Car Audio

how can i shut the day time running lighs in the gto?
i want to connect 2 amps together to get more power....?
i need help with what subs to get?
can i run 2 6.5 pioneer sprakers and a 10" sub on a rockford p200-2, if so, how?
2000 BMW 540i Sport -- I would like to put a CD player in the trunk or somewhere hidden...?
does anyone know what is the legal limit of watts on a car stereo?
what is the best amp wattage to use for six kicker cvr twelves to power them right?
does an aftermarket Car radio with Subwoofer output have enough power to power up a subwoofer?
1992 cadillac sedan deville stereo/speakers?
cant hear anything from my speaker but subs still hit?
Marksman Extreme x3 Alarm Help?
T.V.'s in car?
What sub would go good with this system?
My CD player in my 2000 Chevy Cavalier died.?
My JVC car stereo wont play my ipod through the usb slot in it?
Car audio cassette slot problem?
Dynamat or new enclosure?
sound system???
Will a 12v wall charger keep a 12v car battery charged wail i use my amp on it?
What's a line driver in car audio?
How do I get my cars subwoofer system to bump louder?
How do i replace my car speakers?
How do I power one 15" sub woofer with 4 car speakers?
Combination of sub woofers?
what size is my speakers in my 1984 corvette non Bose?
Me and my friend are going on a 6 hour car drive.We are teenagers, what are some fun things we could do?
I want 2 12''subwoofers what kind should i get?
Why is my in car cd player not playing any of my cds anymore?
What does the gain on an amp do?
What speakers are best for a 2005 Mazda 6i?
2007 F150 lariat LOUD STATIC?
Which Sub and Amp combo should i get?
Funky pups subs for sale?
Why do kicker l7 12" keep cutting off when on high volume?
I have two kicker comp vrs ,also i can get a free 820 watt (or so) amp. is this enough power?, not enough?
can i change the factory fitted cd player in a nissan almera 2003?
Hertz or Rockford Fosgate subwoofers?
3 12" jl w3s VS 2 12" rockford p1s?
i have blaupunket 10cd changer if i buy 2din dvd player am i be able to control cd changer?
how should I go about fitting 2 12's in a mustang trunk?
Need help with buying an amp?
What do I need to make it fit? Crutchfield website says it won't?
music in cars?
Difference between 10 and 12" subs?
radio wiring guide 1997 jeep cherokee sport?
does anyone know how to unlock a radio from a 1995 geo metro?
best amp for 2 12" alpine type s subwoofers?
Need iPod cable that supplies 12v power, and sends stereo sound through rca's?
Sub woofer amplifier help?
how many amps do i need for two 12'' woofers?
How do you wire rx8 controls in with an aftermarket cd player without the metra kit?
does my 2002 toyato truck have spark plugs?
can anyone help me get the lock code to a factory stereo for a 2000 mitsubishi diamante?
please can you give me code to my blaupunkt stereo BP9374Y4724146 thank you?
What is the recommended amp for a 10" Alpine Type S sub?
Is getting an AUX input more expensive than just buying a new stereo with AUX?
Capacitor wont charge?
how do i get my stuck cd out of my cd player?
Where can i get good subwoofers?
Sub/Amp ground wire problem?
What radios tell you before you blow your subwoofer?
i have two sony xplod 12s what size amp do i need to push them?
I want my bass to sound tight and crisp, but VERY loud at the same time. What type of enclosure should i get?
pioneer deh-p6600 custom settings?
Will a Pioneer 300w Amp power a JBL 1000w Sub-woofer in my car?
Subwoofer system?
Can I take a radio from one car and put it in a another car?
protection light come on amp?
Why does my Soundstream Rubicon 1000-2 amp run very hot?
montero sport radio issues?
What is the resistance of a working sirius satalite car antenae?
'92 Paseo speaker requirements?
Help puting an amp on a harley?
what to save for a car sound system?
Is there a jack that I can add to my stereo so I play my ipod in my car?
all the lights on my car dim as the subwoofer plays?
How do you turn on the cd player,in a 1992 mercedes benz 400se?I got the radio working.?
My son hooked up 3 10" subwoofers and a 350 watt amplifer...?
I Have a sony mex-bt39uw. During a bluetooth call no sound comes through the speakers.?
dj brown sound 6?
Best Car Stereo With Stereo Bluetooth, iPod Support and a CD Player--Under $300.?
What amp would I need for these two Kenwood 12" KFC W3011 subs?
What is an MP3 "sound sytem" in a car?
What amp would i need to power this equipment?
paintball gun, subs, or rims?
Speakers wired in series? not parallel?
how do I install a car stereo?
Which settings should i move on my hifonics 2400 monoblock d class amp?
Does a 90 Amp Alternator supply enough power for a 700 Watt RMS system?
Question about wiring subwoofers?
Best Way to Cut Circle for Sub Box?
Subwoofer problems, rattle, no power...?
What needed for Sirius in a catilac sevlie?
Is it possible to get a 2 broken Cd's out my car's CD player?
60 amp car battery instead of 55 amp?
How to pick out a good subwoofers and amp?
How do I hook up 1 sub dvc to a mono class d amp that has 2 channels?
Can i run a solo x 10 with 900 rms kenwood amp?
Can you hook up subs to a stock deck? If so how?
Radio swap Question 2006 XTrail LE?
Which car has a better stock sound system: 2006 BMW 3-Series or 2009-2010 Honda Accord?
What are some great speakers with bass that will last?
The amplifier of my sound system cuts off and on again. Any ideas on whats wrong and how to fix it? ?
Best Amp for JL Audio 12W3v3-4 Subs?
How to wire my speakers to amp?
Is a old school punch4080dsm a good amp?
weak sound from one and only one speaker - same problem with switched speakers - what do I look for with multi?
What battery should I get for my sound system?
Year 2000 Land Rover Radios?
How would you rate Dynamat?
My kenwood amp doesnt work anymore?
What are the best brand of speakers for a car ?
Radio antenna broke, how can I fix it?
What do the ohms in a subwoofer mean?
I have an 87 bmw 325is two door, However does the my car come with a booster for the raido and where is it?
Trying to hook up a Kenwood KSC-WD250 subw. but do not have the remote control unit.How can I get it to work?
How much polyfill for sub box?
do's anyone know the key code for a ford 6000 cd radio audio system serial -m263348 thanks?
Is there a car CD player that can support up to six speakers?
What does the code troubleshooting p1243 mean on a 04 maxima?
how do you make stereo output (computer) play both left and right sides though a mono amp?
Can I get Gilbert gottfried as the voice to my gps?
