Car Audio

How to fix my car's stereo?
I'm looking for the stereo code to my 1996 pontiac grand am gt?
how can i bolt my amplifier and subs down in my trunk so its hard to steal?
headlights still dimming?
My car radio seems to be unconfigured?
how do i know if my rca cables + radio are working?
mtx 4300 amps for sale?
Car iPhone bluetooth?
Solox sub box?
headset compartment too big for normal stereo?
Hi i have a alpine v12 mrv-f805 but i have 2 1300 xplod subs can i connect them without damagi.g the amp?
Subwoofers are moving, but not hitting bass?
USB Hard Drive for use in Vehicle?
does the brand affect a sub or is it just the watts/rms?
Can anyone suggest me a good stereo system for my car under 15k? Which can support iPod Bluetooth n DVDs ?
do you think that number eight willwin the race... in nascar?
headunit with best eq for subs?
is this a good subwoofer?
Factory amp location of '03 Highlander?
Do You have a GPS system in your car?
Any basics i need to know about car subwoofers and amps?
what is the best sub for a single cab truck. 2005 single cab tacoma?
i need a wiring diagram for 92 pulsar. old colours to new colours for the stereo system?
where can i find what all the settings on my pioneer DEH-10 MOSFET cd deck?
What else should i do to a 2006 Toyota Camry?
Where can I get a more powerful battery for my car?
are 12" sony xplods 1300 watt or 1200watt?
Is there an aftermarket part I can install on my 2001 GTi 1.8 Turbo to give me a louder air sounding turbo?
i have an 04 grand am and would like to put in new head unit?
My amp gets very HOT whats wrong?
What do I need for my car before I get subs?
what wrong with my car speakers????????????????????????????
I am a new driver. Looking to buy a satellite navigation system.?
Seat Ibiza 1.9 tdi s 1999?
What are some good songs for subwoofers?
what kind of amp(s) do i need to power 3 pioneer ts-w3002d4's?
car noise pollution?
Installing a new headunit?
Car system help? need an amp speakers and a head unit?
How do I know how many "Watts:" my factory installed radio has?
How good is a boss amp?
Can a 2000 watt dj amp power two 600 watt subs and two 300 watt boss chaos 3 way speakers?
Buy or build an amp remote?
how do i ground out my ground wire of my pioneer cd deck inside od my ice chest stereo?
how do i get the radio unlocked on my 97 grand am?
why is instrumental music coming from my subwoofer?
whats the best subwoofer box for a suburban?
how do i wire a 15 inch alpine to 2000 watt 2channelamp specs please i dnt know anything about ohms oranythig?
which is better, Alpine audio or Infinity audio?
Would a power acoustik d1-4000d 4000 watt mono bass amp power two alpine type R's?
new sub with same amp making headlight dim?
anybody know how to wire up an car stereo its an alfa romeo?
Im trying to get a good audio system for my car and i want to know what i will need.How much will it cost?
Which is better to use when connecting audio wires?
which will have better effect in jbl , base tube or subwoofer?
can you turn down the wattage on an amp?
Will the Pioneer FH-P800BT fit in a 1998 S10?
More voltage to an Autotek Amplifier...?
subwoofer and amp question?
trying to get my car speakers to bump, HELP if you know anything about car audio?
i am trying to find the layout of a 1998 toyota celica fuse box?
Any new Bass Songs That Slap?
4 speakers 2 subs and a 4 channel amp connection help?
question about audio capacitor and (led) lights on them?
how could i rig my tape deck to play my ipod?
Is this audio combination for my RX8 any good?
My car battery keeps dying help me s.?
how can i hook up my dvd screen and my dvd player they both have 12v power wires?
How much should I sell my system for?
my pioneer stereo deck shorted out now i have no sound at all!!?
im hooking up 2 amps, is it better to run an addit rca from the stereo and how do i do that with my remote wir
Can my ipod work with a garmin nuvi 780?
Looking for a new car stereo around 50-70 dollars...?
Will hooking up a blown sub lower impedance of amp?
How many subs do I need if I don't want overly exaggerated bass?
where can i find an after market sat nav with a screen bigger than 3 inches?
Do you think this subwoofer will be awesome?
How do I hook up an aftermarket amp and subwoofers to my 99.5 mk4 jetta?
My car does not have speakers but it has plugs that look like they would plug into speakers?
do you play your stereo loud in your car?
Strangest amplifier problem ever!?
does any one have a manual for a pioneer premier deh-p780 head unit?
audioque 2200 or soundstream rubicon 2500?
how can ia install a car stereo in my mustang?
where can I find ppi amp parts?
Stereo type this name & which one do you like better?
do you think that about 200 years will exsist flying cars?
Wiring a power cable?
Is my amp to powerfull for my speakers?
Question of Mounting Depth?
Re se 12" or re sx 12"?
can someone explain to me how a car sound system battery works?
how to install another amp in my car when i have one a ready?
What is the difference between these subwoofers?
What to buy alpine SWR-1022D type R dual 2ohm or the SWR-1042D dual 4 ohm one?
Amp too powerful for my subs???
how do i remove the radio from my x reg Vauxhall corsa?? (older version corsa)?
should i buy an intercom system for my sandrail?
Subwoofer/amp help please!!!!!?
The loudest subwoofers!!!?
are rockford fosgate amp kits good?
How Much Should a Boss RT945 5 channel MOSFET 1200 Watt amplifier cost?
popping noise in sub when car is turn off?
Are Polk audio db651 good 6.5 speaker?
Would it look and sound stupid to put a sub in my car?
Could anyone give me advice on improving my car audio system?
