Car Audio

Having trouble with my subs and amp.?
car battery jump problem?
Does anyone know about the Kenwood DNX 7140 2 din Car head unit with built in navigation?
Subwoofers?!?!?! HELP PLEASE!!!?
Max power vs peak power?
how do i connect my iphone or ipod to my car stereo?
My cd player in my car doesn't work.?
how can i set this up?
what are some things i should know about car stereo systems?
I have a huge wiring problem in the car amp area!!!!!!!?
my cd player lights dim when i turn it up i need help?
What's does it mean when my car radio is pausing while I drive?
If i have a alpine type r10 Inch sub in box if i us a 300 watt jvc will it power it well?
how do you make amp shut off with line out converter?
lanzar OPI 3200D or audioque2200?
I have a 1995 Honda Del Sol. How do I unlock a locked radio without the code?
What is the right box for my sub?
can i use 12 gauge power wire for my amp?
I need the sn to get the code for my 6000CD radio.?
How hard would it be to install my subwoofers?
i have three tens and want to know how to wire them up without blowing my amp?
I need a good amp for my subwoofer!!?
Where is The AUX input on a 2001 Chevy Impala LS?????? 10 POINTS!?
Does Walmart carry spade terminals for power/ground wire ?
What type of car speakers would you recommend?
Does anyone know the size of the voice coil in a alpine type e 10?
Is it OK to put 10 gallons of milk in my gas tank of my car? Help I'm at a lost gas cost to much!!?
Best antenna for vertex standard 4204 mobile radio 154-174 mHz 50W?
2 cerwin vega strokers 124?
help on subs?
one 12inch kicker vs 2 8inch kickers?
How can I connect my iPod to my car stereo?
Car audio wiring question?
Pontiac G6 Cd Player Problem?
What happens if you unplug remote wire when amp is on?
kicker car sub and amp wont work in home?
How can I access my car's speakers for my 1992 Ford Explorer?
How to add third amp to car audio setup... ?
how do i put in aftermarket speakers in the rear deck of my dodge intrepid?
good up beat music?
will one 12 inch, 1800 watt speaker make my trunk rattle?
Where can i buy a Skoda Symphony cd/Radio From?
How can I install a AUX audio cable into my ford Ka?
Amp/Sub Combo opinions?
sundown sa-12d vs alpine 1243d?
What kind of amp and sub woofers are good for the first time?
How can I plug in my iPod in my 2006 GMC Envoy XL Denali w/ a Navigation unit in lieu of the 6 disc MP3 chgr.?
car speakes to 2 channel amp?
car audio question?
Door Speaker's 1994 Ford Explorer Not Working?
im looking to spend $2000 to $2500 on a car audio sound system what should i get i want it to be beating reall?
Car stereo sound/speakers?
how do i install the Jensen VM-9411?
can 2 15s fit in 4 door 98 grand prix gt?
deh-p7700mp pioneer cd player wiring information basicly whats what?
i dont know the rms, but they are 1000w dual voice coil subs. what kind of amp should i get? please help?
Why is my system blowing alternator fuses?
If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?
Car audio QUESTION????????????????/?
My driver side speakers distribute audio louder than the passenger side. How do I fix it?
Viper Alarm System Install HELP- 2006 Dodge Ram!!!?
Is it wise to use speaker level input into a 4 channel amp?
help with audio sysem, subs?
what subwoofers are recomended for a 1200 watt amp?
How much electricity does it take to power an aftermarket car stereo?
Running two dual 4 ohm and one dual 2 ohm subwoofer's together: smart?
What do i hook preouts on amp to?
My volume knob on my 2000 Ford Focus stereo gets really hot and turns into putty! How can I replace the knob?
i need help with my radio in my 1994 escort?
Trying to decide between these 4 subs?
Can i test a subwoofer without a Enclosure?? PLEASE HELP NEED HELP ASAP BADD!!!!!!!?
are the JBL box subwoofers are the best choice ..plz suggest some models which are avilabe in india?
What is the difference between a 10 gauge wire and a 4 gauge wire in a car amplifier?
why his the sound quality in my bmw still crappy after replacing rear deck speakers?
what amp should i get for my subs?
putting in a sytem in my truck an need help?
Does this car audio system work?
connection to car audio?
Can I use a poweracoustik D1-4000d and I run it for an alpine 12d4 type R?
My subs cut out after listening for a few?
which audio system should I get for my car, Sony or Kenwood?
does any1 know of a good aftermarket plug to play your zune on the car radio ,oh and i have a aftermarket car?
Can I fit 12" enclosed sub Mtx terminator series in my 03 avalanche?
I need help with Stoichiometry!!!?
can an amp go bad due to shaking too much?
does anyone know who sings the song on the vauxhall advert?
need some good 15'' subs (4 of them)that can be easily heard 4 blocks!!!!?
Need dimensions for a subwoofer box =)?
Powerbass subwoofers?
new speakers for 2004 jeep liberty?
whats the best brand of subwoofers?
Bass tube speaker question?
can you help me for my car audio?
three 10 inch subwoofers in small toyota truck?
how much will it cost me to have bestbuy rewire the speakers in my 95 probe??????
Audioque hdc4 on music? ?
if you were born in 1994 do you have to wait untill you are 18 to get your drivers licens.?
SCYTEK Astra 777 car alarm.....good or bad??????????
if i flip the phase switch on my amp does that change the polarity?
whats wrong with my subs???
how do i install a new car stereo?
2004 TDI Jetta Stereo Hookup.?
install speakers?
Will this amp run these kicker subs well?
Someone broke into my car last night?
About how much would it cost to have an amplifier and subwoofer box installed in my trunk?
ive Made a custom sub box. and put 2 6.5 inch speakers next to it. how i wire it up?
Can i run a Kicker TC 10" (300 watt, 150 RMS) on my 1000 watt Alpine amp?
Who makes the BEST door speakers for cars?
what to do for my car if i want sick bass and vocals?
as anybobody had an E-Mail from BMW saying theyv won a BMW car & cash prize?
What sub shoud I get?
where can i find wiring diagram for the stereo in a 1994 mazda rx 3?
2 cobra radar detectors, which one is better?
25 inch subwoofer??
Good Bass songs? i got a new system and i want to see how hard it can hit.?
Where should i place my subs?
Can I hook up 2 subwoofers to a mono amplifier?
Subwoofer amp not working?
What should i do? here there anywhere?
subwoofer... terminals dont work, but pluigging in straight to voicecoil terminals works.?
subwoofer questions?
dual 300 watt amp wtih 12" sub wont work?
