Car Audio

how do u setup a sub to a amp to a cd player?
instead of using the FM transmitter?
JL HO box ok with a 12.2 Orion HCCA?
why do my subs work better when im not driving?
I spent $900 on an MTX 7500 sub, Memphis MC500 amp, and a subzone box, and professional installation. Help!?
How do u fix the radio?
im getting a 12' kicker and i want to know what kind of amp should a connect to it so it?
i am thinking of buying a portable dvd player apollo sdv756 can i use it to play dvds through my tv?
Do all Ipod fm transmitters connect to PSPs too?
What CD changer magazine fits a 6 CD changer for a 2000 Ford Excursion Limited?
rockford fosgate or kicker for speakers?
Does this set up sound good, or no?...?
For a used van with a working DVD player and screen but no headphones, where do I get the headphones?
i just heard that a capacitor makes your subs sound better so i was wondeering what capacitor i need?
Even when I take the keys out of my car, my sub woofers will randomly start hitting at a constant tone. Why?
where is the factory sound amp for dodge grand caravan sport se 1999 ?
What is a proposal hard copy?
Does the steering wheel remote radio control for eclipse head unit really works?
Kenwood Kac-521?
i need some rap songs that will hit hard on my system!!?
im saving money for a good set of speakers..?
How do you install an amplifier into the boot of a car for use with a subwoofer?
stereo for chevy malibu???
can i give a sub thats rated 1500w rms an amp that has 1000w rms? is the ok?
Is it okay of my mtx amp gets really hot after a couple of minutes of use?
Can anyone tell me how to take the dash out of a nissan titan? I'm trying to add a subwoofer to my stereo.
What amp for twin fli sub?
What is the matter with my subwoofers?
i need to find the size of stock audio speakers for 1996 geo tracker?
Underpowered subwoofers?
what kind of amp would i need?
Any 12" rounds subs to match kicker l7?
how much is this rockford fosgate amp worth?
How big of a capacitor would you want for a 800 watt amp?
subs in tacoma? thank you?
What is the best subs, box, and amp combo?
Kicker vs. Diamond vs. Hifonics Subwoofers?
How do i make my subs hit hard and clean?
How do i pick out a stereo and speakers for my car?
How can I politely ask people to turn down the volume on their car's sound systems?
how do i get sponsers for my truck club?
Do remote car starters damage your car?
AGM battery in-home car audio question?
Will running one voice coil on a dual voice coil subwoofer take sound or bass away?
what color is the power wire on a 2005 ford taurus stereo harness?
Best Buy for car stereo system?
What amp is best to power my subs? I know nothing about amps.?
Why is "satelite radio" edited on the song "boom, Boom, POW?"?
Where can I buy the cheapest MIO C510E Sat Nav system in the U.K ?
I have a 99 ford fiesta and want to know how?
2001 Mustang cd player is stuck?
Amp question?
is there a subwoofer that can do 1500 RMS watts if so what is it?
how good is a boss d1200m monoblock class d amp?
2 amps 3 dvc 4ohm subs?
I have 4 pioneer 3500 watt tsw300D2 1000 WATT RMS WHAT AMP WATTAGE AN WHAT KIND OF AMP?
Which kicker subwoofer hits the hardest?
My JVC unit head died and i cant find my best buy warranty receipt. need help.?
What is a difference between a crossover, band-pass,pass-band, low-pass, and high-pass filters?
Will any pioneer cd changer work with the pioneer deck Model number DEH-P4000UB?
nissan maxima speakers?
Blown speaker or amp?
is the brutus 1700.1d ok to use with a stock 100 amp alt.?
How to wire up two 12' subwoofers to a mono amplifier?
I want to add two more speakers to my car but there is no wire installed?
car sound system?
What type of Amp should i get for 1200w Sony Xplod?
Any1 have suggestion on optimal settings for CD Deck to match Amp /w Subs?
Is it possible to remove a casette player from a car and replace it with a CD player?
how do you fix a wiring harness on a pioneer deh 445 car cd player.?
anyone now how to trick out an astro van with no back seats?
what can i put without changing alternator?
Who makes the loudest and hardest hitting subs?
How do you buy car audio?
My Subs dont hit like the used to.?
Which amp/sub setup would sound better and why?
will two 600 rms subs work with an amp with 375 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms ( 750 watts x 1 at 2 ohms?)?
question on car subwoofers/amp?
There is a whining sound coming through the radio.?
will JL audio subs fit on a cadillac cts with a stock faceplate?
What does it mean when the red light flashes on a car amp?
How do you stop the rattling noise made by the car windows when stereo is playing heavy bass music?
best car alarm for my car?
what car starter should i get that is good (for 01 nissan altima)?
Could I Use An Capacitor?
I need help finding a manual for...?
Can anyone help me find dust caps for my Infinity Kappa 100.1se Subwoofers or find me another pair to purchase?
whats a good amp for a pioneer Pioneer TS-SW841D just one in a stock f150 sub box?
Car stereo problem. Any help?
i have a car stereo problem?
Kicker L5 10 sounds blown?
What's a good 3000-3500 watt amp for under 170 dollars?
car stereo codes?
Is this a good deal? Car Audio?
is there an update for jensen's nav 101?
subwoofer and amp help?
Do you have Sirrus? Is it worth it?
what sub should i choose.?
when i connect a screw driver to the amplifiers body the sub-woofers start to work, what do i do? please help!
How can I find an installation kit for a Sony EXCD-21 car radio?
should i upgrade my amp?
I have been using video2dvd and it has terrible sound quality?
Dual Illuminite speakers - how to hook up the 12V lights?
Need help with car audio?
Why does my ford explorer radio say "call"?
what wires are the big 3 upgrade?
2 kicker l7 12's with a zx 1500.1?
Car Audio...Where can I find some 35 amp fuses?
The van I bought has a dvd player, but no monitor. Any suggestions as to what brand monitor to buy?
my alpine car stereo does not display anthing?
l changed a battery on my peugeot 206 after that the radio is can l unlock it.?
help with my subwoofer box?
Is it OK to put 10 gallons of milk in my gas tank of my car? Help I'm at a lost gas cost to much!!?
Why are black people obsessed with having good subwoofers?
Is there a In Dash Radio that i can plug my ipod into and has steering wheel controls for cheap?
i have a amp briged to a 400 watt speaker the amp is 520 watts briged the amp cuts out when i turn it up why?
Is it possible to hook up sub woofers in a 2001 Monte Carlo SS with a stock head unit?
My cigarette lighter is too small for most car adapters...?
Question for a Mr. Tcbassist.?
