Car Audio

jbl bass tube [CS1200T] vs pioneer sub-woofer [TS-W306 DVC] vs jbl bass tube [GTO1200T].?
I need help picking out car speakers!! Not sure what to get, can anyone help?
What amp do i need for my subwoofer?
What exactly is X-over frequency (hz), gain, and bass boost?
Is the rockfordfosgate p8002 to much amp for the p212s4 subs?
I have an amp that pumps 380 watts per channel (2-channel amp), would that work for TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12?
where is the amplifier in a dodge intrepid 2002?
Help with audio system in truck?
What kind of amp do I need?
What speaker setup should I go with in my car?
What amp&subs watts can i use to sound good and save space in trunk of a 93 lebaron Sudan?
i have 2 12inch memphis audio subwoofers and 2000 watt 2channel amp?
Do i set my amp to 4 channel or 2? first anwser that makes sence gets best?
Sounds in stereo love?
I have 2 10" kickers that push 600 RMS each. what kind of amp would i need to get the most out of these subs?
who makes profesionall quality sub boxes?
Can anyone tell me where i can get a CD changer with RF modulator?
if a car has sattelite radio do you need to pay a subscription?
Amp stopped working while driving?
Help me choose subs..?
How do i wire 50 watt speakers in my 2000 concord? Would 50 watts be worth it.?
How do i build a great car sound system?
How do I RESET a Sony XR-C5300R in car CD player?
Best 12" sub for my civic?
Anybody know the wireing diagram for a 2002 pontiac grand am stereo?
best place to sell subwoofers?
Does anyone know where I can buy spares to repair my Ford 6005E RDS radio cd unit? I need a new on/off switch,?
GM Factory radio replacement?
How to install Kicker Solo X 18" in a car?
Sony amp suddenly starts cutting out and goes into protect mode when the volume turns up past 10...?
Amp help for 2 JL 12W3v3's.?
How can I get the key code for my radio?
looking for a single or a Double subwoofer box?
What is the stock size for a radio in a 07 pontiac G6?
Have 2 12" kicker cvr wha amp?
what is different about installing a radio in a mustang with the mach 460 system? as far as wiring and all?
ive got a problem with my car audio wiring?
Fi BL 18 or SP418?? Help!!?
What should I do if I want my TV in Car Head unit to be digital tv signals?
Which is a better amp for 2 12'' Kicker cvr's?
What are some good subs and amps to put in my car?
hi, how good are crunch subwoofers, gpv12d4 12inch dual 4ohms ?
is 650 watts a lot??
what are the best subwoofers for my car?
what are some good speakers?
Any way to plug in an ipod so it can play through my car speakers?
what is the wire diagram for a 2000 cavalier stock radio?
I need a keycode for my 05 ford focus radio, the serial no is m149050 thanx?
what kind of amp should i use.?
noise from my subs?
whats the best brand head unit to use with my JL Audio system ?
My subs play random tone,why?
How to change a cd player on Honda Accord?
my car amp Dosent switch on?
i have a brand new kenwood amp and two 12 inch subs all wired up but it still wont work?
what is the best sat nav system?
how to reprogram a CB?
Jensen vm9311ts remote?
How do I hook up a low pass filter to my AMP?
Where can I go to purchase only the faceplate of a deck (car receiver)??
amplifiers and car battery life?
volume rises when i try to lower it?
What is a good cheap car radio?
Temporary fix for a broken car speaker?
How can you make a CB radio or car stereo electric with a power cord?I've seen this done before.?
Good songs with A LOT of bass?
i bought a new JVC stereo for my car, all my wiring is correct but there is no sounds coming from my speakers.?
car radio gone dead?
first 7 principles of designing a simple machines?
Can someone explain the basics of car stereos/ putting new audio in my car?
98 blazer speaker install?
need the code for mondeo radio number is m327689 thanks?
best and most affordable car audio speakers?
Install Power wire from my amp onto my battery? Quarter Panel Problems!?
what would happen if i hook up a 2 omhs speaker up to 6 omhs amp?
What does the Hifonics BXi-1208D truly give out at 1 ohm?
Where can I find the factory cd player for a 2001 plymouth neon?
What subwoofers fit in a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2013?
i have a 12'' rockford p3 and its 2 ohms how do i wire it down to 1 ohm?
Is there such thing as...?
need help balancing out my subs?
How should i connect my SUBS? JL Audio?
Is there an amp out there that can...?
Where can I sell my aftermarket car stereo?
My speedometer, radio not working. fuse?
what is a RDS Radio?
are there any places in the Beaumont, Texas area that repair audio amplifiers?
What the Watts!!!!!!!!?
Best crossover out there i could buy at a reasonable price? Audiocontrol? Kicker? Hifonics?
how to eject the cassette from a VW passat gamma cassette player? I cant see any eject button.thanks?
i need help on choosing wire?
Raamat or dynamat? which is better?
I need help finding subwoofers for a 1994 Nissan Altima?
My friend hooked up my speakers and my car started acting weird. Help?
how big of a box do i need for a mojo 15?
Installing wired FM modulator in a 98 ford escort?
I have a question about car sound systems with the subs and the amp?
How do i fix a rip in a 5x7 poly mica cone speaker?
What is the best sound system for my 1995 ford bronco?
What size alternator? ?
My radio in my 206 won't turn on. Any ideas?? ( its not the fuse)?
does anyone one know if the..?
Subwoofer combo? good?
Subwoofer Box?
Car stereo wiring nightmare?
is loud music still illegal in california?
What speakers should i get? 97 Camaro 6.5?
help with amp + sub setup?
How do I pick the right 6x9 speakers for my car?
Do you think this is fair?
my car just got reposed advice?
Nissan Altima 2008 coupe with bose system?
When I put the volume high, the speakers drop out and all I can hear are the subwoofers?
Car amplifier help for a passive subwoofer!!!!?
what are common problems with dodge neons?
What is the best way to hook up my car stereo the get radio stations?
what kind of sub woofers?????
What's better TomTom or Garmin for a car GPS?
Which subwoofer should I get?
Where can I find a JL Audio Stealth Box for a 2006 Chevy Colorado Crew cab in LA for a cheap price?
should i get a speaker or sub?
Sub/Amp RMS Question?
I just got my subs and have a question?
Are Power Acoustic subwoofers any good?
i have a kicker l5 8" dvc sub. what kind of amp should i get for it? should i wire it 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
What kind of Speakers....?