Does anybody else skip the "13" on the volume of your car stereo.?
Hardest, deepest, cleanest hitting sub? Looking for the best sub.?
what kind of slicone do i need to seal my sub box?
How do I install my Infinity Speaker in my 2001 Camaro with a monsoon amp?
Car audio noob question?
how do u reset the security code on a kenwood stereo?
Difference between Line 6 Spider 3 and 4 15w Amp?
Where is the cheapest place to buy subwoofers online?
I just purchased a 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport. The speakers were blown and I'm looking to replace them.?
looking for the patent on v8 gas automobile engine using compressed air?
I got a alpine mrx m240 amp that 1500w rms x1 at 4ohms, 2400w rms x1 at 2ohms, 4800w max power, size: 1 chanel?
i want to buy a subwoofer for my KAC-M845(720w) amp?
What type of Stereo do I need for my car?
Does anyone know how I connect my mobile phone to a factory fitted BMW Business cd stereo?
What amp/amps should i look into buying for two 12in kicker l7's 4 ohm?
What is your dream car and vacation ?
how do i hook up an amp to stock radio and does the stock radio need a remote wire?
I'm thinking about making a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure, any tips suggestions, or web sites?
Does anyone know how the MP3 portion of the Mercury Marinern works?
What does the feed adjuster mean on my amp?
Is there any car audio system where i can play cassette/MP3 CD/DVD music?
Is there any other woofer that sounds like the W7 from JLaudio and makes like a wave motion when it Hits?
CS-HX647X vs TS-A1782R? car speaker question!?
How many speakers are in my Truck?
should i buy these subs?
I have a question about my car amplifier.?
I want to know how to hook up a new amp to my factory headset what all do i need?
What speakers should I get?
How to set time on jvc kd-g110 car stereo?
Where is the factory installed amp in a 1995 ford explorer?
just put a new amp in my renault megane rxe?
what are the diffrents between 2-way and 3-way speakers?
A good Speaker system that has quality. Not so much booming bass. Any suggestions?
Anyone have a Profile AP1040 or AP1200 amp to sell?
what number of volts do i need in a power supply for an 800 watt amp?
What are some good subwoofers or speakers?
Questions about car audio?
what size amp to get for my subs?
Subwoofer question for a 2007 Pontiac G6?
Can I leave stuff plugged in my cigarette lighter in my car if the car is off?
My amp caught on fire ?
Is a 250w amp kit okay for a 200w subwoofer?
how good is a 15" subwoofer?
How do I get the dash face cover off of a 2000 Windstar to replace the sterio?
Are these a good set of subwoofers?
Need a good car audio, plz help ..!?
If my passanger side speaker is blown do i have to buy new speakers for the whole car?
do i need a crossover?
Whats got better sound quality and what to do?
My speakers get al staticky when I'm playing certain cds. Whats wrong with them?
best buy -circuit city etc. do they know what thay are doing?
My amp is getting power but not putting out power to speakers?
i have a 2000 ford ranger reg. cab and i want to put 10inch. subs in it. no bigger than 6.5in depth though.?
my fuses were blown on my amp changed them with the right spares, stays on protect mode why?
Can someone tell me how to power my car door speakers?
Which Oil weights is best?
what are good, loud, and dependable 15" subwoofers?
How to hide subwoofers?
how much air space for 12 inch jl audio speakers?
i installed subs in my 97 s10 and blew a few fuses. HELP ME OUT?
Putting new speakers in my car? HELP!?
will speaker and power cables cause noise radiation to the rca cables of my amplifier?
what is a good guitar amp?
Want to upgrade speakers in 1988 Ford Ranger XLT?
New mega speaker issues?
how do you install an mp3 rca car adapter?
is there a way i can get more bass comming out of my trunk?
Orion HCCA 10 or Sundown Audio Z-10?
were can i get a box that willl hold 6 12 subs at???
i have a 2003 chevy impala. can i hook up a sub and amp in it?
Whats a decent but not too pricey make on Car speakers (6x9, Amp, Sub)?
How do you repair a 1999 camry's rear speakers (wires)?
How do I make a basss knob?
Could i do without the wire harness?
Which is best Sony or Pioneer MP3 player for my maruti Alto ?
is limo tint to difficult to see out..for a cars window?
What is 01 audi a4 rear deck speaker size is?
Cost to buy a JL H.O box?
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus with a busted radio!!?
I just got a 2000 Land Rover Discovery. Where is the CD player?
How much will it cost to install a subwoofer if all the speakers in my car are in the doors?
Does anyone have Sundown Audio subwoofers?
Vibrating TRUNK!!!!!?
bad day for me 2 amps,my 2 15" l7's and 2 12" kickers.....?
How to properly set your gain on your amplifier? ?
Has anyone ever went through a car wash with a Sirius satellite radio antenna?
What is the best amp to go with 2 pioneer ts-w309S4?
Where can I find out if a CD player from an '03 GMC Denali will work in my '02 Denali?
Need An Amp?
Anyone know how much it is to get a tv for a car and installed at a dealership?
MTX vs. Rockford Fosgate?
new box dont sound right???
what is the minimum operating amps for a 60 watt car headunit?
how to fix burnt out car speakers?
do car stereo face plates go with other receivers?
Subwoofer research help?
Am I Crazy???
Would this audio setup work?
what is the best audio system for a car?
new set up help!?
I put 2 amp battery charger on battery on Suzuki gs450. Now wont run!?
what would happen if the tentioners go on my peugeot 106 ?
will a stronger stereo help get a cleaner sound?
Is it alright to put a subwoofer in the trunk, if my car battery in the trunk also?
Can my amp Handel this ?
Want to get a GPS Navigation system for my husband...suggestions?
Can my amp power these?
How would I install a stereo into my '95 Ford Escort?
which is better, 2 6x9 speakers or a 10' sub?
Is there anyway to fix an auxiliary port without having to get a new head unit?
Help with Siemens car stereo code?
Is it wrong to pump up your speakers in public?
Need help picking a amp for subs?
cerwin vega & legacy amp?
Can tweeters blow out???
can the stock radio for a 2006 chevy malibu fit in a 2005 chevy malibu?
Subs for my jeep wrangler tj?
my stock car raido stopped working and its not the fuse?
My 1997 Toyota avlon sterio locked up?
What do you think is the best for car audio Fosgate, Audiobahnor, Kicker etc....?
What is a hard hitting 12 inch sub that is pretty cheap?
