Car Audio

Where I can go to learn to install auto stereos, amplifiers, etc, etc?
Can I use my IPOD and select song with the remote control of DEH8650PIONEER if I connet the IPOD to carstereo?
amplifier problem please help ?
good car music is important!?
Can i run my truck stereo without turning on my truck?
Is this what cable I need? 2007 Milan/Fusion 3.5mm?
Will 2 Hifonics Bx2006d amps Power 2 Solo Baric 2000watt 15" Kicker subs?
what is the best 6x9 speaker on earth?
are new kickers supposed tomake a popping noise?
picking a car amp?
Amp to speakers and subs HELP!?
i need a gps navigation sys for my new hummer h3, any suggestions. online or retail stores.?
How do i set the time on an ECLIPSE CD-3402 head unit?
why are there 3 speaker covers on the dash of my car?
What are the best 6x9 speakers?
how do i get this radio out my car?
Would it sound better (car audio)?
Does anyone have one of the remote control auto starters on their car???
What's the best subwoofer and amp combo?
Will this amp be right for 4 of these speakers?
i am lookin for the price on 2 car audio amps - 1 is planet audio TT4300 4ch amplifier,planet audio tt1250 amp
how do i set a screen saver on a boss bv7300 cd player?
Vauxhall car Radio - Delco CDR 500,?
Car Amp & Sub problem?
How do I connect something like an mp3 player in my car?
hello i need help with a amplifier ita a pioneer gm-x304 its about 7 years old need more info in cable diagram
Does anyone know how to install subwoofers and an amp to a 2011 Sonata SE?
what else can i use to reduce rattling besides dynamat?! any home remedies?!?
i currently have 2 kicker solo x 18s that are 2 ohm and are blow can i replace theme with a 4 ohm replacement?
i am installing a pioneer after market stereo in my car but do not know how to hook up the speakers?
If i were to put a speakers in my 2006 mercury milan would i need to get rid of my stock radio?
I am wondering if you can tell me or point me in the direction of what amp I should get for these subwoofers?
What is the best amplifier for my sound ordnance B-24's ?
what is treble and why does it matter in sound?
this new brand "BOSS" on car stereo equipment, does anybody know anything about it? is it good? is it bad?
Need help installing flame thrower kit on car?
what is the best sat-nav to buy?
my car audio system won't turn own anymore?
05 chevy impala radio wiring diagram?
can i use a lower amp fuse for my 1000 watt amplifier?
Does anyone know a simple solution to fixing a the cd player in a ford focus?
which is better boss speakers or soundstorm speakers?
1000w RMS amplifiers?
Amplifier/Factory stereo question?
Why won't my brand new car speaker play?
My amp is getting power, but my sub wont play.?
What kind of speakers should I install in my 2007 Honda Accord?
i want to learn how i can drive car?
how come my amp and 12" sub barely make any bass?
Amplifier in truck won't work?
Can the alternator in my 05 Corolla handle my 800 watt amp?
I ordered a ZXi1008 but they might have shipped me a BXi12008D by mistake, Keep it or send it back?
Picking out an amp, case, and wires for subwoofers?
Why does my stereo turn off when i turn up the volume?
Will the TRAM 700-HC Center-Load CB Antenna Kit work with a MIDLAND 1001Z 2 Way Radio?
what sub is better for spl?
Where can I find a clock bulb for a 2002 Honda Accord LX?
Audio / Electronics Question for Sparky3489?
Which is the best car audio company?
how to install amplifier and subwoofer to stock Head unit?
small pinhole in side of tire can it be fixed low profile tire?
should i pimp my trycicle?
what do the colors on the wires mean in car audio?
sa 12 just blew and need some suggestions on a budget (250 max)?
What is the proper break-in time for a 12 in. subwoofer 1000 watt?
Does anyone have a wireing diagram for 2 memphis mclass 10's?
easy general subwoofer question.?
Car Audio Opinions?
Can I connect a portable dvd player to my van's built-in player?
Question about mitsubishi cars? (sound/audio) easy 10 points?
what is best car audio forum?
need 1998 deville factory stereo diagram?
will a amp eventually kill my battery or alternator?
Amplifier keeps cutting out..?
Looking for car deck that plays cd/mp3 with iPod control?
best subs to get plz help?
Should the fuse on the power line be the same amperage as the fuse on the amplifier? If not why...?
Best car amplifiers and sub-woofers?
Pillar pod gauge question.?
I'm a liar??
Is a set of Hifonics Subs good?
How do you wire 4 speakers in parralell to 2 channel amp?
Is CEA Compliant important in regards to a head unit?
I Got A 95 Chevy Tahoe...The battery has the (-) & (+) on the sides not on top..?
My car wont turn over but i have power (electricity)?
the best audio system for ur car ???
Car speakers - Difference in max power between tweeters and woofer?
I have a 2000 chevy malibu and im wondering whats the best 6x9 speakers that i should get and they wont blow.?
What is better subs? 2 12 inch kicker comps or 2 12 inch kicker cvr?
How do I know if my '91 New Yorker has an Infinity Audio System?
Best shallow subwoofer for a regular cab truck?
Should i get a Subwoofer?
Which amp for A JBL Tube sub?
how should i wire these subs?
Question about bandpass subs?
is there any way i could hook up my rca stereo to my rca tv?
What would be a good sound system for my car?
Sub box volume, another question.?
Car radio problems, 96 plymouth neon?
Are these subs any good?
what cable i have to buy to connect my ipod to my car?
Car sound system?
help making pt cruiser louder with out turning up gain or deck modes.?
Blue ray players for a car?
How would i get schooling for car stereo repair?
how many amps is a car battery?
xbox 360 in car how can i do it?
SHould I connect my iPod to my car by soldering wires to the CD leads on the CD board of the headunit to my A?
Amp Sub Wiring Problem in volvo?
anyone willing to trade for a rockford fosgate 10" T1 Sub?
Is the Rockford fosgate P3D2-10... 1000W ea. ( 2 subs ) good ?
Can I wire 2 Rockford fosgate prime r1000s together?
4000d boss monoblock amp be good for the system?
What can I do to stop my lights from dimming in my car every time my subs kick?
Anyone know how many Watts the Crescendo bc2k will put out @ 1 ohm with 14.4 volts?
What is the best car audio subwoofer for quality bass?
Can someone link me some good car subwoofer listings on ebay Price range around 60$ please?
Speaker buzz/whirring?
