Car Audio

Dimming headlights from bass??
JL Audio Weak Signals?
2007 Honda pilot LX Audio system upgrade, Help wanted?
JL Audio Weak Signals?
Have you ever...?
im looking for a rear fender for a 1995 subaru legacy can anyone help me?
I am looking to get new subwoofers, and am looking for advice before buying?
2003 mercury sable radio wiring problem! PLEASE HELP!?
What can i get my boyfriend for his new car?
does any one like white neons under body kit?
Rover metro nightfire special1994 cd player?
Bought lightwave car fm transmitter , can i switch between music folders and also shuffle music tracks?
How exacty do you break in a subwoofer?
Help with finding a good subwoofer?
How do you get the radio out of a 1994 Kia Sephia?
Car audio amplifier choice question?
What Subs should i get???
y is it better to over power speakers not under power?
Car speakers not working.?
Why won't my Pioneer DEH-1000 except my CD's?
how can i reduce the the door rattle due to speaker bass of my mazda 3?
New sub problem brand new?
The radio in my car won't work (see details in question)?
where should i run amp power wire in 1998 ford contour lx?
Radio code for ford fiesta!!!?
Amp for my 12" Sony Explods?
ported or non ported?
What amp to use with these subs?
whats louder a 12 or a 15?
how do i find a free radio wiring diagram for a ford exporer?
Is a JL Audio 15"wo better than a 12"w3?
How do you use the Schumacher XC6 6/4/2-Amp Battery Charger to charge your battery?
Are quantum amps good? Or are they overrated?
Why isn't my amp Stable at 2ohms or 4ohms.?
Radio code for vauxhall astra CDR 500 GM 330886636?
Midrange 6 3/4 in speakers?
i just hooked up my 10 inch l7 kicker subwoofer 2 hours ago and have a ?
Amp power light on, no power?
Replacing car speakers??
do you like cars?
BEST place to put a siren on a 99 Chevy Blazer?
Does anyone have any helpful advice for improving the sound system in my car?
Where to position speakers in my room?
If I underpower my car speakers, do I run the risk of damaging them?
How do I turn on my RCA cables on my radio?
Lightning Audio 2 12" subs and amp give you good power but not too much?
Are the newest sony amps any good?
Why Does My Amp Get So Hot?
Does this come with 2 subs, a box, and an amp?
Amplifying car door speakers?
Do 12 inch kicker cvr subs in an enclosure fit in the trunk of a 1998 ford tarus?
Should i get a power cap or a Gel batt?
Car Sound system, lots of questions in details.?
Help! I installed a new stereo and now I can't start my car!?
i keep blowing amplifiers and i dont know why?
I recently hooked up subwoofers and amp in my car, but when I turn off my car the amp won't turn off, help?
yeah its got a factory amp. the cd player i am using is a pioneer deh-p4100 (not the best)?
can i plug my i pod into aux. jack in my scion xa ?
My 2010 Toyota Corolla's audio system goes on and off when going over speed bumps. How do I fix it myself?
Help I cant get my car radio to work in my Mazda MPV...Ive tried everything with not a bit of luck?
How do these subs compare?
My car doesn't play mp3 cd's. Is it possible to format them so they do?
how can i hook up 4 speakers two a two channel amp?
what amp is the best for 2 mtx terminator subs?
Where Can I Find?
i have two DVC 4 ohm subwoofers and a 2 channel amp?
Volvo v40 radio problem?
Bass doesn't boom!!?
rover 416 p reg wirering?
Which amp do you recommend?
what is the wire diagram for a 1989 plymouth grand voyager with chrysler infinity speakers?
Hey i have a lot of trouble with my trunk radling from my subs what would u suggest?
Is any body else worried about the people that are "answering" questions on this site.?
Would a VISONIK VB-212PKG Dual Bass Box with 12" 1000W Subwoofers and Amplifier fit in a 2001 honda crv?
New Ipod Nano > Head Unit?
Stop car battery going flat?
Having a small system in my car, why does bass cut out when I turn the vol up on my sub-woofer?
Please .. i really need it?
will a 1200w amp power two 10" subs(1200wmax/sub) or will it split it to 600w per sub?
how can i tune my subwoofer to 8-ohm sub (connected in a series). show me a picture of pioneer 306dvc in 8 ohm
pioneer ts-w2502d4 good amp to run it?
Website to learn all about Super Cars?
How to set LOW PASS FILTER on car amplifier?
Kicker Solo-Baric 2 12" Sealed Sub Box Specs?
I own a JVC KD-G140. It has a bluetooth icon in the display, but I can't figure out how to turn the feature on?
I need the code for Ford 6000CD radio. Serial number M032899. If some one can help please.?
Connecting my car amp?
What are some songs that will get my subs bumpin'?
what can i do for put my speakers on?
is 2 kicker 10 inch solobaric l7 for 280 dollars a good deal?
Problem with Eclipse brand DVD player in auto?
If I buy a car stereo from Walmart or Best buy, who can install it for me?
My car don't have a AUX port. How can I play songs from my IPOD?
Is it true that really loud and powerful subs (SPL) can damage your internal organs?
RCA cables in car to stereo for ipod?
How do I remove the side panels on a 2002 Civic 2 door coupe LX to get to the speakers?
Reanault megane convertible stereo?
What size amp do i need for my subs?
what amp should i get for my subs?
would this amp run these subs??
What do i need to know to hook up car amplifiers and subwoofers?
Would this setup work for my subwoofer?
Why do my speaker cables get extremely hot when I hook up my car subwoofer?
Rockford Fosgate or JL Audio?
where to put the auxiliary cable on a focus??
Why wont my amp work anymore?
where is the postive trigger located?
car amplifier kit help?
Do i need to upgrade my alternator or run two batteries?
Want some advice to set up an car Audio system?
portable navigation system?
I need to get my car refinanced .But,I make less than 1500.00 a month.?
I have 2 12" subs 300 watt rms and 1200 watt peak each sub how big of an amp do i need to make it hit hard?
installed a JVC stereo but no sound in back speakers?
Does anyone know how to make a dvd player in a 2003 chevy venture play threw the stereo speakers?
Has anyone bought a Dual XDMR7700 CD Player for their car. How do you like it?
can you hook up a house powered sub-woofer to you car audio?
What's the best brand of 6 x 9 speakers in your opinion?
Stereo or Mono which is the best?
would this system work?
where can i find a subwoofer box that will fit 2 10 inch alpine 1043d swr subs with 6.8 mounting deth?
If a guy is having sex with a very hot woman......?
what wire do I connect to on the parking brake for a Pioneer AVH-P5700 install?
what is better 2 12" subs or 1 15" sub?
do you think kicker L7 12"s sound better in sealed or ported boxes?