Can I drive the car that my mother rents?
Can a KENWOOD KAC-9104D + 2 KFC-W3011 run smoothly? or is the 1800watts too much? please help??????????????
What does the ACC stand for in your keyhole for your ignition? What does it do?
Will this be a good sub setup for my truck?
How do i make £2000 fast at 12 years old?
1 din cd player in holden vt?
Infinity perfect speakers or something else?
Who besides Buick and Scion makes cars that come mp3/iPod ready?
I have a pioneer GM-H100 2 channel amp and it seems that the internet have failed me again!?
What are the specs on a chrysler/dodge 93 sundance radio?
Would this subwoofer set up work?
Do subs blow by inverting?
what amp do I need for my car?
Can my Head Unit play Speakers at 2 Ohms?
I got a 2010 Chevy silverado and I remove the radio and put a stock navagation but volume won't go up or down.?
why do my front speakers start working at times, Ive checked my connections.?
i need help with subwoofers?
sending iphone data wireless to a car head unit?
what does this mean?
installing instructions avic z1?
Ported or seal subwoofer box?
What are sim good competition 15 inch subwoofers?
does anyone know the spec of a CD30 radio for a corsa 05?
Tiny trunk, breathing sealed ported?
What is the best car audio subwoofer?
I have a 5 farad capacitor what size resistor do i need?
Do I really need this expensive amp ??
Sub stopped working one day?
how to get my cd changer to work in my 1994 camry?
Car sound system HELP?
Is it possible to hook up a subwoofer without an amp?
whats the best way to hook a pair of kicker comp speakers 150 rms to a hifonics brutus amp 1200x1rms@1ohm?
What ANL fuse do i need?
Will my head uniit (car cd) overheat?
Ford Puma Radio Code Please!?
My car stereo buttons is random?
Can you hook up 2 speakers to a mono block amp?
what kind of 12 inch subs should i get to POUND?
choosing amp for my 2 10" 500rms subs.?
will a 2500 watt class d amp make my 15' l7 hit hard?
how to hook up audiobahn 2 way speakers?
Would changing just the bulb to h.i.d change the light color and brightness?
I'm getting my boyfriend satelite radio should i go with xm or sirrius?
The Keycode for my Ford Fiesta stereo?
I need to know y my radio comes up With an earre E-04 mean?
oldsmobile front speaker removal?
my car speakers are ling at high volumes?
1991 buick regal audio question?
im having trouble with engine noise in my speakers!!?
peugeot 307 XSI 54plate?
Audio competitions in tennessee? Anyone know where to find them?
What is an advantage for having a fuel cell car?
What important things should i know before i go and get ripped off by a car audio salesman?
best alpine deck and suggested wiring for sound system with sub and 7 speakers three amps?
How to save radio stations in a Hyundai Santa Fe?
How powerful of an Amp do i need?
Soundstorm Fury 1200 Watt 12's?
colour codes for a cd player in a toyota tercel 99?
what size wire would i need?
what is sensitivity on a subwoofer?
how to hook up 2 amps in my car?
i have a nissan maxima 2004 the radio power up but there is no sound..and the CD player works .need help?
What size Amp should i get?
i have audi a4 the stereo is really nice but no mp3 jack?
Whats the best way to add a second battery to my car?
I have recently acquired a 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88. I want to know if there is any way to upgrade the radio.?
i need code for peugeot radio please?
What toggle switch should I get 4 my amp?
i have connected two amps in my car but the remote wire is not working correctly.?
1 channel 1 speaker? please help me!!!!!?
does sony make a in dash car stereo that plays mp3's from dvd-r discs?
If 2 subs are 400 watts apiece, does that mean i need a 800 watt amp?
Will my dual dvd players fit on my head rest?
What kind of enclose should I get for my 2 10 inch Kickers?
how do i know my tomtom one/xl is fully charged?
How do u find out code for Stereo in Mondeo and how do u enter it?
Sony XM-1S car amp problem.?
There was a small module add on that let you plug the headphone jack into your stereo. Where can I get one?
Will shortening wires increase power?
Why wont my burnt cd's play in my truck?
will i need amplifier for instaling car speakers?
Will these subs and amp give me some nice bass?
Multimedia screen - bmw z4 - uae?
is this too loud ??
Can you put a custom background on a JVC Kw-AWX800?
Sony XM-275 amp specs?
Can i have 2 amps connected to my battery?
good amp for my 2 12 alpine type r?
would these be good woofers for 5.25"?
how many watts can a 6 Farad capacitor hold?
Would you recommend Alpine Type S's?
What kind of subwoofer and amp should I get?
Which sub combo is better ?
Why won't the buttons on my Pioneer deh-p2000 car cd player work?
Code for Ford Focus radio Serial number V267140 Please?
car audio system and speaker questions?
Are these the correct watts?
What is the easiest way to install subs+amp in 1994 Saturn?
Help with amps and subs!?
What Do I Need For My New Sound System? (Part 2)?
2009 Mazda 5 CD player?
playstation in my car?
my 2000 gmc jimmy's rear speakers are going in and do i fix?
Will this amp Push these subs?
how can you make your subs hit harder?
Are my RV appliances ruined if I plugged my 120 volt 30 amp RV into a 240 volt outlet?
what are the top vehicle alarms on the market that has a good pager system?
How do you choose which Ipod car adapter is right for your car?
I have a old car with a in dash cassette player, can i get a in dash cd player installed?
Price on Pioneer 6 by 9s for car?
DP Video Stereo doesn't play Cd's?
Where should I go to get a car cd player put in my car?
Installing 2 amps in a car help?
Ford 6000 RDS Cd Radio Lost Code Help Please ?
Do I need a capacitor, or a deck?
Car sound system?
Jensen Dual 12" Subwoofer Bandpass System?
why does my highs and mids cut out when i turn the music up??
witch sub woofer is better?
My subwoffer blew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the difference between anti-lock brakes and non anti-lock brakes?
I just put a complete system in my silverado, Alpine head unit, Polk MM's in the doors with Polk 12in Sub. ?
1997 Plymouth Voyager?
Why do some people here insist on setting the gain by ear?
JENSEN VM8013 Multimedia Receiver with 3.5" Touch Screen any good?
300w amp & 10" sub?
how can i remove my car cd player and then install the new one?
how do I play my ipod through my car speakers?
What type of trunk speakers go great and make a great system with a performance teknique 2000 watt amp?
amplifier ohms?
whats best for my subs?
What kind of amp do i need for these subwoofers?
AMP going into protection mode?
