Car Audio

Problem! Help me... Car Audio.?
Where is the signal flasher located on an a 1995 oldsmobile 88 royale?
are sony xplods good speakers?
I have a speaker that rusted out in the door -?
why does every one like sony explode they speakers suck and thier subs are worse its over priced junk?
1998 audi a4 bose radio. cassette tape is stuck in radio.?
AMP going into protection mode?
I was thinking of getting an Alpine PDX-F6 amp. Can anyone recommend two good 10" subs?
im about to buy the 12" alpine type rs and im not sure what box i need?
car sound system trouble?
are dancing cars for real?
what size speakers in a 1997 gmc sierra OEM doors.?
What do I need for a two amp car audio system?
Max power vs peak power?
Installing a amp to power component speakers?
What the h3LL is this?
ford KA radio key code?
my cousin is installing my 2 12" solobaric w/his 2000 watt ma audio amp?
What songs have a HUGE amount of bass?
CB radio installation 1999 Ford Taurus?
The Best 12" Subwoofer?
Any body know how to make a custom fiberglass box for a 00' eclipse gt.?
If you want to change your car stereo,do you just buy the front Head unit & it just slots in?
I have a GPS tom tom go 910 bluetooth how do i get to connect it tru my car cd speakers, no aux or tape line?
will leaving a 12v power adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter drain the battery when the car is off?
Car amp with 4 channel with supported speakers?
2 alpine sws 12d4 or 1 swr 12d2?
Need custom subwoofer box for Impala,where?
will tweeters make my music in the inside of the car louder?
Why has my car stereo system randomly started to cancel out the vocals and guitar solos?
What kind of sub should I get for my Camaro?
speakers are 4 ohm but i want 2 ohm wattage from my amp?
battery went dead now stereo needs code but have lost it any ideas?
Can I do this: hook my iPod up to my car (and w/out killing the iPod's battery)?
Type of Amplifier for two 10" Memphis "Power Reference" Sub-woofers?
If I pump 500 watts into a speaker with a 1000 watts rms, is that bad?
How big of a port and where?
Why is my touch screen WHITE?!?! ?
Am I underpowering my subwoofer?
can i wire my speakers from my stereo into my car??
What is the recommended amp power for a subwoofer with RMS@360 watts and impendence is Dual 4 ohms?
i have purchased a second hand car with an inbuilt stereo which is key coded?
Performance teknique amp bass knob?
hooking ipod to car speakers without the radio?
Every time I connect speakers to my amp, the protected light turns on?
can anyone tell me my factory speakers in my 97 LS blazer 4dr 4x4 or a way i can find out?
How much is 2 12" kickers subs with sub dual box and DHD 2007 amp is worth?
Will this head unit fit in my car?? Please Help!!?
do you need a ciggarette lighter in your car to be able to have a sat nav system?
How to remove infinity amp from Dodge Dakota?
Where is the cheapest place to buy subwoofers online?
Does SIRIUS satellite radio work in unpopulated, backwoods areas?
is there a site for free view of instruction manual for d db 1200 amfm cd receiver?
speaker wiring to car.?
where is the best place for me to get ground to my amp from a 95 tahoe?
my new stereo resets every time i turn my car off. what could be wrong?
what sub would be better for my Crunch P1400.2 a 2 ohm kicker 06CVX15 or a 4 ohm?
NITRO BMW-486 2000 watt amp hooked up to punch 15 p1.. how many watts is the amp pushing at 8 ohm?
How can I tune my subwoofers?
Which head unit should I settle for?
what is the wiring diagram for a 87 subaru wagan?
Is the Hifonics Zeus Zrx3000.d amp any good?
What car amplifier should i buy ?
will 2 4 ohm subs wired in series to a 4 ohm stable have as much out put as 2 8ohms wired parrlell?
how to fix burnt out car speakers?
Have you ever...?
can i build my own sub box?
I need good speakers for my car?
what audio sistem it's better to add at my car:sony or pioneer?
i have an avh-p6500dvd will not play dvd it gives an error 02 on the screen?
I need my unlock code for my radio 2000 Honda civic?
cd player in car has no sound?
i want to replace the speakers in my car?
Would it decrease the value of my 1992 25th Anni z28 camaro if I replaced the radio? And by about how much?
My subs poped when I turned on my car and havnt came back on.?
Sound clips in and out when my engine is on?
What r the loudest/ best subs for the money?
my ford sterio says MP3 under the CD what does that mean?
Car Stereo only has one preout?
will a 600 watt rockford amp power my 2 12" p1 rockford subs?
Does anyone know how many watts the factory speakers in a '02 Ford Ranger can handle?
what kind of amp do i need for one 12" sub with 4 ohm impedance.?
Why Do 12inch Speakers always Burst.?
what does 15w x 4 mean?
will this amp blow my subwoofer?
Will my battery and alternator suffer?
Why wont my dual 12" terminators hit hard?
do i need a new alternator ,battery or extra battery?
Center Slot Sub Enclosure?
I just bought a 12 band Cobra radar detector, Do you think they really work?
What's wrong with my amp?
Hey i got a 05 dodge ram quad cab, i was wondering if Kicker KS6930 will fit in the front doors?
Do you know about infinity speakers?
have u ever heard of this amp? is it worth it?
What are some of the best subwoofers out there?
How to burn a CD for a car's CD Player?
Whats wrong with my speakers??
How long do you have to hold down the source button on a pioneer cd player DEH-P59501B to make it turn off?
Where can i find Pioneer DEH-30mp face panel?
my car stereo has a huge problem....plz help?
My amp keeps on over heating why?
Is there a way I can get my car cd player to recognise and play recorded cds?
My amp wont is keeping my truck running - Remote wire is correct - What's wrong?
Can a car audio pro help me?
Can i port the box on my MTX Terminator subwoofers and everything still sound good?
Need to Track my car! Where can I find something?
my radio in my 2002 ford focus just sopped laying the fm am and cd still work what happened ^ how do i fix it?
I need the color coing for my manufactured radio in a 91 Dodge Shadow?
What kind of deck speakers should i get to go with my subs?
Weird sound coming from subwoofer?
cd player question?
2003 Audi A4 Stereo won't turn on?
What are the speaker sizes on a 1992 honda accord?
When I have my amp hooked up, the sub pulsates with volume at zero. How can that be fixed?
My audio system isnt amplified anymore!?
Mazda 3 Radio has gone crazy!?
Need amp for 1200W sub?
How do i get sattilite radio in my car?
what is the current subwoofer DB record?
i got a 12" alpine r type sub (only one). what type of amp should i get?
Speakers are making static noise?
Will this Sub setup work?
i want 4 12inch subs and amp for 4500?