How to instal an amp in a 03 sebring convertible?
I have a 2003 Saturn Ion. All of the sudden my speakers wont work. I had a pro look at my amp n its fine.?
I have a 2001 dodge status when i unhooked my battery term. my radio wouldnt work & the bass treb & mid blink?
My car stereo turns on but I can't get any sound.?
aight persons, problems with an alpine head unit, wont eject a cd, says error, need help.?
What are some advantges of having an alarm system installed?
why does everyone tell me tht it is a bad idea to get a bazooka sub woofer for my car?
My alternator is undercharging the battery. Do I need to disconnect my capacitor from my stereo system?
issue with Subwoofers..?
How many amps/ah does a Lantern battery?
My head unit turns on but no sound out of speakers?
Playing iPod in the car? FM modulator?
i need a new sound system?
Is there any reason NOT to reverse the sub? So the Cone sticks outward?
Capacitor on amplifier in car stereo?
What kind of car amp would I need?
2 15inch memphis subs. What kind of amplifier do i need?
yo kan some one now how to spell........i love u baby ore babe?
Is a am CB radio good for car to car or car to house communication?????
i have two kicker 10" comps what channel amp should i use?
Amp doesnt play speakers , gets power just doesnt play subs ?
Amp for 2 300w RMS subwoofers?
which amp should i get?
Can you install a stero head unit in your car without a mounting sleeve?
Can i use a DVD-RW in a car to play like a CD?
1 12" Orion hcca amp?
I have this amp, is it the right match for these subs?
How do i remove radio from 1993 mercury topaz?
Playing Music In My Car?
apline or pioneer deck?
Why doesn't my NEW aftermarket stereo turn on?
are these good brands?
how do i unlock jaguar radio code?
is it a bad idea to mount your amp and cap to the back of a box?
Whyd subs stop hitting?
amp problems?
can sum1 please define why this happened?
Is there a wiring adapter for a bose system so i can add an after market radio without rewireing my car.?
How in the WORLD do I install a CD player in a 88' Cadillac Allante?
Is this car audio system good?
If my cars is going at the speed of light will my lights still be in front of me?
My car's audio system will play perfect until I turn my subwoofers up then it skips and cuts out?
why is the red "Protect" LED on on my car audio crunch amp?
How to wire Pioneer double din navigation system into 2001 Saturn SL 1?
need honda car radio code?
can somebody tell me the audio code for my ford ranger?
recommended subs for amp?
why is my alternator working harder with the same amp and a different sub?
01' Hyundai Accent - Stero Issues?
What materials for fiberglass speaker boxes?
I believe I shorted my car when trying to take out car audio equipment. How do I get the car to start?
What is your Favorite Car?
I have a foehn and hirsch sat nav but can`t find anywhere that does different voices for it please please HELP?
is there such thing as a subwoofer amp?
In a car amplifier, what is an ohm?
Can I Have 1000 watt amp for a 300 watt subwoofer?
i need an amp for my car?
1988 BMW Radio Replacment?
How do I reset my radio after it's been unplugged without going back to dealer?
08 Chevy HHR LS with stock 6 speaker system (Not Pioneer Upgrade) radio wire harness diagram?
10 inch American Bass?
Radio in car keeps going into protect?
Im getting an nvx equalizer where do i hook the power wire up to?
I need advice on getting a sound system in my car!?
can anyone tell me how to re code my car stereo,battery was unpluged, dont have the code anymore, fiat marea98?
Where can I find a users manual for a Polar Start Remote Car Starter?
Box for 2 Sundown sa 12 d4's?
How do I override my car radio's antitheft feature, which was triggered by a dead car battry?
why doesnt my new stereo fit where the old one was?
Burned CDs in car stereo: only some work?
jeep cd player?
is it possible to build a ported plexiglass enclosure for a subwoofer?
price for rockford 15" FI BTL?
good value speakers for a 1993 honda civic coupe?
Car audio problems with a sub amp?
What do you think about this subwoofer system?
Ford Escort Zx2 Radio?
1997 Cadillac Eldorado Bose 6x9"s?
Amp Logo lights up, but no sound will come out?
what is the best VHF radio?
is under powering a sub bad?
My astro van radio does not get any power at, what can I do?
Whats a better amp for a 12" JL W7?
on 99 vw passat glx radio does not go off automatically after exiting car?
How do I play my ipod through my car stereo without an auxiliary port?
Pioneer DEH-3100UB phone mute input terminal location request...?
solobaric kicker 12 is super hot i have it wired in series and its @ 2 ohms should i got to one or less?
Will a PIONEER CDX-P680 multi cisc player work in a 2002 Dodge Caravan with oraginal radio ?
I want to combine a 10, 12, and 15" subs in my car, separately amped to achieve more spread. Will it work?
I have 2 amps hooked to the same power and same ground one of them doesnt have power.Why?
what should i set my kenwood amp to?
Audio Will Not Play On JVC Car Stereo?
Amplifier trouble?
Wanna be able to charge ipod and cell phone in new car, cigarette lighter?
FORD RDS 4500 I've lost my radio code and the kids are driving me mad?
aside from mp3 format,what audio file extensions are commonly used in playing car stereos audio cd?
how do you know what size compacitor to get for you car audio?
What amp would i need for this?
99 tahoe radio locked?
I have a question about subwoofer ohms?
Can I connect some 2001 maxima bose speakers to my 95 model?
Why is it that when i drive down the highway streetlights shut off as i pass undernearth.?
where can i find a high output alternator for a stereo truck???
what is a good amp for 12'' kfc-w30011 kenwood subs?
