Car Audio

testing a sub with a voltmeter?
I have just purchased a Nissan Cube, need help with the DVD player and radio.?
Why does my car stereo(Infinity brand) say "No Disc"?
Would a Alpine MRX-M55 Amplifier run/be really good with a Kenwood KFC-W3009 Subwoofer!?
I want to put a subwoofer in my car, but I don't want to wake up the whole neighborhood?
what is the best car speaker system i can get for around 400$$?
bought an extended warranty for my vehicle and can't find paperwork?
car audio need help! Stereo preamp?
can you hook up a house powered sub-woofer to you car audio?
pioneer spl champion TS-W5102SPL subwoofer wiring and amp options?
Can a thingamajig fit into a dohickey?
I have a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse gt I know I'm definitely getting kicker but what kind? Two 10s or one 12?
what does RMS stand for?
Why is my sound system not as loud as it should be?
what kind of stereo can I install on my acura rsx that's compatible with the security system?
what do i need to make a sub-box?
Two 15 inch frostgate or two 12 inch mtx jackhammer?!?!?!?!?
Putting a sub in my car, what else do I need ?
someone stole the keys to my van whats my best option?
What Size amp do I need?
What type of subs should I get?
What amp would be more powerfull to push a 12" inch sub?
need a stero can anyone help?
alternator questions?
Is the bose sound system in my infiniti broken forever??
Do i need an amp for these speakers?
Will this amp power my 2 12 cvr Kicker comps?
Does anyone know if these are any good to start with for my first subs?
Sundown Audio E series. Box.?
fiat brava car radio is not powering up?
Whyd subs stop hitting?
1999 gmc savana will double din radio fit?
Best car audio speakers?
How to fix sound system in 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante LX?
I want a stereo system in my car. I dont know where to start!?
2003 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition Speakers?
Installing a Navigation system in a toyota camry 2002?
Is all remote wires the same. AMPS AND SUBS!!!!!!!!!?
Hey Does anyone know where i can get a true 0 gauge amp kit and not just 4 gauge wrapped in a lot of plastic?
Buying Subs need help?
What might cause a front right door speaker to buzz, and how do I fix it?
car subs installation help.?
How do i install a cd changer in my '94 Ford Ranger?
I have around $300 for a new system, What would you do?
how do you make a car stop rattling when you have a audio system?
Which is the BEST subwoofer for a sealed box 2.2cuft?
What do you think would be a good amplifier for my new subwoofers?
what do you think the average person spends on his/her car audio system?
whats a good subwoofer thats cheap in price?
question about car audio?
Car stereo is shorting out, what is wrong?
How can I listen to my MP3 Player through my car stereo?
Need design software capable of calculating enclosure for multiple subs?
Looking to replace the 4x6 inch speakers in my 2000 Cavalier. Suggestions?
Grand Cherokee radio code?
What happens if I connect 2 different wattage speakers in parallel?
how many watts should should I be looking for in a sub for my truck?
Want instructions to change time on a Pioneer DEH-1400 car stereo?
Where can I mount my cb?
what size is 2001 deville factory subwoofer and how to wire in different amp?
Mazda 626 4dr,how much will wire cost to do The Big Three in 4gauge wire? And where can i get it online cheap?
What kind of amp do i need?
will any 10 inch Sub fit into any 10 inch Box?
Radio one...........?
what would the best way to hook up two amps to my car?
Will I Need A Cap Or Alternator for my sound system?
Any one have a wiring diagram for a 97 Ford Thunderbird??
The REM wire is supposed to be hooked to the amp and a fuse... right? Please Help Me!!!?
im running two batterys in my car a optima in the front and a kenetik hc2400 in the back do i need to use a is?
IPhone car adapter help?
i just installed a new radio and have some issues?
can i bridge a 300 watt amp to 6x9 pionner tsa6991r speakers?
What is the best speaker system for a 2001 firebird trans am?
Will a factor pontiac radio w/ cd and eq from 1997 trans sport fit into a 1991 trans sport?
How do I delete the history list on my computer?
what is the top 5 best 10" shallow subs for a truck?
I own a Ford 94 explorer and I was looking into getting a Car system. Mostly for clarity and bass.?
Code for 6000 cd rds e.o.n model nd53nxk?
What does RMS stand for when it comes to Sub Woofers, and also what does it do?
i have a jensen flip down vm9410 everything works, the dvd subs, etc. except it will not play a
Should a voltmeter read 0 when hooked to amp and head unit is off?
1999 gmc savana will double din radio fit?
Which will be the best combination of rear speakers, subwoofer and amplifier of Sony?
Would you rather?
What's better a 2kicker 12 L7s or a kicker solo X?
How to add ipod jack to factory stereo?
My sub takes 500 Watts RMS @ 4 ohm, whats the ideal amp????
My 1995 Geo Prizm's FM plays very soft.?
Decent 4x6 speakers for under $40?
what size amp i need?
what am FM CD radio will fit a 1985 Cadillac Eldorado's?
What kinda subs should i get?
What do you think about the new Benz s550 2007 ?
Why am I able to play my CD player but I can never receive a station on my car stereo?
Car audio and getting the most out of my subwoofers?
How to change radio in a vauxhall?
Does anybody know the bluetooth passcode for a dual HD7714 stereo?
whats better pioneer premier or kicker?
sub making thumping noise?
Best seald box for two 12 inch sub?
How do i stop my revision mirror from shaking?
Mach 1 little switch.?
amp and pa speaker under mi car?
how much would it cost to repair a damage car antenna wire?
how to used cd player for toyota camry 2008 ce?
anyone know how to get to the rear 6x9's in a 99 monte carlo ls?
Will connecting two subwoofer increase the wattage or RMS?
What kind of sub to replace the ones i have now?? ?
Wiring an Orion H2 12.2 with a Hifonics Brutus BXI2010D 2000 Amp?
how much is one JL audio 10w7 subwoofer?
Hows does peak power for subs affect amplifier choice?
6x9 on astra bertone?
What GPS is best? Tomtom or Garmin? (Or Magellan?)?
Is ok if i use a 400w amp for a 500w sub?
where do i hook up my cb radio to for power?
anyone know how to get a ford standard radio out it's jammed?
How much is a Bose System?
Do you need a special aireal for a in car DAB radio?
How to hook up a amp for mids and highs?
Car subwoofer information?
which is the best subwoofer?
Can I use this wiring kit?
amp goes into protection mode when speaker cable is pluged in?
How do i connwct my amp to subs?
What would you like to ask?how big of box for 2 10inch jbl subs for a suv?
can i hook 2 spekers to a 1 channel amp with out bridgeing speakers?
when buying subwoofers from walmart what do i need to get them working?
is any one out there that has a hummer like me it's awesome and orange?