How do I set the clock on a Pioneer DEH-P2000 radio?
how to change stock car radios?
what is the magnet size of an Apine type R 12'' sub?
Subwoofers power??????????????????
I need some amp help?
Which sub woofer should I buy (Links in description)?
I need help with Stoichiometry!!!?
i ordered 2 kicker l5, 12" any advise on an amp?
please help radio code for m683836 many thanks?
Would it look and sound stupid to put a sub in my car?
gonna be doing a banging sound system what do you think are the best speakers to use?
What kind of subs and amps should I use together?
Confused by my car Stereo System, Please Help?
Will I need a terminal for this Car Stereo? For ground?
What are some of the best SQ type amplifiers?
Should i buy a used 15" kicker CVX and build a ported box for it or 2 used 10" kicker L7s?
popping noise in sub when car is turn off?
Does anyone have any tips for bracing a subwoofer box in the trunk of a car?
What is this life whant from us ?
How do i wire my rockford 1000 watt amp?
Anyone here install their own car DVD?
Stereo and Mono for subwoofers?
how can i fix my kicker amplifier?
how do I get good sounding bass you can hear from down the street on a budget?
Can you go to jail if you bass boost in your car?
why is my 1000 watt amp cutting out when the speakers kick?
lost my car radio code,?
what size of hid lights do i need for my navigator?
Is this the nicest sounding car you have ever heard?
Alpine SWR-1023D vs. JL Audio 10W3v3?
Ive got a 95 bonneville, how i should go about putting a kinda large(Its not huge) extra speaker in the trunk
How big of an amp can I use on 2, 10inch JBL, 275 watt RMS subs.?
Can I run a car amp in my home?
Do the infinity kappas sound better with an amp hooked up toit?
How do i connect 2 SVC 4ohm car subs to my home amp which is 8ohms.?
is this cd player any good?
why does my subwoofer turn off whenever it is on blast?
What sub should I get?
home speakers in my car???????????????
i'm having trouble getting my cd player to work in my toyota hiace van 86 model. what the problem?
Will a powered subwoofer under my seat vibrate my butt???
xm satellite radio?
Speakers need more RMS wattage than head unit provides...?
should i get 2 cvr 15" sub kickers or 1 l7 15" kicker?
I have a Peugeot 106 extra time and wanted to replace my aerial DIY as it snapped off in car wash.?
car stereos pre outs or auxillary outs to connect to amps which one?
how do i install my in dash dvd player to override the parking break so i can watch dvds as i drive.?
What channel amp do I need to power the 2 door speakers and 2 rear deck speakers in my?
Car CD player stolen?
i just got my sounds i have a honda acccord ex 1990 i?
apline or pioneer deck?
How should i wire my kicker L7 sub?
what is called when you hear the same song on your car radio and someone else's like a neighbouring car?
I have lost the voice on my NavMan Satnav, please help?
What subs should i get for my car?
Should I put the power distro box before or after the capacitor?
20+ pin power connectors?
Does anybody know why my AM reception has been poor since I installed an aftermarket radio in my 06 Altima?
Can someone help me please with my car radio code?
is my audio system nice?
What power amp to connect to 1100w subwoofer Sony xplod, 2x sony xplod 2way speaker 190w?
can USA manufactured amp work for indian cars(i am specific to kenwood kac 9152d?
what are the common or main problems causing a sub to freeze up.?
I need to know what to get for a kia souls audio system.?
Car Speakers Question?
What about this for my boyfriend?
Installed an amp in car. when stereo turned up loud headlights dim to beat of base. any ideas why ?
well i have a 95 cavalier and i put subs and an amp in it.?
Rats are spoiling my cable/electric wires in my car in parking place at nights can any one suggest a solutions?
Car Battery Help, Upgrading car entertainment?
in bass amps, what does 350 watts at 4 ohms mean & 500 watts at 2 ohms?
what size of amps does a stock alternator have in a dodge dakota 1995 3.9L SLT?
Best Car Speakers?
Can I use this amplifier with this sub?
which would you pick, Alpine type R newest model with 1000rms or two of the older model with600 rms?
Got ripped off on Classifieds...need opinions?
I have a VW polo radio which I would like to remove, and fit a Pioneer radio.?
Is this amp good for 2 boston acoustics G2 12's?
dvd disc stuck in dvd player in car?
Is my amp fuse in the wrong spot?
Hooking up Ipod to Car WITHOUT Cd player?
what watt amp should i buy for my 15'' 1200 watt dual sub speakers?
My amps not working? Need help ASAP!!?
Will a Hifonics Brutus 3400 watt amp blow my 12" Kicker L7's?
Where would you put a 2nd set of tweeters?
why don't they make the old style cars anymore? everyone I know loves them.?
Can Two 12" subs fit in my 2 door truck?
how much does it cost for a cd player to be put in a car?
Code for a 306 car radio 2000 reg?
Can i get an auxiliary adapter for my garminfone?
my amp turns off instantly when i turn on my car?
is 8 gauge wireing kit good for my subs?
apline subs and amp wiring?
I have bought a new radio for my Peugeot 307. How do I get the old one out?
Does an amp "really" make your speakers sound better? (NOT WOOFERS)?
Will my Amplifier overheat?
I got a new batterey on my 1994 truck and my stero is lock out! Does any one know how i can unlock it?
dodge dakota sound system?
how to unlock code on kenwood reciever?
Is this correct for my system?
what colour wire is the brake light?
What is the BEST in dash DVD/GPS system?
how do you power tweeters?????
Car stereo faceplate will not open anymore.?
Amp too powerful for my subs???
I have a 2000 GT mustang. I use a cassette adapter to listen to my iPod in my car.?
How should I install a stereo on my boat?
Please Help Car Audio Speaker Setup?
sub is not working?
I want to put some neon lighting under my car but I don't know wich color is legal in New York?
What do you guys think of carputer???Would you consider it???
my amp is on but there's no bass?
mtx 9500 question please .s?
Does anyone know what subs are in a Eclipse Dual 12" Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure SW6124BXD?
what kind of batteries do i need for this system?
Tips Or Plans For A Quad Subwoofer Enclosure?
Resetting my car radio with a code...?
Replacing aftermarket amp but keeping cables?
I am looking for a school close to kansas that does auto sound install. Where is one located.?
Which model Garmin GPS Navigation should I buy?
I got my 2 10' subs and amp and capacitor professionally installed and now it doesn't work ?
