audio sound system what should i get i want it to be beating reall?
Is 400 Rms watts loud?
Si Unit help !!!!!!!??!!! ?
whats the difference betweet 2ohm and 4 ohm im hohin to get two 12inch kicker l7 whicj sould i get 2ohm oh 4oh
can a poorly charged battery cause car speakers treble to be weak?
How do you program a Viper 350hv alarm for ACTIVE arming?
What are the best type of trunk speakers besides the mtx jackhammer?
We just puchased a 2001 Lincoln LS and the CD player doesn't take burned CD's. Anyone know why?
Car Audio; What are tweeters for?
In my car I have a standard radio with casette player for a dodge intrepid.?
My 12v car stereo wiring has no constant, what do i do?
would a subwoofer cause battery problems?
What is it called on a car radio to make CDs not skip when you drive over bumps etc?
Explorer Radio skips like crazy and then stops playing cd and switches to radio?
which is the best mp3 player with best maximum features, reliabilty in an affordable price?
Upgrading my system!?
I have a Jensen Touch screen stereo and the monitor will not come out.?
I have two 12 inch Pioneer subs. They are 400 watt RMS each. I want a class D MONO amp.?
what are some similarities and differences between cars of the 1930's and cars dof the 1940's?
I would like to get a CD or tape player to install in my car.The old tape player is broken.Any suggestions?
Finding the right amplifier for my sub...(confused)?
I need a good amp for my subwoofer!!?
What's the best way to get a power cord fromthe battery to the ampthrough the firewall of a 00 chevy truck
Adding a single 10 sub to my 07 Jetta?
can you use a regular cd lens cleaner in a car?
where do connect the positive dimmer?
How do I get my new Silvercrest KH2382 car radio to work in my 2004 Fiat Punto?
clarion dxz645mp display will not power but the buttons will light up green, why is this. please help?
why is this with a car audio system?
where can i get nice subs super cheap?
My car radio won't play burned cd's!!?
how many watt subwoofer should i run to a 1000 watt amp?
What noise should be that?
TomTom One vs. Garmin Nuvi 300 Sat Navs?
how do i wire my 2002 vw cd player from the wires from my 1999 vw cassette player?
how the heck do u get out of here cos im stuck?
Confused about car speaker size.?
How do I get my kenwood car cd player to turn on?
Is it possible to fit two 15 inch subs in the trunk of a 1996 honda accord?
Where is the factory Amp?
Songs that "Slap" harder than...?
"The big three" upgrade?
how do i put household speakers into a car?
easy dumb car amp question?
Why does my battery in my car need replaced about every 6 months?
what is your opinion on the dhd ntx capacitor?
I was looking for some subwoofers for my car but i dont know whick ones to get, any ideas?
All my wires to my amp are connected, My sub is all connected why don't my sub work i get power to the amp?
I need a wiring diagram for a Chrysler radio P/N P56038933AB?
Will this be ok to wire? ?
2gig ipod with a griffin radio adapter help?
Getting new subwoofers, need your opinion?
what is the powder blue wire on a sony cdx-c680 car stereo cd player?
Honda CR-V CD player not working?
Where can I have a BLAUPUNKT CAR RADIO REPAIRED near L.A.??
Can a 2008 uplander car stereo (with aux in) works fine in a 2007 uplander?
Car stereo not turning on, Nissan sentra 1992?
What brand has the best 6x9's? Why? w/ high power?
Are Kicker subwoofers a good brand?
Why doesn't my tape player in my car work!?? PLEASE!?
Where can I find a door speaker size for a 1996 Ford Explorer 4 door?
Help me choose amp wiring kit for my amp?
hooking dual 10 inch subs up?
I need help identifying wires on a harness for a Sony Car Stereo!?
What is best 2500w RMS amp?
i have 2 pioneer 1200 watts subs, how many watts should my amp be? and is hifonic amps good?
soundstream dv-12?what are the wiring combinations for it?(1,2,4 ohms)?what amp is the best?(2,4ohms stable) ?
If I pump 500 watts into a speaker with a 1000 watts rms, is that bad?
Car stereo was making a ling noise, then all the speakers completely quit working.?
Can anyone tell me why does my headlights blink like disco lights when I turn my subs up? What is recommended?
is it possible to uncrimp a wire crimp?
I need help hookin up my ipod to my car?
people with nice who have subs in your vehicle, help!?
what could cause a thump and a acceleration whine when i connect my radio to the amp?
What is a really hard hitting sub? I want to feel like someone is punching my chest.?
do u have to be 16 and older to take your driver license.?
can i wire up a sub like i would a speaker?
Best Car Speakers?
How much does Bestbuy charge to install an audio system?
Can attach my sony 6" round speakers in front?
how do i hook up a Lanzar MAXP2051D?
What are good speakers to put in your car for listening to Rock?
subs stopped working!!! HELP!?
How do I instal a amp and or sub in my 2003 chevy avalanche ?
what is good sub-woofer music for my car?
What size door and roof speakers?
Probs with sony xplod urgent?
How do you use a multi-CD player 6 disc in a car?
using resistors to take bass out of mid range speakers?
What is a good audio FM transmitter for my Android cell phone?
if i had a 2 ohm stable amp can i wire my speakers at 1.4ohms and be ok?
How can i get my music to play from a flash drive in a radio?
This amp for a 12" sub?
Would my 12V Digital HIFI amp work for my 150watt speakers??? HELP!?
Should i put a 2 12" subs in the trunk of my car or in the back seat?
does the 97 volkswagen cabrio come with a compact disc player?
Enough power going to my speakers?
4 channel sony amp, 2 kenwood 300watts rms subs..bridge?
why did my inline fuse blow for my amp?
I WANT TO UPGRADE my SUBS FROM 2 OLDER MTX 12'S to shallow mount 12's?
delco stereo, model 16195161 Will this fit into a 98 chev Blazer?
What kind of audio speaker system is in a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500?
What kind of XM Receiver can I use with a GM Car XM Ready Radio?