Ok to have car subwoofers and tweeters in same enclosure?
What is the best amp for my kicker subs?
Smart upgrade for my '96 Geo Prizm's speakers?
What is the Diff in 4 ohm and 2 ohm?
W7 wiring ?
in line fuse rating for amp?
Car sound system (subs/amp) - Farad Capacitor?
Recommended rms rating of speakers for my head unit?
can you have a 10'' sub and a 12'' sub in different boxes going off the same amp?
im looking for some bassy music to show off my system?
'92 Paseo speaker requirements?
Whats the maximum speaker power I can use with my head deck?
subs wont work in car?
Does two10'' subwoofers put out more power than one 12'' subwoofer?
What kind of car speakers? (Watts)?
Who makes a clean sounding set of components?
does anyone use CB radios these days?
What is the best way to listen to an iPod on your car radio?...Best FM transmitter?
what type of battery would be good to run 4 amplifiers eqauling over7000watts?
Light stays light on amp kit fuse box?
2 12inch subs vs. 1 15inch sub?
My capacitor lowers voltage while driving cutting bass out why?
where's a page to find all stereo manuals for free?
what is the difference between 2 or 4 ohms and which one is more powerful?
Does the Harman Kardon FM wired transmitter increase the quality of a Harman Kardon Drive + Play?
Rockford Fosgate 12 inch subs?
Can someone help me select a new cd deck?
i have a jensen Mpa6611x, i had made it work, but it stopped sending sound to speakers?
Good car stereo under $200.00?
using bigger gauge speaker wire? will it help?
How would the battery be?
alpine type r box design asap!!!?
what better a boss amp or an lanzar amp?
is it possible to connect these mid woofers and super tweeters together?
do you need subwoofers for the Kicker DS6.2?
i need a radio key code but cant get the serial number?
Can I run a 400 rms sub and a200rms sub on the same 2 channel 1600 watt amp?
will 2 subs work on jl audio 750/1?
Kicker cvr 12's or 15's?
are kicker comp subwoofers decent or terrible?
Interior Lighting in Pa?
What is the best way to learn how to hook up audio system proficiently?
I have a va audio 2200 watt amp and the problem that i am having is this.... ?
whats the fastest car in the world?
Why do people insist on thinking junk subs will slam?
My car speakers are not getting very loud. The more you turn it up the less quality. What do I need?
Need help with subs and amp?
please read! 12 inch champion pro series?
Don't know how to set my amplifier for my highs.?
Would I hear a difference if I upgrade to a 2.0cub.ft subwoofer box?
If my amp has a high level input connection does this mean I don't need a hi/lo converter?
Amp draining my battery?
What are some good subs?
WHy does my coded cd player keep forgetting the settings?
Is it possible to wire my Remote Wire from a fuse in my Instrument Panel Fuse Box? I'm lost!!! :(?
2000 Honda Civic Radio?
Who has the best amplifier for the money?
wich will bump louder 2 12 inch re audio xxx or 2 15 kickers L7?
car stereo/speakers?
Best size ported box for a pioneer TS-W3002D2?
how many watts is my subwoofer?
Best amp 1200-1500 watts @4 ohms. not 2 or 1!!?
Not getting power to my car system amp?
2006 altima anti-theft code for radio?
how should i wire my subs?
i wanna bump music in my car loud as ****?
Does anyone have XM in their car? Is it worth the money?
my mustang is a94 gt,it had the factory mach 460 stereo,someone removed stereo and cut all factory plugs,does?
I have a rockford fosgate p1 10" what type of amp and watts should i get for it?
Where Can U Get A Free Car Audio System Magazine?
im looking for the name of a certain type of car amplifier all i know is that the logo is a crown with a horse
Should i get my sound system istalled professionally? or is it something i can do on my own with some help?
Is it amps or volts that can kill you?
what do you guys think?
2004 12" L7 Kicker vs 2008 12" L7 Kicker?
what are the best speakers to put in a hyundai accent that i am tunning up?
which one is more efficiency rockford t 600-2 or p 500-2 ?
I need replace the speakers in my car and all I want is something basic?
how good are tube subwoofers when compared with box subwoofers , if i have to use it in a car (sedan)?
Can you put different amps on the same sub DVC?
can i put a 10'in sub and amp w/out getting rid of the stock radio deck???
Would 4 awg wire help my amp not overheat?
What car stereo should i get?
Does anybody else have a VR3 that broke?
Will a memphis pr 1000 rms amp push 4 kicker comp 15"s to there max? or do i need a bigger amp? thanks?
Where to buy a good Exhaust Tip for my Car?
Rear speakers are off - Ford Expedition `99.?
Hooking up a subwoofer to a Kenwood Mp345u?
What car/truck speakers have the most bass output?
What are some positive reasons ot have one 12" subwoofer in a car over two 10" subs?
does a capcell hook up the same way a regular battery does?
2006 Scion xB Radio Manual?
what kind of amp do i need for my highs?
What is the purpose of a capacitor?
My 06 Civic Radio cuts off and comes right back on when I have the volume in high 20's, low 30's.. problem?
What kind of amp do I need?
what kind of subs should i install in my chrysler sebring LXI?
How would you rate my car system?
What are the best subs/speakers for my car?
Why do my subs cut out on bassier songs but not others?
Is it bad to play burned CDs on a car? (with the "normal" player)?
New speakers, no sound?
how do u setup a sub to a amp to a cd player?
how should i wire my subs in my truck?
2003 Monte Carlo SS Radio issue?
Does the base model of the 95 corolla have rear speakers?
Performance Teknique 2-way CAR ALARM 7071 problems?
Can i get some car audio advice on some subwoofers?
I have a old car with a in dash cassette player, can i get a in dash cd player installed?
How do i build a Subwoofer, NOT an enclosure.?
How many ohms shud i run my single 15 inch l7 kicker?
Car speakers with good bass?
Stero system?
Sometimes I wake up to hear a loud "buzzer" noise in my head?
wiring for sound sustem?
Everytime I press the transmit button on my CB mic, the MOD light on the unit lights up... any ideas?
how many cars have you owned throughout your whole life?
Cost of installing 2 twelve inch Kicker comps?
Can component speakers be run off a head unit?
Do semi-dome tweeters sound good?
Best 2 way coaxial car speakers?
I need Stuff I can blow up!?
Why does my car stereo sound bad?