My mazda 6 says ready for Serius satellite radio. Must the dealer install one?
Can we use amplifier on pc speakers?
Help me decide!!!!1?
the t.v on my car has sound but it does not turn on the monitor?
What would be a good amp to power this subwoofer?
Help with Pioneer DEH-P600MP?
what gauge wiring kit do i need for my amp?
Will 2 18" fi sp4's still get loud in a sealed box?
Can I connect a 30 watt subwoofer to radio ?
Question about Polyfill?
this amp any good?
Car radio wont turn on!?
for those who know a lot about car stereos? I want to know where the USB input is on my car stereo? see pic:?
Where can I find 12" subs an a amp?
what is a good bass hitting system?
I need someone that can repair a corvette bose radio,it started crakling hi and low,now it has no power.?
Is there any recordable cds that hold more than 80 mins?
my son lives in a block of flats he loves his music how can he sound proof his speakers?
what format does the 06' ecplise mp3 player read?
what are the nissan sentra 2007 stock speakers?
how can i burn audio cd for my car system that cannot play mp3. which sound format should i use. is cdrw is ok
What role does the remote wire on my car stereo play?
Kicker sub comparison?
need some info about my speakers?
How can I get the music in my truck to play clear loudly?
Is it easy to switch out aftermarket head units?
my fm on radion will not play, am plays fine, so does the cd player.. Someones says it may be the antanae(?)?
is jackhammer really the best speaker?
why does my car amplifier makes a buzzing/humming noise?
How to add headphone jack to car sterio wires?
My car stereo wont turn on?
How can i hook up two amps to two subwoofers?
Have you ever...?
car radio for ford M002041 Please?
my 1995 toyota camry cassete player wont play my cassette in order for me to listen to my ipod?
Car Wire Protector Name?
Is there a cord for an audio device that plugs into the lighter socket in a car?
CAn i put my 15 inch rocksford fosgate inside 3.85 cubic feet box or is it too big?
Has anyone installed a car stereo in a 2007 Saturn VUE with OnStar?
reverse wire for navigation system in 91 camaro?
does anyone know how to put tunes on a road angel sat nav?
Can anyone give me the code for a CD player....?
Trouble with my vintage car stereo?
What does "I.D." on some Virginia car license plates mean?
the right suwoofer?
when my amp is turned up high it goes into protect mode?
Why is my amplifier for my subwoofers not working?
how much are good amps for 2 12" solobaric l 7 kicker gonna cost?
Which amp should I get for my sub(s)?
iPod adapter for 2003 Toyota Corolla with factory CD player/radio?
Lg xenon accelerometer for gaming?
Audiopipe amps at half an ohm?
Would an Alpine pdx 1000 by 1 be good for a JL 12 W7?
(2)12" kicker comp vrs or (2)12" Alpine R-type?
i need the code for my cd6000 rds serial No M211490...can anyone help?
How do I set up an amp?
Does anyone know a simple solution to fixing a the cd player in a ford focus?
how do u bridge a 4 channel amp into 2 subs?
Radio wiring on a 1998 Toyota Avalon XL?
does reverse subwoofer mount sound any diffirent?
i installed a new stereo and my dashboard and turn signals don't work no more?
Why does my Panasonic cd player skip when the hard bass comes in???
0 guage wire on big 3 upgrade?
what is a good sensitivity rating?
can a mono amplifier power 2 subwoofers?
Best of the best SQ sub at 500 RMS?
My kicker kx600.1 amp goes to protective mode!?
I currently have a Sony Xplod 554Zr amp. Its max power output is 600 watts and RMS output is 260 watts.?
I am installing a car stereo into my Dodge ram quad cab, I was thinking about getting 4 12 L7 should I?
New car radio picking up noise from engine?
Why does my sound system, sound much louder when its off?
Where can i find i diagram of the firewall of my 2000 Honda Accord to wire an amp?
Help with choosing speaker system in 350z?
I have 2 kicker cvr 15" what size box should I get? Ported or not ported?
What channel amp do I need for 2 12" subs that have 3000 watt rms and 6000 max, and do I need anything else?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
How do I override my car radio's antitheft feature, which was triggered by a dead car battry?
How much will it cost to install euro lights and cd player??
What amp and sub is top of the line?
What kind of amp should I get?
whats a good cheap amp that goes with pioneer pro d2?
How do you make it so that your Sirius Satellite radio plays off of your car battery/power directly?
can this car will be the best in market ?
What do you have in your car for a stereo....???
need a cd player for a 2001 ford van.?
What amp should i get with a Rockford Fosgate P2D212?
Speakers Size?
How to hook up subwoofers and an amp?
Why did my car speakers shut off?
Ford escape and blue tooth?
i got a new stereo and i noticed somthing?
how do i get to the car radio in my audi a4 avant?
will this Cd player work in my infinity g20t 2000?
upgrading car audio?
will my amp blow these subs?
What Do I Need To Hook Up My 12 inch subwoofer In My 98' Mercedes?
Good songs for my new subwoofers?
Does anyone have a recommendation of a subwoofer i should buy, and what else i should buy with it?
static coming from one speaker in my truck?
What size and type amp do I need what wires ?
do i need to replace all four speakers at once?
Why does my stereo wine throught the almpifier when my truck is running?
My cigarette lighter is too small for most car adapters...?
what is the best amp i can get for under $100?
Whats a good setup for a sound system in a car?
where can i get a stereo wiring harness diagram for a 1994 plymouth grand voyager se?
What is some top quality car audio equipment????
can oem aftermarket headlights just be "pluged in" replace my stock?
Is it possible to fit two 15 inch subs in the trunk of a 1996 honda accord?