Why is my Sub Cutting off? I have a jl audio 500/1 with a jl audio 12w6v2 and my lights dimm.?
Are Alpine SPR speakers overrated?
What amps can i choose from for my Subs?
Do I need a new alternator for a new sound system?
what is better sony explode or rockford punch?
rock 9050 car cd player?
Can someone help me with my car sound system?
popping sound when turning power amp off?
do i need any kind of special wires to replace my factory speakers?
how to remove a stereo on a 95 mitsubishi galant???
whats out the speedo or your sat nav?
can i play the music on my phone through a bluetooth car radio?
Kicker solo x 18in amp?
Can Anybody post the Turkey Vs Bosina Line-up and subs?
where do i get the install kit for a 6.1 kenwood touchscreen video player for my 2000 camaro?
Car CD Player not working after flat battery?
i want a cheap 3000w massive audio amp?
am i over powering my speakers? and how loud can i go?
Where should I go to get new car speakers (purchased and installed)?
Car amplifier help?
What are the best speakers for the inside of your car?
Will my battery be able to handle sub and amp?
what the best car?
Steering wheel controls?
Car Stereo Amp....Too hot to handle...?
how do i connect 2 optima batteries in my car for my sounds?
2006 mitsubishi eclipse?
Will this work together?
I Got 2 15's And A Amp But Can I Use A Stocked Stereo Or Do I Need To Buy A New One For My Car???
Can you bridge 3 10's subs?
Will Tacoma satellite ready antenna work with a plug and play?
how do you take off the radio system to put in a cd player in a 1999 camry?
how come the back speakers are not working in my car?
I have an Alpine #CDA-9827 stereo in my CRV and it won't light up the speakers. The manual does not address.?
Would this sound good (car audio)?
How to install LEDS into speakers?
How do I wire 4 15" inch 2ohm subs to one ohm?
what subs should i get!!!!!!!!?
what are loud subwoofers and amps for my car?
What kind of GPS should I ask for for Christmas?
Is it safe to order from (please help)?
how do i wire a fusion head unit to a 96 clio?
Would my new car speakers need an amp?
Subwoofers 10inch vs 8inch for fast metal?
Which subwoofer should I get?
What do "African Americans" think?
What are the best 6x9 speakers for sound quality?
What exactly is a car subwoofer(s) and how do you use them?
Trying to hook up a Kenwood KSC-WD250 subw. but do not have the remote control unit.How can I get it to work?
can anyone tell me how to remove the radio from a 1993 honda accord?
Best type of cd player..?
where can i find a radio delete plate for a jeep cj5 or 7?
Alpine Type X?
I have a pioneer car stereo system that I am trying to find information on. Can you help?
Are there any in-car GPS systems that give an audio warning for exceeding the speed limit?
Would this amp work for this subwoofer?
Car radio wiring help needed ASAP?
Need help to find Ford radio code?
What is required for opening a car audio shop in san jose, ca?
How do I play my ipod through my car stereo without an auxiliary port?
Cheapest car audio website?
how do you remove the door panel in c1500 pickupi see no screws,does it pop out ?
how do i make door speakers fit in the door hole with a square uneven cut & has deeper gooves that won't mtch
Can you tell if this amp and this sub will work well together?
What if we connect two terminals (+ve and -ve) of a battery together?
who invented the cd player?
can a 3 year old have nightmares bout something they've been through?
I have a Jensen HD5313 I am installing in my 2002 Ford Focus.?
If i have a two channel amp 4 ohms, how do i bridge my two 4ohm subs to it.?
I need a Kicker Subwoofer expert!!?
I forgot my pin on a garmin nuvi 255w any help?
If i put subs in my room with a battery where am i supposed to ground it?
Does anyone have 2 10inch subs in a standard s-10?
Need a place to sell my Kicker L5 15"?
How to install speakers in honda civic?
Are 6x9 and 6 3/4 the same size speakers ?
Best way to have my amp tuned?
how much is my bose system in my car worth?
Bass/Balance problem on car stereo?
How to play MP3 CD's in car stereo that doesn't play MP3?
Which is the best car audio brand?
Installed Polk Audio DB651 Into Front Doors Of A 2001 GMC Yukon.?
the bass in my truck is only playing with the radio but not with my cd's???
what are those can shape things they use for subwoofers?
square 10 solobaric KICKER?
Subwoofer/Amp Question?
What amp should i get for my 2 sony xplod 12s 1200 watts?
2006 Impala LT Subwoofer Install?
high pitch noise from car stereo?
which subwoofer should i get for my small car?
To add poly fiberfill or not?
is it safe to wire a cigarette lighter into boot of car using existing wires from a live feed to lights?
What is the difference between anti-lock brakes and non anti-lock brakes?
Who has fairy wings?
What is the best sound system that I can get for about $5000?
aarcue, the nissan micra is a 2004 but the instructions might be the same as the 2005 can u help?
Good songs with high bass?
What size speaker wire do I use for these subwoofers?
What is the best amplifier for a car that will give me the best sound quality for my mids and highs?
is limo tint to difficult to see out..for a cars window?
can anyone tell me how to fit a car cd player?
Line level converter question?
my amp power light turns red when i hook up the rca cables and no sound?
Do Optima car batteries go bad?
Which will sound better, a 15" with 2 12"s or 2 10"s?
Are Zune players compatible with the IDog speakers?
What are some good car audio team names?
Wich Car Speaker Brand is Better?,Infinity or Panasonic?.?
what is the difference in sound quality between a oval and round speaker?
whould this subs amp combo work well?
what do i need for a clear sounding car audio system ?
I put a new stereo in my car and the speakers wont work?
How do i fix the licence plate rattling in my scion tc when the bass is turned up?
i need help from a person thats great with subs and amps for cars!!!!!!!!!!!!?
mono, 2 channel, 4channel amplifier question?
Will this amp work with these subwoofers?
Why did my tape deck stop working?
