Car Audio

tryin to get cheap subs?
would a vented or sealed enclosure be better?
LOC to Bose in 2006 Cadillac Escalade?
My Lights Dim Very Noticably After My Small System Was Installed, WHY?
I have a Nissan Frontier 2000 and im trying to find what color is the Parking Brake Cable?
Where can I fix my car tape deck at a reasonable price?
if you shut your car doors at the same time will the windows break?
Amp fuses blew when hooking back up?
what size box do i need for 2 12in kicker cvr's?
no bass coming from car cd player (xplod cdx-gt330)?
having trouble wiring a new radio?
Amplifier advice for car speakers?
would this amp run these subs??
Simple stereo: Kenwood KDC MPV7019. The backlights change colors. How is this disabled?
i want to put a bigger sound system in my buick riveria first timer?
where is the lighter fuse located on a 1991 dodge ram 350 maxivan?
Subwoofer amp help needed ?
What cables do i need for a sub woofer and an amplifier?
jammed cd in cd player?????
My car's audio player doesn't have much bass?
Subwoofer not hitting as loud as it should be?
What to do if a CD is stuck in your cars CD player? Without having to take it back to the dealership?
Car amps in the House?
where is a good cheap place to get financing on car audio?
How much does it cost for a local car shop or best buy to install a subwoofer?
Keyless Entry and Alarm pre-installed?
capacitor farads?
Will this body kit fit my 2002 clio?
what size are 2002 ford exploere door speakers?
Does the 2005 Ford Taurus have a 6 disk cd changer and if so, how do you use fill it??
86 S10 with suicide doors?
What gauge wire do I need?
i have a 98 saturn sl was wondering how big of a sub box to get?
Fi Audio new subwoofer, the SP4 line? Any good?
4 or 8 gauge power wire for sub amp?
Rockford Fosgate P3 Enclosure?
How to wire two amps to two subwoofers?
need help installing toggle switch for amps?
ports on a ported box for 2 15's?
Car audio (Golf MK4)?
Cd player works but radio doesn't?
car audio help! Component speakers?
2001dodge caravan car audio diagram?
which 12 inch subwoofers give out the hardest bass??
1999 mitsubishi help?
how do you hook up a 1200W 4 Ohm Voice Coil Sub and a 800W 2 Ohm Voice Coil Sub to a 2ch 400 watt bridged amp?
Whats the perfect amp for 2 12'' Kicker L7 Subs?
my amp is cutting out?
Do I need to buy new speakers if I get a new radio for my car?
Too good of a deal?
What Is The Best Way To Stop Static On Am Radio?
i installed my audio system in my truck, but this i the first time that i can hear the engine on the speakers?
my subs only have one set of terminals,how do i bridge them?
New head unit installation in 02 Avelanche?
Car Audio Alternator Upgrades?
What is causing my amp to go into protection?
Which brand of amp is best?
how many subs for my crew cab?
what all do i need to push 2 l7s 12 in. kickers?
Which TOM TOM GPS is better?
What is a speaker level input?
My car makes some weird loud humming sound?
What is it with guys and cars?
does the amp rms stack with head unit rms?
Do you think sattelite radio will completely replace tower based radio?
what would make my interior car lights does this?
radio code?
is there any way i can hook a 6 disc cd changer out of a 1996 ford expedition up to a new car radio?
Why does my head unit ignore some songs on my flash drive?
please can someone tell me if halfords fit car stereos and speakers even if u have?
is this crazy car sound system setup ok???
I want to purchase the Sony CDX-GT23 CD player for my car...?
input reguarding an in dash dvd?
Sub woofer wiring confusion.?
Nice subs? Best SPL subs?
Car stereo speaker wattage?
DUBturbo sound kits!!!!!?
is bestbuy a good place for replacing stock sound system?
Sirus to XM Satelite radio?
Can I put a sound system in my 1999 Mercury Tracer?
installing aftermarket radio chevrolet impala?
What is a good, short CB Radio Antenna?
aside from mp3 format,what audio file extensions are commonly used in playing car stereos audio cd?
how to get 12 volt power for an amp on 02 suburban?
Is there any subs AT ALL that can possibly be beater than jl audio's?
Where should I connect the blue/white wire to?
Were to put sub box in trunk ??? Do subs need open air infront of them or can they sit 2 inches away from rear
What happens when i smell smoke from speakers?
any one got a stero for free that works?
how to hook up a equilizer to my 6x9 and subwoofer?
is Hifonics HFi1500D a good amp?
clarion max676vd stereo unlock code?
American/Japanese/German made fire scanner/radio?
How to adjust and install music system in cars?
2 12" kicker comps or 2 12" l7's?
I'm putting a system inside of a 2001 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
are the old school kicker cvr 12s just as good as the newer ones?
One or two 12s with same RMS?
What will happen to speakers on a stock radio without an amp?
xMax for Volfenhag 12'' Sub?
Why is my amp shutting off after i turn the volume up?
2 kicker l5 15's or 2 kicker cvr 15's?
ported or sealed?
What are the advantages of having a power cap and not having one?
deawoo lazanza 1999 radio wire colors?
Are the Hifonics HFi12D4 subwoofers worth getting?
Can someone flip over three diferent cars without jumping?
what is a Farad Capacitor used 4.?
mounting antennas to a van?
my subwoofer goes off when car engine is swithched on?
need help on building my box for my 2 15's!!?
car speakers?
can this amp run at 2Ohms?
how do i connect a car cd player to a standard plug for house hold use?
What its the best sub box for 2 12's alpines type r, a vented or a bandpass?
Car Audio Help?
Car Charger+FM Radio Adapter Transmitter for IPOD Touch?
whats better 2-ohm or 4-ohm?
Car radio/cd player not working?
Who lives in the GTA area. Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, etc. That can help me?
1997 trans sport cd error codes?
Can FM modulator be used to browse for radio stations?
How do i know if this car stereo fits in my car?
Best shallow subwoofer for a regular cab truck?
I want to put a subwoofer in my car, but I don't want to wake up the whole neighborhood?
I believe I shorted my car when trying to take out car audio equipment. How do I get the car to start?
is it possible to hook up one of those xm radios?
Capacitor for my amps?
What should i get for my car?
My car stereo says mp3/wma compatible, wat exactly does this mean?
its something used for your subwoofer amp, its a silver box i think, and goes between the battery and amp...?
Cd player in car skips through songs really fast? ?
New Ipod Nano > Head Unit?
What do i buy to play tunes from my ipod nano in car?