How do I wire two 2ohm DVC subwoofers to a two-channel, 2ohm amp?
can i plug a 150 watt monitor speaker in a 1000watt car amplifier?
Are sony car speakers a good way to update from the factory speakers in my 1998 ford explorer?
If you blow a subwoofer what are your chances of having it refunded or replaced?
i have a ford fal forte, and when i turn on radio, a mess comes up ERR, & dnt no the pin, how do i get it 2 wk
i need to know what colors connect when installing a new cd player,so i dont attach the wrong colors?
How to install radio in a1999 300m?
I Got These 2 15' Inch Speakers (Subwoofers) How Much Power Will I Need For It To Sound Decent???
where can i find an online guide or instructions on how to replace the factory speakers in a 2009 Mazda 6?
How can I make my car stop rattling every time I listen to music?
What is the price to replace a Chevy Silverado radio system?
Type of subs for amp..?
Best Amplifier for Subwoofers?
How do I get my Nissan 350z Bose CD player to play mp3's if it won't play cd-r ?
I need to know y my radio comes up With an earre E-04 mean?
what are the best speakers for a car?
Why do some people seem to think we all want to listen to their car stereo?
I want to put some neon lighting under my car but I don't know wich color is legal in New York?
speaker gettin distorted?
How do I set my cd player clock?
Car stereo speaker wattage?
How to rewire?
What should i get to improve my audio system in my car?
What is a good stereo player for an older car?
Songs that "Slap" harder than...?
good sound system without amps?
I have two ten inch boss phantom subs running to a 2000 watt amp but they aren't as loud as possible?
how do i wire Speakers in series?
Where is the fuse on my amp? ?
Can A Stock Radio Be Used In Any Car?
couple questions about building my own sub box?
Chevy Cavalier Addition of Speakers Question?
Whats some good car subwoofer brands?
Which 12'' subwoofer is a better buy, the diamond D9 or mtx t9500?
Were can i find a dash?
car stereo code needed?
Sound - Sony Xplod?
which subs are better
My car stereo turns on but I can't get any sound.?
all you sub experts please help!?
car audio with home speakers?
How good is the rockford fosgate punch p3?
How do i set the time on my car stereo? Or where can I get a manuel? Kenwood z500?
what's better mtx or boston acoustics?
Can a weak ground overheat amp?
Is this too much power for the subwoofer?
what amplifier and subwoofer are better in this list?
Are the power acoustik mofo subwoofers overated?
what amp will run my speakers?
What would be a good amp to power this subwoofer?
One Kicker CVX 12" or two Kicker CVR 12"s?
how can i bridge a 400w/4 channel amp?
What size secondary battery and power/ground cable should I use?
CD Player in 2002 Ford Explorer?
why is my amplifier not powering my subwoofers when i turn on the engine of my truck?
How do I set a DEH-6600 PIONEER stereo clock?
Noise from my car speakers......?
mp3 sound quality question?
kicker 1200.1 or aq1200d ?
Why is my speaker in my truck picking up a extremely loud squeal once I crank the engine?
what is the best and cheapest way to improve car stereo reception?
how to fix my subwoofer?
Audio system for a 2007 Toyota Yaris?
I Just got a new deck for my 96 jeep grand cherokee?
6000cd rds eon code for model number M057169?
Upgrading Battery Question?
Kole Audio amps??? Would a couple of KX1-5500D be able to handle two 15" Stroker Pros???
Help with 6 x 9 speakers =/?
does the 2011 stock Corolla radio have Sub outputs in the back?
Help me use my car to connect to my ipod?
which brand of car you people will suggest me?
I need help matching a amp with a subwoofer?
Best MP3 storage device that I could plug it into my car stereo?
howcome when i plug in my rca's to my amp the sub doesnt work, but when i half way plug in the rca it works
Pa system to go with CB radio?
Do you have a YouTube channel and need more subs?
I need a better way to listen to ipod in car..any new ways out there?
Why do Ford Focus radios keep burning out?
how to replace a car battery without losing stereo code? help plz?
Do i need to upgrade my alternator or run two batteries?
How do you change the time on a JVC KD-G220 stereo?
hooking up a 12inch JL-W7?
What is the best brand name to buy for an ipod fm transmitter that sounds clear?
does it matter what kind music deck i put in my 99 sunfire?
Car with best navigation system and other technology?
i am trying to trick out a 1980?
If my amp is powerful do I need to upgrade my battery?
can u hook up multiple amps to 1 speaker?
Rockford Fosgate P3 2X10 at 2ohms?
i have a question about the gain on my amp?
speakers on a 1984 Toyota Celica Convertible?
will best buy install this?
Would puting this stereo in my car be to much of a hastle?
how do i uninstall a hyundai sonata stereo system?
How would I hook up 2 alpine PDX amplifiers together?
Car Sound set-up - sub-woofer?
Blown subwoofer with no idea how it happened?
Saab 9000 Stereo Error Code E-99?
soundstream or rockford?
2 12s????????
Sub box for 02 mustang?
What happens when you put a 15" sub in a modded to fit 12'' box?
which Satellite navigation Best Buys?
I have a 97 ford escort I am in process of putting a system in but i cannot find a kit for the cd player?
Would a Wireless Fm Transmitter work with a '95 Maxima?
is it a bad idea to not single point ground your wires?
Please rate my car sound system! What should I add or change if anything?
I need help re-wiring my front doors in my 97 civic?
My Sat Radio give off static noise, is there a way to fix is?
Why doesn't my FM Transmitter work?
how can i rewire my 98 deville to accept aftermarket radio?
how to hook up power/ground cables for my Sub Amp?
What size subwoofers would you recommend for a 01 Ford Escort zx1?
Does anyone know a place that sells car radios for a cheap price?
Looking for a good sub for my truck?
Wattage of a car audio amp?
Kenwood kdc x994 help?
i installed a Xovision 1760bt double din stereo to my 2002 Ford explorer sport, i'm getting no sound?
how ca I keep the amplifier battery fuse from going out when turning up the volume ?
how can i make a cars radio signal better?
What would cause/ or how could a BRAND NEW replacement siren to burn out?
How to wire LEDs to car sound without damaging anything?
What subwoofer amplifier should I get?
what is the wire diagram for a 2000 cavalier stock radio?
Will these subs blow out my back window?
hook up 2 4 ohm subwoofers to one 4 ohm amp?
why the sub i hooked up caught fire?
What size amp do I need for my subs?
this is about car audio what amp will be good with a 1200 watt subwoofer?
Need help installing aftermarket navigation in BMW x5?
How would i hook up a second amp?
what does 1000 watt subwoofer sound like vs a 2000 watt subwoofer?
CD player in car - put one CD in and it got stuck - put in another CD on top of the stuck one and it played !?
if you get hit by a car do you die?