Where does the hi power input go to on a headunit?
should I have a sealed or vented subwoofer box for 2 15" kicker CompVR's?
memphis subs...?
Truck Audio- which component set should i get?
I need a good car sound system?
My car radio won't play burned cd's!!?
Is this an amp problem or is this a wiring problem?
can a smaller gauge ground wire be the cause of my amp over heating?
06 pontiac g6 alternator and battery, 2 Alpine type r 1222d and hifonics bruturs 1210d?
How to troubleshoot a broken car subwoofer?
best 6x9 speakers?
what yellow top battery should i get for my 2005 chevy aveo? i have a 2500.1 kicker amp but i need more power?
Ford Radio Code Reset?
what size are the speakers in the 2002 vw golf?
can i wire factory speakers to a 2 channel amp?
500 watt amp powering 2 12in subwoofers what size speaker wire should i use to get more bass?
Whats wrong with my subs?
battery cables remove to replace headlamp, after 1987 oldsmobile v-6, viper valet start system does not work.?
Good speakers for car?
Best subwoofer for 100-120$?
Question about my 12 inch kicker subwoofers and amp?
in sound and audio what is SPL?
Is there a software upgrade for cda car stereos which makes them mp3/wma compatible?
Best touch screen 2 DIN car stereo?
Im looking for a keycode cd and radio in my ford fiesta. its a rad 4500. my serial code is .M037899. p?
What kind of speakers should i get?
How many watts peak can a kicker cvx 10 inch hold?
HELP! Need to adjust trunk lid?
Subwoofer and Amp question?
Rockford Fosgate or JL Audio?
Stereo problems?????????
is xplod or pioneer a better choice for speakers?
who knows about subwoofers?
Best sub woofer suggestion.?
have a 400 watt amp can i use a 15 inch 300 watt subwoofer for it?"?
would this amp work well with these subwoofers i am planning on buying 2 subs?
What are the dimensions for a camaro subwoofer box?
were can i?????
Correct tone for setting gain?
What would be a good first car?
i have Kenwood KFC-ST30 tweeters 120w rms 40w is it ok to run them off a 4 ch rockforfosgate amp?
What Power Converter Would I Need To Buy To Run A Wii In My Car Will Any Do or Do i Need A Certain One ?
pioneer amp cuts out at high volume only in my cadillac speakers and amp work fine in blazer and tahoe?
How to wire Loaded Dual 12" Illuminated "illumiNite" Bandpass Subwoofer Box?
i get two kicker comp vx 12s in a Q-box how much power ?
car sounds terrible, even after upgrade.?
Subwoofer Questions: Ohms and Voice Coils?
how to hook up new ipod nano to car?
I have a CD STUCK. I have a 1998 ford expedition with a 6 disc changer and it is stuck and says NO DISC?
I have a pioneer deh 4200 cd mp3 reciever without a wiring harness?
sony xplod has illum wire. 96 concorde has illum wire and dimmer wire how do i hook this up.?
Are these good amps to use!?
Looking 4 Price List or Comparison of Subs (Higher - 2400 watts 98db) that i can Buy Powered by a 5000w amp?
why is my amp and cap not getting any power?
How to fix cars aux jack?
What sub system would you recommend?
i want a car sterio in my bedroom?
How do i wire dual amps up?
What is a good loud deep bass SubWoofer for a low and fair price?
my amp has a red light?
How to have my DVD/NAV play while driving?
Subwoofer mids question ?
Ford radio m129061 cd player 2004?
wat are the subs of the day?
how can i get my door speakers to stop rattling?
Would 2 12" sound much better than 2 10"?
Wiring one dual 2 ohm subwoofer?
Can I run the ipod through a car amp and speakers with no radio, using ipod for volume control, selection, etc?
What is a PRO BOX for subs?
i need to find a good cheap cd changer?
what kind of speakers go in the rear of the car? what about 4 way speakers like the common Xplod brand?
How do i get what is playing on head unit to play on my headrest monitors?
Does somebody..?
capacitor size? plz help?
What's a good choice for a first car?
What would be the best set-up for my car subwoofers and amplifier?
My subs stopped playing?
Can a Sony Xplode 1000w sub work with a amp 700 x 1rms?
Car Stereo system question?
I have one amp set up right now. What equipment do I need to set up 2 amps? And what risk do I run setting 2up?
How difficult is it to run speaker wires to the back of a '96 Cavalier?
fitting a sony cdx-s2200 car stereo to my car?
how do i know what radio to buy that will fit in my 05 dodge dakota?
is loud music a point on the license?
Can my amp handle 1-ohms?
Do I need a amp for car speakers?
build an rf amp?
Not even 10mins of running the system, why does my amp get so hot? ?
ok i have two 15 inch MTX TR7515-44 and two Hifonics Brutus BXI1210D 1200 Watt D-Class Mono Amplifier.?
i have sony cdx 757mx 10 disc cd changer. i connected it to my 2001 passat's beta tape.?
stereo questions?
where is the factory amp located in a 2003 dodge ram?
Amp for truck! Will just any normal car amp work?
What would happen if i connect car subwoofer using wrong negative and positive cables?
2000 Honda Civic ???
Amp problem, please help.?
Will a 350 RMS amplifier blow a 250w 4ohm Sub?
i have a panasonic cq 5301u cd player that stopped coming on for no apparent reason.?
Is a kicker zx 350.2 a good amp to push an l5 10 in solobaric?
What is your main reason for not using a Sat Nav system?
My sub smells like its burning but it still works. Why?
Ford radio m129061 cd player 2004?
sub-woofer question!!?
jvc rd-s210 trouble help!?
How much is a professionally boxed pair of jensen 10' subs and a 750 watt pioneer amplifier?
Porting subs into truck cab?
my head unit doesnt save what i program.....HELP!!!!?
My amp keeps turning off?
amp to connect 12 speakers of 30watts (RMS)?
Eletrical Problem (97 Ford Taurus GL)?
my radio was from a 2002 trailblazer and now it has a 2006 radio system but it is locked. What should i do?
How do i enter the car radio code on my ford festiva?
what are some good cheap 12" subs and amp?
what amp should i get for my subwoofers?
Wiring harness for Nissan?
can i switch a 97 tahoe radio for a 00 silverado radio? both stock?
which is better Kenwood or JVC Audio System?
Do i need an amp to power my car subwoofer?
subwoofer enclosures made out of MDF Board?
How do I remove the dashboard from a 1992 Dadge Shadow to replace the radio?
i found 2 15 in orion xtr3 500 watt subs in eclipse bxs in neighbors trash. r they any good or are they junk?
