Car Audio

what is better sony explode or rockford punch?
subwoofer box question?
what is the best subwoofer to get for a middle sized SUV?
What sub woofers do I need for my car?
Is it possible to have a CD player and a Cassette player both installed in the same car?
How do I delete the history list on my computer?
Playing my iPod directly through an USB Port?
Help with getting whole new stereo?
do the number of watts have to match with an amplifier and a subwoofer?
How does a CD player read mp3's in say a 2005 Saturn car? Would I be able to listen to my i-pod in the car?
looking at buying 4 18 inch FI SSD subs for 279.99 are they worth buying?
price quote on kenwoodamplifier?
Mini Cooper iPod Shuffle not working?
How do you repair a 12 inch subwoofer with a hole in it?
AMP and '12 Subwoofer combo?
which car on the market now has the best stock sterio system (loudest, clearest..etc.)?
what amp do i need for 2 500 watt subs at 2ohm?
what subwoofer box would I need for a db audio xtinct 12?
what does this mean car amps?
I would like to bypass the passlock to the ECM on a 2002 Chevy Silverado? How would I do it?
audio for chevy s10?
how do you present a 2ohm load on MA audio hk15x2 sub?
How to wire phoenix gold QX 2100 amp?
i would like to buy an alpine car audio for my tavera. Which model should I select. I would like to buy sub w?
What kind of amp do I need for 4 Pioneer TS-A87M's?
Can you hook an amp and subs up to a stock tape player/ tuner in a 1994 Lincoln Continental?
Is This a Good Amp+Sub Combo??
what amp do i need to use to power up 6 12" alpine type r's?
How do I find a constant power tap under the dash of my 78 ford thunderbird to hook up my aftermarket stereo?
Wheres the best place to get a car CD player installed?
what song could you imagine...?
would this system work in a 1998 nissan altima gxe?
car dvd player with speaker?
I have a bunch of copper that is roughly 20 gage can i put lots of strands together to make some wire?
Should an amplifier's ground wire be hooked up to the capacitor's ground terminal?
What kind of subwoofer should I get?
zx 1500.1 issue protectio mode?
i got a subwoofer question?
Protect light on my insignia amp won't turn green!?
corsa b radio problem help please?
Which Subwoofer should i get from Circuitcity?
Where to buy a car radio with cassette player?
my 600 watt amp keeps going into protection mode...even before I hook up the do I fix this prob?
What kind of subs/amp should I use?
so whats the best audio sound system for car?
I have two 12's in my car Orion's what kinda amp do I need?
What would be the best subwoofer type and placement for my 2001 Dodge Durango?
How much for a Custom Subwoofer Box?
boss 30 farad cap vs. high end 1 farad?
How to fix sound system in 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante LX?
I'm a Car audio newbie. Can someone please give me detailed directions how to install a car amp and then subs?
would like to know will my fosgate 6x9 handle my fosgate 150 amp?
How do I remove the door panels on a 2004 Nissan Sentra?
Im after a sat nav for my car, ive not had one before so any tips on what one would be handy?
Jeep speaker upgrade?
i think i jammed up my 6 cd changer in my brand new mustang HELP!?
I have to match polarity when installing an alarm?
whats the best brand of subs?
How do I stop my subwoofers from vibrating my trunk?
i just had my mustang fixed and the radio doesnt work, the repair shop said i need a code,where do i get this?
Subaru Stereo Problem!!! Stereo is lighting up and speakers are getting power, but no sound is coming out.?
Amp not working continued questions more details!!!Helppp?
Can a Pioneer 800W Class D Mono Amplifier handle two Alpine 12" Car Subwoofers?
how can i get my car stereo speakers to stop rattling?
What would be a good amp for 2 pioneer 12 in subs?
Adjusting the car speakers in my new car?
2 12 inch alpine type Rs ? ?
1997 Lumina car audio help?
Car speaker question?
How sealed does a freeair sub have to be?
my subwoofer is 1200 watts and 350 RMS so would that thump with an amp with 350 rms?
jeep>Car radio keeps turning off after volume 20<?
Does the stereo in the 2005 Golf have an Auxiliary Input?
Need help on what kind of subwoofer to install in my car?
How to stop rattling from sub woofer?
How do I prevent my system from draining my battery?
How Do I remove a dashboard on a 1994 Buick Lasabre to install a cd player?
What could be causing my sound system to cut out at high volume?
my subs just dont give that hit. why not?
Only 2 of the 4 channels on my amp work, why is this?
how do i fix a kenwood kdc - mp205 protect mode?
what music songs have big bass beats?
What type of wood do I need to make a subwoofer box?
most SPL for the least money?
I have a viper car alarm. i changed battery and when reconnected, alarm went off-cant disarm- car wont start.?
ipod aux wire problem?
What would make my Cd Player in my car not work?
How can i import pictures or graphics into my car stereo?
What would be the best amp to power an 18inch MA183XE?
what size is my speakers in my 1984 corvette non Bose?
putting in a sytem in my truck an need help?
Is my amp big enough for my 2 subs?
What size Subwoofer is best for Heavy Metal/hardcore?
If I install a subwoofer in the spare tire well of a sedan, will I still be able to hear it?
Is it ok to put 2 subs in a single sealed enclosure?
I plug in my ipod video to my head unit in the car and says "ready"?
where is the postive trigger located?
Lights are flashing with Bass ways of fixing them? I have 0 Gauge wire, 3500 Watts.?
Aftermarket DVD Player Installed in car. Sound/speakers?
What else would I need for this sound system?
How do I bridge 2 amps? and where can i find informative sites on car audio like tutorials and etc?
how to play a dvd disk into cd player ?
i just recently installed and boss ava 1404 7-band amplified equalizer?
93 chevy cheynne stereo removal?
Do I need to use the crossovers to install coaxial convertible car speakers?
My Lights Dim Very Noticably After My Small System Was Installed, WHY?
Can i use the remote stick on steering column of a ford focus to a aftermarket ICE unit?
what do i lose if i turn my subwoofers towards the front of the car?
Is it a such thing as a speaker enhancer?
Is is possible to get an aux jack installed into a car stereo?
on my 1200watt 1 channel amp i have a sub sonic switch,should it be on or off and what does it do?
Songs that bang a system?
how many wats is a pro audio 15' speckers?
would i get more power wiring my 3 subs in a series and getting a mono channel amp?
How many watts to components if I'm running 1000 watts to my subs?
why is my stereo staying on after the car is turn off? i had too pull the audio fuse out for it too turn off?
i think i jammed up my 6 cd changer in my brand new mustang HELP!?
which car amplifier's are good that aren't really expensive?
Subwoofer and amp question?