Why do my headlights dim when my sub-woofers start to hit?
Can someone help me find the code for my 6000cd???? the serial number is V 143673.... thanks?
How much would this cost to install?
MP3 files not playing in USB car adapter?
Can anyone tell me how to install a subwoofer into my 1995 sl2 saturn?
The foam on my JL 15 w3 is broken how can i fix this?
Bass problem on speakers?
What is the best enclosure for my subs?
how do lanzar 15"s sound?
if i have a dvc subwoofer can i get a two channel amp and set each channel to the each voice coil?
i need an amp for my speakers but i dont know which amp to get.?
What size speakers does my car have as i would like to buy new ones?
Sony XM-502Z car amplifier details?Want more details on amplifier as the instruction manual is insufficent?
Which subs should i buy? Or and which is better? Kicker 12" Comp Subwoofer or MTX Thunder 12" 400W Subwoofer?
Why did the dash light go out after I installed a car stereo?
plymouth volare?
how do you reset renault scenic radio after error appears?
Am/fm car reciever smokes as soon as car is turned on?
my FORD 6000 CD PLAYER RADIO is broken?
Why won't my cd player turn on?
what are some good 15" subwoofers?
My amp isnt amplifying!?
which one is better KENWOOD KAC-9102D or ALPINE MRP-M650 for 2 10" sub , 600 rms w (both)?
wat is the diference between solo baric and a regular sub?
how much would it cost to spray paint my car myself?
are hifonics zrx15sq subwoofers reliable?
what are the best car speakers for the door and rear dash of a 02 accord coupe?
What size are my speakers 03 mustang gt convertible w Mach 460?
will a 7'' touch screen car radio fit in a 97 chevy k1500?
Where can I buy US Becker Map Pilot for cheap?
i got a ticket driving down I-20 for loud muisc i mean i've heard of noise ordinance in towns but the hwy ?
whats a good clean loud 4 channel amp with good rms power?
Audio system for car?
how to keep cool?
can i hook car speakers up to my home stereo ?
What's a good brand amp that won't overheat quickly?
why does my amp get hot so hot ? and then i smell a burning wire smell.?
Best way to hook up Ipod to car?
Please can someone help me with my Ford fiesta stereo code.. Serial no. V050132.. thanks!!?
Can anyone recommend quality car speakers?
need help also with my ford ka radio code ....M507000?
Hi I am trying to get the radio code for my ford fiesta M209876?
What kind of amp do I need to power my equipment?
Does a MicroSD-stick fit in a normal SD slot?
Will the kicker 10zx350.4 4 channel amp put to much power on my door speakers?
i need the radio code for my 1998 mitsubishi eclipes radio code the ser# 79169251B?
blackberry curve 8310 can ur music be transferred to your car radio?
Pioneer touchscreen radio?
what are good audio capacitators that wont break the bank?
if you had $4000 to spend on electronics what would you buy?
i need info on nissian maxiam stero wiring?
Do I need a Bigger Amp?
Is there such thing as an AM Transmitter?
Car radio blinks continuously am able to play radio/cd but can't change time or stop blinking?
Can I change my 2002 toyota prius stock stereo system?
can i install 6x9 aftermarket speakers in a 1990 ford probe?
Can i wire two 4ohm subs briged runing parralol.??????? 420?
how do i go about listening music from my samsung galaxy S 4G in the car?
companies who install cd player in car napa or vallejo ca?
what car amp i should buy for my 2 10" subs and 2 6x9 speakers?
Can i use USB pen drive as MP3 player with an amplifier for my car as it saves cost?
How do i get my radio to ask for code again?
I have one SPLW15 and a hifonics bxi1606D mono amp is this a good combo?
How do I cut a hole for a cd deck in my car dash?
My lights dim on my 95' Plymouth Acclaim when i turn up my radio, what is the problem?
What are the stock speaker sizes of a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT 4 door?
Will 4 15" subwoofers break my windows?
Car audio with a 05 dodge neon?
alpine vs pioneer system?
what can i do i need for my sound system?
why don't my burned CDs play in the car?
why does my subwoofer sound distorted?
monsoon stereo keeps turning itself off in vw passat?
what is the 1st country in world?
Should I get a capacitor?
Looking for car audio system that will sound good.?
a decks preout voltage?
Broken car CD player?
i have 4 15'inch alpine type r subwoofers why do they just not hit the same?
I have just bought a subwoofer on ebay not realising it was a car sub, can i still use it in my house?
Boss Flip out TV for the car?
Putting in subs in my 2001 s10 there is power to the amp but no sound is coming through the subs?
LED's pulse to bass in car?
i installed an amplifier in my car and now my speakers buzz?
Kenwood DDX7019 and iPhone?
my subs aren't working?
Car subwoofer Help In Honda Accord Lx 2003 Model?
Connecting MP3 Player to Ford 6000CD?
how does this sound for a system???
How do i remove the trim from around the middle dash panel on a Hyundai Coupe V Reg?
what speakers does the 1993 Ford Aerostar come with?
Blown speakers in car......?
what phone fits in the bury hands free kit 07-15-0039-24?
How can I play MP3's in my Peugeot 207?
subwoofer + amp question?
on aftermarket headunits with ipod compatibility can one hook up any mp3 player?
how can you play music in a car with no aux jack?
will a panasonic CA-TU7000U BRAIN that is made to go with a CY-VMD9000U,work with a CQ-VAD7200u?
Does anybody know where i can install an already bought stereo system, where they wont try to rip me off.?
what amp should i get to run these subs?
Can you use orignal speaker outputs if you have an amp connected?
if you are a drag racer why would you trick your stero when you cant evan hear it over the car?
Is it 100% nessecary to have an amp for a sub?
can my amp go to 1ohm ?
Would anyone be able to give me a Ford radio code?
What are the conditions needed to place a subwoofer "backwards" in the box?
My radio has a pre-amp output for the rear speakers. Can I still hook my 4 tweeters to it or use an amp?
what do I need to hook up a normal walkman CD player so it works in my car?
Whats the easiest way to get Sirus Satellite Radio system in my car without replacing the existing radio?
WMA music files in car?
Car Amps and how to install?
two exact same amplifier's, two different ratings?
Can I wire my 12" dual voice coil sub to make it 2ohm?
what amp do i need for my subs?
Does anybody know where I can find a car stereo installation manual online for a 2003 Toyota Corolla?
Car sound system help?
I have a 2000 mustang with what I believe is a premium sound system, I have an aftermarket cd player, a 1200?
Adding Speakers to Car?
What kind of Wire kit should I buy for a 400 watt amp?