Same speakers... Same amp?
Does 400 Watt Peak mean that my subs can be powered by a 400 Watt RMS amp?
How do I install new speakers in a 2001 Alero?
i need a code for stereo of accura legend 93?
3Kicker L5's help please?
How do I hook up 2 duel voice 12in dubs to amp?
can I run four different wattage speakers from one source?
Radio 12v Constant Cable Not Working 4runner 2000?
Need Some Help With Car Audio Systems.?
What amplifier should i get?
Is this the right amplifier?
I have a 12 visonik subwoofer, but i dont know how many watts it can take, how do i find out?
Why does my stereo have no sound????Help!!?
what CD/Radios work in Volkswagen Golf (Driver)?
shop like ebay?
Cant decide beetween these two systems HELP.?
what size amp do i need to power 2 1500 watt 12in subs?
What is Scampus wiring?
4 ohm or 2 ohm?
iPhone casette adaptar?
What subs should I get!!?
Setting a car amplifier's voltage?
how do i hook up a Capacitor to my amp, where can i find a diagram?
Are these Hifonics subs good or not?
Whats wrong with my remote wire?
How can i make my subs hit harder?
what was in the box?
Something wrong with the subwoofers or amp in my car?
I got a 300W JL audio amp for my civic. What do i do with original wires?
Car amplifier wiring?
where can i find the spec size for my 1989 Nissan Maxim speaker size?
How can i make my car amp power cables longer?
I am going to be upgrading my subwoofer amp to a kicker kx600.1 . Will a 120 amp alternator be good enough?
What is the problem with my system?
I unhooked my car stereo and it doesnt work?
Behringer vintage ac108 amp buzz?
im wondering which sub is better. a 12 inch sony sub or an Alpine F-350 amp, MTX 300W sub?
question on matching amp rms output to the speaker rms handling?
How decibels can a earthquake PHD5000W and 2 12" subzeros hit at?
Is it typical to have to wire a new car cd deck?
will a Boss AR1600.2 2-Channel Mosfet Amplifier give enough power to my 2 dvc subs?
Why won't my burned CD's play in my stock car stereo?
I got a GPS system for my car, it is a NaviNavi 3507. Where can I find map updates for it?
Best car sub - what kind ?
Why is my amp getting really hot.?
Why does my sub pop when i tap the brakes?
Would This Set-Up Bring The Block Down?
My subwoofer isnt working, or gone super quiet?
What box is better for subwoofer?
which speakers i should buy, kenwood or pioneer for my car ??? which one has more bass?
good system for 2k?
How do I change my factor car speakers?
can u make a sub box for a car out of sheet metal?
alternator, audio, and big 3 upgrade help!?
2 gauge vs 0 gauge power wire ?
why do you need a crossover for a car amp?
What is some good songs with good to play in my rap crap?
Blaupunkt Casablanca MP56 AUX port?
Please can somebody help me find my ford ka radio code? serial M 036319. Thanks!?
I have a kicker zx550.2 channel. Im interested in running two of these amps on two subs possibly two 12 L7's
600 watt dual amp keeps blowing fuses?
My cassette player won't work?
is kicker 12' cvts any good?
How much peek watts does a kicker 400.1 makes?
T-Line for subwoofers?
I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu. Would I be able to buy a new radio with an iPod hookup?
Hillbilly Ghetto Sub Setup? :)?
Backlight on the pioneer car gps is out?
Can you Install an Amplifier and Subwoofers to a stock car radio?
Just bought a Pioneer 12 inch, 800 Watt car sub woofer. What sort of amp should i run?
Could I use this Pyle Subwoofer?
Need to find a GPS for a car with these features. Please help.?
Audiobahn Subwoofer with Helix Dark Blue 2 Amplifier.?
What amp do you suggest ?
How many watts does my amp need to be to push these subs?
Why dont my sub sound as good?
My car speakers are not getting very loud. The more you turn it up the less quality. What do I need?
Is there anyway to install a head unit in 98 mercury sable?
Need a whole new car audio system?
Vauxhall Car 400 Philips radio code?
In-car entertainment system?
how would I wire two amps together?
iPod not playing out of all car speakers?
will these be any better than factor speakers?
how to know my car's DVD process system (platform)?
What kind of subwoofer should I get?
I have a $4000 budget, i was going to go with kickers, but i hear they blow to often, is this true?
I want to upgrade my car stereo and need help.?
I have a 1000 Watt Crunch amp? Positive & Negative?
what speakers should i get for my car?
how do i hook up my car amp and SUBWOOFER.?
Getting a new stereo reciever...?
what does running an amp in simultaneous stereo mode mean?
my FORD 6000 CD PLAYER RADIO is broken?
My aftermarket stereo won't show any lighting.?
how can i leave people in the dust?
Car speaker randomly works?
What can i connect to my Kicker KX200.2 amp?
2005 honda accord CD player ERROR???? what's wrong?
What are some good 6x9 speakers with good bass response?
ive got a Rockford 800 watt a 2x12 cvr kickers and a probox.. it doenst hit hard.. why?
Is there that much of a difference between these subwoofers?
i pod how to use with a car cd player?
Good non famoous subwoofers?
ok 2 hifonics goliath 3212s good amp to push them???
can you identify the color code wiring on a delco radio model number 09356055?
Where is the cheapest place to get 2 Kicker 15" L7's?
Can I hook up my radio to a 12V battery?
My new car stereo has the sound coming out of only two speakers.?
Car Stero Problems!!!!?
is a black. 1200 watt sony amplifier good for 80 bucks?
How do I make an amp work with sony xplod CDX-GT24W?
2003 Dodge Stratus R/T Stereo Problems?
car subwoofer hook up?
i have car equalizer has only 2 wire speaker input L/R NEED TO CONNECT WITH NEW HEAD UNIT HAVE RCA OUTPUT?
how much does a good car sound system cost?
94 Camry stereo wiring problems? Please Help!?
What is the difference between a moonroof and a sunroof ?
How do i get rid of spiders on my car?
i have a chevy catation and i was wondering if i could put a aftermarket radio sideways?
Rockford Fosgate vs Hertz Subwoofers?
i have an amp and sub hooked up just fine, but the bass kicks on and off and the amp doesn't go out or anythin
hi i want to buy a cd player with fm radio?
Just bought a Pioneer 12 inch, 800 Watt car sub woofer. What sort of amp should i run?