How do I change the screensaver/movie on the Pioneer Deh-9800BT? What is the PC Link 4 about?
Need a good pair of speakers to compliment my 2 Alpine type R's?
what can be wrong with my system?
How much does Best Buy charge to install an amp and all the wires?
Sundown Audio 15" z v1 or DC Audio Level 3?
What do the controls on a stereo's equilizer do?
Where do I find the amplifier in my car?
Omega Freedom Keyless Entry & Security Car Alarm #FREE500 Audio Problem?
Where can I find a single din with flip out made from alpine, kenwood or pioneer? ?
What Deck Settings should i apply for best quality sound with good sounding bass??
Cd player installation fees?
The radio in my mondeo displays the station but there is no sound.any ideas?
Ebay question?
I'm buying a double din pioneer 7" in dash DVD for 2010 silverado and they say I need a $180.00 wiring horness?
Kicker CVR 12" or CVR 10" whats the difference?
Can I put a parallel wired sub on a non bridgeable amp without damage?
What all do I have to buy for my subs?
what is the different between pioneer DEH-P9650MP and DEH-P9600MP (specification/attribute)?
When combining an amp with a headunit is the total wattage added together?
What is a good brand of car subwoofer that is cheap and has good quality?
how to install a cb radio into my 91 dodge dynisty?
what are good subwoofer and amps?
Do I need a Harness Adaptor to install a new Pioneer DEH-1400UB stereo in my Renault Clio II 2003?
What is a good Amp to power some 6.5's"? Speaker-level or pre-amp?
Is it possible to convert car audio speakers/subs, into home speakers?
what kind of subs should i install in my chrysler sebring LXI?
Whats the best stereo system and speakers for a 2005 z71 chevy colorado?
What type of amp would QB10S dual sub woofers by Alphasonik need?
Want to know if upgrading from a JL AUDIO 12W7 to an Fi BL 15 is worth it?
Why do my subs work one day and not the next day?
how come my 1997grand marquis back window defroster scrambles my radio frequency?
Digital Designs or Rockford Fosgate?
Car audio system for newbie (Honda Stream)?
Best car stereo company: sony, jensen, apline, or pioneer?
Subwoofer troubles: Any help is appreciated?
Should I get a new stereo for my car or can i get a hookup for my stock stereo?
what are some techno/trance radio stations?
Where can I find a legitimate site to buy a GPS/NAV/MP3 dash kit?
will i be able to use a in dash dvd player for my car in south africa if i buy it from the usa? How do i know?
is hard to hook up auto alarms and car audio?
I need a fuse block for my furnace that holds two 60 & two 30 amp cartrige fuses?
So im buying a fi bl 15 inch on the fiaudio site. Where could i get a decent box for a decnt price?
How to change stock door speakers/tweeters in a 2000 VW Jetta 1.8t?
I need a good amp for 4 speakers?
how can i reduce the the door rattle due to speaker bass of my mazda 3?
help needed with sub & amp system?
who do you suggest for car audio?
what is the best speaker system setup you have found?
i bought a tomtom for my mother for x mas but after i heard garmin is better. is that true?
needing an amp to power two speakers?
Installation of and amp and subwoofer.?
I need help to connect my car stereo.?
Kicker cvr or kicker l5?
My car has 12volt supply. I want to use a 6 volt tape recorder. Is there any module which reduces the voltage?
is loud music still illegal in california?
Will this radio head unit work with my stock CD Disk changer?
Did I get a good deal on my subs and box?
What amp kit wattage should i use with a 600 watt amp..(i have 2 12" subs)?
where can i get a car cd player for under 50 pounds?
what is a good amp for 2 12" subs in one box?
What size wiring and fuse should i go with?
Need radio code for a 88 range rover lost code any help?
Can I install 2 alternators & 2 batteries then wire my electrical system to 1 & my sound system to the other?
good cd reciver?
Ideal Equalizer for Car Sound System w/Sub? HPF? LPF? Hz? ?
I have a 1972 Chevy nova and I'm looking for anaudio system that with at least a cd player that looks vintage.
code wanted to unlock mondeo 6000 cd rds e.o.n serial no m194335?
can 125hp power 2 1000w subs? if so how big would the amp(s) have to be?
i have a pyramid arctic pb717x amp, what can i hook up too it?
i have a mg zr and i would like to relocate my headunit to the centre vent does anyone make fascia for this?
I wanna recone a 15" subwoofer, Where can i find a tutorial online?
what is the "big three"???
How many watts does a Kenwood KAC-748 amplifier push out on 4 channels?
How do I remove the door panels on a 97 Toyota Camry?
How can I hook up computer speakers into my car radio?
unlock Ford 5000
what are some songs that have great bass for subs?
how much should i sell this for?
Whats the blue wire on the Sony CDX-A55 10 disc changer? Yellow is 12V constant, black=ground,red=IOD. THANKS!
my chevy has an aux button on the radio, can i use RCA cables to hook my ipod to it?
10' Dayton Sub, Boss Riot Amp?
Firewall and Amp power supply.?
How do i install an aftermarket sterio without a sleeve?
Car Audio For Beginners?
what kind of speaker box would be better for a 91 honda accord.sealed or bandpass?
What amp for two jl w7 12s?
Where can I find a custom wiring harness for my pontiac sunfire '02 stereo?
Car Stereo Problem?
Car sound systems? I just want a CD player?
Need a for sure answer....?
how much should this amp cost.?
how to power a 2000w car amp to my stereo?
Would i need an alternator upgrade?
how can i preset radio stations on my 2005 VW beetle?
2001 bonneville radio comes on no sound?
will 1 15" sub be louder than 2 12" subs?
Is it good to leave your amp and subs in your car during the winter months?
what to audio?
helllo pls help?
what size subs?
How far can you hear me?
Which setup is louder...?
Amp sparked, is it fried? Hopefully only the fuse!?
Which sub/ amp/ box combo is best?
Why aren't my speakers working?
I bought this stereo at walmart but dont know if I can return it?
What type of amp do i need for my subs?
Whats the difference between turning out subs then having them inside the box?
how good is lanzar MAX-282MAX PRO 4000 Watts??
Can 14 gauge wire handle 2,500 watts?
which is better for subs, 2ohms or 4 and which amp is better, 2 channel or 4?
volvo stereo code?
My Wiring for my 2 D6 15 Inch Subwoofers?
Need help on audio system for my car.?
Which GPS System to buy?
whats the point in a system?
Question about car stereos?
What would be the best amp to use with these subs?
placement of 10" active tube?
How can i find out what my sub enclosure is tuned to and what its volume is?