Quick question about a 15" L7 Kicker?
do i need one?
is anyone familiar with alpine car audio?
are memphis subwoofers good?
do mtx subs hit hard?
Are the window mount cb antennas good?
NEW Dual radio wiring to an old Dual radio?
My trunk leaks water from the wheel well, and has ruined one amp, and got mold on my box. Any suggestions?
system of a down bad?
pro speakers?
Need help with a name for car accessories and in car entertainment. Any ideas? THanks?
Is the Audioque 2200d a good amp?
Which 4 channel to get?
Are 12'' alpine type E any good?
Need help on choosing car audio (subs and amp)?
Sub-woofers help me please?
Do you have a YouTube channel and need more subs?
Is this car in dash stereo worth buying?
Car subs question?? Need a bigger wattage of wiring kit?
jvc kd-sx930 car stereo information?
what car amplifier should i use?
can anyone tell me which wires to hook up to the back of my stereo its a sony explode and has a red and a yel?
Subwoofer question for a 2007 Pontiac G6?
Know where to get custom sub boxes?
Is it safe to order from (please help)?
Car Audio System Setup?
will my aftermarket stereo sound better?
is 350(parts/installation) a good price to get the gauge, radio, HVAC, etc. colors changed from orange 2 blue?
Sound deadening my trunk lid?
what brand frot speakers should i get?
12' Car Subwoofer- Best brands?
i found two 5 inch kraco speakers would they make any difference to the sound of my factory 01 hyundai accent?
What amp to get for this speaker? (1 JL Audio 12w3v2 d4)?
How can i play music from my droid incredible 2 on my trucks stereo system?
sound system in '04 Ford Ranger advice?
What the average Tax Deduction from a Car Donated to Charity?
Can I power an 8 speaker system with a 5 channel amplifier? How?
sony xplod wont play bass with aux cord in?
Is there a car stereo that can read flash cards or jump drives to play mp3 ?
How do you remove the window handle and door handle inside a car door to swap pout the speakers?
Mono or 2 Channel Amp?
Why are my car speakers ling when I turn the volume past 10?
Why wont my radio work?
what exactly are amplifiers? for the car I mean. and whats the best to get between the 1-6 channel range?
what is that thing called???
What car amplifier should I get based on this setup?
Which mp3 quality has more bass.... 192 or 320?
Need to find a GPS for a car with these features. Please help.?
Will 4 kicker l7 12s hit more db then 1 kicker solo x 18?
My question is with subwoofers and speakers what makes them blow up is it the cone or the voice coil explain.?
replacing my aftermarket stereo with my new one!?
I need help plz....?
Whats a good amp for 2 12" Kicker Comps?
How does the quality of a auxiliary to tape deck converter compare to a dedicated auxiliary input in a car?
What that rap song that has jamaican guy repeating what sounds like "one good law"?
what are some really good songs with being able to hear the difference between the left and right speakers?
Will an fm adapter work in my car?
How do I run speaker from the back of the radio to an amplifier?
Good songs for my subs?
wat all i need to put music in my car?
how to fix blown stereo speakers?
need some info on car audio issue's?
I have 2 12 inch subwoofers in one box with only one terminal?
Is it ok to run 2 car stereo amplifiers, one at 2 ohm and the other at 4 ohm load?
Let's say you want to take out your car stereo and put a new, better one in. What is the biggest and best?
Do i need a 4 channel and a two channel amp?
How do I get out of a contract for a used car ?
what's a good size for subwoofers?
speakers for my car?
When you are driving, do you turn down the radio when you are lost?
What Is The Best Way To Stop Static On Am Radio?
can someone tell me if there is anyware in Ayrshire that u can get ur car radio decoded while u wait thank u?
Would this be a good sound system to buy?
Subs/Amp question?
is this amp any good?
What kind of sub(s) and amplfier should I use?
Rover 25 audio re-wire?
2002 KIA spectra , what size speakers in the doors and rear deck.?
I have 4 kicker 10cvt 10's 4 ohm. any recommendations on an amp to push them?
Are sony Xplod Sub Wooffers any good?
Radio Code for Focus C-Max?
I can't decide what kind of subwoofers i should put in my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500.?
1989 ford escort gt, project or trash?
i need the radio code for my ford fiesta zetec 54 plate - m584428?
How easy is it to install a custom fibreglass install into my car?
2006 Jetta 2.5 with Speaker Issues?
how do i hook up 2 amps to 4 speakers?
Will cleaning the CD player in my car help it skip less?
Which Should I use? AUX, or WIRED?
Dynamat - What are some cheap alternatives?
i have an 86 ford and i put a sony xpod with alpine 6x9s and two 12'' kenwoods with a 500 watt amp?
What amp should i get for my 2 400 watt subs?
I have a need for a 2-way radio system for 50-sq mi coverage?
I want to buy a fm transmitter for my car how does it work on my car speakers?
what kind of subs shuld i put in my truck?
How do I set the time on my Blaupunkt INDIANAPOLIS CD34 Car CD Player?
How do i turn on the subwoofer output for a sony CDX-GT330?
I m gona buy my 1st car should i get honda civic 2003 for $8000 or Toyota Corolla 2007 for $14000??? plzz help
Does running two car batterys make amp and speakers hit harder?
I have a power inverter in my car and it makes my system Buzzzz What Do I Do ?
Do you have satellite radio? How did you choose between XM and SIRIUS?
I have a 3600 watt system with dual 1800 watt kenwood amps, do i need the 3800 watt kinetik battery?
Can a cheap car head unit sound good if you hav expensive speakers?
how can I do cheap priced sound dampening in my car?
i have some generic subs and they are 3 10 inch subs i don't know what ohms or wattage they are what do i do
I have an 800 watt amp,how big subwoofers should I use?
Car audio system failure?
What kind of amp should i get for my subs?
New speakers, how to wire questions?
what amp should i buy for 1 jl audio 13w7?
Question about subwoofers?
what does this mean? "2x250W RMS at 2 Ohms"?
whats the best way to set this system up?
what kind of amp will push 6 kicker 6vr?
using a 2 channel amp on 4 alpine speakers?
i have a high powered 1200 watt amp 787@ 4 omh and 1114 @ 2 omh rms power?
cant locate the radio fuse for my 2004 Chrysler town and country?
How do i adjust my gain and frequency on my 600 watt 2 channel amp(rockford)?
How to connect kicker cvr to nitro amp?
How do I hook up Line Out Converter (LOC) to my factory 04 Monte Carlo w/o Bose?
Car Audio, secondary battery and compacitor?
what kind of amp should i use for 2 alpine type r 12"?
how to connect auxilary on my fordfiesta caraudio???