Does anyone else hate it when...?
My speakers dont work...?
Ford fiesta radio code 4500 rds?
New speakers, no sound?
hi i need a radio code for my ford mondeo as my battery was taken out. The serial number is M070200.?
Help my stereo quit?
What Will i Need to put 2 12s in my 97 ford escort?
new speakers or stereo???
250 amp alternator?
Will an alpine MRV- F545 drive this system? sugestions PLEASE?
what are good cheap subs?
What do I need to get the maximum bass?
How to wire subs and amo to 2ohm?
just got a new alpine sub SWR-1243D that specs say runs at 600 RMS with a peak at 1800 W?
What does a car amplifier do?
Toyota Camry AUX function?
where is the stereo amp for a 2003 ford Taurus wagon located?
Which amp do I choose for Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-R 12" subwoofers?
What would cause a new car indash DVD player to not power up correctly. The unit recieves power, but...?
can anyone tell me my factory speakers in my 97 LS blazer 4dr 4x4 or a way i can find out?
difference between rockford T1 and rockford P3?
Weak cb signal plz help..........?
What that rap song that has jamaican guy repeating what sounds like "one good law"?
how much power would i need for these subs?
can you help me with my subwoofer?
What do I need to buy for my car stereo?
Do loud bass car stereos leave a ringing in your ears, and if so, for how long does it last?
Alpine type r 6x9, or infinity 6x9 kappa series?
car stereo help............................?
where can i run a power wire from the battery to the amp in a 99 cherokee sport?
Can you wire 2 Dual Voice Coil 2 ohm Subwoofers to a mono amp?
Best subwoofers for hitting hard?
JL Audio 12W7 Question?
what is better for speakers to get?
What Is The Best Amp?
why does my car keep cutting out?
Subwoofer and box. Subwoofer and Amp Problems. Help?
i need the radio code for my ford ka 6000cd rds serial number is M101674 pls help me?
DD1508 paired with a hifonics glx1800.1d.?
Would 2 15" L7 kickers Weigh down a Honda accord back end?
What speakers should I get?
What kind of car sound system do you recommend? Check Details?
Why do i hear distortion in my new kenwood stereo after volume 21?
Would a kicker zx1000 amp be suffcient for this sub+box? PAIR S10L5 10" SOLO 2-OHM?
how do you find out what song played on xm radio?
My Headunit has a rear and front out. these rca's are already taken up by my 4-channel amp. how do i get .....?
is there such thing as a 1000 watt rockford fosgate P325.1 amp??
can someone help me with my car stereo system?
We've been fixing a wrecked 2003 Mercury Sable. We are looking for the fuse to the radio. Any help?
Are aftermarket car stereos far superior to factory stereos?
CAR audio!!! sub box with hole or not hole?
jensen 9312 i get a gray screen?
am trying to hook up my ipod into my stereo?
Is putting dynamat in your trunk worth it?
how do i convert my car radio to digital?
What is the best frequency to have your LP filter on to get the loudest sounding bass?
What do i do about this situation with my radio?
How to use car stereo usb port?
Is this a good audio source?
Subwoofer amp question?
Ok so I have two 10in 4 ohm kickers that I wired to two ohms with a xxx amp . ?
Why is my car stereo "ing" loudly?
AMPS = Watt?
well i ever fall pregnant by richard halliday?
i need some help with my subs im getting?
Kicker subwoofer 2ohms or 4 ohms?
what are some good brands of car amplifiers?
Which box should i get?
How can I fix my stereo after rain got in my car after my sunroof was left open?
what ohm are the Phoenix Gold Ti12D Elite and what kind of amp for max output?
How hard is it to find out where a car stereo may be inproperly grounded?
If I have two dual 4 ohm subwoofers wired to a one ohm amp load and I remove one is it safe to play the other?
amp VS subwoofer power match-up question?
using port subs in an unported box?
How do I connect my iPod to the car stereo if I don't have a jack on the dashboard?
what are some similarities and differences between cars of the 1930's and cars dof the 1940's?
Jack Hammer Price!!?
car stereo opinion?
what is a NAV100 GPS Unit and antenna and where can i find one?
How do I get the most bass out of my sub?
What is a good amp for 1000w spubs?
Can i wire two 4ohm subs briged runing parralol.??????? 420?
what kind of amp do i need?
how many watts are these american bass subwoofers?
AMP????? Two cerwin vega vmax 10s?
how do I remove the stereo from a 1998 chevy cavalier? do I have to take out the dash?
What would be a good sound system for my car?
if i have 2 550 watt subs and an amp that says:rms power @ 4 ohm 200 watts x 2/0.05% THDD?
I have a 2007 mustang gt convertible and yesterday the bass just stopped working...?
Ipod Car kit installation?
in car accessories?
HD Radio- Which Car Head Units have HD Radio Built in?
Wanting to buy a subwoofer for my car, what else do i need to buy? and whats good?
Would a Wal-Mart face plat for CD's in a car work if I stole one that was used on the example display?
when buying subwoofers from walmart what do i need to get them working?
Digital Desings supercharched subs?
i have a 600 watt amp is that rated rms?
Which navigation/dvd/bluetooth radio will fit my '05 Durango? At the moment it has a factory radio in it.?
What's a good brand of car in dash CD deck?
Ford Mustang Shaker 500, how do i make it sound good?
wut amp should i use?
what do you think my chances are?
does anyone know what size the door speakers are in my volvo 480? it's a k reg and i'd like to upgrade.
How do you clean a trunk mounted 6 CD changer?
Who makes the best in dash Navigation/DVD players and why?
Connecting USB flash drive to cd player?
Is the absolute indash radio system a good brand?
What size amp should i get?!?
What would be a good amp i should i use with 2 12' polk subwoofers?
2000 monte carlo radio?
How do you install XM on a 2006 Honda Civic, with factory Navigation labeled "XM Ready"?
What else do I need for my car sound system?
Can you give me the names of some audio songs that really take you to the edge of passion while driving?
Can a standard XM Radio Car Kit be installed in a hard top convertible?
How do i know if a Car Audio system will work for my car?
I'm 6'2" I need a car that I can fit in and not be folded like oragmai in!?
Sound System : Pioneer or JVC or Kenwood ?
what would cause sulfuric acid to build up on battery cables?
I am trying to find information on a subwoofer?
When I turn my car on, the subs dont work. When it is off, it bumps. Why might this be?
what kind of speakers his mids and highs?
What radio system should I pick?
What's this cable for in my car?
Why won't one of my speakers connect anymore?
after 2-3 min of using my 2 twelves i smell somthing burning so i turn it off i dont know what wrong?