What is a good amplifier and subwoofer to put in a 2009 chevy cobalt?
which is the best audio system for a car (durable)?
My 1997 Mercury Sable Cd Player Wont Read CD's?
New Stereo>?
What kind of amp do I need?
I have a Volfenhag ZX7190 2400 Watt amp and every time i turn my car on it goes into protection?
Any decent car radio head unit I can buy for decent money that accepts Ipod?
4 or 8 gauge power wire for sub amp?
Can cruise control be installed in a 97' Malibu?
I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy and do not know which wires like 12 volt switched gets hooked up and also?
I parchased "AUDITOR RIP 2300amp" 2x300watts. plz advaice the suitable subwoofer (watts). p2d412 is a good?
What amp for two 12'' Kicker CRV's?
Comparison between two Head units?
Whats a decent but not too pricey make on Car speakers (6x9, Amp, Sub)?
Will my head uniit (car cd) overheat?
Where can i find an in-dash dvd player with a navigation for a dodge ram 1500?
I just installed my speakers, they sound bad...?
car speakers?
Does anybody know how to unlock the stereo in a Volvo V40?
How do I install a Sony xplode into a 1998 Nissan Altima?
why does my car stereo cassette player have such low volume?
i have an edge amp what sub am i looking for?
I bought 2 12" kickers and need an amp. Any suggestions?
What do you think would be a good amplifier for my new subwoofers?
Will this be Enough bass for my car?
Bridge wire for dvc subwoofers?
What would happen if... (audio/speakers)?
Can I Put A 1200 watt Amp In A Toyota Echo?
How big of an amplifier do I need for my 2 Kicker subwoofers?
Can you put one brand of car speakers in the front and another brand in the back???
amp cuts off?
How do I change the radio system in a 93 ford escort wagon? Do i need a special tool?
Cleaning subwoofer magnet?
Does the Punch 800 a2 have a PWM?
Panasonic cd player ADJ problem?
how to install speakers in an integra?
How many car batteries will I need for this subwoofer?
Installing cd player into S10?
What is rms in speakers/subwoofers?
Does anyone know how to load all 6 CD's in a 2006 Tiburon GT with Infinity sounds system?
if a car has sattelite radio do you need to pay a subscription?
My Dj speakers have a vibrating sound what should I do?
I was wondering if a kicker 500 watt amp would power a infinity reference 1262 watt subwoofer?
Why does my subs keep shutting off?
Question about Pioneer DEH-7200HD?
kenwood or pioneer speakers?
i have a G6 pontiac sadan and i wanna put 2 12in subs in it but what brand of subs?
Is 3500 too much for this system?
harman/kardon spekers wont work?
Would putting bass speakers near a layer of metal balls make them vibrate?
do dr crankenstein be da stereo dat be all dat, a bag of mf chipz, 2 Cokes, n' a ice creem?
will 6x8 speakers fit in a jeep grand cherokee?
What Kind of Amp Wiring kit do i need?
Hello I have a 04 Nissan Micra S im thinking of putting it a Sony CDXA250. Will it blow my speakers?
my car amplifier keeps showing over current i have droped all the nossels to half so not to much power?
How do you change the "clock time" in a 2001 Honda Civic?
I have two xplod subs, total 2200 watts. What amp do I need?
I'm getting dual 12" boxed ported sony xplod subs for my expedition?
Anybody know the T/S parameters for an MTX Jackhammer JH4512?
Are 12" Pyramid Royal Red Subwoofers worth buying?
what is a good sound system for a 91 mercucy like subs,amps,dvdcd player?
How do i increase the wattage of my xplod amp?????
What size amp should i get?
MB QUART RWE354 or alpine type x? 1541 or 1542?
How to wire 2ohm amp to 4ohm sub?
how do i install a system in a 98 altima and stop the rattling?
howzit guys! listen iv got 2 jbl 10" with 2000w mono amp & solid box but i jus dont get the bass from it?
Listening to music in the car with the engine off?
Why is my pee brown? Is there something wrong with my food intake?
subwoofers: two 15" boss audio, or two 10" alpine or rockford fosgates?
Why does my trunk keep opening from all the bass?
should i use 2 or 4 ohms ?
what was the average cost of a car in the 1960's?
How to install car stereo in zen estilo , which is the suitable stereo & speakers were to fit speakers in rear
Would 5 amps fry the nerf stampedes motor?
can you install subwoofers on a stock head unit?
can you put house speakers in a car?
where is the best place to get good car audio deals?
What Car speakers Should I get?
How much does car toys charge to get alarm installed on car?
Subwoofer speaker wiring?
help with car stereo instalation?
Is there anything I can do from here?
Pyle amp? Good for this setup? Good quality?
buying four Soundstream T6-12" or T6-15" Subwoofer, what model and how many soundstream amps to use?
How Would I Go About Setting Up A Car Subwoofer?
How do I put in this code for my 1999 Land Rover radio?
What do you think about these tweeters?
How do i connect my used kenwood stereo system in my car ?
Car with NO cd player?
What is the average number of watts that factory car speakers have?
My car subwoofer is loud and creates a lot of low bass? Should I be able to hear music?
my amp shuts off when i turn the volume up?
can this wire be fixed ?
I Need Help On Which System for BASS!!!!!?
does anyone know why my 93' prelude shorted out?
WHy does my coded cd player keep forgetting the settings?
what amp do i need for my 3 12" gforce subwoofers (400w)?
Looking for a good sub for my truck?
which brand is best in car audio?
How much is it to repair bass in car speakers?
how to install a cd changer in a vw jetta?
my subs wont work, the stereo, amp, and crosover still work the rcas are plugged in whats wrong?
i got an aftermarket stereo in my 92 toyota camry and it randomly stopped getting power to it? what could it b?
Ford fiesta radio 4500 .Got new clutch and raido needs a code the serial is MO10999 Thanks..?
Which subwoofer is better?
What can i connect to my Kicker KX200.2 amp?
Better amp for 2 kicker L7 10's: Hifonics Brutus BXi 1610D or Kenwood eXcelon X1200M?
Problem with the cassette deck on my Taurus!!!?
Will metal window tint interfere with my cell phone or satelite radio?
i have a question about the pioneer DEH-P690UB cd deck?
Seeking immediate amp and sub help?
I have 2 12'' subs in my trunk and i was wondering if should be worried about shattering the glass?
I have a 600 watt amp, what size sub should I get?
How much air room for subs?
Louest Car subwoofer?
What else do I need for my sound system?