What is the best size amp/10" sub combo for a single 10" enclosure with .76 cf of volume?
Can you hook up 2 wires to 1 amp fuse?
Car radio keeps cutting out?
What are the best sounding and loudest 12" subs under 200$ ?
Is this subwoofer/bass supposed be left plugged in to power because there is no on/off switch?
Do you have to connect like neons and amplifiers to your car battery directly?
alpine stereo problem?
96 A6 stereo issues. probably something simple and stupid but very urgent!?
How do you remove the radio on a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant?
Will alpine fix my amp? It was not bought directly through alpine..?
Which pair of subs should i get? Alpine type-r 12" or JBL GT5-12 12"?
can i add a pager to my alarm system?
pre amp outs?
Amp remote wire troubleshooting..?
I have a XM 210000 sony amp how to wire?
how do i connect my trunk speakers in my 1996 firebird formula?
Ive hooked up all ther is to hook up with my amp and my sub and power it up the protection lite comes on help?
car question automotive?
when i crank up my car stereo my sound goes off and only my sub woofer is can i fix this problem ?
How do i get a good bass in my car.?
My car wont turn over but i have power (electricity)?
Where can i find a high output alternator for a 99 saturn sl?
Which is a good 2 DIN car audio Head unit that has USB feature and the required pre-outs?
Trouble with Bose stereo in Audi?
Hooking up to amps to one car?
Does detaching a faceplate shut off power to a car stereo?
does the previous gen impalas have a floty ride to it?
hifonics vs kicker amps????
i have 4 15"s subs for a cadillac deville can i take 2 boxes and put them togeather if so how would i do so?
ford cd player rds 5000 i had to put in a new battery and it is asking me for a code any help please?
10" Alpine Type R Sub vs everything else?
Why does my amp keeps going to proctection?
POLL: What kind of driving behavior bothers you the most?
can u help me?
what are some safety features on cars? pleas answers?
What is the watts of a 15inch kicker comp. subwoofer?
What needed for Sirius in a catilac sevlie?
What do u think about a female going to school for mobile technology?
Can I plug my cell phone charger into my car inverted without damage?
can you help need radio code for ford transit van serial no m446589?
Kicker L7 solobaric vs. JLW6?
would it over work the amp or cause bad sound quality to run at 1 ohm load?
Car Subwoofer Help JL Audio?
Mount/wiring harness for...?
Why Does My Amp Get So Hot?
Car ipod adaptor help?
Is it easier to put in subwoofers where the speakers are in car?
I have a t1000 amp compact series and running 2 15iinch hx2 subs and i love the subs i fell i need more power?
Can any body help tellme how to connect a tachometer in my integra?
Why does my sub cut out when I turn it up loud?
What is the secret of happines?
removal of car stereo pug 206cc?
How do I know if my amp has line level inputs?
should i get a sealed or ported sub box?
starting audio system??????help!!!?
what size are the factory speakers in the doors on a 2000 Chevy silverado?
What kind of Speakers....?
What would be a good song to really test my new subwoofer?
07 Lincoln MKZ sound system keeps lowering after maz volume....?
Choosing the best subwoofer?
4 subs 1 amp what should I do?
what size of subs should i get?
car audio for son?
Thinnest Sun visor monitors?
installed amplifier power cable to negative on battery, now electrics work but car wont start?
if i have a dvc subwoofer can i get a two channel amp and set each channel to the each voice coil?
what is the difference between banana plugs and RCA cables?
i believe im buying a jeep wrangler today, the only problem is...?
What is the best brand for 5.25" front speakers and 6 x 9 rear speakers?
sony xplod 222w car amp?
whats wrong with my system??
how much would a full kenwood sound system for a car cost ?
How Can I Seal A Crack In A Speaker?
Does a 2006 ML500 have a 6 disk cd changer?
whats going on with my car?
car amps??
whats wrong with my kicker l5?
Please suggest me a good set of car stereo, amp and woofers for my Ford Fusion?
can i run these speakers off the head unit alone?
Designing Car Audio Box, please help!!?
Which sub-woofer is better and which one would you get?
how to instal a stereo in a s10 blazer?
Anyone know how to remove the XM system from my Scion xB?
jvc head unit shorted out?
Does the 2004 bmw x3 stereo have a 3.5mm audio jack?
How can I power up a car stereo with no car?
If I'm running an 800watt amp is it a good idea to upgrade the alternator?
chevy cobalt stock stereo?
15" kicker l7, 2 ohms, 1000 watts rms, my stock alternator puts out 70 amps, need HO alt? Help please!?
Will Subwoofers Still Play If Thay Are Blown?
what causes my car to die and not start at all cause of the stereo?
pls tell me , which will give awesome bass!?
Are these subs/amp any good?
Kicker solo x 18in amp?
Would I be able to wire up two Kinetik HC600's under my hood with an isolator and if so how could I do it?
Would my car sound good?
How can I wire a new XM radio receiver into existing radio power source on 2007 Chevy Silverado?
What wattage sub should i get for my amp??
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
whats the difference between single and double voice coil in sub woofers?
how to istall the factory radio?
purchesed a cb radio today. i connot here anybody on it,please tell me why?
Is there a regular wire coloring scheme coming out of the back of a car sterio system?
what do i need to power two fi q subwoofers?
Do I need a second set of signal/patch cables (4 channel amp, 2 speakers, 1 sub)?
What is the loudest setup I could buy for subs?
Closed-box enclosures or Bass-reflex in car for pioneer TS-W306DVC , why?
I have 2 memphis 15s in my trunk in a ported box when i pop the trunk it hits harder
i disconnected my car battery to charge it,when i reconnected it the stereo has asked for a code which i dont?
I have two 12" Kicker subs running off a power acoustik(1250W) amp. What should I change about this setup?
Where is my remote wire on my radio?
I currently have a 120 amp fuse on my 4 gauge car amp power wire?
Speaker smaller than hole by a few milimeters... What to do?!?
Can any 12 inch sub fit in a ported box made for 12 inch subs?
What 3rd party car steroes will work with the stearing wheel controlls?
Where could i look for a 5 amp fuse?
How would you dis-able a Car Stereo WITHOUT touching the Car?
Can I hook up a cd player to a stereo that doesnt have a tape deck in it?
what subs should i put in my truck?
issue with Subwoofers..?
what amp do I need for this sub?
what does that mean when you get a jump and as soooon as you take off the cables it cuts off?
does a 1995 geo prizm have a cd player ?
Anyone know what settings my vauxhall vectras radio should be set at to equally balance the speakers??
Loud constant bass in kicker subs?
how IN DETAIL do I wire my 2 subs in paralel???