Which amp is better to power a L7 15" 4 ohms? Hifonics BXI1606D or Kicker ZX1000.1?
Which one would be better? Jl Audio or Kicker kx600.1?
frying subs? I have a alpine 1000watt mono amp its been hooked up to my 3000watt pioneer premier for 6 months?
Does Anyone know where I can get my hands on a six-track cd Changer?
Do remote car starters damage your car?
What all do i need to hook up a sound system in my 97 grand prix?
Vehicle stock and Subs?
Does anyone know if there is a school for mobile and electronics in maryland or surrounding area?
2005 Kia Spectra factory radio have AV input?
what guage wire is that?
anyone know what this is?
Speaker Fitment Question?
HID help for 2004 dodge dakota?
How to charge a capacitor?
why can i buy a pair cheap 6x9 and 1 amp but good ones?
How do i take the radio out of a 1997 (R reg) toyota corolla estate??
Does 50w on the reciever mean each channel?
I have an 03 mitsubishi eclipse - I want to add a radio that takes mp3s - any suggestions?
Amp+ Radio advice please?
What kind of amp would go good with Polk MoMos?
If it takes a hen and a half a day and a half to lay an egg and a half....?
How to find a pin code to unlock Toyota corolla car's radio ?
PIONEER GM-D8400M 1200 WATT MONO for my jl 12w6v2?
well i was wanting to know what audio system do i put in my car i really need to know???? o yeah i like rap!!?
Very strange speak problem in car audio system.?
which brand of speakers and amps are better out of these 2 rockford punch and kicker?
Can I use a circuit breaker instead of a fuse for an amp?
How do i play music from my samsung intensity 2 to my car stereo?
how do i program my stock cd player for a 92 lexus sc 400?
Will this amp work for these two subs?
our car stereo is still live after we turn the ignition off we had 2 take the main fuse out anyone help?
how do you wire 2 dual 2 ohm subs to a 2ch amp?
How bad really is sony, pioneer and fusion and all that..?
How can I fix my mirror on the passenger side of my car?
With the continuing popularity of large sub-woofers in cars should we buy hearing aid stocks?
what kind of amp do i need to get?
Ipod not compatible with car?
hi in my car i have two 100 Watt RMS 6x9's and a 800 watt RMS Sub. What amplifier do i need for my car?
Does anyone know how to work out the dimensions for a bass box?
My Visionik 300 watt amp and subwoofer won't work???
Where can i sell my car speacker and amp?
What type of power inverter do i need to power my PA speaker?
my jl audio 500/1 turn on 15 seconds later turns off why?
what would you put in a 95 eagle talon.?
Is this amp alright for these speakers?
I have 2 MTX Jackhammers. Which amp to get that will give me all the bump?
Nissan altima radio ?!?
Capacitor charging problem?
wire harness stereo car help?
Am I pushing these speakers well enough?
what do i need to power a 1000 watt amp in my room?
If you have 200 watt speakers and it calls for a 12 Volt DC adapter what do you do.?
Car Audio Speakers?
Anybody know if I'll have a problem installing a stereo in my Nissan Altima 2006 if I just buy a normal?
how do i wire my alpine type x to 2 ohms?
How much would it cost to install subs on a Mitsubishi Lancer 2003 LS?
whats best subwoofers for car?
Where is the best place to get my viper smartstart (remote car starter) installed besides bestbuy?
Monsoon sound system, no bass?
Dual - 12" Subwoofer?
I need help finding subwoofers for a 1994 Nissan Altima?
What amp do I need for my car system?
i have a kicker crv 12 inch sub thats not working right,can you help?
Someone Subwoofer HELP?
What are some tips to make my bass lower?
How do your reset AVIC-N1 hideaway box?
Ford 5000 rds stereo code?
how do i hook up a screen to the e-brake to make the screen work?
Too the user ozzy?
Sub Woofer Trunk Rattle?
I have a Pioneer DEH-11 Stereo, trying to hook it up to a 2000 Dodge dakota?
How to replace a car stereo?
What Ohms speakers will i need?
which one?????
Download Bass Bosster?
Help with my car speakers?
Wiring amp in a 1992 Honda Accord?
How are the polk db651 speakers?
I'm looking for a good brand of sub but dont want to spend an arm and a leg what should i get?
Small Vented Box for my 15?
Ohms! i need help?
What is the best amp for jl w7 13.5?
are in dash dvd players illegal?
sub speaker and amp help?
where can I purchase a Bravo entertainment system for my vehicle? I live in garden Grove, Ca?
Do I need to buy new speakers if I get a new radio for my car?
subwooer help asap want to buy tomorrow.?
I need front and rear speakers. Really confused? Need Help!?
Hi. I have a ford focus 2002 and need the key code for my radio. Serial no. is M405231. Can anyone help?
Should I switch to a ported sub box?
i had a question about subs i have 4 of them?
Amplifier Questions?
Is my aunt racist?? Or stereo type or just playing around?
Suitable amp for Pioneer TS-W3002D2 Champion Series Pro 3500 Watts 12" 1000 Watts RMS?
Installing a toggle on the remote wire for my sub amp?
Will an amp give my speakers more bass?
whats your fav car and why?
can I run four different wattage speakers from one source?
please can you help me, i have a ford radio need code for it......?
kicker comp VT with rockford fosgate power 1000?
is there any way to use my ipod in my car??
How much better is a jl audio w7 series vs a 3v3 series?
ok i am about to get a brand new audio system. subs, amp...what other things do i need to make sure...?
Manufacture Ilo brand electronics?
a replacment fuse for a 1600 watt amplifier?
Which car to try and pimp out?
I have a Nissan Frontier 2000 and im trying to find what color is the Parking Brake Cable?
Best car sound system for under $600?
What are Good Bass Songs for Subwoofers?
08 ENDEAVOR after market stereo?
Will this RF amp be good for this sub?? 10points?
Car cd player skips but not scratched and only does with high vol?
should i put pipes on my car????
