Car Audio

which car stereo would you think is better?
are DUAL subs any good?
Running two dual 4 ohm and one dual 2 ohm subwoofer's together: smart?
what does it mean to have a subwoofer broken in?
has anyone out there ever seen a 45rpm record player in a car?
i have four rockford fosgate P2's with a bd1000 amp what should i do to beat louder?
1998 Stock Theftlock Radio?
what does this wire do 4 my amp?
i blew out a sub in my car and need to replace them pick me out some good quality subs?
Which component is not part of the chassis system?
Some subwoofers and componet speakers.?
my speakers overpower subs?
i need a 2 channel 2000 watt amp an advice?
I have two Pioneer TS-W310D4 subs 4 ohm?
Help with lights dimming?
anyone know what this is?
What is the diagram for a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee stereo system?
I just hookep up 2 15" subs and an amp, it was working fine for 20 mins then the deck and subs just stopped
do you necessarily need a box to install subs in a car?
connecting car sub led switch?
Do I need an amp for my car radio?
i wanna bump music in my car loud as ****?
(Simple) car subwoofer amp question!?
Would I be overpowering my subs?
Help! I want really loud mid and low sound in my car!?
E99 message when choosing CD on my Kenwood car stereo?
what is everybodys opinion on jl audio subs?
Which subwoofer is better, a JL 12W7 or a Ascendant Audio Havoc 12?
what can u wrap around stereo and connections to block noise?
Question about my Kenwood 1000watt amp?
kicker zx1000.1 vs alpine mrp-m1000?
How much Cash is needed to have an amazing car audio system?
is a one channel 800 watt amp practical to hook up with a 4-ohm 1000 peak 300 w rms subwoofer?
Can you put two subs that have a peek of 1000W on a 1200W amp?
Civic Si After market Audio!!?
would this be a good system?
Why is it that you can hear the radio halfway into a tunnel, but it doesn't come back until you are out?
Does electrical tape work on all electrical wires?
what amp should i get for dual Kicker L5 12" speakers 1200w at 600rms?
Powering car subwoofer system?
How do I power a car amp via mains electric?
Car amplifier sparked/short circuit. fuse is not blown but the speakers stopped working. help me please!:(?
best way to boost bass on car audio?
what is the biggest sub woofers i can get. i want 2 12inch sub woofers?
12" kicker solo x size specs?
I need replace the speakers in my car and all I want is something basic?
Would this be a decent setup for it not being expensive?
Need help with sub box? 4th re post, PLEASE ANSWER.?
does anyone know the radio wiring diagram for an eagle talon?
help me connect my stereo please?
subwoofer and amp problems?
how i Will cheek the color code capacitor by multimeter?
Are the new Jensen CD players reliable?
Which subwoofer should i get?
Why isn't my subwoofer working properly?
is a 1600 watt amp too powerful for two 12 inch polk audio subs?
big audio in a very small truck?
What cd players would fit a chevy cavalier?
Why are there max watts and RMS watts?
Why can cause my amp to go into Protect Mode after playing the bass really loud for a minute or two?
Where can i find a system for my ford ranger 98 extended cab?
My fuses keep blowing on my amp?
i have decided to buy a car mp3 for my santro. but confusion, which is better, whether SONY or PIONEER?
Can you fix a blown sub?
Guitar Amp Questions...Marshall? Line 6?
Are holes in my sub box bad for it?
Does anyone know how to wire an amp and crossover to a car stereo system?
i have a blackmore dvd player 4 my car i get picture but no sound. what could be my problem.?
what size amp do i need to push my two 12 inch kenwood subs?
Where do I find a radio wiring schematic to a 1990 ford ranger?
where does the memory wire from my vr3 cd player go?
Will a Pioneer AVH-P4300 DVD fit 2003 Tahoe?
Alphasonik Mayhem 15's and ported box?
2 15's kicker comps subs w/box what is a good amp for that ?
how do i put a stereo in my 1996 buick le sabre?
what subs and amp should i get?
Is this Sound System NIce and poweful and a good deal?
how to play in orderly from FM modulator , which I got for my car.?
Best Buy quality vs Walmart quality?
can any 1 help me out?
Wiring a mono block amp to two subs?
Does a Sony CD changer (model cdx-t69, or cdx-616) work with a Becker 2330 cassette player?
Will my subwoofers blow?
building a fiberglass sub box. how to mount woofer rings?
I want to put subs in my car?
What is the REM connection on my subwoofer amp, and what do i attach it to on my car?
Which Subs would be louder?
how long would it take the people to put n a new stero in my car and do i need to leave it overnight?
how can i power my laptop of 14volts by using a ciggarette lighter on a car which is 12volts?
Does the 2006 Honda civic have RCA jacks in the back of the CD player if so how do you get to them.?
I need a keycode for my 05 ford focus radio, the serial no is m149050 thanx?
What you think of my setup need help?
i want to e mail phillips direct about my car sterio but i cant find there e mail address?
How do i turn on the subwoofer output for a sony CDX-GT330?
What is the best brand for subs?
Radio code for vwz1z2c6851170?
Wiring Diargam?
is there a subwoofer that can do 1500 RMS watts if so what is it?
Are these subs any good?
if an amp is stable at 2 ohms does that mean each channel?
Will a 1000w @ 2 ohms amp power a 500rms @ 4 ohms sub?
where is the sat nav unit on a toyota yaris?
Do i need a capacitor for this setup or will i be good without it?
Need Help With Getting a Sound System?
My car is having a hard time starting. it makes a ticking noise, the radio comes on but it won't start for at ?
I have 2 pioneer ts-w303r 4 ohms with a kenwood 1000 watt max amp?
connecting subwoofers in series?
PDX 1.600 With A Pair Of Kicker COMPVR?
What should i do with $200?
I have two pioneer champion pro?
CB radio power source?
is kenwood navigation system good?
I have a 1997 grand prix with a factory radio....2 12'' sony xplod 600 watts rms subs, w/knwd 1700 9102d amp?
Which sub should i buy? Rockford p3's or Pioneer champion series pro?
What kind of sub box do I want?
what is a good gift idea for my 1 year wedding anniversary for my wife i heard it has to be paper? is that it?
Civic Si After market Audio!!?
Aftermarket Amp and subwoofer to my 2000 ford mustang that already has a stock amp?
What's a good car stero?
my speakers on driver side stop working then start again later?
Can you bridge a monoblock amp?
is the red cable for on a stereo harness?
What a good name brand speaker?
Which radio would be better to buy for my car?
Nitro 1200 watt BMWx 484 2 CH, will this blow up my speakers?