I need some reviews about pioneer subwoofer?
Amp Problem? No sound coming from sub?
Replacing car amplifier, adding a subwoofer, what kind of amp do i need to look for?
is it posible to hook up 3 amps?
Do girls like a guy with a nice car, such as mine?
Toxic Sub & Kenwood Amp. Is the kit i purchased ok? and will it all work ok without any complications??
i have a rockford fosgate t10001bd and was wondering if i need a capacitor?
How can I remove a casset tape from my car player? It is a 2003 Hyundai Sonota. Does anyone else this problem?
Wth my amp isnt really pushing my sub?
Sony vs. Alpine in car speakers?
What is the continuous bass level on a phoenix gold XS2300 amp?
What should I do to broaden my current setup with a $300 budget?
I have a 2003 Honda Accord EX and Harmon Kardon Ipod kit.?
Will this amp wire kit include what i need to hook up my subwoofer?
CD deck will not come on after jumpstart?
You've got your system all connected, now what?
should i buy pioneer subs for 180?
Does gain have to be adjusted on an amp if input impedance is raised?
Amplifier remote input help??!!?
need help choosing subs.?
my 15" L7 kicker impedance is 2 ohm or 4 dvc what does this mean?
i have a mini one diesel (2005) am i able to fit a touch screen in the dash ?
Why does my upgraded sound system have radio noise?
Need info for Alpine CDA-9853?
hey how do i detach my car aerial because i want to get car washed in car garage?
What are your opinions towards loud music in towns?
How fix my Kicker Subwoofers?
what is automatic sound levelizer?
my cd and stereo keeps cutting out?
Why My CD Work On My Toyota But Not On My Nissan?
what is the big 3 in car audio?
How do I minimize (or eliminate) speaker distortion? Is it possible?
How to fix car speakers?
Where can i find i diagram of the firewall of my 2000 Honda Accord to wire an amp?
second battery with an aq setup?
Help tuning my amplifier!@!@!?
how to code in vaxuhall Astra radio?
What amp kit wattage should i use with a 600 watt amp..(i have 2 12" subs)?
Where can i buy a shortwave radio in Singapore?
why are there 5 sets of wires for the high level input?
subwoofer kill switch...?
I need help with a Kicker Solo-Baric L5 08S12L52?
What's a good brand of car audio speakers that won't hurt my wallet?
What new cars have Sirius radio optional?
Where can I find a door speaker size for a 1996 Ford Explorer 4 door?
how to install two amps with one rca input?
How much do car audio shop cleaners make?EXPERIENCE PEOPLE ONLY?
What direction to face my subs?
Can DEHP3800MP fit in hundai santro?
Im having trouble with my subs?
can i keep my factory stereo?
How can I install my sub woofers if....?
why does my UCONNECT keep disconnecting?
Stereo problems?????????
should i buy pioneer subs for 180?
Caught thieves trying to steal car stereo?
car speaker system help?
I'm not sure what i need for my car speakers to get a good bass do i need subs?
How much horsepower does a 1997 Honda CR-V have?
If i have a bass knob on my amp, how does it change the bass sound? Does it change the gain on the amp?
CHRYSLER car stereo problems Not working at all?
I'm putting a system inside of a 2001 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
Where Buy New Ford V Serial Number Radio Stereo Unlock Code?
What would be the best amp go along with this sub speaker?
Would this sound good (car audio)?
best buy fit car stereo?
AMPS = Watt?
Car Audio Set-Up For More Bass?
Advantage of SI unit?
there is agirl i realy like but when i try to talk to her i become nervous what shal i do?
How do you replace the rear speakers in a 2001 oldsmobile Alero?
Speaker Wire, I need some help?
What is the main problem in a blown subwoofer? ?
Where do I buy a cheap car stereo?
What product can i use to connect my ipod to my car?
My subwoofer stopped working randomly?
do you need a specail crossover or amp?
Where can I buy a new car radio with free fitting in the UK?
How do I fix my radio stereo?
what is the best wood for speaker box?
do i need my blue amp wire hooked on for my speakers to work?
Should I upgrade to alpine pdx?
Need help with my Kenwood KDC-138?
Boschmann Sub and Amp, what do you think?
How can I make my iPhone play louder through my car audio? I use bluetooth as the connection.?
I'm about to buy a 2003 Saturn ion. I need to know about a head unit?
car speakers for F-150?
what do i do with my sub woofers?
10 meter Radio and CB radio?
Amp possibly draining battery?
how do you install a car stereo in a Nissan pickup?
will a shaker 1000 receiver work in a 2007 ford sporttrac?
89 ford f150 xl radio wire diagram?
What do you think i could sell this for?
whats the best alpine type r subs?
Where can i hide my sub?
can i hooked up my sub dual 1ohm in sound magus x2000.1ohm stable in paralel???pls help me...?
how many watts are in a zx300.1 kicker amp?
whats the best car subwoofer in the world realistically?
I just got a Alpine MRP-M500 and plan on putting it to 2ohm's WHAT GAUGE WIRE DO I NEED? 4 or 8?
Why will my sub not play any music?
how to hook up mono subwoofer rca on Headunit to 2channel amp?
i need to tune my 12 in kicker l7?
whats the best # 1 rated subwoofers?
where do i find manual for clarion pw850515 model?
How difficult is it to run speaker wires to the back of a '96 Cavalier?
how much would the cost be to install 2 subs and an amp?
Ford 3000 traffic radio code?
When can I touch a black man's radio?
Which would you rather be more powerful? an amp or a sub?
What to use to stick tweeters to dash?
what kind of speakers should i get for my car?
look 4 a store that sells wiring Harness for my Kenwood {KDCX-879} car radio..?
Are subwoofers louder with an amp?
Will a pair of Alpine type R 12' sub woofers fit into the back of a jetta with a small enough box?
Whats going on with my amp?
Will this speaker set up work in my car?
What is better Kicker, MTX, Audiobahn, Hiffonics, Alpine JL Audio for subs?
Will an 2003 kx 100 cylinder fit a 2000 kx 100?
Louest Car subwoofer?
Better amp for 2 kicker L7 10's: Hifonics Brutus BXi 1610D or Kenwood eXcelon X1200M?
houses for sale?
Will a larger capacitor reduce the power drawn from my battery in my car?
What is the best amp power to make my JL W3 sub work best?
What is the best minivan in the world?
What type of input would I need to plug my iPhone or iPod into my car?
Kenwood KAC-90105d , have to subs to wire,, HELP?
Please help me choose a good subwoofer!?