What is a blue ANT REM wire for?
do sub boxes roll around in the trunk if they're not secure?
car power problems?
phase linear wont read my discs?
Good songs with high bass?
Does anyone know what dvd screen/system would fit in a volkswagen polo 6n2 (2000/2001)?
how good or bad are power acoustik amps?
what amp kit do i get?
how many amps should i get?
free discount car audio catalogs no charge?
10" Alpine Type R Sub vs everything else?
what is the better subwoofer cone composition?
Can I hook a subwoofer and amp up to a stock sterio?
What XM Radio's for the car are compatible with the XM Mini-Tuner?
I can hear the bass drum though my tweeter?
How much will Subwoofers Shorten the Life of my Car?
I'm looking for a good site with car audio reviews for subwoofers and more.?
How is it possible that the radio still works in the car but the cd player stops working suddenly ?
out of these 2 which do you think would have better SQ and sound better in a sealed enclosure?
Need advice for powering 12" FI SSD and Kicker KS-series speakers?
Any ideas on a decent sub setup with around a 430$ budget?
why wont 1 1/4 class II accessories fit a 1 1/4 class I reciever? ?
what amp should i get if i'm running 2 10" memphis audio subs ?
Why does my car keep dying??
What does a 1-180 degree phase do?
Jl Audio 12" W7 AE with 1200/1 Jl HD Amp?
how to hook up a car stereo to subs?
Where is the emergency override/programming button located in a 91 cad deville?
Will running one voice coil on a dual voice coil subwoofer take sound or bass away?
How do I install the trunk speakers in an 01 Lincoln LS?
Subwoofer stopped working>?
AMP has 3 (25A) Fuses Slots?
How do I keep the trunk of my car from rattling when I turn up the bass?
For a '97 Honda Civic, how difficult is it to install a cd player?
how do you remove the dashboard on a 1994 toyota corrolla?
Im looking at some inexpensive speaker brands(pyramid,Boss,Legacy) which ones to get?
does a 2004 ford f150 stx with the factory head unit (single cd and radio) come with pre amp outputs?
Can a alpine rux knob control two amps independently ?
Can a CB radio antenna also be used for am/fm? ?
Do you think kids put big stereos in their cars to substitute for lack of horsepower?
system shuts off for a few seconds then turn back on?
what subwoofer can hit 20,000watt's because i would like to buy one?
Im installing a cd player into my Subaru 2003. Any one know what the "stock" colour wires are for?
Where can I find a car stereo that plays mp3/wma and displays Korean/Chinese/Japanese tag information?
What amp do I need for my subwoofer?
radio stations?
Is something wrong with my subs?
2ohm load to 4ohm amp?
2000 grand prix radio wiring diagram?
can i switch a 97 tahoe radio for a 00 silverado radio? both stock?
Head unit in car not working.?
Ascendant Audio Mayhem 18 or Sundown Audio Z v.3 18?
What is a good amplifier for my subs?
Is it possible to hook a car amp up to a home stereo?
Where can i buy a jensen medialink4?
Why do you car audio nerds think the dual 12'' Sony Xplod subs suck?
Why aren't people with loud bass in their cars more considerate of other people?
where to run a power cable from battery to amp on a 97 oldsmobile cutlass supreme?
Anybody who knows the best bass for a car?
Will a single power acoustik 15 inch mofo rattle a house?
Static sound in a subwoofer...?
cassette in car casstte player making clickling noise and is jammed, anyone know what to do?
how can i hook up four 12 inch subs with 2 amps?
DC level 4 18" vs. AA 18" mayhem.?
What exactly should I seal a subwoofer box with???
Are Kicker Comp Subs Good?
Are Infinity 6030cs crap?
What Type Of Sub And Amp To Use In My Car??
What single 12" sub for good clean bass?
I have A 2006 jeep wrangler unlimited with the subwoofer mounted in the console, it keeps blowing,?
So im getting a Deh-1300mp pioneer deck and 2 pairs of TS-A6872R speakers,will the Deck give enough power?
what power amp do i need for 1000 watts peak power pair speakers (6x9)?
What speaker system do I need?!?!?
Whats the best type of box for subs?
can you put vr3-rts3000t speakers in a 99 dodge ram 1500?
Problem Wiring LEDs In My Car?
99 ford escort. radio works, no sound. please read as its complicated.?
2013 Audi Q5 or 2012 Infiniti FX35?
Car stereo, clock and cigarette lighter don't work?
2005 mustang stereo problems?
am i not pushing my subs hard enough?
What is the best sound system for my 350Z Nissan?
looking to sell my 2 10inch subwoofers 100 for both?
whats the most bass a car can handle?
looking for a wiring diagram for a 2001 ford stereo, anybody know where 2 find it free?
if i have two subs that are 4 ohms each, and hook them to a amp, how much do they draw.?
what do all of the wires on the back of a monsoon deck mean?
Is it possible to combine a pioneer car audio system with JBL amplifiers and subwoofers?
Audio competitions in tennessee? Anyone know where to find them?
rockford fosgate vs. infinity kappa?
what the best car?
which sub is better?? re audio vs jl audio?
Anyone have an Infinity BASSLINK?
Radio code for Ford Fiesta?
1999 Plymouth Voyager Radio?
my amp is pulling 1650 watts rms to 2 channels at 2 ohms and my battery keeps dieing.?
0 or 4 gauge wire?
Which is the best audio system for the car?
Sound system in my truck?
Subwoofer Question...?
What would be the best amplifier and box to power two 1300 watt 12" sony xplod subs?
i want a sub woofer in my pick up truck?
Can you put 3 subwoofers in a Mono Block Amplifier ?
Do guys drive around with their bass "bumpin" because they like it or to get attention?
What is a good name?
where can i get the wires for my Tko Audio BH 626DD?
When I put the volume high, the speakers drop out and all I can hear are the subwoofers?
why is my car speakers getting staticy and my stereo goes into protect mode?
u be rollin largge on dis phine nite?
What kind of amplifier do i need and how many watts ?
Wearing ear plugs in the car.?
What Car Stereo Setup Should I get?
Is there a way to increase / expand the range of my cars radio so i can listen to radio stations further away?
Anyone used the Jensen VM9125 stereo?
is it possible to unlock a car door by sattelite?
What else do I need for my sound system?
where can i find or get refurbished car stereo's, car dvdplayer with cd-cdr-mp3 player?
Best way to play iPod in a Car?
How do I change the Alpine cde-w235bt illumination from blue to another color? (red)?
what is the input code to unlock the radio?
will a DUAL XDVD8265 fir into my 1998 firebird?
why does my car radio shut off after a few minutes its a 1998 chevy blazer?