Different Subwoofer Box tuning?
quick easy points please help me out?
is it safe to wire a cigarette lighter into boot of car using existing wires from a live feed to lights?
What type of body kit would fit on a 91 cutlass supreme??
Rover 45 radio security code?
Why does my Positive cable on my Suburban burn when I Use my 600W Amplifier?
Would I be able to upgrade my subs?
i am looking at a BOSS audio amplifier, and it says MOFSET power, what does that mean?
Good Music to blast with new speakers?
changing car audio system. change or keep my old system? thanks?
ok now how do i set the clock on a pioneer supertuner3 model deh2700?
(Box(1) (Box(2) http://ww?
Ford Eon 5000?
how to hook up two amps to one headunit?
Which Sub-woofer enclosure should I get?
plan on buying 2 new 12 inch subwoofers for my dodge dakota. battery life?
what sounds better 4 12's or 2 12's and 2 15's?
why do all teenagers think that drinking and drieving is cool?
Car Sound System Help?
can i run a subwoofer while it not in a box?
I need steptostep help wiring my line out converter to my 2000 dodge Dakota stock stereo?
I have some new car audio speakers?
I have two radios. Neither will save settings?
How do i connect a pioneer deh-1600r to a skoda fabia?
2002 Dodge Ram Subwoofer?
you do your car keep breaking down?
i have a cd player in my car, would it be possible to change that to a better one that can connect phone/mp3?
i need help with my radio in my 1994 escort?
volume rises when i try to lower it?
car speakers help needed?
How many ohms is this?
What to do when the hotwire for you deck wont work?
when i take out my car stereo, do i take the metal case around it out as well?
I need a verb to describe that my car radio didnt work please?
Where to buy a Rockford Fosgate Punch 801s car amplifier high level input cord?
What speakers should I get?
Where can I buy new rear amps for my mach 460 sound system? I do not want to use E-Bay....?
what do you think about the pioneer AVIC-Z2...?
can I change the stereo in my 1996 mercedes-benz c220 to a aftermarket without any problems?
How do I get my factory radio out of my car with no damage to the dash?
car audio rca output?
how do i change the time on my pioner radio in my truck?
I'm considering getting a sound system for my car? What are some great places to look at?
absolutly the best radar detector?
Does this amp, sub, wiring kit combo work together?
How to set the time on a stock radio/casette player in a 1984 Seville?
alpine sub wiring positive negative?
speaker setup..will it work?
is this amp any good? will it last long?
A few questions on Car Audio?
Which speakers should I get for my car?
How much does it cost to install a c.d. player in a C220 Mercedes 1995? Thank you?
How does a car amp work? help plz?
Stereo turns off when braking or when too many things are on in my car.?
06 grand cherokee replaced head unit.aftr 6 months car stalls. service cntr says stock HU has importnt circuit
I have 98 Saturn SL2. Radio says loc and when i press the 2 & 3 buttons it goes to ino p. Help?
What speakers I should get for my car to go along with the subs and amp that I already have?
i have 2 pioneer champion series dvc 1400w each what amplifier would be good to use woofer's are 12inch?
whats a loud 12" sub to buy on ebay under $200?
which of these subs would be better?
JL audio 10w3's?
What should I do with my subs and amps?
Amplifier's Advice?
jvc stereo kd-g110?
Can you hook up 2 subs to a Kenwood eXcelon KAC-X1R i already have the subs hooked up to each other.?
What Would Be The Best Way To Setup My Car Audio System?
do i need any kind of special wires to replace my factory speakers?
improve Bluetooth reception?
I need help getting my stock radio out of a 2003 Grand Am?
Will this car audio system work properly?
Will my 300 wat amp power my 12 inch sub and 2 5/7 speakers?
what type of #amp should i get for my amp?
no video play back on car dvd player but have audio?
Which Subs would be louder?
i want to add high bass speakers into my ford f-150 90' truck what do i buy?
How do you find the radio code + Honda?
my car cd player won't play any cd (regular or burned)?
Looking for a CD receiver for my dads pickup for christmas.. He wants something with BIG, EASY, buttons. Help?
what will be the best way 2 connect 2 by 1000 watt pioneer subs 400 rms on a 2500 watt ice amp?
do you have to change the whole system to put new speakers in a car?
Jl audio w0 vs Rockford fosgate p1?
What size box does the Hifonics BX15D2 15-Inch subwoofer require?
Good AMP for my single 12" Kenwood Tornado?
how to wire my jensen power 900 amp?
who likes cars brum brum?
does it matter if the speakers in my trunk are rear facing or forward facing. What sounds better ?
What about this for my boyfriend?
My subs stopped working?
What do i need to have a good sound system in my car?
why can't i connect my subwoofer to my car stereo?
My Mazda MPV 6 CD changer takes a CD, acts like it is going to play and then ejects the CD. Any suggestions?
Does this sound like a blown amp?
How to block bass from car door speaker?
boston acoustics o rockford fosgate?
I have a 2000 Honda Civic. How do I get the "radio code" to get my stereo to work without taking it out?
What do u think the best system (subs&amp) to put under my backseat in my 98 f150?
4 channel amp i put 2 woofer and 2 6x9 and i get distorted sound?
kenwood amp gets hot?
what is the best "cheap" car audio brand?
amplifier suggestions???
how do i connect playstation to my in car dvd player ?
89 ford f150 xl radio wire diagram?
Any one got any ideas for best budget sat nav...?
High Output Alternator? for F-150 raptor 6.2L?
How do I stop my speakers from making my door panels shaking?
witch would be the loudest 2 12 or 2 15 inch subwoofer?
need to find a battery for my setup?
What watt amp do I need? (I don't know how to read the specs so please be specific on how many watts I need.).
I have a 800 watt polk momo sub and 300 watt jensen amp how can i make it louder?
I have a 800 watt polk momo sub and 300 watt jensen amp how can i make it louder?
My clarion Deck DXZ835MP shows "not update" all of a sudden, now cant find my manul for it , any help ?
What should I buy for my ride?
What to do to get enough power to my system?
2005 Pontiac Sunfire Stereo Power?
I've had the front of my JVC stereo stolen. Can I buy another front to put on it?
Jensen VM9312 bad disk error?
I love to crank up the sound system in my ride, just to piss people off, its so FUN! Am I weird?
How would this sub and amp ect work together?
there is a speaker in a car and i was gust woundering why it keeps vibrating sound yes it rackles and vibrates
A new car says it is MP3 compatible? What does that mean, does it have a jack to hook up my IPOD to?
what amp should i get?