How to wire a sony cdx-GT-5850 into a 1979 chevy?
What kind of amp do i need for these subwoofers?
how to take off door panel on 2004 f150?
I have 2 600 watt super blue subs and a pioneer 820 watt amp, how could i make it louder?
Help With My Electrical System?
half inch speaker inside a huge subwoofer box?
Best place to install a CD deck?
how to get more power from a car audio system?
will 24's fit my 03 trailblazer?
Can stereo faceplates be replaced?
is this like dynamat?
door speakers in a 1992 plymouth voyager le?
aftermarket cd player help?
Will this satisfy me?
Does din matter in acar stereo?
is there any meter or fuse holder or distribution block or anything that can tell me the volts and amps?
Orion HCCA154 or JL 13w7?
What amplifier should I get for this subwoofer?
both with 200watt amp?
Can I hook RCA jacks up to a stock radio in a 2002 Chevy Silverado to hook up an amplifier?
Anyone used sound deadeners for their car?
Please answer this question?
What's a good brand of speakers to pair with my JVC KD-R530 head unit?
What can i do about guitar amp headphone problem?
Anyone know the code for ford radio serial number m010040?
Subs mounted in a wall or enclosure?
I have a 400Watt boss amp, h 2 12' Kicker comp subs. Everytime I turn up the volume, The bass goes down. Help!?
What kind of amp for Polk Audio DB6501 Component System?
Is an Audiobahn 12"comaptible with a 2002 honda civic ex 4 dr sedan?
do i need another battery?
What gauge wire do I need to use with my amplifier?
My stereo says initializing ???
Amp turns off, but it's powerful enough for my sub?
A question about my speaker & amplifier setup?
Which radio is better?
Do sealed boxes put out more bass than ported boxes?
Can I wire a 3rd subwoofer of a different type into my system?
speakers for car help?
Mustang 2006 Coop Audio Help?
seriously underpowered subwoofer problem?
which would hit harder?
300 rms infinity or 400 rms kenwood?
How can I fix my stereo after rain got in my car after my sunroof was left open?
Please Please Please Help Me!?
Which Subwoofer: Edge 10" EDB10A or Fli 10?
Why does my battery in my car need replaced about every 6 months?
which is better, power acoustic or punch subs?
The Best 12" Subwoofer?
Will my UK DAB car radio work in France & Spain?
how many miles from AZ to WA?
How to set Amplifier freq?
I need help with my subwoofers.?
Just bought new Pioneer 6"X9" TS-A6990R I need an amp to run them??
My car radio stoped working?
Problems with Sony CDX-GT35UW Car stereo deck.?
do i need a code for a sanyo fxd 680gd cd player?
which is better, 2 10" subs or a 12" inch one?
Tell me some good in-dash touchscreen navigation systems?
Car sterio wiring . one copper, one silver, which is positive?
What is the best clock radio?
Diffence between 2ohms and 4 ohms?
What is your opinion of these very loud boom boxes in autos that you can here at least a block away?
What size subwoofers do I need for my car?
I have two Pioneer Premier Subs that have 400 watts RMS. How much power in my amp do I need?
electronics expert please help (protable speakers)?
what size amp for my car do i need?
250 Watt Rms 2 ohm mono amp for 2 100 watt rms subs?
put in a kicker zx 625 amp now my truck is running at low rpms?
Do i need a capacitor for a 1200 watts amp for 1 JBL gt5-12 so what kind?
Is it possible to put home stereo speakers in a car?
There is plastic stuff behind the door panels. is it okay to take it off and use peel and seal?
What kind of car audio to get?
what sounds the best 12 or 10 in a 06 titan crew cab?
apline or pioneer deck?
How large of an alternator do I need?
Is there a device that I can connect IPOD (iphone) directly into car speakers?
I have a kenwood kdcmp235 deck with a temp 1000 watt sony amp and a 15 inch sub but i get nothing?
What kind and how powerful of an amp should I use?
Does getting getting music in your car kill your batterie?
how do you install rear speakers in a 96 chevy silverado?
what could cause a staurn sky's radio to switch modes after hitting a bump?
What's a recommended brand for car audio tweeters?
i looking for some subwoofers for my car but i really dont understand what to get i want some that will hit?
2 mono amps and 2 4ohm subs?
ford sync radio, nav, and dvd?
Does Anyone Know In "Decibels" The Most Loudest/Powerful Music System Ever Installed In A Car?
Whats the maximum speaker power I can use with my head deck?
Which method should I use to connect my MP3 player to my car stereo?
Are kicker comp 4ohms 12 subs really that good?
Can i test my subwoofers and amp at home instead of a shop?
why is my stereo system not working?
Rockford Fosgate vs Memphis audio vs Kicker cvrs?
Is my 12 volt wire my ground or my power wire went looking up a amp?
Can I put a non-factory CD player in a 1996 Ford Taurus?
Why are my door speakers cutting out?
trunk dimentions for a 2002 mercedes benz c230?
Where can I find a custom wiring harness for my pontiac sunfire '02 stereo?
I have a amp with output rca jacks wat does this mean?
Can I hook up Ipod and My Amp to the Stereo Receiver?
were can u find cheap cars...and fast??????
If I get music on youtube will it play in my car?
What kind of car amp..should I buy? Do I have a good combo?
I got a quick question about a car audio amp?
My Rear Speakers arent working?
performance tekneak icbm 5512?
What's wrong with my car stereo?
Best car audio system for santro zing ?
How can I make my car stop rattling every time I listen to music?
I need help buying subs and an amp for my truck. I have a 2001 ford explorer sport trac.?
Can I put a in-dash navigation system in my 2005 Impala?
Which one is better for Type R?
where can i get cheap subwoofers and cd players?
what do you guys think about these brands?(car audio)?
what speakers will i get the best sound and performance out of?
cheap car speakers??????????
what speakers should I put in my 2001 honda civic?
how to hook up a linear to my cb?
How do you set the clock on a 1998 Dodge Neon factory installed radio? HELP!?
If it takes a hen and a half a day and a half to lay an egg and a half....?
What amp should i get?
My Car amplifier keeps over heating?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
What if radios had visual screens on them?
How to, step by step, remove the factory cd player off of a 2004 honda civic?
i got a dumb question. please help?
I have a 12'' alpine swr 12d4 and my dust cap is coming off a little. What kind of glue should i use?
ive got a Rockford 800 watt a 2x12 cvr kickers and a probox.. it doenst hit hard.. why?
will a stock radio from a 2006 + monte carlo work in a 2003?
supercharger or turbocharger???? what's the difference??? are they different for car vs motorcycle?