Which is better?
u think 142.3 decibals in a truck with subs is good or should i try to go higher?
I have 4 sony xplod 1200 watt subs in my tahoe, What should i replace them with? and will it really make a dif?
Would a low quality head unit with a good quality 4-channel amp cause distortion and bad sound quality?
what kind of amp should i get for two 15" subs?
Having trouble with XS Power batteries selection?
Will this amp power my 2 12 cvr Kicker comps?
What kind of GPS should I ask for for Christmas?
I have 2 mtxtr75 10 with a 1000 watt alpine amp why do they keep cutting out?
what is a better subwoofer?
Ford Escort Audio System 5000 RDS EON Serial# ?
For Pulsar 200 NS (kick) will be there as optional fitting from company?
What supplies do I need to hook up my sub?
i have a peugeot 206 sometimes i turn my car off and back on again the sound come back sometimes not why?
C B radio Would I get any fun or help from having one?
Where is factory amp located on 2005 Cobalt with Pioneer stereo system?
am I right about this calculation on this 1800 watt Kenwood amp?
Can antone tell me how to set the time on a pioneer deh-3750mp car stereo head unit?
How many watts does a stock stereo have pn a 2002 chevy?
I just bought a 12" single subwoofer for my singlecab truck would i put the sub behind the driver, passneger?
Will any 2001 dodge radio work in my 2001 dodge ram 1500?
Have you ever had your car broken into?
car stereo installation?
I need help with my truck radio ?
What amp would work for two Memphis DVC shallow mount subwoofers?
i have a marshall guitar amps why does it create feedback?
Who likes good quality sound?
Who provides clearer sound, Dual or Jensen head units???
who makes the d-1011 7" tft lcd motorized in-dash monitor tv radio?
Best aftermarket in car stereo for an 03 Mondeo?
Is it ok to leave my Magellan GPS in my car all the time?
Subwoofer problems...?
i have 4 L7kicker 12 what amps should i use?
what size are the speakers in a chevy s10 door 2004 mod?
Is there a car radio you can set to play an audio track when you start the car?
Subwoofer rms ratings help?
i need too know if you can have 2 diff brand subs and 2 diff brand amps in your trunk?
Why would a "power cap" be listed at 16V to 24V instead of 12V ?
almani audio?
Planet audio 1500 watt amp, need an RC converter that can handle 1500 watts?
What are the best speaker to add in my car for big bass?
what amp should i buy to power 2 12" rockford fosgate t1's 4 ohm subwoofers?
Is one 12" sub good enough to pound and hear a couple blocks away with a 1300 Watt amp with a max of 4 ohms?
why man think his good looking by the car they drive.?
15in dual voice coil 2ohm L7?
I have a Ford Focus with 6006e cd changer but no security code, any ideas?
Why are my car speakers playing white noise?
What started the craz of putting Loud Speakers in cars?
what difference does the inch size of a subwoofer make?
is it safe to operate a radio at 6volts instead of the manufactures suggested 5 volts?
i need a wiring schematic for a 1993 toyota aristo.?
which sub is better??? fi bl 15 inch or kicker L7 15 inch?? pros and cons of each?
Obsidian Audio VS. Orion Audio?
What type of wires would I need to hook up a JL audio w7 with a JL 1000/1 Amp? Amp Wires?
How to set the clock in a 2002 Renault Laguna ? And also to confirm code entry of the radio code.?
Anybody know the radio code for a Ford Fiesta? Code M066204!?
Can you use only tweeters in your truck?
how do you connect two 12 volt batteries in series?
What should i do? here there anywhere?
Both of my 25A fuses on my audiopipe amplifier keep blowing when i turn up my stereo...WHY?
Why does it say cd in an chrlyser voyager the car only has tape??
my ford radio code is on please help decode it?
Question About Subwoofers?
What are the measurements for a 2002 Honda accord factory radio?
radio code for 2003 acura tls?
What could i get for my amp+sub+box?
why is my alternator working harder with the same amp and a different sub?
Power Acoustik PTID-8920 for my mini van?
how to make a car subwoofer louder?
I have a Magellan Roadmate 2000 gps?
How to wire dual subs?
what s wrong with my system?
What is a good safe first car?
How do I connect and play my iPod in my 2008 chrysler aspen?
Copper Vs Copper Clad Aluminum?
is buying used audio equipment online a good idea?
Why does the sound system in my car randomly get quieter?
why wont my dual in dash car stereo work.?
MTX amp fan on but not power light?
2007 chevy cobalt and the cd player makes a noise when taking in the cd's anyone know if their cd player does
How to hook my subs up at 2 ohms?
what materials do i use to build a sub woofer box in my car?
Will this speaker set up work In my car?
i just got 2 volfenhag 15s what kind of box should i put em in? sealed or vented?
what answers?
LED's To Pulse With Music?
Why do my subwoofers sound bad in cold wheather?
What size alternator for speaker setup?
what kind of satellite radio does my 2004 infenity G35 have?
If you have your car half on and you put the volume up, does it waste more battery??
Does anyone know what brand of CD-Rs a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee stock cd player will play??
Will 16 Guage speaker wire work
anyone noe how to take out a car radio for a 97 cavalier?
Alpine type r box help?
have two kicker amps that have blowen can u tell me where in joondalup area wa i could get them fixed?
kicker zx400.1 amplifier?
how do i hook up three solarbaric subs to the amp?
hey! :) can someone send me a link to a ipod car cord? (details inside!!)?
Car Stereo Problem?
l7 vs cvt kicker suggestions?
Im getting 2 12' Kicker Comps? But is the amp im getting good?
What amplifier should i get for my car?
diy fiberglass speaker boxes?
CUSTOM SUBWOOFER HELP! i need help installing two 10" subs in the back window of my civic.?
How much would it cost to have a car stereo put in?
what kind of amp do i need?
where can i find a subwoofer box for 2 15"s?
Kenwood KDC 519 faceplate problem?
i have a jensen flip down vm9410 everything works, the dvd subs, etc. except it will not play a
Does an 800w amp need a capacitor?
enclosure help for my alpine type R. what should i get?
What type of amp would QB10S dual sub woofers by Alphasonik need?
What are some song with good Bass Lines???
where can i find bass tests to find out my sub-woofers strength/ loudness?
Decent subwoofer for 1993 mustang convertible?
Installed a new stereo and the subwoofer doesn't work?
How do I stop a rattling window caused by subwoofers?
Guys Help ! What car subwoofer do I buy for my bf?
My car speakers arent working? plz help?
How to get the most out of your setup?
my sony xpold amp keeps going into prot.?
Best 6x9 2 way speakers you have ever heard?
does anybody know good competition speakers for my car?