Question about z623 computer sub in car...?
I want 12 inch duel subs and a amp for me?
what amp's and subs do i need?
Okay i bought this new pioneer head unit and the left side of my car isnt as loud as the right.?
Adding bass to a boss equipped car stereo.?
looking to find out if my car has a non amplified system to plug the ISO for cd player?
Ipod FM Transmitter need help on how to work it?
What speakers do you recommend for my car?
i bought an fm ipod transmitter and when i play it in my car it is very fuzzy?
i have a 2003 acura tl and i need the radio code please help?
subwoofer that has the most slam?
can a 1994 ford tempo sedan have 6x9 speakers?
how would this set up sound?
Help with car subwoofers?
I have 2 Pioneer Premier TS-W3002D2 Champion Series Pro 12" sub with dual 2-ohm voice coils?
How would the Kenwood eXcelon KFC-XW1222D sub and the Kenwood KAC-9104D work together?
Can I control my amplifier's power?
im looking for a dvd mp3 in dach compact disc digital audio from performance teknique, i need the cord for it?
Car stereo setup??? HELP?
What are the best sub woofers, out of these? ...Or inquire you own?
placement of 10" active tube?
Is there a radio for four wheelers?
What does mp3 capable mean in terms of car stereos?
How do you install a head unit on an infinti G35 coupe year 03- 06?
I have a speaker that uses a negative and positive wire input and i dont have the wires?
Can aftermarket stereos show car's data from prior display?
car speakers?
Good speakers for my car?
which subwoofer should i get?
I have a cd stuck in a 2004 PT Cruiser stock radio/cd player. How do I get it out?
orion xtrpro 10" vs pioneer ts-w2502d4 10"?
How do i set my sub amp's gains to get to most power out of it?
car stereo wont play cd when i start car?
What hits harder a ported box or a sealed box?
mic.. headunit.. confusion..?
Alpine or Kicker? Type R vs QS?
Do u think its stupid for females (young girls) to play loud rap music? How about with amplifiers?
which system would be better by opinion?
what would sound better overall as far as sound quality and volume with this amp?
How in the WORLD do I install a CD player in a 88' Cadillac Allante?
Just changed stereo to an aftermarket one...?
How can i play music through my car speakers in the house?
If i buy a car audio system from Best Buy will they install it for free or will they charge me to install it ?
how to hook up an 800w amp and two tweleve speakers to stock radio?
will hooking up 2 12" subs wired at 4 ohms and another 12 wired at a mystery ohm cause damage to your amp?
can you still blow subs if you are only giving them rms wattage?
Sometimes I wake up to hear a loud "buzzer" noise in my head?
what would be a good license plate saying for a girl who drives a 06 red mustang?
what would be a good estimate cost to instal a radio and hook up backup camera?
Why doesnt my capacitor display voltage or work for that matter?
Big three - capacitor needed?
Is a ported box ok for 2 pioneers?
Where can I buy knobs for my car stereo? (bose in 99 oldsmobile bravada)?
How far ahead can a radar detector pick up signal from a radar gun?
What amp for my sundown subwoofers?
How do you install 6X9 speakers in a 1996 Chevroolet Cavalier?
what is the best 6"*9" 3way car speaker 2006?(what is top 10 car speaker 2006?)?
How do you unlock a Eclipse Cd player?
how do i input the code for my stereo cd player in my renault megane 1.6 convirtable 2000?i have the code.?
Does leaving the mp3 auxiliary cable plugged in use up car battery?
What are the best speakers for the inside of your car?
how can i get my door speakers to stop rattling?
Will added subwoofers still hit hard off of my factory Bose head unit?
95 Buick Lesabre,Autostart/alarm Viper 100esp (I think)?
do all 2001 impalas have a bose stereo system?
pyle plad413 amp($120) is any good , its steated has 4x200 w rms , i dont belive that.?
Do bluetooth kits work over car speakers?
rockfordfosgate or kicker?
Where can I find a custom wiring harness for my pontiac sunfire '02 stereo?
what are the best band names for IN-Dash decks for cars???
Where do I find a repair manual for MTX Amplifiers?
Monoblock Camtec Moriolla amp?
car stereos/ why do I hear the engine though my speakers? and gets louder with the lights on?
Which 6x9-inch and 6.5-inch are best for competition/high volumes? (Mids/Highs)?
mono or 2 channel amp fro 2 l5 15 4 ohm sub 1000wt. max 2000?
Is this a good amp for my 12'' R-types?
Can anyone help me with a Ford 5000 RDS E.O.N Radio Code?
Im wiring up two amps putting out about 1200w a piece. what wiring is best quality to use?
Car CD Player Unlock Code?
how do i work this car system?!?
How do I power a car amp via mains electric?
New Power Wire?
help with sound system?
i bought two pairs of infinity kappa speakers for my truck when i turn it on the sound will stay on shortly?
i bought 1994 Mercedes E320 ,without door remot,where can i buy one.?
Can I get my hardship?
Does anyone know what the 4digit code would be to get the radio to work on a 2004 Suzuki Verona automobile?
which are speaker wires in a 1997 nissan altima?
What is better for subwoofers dual 1 or 2 ohms?
how do i set the time on my cars clock?
Why does my upgraded sound system have radio noise?
less base from aftermarket speakers than factory speakers?
I have a problem with my car (beetle volkwagen 2000) i can not play my tape or cd. the tape says Safe?
do I need anything else to but this speaker system in my car?
Building 2x12 Ported Sub Enclosure, how many cubic feet?
I need to know if my car stereo will fit into my car?
can i possibly bridge two four channel amps together? and if so how?
What's wrong with both speakers on the left side of my car? Desperate help please!?
Burnt Cds wont work in standard cd player in my car? Burnt on itunes?
Subwoofer with higher power rating = louder?
how to install a plbw104 subwoofer?
Will one 10inch sub shake my car?
how do i hook up 2 amps to 4 speakers?
Is it ok to bridge speakers from the in dash deck?
Can the toyota landcruiser navigation system play dvd?
Component or 2 way?
Would this sound right?
i want to know best head unit,speakers,amps,sub woofers for swift?
Why aren't my car speakers playing?
Are these good quality or not?
I just put a new battery in my 1999 Jetta. Now there is no odometer reading. What's up with that?
Make/model of CD player in Peugeot 107?
Stetsom Amps. (10 POINTS)!?
how to wire up stereo to mercedes c180 elegance 94 model?
Power Acoustik 1920 Watt?
What deck will fit in my car?
What color neons or L E D's should i put on this color car?
I have a 250w 45rms speaker and a 250w 75rms amp will it be bad for the speaker?
Any opinions on All Maryland Driving School in Gaithersburg, MD? How much are the classes?