How do I put two 12" subs in my car without taking up the whole trunk?
i have a 95 honda accord lx and what size speaker do i need for the front doors. or make?
I plan on running 6 speakers for mid's and high's.(tweeters coupled with 5.25 or 6.5's), what amp should I run?
I'm looking into getting 2 Orion HCCA 122 and not sure what amp to get. any suggestions?
is there any other faceplate that i can use in a pioneer deh-p6800mp?
6 ohm speakers with 4 ohm deck?
What do you bump in your trunk?
the wiring on my 6x9 car speaker has come off can i fix it?
where can i get the cheapest car cd player?
who do you suggest for car audio?
Should I spend more than $500 on a car audio system?
Ford Puma Radio Code?
If a 2 channel amp is 2 ohm steady does that mean each channel can suport 2 ohms each?
Where would dynamat placement benefit me the most???
Buying Car Audio Speakers 6.5" 2 way 4 way 3 way?
which is the better blaupunkt,clarion,kenwood or sony?
HHO hydrogen generator questions?
I already gave all the parts for my system in my truck how much will it cost at bestbuy to install it?
Rockford fosgate? i know they make three different types of subwoofers, prime, power, and punch?
Do Sat Navs cause more problems than they solve, what's your experience of them?
Can you connect two dual voice coil subwoofer to a .5 ohm amp?
What is better a touch screen in dash monitor or a regular in dash monitor?
Can anyone recommend quality car speakers?
Amp will not stay on please help?
Can these subs and amp be wired safely?
Can i get a capacitor that is for more power than i need?
i have a cadillac eldorado 92 ,what type of sub enclosure would give me the best sound and room using 2 12''
Switching 4 speakers inside to 4 speakers outside?
amp shuttong off help please?
where to install car wire speakers?
Troubleshooting car stereo issue?
What watt amp should i get for my kickers?
Why does the sound on my Sony car cd/mp3 player cut in & out unless the volume is really loud?
Did I burn out my subwoofers? ?
How big should the port be on my box?
i just bought a 1992 toyota starlet, i want to remove the factory radio, please help. i need music. :(?
Which is better?
What should I look for in a Mobile FM Transmitter?
Help from Car audio enthusiasts----will a 200 watt amp shorten the life of my battery and altenator?
Does anyone have feedback on an Infinity reference 7541a amp?
What single 12" sub for good clean bass?
i have a 4 channel amp and i have one quick question?
Help wiring my new subs?
Can i miss out the connector and join the wires together?
Subwoofer for 97 chevy regular cab?
Can I go from a 10 gauge power cable to a 16 gauge power cable? (Car Audio)?
I have 2 12" Rockford Fosgate P3D412 Subs (500rms/1000peak each). Anyone know of a good amp to power them up?
Dash lights, radio, and ceiling and trunk lights wont work?
Need code for Ford 6000 CD?
Whats the deal with ZAPCO?
what would be a good name for a car club? we got some people in town and we are trying to think of a name....
what are better 2 way or 3 way 6x9s?
Desperately need ...?
What kind of amp do i need for these subs?
Why does bass keep cutting out?
What's Better for a 2000 watt amp 4 Gage or 0 Gage?
How to wire JL subs (13tw5-3)?
do you think g unit is good?
Are Rockbox speakers any good?
Can anyone tell me what would be a good audio system for a single bench seat '87 Ram with stock audio?
Why do my cars subs work so randomly?
Any one got any ideas for best budget sat nav...?
How many watts can I run to a sub in a 50 watt max tube?
Bass keeps cutting off in 08 Avalanche (stock speakers), problem with wiring or the speakers themselves?
how to program my keyless entry for my 2002 chevy impala?
Not even 10mins of running the system, why does my amp get so hot? ?
How many watts does a PS2 have?
how many batteries per sub should i use?
Can two amplifiers of the same kind give you twice the power per sub?
What comprises a "decent" car audio set-up?
Can i use the remote stick on steering column of a ford focus to a aftermarket ICE unit?
I have 1000 dollars I am willing to spend on a car audio system... Whats the best I can get for my money?
What do you need for a fibreglass speaker box/ subwoofer box?
Need wiring schematic for 94 thru 96 fxst dash board?
Kicker CVR or Alpine Type E?
Why does my door speakers le?
How much louder?
£€£€£ serious help with car audio system installation ?
All speakers are cutting when turning the volume up?
can i get a good sound system for my car for $900?
i don't know witch subs to git the kicker L712's or the audiobahn awes12p 12's?
car amps.....................?
Need help setting clock in older Jensen car AM/FM CD radio?
does a CB radio repeat signals?
where should i run amp power wire in 1998 ford contour lx?
How can i fix my subwoofer system?
custom box ideas and high output alternator help?
Do I need a second battery for 2 12" subwoofers?
Should I buy 12" XXX subwoofer kit?
I'm installing a car cd player and need to know something!!!!!?
capacitor? do i need it if i get a sub for my car?
when costumizing my page, how do i add pictures and stuff like that?
How to tune this amp sub combo!?
Can i hook up Three 12 inch subs to a 1008 wat mono amp?
i have a 2001 grand am anybody know like the wiring diagram to hook up a cd player?
my highs are screwing up when i hook them up to an amp...what could be the problem?
is it hard to put in after market speakers in an 06 mini cooper s?
I have a P3 10in what amp should i use?
How can I tell if I have the Monsoon stereo system?
Best 12" sub for my civic?
I want to get a sound system in my car and have questions?
i blew a slow blow fuse in my amp and then replaced it, it now turns on but no sound is being put out! HELP!?
will someone explain ohm's to me?