Amp keeps going in and out of protection mode?
Why is only one of my two Kicker CVR subwoofers firing?
I have two 12" subs. What should I get, a mono amp or a 2-channel amp? What exactly is the difference?
Which car audio speakers are better, pioneer, alpine, kenwood, blaupunkt, or boston acoustics?
hifonics amps brutus and gladiator which is technicaly better?
I have 2 kicker comp 12" a sony 600 4 channel amp what kinde of box would sound the best?
Shuld i get 2yellow tops or 1yellowtop n 1stinger? Stinger has 300more CA's.. N wich one shuld go front/back?
What are the black rca cable outputs?
What do I look for when looking for new car speakers/woofers?
My sub woofers just stopped working in my truck.?
Sub Woofer box port size?
RE: 1993 Ford F250 truck. Where is the +12 volt from the ignition for the radio ?
ok so i hav a 95 saturn sl i have a alpine cd player and insignia amp ans 2 12inch insignia subs?
If i build a larger sealed box for my 15 inch subwoofers will it be louder.?
I wanted to buy a 2 din car stereo from US, but the dimensions are not standard. What is Indian 2 din dimensio?
what can i do about faulty Kicker compVR 15" subs?
Which would u recommend to be the best door speakers for my truck?
Can you make your car gps a golf gps?
Would I be happy with this Kicker Subwoofer?
a box that is sealed and ported will sound amazing with it hitting hard and loud at the same time?
why does my car amplifier turn off when it is loud?
Can i use 2 alpine type r's and 2 mtx thunder 4500's?
What does (BLT) mean on a sony Xplod Amplifier?
radio wiring diagrams for 2000 chevy silverado?
what kind of amp do i need for my highs?
what cd work best in a alero radio?
Is there such a device that I can plug a flash drive into and then plug that into my truck radio MP3 port?
I have the radio code for my Clio but when I have entered the 4 numbers nothing happens.?
I'm looking for a way to play my iPod through car speakers without going through the FM radio?
Subwoofers speakers etc?
How much would it cost to install a DVD/MP3/AUX/CD receiver in my car?
Does Anybody Know Any Rap Songs That Bump Real Good With Your Sound System I Got 2 12's An Amp, New Speakers
How to hook up wiring for subs and amp?
what is your fav car ?mine is a mustang GT fastback?
how to install a cd player in 93 ford taurus?
factory stereo swap from 2004 camry to 1988 it possible?
how should i hook up new system?
im looking to spend $2000 to $2500 on a car audio sound system what should i get i want it to be beating reall?
10's 12's or 15's and why?
Ok I have 4 subs, a cap,a amp,& a 98 cavalier.Who can help me&how much will custom install be?
Running a 4 ohm stable amp at 300 watts to a subwoofer rated for 300 watts at 2 ohms?
will putting in a car remote starter affect your warrenty on the car?
Should i buy a used 15" kicker CVX and build a ported box for it or 2 used 10" kicker L7s?
what kind of sub can i get for my amp?
Subwoofer/Amp help please?
No sound coming from car speakers?
i need someone who is experienced with installing car radios/sound system for car please help?
I have a 1998 toyota 4runner and am looking for a rear speaker enclosure. I would like a custom fit. Any Ideas
Kicker SX650.1 amp keeps restarting and blinking SERVICE?
How can i bolt my subwoofers to my car so that they wont get stolen?
Will TWO MRP-M500 alpine amps work to power Two SWR-1243D Type Rs?
Which speakers should I get for my setup. JVC CS-V627 or Kenwood KFC-1654S?
is it possible to wire a mono amp and a 2 channel amp to the same two subwoofers?
Please help me how to repair electronics like tv dvd radio etc.?
hi does anybody know how to put postcodes on to my tomtom 300?
What is a good 12" sub for a 2000w Pioneer amp?
can I get a bluetooth installed, after purchase, in a 2010 honda civic?
Need help to figure out which amp I need?
What are the conditions needed to place a subwoofer "backwards" in the box?
Car stereo wont turn on?
kicker speaker help please?
Should I Buy a Pioneer 800w Amp?
Can someone put these in order from loudest to quietest for me?
Problems with BSW ipod adapter in H&K?
How to make my car stereo system sound better?
will car speakers sound good if i under power them?
I have a problem with my amp but its brand new?
Can anyone help me with a code for my VDO CDR 2005 radio?
how can you play music in a car with no aux jack?
Saturn techno commercial a couple of years ago?
Songs with heavy BASS?!?!?!?
How do I fix problem with FM band of stereo in my 1995 Geo Prism as suddenly the volume stopping working right
hifonics amps brutus and gladiator which is technicaly better?
How Can I Get A Stuck CD Out Of My car Stereo?
How do i install dual illiminite speakers into my 1995 Ford Ranger?
What is the better sub Kicker L7 or Alpine Type X?
why does my alpine amp cut off if i turn the volume half up?
Can you splice an RCA cable? And if so, what are the losses, if any?
How difficult is the iPod Touch to operate while driving compared to classic iPods?
can cars play mp3s?
help me!!!!please!!!?
My Visionik 300 watt amp and subwoofer won't work???
What is the best amp for the polk db212-2??
where is a good ground in a 1996 chevy cavalier?
What gauge wire to use for a Memphis 500.1 amp?
i want to make a sub box out of clear plexiglass any tips how to do this and where i can get it in Aus?
14" speakers?
is this sub and amp a good combination?
wiring diagram for1987 f150 radio and speakers.the wires were cut when i got the truck?
subwoofer sytem in 300m?
how can you get a tv picture on the jensen VM9511TS ?
Will the stereo system in my Jeep fit in my Jetta?
I need a new car radio for a 98 malibu... which ones are good, easy to use and not complicated?
Car Stereo is incredibly old, no idea if the speakers even work. Has an Amp...?
question about car stereo?
what would you suggest for subwoofer setup?
I installed 2 15" subs in my truck it will play fine w/ the truck off ,but has a very loud squeal while runnin
what .com can you find west cost custom?
what are good brands of subwoofers and amps?
what size speakers fit inside an 1970 camaro?
Is there any to do this with my amp? Please help!!!?
2 types of schematic diagram?
will tweeters make my music in the inside of the car louder?
The current price of a stock is $94, and three-month?
how important is a tweeter for car audio?
My car doesn't really beat to me. What am I doing wrong?
How do I get my radio code?
need help with subwoofers ?? HELP?
has any one ever fell in love and how do you know.?
What are some really good CD Car Receivers under $200?
Good Bass songs? i got a new system and i want to see how hard it can hit.?
How do I hook up subs to my moped?
Whats the best aftermarket car CD player/sirius radio/ipod jack entertainment system?
i am looking to buy a pioneer GM-D8400M amp, can anyone give me a review on it?