Can anyone help me i need music in my life! LOL!?
how do i wire two or more car amps together so that the wattage is combined?
Mono vs. Stereo Car sound system?
can i run these speakers off the head unit alone?
When I put a cassette in my car the tape flips over and over again and doesnt play the song. What is wrong?
Which car stereo is better????????
How to make a Ripspeed 733B DvD player work?
How dow you reinstall the car stereo for a 1997 mercedes e300d?
What is the Best Fm Transmitter?
What wattage of subs should i get for a 2050 watt amp?
I want to change my cd player in my car and its a mazda protege and the cd player isnt the normal size?
2000,buick regal monsoon radio code?
why is my system not working?
i have a 2000 mustang with the mach Stereo ..and want to install an aftermarket Stereo?
Where can a get a stereo deck for my 1991 Toyota Camry?
Cd player and wiring/fuse?
Need hard hitting 10" subs? Recommendations please?
Wiring Tube lights up to subs?
What would be a better subwoofer?
Will this amp and subs make my car shake?
iPod Car adapter question?
What is the best food to use in a food fight ?
2 amps to 1 sub?
My car radio only works when my car is in park, any other time i quits working?
If there were a device that would disable the electrical system in a car with loud boom boxes,would you buy it
can i wire my speakers from my stereo into my car??
do i absolutly have to screw my subs down to my box,and do i have to run the wire through the box to the subs?
My car stereo died, whats up?
Help with speakers???!!!!?
2009 Dodge Avenger Radio Issue?
What are the best speakers to buy for a 2002 Honda Civic coupe?
in replaced my 6x8 car speakers and now my subwoofer isnt as powerful. what happened?
how do you fix the power outlet in my honda accord 2000?
What do I need to Do to redo the sound system in my 2000 infiniti g20?
AMP differences Mono - 2 channel - 4 channel?
How do i install the orginal Cd player that came with my car?
How would I hook up a 2 ohm stable amp to a sub with dual 6 ohm voice coils?
Can i make a speaker mount from cardboard?
My cd's are stuck in my 4 disc cd changer, how can I get them out? It is in a '01 Chrysler 300?
Does my xia2460 have enough watts to power my XNBP12D sub set?
songs that hit lows hard on subwoofers?
What is the best Car Stereo of these?
Would you recommend these speakers?
in subs which is better for deeper and louder bass a round sub or a square one *kicker*?
How to install new antenna in 1993 Nissan Sentra?
avital alarm r/c/l problem on subaru wrx import?
whats a good, affordable speaker system?
what gauge wire can i use to connect a 1200 rms watt subwoofer to the amp?
stereo in car for mustang?
Does a ported subwoofer box sound better than a unported box?
What is a car called with the 'H' symbol?
how to power car amp in home?
How loud is 2000 to 5000 decibles?
Something wrong with my amp and speaker?
Car radio problems with the iod fuse?
Connecting amp. remote wire?
What amp should i be running my speakers off?
5x7 speakers in my Town Car?
Code for 6000 cd rds e.o.n model nd53nxk?
Are Beyma speakers really that good?
Dimmer wire for aftermarket stereo?
car sub an amp?
I know almost nothing about car audio systems. I need help on what to get.?
what is the best car audio system ?
Does iPod Shuffle work on cars?
what size speakers do I have in a 1994 toyota 4runner, front and back?
I have a cerwin vega speaker setup and one of my sub woofers has holes in the fabric.?
what would be better 1 12 in a custom box or 2 8inch subwoofers?
what do you think will happen in the future?
Best subwoofers for hitting hard?
how do i connect a mic to my car auxilary port?
what fuse should i connect my remote wire too?
what kind of amp kit do i need if i have one 2 ohm amp and one 1 ohm amp.?
Should i put a 2 12" subs in the trunk of my car or in the back seat?
i am trying to find out the dimensions for a subwoofer box for a ford f150?
first 7 principles of designing a simple machines?
truck radio help please-what do i need to buy with the radio to have it installed?
How do these subs compare?
Where can I get a plug so that I can use my ipod on my car stereo?
Why is my subwoofer not working?
what is the web site of genesis car audio maker?
Which subwoofer should I get?
can i connect 4 ohm sub to 2 ohm source?
Why my subs playing low now?
wich is better for car audio , pioneer , kenwood , or alpine?
Help focus 2002 radio?
if u have subs do u have to have an amp or can it get louder w/o one?
4 alpine type r with mrp-m240 amp?
2 re audio sex 15s or jl audio 15w0v2?
Do they sell 0 gauge big three upgrade kits?
1999 yukon with 15" stroker dual 2 sub how big of box should i build at what hz?
What is it that makes a subwoofer hit hard? Frequency?
Off brand stereo for 2012 Corolla?
What kind of wiring kit do I need?
Are Hifonics subwooers good all around?
rear driver side speaker no longer works?
i have 3 10 kicker comps?
what is the color code for the speaker wiring in a 2000 nissan,maxima?
ford focus cd player?
my 2010 camry has an aux input for phones. i tried to use it as a Bluetooth but, the mic wont work on my pho?
Where is a good grounding point on a '92 pathfinder?
Can anyone tell me how to take out my bose stereo in my benz?
What type and size amp would I get to bring the best out of my 12inch 1200w pioneer sub?
TS-WX22A sub installation?
want to set off car alarms with my subwoofer?
What car amp should i get?
If you have your car half on and you put the volume up, does it waste more battery??
How to setup a car amp?
best car speaker make?
What is the best model/brand of GPS for $250 or less?
what are the best subwoofers out now to buy?
Which one of these 2 subs are better?
i need a wiring diagram for 92 pulsar. old colours to new colours for the stereo system?
$500 budget for sound system in a new car, WRX, suggestions? thanks?
Is there a car radio you can set to play an audio track when you start the car?
Is there any stereo SPEAKERS out there that glow with the bass, and the color is green?
were can i get some amps really cheap?
Is it safe to buy a 1000 watt amp for a thousand watt sub? Or will my sub peak?
Alpine or Pioneer speakers?
Question about car/truck speakers...Please help me out...?
can any one please tell me where to find a removable face for a car system?
Will it hurt a speaker if the magnet touches metal?
im trying to make a cd..?
Selling a car with aftermarket speakers/sub liability question?
Best Amp for 2 12" Kicker CompCV CVX124 at 750wRMS, 1500wPeak?
can 3 dvc subs be powered by 2 2channel amps?