My kenwood bass tube doesn't work properly?
should i bridge my amp?
Is there a better indash deck than this one?
One 12" Kicker L5; Which Kicker Amp?
What else do i need to get to put a sub in my car?
I have a relatively new Pioneer car audiio video system How do I hook an IPOD to it?
how do i use an anologue dwell tachometer on my auto any place to get instructions?
2-ohm DVC subwoofer vs 4-ohm DVC subwoofer?
what are the best type of cd receivers? that are also afforadable?
what is your favorite car Bmw or jeep?
Best Way to Install Sirius Radio in a 2000 Accord?
Which car is the hottest 2006 Mustang or 69 Dodge charger?
I need help picking out car speakers!! Not sure what to get, can anyone help?
Will fujitsu, eclipse return to the car stereo market?
I can't get power to my amp from Alpine CDA-9883 head unit?
Speakers!!! Whats Louder?? 2x20Watt Or 40 Watt??? Or Are They The Same!!?
what is the best configuration for my kicker sub & amp?
Can you put a touch screen stereo into a "00 ford?
Hello i have a ford fiesta encore 1996 who's battery went this weekend and now the radio is asking for a code?
I need a honda radio code for the serial number 27233056?
How can I hardwire my car LEDs?
How is the best way to install XM car kit in a 1992 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 extended cab?
need a cd player for a 2001 ford van.?
What Are The Best Subwoofer (Speakers) That Are The Loudest And Sound Nice? I Dont Know Nothing! 10 Points!!!!
How do i determine if the base and treble are set correctly on a stereo?
MTX vs Kicker subs and speakers?
Who in Dallas, Tx makes custom subwoofer boxes for Nissan Titan's?
Has anyone made their own Fiber/Plexiglass speaker box?
I'm trying to find a factory in-dash radio from a 2003 Chevy Mailbu. All I seem to find is replacement radios
In a 1960 DeSoto Adventurer can you change out the radio for a modern one?
i have 4 8 inch subs should i do a 4 channel amp or put 2 2 channels?
Car audio front panel lost?
i burned my dad a cd ona dvd r, for his truck? will it play?
Can someone please recommend a pair of 6.5" Car Speakers for the front doors please.?
Would it sound good (car audio)?
i found 2 15 in orion xtr3 500 watt subs in eclipse bxs in neighbors trash. r they any good or are they junk?
18'' subwoofer?
how can you tell if a sub is DVC or SVC?
How to get started with updating the sound system in my car?
Are these subs worth it? JBL?
i need very detailed instructions on how to take my home stereo and plug it into my cars sound system.?
i need some car audio advice..?
Im so upset i failed my test for the 2nd time..?
A question about the ohms in subwoofers?
what is the best way to make a fiberglass subwoofer box?
What is the best car navigation to buy? Tom Tom, Magellan, Garmin etc??
what subwoofer has the deep lowest/ loudest noise?
bought an extended warranty for my vehicle and can't find paperwork?
where can i find a cadillac cts stereo wiring diagram?
Ford fiesta Radio Code MK6 Serial number B301259 help?
Will a 4 Gauge wire make my subs hit harder?
how to hook up 2 car batterys on one car.?
Which Amp Would you choose?
what amp should i go with for my setup im clueless please help !! 2 audiobahn 10" comp subs **desperate**?
How many subwoofers should I have????1 or 2?
How can i keep my trunk lid from vibrating?
What kind of wire gauge do I need fo a 2000 watt amp and two 12's?
Which is best Sony or Pioneer MP3 player for my maruti Alto ?
Are these subwoofers good?
I got two 15' Kicker Solobaric L7 Subs, what amp should i get to really power these things?
where can you buy subs on the internet?
Would I be able to paint my subwoofer?
i need help with fuses?
Matching impedence in new stereo systems?
Songs that have alot of bass?
i have three 12' subwoofers. their alpine, i want really loud deep bass, i have a 1995 ford explorer need box?
Do I need a new car radio when putting in a sub and amp?
My tomtom wont turn off what is the problem please?
I have a 2007 acura tsx with navi and supposed to have PREMIUM SOUND SYSTEM yeah right. I want to upgrade sub?
What do you think of this ''Sub Woofer'' set up?
Need Car Amp Help Horribly Bad.?
where can i buy a 300 watt amp and how much do they cost?
Kicker comp 12 vs Digital designs 2508?
Does Anyone have the specifications (Thiel Small) for Alpine SWS 1240?
can a fuse be blown without looking blown?
What is the best enclosure for my subs?
Would a Radio Shack stereo from 2000 have its own amplifier?
How much does a good audio system cost?
my kenwood amp barely works if the volume is turned up but the ssubs won't work at all..what gives?
2006 volkswagen jetta RCD-510 radio code, radio VIN #: VWZ4Z7K3103767J someone please help me!?
Survey: What is the best car audio systems?
can you convert a band pass to a ported box?
I am looking for a radio code for honda car ,the radio model # is 39100-S02-A100,?
what kind of wood do i use to make a speaker box?
can i install a output converter to rca outputs in a car instead of buying and installing a aftermarket radio?
Is there a way to determine the polarity of a fuse plug without a voltmeter?
New Subaru WRX 2013, wanting to put $500 into the sound system, suggestions?
I have 1 sub in a custom built case (to match the plastic in my xterra)looks like they cut into the wheel well
I want to upgrade my cars sound system!?
will an alpine type r 12" sub go well with my sound?
I have a boss d1000.2 2000 watts amp on 2 12 subwoofers and it goes into protect mode?
Why does my amp turn on and off?
What would you say is the maximum watt sub I should get?
how do i fix my memory on my cd player?
will this blow my speekers?
Okay; do I need both amps?
How much would this cost?
my amp is 600 watts max and my fuse is 60a AGU is that okay?
Will this be a good system when i have it fully in...will i be able to quake?
can i put a factory cd player in without any trouble?
what do you look for in car audio subwoofers?
I have a Cobra GPSM4000 navigation system, is there anything that can be done with it thru the usb connection?
i need some help with my car?
what is better for loudness?
Thanks to kaezoo for answering my question about the loc in my cadillac.?
Hi tech stereo in '95 cavalier?
Are answers getting sloppy?
My car CD player skips track a few second ahead every time I switch off and restart.?
i have a crunch 1400 watt amp and i was wonderin wat rms rated 12s do i need to get?
I bought a remote start engine car alarm system for $500. How much for installation?
Where do I connect a USB to a Kenwood KDC-X590 Car Stereo?
i have 2 alpines type r's wired in parallel to a rockford fosgate punch 1000 watt amp?
Whats better and louder for my kicker amp 2500.1. 2 orion hcca 10 or 1 orion hcca 12? ?
what is a good site to find car subs and amps? or what is a good store to go to?
what amp size should i use for my subs?