How can I stop the rattling in my rear view mirror?
Amp diagram 1999 sebring?
Can you install cab lights at home?
Car speakers with ipod?
top 5 subwoofer songs.?
Is it possible to hook a home theather subwoofer up to a car? if its possible how would i do this?
what are some good headphones that i can have my music loud and other people in a car wont hear it?
Is it better to run certain speakers at certain impedance loads?
Killing trunk rattle on a budget?
why do the subwoofers in my car keep fading in and out?
I think that my amp is messed up n has messed up my spks.?
I am needing a speaker box diagram for 3 6X9 AND ONE 10' speakers?
How do I wire two DVC 4 ohm subs to a mono amp that is only stable to 2 ohms?
Best way to connect my Sub and Amp? 5 Stars!!?
I got a 2005 Scion XB. What kind of mids and tweets from kicker would I need?
How do 2 kicker comp 4 ohm 12" subs sound?
what is a good touch screen stereo dvd mp3 player for my o2 chevrolet truck?
How do you connect rear speakers to a Hyundai Amica??
where can i find the radio antenna wire in a 2012 nissan murano?
I have a 05 chevy cavalier and i was wondering if my stock stereo is a 1.5 DIN or double DIN?
my car does not have a cd player, which would be better............?
Remote wire from car amp won't work?
What amp/subs do i need if i have a pioneer deh-1300mp head unit?
What is the best way to wire two alpine type r's dvc 4ohm sub to a American Legacy LA 1400 amp?
do anyone know where can i buy a KVT715dvd hideaway unit (the Brain)?
Amp Remote Wire Help?
For people who bought the Sony Xplod 2 12'' sub woofers and 800 watt amp package ?
what will be the best way 2 connect 2 by 1000 watt pioneer subs 400 rms on a 2500 watt ice amp?
Is this Sound System NIce and poweful and a good deal?
Hooking a car sub up to a shelf system?
chevy aveo running a kicker2500.1 to 2 re sxx 12's?
im looking for the radio code for ford fiesta FD 4500 radio kit serial number V 002790?
what's the difference between 2 and 4 ohms in a subwoofer? what's the best combo for my scenario?
If I install a subwoofer in the spare tire well of a sedan, will I still be able to hear it?
if you had $4000 to spend on electronics what would you buy?
name of car alarm place on Columbus Avenue in Boston?
Help!!! I don't fit in ANYWHERE!?
How to install an amp power wire to the battery and then into the cab of my 1996 chrysler concorde?
REAL QUICK, How do I set up my Subs to this 4channel amp?
I want to use my stereo speakers to listen to my tv?
I need help Orion or XXX?
Reasons Why would You Put a Sound Sytem On Your Car?
Are underbody lights illegal?
how can we do?
2006 honda accord rear speakers how many watts dos it need the radio is the on it cam with when i bought it?
Which brand of amp is best?
Where can I get a factory amplifier for a 2001 ford expedition eddie bauer for the MACH audio system?
need help with in dash cd player?
Will a memphis pr 1000 rms amp push 4 kicker comp 15"s to there max? or do i need a bigger amp? thanks?
I have installed a car stereo. It works fine, but when I turn the ignition on no sound plays from the speakers?
Question about amp in my car?
Mono amp hookup question...?
whats the difference between an amp and sub?
Who is the OEM manufacturer for Stereos in Ford Explorers (2006)?
good deal or not?
What does PSI mean in terms of cars?
What size speakers go in a 1997 Nissan pick up truck?
whats better 2-ohm or 4-ohm?
alpine type r question?
Do yoi think bass subs in a dodge ram is stupid ?
How do i figure out what size speakers my car has?
Why does my kicker amp keep cutting off?
looking to purchase the Alpine PMD-DOK1 docking station for use with Blackbird GPS, is it available where?
What's the best bang for my buck with car audio speakers?
What is the best car stereo system for $800?
Car audio help from professional please?
Can these subs and amp be wired safely?
I M GNG TO BUY CAR MP3, shud i go for kenwood or sony ! in kenwood there is pendrive and memry car option ,?
Does electrical tape work on all electrical wires?
Do i need to buy an amp?
What would be the best way to connect my planet audio VXP 108 10" sub with power acoustic 480.2 amp?
Need Help with Amp Choice?
i need directions on radio removal for my honda civic si 2002.?
Monopower vs 2 channel amp?
I Have a 1997 Ford Escort and I removed my after market T.V Radio to install A normal after market radio.?
f250 stereo problems. generating a lot of static..?
If i have a car stereo which can handle 4x45watt speakers, then could i have 2x90watt speakers instead?
How to know if my cigarette lighter plug works?
would 4 6x9's on the back-dash and a 12" subwoofer in the trunk be a good arrangement?
what is a Auto Zone Peak wireless back up?
Why did my fuse blow as I drove over a speed-bump?
Are 4 Pioneer speakers enough?
How do I install a radio in a Jeep Cherokee?
Are aftermarket car stereos far superior to factory stereos?
Whats wrong with my amp?
2002 Mitsubishi Galant Stock Radio.........?
How do I install subwoofers in my 2001 Infiniti QX4?
I have a Toyota 4runner, I want a little bass in my music, do you think 1 10 inch sub would be sufficeint?
HELP the eject button on the CD player in my car wont work?
I'm looking for a system for my car for like under $250.00?
Where do I get a custom made speaker box?
How should I upgrade my sound system?
wiring diagram for pioneer deh-p360?
BP1204 model number. What amp should I get? ?
What Amp should I buy? I have two 12" subs at 1000 max each ( 500 RMS each)?
car amp not powering?
How Do I Make My Subwoofer Louder Without An Amp?
My car radio is set to accept only odd number (ie. 104.5) frequencies, but in Europe they are even. Help!?
Ford Premium Sound Amp?
How do you get a stock cd player out of a 1999 Mercury Cougar?
how do factory stereos in cars sound so good now days ?
what are some good subs and amps out there?
there is a cd caught in my stereo system how do I get it out?
How do you remove the factory installed stereo from a 2009 nissan altima?
What is ID3 Tag readout, concerning car stereo systems?
Good name for a segment dedicated to exhaust notes.?
I have a 08 civic sedan, i need to know how big each of the stock speakers are i need to replace them..please?
2004 Oldsmobile Alero - Stero questions?
What are teh differnt types of sub boxes?
Does anyone know of a way i can play my Iphone in the car?
What kinda amp for my subs?
radio code for 2003 acura tls?
for guys--> what do you think about girls with sickk systems on there car?
I would like to bypass the passlock to the ECM on a 2002 Chevy Silverado? How would I do it?