1996 lincoln jbl stereo what size is the subwoofer in this car?
What size subs should I get?
no power from wires?
ive blown out 4 subs in the span of a month, whats could the problem be?
need a real answer to help quit down the taping noise in my car?
Need basic Car speaker advice?
Should I get a ported or a sealed box for my Jeep?
is there a product like onstar for cars other than gm?
were can I run a power wire for my subs?
how much usually is it for someone to put in a radio for you?
Subs for my car =) please help out. I'm lost?
96 toyota tacoma stereo wiring color codes? Please help!?
What kind of box should I build for 2 18's?
im looking at amps and not sure if these amps will give the power they claim?
Is Hifonics HFi1500D a good amp?
My amplifier won't work?
Car radio,automatic lock, internal lights,AC won't work?
Best way to make a subbox airtight??
where can i get a instruction manual for a goodmans gce7110 car stereo?
how can i remove my car cd player and then install the new one?
I want to get a better sound system for my car...any suggestions?
What are the things i should know about my subwoofers?
Should I upgrade to alpine pdx?
Can you use a 3000W RMS amplifier with a 1700W RMS subwoofer if you have the gain at the proper setting?
All I can fit in my truck is a 4 ohm 10 inch sub-woofer, can you suggest a fairly cheap car amp?
99 taurus 6-disc cd changer question?
Toyota avalon mounting kits?
What does impeadence mean and if i have two subs do i double thier power for the amp?
ford 6000 cd unlock code?
what is the difference in ohms in subwoofers?
Any body have experience with PYLE's PLD52MU headunit? Is it any good?
1992 Buick Regal won't start, and when it does, it stalls shortly thereafter?
Which amplifier should I get: Pioneer GM-6400F or Hifonics Zeus ZXi40.4?
Should i put a 2 12" subs in the trunk of my car or in the back seat?
Can you find the specs for this SubWoofer?
i am using a line converter and it is only only allowing for one of my subs to work?
Sub box for 02 mustang?
I'm looking to buy a car but dont know what to get?
corvette or viper?
The sound in my car isnt working? help?
how to hook up a 0 gauge wire to a amp?
am radio not working/ fm dose?
What does a Keenwood Celeron (car stereo) run for?
when i crank up my car stereo my sound goes off and only my sub woofer is can i fix this problem ?
are these some descend good speakers?
can anyone help me on how to attach a spare optical drive to my cars music system.?
Where can i buy a stealth car stereo faceplate/fascia?
car radio resets?
how to properly install a cd player into a 95' Ford Contour?
Best amplifier for these speakers?
I have a 600 watt sony xplod amplifier that will not work, just the power protector light comes on?
I need a website for a stero manual. eclipse esn 56050.?
What is the color codes for the 09 dodge ram 1500 crewcab stereo?
How to remove the radio from my ROVER 620 car?
What is box bracing and what does it do?
k guys, going to be tested on what i know about car audio...?
Is there a car cd player that can be hooked up to my origal cassette player in 1997 dodge intrepid?
What exact scan tool is needed to unlock a 2004 chevy silverado rds radio and what else is needed to do so?
How do I add photos to put as a background to my kenwood DVD reciever?
where can i find honda ridgeline radio?
What can I do to hook up a stereo in my 1993 Lincoln Town Car?
How do you remove the subwoofer from 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?
How does a capacitor work? (Car audio)?
my 2002 325 BMW radio is no accepting any CD?
Is it possible to put home stereo speakers in your car??
Is it worth buying subs?
Should I get these subwoofers?
Head lights for my car.?
kicker L5 question( please Help )?
i need to get the wiring setup for the pioneer deh 15, I need to know what wire is what?
Parts for model jvc kv-m700 6.4 tv?
What is the difference between a sunroof on a car and a moonroof on a car?
How do I get 5VDC from 12VDC?
is there any cheap car kit for amplifying phone sound?
How come I blew my Kicker 15" l7 dual 4 ohm sub hooked up to a Rockford Fosgate R1000-1D?
bass boost too high?
is a 400 watt 4 channel amp enough for 2 350 watt speakers and 2 270 watt speakers?
Am i right with the cu.ft?
I need to know why my subs hit when the deck is on 0 and the car is running?
Newbie needs help!?!?!?!?
I just bought a car and the radio and speakers are terrible.?
which 6.5" speakers are better?
New Car Stereo Installation?
The best wiring kit.?
Pioneer deck shorted out?
Is a cd-btb200 for a Pioneer DEH-P5900IB worth it?
I just bought a 7 inch cd dvd player?
Are these subs/amp any good?
can a subwoofer blow a amp?
I can't get my radio to work, and I dont know
Subwoofer/Bass Testers?
ok so i hooked up my battery wrong now my speakers dont work?
who has a sat nav?
where can i get car audio systems already ready put together?
Headphone/wires/positive and negative question?
Apline Type R 10" sub. AMP?
Are there any reviews for the car stereo Tview d65tsg?
How do i adapt a mp3 player or ipod to my car stereo?
would a 12" kicker l5 be louder than a 15" comp?
Does £6 for a website (for 2 years) sound about right? it seems pretty cheap! Thanks?
well i ever fall pregnant by richard halliday?
Duct tape instead of electrical tape for speaker wire?
does any one knows a subwofer predator model pv2215?
If I bridge my 4 ohm subwoofers does that make them 2 ohm?
How do I add a bigger alternator and extra batteries to my car?
i have a 1000watt kenwood, thats cuts off.....?
Where is the best place to install an active crossover?
amp overheating?
Is this radio compatible with my car? Details follow...?
Amp problem please help?
car stereo help please?
i have a Chrysler 300C?
I need some help regarding car audio?
Car CD Player??
I have a 2001 pontiac grand am gt with factory stereo. It keeps saying check cd?
I blew my rear speakers, what kind should i get?
are new kickers supposed tomake a popping noise?
My sub woofers randomly work then stop working.?
Help me choose the best set up for car amplifier?
does anyone know what size speakers are on a 98 convertable mustang?
My subwoofer is stiff, it will mot move?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
Wiring kit to go from 6 disc factory radio to go to amp?
How much in general does it cost to install a bass system into a car?
if you had to choose would you go with a Kicker L7 or Kicker CVX?
Is there a website/calculator that allows me to figure out how many amps I need to get out of a HO alternator?
how to listen my mp3 player on my ford focus aux on the cd player any ideas?
how much does it cos to install car audio system?
what car is this?(pic included)?