Surround Facia for the ford fiesta mk6?
One RE Audio sx12 or one Hifonics Olympus 1612?
WHO (what company) did the HMI design for Alpine Navigation system?
What are good subwoofers to buy?
Is scosche 4 guage wire big enough to handle 2000 watts?
hifi brutus 2400 or hifi zeus 3000?
Satellite Navigations Systems?
Need help with car speakers - 2 ohms with an aftermarket deck
The CD player in my car doesn't work. Help?
Hey..I blowed a fuse INSIDE my AMP..and I'm looking for the chip so i can replace it but i can't find anywhere
Installing amp in a car with a factory amp already in?
What all do you need to hook up sound system in car?
Pioneer Avic F700BT GPS navigation?
Help with Car Stereo?
head gasket gone on my fiat bravo how much?
I'm thinking about purchasing Jupiter Jack for Xmas presents. Has anyone used it and how well does it work?
how do i get my sub to hit same time?
Does anyone have a phone number for clarion car audio?
Need to know how to type the code on a radio installed on a Hyundai Galloper Exceed if only 6 numbers.?
truck music system cost?
orion,rockford,or memphis amp for 2 mtx 9500 dual subs?
Do I have water in my speakers?
Car Hi-Fi Shopping Help?
can a 1000 watt amp push a 12" 1800 watt power acoustic subwoofer.?
What AMP do i need??????????
1994 Toyota Camry audio system wiring!?
radio code for factory fitted phillips radio in a renault megan 02 plate?
If I buy a car stereo from america, will it work in an australian car?
How do u find out what code is for stereo in Mondeo..and enter it x?
Whats a good Sub woofer for under 150 bucks?
Will Dvds be ok in a hot car?
aftermarket cd player problem?
Which speakers would you prefer?
What is the best way to fix-it-yourself on a torn convertible car top?
Car radio/cd blank and won't turn on, can you help?
What would be the best subwoofer type and placement for my 2001 Dodge Durango?
Why is there no power going to my headunit?
I have a 2009 Honda civic lx and I want to add a radio and hands free steering wheel control. where can i find?
Where can I find a legitimate site to buy a GPS/NAV/MP3 dash kit?
Can my outlet break my guitar amp if I use a surge protector?
what do you call the leads you need to connect a cars cd player to the car?
Why does my amps gain have to be maxed to sound like it should?
Is a Kicker zx750.1 amp good enough to power two 15" Kicker CompVRs?
i have left and a right rca outputs on my sony xplod cd player?
Changing 4 ohms to 1 ohm?
I need a subwoofer box!?
so i should get 2 1000w sony amps and 4 spl12s 250 rms for some good bang?
Exactly what do i need to install two subwoofers in my car?
What Kinetic/Stinger/Optima battery do i need?
Will this sub/amp combo work? Is it a good match-up?
My car does not have speakers but it has plugs that look like they would plug into speakers?
Car stereo for under £150?
does RMS matter? i mean is it the watts or the rms that matters more?
I have a pioneer 4400bh i just ordered. what is the proper amp and subwoofer i should get for it? 04 Ford ST?
What kind of amp and subs should I get?
Song with lyrics Don't turn around, cause your gonna see my heart breaking. Just turn away.?
Getting the most out of your speakers?
Would you buy these subwoofers?
fuse on my amp keeps blowing after a few days? whats wrong?
Is pioneer a good subwoofer brand?
Could i replace my standard door speakers with 180w speakers?
I have had a 10" kicker comp 076104.?
Kicker CVR 12" or CVR 10" whats the difference?
How can I unlock the radio on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?
Help with setting gains on amp with multimeter?
What is the difference between mono and 2 channel amp?
kicker zx1000.1 (Fi car audio) (kicker_guy_17 please answer this)?
can you Swap stock 06 ram stereo with OEM dvd one?
How can you get an Ipod, that that is connected to a radio controller, to display the current song playing?
i have 1 12" pioneer model ts-w306c 1000w 400rms whats a good amp for that?
How to uninstall TD System on Chevy Pick-up?
Car stereo installation problem?
Pioneer TS-A6872R 6x8?
Help on wiring up and MTX RT251D amplifier and a Rockford Fosgate Punch (P1) 15" Subwoofer.?
car speaker and subwoofer help needed?
Does Anybody Know Any Rap Songs That Bump Real Good With Your Sound System I Got 2 12's An Amp, New Speakers
Wich power source should i get?
cherokee limited edition k reg 4 litre jeep-has its factory fitted immobliser got a code can u open it?
how do i remove the rear speakers from a 2004 pontiac grand am?
Ok, I have a 650 Watt Jensen mono amp?
I got a setup kit for my subs and amp and also got a switch if I need or want to shut them off?
How do I change the clock on a 2003 Honda Civic?
Why does my car keep dying??
Car stereo, clock and cigarette lighter don't work?
What is a good amp?
What is the size or dimensions of the factory speakers in a 1996 Jeep?
Is there a Minijack Audio Input on a 2000 MBZ E320?
My car amplifier cuts the power to almost nothing after I plug in a second sub. Works fine with 1 though.?
kicker or power acoustic or planet audio or soundstorm?
What speakers should i get for my car?
Will a class a/b amp work on four American Bass xd8 subs ?
How do I put speakers in a 1994 Toyota Tercel coupe?
whats a good car system?
Would i need an amp for 4 door speakers with a total of 1200 watt rms?
Subwoffer amp problem!! Smoke!!?
Where do I ground my car amplifier in my Foxbody (Hatchback)?
Can a cell phone be connected to a 2007 ford focus through the car stereo without additional hardware?
Rockford Fosgate 12 inch subs sound funny?
My lights seem to dim when the bass hits, does this mean i need an alternator?
every time i am on the cb radio someone curses on channel 19 at me on the CB RADIO WHAT CAN I DO ?
What does 150W RMS x 4 @ 2 Ohms mean?
Help with Pioneer DEH-P5000UB?
can you burn two 300 watt single voice coil speakers on a 1600 watt 2ch amp?
How to make cd's play in car cd player?
What kind of amp would be good and sound good for my 2 15inch Kicker Subwoofers?
How can I hook a car cd player in my room and to my subs?
boss 2500 watt class d mono block?
well this stereo fit my suzuki xl7 2003?
Would country music sound good with the bass turned up?
If u trick out a car(like amps, rims, speakers, that kind of stuff) will the value of it drop?
How difficult to replace two 12"s with two 15"s in a box?
Im Thinking Of A Getting A Second Electric Guitar W/ Amp?
What sort of speakers should I replace my factory speakers with?
How do you hook up car speakers(not subwoofer) to a 4 channel amplifier?