So im confused about subs and amps HELP ME PLEASE?
Do car subwoofers and amps get messed up in the winter? PLEASE HELP!?
anyone who's familiar with Digital Designs?
What is the best amp to have with two kicker cvr's 15" ?
How should I go about reducing trunk rattles?
1000 Watt Amp 300 Watt Sub?
What does a subwoofer box do?
gmc sfari/chevy astro firewall wiring help!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this a good amp/subs system?
Subwoofer question... need some help?
Can a Sirius FM modulator direct connector work with and Ipod? ?
My amp keeps going into protect mode?
Cotton on the outside of a speakerbox?
why do red cars fade to pink and all others hardly fade at all?
4 channel amp isnt working right?
Car Audio Question- Subwoofer and Amp?
Kicker square subwoofers?
Will I have to do anything to my back window to make sure it doens't break when i turn my system up?
how can i bypass the e brake in a 97' honda accord?
Suitable amp for Pioneer TS-W3002D2 Champion Series Pro 3500 Watts 12" 1000 Watts RMS?
I cant get my centre and behind speakers to work on my 5:1 speakers for my pc???
Am I doing this wiring, right?
i have a 99 chrysler sebring,where is the fuel pump/filter?
saab 95 2004 satellite navigation system?
what capacitor would you recommend for me?
my amp won't turn on?
how to get my car tunk from radiling from my car system?
Which is a better in dash DVD/cd player?
4 ohm subs, 4 ohm amp (Bridged), single cup terminal on box?
is it okay to start a car while radio is running..?
does a stock stereo in a 2002 ford taurus have aux inputs?
How much for Satellite radio dealer installed in dash 2006 jeep liberty?
Ineed some Car help.!?
dual voice coil subs wiring question?
Buying Subwoofers. i need to know alot.?
How big of amp for my subs?
How can i get both my subs working?
What is the biggest subwoofer and how much are they?
Car amp goin into protect?
How do I remove the continuous humming in my car radio?
MTX amp sparking??? blown fuses idk whats wrong plz help!?
a cd player regularly sells for $90. it is on sale for 30% off.what is the sale price of the cd player?
What are some good car audio team names?
Best Sub-Woofers on the market?
My 94 Miata has a 6 cd changer, which works sometime and sometimes it doesn't what could be the problem?
need help hooking up a amp?
How to hook mono amp to 2 12s?
i have a honda civic coupe and wass wondering about subs. should i go, 1 12, 2 10's or 2 12's or 1 15?
What is a BOSE? Please help!!?
i havea 2003 f-150 stuckinpark howdo i get it out?
Should my amp have more watts than my speakers, or other way around?
whats a good loud bass system for under $600?
what do i need for a car stereo system?
CD R playable in a car cd player?
What Subs? Two L7 15"'s, or one 12W7?
where is my radio fuse?
Where do I find a installation kit for my dodge d150 if my new stereo doesnt have a sleeve?
How do you install an amp and sub to the factory stereo in a 2009 Ford Focus?
Wharfedale ICS171 problem with CD drive.?
Will a 1 farad capacitor be capable of managing two powerbass 12 subs, with a 3000w amp?
Is there a Minijack Audio Input on a 2000 MBZ E320?
How Do You Remove A Stuck Cd From Car Radio?
Will my subs break out my back window?
Building audio speakers?
Would a 500 watt JL audio mono block amp run 2 12inch rockford Fosgate Subwoofers rated 400 to 800rms per sub?
Is there a way I can get my car cd player to recognise and play recorded cds?
If i'm running 2500 watts rms, specifically what battery and amp alt is recommended?
2001 ford ranger questions?
recommended amp and wattage for alpine r 12"?
what causes a amp to kill battery while it is off?
why is my amp dieing if i turn the sound too high?
Were their any accidents on the 57 freeway this morning headed toward Disneyland?
my Amplifier is in protection mode wile my sub is making a continuous pulsing like bump?
Could it be a blown fuse?
Why does my subwoofer cut out when I play songs with heavy bass?
car audio experts help me please?
is there such a thing as neon lights (interior of the car) that go to the beat or bass line of your music?
Whats the Ohm factor in speaker specs. What do they refer to and how do they contribute to performance?
what is a venturi port for car audio enclosures??
I'm wanting the baddest system I can put in my 07 classic ext. Cab. Suggestions? Expert only please!?
weird question about my RE XXX 15 inch?
I own a chrysler 2001 town & country LXi. I changed my car battery and my stereo will not work?
What size Subwoffers whould be better?
How do sounds sound like when nobody's around to hear them?
what kind of carpet should i use for subwoofer boxes?
What is an MP3 "sound sytem" in a car?
I am looking for a 2 button "remote entry transmitter" . Can anyone assist?
How far will a sandwich take me when used as an automobile?
Best Car Audio for my Maruti 800 car?
people with nice who have subs in your vehicle, help!?
Should i get a capacitor?
I bought 2 amps already $250 each n dey all go into protection mode i hate it i have my subs at 1 ohm my amp ?
How do I repair a ford radio display that is blank?
How many miles does an automobile have to have in order for it to qualify as used?
Pioneer Car Stereo Help!?
What is the best Audio car cable that will connect to my iPhone 4?
How to change a cd player on Honda Accord?
How do I get my factory radio out of my car with no damage to the dash?
do you think that about 200 years will exsist flying cars?
do the cd players in new cars play copied cds?
DC Audios Subwoofers?
What size speakers fit in a 2000 honda accord?
Can I connect a portable dvd player to my van's built-in player?
Is it possible to hook up sub woofers in a 2001 Monte Carlo SS with a stock head unit?
How can i remove my blaupunkt cassete stereo from my car?
JBL Amp Protect Mode Help (car audio)?
Why you don't normally see a brown car?
Ideas for an upcoming SPL build? ?
Kicker zx750.1 or Hifonics Hifi1000.1?
I have a new car its a diahatsu Sirion gtvi and I took my battery how do I get my code?
if the stereo wires dosen;t have a illumination wire but the wire harness dose which one do you attch it to.?
Do you like my subwoofers?
In a 1960 DeSoto Adventurer can you change out the radio for a modern one?
Are DB Drive Subwoofers Any Good?
is it safe to underpower subwoofers?
Can a on a cvx 15" be fixed?
i have a 15 inch L7 kicker 1000 watts rms 2000 watts peak wat kind of amp should i get for it?
how do i find my 1st question to see if it is still there?
Best sub out of these for under $$?
new car cd player- where do I download pictures/movies??
is this a good deal on 0 gauge wire and capacitor?
removing car stereo and it need a special tool to slide it out....any other solution than the tool?