No sound coming from car stereo speakers? Used to work fine, then sister kicked something....?
I plan on buying 2 Kicker L7 12's and i wanted to know what type of amp is best. also is Lanzar a good amp?
AMP n SUBS. Bigger wires=more power???
Radio not turnin on. My truck radio turned off and won't turn back on?
What website has the best prices for rims? Im looking for the B diggity NS Racing (20s)?
Not sure which speakers to go with my amp..?
anyone know where i could get some cheap kicker cvx?
Ipod to CD receiver connection problem...?
i have a 600 watt mono amp but i dont know the ohms or anything else i want to get two 12"s what should i get?
how do i unhook a capacitor?
clarion tuner brain model vrx925vd?
Good Component Speakers?
fuse or no fuse?
Will one 10inch sub shake my car?
If i run 2500watts rms for my whole system what would i need?
Is subwoofer bottoming out bad? is my sub bottoming out;?
Where can i get a vcr repaired that is built into my vehicle but it does pullout?
240w car speakers?
everytime i drive over 70mph my car begins to shake.why is that?
I bought a new battery for my car now and now my radio is asking for a code...HELP!!?
can i install 6x9 aftermarket speakers in a 1990 ford probe?
Car bra or no cars bra?
What is the best gain and bass boost setting for my system?
Download Garmin GPS map?
Are square or round subs better?
Whats are better 2 10s or 2 12s?
components or coaxial speakers?
Do the alpine 850 and the jl audio 500 mono amps have enough power to push my 15" type R sub?
are 2 12 mtx teminator subs good speakers to buy, and how will sound wit a cerwin vega amp?
I have a power inverter in my car and it makes my system Buzzzz What Do I Do ?
How can I get my radio to work on my 2001 Chrystler 300M?
How do I get my Sanyo NVA-100 to work properly?
I want to add an extra amplifier in an oldsmobile alero in addition to the factory monsoon amp.?
Why does my Panasonic cd player skip when the hard bass comes in???
How to fix the gradual static in my new car speakers?
I want 12 inch duel subs and a amp for me?
Alpine or Kicker? Type R vs QS?
What amplifier should i get for my car?
New Kicker Sub? New Kicker Sub?
What is the advantages/disadvantages of a sealed subwoofer box over a ported?
So my amp is shorted out and I need to figure out what to do?
Does a 2005 Ford Expedition have an aux connection if so were?
What does this symbol mean?
what is the best radar detector on the market?
my amp and wire differences....?
in a 01 mustang what color is the radio ignition wire?
how to hook up a linear to my cb?
What is the front/rear speaker size in a 2000-2003 Acura TL?
hard hitting bass?
What is the best amp power to make my JL W3 sub work best?
What's the best I could do with $300?
Remove stock radio from '91 Mercury Grand Marquis?
Some views on Fusion Car Audio please?
Subwoofer cone space vs Quality and xmax?
I want to know how to unlock my Geo Metro radio after a power failure. I followed the instruction and failed
which of these sounds better?
I just wired up car amp and then it started smoking help me :(?
Amp to Sub wires (gauge)?
i got a kicker recently does anybody know what kind it is?
car stereo............?????????
Making my own speakers... PLEASE HELP?
Amp ground not working anymore?
How do you reset a multi-changer on a chrysler voyager?
Can I burn movies on a regular CD and Watch them on my car DVD player?
I'm trying to put my nice stereo in my Jeep,my son said it's just a hair too big.?
Cobra CB Radio!!!?
what amp should i get?
amp turns off when i turn the music up?
i have a precisionpower pc2150 amp. what fuse should i use? how many amps?
is there a site for free view of instruction manual for d db 1200 amfm cd receiver?
How do I connect a droid device to pioneer audio car stereo?
would this amplifier power my subwoofer?
Is $350 a good price for a used newer model rockford p3 15in. in a custom ported bo?
Do you think four 12 inch kicker comp will hit hard.?
Should I go for SPL or SQ? Ported / Sealed #2?
Are dual voice coil subs better or is it all just preference?
where on the web can I find schools for car audio installation?
subwoofers and car speaker question?
whats the best hertz to tune a box to?
Do I need another battery for my car if I have speakers for my car?
I need a Ford Fiesta Keycode for my Zetec?
My subs give feed bad feed back when my car is running?
does a 2006 fusion sel come with satelite radio?
i have a alpine 12' 2 ohms type "r" sub...what ams would be best for this?
Low power amplifier powers subs, but higher powered one amplifier doesnt?
Sounds keep shutting off?
subwoofer and amp dropping volts?
What is the difference between Garmin Navigation 1100 & Garmin Navigation 205?
Amp wattage question?
Will I loose the steering wheel control of my factory AM/FM CD Changer if I replace it with an aftermarket?
Amp and Sub...Good Match?
I have sub woofers in my car that nbeed to be hooked up but my head unit doesnt have the adio outputs?
What version of waka flockas hard in the paint does a21bravo play when he does bass demos ?
Subs in Acura Integra? Spare tire.?
are tweeters necessary ?
Can anyone tell me where I can find the rear woofer for a 2000 cadillac deville other than a dealership?
Im looking for cheap but great sounding subwoofers and amp. What are my best options?
what is the best sub and amp setup for me?
I'm a power ranger!!?
How to hook my amp up?
Back parcel shelf speakers being affected by subwoofer?
This amp with this sub?
What do I need to run electric items out of my car?
Car stereo amp and subwoofers not working?
what is the perfect amp for 2 kicker L7s 15 in?
can you have 2 different wires connected to the same thing?
Subwoofer Enclosure Sizing and Polyfill?
i want a cheap 3000w massive audio amp?
can somebody find me a good audio installation guide?
can i power 2 x 400w speakers from my car radio's 4x50w amp?
is there a special adapter i need to hook up atermarket amp to bose factory radio?
How to use Motion X on my Pioneer AVH-P8400BH while driving?
2002 tahoe radio is on loc i need a code to un-lock it?
how to swap cd players?
Is a ported or enclosed sub better?
Subwoofer And Amp Question?
What amp should i be using?
i am trying to find out the dimensions for a subwoofer box for a ford f150?
do you think that all these loud annoying car alarms really work?
Why do my car speakers shut off mid song?
Subs for 99' Dodge neon?
would it be a good idea to use my back speaker spliter to hook up my sub.?
Car stereo problem. Any help?
radio hook-up on pontiac vibe?
Im looking for a way to play my ipod through my car radio.?
2 Memphis mojos or 3 Solo baric l7's?
What is the best economical way to record from guitar amp using its input jack?