USB flash drive Car Stereo?
Car stereo won't work right after jump-starting car.?
Kenwood head unit NO sound?
i need the key code for my street ka please?
What is the loudest and best Sub?
my audio system keeps draining my trucks battery, why???
Do you Ferrari?
What channel amplifier will I need?
Hey, I just bought a car and it has a clarion vrx6671s installed in it and i was wondering how to use it?
Does any1 know the advantage & disad. of a JBL amplifier ?
removing car stereo and it need a special tool to slide it out....any other solution than the tool?
what amp do i need for my stereo?
Where do I buy a replacement 1993 J30 bose radio I spend alot of time in this car and I only get TALK RADIO?
I need help intal4 12's jl audio w6 and 1amp fosgate 800a2?
Does this system setup work?
Can some one tell me where to find a color diagram for a Sony Xplod CDX-S2000 wire harness?
whats better 2 fusion 12" subs with a fusion 900 watt amp or 2 fosgate 12" subs with a fosgate prime 500.1 amp?
does anybody know about a rim and tire alarm? I've looked on ebay and search engines still no answers?
Question on car radio/stereo-?
Will 4 kicker l7 12s hit more db then 1 kicker solo x 18?
I own a 2001 Nissan Altima. How do I remove the c/d radio player to install a new one?
Hi, lost my radio code for focus and now am without music! Could anyone help? My serial number is V139631?
What kinds of doctors are there?
What kind of amp should I buy for my subs?
how do i install an amplifier onto a 2003 ford expedition factory stereo?
For dragon breath, do you know what dimensions i should put in the red on that site? im new to this lol?
how can i secure subwoofer box in my truck?
which is the best company?
pyle, legacy sweet stuff?
car amplifier kit help?
Where can I get a car stereo?
How to choose a line-out converter (LOC) for connecting amp to sub?
I have Polk 6.5 DB650..are they any good?
Why is my system not working?
my sub will not move it is stuck what do i do?
I Have a 1997 Ford Escort and I removed my after market T.V Radio to install A normal after market radio.?
Anyone have a Profile AP1040 or AP1200 amp to sell?
i just installed my stereo but the stereo is not getting any power?
what colors are the positive wires on the rear speakers of a 2005 honda civic?
Got a couple of 12" kicker cvr hooked up with a 800 watt amp wire to 2 ohm when i raise the volume sem to lose?
Bass songs for Car Subs?
How do I install a playstation 2 ?
When it comes to bass how mand dbs does it take to double your sound?
how do i decodified a honda auto stereo?
Speaker sounds like its going I blow?
Whats a good amp for the rp90 Digitech pedal? Coz it sound like crap with my line6 15 watt amp.?
Would a car manual explain or show a diagram of how to remove the dashboard for installing a head unit?
are dancing cars for real?
will my head unit work for kicker subs?
Whats a good websites to find and purchase accessories for my car (stereo, speakers, etc...)?
subwoofers for 2012 VW Golf?
Why do only SOME songs sound bad on my car stereo?
Will having a sub and amps fix my speaker problem?
Just bought a used car and it has an Alpine CDA 9827 radio/CD player,,?
what kind of car amplifer do i need for 2 10inch subwoofers?
does anyone know a company who design and make custom dashboards for cars?
were does the cd go in on the ministry of sound MOSCA103 CD/radio as there is no cd draw.?
What are some good bass songs for my 10' sub ?
help me!!! ne body there!woofers..woofers....woof woof,hello earthlings can u help me again?
what size amp would i need to run two of these subs?
absolutly the best radar detector?
What are the best speakers to put in my civic in the front.?
I don't have any sound coming for my car speakers. What will cause that?
how can you put a nice brand new CD player in a old 1993 buick car?
What are the repo laws in NC??
what size are the front speakers in a 93 toyota pick up?
suggest me a good car audio system...?
Im having some subwoofer problems. im running 2 15'' boss subwoofers to a 5000 watt boss amp?
quick easy cheap sound?
My amplifier won't work?
Hi my ford focus sterio has decided i need a code to make it work. The cerial number of the sterio is M037137?
Is the absolute indash radio system a good brand?
I want my car stereo to play my flash drive as if it was an iPod. Does anyone know how I can do this?
need help with car system...?
what is wrong with my cars speedometer and how do i fix it?
My speakers are dead?
what is this called?!??!?
What is the Input power spec for the Kicker ZX 500.1 in amps?
How can I get my ipod to play through my car speakers?
how do you fix the light of the cd player in a 2003 honda accord?
What subs should I get?
I am looking for a ceiling unitfor a P/U truck that holds Stereo and four speakers?
I accidently put my credit card in the CD changer in a Pioneer car stereo. How do remove it?
Would it sound better (car audio)?
How to fix my 1995 Honda Accord radio(it is a radio with a tape deck)?
My amp keeps turning off every couple minutes while music is playing?
does anyone else have a garmin nuvi 1300 gps?
Honda Accord Speaker from back to from??
why my radio signal is bad in my truck?
down fire subs?? sound difference?
How many watts and what sub's to put in the back of a car?
What Wattage Amp Do I Need For My Car Subwoofer?
what other materials can i use when building a sub enclosure with fiberglass?
Sony CDX-S2200 - Problem with CD player?
Ford fiesta 04 radio code for 4500rd?
if i was to purchase a body kit for my car....could i paint it myself?
The radio in my car takes up to 10 minutes to turn on, especially when cold temps outside. Quck fixes?
Car Audio ground wiring?
this is a previous question but in more detail i have a 2000 watt system and amp should i upgrade to a bigger?
which of these are better subswoofers?
Why does only one AM station come in on my car's radio, and no FM?
what are the best subs?
Should I amp my door speakers?
I'm looking to upgrade the sound in my 2003 Toyota Corolla, I want more bass would be the best option for me?
How to remove rear car speakers?
where should i mount my amp in my car?
What type of wires should be needed?
which is better xm or sirius and how much does the service cost for them?
How should I wire my car speakers?
i need help with car audio?
Need good techno bassy music for driving around in my car?
would subs move if they can't hit the frequency?
amp and speaker hook up question?
where do i get blaupunkt car audio in chennai?
tryin to get cheap subs?
Car Amplifier Not Working Correctly?
Why won't my car stereo play CDs in the morning?
I'm looking at buying a new head unit and speakers with amp but am unclear on power limits of speakers on amp.
The am/fm radio in my 1992 dodge caravan stopped working, how do I fix it?
How many amps does a cb kicker use?
I have a 2000 Mistibushi Mirage with a factory installed CD player/streo system...?
Are xplod amps, speakers, stereos etc good?
why cant i connect two amps to a capacitor?