How to properly run this system..?
What should I do to my sound system?
what would cause my cd player to reset?
What's a good car radio?
how do i wire my 4 ohm dual voice subs to get the 2 ohm load from the amp?
none of the lights are on my amp working I hooked everything up.?
hi how can i stop the aulitnator noise trough my speakers ive tried a surpressor but it didnt work?
Is there a place i can go to learn how to build a dual sealed sub enclosure?
we live in London On. Our electric dryer is hooked to 125 amp system. Is this why the dryer is slower? Should?
Can any subwoofer work in a bazooka tube?
*New* Understanding Aftermarket Car Audio?
how do i adjust treble and bass in my car?
my cars sound system?
did boss & rockford fosgate build 3 amps together in late 90's?
what amp fits these subs?
Constant Thump with amp connected to 2 6x9?
How do you know if you need a capacitor or is it only to maintain a constant wattage?
What's a cheap way to?
Should i buy a Capacitor for my 2 10' subs?
What amplifier should i get?
what car speakers to get..?
Need advise on what do to make my subs sound good with rap, and rock music.?
I have two 12in Punch subs & two MTX subs. The MTX box is bigger. If I switch them will the P1's sound better?
52 Plate Ford Fiesta Radio Code, please?
Running dual alternators?
Kicker L5 w/ kicker 750 watt amp?
Pros and cons between small and big car subwoofer boxes?
How Big of an Amp Should I Have?
iPod FM Transmitter?
I need help on a car amp?
What guage wiring kit is best for me?
best songs for bass car audio?
Can you mix subwoofer boxes?
whats a better sub box?
Voice Coil Burned?
stereo install kit 94 k1500 ext cab?
how do u clean a car cd player?
How do I get my Nissan 350z Bose CD player to play mp3's if it won't play cd-r ?
How much would these speakers be worth?
is this a good sub bass and is it a good deal?
Best car speakers/amp? ?
Sony car stereo faceplates?
Car antenna goes up when car started new radio off?
what does OEM stand for?
Some questions?
which power ranger is ur favorite?
How to you hook up a bullet tweeter? read for more info?
how do i turn on the radio in a 1997 vw jetta?
hai.plz help me.i wanna upgrade my honda citys musiq system with jbl sub n speakers.budget 20000rs.temme mod n?
Best 6x9s for around 80$ or less?
What is the difference between an amp and a subwoofer?
Subwoofer System Help?
Where can i get a ford CD changer cable?
I want a stereo system in my car. I dont know where to start!?
Is buying a cd deck and speakers on my own then have a store install them worth it?
Can someone please tell me what a noise filter is?
Speakers for a 2012 Dodge Ram quad cab?
AQ1200D Amplifier Specs?
Car stereo wiring help?
does anyone know much about bmw cd changers?
I need to find a good deal on powered (with built in amp) speakers 8" +. No monitors No pawn shops?
wiring my amp up help?
Subwoofers in a 1998 GMC 1500 Regular Cab?
Is it better to have a DVC 4-ohm sub running on a 2-ohm load or a DVC 2-ohm sub running on a 4-ohm load?
what hits harder? two 12s or one 15 inch subwoofer?
what watt amp should i buy for my 15'' 1200 watt dual sub speakers?
How do you tune a subwoofer box?
how do you remove 6x9's in a 1998 toyota camry?
help in determining Amplifier settings for sub woofers?
Amplifier won't power up PLEASE HELP?
does kicker have good door speakers?
I have Car Audio Subwooder, Amp Hookup Problems?
Which Ipod cable do i need for audio & video playback on the Pioneer Avh P-4200 unit.?
How to install a Hi-Lo converter?
Cary audio, grounding wires?
Will an Alpine MRP F300 efficiently power 4 Alpine SPS-507 speakers?
why is no sound coming from my 2011 ford sync. every thing comes on checked fuses amps. unhooked battery?
How do you change the time on a JVC KD-G220 stereo?
Do Sat Navs cause more problems than they solve, what's your experience of them?
what 4" speakers are the best in the market?
Where to buy American bass products? ?
When should I take amp muscle ignitor x4?
which is the best mp3 player with best maximum features, reliabilty in an affordable price?
Please answer, anyone who has subs in your car trunk!!!!?
What's a good sound system to get for my car?
What goes with this Head Unit?
Help! I installed a new stereo and now I can't start my car!?
what are each of the wires in an 05 sunfire sterio connected to.?
Do people make a satellite radio that require little wires and can be played through the stereo in your car?
what size amp do i need for my subs?
How do I switch which speakers the radio is playing on in My car?
My amp keeps going into safety mode...any ideas why?
Alpine IVA900-Missing part question?
what speakers fit clio mk3?
What are some good car speakers to use without an AMP?
I've got 53 plate Astra with radio cassette player. Where can I get a good price vauxhall cd player?
rockford fosgate or kicker?
Car audio QUESTION????????????????/?
Lose sound quality/power?
Do portable DVD players kill your car battery?
how do i know if there is the right girl out there for me?
what company is the best car audio company?
how noticeable is the sound quality change by upgrading factory stereo?
Why can't i adjust my subs from my stereo deck?
Decreasing volume in a subwoofer box thats too big?
Kicker; Sx1250.1 or SX900.2 on a 15L7 2 ohm DVC?
IPhone and cigarette charger/audio port issues?
my remote wire is not long enough is there anything else i can use?
Can a 4ohm sub with dual voice coils get max power from this amp?
L7 question?
I have a nav man but it isnt working!?
Ipod to amp without a cd receiver?
two single voice coil 15s?
Does anybody own own of these (Kenwood KDC-MP535U)?
hi. has anyone used JL Audio's CleanSweep? is it all that good?
i have a 10" 1600 watt sub with dual 2 ohm, low freq is 20hz high is 200hz what amp would be best to use?
Is there a website i can use to find the tuning of round ports?
Can upgrading a head unit improve your bass?
Why aren't my cds working in my car cd player?
radio turns on then off and wont resond. any help?
For a car stereo subwoofer, how do I know which cables are postive and which are neg when they aren't marked?
where is the CD kept for the sat navigation on pioneer?
Sub Not Giving a Bass Effect??!! Help?
The Bass on my Infinity basslink II cut off The Blue led light is on the connections look good what can it be?
JL Audio 12" W3v3 vs. 12" W0v3?
jbl btx 250 basstube?
what size guage on this amp and sub?