What type of in dash mount does a 1998 Volvo S70 have?
Mids and highs amp problem?
which is a better quality amp wire kit?
Off switch to car battery?
What is your favorite brand(s) of car stereos?
?!?! Yellow light on amp- subs barely hit?!?
Which subwoofer is better???
How do i get to the rear speakers in my 2000 Grand prix?
What is difference beetwen RMS and WATTS?
what is forced beta?
Toxic Sub & Kenwood Amp. Is the kit i purchased ok? and will it all work ok without any complications??
I need new songs with a lot of BASS! pleasee i just got a system in my car?
subwoofer and amp help?
Can I put two amplifiers to power 1 sub?
How about the or in phase?
somthing whent wrong with original constant wire to radio harness what other wire can i use on 2001 escape?
is a slanted front sub box better or a squared front box, and when to use each?
Does it matter what size port i put into my subwoofer box i built?
Need help with a line out converter for my car amp.?
what is needed for my Dual XDMR-7700 to be fully XM ready.?
can u power 2 12" subs with a mono amp?
should I have a sealed or vented subwoofer box for 2 15" kicker CompVR's?
How to connect my iPod to my car without a cassette player?
which one would bang a 1000 watt pyramid artic series amp or a 1000 watt kenwood mono d amp?
How to hook up 2 amps to a capacitor?
What earbud have a very loud bass?
does removing the subwoofer make the car sound system more powerful?
Toyota Corolla 1978 Horn not working?
How do i fix my radio problem? the sound randomly cuts out all the time its not the actual radio though?
which box and amplifier for ALPINE SWX-1242D?
Bass in car stereos shake the house, wake the baby !?
what do i need to buy to have a bangin *** sound system in my car? i got subs and an amp. wut else do i need?
How do i increase the wattage of my xplod amp?????
What is a better sub an Alpine Type-R 12" or a Rockford Fosgate T1 12"?
Help with Dual XDVD8181 code?
where can I find someone to repair my cd player in my 2004 nissan frontier xickup?
ok has anybody ever thought of this cool idea?
Does my 1998 Honda Accord EX stock stereo deck have preamp outputs?
What amp should i get for 2 MTX Thunder Square 12s i lookin for a good power mtx amp
Is the Escort Passport 9500 radar detector worth it?
can you use a two channel wiring kit for a mono channel amp?
will 2 15" subs fit under the back seats of a 1997 chevy 1500?
How do I power one 15" sub woofer with 4 car speakers?
how to fix car radio?
How do you get quarters out of the car CD player?
the difference in auto and diesel mechanics and the schools you can go to and the money they make and the jobs
Brand new Cb squeals?
will 2 12s in a sealed box give good bass?
my 00 ford taurus has the diigital climate controls. Will a cd player with the knobs work?
At What Subwoofer Frequency is tuned?
Why would you Play your Music so load that everyone can hear it in a 25 mile radius?
How many miles should be on my 2001 car?
which is louder?
Running subs at 1OHM safe? (part 3)?
are saab 9-3 2.0T good, what should i get instead?
why did my radio lock?
Can you wire 2 4 ohm dvc subwoofers to 2 ohms?
Sirius radio owners: What is the difference between a Starmate ST2 and a Starmate ST4? Is it worth the $$?
How do i switch radio frequencies from usa to europe on my pioneer deh-p9800bt?
Will i need a amplifier with these speakers?
which subs hitt harder?
what is the best subs for me?
really loud not blow able 5.1 speakers for a party?
What installation things do i need to hook up my new car stereo?
Someone know of a subwoofer 15" with 2000 rms or more?
What brand of subwoofers has the better 12 inch sub?
Car bra or no cars bra?
Where can i find a cheap cd player for my car?
is anyone selling a mtx 1501d?
which type os subwoofer box , do u think is just awesome for me? i m having a pioneer [TS-W306DVC] subwoofer.?
what subs are the best to to run on my pioneer gm5300T amp in 2 ohm and 4 ohm?
Where do I put the ground wire for my cb radio?
Which brand has the better super tweeters?
Where can I get my car radio installed?
Which is negative/positive on my door speaker wire?
What gauge wire kit do i need for a 4000watt amp?
chevy cavalier 2000 wiring harness?
i got 2 12" subs and a amp and was wondering how i could see if they work?
does anyone know how to get a 2 ohm speaker down to 1 ohms?
aftermarket stero hooking it up to steering wheel controls?
Where to Find Custom Car Speakers?
2007 Honda Civic Door Speaker Problem?
How do you use the code for a delco radio?pls?
Nissan Frontier 2000 Location of Parking Brake Wire?
TITAN T-3003 aftermarket auto allarm..... Help!?
where do i find cd player 01 foucs?
Anybody know anything about car amps?
Is it possible to wire this?
im tryin to buy me sum new subwoofers for my 2005 impala and need to know if 2 12" sony xplod are good for?
wiring cables up to cigarette adaptor?
amp shuttong off help please?
I'm looking for a code for my clarion car stereo.?
i have 2 12" alpine type r subs?
Is a Kicker DX1000 amp a good choice to power 2 Alpine Type-R 12' at 600 rms each?
would these speakers fit in my civic?
I am running the kicker zx 2500.1 amp and want to know which solo x 12 inch sub i should use? the 2 or 4 ohm?
Best Subwoofer and Amp.?
Can I hook up subs to stock cobalt head unit?
Anyoune out there own an Xstatic BatCap?
what is smallest size amp i need for a ten inch sub?
Infinity Speakers - Difference?
Do U Know What Audio Subwoofer Brand This Is?
Best 2 channel amplifier that has 4 guage wire terminals for the money?
How do I make my trunk stop rattling?
What is the best GPS? New/refurbished?
mono block amp with 2 channels?
What is "gain" mean and what does it do?
Gain on Kicker amp and sub?
how do i wire up a goodmans car stereo?
can you put any aftermarket radio system in a car?
I bought a pioneer sub and a amp without any wire?
a CD is stuck in my player in 2004 Silverado truck. I have a factory unit with a cassette player?
Is there a place similar to Crutchfield Electronics in Orange County, CA?
How do you install plasma glow in your car?
What happened to my amp?? help me!!?
Can I use an iTrip on my iPod touch and a microphone to create my own radio station?
how to hook up a amp without RCA Cable plug in's on back of my sony Xplod cd player?
There's no sound coming from my stereo speakers what could it be?
I have a 97' cavy, and 2 of the backlights of my stereo are out. Is there any way to replace them??
what amps that do not cost a lot would work good with a jl audio 13w7?
help, where can i buy car radio wires?
Car Stereo Troubleshooting, Please Help!!!?
if an amp is stable at 2 ohms does that mean each channel?