If I put larger diameter wheels & tires on my car will the speedometer be accurate?
i like to know about te price and the number from middletown pontiac buick gmc?
Do i have to "warm up" my subwoofers?
Car audio system question?
What amp will power 2 kicker L5 12s nicely?
help !!!!!?
Adjusting the car speakers in my new car?
What parts do I need to put an alpine head unit in my 03 grand am se2?
What's the difference between these two amps?
How many miles should be on my 2001 car?
MB QUART RWE354 or alpine type x? 1541 or 1542?
Is this car audio set up right?
Crunch pzi2000 1d amp in protection mode how can i fix it?
Why do kicker l7 12" keep cutting off when on high volume?
Does anyone know how to set up a home enterainment system using your car sub woofer and amplifier?
How to install car Mp3 mobile?
can a weak amp be the reason my 12"s are distorting?
2 10'' or 1 12" subs for 04 chevy impala?
what is the website for eclipse audio?????
Kenwood amp with alpine type r 1243d ?
whats the best box and size for a audiobahn aw1205n?
why won't may dvd player turn on in my 2008 Chevy Suburban?
buying an ipad mini for double din use?
How can I tell if I need to replace the battery in my 92 cutlass supreme international (3.4L)?
I have a va audio 2200 watt amp and the problem that i am having is this.... ?
FM Transmitter and voltage for my car?
Kicker L3, L5 and L7?
What would be better? An 8" POLK audio subwoofer or a 10" kicker subwoofer? ?
Why does my sub pop when i tap the brakes?
Car stereo deck with no radio or cassette, just AUX input?
Which subs are best to listen to rock and rap?
Need help with replacing factory front door speaker with a new one with a separate tweeter?
Where should I connect the blue/white wire to?
i want a 18 FI BL waht options do i choose?
What size amp do i need to push these subwoofers?
where would i find out what fuse blew while hooking up my radio?
Should I get a 2002 Mini Cooper?
I need some help wiring my Stereo?
recommeneded amp size?
Will these subs fit in this box?
I am looking to install a subwoofer to get alot of base in my car, can someone recomend what I should do?
Does din matter in acar stereo?
neighbor has a loud stereo and will not stop "bumping" late night and early morning...?
Subwoofers are moving, but not hitting bass?
My capacitor sparks...but sometimes works...what should I do?
Need subwoofer help!?
my cars electrical system is being burdoned by my sound system what should i do?
memphis audio subs and amps quality?
What amp should i power 2 Fi BTL 15s with?
What are all the parts I need for a car audio/bass system?
i need some cool music!!!?
memphis 500 mono amp best set up "help"?
installing door speakers in 1992 ford taurus?
what kind of amp do i need if i want two 10inch pyles with 2500 watts at the peak?
car system setup help?
Headunit, door speaker upgrade, and question about 4 channel amp?
I just found an old clarion head unit (drx4575), minus the manual, anyone know off hand how to set the clock?
pldvd132 has image problem it onñy display in black and white?
how do i install an auxiliary audio jack into a potiac vibe?
I have a 4000w sub 1300 rms 4 ohm. need some suggestions on amps?
Does my car amplifier automatically turn off when it's about to blow?
How big of a capacitor do i need for 2 4000W amps?
Question on pricing?
can this car will be the best in market ?
would 6 12 inch subwoofers have loud bass?
Subwoofer rms ratings help?
What car audio brand should i buy?
can i hook up my car system in my home? like with a car battery or somethin?
did i buy a blown subwoofer?
How come my car system doesnt sound loud outside ?? sounds good inside but outside you cant hear all the bass?
Anyone used the Jensen VM9125 stereo?
I have a classic car with an astor diamond-dot radio which les when the volume control is moved?
If a guy is having sex with a very hot woman......?
What kind of amplifier do i need and how many watts ?
Can I connect a car amplifier to the Bus In and the Bus Out RCA jacks on my Sony Stereo?
RMS subs!!!?
how to unlock code on kenwood reciever?
what shoudl i go with 1 15" subwoofer or 1 12" subwoofer?
Sub woofer's won't hit nearly as hard as they're potential. What could be wrong?
Is $125 a fair price for 5 year old 12 inch diamond subs in an enclosure?
how do i wire a 6ohm sub to a 4ohm amp?
Whats the diferance between a 2 and 4 channel amp?
my amp keeps blowing fuses?(read description)?
What is the Best Fm Transmitter?
How do i wire speakers in parallel?
Sub sounds blown, but isn't?
Kicker CVR vs Alpine Type R?
i just put in a cd player in my 95 neon what is the ground wire for?
My Car Audio does not play mp3, when i convert it to CDA it still does not play it. Please advice?
Will most car-radios 'grab' the cd... if you put in a MINI cd---ya know what i'm talking about..?
More bass from my subwoofers?
What amp would best fit this subwoofer?
I have a old car stere. How do i go about electrically powering it up using a standard home electrical plug?
Will the kicker 10zx350.4 4 channel amp put to much power on my door speakers?
what kind of speaker has better bass a 2 ohm or a 4 ohm?
What would be the best amp to go with my Kicker CVX15?
Can anyone help with a Ford radio code?
What's your opinion on 2 15 inch kicker CVR's ? Also what kicker amp will power them properly?
What's the best amp i can get for these subs...?
how to hook up speakers in the trunk of a 99 grand am?
How to get bass out of 4x6 speakers?
Can I have a 10" and a 12" sub hooked up to the same amp in my car?
I have a dodge caravan 2001. The radio bass treble keep blinking and the radio doesnt work. Whats wrong?
What kind of in dash?
help with buying car speakers?
I think my Head unit is ok, do u? (Fuse Problem?
Buying a need audio set up fro my car, Need advice please?
Need a code for car radio, Ford Escort Finesse?
How much is 1,000 watts on an that a lot?
2 15inch hifonics brz15d with sslev2500m evolution 2500 watt?
I am planning to replace my stock speakers in my car. I need some help?
accord coupe audio system?
where can i find cheap audio system for cars?
Installing Bazooka Tube on Lexus RX 330?
Why doesnt my stereo work when i turn my headlights on?
I just purchased a jeep and it has a Pioneer Mosfet 50 Wx4 super tuner III radio. Where can I find a manual?
Is it ok for this load on my 8 gauge wire.?
1500 mega watts is equal to how many watts??
KFC-1694PS in front deck of cobalt?
Can you plug a playstation 2 directly into a 2001 Ford excursion audiovox tv?
pls help does anyone know the wiring diagram of cdi unit for yamaha crypton.... tnx....?