Do you need subwoofers to have good sound?
need help wireing subwoofer to amp?
FI.BTL (10 Points!)?
How do I check out electrical problems on a lincoln towncar?
my subs are hitting every two seconds with no music?
How easy is it to attach an AUX in cable in a new fiat punto?
I have a Kenwood amp that has been working just fine. Suddenly 2 days ago it stopped but the red light is on?
I'm days away from purchasing a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe, and don't know which way to go with Navigation.
Better subwoofers Kicker CVR price range?
2000 chevy malibu stereo installation
What is the obsession with the L7?
Will this car audio system work properly?
Do Ferraris and Lamborghinis have ipod connectors?
Subwoofer wont work properly?
what are the amplifiers' classes (A, AB, D, etc.)? how do they differ?
how do you hook up a thunder cap for car stereo?
Power Acoustik 1920 Watt?
help with car watts problems?
New car subwoofer makes poping noice on beats when loud?
help with subwoofer placement in my trunk?
someone spilled soda on my car radio preset buttons and now 2 stick.?
I Want to get a 2005 trailBlazer as my first car I want to put 10 or 12 inch subs under the rear seat?
My amplifier turns on the subs/speakers pop but no music plays what is wrong?
Can i get into trouble for this?
I have a bossph4000 watt amp gives about 2400 rms how should i tune it to my speakers?
alpine type r question?
what is the difference in sound quality between a oval and round speaker?
what would be the best amp to run this system?
why wont my new car deck wont turn on?
What is a good name?
Car sterio deck? ? Help? ? ?
I want to replace my car radio with a removable it possible?
12 inch subs best quality?
how do you bridge a amp ?
How do you change the "clock time" in a 2001 Honda Civic?
Does anyone have a custom Ford Explorer that they want to show off?
Stuff stuck in my subwoofer?
i have a 1400 watt crunch amplifier and i don't know what kind of woofer should i get for it , need help pleas?
Subwoofer amp help needed ?
What would be the best type of amp to use for two 8 ohms subwoofers?
Is it ok if i dont get an amp right away?
Are you a ham radio operator?
Please help with car audio?
where do HEB and kroger's get there gas from?
My Mercedes 2002 E Class cd player won´t play cd´s anymore - is it fixable cheaply ?
How To Wire 3 12" Kicker 07cvr124?
What happens if you use a higher amp number fuse?
Car stereo questions?
Where on line can you get free wiring diagram for Radio in a 1991 Chevy Camry?
does anyone know the code for my 2000 mitsubitshi eclipse i had some trouble with my battery!!?
Why will my subwoofers not move like they should?
audio system? beginner?
I have 2 q power 750 watt subwoofers how do I connect it to a mono d block 2500?
I have 1000 dollars I am willing to spend on a car audio system... Whats the best I can get for my money?
Will a Pioneer AVH-P4300 DVD fit 2003 Tahoe?
Car subwoofers Rocford Fosgate or Mtx Terminators?
How do i wire my sub and amp?
Im looking for a car subwoofer system that bangs and is around the $500 range any suggestion's?
Is there a bass difference between inverting the woofer and not?
new car sub?
best amp for 6 10 inch kickers? 150 watts a peice?
Should I have my subs in a regular dual box or divided?
Needing help with a stereo setup for a 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500?
600 watt dual amp keeps blowing fuses?
1997 Chrsyler LHS, I am having problems..Please help?
can someone explain how to set up my amp for best performance?
How much for 2 used 12" kickers comp. subs with dual sub box and DHD 2007 amp?
im blowing fuses in my amp, cant figure out whats wrong, help!?
what is the cause of acceleration?
I have 2 kicker comp 12" i need an amp to get the full potential out of them?
Amp keeps goin into protected mode!!?!?
Where on the net can i buy cheap car audio equipment?
A Car CD Deck remote?
What size are my rear speakers for a 1998 honda civic coupe?
1998 el doradi cadillac radio?
How can I prevent my car stereo from picking up engine noise?
sub not working good, amp is hot?
What kind of stereo console is compatible in a 1996 Buick Regal?
Whats are some good car subwoofers that will make my car bump?
Hopefully last question for subs ever, is this setup correct?
Do I need a amp for my interior speakers? and do I need a capacitor?
What are the cons of a kicker solobaric L7?
Looking for some serious SQL? ?
Car audio question?
what else is needed for a complete sub system?
flip down face plate vs removable faceplate?
Are These Good Subwoofers?
Does my Pioneer DEH-1700 Have Aux In?
How come my car CD player doesnt read CD's?
where an how do i install a cd deck on a 82 toyota pick up?
question about my stereo and amp?
Car Radio Doesnt Play Blank CDS, only Albums?
does one 15" sub bump more than two 12"?
wat yall think about a?
Can someone tell me how a single 10" Kicker L5 sub would compare to a 10" Kicker Comp C sub?
whats the loudest 12" sub?
what is the diffrance between a sealed and vented sub woofer box?
Are there any reviews for the car stereo Tview d65tsg?
For 2005 Scion xA owners with XM?
i want to learn how to install auto stereo systems? are there any classes or schools?
which amp to hook up to two 15" kicker cvr's?
Why does my car cd player light up but not actually come on?
which amplifier is better 1,000w sony explode or directed 500w?
Home speaker install into car as subs?
amp + sub wiring question?
8ohm home speakers wiring?
What is clipping the amp mean?
Is there any web site I can go to that will give me the dimensions for building a vented box?
What would be a good amplifier to get?
confused about amp selection...what should i get?
If money doesn't matter wats the best audio system i can get for my car?
help with power and ground inputs?
neon light that go under cars are they illegal?
why do red cars fade to pink and all others hardly fade at all?
Want to install a sound system into 1994 Accord?
How do you buy car audio?
Streetwires amp kit- right parts?
Car Audio speaker box inquiry?
How to put subs in my 95 dodge dakota, it has original radio with no rca plug ins?
yo kan some one now how to spell........i love u baby ore babe?
how much would it cost to get a new decent audio system with subs and an amp for a 99 Hyundai elantra?
what would be the most efficient wattage of 2 subs connected to a momo amp of 650W RMS@2ohm & 450W RMS@4ohms?
Car Radio Adapter help serious sound vrcd400-sdu?
Anybody know why my car radio settings reset every time I turn my car off?
Which Subwoofer/Amp should I get?
whats the best set up if you wanna get a sound system?
should i get a speaker or sub?