Can i wire two 4ohm subs briged runing parralol.??????? 420?
Does My Power Wire Have To Be The Same Size As My Ground Wire?
I just got a 2006 F150 supercab. What are my best options for upgrading the sound system.?
Outside noise very audible inside my car?
why do my speakers decrease in volume wen the volume on my deck is turned up?
any car show coming up for south carolina?
can you help? i need to find who the Owner of this licence Plate is :u9308?
Questions about 4" speakers in a 2005 cavalier?
HEY omg PLEASE help out!!!!?
What is the right amount of subs with the right amp?
can this fit in my 1997 thunderbird?
Is this how you bridge an amp?
2 channel amp running 1 6x9 speaker and sub? possible?
Can anyone tell me what cars a Delco Am Radio part # 16014910 will fit?
What do I need to install a cd deck in my car?
Harness hook up in my head unit.?
Sundown Audio or DC Audio?
how do i install in my civic the GPS Tracking Key Car Tracker Device Spy System LAS 1505?
Can I hook up a system to a 90's car stock radio?
Please help me with the radio code for my Ford Focus 1.6 serial nu M071488?
A few questions about some subs?
when u put in a cd dash kit for the cd player can i put eany one in there i bought one but its for 91 and up?
Help with Car Audio and Big Three (Alternator, Battery, Wires)?
my sidekick want start..i have lights, music.. but no turn over not a sound.. batery is what could?
Can someone help me with my car stereo?
this is in a single cab truck?
Take off old password on kenwood stereo?
I've been trying to put a Sub woofer into my car?
How do i know which subwoofer box to buy?
Will this amp work on my sub?
how many amps does my stock 2003 Hyundai elantra get asking this because i have a 2000 watts amp?
Why does my Pioneer amp cutting out at high volume?
amp and 12 volt cigar socket.?
Alternator Amperage Wattage RMS sufficient?
Certain Type of Radio for my Car?
what is the best audio system for a car?
What Kicker amp would work for two CVRs?
Rockford Fosgate Power T1692 or T1693?
Is Song Xplod any good?
ipod for my cd player?
What could be wrong with my amp?
How should i wire my kicker L7 sub?
What's alpine car audio like?
I spent $900 on an MTX 7500 sub, Memphis MC500 amp, and a subzone box, and professional installation. Help!?
what size speakers are in the front doors of my 1997 Saturn SC2?
If I had my current carpet replaced in my Mazda3 what type would you suggest?
Car audio system set-up?
Why does the bass make the system in my car cut in and out when my windows are rolled up?
Why can't I install aftermarket stereo equipment with my Bose car stereo?
Why would my T1 RF subwoofer stop working?
What is PLL synthesizer tuning in a car stereo?
i want to buy some subs and i dont know what i want. what size and watts sub should i get, and what amp.?
Is 2 12'' 1300 watt subs w/ 1200 watt power amp and box worth $350?
Does it make a difference if you put subs in the trunk vs the backseat?
suggest me a good car audio system...?
WILL A Mono D Block JBL Audio GTO 14001 Series amp 2500 BE TO MUCH FOR MY POWER T1 SUBWOOFER?
In a tahoe i want 3 kenwood excleron 12's what amp and box what be a really gd set up please help?
Can my amp power these?
Does the 1999 ford taurus station wagon have a MACH audio system or no?
i have 2, 12 inch cvr kickers with a 1200 watt amp and when i play my music up very loud my amp turns off?
How do I remove the stock stereo/radio from my 1999 Lexus ES300?
What's the cheapest I could get a somewhat decent car audio/bass system for?
Question about subwoofers and car amps?
I have a 400 watt inverter but I cant hook up my Xbox360 in my car it always says fault. Can somebody help?
will this amp work???????????
Rear Entertainment System - Honda Pilot - can my kids wear the headsets and watch a movie......?
I need a CD/MP3 player for a 2001 toyota Prius. It should include an adapter to interface with the LCD screen?
making a sub box?
ford 6 disc changer 6006e?
if i hammer a nail into a tire will it make any loud popping noise or something?
Any durable reliable mid quality amps?
what is your dream car?
which is better for a car system 1ohm,2ohm,3ohm or 4ohm for the subwoofer for more bass and for competition?
how would i wire this system, help really needed look @ details?
i have seen three types of same jbl subwoofer . which one is original?
what kind of speakers are in my 03 silverado?
Do you need an amp if you hook up subwoofers in your car?
Why am i getting distoration in my audio?
Iphone played through my car stereo help!?
Car Speaker's with Amplifier?
where can I build my own car?
Can subs be hooked up to an '03 Lincoln LS stock stereo?
Adding a subwoofer in a lincoln MKS?
How does VOLTAGE STABILIZER in a car helps increasing power/fuel efficiency?
Can I just "swap" the amp?
what is a good website for reviews on car audio amplifiers?
Audio in dash kit help for 2001 GMC Sierra?
Car CD player problem.?
The cd player in my car isn't working.?
Would this setup work?
I am getting a new stereo for my 1998 toyota 4runner. can you give me an idea of my choices?
Question, I have a 300 Watt RMS Kenwood 2 chan. It gets power and grounds but wont power the sub... any ideas?
how to hook up a equilizer to my 6x9 and subwoofer?
how do i get the radio out of my 04 dodge ram truck?
VW Golf Bora Jetta Polo , Hi I am looking for the Gamma Radio CD MP3 unit single din for the VW golfs MK4.?
Any help on a old car radio?
were can i find a really sharp razor blade?
Hi i have two mtx 12" subwoofers they are 750 watts max power each what kind of amp do i need?
Can someone help me unhook my cars battery?
Disconnect amp and subs now radio/head unit has nob power.?
Can you put an Amp+Sub into a hybrid?
Can I power 2x 200 Watt Speakers with a 12V 7AH battery?
Tweeters in my truck?
does cotton serve the same purpose as poly-fil inside a sealed box? if not where can i buy poly-fil at?