What kind of subwoofers should I get?
What amp alternator and battery size needed for my system?
how to connect Samsung Jet to car radio?
Subwoofer cannot fit?
whats wrong with my subs???
What are the best subwoofers I can buy for my car?
radio picking up interfarnce from truck engine?
how do you install an IEC AULOC output converter for car audio?
What is going on with my car sound system?
I'm looking at upgrading the radio in my truck but I don't know what to look for in speakers or an amp. ?
Hows the quality of Vinverth Car Sterio Systems??? DVD with USB drives?
sound system for my hilux?
What is the maximum top mount depth for a toyota camry front speakers?
can i buy a mannual for my rip speed car stero?
Is this amplifier good for my subs?
looking for dvd/cd model number mv.ddt.650 indash?
Can I use my stock radio with an amp and subs?
what sub do you think would be louder and have more SPL?
I cant find the right sub! help?
I'm a nit wit about electronics. Portable DVD Player/2 screens that attach to headrest. HELP?
Is there a way to beat the "Smart Start" system?
wiring hifonics zxi 1006 up to 2 kicker solobarics?
why does my music cut out but my subs keep going ?
Subwoofer and stereo question?
How does a dual battery isolator work (installed in a car)?
what can i do to hear bass from outside?
How much is gas where you live.?
how can i uninstall a cd deck in one of my casr then, install it in my other car?
My car radio says it can play mp3 but there is no av jack only a usb one. how can i make this work?
Low or high gain for my amp/headunit?
What would cause a new car indash DVD player to not power up correctly. The unit recieves power, but...?
What to look for when buying an amp?
Will someone hook me up with a car?
@ what voltage will the Concept cd-3910 amp will produce 4krms into 2 ohms?
Question about Car Audio?
How do I make my subs only play bass?
Why wont my radio work?
fast car/amp/subs install question?
Is this system worth buying?
Where can I get an ANTI-SKIP car CD player?
I Bought The Sony Xplod 2 12 inch subs & There Hooked Up To A Pioneer Amp 2000 Watts Is That Good?
Problem with subwoofer, can someone help?
I don't have an aux import in my car?!? What the next option?
How would you convert 600 peak power watts to 600 rms watts on a amplifier?
How can i turn my bass up in my car?
I have all of these except the Kenwood head unit, but I'm ordering it today?
more bass sealed or ported box ?
how much will i need to open a Car Audio Garage?
9. An alternator is said to be over excited when it is operating at?
Class A/B Amp for Two subs?
My Kenwood car CD player shows ER-99. WAT IS THE PROBLEM?
2000 Bonneville adding another radio will this mess up function buttons on steering wheel?
What will hit harder in a 12" Kicker L7 or 2 12" MTX Magnums?
My car is making a loud one pitch screaming noise HELP!?
Y do my factory speakers work but not my 12" speakers?
How to wire phoenix gold QX 2100 amp?
wireing question?
How to stop rattling from sub woofer?
is there a stereo conversion kit for a 1992 volvo sw 240? if not how can i wire one in by myself.?
how good is a Rockford Fosgate 1200 Watt 2 chanel Car AMP Punch 401s?
Brand of Subs?
Stock rear speakers in my 2000 cavalier z24.?
what kind of speakers?
What are the advantages/disadvatages of having a flip-down faceplate on an in-dash CD deck?
Is this subwoofer/bass supposed be left plugged in to power because there is no on/off switch?
my speakers sound like sh*t?
Were their any accidents on the 57 freeway this morning headed toward Disneyland?
How many things can you fit on your door hook?
how do I check on the authenticity of a indy pace car?
i need some HELP?
How do i convert MP3 songs on my PC to songs that I can play on my cars cd player, which is not MP3 compatible
Lightning audio?
Could you tell me where the mixture adjusting screw is on a 85 spectrum carburetor?
what speaker will be better?
Multi Channel amP help?
why do my 4 12's hit like 1 10 or sumthin?
What is an Auxiliary Power Outlet in a car?
How do i hook up tweeters strait off of my radio?
Cassette Player for 2006 Acura RSX?
What would be a good deck?
Audio install for a 2003 Honda civic?
What size screws to mount receiver to sleeve?
How can I get the music in my truck to play clear loudly?
How do I wire my subs @ 2 ohms?
is it possible to wire four 12" DVC subs with 4ohm into a 1ohm load?
2002 Cavalier Audio cuts in and out.?
Help with car speaker installation?
do i need my blue amp wire hooked on for my speakers to work?
do all cars have hand-brakes?
whats a good cheap sound system for a nissan 240sx?
What do i need to set up a pa system in my room?
I bought a new battery for my car now and now my radio is asking for a code...HELP!!?
how do you remove a head liner from a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?
would plexiglass back face with a ported box effect my sound?
Will my dual dvd players fit on my head rest?
need some help!!!!?
how do u preset ur radio stations in your car?
What kind of speakers should I get?
are MB Quart good amplifiers?
What are some good high end amps that push 2000w rms at 1 ohm?
hello which subwoofer sounds good mtx audio or re audio ?
Does anyone know where to purchase a double din radio kit for a 2005 LR3.?
which car deck/system is better?
how do i repair a brocken car antenna (it got snapped half off)
2012 Ford Focus S Audio Wiring?
Amp cuts out at random?
My subwoofer rattle problem ?
What gauge wiring kit should I use for my sound system in my car?
How do you remove the radio out of a 2006 Dodge Ram Quad cab. I would like to install a new one.?
What would you suggest for amps 300,600,800 so on so forth,2 channel.?
amp + sub wiring question?
If it takes a hen and a half a day and a half to lay an egg and a half....?
is this hifonics amp too much power for these subs?
wiring dual voice coil DVC 1.2 OHM per coil woofer?
i want to wire 4ohm dvc into 8 ohm dvc. please show me?
Will a pioneer fh-p8000bt fit in a 04 ford ranger?
Car stereo HELP! FAST!?
whats a good 4000 watt amp to use?
help with car amp/head unit?
which is louder and best sounding orion hcca12.2, dd3512, fi btl12?
how to instaill amp ina car?
what is the deminsions of a 2005 saturan ion 1?
What is the best way to protect my car audio equipment in my trunk?
do people have pet whales? I heard mii cooosen had 12 toes?
what do i hook the a subwoofer up to if i have no amp?
Do i need an amp for these speakers?
I need to know wat colors are what on my 2001 mitsubishi galant inorder to properlly install my new cd player?
what wattage amp should i buy when i have two 800w 12's?
What size amp should i get?
Help car amp!!!!!!!!!!?
Will running my truck's radio with the engine off kill my battery?