2002 Chevy Camaro Monsoon System?
I have installed subs and amps in my car and my amps start to die while i play music, do i need a new batt?
where can i find info on the blue thunder 2300 amp?.?
Help with my stock 2003 Mitsu Galant Stereo!!
What are component systems?
Monopower vs 2 channel amp?
Which subwoofer is better?
where can i find a AM/FM/CB/AUX radio for my truck?
how to remove a radio from a 94 grand marquis?
Why is my car stereo blowing the fuse for my tail lights and bashboard?
Need to replace alternator?
What's the price of 2 12 inch sub-woofers?
Audio for my 1970 Chevelle?
Can you buy and aftermarket stereo with a built in amplifier and connect a stock amplififer to it?
Have you had a white car before?
CD stuck in my car CD player?
Are my Alpine Subs wrecked?
can my amp go to 1ohm ?
Amp Wiring?
Amp dies when subs hit?
My Clarion reads "not update" and wont play disk now ? HELP?
im tring to put in a new cd player into my 1986 i roc z carmaro and need help on what wires go to what?
What kind of stereos are compatible with a 1998 Volkswagen GTI?
Component Speakers. Installment/Uninstallment?
ive got a edge street 12 inch 900w sub what amp do i need for it?
Anyone have a 2001 DODGE DURANGO MANUAL in PDF format?????
Car amps in the House?
Please someone help me with speakers for my car stereo system!?
What amp installation kit should I get?
how do you keep the chime live with an aftermarket radio install?
this is in a single cab truck?
4 hole sub enclosure?
What does adding an amp to your door speakers do?
Different Subwoofer Box tuning?
2 ohms or 4?
What subs should i get for my truck?
whats the best equipment to put into my camaro to make it sound louder??
what are those can shape things they use for subwoofers?
Can I use a car battery charger to power a car amp?
2 mono block amps for 2 sub?
where can i find a radio lamp/light for a 1998 Trans Am Monsoon Radio?
Why isn't my one of my subwoofers working its getting power ?
when choosing a Roof-mounted Monitor with DVD Player,what should I pay attention to?
What are the controls on the back of the amp for?
what are the stock speaker sizes for a 1973 chevrolet caprice convertible?
How do i equalize my amplifier?
I've got a honda hatchback and i want to have a good stereo bass , what is the best size of woofer for this
Do you have to drill anything in your car if you put subs in your car?
i have mtx terminator subs, and would like to find the best amp to push them! any help?
I have a 2003 350Z and it seems as though my 6 disc in dash Bose system radio/tape/CD is messed up and?
how do you turn off demo mode in sony cdx-fw700 car audio?
I have a pioneer deh 4200 cd mp3 reciever without a wiring harness?
chose between buying a new car or buying an used car and souping it up (neons sound system engine)?
What kind of box, subs and amp should i get?
Need help choosing a car stereo system...?
will it be better to up a sub up 2 amp at 1 ohm or 2 ohm?
Sirrius antenna placement?
How much difference does an AMP make in a car stereo?
i need a wiring diagram for a 93 astro van?
2002 chrysler sebring cd player question?
My Alpine Amp/Sub randomly just stopped working.. However it seems to cut in and out and it works when in acc?
what are the colors of the radio wires on a 1994 audi 100 how do i connect them to an aftermarket harness?
i need help from a person thats great with subs and amps for cars!!!!!!!!!!!!?
in sound and audio what are Hz is is the moves of speaker per second.?
Installation of and amp and subwoofer.?
Which sub should I purchase?
How would i run 2 amps from one set of RCA cables?
where can i obtain a owners manual for my car over the Internet oft free?
Can 2 15 inch kicker cvx handle a 5500 watt power acoustik amp?
What head unit(radio) would fit in my mercury cougar 2002?
Was buying this a good deal?
CD player keeps giving me an error 20 when i put in a CD?
Need a good mono block amp to run my 2x Pioneer ts-w3002d4! HELP!?
Where can I Listen to subwoofer sounds on the Internet??
Do pyle gear x series 6x9 speakers have to be enclosed or are they free air?
hifonics brutus amp bxi 2006d stable at 1ohm?
Why do kids listen to their car stereos so loud?
My speakers keep cutting out in my car but my sub keeps going?
Cant find any opening in firewall to wire my amp to the battery to my car?
I got 4 12" Audiopipe TXX-APX-BL 1600 cant decide if make a ported box or a sealed box or even a bandpass box?
Setting up Subwoofers without an Amp?
i want to put in a outdoor com system/ speaker/ megaphone on my car?
how far away will hd radio reach...?
Why when I turn up my car audio system it cuts out when the bass hits hard?
purchased a Jensen Auto Multi Media system w/Touch Screem?
what is the easiest way of removing paint off a chrome piece of an amp?
Stereo setup in Chevy Aveo?
i want to buy an amp 4 my car, but how many watts until i need to use another car betery to power my system?
amplifiers 800w @ 2 ohm?
could anyone give me the code for my fiesta stereo?
Will this fit a 1999 Honda Civic (Legacy LD63MU 3.6" LCD in dash monitor dvd receiver)?
can i take a 2 channel amp and hook up mid-range speakers in my car?
Where is located the speakers amplifiers of an equinox 2005 2006?
what to do with ground wire on stereo?
kicker l7 help what amp?
Should I keep my 1994 Corvette stock and keep the original cassette player or install a new cd player?
can i re charge a car battery while its playing sounds or using accessories? example subs speakers amps?
I'm gonna install my own amp, how hard is it? What equipment will I need?
What are some tips when shopping for subs and amps?
If i am getting all new speakers in my car as well subs do i need a big amp?
Why are my interior lights, headlights, and taillights still dimming? Please Help?
Difference between amps and subs?
car amp shortout or blowout, doesnt power on.?
Thoughts on Fusion CP-AW2120 sub?
Best Subwoofer Position Possible?
Poll: Have you ever used a cb radio??
What nice car decks will fit my 2005 acura tl with navi?
Bazooka tube installation question?
If I have 2 Rockford fosgate p1 10 pushing 500 rms for both would I need a 4 channel for my high and mids?
my amplifier only has 300watts is there a way i can give my amp more power?
Do cars with powerful subwoofers often end up with a dead battery?
Does anyone know where to get deck removers for a JVC radio?
What kind of sound system would be best to put in a 2001 Dodge Neon ES that is under $600?
is there such thing as a subwoofer amp?
Do you have Sirius radio?
THIS IS FOR GUYS ; what fashion do you hate on girls?
i'm looking to put 4 10'' subs in the back of my 2 door Cavalier...which subs should i invest in...
my car stereo the fm won't work but am does?
sub woofer and amp help!?
Can I run regular speaker wire from my head unit to my speakers?
