Car Audio

Will a Itrip mini fit a ipod nano 2nd gen?
the bass coming out of my subs is erratic could it be an amp issue?
Do u know how 2 disable the parking brake wire on the Jensen VM9510TS so that my wife can watch TV while drive
what size speakers are in the front doors of my 1997 Saturn SC2?
What do I need for my subwoofers in 1972 Chevy?
where to buy cheap electro voice speakers?
What does TRO mean in the cd player?
How many watts does my amp need to be?
I need help with car subs?
does the brand of amplifier wiring matter?
What kind of setup would i need?
Which wires are which for installing a stereo on a 94 civic hatch?
Installing head unit in 2003 Jetta help!?
Remote output wire from head unit?
this is for you car audio buffs....?
What is messing with my subwoofers?
wiring 2 300 watt amps bridged at 4 ohms to 2 2ohm subs?
Would my car be able to fit a smaller tweeter?
Can I change my 2002 toyota prius stock stereo system?
How to bridge 4 subwoofers to two channel amp ?
Would i be able to reinstall the factory radio back in my 1999 Chevy Tahoe?
i need to which amp to go with?
My cd player will no longer play cd's: How can i fix this?
i wanna know what amp would be good for my 2 12s?
Ringing in Ear at Low/Any Volume with new Car Stereo?
Fi BL what do I need?! ?
GPS for vw jetta 1.8t?
what color is the "remote" cable/wire of the radio of a 2002 ford focus?
gain voltage question?
You know the orange trucks that say "yellow"? what's up with that?
what do i need for the big 3 upgrade?
Is physics a dead subject to boy racers?
What's the best radar detector available for accuracy and value and why?
can anyone tell me the radio code for a seat ibiza? reg is WA53 LDJ?
I am looking to get a new sound system for my car.?
what cars would you recommend for short people. I'm 4'8 and I have alot of trouble seeing over the dash.
is it okay to have subwoofers with a 1100 Watt max but have a 2000 Watt max Amplifier?
Do they sell 0 gauge big three upgrade kits?
I have an lzmc iPod dock in my car stopped working? Any one know about these?
Would two 6x9's without an amp give me sufficient bass?
radio noise when turned on?
how to change the clock on a deh-p6300?
Installing amp in a car with a factory amp already in?
Will a 500 watt amp be anough to push two 10 inch sony explods? ?
What does it mean when...?
Which is better..JL Audio...Or Kicker???
Vauxhall Corsa Help with CD player?
memphis mhc 1600 amp?
Thinking of buying a GPS system that I can remove from the car.Need mostly for navigation purposes. Ideas?
Fiberglass Method?
How do I install my car stereo?
Electra subs?
Jeep wrangler sub enclosure help?
how do I get rid of engine noise in my car stereo?
What's the best subwoofer enclosure?
what kind of amp and subs should i get.?
im getting a thumping noise from my subs when i turn on and off my car how can i fix this?
Where can i watch VIDEOS on how to install a car stereo or amplifier?
What size subwoofers should I get for my truck?
car amplifier problem?
Have you ever had your car broken into?
best songs for bass car audio?
Does a 2011 Hyundai Tucson factory stereo have a RCA hook up?
What type of amp and size should I use with my 2 10's kicker comp?
CD Stakers?
Why do my subs cut out on bassier songs but not others?
what sat/nav gives the best cover for germany on 12v system?
what kind of amp do i need if i have 2 15 inch qpowers?
which is better jbl c 608 gti or blaupunkt velocity vpc172 component system?
i need the code for car stereo: (VDOCDR500)?
How can you use your ipod with your car stereo if the stereo has no sockets for a cable?
Question for serious Car Modifiers in the UK?
Looking to upgrade my battery under the hood of my civic ? Need Help!!!?
Will running my truck's radio with the engine off kill my battery?
Aftermarket Radio Installation Help?
Strange Car Audio Problem?
What file format does CD Changer plays?
I need to know if you can wire LED directly to your battery?
If you own a '95 Honda Civic, please help!?
What Amp Should I Get to Power 2 12" Subs?
question about jl audio 10w7 subs?
is it okay to mix amplifier brands?
What cd stacker is compatible with......?
what kind of amp do i need? easy best answer if u tell me honestly?
alpine cdm-7854 and connecting a mp3 player?
what is wrong with my amp?
whats a good cheap sub that can hit high on the DB?
I wired a new radio in my car using an adaptor i have 0 power to the faceplate, what did i do wrong?
how can you put radio in your ipodtouch without plugging in your car?
i listen to metal and i cant decide whether i should get subs or upgrade my speakers?
rover stereo code -C-?
Why when you buy a pack of cdr's, only about half of them actually work?
I Want to buy car audio system in chennai in the price of Rs.3500-5500?
what kinda of amp do i need to power 5000w subs?
i bought a new radio for my 04 matrix and i need some help on installing it.!!?
I need to find the wiring schematics on my 92 Toyota Camry?
Which amp would be better for my sub?
Which amp is better a rockford fosgate R300-4 orplanet audio AC2400.4?
i need wiring help for a sony explode CDX-GT09?
Whats the best amp to get?
how do i hook up 2 different amps to 1 for my subs and the other for 6x9's?
What size of amp should I get for my 2000 watt sub?
Why is my Directed 1500D Class D Mono Amplifier's protection light keep coming on?
where can i get a radio wiring diagram 4 a 94 caravan for free?
What amp should i get?
i have two speakers 1800w each what kind of an amplifier do i buy ?cause if amp is too big spk will blow up...?
CD player or not?
can four double A batteries power a 12 inch subwoofer?
What do I need to know about the shape of my old car stereo and fitting a new one?
I have a Pioneer 760W amp(car audio)and I need to know which wire hooks to battery and which to system control
100watt speakers on 50watt stereo?
What EXACTLY do i need to hook 2 of these up (Car Neons)?
what size ohm amp do i wire one 4 ohm speaker to?
Cheap amp for these 550w speakers?
uninstalling a radio well an aftermarket cd/mp3 player panasonic deck?
I have a 79 amc concord and want to replace the radio with a cd player. I can't find ourt what fits. Any tip
Do i need my car aerial connected to the stereo for it to work?
How much Power is too much power?
i have two 600watt boss subs. what is the best size amp to use to get max performance?
I put a new stereo in my car and the speakers wont work?
Can you make a 2 channel amp mono?
In car ipods? Pioneer DEH-3050UB?
cigarette lighter voltage reduction question (electronics)?
im getting a sub in my boot and im also getting 6x9s on the back shelf, my mate said today that he was advised
Can this amp support these subs?