Why will my subs not bump when I have a nice amp?
what is a good amp for 2 12 inch kicker l7s?
which subwoofer is better?
Will a Pioneer 300w Amp power a JBL 1000w Sub-woofer in my car?
c.b radio advice?
Preamp output to use an integration adapter on an aftermarket stereo?
What do I need to install AUX input in my truck for my ipod?
do they make a tape player adapter for an mp3?
can i add more speakers in my truck?
What color neons or L E D's should i put on this color car?
I changed the battery in my Renault Scenic and cannot get the radio to work?
Speaker Fitment Question?
Subwoofer configuration?
How many amps do I need?
Amp! How To Bridge!!?
HI, I want to get top speakers for my car,Meaning I want the sound to be excellent quality,also when put?
I am making the ultimate light show experience in my car, have any good insight?
what is a really good amp that isn't pricey but is awesome?
how do i remove a 2002 mazda millenia head unit?
please could you give me my code too, i just bought the prongs to get radio out and the serial is m128407?
Choice of two subs to buy?
There is plastic stuff behind the door panels. is it okay to take it off and use peel and seal?
I am debating on which speaker to buy...Please help.....?
Best Subs for DEEP BASS?
is these subs decent?
What Amp is better for subwoofers?
Whats that wire called?
TOM TOM navigation thing, please help?
Where can i find a factory CD player for a 2001 Chevy truck?
How to install a flip down monitor on a suv?
which of these subs will be the best choice for my truck help?
Jump from an Alpine Type-R to an Alpine Type-X?
Is mosfet a reliable brand name for an amp???????
Will a 12 inch 1400 watt subwoofer blow up if I hook it to a boss audio 1500 watt amp?
New subwoofers wont work? Is it the subs, my amp, or something else?
Two 12" subs on a single cab 1987 ford F250?
hey i need a radio code for my ford 2500 radio. its serial number is mo17202! help please?
audiobahn car amps. are they any good?
Wire a SINGLE(1 SUB) Orion HCCA 10.4 4 Ohm sub to a 1 Stable mono block amp, is this possible please help!?
Can someone help me with a Blaupunkt RCD300 unlock code?
Help I cant get my car radio to work in my Mazda MPV...Ive tried everything with not a bit of luck?
Is this a good amplifier?
Whats the best amp to get?
amp bass knob?? (20 characters)?
can i power a 200w rms subwoofer with a 250w rms amplifier?
cheaper and more convenient purchase of Pioneer car stereo | Online or a store?
Where is The AUX input on a 2001 Chevy Impala LS?????? 10 POINTS!?
How to wire subs at a 4 ohm?
What hz should i set the Low-Pass Filter to to get the most lows and some mids out of the sub?
Good car speakers ford focus?
I need to know about car audio?
subwoofer loudness question?
radio diagram help, only answer if youcan help?
amplifier for speakers?
How would I watch what is being played on a double din car stereo to a television?
how do i remove and install an after market stereo on a 96' nissan quest?
Ford radio m129061 cd player 2004?
How much should I sell these subs for?
sony dsx s200 or dsx s210?
CB radios Antenna Inputs?
what do i need to add a sub to my system?
Which setup of sub&amp should I choose?? the Alpine SWR-1243 + Alpine MRP-M500 or Type-X SWX-1243D+MRP-1000?
can a 750 watt amp power two subs that total 1000 RMS?
Is 2 15'' audiobahn worth $400 with a 1000watt amp i think its a jensen amp and a mtx 400watt amp?
I have a used Pioneer Gold Series amp that I am Trying to install in A Pontiac 6000. Can anyone help. C.E.O.?
Where in the firewall should I drill to run power wire to amplifier?
Is it better to have a high or low db in a subwoofer?
Is the FUSION CA-IP500 head unti compatible with a CD chnager?
How do i find my fiesta radio code?
Is there a model of a toyota corolla, camry or honda civic, accord with a built in gps system?
Which subs - real help please?
Why Do 12inch Speakers always Burst.?
average price to pay for a car stereo installation?
the bass coming out of my subs is erratic could it be an amp issue?
How loud can i play my car sound system on the driveway before it comes illegal? UK?
Can I safely wire two 4 ohm subs at a 2 ohm load?
im 18 yrs old. can i get a car loan w/o a cosigner?
Can anyone help me i need music in my life! LOL!?
2 12" kicker cvt's and kenwood 1000 watt monoblock?
I can't find a Kove Audio 15" Recone Kit?
Problems with a 5 channel kicker amp.?
Have a 95 acura intergra want to install new head unit with amp.?
Can someone give me the wiring diagram for a pioneer deh225 cd player?
Corsa stereo displaying "display safe"?
When is the new Maximum Bass CD coming out?
Why does my car stereo go off if i turn the volume up too loud?
Which sub woofer brand is better?
My stereo has too much bass....please help!?
Are voice coils supposed to swing around and make noise?
Help about car speakers?
How to hook up a amp to my 97 Larson 206 boat??
What are some songs with good bass?
what is the 1992 Acura Integra ils color coded radio ?
Pls. advise y my subwoofer burnt so many time althoug the rms are matching?
Can sub-woofers be powered through head units?
Does running 2 subwoofers mean it will be louder?
Can this amp hook up to these subs?
where can i find parts for jensen car stereo BM 941?
What gauge speaker wire do i need for a 1000 watt amp?
i disconnected my car battery to charge it,when i reconnected it the stereo has asked for a code which i dont?
What kind of amp do I need for 3 subs?
what is the best in-dash video monitor?
Why is there extra sound coming from my speakers when my amp is turned up?
Why is my amp overheating?
How many watts does a stock stereo have pn a 2002 chevy?
How do I add a sub to my mustang?
I have two 1000 watt Audio Bahn subs, what wattage amp should i get?
Location of the cd changer on a 02 Lincoln ls?
GPS navigation system......which one to buy?
Installing a sterio with metra kit please Help!!!?
Does my 98 Honda Accord have a "double-DIN" compartment?
How can I use my Creative Zen Micro MP3 Player with my car stereo?
2 adrenalin 12 inch subwoofers in ban pass box what size amp would work best?
Should I install new car speakers myself or get them professionally installed?
Would this ported box work well with these subs?
what size stereo speakers fit in a 2006 chevy cobalt?
doe's any1 know the code for a rover 414i radio. it wont play and needs a 4 digit code?
i have just fitted a second hand radio to my car but the volume gose up and down by it self can anyone help me
wire a cd player without a harness?
i have a crunch amp running to my 6x9 and a kicker amp running to my subs i also have 1 power cord?
can somebody tell me how to replace rear speakers in my car?
which is better 2 12" p2 or 2 12" l7 kickers?