I just bought a 12 inch jbl bazooka, what is the best direction to install it?
wat kinda hooptie u be rollin in dese dayz? did u be pimpin dat ryde likes a rill bonethugg shood?
need ford fiesta radio code. Serial no is M208621?
how do you take the factory radio out of a rover75?
Hi sparky3489, I have a question for you. I want to know if this is a good setup. The details are below.?
stereo system problem please help!?
What kind of amp should I get?
Why does my amp only sometimes go into protect mode?
i need an item that i can put in my husband's car to spy?
Can the zx1500 kicker amp push 6 12 subs ?
would this be a good system?
what cd dvd player mounts flush in a double din dash?
My dad disabled the speakers in my car. How do I reverse this?
I had a dvd and speakers installed in a 07 charger.?
Cassette player will not eject?
can you use polyester for in your sub box?
2 4ohm svc subs into a 2ohm monoblock?
What are the best name brands for car radios and subs?
hey I need help on trying to make my car sound much better.?
1999 mitsubishi help?
What are the best low cost mids for a car stereo?
Is life a potroast beset on either side by wilted veg and rancid yam?
How to upgrade Radio System in a car?
i changed my battery in my honda crv - now the clock/radio says CODE - where do i get the code to reset it ?
Subwoofer enclosure question?
Can you install a stereo in a Civic Hybrid?
Where can I purchase cruise control for my 2006 susuki forenza. I'll install it, but can't seem to find where
Will this amp work for this sub?
Alpine type x or kicker cvx?
how do i find channel o on my satellite radio?
Need a good match with my RE SE 12's?
Whats the difference between round ports and square ports for subwoofers?
2 Kicker L7's or 1 fi BTL 15"?
i want to put 2 Power Acoustik 12' 2400w in my 2001 mercury cougar......what electrical parts do i need?
How do i hook up two 12 inch sub and a 15 inch sub to 1200 watt sony explod amp?
Car speakers in the cold?
I am considering buying a sony cdxgt100 with aux input on tront, can i connect my sony mp3 player through it?
my car speakers arent working?
Are all sat navs and car Cd players, compatible with all cars?
what is the diffrence between 2 olm and 4 olm?
my amp turns on but i don't think it's not enough power going to it to do anything?
Is the resistor for capacitor charging the little lightbuld included with the capacitor?
I got questions about my sound system?
2011 Ford Escape Radio Wiring?
which ones are better from walmart,lightning audio sony xplod or pioneer?
how to in put radio code in a vaxhall corsa car?
Can i wire my sub to 2 Ohms?
Does Sony make a good car stereo?
Best Car Audio for my Maruti 800 car?
Should I use my 1 farad cap?
My clock light turns off when i turn on the head lights, could this be due to my subwoofer?
Need help with my samsung galaxy s2. Not producing sound in left speaker when plugging into car stereo?
10- meter Radio and CB radios?
does anyone have 2 subwoofers in a chevy s10 standard cab?
subwoofers vs. speakers?
How can i make Bass be hurd outside my car?
Number of fuses on an amp?
what kind of amp do i need to run a Alpine type S?
okay so someone tell me what i need? and know what ur talking about pls?
what good does a crossover do?
What kind of car audio should i go with?
which head unit would be best?
Is this car speaker system good?
alpine type r 12' vs rockford fosgate p3 12'?
ford 2006 Rd's radio?
Sub Woofer Questions About Reviews?
battery went dead in car now cant find radio code?
2000 Dodge Neon-I would like to put a factory CD player in this car but I am not sure which radios will fit.?
How many farads and how many capacitors do I need for my system?
whats a good cheap beginer sub?
Will uk cd players work in american cars?
Should i go for Polk Audio DB651 speakers, or Pioneer TS-D602P?
wiring harness for a pioneer deh-2400?
hi, I just bought a ford mondeo and need the radio code, its a 6000cd rds eon serial No m467757, help anyone?
Need help finding subwoofers for my truck?
How can i make my car amp power cables longer?
I have a stock system on my accord. I mainly want to add some bass without spending too much.?
I need a wiring diagram from the old harness to new radio harness the wire colors are different can someone he?
Does using an aftermarket car stereo and speakers affect your fuel consumption if so by roughly how much?
I need a website for a stero manual. eclipse esn 56050.?
i put a new radio in my 05 chevy silverado and three days later my speedometer reads wrong, is it the radio?
I just installed a sony cdx-gt510 in my car.?
are in dash dvd players illegal?
how do i modify my "MTX 1501D" amp to 1omh?
how do I get rid of the annoying ling sound in my speakers in my car?
Possible short in car stereo? Help!?
Where can I find a stereo wiring diagram for a 2000 Nissan Altima GXE?
is it possible to hook up one of those xm radios?
Witch brand is better in car audio?
How do I instal a amp and or sub in my 2003 chevy avalanche ?
would a alpine type x sound awesome in a tubed enclousher?
I have a chevy tahoe are 2 12's kicker CvR be enough to hit hard?
How to fix/replace factory audio wiring?
What is better one 15'' or two 12'' subwoofers?
is there a code for the navigation system to use while your driving?
How to access the trunk of a convertible from inside the car?
Should I get a car audio capacitor?
Does getting getting music in your car kill your batterie?
will a car subwoofer enclosure work in a house?
Subwoofer and amp work together good?
What is the best pair of component speakers for a 2000 jetta?
How do I hook up one DVC (2x4ohm) sub to a mono amp?
Would a 1-DIN or 2-DIN Car Audio fit in my 2011 hyundai accent 4dr sedan?
How to connect my Sony CDX-GT620U unit in my home using a 12V 12amp power supply.?
How do I unlock the theftlock for my radio in my 2010 Chevy Cobalt?
I just bought the KENWOOD KFC-W3514DVC and i wanted to know what would be a good amp and deck to run with it?
is 50W (RMS) Total Power Output good for an external speaker?
What kind of amplifier is this?
Amp and woofer brands?
Need help with sound system for a truck?
How do I install subs in my car?
whick is better kenwood or kicker?
i want to now how to make led light (disco light)using car batteries?
How much for a Blaupunkt stereo?
I need speakers for my volkswagen vento.?
need help tuning my subwoofer amp. Cant get real low bass?
How do I find the GPS Coordinates using Google maps for my Satellite Navigation System?
How much does a new 2012 10 inch, type R subwoofer weigh?
what is the wiring diagram for a model CRD-175 Sherwood tape deck?
Which car speakers give you the most bass for under $150?
How do you hook five speakers and one sub-woofer to a 4 channel head unit?
What amp would you recommend?
Regulated DC power supply to power car subwoofers?