Does anyone know whether the sony CDX GT230 has to pre-outs?
which is which? positive&negative on speakers that are not marked?
i have a new car and it only comes with a cd player..i have 100's of cassette's..any solution?
Whats the difference between 2 and for 4 channel amps?
When buying an amp what does te ohm stand for?
can i connect my amp to 2way speakers?
mio c520 questions?
audio recommendation for small car?
Installing a Radio in Chrysler?
how to install aai-nis2 right?
Cd player in truck not working?
Car Audio Help Please?
how do i charge and discharge a car audio capacitor with a resistor?
How to upgrade an old cars console?
Do you prefer Car subwoofers better or speakers?
If I buy a used 2007-2011 Chevy HHR OEM stereo, can I use it in my 2007 Sierra?
what do all of the wires on the back of a monsoon deck mean?
The ultimate sound system!?
Does this sound like a blown amp?
New 200 amp alternator, voltage still dropping!!!?
How do I set up my RF system?
Whats better a Mono Amp or a 2 Channel amp?
What amp for these subwoofers?
Help from Car audio enthusiasts----will a 200 watt amp shorten the life of my battery and altenator?
How to: lighting inside my car?
do the number of watts have to match with an amplifier and a subwoofer?
What size subwoofers would you recommend for a 01 Ford Escort zx1?
about 400 watts rms would this be loud?
Installing a cd player in a '97 Ford Thunderbird?
How do ohms work on amps i have a 1600 watt phonics digital amp?
Question about 6 by 9 speakers and bass.?
Does the big 3 upgrade put extra strain on your alternator?
Where is the easiest location to run an amplifier power cable through the firewall on a 1997 Vectra B?
please can you help me, i have a ford radio need code for it......?
how do i bridge a kicker 350.4 amplifier?
Would this be a good system for 250 dollars?
Gearhead question, Does Dodge put option codes where they can be seen? and where can I find a decipher list?
Car stereo system got quiet all of the sudden.?
Why would they steal my ancient satellite radio but not my brand new GPS?
What are the best Component Speakers for under $150?
Kenwood amp that says 800w / bridgeable, trying to hook up to 2 xplod 10's(1100w) please help!?
Jaguar S type 2000 Electrical problems?
if i have a 4400WATSS amp is ok to use a 4 gauge wiring kit amplifier?
How in the HELL do you get the factory stereo out of an 89 Geo Metro?!?
i need help with my car electrical problem!!!!!!!!?
i got a question, Do Not Tell me to get diff Subwoofers ?
What's alpine car audio like?
Is there any subs AT ALL that can possibly be beater than jl audio's?
PS2 in my car?
What should I get for a starter stereo system??
Better then Crutchfield?
Can you hook up 2 wires to 1 amp fuse?
My subwoofer keeps cutting out?
Why are my wires melting???
My jl amp turns on but won't work?
what fuse controls the dash light and tail lights on a 97 dodge dakota?
Does the amp control the amount of power to the speakers and subwoofer?
Is Audiopipe AP-15001D Amp a good amp to push a 15'' CVX?
Online navigation help, please!!?
Are these Audiobahn subs good, should I get them?
Trouble matching Subwoofers with an Amplifier?
Im locked out of my car radio, does anyone know the 4 digit code?
how good are the rockford power 6.5s?
Can I use two subs with a mono sub preamp output?
Ipod Touch 3g and iPhone 3GS Head unit compatibility?
Can somebody help me understand better about hookig up a sound system and about how things work ?
What amp should i buy to power 2 10 inch Kicker CompVT subwoofers? 400w rms/ 800w max?
How should i build a guitar amp??
which sub is better alpine or dd?
How do I stop a rattling window caused by subwoofers?
I am making a sub box and i striped a few screws, so they are lose would they make noise with the bass?
Help me find a good stereo system for my car?
how can i leave people in the dust?
my nieghbors called the cops on me because of my subwoofers. Do you think that's right?
can u put 10 inch speakers into a 6x9 hole?
How to install new head unit in Alero 2003?
Which subwoofer? Pyle PLTNA10N or the Visonik 12" VBX12A?
Why do my subs keep cutting out?(please read description)?
Help With Speaker!!!?
Will it damage my amp if i hook up stock speakers to it and blow them up?
Possible? To connect two car Batteries?
How do I find what is causing my car battery to go flat after two days of non use.
4 JL Audio W3 12" subwoofers on JL Audio 500/1 amp?
What is the best brand of amp to buy?
Anyone good with car audio/ wiring help! Head unit wont turn on! Please read?
Amp for 2 (12"Power Acoustik MOFO-122X)?
what kind of box should i use?
Anyone know where to connect a remote wire on a 2002 acura rsx stock radio?
Is this car subwoofer setup compatible?
How do I go about buying a specific radio face for my car?
How good/bad of a job does Best Buy do installing car stereo faceplates?
Ipod to amp without a cd receiver?
What is This Sound?
what amp should i use for kicker l5?
Best sound quality for my subs...which setting is best?? Comp 1&2 or Bmx 1&2?
Very mad/confused at car stereo ?
Can someone help need radio code for my ford serial num 129818?
hey can u tell what kind of capacitor is good.?
I own a Ford 94 explorer and I was looking into getting a Car system. Mostly for clarity and bass.?
help im locked in my car and cant get out!!?
I need help finding a car stereo! &whether to pay to have it instalIed.i know nothing at all about car stereos
how can i play my ipod nano through car stereo?
where can i find ford feista 2011 cd player with bluetooth ?
If I have a 4 channel amp can I hook up 4 subwoofers to that one amp?
What size subwoofers will fit in my 2010 altima?
what amp will give me more power to my subs?
Will this amp, work with my sub?
Speakers with slight popping noise.?
What kind of amp should i get for my new subwoofers?
Ok so I am going to get my first real system so I need some help deciding what subs to get.?
To those of you that drive cars with LOUD stereos...?
I need help to decide buy a Subwoofer.?
I need a Keycode for the 4500 RDS E-ON radio in my Ford Fiesta...?
Where can I buy replacement parts for inside my stereo?
Should I get a second car battery or upgrade my existing one?
bandpass box?
What are the speaker sizes for a 1998 Nissan Maxima with Bose sound system?
how do you change the time on a pioneer deh-p720?
best car decks (pioneer vs. clarion)?