My sub woofers randomly work then stop working.?
What sound system should I get? (Subs/amps)?
Will this work???? Need to know soon!?
Subwoofer Information?
Pioneer DEH-5000UB installation and operation.?
what are the hardest hitting rap songs?
When hooking up an amp under passenger seat and the ground is weak on the seat bolt.what other option is there
How to wire a new car stereo into a classic car?
Do I have to drill holes in my car when mounting a subwoofer?
WHATS THE BEST SUBWOOFER LOUDEST CLEAREST... i wanna blow the trunk off my car?
Why is my subwoofer playing Music and bass, shouldn't I just hear bass coming from the sub?
Can i add a second "normal" car battery in the back with/and my audio System ??
Subwoofer and stereo question?
car hard hitting subwoofer that literally murders everywhere with bass ?
I have a question about amp channels.....?
Best Kinds Of Subwoofer Brands Out There!?
why do i keep blowing fuses in my amp?
how should i wire my subs?
Can anyone give me a Renault radio code?
What is the best setup I can possibly have with my current amp?
Can you blow a car fuse by adding/installing a large stereo amplifier?
how can i find out what size speakers is in my car?
2003 monte carlo after market cd player?
dual 4 ohms voice coils?
Anybody know any songs/cd I can test out my amp/subwoofer?
does anyone have an MA10BPX subwoofer enclosure?
The radio code for my 1999 volkswagen beetle bug?
what percent of people with upgraded car audio systems and subwoofers have hearing loss?
I need to know the wiring diagram for a 92 chevy blazer?
2 12" Dual 4 Ohms Alpine Type R Series Subwoofers, what amp?
How do you get a stuck CD out of a car stereo?
best sub i can get without changing my alternator?
12" sub box question?
Dual Din Stereo for Jetta 2002?
is a brutus hifonics 1700.d ok to use with four 8'' subs 400 rms 800 peak?
Does playing radio in your car take up gas?
cheapest subwoofers in canada?
what radio is best for a 02 alreo?
Sound Systems in cars?
my car made a loud high-pitched hmmmmmmm noise, any idea of what's goin on?
why wont my car radio come on?
Which subwoofer is the best?
i have a rockwood detanator 400 watt amp. what is the best amp kit for it? can i use a universal amp kit?
Car Sub Woofers Not Working / wired properly?
Does anyone have any tips for bracing a subwoofer box in the trunk of a car?
Can i just run 2 subs or do i really need an amp?
looking to get some 6x9 for my front doors?
are ALPINE SPR-17LS 6.5" 2-WAY COMPONENT speakers good?
Hello I have a 1993 Lexus GS 300 and the radio stopped working?
Which subwoofer is the best?
what is the power wire in a 1990 z24?
What is the best brand of car speakers?
hooked up baterey reversed?
My A.M. radio reception goes to pure static whenever I enter a fastfood drive-thru, why & how can I fix it?
i have a nissan maxima 2004 the radio power up but there is no sound..and the CD player works .need help?
what kind of battery terminals should i use for my audio system?
West coast customs Orion 2400d, amp gains.?
is two sony 1200 watt speakers good on a 1100 watt crunch amp?
Help in in car audio and visual please.!?!?
does any one like white neons under body kit?
whats the best set up if you wanna get a sound system?
Where can a find a on-line manual for a standard vauxhall vectra stereo, its a CD player, my car is a W reg?
These speakers clear and loud?
Why Won't My Car Play CDs?
ok i need help i have a pioneer stereo and need to get bass?
6 12" Subwoofer help?
How much does a nice car stereo system cost?
What would I have to do to put an amp in my car?
Car audio system, good deal?
where can i run a power wire from the battery to the amp in a 99 cherokee sport?
bridge or use the channels?
Have a 12 disk Delco CD changer from my old car. I want to sell it. How do I know what cars it can go with?
Does a built-in window antenna affect the radio reception in an after-market deck in your car?
How many watts RMS with a 170AMP alternator?
Why does my car stereo always play the same songs when set to random?
the fm tuner of my car stereo stopped working but i still have am stations why?
Speaker Output to Rca Cable Question?
Will this sub configuration be good and should I get anything else?
i want 12 inch subs that hit harder then the Kicker L5's?
Is it possible for a stereo to cause the car to overheat?
whats size car speakers do a 2002 ford expedition eddie bauer edition have? from front to rear!?
can my nissan versa with no AUX input get sirius satellite radio?
how much money do you need to setup your own tv serail in india?
How do you get the dash panel off of a 1991 buick Park Avenue Ultra to install an aftermarket cd player?
What car speakers should I buy? I am buying a Jetta and like Hip-Hop and Drum&Bass.?
does anybody know the radio code for a ford 3000 traffic the serial number is M026770?
How to wire a 4 channel amp to a sub and two speakers?
How can I Instal CD player in Toyota Crola1998?
Trying to improve my car speakers?
Which Suboofer Should I Get From Circuitcity?
What is the best subwoofer to run off of my amp?
Is any alteration possible in Sony Xplod GT350 car audio to use pendrive or memory card as input?
will this amp power my sub?
Component or 2 way?
what the hell is the point for car stereo remotes?
can a 1000 watt amp push a 12" 1800 watt power acoustic subwoofer.?
Which system is better?
what is that little bottle that looks like nitrous but is connected to the speakers and amplifiers?
Cranking Battery+Accessory Battery?
i have a pioneer 4900 ib looking to set custom preset??
C D player flashes error when cd is put in on chevy blazer 1999?
what are some good ideas for customizing my vw bus interior?
How many farads for my system?
Can my amp handle 2 sony xplods?
how do i hook up woofers to my stock stereo?
whats the best woofer out?
What are the different parts in a car stereo?
Amplifier manual/installation?
best in car audio and best for the money?
Hi, I have a Magnum-MB210SP-by-MTX-Audio and I'm wondering if I need a capacitor for it.?
Can a capacitor run motor be ran without a capacitor? ?
Polk Momo Vs. Alpine Type S subs?
Wiring Subs and Amp question?
can i use power wire from battery as remote wire ?
is there a legal limit for stereo sound in cars?
Im Scared About Having My Driver Lessons!?
I need help!!!!!?
Car Sub Woofer and Amp Confusion?
Which sub has more bass?
How do u test a amp to see the real rms it really puts outcand i have a kicker zx400.1?
Hey i a have a kicker comp CVR 12 and a Fosgate 500 Watt amp. I unhooked it and now it doesnt work. HELP?
Paint coming off my car's radio buttons- Can I buy new buttons or do I have to replace the whole stereo?
My car came with a NAV system and a 6 disc CD changer (all factory). Will I ever be able to watch DVDs on it?
Dead Battery?
i need suggestions hooking up my system?