Opinions on 2 subwoofer setups?
where could i sell my car speakers to?
What are the best aftermarket speakers for a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
best sound system for a '97 dodge ram 1500? i want a lot of bass...?
Does a subwoofer fit in a Ford Explorer XLT 2003 With the 3rd row seat? please answer fast?
Today the brain for my car alarm will not disarm the car alarm. Can it be deactivated manually? New battery?
How can I install my sub woofers if....?
When i turn volume up speakers go off and subwoofers and amp stay on?
wich is the best woofer for yall??
What is wrong with my truck's subwoofer?
Is this good????
Does have good quality blank decks?
Who makes the best car audio speakers???
How do I remove the speakers in the front doors of my 1997 Camry?
do i need a split loom tubing for a 0 gauge power wire?
Speakers for a Mazda b2300.?
would this amp run these subs??
How do I install component speaker?
How can i hide my aftermarket receiver?
im looking for a live car auction held in Buffalo, NY not done online?
Poll: Have you ever used a cb radio??
Can I connect a MP3 player to an amp and speakers in a car without a radio?
How many watts RMS with a 170AMP alternator?
Pioneer stereo won't power on after jump starting my car ?
Would I be able to sell my head unit on ebay?
how does the rspirtory system work together?
Has anyone installed an aftermarket CD Player into a Hummer H3?
2 gauge vs 0 gauge power wire ?
Adding a second deep cycle battery for car audio system to existing stock battery?
What kind of amp should I get for my 15" solo baric l5 (1500watt)?
trailblazer audio help about hard bass?
what would 2.67ohm be if wired in parallel with another sub being 2.67ohm?
car head units?
how do i connect 2 optima batteries in my car for my sounds?
kenwood sub or kicker comp?
Can the new 2012 Alpine type R's actually handle 1000Rms power?
Should I trade my two 10 inch Vegas for one 15 inch audeobond ??? Both with a 1500 watt amp?
Playing your car audio system with key out of the ignition-will it drain your battery?
do Biggie Smalls be big pimpin in da afturlyfe?
How many watts on a subwoofer sound good?
car radio codes for peugeot 206?
Which method should I use to connect my MP3 player to my car stereo?
Which cars start to break down at 80K miles?
400 watt amp good for a 10" sub?
What brand of amp and subs shoild i get?
is anyone familiar with alpine car audio?
Will a subwoofer have more bass in a smaller box or a bigger box??
how do i free a frozen parking brake cable on a 97 ford escort?
why does my new head unit play the sub when it has the volume turned off.?
What kind of subs should i get?
Putting aftermarket amp in car with an after market one? HELP!?
I have 2 alpine type S 10 inch subs. will a alpine mrp-f250 run them?
why is there no sound coming from the front speakers in my truck?
Can i put a sub in a stock car radio?
2 different pairs of subs + different amps.?
can a 3 year old have nightmares bout something they've been through?
what subwoofer would be louder? kicker solox18 (4) ohm or the (2)ohm and what amp would u recomend for it???
What is the name of the car audio place on beach and heil in huntington beach, ca?
How can I boost my radio signal in my car?
Should I get a ported or a sealed box for my Jeep?
What kind of amp would i need for JBL GTO938?
Problem with rear speakers?
i have 2 10in alpine type r subs, what amp should i get?
Should i have a ported or sealed box in my new car?
Wha is your favorite color?
How do I make a Subwoofer Box for two 12 inc JL Audio W0v2 Subs?
Mondeo 1999 radio wrestling?
how much would it cost to send 2 car speakers to spain?
how would a sound blaster seem in a merc slr??
sub under powered? blown?
why does my stereo not work and windows only roll down when ignition is back?
Does anyone out there know where i can get a car stereo manual on the web? Its a Sony cdx s2000?
what does error 09 mean on a rockford fosgate rfx 8320?
a couple of questions?
How can i test my amp to tell if it is bad?
99 ford superduty radio plugins?
Will my bass system hurt my Cadillac?
How do i set the time on my jvc kd nx5000?
My mazda 6 says ready for Serius satellite radio. Must the dealer install one?
How do you adjust the clock on a Pioneer DEHP4000 in dash car audio player?
Sound setup Mono block or 4channel amp?
What is Satellite Radio?
the radio in my 2001 dodge ram 1500 has stopped working it won't even turn on wut is the problem?
what are some songs that have great bass for subs?
how do you remove the radio from a 97 montero sport?
I want to know what scholl would ofer a course for car audio instalation?
Whats a good amp?
Sub/amp into stock stereo?
Burning cds for car stereo, Help!?
Should the sub face the back seats or the back of the car?
problem with my '95 maxima radio?
Will my car radio fit my new second hand fiesta??
Can i fit alloys to my skoda octy.and specify the best make?
pyle plad413 amp($120) is any good , its steated has 4x200 w rms , i dont belive that.?
my car audio isnt working properly. there is some wire is out from amp its 1 end is connected to GND ?
can you track a navigation system back to you?
what kind of amp and subs should i get.?
my amp is on but no bass is coming out my subs?
Sub and Amp?
Can you install a bluetooth audio system in a 2006 crown victoria police interceptor?
passive equalizer?
Sub to TheGamerMan534?
Subwoofers?!? Help?!?!?
the front speakers and 1 of my back speakers in my 2000 jeep cherokee sport went out how do i fix this?
please suggest me which is a better option fir car speakers-BlaupunktGTX693 or BlaupunktTSX693.?
hi i need the code for 6000rds e-o-n cd player serial number MO82024?
where can i get a web site 4 grand prix aries?
Calling any auto-electricians...?
Survey: What is the best car audio systems?
My amp has power but no sound?
new aftermarket car stereo has no sound..?
I can't sleep at nights - too much loud music from car steroes?
Which one amp should I buy?
what is "HS-IV tuner" for in-car radio?
I'm looking into getting 2 Orion HCCA 122 and not sure what amp to get. any suggestions?
the better amp autotek m4000.1 or the hifonics brz 1700.1d?
What's a good cheap amp?
What kind of Speaker system can i get with 350 dollars. Anything from a store that bangs???
Best car speaker combo to upgrade my current speaker system?
cd multi player error code?
Does anyone have SoundStream Reference R1 subs?
my sony xplod 1200 watt sub wont work in my truck with any amp any one has ideals pls help?
I have a few questions about car stereo equipment, namely amplifiers. Please see the details.?
Does anyone know where I can get an am/fm/8 track player checked and repaired?
I need wiring help installing a new stereo into my 2000 mazda protege.?
what does it mean when speakers are 3, 4, or 5way? and do i connect them the same way as my 2way speakers are?
