Car Audio

Why does my subwoofer stop working at high volumes?
radio code?
Car Audio Problem with Honda Accord?
Brake bypass pioneer avhp1400?
putting new head unit in 2001 jetta with stock monsoon stereo system with 8 speakers?
Where can I get a stereo harness that will adapt a chevy s10 stereo input to a Dual audio stereo?
Does Anyone Know the Speaker Sizes on a 04 BMW745 Li, Front and Rear Doors?
need help figuring out speaker options for car.?
How to connect a PS2 in a car (help with monitor)?
will 1100 watt rms amp blow 800 rms subs?
Where can you get the clifford car alarm that talks?
whats better jbl gto 12'' subs or jbl gt5 12'' subs?
What is the code to reset my stereo on a 2001 honda civic?
Which Subwoffer is better? s.?
What kind of speakers do I need?
would this amp run well with this sub?
kicker ssmb6?
How would the battery be?
what speakers will sound awesome?
what is sq?
What amp installation kit should I get?
Fix a torn rubber surrounding on a Digital Design sub?
Just bought 2 Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 12" Dual 2 ohm...what requirements does my amp need? Load? Wattage?
What is a cheap amp that will work with one Boss CX10?
what amp to go with my subwoofer?
How can I unlock my honda accord stereo from the aint theft system?
I recenly had a new battery put in my car now my radio wont work?
How many speakers are in a 98 Ford Expedition? What size are they, and where are they located?
My jvc player is satellite ready what do I need to active it?
Security installers......On your opinion, which alarm brand do you think is better?
Kicker IX vs ZXS? Which should I go with?
LED lights in my car short out then turn back on?
mach 460 system modifications?
does anybody know roughly how many db 1 15" kicker L7 could do?
Stereo type this name &which one do you like better?
I need a power switch....?
Need to know what color would look best to go with my car?
neon tube that pulses to music?
How do you install LED interior lights to pulse to the bass?
How do i wire two 4 ohm subwoofers to a 2 channel amplifer? please help me!?
My car has a cassette deck which when hooked up to a discman car kit makes only one speaker work. Why?
what do i need to to connect a sony cd player to a 1999 vauxhall astra?
Those rod thingies you poke down the side when installing/removing Car Radio/Disc Players?
Car Speakers Too Quiet?
Need help fixing car amplifier?
How do I equalize each channel (Speaker) individually? (Car audio)?
What car amplifier would go best with 2 pioneer 1400 watt subs?
How do you fix a loose speaker connection in a car?
Should I amp my speakers?
If a 2 channel amp is 2 ohm steady does that mean each channel can suport 2 ohms each?
What would be a good amp for 2 pioneer 12 in subs?
I got a Sony CDX-R5530 and would like to connect my mp3 player to it. I have an Audio Out Front and Rear. HELP
Hyundai Tiburon casette player stopped working.?
Anybody know if I'll have a problem installing a stereo in my Nissan Altima 2006 if I just buy a normal?
Ford radio code, please?
Which amp for a Dual Kicker 07DCVR12 4Ohm 12" Subs?
did i ruin my car stereo?
Where can I get an MECP study guide?
Help! I want to buy my boyfriend a car stereo system for his 2000 chevy s10...?
Best car stereo to buy?
Who is the OEM manufacturer for Stereos in Ford Explorers (2006)?
My sub takes 500 Watts RMS @ 4 ohm, whats the ideal amp????
need a wiring diagram for a '96 buick park avenue with picture has am fm cd and cassette?
How much for this system, installed, at a quality shop?
can you tell me how to put in a stereo into a Isuzu trooper?
Why is my speaker popping?
can a amp that powers 1 sub power 2 subs?
help with cd player?
Subs make my headlights dim?
I need the Stereo Wire config. for a Ford Grenada?
What should I upgrade first? Battery or alternator?
Best Headunit for £70-£140?
I have a bunch of copper that is roughly 20 gage can i put lots of strands together to make some wire?
does any body where i can get a diagram on how to install pioneer avhp 4900dvd touch screen?
what is an aftermarket cd player?
how do i remove a goodmans cd player from my rover 25?
any ideas on where i can mount a pair of 6x9, or 6.5 in a 2000 nissan truck ext cab i need to keep my room in?
i need the pin assignment for a jvc kd-s640 car stero,plug gone?
to make a q-forms for a kick panel enclosures and what things i need to make it?
cd player!!! need your good help?
Why does your car alarm remote seem to work better when you put it under your chin and open your mouth?
If my 12 inch and 2 10 inch subs and 3500 watt amp would drain my battery what can i do to atop it?
audiobahn: how good are they?
car sound system burn smell?
Does increasing the gain or voltage on the amplifier increase wattage?
i need code for peugeot radio please?
help !!!!!?
I have two 15' mtx subwoofers. the plastic dust covers have small hairline s in them. How can i repair?
how do you watch dvd's with a in dash dvd monitor whilst driving, for the passegers.?
some people say it's OK to have a little more watts on your amp than your speakers can handle,how much more?
if you had to choose would you go with a Kicker L7 or Kicker CVX?
Will my subwoofers hit harder if I get a new radio?
three 10 inch subwoofers on a 300 watt amp?
Someone please help!! need to unlock my ford vans radio serial number m149335?
My car is smoking, and I don't know what to do!?
Car won't start with amplifier installed.. bad chassis ground?
Best guitar amp under 200?
How we can Fix good Audio system in Maruthi 800?
Hooking up DVC 4ohm to amp?
Help!!! My Ford Focus Car Stereo asking for a Code? and I dont have the manual?
Van rear lights out, What fuse?
best subwoofers besides jl (too expensive)?
Amp For Pioneer TS-W306C Subwoofer?
No clue about sound systems! I want the very best installed in a 2002 honda civic ex for 6000$ Thx in advance!
Do you know how long is it from texas to lousiana?
what kind of amp will make my Kicker L7 solo baric 4-ohm dvc subwoofer sound the loudest?
I want to connect 2 transit batteries about 15 feet apart?
amp problem?
Why is my amp receiving power but my subwoofer not working?
Is rope caulk ok to use to make my subbox airtight??
if you get hit by a car do you die?
Aftermarket stereo won't turn off with car?
Subwoofer amp wont turn on?
Can i wire a aux input in my car?
que modulo usar em um sony xplod?
what can i do i need for my sound system?
what do i do if someone signed my name on my vehicle title to someone else?
How do i connect my speakers to my amplifier? ?