Help with car sub and amplifier?
what receiver should i get with my subs?
alternator upgrade help?
Any tips on installing a 20 inch digital sub with a mono block amp?
after my boyfriend spliced into my stock speakers in my trunk of my 2000 alreo with 2 12 in pioneers the stock
My Clarion reads "not update" and wont play disk now ? HELP?
need an unlock code for a s-reg clio?
POrted or sealed????????
my stereo went out after i connected my battery wires to the wrong terminals what is wrong with it?
AVN5435 navigation system was installed by my dealer in my new 2007 toyota . Isn't this outdated?
How do we change the time on a pioneer car audio music and radio player?
How to play my iphone in my car?
What are some good rap songs that bump hard on subs?
install car amp without RCA jacks?
Subwoofer and Amp works for 5 secs.?
Car Amplifier Question?
i have two subs and i cant hook them both up because my car goes it because?
how to set up a single sub using a mono amp?
what car speaker should i get without having a amplifier?
What is a good, short CB Radio Antenna?
Subs Not Working... Help Please?!? :)?
I Got a Boston 12 Inch subwoofers. I wanted to know what type of amp i need?
2006 Chevy stereo wires?
How to make led strips flash to the bass in my truck?
Is there anything I can do to fix stock stereo in my 98 Ford Escort SE?
Aftermarket radio lincoln contintental?
What is the brand of this shirt?
2 Kicker cvr 12" or 1 Kicker l5 12"?
are hifonics zrx15sq subwoofers reliable?
how many milli amps does a c cell battery have?
Amp on but subs have no sound?
shark 2600 watts amp problem?
how can i make my sub kick not vibrate?
Will the battery of a car run out if you just turn the key halfway to listen to the radio?
Do you guys have a wiring diagram for a 92 Dodge Shadow radio?
Sony xplod sound system? ?
Looking for subs????
How do i set the clock on my DEH1800 Pioneer car stereo?
I Need A Lot Of Hard Hitting Bass Songs? Thanks?
Have 2 L7 kickers and a 4000watt amp of course lights dim whats the right think to do 2 Batts,cap or what help
who like the bentley flying spur?
What should I truly be looking at when I want good speakers, woofers, amps? the watts? whats the good stuff?
Replacing car speakers??
Is it possible to put subs in a Chevy Avalanche?
Where can I get a good car surveillance system?
Does the Kenwood Excelon DNX6990HD need a subscrpition?
SONY STEREO SYSTEM!!!! What do u think?
positive on honda stereo wire harness has no power...fuses are all good and good ground..whats wrong?
Will my head unit power two 4x6s no trouble? ?
What is So bad about Sony's auto radios and speakers?
What's the best company for subwoofers?
What are good speakers to put in your car for listening to Rock?
well i ever fall pregnant by richard halliday?
i have a 1 12 in compvx kicker sub. What is the best kind of amp?
What is the stock size for a radio in a 07 pontiac G6?
Can you connect 12'' subz n ampz to the factory cd player in my car?
what guage wire would i use?
Do you think this will be a good set up?
How can I change my truck radio? 2004 Dodge Ram 1500?
Why are my subs not working?
is it sexy if a girl?
key code for grundig car radio 2002?
sony xplods or kenwood ?
what is better 2 12" subs or 1 15" sub?
Why won't my rear speakers play and my aftermarket radio sound cuts out when it does play?
too much bass?
Is there a cd player mounting kit for a '78 Oldsmobile cutlass salon?
How do I get my new Pioneer radio out of demo mode?
I need help finding an adapter!?
my car lost all power and stopped.i tried to jump it but only ran for about 75 feet.?
amp powers up but does not push subs.?
Probability of end buying stolen car stereo faceplates on eBay?
Can anyone tell me how to remove the radio and speakers from a 1991 honda accord?
So I just bought MTX Audio Terminator subs, how are they?
what is the purpose of a timing light and how do you use it?
i have two 600watt boss subs. what is the best size amp to use to get max performance?
How do i correctly wire my subs?
How to change my car cassette player to a cd player?
Can I do this: hook my iPod up to my car (and w/out killing the iPod's battery)?
what speakers are best for my car?
Alpine vs Digital Designs?
2 fuses in amplifier?
What would be a good amp mtx terminator subs?
Is a 300W amp good for a 450W Max(150W RMS) sub?
can this amp run my speakers loud?
how can i tell what the problem is with my car audio system?
After market radio won't turn on?!?!?
What happened to my amp?? help me!!?
I bought a Mitsubishi Mirage 2002 and the radio is locked can someone please help me going crazy?
what names better for my audio car shop?
radio code?
Will a larger sealed box make my Kicker CompVR sub louder?
Would my horn be louder if i hooked it up to an amp?
What do you think of my system?
How do I wire the BASS?(plenty of details and linked photos to question)?
Please help!!!! I have two 12" coustic subs with a 600 Watt amp how many volts should I set it to?
removal of car stereo pug 206cc?
Pressing gas pedal turns off audio amplifiers?
Whats the best way to run your sub woofers parallel or series?
alpine type r's question?
Anyone know if i have to make an appointment to get CD player installed at Circuit City?
Sony MEX-BT4000P questions?!?! PLEASE HELP?
does anybody knows where can i buy a headliner with molded speakers for a 1989 gmc sierra?
What's a good brand for car audio?
What are m-audio monitors? Are they speakers or what? If so then how are they different from regular speakers?
What do you guys think of people with loud music?
will putting a blanket in your sub box make it have more bass?
i installed an amplifier in my car and now my speakers buzz?
which way should the sub face?
Do i need an amp for my speakers?
how do u connect via bluetooth ur fone and stereo on new ford fiesta freedom?
what should i get for my car audio?
Best type of car that will produce the best car audio sound?
I Have $300 for new 15" sub im thnking of getting audiobahn immortal sub!should i get it or what should i get?
help with my truck's system?
Why is my car amp going into protect mode when its properly grounded?
How much the is the car accessories industries worth?
is it okay to solder wires onto the ends of a battery?
should i trade my 2 10''oldskool kicker comps on sealed box for a cvx 12''on a ported?
What amp for two 15" Cerwin Vege Stroker Pros??? (And please don't say Hifonics!)?
How do I set the radio in my 1998 Grand Am?
What is a good reputable UK website that sells Alpine headunits? I'm looking for the CDR-9855r...?
How much power should i have feeding my 2 12" alpine type s subs?
what is the best JL audio sub?
question on general car audio?
Ford radio installation?
how to setup 2 15" L5 kickers to 1 alpine pdx 1.1000?