99 pathfinder sub box? Can you build one for me?
what does error code 3 mean on a ford cd player?
what is the top 5 brand audio brand to have in your car from listed in order please?
Do you think Circuit City sells the titanium subs made by Eclipse Audio?
radio code for fiesta?
What is wrong with my car sound system?
got new i need to break them in like the guy at the shop said?
what kind of amp?
i have a sub bridging question.?
Which is better Ford or Chevy?
where can i get a colour code for a fiat punto stereo?
On my 97 integra after installing my head unit. Antenna doesnt come out of car now ?
How can I play my IPOD SHUFFLE in my car?
If I pump 500 watts into a speaker with a 1000 watts rms, is that bad?
I Need A Lot Of Hard Hitting Bass Songs? Thanks?
Where can I purchase cruise control for my 2006 susuki forenza. I'll install it, but can't seem to find where
I want to hook up subwoofers to my 05 Nissan Sentra Special Edition. What do i have to do?
Whats the difference between a superbass probox and a turbobass probox?
i just bought k7 speekers and i have no idea what they are they have the k7 logo on them and they are 12"?
what could cause a thump and a acceleration whine when i connect my radio to the amp?
what is the best car stereo system for a 2002 jeep cherokee?
What kind of amp should i buy????
Subwoofer speaker wiring?
Will a 960W car amp run ok off 360W power cables?
I have 4 12" kenwood subs in two boxes, can I have them both going in my Escalade?
Are orion subwoofers the best ?
I Just bout a car and was wondering how to tell if you have aftermarket speakers?
C B radio Would I get any fun or help from having one?
What amp will I need to power my new car audio system?
Installing 10s in my back doors?
Speakers wired in series? not parallel?
How do I disconnect my car stereo?
What's the difference in different size subwoofers? ?
How are sony or alpine subs?
Please help with radio install!?
Good new songs to use with subss in my car!?
How do i get a Factory CD player removed from my '96 Acura Integra?
i need a stereo for my ford fiesta finesse, thats got cd player, and aux insert?
I have a 1998 Mazda with a Bose CD player, the problem is it rejects CD's recorded on a Sony CD recorder.
Door speakers are popping?
how to wire subwoofers inside of box, to terminals, then to amp?
What would you like to ask?why is my car stereo turning on with out the car being on?
what amp should i get for my digital designs 3510 sub?
2011 Ford Escape Subs installation?
What supplies do I need to hook up my sub?
Can I take some home speakers out of their frame and connect them to my car?
What all do I need for my CB?
Is 2 12'' 1300 watt subs w/ 1200 watt power amp and box worth $350?
How to remove a Pioneer DEH-3400 car stereo?
can aportable television work in a car once the anologue signal gets turened off?
what 6x9's would sound better Polk or Infinity?
Car audio compatibility help!?
Are subs affected when tipped sideways?
Help I am having trouble installing my subs?
What is cranking amps.?
Can a 16A 125VAC power switch be powered by a 12V battery?
What are the loudest subs made? I want to use them for street beating and spl. ?
why do republicans always stick up for fetuses?
Every time I connect speakers to my amp, the protected light turns on?
sound system for 2005 kia optima?
I'm trying to fit a new stereo in my car but the ariel connection does not fit, is there an adaptor available?
How to get final desired ohm load?
What's the right way too have my 375watt sub connected too my 450 watt amp?
Hi I have just got a Ford Fiesta and I need the key code for the radio. My serial number is M003545.?
Would you trade a JL W7 12" for an Alpine 15" Type R?
What size amp do I need?
Where could I find a user manual for DEH 505 car stereo?
Harness hook up in my head unit.?
low voltage any time my amp is turned on??
Serious car audio help!!!?
1998 ford expedition cd player wiring?
What kind of speakers should I get?
what does 1000 watt subwoofer sound like vs a 2000 watt subwoofer?
corsa 1.2 sxi just been to collect from garage after getting fixed but now the radio says SAFE?
Honda Antenna Adapter problem...?
alright guys i just bought a sound system for my car and i need help making it work right?
Which first? Stereo, speakers, or sub?
where should i run amp power wire in 1998 ford contour lx?
How to power two 12s and 6x9s in the bed of truck and not drain my battery and have to have my truck on?
does the factory stereo in a 2002 bmw 330i not play burnt CD's?
Removing seat from a '96 Buick Skylark.?
What amp do i need for my subwoofer?
Which are better 10" clarion subs or 10" Infinity subs?
how much would it cost to have a radio installed in a car?
does high test gas give you better performance than regular if your car says use regular?
Ipod Connection in Mazda RX-8?
What amp should I buy for these subs?
What amp do I need for 2 15 in diamond subs?
subs humming when touching rca center post?
Will this amplifier work for my speaker set up?
Kenwood Car Radio Randomly Died?
Ford Puma Millennium speakers?
cd player jumping?
Kenwood amp question?
Where do I hardwire XM radio in 2007 Impala to shut off with car?
my car amplifier ligth comes on and off blinks but no sound to my speakers they just move in and out?
What size amp should i get to power my three 12 inch JL audio W0's?
i have 1 kicker L5 dual 4ohm 15 on a kicker zx750.1 now i smell burning sub?
can i hook up one coil of a dual voice coil 2 ohm sub and get 2 ohm?
when was the first speakers made?
i like to know about te price and the number from middletown pontiac buick gmc?
Best Classic American Muscle Car?
I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. I tried to hook up a new radio. The power came on but no sound. Whats wrong?
How to use ipod in car without car stereo?
Would my amp affect my subs?
will a 200w rms monoblock amp be too powerful for my one 10" 100w rms subwoofer?
Pioneer Car Audio Authorized Distributor in India?
which box for some subs are de best?
Is this subwoofer system any good?
How do I change the BACK speakers in my 2001 Nissan Altima? I cant get the back dash off to expose the spkrs!
Can i put 6x9's in my scion tc? where at?
my subwoofers go off full blast help?
where can i find help on speaker modifications for a1983 Chevy impala?
Mounting speakers in my car?
How much to get car alarm installed?
Difference between 12s and 15s?
what kind of box will give me the best bass for my single 15" L7 kicker?
will a pioneer avic n2 harness fit an avic d3?
Are proboxes any good?
How much can I sell my dual 12" MTX road thunders for?
American/Japanese/German made fire scanner/radio?
Japanese imported 350Z sat nav conversion without buying from Nissan..?
how to connect a power converter to factory radio on a 2002 range rover?
RF:Punch vs Power subs, whats the difference?
How do I know if I'm blasting my stereo too loud?