I would like to know which speakers should I buy ? Blaupunkt's TSX 693 or JBL's Gto 937.?
Brand of Subs?
sub and amplifier advice please!?
Ford fiesta radio code help?
Is there a way to play my ipod in my '06 chrysler 300 even though there's no ipod plug?
What do i do if I want to get an aftermarket 6 disk in-dash CD changer?
I have a Phoenix gold zx500 amp and I am going to buy kicker solobaric L5 12" speakers do I get 2 or 4 ohm?
i have some generic subs and they are 3 10 inch subs i don't know what ohms or wattage they are what do i do
hi, i need a code for my ford focus stereo serial number M087536 can anyone help me please :-)?
I have a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII that the radio just went out on. Driving down the road, it went pssssssssssttt?
stereo on my truck has sound when i play the radio but when i try to play a cd it does not?
Can anyone tell me how many watts a factory delco cd player in a 2002 gmc puts out?
Ipod dock not working in car - Cigarette lighter inlet at fault?
who makes a 6.75" component set?
do anyone knows which are the functions of the colors yellow, orange, red , white and grey in a Honda radio?
extra battery....?
kicker ex 1000.1 amp wont work with gain control?
well the cencer on the side of the air breather cause a car the fall the inspection in North Carloina?
What car alarm do you recommened?
Where can I get a replacement wire for my ipod, that connects in the glove box of a Jetta?
2 ohm amp and 4 ohm speakers?
Possible battery drain issue? Not too sure if this is a good idea! Please help.?
what is the difference between 2 and 4 ohm ?
My car stereo had smoke coming out of it and is no longer working?
Are Polk audio db651 good 6.5 speaker?
would this wiring setup work for these speakers, two kicker l7 15's?
JVC player + Pioneer speakers.. Is it ok?
help out there for someone on disability to get a lone for a car?
Anybody know about these Kicker speakers?
how can i get a blow off valve sound on a non-turbo car?
Can you brideg 2 subs and then 2 speakers to a 2 channel amp?
List of "top of the line" subwoofers?
my sigrat lighter in my 2005 nissan murano is not working?
Car stereo Red versus Yellow power wire?
Can wiring a 4ohm speaker to get the 4ohm RMS from an amp be done?
What kind of car audio should i go with?
How do I Set the time on a Kenwood KDC-MP228 radio?
im looking for a nice but cheap sq sub system?
Amplify car door speakers need help ASAP!!!!!?
do i have a bad car lighter?? eletrical help?
Does volume and gain have to be maxed out to get full wattage out of an amp?
Is it possible to retrofit Sat Nav to a Toyota Corolla T Sport (2003)?? And rough price??
Which car amplifier to power subs?
Win your wish come true, for real, contest online granting wishes.?
Recommended stereo system?
I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla. I would like to put in an aftermarket cd player. How do i remove the original 1
A good sound system for my car?
Toyota Corolla Stock Stereo Specifications?
Wha car system should i go with?
Whats the best amplifier solution for installing 2 subs and 4 coaxials speakers?
Alipine,Pioneer or Rockford?? Priorities being clarity and bass.?
hi i want to buy a cd player with fm radio?
how good are tube subwoofers when compared with box subwoofers , if i have to use it in a car (sedan)?
I have a 2006 Subaru Legacy. How can I play my ipod/iphone in my car?
What types of cars are hard to make rattle by audio?
Problem with aftermarket speakers in car?
10" bass car system HELP?
what wire should i use?
What amps can i choose from for my Subs?
I put a new stereo in my car and the speakers wont work?
Ford 5000 rds stereo code?
pioneer premier have input for ipod on back?
Highs cut out but bass still hits when volume is turned up high?
MTX Terminator Dual 12" Subs and Boss Monoblock Amp?
what are some car audio sites that have free catalogs???
why can't I get my C.D out of the CD exchanger in my 1995 Mercedes Benz?
What is the technological progress on a fuel cell car?
Has anyone replaced a power antenna on a 1998 corvette convertible,give me the steps?
To those of you that drive cars with LOUD stereos...?
I bought a bigger AMP for my subs, but when I hooked it up it sounded terrible, why?
what is the best subwoofer for me?
anyone know where the aerial connections are on a laguna 2, im getting inermittent poor reception..?
what is the best quality subwoofer out there ,where can it be purchased?
Can I put an average sized stereo in my car?
whats the best way to wire a DVC sub to this amp?
Will this subwoofer box have enough air space?
can a 1000 watt amp push a 12" 1800 watt power acoustic subwoofer.?
What type of amp should i get for my 2 12" alpine type s subs?
12" Kicker Comp VR Sub box question?
how much is my subwoofer worth ?
How do you install LED interior lights to pulse to the bass?
What do you think is the cleanest most articulate 10 inch sub.?
car stereo question?
Anyone heard of Power Bastard H.O. Alternator? How long have you had it and was there any problems?
What's the difference between an Audio CD & an MP3 CD?
I just turned 17, and i need an ID?
building a new box,my ? is how much do i add for port an sub displacement?
What is better, one awesome 15" sub or two okay 15" subs?
My amp isn't getting enough power?
Car Audio, Which is Better?
need help with trying to find out what kind of subs i want?
what would be the best brand of 6.5" speakers to use for a chevy sylverado pickup? not subs?
How do you wire fans into you amp?
can anyone give me the radio code for my ford fiesta serial number MO79180 ?
overhauling still on the air ? new shows ?
I can't ground my amp in my Honda civic EX?
i'm trying to find a subwoofer?
Would 2 12 Inch CVR sub-woofers run good off a 4000 Watt J.A.B. Class D Amplifier?
What's the wire called that connects the amp to the subwoofer?
Speaker wire or copper wire?
Is there any equipment I can get from Ebay?
Ipod fm radio transmitter help?
is there a way to check if im getting a good ground?
is jvc a good car audio system option?
Which size of subs should i get?
Speakers making a popping sound?
how to match an amp for my alpine type r 15?