How do I fix my Lancer's stereo?
dual ported box 2001 Camaro?
power supply cable for car amplifier?
install car amp without RCA jacks?
Do I need new speakers for my car?
to make a q-forms for a kick panel enclosures and what things i need to make it?
if im running two 12" sub what size fuse do i need running from my battery?
I installed my car audio system with a 1 farad capacitor and the lights in my car still dim when the bass hits
what size door speakers are in my 1999 z28 camaro?
do u get more bass in a car if you face your subs toward the front vs the back.?
what are some good reasons i can tell my parents so they will let me get subs?
Kicker- Comp 12" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer?
Kicker Solo Classic Sub?
ive got 2 rockford fozgate p1 10" under the seat of my '64 chevy truck.?
how do u remove the car stereo from a new VW Golf ?
Car Speaker Setup Need Help?
I Have a sony mex-bt39uw. During a bluetooth call no sound comes through the speakers.?
Problems with iPhone 4s and car bluetooth?
Why does my sub not work!? Please help...?
what brand would you reccomend for...?
Why do these Amplifiers look different?
will an american fm tuner work in asia?
I have a kenwood kvt m707 & need help!!!?
The right size subwoofer enclosure?
adding an amp & speakers to my 04 HD Roadglide?
Can my sony xm-2200 gtx 2channel amp,be bridged?
How can I wire up a 500 watt RMS (4 Ohm bridged) amp to a sub that has 400 watt rms (4 Ohm)?
What type of Amp should i get for 1200w Sony Xplod?
how do I play my ipod through my car speakers?
how to install aai-nis2 right?
Why do some people like to put the bass way up on their cars?
How many people have (or have thought about) a "carputer"?
Left speakers only work in car?
What kind of Brand of Car Speakers would you recommend that are 6 1/2 that are a great brand?
whats the best subwoofers?
when i turn my headlights on my dash lights go dim on my laguna what could it be?
whos prettier? be honest!!!?
15'' cvr ported box dimensions?
I need some help on choosing type of subs and amp?
CD-R help. Why are my CD-R's not working in my car?
Static in Chevy s-10 radio?
I have a 97 ford escort I am in process of putting a system in but i cannot find a kit for the cd player?
How do you install a stereo into a 1999 ford taurus?
How do you keep it gangster?
how much would it cost to put a 2 12 inch subs in my 1997 mercury cougar?
F250 subwoofer helpppp?
Factory Amped Lexus, Best Options?
what amp would make 2 12 inch kicker comps sound the best?
how many batteries per sub should i use?
What cd stacker is compatible with......?
i have a older punch 200ix dsm amp can any one tell the watts it puts out?
need help with choosing speakers and amp wattage for a JL 10''?
Subs cut out when my antenna goes down...?
What is the size of speakers in the rear door of my 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 (old body style)?
What kind of subwoofer/speakers are in the rear deck of my 97 lincoln continental?
How can i connect subs into my home stereo?
what is the model number of the sony six cd audio unit fitted in ford mondeos 2005?
Subwoofers are playng very quiet, help!?
How do i install a deck (cd player) in my car?
My Alpine Type X doesn't hit hard anymore?
"The big three" upgrade?
Can you fit some12" subs in a ranger supercab or would?
Which sub woofers are the best when used with a Rockford Fosgate Prime R500-1 Amplifier?
What frequencies do subwoofers play?
New Head units comming out HELP!!!!!! please?
Car cassette player stopped working?
what does te iTrip do????
@installers...What's the best way to port an enclosure?
What is the recommended amplifier I can use to run my 2 Pioneer TS-W3004SPL subwoofers?
is loud music a point on the license?
Would this sound system too much for my car?
What is the best dual din nav on the market?
Is it bad to run my 2 12" kicker comps with a 600 watt amp?
How do I wire 2 dvc 4ohm subs to a 2 ch amp?
will the price of gas ever go back down to a $1.50?
i want to upgrade the original speakers in my mk1 clio what size are they? 2 in the dash and 2 next two parcel
Strong subwoofer for my car ?
pioneer or jl audio?
Kicker l7s in charger?
Aftermarket radio lincoln contintental?
What else do I need to complete my cars audio system?
Need Help On Which Audio Sub Brand?
i have a jvc radio in my car and i was wondering what wire is the sound?
can two 15's fit in a 95 mustang gt if i slide it from the inside through the back seat to the trunk?
do you spend money in Kicker or JL Audio? (no spl)?
What is wrong with my sub?
Does 2nd generation itouches have speakers?
Car Speakers?
does anyone know how to use a usb flash drive with a car stereo through thew usb input slot?
do i need a special sequence for the code to unlock the radio in my 1996 saturn sl2?
smoking sub???
Is it safe to handle?
Would JBL GTO-14001 be safe for my sub?
Car radio help Please?
can i hook a amp up to the stock amp I'm my audi?
wiring harness. cd player?
Why do my subwoofers keep turning off after i turn the volume up loud?
does chevy aveo's stock radio have an amp output? please help!?
Will this blow my subs?
How to use AK500Pro ?
can i run these speakers off the head unit alone?
Do you NEED to cover sub boxes...?
The radio on my 1990 F-150 just quit.?
Car audio system questions...?
i bought 1 15 treo ssi in a pre fab box should i face the magnet in or out?
what amplifier for rockford fosgate power t2 dvc?
What are 2 way / 3 way / component speaker combinations there are and advantages and disadvantages of each?
f7lf-19b165-ac compatible cd changers?
Can yoy put a Sony Xplod AM/FM CD Player, CDX-GT10W into a 2001 Plymouth Neon?
how can i reduce the the door rattle due to speaker bass of my mazda 3?
MTX dual road thunder 12" what's a good price?
Best sub for both sq and spl?
which amp is better for my subs?
Panasoic a good cd deck?
where can i get a custom sub box made? (in new zealand only please)?
Does anyone in the Sacramento area build legit enclosures?
Car Stereo Installation Kit for a for escort 1998?
how should i wire my subs in my truck?
Can you fit DJ turntables into the boot of a car?
alpine or kicker?
Will this amp run my sub....?
After Market Car Deck Problems!?
What's a good sound system for my car?
Buring a cd for a car?
T500-1bd rockfor amp quit working?
Would adding an after market amp to the kicker system in the 2006 Charger SRT8 give me more bass.?
Kicker L7 solobaric vs. JLW6?
Kicker l7 not working?
Can u get a ticket for having burned cds in your car?
how do i use my sirius in my car?
Which way will my Audiobahn 15 hit harder facing up or upside down in my ported box? I want it loud?
I have a jl audio w6 subwoofer with a jl audio 1000 w amp I got it when i bought the car?
How to install Sony Giga head unit (MEX-1GP) in 2000 Chevy Impala?