Does anyone know how to remove the rear speaker cover on a 2000 Saturn LS Sedan. Its on the door?
problem with home stereo?
Is there any to do this with my amp? Please help!!!?
how do i hook-up three amps all together and how do i hook-up a Multi-connect Lug Lock Terminal????
what is better rover 25 or mg zr speakers for listening to music?
radio wiring diagram?
Its about my car its , got the cassttee system, where you put the tape inside, how do I put new car radio with
What causes the whining noise in my fiance's car stereo system? How can you prevent it?
Why aren't my subs pounding?
What's a good car stero?
Subs not working with cd player,but works with tuner?
i have an eclipse stero cd8443?
I have 2 rockford t1000s and 2 15 inch kickers?
What bypass module should I use with a Python 524?
High Pitched Noise in Stereo?
Is this enough money?
Best car stereo?
How do you remove the dash on a 2005 Hyundai accent so that I can install a radio?
i just bought a NEW KICKER 08ZX400.1 MONO CAR AMPLIFIER ZX400.1 and will this make any sub hit hard?
A "virtual short" condition at the input terminals of an op amp means that:?
How to install a boss capasitor?
2004 Nissan Murano Audio?
Would this cd player fit in my car?
How to fix between Spider and Cone in Subwoofer?
Does anyone know what car has that new speed-based sound system?
My amp has power to the 12v+ but not to the ground and i have the r.e.m hooked up but my amp wont turn on?
Why do my subs turn off then come back on?
how would i go about hooking up my home system to my car.?
What subs should i get?
disposing a subwoofer box?
Is my mono block amp fried?
does anyone know the radio code for a sony cdxm800 car stereo?
are audiodahn amps rated good?
my speakers work when they are hooked up to my deck but not when hooked up to my amp?
1st generation C-RV stealth sub?
how do you fit a double din receiver into a euro style dash?
what are some good beats or songs to listen to while im racing my car?
I need a clear/white LED that will work with 16vac power.?
what is the best gps navigator?
To much voltage to amp?
Does an amplifier have to be mounted to work?
Radio Locked!! need help unlocking it?
Do i need a Capacitor for my car audio System?
are the kicker square subs a good sounding speaker?
i have two 13.5 w7 jl audios n have two jl hd series 750 rms amps does anyone know how i should wire them?
I recently installed an amp and 2 12's and the amp kept shutting off after 30 minutes of play.?
Car stock stereo wiring harness cut help please?!?
I have a couple Cd Players but lost harness for the cd player and u buy the main harness?
how much should I pay to have satellite radio installed in a new car? Is $700 too much?
subwoofer installation help...?
whats wrong with my sub?
Which 3 series have harman kardon?
Would my 20 rms amp push my 2 500 watt subs?
Big subwoofer problem need help!!?
2001 dodge ram stereo problems?
I bought a 2000 Watt Pyle Amplifier. Would that be too much to power these subs?? And I have a Honda Civic Cou?
How do I wire a pioneer stereo into an nineteen-ninety-six Dodge Caravan?
Why do my headlights still dim when the bass hits?
stero problems?
How are the Kole audio KMX-15 subwoofers?
Subs are fading in and out still and I've re wired my subs already. What's the deal:( ?
2000 watt boss 12 subwoofer not working?
stero problems?
What is the best Tuning For My Guitar?
How big do RCA amplifier cables have to be?
why am i getting repetitive noise out of my sub?
Kicker DX 500.1 amp = how many watts?
Sony Xplod - Why do people hate them?
Radio question in a van...?
My cigarette lighter is too small for most car adapters...?
Need help finding the right Fi BTL sub?
i have an eclipse stero cd8443?
i own a 97 honda accord and when the lights and radio are on at the same time theres a buzzing sound help me!
what should i name my car?
Do you have a DVD player in you car ?
woofers arent hitting right??
Do all the Chevy Tahoe have a bluetooth system integrated?
I need a radio wiring diagram for a 1987 ford f-150?
Rockford Fosgate 801s amp keeps overheating?
2fast2furious ques? which car would u like to own mitsubishi eclipse or the spider as in the movie?
Will 16 Guage speaker wire work
Matching car speakers with a head unit?
Properly grounding a wire?
What kind of amp should I get for these sub woofers?
Apline DAB TUA-100DAB?
how do you take the take radio off of a 2005 - 2006 toyota tacoma?
How to wire up a sound system in my 2002 Jetta?
Where do I find a schematic for installing a Sony car-audio head-unit?
can old speaker wire be the cause of a sub not playing to full potential?
What CD is in your car stereo right now?
Does anyone know much about this sub?
What parts do I need to install an aftermarket cd plAyer in a Chevrolet Colorado?
how to charge Xpress CA155XS 1.5 Farad Capacitor?
What 4" speaker in the best for continues high volume use? I currently have pioneer TSA1057 speakers?
Need help choosing an amplifier and a box for 2 12" subs?
Car Stereo Shuts off When Volume is turned up to medium or high?
Can a JDM 2JZGTTE (93-98Toyota supra motor) motor fit my 86 Toyota supra?
scosche 270w MAX amp wiring kit w/ 500w amp?
Amplifier in a grand cherokee 1997?
My lights seem to dim when the bass hits, does this mean i need an alternator?
WHAT IS A BETTER BUY Lanzar OPTI1232D OR Pioneer TS-W3002D2?
Are boss speakers any good?
How do I remove the faceplate on the Alpine CDA 117 receiver?
Would this Amp work for these sub woofers?
how much would a 12" phoenix gold sub woofer in a pro box with a phoenix gold amp cost?
Does a geo metro have enough power to push an amp an 1 10" sub?
New amp won't turn on.?
What speakers will give me the best all around performance?
What kind of amp would be good and sound good for my 2 15inch Kicker Subwoofers?
power acoustik amplifier wiring?
What is some good songs with good to play in my rap crap?
subwoofer problem?
Are power wire down sizers ok to use/ safe to use?
car audio FULL system setup help?
i have a single cab truck but i want to put 2 15inch kicker solo-baricL7s in it. where can i put them in truck?
What kenwood amp would be right for 1 kfc w3012 kenwood sub. The amps are the kac 8105d or the 7205. Thanks?
I have 125 W RMS 2 12'' jl audio 12W0-8 subs and need to know what watt amp i need?
i have a 2 channel 500 watt amp,i fell i need ore power?
Speed Sensor & Reverse Signal 2002 GMC Envoy?
How do I remove stuck cd from my car player?