How do I connect my iPod to the car stereo if I don't have a jack on the dashboard?
Is it easy to blow a sub when the amp's RMS matches the subs RMS?
what rms amp is needed?
im getting a subwoofer inclosure for my truck it can hold 10" subs in it but i don't know what to get?
about car navigation system?
Will this amp be good with my subs?
what size amp wire should i use?
What's the top of the line car stereo?
two 250w rms subs with 175w rms amp? HELP!?
help with my sound auto sound system?
I want to build a subwoofer box for two twelves? i need help?
12" Kicker CVR Help with Hifonics Amp?
whitch one is better??? chevy calbult, or mazda 3????
Have Pyramid PB-290G amplifier and would like to know the specs . Not on their website.?
Can a BMW "1000watt" amp push a 12-Inch Kicker sub?
What is the best amp for 4 kickers?
garmin issues?
is my amp blown?
How much watts do i need in my amps to run my 4 speakers and sub?
After market radio install for 2000 Chevy Malibu LS?
Hey,to any Volvo owners,does anyone know the default code to unlock an 850 turbo stereo,had to change battery.
How well do Formula amps preform?
How to hook an equalizer in a car?
Can some1 tell me newer songs that would pound with my car subwoofers?
2 kicker L5 12s or 2 audioque sdc2 12s?
Where is a great place to get subwoofers installed in or near Thousand Oaks, CA?
Building 2x12 Ported Sub Enclosure, how many cubic feet?
I was lookin for a good mono block amp is soundstream rub1.1000d a good amp?
What size speaker do I need in my 1977 mercedes benz 300D?
Im looking for a keycode cd and radio in my ford fiesta. its a rad 4500. my serial code is .M037899. p?
I have 2 solar barricks speakers1000watts and bought a 5 channel amp but it blew what kind of amp can i use?
I Need help with car audio?
Which subs are best to listen to rock and rap?
What kind of Rockford Amp Do i Get?
What is the name of this auto accesory?
what is the watt rms?
single speaker volume control, using resistor?
Whats the best car Transmitter for Devices ?
Where is the auxillary input in my 2005 Expedition?
Is my system for my car a good setup?
What is this port on a alpine deck?
how to power a tv at a tailgate?
What size subwoofers would i need?
rover metro fitting rear speakers?
titan manual doors to power doors?
10 inch kicker subwoofers question?
One 12' Subwoofer or Two 10' Subwoofers?
Can you hook up 3 subs to a 2400 watt pyle amp?
i used to be able to play my car stereo loud but now the power cuts out when i turn it up?
what size speakers fit in the doors and the back window of my '98 honda accord lx?
i have this subwoofer what kind amp?
can i buy a cd player for my car from walmart and get it installed at best buy?
Does Bose sell any car speakers without the car? I have searched 1 hour and have found nothing.?
Which Rockford Fosgate subs + amp to get?
does anyone know what size speakers are on a 98 convertable mustang?
Installed new door speakers now stereo cut out?
Could any capcell work on any system?
how do i fix shorted out dash illumination lights in saturn sl2?
how can you get a tv picture on the jensen VM9511TS ?
how much would it be to get a sunroof installed in you car?
Why does my car amp not pushing out the power to my subwoofers like it was yesterday ?
How can I reset my BMW car radio. I entered the wrong code 3 times, now it says"code wait" please help?
can you have a 10'' sub and a 12'' sub in different boxes going off the same amp?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
Amp suddenly stopped working?
i need someone who is experienced with installing car radios/sound system for car please help?
How do I tell my stereo to play from the auxiliary input?
Wiring options for 2ohm subwoofers?
What amp should I get for my subs?
Help choosing car stereo?
I have a boss d1000.2 2000 watts amp on 2 12 subwoofers and it goes into protect mode?
Is bridging an amp bad?
What's a great highend car audio system?
what type of glue is used on the voice coil of a subwoofer?
best amp for 2 dual 4ohm alpine type r 12's?
Would this amp be able to handle 2 of these subs?
How to install LED tubes under my car, and how to hook it up to the fuse box?
How can i fix my break lights?
Satellite radio in car?
What kind of amp should I use for two Kicker CVT 10'' subwoofers?
does my 99 subaru stock cd player stereo come with preamp outputs?
I just bought a 02 passat and upon turning on the radio it reads "safe 100"?
can anyone help me please i cant find my radio code can anyone help me please the serial number is m462386?
Need help gettin off work. my boss is an idiot?
alternator upgrade help?
how many watts do i need in my amplifier for my car subs?
SPARKY-a question for u?
Sub cutting in and out.?
What the hell is wrong with my sub?
Why there is no power at all to my radio after changing battery in my car?
Whats better a Mono Amp or a 2 Channel amp?
how can i use a car subwoofer at home?
Can you Install an Amplifier and Subwoofers to a stock car radio?
will a 1993 GMC jimmy be able to support a sound system with out upgrading the battery or alternator?
How do I stop the bass?
Whats causing my car's speaker to rattle?
whats the best brand to buy when im buying a cd deck for my car?
Which speakers are better (opinions plz)?
Which is a better buy for my system ?
Possible causes for car battery draining overnight?
Songs for subwoofers?
Drivers License?
would it affect sound quality if i vaccum pressure a sub box?
HELP!! Subwoofer keep cutting off..?
If I plug my laptop into my van while it the van is running will it take more power...?
What is the best frequency to have your LP filter on to get the loudest sounding bass?
new cd player wont turn on but stock will?
how to connect amp to jvc kd-avx2 the rem wire?? what to connect it to??
Is there a device that will let my husband play music from his thumb drive to the 3.5mm port in his car?
2400 watt amp to much power ?
what kind of amp do i need for my two 12inch pioneer Subs?
What do you think of Wal-mart?
how much is this worth, street value and in store?
Which is the best car audio brand?
I need the sn to get the code for my 6000CD radio.?
Just got two 12' pioneer subs in a box, what amp should I get?
how to connect 20 speakers in a car and amp?
anyone have a car wiring diagram for 2000 ford focus?
Wiring a DVC sub with 1000w amp?
Garage Sound System - Home Stereo Speakers / Car Stereo?
How do you BREAK IN a subwoofer?
can I hook my subwoofer up to my surround sound?
What's the best way to become a PROFESSIONAL car alarm installer in Southern California?
What is the best video to audio converter out there?
What is an average Audio Brand?
What's the best amp i can get for these subs...?
is there any things i can use to power a car amp in my house?
what are the exact specs of an amplifier do i need?