New Speakers Sound Crap!?
where can I find the subscription price for serius radios?
Get new car head unit or new amp?
why does my car audio amplifier cut off?
1997 Honda will I still need the radio code if I replace the radio?
What audiophile grade stereos would you recommend to put in your car/ SUV?
When Your Looking For A Street Why Do You Turn Down The Volume On The Radio?
whats a good amp for these 2 of these subwoofers?
what's a good car radio?
I have a 4-c amp and would like more bass. Should I replace the radio with one that has a bass booster?
What amplifier should i get? watts, ohm, etc.?
if you get a 96 out of 200 on a final is it bad...??
Help!! I need to know what is the best vehicle for me.?
What type of amp should i get for these subs? also what kind of amp wattage?
If I don't have a power antenna do I connect the power antenna wires from the car to the new car stereo?
Is Phoenix Gold a good quality amplifier?
line converter output question please help!!!?
What amp would work with Rockford p3s4d-10?
i have 4 8 inch subs should i do a 4 channel amp or put 2 2 channels?
what color is head light wiring for 1999 chevy tahoe?
Am I doing something wrong?
How do you replace the factory radio and wiring help on a 1994 Suzuki Sidekick?
How does kicker measure their square subs?
is limo tint to difficult to see out..for a cars window?
Can I convert my computer speakers to be used in my car?
which is better?
Car Audio Question!!!?
kicker 15" L7 vs 12" L3?
which amp should i get?
How much can two fi btl 12's take?
Best car stereo system?
Looking for a good spl meter for testing stereo equipment?
what are some good bass songs?
What kind of Car Deck is the Best for a Cavalier?
what do i need to power a 1000 watt amp in my room?
Need Help with car audio for Ford Explorer?
kicker cvx or cvr?
New stereo head unit? or amplifier?
I bought 2 10 inch kicker comp and i didnt know how much watts it used so i got a 1000 watt amp is that good?
What would be the best box type for a 12" Alpine 1242-SWX subwoofer?
Can this amp support these subs?
Aftermarket cruise control help...!?
Free ford 6000cd stereo code?
What kind of Speaker system can i get with 350 dollars. Anything from a store that bangs???
Kenwood cd deck problems, bypassing amp?
Kicker zx1000.1 wire gauge?
How to install a cd player in my van?
question about subwoofer ohm rating?
looking at buying 4 18 inch FI SSD subs for 279.99 are they worth buying?
Car Amplifier help!!?
How do I link my sony explod truck radio to my samsung phone?
Help with amplifier wiring?
10-meter radio and CB radio?
How to stop my speakers from ling buzzing?
Can anyone tell me anything about Hifonics BRE lineup?
Adding a steering wheel with audio controls to my factory stereo ?
What is Gain on a Amp? How do i set it right for a sub? And set wrong could it blow my sub?
whats a loud 12" sub to buy on ebay under $200?
need help on picking an amp?
Is there a condenser?
How much should the big 3 cost including everything you need plus installation?
The last CD I played in my car was unusually hot when I removed it. Anyone know why?
What kind of car system do you have (sound system)?
How much would this cost?
can i do this with my amp?
How do i install a Pyle pldvd132 dvd player in my truck and where do i get the wires?
what is the best subwoofer for a car for max 200 dollars?
My Dj speakers have a vibrating sound what should I do?
When it comes to speakers, what does ohm mean?
how many miles do honda elements get to the gallon?
My 2 12'' SONY Xplode subs quit working one day and now they have no bass at all. what happened?
Is this amp good?? Dual 460watt amp 2 12" Alpine Type-e?
What do I need to do to get satellite radio?
why 1 ohm stable amps are found rare ? are they better than 2ohm stable Amps ?
Subs and Amps for Cars?
How big of a box and what do i need to tune it to make 2 12 inch punch p3 be loud.?
I need help with my car sound system!?
Which ohm to look at on amp when powering speakers?
Why do I have engine noise (buzz) in stereo after i installed amps.?
How do I hook home audio sub into car system?
What size speakers come in my front and rear door panels?
What is your favorite car?
Will I need a dasboard kit or extra hardware if Best Buy installs a cd player for my 2002 Jeep Liberty?
help with sirius radio?
is gatecrasher soundsystem good?
What subwoofer is better?
What would be the best amp to power a Pioneer Premier TS-W3002D2 with 3500w peakpower and 1000w rms?
I have tape stuck in tape deck in my car. how do I get it out.?
How to fix a small in a car subwoofer.?
Blaupunkt CD30 - How do I add an external mp3 player input (mStation)?
How do I get my cd's out af my cars 6 cd player?
what is the proper way to connect a stereo wiring harness to an olds alero 2002?
Bass doesn't boom!!?
How much is the risk if I don't fit music system/speakers from Maruti Showroom?
What amp should i be using?
Pioneer GM-9500f or Kicker DX400.4?
are sony xplod's good subs?
In a 2000 Buick Century, how do I remove and replace the factory radio/tape player with a factory CD player?
what was the cost of a car in the 1970's?
i just got 2 Alpine type E 12's. What amp I would need and what amp kit? what if i hook up 2 6x9's to the amp?
Connecting 4 Stereo speakers to a computer.?
Difference between Sample Rate and Stereo Bit Rate?
is there a sucessful alternative for the big ugly cb antenna ppl put on their cars when they have a cb radio??
I need to replace the cd player in my 200 nissan sentra?
Car Amplifier Fuses and Electrical?
Does a 2006 Cobalt SS have an Aux Input? If so where?
hd radio receiver for nissan sentra?
74 dodge dart radio?
Can I buy a back up camera that is compatible with my Pioneer avic F900bt?
is it ok to use stock speaker wires?
If the amp is 360w for example and the sub is 500w, what would that do?
can a shuriken sk-bt20 or kinetic hc600 be used as main battery in a car?
Kicker cvr 12's or 15's?
Why does my car stereo work when I start my car then stop working after less than a minute? Please help.?
I have a question about amps and subs?
Is a kicker zx750.1 amp good enough to push a single Memphis pr-15d4v2?
what kind of amp and subs should i get.?
i need help with fitting of a sub and amp?
help are team choose a name for are crew we are a all import crew?
I accidentally drove over a curb will that injure my tires?
my car stereo head unit has worked for the longest time and one day, it just stopped..PLEASE HELP!!?
How do I take out a 2010 silverado radio? ?