What's the difference in different size subwoofers? ?
CAR audio!!! sub box with hole or not hole?
What is with the $200 cars and the $1000+ stereo systems?
ohms....need help buying an amp.?
Which one should I Get?
can i get 2 kicker l7s to do any kind of hair trick?
Car Audio Advice - Bass?
when my memory wire is connected my amps wont turn off HELP!!!!!!!!?
Will this subwoofer fit in my car?!?
am trying to install a aftermarket stereo on a 2003 ford f150 (not working help)?
is there a site where I can burn a copy of the latest pioneer dvd map disc 4 usa-canada west coast?
can i put three 10's on a 650 watt amp?
Should i upgrade my car audio amplifier?
CD wont come out of car cd player help?
Are the new crunch gp1600.1 and gp880.4 amps any good.?
in dash decks? 10 points to best answer?
I need car stereo advice from an expert?
what does p.o a stand 4 in sat nav?
I already have subs and an much does it cost to get it installed in my car?
I was just given a car, and the volume on the stereo doesn't work?
Do i need a second battery to power two alpine 1000/d amplifiers?
How do I change the text greeting on the radio in my scion?
Does anyone know where I could find interior paneling for a 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
what amplifier brand should i go with?
how do you replace a stereo in a car?
How do i fix a speaker?
My stereo stays on when car is completely off.?
Subwoofer accessories?
Is having such heavy wire for my car amplifier necessary?
How to properly install 2 Amps? One for sub and one for mids and highs?
On average how much is it to install speakers into a car?
What in car audio system would you recommend if your on a budget?
Do vocals from subwoofer damage it? And plz give me tips for better life of subwoofer...?
walmart custom is no longer in service, anyone know where i can make custom cd's?
Should I get a second car battery or upgrade my existing one?
JVC KDR320 stereo showing miswiring error?
if a car was doing 135mph.?
what is the best sub package? how do u need?
is it ok to put my EQ behind the vents of my A/C-HEATER?
Noise from my car speakers......?
i have 2 sub 1 dual and 1 singlevoice how do i wire those to make 1channel
amp blown?
I need opinions...I have a flowmaster on my avalanche and I LOVE it but was thinking about putting one on my?
Sony Xplod subwoofer grill?
Is my Car Battery is being drained by capacitor?
what does red light mean on a kenwood amplifier 746?
What 15" should i get?
I need the anit theft code on my "2001" Mitsubishi Mirage ES radio!!?
I dont quite understand parelell wiring could i get some help?
Can low power to the amp cause it to sound lower the usual!!?
0.5 OHM or 2 OHM better for my situation?
Amp fuse burns out everytime i put a new fuse in?
I have a 2000 Jaguar s type and want to add a cd changer that will work with my radio unit.?
i have a JBL LOADED ENCLOSURE (GTO1204BP-D) what AMP should i use & how many WATT?
The best auto diagnostic tool ? I can buy one in online store, who can give me a answers? ?
Which car speakers work best with the JVC KW-NT1?
Which stereo should I get?
what is a good brand of subwoofers?
i have a CLARION VRX755VD tv. i installed it to be able to watch movies while i drive but it makes my car die?
What guage wire do you use for audio tech 1000 watt amp?
If i am getting all new speakers in my car as well subs do i need a big amp?
What do u think of this set up?
1990 Toyota Supra Speakers?
Are these good subs for my Audi A4?
What's best to power my subs?
Sirius Satelite Radio Owners?
what is Eeprom dump on a car stereo,and where is it?
do i need code to unlock hte radio on 2000 ford taurus?
Why won't my subs work?
It's not a speaker wire.The new unit works fine until you open the drivers door or turn on the ignition.?
CAR AUDIO PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help?
what is the loudest subwoofer you herd for cheap?
What is a better amp out of JL Audio,Soundstream or Kicker for the year 2006?
Is it ok to put 2 subs in a single sealed enclosure?
HELP which sub is better?
where can I find free car stereo installation guides?
after doing the big 3 upgrade i have no light dim thx sparky34 will addin a cap affect my big 3 upgrade?
I have two ten inch boss phantom subs running to a 2000 watt amp but they aren't as loud as possible?
Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1 to much for 2 Alpine SWR-1243D 12"?
i have a KOVE armageddon 15 inch sub what box and amb combo should i use?
Can any 12 inch sub fit in a ported box made for 12 inch subs?
subwoofer in my trunk.........?
DTV conversion -- Conversion Van Television?
What should i do to my Car first?
what kind of wood do i use to make a speaker box?
Any difference in these 2 subwoofer boxes?
6.5 inch car speakers question?
Battery or capasitor?
is it possible to connect my laptop to the speakers of my car?
would a 2000 watt amp be good for 2 12" subs?
Help please, can anyone give advice on buying a car entertainment system with video option !?
i run a cb in my car, but it picks up the engine noise, what can i do to stop getting that noise.?
Car stereo draining my battery?
What U Think Memphis 4 15-M3124D's These are 12's?
can i run a satelite radio through my tape player in my car?
Looking for a good spl meter for testing stereo equipment?
trying to find out how to remove a stereo from a 1998 buick century. It has a tape stuck in it.?
What does it mean when the red light flashes on a car amp?
High end custom car stereo installation in the bay area.?
Why wont my radio work?
How do you set the clock on a JVC KD-G110 radio? My husband has tried everything. We don't have the book.?
what's the best brand speakers that i should get for my car?
JL 12w7... Would this amp work?
Best In-Dash Televisions?
how do you know which wires are for the speakers for my car"?
wich is better ported or sealed subwoofer boxes?
Buying a factory installed GPS?
I have just bought an 1998 Ford Escort Finesse, anyone tell which type of stereo I fit into it?
1996 Nissan 200sx radio not working?
What is a good amp for my Audiobahn alum12n subs?
How to wire amp to stock stereo?
Do I need an amplifier for car speakers?
i need the best crimping tool for butt connectors?
what kind of amp should i get?
Will This box work? For a 91 Toyota Camry?
My pioneer deh-240f car stereo ?
how do you replace the front end axle on a cavalier?
What is the better sub Kicker L7 or Alpine Type X?
what subs should i get to get the full potential of my system?
Anyone try the cell phone-remote car opener trick?
what kind of amp would i need?
I would like to hook up my subs to my factory stereo...?
Kicker ? is this a Good Set Up? Kicker ZX200.4?
Multi headphones for car system?
my hk4000 amp shuts off but doesnt go into protect?