Why won't my iPhone 4 play over my Pyle stereo via Bluetooth?
how do i remove the rear dashboard on a 2001 monte carlo so i can put new speakers in?
how can i connect a separate battery just for my system. i have a 600watt amp and 2 12" subs?
Would this amp work with my system?
Hotwiring an amp into a factory cd player?
Can I connect a MP3 player to an amp and speakers in a car without a radio?
were can u find cheap cars...and fast??????
Is it worth buying an amp for one sub?
dose audiobahn audio own pyle audio or dose pyle own audiobahn?
audiobahn immortal series?
what is betterspeaker kicker comp 10 or audiobahn natural sound 10?
How to make two 15"kicker l7 4ohm sound from blocks away ina 99 cadillac deville?
Car stereo face-plate missing...?
amplifier not working right?
how much would i have to lose to fit into a size uk 8?
i wanna to sell my Jensen satellite radio receivers?
What were the default settings on the Kenwood Kac-9104d amp?
How to replace radio antenna on Mercedes C240 year 2001? Factory installed has real bad reception.?
two10 memphis subwoofer dont known watt?
Car audio SPL....Cadence audio?
Subwoofer voice coil?
what does the clarion eqs746 do?
whats the best alpine type r subs?
Cheap car audio batterys?
Why would a cd player smoke from the low left part of it? Like too much (+) power to it or (-).?
6-hour road trip with no tape deck: how can i use my iPod? Any hope?
**Please help me out with this!**?
what is the best amp for my 2 Q POWER DELUX 15in 2000w max 1000rms?
How to make a blown sub not sound blown?
i have a metra ajustable line output converter and need to know where to hook up the brown wire in my car
Did my Amplifier Fry?
Car Systems!! Lot of Help Please?
What is the power and sound difference between using a 8ohm and 16ohm speaker in my guitar amp?
Pioneer deck shorted out?
how do you set clock on my cdc mp3 stereo system?
What do you think about this car for a 16 year old girl?
Trying to pull stock speakers out of 1995 GMC extended cab?
does my 2002 toyato truck have spark plugs?
Does anyone know if the front panel of a Sony WX-C570 stereo is removable?
what kind of car does colbie caillat drive in the bubbly music video?
Good car amp that can hold a lot of power?
How much would a new car stereo system cost?
4 Cresendo pwx 6.5's w/ 4 ft1s supertweets vs. CDT Audio cl-61a?
what kind of sub should i put on my ford ranger extended cab that will be heard far away?
What can I do to improve the sound system on my 1 series BMW without changing the standard head unit.?
change neon light from green to red?
Looking to buy subwoofers for my car?
We have a 2004 Kia Sedona that came with a rear entertainment system remote or headphones.?
Where do you go to buy and have installed a car radio?
Hi i have two mtx 12" subwoofers they are 750 watts max power each what kind of amp do i need?
What subwoofer should I buy?
i own a cr-v and i want to put a couple mini subwoofers?
Car Antenna problems?
i have a 1000 wt amp and a 1100 wt sub it is 10''?
We cannot hear our dvd player in our Kia sedona....Help please ????
i just don't fit in.?
Radio code for a 1997 mitsubishi premium stereo?
MTX or Fosgate?
make ipod work for alpine cdm-9823?
Looking for a Hi level input for a Kicker kx 250.2 amp, where can i get this?
is it possible to hook up a car battery to a computer power supply to run a car audio amp ?
Advise wiring eight 4 ohm loads?
4 channel amp can connect 4 subwoofers?
What are some good AFFORDABLE subwoofers?
Can you use a sub woofer that would normally be used in a home stereo system as a car sub woofer?
Is there anyone that has a 94 Plymouth Acclaim Car For Sale From 800-1000?
What makes a good car sound system?
replace stock radio or help hook up?
i have a car audio question?
i have 2 12" soundstorm stealth subwoofers,with a 1200 watt soundstorm amp,2 channel,bridgeable,what should my
how do i remove roadstar car stereo?
is amp louder without fuse?
Wisconsin driver liscense restrictions?
2013 Audi Q5 or 2012 Infiniti FX35?
I need a manual for my Aiwa CDC R237 car stereo?
wen replacing car stereo how do you match up different color wires?
What does clipping sound like? Audible distortion? Coils burning?
my car cd player stopped working when i hit a bump in the road, what happened?
Battery wireing question for Car Audio?
how much would it cost you to run a 120 W stereo system 4.0 hours per day for 4.0 weeks?
Good Bass songs? i got a new system and i want to see how hard it can hit.?
Grundig car stereo code?
03 saturn ion and dual XDMR6415 trouble wiring?
Why do my amp go into protect mode everytime I turn the volume up?
What is an amplifier that can power a subwoofer and two speakers?
Alpine IDA-X100 is it good for USB stick or it is better for ipod as i don't have an ipod?
Can you use an 800 max watt amp on 2 500 max watt subs?
Which satellite radio service should I go with? Sirius or XM? What are the advantages of each?
what is the best 6x9 speaker on earth?
which one is the ground cable?
Why doesn't my capacitor stay on?
are 2 12" kicker subwoofers good for my mustang?
What EXACT amp will go with ONE Alpine SWX-1243D subwoofer?
Rover 45 radio security code?
Does electrical tape work on all electrical wires?
Would anyone be interested in an MP3 player that is in an 8 track cassette?
Best Amp for My Sub in an Enclosed Box?
im looking at a stereo system for my car i have been looking around at certain companys.......?
Looking for a new headunit and speakers, whats a good brand that gives the quality for a good price?
Why can't I install aftermarket stereo equipment with my Bose car stereo?
Is this sony amplifier a good buy???
Why is my amp shorting out?
What are some good bass songs?
car stereo turns on but no sound?
What is a cool song to bump in my car going down the road?
Amp Problem i think?
what should my amplifier settings be?
kicker comp 12 problems??? help please?
Why does my amp shut off after like 3 volume?
Capacitor, Alternator, or extra batteries?
my friend told me that audiopipe subwoofers might suck he says that kicker is better is that true.?
What type of amplifier do i need for these subs?
Does anyone know were i can get a wire harness or the plug to a car stereo?
what is the best way to hook an IPOD to my car audio?
why do speakers have a magnet?
which one is the best remote starter starter for my ford ranger 2004?
What type,size,watts,channel amp do I need to hook up 2 infinity kappa 5.25, 2 6" infinity, 2 6.5" and 8" sub?
What gauge wiring and how big of a fuse box will I need?