03 Escalade Ext Bose Radio Removal?
is a 1350 planet audio monoblock amp enough to push two solobaric l7 twelves?
Would this be a good car subwoofer upgrade?
How to replace factory OEM cassette player from 94 Camry LE?
speaker rattleing?
98 jetta radio code?
I have A Rockford Fosgate 55.2 punch amp, and the power light is on but no sound comes out.?
Navigon 2100 or TomTom One 130 or Garmin Nuvi 200?
What Amp to get for my car Audio System?
what is the best amp that pushes around 2000rms at either 2 or .5 ohms?
Car Amplifier?
What would be best to do with my sound system?
can i hook two amps upto a single speaker?
wat size capacitor (farads) should i need for my car stereo system?
is there a certain power or watt voltage on a subwoother to put in a car?
R T1d212 rockford fosgate subs good?
No red wire on Wire harness?
My volume knob on my 2000 Ford Focus stereo gets really hot and turns into putty! How can I replace the knob?
What do "African Americans" think?
have a question about car amp?
what is the perfect size box for a 12' sub in a singal cab truck?
help with a car audio system?
lost my car radio code,?
Which subwoofer? DC Audio lvl 4 or XL?
best amplifier for orion hcca?
what is the best 12" subwoofer that evryone else doesnt have?
why is my amp overheating so quickly?
Fm transmitter interference help!?
How do you remove the rear door panel on a Chrysler Pacifica?
Where can i find a replacement car raido face for a "jensen" c..d. player.?
Subwoofers and Amps in a Truck?
Pyramid car audio Equalizer
Is the Rockford fosgate P3D2-10... 1000W ea. ( 2 subs ) good ?
How can I fix my Car Stereo?
10 points for amp help?
My car cd player is locked, how do I unlock it?
Will this stereo fit a Ford Focus Zetec 08? To replace a 6000CD?
Can I install a pair of 100 watts home speakers(only speakers) into a car? Please read the additional info.?
What is the best Iphone car holder for the 4s?
2 mono amps and 2 4ohm subs?
Would a 1-DIN or 2-DIN Car Audio fit in my 2011 hyundai accent 4dr sedan?
2001 Toyota 4runner speakers ?
what do i need for a car stereo system?
Cpacitor isn't going to help right?
Car audio diagnostics CD to test for failing speakers?
Car battery charger - indoor supply for subwoofers?
if i have a 3000 watt system should i have a capacitor?
Should I switch out stock speakers,or get a sub?
Help with wiring?
What would be louder?
what dimensions for a box do i need for 2 12'' pioneer premier 1000w subs? ?
are factory refurbished car cd players usualy good quality?
which amp will suit to run 15" sub?
Problem with my car audio system.?
2 ohm speaker 4 ohm amp help?
Wahat is the best sat navigation to have?
How can I unlock my rds radio in my 2002 Monte Carlo SS?
where can i get nice subs super cheap?
Can CB radios be hooked up to car stereos and be heard through the speakers?
size of wire needed to hook 200 watt invertor to car batttery?
Great quality subwoofer for a car?
Subwoofer wattage on dual voice coil woofer?
Why wont My Subwoofer play anymore?
alpine type r amp selection?
2007 Honda pilot LX Audio system upgrade, Help wanted?
Subwoofer, amplifier and wiring questions?
Where can i find a US band radio/CD changer for Subaru legacy B4 (Japanese domestic model)?
MY 96 Avalon is having a problem with its stock Cd player. further info in the add. details...?
Correct tone for setting gain?
Problem with my Pioneer AVH-P8400BH?
Ok, I REALLY need help with my soon to be car audio system.?
Component set with 2 way speakers?
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus with a busted radio!!?
what speaker size is the front and rear deck for a 1996 maxima?
Help!!! My Ford Focus Car Stereo asking for a Code? and I dont have the manual?
will changing a battery on a vs calais stuff the computer up ?
Which amp should I get for a Sony Xplod 10 inch?
What mp3/ipod capable cd player should i get for my 91 accord?
Would 1 12" kicker L7 be louder then 2 12" hertz hertz es300 subwoofers?
I am buying two 200W boston acoustic 10 inch subs. any suggestions for an amplifier? under $150.00?
My volume knob on my 2000 Ford Focus stereo gets really hot and turns into putty! How can I replace the knob?
Should I get an fm transmitter or a cassette adapter?
ive blown out 4 subs in the span of a month, whats could the problem be?
What to make a enclosure port out of?
What do you think about the new Benz s550 2007 ?
How to wire two mono amps to one svc 4ohm sub?
I got a oldsmobile 98 regency. The power antenna for the radio won't come up & the fuses are fine. Anything?
Does my 02 Ford Explorer stock stereo have rca outputs?
Good car sound system?
Sub and Amp Installation?
I just hooked my subs and amp up to my car. My "check engine" light is on... what could that be?
I want to buy a Guitar Amp help?
Is there an iPod cable that has a 30 pin connector on one side and an auxillary jack on the other?
Why My 12s are not hitting as hard as my buddys 10s?
How to choose the car accessories?
hooking up my amp power cord????
Does anyone have a Pioneer Avic 2 in dash stereo. If so is there anyway to bypass it so you can watch the dvd?
What is a decent brand/wattage of car stereo amplifier?
JL W7 cone is frozen/stuck.?
HOW MANY JL'S and with what amp?
how big is the z906 logitech sub?
Factory speaker sizes in a 1991 Chevy Astro van with cassette player?
Why does my radio (dual xd1225) in-line fuse keep blowing. HELP PLEASE?
what would you do if you found out i was outside your window with my radio?
having trouble wiring a new radio?
can anyone help me get the lock code to a factory stereo for a 2000 mitsubishi diamante?
08 Taurus Firewall help?
if i have three 12inch subwoofers (kickers) @ 4ohms /300w...each. will they sound good?
What is Bass Center Frequency and what is the best setting for car audio?
High end custom car stereo installation in the bay area.?
What amp should i get for my 12" kicker cvr's they are 1600 watts peak and 800 watts rms (2 Ohms)?
Help with Axxess AX-ADCT2?
I want to change the speakers on my car. I dont know which to chose.?
i want to install an after-market cd player in my mazda protege. where can i find info on how to do it myself?
best way to wire two 4ohm dvc subs to a mono amp? would it harm them to be ran at 2ohm wiring?
How do I get rid of the noise in my subwoofers when I turn on my car?
good site to buy car audio equipment?
Whats wrong with my subs?
What is the difference between 3 way and 4 way speakers?
I own a chrysler 2001 town & country LXi. I changed my car battery and my stereo will not work?
how to install an amplifier wiring kit?