Radio code for ford mondeo CD player!?
whats the biggest amp i can run on a kicker l5 15 inch subwoofer?
what do you think is better two 12s or three 15s?
How can i connect my 2 dvc 4ohm 10 inch subs to a 1000watt class d monoblock amp to get 4 ohms?
Will shortening wires increase power?
Where can I get a replacement antenna mast that's better than factory.?
To put a stereo into a car?
how many rms are the solobaric L7 2ohm speakers?
What amp should I buy to get the loudest sound out of my two 12" Cerwin-Vega subs?
JL 13W7s, Kicker L7s, Premiers?
Is this sub package good?
i need to replace a CEP50N06 Transistor in my 1000 watt amp. where can i find one?
Does anyone know a place that will install the I-Mazda-R in my car? Its an Ipod integration system. THanks!?
would upgrading to a bigger amp make my subs hit harder?
How can i use gps navigation in acer iconia a100 in the car without wifi?
i am looking for the radio code for a 2000 honda accord lx?
Need help connecting amp to head unit?
How do I hook a mono channel amp to two subs?
can you add a cd changer to a 2002 honda civic?
What is the best car audio brand in your opinion?
Car issue: All lights, but it won't turn over. Will start with a jump. Suggestions?
How much does it Cost to have a CD player installed at best buy?
What kind of Amplifier will JBL GTO937 speaker require for Car Audio system?
How much are two 10" kicker subs in an enclosed box worth?
Good sub/amp matches for 1 or 2 subs?
Alpine 12" Type-R 2ohm's or 4 Ohm's??????
rockford fosgate, gravity or alpine?
what is the best subwoofer for me?
what size are the front speakers in a 93 toyota pick up?
garmin nuevi model 265 does not turn on?
My car radio seems to be unconfigured?
How much would it be to get a speaker system in my car?
6 1/2" vs 6x9 speakers?
How do you install a subwoofer in a box?
i have no sound coming out of any of my car speakers but the cdplayer still turns on and the buttons works?
My head unit fuse blown? HELP!?
What is the best subwoofer to get on a budget of £500?
Got 2 10" kicker L3 would it be ok to power them speperate with 2 kenwood Kac-9105d 1800 watt amps?
how can u test if a speaker is still working? 1 recently packed up.?
Which color wires are the left and right rear outputs on a 97 Chevy tahoe, delco radio. For line out converter
Something wrong with the subwoofers or amp in my car?
How many speakers does the 1999 ford expedition eddie bauer edition have?
New CD wont work in my car?
I need a fuse block for my furnace that holds two 60 & two 30 amp cartrige fuses?
How do i wire my Kicker L7s to 2ohms each?
how should i wire my subs in my truck?
Should the fuse on the power line be the same amperage as the fuse on the amplifier? If not why...?
how do i hook up a home system in my car?
which is the best car ?
how to install a new subwoofer?
what is the wiring diagram for a 95 nissan pathfinder xe stereo?
trying to get good sound from my 10" jbl subs in a sebring convertible?
i just got my sounds i have a honda acccord ex 1990 i?
How do spot a good subwoofer and amp?
Need diagram for Jet Sound JS-224 please!!!?
whats the correct way to hook up these subs??
Need help on a system for a 98 Jeep Cherokee?
What kind of amp do I need to power my equipment?
Is the blue or black wire positive?
how do i test my car stereo?
Hi-fi system in a car?
How to wire amp cooling fans?
hook up speakers in a gem car?
What type of subwoofer and amp goes best together to make some serious bass?
Does the ATH-M50 headphone need a amp?
how do you take the template off around the stock stereo and steering column on a 1994 honda civic?
High voltage input question?
Audio and Video wiring into a car?
What's a good transmitter to play an ipod/iphone in my car?
should i do this, sony car deck?
sundown sa 12 vs audioque hdc3 12 SUBWOOFERS!!!?
Where can i buy a 4x10 to 6x9 speaker adapter?
which is better?
Sound odd, I know.Have a 95 car with tape player.Want to add a CD player.Installer says it can't be done.Why?
What are the longest tire skid markes made???
subwoofer wireing and amp power question?
can you hook up a subwoofer to play just base with out an amp?
i have a Kicker 06ZX2500.1amp and 4 Kicker 06CVX12-2ohm subs can i hook them to my mono block?
Stereo type this name & which one do you like better?
Please help with basic sound system advice?
Hi have a question about my subs in my car!?
What size speakers are in my car?
sx1250 kicker amp goes in to overload when you start car help?
what amp for 2 of these?
for car alarms is the Crimestoppers CS-2004 or the Audiovox aps997 better?
Ohms! i need help?
trying to install a cd player in my car CHevy impala 2001 what brand to use.?
My subwoofer works, but no bass is coming out?
What amp should i purchase?
What the best way to hoop up my two 1000 watt rms subs?
4 channel amp into 6 speakers?
Should I wire in series or parallel?
how do i set the radio on my pioneer supertuner3 model#deh2700?
Can I use my phone's gps on my car stereo?
question about wiring to 8 ohm?
From regular deck to in dash multimedia receiver?
Hi - Does anyone know the factory stereo specs, mainly RMS power output, for the 04 Jeep Liberty?
2Kicker CRVs 12inch 2-OHM 400RMS each,1000RMS Kicker amp, What in-line fuse I need from the battery to the amp?
does this person exist?
how do I pull the hose out of the top of the water pump on a ford windstar 2001?
my car radio wont turn on, how can i check if it is repairable or do i need to just get a new one?
How do you get the CD/Radio code for a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
Hi does eneyboady no If Mtx audio sound ok loud and good quality good sense of bass ?
what is the best way to not have a system stolen or hard for them to steal anything.?
will best buy install this?
how do I remove the head unit for a toyota previa model 2001?
Which Speakers for my 2006 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab?
car system problems need help?
How can I fix this squeal in my speakers.?
im lookin for 2 10's and a good amp to push them any suggestions?
whats better 6x9 speakers or 6 and a half inch speakers for true stereo sound?
in dash navigation cheap double din?
what is a good amp that puts out 300-350 rms?
how can i fit 2 15" subwoofers in my 2004 neon sxt?
WHY do idiots drive into residential areas with BOOMING BASS at 3:30 in the morning?
AUX plug-in not working, Kenwood Excelon XXV-01D deck?
what are the wiring colour codes on a sony car cd player?
my subs sound better?
should i buy 2 sundown sa-12's ,fi ssd 12's or re sex 12's?