What laundry powder smells the best?
how to hook up multiple speakers to my amp?
URGENT!!! Car Hunkies welcome! how can i adapt my ipod to the stereo of my car?
What do I need to run a 12" kicker l7?
I need help with my car stereo?
i need to get a audio wiring guide for a 1996 chevy blazer. color code for the audio system...?
What has better quality, a CD or iPod via USB?
Car Radio through Andriod?
annoying buz sound from car speakers?
How many watts of power does the factory amp in a 2003 dodge ram 1500 have?
Where can I find a cig lighter and socket for my truck. Non-smoker. I need it for my Sirius radio transmitter.
are radio watts added to amp watts?
Why are my subs not hitting loud?
03 isuzu rodeo wiring harness?
is any kind of cd player compatible with a saturn?
what is the best way to re connect wires to the radio in a car and needing help with what color is which?
speaker distortion?
i have a high powered system in my car i need a 2nd battery how could i hook up the 2nd battery?
How many amps would i need to power subs?
How can i connect an equalizer to a stock radio for a 1998 ford contour?
where do i find a manual for a clarion drb5475?
Problem with Audiovox 10CD changer in my car?
im building a sound system for my truck. what is the highest decibel (DB) level i can listen to....?
Good Music to blast with new speakers?
Why does my car CD player keep ejecting?
can i stop my lights from dimming?
what kind of box for sub?
4ga Wire to small??
how to make speaker box out fiberglass?
Connecting amp to cd player without any RCA Outputs?
CAR AUDIO??? Would a Alpine MRP-F250 be good for a 10" Jackhammer.?
How many watts do i need?
almani audio?
Should i buy two 12inch kickers a 1100watt amp and 4 speakers (2 front 2 back)?
Why doesn't my car radio/cd player not work after my battery went flat? I have checked the fuses.?
Alpine ida-x100 help?
Kenwood or Goodmans Cd. Player ????
I have two 10 inch subs that are 300 rms each and a 4 channel 250 watt pioneer amp will this work?
Jl Audio C5 Component speakers?
Will a double din CD/tape fit into a 1951 Chevy? PLEASE ADVISE!!?
What amp will push these subs correctly?
Whats louder/better? JL 13w7 in sealed spec box or 2 Rockford 12" T1's in ported box?
what is the best amp for my subs i dont know anything about car stereo?
Why are aerials for car radios on the outside of the car?
I have two 10" sony Xplods. How do i take off the silver vanity ring lining the top of them?
VPW460 18" box idea Blaupunkt tuned to 30Hz?
What is another word for not stero?
will these wires work for sub/amp/truck?
Why won't my subs hit?
Would yo hook up with me if....?
Question about recones?? ?
where do you find a radio/cd faceplate for car?
2subs 2 Amps settings question?
fuse on my amp keeps blowing after a few days? whats wrong?
new set up help!?
Where can I find the factory wiring lables online for a 2000 eclipse GS?
how can i reactive the radio (after battery failure) on 1994 honda civic del sol?
So I want to buy subs for a jeep cherokee what kind of subs would be the best?
87 ford bronco ll on air condition can they be recharged and so where value at and is it feon or 134...
What is better Planet Audio Apocalypse or Anarchy amplifiers?
kenwood or pioneer speakers?
2 10's or 1 13'' Sub?
where can i find radio/cassett player for 1982 mercedes 200/240/280?
Can I setup my car subwoofers for DJ-ing?
What is the best type/brand of disks for music for my car?
I need to know which wire and where i can find it to hook up my amp power on wire. its a 1999 Tiburon SE?
i want to install a car cd tuner, how do I do this for a 1997 ford fiesta?
Why are some people on here so ignorant towards car audio?
Help in in car audio and visual please.!?!?
what's the difference between class d amp and a mono amplifier?
car stereo fuse keeps blowing?
best Car GPS unit for the price?
Why do some people like to put the bass way up on their cars?
What box should i use for 3 12s?
Is this twin subwoofer any good?
if i have 2 alpine type rs how many ohms should my amp be? would the mrp-m1000 be perfect?
it wat sitaution would u use 5-way speakers or will 2-way do the same job. which are better?
What kind of amp wiring kit should I get with this amp?
just got a 04 denali and am looking to put a nice system in it, what should i get?
baretta question?
How do you know what size a car speaker is?
Subwoofer Brands? Please Read.?
if my system is already hooked and my cap is hooked up can i just switch my factory battery to a kinetik batt?
do you have a wiring Diagram for a 89 Dodge Caravan if u do please send it to me?
smoking sub???
What is a car audio speaker spacer?
Would this amp work for my sub?
Is there another way to pick up my sirius signal besides through my radio?
how do i get sponsers for my truck club?
How do I wire this sub and amp?
Which Component Speaker?
how do i install a clarionDRB2475 cd player in a 1989 suzuki samuari?
What size of screws for mounting subwoofers?
What is the best amp and encloser for this sub?
Amp Problem i think?
Sub amplifier draining car battery?
should top gear be banned after richard hammond recent accident?
problems with subwoofer amp?
Are touchscreen car stereos or "carputers" unsafe?
What Amp Would I Need For These Subs?
Can anyone help me find info on auto body work pricing? Like if i was trying to start my own bussiness. PLZ.?
what component speakers have the best bass?
How much better is a Kicker CVX than a Kicker CVR?
what are good quality car tweeters?
I need help picking out car speakers!! Not sure what to get, can anyone help?
Do i need an amp with my sub?
2 12s kickers help on the box?
what wiring kid under $50 should I get for these subs and amp?
I have a CD stuck in my car stereo.Any suggestions in getting it out?
12" sub in a single sub box. I want to add another 12" in a single box, would it effect sound?
6" speakers over 6x9's?
I have terrible car speakers. Should i get an Amplifier or just new speakers?
I need an xm radio smart controller for bose xm ready car stereo?
Where should i put my new amp in my 95 ford explorer?
PLEASE HELP!!! amp problem?
is under powering a sub bad?
Wiring 2 12in dvc type r subs 1-4ohm and 1-2ohm?
Can you buy an attachment for a car cd player to play cassette tapes?
Help with car audio please!?
Why does my stereos memory erase everytime i take my key out the ignition?
where can i find the carpet to rap my subwoofer box i just made?
Please help! Subwoofer rattling inside?
My rear speakers cut in and out sometimes. There must be a short somewhere, how hard is it rewire car speakers?
What is the best sub and amp I can buy for around 200 to 300 dollars?
Where can I buy a new ipod interface kit for a 2007 BMW 335i Sedan?
JL AUDIO amp vs Kicker Amp?
how much?????????please answer?
how to change stock car radios?