Could I have a Pioneer AVH- P4100DVD screen installed in a 2004 Acura TL?
how do i connect a car cd player to a standard plug for house hold use?
Is this a good amp for these subwoofer?
Which sub woofers are the best?
sound system for 2005 kia optima?
What are the reasons that can cause an amplifier to go into protect mode?
how long has Brazil been using flex cars?
What is a good way to learn how to install a car audio system myself?
i need to know were fuse is for the radio on a ford CONTOUR car because it wont turn on?
What kind of amp would easily power two 300w subs and two-four 50w mids?
How can I fight a loud music ticket when I have a stock radio and speakers and my windows were up?
Missing Alpine PDX speaker plug?
speaker box building ?
Do I need a capacitor for my car sound system?
does anyone know the code for my 2000 mitsubitshi eclipse i had some trouble with my battery!!?
do mtx subs hit hard?
What's the best satellite radio to get?
After changing my car battery my CD player in my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder doesn't work. Any ideas on how to fix
Help with settings for kenwood kac-9104D amp?
JL Audio 12" W3v3 vs. 12" W0v3?
Im looking to buy 2 subs need help!?
wire diagram for a '97 celica?
i have a buzzing subwoofer?
what type of car do you like?
2007 Passat- radio stopped working. Fuse OK. Does not illuminate at night either?
Missan frontier wiring colors help new head unit?
the right suwoofer?
What company makes the best car stereo system?
how do i put 6x9s in a 01 gmc jimmy?
what is a overdrive pulley?
what size back speakers are in a 99 ford escort zx2?
Why does my car cd player light up but not actually come on?
Amps don't work.. No light no sound?
i need a radio trim plate for a 89 chevy van?
Is 150W Loud?
I need a code for my ford mondeo radio/cd player and help please ?
Have a problem with SiriusXM?
what size fuse for 0 gauge?
How is a 300W RMS amp isn't going to push an 800W RMS Sub?
Does anybody knows if the radio in the opel astra 2001 has an input RCA o some way to hook up an CD cartridge?
Would this amp power Two 15 Inch subs?
Rim's and Loud music in your ride.Stupid or cool?
Can you add a directed 508d to an avital 3300L?
what is the best jl13w7 or kicker solo x i know but u tell me???
pple with intellegence help me out!!!!!?
What speakers should I get?
whats the difference between a subwoofers peak and rms power output?
is the efx hd3001 amp bridgeable?
What type of speakers fit in a 1999 Ford Mustang?
How to upgrade car's electrical system.?
why does my car play sound from my radio but wont play sound from my cds?
what do you pick out first subwoofer or amp?
What are the best type of subs and amp to get?
car stereo cd wont eject?
Two 15 inch woofers vs three 12 inch woofers sealed?
Is is possible to get an aux jack installed into a car stereo?
i need the wiring schematics for boss BV9980RDS ( I lost harness)?
How to unlock my Honda CRV 2004 audio system?
Recommend me a Sub & Amp combo for about 500?
how do i ground my CB antenna, thats connected to my house ? can i drive a stake and wire it to that ?
hey does anyone know where i can get plans for a jl audio w6 subwoofer box?
subwoofer vibration/rattle problems?
What company makes a good CB radio?
what kind of speakers should i get for my car?
second battery with an aq setup?
How much would this sound system cost at regular price?
Tuning subs to play only lows using line output converter?
Car stereo skipping problems?
Does anyone know how to remove the radio on a Citroen AX?
how much will it cost for best buy to install a full sound system in my 1994 ford explorer?
is there anyway to tell if a subwoofer is blown just by looking at it?
Which Pioneer Head unit.?
how many wires do you connect on a dual voice coil speaker?
How loud is 93 Decibels?
my subs dont beat when i hook both of them up?
where can i find a wiring diagram for a nissan frontier 2002 wires going into stereo?
SHould I connect my iPod to my car by soldering wires to the CD leads on the CD board of the headunit to my A?
i have 4 18' sub's and i was wondering why it is still quiet. (20,000watts) i have it on full all the time?
headphone-jack car adapter?
which car speaker brand should i get?
Both of my 25A fuses on my audiopipe amplifier keep blowing when i turn up my stereo...WHY?
wat else should i buy for my subwoofers?
where is the aux plug in?
After installing my sound system my cigarette lighter and light globe does not work..?
i have 2 12'' alpine swx 1242d what kind of amp do i need Peak Power 3000wt each: RMS Power 1000 each
will my sirius sattelite radio work in australia?
Where can I find codes for my Calfax musical car horn?
600 watt amp killed my battery?
98 Fiesta wiring problems?
Ideal subs for my brz1700?
i want to mount my 12in. sub on the rear shelf of my do i do it? any specific tools i need?
Why does my amp keeps going to proctection?
New CD wont work in my car?
Need amp for 1200W sub?
Help me please?
My Mazda6 Radio doesn't work?
Help with amplifier size ?
can you fix a broken coaxial wire?
which amp should i buy for this subwoofer? alpine or kenwood?
What do you think of Garmin GPS and Tomtom GPS?
Can you connect an amp and sub to a stock stereo?
10s 12s 15s....18s? Is there really a difference?
whath the best car of the world?
any sugestions on what should i put in my 2006 magnum?, i want to keep my facory deck. i already have 2 amps?
100 watt head, 500 watt speaker cab. Are half stacks the same as combo amps?
what do i set my frequency to?
im looking for sum good heavy bass songs for a system?
How can I hook up a subwoofer in my stock 2009 mini cooper?
what is the best amplifier for my mids and highs?
I have an 07 Lincoln MKZ with a THX sound system....?
Which box is better for SPL???
will a rockford fosgate 500 watt amp power 4 rockford fosgate p2 12 or 4 lanzar 1000 watt each 4 ohm?
Would 0 gauge wiring make my setup louder than 4 guage wiring?
i have no sound?
Just got back from Best Buy?
with a dvc subwoofer do both sides need to be connected?
how do i properly break in my new sub?
does an f250 2006 have a double din radio?
How can I bipass the e-brake wire for a Jensen 7" flip out screen radio?
Leaving the car radio on?
Ford Ka Radio Code Needed!?
Is it possible to connect my Subwoofers and amp to my Stock Stereo ??
Ranger and exlorer interchangeable parts? Radio in question?
Do low profile subwoofers sound any different?
xm satellite radio?
in a suburb with 1000 watt rockford fosgate amp, infinity speakers and 2 10" kickers. need better subs. Help?