Does anyone know some crazy rap songs that hit hard? I need some more because im tired of the same ones.?
best amp kit for kicker 08zx1500.1 and best sub for amp?
could anyone tell me which head unit is better? Pioneer DEH-P8650MP and Clarion DXZ 935?
When I put my balance all the way to the left or to the right my subs play but when it is in the center doesn'?
Can I do this? 4 subs, 4 ohms, 1 channel? Monaural power?
does anyone know what Beano means?
When Will they stop making Cars??
my navigation DVD player in the infinti g35 doesn't work. i have warranty on it but don't know where to take i?
I have a CD player in my car.Would have prefered a tape,as I can only seem to find cd,s of black rappers?
Need help for amp recommendation.?
I want a system in my car? Or at least something to increase the sound quality, especially the bass.?
Is it safe to handle?
i want to add high bass speakers into my ford f-150 90' truck what do i buy?
Whats a good websites to find and purchase accessories for my car (stereo, speakers, etc...)?
i need door speakers but i want to know which ones to get i want my 2 front doors to have straight vocals play?
what fuse do i need to power a 3000 watt amp?
i got an 07 altima with the built in gps that allso controls the cd changer i want to replace this gps?
Looking for a car stereo that has...?
Does anyone know of any Christian songs with alot of bass for like subs.. Preferably low notes!?
Do i need an amplifier?
car amp rewiring question?
what do you think is the best 10" sub for SPL that costs $100 or less???
How about runiing my subs in series?
Who is right?
Do 2 subwoofers make much of difference compared to 1?
Car audio enthusiasts- what do you think of my setup?
I have pioneer 12's. Looking to upgrade. So....2 15s or 4 10's?
vauxhall astra raidio buttons on steering wheel!!?
What Are These Subs Worth?
I need a 4 digit security code to access my access the stereo in my Range Rover?
I Think I Shorted Out My Car Stereo?
Do these match up well (subs and amp)?
Marksman Extreme x3 Alarm Help?
What's a good 15" subwoofer?
Whats a good sound system for my car?
Do i need a 4 channel amp?
3 10''s or 2 12''s alpine?
how do i correctly install an amp/sub in my car [basic wiring]?
How much does a good amp cost?
Explain how to wire a switch to an amp?
what is wrong with my amp?
my altezza aftermarket tail lights on my 96 nissan maxima aren't working properly. please help?
My capacitor sparks...but sometimes works...what should I do?
Subwoofer and amp help?
what guage wire is that?
How do I turn on my Garmin 205?
How do I tell my stereo to play from the auxiliary input?
What's the difference between Full spec wiring? And OFC wiring?
what's the difference between an amplifier and sub woofer?
Wire gauge! 500w @ 2ohms amp, 2 300w max @ 4 ohms subwoofers?
How do you repair a 1999 camry's rear speakers (wires)?
code for fusion radio?
I have a car with an in-glass antenna, but recieving is very poor, can I do something to make it better?
how do you remove the rear factory speakers in a Chrysler Concorde 2000?
Where do I plug my amp and sub into in an Alfa Romeo 147?
My radio started draining my car battery?
how do you uninstall a 1992 MITSUBISHI Galant radio?
How to get good bass and treble without subwoofers?
how do I program Sirius Satellite Radio to repeat a song or seek a particular song?
Will a Hifonics Brutus 3400 watt amp blow my 12" Kicker L7's?
Is it possible for a car dealer to install this?
Which is better, XM or Sirius Satellite radio?
Car audio help what amp do I need for subs?
What are subwoofers?
will it b easy to fit a new cd player in my 1997 ford escort .will the new one fit in easily?
New amp won't turn on.?
Mercury sable to mercury tracer?
I have two Type R 12's and i plan on building a 3 cubic foot box...Should i tune it to 32hz or 35hz?
how long will a 55 watt halogen fog light run off of a 12volt 12 amp battery?
What should I get myself for mother's day? I want it to be a suprise, though.?
which is more powerful for a vehicle system, a seal or ported sub box?
How Can i Make my subs hit harder?
i have a 1999 toyota camry need remote start help..?
How to remove the factory rear speakers honda accord 2013?
How can I hook up my amp and sub so the sub doesn't blow?
What amp will push a "15 kicker solobaric L5? I have a 1500.1 will that work?
2002 Mercury Mountaneer?
Question about volume with my wattages?
how do i wire an ipod directly to a shaker 500 in a 2005 mustang?
Keyless entry transmitter question.?
Does an amp have to be hooked up to a sub?
Can I do this?
I installed 2 15" subs in my truck it will play fine w/ the truck off ,but has a very loud squeal while runnin
Does the cone filter or the pipe change the sound in a air induction kit?
Can i make a speaker mount from cardboard?
Alpine amp and sub hook up?
alpine vs pioneer system?
Temporary fix for a broken car speaker?
In-car entertainment system?
Where can I get the cigarette adapter for my CB radio?
How can I hook an AMP and Speakers to my Car Stereo?
I am thinking about getting 15" alpine type r sub. Is it any good? And should I get 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
how could i modify a soundsystem?
what music songs have big bass beats?
theres a humming noise coming from my bose speaker and the system is OFF?
what should i look for in buying my car audio system? (brands,amps, subs, tweeters, etc.)?
bass boost?
Can i connect 4 speakers and 1 sub to my amp?
can i replace car battery with audio one?
What speakers are good to put with the bazooka bta6100 subwoofer on my 08 honda civic lx?
What's a cheap but good brand of amplifiers to buy for my car?
Use amp or head unit wiring for speakers?
2000 chevy tahoe speaker sizes?
need help with subwoofer?
My battery went dead, now radio is in code, please help.?
Two subs and one amp or two?
rebate check i didnt get from the dmv?
Which Component Speaker?
Why is my amp getting really hot.?
What size resistor do I need?
Tweeters Vs Subwoofers?
Why is my amp fuse getting so hot?
I need a double din, with Sirius, Bluetooth, Sat-Nav thats touchscreen?
New radio for 2006 F150?
how to remove 2001 stratus door panels?
when using an output converter,do i still need the remote wire to hook in to the back of my factory stereo?
why does my subwoofer only work when the engine is off?
i have 2 MTX 12s and 2 sony xlod 12s.......which are better?
Can I use my head unit's sub-out pre outs for a 2-channel amp powering my front component speakers?
Can anyone give me a few prices on what good subwoofers cost?
what should i set my frequencies for in my cars system?
Which are better subs?
Can You Tell Me if these Speakers Would Be good For Bass?