How do i connect the two screens on a goodmans in car portable dvd player?
can subs handle amp?
every time i start my car my car stereo restarts?
2001 tahoe aftermarket stereo?
descriptions of stereo wire colors in a 1994 toyota corolla?
what would u choose 15inch Treo SSX or KIcker L7?
Is it possible to connect an ipod to the car stereo system without using an fm transmitter?
Need help for a sound system!?
When subs cancel out, does that mean Resonant Frequency is effected?
what is RDS in radio?
Help with buying subwoofers!?
Will these subwoofers work with this amp?
How about runiing my subs in series?
Do I have to buy a HID kit or can I just buy HID bulbs? For 98' Honda Accord?
Will this amp work for this sub?
Can you play a mp3 player through a car stereo?
whats the average cost for a decent car sound system?
I installed 3 kicker cvR subs in car I got a hifonics amp need help with settings for sub sonic and low pass?
My ford focus radio code a mechanic removed the battery and there is no code in the book m040812 help?
04 Ram 1500 stereo upgrade questions?
how do i use my cd changer in my car?
2006 durango speakers?
Is my JBL amplifier suitable for a 12" sub?
Not getting power to my car system amp?
is this sub-woofer combo a good bye for $209.00?
avh p3200dvd red wire?
Car amp, Wattage, 3000 watts @ 1 ohm.?
how would this set up do?
help needed with sub & amp system?
Do i need a bigger cap or extra battery in the trunk?
I have 3 12's in my trunk. I want to know how to not blow the fuse out.?
Will this fit in a ford taurus 03 trunk?
What CD format does this car play?
Where can i find esy financing for custom wheels?
what if no stereo out put?
Amp and subs question....?
How and what would i need to make a radio?
can anyone tell me how to re code my car stereo,battery was unpluged, dont have the code anymore, fiat marea98?
What are some good replacement speakers for a 2001 Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab (sizes and brands)?
My sony xplod amp has power but no output. What is wrong?
Can I hook a black light to my amp?
Can anyone help me find the 4 digit radio unlock code for a '99 daewoo leganza?
99 pathfinder sub box? Can you build one for me?
can u play a cd-r in a car cd player?
what size ported enclosure should i get for my jl audio 12 inch W6?
Can I wrap my car amplifier's cover with carbon fiber or will it overheat?
do all enclosed passive subwoofers come with a low pass filter?
2007 Toyota Camry 6 Disk Cd changer?
does any one know how fast a ferrari fxx i have to do it for a progect?
Which would be better, 4 Cadence CVL8's or 1 Kicker l7 15". Im looking for which one would have the best bass.?
Changing Decks In 2004 Nissan 350z?
does anyone know much about bmw cd changers?
will a kenwood 1500 watt amp blow 2 12" kicker comps?
car subwoofer makes a weird bass sound with no signal cables plugged in.?
amp on protection mode?
What gauge wire is recommended??
Would yo hook up with me if....?
which amp wiring should i get for my new system?
Unlocking Car Radio / Tape player?
do anyone know were to find DISCONTINUED car audio?
Toxic Sub & Kenwood Amp. Is the kit i purchased ok? and will it all work ok without any complications??
Legacy Item # : LA1495 fuse size?
what is the best amplifier for my mids and highs?
can i hook up a rca line converter to my rear speaker wires if i already have a stock amp hooked up?
Installing jvc radio in bug?
subwoofer wiring question. dual 4 ohm subs - 4 channel amp.?
Rover 75 TV/ SatNav 2001-Can I swap system from my saloon (selling) to my Tourer. I understand I may need loom
Is the AM in CB radios still in use.?
can anyone please tell me a link to remove a golf mk4 stereo tape player thanx?
Kicker subwoofer Help!?
What are good brands of 12" subs and amps for my car?
Would it be illegal to make a Decaf Music YouTube channel?
what is the best bass tube for the money?
Which amp would work with this sub?
Orion HCCA 12 with Hifonics Bxi2610d?
What is a good cheap car radio?
What is a good wattage for a car stereo?
I only have one output on my equalizer?
Why do do the L.E.D. colors on my pioneer car radio invert , causing an almost unreadable screen?
listening music / songs keenly during driving can decrease concentration on driving & can be dangerous ?
Will an iPod fm radio transmitter work in my 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid?
Radio code for vauxhall astra CDR 500 GM 330886636?
I just installed a boom box in my car but when i listen to it loud and on high bass my headlights flicker, why
I got 2 12" dual 2 ohm eclipse subs they have a double stalk magnet that is huge how many watt's can they take?
Any Know The Speaker Specs For A Scion XB, The Size Of Them?
Car amplifier for a subwoofer?
Double Bass for metal sounds muffled on car subwoofer.?
Can cold weather my car's speakers, especially if the bass is loud and they haven't had time to warm up?
Best system for 1,000$??? In a big SUV (navigator)?
do i need 2 capacitors for 2 amps?
Car audio amplifier issue?
I would like an opinion.?
Are Pioneer car stereo systems reliable?
2006 chevy malibu help!?
Subwoofer not making any sound?
How do I bypass the factor amp system in a 2005 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V?
Will my Sony CDX-GT360MP work well with these speakers?
Subwoofer comparison?
Changing car cd player!?
Can you use the Jupiter Jack to listen to music from your phone through your car speakers?
I have 2 identical amps. They are 2ohm stable. They are Kenwood Excelon KAC-X301T.?
How will it sound 10w1v2.4 subs?
Will a bass capacitor drain my battery if it's display and LED's stay lit?
I put an aftermarket radio in my 95 nissian pathfinder, and no sound comes out?
i need a code for my ford focus radio plz help.This is my serial number m209613?
How do I burn an mp3 file for car radio?
why does my sub rattle no matter how loud its turned up???
How can I run speaker wires under my dashboard in a 1991 cadillac eldorado.?
Who makes the best subs according to quality of sound?
Question on New 12" Kicker Solo-X ?
New Car Audio System-Help Please?
How can I play my ipod in a car that doesn't have an ipod jack?
RMS Question?
using a 2 channel amp on 4 alpine speakers?
Can I change my XM radio installed in my car to Sirius?
How do I make my subs only play bass?
Should I amplify my car speakers?
Do Optima car batteries go bad?
why does my car amp work fine then stop working?
Where can I get speakers for a 1980 Corvette?
i need a LOC that will work with this...?
do you need a fuse on amplifier remote turn on wire?
My power wire gets hot and Burns at the end?
rockfordfosqate car amplifier?
Installed subwoofers now speakers don't work?
I want to buy a sound system for my car.?
What subwoofer should I get?
i have a mono rockford fosgate amp with 1800 wats max about 700rms and two 12 mtx 5500?