What's a budget sub that loud???? I wont loud bass?
rockford fosgate speaker blown?
my chevy has an aux button on the radio, can i use RCA cables to hook my ipod to it?
what are some songs that will beat the hell outta my subs (have a ton of bass)?
How to install a double din monitor in a 2003 Honda Civic?
i have a 600w kenwood amp and i have two 12" bostwick subs and my amps keep getting hot what wrong?
3 type r 15 vs Orion hcca 15?
Would this sub/amp combo be decent?
how do i get thunderous bass from my car stereo system?
Remembering your first system before you upgraded!!!! Callin out all bassheads!!!!?
Car Audio Help (AMP & Subs)?
What is the best way to describe how to Bridge two subs, to 1 amp?
Do you called a car a name?
Underpowering a Subwoofer?
how do i enter gps data into my tomtom go 700?
Are my Alpine Subs wrecked?
Will this sub set up work?
Where can I buy a new radio and subs for my car?
Which brand of amplifier is good for two 10 or 12 inch subs?
CD player in car wont work?
how can i bridge my subwoofers?
Where do I hardwire XM radio in 2007 Impala to shut off with car?
Does my amp have to many watts for my sub?
Can I hook up speakers to the Clarion EQS746 this way?
Speakers for a 2003 Cavalier?
Will Brand new Mtx Terminators be louder than used mtx 5500 there 12s?
what amp should i run two 15'' l7 kickers with?
What is the best GPS system for a car in the range of $200. ?
Amp that can push Two 15" and another that can push Four 10" Subs?
what is the ideal amp i need to power 2 1000 watt subs?
Need help with a radio question?
Where can I find an Installation kit for an in dash DVD screen for my 1995 Honda Accord?
how can you tell an amplifiers class?
Subwoofers wont hit low notes! any ideas?
Could a Kicker ZX750 800 w Amplifier power a 15" Rockford Fosgate t1 sub at 1200 RMS wattage?
brand new subs wont turn on?
Would it sound better if you put some sort of cushion inside a sealed subwoofer box?
How do I know if a certain subwoofer enclosure and amplifier will work in my car? Want to buy online, afriad.
Stereo and Dashboard lights not working 2000 Nissan Maxima?
Good songs for my subs?
What are some good speakers that pack punch with bass?
whats the difference betweet 2ohm and 4 ohm im hohin to get two 12inch kicker l7 whicj sould i get 2ohm oh 4oh
new capacitor, now my whole sub stereo doesnt work?
Thoughts on new system?
iPod Car adapter question?
Help!!! 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer cd changer?
Can i have a amp pushing my door speakers and another amp pushing my subwoofers?
can I put an aftermarket stereo in my Tahoe and not lose steering wheel radio controls?
Where can I get this cable for my car speakers?
DC level 4 18" vs. AA 18" mayhem.?
While driving in your car, do you like to listen to the radio or cd's?
car stereo system ?
Garmin Nuvi 350 from Amazon?
Are 12" Pyramid Royal Red Subwoofers worth buying?
i install a new tv on my Yukon 07 and my battery is diying what can it be?
What's a good Battery Relay for audio?
has anyone seen a 1.5 din navigation radio?
how to know what car channel for bluetooth?
Is current amp wasting my subs(2) potentials?
two kicker l7's or 4 kicker l7's? and how many watt amp?
what would be a good budget amp for powering a PA 500 watt rms 1000 watt peak sub?
stereo cuts out need help?
What are some good subwoofers that would pound or that you could hear from 5 houses away?
ok question 2 about my amp?
Does my car have a cd changer?
what do I do if my amp is 4 ohms at each channel but my speakers are 2 ohms?
What is the best Navigation system and best value for money at the moment?
Truck/audio system help?
How do i install my cd player to my renault clio mk2?
Does 400 watts speaker needs alternator?
10" or 12"?
My Amp is Cutting Out with Every Bass Hit?... More info...?
Question about subs for my grand am?
How do i install a Sony Xplod CDX-GT56UIW in my car?
Need help with choosing?
what is your favorite sports car?
I am trying to find information on a subwoofer?
How to use AK500Pro ?
where is a good place to buy car audio?
cheap repo cars that i can buy?
Should I amp my speakers?
I have 2 mtx 9500 12's on a 2400 watt RMS amp in the back of a firebird and its not loud. Whats wrong?
cassette in car keeps stopping and radio cuts in?
Which is the best car security system?
why does a vented box peak about 3 or 4 hz above tuning frequency?
How reliable are XS power batteries?
97 Montero Stereo Help?
How do you install a capicitor for an amplifier?
cb radio tech in the st. louis area?
well i just bought some subs for my truck nd they arnt sounding as good as they use to nd they are brand new?
alpine type r amp selection?
Ford radio locked, need code for M021626?
which sub box will be better?
My First Car---Suggest Good Music System Setup?
Speakers Connections To The Amp?
car sound system?
Is it possible to test my car radio harness connector for power using a digital multimeter?
Have fitted a Pioneer MP3 player to my car. It goes off often and restarts.?
Which 3 series have harman kardon?
help with car stereo?
what is a better subwoofer. Kicker or Boston.?
WHICH Stereo???
how do I hook up my alpine touch screen radio in my car to sirius satellite radio?
What speaker system with amp, kicker, and new stereo should I get for my 1997 Chevy Lumina?
Will a 4 Gauge wire make my subs hit harder?
Need HELP! Using voltmeter to set gain ?
Best sub? Between these two?
Car Radio Problems!!!!?
whats better?
Why aren't my 6x9 speakers not working?
can i hook up one coil of a dual voice coil 2 ohm sub and get 2 ohm?
i disconetted my factory amp from range rover and the is frozen now?
I was given a DURABRAND 1200 car stereo. Can i install it in a chevy s-10 p/u,without having to install a kit?
What do I need to do for my infiniti G35's sound system (subs)...?
Problem with Eclipse brand DVD player in auto?
My car stereo won't play burned CD's? Is there any short cut?
Does anybody know the brand of the radio in the link?
Should I upgrade to a Fi BTL 15?
What is the best car audio subwoofer?
Cheap system?
What kind of amp should i get?
What kind of subwoofers should i get for my car?
How to install LEDS into speakers?
can i install hid kits if i already have a sub and a amp installed?
What amp for these subwoofers?
Sony CDX-GT110 radio doesn't work. How to fix it?
Why does the bass in my car only sound good sometimes?