I bought a new car, can an amp and a subwoofer connect to the original car stereo?
Choosing the Right Subwoofers?
will any 1200 watt amp power two 10in alpine type r's?
why are my subs so low?
Why do my car speakers squeal?
Will a box give my rockford 6x9s decent bass?
Title subwoofer box on side bad?
Is it possible to hard wire my iPod to my 2003 Honda Accord EX Coupe without losing my CD player?
140w amp and 10" xplod sub?
Which battery should i get for my 2400 watt rms. Kinetik or Xs power.?
anybody have amps for a car?
How much does a nice car stereo system cost?
My after market car stereo doesn't work ?
can 2 15 kicker comps hold 2000 watts?
I have 1600 bucks hook me up?
My subwoofer is acting up.?
radio code for ford focus serial number M152777?
What kind of box should i get for a 12' Fi SSD?
A good sound system for my car?
2001 ford F150 super crew?
what is the best car sterio?
pls help with car code?
1600 Amplifier Question?
High pass filters question?
where is the antenna location on an impala?
How do I fix my Dual XD7500 stereo problem?
Car will not start after listening to radio for awhile, what now?
Should I install an aftermarket radio in my car?
What you got?
I hate my POS S10 b/c it keeps breaking down:(?????
How do you enter the radio code into the radio of an n reg renault megane?
need ported dimentions for 2 12" type r's. someone please helpp!!!!!!!!!!?
starting audio system??????help!!!?
where can I run a hot wire through the firewall on my 2006 kia spectra?
How do you "unstick" an eject button (CD) In a 1999 Toyota Solara?
How do I set up my amp to make the bass in my car chest pounding?
Can someone tell me about car decks?
how do you connect 2 subs and amp to stock radio on 2004 yukon?
what size speaker is in a 1999 blazer?
Good amp for 2 15 inch Kicker L7's?
i have two subs thats are 4ohm with a rms of 800w what amp can i use to power both of them?
How to set clock on 96 Chevrolet Cavalier. Has radio/CD player. Jensen brand.?
4 12's 2 amps music cuts off around val 25 what could be the problem?
Should i get Subwoofer + Amp or 4 channel amp?
Where can I get a good Subwoofer Enclosure?
looking at buying a sound system for a toyota four runner need help?
need help choosing a amp, speakers, ect, for auto?
Can anyone let me know where I can find the circuit scheme/diagram for Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit?
i have the Pioneer Avic n2 and does anyone know how to change the language on it thanks?
getting rid of aternator whine in my 6x9 speakers?
what is a good four channel amp to power 4 speakers?
I'm looking at getting a Pioneer DEH-P4000UB cd player and need to know the wholesale cost.?
how to stop my car boot vibrating?
in my 94 Jeep Cherokee my cd players screen will not light up any sugestions?
Can i use my RAC navigation in another country out of UK?
Will a 150 watt sub with mono amp overpower speakers with no amp?
What Subwoofers should i get?
How can I be a big YouTuber with lots of subs?
mach 460 speaker sizes/reccomendations for mustang gt convertible?
Can anyone tell me the code to this car radio please?
What car cd players come with steering wheel control connectors?
Which stereo should I get?
car speaker and subwoofer help needed?
hi i need a radio code for my ford mondeo as my battery was taken out. The serial number is M070200.?
What is a good fm transmitter adapter for cars?
I think I stuck a needle in my finger, how do I get the bleeding to stop?
what features does a 474v viper alarm come with?
amp sugesstion?
I need help with my subs/amp installation? Easy 10 points please help!!!?
how do i install a cd player in a 91 toyota camry ... want to know what wire means what?
Can i fit 6.75 speaker in a 6.5 factory speaker hole?
Connector for a Delco car audio?
What subwoofer setup has the most bang for your buck?
My car stereo's faceplate is messed up...any ideas?
I just bought a jvc hdr20 cd player and im asking how do i get get to the treble and adjust my highs?
what is the best name in car audio?
Does my 98 Honda Accord have a "double-DIN" compartment?
2 lights in the front is blanking when i turn the radio on it cuts off the speakers?
Opinion on 12 inch kicker comp?
Need a LP crossover for a speaker connected to a car stereo. Not sure what parts to buy at radio shack.?
What size speakers should I get for the front of my car?
CD Player Installation?
A new car says it is MP3 compatible? What does that mean, does it have a jack to hook up my IPOD to?
Cost to get new speakers or bass fixed in car?
How do I remove the radio in my 1998 Honda Civic LX 4dr?
Does the 2007 GMC Sierra have factory equipped XM satellite radio?
what are the best pair of 12'' subwoofers that i can buy?
how to fit in a box you are ugly?
were can i get some amps really cheap?
Pioneer DEH-P670MP Mp3 problems?
If I put my two 15 inch Kicker Comp. under my tonnal cover would you still be able to hear it in the truck?
Does have good quality blank decks?
is it ok to use stock speaker wires?
What subwoofer brand is better?
do i need a capacitor for my car system?
1998 ford expedition?
Can I switch out my car dvd player for new stereo?
How do I prevent my system from draining my battery?
What kind of speakers / head unit should I buy? ?
Which subwoofer should i get?
Subwoofer/Amp Question?
Is it possible to pick up Satellite Radio with a regular car radio ?
Car audio info?
Putting in tape that plays from CD player?
When installing speekers....?
whats s good song/track for a sound-OFF?
where can i find free ford escort van unlock codes for my car stereo?
Can i hook up subwoofers in my 2001 chevy impala with the stock amplifier and head unit?
is this too loud ??
Where can i .......?
how to remove a radio from 2006 f350?
Why is my pee brown? Is there something wrong with my food intake?
Sub box design for a 91 bmw 318i?
Im trying to get a good audio system for my car and i want to know what i will need.How much will it cost?
can i bypass imobilizer on my vectra?
Adding another amp to my system...?
W3 jl or kicker l7?????? Thank you!!!!!?
Does playing radio in your car take up gas?
XDVD700 Question?
is mtx audio xthunder x1000d a good enough amp to power 2 15'' kicker cvr's?
Speakers Subs Amp 05 Malibu?
oppinion on these subs PLEASE HELP~ASAP~~~!!!!!!!!!!?
What subwoofers fit in an MTX Thunderform for a Dodge Ram?
Question about bandpass subs?
im looking for led mirrors for 04 impala, do you guys have an idea if i can use another vehicle led miro 2 use?