2 JL W3's vs 1 JL W7?
What sound better (car audio)?
i have 2 12' kenwood subs 1000w each and i need an amp?
Hi guys, Orion Hcca 12 inch subwoofers?
I need help with getting into stock cars?
Does anybody know where I can find a car stereo installation manual online for a 2003 Toyota Corolla?
why does my radio in my car not work?
I installed an amp into my car, but the car won't start when its connected. What should I do?
which is better 2 12w7's or 2 of the new 12" alpine type-x's?
blown speaker or bad amp?
Alpine type r 1223d with alpine m240 amp?
Why cant you hear my car audio system from a distance?
Will Pioneer release firmware updates for their 2012 DVD Receivers for cars?
having issues hard wiring head unit in car?
can your subs stop working from it being too cold outside.?
Honda Speakers?
2 L7 better in sealed or 3.9 vented box?
How do I get killer sound in my car? Wattage, subs, amps, etc. What do I need? Where do I get it?
Anyone know of good car audio dealers in Indy, IN?
SPARKY 3489 How is my advice on adding a 2nd battery will cause a fire?
When powering a dual subwoofer, door speakers and (2)6x9 speakers~ should i use 2 amps or a multichannel amp?
Could you list used cars with AUX Input?
What Speakers Are the Best fitted to use in a 1993 ford explorer 4 door 4wd (came with JBL audio system stock)
Do I need another car battery for my audio setup or can I get away with getting one?
Amp that match 2 12" subs.400 wts and 1400 wts peak?
What is the biggest size subwoofers I can fit in the trunk of a 01 mustang?????/?
golf mk4 standard head unit sub compatible?
Need amp for my 2 P3D4 12" fosgate sub ?
What type of subs should I get?
2 12s jlw1 of 2 15s cvr?
Jeep Grand Cherokee speaker wiring?
I want to upgrade my amps but i need to know if a new battery would help.?
Is 250$ too much for a used kicker audio system? Help i dont want to over pay!?
How to sync iPod with car without an aux jack?
Help with audio please?
about 98 mustang speakers?
can you put house speakers in a car?
What is a good 12 inch sub woofer and amp combination?
how to get big fuses for car audio?
I have a old car so im tryin to pimp it out w/ some subs.What kind should i get?do i need a new stereo system?
What equalizer setting give you the best quality of bass in a car?
I need help plz....?
How can I play my ipod nano (6th gen) through car stereo?
durabrand,metra or road master?
I want to hook my Ipod up through my car audio system. My truck is a 2000 dodge ram 1500 with a casette.?
What does subwoofer preamp output means?
which sub should i get?
sirius radio?
would it be good to replace my 6x9 speakers with 63/4 speakers?
2 15's kicker comps subs w/box what is a good amp for that and around $150 ?
Why won`t my car stereo come on?
Amps supported by pioneer deh-1300mp?
What are top Amplifier brands that arent that exspensive?
CAR CD PLAYER over heating , why?
car CD player volume help?
I have a hifonics tx1005d amp and i was wanting to know how to wire it for a 4 ohm sub?
How much is an average subwoofer set up (car)?
is the brutus 1700.1d ok to use with a stock 100 amp alt.?
Do I pay for the Brand or quality whe I buy a stereo from a well-knonwn brand ?
Why does my alpine cdplayer9856 turn off everytime i try to turn up the volume past 18?
2000 eclipse need master code for infinity radio?
mtx TE601D?
Which would u recommend to be the best door speakers for my truck?
whats a good loud bass system for under $600?
Is there a Car FM Antenna booster?
what does RMS have to do with? SQL? BASS?
How to hook up a car sterio in house?
Which car speaker is the best?
How to connect 4 subs to one amp?
What kind of gauge wire would I need?
what type of battery would be good to run 4 amplifiers eqauling over7000watts?
New issue on tuning amp?
is this a good subwoofer?
can you get a stereo you can connect your mp3 to listen to it outloud in a car?
Problem with bass on my 6"9 speakers?
What is wrong with my cd player?
i hav a cd player in my car i dono how 2 connect it 2 my mp3 player?
If my amp has water damage?
Where to get 1996 Nissan Maxima radio buttons?
Pioneer DEH-11 wiring help?
what colors are the accessory and battery wires for a 1990 Toyota corolla radio?
How easy is it to install new speakers...?
i have two subs and i cant hook them both up because my car goes it because?
amp. 4 ch / 4 set of spkr in paralell conection to get a 2 ohms load, it is posible?
What would be a good deck?
MTX Thunder 421D amp started smoking?
whats the best RE audio sub/Fi audio sub?
What are some good rap songs that bump with subs?
can i hook 2 10" subs and 2 6x9 rear speakers up to a multi channel amp?
I need a wall plug adapter that plugs into car lighter?
how would i tune my ZX 1000.1 amp for my kicker L7 12'?
If I'm getting one 12" kicker cvr and an amp kit true to gauge what gauge do I need?
subwoofer and amp help please!?
Who likes good quality sound?
What's the best amp I should get for my 1 alpine 15' type r 4ohm?
Car with NO cd player?
Who can help me with operating instructions for a Clarion ARX 9170 car stereo?
Exactly how does under powering a sub cause damage?
Whats the best mp3 cassette adapter out there?
What size are the rear speakers in a 1994 Honda Accord LX?
2 12inch subs vs. 1 15inch sub?
CD Stakers?
I bought a kenwood screen, KVT-9100VD touch screen, from this guy at a fleamarket. Need password.?
What should i do with my system?
i have a 15 inch L7 kicker 1000 watts rms 2000 watts peak wat kind of amp should i get for it?
Speakers cut out after heavy bass?
Code for radio 4000 rds m365722 please?
How is a car made?
Can you put this amp on these subs?
price of installing a sub in my car?
Getting the right wiring harness.?
How to hook this subs up?
The Keycode for my Ford Fiesta stereo?
Can I put a normal car radio in a 1965 mustang?
Best mono amp for my 2 12 inch dvc 4 ohm sub ?
what amp should i get for my subs?
brand new subs wont turn on?
What kind of amp for 3-sub setup??
Can I install a Legact car amplifirelow input to highoutput car stereo?
the most output?
After market radio problem need help?
How to Wire an LED into my Car?
Where can I find the original stereo for my car?
best in dash nav with voice control?
what does this mean 2 u ?
Amp Power Protection?
Rockford Fosgate or kicker?
How do i know if my subwoofer is working?
how do i fix my car adaptor outlet when there is something stuck in it?
System setup help (box and amp); kicker l5 15 inch dual 2 oohm voice coils.?
if u had a chance to win an electric car to to help the ozone or win a gas burning car wat would u pick?