What are some great brands of speakers for a great crisp sound?
Can anyone give me any information about AMP'D mobil?
Compact Disc player installation?
What amp do i need for a 2 ohm Sub with 500 watt RMS?
HI i am looking for a wiring diagram or help with wiring my pioneer avh p5700 to a 1994 honda civic? Any help?
How much its okay to pay for getting installed a car stereo with navigation and backup camera?
sound systems for cars?
were can I run a power wire for my subs?
need help with a amp?
my land rover discovery stereo.?
I have a tom tom 520 sat nav?
What amplifier would i need for this setup?
Help wiring a car amp?
What stereo system would be best for a 94 ford bronco?
what happends if i have a 2 channel amp and i only use 1 channel out of the 2?
Car speakers for Focus?
2006 Chevy Silverado Stereo Install Question?
I want like to put speakers in the trunk of my car so when i opened the trunk it would play loudly?
CDs or iPod While Driving in Your Car?
CD R in car? File Type?
acura tl audio speaker dimension?
do an aux port can be used for pan drive?
Can anyone recommend a good/reliable 5 door hatchback?
best numbers in SPL competitions?
What gauge of wire would I need for my 2000watt amp?
What else do I need to fix my speakers?
i have a nissan maxima 2004 the radio power up but there is no sound..and the CD player works .need help?
speaker wire whats the best kind?
what is a good amp for my alpine type s sub?
I am going to put a sub box under the seat of my 2001 Gmc Sierra.?
How do I get the radio code for a volve 850 turbo 1996. i bought it and put the new battery in and i called?
What is the best sub and audio system you recomended for a nissan altima 2002?
whats the best way to install my rockford fosgate p6002?
Fi Bl 15 sub with audio que amp 1200 watts Rms?
Looking for new subs in 2002 Toyota Camry?
400W amp, 400W sub, and two 140W speakers?
Amplifier Toggle Switch?
Can I change the factory installed radio in a '98 Ford Taurus SE?
Problems with alpine car stereo!?
how can i make my subwoofers hit harder?
How do you milk vacuum cleaners?
Dual P2 12" Loaded Enclosure?
what is faster a lamborghini murcielago or a ferrari f50?
I have an electric acoustic guitar with an amp I need help slurring my notes together I can't get it?
1991 Ford thunderbird radio problems?
Free ford car radio code?
I have paid 336 monthly for a car now I'm in default, can I stop the repo?
movable tweeter coaxile full range car speaker advice?
when i swicth my hu from radio to cd my amp turn off but when i go back it comes back on?
Car amp and sub help please.?
how do you hook up an external power amp to a bmw e46 stereo. do you have to bypass the original amp if so how?
Can anyone explane the purpose of holes in a subwoofer box?
i need to get my c.d player out?
Can one amp be replaced by another without replacing the wiring?
The head unit is a blaupunkt.the extra pink wire is next to another pink one, two along from the blue antenn 1
My amp and subs keep blowing what can cause this???
will this system sound good? ?
Does this sound like it is going to work for my audio system?
How many watts is a dual coil old vr3 12 sub woofer?
What way should i face my subwoofer?
Walmart subwoofers RE?
Bass knob on a memphis amp?
Is it possible to place a tweeter from a home stereo speaker in a car?
I need the code for ford radio 6000cd serial number m011181 can any one help please?
How do you reset a multi-changer on a chrysler voyager?
will this amp push these 2 subs efficiently?
My husband just installed a rechargeable maglite in his truck, now it's blowing fuses and radio quit now what?
whats good music for a car sound system?
how much power do i need?
PLAD413 Amp Schematic?
Radio 12v Constant Cable Not Working 4runner 2000?
Changes In Sales Tactics?
amp is not working properly?
Marine Stereo in a Car?
How many subwoofers?
Carbonated drink spilled into factory installed DVD player? HELP!?
How can you make song name scroll on the Pioneer DEH-2200UB?
What amp should i get?
2004 Nissan Maxima Radio MP3 and Navigation Systems that will fit?
im trying to hook up my amp to my stock radio?
I cant find negitive on my 98 Chevy Lumina battery. I found the positive instantly. Please help. thanks?
What kind of amp wiring should I get?
i have two 12' Pioneer premier 1000watt Subs, Can i run them to a 1000w Kenwood KAC-9104D Mono Amp?
i just asked a guestion about my subs picking up other things than bass?
Does anyone know where to find a video on. . .?
What are subs and amps!? someone please explain!!?
What speakers should I get?
Will a Polk Audio pa880 amp work in my G6 without taking out my Monsoon system?
Car GPS units — oh how I marvel at them!?
Could this amp work? Or will it be too underpowered?
what does 45x4 mean in car radio terms?
Why won't any of my power windows roll down or my speakers work on a 2000 crown vic?
what kind of box is best for a 15" kicker solo baric l7?
Good music for subwoofers?
i have a question about car alarms and car remote locks?
what kind of subs/radio should i get for my car?
Will this amp be right for 4 of these speakers?
Subwoofer question!! ?
Car Stereo Wiring Help where do I connect the black ground wire and the black and white ground amp wire?
Can bluetooth be added to a 2010 Pontiac G6?
I have a small car fridge which I want to run from 240v mains - how many amps should the adaptor be?
Has Anyone heard of The Visonik Brand Sub woofer?
is vectra sat nav good?
Looking for subs????
Need help installing new stereo in my 99 Chevy Tracker?
speakers and amp for my car?
Question about fuses for an amp?
Can you help me diagnose my car radio?
how to make a fiber glass subwoofer box?
what amp for 2 2012 alpine type r dvc 2 ohm subs?
What could be causing my radio and the gauges not to work?
Can you use any type of wire to fix headphones?
will this amp power my sub?
Can a car audio pro help me?
Cheapest place to buy car audio in Canada?
Someone who knows there car stereo stuff?
To install a sub or not? car audio?
Would Kicker 07 DS speakers go well with my 07 Kicker Comp 12's?
can you hook up three subs to a 2 channel amp?
Alpine or Sony and why?
how much does best buy or circuit city charge if I give them my amp and sub 2 install?
Hooking up 6 speakers to a deck with only 4 outputs?
300 watt system???
Help with Amp Wiring Kit for my Car?
how to play in orderly from FM modulator , which I got for my car.?
Can I install a mac mini into my infiniti g35 without removing the factory radio (non-bose)?
Jbl subwoofer or Fli subwoofer?
Will 2 farad capacitor work for a 400 watt amp?
Will this car amp work?