Is an 8 ohm minimum output guitar amp gonna work with a 16 or 4 switchable guitar cab.?
Isn't awkward when somebody put Christian music on their stereo and you're not Christian?
What Do I Buy To Play My 80GB iPod Without Using A FM Transmitter??
Lanzar 2400 watt amp?
when an amp specs say it has for example 400w x4 channels what does that mean?
Can i use an amp for GMRC-01?
is there anything i can buy to use my ipod fully on my car radio controls for a 57 plate ford focus sony radio?
In a 1960 DeSoto Adventurer can you change out the radio for a modern one?
Vented Subwoofer box Specs.?
Can I replace my old steering wheel for one with audio controls?
Why isnt my subwoofer playing loud?
why would my prime rockford fosgate 1200d amp not sound 100%?
best car stereo set up for 1200 dollars?
i have a 1400 watt crunch amplifier and i don't know what kind of woofer should i get for it , need help pleas?
Kicker CVR?
Where can I find a Dask kit for an aftermarket stereo for an 07 Nissan Altima?
Subwoffer wiring OHMS?
Is my amplifier broken?
how many amperes does it take on average to run a car?
If I have a bluetooth radio in my car and a bluetooth radar detector can I connect my Iphone to both?
What watt and brand should I buy of sub woofers?
I'm installing a car cd player and need to know something!!!!!?
Is my system making my headlights dim when I press on the brakes?? s!!?
Anyone know the code for a 4500 rds eon car stereo?
Alpine CDA-105 problem?
Problems with AUX in '07 Mercury Milan?
i have a jvc arsenal 10" sub. in a custom ported box. its 600 rms. wat would be good amp?
how would this set up do?
replace stock radio or help hook up?
How do i wire 2 4 ohm subs to an amp?
were the dimmer and illumination wire need to be connect?
How to wire a Sony Xplod stereo into a 1995 dodge intrepid?
Why won't my car stereo power on?
Anybody had any luck intergrating an iPod with BMW's iDrive system?
I WANT TO UPGRADE my SUBS FROM 2 OLDER MTX 12'S to shallow mount 12's?
would a fusion 450watt be powerful to pump a 12" sub?
How can I listen to music in my car when my radio isn't working?
Is it possible to hook up a subwoofer without an amp?
Popping sound in guitar amp?
what color is used other then red for power on a car radio?
does kicker have good door speakers?
What would work better for my speakers?
Are kicker comps good enough to give your car a good shake on the bass?
Advice on car stereo system for a Ford Taurus?
Car audio very low whats wrong?
whats the difference between action mpt device and usb disk?
12" Kicker L7, with 1800 watt amp?
What would be a good amp to power this sub?
trying to locate radio power wires on a 98 expedition?
97 jeep grand cherokee factory stereo, need to know if there is outputs on back for after market amplifier?
How to use my flashdrive to play itunes songs in my car's aftermarket head unit?
How to hook up 3 subs to a mono amp?
which is the best car audio player mp3?
What color is the 97 tacoma ignition wire?
Got a Question about CB's Midland 1001Z?
What's the best brand of 6 x 9 speakers in your opinion?
2 subs+ 1 amp= compatable?
would it be better run 1 big alternator or 2 smaller ones in my setup?
Is there any way to chance the FM frequency range of a Toyota 6609 AM/FM receiver?
Car Stereo?
home speakers in car?
What is the best pro audio speakers?
Subwoofer box tuning?
Need help with amp to make speakers louder?
What are the best subs i can get for the least amount of money?
does anyone know a place in adelaide to install car speakers?
where can i get a good but cheap sub and amp at?
what is the best speakers on the matrket for my truck???
i have two 13w3v3 jl audio subwoofers and i was wondering if i could use a 1000/1 jl amp or ?
Ported Vs. Sealed Box?
in england?
Can the owner of a webpage be sued for damages?
i try to download music to a cd....and it wont play on my car stereo cd player...any idea why/????
my LED on my digital cap doesnt turn on?
which is better 3 10" subwoofers or 2 12" subwoofers ?
Which amp work better?
How would this setup sound in my 1993 plymouth voyager?
What is wrong with my car stereo system?
i need good tools for wiring?
Is this amp good for my subs?
what is the best gps to bye?
i have a pioneer stereo that does not have the plug in that plugs in to the back of it what can i do?
i need 1000 watt 4 ch amp?
3 car subwoofers in series/parallel?
Are all Navigation Cds for cars the same?
what size are the speakers in a 1997 chevy tahoe?
Ported Vs. Sealed Box?
How do i build a 4 hole subwoofer box?
what is sq?
How can I get my car amp off safe mode?
How much does a decent car audio system cost?
can i hook my subs up to factory radio?
good car subwoofer combination?
Fixing subwoofer spiders?
95 jeep cherokee will not start it will crank over but there is no fire to the coil whats wrong.?
end out put for my mono block amp.?
what does error 01 code mean on my car cd player?
does vauxhall astra sport hatch 1.6 sxi have mp3??? or does it just play normal cds?
Where can I find this amplifier?
will my speakers still play if my amp is turned off.?
what are some songs that get you pumped?
I got a setup kit for my subs and amp and also got a switch if I need or want to shut them off?
i need good car cassette?
two of my door speakers quit working?
Are my car subs blown?
How to hook in subs?
if i have a 1000 watt RMS 2 channel amp at 2ohm, will it work with two 500 watt RMS subs at 2ohm.?
Any tips or tricks?
iPods in BMWs, how to shuffle?
what kind of subs should i install in my chrysler sebring LXI?
What size speaker wire do i need?
CD R in car? File Type?
Does anyone know any songs with a good beat for subwoofers?
What is a good woofer that would shake up my suv?
does anyone know how much for a cab from Cancun airport to Puerto Jaurez?
a person buys a car from you and only pays 200.00 dollars then they want there money you have to give.
Somebody told me, my Kia Sorento 2008 can play 6 CD, but I do not know how to do.?
What type of amp do I need?
who makes best subwoofer 4 cars?
when installing my speakers, subs, amps do i just need 4 rca connects on the back of the cd player?
need a car under1500 + pictures?
can you hook up subwoofers with a factory head unit?
Is an Alpine swr 1243d a good sub to use with a jackhammer jh600 mono amp?
What would be a good amp for 2 pioneer 12 in subs?
how much is it to install a cd player in your car?
New headunit and subwoofers are weak.?
i am 15 how can i push my body to the limit i want the biggest body i can have i take amp mass xxx?