Kicker Solo Baric L7 Sub - How do I know if it is 2ohms or 4ohms?
how do i install rear speakers on a 2006 monte carlo?
Are alpine car speakers (not subs, just speakers) any good?
grounding a capacitor and amp with distribution block?
Whats a good amp for an Alpine Swr T-12?
Does anyone know if there is a Sat Nav that shows public toilets.?
I have a stereo system with an amp and subs any solutions on how to get the protection light on my amp off???
Turn up volume in my subs?
Security codes on a car stereo?
can i install a output converter to rca outputs in a car instead of buying and installing a aftermarket radio?
How much are subs/amps worth?
What will replace CD player in 1996 Ford Mustang?
IPhone 4 audio poping and ling when played via USB.?
Instrument cluster problem ?
Panasonic cd player faceplate replacement?
all eight eyes but one will see the same to reveal that final name... volvo hunt?
sony xplods or kenwood ?
what amp should i get?
How can I get my ipod to play through my car speakers?
Does iPod Shuffle work on cars?
will this reciever fit in my truck?
Whats better Dual or Jensen DVD in-dash Car stereo.?
How Do I remove a dashboard on a 1994 Buick Lasabre to install a cd player?
Broken cassette player?
Help installing a boss sound system into a 1994 saturn?
What does rms stand for in amps?
What gauge for my amp ?
Having problems with my car CD player, whats wrong?
Im bridging 2 1200watt(max) subs, What watt mono amp should i get?
locate Lancaster Pennsylvania from Ct.?
Sub enclosure seals are busted and wood is ed. How much of a difference would getting a new box make?
how do i remove the rear spekers from a '98 plymouth voyager?
I need two good sets of component 6.5 speakers that can handle 300w rms per side?
on websites, such as bestbuy. Amps have like number of watts (subwoofer amps) i that number in RMS or peak?
Whys is my kenwood stereo turning off?
My car speakers are garbled at high volume?
how much would you pay for these subs and amps?
Will my amp push 6 kenwood 12" subs 400 rms each?
Installing a new Head Unit in my Land Rover Discovery II Do I need a mounting kit?
Waiting, waiting, waiting on BMW CODE WAIT - how long?
How do I install aftermarket speakers in a 96 Dodge Neon?
which car audio set up is better?
Which subwoofers will give me the most kick?
How to hook up jl jx1000/1 to 2 TW5s�mit-go=Continue?
what type of amp should i put IN MY CAR?
Ford 6000 CD stereo, replaced battery, need keycode :( Help !!?
Will a Pioneer GM-D8400M Mono Amp Overpower my Dual 1100w Subwoofers.?
Great System???
Where is located audio amplifier (Volkswagen Sharan 1998, TDi)?
what is the best device to store music and play in car radio?
How do I wire my subs to my amp.?
Why are my Pioneer car speakers producing hissing/distortion at any volume, engine on or off?
What amp do i need?
how can i look at a dvd while i drive my car!!!?
how do i check the rms on my subwoofer?
is 2 kicker 10 inch solobaric l7 for 280 dollars a good deal?
Subwoofer any good?
would a sony xplod be loud(12", peek:1300w). would i need any amps or capacitors for it<?
What is the best speaker and amp combo out of the three for clarity and loudness?
i need a good deck or head unit?
Aftermarket car stereo installed and now car wont start!!!!?
how to wire 2 dvc 2ohm sub to 1 ohm in a 2 ch amp?
How can I get the music in my truck to play clear loudly?
If the logo in the center of a kickers subwoofer is oval instead of square, does that mean its fake?
if i connect 2 speakers together and lower the independence will it increase the wattage?
What is a good name?
Good loud subwoofers?
how do i change the bulbs on my 98 explorer when u see your speed odometer?
jvc arsenal subwoofers?
What is your Favorite Brand of Audio Equipment?
I have an '06 corolla, with a 6-disc cd player. The cds are stuck and won't play... advice on how to fix?
In-car entertainment system?
I need to know y my radio comes up With an earre E-04 mean?
is my certificate still valid?
all the lights on my CD changer are flashing?
Kenwood DPX-MP4030 EQ pro?
what's the specs on a mono block d-class blackmore 2000 watt amp?
I have a stock radio in my car and it doesnt have any rca hook ups to install an amp what can i do or buy?
What kind of adhesive is best to repair subwoofer surrounds?
Question about Subwoofers and my car?
what does sealed or free air use mean?
MAZDA 323, purchased in UK, 8 years old radio code?
How can i convert mp3 songs to AUDIO format for playing in car cd player?
i am thinking about getting some 12" sony xplod subwoofers does anyone know if they are quality subwoofers
wire digram?
Amplifier help: I have a rockford fosgate sub P3D412, at 500 watt RMS 4ohms, which amplifier should i get?
two kicker l7's or 4 kicker l7's? and how many watt amp?
Is there an amp made for this subwoofer?
Installed Aftermarket radio in my 88 Grand Marquis, turns on, however no sound. What could it be?
how can I pull 60 amps while converting AC to DC?
in my peugeot 306 1995, the radio will not unlock does anyone know what to do,thanks?
S10 head unit conversion?
what do you think of dodge neon's?
Are these subwoofers good?
What type of amps should I get?
question about my car audio...?
How can I reset my car's navigation system?
what is necessary to connect my iPod shuffle to my car stereo?
about subwoofers?
Can I replace 2-ohm speakers with 8 ohm?
Does anyone know what car has that new speed-based sound system?
Subwoofer sounds awful hooked up! Help?
What car amp should i get?
what is a good single sub woofer i can put in a pontiac sunfire that will be loud. i want bass that i wont be?
Square subwoofers, round subs., small subs., big subs. ..........?????
i smell somthing burnin inside my box that holds 2-12"subs(1200watts) whats wrong?
Does 15" subwoofers sound better than 12" subwoofer or they're about the same?
will someone please answer?
what day of the week are the most car accidents?
Blew a fuse in my car, now my stereo doesn't work.?
code for ford fiesta 3000 traffic stereo?
how to run a +12 volt battery wire line for my radio??
What colors go where? Fog lights already installed just need to connect.?
What is wrong with my subwoofer?
How does a cut through in a dodge charger work?
If I buy a new car radio will I still need the code of the old from the old radio?
Connecting ipod to car speakers without radio?
Can anyone help me find the wiring diagram for a 2001 Ford Taurus?
how do i get the radio out of my 04 dodge ram truck?
How do you solder wires together?
I have 2 12's enclosed in a wood casing in my trunk powered by a 800 watt amp.?