Setting gain on Alpine MRP_M1000?
how many watts would my subs get?
what do i lose if i turn my subwoofers towards the front of the car?
How to properly wire a car radio after Market?
how do i fine a use car lot with use cars?
how do i remove the rear speaker and speaker grill from a 1999 hyundai accent sedan step by step?
disconnecting car battery?
What direction to face my subs?
how do you install speakers in a 1998 golf?
nice subs for a kicker zx1500?
How do I wire one Dual 2 ohm sub to a 2 channel amp?
How do you install a CD player in a 2000 Ford Taurus?
Best speakers for me?
I need the factory stereo wiring diagram for a 1992 mercury couger?
Subs and amp combonation.....will they work together?
What speakers, sub woofers, amplifier, etc. should i get for my 2003 Lexus ES300?
Subwoofer Information?
how to hook up my subwoofer to my stereo in my 98 ford explorer?
Will i need a new alternator for my car audio system?
i have an alpine 9807 cd player cant get to turn on?
How to install a new deck into a 2001 Ford Focus?
anyone know where i can get a CHR-2 T harness?
Neon lights in trunk?
2 kicker l7 solo baric 12's and a hifonix bxi 2010 need amp-sub wiring help (with links)?
You've got your system all connected, now what?
is an inline fuse necessary for a car amp?
How do XXX subwoofers compare to kicker or pioneer?
Do I need a AMP to hook up a car subwoofer?
What is the best type of amp for 2 12" subs?
1996 Nissan Maxima Bose Display Screen Not Working. Plays radio and CDs fine.?
i just bought some pyramid 6x9 speakers that are rated at 400 watt?
i have a cobalt 2006 lt.there is dvd player on with the 3.5 inch screen inside.will it work?
does amping speakers help?
Kicker sub comparison?
Which HEAD UNIT should I choose?
single cab audio help?
New amp won't turn on.?
Help With Some Car Audio.?
Why do some people give the wrong suggestions in car audio?
I need advice in car audio?
wat way to get most power out of amp and subwoofer?
It is possible to install a 115-volt power outlet in a car/SUV (aftermarket)?
Why doesnt my capacitor display voltage or work for that matter?
4500 rds eon model212712 needed the code?
How do I get rid of this noise in my car?!?
Speakers Disorting Help!?
What would be the best amp for my subs?
What amp should i use to power 2 Alpine Type R 12" Subs? Should i use 2 separate amps or one high powered one?
What speakers should i get for my car?
How to bypass the parking break wire on DVD player head unit?
what are all the things i need to have a great sound system in my car?
Something wrong with my subwoofers, possibly the wiring or amp, need input?
LOUDEST subwoofer for under $600?
will this sound ok?
would a 1500 watt amp blow up a set of 12" Speaker's ??
Which first? Stereo, speakers, or sub?
What gauge of wire to use for front and rear speakers to 4 channel amp?
EQ question?
Subwoofers and amps?
what is radio station 95.5 klos website?
will leaving a 12v power adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter drain the battery when the car is off?
Information on menthis mojo 15?
what does bass sound better in?
is the MTX Audio Road Thunder 10X3A Enclosed Subwoofer a good quality subwoofer???
install sub in 2003 land rover discovery II?
i need ultimate help. putting up trip wires or to catch someone who is messing with my car.?
What is an acoustic audio bass?
CD player in my truck can't take cds?
How much does it Cost to have a CD player installed at best buy?
What is the best aux audio input adapter?
Why does my car subwoofer turn off then back on when I have it turned up and I stop at a light?
Is this amp powerful enough?
Anyone knows how to set the clock on a Pioneer DEH-P4400?
can you tell me a good sound quality(with bass)stereo headset for my n81 8gb in Rs.2000?
can lower wattage subs sound better than higher wattage subs.?
Panasonic Car Stereo (10 Points)?
Will 2 12" subs or 1 15" sub sound better or louder?
What is wrong with my 2008 tahoe's stereo.?
Midland cb help asap?
Is this a good sound system?
Charging a cap,Do you still need to use a transistor?
What connector does a 99 silverado use for the cd changer?
What's a good 2 channel amp for my super tweeters?
subwoofer..what would sound better?
I just recently build a large sealed sub box. If I add fiberglass resin inside will it be stronger?
Adding Speakers to Car?
what do i need to put a subwoofer in my car???
Which is the better radar detector, Passport escort 9500 ix or the V1?
wiring of amp and subs - 2 ohms or 8 ohms?
bandpass box?
What sub would you buy off this page?
does BestBuy do car installation without their products?
My Visionik 300 watt amp and subwoofer won't work???
where do i ground my amp in the trunk of a 09 malibu?
would a 1200 watt brutis amp be good for 2 mxt 12s in a terminator box?
speakers have little sound?
I don't know what amp to get with the subwoofers I have?
sub installation cost for dodge dakota?
Has anyone used a Rockford Fosgate iBeam?
Difference between Dynamat and Cascade audio dampeners?
what size is the smallest tweeter?
Can I use home component cables as RCA jacks on my car amp?
Will my pdx-m12 push 2 alpine type x 12's sufficiently?
alpine type R vs. type S which one do u think is better?
2 15" kicker l7s or 4 12" polks?
does any one know where i can find euro tail lights for a 1994 ford explorer?
What subwoofers should I get?
Soundstream TRX2000D vs audioque 2200?
Will this amp power these speakers, and is the sub-amp combo good enough?
car problems help?
if you shut your car doors at the same time will the windows break?
Alpine Speakers?
Will radio static hurt my subs?
How much of a difference would a capacitor make?
building a custom sub box?
Sub stopped working, no coil rub?
Is the Rockford Fosgate Punch P2 more of a SQ or SPL subwoofer?
Which company make the better car subwoofer, Sony or Legacy?
why is my bass loud on low volume but almost none on max volume?
Sound System Speakers Cut Out When Used For Too Long?
What do you guys think about an Alpine x12?
Why doesn't the factory CD changer in my 2003 Lexus play CDs that I create very well?
Broken radio in Mercedes, where can I find one?
how do i conect a kenwood kdc 222 cd receiver in my car?
should top gear be banned after richard hammond recent accident?
What are the factory speakers in a 1998 Chevy K1500 Ext. Cab? Bose?
Which car speakers do i need to buy?
Does anyone know where to buy a Sirius Starmate Car Kit only?
What are the disadvantages of having subwoofers in a back seat?
i need help with car audio?
Do i need a capacitor?
is it ok to have a 2 channel 1000 watt amp, hooked up to two subs that are 250 RMS and 500 PEAK?
Which capacitor would be the best for my audio system?
which is better; The JL W7 or the Kicker Solbaric L7???
car help anyone?
how to wire Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D to one sub?