How you do you make pioneer navigation units N1,N2, N3 play movies while driving?
How do i enhance my cb radio (make it go farther)?
Mercedes Audio Unlock Code?!?
what subs are better from Kicker Solo-Baric S15L72 & Rockford Fosgate T2D212?
What could be causing my sound system to cut out at high volume?
Good Amp?...Help?
firewall problem for amp installation on 97 Pontiac Grand Am?
Where can I find this "spx" speaker/amplifier combonation w/2 10" speakers and an amp for automotive use?
how to calculat the power output of dc motor?
mtx vs alpine?
What kind of Amp do I need?
What amp should i use for my 2 P2 rockfords?
Is it better to have a DVC 4-ohm sub running on a 2-ohm load or a DVC 2-ohm sub running on a 4-ohm load?
1 sub vs dual subswoofers?
Do all orange amplifiers double as bass amps?
i would like to know how to bypass the clutch switch at the pedal on a 1997 ford probe? can anyone tell me how
How do I fix my issues with my Tweakers (mini-boom speakers)?
How can you use your ipod with your car stereo if the stereo has no sockets for a cable?
Looking for good sound quality car speakers for good audio what kind should I get?
I need help hooking up the back of my subs to my amplifier?
For a button to fit through its buttonhole, the hole needs to be the size of the button’s diameter.?
13.5w3v3 under my seat?
static noise in my sound system?
Subwoofers in a 1998 GMC 1500 Regular Cab?
Sony walkman MP3 Accessories?
what's the specs on a mono block d-class blackmore 2000 watt amp?
Will they survive?.?.?
Two 10" Subs or One 12" Sub?
what is this loud buzzing sound from one car speaker at times it is working at other moments it is a very loud?
activate sirius radio in your caliber?
Any help on a old car radio?
What are the specs for replacing the older style dodge ram P/U (2001) speaker system?
ford 6000 cd unlock code?
Fi Audio new subwoofer, the SP4 line? Any good?
Which car audio speakers are better, pioneer, alpine, kenwood, blaupunkt, or boston acoustics?
question about alpine head unit?
I got a new car battery. Now the radio won't work.?
I have really nice in-car speakers! help?!?!?
On an Oldsmobile silhouette( van) with rear as well as front air,There is an a/c-clu diode,and a a/c-clu fuse.
price to refurbish a "kustom ,quad 65watt, DFX amp?
I am looking a Keycode for Ford Audio System 6000CD?
whats the best tire size for a 97 mustang and best subs?
What could be wrong with my GMC Jimmy when I can't turn the key off all the way unless I tap it into Park?
Car stereo keeps shutting off when turned up to high...?
sub-woofer goes nuts when i turn off my head unit?
can i use a crossover on a amp with a built in crossover?
I want to connect a new stereo cd player to my Mercedes 260e but the wiring is different? Which wires go where
Mercedes radio wiring?
Rockford fosgate or kicker for speakers?
What type of amp do I need if I'm putting in 2 15"subs and 2 6x9 convertible component speakers in my truck?
how can i get it to fit in my car?
What watt amp should i get?
My subs and amp help please.?
Rockford Fosgate P400.2 Amp going into protect mode...?
How to tune an amplifier without blowing my subwoofer/s?
Would like to install a new stereo into 02 Pontiac Sunfire. Car Toys tells us $150 extra because of Gmos 1?
need help wiring something?
How do I fix the light on the radio display in my 02 Grand Am?
am i going to have a good life?
What is wrong with my car antenna? It won't raise up, meaning I have no radio?
Can anyone help please i need a code for my radio its 5000 rds e-o-n seriel number M000373 thankyou!!!!!?
is it bad to under power a subwoofer?
Bass in my car?????????
can u connect your speakers to a cd player because my radio doesnt work?
swicth off soundstream amplifier?
Would 2 12" subwoofers be too much for a 2002 Honda Accord?
What should I look in for a car amplifier?
2 12" Kicker Comp Ported Box?
why cant I hear any sound when i hook up my car stero 4 a 04 durango I have a wire harness?
how can i dismantle the dash of a 2005 dodge ram 2500?
what is a good price for a 12 inch JL subwoofer and a Kenwwod Amp Combo kit?
What Amp Should I Get ?
what do i do when i turn on my radio and it makes a loud sound and i dont hear no music coming out?
I want to know what kind of amp i need?
Car deck will not play my MP3 Player?
Opinions on Alpine type-s 6x9 speakers?
is power acoustik good?
How to connect iPod to car radio?
What is wrong with my amp set up?
why does my car sound system turn off if too bass is too loud?
Do I have to hook up an amp to my component speakers in order for it to work?
wondering what subwoofers i can run with my new amp?
2012 Ford Fiesta SE RCA adapter?
Are fiberglass subwoofer enclosures any good?
How much would it cost to install a DVD/MP3/AUX/CD receiver in my car?
I need to know the perfect amp volt and watt for a car sound system?
radio doesnt work well in my car?
Stereo or Mono which is the best?
My battery keeping going dead?
Car audio capacitor advice?
CD player no sound help plz?
if you have 2 or more amps can you wire them together to get higher watts if so how and what would the rms be?
i just dont get it what wrong with dual car audio. i have a friend with a dual amp and its working just find.
need to replace speakers?
i Have a kenwood Kac-7203 amplifier and its blinkin the red light that suppose tio be solid can some1 help me?
Should i buy a 6 channel or 4 channel head unit?
PLEASE HELP!!! can a hifonics amp power my these four kicker subs?
hooked up car tv with 2 heads restno video from rear?
Are the stock speakers all the same in a Chevy Pickup?
whats a Vehicle name that starts with the letter A?
need help for my car audio !?
which planet audio anarchy amp should i use with my alpine type r sub? what if i have 2 type r subs?
how do replace car speakers?
Toyota 4runner speakers?
What is the code to my radio?
where do i go to get the manel for my car?
can I hook up a stereo with rca outputs to another stereo's rca inputs and control volume,...?
why isn't my car conditioning working?
What's the best amp I should get for my 1 alpine 15' type r 4ohm?
Does anybody knows if the radio in the opel astra 2001 has an input RCA o some way to hook up an CD cartridge?
What amp should I get for my car?
mark lenvison dvd navigation system. does it play dvd? if so, is there a trick to playing the movie?
What do i look for in a car amp?
In an Amp when it says 1000 watts 2 channel...........?
which information is correct?
All my wires are in place but my amp or subwoofers don't work. HELP?
What is the smallest box for a comp 12 by kicker? ?
what all do u need for a car audio system?
question about music i need to identify a song lol its from 98.7 amp radio?
What kind of amp would i need to power 2 12 inch subs each with a peak of 1100 watts?