I need Car Speaker, Subwoofers, and app Advice.Help!!!!?
whats the value of a original radio out of a 68 cougar?
Wheres the best place to get car stereos?
I have a sony stereo and the volume doesn't work half of the time.?
The speakers in soulja boys "speakers gunna hammer" video?
my '06 impala came with an am/fm stereo/cd & mp3 radio wonder what kind of mp3 player will work in it?
Re-post. Hifonics Brutus?
Will this amp be sufficient to power two of these subs?
does anyone know where I can go to find out how to take the door panels off a 98 mazda 626?
Can I hook up various ohm subwoofers together?
Car Amplifiers. Female needs help picking and choosing. Links supplied.?
Anyone used sound deadeners for their car?
How can I fix my stereo?
Car Audio Suggestions?
i have a 2001 pontiac bonneville. my radio comes on, lights up, reads song and stations but no sound?
How to install line output converter.?
Stereo overheated when i plugged my amp into it?
I would like to know how i can split an AV signal from a bus video player into 26 headrest screens?
I have a CDX-GT44IP, it has a Ipod connection. will it work If I use a adapter to convert the connection a usb?
how do you guys install 2 tweeters to the rear speakers in a car?each 1 has 2 wires,what should i do with them
how many people can sit in maruti car?
half inch speaker inside a huge subwoofer box?
Amp.Subs And Wireing Kid Question?
why is my overload light on my amp ?
Buying a car amplifier cheap?
do i need to charge my capacitor before connecting it to my audio system?
What type of car speakers would you recommend?
Question about LANZAR VIBE amps...?
Why dont my xm radio pick up right? Every time I drive under a tree or somthing it goes out.?
speakers 300 watt but amp question?
6000cd rds eon code for model number M203291?
iOS 6 & Pioneers Advanced App Mode?
Bose stereo system, would it hurt anything to have two amplifiers?
what do i need to add a sub to my system?
How to clean a 6.5" car speaker?
Just got a used '07 Chevy Silverado LT. The radio turned itself off & won't come back on. Could a fuse be out?
Deep Loud Basss?
i have a car stereo clarion RD2 it keeps spitting out cds and not reading them, how can i fix this?
how do you know which wires are for the speakers for my car"?
No radio reception in my 2002 Honda Civic EX Coupe?
Need Help With System?
I have a Boss P12-DVC Phantom 12" subwoofer dual 4 ohm voice coils, What size amp should I use?
What speakers should i get for my car?
How do I change the screensaver/movie on the Pioneer Deh-9800BT? What is the PC Link 4 about?
Help! Car stereo for DUMMY (ME) - 4 speakers @ 2-60w rms, but WHAT AMP POWER RMS?
My Lights Dim Very Noticably After My Small System Was Installed, WHY?
I installed 3 kicker cvR subs in car I got a hifonics amp need help with settings for sub sonic and low pass?
How to bridge a 4 channel amp?
what kind of subs should I get for massive bass?
What is better one 15'' or two 12'' subwoofers?
what kind of amp do i need/do i need a capacitor?
car speakers?
i have a honda accord coupe, what are the best subs and amp i can put in there that arent too expensive?
What wire gauge should I use for my 15' Kicker Subs to my 3200w Power Acoustic Mono Amp ?
how can i find my true love cause i been single 10 months?
My stock stereo in my truck doesn't have RCA inputs for my system. What do i need to get to connect the amp?
Im lost with subs for trucks and help me if this will work??!!?
Stock alternator + car audio system upgrade compatible?
mp3 car plugin?
what is the wiring diagram for a sony cdx-c480 cd player?
When approaching a hillcrest where you cant not see the other side what do you do?
what is a floating ground adapter?
1998 Eclipse AMP/SUB Question.. Help?
My sub cuts out right after getting power?
What type of input would I need to plug my iPhone or iPod into my car?
What subwoofers should i get for my car???
500 Watt X 2 channel amp question?
How many "Watts" of "Car Amplifier" do I need for 2x 1000 watt subwoofers ?
what type of amp would i use for a 15inch sub thats 2800 watts with 1400 rms @ 1 ohm?
Need help choosing subs for a JL Audio JX1000/1 amp!?
What speakers should I buy for my car?
Will this subwoofer do enough or not?
Can any subwoofer work in a bazooka tube?
How should I convince dad to let me get subs?
Where does the high level input plug go on the radio.?
Cawr audio and LOC help thanks?
Someone who knows a lot about upgrading car stereos—please help!!!?
I plug in my ipod video to my head unit in the car and says "ready"?
i heard about this amp, people say it put out power, let me know wat you guys think?
witch 12" kicker is better the L5 or L7??????
Kicker or Xplod?
Are my neighbors pissed at me?
how much would it cost for me to buy a custom subwoofer box for 1 db audio xtinct 12"?
I want portable cheap speakers!?
Can you hook up an amp to 2 6x9's and a small 10in sub?
how many watts can it handle?
do you have a diagram for installation of a k plate mitsubishi pajero aerial?
is the xm radio info extra feature available on any factory installed navigation system?
How do I know if my subwoofer will fit?
I can't find the aux input on my Chevy Blazer, where is it? please help?
do i waste more gas when i have a loud sound system with subwoofers?
what about the Power bass X treme series the 3XL class D sub woofers 12's?
Capacitor and audio battery?
What are some goood double din head units at a reasonable price?
i was wondering what all can the pioneer deh-p6700mp can do.?
How to fix a stereo receiver?
Upgrading alternator in 1998 chevy blazer?
I need steptostep help wiring my line out converter to my 2000 dodge Dakota stock stereo?
why does my car amp work fine then stop working?
What speakers do i need for my car and how to install?
Would my current amp work please help ?
What is the sharpest kind of car?
Will a Rockford Fosgate Punch P400-4 power a polk db1212 sub enclosure?
How do I remove the rear deck speakers in a 1994 Plymouth Sundance hatchback?
Which subs should i buy?
i replaced my factory speakers in my rodeo?
Which system(s) would be better, and for the price?
Someone help me to learn how to drive a stick!!!- just tell me the step when you first put the key in then?
Why does my car audio amp keep turning off?
new stereo in my 97 camaro?
i want to put a real fly SYSTEM in my 1972 chevette,?
Which headset n 4 speakers is best for swift in a price range of Rs10000, in bangalore?
how much money does it cost to install a cd player in your car?
How do i turn on the "loudness" or bass option on my sony car CD player?
will my sony xplod xm 554zr amp support my pioneer ts w306c subwoofer?
Will my car CD-player play this kind of a CD?