Did I blow my amp?
My Bass Guitar Sounds Fuzzy. Help!?
What do I need to make it fit? Crutchfield website says it won't?
Would I have to re-wire the speakers after unpluging the stock amp in a 94 Chrysler New Yorker?
How to install speakers in rear of 1996 altima?
does anyone have the instructions on how to remove the amp from a 95 acura legend or no how to do it
how to hook up a amp and a subwoofer to a standard audio system?
10th time asking this same questin on here... im so aggrivated READ IT FIRST Please... i need free db program?
How can I fix the Cd player in my 06 chevy malibu, "no disc" but there is.?
why wont my new head unit play?
what type of vehicle is in this year?
Sealed box volume when choosing Sub / Box?
I got a 2010 Chevy silverado and I remove the radio and put a stock navagation but volume won't go up or down.?
I have a speaker that rusted out in the door -?
what power amp do i need for 1000 watts peak power pair speakers (6x9)?
would this work?
How do i know how many Ohm's is my Rockford Fosgate 10's T1s?
300w amp with 2 ohms?
want to install 6.5 alpines in my girlfriends toyota corolla?
Question on Subs (for a vehicle)?
no sound from pioneer cd player, what do i do?
headlights still dimming?
I want a car sound system in my car. How much we talking?
what kind of subwoofers should i get for...?
Fan website for mr earl the prize man school mall copyrights?
Is there a car stereo that can read flash cards or jump drives to play mp3 ?
Which subwoofers will go best with my amplifiers to HIT the HARDEST and BANG!?
Will my factory speakers work with a new car stereo installation?
How can I install my Pioneer CD Player and speakers in my 1990 Ford Crown Victoria?
can your subs stop working from it being too cold outside.?
i have 2 15 inch subs and a 2000 watt amp?
how to play songs from samsung on a car?
what do I do if my amp is 4 ohms at each channel but my speakers are 2 ohms?
where can i find a wiring diagram for my stock stereo in my 2010 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
would getting an aftermarket radio make my sub louder?
I have two 10" subs in my car, i was thinking of putting two 8" in there also, is this a good or bad idea?
how do i install a line out converter in 03 jetta monsoon radio/ cd player?
My car stereo stopped working. What is the problem?
I want more bass in my car, what should I do?
any information on doing a blow through sub box?
I bought i10 recently, can anybody suggest which car audio system will be best. I want quality sound system,?
My car stereo whistles while the car runs, whats happening?
looking sub woofer rms?
i cant hook up my radio fuse wire to anything, help please!?
Please help me!!! CODE for M316172?
what kind of speakers and amp do i need?
Which amp should I get?
how can i hear the bass outside more clearly?
Does anyone know the default parental codes for a vizualogic mobile dvd player?
Where is the best place to loacte a subwoofer enclosure in the trunk?
What Car Audio Brand is Best?
I need a website for this amp!!?
What is the difference between these amps?
Does best buy fix amplifiers? ... If not, where can I take it to get it fixed ?
What is a good subwoofer setup for around $250-300?
Can I play my iPod through my car's sound system?
WIll this amp push enough power for these subs?
Is there any certain speakers I need for subwoofers? Or will any of them work?
Is it ok to use amp bass boost when setting gain?
Is 400 Rms watts loud?
What are the songs with the best bass?
I need help looking to buy Car Audio!?
wiring diagram for chevy silverado?
Can you get Leukemia or radiation poisoning from Turning The Bass up on the radio or turning the music up loud?
What's the difference between coaxial and component speakers?
My amp keeps shutting off. Please help!?
what's the specs on a mono block d-class blackmore 2000 watt amp?
Whats that thing called that you put in...?
1995 blazer radio wiring help?
Car antenna goes up when car started new radio off?
How do I hardwire my SIRIUS to my Honda Accord?
Where can I find a good box for 2 JL W7's?
My Bose car radio skips to another station?
What is the best audio set up?
Why does the radio in my car come in fine and then suddenly goes to static?
I have a amp, MD 1832 1200w, and 2- 10 inch subs, 1100w 420w RMS at 4ohms...?
major car amp hook up with extra battery?
how many watts RMS is the fi btl N3? not the N2.?
Recommended 4 channel amp and wiring method?
What Subs should I get for my truck?
cost of alpine iva d300 system?
Blaupunkt CD30 - How do I add an external mp3 player input (mStation)?
what would power two 12" type r alpines better?
Problem with car radio?
stereo in car for mustang?
Is the Massive Audio Toro 104 any good?
I need the stereo wiring diagram for 2008 chevy aveo ls?
factory stereo swap from 2004 camry to 1988 it possible?
how many watts do i need in my amplifier for my car subs?
Woofer Depth Space???
Can you install a Kenwood stereo in a 2003 Ford Expedition, and still maintain control over the DVD player ?
need help choosing amp for subs?
what settings should i use for my amp?
1200w xplod sub or audiobahn 10" bass cylinder?
What are the best subs on the market today?
Dash lights, radio, and ceiling and trunk lights wont work?
what wood best power some memphis 12 m1 speakers. i had a rockford fosgate p2002 an it wasnt hittin hard at al?
rms and subwoofer question?
Need reccomendations for a certain aftermarket stereo?
i have this subwoofer what kind amp?
Which amplifier would you suggest I get for a t3 Audio t.2000 15"?
What's Wrong With My Radio On My Chevy Tahoe?
How to wire my subs and amp set up?
how to fix a cd player in my automobile?
This amp good enough to power 2 CVT '12 subs?
which sub is better??? fi bl 15 inch or kicker L7 15 inch?? pros and cons of each?
CD wont eject out of CD player in my car? ?
Car Stereo help please?
Does anyone know if the radio from a 2002 Dodge Caravan will fit in a 1994 Caravan?
why does my radio in my car not work?
Where does my rca cables go from my amp to this dash player?
how do i fit a car cd player?
how do you wire 2 amps 2 12" subs and 2 (1 farad) caps properly?
Tech repairing radio says he cannot receive the part till after the CES show in Vegas is over?
help creating new sound system in car?
wat r ohms?
what is your favourite car,truck ect (dream car)?????
How exacty do you break in a subwoofer?
Good car sound system on a budget?
car head unit only plays static new antenna?
can i hook up led neon lighting to my speaker wire?
what is the best brand of subwoofer to get for my car?
when do car accessories like audio system came 2 exist?
I have a 2000 watt amp and dont want to mess up my car battery or alternator what should i do?
I have a cd stuck in my cd player of my maxima. Does anyone know how to get it out?
What's a good subwoofer?
I need the radio code for a 1998 mitsubishi galant. Where can i get that for free?
Which subwoofers give the best punchy base?