Stetsom Amps. (10 POINTS)!?
Would a car manual explain or show a diagram of how to remove the dashboard for installing a head unit?
is an inline fuse necessary for a car amp?
what are the best name brands in car audio?
cd hanger for audi?
what colors on the chrysler factory wiring harness do i cut to add amp and sub to infinity system?
ok i have a 1980 oldsmobile delta88 and the stereo i have keeps reseting every time i turn it off?
wich has better spl KickerSoloBaricl7or Pioneer Premier 12''?
Gran Marquis 1994 Subwoofer question?
companies who install cd player in car napa or vallejo ca?
Big Bass Tunes?
I am changing the 6x9 speakers in my 2003 Dodge Intrepid...?
how do i know what size alternator to get in my truck?
how do i turn the loud feature on my jensen vm9212?
i need to know what kind of 10'' subs can handle my amp?
Whats the big deal with low noise rca cables?
on my xhd7720 head unit it has a sub pre amp output?
Anyone heard of or know anything about these speakers?
gps navigation systems?
Subwoofers- jl audio kickers rocksford alpine ?
Is it safe to handle?
I have a sony explod flip down head unit, the one that u can change the color on the face?
why dose my factory car stereo bass cut out when i turn up the volume?
What size speakers for my Honda Civic?
How do I reset my 1995 BMW stock car stereo in order to get it to work?
Am I doing something wrong?
I am looking for the window glass for r/back door of a Toyota ipsum 2002 model?
One of my new speakers is distorted. Did I blow them, or could some wires be bad?
can i install 6x9 aftermarket speakers in a 1990 ford probe?
Is it possible to hook up a subwoofer without an amp?
Coax Cable Inside My Car?
car speakers(..hz..)?
Kenwood Amps please help me?
My CD is stuck in my radio!! is there a way to remove it?
Sony Xplod - Why do people hate them?
Radio AM/FM doesnt work in my car?
Radio code ford Mondeo 6000?
Would it be better to solder or use caps for wiring head unit?
People who play car stereos really loud, did you know....?
What are good subs for the 500 price range?
Looking to buy a system, good quality at a decent price.?
Are the JVC arsenal series subwoofers and amps good or no.?
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the owner's manual for the Eclipse CD 5423 radio - online or d/l???
Any way to plug in an ipod so it can play through my car speakers?
how do i build a truck box for two 12'' solo baric l5 using the max box size from the manufactor?
I am thinking of installing a new cd/radio in my car (renault scenic),are all car radios standard size ?
cant fix my sound system?
IPhone 4 volume drops when I play it loud in the car? How do I stop this and why does it happen?
Is there a way/device to skip songs on iPod playing in car?
car audio good? any thing else?
what is the hardest hitting 15" subwoofer?
What subs to buy?
Big 3 electrical upgrade?
How do I connect the radio on my bmw r1200cl to my starcom 1 Kind regards Ray?
I'm gettin engine noise from my amp, what's the problem?
Toyota car stereo - out with the old in with the new?
I have 2 volfenhag 12in speakers need right amp.?
Does my amp turn off when i turn my car off? If not then is there an easier way to turn it off than a toggle?
Car speakers won't fit without brackets?
if i have a dvc subwoofer can i get a two channel amp and set each channel to the each voice coil?
How can you convert a car stereo to run on indoor electricity?
Can a stereo system from a '06 Acura RSX Type-S be installed into a '06Acura RSX Base?
What is wrong with my car stereo?
Why wont my car's cd player play a burned cd?
ALTERNATOR PROBLEMS??? 98 Honda Civic EX 135k miles - 1200 Watt AMP?
how do i become a audio wholesaler?
will this jl audio amp be good for 2 kicker 12 inch cvrs?
I just bought a gpv3500.2 crunch amp and am now wondering if its a good amp?
What do you guys think?
cb radio not getting any reception?
Whats the best stereo system and speakers for a 2005 z71 chevy colorado?
hey where can i get a custom made box for an affordable price?
What size speakers can I fit in a 2003 Ford Focus zx5?
MB Quart DSC1000.1 1000 Watt RMS Class D Amplifier???
What is your favorite car?
is it possible to get a biometric lock for my car or atleast one of those keyless starters?
Is there a website that I can find out all the details of a specific Car ?
what order do u rate these subwoofers? from good to best and add other subs u think are ggod..?
Gps system in a car , how much does it cost?
How do I change the up and down function of the settings on a pioneer radio?
what do i need for a nice system. needing headunit & amp (93 ck 1500)?
No AUX input, how to connect iPod to car?
2 sub woofers hooked up to a mono block amp?
What's the best way to wire my sub to my amp?
How can i get in to my car radio.?
How to wire together?
Multimedia screen - bmw z4 - uae?
DHD 2009Amplifier 4Channel?
What are the chrome things that keep your trunk from popping by speakers?
NEXTAR GPS I4-BC Upgrades available?
how do i hook a car amp to a jvc home amp and run subs using rca jack?
Speakers for a Saturn?
How much would a good stereo system for a car cost?
Should I Put My Stereo System Back In My Car?
what are the best speakers to put in a hyundai accent that i am tunning up?
Which size of subs should i get?
Do i need an antenna for my CB if im only want to use if for the PA?
What is the Best Kind Of Neon Lights?
kicker amp is fine till hooked up to a different sub... WHY?
i have power in half of the power cable connected to my amp, how can i fix it?
how to install amplifier and subwoofer to stock Head unit?
car audio system...?
2 Channel amp?
i have 2 12' subs in an open box that is goin in a navigator what type of amp should i use?
what is the wiring colors to install a stereo in a '97 mazda protage?
Will these subwoofers work with this amp?
I live in minasota Iam on SSI I need a car that runs good for free can anybody give me a car. thanks?
Want to install a sound system into 1994 Accord?
i need to get a audio wiring guide for a 1996 chevy blazer. color code for the audio system...?
Help me find this rare subwoofer PLEASE ?
What amp and Sub should i buy?
which car audio brand is the Best and be truthful JL or MTX?
Would a pioneer MVH 8300BT fit in a 2005 ford escape?
Kicker amp for my subs ?
why do my car speakers cut out when i go over any sort of bump in the road, turn a corner and put the brake on?
Is it possible to hook (4) Kenwood 12" subwoofers to a kenwood mono amp?
where is the stereo amp in the 1997 ford ranger?
I need the radio code for my Ford Focus, serial number is M2944188. Thanks.?
question about subwoofer box?
Are my subs wired to 1 ohm?