Installing a car stereo without a wiring harness.?
15 inch boss phantom what amp do I need?
i have a new Cobra C.B. sound?
HEY omg PLEASE help out!!!!?
capacitor is not charging?
What would be the best car amplifier?
Subwoofer problems, rattle, no power...?
will this set of amps and subs be compatible with the setup i already have in my car?
I need the radio code for my Ford Focus car radio.?
would it be to much bass if I mounted two 12-inch subwoofers in the corners my Jeep CJ7's firewall?
what is line out?
What are the best car speakers for quality?
hello i need help i like listing to loud music but my car isnt loud enough for what i want?
What wattage amplifier should I get.?
Does geek squad charge you to install a car receiver and two 2-way speakers?
How do i wire dual amps up?
can use aux jack connect car amplifier?
What's the best satellite radio to get?
Trouble with subwoofer/amp?
My car radio quit working all of a sudden.?
how big is the z906 logitech sub?
Is what they say about legacy car audio true?
anyone know about boss audio ohc 964 speakers?
How Do I Turn My Car Amp Off?
Kicker l7 help?
Is beats audio going to come out with any car or marine audio soon?
What is a perfect amp to power two Alpine type X sub woofers!?
Is it ok to connect a subwoofer and tweeter in parallel?
***Car Help! Speaker issues. New sound system and I am a rookie looking for help!***?
i was wondering if the number of preamp outputs is basicaly the number of amps you can hookup to one head unit
car audio preamp output pls help?
What is the RMS wattage difference between 2 ohms and 4 ohms?
Can you use any car battery to hook up amps/subs?
how do you hook up 12'' subs and a amp to a factor cd changer in a 1995 Lexus es300?
how do i install an aftermarket radio into my 1986 toyota camry?
How can you retrofit a 2006 Subaru Forester with the aux-in connection from a 2007 Subaru Forester?
has anyone tried the harman/kardon speakers equiped in 2010 legacy's? what's your take?
ive tried everything i need ur help if ur a stereo wiz?
How can I make my CD-R with burned songs work in my car?
Can i plugg my ipod into my car radio? and how?
my subs are cutting out and lights dim at high vloume. whats the deal?
Would this be a good sub/amp combo?
I want to install speakers in my car?
can i wire accent lighting this way?
would this amp run well with this sub?
which speakers should i get for my 01 nissan altima?
is mtx and kicker good brand of car speakers and would you recommend them?
car stereo question?
how do i tune my amp for cleaner bass?
Well someone please explain to me why these cheap amps have these amazing stats!?
List songs that will show off my subwoofers?
car only gets sound from all speakers with tuner on?
Ford Radio?
Can you put shallow mount subwoofers behind the third row? ?
what is a nice avg car system for under $600-700?
Where can i find a radio for a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville with CD AND cassete?
car sound system help power on issues and other little bits and pieces?
will this hit hard?
i need a asnswer about car sound?
Car cassette player stopped working?
corsa 1.2 sxi just been to collect from garage after getting fixed but now the radio says SAFE?
i have a 2000 chevy malibu and i need to know the color code for the factory wire harnes that's in the car
how do u take out a cd stereo from ur car.?
Does anyone know of a site where i can buy a complete audio system for car?
Crossover and a AMP!?
2 12in car speakers make a very low high bass pop noise when turning on/off and changing tracks. any ideas ?
What do i accent my alpine type x 10" with?
What is the good brand GPS?
How would I wire these subs and amp together?
two 15" alpine type r's or 2 15" kicker L7?
what car amplifier should i use?
need to replace pioneer inno?
How can i play videos from my ipod on my car's dash monitor.?
CAR AUDIO SYSTEM?? please help!?
what is going on with my system?
I need help on hummers.?
Playing my iPod directly through an USB Port?
Connecting ipod to headunit with bluetooth?
whats the most bass a car can handle?
What amplifier is best for a subwoofer?
Car subwoofer problem, bass is off beat!?
My protcetion light stays on till i ground my amp then it cuts off but my power light will not cut on?
What are some goood double din head units at a reasonable price?
how big is car accessories market in the world?
Can an aux cable be used to play pandora on any car through the cars speakers?
Whats the difference between 4 Ohms and Dual 4 Ohms on subwoofers?
Hifonic Amp/ Kicker L7 , 12" add another amp ???
which type of car do u prefer?
2000 accord radio wire information?
Car stereo installed, now problems?
if your have four 10s and a 1700 rms watt amp is the wattage getting divided amognst the subs evenly?
Kenwood head unit on the fritz?
ok im gettin on ebay right now to buy me a system for my car!!! please help me!?
car stereos, speaker, and amps?
Two stereo head units, one set of speakers?
CB noise coming through antenna?
Amp Gos in protect Red light?
i need code for peugeot radio please?
Will a Crunch PZi 1500.1 Push all 1500 watts ?
Distorting sound with gain all the way down?
How to replace the 6 x 9s on 1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra? How do you removed them!?!?
size of amp to power my cadence 800watt subwoofer?
car radio ford fiesta classic 1996?
Car amplifier power cable?
Kicker vs. Diamond vs. Hifonics Subwoofers?
Who knows about car audio systems? What should i be looking for? All I know about them is that I want one.?
How do you get quarters out of the car CD player?
I need to Know how to Bypass Boss BV9555 Parking Break system?
wot can i use to earth my car amp?
what are the ratings for the old school kicker circle solo-baric sub?
What size speakers fit the peugeot 307
Pioneer Deh-1320mp Headunit Not Working?!?
Should i buy speakers or a sub/amp combo?