What type of body kit would fit on a 91 cutlass supreme??
When listening to a CD in my car, the playback starts to get all fuzzy after the 8th track, what is wrong?
Why is it good to grind off the paint to install the ground from a car audio amplifier?
How do i connect the remote wire for my amp?
Is radio dead?
i have a car audio question?
Saturn, is that American or Japanese car?
Looking for Codes for musical Car Horn by calfax?
Buying two 15 inch subwoofers?
How do I install a radio from a GM car into a 1991 Nissan?
Does anyone know of a way i can play my Iphone in the car?
My left speaker in my truck doesnt work.?
How much power do I need for a car stereo system to run in my garage?
How do i get the door panel off a Rover 25 ()3) without wrecking it?
Saab 9000 Stereo Error Code E-99?
i cant remember the car brand name!?
CD not playing in the car?
Which sound system should I get?
What happens if a speaker or subwoofer can't fit in your car?
what is a car audio adapter?
Why won't my ipod work in my car?
Where is the safest place to drill a hole in the firewall of my 97 plymouth breeze?
What car radio should I get?
What amp would best fit in Polk db212-2 sub?
would it be better run 1 big alternator or 2 smaller ones in my setup?
who do you suggest for car audio?
i got an aftermarket stereo in my 92 toyota camry and it randomly stopped getting power to it? what could it b?
Will my sony xplod gtx2200 blow my kicker comp 12's?
Top ten brands of subwoofers in order?
Where to get a new DVD deck remote?
How to take a 2000 seat arosa radio out?
A d@MN good box design for my two upgraded Memphis 15-m3mojo12 subs?
Just bought a used car and it has an Alpine CDA 9827 radio/CD player,,?
What are the best 6x9 car speakers money can buy?
Is a 500 watt amp too much for a 300 watt subwoofer?
What is the best sounding speaker system, amp, sub I can put into my 2003 jetta sedan?
Can I get a usb wire to connect to my phone put into any car?
car audio capacitor question?
disposing a subwoofer box?
Alpine Type X 12" Subwoofer?
Which Amp for two Punch 3's?
2002 VOLKSWAGON vr6?
how can i make my car radio come on when i start the car?
Sound cuts out on radio if turned up to high. How do I adjust this.?
Help with car sound system!?
I want to wire 2 - 300 WATT MONO amps together to operate as one! Pushing a 12" Kicker Comp VR DVC?
1996 Mercury Mystique I trying to install a new stereo but I had to Spliced the wirng I need a wiring diagram.
what speaker sounds better?
how do i program used key fob to my 2005 chevy impala?
hooking up my subs?
which one should i connect first?
i have an 85 allegro rv. the ac plug says 30 amps. i`m having some power problems.?
How do you completely seal a box after u make it?
Where is the best possible place to ground my amp on a 2000 ford focus SE?
How can I make my sound system louder?
car dvd player with speaker?
how do you fix the light of the cd player in a 2003 honda accord?
how can i reinstall factory original infinity system in my 96 concorde?
Is my 12" l7 Kickers and rocker fosgate R500-1 amp compatible with eachother?
what is the line out on my amp do?
listening music / songs keenly during driving can decrease concentration on driving & can be dangerous ?
Getting new speakers in 2000 Jeep Cherokee?
what size of speakers fit inside a 2001 gmc single cab that sits behind the driver?
Would a Pioneer 1200 watt Mono amp power two Rockford Fosgate P3 in my 740i BMW?
How do i open this cd player?
Difference between a 2-Way and 3-way Speker?
Car Subwoofer Amplifier Input Voltage?
which of these do you think is the better package?
I'm looking at buying a new head unit and speakers with amp but am unclear on power limits of speakers on amp.
what company is the best car audio company?
Is it OK to overpower the sub a little bit?
how to remove the rear speakers for 1996 camry?
Are aftermarket Component Speakers Compatible with my 2003 BMW 325xi Sedan?
speaker randomly making vibrating static noise?
How to turn off the beep on my Garmin Nuvi 255?
Do you know the wiring colour code of Toyota Corolla 99 stereo radio ?
Does any one know a good dual 12" ported box for the Rockford P3's?
Which subwoofer is better?
what are some good 12" subs that...?
How do I adjust my kenwood amp and 12 inch subs with a new sony head unit?
Can a Kicker 12" L7 handle 1000W RMS?
Subwoofers - SSA ZCON vs Kicker L7?
Car stereo won't turn on?
Are my car subs blown?
Acura Rsx Speaker Size?
How do i set my sub amp's gains to get to most power out of it?
Need Vauxhall Vectra ( 51 plate ) radio Philips car 400.?
Car backup camera install cable question?
Is #4 AWG wire the same as using music equipment wire cords?
My mom put a GPS in my car, can she see where I go?
What make of stereo is in my 2002 Honda Accord as standard?
Need subwoofer help!?
I have heard bout Sedna aire solar ac and that it runs only on 2 amps /ton but does it really work?
where can I get a used philips stereo system for my car? philips 22 DC 982/72B?
How do i remove radio from 1993 mercury topaz?
Can I run 2 subs at 300 watt peak off a 600 watt max amp in bridged mode?
what is the best car audio system i can get for 1300$?
How do i update my sat nav?
Are car subwoofer grilles really necessary?
Replacing radio in Dodge Stratus?
Is this ok to do to my subwoofer?
how do i install my in dash dvd player to override the parking break so i can watch dvds as i drive.?
Do you have Sirrus? Is it worth it?
Can you Hook a 4 channel amplifier to a stock system?
Will a JVC KD-G401stereo fit into a 1994 nissan maxima?
What should I get for a starter stereo system??
Problem with my alpine cda-105 need help please?
how to power two subs?
Which capacitor would be the best for my audio system?
Any1 have suggestion on optimal settings for CD Deck to match Amp /w Subs?
Why doesnt my stereo work when i turn my headlights on?
Does anyone know a simple AUX amplifier?
Can someone please help me with this?
what are common problems with dodge neons?
I need a service manual for a MTX Thunder404 car amplifier. Anyone know where I can get one?
I have a 600w amp 4ch I have 2 6x9s and a 10" sub do I need capacitor?
How do i turn on the subwoofer output for a sony CDX-GT330?
car sub an amp?
What type of GPS should I buy?
I need some help replacing my car head unit!?
2004 Gsxr1k need help please?
Which car stereo unit to choose?
I have a pioneer usb/mp3 car deck that wont run.?
Mitsubshi Outlander IPOD adapter?
is ground in uk electronics negative or positive?
I jus got my kenwood kac8105D mono amp while I was hookin it up I touched something and I don't know what?
im looking for some bassy music to show off my system?