I need a shift boot and stick, cd player installed, lights fixed, and cup holder and center console fixed. ?
if a stereo head unit gives out 340 watts, does that mean it can support up to 340 watts of speakers?
What Audio rates the best??
Can playing a car radio very loud while driving cause a permanent loss of some hearing?
When you add a 4 channel amp to a speaker system, is the head unit wattage included in the power that is sent?
I have a grand prix, and I am looking for a new stereo.?
Pioneer avh p1400dvd Stereo Back diagram?
What size power wire should i use for a cobalt 800.1?
I need a good or very decent amp names.?
Car amplifier help please?
Know anything about aftermarket CD changers--specifically, removing them?
Where can I get the all the wires needed for a custom Kicker 10" sub?
What do you guys honestly think of a Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200 amp with 2 12" Alpine Type-R SWR-1243D?
Best GPS around 200 dollars?
I have a Kenwood Amp. How can I..?
Can i use my DAB radio in the car?
Problem! Help me... Car Audio.?
can you install a gps system to a car console?
What is best Car audio system for Indica?
What type of batery do I need for this amp?
My JVC radio won't keep it's memory in my 2002 Ford Explorer?
How to use a FM transmitter?
your thoughts and opinions on blaupunkt subwoofers?
what brand of cd players do you think is the best for around $250?
What amplifier to get?
If i use a mono block amp to power two subs, will the rms be divided by two?
Fusion re-am45020 and sub. power lights on bt no sound :-(?
What kind of amp should i get for 2 12" subs???
2003 Radio swap (stock to JVC)?
where is the CD changer located in a 98 Taurus just bought the car it says CD on the in dash radio .?
Subwoffer wiring OHMS?
Amp and woofer brands?
How would I wire my 6x9 speakers to amp? with a sub. details within.?
Cassette adapter will not make sound?
i have an amp and a 12' sub n i want to hook it up.. i have all tha wires n everything but it has a stock deck
isn't it so anoying how radio stations like 97.9 or 102.9 or 107.5 play the same songs over and over again?
I have two twelve inch kenwood KFC-W3013PS subs and a 1800 watt kenwood KAC-9105D amp, best way to tune amp?
Sound shuts off when turned up and when subs hit. Help?
What's the best company for subwoofers?
what kind of amp should i use for 2 alpine type r 12"?
i need code for my radio Model Number # 39100-s01-a300 Reference Number # cq-jh5815zc Serial # m98n314456?
Can I install a second subwoofer and amp in my car if I already have one set?
Whats a good starting subwoofer system for my car.?
Which amp is better a rockford fosgate R300-4 orplanet audio AC2400.4?
Other than the common Alpine & Kenwood what is another good brand of cd player to put in my truck?
rockford P1 or kicker comp 12"?
on my sub my red light is on how can i fix it?
Prevent new audio system from draining battery?
Code to Ford Car Radio 6006E lost!!?
do i really need a amp with subs?
where can i get cheap subwoofers and cd players?
why do my subs only work sometimes?
Whats the best GPS system i can get for my car for the cheapest price?
What amp do i need for my car?
What does 'DAB ready' mean when describing a car radio unit? Does this mean it will receive DAB radio?
i need to fit a car stereo to my Escort. is it easy to do myself? how?
How to fix my car stereo?
Can anyone tell me if these brand are any good for amps?
Does the Mazda RX-8 have RCA pre-outs on the back of the factory head unit?
car head unit only plays static new antenna?
My car is non AC. now i want to install AC. can it is possible?
why my new pioneer stereo wont work?
Could you tell me where the mixture adjusting screw is on a 85 spectrum carburetor?
Is there a way to listen to the music on my phone from my car stereo?
An amp that's 1000watts at 4ohm?
I need to know why my subs hit when the deck is on 0 and the car is running?
Audio system bridged wire?
upgrading inline fuse to anl? this a good idea?
Can I connect my iPod to my Ford Fiesta (2003) radio 4500?
do the cd players in new cars play copied cds?
2003 Chrysler Town & Country Radio Question?
What Amp Should I Get to Power 2 12" Subs?
Why are my car speakers cutting out when I turn the volume up?
Are my leds burnt out?
Cheap v Expensive Car Audio? Any difference?
What subs should I get?
Can I swap my standard fiesta speakers with better aftermarket speakers?
i have a pioneer 820 amp with a 800 w jbl 12" in a factory jbl box and my amp is over heating?
Factory refurb garmin question?
3 Channel Amp Set up?
What kind of audio system should I buy for my car?
installation fee for an in dash navigation?
hard rock PW-860 is it good amp? PLEASE need advice...?
I have to match polarity when installing an alarm?
Hz to tune my ported box to, also too many watts RMS?
What kind of car audio amp do I need for my subs?
What are some good car speakers?
What's going on with my amp?
what is the easiest way of removing paint off a chrome piece of an amp?
My car stereo doesn't work...?
I bought a new battery and I noticed that the cca was 700 and the original batt was 710 will this make a diff?
How to hook up my aux cable for ipod to my JVC KD-S33?
When you pay a repair shop a recyling fee or epa fee, who gets the money ultimatly?
how do i start my dads car without hes keys? ps: help me!!!!?
capacitor is not charging?
Are adrenaline subs good?
What is the best amp for L5?
i need the code for ford 6000cd radio serial number m004439 if someone can help please?
Best way to hook up my subwoofers?
Stereo not working help!?
what is are the power and ground wires on a ford radio.?
what are some good car audio web sites to buy from?
does anyone have a wiring diagram for a pioneer DEH-425? the wires are different colors than the harness.?
speaker set up?
What speakers to get Earthquake or JBL?
Only 2 or 3 percent of the signal given to a woofer is converted into sound?
What is the difference between 8 amp and 2 amp when using a 12 volt battery charger?
Car subwoofers how do I know what is good?
whats the best equipment to put into my camaro to make it sound louder??
2006 Jetta 2.5 with Speaker Issues?
3,000 watt rms subwoofer amp.?
Amp for 4- 6X8 door speakers?
whats the best subwoofer box for a suburban?
What all do I need for subs in my car?
best bang for buck subs?
Exactly what pioneer amplifier do i need for 2 TS-W308D4 Pioneer Subs?
What are the benefits of a bandpass box?
If you have your car half on and you put the volume up, does it waste more battery??
Can I use 8 Gauge Oxygen Free Copper wiring in place of 4 Gauge?
What are some threatening words over the phone. Please read on...?
Have a 1989 S-10 Blazer and radio/cigarette lighter stopped working....?
what is the best subwoofer brand out there to buy (cheap) if posable?