Does the thickness of the wire matters why/ or why not?
My subwoofer hits every time I turn my blinkers or anything else on. WHY?
95 nissan sentra audio help?
what is a car remote called?
help on performance speakers?,boston acoustics?, rainbow?...?
Need help with Kenwood security code.....?
Does anyone have ford cd/radio code? serial number M023277?
what are capacitors?? what do they do? and what do you connect it to?
is my amp blown?
Need car stereo help?
learning how to drive?
which planet audio anarchy amp should i use with my alpine type r sub? what if i have 2 type r subs?
Do i need a capacitor and what is it for?
what does DUI stand for?
if i buy a garmin gps in america,would it work in South Africa?
Do I need a better sub, or something else?
Ive heard that 10in subs hit harder than 12s but 12s have better sound, which should i choose?
How many OHM's is a Rockford Fosgate Punch P2D412?
iPod adapter for 2003 Toyota Corolla with factory CD player/radio?
which is better a Sony Xplod 800 watt amp or a JBL 400 watt amp?
Can I have a Bose stereo system installed in a 09 Toyota Prius?
does RMS matter? i mean is it the watts or the rms that matters more?
how can i put the code in to blaupunkt radio?
my radio works fine but my speakers wont play?
03 avalanch aftermarket radio installation problems?
Subwoofer cuts in and out?
Head Unit wiring problems?
how to remove speakers from toyota tundra 2002?
is Mazda better than Ford?
What do i need to hook up a subwoofer to my room. Computer/stereo, ect.?
when i put a coupler on my cb radio the swr meter shows 0 but the striaght anteena shows 1.5 on the swr?
What type of box hits harder; Sealed or Ported?
i have just fitted a second hand radio to my car but the volume gose up and down by it self can anyone help me
front speakers for a peugeot 307 what size are they?
RF P3-2x12 and BRZ1200.1 sub system setup help!!?
how do I connect a capacitor to the car subwoofer?
what is a good subwoofer to buy for my car?
i bought a new car stereo and it dosent sound good with my subs but the other did.?
What sounds good with 4 channel amp for inside and mono amp for subs. what you recommand for a good set .?
What is the best woofers available for the best bass to install in a car?
Is it possible to make car speakers playable while not in your car ?
Which is a better Bass package? HELP Urgent!?
2011 Ford Escape Subs installation?
HOW MANY JL'S and with what amp?
how do i remove an aftermarket cd player from a 1996 infiniti i30?
Astro radio unlock code?
Anyone own a Ford Fiesta Zetec Blue?
What Is The Best Sub-woofers/Amps To Get For My 1998 Ford Explorer?
why wont my subs hit when the cd player is on?
I get better in-car sound from the same MP3 on two different types of disc. Is this possible?
Can I run two 4 ohm subs off of one amp?
how would i go about avoiding connecting an amp/sub to head unit?
How much will it cost me to get my car speakers installed?
Can I leave stuff plugged in my cigarette lighter in my car if the car is off?
12" Kicker CVR12 vs. 12" Sony Xplod?
New stereo, electrical issues?
Why does none of my CD player functions work in my 2003 Dodge Neon all of a sudden?
I want to power a car stereo in my house. I know I need a transforer to produce 12Vdc but how many amps do I?
no sound coming out of my front 6x9 speakers?
connecting subwoofers in series?
how to build a sound system?
is it possible to swap car sound systems?
When powering a dual subwoofer, door speakers and (2)6x9 speakers~ should i use 2 amps or a multichannel amp?
If I'm going to install new speakers in my car do I need to buy any thing besides the speakers?
Does a car's radio affect the output of the speakers?
One 12" or one 15" subwoofer?
i have two audiobhan 12's rms 1100 a piece. what type of amp should i use?
How to remove the stereo from a 87 honda accord?
what kicker amp should i get?
can i give a sub thats rated 1500w rms an amp that has 1000w rms? is the ok?
Help with unlock codes for a navigations system?
is trading my 12" kicker l7 for 1 diamond audio D6 12" and 1 pioneer permier champion 12" and $25 a good trade?
how do u hook -up a cd player into a 87 volvo dl wit5hout a wire kit?
i need a codes for the radio kia 2005 carnilval ls?
Help with car sub and amplifier?
2 questions about 1) amp going into protect mode, and 2) running an amp to each subwoofer.?
what is AUX in my car radion-CD player? what can i use it for? and how?
What are the specs on a 98 tacoma stock stereo?
How to attach rear speakers to the inside roof of my suv?
radio problem with Ford Ka.......?
what is the best car stereo system for a 2002 jeep cherokee?
How do XXX subwoofers compare to kicker or pioneer?
car sound system burn smell?
installing a nitro bmwx 5391 in dash dvd player?
What are the best type of trunk speakers besides the mtx jackhammer?
Is the Kenwood KDC-148 a good Head Unit for subs?
What kind of amp do i get?
Help with subwoofer amplifiers!?
Ford radio 5000 rds code?
My amp keeps going into protect mode?
radio 1992 chevy pick up no sound all other funcitions on radio working?
Is this car audio system good?
R u addicted 2 answers?
how to wire a 4 channel amplifier?
What device would play my Ipod in the car?
Whats better than a cvr in its class?
AltecLansing Octane 7 or Cyber Acoustic CA5402 speakers?
Im looking for a good subwoofer system. I was thinking about getting two 12' but im not sure which brand?
I want to find a MP3/WMA cd changer (6-10 cds) for my jaguar St type 2003 trunk.?
Okay I'm getting either a pair of infinity 12" subs or jl 12", what kind of amp do i need for them???? Thanks?
What's the AUX input in my new car stereo for?
how to convert a 2ohm subwoofer to 4 ohms?
aftermarket radio HELP!?
My boyfriend has a sundown v3 15in 1500rms dual 1 voice coil 1ohm, Now what can i get to beat him?
Best car amplifiers and sub-woofers?
What should I buy next? A new amp to power my JL Audio 13w7 or rims?
sub under powered? blown?