System Upgrade. Look into this, suggestions?
where can I find JL audi parts to fix my amp? in Stockton or near?
what do you think of this sub system?
what is the difference between 2 and 4 ohm ?
what does the general lee auto look like?
how do you fix a wiring harness on a pioneer deh 445 car cd player.?
What kind of audio system would you put in a 66 elcamino?
Car Audio system shop in Phoenix, Arizona?
why is my subwoofer growling?
Rockford Fosgate p400-1 amplifier continued, 'How do I hook up a sub to it' Read Discription.?
what manufacturer makes the best car audio equiptment?
How will this Hifonics subwoofer compare to my old MTX JH55 subwoofer?
Car audio question s?
how do I install Sirrius or XM into my 2004 Nissan Murano SE? Does it need to be done by the dealer?
how can i get my door speakers to stop rattling?
Just got two 12' pioneer subs in a box, what amp should I get?
Head Unit Problem Please Help???????
Best low budget Car stereo w/ 7" Screen, DVD-Player and GPS?
Need help with Pioneer Sub purchase?
Time that a capacitor takes to discharge?
Which Speaker Is Better?
Please help! what size amp do i need to power my 2 12in 2800watt boss subs?
How will this subwoofer setup sound?
Car/Truck Fuse box's?
Subwoofer randomly stops working ??? ?
Whats a good amp for this setup?
Im running two NOS8 Bazooka Tubes with two front and rear stock speakers what kind of amp do i need?
What car MP3 player would you recommend?
Do they sell stereo kits to install an aftermarket stereo on a 77 C10?
You've got your system all connected, now what?
How find out how loud my system is?
Does the CD player / changer in a VW Golf GT TDI play MP3s?
Playing CDs through a car's cassette player?
Installing a car stereo without a wiring harness.?
Why is my car sub suddenly quiet?
Amp keeps blowing fuses?
Best car audio system for santro zing ?
I replaced my factory bmw 740il radio with a kenwood but now have no sound. I only replaced the head unit and?
What can I do to make my sub woofers louder?
If I buy an amp that puts out 400 watts RMS @ 2 ohms will I be able to adjust it to run EXACTLY 385 watts RMS?
does any no why im getting no power to my stereo for my mitsubishi space wagon(its not the fuses in the box?
If I buy a new car radio will I still need the code of the old from the old radio?
what does p.o a stand 4 in sat nav?
How can I get the key code for my radio?
which subwoofer enclosure are better vented or sealed?
i have a 2002 ford focus and FM of that radio doesn't work, what can i do for fix it ?
how can you tell an amplifiers class?
Best speakers for sony xplod 1200w amp?
What is the benefit of having Dual Batteries in a Car Audio Setup?
why doesnt my subs hit as hard anymore?
what kind of amp should i get?
Where Can I Get A Police Siren/Speaker?
Does anyone know Buicks from worst to greatest? (LaSabre, Century...)?
Can someone tell me the names of these parts of my in-dash reciever? (pics included)?
Putting subwoofers in my moms car?
Cheap dual 12" sub box?
I have a quick subwoofer question?
Why do some vehicles interfere with my car radio?
why in cars?
What OHM's is for me? (Subwoofers)?
Which amps should i use?
AUX function in an '06 Scion TC?
I am putting a system in my 2008 Impala. Is this one decent?
What's a good brand of speakers to pair with my JVC KD-R530 head unit?
Is there a difference in green and orange blacklighting for stereos?
I need help picking the best sub(s), Amp, and speakers?
how to connect ipod to toyota ist standard stereo system?
JL Audio 2 12" W7?
open side door?
Question reg. HID lights in cars.?
How much amp power do i need for my speakers?
wheres a good place to install an amp in a chrysler concorde?
car audio problem please help?
what do I name my GPS?
What size resistor do I need?
why isn't the cd player on my car radio working?
Need help on what kind of subwoofer to install in my car?
I Have A Aftermarket Stereo And would like to hookup my ipod to my stereo any ideads?
Problem with subwoofers?
How much is a H3?
Is 50w nominal power good with a max power of 1000w for a car stereo?
Setting clock on KD-G220 car stereo!!!?
Subwoofer Question...?
I want 4 12 inch alpine type x would i need 2 boxes are could i put them all in one?
what would make my car amp turn on and off...i have replaced the the breaker fuse, and the ring terminals?
if i got 2 cvr kickers 15 inch. can i get a kicker 1000 watt rms amplifier without blowing the subs?
1. What kind of car cd stereo should I get?
is it a offence to play cop siren music in a cd player in you're car?
18 guage wire?
Why Don't my car get gas to the motor?
is my sony xplod amp on?
How do i make my bass travel with a 500watt alpine amp an a mtx 12?
i need help in wiring my car stereo to my saturn?
I have a 2000 Mazda 626 looking to customize it and live in Rochester, NY. Any suggestions, sites or ideas?
I need some reviews about pioneer subwoofer?
can you fit 6.5" speakers in a 6.75" speaker mounts?
gps in australia, my husband has asked for a gps for our car.?
Can I put a sterio system in my '72 Beetle without problems?
for car audio experienced.?
no sound from stereo?
if you shut your car doors at the same time will the windows break?
need to know how to install a new radio in a94 dodge caravan?
Alpine MRD M300 Amplifier no sound?
My compacitor drains my battery and my car wont start.?
The van I bought has a dvd player, but no monitor. Any suggestions as to what brand monitor to buy?
Has anyone put in car entertainment in a classic mini?
What amp do I need to power my two 12" subs?
car lights getting dim every time my mtx 7500 thunder subs hit?
can someone explain to me how i put the radio code in for a 2006 honda accord??
How do I hook up subs in my 1995 cadillac sts and make them sound good?
how can i leave people in the dust?
Do you like XM radio?
Car audio an overrated issue?
how is the Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan?
where can i hook up my remote wire?
The better audio speaker?
Do cars that have an aux jack give the wire to connect the mp3 player?
are in dash dvd players illegal?
Coax - Compnenets . . CONFUSED?
How do I install my car speaker. Only wires are present.?
I know I want to put a computer in my car but I don't know which way to go?
Why doesn't my car stereo have sound?
Which subwoofer should i buy for my car please help .?
i know that i should just buy a new stereo but i want to keep this 1 since the screen the car came with is?
how to i hook up an auxillary battery and what is it?
both with 200watt amp?
does anybody know how can i make my radio work?
how many ohms should my subwoofer be to match my amp???
What type,size,watts,channel amp do I need to hook up 2 infinity kappa 5.25, 2 6" infinity, 2 6.5" and 8" sub?
What car audio would be good for me?
I want to buy my boyfriend a new car stereo please help. It is a 2003 Grand Prix, so where and what do I buy?