Ford Escort Zx2 Radio?
whats a good amp for a alpine sub?
What wattage is a 2001 Toyota Sienna's JBL stereo?
Small but loud exterior speakers (wired & durable)?
build my own bass blocker - help?
Kicker subwoofer Help!?
car sound system help?
Do all car cigarette lighters work as power sources, or is this only for newer models?
What are capacitors used for?? What do they do?
Can my outlet break my guitar amp if I use a surge protector?
CD changer into a 99 Clio?
power inverter 600 watt?
How do I know where to shop online for a car stereo?!?
Ford fusion cd- 4500rds eon I needed the code.serial no is -M212712?
2004 Sienna car stereo?
What amp would best fit this subwoofer?
2000watt Pioner Premier, with a 1200watt Nitro MOSFET amp , is it a good combination?
If I have a kicker 08 zx500.1 amp would I be able to run this....?
How to install aux in 2005 nissan altima?
2002 suburban with 2 15inch kickers Subwoofer?
a car amp with the same max watt output is more expensive than another, why?
Whats a good cheap amp for a 15" L7 Kicker Subwoofer?
my amp is cutting out?
how much is this cd player CQ-DPG625/DPG615EUC?
I have 2 ohm fronts and 4 ohm rears, when amped how does that work?
i need some advice on selling a amp and a sub?
Which subs are better?? any help is very appreciative!!?
whick amp is better Alpine pdx 1000.1 or jl audio 1000/1?
03 Hyundia wouldn't start, jumped, it started then LOUD banging noise from rear?
Just wondering which sub would be the best to buy between these four.?
my only one speakers is working...?
is a jensen car cd player as good as alpine and kenwood?
what is this electronic component?
is this subwoofer any good?
what should i add to my vehicle to make it louder?
i have 3 rockford fosgate 12" P3 subwoofers how can i wire them to a monoblock audiobahn a1600v amp??
Kicker - 2 L5 15" or 2 L7 12"?
how many cell phone have u have?
where can i get the connection plug for pioneer radio and cd car player?
Whats the maximum amp settings I can use with my setup?
Anti- Theft Radio Mazda 626?
Proneer radio wiring?
Can you install any aftermarket in-dash cd player/radio in any car?
Amp Tuning Question:?
What type of car speakers do you recommend?
what are some of the best things to put in a girls car to fancy it up?
Is sub fixable or heap material?
any good car audio stores online?
Best Amplifier for a system?
Where can I find a radio for my fourwheeler? ?
Where can I find a STEREO DASH KIT/HARNESS for a 2007 GMC YUKON....or an AMP adapter for the factory stereo?
Will your steroes still play if you've hooked them up wrong?
How do front speakers get signal?
What type of a amp should i get to power speakers and a sub woofer?
Connecting steering wheel controls on the cheap!?
good system for 2k?
which is the best sat nav system out there?
What would be louder?
What will be the car audio price for 2Din?what will be the car audio price for 2 Din?
How can I increase the bass in my car?
will a 200w rms monoblock amp be too powerful for my one 10" 100w rms subwoofer?
Anyone know whats a good box for the 18" Solo-x?
Memphis 2000d for Power Bass xa3000d?
Two Cds Stuck in my Car's stereo.?
I have lost the stereo code for my ford cmax 57 plate any ideas people !!?
Bose stereo repair??? Help!!!!!!!! (below)?
How big of an amplifier do I need for my 2 Kicker subwoofers?
Is this Amp Powerful Enough?
what's better rockford fostage p1 or kicker comp?
what would 2.67ohm be if wired in parallel with another sub being 2.67ohm?
Buying new subwoofer sound system, new advice?
Can i power 2 12 JBL subs with a 1600 watt amp and not blow them?
my 2002 325 BMW radio is no accepting any CD?
i have wired all of my amp up correctly but it still isnt working ?
renault megane radio code?
Why do kids listen to their car stereos so loud?
can i hook up three subs too a 2 channel amp?
Where is the OEM sirius tuner/reciever found on a 2010 F-150?
why can't I play a cd burned from my itunes on a regular car cd player?
Which amp is better for two 12 inch Kicker L5's?
What is a good cheep sub and amp set I can put in my car?
What a good name brand speaker?
Can a 3000 watt amp kill my battery?
How do i set touch sensitivity to DROID2?
Why do my subs cut out when I reach a certain volume?
Static in Chevy s-10 radio?
Backup Camera Installation?
what is a good amp to push 4 l7 15s?
will a Boss AR1600.2 2-Channel Mosfet Amplifier give enough power to my 2 dvc subs?
2 kicker L5 Subwoofer's dangerous?
plz plz plz help!! I need help and advise for car stereo!!! plz?
Question on Subs (for a vehicle)?
i need some help or advice on what to with my car.?
which brand of car you people will suggest me?
What sounds system should i get in my car?
Wiring kit for my amp?
What are the best Sub and Amps out on the market ?
Hi can someone help please. I need the four digit code for my ford focus radio. Thanks?
car stereo fuse keeps blowing?
XD6100 wiring harness diagram?
Which Amp Will Be Good For 4 Of These Speakers?
Is it normal for my amp to get a little hot?
A bridge rectifier to convert 12Vac to dc but the output voltage will be 16.98V so how do i change it to 12v?
so iv got two 300 watt kicker subs, 4 ohm's a piece in an in closed box. what would be the best amp to buy?
where is my amplifier located on my 2006 jeep grand cherokee?
Any way to play ipod through a tape player or auxiliary port without having either one in your car?