Why wont my car read any compact discs?
couple questions about building my own sub box?
Can having the bass turned up to the highest it will go, blow the speakers in a car?
my car CD player won't let me insert a CD whats wrong?
Alpine screen pauses when brakes are tapped??
which is a better sub?
Can my headunit power these?
Can anyone give me a review on the Focal165A1 components?
Ported Vs. Sealed Box?
is it enough?
Car Audio Capacitor?
What is the best car stereo system for $800?
capacitor is not charging?
what is a audio tweeter got to give to a incar stereo?
radio codes 1998 venture?
Car audio help please?
How can i get my 2 12" mtx terminators to hit harder?
Does Pioneer still make TS6906 6x9s?
Why do my subs keep on fading away after playing them for 2 minutes?
I owe money to a auto loan company Can they garnish my wages if I don't pay what I owe them?
how can i wire my 12v 20amp toggle switch to my amp ? ( remote wire )?
want to put an amp in my truck and use it solely for a sub nothing else, what would you recommend?
Weird question- but need help?
Car speaker help?!?
my subs are hitting every two seconds with no music?
Im new to cb radio is channel 19 like the main contact channel?
I need an unlock code for a Ford Fiesta 2002?
how do i take out my car stereo?
How to keep my subwoofer from burning out?
Is it possible and how?
car head units?
What do "African Americans" think?
Would 1 12" kicker L7 be louder then 2 12" hertz hertz es300 subwoofers?
Which would run a battery down faster - a 12 v, 400 watt heater or a 120v, 400w heater connected to an inverte
How do i connwct my amp to subs?
Help with car audio please? (subs)?
What is the difference in speaker wire depending on the gauges.?
18 inch kicker?
Can I transfer my speakers to a new car?
Drivers License?
VW Jetta xm radio installation?
what is line out?
are Infinity Reference 1262w 12-Inch 1200-watt High-Performance Subwoofer (Dual Voice Coil) loud?
where to find fast and furious amplifiers?
Why aren't my speakers working?
what size speaker for eagle talon dash?
Where to find this stereo system?
It is possible to install a 115-volt power outlet in a car/SUV (aftermarket)?
I have a Alpine Touch screen in my truck with xm radio ready. does anyone know if i can hook up sirius to it?
how do i tune my sound system?
no cigarette lighter in my van, need to use my tom tom to keep it charged for long journey, can i get a?
Is the Kicker L7 really a bad SQ sub?
Witch Amplifier is best for this Subwoofer?
Best recommendations for subwoofers?
What is the best kind of subs to put in my jeep?
Are there whitewall tires available for a 02 Pontiac Sunfire? Do they come standard on a 02 when purchased?
Random question.................?
looking at buying a sound system for a toyota four runner need help?
What is better 2 15" comp kickers or 2 15" kicker CVR's?
What is a good subwoofer under $300 that puts out atleast 750 RMS?
Amplifier advice for car speakers?
What are the best subs and amps for creating earth shattering bass and geared towards hip-hop type music?
My blaupunkt car stereo Santa Monica C50 is not switching on?
subwoofer + amp question?
2005 Mini Cooper. Should I take it to the dealer to install XM radio?
Does anyone know how to tune a CB antenna?
Which new car has the best sound system?
How do i install a Sony Xplod CDX-GT56UIW in my car?
good head unit for car?
2001 dodge 1500 extended cab backseat room in inches?
Bamf 5500 trips protect when volume up. HELP!?
if you have gps navigation on your car do you have to pay for it?
What will I need I have 2 JL audio W7's powerd by 2 1000 Monoblock Amps with another 450/4 amp?
lost the code for my saxo radio... help?
Are all pioneer wire harnesses the same? and where can I find a color chart for my harness?
i have an 2007 Acura RDX. does the radio unit have RCA inputs? i want to install an amp?
Is it better to have more amp power then speaker power or is it the opposite?
I have two xplod subs, total 2200 watts. What amp do I need?
Amp Logo lights up, but no sound will come out?
What is wrong with my sub?
I have a 2000 watts mono D brutus amp on two alpine r type 12 4 ohm, wht ohm shud the speakers be?
Will the TRAM 700-HC Center-Load CB Antenna Kit work with a MIDLAND 1001Z 2 Way Radio?
im trying to make myself a sound system and i dont know anything about them could someone look at these links?
Where can I get a install manual for a Apline 3210 equalizer?
how do you program the key for a jaguar x type?
LOC/Amp Tuning? OEM Head Unit?
2003 chev cavalier antenna replacement?
How do i get my trunk to stop rattling, dynamat didnt work!!!?
my sony car cd player has stopped playing cds help!?
Best possible sub position in trunk?
Sound system, much?
i Have a kenwood Kac-7203 amplifier and its blinkin the red light that suppose tio be solid can some1 help me?
Aux lead in Citroen C4?
how muich cost install subwoofers?
will my Pioneer Premier TS-W2502D2 subs fit in my box?
What size amplifier should i get, if i'm only getting this subwoofer(pic)?
instructions for navigation system for chevy tahoe 2005 z11?
making a sub box?
Best Buy Car Audio crimping?
Can I install an iPod on my 2003 honda accord with navigation without buying the honda link?
how would i connect 12v power wire to 2 amps?
Can you fit some12" subs in a ranger supercab or would?
Can any body help me to connect a triple gauge pod to my integra.?
If i buy the voice coil to fix my subwoofer do i also have to replace the spider, cone etc?
What capacitor should I use?
Car Stereo System Help?
Can i hook up an amp with a 100W rms (x4) to speakers with 90W rms?
How can I connect 8 ohm speakers in ma car stereo ..?
Single Voice Coil subs on Mono D class amp? Please help...?
Will a 40a fuse be okay for a 1200 watt amp?
Who sells just power and ground wire?
Car Audio Help - Subs, speakers, amps, etc.?
What do I do with a 20 farad capacitor?