What do I need to purchase for a car sound system?
what can i use to insulate my subwoofer?
How do I play music in my car from my smartphone without an aux jack in the car?
which of them is the best rear speaker for my ford figo?
Does anyone know where I can sale my car c.d. player (Kenwood) and maybe even an old typewriter for quick cash
What's a good transmitter to play an ipod/iphone in my car?
What kind of amp should I buy for my subs?
Is a kicker zx 350.2 a good amp to push an l5 10 in solobaric?
Car antenna goes up when car started new radio off?
will 2 12s in a sealed box give good bass?
If I get music on youtube will it play in my car?
which amplifier wiring kit to buy for a Rockford Fosgate P500-2 amp?
looking to upgrade car speakers?
will i need a capacitor?
which car stereo is better?
what is the best speaker system setup you have found?
Is there an amp out there that can...?
Does a 2011 Hyundai Tucson factory stereo have a RCA hook up?
putting in a sytem in my truck an need help?
what amp would be good to go with 2 kicker c12 12" subwoofers?
anyone know where i can get a cd adapter?that can be hooked up to my psp?
OEM subwoofer.?
Does eny one know if this radio will work with my iphone is called Pyle PLD33MU it says it plays mp3 and mp4?
Would a 1 ohm stable car amp have problems trying to power one sub with 2ohm dvc and one sub 4ohm dvc together
How do I wire my subs @ 2 ohms?
Wiring Help Please!!!!!!!!!!?
Which subwoofer amplifier I need to use for a 350watt 4 ohm 12" subwoofer?
I wanting to have a sound system that blows peoples minds without busting my windows what is the best watts?
I want to get the Lanzar Opti1232d 12 inch subwoofer. What amp would be good to get?
Rover 75 TV/ SatNav 2001-Can I swap system from my saloon (selling) to my Tourer. I understand I may need loom
Does somebody know if having a sound system with too much bass damage the car in some way..with the vibration?
I have 650 watt Rockford Fosgate car stereo and would like it a bit louder?
Would this amp be sufficient to power these subwoofers?
The rear speakers in my car are staticy. how i can fix them myself?
Which is the best car audio company?
Can I play my iPod music throught the red, white, and yellow jacks in my car dvd player?
Is this a good deal on amp.kit?
I need help with my after market car radio?
the best subwoofer list?
do i need an amp for component speakers?
about subwoofers?
What kind of amp should I get on a low budget for a decent subwoofer?
my stereo in my car has a problem?
will this sub and amp make my car windows flex?
I need to repair my sub box..?
Cd Deck wont work..brand new?
Ford Fiesta Radio Key-code?
Some questions?
what amp should i buy to power 2 alpine type r 15s?
Are soundstream car speakers good?Why?
Car CD player will not play, but tones sound. Replacement will not power on? WTF?
can anyone teach me about cars in a way you won't come to my house?
is there a car radio where i can put my ipod touch in it and also has a cd player?
how do i hookup anoth amp to 6x9s i had a amp connected to subs already, how do i wire so i can have 6x9 2 amp?
what means 2 x 4 ohm on subwoofer?
What size amp do you reconmend for two 12" 750watt subwoofers?
how to choose car speakers for stock audio system?
kenwood amp questions! i have two amps a KENWOOD KAC-742 AND A KENWOOD KAC-941?
What type of amp should I get?
DUAL XDVD8181 CD/DVD Problem?
how do i reset my sie vdo 500 car radio?
Why does my amp go into protect mode when the bass hits but when theres no music playing its works?
Where can I get speakers for a 1980 Corvette?
Which subwoofer would be better?
what size are the speakers in a 1995 isuzu rodeo?
what are the best mids and highs to stand up to some powerful subs and the best way to install them?
2005 Nissan Sentra Stereo Problems?
how do i know if my mini anl fuse has blown?
Car Amp Wire Connection Issues?
I have a 2001 cavalier and i want to know how do i change the speakers?
I have 2 kicker cvrs bridge down to .5 ohms. i also have a kicker dx1000.1 amp. will it hurt the subs?
Can you "wire" a license plate?
Every time i turn my radio up, everything powers off?
Best kicker subwoofer for under 250?
1920 watt much power will i need for this amp?
Can anybody help me with an amp?
/ctcp [PRT]-[SLt]-[-17209-] xdcc send #1?
Car Subwoofer trouble Please Help ASAP!?
TV Tuner is not working right. Please help!?
car amp will turn off but power is still running to it?
mustang radio instilaation problems?
Can the AQ hdc3 12 copper be upgraded into a SQ driver?
I have two 12" subs. What should I get, a mono amp or a 2-channel amp? What exactly is the difference?
the cost of running a red light(baldwin park)?
Do i need an amp with my sub?
hi.. I m taking new Zen estillo... which is the best car audio system.... SONY, PIONEER or KENWOOD?
ne one know where i could get a wiring harness for my POWER ACOUSTIK PACD 506 car stereo to hook up to my 1990
I have a Jensen Touch screen stereo and the monitor will not come out.?
Best Amplifier for Subwoofers?
i have a pioneer TS-W305C 12 inch enclosed sub woofer. i want to know the dimensions of the sub box i need?
why are my subs picking up my cars sound?
who makes the best car subwoofers?
how do i wire a amp..i have all the wires ran..?
a comercial says that you can have your car payment paid off and you pay them $39.00 a week, is that true?
Car navigation systems, any recommendations?
what is the RMS rating at 1ohm for this amp?
Amp wiring help & questions ?
How to hook up my car stereo?
What should I buy for car audio?
what does sealed or free air use mean?
Can crossing jumper cable wires cause a car stereo to short out?
How can I get a car head unit and amp to convert into a wall outlet?
What are the best songs to listen to while on the freeway?
how to change the dash and door speakers for dodge startus 97?
4 JL 10w1 vs 2 Kicker 12 L7?
Soldering Sub Box Speaker Terminals?
Best car stereo company: sony, jensen, apline, or pioneer?
what car stereo is good for a 98 toyota 4-runner?
Can I go from a 10 gauge power cable to a 16 gauge power cable? (Car Audio)?
Is it bad to get a powerful amp for weak subwoofers if later on I decide to get better subs?
How can I determine a fair price on my 2002 auto?
men and there cars/trucks?
big audio in a very small truck?
voltage suffering?
so you are saying there is no factory amp ?? rite?
Dimming headlights from bass??
what amp should i push 2 kicker cvrs with?
why do most home stereo systems not have subwoofers?
Will 4 JBL GTO1214D 12" subs powered by two JBL GTO-7001 amps hit hard?
if the cd player in my car doesn't support mp3, then what is the name of the format ordinary cd tracks are
what HEAD UNIT and AMPLIFIER should i use?