I recently activated my XM radio and it plays fine for about 10 or 15 minutes...?
where can i buy cheap 1000 watts subwoofers and 2000 watts amp that will sound good?
Looking for a car stereo that has...?
600Watt Sony Xplod Amp Not Getting Power, Please Help?
RCA Stereo/ Subwoofer Help?
What Do I Need To Hook Up My 12 inch subwoofer In My 98' Mercedes?
Best car stereo out there?
what do I need to run electric appliances out of my car?
Will it damage my amp if i hook up stock speakers to it and blow them up?
Infinity or Rockford Fosgate?
Do you like your satellite Radio?
When will SACD and DVD-Audio become part of the automobile audio setup?
Whats this song !! help i herd it on the radio?
turn on wire for amps?
How can i figure our internal volume of sub box?
2000 Volkswagen Jetta tape deck problems.?
i am getting a lovebird will loud music be ok?
DP Video Stereo doesn't play Cd's?
how do i exit rearview mode on my pioneer double din its just a black screen that says picture may be reverse.?
Alpine Car Stereo Sound System?
why does my car subwoofer make this strange noise?
i have this subwoofer what kind amp?
where would I fit in?
Clean bass subwoofer recommendations?
I have four 15 kickers L7 i would like to installing my SUV do i need to leave space for them to push?
are subwoofers better when the db on them are high or are they better when the db is low?
Do I Need An Adapter Or Somthing To Hook A CD Player Up To My Truck(83 Ford F100 Explorer)?
question about car audio subs/sub box?
Should the music (sound) ordinance be dropped? Need OPINIONS from all ages for a research paper!?
Do you think this is wrong?
HELP: Is this fixable?
Is there a CD changer input on Sony CDX L550X car stereo? and will a aux input adapter play my mp3player on it?
What size box do i use for four 15 inch sub-woofers?
How do i run (6) 4-ohm speakers into a 4-ohm load? [(2)tweeters,(2)woofers,(2)6x9's)]?
Am I overpowering my subwoofers?
Pioneer Premier Car Stereo owners/dealers?
How exactly is car stereo with 4 speakers outputs get 4 speakers and two subwoofers.?
the bigger the sub box the better?
when installing an amp how does the fuse from battery relate to the amp?
Kicker S12L7 AMP HELP????
What are some good Car Audio tec. schools in the Illinois Area?
do i need speakers or sub woofers? i want to increase the sound of my music in my car now i just want to?
Install a GPS in a car?
How do i unlock a chevy rds cd player?
What car stereos are out there that can handle external hard-drives best, what's your reviews?
Kicker zx300.1 or Rockford Fosgate Punch 300-1?
Is there a way to be able to switch between aftermarket subs to stock subs in your car?
I have a volfenhag two channel amp. Is it possible for me to hook it up to four sony 10' explodes?
Is my L7 Blown?
Which capacitor would be the best for my audio system?
cost for installing a head unit and subs at best buy?
Where can I get car audio installation done cheap? Best Buy = $250++?
H/K speaker for Mini?
Designs for Custom Sub Box for a 94 Camaro?
messed up my car?
1991 buick regal audio question?
I guess my passenger side speaker ed on my 1988 Honda Accord. How much does it cost to replace it?
where can i obtain a owners manual for my car over the Internet oft free?
where can i find the instruction manual for an old blaupunkt car stereo?
best subwoofer/amp for my current amp/speaker set on a budget?
how do you power tweeters?????
my indash screen goes blue when i turn my head lights on..can i get some help?
Where do i need to set all my settings on my 08kicker750.1 amp?
Why doesn't my car radio display work?
i hav 3 12 6ohm dvc subs and a 1ohm stable amp if i wir the 12s down to 1ohm will the amp push them?
2 ohm amp and 4 ohm speakers?
which car deck/system is better?
my 10 amp power supply goes on but wont work?
i have a ford f-150 with 2 10 inch subs and every time i turn them up the part under my back window rattles..?
Kicker Subs Need A Amp?
reconecting car starter and I do not know where the negative battry cable connects to? PLEASE HELP ME!?
Why can't I receieve MW on my car radio?
car alarm goes off when not alarm?
Need help with Eclipse brand car stereo...?
Let's say you want to take out your car stereo and put a new, better one in. What is the biggest and best?
I need a car music adapter?
Is it safe to buy a 1000 watt amp for a thousand watt sub? Or will my sub peak?
How to change the time on a JVC radio model KD-G120?
I am trying to put speakers in the back of my 1995 CLIO. Does anyone know where the wires are?
ok guys, i have 2000 lincoln ls. i want some good quality audio but a good sounding loud bass. also an in-dash?
Amplifier too powerful for my splits?
What wattage and how many channels do I need for my amp for 4 12's?
where can I buy a earthquake subwoofer?
Why is my amp sooo hotttt!?
Car dies when I plug in aux for my iPhone ?
subwoofer, question on ohms?
what kind of amp do i need for my subs?
What speakers would be best for my car?
Subwoofer wont work properly?
I get better in-car sound from the same MP3 on two different types of disc. Is this possible?
We had a cold spell last winter and now most of the time my radio/cd player will only play cd's. Why?
Cheap, but quality car speakers?
Rockford fosgate p1 question?
what is the best system for the clearest sounding car audio system top of the line clarity grand prix gt 2004?
How much would it be to get a speaker system in my car?
Finding a new car radio?
Rockford Fosgate T1500bdcp Amplifier...?
i need the radio code for my ford focus 2001 please help the serial number is MO25038?