Im trying to connect a cd player in my car its a kenwood z828 in a 1998 olds royale Ineed a full color diagram
Is $1,300 normal for a sound system for my truck?
I have a four door 2005 Ford Focus 4dr ZX4 SES, and i'm trying to install a subwoofer system. Details below?
what amp should i buy to power 2 12" rockford fosgate t1's 4 ohm subwoofers?
can i use a stolen radio face plate in my car?
I want to get a new car, but i am stuck between the new trailblazers or a tahoe?
My son has a 2002 Olds Alero with a top of the line stereo. What's the best battery I should get?
How do you hook up a car amp to your house cheaply?
Could anyone tell me what speakers i can fit easily in my t reg Vauxhall Corsa?
What is the the best subwoofer i can get for no more than $150?
I have two 8 inch MTX subs, How many watts Amp should i get to make them sound good?
Wondering how my subs will sound? 3 8" inch solar baric kickers.?
explanation on bass boost and when is it necessary?
What amps could i use for my 3 10" subwoofer box?
what part of the car travels to most?
What is the best Freq. & Gain set for a Kenwood KFC-W3013PS subwoofer ( Need A Pro. Help ASAP Plz. )?
au falcon stereo code?
Wiring one dual 2 ohm subwoofer?
car audio help! Component speakers?
Best subwoofer for a Boss c700 1200w 2-channel amp?
somebody that really knows what will hit harder than 2 L7's?
How can I connect my Zune HD to my Cars Navigation System?
what would happen if the driving age was lowered to twelve?
how to hook up power/ground cables for my Sub Amp?
What is the best brand of car audio?
Will this amplifier run this subwoofer (CAR)?
how do a replace the stock radio in a 97 Honda accord?
i am planing to hook a Orion HCCA-12.2 to a Orion HCCA-D5000. would tht workout well. sub=4000max amp=5000max?
What size amp do I need for 2 subs and 4 speakers?
i dont know what i should set my Rockford amp at?
Good car stereos with built in mic for handsfree?
How can I get a CD out of my deck?
Whats a good websites to find and purchase accessories for my car (stereo, speakers, etc...)?
free car radio codes?
I need to find out what model cd player fit a V reg clio!?
Are Kicker CVX subs good?
I have a sound system that hits 126 decibels. How loud is this and how long until damage to my ears can occur?
Can u get a ticket for having burned cds in your car?
Have anyone heard about Dreamaudio brand before?
Subwoofer any good?
My radio quit working in my 95 cadillac.?
Do you think sattelite radio will completely replace tower based radio?
Cd player in my car is messed up?
does my car stereo need to work inorder for me to listen to my ipod?
Car Battery continues to die?
Will a stock head unit from a 2005 GMC Sierra w/bose work in a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado w/bose w/o any mods ?
Best car sound system for under $600?
whats better a 1000 watt amp sony explod or 1000 watt amp power crew stick?
car stereo ground wire problem?
I'm getting a car audio system for my 2001 honda civic EX coupe and I need help!!!PLEASE ANYONE!?
I need to fit a CD player in a peugeot 206, does anyone know how?
What size fuse do I need for my amp?
Does Car Tunes have a website?
which subwoofer enclosure would sound best in a hatchback?
amp trouble?
how to remove 2007 kia spectra5 door speakers?
How do I remove the door pannel in my 2001 cavalier to put speakers in?
Can A Stock Radio Be Used In Any Car?
Does this radio have a subwoofer output?
What is the obsession with the L7?
Dc to ac converter for using car speakers in house?
my keycode radio for my w reg ford focus is locked. its flashing a code X165ABC what does this mean?
My Subs arent puttin out heavy bass?
what happens with my monoblock amps?
my sub box cuts out when i turn up the radio?
Cuspid USA AM-4310 CAR AUDI0 POWER AMPLIFIER, any good?
old ford radio cass 5000 rds?
do you have to have an amp (or anps)to have a subwoofers?
what type of amp is for home speaker to be hook up in car?
What is youfavorite kind of car?? And or brand??
Fahrenheit car DVD to and amp?
which do you think is a better gps : tom tom or magellan?
keep stock radio or not?
I just got a new car. The radio reception is very bad. Why is this?
I have a va audio 2200 watt amp and the problem that i am having is this.... ?
Cadillac Deville 2000 Aftermarket radio install?
how big are the rear speakers from a 2001 mitsubishi galant?
do you have a to have a fuse when you do the big 3 upgrade?
Faulty Ford Galaxy 1998 audio system 2007R RDS draining the battery?
How long would a 55 watt driving light last on 2 45 Amps an hour Batterys?
anyone know how to get a ford standard radio out it's jammed?
What size wire?
how much wood do i need to make sub box?
Need a good car audio, plz help ..!?
Is it possible that one of my speakers isnt working because a change in settings on the amplifier was altered?
Anybody know what the stock 2006 Nissan Altima car audio have?
Alpine IDA-X100 & thumb drive?
How can I get a burned Cd to play in my car?
i need to know a good amp for two kicker comp vrs?
Logitech z623 subwoofer?
what subs and amp for my single cab f150?
i got 2 jbl gt5 12" subs what amp?
What brand of 18s hits lower for bass?
Better amp for 2 kicker L7 10's: Hifonics Brutus BXi 1610D or Kenwood eXcelon X1200M?
Where can i find a dual 15" ported/vented subwoofer enclosure?
when using a DC to AC power inverter w/ a direct plug-in do you need to keep the car running?
Whats louder/better? JL 13w7 in sealed spec box or 2 Rockford 12" T1's in ported box?
What are the color codes for installing an aftermarket radio in a 1994 Geo Prizm?
How to fix cars aux jack?
am i over powering my speakers? and how loud can i go?
Is a capacitor necessary for my setup?
Just picked up a 2008 Chevy Impala with out the Bose sound system?
Would a 500 watt JL audio mono block amp run 2 12inch rockford Fosgate Subwoofers rated 400 to 800rms per sub?
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