How do i save my stuck cd out of the car stereo system?
Is this a good setup?
Does the shaker 500 audio system have good quality and bass?
i am retarted when doing this type of shyt?
thinking of getting a basic car and adding audio and video later?
Installing Radio in 2002 Ford F150 Truck?
Car subwoofer and sub box question?
What type of subs sould I get?
do people repair speckers?
If i put 4 10" subwoofers in the back of my 2000 4 door chevy blazer how will it sound?
Help radio code crv lost!?
Why cant you hear AM radio signial under bridges or when you drive by a tunnel?
Problem with strobe lights on my truck?
Can i wire 2 4 ohm single voice coil sub woofers with one 2 ohm dual voice coil subwoofer?
My car CD player doesn't work. The whole screen just blinks?
why do car stereos have removable front plates?
suggestions with enclosure?
Will this blow my sub?
Cheap rims and subwoofer?
Could i run 2 subwoofers on a Kenwood XR-1S mono block sub?
is this jl audio sub and amp good?
im looking for and owners manual for a pioneer cdx-fm 128 universal multi cd system or info on the remote?
Saturn, is that American or Japanese car?
where is the cheapest place i could buy a stereo?
How many rms do a 700 watt amp have?
Why does the FM no longer work in my car radio but the AM still does? Fm worked earlier in the day, not now.?
Should I Do This (pLz HELP)?
subwoofer box wiring?
Will a quantum 1400watt 4 channel amp power my 12' sony xplod subwoofer?
How to fit new front speakers in 2003 Acura 3.2CL typeS?
What security system for my car would work against my car being keyed?
What do I need for my car audio system?
can i get a good sound system for my car for $900?
Is there any way I can put audio remote on my steering wheel of Nissan Altima 2003 2.5 S?
sub into box wiring question?
help on performance speakers?,boston acoustics?, rainbow?...?
Hello I have an alpine MRP-M1000 amp, its powering 2 alpine type R subs, how would i wire them the best?
What kind of subs and amp should i get?
I've got 2, 12 inch subs that are 2500 watts max, dual voice coils, dual-2 ohm speakers.?
Ford Fiesta car radio code. M106480?
Which amp do you recommend?
aux in mazda 6 2003 please help?
will my subs blow out my back window in my car?
Does anyone know how I can check a license plate number in Florida for free?
need good car audio for good bass?
Which subwoofer is better in both SQ and SPL?
I am trying to hardwire a stereo into a 2000 zx2. How do I connect the amp?
Where can I buy a new radio and subs for my car?
good car audio forums?
buning a cd in mp3 for car?
Which Amps Do I Need for my subs?
does this look rediculous?
Wiring a cb without completely f'ing up?
What happens when you ground with a power wire w/ fuse?
How much does it cost to install 2 12"subs and an amp into my car?
will a 500.1 tma push a 13w6v2?
Porting my subwoofer box?
ok guys , tell me the truth , is a bose system in a car that bad? is it worth the extra to get it ?
Will my monoblock 3000 watt amp work with my 12 inch 2300 watt subs?
i need advice on my woofer setup...?
What is this extra wire for? Car Audio?
Will my amp get damaged if I use the ignition red wire as a remote turn on?
how can i shut the day time running lighs in the gto?
What car amp should i use?
which would be louder? 2 fosgate p3 15s or 2 fi ssd 18s?
I just installed two 12inch Mofo's in my tiburon?
how would I make a ground for a switch?
on my amp, there is something called a high input plug, what is it for?
wat if i put a bigger fuse in my amp then wat it says to?
Subwoofer help..........?
What do I need to install an Alpine 9853 head unit in a 1997 Audi A4???
Which subwoofer is better???
which 12" sub is better??
Installing Mobile Vedio system in Nissan Frontier 2000?
how do i hook up a screen to the e-brake to make the screen work?
help needed deciding a subwoofer?
hey! :) can someone send me a link to a ipod car cord? (details inside!!)?
Just b/c a head unit starts to distort around 80% volume; don't the RCA out stay undistorted b/c its low level?
Cassette adapter stopped working.?
how do i remove factory radio from 2004 ford f-150 crew cab?
Which is the cheapest online store for car audio?
humming coming from car speakers while using an amplifier?
what is wrong with my car speaker "terminals" and how do i fix them?
lanzar amps.?
is running two 4 Ohm subs in series at 8 Ohms the right way for a 300 rms at 4 ohm mono amp?
Sub amp set up in a honda accord 2000, LOC instal also?
what speakers will i get the best sound and performance out of?
Need to know if this amp will work for this sub?
Can anyone recommend two subs for my amp?
Okay I want the best car system (audio), what should I get?
How loud would this subwoofer be?
What's the best driving song and why??
Would mounting tape be good for pinning back your ear temporarily?
What amp is good for two 12' kicker cvr compvr12?
what amplifier do i need to power these subs?
help me!!! ne body there!woofers..woofers....woof woof,hello earthlings can u help me again?
Why is my Directed 1500D Class D Mono Amplifier's protection light keep coming on?
I need BEAT in my truck!?
I have type R speakers, what head unit and amp should i get for them?
Amp is acting wierd/?
What is Nominal power?(Subwoofers)?
What is the best Car CD player can get for under $150?
How do you install an amp in a 2008 outback?
I want to hear some opinions on this......?
best subwoofer/amp for my current amp/speaker set on a budget?
need huge bass? please help i have no idea what im doing?
PX3 vs sony wireless stereo headset ?
Are "gain" and "input sensitivity" on an amp the same thing?
Design a perfect stereo system for a car thats affordable?
What is wrong with my car antenna? It won't raise up, meaning I have no radio?
do i have to use a distribution block to run 2 remote wires to 2amps?
8 gauge wire instead of 12 gauge to parallel wire 2 4ohms SVC subs?
How do I wire 4 15" inch 2ohm subs to one ohm?
How do car stereo systems work?
Trouble with my subs cutting off?
Subwoofer started smoking and shortly after stopped working?
Looking for a great brand in amplifiers any suggestions?
car audio and battery?
what color is the constant 12 volt wire for a 1994 plymouth voyager radio?
Someone broke into my car last night and stole about $800 worth of stereo equipment, was it you?
One of my tweeters are smoking. Didn't install crossover. HALP?
speaker changing in a 2005 honda civic lx?
Subwoofer brand opinion?
Which would be LOUDER??
what was the loudest noise you heard?
stereo wiring diagram for a 2002 Pontiac Montana minivan?
Sub woofer wiring confusion.?
the best car amplifiers for swift?
why does my car cd player keep ejecting the cd?
which 12" sub is better??
is my brother joshua going to be gay when he grows up?