Car Audio Help!!! (System)?
Can I burn movies on a regular CD and Watch them on my car DVD player?
What speaker company makes good car stereo systems?
how do you change out my 2002 monte carlo radio?
How should i set my amplifier?
What's a good Battery Relay for audio?
I can't find the CD changer in my 1999 Mercury Sable, I've looked everywhere in the trunk and dashboard.?
cd got stuck in cars cd player, i got it out but now the cd player keeps making a weird noise, why?
Will changing my alternator steady my battery voltage since it drops from my system?
Music for my subwoofer?
Is it possible to pick up Satellite Radio with a regular car radio ?
Will this AMP be alright to power the Solo-x S18X 18"?
i would like to run 2 battries in my system never done this before.?
2 12" MTX Terminator in a ported box?
How do you route a car PA system through the cig. lighter?
What is causing my cars cigarette lighter to tick?
I need some amp help?
need help with in dash cd player?
Strongest car subwoofer?
So The Only Way my new auxiliary input convrter wrks on my 2006 mustang is if i touch a metal part and my Ipod?
Input sensitivity for amplifiers, amp voltage ratings.?
How much should I sell my 2 12 inch JL 12w1's for with a ported box and a JL 1000 watt amp for?
what is the best Amp to use on two 12'' size speakers??
I need two good sets of component 6.5 speakers that can handle 300w rms per side?
do two 12 inch and two 10 inch subwoofers require 2 amplfiers for good quality?
How would I go about changing a factory dvc to an aftermarket svc subwoofer?
Is this ahold amp for what I have?
what is a DIN when talking car stereos?
Id like to install my subs & amp from my old car to my new '99 mustang GT but it still has the stock radio.?
can i switch my toyta camry 04///// 6disc cd changer and put in my honda accord?
Having issues with sound in car radio.?
I need help with subwoofer lpf setttings?
Desperately need ...?
who is the best web to found unlock and calculator and decoding and uncoding the radio casset and cd of cars?
Is $125 a fair price for 5 year old 12 inch diamond subs in an enclosure?
best in dash nav with voice control?
in a car radio when u first buy it what does the wire colors mean ?
When playing a cassette tape my drivers side door speaker doesn't work!?
can i have two batteries hooked up to one alternator. one for my subs/amp and the other for car stuff?
How do I wire these subwoofers?
I had my car serviced,they disconnected the battery,now my stereo wont work,Needs a code1988 Ford fairmont Wa.
What amp for my 2 10" subs?
2 ohm dual voice coil subwoofer running at 2 ohms?
Installing Car Stereo. Need Help!?
How to find a car electrical short: Car stereo and power windows loose power simultaneously?
Why wont my car read any compact discs?
Will this car stereo fit in my car?
how can i avoid this?
how much (about) does it cost to have a radio installed in a car?
how do save on gas?
Which amp for Rockford Fosgate - Punch 12" Dual-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer?
Where is the Aux port in my expedition 2005 eddie bauer edition.?
I need a diagram for radio wires for a lincoln mark viii?
What is a good amp for my 2 kicker cvr 12"?
2005 saturan ion 1 radio deminsions?
How do I know how much to sell this subwoofer in my car its very expensive system, what do high end ones cost?
Where is the ground cable in a 1997 honda accord?
Will Increasing my subwoofer box size affect the sound?
What gauge for my amp ?
What is the best MSD Ignition for an 1987 S10 Blazer?
Are JL W7s worth it, hairtrick?
What amp should I get for 3 12" JL Audios in the box it also has one plug already made into the box.?
why is my car stereo shutting off?
Stuff stuck in my subwoofer?
Nissan Pulsar 94 (N14) Dash lights not working.?
Trying to figure out the brand of a subwoofer.?
if i change the headunit on my car do i still have to use the factory amps?
what is the current db world record?
Which are better Kicker or Pioneer components?
Orion hcca amplifier?
securty code for fiesta radio?
What exactly is a car subwoofer(s) and how do you use them?
The radio is an internet speciual. Do all cars have an amplifier?
need help with subwoofer?
If i buy a subwoofer at a store that installs them also is it free?
Are longer car Antennas/Aerials better than shorter ones?
pink/black wire on my alpine deck gos for the bluetooth its called(audio iterrupt IN) dont know where it gos?
Subwoofer any good?
power acoustik 5500 gothic series vs ma audio hk4000?
subwoofers not working properly?
Help with do you put background on it?
How do I bridge 2 amps? and where can i find informative sites on car audio like tutorials and etc?
Sony car stereo High and Low Pass Filter Adjustment on MEX-BT3700U?
where can i get a instruction manual for a goodmans gce7110 car stereo?
Massive Audio N4 Vs Crescendo BC2000D?
I'm havn trbl hookn ^ my scosche bass stiffener[mainly charging it up how do u do it?
10 POINTS!! question on installing a radio...?
Profile Clarus CL600 Amplifier: Bridged at 2OHMS/8OHMS?
How much should I sell amp and subs for?
what is the best sat nav?
I have an aftermarket head unit but i dont have rca's. what should i do?
i have no rca wires on stereo how do i run to my amp?
is mtx and kicker good brand of car speakers and would you recommend them?
what size are the speakers in the back of my car?
What kinda stereo system should I get for my car ?
what does it mean when my subwoofer rattles?
Can anyone tell me how to re wire the speakers in my 03 cavalier?
Hi.need to purchase car audio system.?
how would i hook my front speakers to an amp and also my tweeters if i only have front and rear outputs on my?
where can i get cheap subwoofers and cd players?
Should i put these amps in my car?
can i connect portable mp3 player with pioneer cassette player ? If yes than tell me how ?
does anyone know who sings the song on the vauxhall advert?
What do u think about person?
Do you know were to fine a real web site for government auction in NC?
Is a 300W amp good for a 450W Max(150W RMS) sub?
im blowing fuses in my amp, cant figure out whats wrong, help!?
What kind of amp would I need?
what's a good head unit?
hifonics 2000 or MB QUART 2000? or hifoncis 2600 or audiopipe 3000?
How much would it cost to buy two 10" shallow mount subs and an amp and stuff and have it installed?
Why is my amp overheating?
I Got A 95 Chevy Tahoe...The battery has the (-) & (+) on the sides not on top..?
Passat radio.. Stock radio or aftermarket?
am i going to explode my sub?
when i plug in my sub it dosnt work?
fitting instructions for Alpine Car Mini Disk Player MDA-7755R?
What is better to us when building your own sub box screws or a nail gun.?