What is the better brand?
what is the best subwoofer for this type of amp?
car equalizer with no stereo?
TunerSpotter, you need to cease and desist?
i baught a connex 33ltm3 cb radio it has a built in mpe player and sd screan to view pics from a cam or comp.?
car sound crossover help!?
i have a 1000w amp.?
Question about car audio/cd changer?
do pa subwoofers play music? or is it only the bass?
if you don't have a cassette player in your car what do you use to plug your ipod into to listen to music?
Amp not working. compatibility with stereo?
Sundown audio subwoofers?
How do I bridge 2 amps? and where can i find informative sites on car audio like tutorials and etc?
How can I get to my RCA cables in a stock CD player for my 2000 Explorer?
What is the difference betweent a subwoofer with Dual 4 Ohms and just 4 Ohms, and what is recommened amp pwr?
Where can I put a sub in my truck?
which of these subs will be better?
Theres a loud constanst busing noise in my speakers, when i hit the gas its a little louder, how do i stop it?
Can I change my jvc ratio faceplate to a different model? stereo is a kd-r200?
My amp is weird any help?
radio noise when turned on?
Can my 2 channel amplifier run both my Sub and 2x rear speakers?
Where can i buy cheap audio for me car?
what is a good 10" subwoofer that has good?
what would be a better subwoffer system?
Play music on radio form iPhone ?
Is a pioneer 12" premier 3000 watts speaker good?
What size wire do I need, I am connecting a 20KW generator to a Gen switch.The distance is 130'. 84 amps X 2?
What would be best to do with my sound system?
What are the best speakers for the inside of your car?
Car audio questin about high and low sound?
what is wrong with my amp and subs?
Subs installation in car boot?
Could this be a reason amp goes in protect mode?
What amp do I need for my subs?
What are good subwoofers that are dual 2 ohm, 500watt RMS subs so I can run 4 at 2,000watts RMS?
1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon 442 Radio!!!!!?
Can u open a keyless remote ..locked using your cell phone?
Are quantum amps good? Or are they overrated?
Help! I have 2 RF Punch P312D4 subs and a RF Power T10001BD amp installed at 4 ohms......?
in sound and audio what are Hz is is the moves of speaker per second.?
What subwoofer wire to buy?
Hotwiring an amp into a factory cd player?
does an '01 buick century have a "breadbasket"?
Can a free air subwoofer (Pioneer TS-W253F) be mounted in a box? What kind? How big?
What audio system should i get?
how to remove radio with 6-disc cd player?
need help installing my head unit into my 1993 sundance?
2003 Audi A4 Stereo won't turn on?
which subwoofer is better out of these 2?
In a 2000 Buick Century, how do I remove and replace the factory radio/tape player with a factory CD player?
what way to face my port in a focus zx3?
How do I answer responses?
what would be a better subwoffer system?
Do I need big 3 upgrade?
If i have a bose sound system in my car, would it be stupid to try to upgrade the audio and get new speakers?
kenwood kdc 6527 wont load CDs?
im lookin for a good amp to power my 15' L7?
how to remove 2006 Equinox audio deck?
What is the difference between 3way and 4way speakers?
1 sub @ 400w rms or two @300w rms total?
Which amp suits a t2 sub better?
where can i find betty boop bench seat covers for cars?
Taking out a stereo on a 96 altima?
Does a car GPS device need internet connection to use map?
Subwoofers humming their own tune?
i have a jvc kd-avx2 i would like to know if there is a sat nav attachment available?
grounding my car radio (pic)?
Cracks on sub cone?
Burned CD won't play in car stereo?
KE70 1983 Corolla wiring CD player question?
need code for a premium 5 2001 jetta radio serial# VWZ4Z7X5043694 plz help!?
can i put a (1) 15" and two (2) 12" sub woofers in my car?
How can I update my maps on my Magellan Roadmate 1200?
How much does 2 12" JL audio car subs in a professional grade box cost?
has anyone purchased subwoofers of e-bay?
Low sub output when LPF is set..?
Speaker suggestions for loud volume?
where can i get the cheapest car cd player?
Have an important question on a line output converter for car audio?
i bought a used ford fiesta. Can u please give me its radio Code please. serail number is M040237?
Swap subs from box to box?
WhAt is wrong with my speakers?!?!?!?
Question on tweeters for a 2000 grand am?
what do i need to get so i can listen to my ipod in my car?
External antenna for Midland 75-822 CB Radio?
Rockford fosgate subs 12's?
What sub should I get with my 500 watt Memphis Amp?
Which subs are better!!?
Car amplifier is going into protective mode after it caught fire, is it any good?
How do I stop the rattling in my trunk?
pioneer stereo remote control?
Does anyone know the keycode for a Ford 5000 radio? The serial no. is M312648. Thanks?
What amp/amps should i look into buying for two 12in kicker l7's 4 ohm?
The radio in my car won't work (see details in question)?
Amp doesnt play speakers , gets power just doesnt play subs ?
Does anyone know what size speakers are installed in a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500?
What amplifier would go best with these subs?
Can anyone ruin the engine?
My Amp is Cutting Out with Every Bass Hit?... More info...?
What is the difference between an audiophile system and a normal stock system?
Best way to play iPod in car?
Whats the draw backs to using odd # of subs opposed to even?
How do I fix my cd player in my car?
Phone music playing on car stereo?
can 2 15s fit in 4 door 98 grand prix gt?
why is there no sound coming out of my factory speakers?
my amp turns off instantly when i turn on my car?
Setting gain on Alpine MRP_M1000?
car radios help with fitting?
how do i wire 2 self amplified sub tubes in my 2007 corolla?
can someone tell me a really cool new car and show me it with a picture please!!!?
how much would it cost to repair a damage car antenna wire?
chevy cobalt stock stereo?
Id like to install my subs & amp from my old car to my new '99 mustang GT but it still has the stock radio.?
too much bass?
car amp was giving good bass to 6x9ns now theres no bass at all?
Can't unlock my radio on my chevy silverado?
which brand is better car receiver?
Why do certain demographic people(s)s have a greater aversion to loud, booming bass music?
do i have enough power for my speaker with this amp?
Kicker Comp vs Kicker CVR?
can anybody please tell me the code for my wife's car cd radio the car is a ford focus?
Is it better to use a amp to power stock speaker or the head unit?
Can the 2007 Honda Pilot play mp3 data disks?
Would a box for a kicker L7 12" be good with a port tuned to 38 hertz?
97 Civic, removed the factory radio and plugged it back in before installing the New radio. The factory radio?
how do i get out a screw that wont turn as the head is away?
how do I wire my car stereo up so I dont have to have handbreak applied when watching dvds?
car audio system configuration?