What Do I Need To Hook Up My 12 inch subwoofer In My 98' Mercedes?
What is the best type of Car alarm to buy.?
4ohm single coil car sub to 8ohm house amp?
Problem with car audio system?
Does anyone know how to tune a CB antenna?
Need help with amp choice?
What amp for my sundown subwoofers?
any cheap ideas for generating about 1 amp at 25 hz, as I need to do this for a short EMI test?
how to install another amp in my car when i have one a ready?
What does TRO mean in the cd player?
How to take door panel on a 98 cavalier? To install speakers.?
i have a 2000 dodge stratus and am in need of a new battery?
Cigarette lighter fuse on 1994 buick century?
how should i go about wiring up 3 tens to a 650 watt single channel amp?
In car stero system Please help, cheap system any suggestions?
4 channel amp "Planet Audio"???
What do these codes mean? Someone hooked my car up to a computer.?
where can i find the radio antenna wire in a 2012 nissan murano?
car speakers keep cutting in and out.?
Hard hitting Rap music?
Which subs should i buy?
What kind of amp do I need?
my stereo wont switch on after ford mechanics replaced my starter, battery & alternator.?
zen car adapter?
Subwoofer makes a buzzing sound when playing.?
Do you prefer Car subwoofers better or speakers?
Connecting an orig. deck back, Most commonly you would connect: red -to- red, & so on, but there are 2 yellow?
Which is better alpine or bose car speakers?
how to take the face plate off a Pioneed DEH-6800MP?
98 neon radio doesn't work. tried 3 other dodge radios in car, nothing.?
How do you completely seal a box after u make it?
What does the Remote wire actually output?
I just bought a 12 band Cobra radar detector, Do you think they really work?
nissan sentra 2002 doesn't play recorded cd's?
How do you disable the factory anti theft system?
Will this subwoofer be okay for my car?
What size amp do i need to push these subwoofers?
What is this life whant from us ?
Why does my Panasonic cd player skip when the hard bass comes in???
help creating new sound system in car?
car stereo power lead..?
what is a good system for f150?
speaker distortion?
best sub and amp for about $500?
wht type of cars is the one tht is the fastest?
where is a good cheap place to get financing on car audio?
amp wiring color help?
can you hook up a external cross-over to a amp that has a cross-over built in?
How do I remove stuck cd from my car player?
why some scientific projects best be done in space or the moon instead of earth give an example of a varible?
I have a 03g35 , stero and AC contol not working?
Ripspeed CMR-2000 - error 6?
good rca cable to use for competition stereo system?
which 18 inch subwoofers are white in color?
will 2 12s in a sealed box give good bass?
Will Fiberglass panels too easily?
Is there an external antenna adapter that will link a sky fi 2 and a streamer to the same antenna?
So wats up with my car?
the window tint that is chrome or silver ??
what made the difference of a SUV and a crossover wagon?
What should i do? here there anywhere?
Will a subwoofer and an amplifier be okay in the same box?
Boss Chaos Exxtreme..?
who knows anything about car speakers?:)?
Can I use a aftermarket stereo with Bose?
Best Amp for Kicker CVR 10s?
Best Subwoofer Opinion?
My protcetion light stays on till i ground my amp then it cuts off but my power light will not cut on?
anyone know where i can find wids on installation stereo kits?
what is better sony explode or rockford punch?
What kind of encloser?
Can anyone answer my last the sa-8 subs and the bc2k amp?
How can i get my car stereo to work without the cars power being on?
how many amps is a car battery?
Could my Truck Audio Amp Be Blown?
Car AMP????????
is there a web site i can get a code for my car radio ( preferably free)?
Ported or sealed box for sub?
Car stereo problems help!?
How do I get my iPod Video to play on my car's radio?
Car audio system please?
Will a pioneer fh-p8000bt fit in a 04 ford ranger?
Whats the rms...............?
how to buy dc car audio?
Can you wire a dvc sub using both channels from an amplifier?
If a speaker has a 150 RMS will 55 RMS from deck work?
Which amp should I buy?
Amp & Sub Question!!!!!?
Best amp for 2 15's solo baric?
car alarm system vehicle security electronics, inc model #vs8900 derringer 2?
I have 2 alpine swr-12d2 and 2 hifonics 2000.1D amps can these subs handle one amp on its on?
im gettin a pioneer 12'' sub that has a max watt of 800 and my stereo is 180w (or 45x4) would i need an amp?
Tried installing a stereo in my 99 s10 and the truck wouldn't start, unplugged the stereo and it started. Help?
Can I transfer my speakers to a new car?
Designs for a dual 12" ported sub box in a 96 camaro?
does anyone know how to make my indash radio work while driving?
What are good subs for a car?
1995 Chevy Lumina Speakers?
car audio subs and amp question?
Where can I find a STEREO DASH KIT/HARNESS for a 2007 GMC YUKON....or an AMP adapter for the factory stereo?
What is the best way to listen to my iPOD in my car without spending a fortune?
can i run a hifonics amp at 0.5 ohm instead of 1 ohm?
Can i play my ipod in my car?
How can i hook up a after-market radio system without my original connector?
Help with car sound system!?
sealed or ported boxes?
How much can I sell my subs and speakers for?
i am going to get a ford taurus and want subs in it?
What does it mean when sub-woofers all of a sudden stop working?
which car is better? the Ford Mustang or the Dodge Charger?
tell me about history of india.?
my 1400 watt amplifier is overheating with a 1200 watt sub.?
What wiring kit to get for Alpine MRP-M500 with 1 12" SWR-1242D Type R(1500w)?
voltage suffering?
who makes a better am/fm cd player?
do i need a capacitor?
XXX Car Audio 2) 12" Subs/Car Amp Kit/Sub Box?
Is physics a dead subject to boy racers?
installing this stuff for a living?
what sort of bands/singers do you listen to in the car?
Is there a big difference between normal amplifiers and MOSFET amplifiers used in car head units?
MTX or KICKER subs?
what is the best type of sub out now?
would 6 15 inch subwoofers in a box fit in the back of a Chevrolet Blazer?
where to buy manual for pioneer deh-p30001b?
What is the best brand of car subwoofers there is?
what is the best brand for car speakers for bass and that will sound good?
Will theftlock keep my aftermarket radio from working?
how do you take out an after market CD player out of my car (1995 Toyota Camry)?
What kind of subs and amps should I use together?