Would i have to buy an amp if i just wanted to replace my car speakers with nice ones?
What Is The Hardest Hitting Bass Amp For Under $200.00?
what happens if ur amp is over powering ur speakers?
connecting a voltmeter to a capacitor?
why isn't my car conditioning working?
A Weird Noise I Can Make In My Head?
Adding tweeters to my system?
Subwoofer picking up engine noise and cutting out?
What is the minimal amount of watts that I should run with a Pyle 12" Blue wave 1200w subwoofer ?
subwoofer louder when sitting in the back seat?
Best Buy quality vs Walmart quality?
What Kind Of Speakers and Subwoofers Does My Car Need?
Cassette adapter problem?
Would this work?(pro answers please)?
whats the meaning of high level and low level inputs on an amplifier?
Pioneer TS-WX210A subwoofer frequency setup?
question about diamond voice changer 6.0?
the power supply to my 4500 rds radio was interupted. i have the code but the radio is flashing my registratio?
does anyone know where i can buy an 9v-12v in car charger for my portable dvd player?
Do i need a PreOut on my stereo to have a subwoofer in the future?
Is there any electronics solar voltage amplifier?
my car stereo quits playing at times and then comes back happens at diffeerent times?
how to wire subs?
Which subwoofers would be better?
what amp should i get to run these subs?
au falcon stereo code?
how do I improve the sound in my car?
what size speakers fit in the doors and the back window of my '98 honda accord lx?
Subwoofer AMP ground location in my 2004 Buick Rendezvous?
how do i redeem my subscription to siruis radio that i was granted in a class action law suit?
Whats wrong with my amp?
where do i find a wiring harness for a 2004 chevy impala to install an aftermarket radio?
Kicker 10CVR124 or Pioneer TS-W3002D4?
Best way to mount sub in mustang convertible?
does anyone now about how much a sony xplod 1100 watt sub is worth?
Wires to connect on Headunit
what are some good 1000 watt car speakers?
disable alarm on honda accord 1990?
Can anyone give me the code for my radio in my Ford Fiesta?
What is the "length" of a port for a subwoofer enclosure?
how much rms for amp when i have two subs?
what sould box size be for a l7 fifteen wXhXd?
Help with my car audio cords! What's the opposite of an adapter harness?
Does the Power Acoustik Sl2-2000W 2ch Silver Edition have a Built in Cooling Fan?
Very strange speak problem in car audio system.?
wat muffler pipe should i put in my 2000 vw jetta 2.0 to make it sound very loud?
amp VS subwoofer power match-up question?
how to stop my car boot vibrating?
Best setup for a 94 Camry?
car speakers sound like static, but i don't think the speakers are blown?
wiring diagram for Pioneer car stereo?
How do I connect my iPhone to my stereo in my '04 solara?
what is a recommended speaker set up for this bass set up i have to cause the least distortion?
18" kicker solo X subwoofer?
where an how do i install a cd deck on a 82 toyota pick up?
CD stucked in my 2002 ISUZU Rodeo?
2 10's loud?
does anyone have andy tricks on how to get a pully for the vibration dampener loose?
What is the rms power of these speakers?
My car stereo does not turn on, but my car charger still works?
Is it good to have 2 subwoofers running off 2 amps?
Can i just run 2 subs or do i really need an amp?
I need radio help on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
How do I connect iPhone to car, to listen to songs?
If i a get downfiring sub box and put it under my seat will the subs hit the floor?
rockfordfosgate or kicker?
which is a better sub and amp?
Which subwoofer should i get?
how to connect amp capacitor remote?
where do i find a wiring harness for a 2004 chevy impala to install an aftermarket radio?
I have this amp installed in my car, any subwoofer recommendations that would work the best?
What is the best in dash cd player for a 1991 honda crx with a budget of $120?
What kind of sub-woofers and how many, can my amplifier run? Can it run stereo speakers at the same time?
Do young lads with huge speakers in their cars have them to compensate for the fact that they have tiny.....?
What should I get to spice my car audio system?
How do you set the clock on a 1998 Dodge Neon factory installed radio I STILL NEED HELP No H or M button?
Car Audio Question Easy?
I need a sound system for my car. I don't know anything.?
can my Soundstream TX1.2000D run my 4 subwoofers safely at good quality without damaging any of the components?
Is it hard to hook up an amp to ur speakers?
if i cross rca's is that bad? I did that on my amp powering my door speakers now the amp wont work and no soun?
Can I use Sony xplod 1000 watts with sub addzest 600 watts?
How can i make the trunk of my car automatically lift when i hit the button?
how would I make my tweeters in my truck louder?
Can anyone help with settings on kicker sx700.4?
I need a Pioneer avic-N3 detachable face case?
Ways to play your music through your car speakers while it charges?
Does your radio increase your watts for your subs?
Are inter fire good subwoofers? cause i wanna buy two 12's but i dont know if there loud like punch boss etc..?
How do you remove the dash of a 2004 KIA Optima to make way for a new in-dash stereo?
Okay last question for this?
Amp for 15 inch kicker comp?
Which will have the better sound quality ?
help with subwoofers?
Speakers Size?
How can i setup an mp3 cd to seek through artists, to where it will act as if the one cd is a multiple changer
Does anyone know what stations are the clearest for the iTrip in Central NJ?
Upgrade subs on '03 Silverado?
what are the best name brands in car speakers?
Why won't my head unit stay on?
how do you take out the dash of a c6 corvette?
Stock front speakers don't always work. Whats the problem/how do I fix it?
What's wrong with my trailblazer?
Any durable reliable mid quality amps?
How much would a good set of car speakers cost?
Any input on who produces a quality Model T kit car?
if a stock radio with anti theft is removed will the car stop working?
Is Monster Radio Play better than iTrip?
With a choice between 2 12" subs and 1 15" sub, what would be better for more bass?
can I replace 4 ohm speakers with 3 ohm speakers?
Are my sub woofers any good?
Would a JL Audio XD 400/4 power 2 JL Audio TR400-cxi and 2 JL Audio C2-600x6 speakers without frying anything?
I have subs and an Amp from like 2002 they are kickers could i still get wires to install them into my car?
Hey i have a g1 . and i have a music audio in my music player how do i send it?
Is there any kind of chemichal that can make food expand seconds after it has been chewed and swallowed?
2 12" kicker comps or 2 12" l7's?