Car System?
Capacitor charging problem?
I need recommendations on what sub woofers I should install into my Nissan 370z?
Help on Finding Mini Interior?
Do I have to change transmission ground for the Big 3 upgrade?
Subs Backwards or the right way round?
What is it with guys and cars?
Can't unlock my radio on my chevy silverado?
how much air space for 12 inch jl audio speakers?
Car stereo system wont bump no more?
We got a 2003 Chevy Impala and every time we slow down in the car the radio gets quieter?
how to install a screen on back seat?
what is the loudest speakers for mid and highs?
how many watts can 1 farad support both for the amp watt and sub wattage?
How can I play music from my iPhone in my car?
can i hook 2 sony xplod 1100 watt speakers to a sony xplod 1000 amp?
Dual Cdplayer Iplug problem?
283 buildup pro street vega?
wiring question for my amp/sub setup?
What amp do you recommend for these subs?
i am getting a lovebird will loud music be ok?
What is the name of these connecters?
hi in my car i have two 100 Watt RMS 6x9's and a 800 watt RMS Sub. What amplifier do i need for my car?
I want to change my car stereo... what is the best way to do this?
How do you remedy a CD COMM ERR message?
i am looking for an amp for my two 12inch sony xplod's?
how do i take out stock radio in 98 nissan 200sx?
kicker l7 or sundown audio sa?
How to set up 2 amps in a car?
will a 1500 watt pro audio amp push two 450 watt 15 speakers?
Which sub woofers are the best?
I want to get a job or own a business professionally hooking up car audio equipment?
Looking for the best head unit and along with subs and speaker system?
1 sub or two subs????????????????
Steering wheel buttons -> new audio system?
need help with wiring amp?
Amplifier power?
im looking to get a type r slim for my rx8 but need to know the following?
Volvo New Moon Phase 5 (Puzzle 5) HELP?
I have two 12 inch rockford p2's what box should i get?
radio need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Rear speakers on a 95 mustang?
How many people can drive a stick shift?
i need help with my subs and amp installation!!!!! easy s please help!!!!!!!!!?
How can I stop my subwoofer from getting hot and smoking?
How to make Bass from subwoofers be felt on the ground outside the vehicle?
Building a subwoofer enlcosure?
does dynamat really work!!!?
What wattage sub should i get for my amp??
Good custom subwoofer enclosure?
How do you install a subwoofer in a box?
Why isn't my amp Stable at 2ohms or 4ohms.?
Can I put these speakers in?
What car radio should I get?
my android phone used as a car stereo remote?
What size amp do i need?
Question for Paul S?
I need some help Im goin to insttall 2 mor batteries in my van , this wil be the supply for 3 amp?
Loud car stereos?
hi does any one know the specs for a predator pv2215 15 inch subwoofer?
How do i get a radio code for free.?!:0 and after i got the code, where do i put the code.???? please help :(?
what is the color coding for a 2000 ford escort stereo?
Can someone make a car key out of peice of one?
how would this set up do?
Should i put a 2 12" subs in the trunk of my car or in the back seat?
What do watts mean in a stereo speaker?
How do I remove a radio from a '98 chevy cavalier?
subwoofer trouble?
is it possible to connect my laptop to the speakers of my car?
Need an owners manual for a 2006 chery vivant?
i need the owners manuel for jvc kd-s580 car stereo?
what kind of connection do i need to hook up for my playstation/in my truk to my tv in my radio?
Sundown Audio 10" subwoofer?
what watt amp should i use?
Where exactly in a 1999 Mercury Cougar is the 6 disc cd changer in the lugage area located?
Do I need a capacitor, or a deck?
Can I install an aftermarket radio in my 2002 cadillac deville?
What size amp should i get for my 1 12 L7 sub? Its the L7 with the blue s in the middle?
Subwoofer in 03 prerunner with stock stereo/speakers?
how do i "break in" my subs????/?
radio stop working how to get it fixed with out going to a shop?
What is a better sub MTX T9500 or Kikcer L7 or Alphasonik Psw912 all 12's?
Sub Enclosures????
rear speakers of a pontiac 2002 grand am with monsoon system, 4 wires?
i have 2 12 inch kicker cvrs wired to 2 ohms sealed box alpine mrp m1000 stock head unit?
1200 watt new planet amp pushing two speakers.... would both the speakers get 1200w? or 600 each?
Warrenty for car deck?
Need help on picking an amp for my Dual 12"s?
can i use a different 10 disk cd changer with a volvo stereo?
What is the minimal amount of watts that I should run with a Pyle 12" Blue wave 1200w subwoofer ?
what is a good price for a 12 inch JL subwoofer and a Kenwwod Amp Combo kit?
where can i find a wiring diagram for a 1993 toyota carina?
Does new ipod nano have speakers?
Neeed color codes for 06 silverado radio.?
ive got a Rockford 800 watt a 2x12 cvr kickers and a probox.. it doenst hit hard.. why?
is there a BOSE stereo speakers and systems available for...?
Setting up Subwoofers without an Amp?
Questions on L7 kickers?
My car stereo head freezes all the time?
wiring some lights through my speakers and did not turn off, shut off all speakers?
Oldsmobile stereo wiring diagram?!?
Car stereo draining my battery?
how to remove accord rear door speakers?
what are your thoughts from changing a 100amp breaker to a 150 amp breaker?
Is it bad for the wiring kit to overpower the amp/subs?
i need to know how much power i need and why its meessssing up?
need help with 1990 grand prix?
What is the name of this brand?
can a 4 chnl amp solve my problem with only 1 rca out?
alpine amp safemode question?
I need BEAT in my truck!?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
how i can plug in my i-pod in to my car radio cd player?
Can i use a 350watt subwoofer on a 400 watt amp?
What subs will fit under the seat of a 1997 Silverado ext. cab?
where could i get car audio install in vancouver?
Wht is the best car cd reciever?
I have a 2000 watt power acoustik amp and need to know what kind of subs to get to work perfect with it?
Does anyone in the Sacramento area build legit enclosures?
why do my interior lights, the radio and the trunk button do not work? Last night everything worked fine?
My car cd player works until car is started?
Battery too Weak for Sub Amp?
does Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD fit in 2003 350z?
How should i set my amp for best bass?
Why wont my radio work?
have a kenwood kac-9102d 1 channel amp to 2 svc 4 ohm ps115s4 15s amp plays then shuts off then comes back on?
can you unplug tweeters?