Powering Lots of Watts?
Pimp my ride?
What is the symbol on a schematic diagram for a speaker?
Choosing the best subwoofer?
how to wire 12 10" subs?
i would like to know what some good speakers are for my car that i could get for around maybe $500 to $1000?
I'm looking to buy some new subs for my car. RE? JL? Crystal?
I need some help Im goin to insttall 2 mor batteries in my van , this wil be the supply for 3 amp?
What is the best box for 2 alpine type r's that are going in the trunk of 1998 cadillac sls?
Car CD player reading an Android phone?
Which is best and would you recommend in navigation system in the car tomtom brand or garmin?
I have 1 alpine 12" type x with 1200 jbl amp if i get anther type x on that 1 amp will it sound bad?
speakers and Radio for Ford F-150 XLT?
I don't really fit in?
How come this is happening?
Whats the better car amp - Alpine or Hifonics?
more bass sealed or ported box ?
which amp should i buy for two 15 inch subwoofers on a pa system?
Is a rockford punch 100 seris amp, and 1 10 inch rockford P2 sub a good set up?
Car won't start. There is absolutely no sound when I turn my key. Everything works radio, windows, AC, heat.?
How do I install a Volfenhag ZX-Hypercap capacitor, I have no instructions?
Difference in these apline decks?
Standard CD player in '00 Malibu. Why is it skipping around songs, instead of playing a disc in order?
Lightning audio?
What kind of amp should i use.?
What Amp do i need for this sub?
How do I remove the panels in the back of my S10 truck to get to the speakers? (wishout breaking the panel)?
What amp should I get?
What hits harder two 12's or one 15"?
installing a sony CDXGT230 cd player in my 95 buick lesabre?
I have a question about amp channels.....?
what can u wrap around stereo and connections to block noise?
stock speakers no sound?
what power amp do i need for 1000 watts peak power pair speakers (6x9)?
where can i get a 250 watt speaker for $40 bucks or less?
How do i know which subwoofer box to buy?
how to tune my car audio amplifier?
ok so i hav a 95 saturn sl i have a alpine cd player and insignia amp ans 2 12inch insignia subs?
i put a new radio in my 05 chevy silverado and three days later my speedometer reads wrong, is it the radio?
My amp caught on fire ?
I have two 12" Kicker subs running off a power acoustik(1250W) amp. What should I change about this setup?
What Subs? Two L7 15"'s, or one 12W7?
I'm looking for an Amp to push my Subs, could use ur advice...?
how would a sound blaster seem in a merc slr??
why does my car stereo not have power going to it?
Ok so I just bought two kickers subwoofers...?
do you think these speakers can really handle 200 watts RMS each?
Can i wire a 3.5mm jack to an iphone dock?
where do i tap a ground for my indash dvd player to always be on even when i am driving?
aftermarket car parts?
will the factory stereo in my 2002 chevy avalanche play cds that i have downloaded and burned off the internet?
Im trying to get a good audio system for my car and i want to know what i will need.How much will it cost?
i connected a new cd player to my car it sounds on but no display?
I'm looking to buy a car but dont know what to get?
What is wrong with my speakers?
is it possible to install an amp and to bass speakers in a car with a stock radio?
Can you run an amp with a factory sterio?
sat nav screen frozen tom tom go 300?
Another question which is better free air, enclosed speaker box or a ported speaker box for a 78 caprice trunk?
What are these speakers used for?
Renault Clio cd player say error?
MTX Car audio? good or no good?
Audio system for 1988 Porsche 928?
will i blow my speaker?
What is the point of fire extinguishers?????
i,m thinking of buying navigation system, which is best andcheapest?
is a tube and valve amp the same thing?
Have a tevion car cd/mp3 unit, will not play cd`s get error code 6??? anyone help?
Pioneer amp settings?
can anyone help me find the code to my dawoo radio 2001?
My amp power light goes from green to red every time it trns on?
My subwoofer is making loud noises.?
where can i get a good but cheap sub and amp at?
Anyone know of a good mono amplifier.?
need to make a sealed box for 1 or 2 12" cerwin vega 124. how big do i make it. thanks?
what should i name my car?
what size speakers does a 1992 ford probe have?
I had to have the ignition completely replaced, now the radio/cd/clock won't come on. Is this a fuse or wirin?
Power Electrical Wiring.... More specific question..?
cd player sticking and skipping?
Good car sound system on a budget?
the green light on my american pro amp comes on for about a second then goes off. why?
can i upgrade my audio in a mazda 6 to include a hdd recorder?
What is the best size Amp?
Sirius Antenna on a Jeep Wrangler?
Can I change the stereo in my Honda Civic to a regular CD player?
Car stereo help please?
Why isnt my deck working in my truck?
if i put 2 10' subwoofers in the back of my 2000 4 door chevy blazer?
Can i put 6x9's in my scion tc? where at?
What kind of subwoofers and amp should I get?
When putting together a car stereo system, is it best to use all one brand?
Which sub boxes give the most tremors and shake?
i have a 2009 accord, do i need any special adapters to hook up an amp and subs, or just the normal wire kits?
Which wire colors (for the stereo) are which in my 95 corolla dx?
need a amp question answered asap?
Classic Rock?
looking for radio antanta hookup componet on 1994 chevy 3500 pickup?
i have a 400 watt amplifire with 6 ,2n3055 transistor work 50-70 volt at 5 amp.Tell me the best capacitor 4 it
I have a TV that do not have a audio out or Head phone jack. Is there any way I can hook up my speakers to it?
What is a good way to learn how to install a car audio system myself?
is there a satalite radio,bluetooth and gps in one item?
i need a wiring diagram for 92 jeep cherokee?
2003 Honda Accord EX Coupe - How do I add an Ipod adapter harness to the factory radio? (6 disc changer)?
How Would I Go About Setting Up A Car Subwoofer?
2 15s sealed or 1 15 ported?
Would I be able to get a decent Sound System for my car?
Do i need a capacitor?
does anyone know anything about a prestige p-994 in dash cd player?
What is the best type of subwoffer?
Good .5 or 3 ohm amplifiers?
What size speakers will fit in the doors my 2005 Chevy Trailblazer?
Why is my sub not working?
How do I connect Alpine MRP-M650 amplifire with 1 Alpine SWS-1242D subwoofer?
How can I hook up a cd/dvd player in a car with out hooking it to the emergency brake.?
I'm looking to buy a auto diagnostic software tool.. where are some good ones ? ?
If i use a mono block amp to power two subs, will the rms be divided by two?
what do I need to play songs in my ipod via the stereo of my car?