Can I safely wire two 4 ohm subs at a 2 ohm load?
Can I put a non-factory CD player in a 1996 Ford Taurus?
I need advice on LED's and NEONS for my car?
How do I remove Honda Civic HB speakers?
Cause of blown subwoofer Kicker 15?
Burning smell coming from my two 12 inch subwoofers?
i was wondering if someone could help me????i am trying to build a ported box for my 4 12's?
Where is the fuse on my punch 200 watt amp?
i have a 12 in infiniti and i just got a 1000 watt amp how do i hook it up correctly?
I need to find the right car amp for my subs.?
**Question for ALONZO U.** More bass/spl/hit harder.. two 13" Jl w6s or one 15" Audioque HDC alum coil?
i bought a 12in 1400w pioneer subwoffer and planning to buy another what size amp do i need(mrs on subs is400?
Subwoofer won't work!!!?
What Car Stereo Setup Should I get?
can anyone find me a beat 725 car dvd player / radio manual online i cant seem to find one anywhere?
How much is a professionally boxed pair of jensen 10' subs and a 750 watt pioneer amplifier?
wiring / ohms / amp help?
My amp in my car is VERY quiet?
How should I wire up my speakers?
does this look like a good cd player for a ford explorer?
how do you take the factory radio out of a rover75?
Back speakers make popping sound?
is loud music still illegal in california?
can a 4ohm sub go with a 2ohm amp? or should 4 ohm be with 4ohm?
Excessive bass boom?
What do I need for a good sound system in my car?
2002 Corsa sxi radio code?
Are polk db6501 components any good or should i go with mb quart pvl216?
Does anyone know where i can get a 2 din touchscreen with nav, volume knob not buttons, and front usb?
Can a single 15" subwoofer get louder than dual 12's?
Dual XDM 7510 radio harness order?
how do you remove the radio in an 05 chevy malibu classic?
Is nvidia infotainment system available on indian market?
What type of amp would i need?
need two subs and an amp?!?!?
When will System of a Down get back together?
car amplifier question?
What size of capacitor should i use?
Why does it "always" take my remote start 2 trys before it starts ?
Is this a good deal??????????/?
Ported Vs. Sealed Box?
whats the best kind of car?
Really bad stereo interference?
What would be better, sealed subwoofer box or ported subwoofer box?
What kind of amp Do I need!?
I Have a 2003 Lincoln Ls Luxury Trim car. Both Crutchfield & Amazon gave me different fit sizes for my spkrs?
How do I install a FM direct cable for sirius radio directly to the fm radio for a 1999 ford F150 with a stock
im trying to find the size of 1999 lexus gs300 factory size speakers front and rear?
Subwoofers and low frequency bass?
my car stereo jumps when i go over sleeping policeman or big bumps in the road is this a loose wire?
where do i find 300 circut breaker for my 3500 wait amp?
can i put 3000 watt subs on a 200 watt amp?
Best 10" subs for my 620 watt SPL Amp.?
Why is the CD Player in my 2002 Ford Explorer not working?
Three 12" or Two 15" subwoofers?
how can u hook up an stock amp for voises whit an after market radio and a second amp aftermarket for base?
boss 30 farad cap vs. high end 1 farad?
How do I know If I need a capacitor for my stereo sysem?
nissan speaker dilemma?
Good sub for under $200 *AUSTRALIA ONLY*?
What size speakers would sound best?
Where in a fuse panel can i find a good power source, and how??? ?
Are 8 ohms more powerful than 2 ohms?
car's sound system?
What's the best way to play your iPod in the car?
what kind of car do i drive?
how to wire 2 2ohm dvc subs to a mono block amplifier?
Trunk Rattle?
What size speakers are in the front doors of a Holden VS?
Please help me with the 4 digit radio code for my ford, the number on it is: M011528?
It won't go up any more!?
Will these head units fit my car ?
What's a good Amplifier for these 2 subs?
What is the best way to stop the battery drain on my punto?
What is stereo wiring for car amps and subwoofers?
In car stero system Please help, cheap system any suggestions?
Is bridging an amp bad?
Sub and mono amp question?
i need a wiring harness fujitsu eclipse 7002mt radio which metra do i need?
i was unscrewing one of the wires and got some sparks then the amp started smoking?
Are these decent speakers?
ford fiesta radio code?
wiring diagram for mercedes v-class radio?
Speakers Collars!?
What would be the best car subwoofer to buy with a price range up to 1,600 dollars?
Deck wont get power.?
somebody that really knows what will hit harder than 2 L7's?
I have 3 JL 12W7's, and i was wondering what ohms would the be at if they were wired all together into one amp
Do low profile subwoofers sound any different?
What's A Good Amplifier For A 15'' Kicker Competition?
What box is better for SQ with rap, hip-hop, techno???
How Do You Reduce The Airspace In A Sub Box?
What is the best option for a new stereo system?
Subwoofer boxes, what type of sub box do i need?
how do I remove the radio/cassette player from a 95 toyota corina so I can put in a cd player?
What would be a good amp?
How do i fix a rip in a 5x7 poly mica cone speaker?
Should I cover the holes in my sealed speaker box?
Do I Bridge my Amp for 2 Subs?
i have a panasonic cq 5301u cd player that stopped coming on for no apparent reason.?
iphone-car speakers help!!!!?
What exactly is included in a complete sound system for a vehicle?
i have a apline cd player in my jeep wrangler. if i buy a new one will all the wire be compatable.?
alpine vs pioneer system?
How to install a subwoofer into an enclosure?
Why did my head unit, amp and speakers stop working?
Possible short in car stereo? Help!?
Is CEA Compliant important in regards to a head unit?
how do I hook my mp3 player to my car stereo?
Would this system so good?
Audio help for my car. Need 4 speakers, 2 subwoofers with box and an amplifier?
Alarm system trouble on mondeo lx 2001?
hi i want 2 buy my boyfriend a new cd player for his landrover 110?
what is the best speaker box for my 2 l7 speakers?
plex e glass vs standard 3/4 msd speaker box?
I need help with my radio. I have a 2001 mitsubishi and was hoping someone had the manual with the code?
Why is my amp working but my subs aren't playing?
I need to know y my radio comes up With an earre E-04 mean?
Does 15" subwoofers sound better than 12" subwoofer or they're about the same?
Whats the best 12" sub woofer out on the market right now?
do pa subwoofers play music? or is it only the bass?
Does any one know where I can find BLACK REAR SPEAKER COVERS FOR A 1989 MAZDA RX-7? Please help us find some!!
what will happen if i connect a jl audio w7 to a 1 ohm amp?