I need help with the installation of a head unit in my 1993 323IS BMW?
why does my subwoofer sound distorted?
What Ohms speakers will i need?
Can you go to jail if you bass boost in your car?
Can someone help me with my car audio system?
Aftermarket stereo won't turn off with car?
I want to replace my factory speakers in my car and i am stuck between polk and infinity.?
car sound system help?
What are the best low cost car sub woofers?
I need help on buying a capacitor for a system?
is my amp to big for my subwoofer?
Code for a 306 car radio 2000 reg?
what is a good set up for p3 sub woofers?
My sound box in my car has a , so its making wierd beats.So whut happend and how can i fix it?
Will cleaning the CD player in my car help it skip less?
kicker or alpine!! asap.?
Would it be possable to fit 4 18s in a dodge charger plus all the batteries and amps?
Can I put a port on the exterior of a sub box?
New i have a problem?
Best amp for speakers?
How to wire this subs to get full power?
Best 6.5 kicker door speakers?
How do i take the stereo out of my 1994 nissan micra?
How to convert 12v DC to a + & -18V DC?
2008 dodge charger with a standard factory deck only plays about 40 songs?
How much does a car stereo system cost?
Subwoofer troubles: Any help is appreciated?
Where can I get a factory amplifier for a 2001 ford expedition eddie bauer for the MACH audio system?
I have an 02 mitsubishi galant, had factory stereo replaced and now i have no dash lights.Please help!?
Would prices of car speakers and sub woofers go down in the beginning of November?
If I have a 4000 watt two channel amp will I get 2000 watts to two subs?
car stereo wiring?
what determines what frequency a subwoffer will play loudest at?
Trailblazer 05 CD Player Not Working...?
Question about a cooler stereo?
Which sub-woofer is better?
Building audio speakers?
Which of these is the best Sub?
New stereo works fine on battery, but when engine starts it plays choppy...?
Best car subs you can buy?
Why won't my JVC Radio work right?!?
What are some songs with good bass for a subwoofer?
Can my amp power this sub?
Car charger for iPod causing weird speaker noise?
i orderd a speaker for my car on friday .. my paypal says i did a full payment . but my ebay say awaiting paym?
What's wrong with my car stereo?
When i type i can hear noise in my ampp?
What could I use as a substitute for the power cable running to my car amp?
Can anyone help me get my code for my fiat radio?
sub is not playing loud?
Will my new head unit fit my car?
What sub should i get for a 4 channel 600 watt 2 ohm amp ? ?
what is the purpose of car audio capacitors? ?
what type of usb do i need for my car cd player,i have a sony xplod With a usb port i try a usb flash drive ?
will a sx500.2 amp be compatible and enough power with 2 12" cvr124 comp vr's?
What Are The Best Subwoofer (Speakers) That Are The Loudest And Sound Nice? I Dont Know Nothing! 10 Points!!!!
what size speakers dose a 1992 toronado take?
What do you guys think about the Clarion DXZ775USB head unit?
A question about monoblocks?
bose cd player problem?
What size amp should I use for 4 12" Kicker Comp VR's?
Ohms that big of a deal (SPEAKERS)?
I Need A Lot Of Hard Hitting Bass Songs? Thanks?
Will a 12v 12mA electric bike battery be safe to connect to my portable guitar amp?
which 4x10 speaker is the best?
optima yellow top and high output alternator!?
need help about a car thing?
What do I need to upgrade my cars stereo system?
SAAB 900 cd player cable route?
Why does my sub only hit when I tap it?
is there a way to play mp3s in a car stereo through the cd?
I'm looking for subwoofer thats around a 1000 watts rms but dosent cost much?
how do i pull up a certain dvd player?
Im putting 2 12 inch subs in my truck but my backseat doest lay down... will it sound like crap inside?
are 15" alpine type r subs?
how do i take out stock radio in 98 nissan 200sx?
What size should i get sub woofers in a Ram 1500?
what is cd-rb10?
what is a C4 12" speaker?
i have a alpine changer in a mercedes that is now fixed but the radio had a cd eeee error, how do u clear it?
Stock Amplifier location 2006 Cadillac DTS?
What will be the difference if i upgrade my subwoffer from the Audiobahn AW122N to the Audiobahn AW1200V ?
What is the best 12" car audio speakers?
What guage wiring do i need for amp--sub?
Cheap good subwoofer?
how to power the lights on my tweeters?
Im Looking for a Car System that can POUND HARD. HELP?
how much should i pay for fixing the tape recorder of my car?
NO radio after hitting E Brake!?
Home theater sub in car?
Subwoofer Question in the winter?
Does a 2001 Volvo S80 come prewired for a trunk CD changer? How would I tell?
speakers dont work but subs do?
can you wire two DVC 2ohm rockford fosgate T1s to a rockford fosgate t1500bdcp amplifer?
Do i need to buy an amp?
How do I install my cd player in my Equinox?
Is it possible to program a remote control to my Toyota Corolla 2006 S with the ones I buy in ebay>?
Radio Code For Ford Street KA Serial No....?
What kind of amplifier would I need if I got two of these subs?
What are the best low cost mids for a car stereo?
What size of amp do i need to power two 12'' pyle red label square1400 max watts ?
In a 2000 ford Taurus is there way to change the in dash radio?
need help deciding what rca output to connect to my equalizer?
Can you use orignal speaker outputs if you have an amp connected?
has anyone used a super bass probox for L7 and how did it sound?
how to get best sound system in car?
kicker subwoofer comparisons... comp cvr cvx and L5?
can this work?
What causes the whining noise in my fiance's car stereo system? How can you prevent it?
looking for a clarion cable ccr-389 a/v adaptor cable?
I need an amp kit as soon as possible!!?
why is it that getting hit by a car seems embaressing??
Pioneer tsw3002d2 or tsw3002d4?
Where is the radio connector on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?
locating fuse in a 2000?
I just got a new 10" subwoofer, and now need to build a vented box for it. Can anyone help with the design?
What is a bass enhancement processor?
Looking for a powerful amp!!!!!?
CD player in car wont work?
i have a nice audiobahn car amp but the paint is all scrached up can i paint it using some special paint?
My car's audio system will play perfect until I turn my subwoofers up then it skips and cuts out?
What is the secret of happines?
Getting ready to buy a sub and amp system. HELP?
Help decide on sub encloser?