What does dual and single mean in sub woofers?
my car stereo has a block connector but my car doesn't, how do i connect it?
how to set my car radio i have the code mercedes 1995?
i have a uplander and i wanan hook up a amp?
would a amp that wonts a 80 amp fuse and i have a 30 amp fuse would that make it power on but then shut down?
Do I need a new alternator if I get a 1000 watt amp?
I have a Kicker cvr15 sub dual 2 ohm sub. What amp should I get?
Can anyone ruin the engine?
My car stereo deck is over heating.?
What is my ford radio code?? I have the serial number..?
If my passanger side speaker is blown do i have to buy new speakers for the whole car?
i want RF transmitter and receiver circuit diagram i want?
new build sound system.. which capacitor??:S?
two 10 inch subs with one 12 inch sub?
how to install/remove Bose Amp in a 2002 GMC Envoy?
subwoofers for 2001 volvo s40?
How do I wire a switch to my subwoofer amp?
I only have a tape player in my car, how can I make it play CDs?
Dual xdvd8181 questions.?
My car cd player works until car is started?
2000 Nissan Maxima GLE sound system help?
Alpine Type X or Type R?
how long does a car amplifier last?
02 Tahoe aftermarket stereo wiring issues/ no sound?
What do I need for my cars sound system?
how do i fix my amp in my car, it dosent put out enough power.?
What is the full name of the Sony stereo that comes in the Ford Fiesta ST?
Is there a stereo deck that can both play and CHARGE Ipods?
i have a kicker zx850.2 on my two 12 kicker cvx's i have it bridged at 2 ohm, what should it be set to?
can some one please help me figure the noise out !?
what is the best 15" sub for $200?
Subwoofer box dimensions?
were can I run a power wire for my subs?
What are the size of the speakers for 1998 Pathfinder?
custom car audio for sale in Los Angeles area don't pass up?
My car audio system isnt giving full potential?
CD Player Installation?
whats a good flip out?
Is this a good amplifier?
Can a car amplifier work without amp fuse?
Is it possible to put subs in a Chevy Avalanche?
what is the kelly blue book price for a 2002 toyato camray xle?
Problem with Amp and deck ?
What type of songs to make 15in subs hit HARD? -ez .s-?
What are some good speakers for a vehicle with good bass?
will 2 12 inch fosgate p3 with a BOSS Exxtreme BLX3500M be a good set up?
Need help installing new stereo in my 99 Chevy Tracker?
Can I get a book for DEH 2750MP car audio.?
can I use my new ipod touch in my car without an auxiliary slot?
i want a good loud sound system for my hilux single cab ute, i havnt got much space , any ideas?
will this car audio setup work without an extra battery or capacitor?
Can you wire two subs separately to the same amp?
Which car is best for it's high BASE speaker system? ?
How come my amp makes this buzzing sounds?
i have a question about the gain on my amp?
khole audio like or dislike?
what should be the best audio for small cars?
How many days does the Amp Ripped Vitapak program supply last?
Subwoofers & Speakers?
Pioneer TS303R 12" Subwoofer. will it work with a DP Audio 500.2 Amp?
Subwoofer install for 2002 BMW 325i.?
is 4 gauge wire too much for a 200w basslink system?
ohms....need help buying an amp.?
is their a transition type tint for car windows? (tint like on some eyeglasses) if not is it possible?
Mixing speaker brands?
Nissan Master Technician needed?
Do you need a license to use a CB radio.?
Where can I download an instruction booklet for a Kenwood KDS-3034A car CD player?
how to install new radio in 2001 jeep grand cherokee v8?
Cost of wiring and installing my car for subs?
A good system for a single cab truck?
How do you fix a dfx professional Stereo Power Amplifier?
how do i hook up my car speakers and amp in my house?
replacing stock 6X9 car woofers with real subwoofers?
How do i install a xd1228 stereo into a 1996 ford f150?
Why doesn't my built in radio work?
are there any good sub enclosure builders out there?
which amp for 12 inch type r's?
Where can i find?????
Can I Put A 1200 watt Amp In A Toyota Echo?
can i run a subwoofer while it not in a box?
Car radio and time?
has anyone heard of Dual subs?
I have a 12" Jl w1v2 woofer .....?
Should I get the Pioneer Premier TS-A841P or the Pioneer TS-A6881R 6x8 speakers?
If I were to put a deep cycle battery in my car do I have to upgrade my alternator?
How do I revive the accesory lights on my 98 Grand marquis after trying to install the remote line for an amp?
is this amp cabable of putting out exactly 600 wat rms?
why isnt my amp and sub working. i have it all hooked up right?
Is constant 0.24A draw on a car battery from a radio going to kill the battery?
I need Stuff I can blow up!?
Car Audio help PLEASE!?!?
Top 10 Subwoofer Brands?
2 kickers l7s 12" stock alt...4awg wire?
i have a 16watt rms cd deck im wondering if i can run speakers with a higher rms rating without an amp?
what is an extremely loud sub for $400 or less?
How can i find out what my sub enclosure is tuned to and what its volume is?
Kicker Vs. Power Acoustik!?
can I use my amp with just a MP3 player without a head unit?
Amp will turn off and on, but on sencond turn on no sound?
Can I put 2 12'' memphis subs in a bandpass box?
What types of amps do i need for my 4 6x9s, 4 subwoofers and 2 6inch speakers?
jl audio 13 tw5 any good vs other shallow mounts?
need help calculating box volume (pic)?
Will Two 10" subs fit in a 2012 Ford Focus SEL Sedan?
Car stereo help about wiring?
Kicker solo classic sub box?
HELP wiring subwoofers to my amp?
New speakers sound distorted when turned up very loud?
how much does it cost to hook up subs and amp?
Boston Acoustics vs Kicker. Car Audio, Need help!?
How high of voltage can you run a car audio amp on?
about how many watts do u need to be pushing??
Will aftermarket speakers sound well with a factory cd player?
Why won't the CD player in my car work?
i need a jack for a pioneer cd player?
4 door car with subs in the back!?
Hifonics brutus amplifier?
Where is factory amp located on 2005 Cobalt with Pioneer stereo system?
can anyone tell me what height i should put the 5 amp fuse box for my towel radiator in my bathroom?
Will a 300 watt amp be good enough for a 750 watt subwoofer?
Jaguar XJ Exec Radio code?
how to take out the cd player out of scion xa?
do blaupunkt gps radio cd systems give speed camera loations?
I Want to get a 2005 trailBlazer as my first car I want to put 10 or 12 inch subs under the rear seat?
Alpine subwoofer or JL Audio?