Any opinions on Ted Wiens Tire & Auto Center in Las Vegas, NV?
What do the colors mean for my car radio wiring?
What is clipping?
motorcycle speaker installation?
Sony or JVC CD player?
Just replaced car stereo, now my power windows won't work?
Why are my stock speakers cutting out when I turn them to a certain volume?
A good and decent Amp for my car?
How many watts can I run to a sub in a 50 watt max tube?
How do I get my iPod Video to play on my car's radio?
popping sound when turning power amp off?
How do I get the eq back on a clarion drb5475?
Ford Fiesta radio code for my RDS 4500 stereo. Serial no. M090684.?
What can i do to upgrade my car's electrical, such as a GPS, Back up camera, DVD, Stereo?
New speakers or sound settings?
For putting subwoofers in your trunk - are boxes necessary?
is a rockford 1500 watt amp to much for a 10 kicker l7?
Alpine v12?
how big of an amp do i need?
If I got top of the line infinity car speakers would I notice that much of a difference from stock speakers?
can i hook up a gps to a 7 inch lcd in dash i have it has a red yellow and white plug in the back of the unit?
Bridging a 2 channel amp to 2 dvc 4 ohm kicker subs?
What is the recommended amplifier and wiring set up for 2 10 has to be all boss brand?
Will running my car radio for an hour using ACC drain my battery?
can a car radio play 2, 2 ohm and a 2, 4 ohm speakers?
which 12" sub is better??
Subwoofer wiring?
My aftermarket deck won't play all speakers at ounce?
what is the mph equivelant of 300kilometersper hour?
what amp would i need to power my 3000w sub theyre twin 12''?
will this small amp mess up these subs?
how do you wire up two 12" double voice coil sub-woofers to work with a 4/3 channel amp?
Where can i buy a stealth car stereo faceplate/fascia?
yeah its got a factory amp. the cd player i am using is a pioneer deh-p4100 (not the best)?
AQ or Sundown subs? HELP!?
can a fuse be too many amp. for my alpine amplifier?
how much could i get for a 10in punch p1 sub?
My subs won't hit in my car?
what is the difference of subwoofer enclosures? (i.e ported/sealed)?
Is it bad for the speakers or gas mileage to play music loud?
1995 mecury cougar door buttons?
why doesn't my subs work?
Upgrading car stereo, do I need another amp?
Hooking up sound system for my car?
Installing Apline Type R 12" Subwoofer in series?
rewiring a jetta car music?
Subwoofer on KAC-821?
help with a head unit fire?
what amp brand is better out of these three?
Whats wrong with my amp?
Alpine V12 MRV-F357 2 channels blew?
Did I blow my Subwoofers?
Car amp Questions?
what is the current db world record?
Car troble!?
What dial do i turn on my amp?
What website has the best prices for rims? Im looking for the B diggity NS Racing (20s)?
how to get the dvd player on my sonichi car sterio?
i just bought a new car and it only has the AUX output.?
I bought 2 amps already $250 each n dey all go into protection mode i hate it i have my subs at 1 ohm my amp ?
Where is the Factory Amplifier located in an '93 Infinity J30?
Is music unlimited subscription service compatible with the Sony Giga panel Car stereo?
enough power for two 15" 9500`s on two MTX 1501d's?
karnak rubber cement?
what size amp would i need for 2 12 inch earthquake tremors subwoofers?
i need an amp for my car?
I have just bought two Kicker Comp 10s What amp can i use?
i installed an amp and a sub in my car today, but i couldn't get the amp to power on. help needed.?
Can i install subwoofer with my origina car cd player?
How do I stop the bass?
If I use an AUX wire, does the song title display?
2001 durango speaker fitment?
how much dyno mat would you need.?
Car radio/cd blank and won't turn on, can you help?
Can I use the radio steering controls in my renault Clio with my new Pioneer stereo or do I need an adaptor?
audio for chevy s10?
Will this RF amp be good for this sub?? 10points?
How often does skip occur and is there a way of finding out when it is scheduled?
Does quality of power line matter when installing stereo system in a car?
My Car Stereo Isnt taking My CD. How can I fix this?
overpowering or underpowering?
Rock Music enthusiast! Which 6 1/2 car speaker is louder & smoother coaxials or components????
code for a ford 6000 cd player?
Is this good????
Is there a free program that will show how to build a sub box and to calculate the air space?
What amp should i get?
i need subwoofer help?
Can anybody tell me what's wrong with my car? Somebody broke in it and stole my vcm and cut the wires?
Ford fiesta 04 radio code for 4500rd?
Do I need to add ANOTHER amp for my sub-woofers?
what kind of speakers will fit where 6x6's used to be, i need to know?
Will these speakers work with this amp?
Good amp for heavy bass?
Kenwood or Alpine Subs?
how can i rewire my 98 deville to accept aftermarket radio?
how can i hook up my amp?
Alpine or JL sub woofers?
Where does the hi power input go to on a headunit?
only one of my subs work i rewired them and it still wont come on i need help why is it not working?
What are High Frequency Speaker called?
i have a rover 75 and have lost the code for the radio. how do i get the code?
Will this amp work with a Kicker SoloX 18" Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer?
Car audio system set-up?
can u help me?
Wut r fule injector rods...?
Speakers for a '95 BMW 318ti?!?
does the belkin car stereo cable work in all cars?
Required air space for audiobahn 10" sub model # aw1006t?
Opinions on Rockford Fosgate?
How much to does it cost to put a stereo and new speakers on a 1994 pathfinder?
I have a scorche capaciter connected to a kenwood(kac8105D) amp. With a alpine subwoofer. Everything worked go?
Would 1 Optima yellow top D31A be a strong enough seconday battery to power a 3200 watt car audio system?
how do i install speakers in a 1989 ford f150?
I need the code for my ford focus!?
Increasing speaker impedance?
where can i find the radio antenna wire in a 2012 nissan murano?
my birthdays coming up and i want sub-woofers.?
What kind of amp wiring should I get?
My 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT?
Loud music?
0.8ohm to a 1ohm stable amp.?
Voltage Drops?
is anyone familiar with alpine car audio?
Does anyone know what size factory speakers are in a 2005 dodge durango?
Hi. I lost my VW Passat Philips radio Code?
code needed for 4000 RDS radio?
What are the best 6x9 speakers for sound quality?
if im running 2 kicker l7's what amp do i need?
how do you watch dvd's with a in dash dvd monitor whilst driving, for the passegers.?