What do i need to add tweeters to my system?
Ford radio installation?
jenson 7'' touch screen dvd player?
best speakers?
CD player in car - put one CD in and it got stuck - put in another CD on top of the stuck one and it played !?
completely clueless! please help!?
Mazda 3 TS2 Radio Code Question?
My amp won't turn on. Everything is hooked up like it always has been. It's not any fuses. Radio works fine.?
Will Polk DXi 650's work for my car?
2 subwoofers or 3/4 subwoofers.?
I have a question about car Speakers please help?
Need help with a Kenwood Radio?
Does the 2011 Ford Focus factory radio have a remote turn on wire?
To much voltage to amp?
Will a cobalt 800.1 amp run two kicker vr 12s in 2 ohm?
Help with an amp!!! Fix or Replace??
i have a kenwood KDC-7031 car stereo and i don't know how to play mp3's on it.?
how come when i turn my amp on i losse sound clerity?
is theses a good subwoofer?
Will a JL Audio 500/1 Amp Be A Good Fit For 2 12" JL Audio W3v3?
What are good settings for the bass, mid, and treble in my car.(mainly bass)?
6x9 speakers for a 200 watt stereo?
Were would I run power cables through the fire wall for an amp on a 1998 dodge noen?
How do 8" sub woofers sound?
86 toyota pickup wiring harness?
How to remove original oem in dash 6 cd changer on a 2003 ford f150 SD truck?
Do you know the wiring colour code of Toyota Corolla 99 stereo radio ?
Went to BestBuy to get speakers installed, however noticed windows moter got affected, should I get compensate
how can i make all the speakers in my Hyndai tiburon work.?
Best way to install amp and subwoofer in car?
Car amp wont turn off, even when car is off?
Does a built-in window antenna affect the radio reception in an after-market deck in your car?
Car Amp and Subs wiring?
How do I pair pandora radio with my car speakers?
Can you fit 2 15" subs in the back of a lexus es300 with a parted box?
Which amp should I get?
amplifier repair?!!!?
Who should pay for it?
car dvd repair????????
Kickers vs JL vs Qpower .. which brand is the best?
which subwoofer is better?
When installing video in-dash player to a 2007 Dodge Charger, where can I run the 12V wire to on the the car?
I put an aftermarket radio in my 95 nissian pathfinder, and no sound comes out?
Polk subwoofers help.?
where can i get some car stero products for extremly cheap?
Sub not getting bass, help?
How long would a 55 watt driving light last on 2 45 Amps an hour Batterys?
What Kind of a powercap should i use for a 800Watt Kenwood Amp?
How many watts is a Hart EKG subwoofer ?
How to turn iPad 3 into car radio?
i have 2 10 in kicker subs single voice coil 4-ohm sub what kind of amp would i need for that?
Escort 9500i performance between 9500ix.?
car audio amp question?
What kind of 6" by 9" speakers are the best for music like Slipknot, Disturbed and Seether?
How can i play music from my laptop in my car stereo?
Radio interuptions while listening to cd's in the car?
whats the difference between an amp and sub?
is this amp cabable of putting out exactly 600 wat rms?
What amp for these subs?
How to improve my car sound quality?
Does anyone know how to remove the radio on a Citroen AX?
Will Infinity 6x9 kappa series run off MRP-F600 amp?
My amp and subs have no power, help!!!!?
philips cdc3 code needed please?
Im looking to find the right 6-Disc magazine for my recently purchased used car.?
What is this life whant from us ?
Does anyone have any suggestions on aftermarket CD players?
Can someone tell me the stereo unlock code for a 2001 Deawoo Lanos?
10" subwoofer help, sound quality is important!?
What are the best car speakers to install in your car?
Where could I find a FM transmitter for my car?
My Amp on subwoofer not working.?
What to add to my car audio system?
Are tweeters louder if you run them straight from the amp?
dual 4 ohms voice coils?
What does it mean to wire subs in series?
Car Audio speaker box inquiry?
Why are my lights still dimming? Please help!!?
What are 2 way / 3 way / component speaker combinations there are and advantages and disadvantages of each?
Question about installing subs?
will a Memphis 16-MCD500 Car Amp push more power than a Kenwood KAC-8104D?
My aftermarket hid conversion kit will cause interference to radio when i turn them on. Why?
I am looking for an inexpensive GPS unit for my van. I need it to have one option: Routing for trucks.?
How to wire a car power switch with led on it?
1994 toyota corolla, how do you remove the dashboard for a new stereo?
Is this a good setup?
Help with car audio system?
Why wont my car stereo play my cds?
If I use an ipod connected to my deck, do I retain the same 24 bit. D/A converter sound quality from my deck?
I have in my car Bose system and I need to add a screen with camera in my altima car coupe so what u advice?
Does two 12" JL Audio subwoofers hit harder than two 12" power bass subs?
2000 mustang need help installin stereo system?
Best subwoofer size for metal music?
Can i run 2 amps to 1 sub?
i need an amp to push a 15"?
I would like someones advice about my car audio system?
Should i have matching components in my car?
Amp Question Please Help?
Is there a difference between these subs?
is a 600 watt amp with a 250 rms enough for 2 12' inch MTX terminator subs?
how would i put an alpine head unit with two type r 15" subs in a 04 -05 rx8?
!999 mustang Stereo Installation. new stereo works, but no sound?!? help?
Blowing Fuse on Amp when i turn it up loud for a few Min.?
How do I wire my remote wire and rca cords from my amplifier to my head unit?
Connecting an amp to a Ford Focus 1999 RDS 5000?
how ca I keep the amplifier battery fuse from going out when turning up the volume ?
Can I check for a draining car battery with my multimeter?
what guage wire would an 800 watt amp use?
Does anyone know if a 2006 BMW 750i comes with an AUX Jack for an ipod? ?
Can you help me buy a sound system?
What does "Error Code 1" mean on my CD Player in my Hyundai Santa Fe?
what is a suitable kicker subwoofer system?
Car trouble?
Ipod connector for a 95' Nissan Pickup?
when will a radio use the most power/amperage?
my stereo speaker has no sound at all comeing out?
Help estimating a good selling price for two 15" kicker subwoofers?
Has anyone installed a car alarm on their Honda at the Honda dealership?
Why is my amp on but my subs have no sound?
i want to know what a pa system is and where can i use it?
would I need an extra Alt. Batt. or a capacitor for my car stereo?
LSD size for a solar light run by a 1.2v ni-cd battery garden light
What subs are right for me?
What do I need to install in my car to have the same radio and speakers that police do?
What are some good reasons to get sub woofers or subs in my car?