Ford speakers size?
sound stream amp installation problem?
wiring diagram for 1985 ford escort stereoradio?
i have a CLARION VRX755VD tv. i installed it to be able to watch movies while i drive but it makes my car die?
is the quality of bass different if you just have a box in your truck?
where can i find schamatics for car power amplifiers?
what amp fits these subs?
Car amp and sub help please.?
Good subwoofers to buy.?
getting new car speakers?
The best way to hook up my subs.?
how can i define cylinder capacity of a motor engine?
can i hook two amps upto a single speaker?
Obsidian Audio VS. Orion Audio?
2ch stereo unit to 4ch amp?
What can I do to stop my lights from dimming in my car every time my subs kick?
Fosgate 12" sub or Kenwood 12" sub?
Head unit cuts out at higher volumes?
Do i need a capacitor and what is it for?
Car sound system?
What kind of amp do i get?
Looking for a car stereo...?
What's the best place to put a sub in my trunk?
Help! Why does my Car radio makes a whining sound?
What is a cost of a 2nd hand 12" woofer of good make with a good ammplifier and where can i buy one?
I have 4 subs in a box wired for 1 amp each and low car battery what now?
kim basinger?
Do I need a amp for car speakers?
How to install tweeters in my stratus 2003?
How do you remove the dash to replace your stereo in a 2003 Honda Accord EX Coupe?
amplifier problem please help ?
car won't start after using stereo?
Solid audio f 41 amp specs?
What kind of amplifier should I get for my cars sound system?
i need a wireing diagram for a 94 camaro stock radio?
HELP: Is this fixable?
is it okay to have subwoofers with a 1100 Watt max but have a 2000 Watt max Amplifier?
Monsoon amp problem....?
What can I use in place of a remote wire?
Will this Amp wire kit work well with my car amp?
I need a cd system put in my 1997 maxima. Is it easy to put a system in your own car?
What is the rms on my memphis 10" subs at 500 watts max?
Will Bigger amp kit wires make my subs louder????
I have 01 ford expedition stereo has no bass output and rear sub doesnt work is there mayb fuse blown?
what is the sound quality on casseste adapters for cars?
Car AUDIO?????????????????
Car audio (amp + speakers)?
im getting a E1011 - eonon dvd player for my truck are there any other materials i need to install it other th?
What is Rajender Pandey?
are people accepted to use used police cars with the lights and siren on them?
looking to upgrade to 12" subs?
Why can't my XM satelite find stations ?
Can dynamat be intalled over the liner in the top of a trunk?
What is the best device to use to keep my headlights from dimming when the bass hits?
How do i install New Speakers into a 2004 Ford Escape?
where can i find custom dash molding for a 2002 ford escort four door?
My speakers are turned on but no sound.?
How wire my subs for the most power?
How many capacitors do i need for a 1250 watt amp?(2)?
how can i become a wholesaler for jense or get their products at wholesale?
If i currently have XM Radio in my car, can i switch to Sirius?
RF P3-2x12 and BRZ1200.1 sub system setup help!!?
Polk Audio dB1212 problem?
which color is best in alto k10?
uninstalling a radio well an aftermarket cd/mp3 player panasonic deck?
How to install a cd player in a 2003 Kia Optima SE?
How could I keep the Radio in my truck from losing it's memory?
Will a deck make a difference in how hard my subs hit?
If the logo in the center of a kickers subwoofer is oval instead of square, does that mean its fake?
cars rear speakers in g6?
will it affect my onstar system if i remove the factory radio off my 2007 chevy tahoe? help help help?
Why when I turn up my car audio system it cuts out when the bass hits hard?
pioneer avh-p2400bt headunit?
DB level????????????????
What do I use to connect the Alpine CDA-7892 to the ipod?
Car tape deck/iPod cassette adapter problem?
Amplifier wiring question.?
well my stereo in my 76 monte carlo keeps turning off when i drive my car.i wanna know if anyone know why?
My ford KA?
what type of box should i use for my 2 12" subwoofers?
Sony xplod sub and amp?
What do i do to make my Line 6 Spider IV 30 amp sound like an organ?
is there any other way to make make my trunk not rattle without dynamat?
Power Acoustik 1.2-Farad Capacitor?
Subwoofer help. I don't know which one of these to choose?
WILL TWO AUDIOBAHN AW1251T 12" SUBS be better in a bandpass or a sealed box. im putting it in a 97 malibu
i got a gm delco radio 6 disk indash from a tahoe i think an 04 put it into my g/f's chevy venture van 01?
I have an Audioline graphic equalizer, how do I wire it up in my car?
I bought a aftermarket stereo. now what? help?
What Are The Best Subs for My Truck!!!?
Car audio subwoofer question?
Car Music really need help?
Does God starts humming when she forgats the words of the song she sings in the kitchen?
will this sub and amp work?
Good electrical for 2200 RMS @ 1 ohm. ?
Wanna put a CB in my truck and I wanted to know if I could use CD Antenna for "radio"?
hey guys what amp wiring kit should i get for these 2 subs and amp? i need a 4 gauge?
i have a kia spectra and a friends sellin me a subwoofer i need advice on what head unit to get and so forth?
what wire should i use?
new sub with same amp making headlight dim?
i need help guys~!!!!!?
Does this radio have a subwoofer output?
How do you put in two 12" sub-woofers in a pickup truck and what other equipment do you need>?
Driving two different size subs from the same amp?
Where to get a new CD player for a 94 Accord?
i have a 1 12 in compvx kicker sub. What is the best kind of amp?
is there anything such a a remote kill switch for a vehicle? if so where do i get one?
86 Toyota tercel rear speakers?
Which set of subs+amp?
What would be a ideal amp for this sub, please help. ?
Where is the factory installed subwoofer in the 06 Dodge Charger?
does this amp go good with these subs.?
What cars have stock 6.5 inch bose speakers?
2001 ford mustang gt?
My subs wont play the higher frequencies?
where can i get a cheap under backseat sub enclosure for a 95 chevy extcab?
Subwoofer Amplifiers?
If an amp says its 2 ohm or 1 ohm stable does that mean you cant use 4ohm subs?
Should my subwoofer be wired too 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
Car sound system beginner?
Which of these amps would be adequate for these component and coaxial speakers?
How do I take the door panel off of a 98 Ford Ranger?
Sony head unit displaying offset ?
how can i play my car sound system with the car off and parked?
How much will my sound improve?
Acura mdx 2001 stereo?
Help needed with clarion radio code?
2 12s????????
I have 2 12" Rockford fosgate p1s. They are 4 ohm single voice coil subs and bridged I'm looking at getting a ?