What are the best kind of car audio speakers for crisp sound?
Can you guys give me websites to where i can get good bass music for subs...all i want is bass tho.?
4 subs 2 channel amp?
Fuzzy noise with my car audio?
i am thinking of buying new subwoofers for my car.?
what size amp should i get to power this sub?
Whats the easiest way to install a amp in a 2000 hyundai tiburon?
I want to connect my sonny stereo to the tv i have the audio only cable(red and whit no yellow) what do i do?
what's a good type of car subs i should buy?
How do I resolve vibrations from subwoofers.?
power amp size to run 300watt speakers?
Who knows how to mount a satellite radio on a semi truck?
Anybody know of a website that offers a free VIN report?
$1500 to spend on a sound system?
2 x vibe space 15" 2 x vibe blackair v2 15" subs separate?
2000 Jetta had a monsoon radio and amp in it, but someone cut off the factory connectors?
220 Amp Alternator+big 3+Kinetik 1400. Rockford 1500.1, 600.4, 600.4, 500.1, 850.4.?
why don't girls like loud music?
how do you wire a tri mode amp?
kicker subs l5 or comps?
Need a good pair of subwoofers that can play from 20-600Hz and work in 0.60-cubic-foot enclosures?
Will a capacitator really help?
you can use one amp with 2 tens right?
My car radio doesn't turn on?
Where Can I Find A "Buc Wild" License Plate? Please Help!?
is this alternator big enough?
What car alarm/security is the best to buy at the moment ?
connecting stereo wire to mini 8-ohm speakers help?
I have a 1995 Honda Del Sol. How do I unlock a locked radio without the code?
Cheap double din stereo head units?
What subs should I get?
My car just died because of the amp being on 2 days straight how can i shut if off?
for a 400 max watt subwoofer, what watt should i buy for an amp?
Can i wire two 4ohm subs briged runing parralol.??????? 420?
How can I make my subwoofers louder?
95 Civic EX Coupe : My Rear Speakers barely sound.?
I bought a firebird with a Pioneer EEQ Mosfet 50Wx4 Stereo. I cant figureo out how to set the time or dim?
Is the pioneer avic d3 compatible with usb?
3 JL Audio subwoofers & Amp question!!! Need Experienced Advice!!?
Is nvidia infotainment system available on indian market?
Kicker comp or pioneer premier?
Does Best Buy do a good job installing cd players?
Subwoofer amp power help?
What happened to my car and radio?
does having the radio on in your car affect fuel consumption?
My subwoofer is acting up.?
Amplifier for Sony XS-LE121D subwoofers?
car sub an amp?
i have 2 12 inch kicker cvr's i want more bass should i upgrade to 12 inch jl audio w3v3's?
I have 2 12's enclosed in a wood casing in my trunk powered by a 800 watt amp.?
my FORD 6000 CD PLAYER RADIO is broken?
Cost of installing a stereo in a car?
how do i get the instructions for a phillips car stereo for my '97 hyundai?
What brand of speakers sound the best for mids and highs?
Mmats 3000.1 Class D amp keeps going into protection mode.?
how do u stop the humming in a elc. guitar amp?
What is the best car CD player for the money with an AUX port?
What amp should i get for 2 MTX Thunder Square 12s i lookin for a good power mtx amp
i have an aiwa cdc-r227 head unit. how do i turn off the demo mode on the display??
Amplifier keeps shuting off?
Facing subs in or out?
i need to know what colors connect when installing a new cd player,so i dont attach the wrong colors?
what size of subwoofers can i fit in a 05 colorado ls? where would it be a good place to put them?
Car audio suggestion?
How to wire four 15'' kicker cvr sub woofers??
what speaker box will fit under the back seat of a 99 f150 ext cab truck?
My subwoofer rattle problem ?
What Are The Best Songs To Play At A Car Show??
is this a good deal for $150?
What the meaning of RMS 200w + 200w PMPO 3400 watts?
How does 1 Kicker 10C154 (C154 COMP15) 15" Comp Series 4 Ohm 500 Watts Car Subwoofer sound in a car?
Is it ok to run speakers on a head unit if the rms rating is twice the output?
Looking for some ideas on sound system layouts?
I have a 98 Ford Escort ZX2. I want to install a mp3 player in it but the problem is none in market would fit.?
need code deactivated for kenwood?
A question about cb radio antennas?
Is it safe to use? Please help ?
2 8 inch kicker comps vs 1 12 inch infinity kappa?
wireing diagram for a 97 nissan altima?
how to add aux input in car's headset?
Sub and Amp in '82 Colt?
Setting the input sensitivity on my car amplifier and subs?
Why do ipod owners insist on hooking their ipod to their car stereo instead using a usb drive?
how do u hook up a coil pack do u just rrun the pos and neg to the bat and then the spark plug to the coil?
Is there any to get car audio cheap?
Where can I get a good car stereo?
My car's cd player is making a buzzing sound?
cant unlock stereo on my 1997 pontiac sunfire?
i want this sub woofer, what amp should i get?
What amp should i get?
fm radio on my new headunit?
3 type r 15 vs Orion hcca 15?
Are there any touch screen radios that will fit a 2000 Ford Ranger?
Who is right?
How long should I wait?
are the sony Xplod amps any good?
Subs cut out (and won't turn on!) but amp turns on.?
Am I overpowering my subwoofers?
I am putting 2 Alpine type X's and two of Alpine's PDX 1000 watters in my Interga.?
how to hook up my power acoustik 6 farad capacitor?
Subwoofer goes out randomly!!!!?
Speaker have no sound. (Vehicle Question)?
I jus put in new subs in my car now when I play cds the subs don't work...they work when I play radio... jus n
can i hook up 2x12" subs and a 15" sub to a 2 channel amp?
What car amp should I get?
Why is my capacitor draining my car battery?
what kind of speakers should i put in my honda delsol that are cheap and sound good??
4 ford probe car stereo problem?
What size of amp do i need to power two 12'' pyle red label square1400 max watts ?
can i just get 1 bass for my car?
Slight buzzing noise from Mazda3 factory radio?
How do I remove the interior panels on the doors of a 2000 silverado truck?
Subwoofer - need help?
Can the Boss OL5KD really supply 5000 rms watts at 1-ohm?
Spraying PB bolt blaster in 100 amp panel box?
capacitor or new alternator?
Is $1300 a decent price for a wall build with my setup?
How do I correctly calibrate a car bass drive?
Other than ebay where is a good place to buy complete stereo systems?
all eight eyes but one will see the same to reveal that final name... volvo hunt?