How do I access the speakers in an '84 cadillac DeVille for replacement?
im thinking about buying a new radio for my car?
what amp do I need for this sub ?
Will 2 of the same amps be louder than 1?
i have 1 kicker 12" L7 sub at 2 ohms. could i power it with a Hifonics BXi 1210D amp?
What would cause a new car indash DVD player to not power up correctly. The unit recieves power, but...?
is a 1600 watt amp too powerful for two 12 inch polk audio subs?
What was your first car, and what's your current car?
What is better subs? 2 12 inch kicker comps or 2 12 inch kicker cvr?
i want air vents in chrome golf mk 3 l reg where can i buy them pleaase help?
Weird noise coming through speakers or subs from my amp.?
how do i analyse a push pull amp?
where can i sell car audio online besides ebay amazon or craigslist and carstereo classifieds?
how do i choose...?
what is the best sub and amp combo for around $200?
what does the P2 stand for when talking about subwoofers?
How do you hook up the front two speakers on a 1995 Jeep grand cherokee?
i have 2 15's and the box is 38"W and 17"H will they fit in a 89 notchback lx mustang?
Drivers License?
How much or how to fix cigarette lighter socket?
ford fiesta radio code?
Can someone tell me the make and model No of the cd multi changer fitted in the 2001 land rover freelander?
best amp for this sub?
I have a pioneer deh2100ib car stereo i need a faceplate where can i buy one cheap?
Which would be louder 2 12inch type r or 2 15inch rockford fosgate hx2 subs amp details and car below.?
fat mat or dyna mat which is better?
How much for a Blaupunkt stereo?
Really bad stereo interference?
Help with a new in-car Stereo System!?
Im lookin to buy 2 kicker L5 12s but dont know whether to get them in 2 or 4 ohms. I have a 1600 watt?
People with high poer subs does dynamat really make a difference?
Is there a big difference between normal amplifiers and MOSFET amplifiers used in car head units?
Can I put a cd player/car stereo in a '95 Corolla?
is the brutus 1700.1d ok to use with a stock 100 amp alt.?
Will the avic-x920bt fit in a 2006 Audi A4 Quattro?
Ciggaret lighter/power inverter blown fuses problem, please help.?
Why doesn't my right front speaker work, after I replaced with a alpine deck?
Could someone explain something to me?
What sub woofers would you go with?
can i put my 15 inch fosgate T2 inside 3.85 cu ft?
Would a pioneer MVH 8300BT fit in a 2005 ford escape?
What do you use to clean up wires in car audio?
will a Pioneer DEH-P2900MP stereo fit in a 2002 Dodge Dakota?
Should i go with 24 or 18 or 16 gauge speaker wire for my car audio system?
how long does it take to install subwoofers?
i bought a car dvd stero from lidl but the dvd won't show a picture just sound how can this be put right?
how can I get my car pimp?
how to play songs for iphone to my car's stereo?
What kind of stereo can i get for my 1997 Ford Explorer?
What type of amp should i buy for car?
subwoofer,, need to know what amp to run?
My car is non AC. now i want to install AC. can it is possible?
What is "gain" mean and what does it do?
car audio costs?
what is the easiest way of removing paint off a chrome piece of an amp?
need wiring diagram for my JBL ford AMP?
why wont my new head unit play?
what is causing my subs to make a strange humming noise?
what would sound better??
I have a 2007 Honda Accord Sedan EX-L. What subwoofers would sound good and hit hard for this model? :D?
Help with Car AMP .. ASAP?
amp and sub wiring?
Amp fuse burns out everytime i put a new fuse in?
How do I stopping speakers in '02 BMW from ling while radio is off and even when car is off?
Are there any touch screen navigation or radio compatible for a 98 toyota 4runner?
4ohm single coil car sub to 8ohm house amp?
First time car speaker buyer, need help?
How do I switch which speakers the radio is playing on in My car?
What size fuse do I need for my amp?
Is my JBL amplifier suitable for a 12" sub?
My car speakers sound bad...why?
Which ones better? Alpine CDA-9886 or KDC-HD942U please let me know i'm thinking about getting one.?
I need detailed instructions on how to repair a blown infinity subwoofer?
how do i bypass a factory amp with a after market amp?
Do I have to buy the Premium Audio Package?
car audio system plz help me?
need help installing toggle switch for amps?
would the cd player in a 1994 car be able to read a cd-rw disc?
Is rockford fasgate a good amp brand?
in dash navigation cheap double din?
custom box ideas and high output alternator help?
what do you do on the summer?
I burned a CD on my computer it plays on a cd player but won't play on my car player. Any clue why?
HID Questions Please help!?
help with car amp/head unit?
Subwoofer and Pioneer GM-5500t?
How wouldI install a 3 speaker subwoofer in the trunk of my Cobalt Supercharged?
Alpine MRP M500 Amplifier or Kenwood KAC-8105D?
Is this a good amp for my sub?
can I sell a subwoofer at a pawn shop?
whats better pioneer premier or kicker?
how should i set my amp gain?
What are some 2 channel, 2000 watt RMS @ 1 ohm amplifiers?
my subs dont work but the amp has power?
Is it my CD player or my CD's that are goofy?
can I add local tv in my navigation system?
Am I overpowering my subs?
Where can i find a factory CD player for a 2001 Chevy truck?
best 12 inch subwoofer enclosure for 2000 ford mustang?
Thumping coming from subwoofers, and just installed a capacitor?
What are good but cheap sub woofers?
I need help with my car subs ?
Anyone know where I can get an instruction manual for a Ford 6006e stereo?
Rockford fosgate 800a2, what would be the best way to wire up 2 DVC 2ohm subs?
What is the best brand in car audio?
What to buy Alpine Type R 10" or RE SE 10"?
Is a rockford fosgate p1000 1bd monoblock amp too much or not enough for two kicker L5's 12"?
what are good subwoofers?
who know the parametry t/s for Boschmann MB-103CT?
sony xplods or kenwood ?
2 12 Inch subs or 2 10 inch?
Subwoofer install on stock honda accord radio?
what size are the tweeters in my accord?
Would you recommend 2 10''s or 2 12''s in your trunk?
question about car audio?
I want a good car stereo. is it wise to purchase a CD player or is there better technology on the orizon?
My friend gave me a sub woofer box to these specs. Would this be fine?
Help,a car outside has it's alarm going off,(the beeping type,evry few minutes)is there anyway i can stop it??
should i use a ported or sealed box to put my 1000w sony xplod sub in?
kicker dx500.1 with two cvr 12"?
Kenwood Excelon or Alpine? and why?
What's a good brand for car audio?
Can I put TV on this DVD/CD Stereo?