How do you run wire to the trunk for an amp in a integra type r?
amp powers up but does not push subs.?
Is there a way to burn CD or DVD and It can be played on the car's CD player?
Peavey Vypyr 60 watt tube amp vs. Fender Supersonic 60 watt ?
Are 2 Pioneer Premier TS-W3002SPL Subs Subwoofers and 2 PYLE PLAD3300D amps amplifiers a good match?
i have two 12inch subs and a 440watt dub audio amp,it works but it still doesnt hit hard enough or sound loud?
Airbag Light on after an aftermarket radio was installed?
Which sub would sound best for my car and type of music which is a wide variety from like like country to rap?
amp assembly in a car?
How do i get rid of spiders on my car?
How do i install a radio with no wire harness?
What size power wire for this amp?
Kicker SX650.1 amp keeps restarting and blinking SERVICE?
did my subwoofers cause this?
i need amps?????
Can anyone help me with my radio code for my focus.... It displays DP MV SH 50700012 07-02-00 when I press 1+6?
looking for amp to power 2 pionner championship series 10;s 350 rms dual 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
What is the propper wiring for my subwoofer with this amp?
does anyone know how to replace the speakers in a 1994 ford probe gt?
What amplifer do i need for my subwoofer?
Changing rear speakers in 2001 LE V6 Toyota Camry?
i bought a sound system box at a garage sale. setup help?
Car amp and sub help please.?
Kenwood amp not working?
car audio system and battery question?
4000 watt and amp 2 15s ?
Anyone have an opinion on these subs?
i need a good suggestion for a subwoffer?
What do you think about the kicker 15inch L7?
Problem with 1996 Nissan Maxima?
Is one 12" sub enough?
Which is best in Mp3 player for my Maruti Alto ?
what could be the problem with my bad car radio reception?
Amplifier recommendations?
can a 2ohm dvc sub be lowerd to a 1ohm load?
What do I need for my car sound system?
What kind of amp do I need for 3 subs?
I have a 51 plate corsa with the radio in safe mode - where can i get the code for this ?
can i get my audiobahn subwoofer recone?
I have a 12 disk pioneer cd changer in my car can it play mp3s.?
What are the advantages of having a power cap and not having one?
Hi, Can anyone help me get the code for the radio in my puma? Serial number isM005368?
Which subs should I get?
What Kind of Stereo Equipment For Cars is the Best?
Why Wont My Car Amp Turn On?
What gauge wire do I need to connect a 1200 watt rms to the amp?
What is the best amp for recording my Vintage Fender 72 Custom Telecaster?
does anyone know how i get my grundig sc303 radio working?
will a 200watt amplifier produce enough power for one 10' speaker?
how much is it for a car audio installation?
have an extant x604 amp to hook up with two 12'' sony explodes do i need to pick up anything else to install?
What is your dream car and vacation ?
what is the right amp for two 1500w subwoofers?
My subs keep bumping at a steady pace when i pause my music?? someone help?
which subs hit harder memphis, kickers, or SPLW12?
amp size needed for 2 12 inch sony xplod subs?
What kinda of amps should I use with my 12" Kicker Subwoofers?
Why does the radio in my car come in fine and then suddenly goes to static?
Wire my subwoofer in series or parallel?
New stereo, electrical issues?
i need a ford code.......?
Memphis Car Audio PR220 Amp and 12" Subwoofer: What is the wattage of these units?
How to add third amp to car audio setup... ?
Making custom sub box, how do i tune the port?
Suddenly car wont start unless jumped off and the radio and DVD player buttons flash with key out.?
How do you fix a CD player in a 2000 Nissan Maxima?
Is there a satellite radio receiver that connects to a USB hub in a car and then plays on the car radio?
How long does it take to reset a Pontiac Grand Prix Radio that has theftlock?
Using DCS or CTCSS codes on a UHF radio over a repeater?
which wires positive on a AC plug?
Having trouble changing the time on my Pioneer CD player?
can you add better sound systems to your car after you bought it?
Should I run a 2ohm or 4 ohm subwoofer to my 2 channel 760watt pioneer amp?
will 2 rockford fosgate p2 dual 4 ohm subs work with my 800 watt mono block amp?
Is there anyway to plug my enV touch into my car so i can listen to my music through the speakers?
can ipod use with radio car?
I have a Orion HCCA 250G4 Car Amp?
Car radio not turning on?
alternator upgrade help?
what the hell.... ?
No sound from car stereo. Odd problem?
What size amp will run 1 12 inch sub?
How much does a decent CB radio cost?
What model is my car stereo?
Will 2 10" 1000Watt peak subwoofers work with an infinity REF1300A 300Watt mono amp?
how much do subs cost?
Looking for some serious SQL? ?
older rockford fosgate 1000 Watt amp, its about 4 years old whats the REM cord for? necessary to have hookedup
im trying to hook up my amp to my stock radio?
Help me out here ... ?
anyone selling a ford CD player for a 2001 mondeo?
can i power a 200w rms subwoofer with a 250w rms amplifier?
How do i remove the radio out of a 1995 Ford Escort need some help please?
My cigarette lighter is too small for most car adapters...?
whats the average cost for a decent car sound system?
Whare can i buy high powered ac audio amps?
my speakers are ling after half voume after installing amplifier in car? whats wrong?
To run a 3000 watt system how many amps does my alternator have to be?
My amp is getting hot?
whats the best amp for 3200watt dual 1.2 ohm voice coil?
Why does my subwoofer cut out when I play songs with heavy bass?
Which amp should i use to power my sub?
Can anyone help me troubleshoot my power connection problems from my car amp to head unit?
Which subs Should i get?
Can you fit some12" subs in a ranger supercab or would?
what type of battery would be good to run 4 amplifiers eqauling over7000watts?
Can you add radio controls to your steering wheel?
How much does a car stereo system cost?
How is the Ipod sound quality using a Ipod ready head unit in a car?
we live in London On. Our electric dryer is hooked to 125 amp system. Is this why the dryer is slower? Should?
My subs cut out after listening for a few?
Does the amp control the amount of power to the speakers and subwoofer?
New component speakers not loud at all?
ive got a '97 izuzu rodeo?
what is the pin on ford customer handover checklist?
Where can I find a dvd in dash player for my car?
Do you have the XM ExpressEZ, Plug N Play Satellite Radio?
how to install cd player in 96 astro so memory will work?
CD AUX adapter for car radios?
Does anybody know where i can install an already bought stereo system, where they wont try to rip me off.?