Is it worth buying a infinity bass link??
what does this subwoofer wiring diagram mean?
What kind of subwoofers are these?
radio comes on then go,s off in car?
What do you call that car remote that you open your car with?
where can i find a multifunction switch?
what is the max handling power of a hifonics samson amp?
Will any other factory radio work in a 2005 Ford Explorer?
Rim's and Loud music in your ride.Stupid or cool?
What is wrong with my car's CD player?
is this a good combination?
what is a better all around car stario system...rockford fosgate, alpine, or percision power?
What is the best suggested amp for 2 12" cvr kicker 122's?
How to make my ipid play in my car?
what is the best subwoofer out there?
How to hook up Edge subwoofer to Fiesta Mk6 Zetec?
Is regular scotch tape insulating?
What type of amplifier should i get for these two products?
what overall is faster lamborghinis or ferraris?
Car Stereo speakers won't work unless?
Help with subs and amp.?
I need a manual for a timex T311T clock radio?
Does anyone own a mini cooper? If yes, how do you like it?
Why does my amp keep cutting off?
What is a ground wire?
Whats the best car speakers for constantly loud music?
Can I run four single 4 ohm 10's on a 1 ohm amp?
How can I fix my Car Stereo?
WIring two amps in my car help please??
where should i connect the ground wire from my amp?
ho can i track a car without gps?
Problem with my 1997 ford explorer sport (standard stereo).?
What do you think about this speaker system for 2000 accord?
What kind of amp would be best to power a 12" Sony Xplod sub and sony xplod 6x9's?
Suggestions for a new car radio/CD player?
What is the size of stock rear speakers in a 2005 ford freestar?
Japanese imported 350Z sat nav conversion without buying from Nissan..?
how to buy dc car audio?
Why does a subwoofer flex?
what size amps do I need to run 3 12 inch 700 watt each subs?
what is the wiring diagram for a 2000 ford contour radio?
If u have 2 300RMS 600RMS subwoofers and u run 1200RMS to them will it be too much?
visionik amplifiers?
How should I mount my amp?
power suppli fro old speakers?
Do I need a crossover for my car audio?
Is this a good amp/sub combo?
Another question on Ipod equipment for car?
what to hook up to my amp?
10th time asking this same questin on here... im so aggrivated READ IT FIRST Please... i need free db program?
What is involved to get Sirius satellite radio?
is it worth it to spend an extra hundred dollars to buy an infinity basslink 2 over the original?
Ipod connected to car stereo via auxiliary?
what is the cheapest easiest way to stop my trunk from rattling?
Why is my Directed 1500D Class D Mono Amplifier's protection light keep coming on?
Do i need an amp and a head unit for new speakers? Or one or the other?
Flatwind coil explanation?
how to install angel eyes in 95 civic?
Is it okay to try a power inverter in an old car?
Do you insure your car audio?
which car amplifier's are good that aren't really expensive?
Capacitor for amp?
Buying my subs tonight...?
I want a sub box in my trunk, but my trunk is stripped down with a wheel well,can i still put the sub box in?
Do I Have To Have an MP3 Player or an Ipod to be able to hook it up to my car?
What can I do to keep my rear-view mirror from vibrating and making noise when my system is playing?
What are Ohms in speakers? Important!?
What is the best car system I can get based on a 3000 dollar budget?
Please can somebody help me find my ford ka radio code? serial M 036319. Thanks!?
I'm looking to put a new stereo system in my Mustang? What is the best, and affordable, system out there?
New sub, new mysterious problems?
would it be okay if i connect a regular phone cable to hook bass remote?
Which beats harder autotek amps or alpine amps?
im looking at car subwoofers. if i have 2 600-watt subs would i need a 1200-watt 2 channel amp?? or what?
Will any HD radio tuner work with any HD Ready Car stereo head unit. I have an Alpine head unit and my friend?
How do I wire 2 DVC 4 Ohm 15s to a 2 channel 2 Ohm stable amp?
Help with settings for kenwood kac-9104D amp?
Can I run a Kenwood x500-1 Class d at 1 ohm?
Fuse and fuse holder?
car audio set up, recommendations on combos and kit to buy?
Will CircuitCity/bestbuy install a radio in my car, that i didnt buy from them?
Sealed or ported box for 2 10inch mtx subs? Help please?
i have power in half of the power cable connected to my amp, how can i fix it?
Brand of Subs?
How to make my subwoofer Wave?
What size speakers does my car need?
I have a Rover 25 with factory fitted radio. Can anyone help me find the code for it?
What's the best way to get a power cord fromthe battery to the ampthrough the firewall of a 00 chevy truck
What should I get 12" L7 kickers? Or 15" comp kickers?
What kind of sound system should i get for my truck?
how can i change my car's rear speaker?
What if i have stock Bose . Can i add a SUB?
Nissan altima radio ?!?
How can i get my cars system to sound like my other cars?
Installing Sub Woofers (Car)?
I have two 12" subs. What should I get, a mono amp or a 2-channel amp? What exactly is the difference?
Replacing Factory Stereo?
How do I bridge two 4ohm subs to a 4 channel amp?
Is this amp good for 2 12" jl w1 300 rms 600 peak?
connecting the remote turn on switch for amp with factory deck?
What is the best signal processor for a factor radio?
does it matter what gauge wire i use to connect my car amp ?
My Monster cassette adapter is very unreliable. Help?
how to set up my amp at 2ohm?
are my 2 type r's a good match to my amp?
how do i run highs in to my cross over do i need a nother amp thers a place to run highs but how do i do it
Will TWO MRP-M500 alpine amps work to power Two SWR-1243D Type Rs?
Why do my Car audio system don't sound that good?
What sound system for jee wrangler?
How would i wire two lanzar dvc 6ohm subs to an alpine 450 w mono amp. the subs are in a sealed separate chamb?
is there a website that helps you learn car audio amp repair?
I'm in Edmonton, I want to find some radio stations, who can recommend some?
i need help i have an iphone 3gs?
over the last 10 years, has audio equipment price gone down?
I'm buying new car speakers, any suggestions?
Is it better to have more watts?
Whats the long/short-term effect of subwoofers?
does any one like white neons under body kit?
I have a 2000 GT mustang. I use a cassette adapter to listen to my iPod in my car.?
What AMP to buy with my subwoofers?
can $630 get me a good car system?
How much would this sound system cost?
What amp should I buy for my sub?
CD player spitting out CD's?
What are the better speakers JBL or ALPINE?
What Wattage Amp Do I Need For My Car Subwoofer?
Are suction mounted GPS systems safe in an accident?
Two 8inch Kicker L7's, or Two 10inch Kicker L3's?
I was wondering if i should get the Kicker 15" cvx or the Kicker 15" Solo Baric L7. Which sounds better?