I need a speaker box for a 2005 F-150?
a CD is stuck in my player in 2004 Silverado truck. I have a factory unit with a cassette player?
which is better xm or sirius and how much does the service cost for them?
Do i need to worry about the output of the stereo if I have an amp?
How do i fix the old 58 radio that came in my Fairlane 500?
noise from my subs?
Why is my new car CD player causing the dash lights to dim?
How to take out and replace stock CD player from '03 Pontiac Grand Prix?
How do I hook up a subwoofer driver thing?
i just bought 2 Pioneer Premier TS-W8102SPL i dont know which amp to buy?
how to remove and install radio in a 1999 ford escort?
What is the name of the device that connects a CD player to cigarette lighter?
Where in CT can I get power locks installed in my car?
Anybody know how to open tapes slot on the dashboard of the car?
Tweeters distorting?
Matching Input Sensitivity...?
in my truck 1500 doge the batrry meter indcates high low?
do u think that in the future cars will fly they already now have cars that u plug in to charge?
Can a on a cvx 15" be fixed?
I am trying to find a copy of a massey ferguson MF 50B backhoe/loader industrial manual. I need help please !?
Why do some people give the wrong suggestions in car audio?
Subwoofers just buzz not blown?
Can you have both Hydraulics and a sound system in a car?
what amp do i need for 2 12'' p3?
what is the song on the new Toyota Corolla commercial?
Is it better to have your Subs facing your backseat or your trunk?
LED car clock doesn't show on Ford Falcon Futura?
fix cassette player in car?
I have a stereo system with an amp and subs any solutions on how to get the protection light on my amp off???
What size box should i make for my situation ?
Any Mazda3 driver?
Kenwood head unit NO sound?
Connecting LED strips to amplifier through transformer?
Cassette Player for 2006 Acura RSX?
What would you prefer in your car?
What are some good subwoofers that would pound or that you could hear from 5 houses away?
looking for a monsoon amp for a 2005 grand prix?
What's better Pioneer TS-G1644R or Rockford Fosgate Prime R165?
Kicker solo L7 Or JL Audio?
What is better infinity or alpine car audio?
playing music from a flash drive in my car?
im thinking about getting these tommarrow for my car. but only with 1 sub instead of 2.. its cheap too?
two 250w rms subs with 175w rms amp? HELP!?
amp is cutting out at high volume?
Cd Ejects every time i turn on Car Stereo?
Pioneer Premier 12", punch P2 12", or kicker CVR 12"s?
would a ported or sealed box be better for 2 10" kicker cvrs?
in a 01 mustang what color is the radio ignition wire?
Running three dvc 4ohm subs?
everytime i drive over 70mph my car begins to shake.why is that?
Is there a way to listen to my ipod in the car without a cassette player..?
can i use a kicker amp for two 13" w3 jl audio subs?
Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth Fail?
what kind of senior project can i do dealing with SUBWOOFER?
car audio system/ subs/ amp?
does the audio player in Ford Fiesta (India) supports the '.wma' formated songs?
Just installed an amp and sub into car and now my lights radio and mirrors won't work?
i Have a american legacy la2278 amp and i have two 12 inch pioneer premier model ts-w3001d4?
FM Stereo Audio Transmitter?
What car CD player should I put in my Civic?
If i run the power and the audio lines together in my truck, will the 12VDC give me a noise hum?
Will 1 Fi BTL18 running 2200 Watts be bumping?
My cars ground or Earth problem, Please help?
Could i run 2 subwoofers on a Kenwood XR-1S mono block sub?
I want satelite radio?
How much does it cost to install 2 12"subs and an amp into my car?
what do you recommend for someone looking for good subs but is on a budget?
Can you replace a regular radio with a touch screen navigation radio?
how do you install a alpine cd deck in a 94 chrysler concorde from it's stock radio?(wiring schematics I need)
i need car audio help?
Rims or a System?
Car stereo question does this exist? DVD MP3 USB slot play?
how do you wire two amps to one subwoofer?
2 12" alpine typr r's vs 2 12" fosgate p3's?
Radio code ford Mondeo 6000?
What is the mustang stock stereo size?
Does a 90 Amp Alternator supply enough power for a 700 Watt RMS system?
Need help finding a car stereo compatible with a Ford Ranger?
need stereo wiring diagram for tacker 1998?
Question about subwoofer installation?
new stereo deck for 2002 Mitsubishi galant?
Please help me with the 4 digit radio code for my ford, the number on it is: M011528?
My HIDs are flickering alot!?
How many watts in my car stereo?
does my car stereo have rca hookups?
I need the code for my ford 6000cd rds radio serial number m018939. Thanks..?
what size amp i need?
What does impeadence mean and if i have two subs do i double thier power for the amp?
hd radio receiver for nissan sentra?
Difference between a 2-Way and 3-way Speker?
Bass question?????
need to know which wiring kit i need for my s10 2 install a pioner radio my truck has all the bells & whistles?
Where is the radio fuse on a 94 olds cutleass supreme?
Is there a way to listen to my ipod in the car without a cassette player..?
Tape deck playing out of driver side front speaker only?
What are the best means to connect an IPOD to my car radio (CD Player) ?
Pioneer DEH-P6800MP will not start up? what's wrong with it?
if i put 2 speakers in one channel on a 4 channel amp will the rms output on that channel cut in half?
alpine thief?
Pairing cheap audio brands?
Why won't a cd i burned play in my car???
Detailed simple steps to perform the Big 3 upgrade?
Best songs to bump to in your car.?
what are the best subwoofer?
Can I use this Amp with my 1 JBL GT5-12" Sub ?
Ford Focus 52 CD Changer?
Does anyone have a good website that tells how to install a new cd/radio in a 2001 Honda civic?
Need Help! i have a setup in my truck 2 12" P1 Rockford subs with a 600 w amp pushin.?
where can i get a kenwood ksc-wd250 subwoofer remote?
3 10''s or 2 12''s alpine?
I want to get a system in my car and change out the CD player. Help?
Will my car be okay if I fit a new head unit?
what cables do you connect to turn on your car stereo?
where do i hook up the parking brake wire to in my 03' jetta tdi standard?
how do i fit a cd player to a 1993 toyota carina e? is it difficult or should i get someone to do it for me?
Beginner to car audio:) need help! ?
My car won't start but the radio works and dashboard also ?
Car iPhone bluetooth?
Car stereos in San Antonio?
i am looking at a BOSS audio amplifier, and it says MOFSET power, what does that mean?
Nissan Pathfinder 1994 Speaker Questions?
Senior Project : Computer in car?
Where is the signal flasher located on an a 1995 oldsmobile 88 royale?
Speakers thump when hooked to an amp(4-channel).?