A few questions about some subs?
Why does my Scosche GM1503W CD/radio in-dash player not play CD's?
What is the best kind of radio system that can be installed into a 94 Eclips ?
i bought an '07 forester with ipod aux, how do I use this feature? what do i need besides the ipod?
Can't get new JVC car stereo display to work?
Amp power light on, no power?
How do you set the amp according to the specs of the subwoofer?
Is a car able to use hard velcro?
Hello I have a 04 Nissan Micra S im thinking of putting it a Sony CDXA250. Will it blow my speakers?
2 amps to run 4 subs?
Whats a good brand radio cd that will fit a 1996 GMC Jimmy LS?
i have 2 twelves with 1200 watts max..i dont know wuts wrong but it sounds weak?
1x 2.5mm and 1x 3.5mm to 1x 2.5mm audio joiner?
How to use car mp3 player?
NDDN-W57 toyota navigation password?
does anybody know how to put a car deck in your car if so please send me instructions!?
is a CB radio worth getting?
What are some really good CD Car Receivers under $200?
How can I properly power my car amp and sub-woofers in my house?
im looking for led mirrors for 04 impala, do you guys have an idea if i can use another vehicle led miro 2 use?
Best place to mount speakers in an SUV?
i need help with a car stereo system!!!!!?
Why would they steal my ancient satellite radio but not my brand new GPS?
what is the loudest system that i could put in the back of my car?
Where is the stock jeep amp located?
will i blow my speaker?
Question about car speakers/subs?
question about some weird car speakers?
speaker wiring for older pioneer cd player?
I have 2 12" Rockford fosgate p1s. They are 4 ohm single voice coil subs and bridged I'm looking at getting a ?
Can you use a digital photo frame 12v 1.5A in cars socket without any adapter can you use it directly from car?
Do cars have subwoofers already in them when they are made?
are volfenhag subwoofers/amps worth buying?
What gauge wire should i use for my amps?
how do i hook up my neon in my sub box?
do i need another battery?
Cadence Acoustics CVL-BG?
How do you wire up 2 8 ohm house speakers to a cars amp..?
How to connect a Shark amp to a JVC head unit (in car)?
What's is a pre-out on a car stereo and how many do I need?
Radio code for Ford Mondeo?
what is wrong with my brakes?
Fact or crap, "under powering a sub will destroy it"?
Do i need that wire ?
anyone know a good source online to buy good subs cheap?
Buick Lesabre Factory radio (tape cassette) wont play radio channels. Where is the antenna or what is wrong?
Ford 4500 rds eon code?
How do I make an amp work with sony xplod CDX-GT24W?
Which gauge dual amp kit should i use?
What are these buttons for on my visor?
can i connect 2 car amplifiers to one sub?
is a dixie horn illigal? if so, why?
Where to put a ground wire for a radio in a 1999 Dodge Ram?
If I buy a used capacitor do I have to charge it before wiring it us?
I have two amp's and im not sure which one is better Kicker Kx300.4 or a Kenwood Kac-7285 ?
CD reciever hooked speakers+sub hooked to amp or amp hooked to speakers?
I own a 2001 Ford Taurus and a friend tried to install an amplifier.?
will a 1100 watt amp go good with 2 800 watt pioneer subs or will it give me ugly bass?
cobra 19 cb radio. bought it new with new antenna?
does any one know the song that is in the audi commercial "from the creators of quarto" streets of tomoro?
Can a subwoofer lose ohms?
Is there a walkthrough for installing a JVC KW-AVX720 in a 2006 Scion TC?
my car antenna srews off, what is the piece called that it screws off of?
12 inch Kicker comp + sony xplod amp?
how to hook up bass blockers?
what amp do i need for my 3 12" gforce subwoofers (400w)?
second amp?
Kicker amp cuts off when volume is up.?
Help finding sub woofers?
Sometimes i hear people bumping it by my house, I noticed how theyre basstrates thier trunk and rattles..
I need the stereo wiring diagram, for the Honda CR-V 1997-1998?
Locked out of my ford radio can you help please?
what s wrong with my system?
does anyone know how to remove a opel radio from an astra i have removed the grub screws but it wont shift?
i have an 99 mitsubishi eclipse aand i need to replace the factory audio. can you help me?
Does anyone know how to utilize the Auxillary connection on the 2006 mitsu, eclipse gt rockford audio system?
got 8 ticket driving without California license in past 1yr and half what kind of fine or jail time?
amplifier repairs?
Where can I find a radio wire harness diagram for a 2002 Chevy Malibu w/ FM/AM/Tape Deck/CD Player?
Car Radio Volume Fading Out When I Turn It On?
How do I hook up a low pass filter to my AMP?
if i wanna buy a pioneer SUBs do i need a pioneer AMP,or can i buy some other brand?
Connects2 IPOD control/charge clio display clock?
I have a BMW530d 2004 model.The battery needed changing. I was supplied with a 90 amp Willard battery which?
Why doesnt my car radio play the new cd's that i just burned?
Kenwood KAC-9104D keeps overheating on me?
How do I connect my amp to my battery?
i just replace my speaker on my 98 civic but its seens like there is no bass can anyone tell my why? thank you
The fuses on my amplifer are melting?
2004 Honda Accord, code, message?
sony car stereo?
how to connect sony 10 cd changer to pioneer head unit
What is a fold down face stereo and why can't it bee in a 05-09 mustang?
Do I have the idea of Sub and amp relation?
What is the difference between an internal and external car amplifier?
Which will be loudest, 2 Fi ssd 10's on 2300w or 1 Fi sp4 15 on 2.7kw?
I have forgotten how to drive and idk what to do?
Kicker an quantium audio?
Need radio code for 'Ford 4000 Rds, serial-m222047' ?
Car radio/tape player/ignition wiring in 1980 Mazda 626?
Do I HAVE to upgrade the Big 3 on my car since I am installing a high output 200 amp alternator?
Why is my subwoofer playing Music and bass, shouldn't I just hear bass coming from the sub?
Which subwoofer pair is better?
What amp should I use to power a Alpine SWR-1242D 12" sub?
i have two 12"xplod subs and i can get power 2 my amp but i cant get power to my subs they are hooked up right
How should I install a stereo on my boat?
installing car system?
why is there a whoop sound coming from my stereo?
Speaker problem help!?!?
Car speakers and subwoofer help! ?
What is a better amp , the california 2000 watt 2-channel amp or the MRX-M110 Alpine Monoblock 1100W?
I Got 2 15's Inch subwoofers but i just wanted to know what type of amp i need?
What's a good brand of car in dash CD deck?
Speakers for my 93' Landcruiser?!?
Using A Cd player in your car?