How to wire a stereo for a Chev Caviller?
What amp for two 12 inch kicker cvr's?
crimping question, do the wires cross over each other?
From all of us in Polls and Surveys, Merry Christmas to all.?
What do I need to be able to hook my phone up to my car stereo so that it will allow hands free operation.?
What size amp do i need for 2, 12 inch hifonics subs?
i have no rca wires on stereo how do i run to my amp?
What kind of amp and sub should I get?
Can i run two amps off of one set of wires from the battery?
Settting gain on RF t500-bd
what would be the best audio system for my car?
Antenna help for car?
does radio shack install subs?
what is causing my 1998 s-10 speakers to cut out when I am driving?
hey guys what amp wiring kit should i get for these 2 subs and amp? i need a 4 gauge?
Alpine Type-R subs enclosure?
is anyone from Charleston, South Carolina wants to sell their used Honda Odyssey?
My speakers are broken?
how can i grow and make money in life ? which profession should i choose ?how can i always be happy in life ?
ford focus radio keycode?
Amplifier Installation Question?
What's a good box for a 12in 3500watt pioneer sub for a single cab?
do dr crankenstein be da stereo dat be all dat, a bag of mf chipz, 2 Cokes, n' a ice creem?
dont underdstand how rear otput is setup but facia has built in sub, also got 4 channel amp?
where can i buy a box for jl audio?
I want to build a seal box for a 12" kicker comp c12 4ohm dual viove coil. but have no dimensions to work with
Stereo & Central locking not working - 2008/2009 Holden Barina?
anyone know mainstream songs with bass?
what size stock speakers come stock in a 2004 ford f-150 extended cab?
Subwoofers question - Rockford Fosgate S1?
To those of you that drive cars with LOUD stereos...?
which sound system would be better for the loudest bass?
Will an equalizer give me more bass?
What songs can I use to show off my car system?
Alpine car tv tuner and gps..................?
I have bad credit, would a co-signer be good enough to assure a car loan?
Another question on Ipod equipment for car?
Hello i have a set of fosgate punch hx2 4 ohm dvc subs i need them rebuilt wear can i have that done? thanks?
About how much power does a touch screen stereo use.?
Dual 12" Subwoofer Box around 37" Wide?
can i use different ohm rated speakers on the same amp?
The radio in my 2001 Grand AM is showing the word ERROR, it will not work, what is wrong?
Rear speakers in truck not working (URGENT)?
Compact Disc player installation?
in a bandpass enclosure, which is larger the sealed chamber or the vented chanber?
RE Audio SXX 12 ?????
do sony car audio products really suck?
hello, i have a 92 camry and i was going to put 800 watt amp and 2 12s is that to much for my power?
How much is an average subwoofer set up (car)?
Do hearses have radios factory installed and if so are there speakers in the back?
Can you use 8-gauge wire to power a 4-gauge amp or will that mess the amp up?????
can anyone tell me how to re code my car stereo,battery was unpluged, dont have the code anymore, fiat marea98?
CB radio stray signal squelch?
Will a 750 watt power inverter run a 75000 btu forced air heater that uses 2.8 amps?
100w 3 ohm sub to a 4 ohm 15w amp?
how much db could i hit with 2 15'' kicker L5's and a kicker zx1500.1 in a 1998 cadillac deville?
all you sub experts please help!?
accidently touched negative and possitve speaker wire in my car now it seems like amp isn %100 wut u?
The radio on my 1990 F-150 just quit.?
what subs to get with this mono amp?
Which is better Sony or Kenwood?
how long does it take to hook up an amp and subs to a jeep?
Does anyone know what could be causing 1997 GMC Jimmy not to start?
Can you get an aux input installed in a '05 chevy tahoe?
have a 400 watt amp can i use a 15 inch 300 watt subwoofer for it?"?
how to make them hit harder and stop the rattlen?
Help... upgrading my system, what do I need?
I plan on building a sub system in my car?
hooking an amp to the house?
in a touchscreen car stereo! model xdvd710! i did put a antithef code but i forgot it!! how can i reset it?
I have Car Audio Subwooder, Amp Hookup Problems?
I'm looking for the cleanest subs I can
I'm getting ready to purchase Sirruis satellite radio for my car.?
Kicker comp or pioneer premier?
Trouble setting amp gains with dmm?
What kind of amp do i need?
How does this setup sound to you?
where do i find these speakers online?
down fire subs?? sound difference?
Tweeters distorting?
amp and sub installation?
can this work?
Best tuner for a 2007 F-150?
how to get a cigarette lighter in my car when the manual says not to use one in the 12 volt outlet?
will a dual 1 ohm sub woofer hit harder then a dual 4 ohm whats the deference between 1ohm and 4 oh?
Should i buy these subs(jl audio)?
Can a 80w car radio be used with 40w speakers ?
I have a 900w amp and a 1000w sub. Is this ok?
i have a 2000 mustang with the mach sterio ..and want to install an aftermarket sterio?
Will a 600 watts rms amp hurt a 500 rms sub?
what are some good cruising songs??
My pioneer amp turned off while I was driving to school..What could cause the amp to turn off?
I have this problem with my car audio....?
How much does it cost to add power locks to a car?
What is a good system to put into my car that will have a good feeling?
new build sound system.. which capacitor??:S?
Does anyone know how to take out these peakers from my car?
Whats the difference between 2 way sound and 3 way sound in a car sound system?
what is the default security code for the radio in a 1995 land rover discovery?
How can I put a double dinn stereo in a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lmtd?
Where is the best possible place to ground my amp on a 2000 ford focus SE?
wiring one voice coil of dvc sub?
what is the best subwoofer out there?
How do I get my car cd/radio out (cdr 500) so I can replace with a new one?
Does Anybody Know Any Rap Songs That Bump Real Good With Your Sound System I Got 2 12's An Amp, New Speakers
Im thinking of getting a new system? Go all Alpine?
Hands free kits?
Bandpass box plexiglass replacement!?
capacitor is not charging?
2000 camaro head unit?
I have an extended cab sierra and i have a 12 inch kicker L5 and was wondering how i could get it to hit hard.
what should be the best audio for small cars?
aftermarket radio only playing bass?
what color neons are illegal in south carolina?
Question about subwoofers?
should i go with audiobahn dub 10's barely used or pioneer 10's from walmart brand new?
Whats a better amp for a 12" JL W7?
How to fix my car radio? ?