Do car amplifiers split the listed wattage on each channel?
my car stereo cuts out when first start?
Is there anyway to adapt the (front door) 4x6 speaker hole in my 2000 Cavalier to fit 5.25's without cutting ?
Can I hook RCA jacks up to a stock radio in a 2002 Chevy Silverado to hook up an amplifier?
amplifier repair?!!!?
im thinking of getting a 2000 Mercury Cougar & i cant find any ipod ready stereos for it. what ones will work?
With this and and 2 of these subs what should i put the settings on for eveything?
98 jetta radio code?
XM Radio- Which Device is better?
Which subwoofer is better?
what kind of amp do i need?
Hooking up Subs and amps?
Can my amp power this sub?
replacing speakers in a1997 hyundai elantra .?
can i use a car battery to run and amp and subs in my room?
How should i buy this sub?? Its at crutchfield.?
How come this is happening?
who likes cars brum brum?
How should I build my woofer box, and how should I wire the amp?
Why is my car stereo blowing the fuse for my tail lights and bashboard?
I want to change the speakers on my car. I dont know which to chose.?
Is this a pretty good subwoofer?
How to make a round port for a already made dual 10" sealed sub box?
Why won't my subs work?
How do i get rid of spiders on my car?
How do I take the door panel off of a 98 Ford Ranger?
What is the normal fine for a first-offense noise ordinance? (inside my car in my own driveway?) MH?
Would 6 gauge power wire work for this amp?
Which is better?
how strong of a subwoofer do i need to be able to start car alarms on?
Pick the best sub for the money!!!!!?
two single voice coil 15s?
Please who will tell me how to unlock car radio Blaunpkt SC 202 when it enters iSAFE?
Which is currently the best Car Audio System?Is it Sony Xplod?
Does iPod Shuffle (4th Gen) play Podcasts?
What's the best subs/amp for a single cab truck?
if im hooking a amp up to my head unit for my car, what wires in the wiring kit do i use to connect the two?
Do I need an amp to go along with subwoofers in my car? What brands?
The repair guy blasts AC/DC?
Would a extended cab be a regular cab or crew cab?
Why do my subwoofers turn off when i push the gas in my car? if im there just in park it works fine. Help!!?
Whats wrong with the amp?? ?
Alternator Whine Car Audio?
what are really good speakers?
is a brutus hifonics 1700.d ok to use with four 8'' subs 400 rms 800 peak?
Truck Box-Whats the best???????????
what do i buy for my head unit in my car?
Do i need my car aerial connected to the stereo for it to work?
Best amplifier for car SQ?
can u wire two sony home subs to a car amp?
advice before going to the car dealership?
Kenwood KAC-90105d , have to subs to wire,, HELP?
I have a 4-c amp and would like more bass. Should I replace the radio with one that has a bass booster?
can i hook up my car system in my home? like with a car battery or somethin?
How to fit new front speakers in 2003 Acura 3.2CL typeS?
what does hd stand for in qsc amps?
which car stereo would you think is better?
I need a wiring dairgram for my car stero CDX-GT06?
i have 1 kicker 12" L7 sub at 2 ohms. could i power it with a Hifonics BXi 1210D amp?
Kicker zx300.1 or Rockford Fosgate Punch 300-1?
if one of my subs are 300w rms and 4ohm then what would it be for 2?
Memphis 15 PR or 2 12 Insignias??
How much are my Subwoofers worth? ?
Will any sony speakers work with a sony radio without a amp?
what size speakers in my 98 civic dx coupe?
what are some of the best sub and amp combo for superior sound?
Need help with car subs?
What do you think of people who drive around with their windows open and music on full volume?
Is it okay to use speaker wires from back Car speakers to sub?
Wiring car stereo to amp problem?
speakers for my 71 GTO?
Can my amp handle 1-ohms?
I need the lowdown on car audio set up..?
JVC KW-XC 777 owner's manual - I need.?
What amp should i get of these subs?
Where can I sell my subwoofer box?
Subwoofers in my future car?
Which Amp Will Be Good For 4 Of These Speakers?
Help with stuck tip in AUX jack?
How to break/reset code for Pioneer navigation/radio system?
I own a 2006 G6. Can I have an adapter added to it so I can play my IPOD?
Ported or Bandpass.?
How to add plexiglass/acrylic to sub box?
cheats for the game viewtiful joe red hot rumble for the psp?
how do i get my cd out of my bose radio?
what do i need to power a 1000 watt amp in my room?
trying to change factory radio in a 97 dodge grand caravan. also hooking up an amp and sub.please help.????
im 10 but just becouse i am dont lie do dreams come true?
wiring speakers to a new headunit?
What kind of amp and sub woofers are good for the first time?
How to reapir a subwoofer?
Question about OHMS?
What kind of mono amp should I get for my (2) MTX Jackhammers?
How good is 475 RMS x 1 channel?
97 ford Taurus sho what color is the rem wire for the stock amp?
Is there a way to burn CD or DVD and It can be played on the car's CD player?
Can i use dc fan in the car. i know their different dc vs ac but will it still work okay?
some cb answers please :)?
how do you remove a stereo from a 2003 dodge ram 2500?
who makes the best car subwoofers?
Will i overpower my subwoofers with my amp?
only getn sound from right side out of new pioneer radio?
Can 2subs go withe a 2channel amp!?!?
Buying my first subwoofers?
Do I have a good sound system?
Rate my sound system?
can you have 2 different wires connected to the same thing?
First car. Help please!?
Ground loop Problem, help me resolve?
Whats a good amp?
Subs don't fit! WTF do I do?
Help finding a car stereo w/ pink display!?
what fuse size should I get?
How can I improve my reception for my Sirius Satellite Radio?
What sub system would you recommend?
How many watts are my speakers getting?
How do you mount an in-dash equalizer on a 2001 Pontiac Firebird?
Samsung Mythic just went through the wash cycle.?
How do I hook this up to my amp?
Which amp is better Hifonics brz2400.d or Re audio xtx.5000.1?
what are some good 6x9 speakers?
What subs would fit my amp?
Do you need to upgrade the big 3 for 2 15" q-power subs?
Will a rockford p3001 amplifier be enough to push an mtx 10" thunder 5500 sub?
Which model kicker cvx 15 is better?
Is ok if i use a 400w amp for a 500w sub?
how many watts should my amp be?
having trouble hooking up cd player in 93 civic?