How do I fit a sound system in my car? What kind of stuff do I need?
amp not wokring?
Best car audio system for santro zing ?
Best Way to Cut Circle for Sub Box?
Are you annoyed by loud car stereos that have powerful bass speakers?
What is wrong with my jeep?
anyone in houston,texas selling a 1000 watt amp i will pay up to 300?
How to install i-pod adapter?
Which type of subwoofer should I get?
how to install the capacitor in the 12volts battery?
How to make speakers waterproof?
I have recently purchased a fosgate p2d2 15" dual vc subwoofer.?
What are the factory speakers in a 1998 Chevy K1500 Ext. Cab? Bose?
what is the difference between having one twelve inch subwoofer and adding a second one?
Does anyone knw any good music with lots of bass for playing in car??
How to wire a 4 ohm CVX subwoofer?
I have copied songs (WMA) from c drive into a cd..but this wont work in my car cd player.please help?
What speakers come standard in the 2006 altima s?
I want full animated car and bike racing with grafics 100% free mode?
pioneer mvh-p8200bt bluetooth code?
What is the best minivan in the world?
2002 nissan altima no sound from stero?
Does the gauge of your remote turn on / rca cable make a differance?
Will any bluetooth phone work on a Parrott system?
should i get an amp for these speakers?
how to plug headphone into an guitar amp and still play it through the speaker?
Good car radios???? HELPPP?
protection light come on amp?
where can i find a cord for bluetooth?
Trying to get a little more out my subs.?
Code number for a radio cassette player in a vauxhall vectra 1998?
ok i need help?
car radio fault? Can it be fixed?
Do these component speakers contain 2 tweeter and two woofers
Does a 2000 watt 4 channel power amp have 500 watts per channel or 2000 watts for each channel?
Help!! Installing new car speakers?
Getting subs for my car?
i want to add 2 12's in my truck. (speakers) will they fit?
Please help me out?
what are some good car audio web sites to buy from?
2 re audio sex 15s or jl audio 15w0v2?
How to hook up my JVC stereo to my car?
Honda Prelude 1995 Sub Woofers?
Suggestion on a Amplifier for my new speakers?
can i use a spare rca cable as speaker wire for my car's sub?
What are the features of a Audi RSQ?
does speaker wire really matter?
best amp for dual kicker l7?
Car cd player doesnt fit?
Which branch is the best quality of cars audio?
Need help with wiring for subs and door speakers?
What happens if I connect 2 different wattage speakers in parallel?
Which is better, a more powerful amp, or more powerful subs?
240 watt amp what gauge wire do I need?
Can someone please help this hillbilly with his truck audio?
is it possible for a girl to get arosed by the bass of a speaker?
Radio code for a chrysler voyager?
I need help for picking out a stereo?
Subwoofer sounds awful hooked up! Help?
Is it OK to turn on car radio for about 30 minutes with Engine OFF?
whats wrong with my subs?
Subwoofer and Amp sound like poop!!!?
Please read this if you're asking a wiring question and to those who have already asked.?
Why is there no power going to my headunit?
Audio problem....need help. Is it the pioneers?
how to play songs from samsung on a car?
how do I delete things on my TomTom GO 720?
1996 Honda Accord original speakers?
the pioneer deh p88rs can be setup in standard (classic) mode or can have a 3way setup, what are the benefits?
what have i dont to my car stereo?
Why does my remote wire create a problem?
single or dual chambered box?
Do I need any upgrades to my car sound system?
sony cdx-sw200 car cd player?
Which Subwoofer and Amp combo?
What is everything i need to get sounds in my car?
Where I can go to learn to install auto stereos, amplifiers, etc, etc?
Will this stereo work in my volvo?
What is the code for a ford fiesta car radio serial no M054680?
Why is my sub not working?
Where can I buy line level convertors in India? In Chennai, if possible?
Does Sony make a bridgeable sub amp?
best subwoofer/amp for my current amp/speaker set on a budget?
I had a cd/fm/am radio put into my car. my car radio isnt working now.?
How to hook up my JVC stereo to my car?
buzzing sound on auxiliary channel of my car stereo...?
what is a good amp size for (2) 1200watt sumbwoofer.?
what is your opinion on the dhd ntx capacitor?
I just bought a satellite radio....i gave some questions?
Kenwood KDC-X996, When BlueTooth or the Kenwood music App. is running I get no sound from the front speakers..?
How do I go about buying a specific radio face for my car?
What is the extra receptacle on a 2001 Explorer Sport stereo for?
Why is my car CD player not working?
building a subwoofer enclosure?
Kicker Combo help?
Why does my professionally installed aftermarket radio in my 2007 Chevy cobalt seems to turn on and off? ?
Sony Indash DVD Player?
Need to replace alternator?
Problems with Power to Head Unit/Clock in Australian 2000 Honda Civic?
Subs not working with cd player,but works with tuner?
can anyone tell me how you do the walk it out dance? I kinda know?
My sub doesn't respond!?
Are hifonics Zeus door speakers better than pioneer 6.5's?
toyota corolla 99 Amp Remote Wire?
Dual 400 watts xpe2700 installation?
help on subwoofer enclouser!?
Which brand do you prefer for car audio?
What to make a enclosure port out of?
What kind of fuse do i need for a 4AWG?
ohms....need help buying an amp.?
Changing the deck in a 94 Ford Tempo?
wut is a good website to get a re audio 15''sx and wut will be a good amp to push it?
I need a wiring color code diagram of the stereo system for a Hyundai Accent Hatchback?
what should i do, amplifier and sub questions?
Amp and wiring recommendations....?
how to remove a cassette without special tool?
What are the best subs and amps for creating earth shattering bass and geared towards hip-hop type music?
Is the pioneer DEH-1500 wiring the same as DEH-2200UB?
Should I keep my 1994 Corvette stock and keep the original cassette player or install a new cd player?
Will this amp push my subs?
attaching MP3 to car?
can you fit 6.5" speakers in a 6.75" speaker mounts?
Kenwood KAC- 8104D MONO AMPLIFIER and 2 KFC-W3012 12" SUBS, amp is getting very hot, what do I do?
is there any race fans that go to Speedrome?
What brand car stereo do you recommend ? What features would you get?
car Head unit?
Are these decent speakers?
Why is there a loud annoying noise coming from my right rear speaker?
where can i find what all the settings on my pioneer DEH-10 MOSFET cd deck?
Anyone have info on jvc kd-sx930?
Which GPS system would you most recommend?
car stereo system ?
is it hard to install a bass knobb?
how to design a enclouser for a free air subwoofre?
what does 4 way speakers mean?
Power Cable to amp too short?