How can i hook up two amps to two subwoofers?
will the price of gas ever go back down to a $1.50?
radio code?
hi i wanna b a model but need convedience please help?
my car's amp(audio) connected causes rpms to go up and down..?
My computer speakers arent working?
removing car stereo . please help?
how do i keep my cd player from skipping?
How do I activate the car alarm in my Toyota camery?
Do i need to replace my stock stereo if i put in a 200 watt amp?
Mtx amp and Rockford amp.. 4 channel help?
i have 2 orion hcca 12.4 and need a cheap amp?
how do i fit a cd player to a 1993 toyota carina e? is it difficult or should i get someone to do it for me?
What amp do i need for my subs?
ineed a wiring diagram for a boss dvd 9500b in dash dvd tv my name is burt my email is (
How good is a 1500watt kbj mosfet amp?
Power Acoustik lt980/2 Amp with a Power Acoustik FUBAR-12w Sub?
How do I unlock my radio in 96 Oldsmobile Aurora?
What SUV do you think sounds best with a system in it?
How much do my subs effect my mpg?
Which subs should i get for my truck?
Is my amp draining the battery?
how many watts amp do i need for my 10in and 12in pioneer subwoofer?
What sort of amp should I get to match with these sub woofers?
which subs for a car would be better. KICKER,MTX,OR JL AUDIO?
Is there a Car FM Antenna booster?
Whats a good amp for 3 12inch kicker comps?
help with car amp/head unit?
1994 pH min van. radio not working, fuse ok, no light or sound, whats wrong?
subwoofer setup questions?
would this amp be good for two 10W1v2 JL audio subwoofers?
Do you think this will be a good set up?
My Bose CD player in my car makes a funny noise every time I turn it on. What can I do?
Which car stereo is better????????
what store do i go to if i want to fix a big whole in my 18 inch audio subwoofer in houston tx, and what is th?
How many sub-woofers will a KENWOOD KAC-M846 4/3/2 CHANNEL amplifier run?
Which Ipod adapter for my 2003 Audi A6?
i would like to know how to hook up three boss chaos 2400 watt subwoofers to a lanzar viberant vbra4001d amp?
i need a wiring diagram for a clarion car stereo drx7575z?
when a two channel amp says it has 300 watts like a rockford that means in both channels?
What is REM on an audio system?
How will a kicker 750.1 amp with 2 8" kicker l7s sound in a 2002 DODGE RAM quad cab?
do i need certian subs/amps for my car or will any work?
i need help with my new radio or some people call them face plates?
CD player doesn't work in the cold. Below 55 degrees, it just doesn't "see" the disc.?
how to hook up playstation 3 in a car?
Is anyone looking to buy some car audio and dont know where to begin?
Do I need to finalise a cd after burning music to be able to play it in the car cd player?
hey i cant hook up my friends remote wire up on his car?
what is a good subwoofer website?
Head unit is not ground? ?
Whats the best sound system i can put in a camaro for $750-$1000?
How do you correctly bridge 2 subs to a 2 channel amp?
Is this how I hook up subs to a car?
Stock Amplifier location 2006 Cadillac DTS?
what songs have good bass?
Subwoofer box question!?
How to get the gps to work on my car touch screen stereo?
Im having trouble with my subwoofer.?
Why does my head unit shut off?
What is the song title in the new mercedes benz commercial?
i have a 4000/1 d power acoustik amp and 2 15 inch L5s @ 2ohms im going to build a box that is 10 cubic feet?
What system should I buy from (Ground up.)?
recommend me some settings for this car amplifier please?
kenwood or pioneer speakers?
how to make this new stereo/deck/cd player fit?
Which is better 2 ohm or 4 ohm load on a dual voice coil sub?
VW Golf 2001_ Stereo code?
What size fuse do I need for my amp?
hey a 1500watt amp would blow a 12inch 700watt subwoofer right?
My subs are not hitting as hard as they use to...?
My new 2006 sentra spec-v has an aux input on the radio and was curious what type of cable I need 4 my ipod?
What's the AUX input in my new car stereo for?
Could my door speakers have blown if my iod fuse got blown?
1986 T-Bird Stereo problem. Wiring or power issue?
How do i stop the trunk rattle on a 1991 Honda Accord Ex?
is there anyway to adjust the ohms between a device and speakers?
Are my Alpine Subs wrecked?
Lights still flickering a little bit after 4 gauge wire installed?
No AM, partial FM reception in car.?
good rap songs to listen to in my car?? old and new, i like good, fast rap with good bass.?
Why does my volume cut out?
how do i get 1994 acura legend radio code?Dealer is charging too much.?
is renegade a good subwoofer brand? are the dual 12's 4 ohms, 1200 watts gonna bump at all?
Is there any reason NOT to reverse the sub? So the Cone sticks outward?
got a 8in subwoofer in my car and 250watt amp?
Why is my car stereo system freaking out?
How do i install new box seakers into a Chevy Cavalier?
How do I unlock a saturn car radio?
Where can I find information about car stereo theft? My car stereo is stolen, and I want to know who did it?
Rockford Fosgate 851x Amp + 12" T212d4 subwoofer Set up?
why can i hear the engine noise from the car speakers when its turned on?
How do I remove a CD that is stuck in my car stereo?
Amp problem please help?
What sounds better for car audio?
JL sub and Infinity amp?
do u have to be 16 and older to take your driver license.?
wish sub woofer can i install on my 4000 watts amp?
how do i connect my car stereo , i need help on the wires the red,yellow black ,green White,Grey,purple,orange
Why do Ford Focus radios keep burning out?
i have 1 12" pioneer model ts-w306c 1000w 400rms whats a good amp for that?
Can some1 tell me newer songs that would pound with my car subwoofers?
favorite subwoofer brand?
Best amp for a pioneer 12" TS-W309D4?
What do the letters "FT" stand for on a Sirius satellite radio display in the artists name row?
Alpine subwoofer questions for experts!!!?
Why is my car radio only playing FM stations and not AM stations?
Walmarts amp hookup kit with a compacitor link?....?
Help choosing a sub box 2 ported vs 1 dual?
How can you tell how many RMS/watts/HZ an unknown car audio subwoofer has?
Which way do I face my subwoofer box in my trunk so that it sounds better?
Max wattage of speakers and amp question?
Amplifier remote wire amperage????
is this amp good for 2 alpine type r 15s?
what does it mean to "make the speakers bleed"?
Do you have Sirrus? Is it worth it?
Satellite Radio: What would be best for a Tractor-Trailer?
Is alpine the best in-car cd unit?
Can you install a touch screen GPS into a old bug?
What Mtx amp should i use with a 12" MTX 7500 that will push it without overheating?