4 JL Audio W3 12" subwoofers on JL Audio 500/1 amp?
What is the difference between a pyramid and pyle car radio?
i need to know how to wire a 4olm duel vice coil sub?
how to install a high/low adapter for amp?
is there a way to put a aftermarket sterio in my 1999 ford taurus. Is it posible.?
What is the difference between an internal and external car amplifier?
Amplifier Toggle Switch?
Will a bad ground do this?
Is there a way to guide a bluetooth signal along a wire or a cable?
Have a 12 disk Delco CD changer from my old car. I want to sell it. How do I know what cars it can go with?
The display on my car radio went dark...?
wich is the best speaker brand jbl sony or kicker?
Whats the difference between 15 Inch Subs and 12 Inch Subs?
can you blow your amp if you have to big of subs?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
what is radio station 95.5 klos website?
Subwoofers sound terrible no matter which subs i hook up...?
What size watt amp shood i get?
i dont have a cd player in my car ............ what should i do?
When hooking up an amp under passenger seat and the ground is weak on the seat bolt.what other option is there
what is the best brand sub-woofer for my car?
i bought a car dvd stero from lidl but the dvd won't show a picture just sound how can this be put right?
I plan on getting 2 ALPINE SWR-1242D 12" TYPE-R subwoofers. Can I run them with my MA audio 800Watt amp?
how do i get my cigerette lighter in my car to work as a killswitch for my bass?
What do you need to have a lot of bass in your car?
Car Audio Question..?
How Good do you think 15" pyle subwoofers are well do you think Pyle Audio is any good...?
How is the sq on a Soundstream T5, R1, and Planet Audio BB212D?
Can someone please help me with my car speaker situation?
i have 2 10's that are 4 Ohm mono and 500 rms and I want to know what knid of amp do i need to have?
What is wrong with my Sony Xplod cd player?
How to play music via Bluetooth in '06 Infinity G35X Sedan?
my Mazda 3 CD player jam how i can i fix that pl?
i need to find wiring diagram for cd player on ford fiesta?
How exactly do the rca "Y" cables work?
Satellite Radio Frequency?
subs are loud but seem like they should be louder amp is more than sufficient?
Hi, can anybody tell me what amp i should be using?
How many watts does my amp need to have in order for my subs to work at max efficiency?
what is the best components speakers for highs?
Ported/Vented Sub box or No?
How to wire two 8Ohm guitar speakers to make 4Ohms?
when installing a remote wire to an amp can i just snip the blue wire on the head units harness?
Rockford fosgate t2 15" sub wire to 1 ohm?
Okay new question. Which amp to buy???
what colour of wire for audio on itrepid 94?
If I am getting Rockford Fosgate - Punch 12" 4-Ohm Dual Subwoofers with Enclosure will i need an amp?
Questions about 4" speakers in a 2005 cavalier?
What 12" subwoofers hit the hardest?
12 inch subs vs 15 inch subs?
AUX Jack in my car plays music out of only the right speaker?
A product that can produce a loud noise?
I have a 1997 Dodge Caravan that I am trying to install a CD Player, where can I find wiring schematics?
Please help.. Need my audio code for my car, y reg ford focus M062522.. Please someone help me, I need music!x?
Calibra CCE 4060 Cyclopse amp protect light?
How difficult is it to install a CD frontloader in a car?
How many ohms is this?
How can i covince my parents to let me drive to school?
I want to put some sound (bump bump, lol) in my Audi TT, and need help figuring out what to do?
where can i buy a honda jazz audio 2 din face plate and brackets?
car amplifiers?
Buring a cd for a car?
Question about subwoofers and car amps?
What is the best amp, for my money, that I can use to power two Kicker L5 10" car subwoofers?
Best way to splice car Speakers?
Problem with CD/DVD player and parking brake? ?
What causes static to be heard in speakers while car is driving?
Selling my sub and amp?
how many watts are in 3.2 amps?
MP3 via car spkrs?
Do i need the antena for my 88deville radio to come on?
What's a good set of subs and amp size?
where cani get info on installing a radio in my 2001 vw golf?
protect light on an amp,i have 2 12" soundstorm subs 1200watt with a soundstorm 1200wattamppushinem,5starsb.a
Where can I find some 6x9 car speaker grilles?
What kind of amp would i need to push my single solo baric l7 10" to its full extent? money isnt an issue?
Amp Quality Comparison?
What amp should i get for 2 10 inch dd 3500 series subs?
Aftermarket Stereo Install Problem!?
What is a cheap but good car sound system?
what color is the constant 12 volt wire for a 1994 plymouth voyager radio?
Can you plug an active bass into a passive input on an amp?
why is my car amp turning off as soon as the bass comes in on a song?? pleas help!!!?
does anyone know anything about car speakers? I dont know if my 1993 nissan altima can upgrade speakers?
Has anyone ever heard of Niche Audio?
Can any body help me to connect a triple gauge pod to my integra.?
did you drive or have a job when u where 16?
2ohm or 4ohm sub with kicker zx750.1amp?
where can i get a good but cheap sub and amp at?
2 15" L7's... Now for my enclosure...?
What Are The Best Songs To Play At A Car Show??
Car speakers ling.?
where is the auxillary plug in for a dual xdm7510 stereo?
Is an Alpine PDX-1.1000 a good amp?
2012 F150 Crossover Location?
Can you put a in-dash dvd headunit in a 2004 nissan sentra? Really want one!!?
what in-car speaker??!
is "aux" a good brand for an air conditioner?
Car radios?
Will my speakers get too much power?
Which kenwood car subwoofer should i get?
Are These Subwoofers Good?
What alternator could I get for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra that can withstand 3000w from my amplifier?
I just bought a 1997 chevy Cavalier.Where can you buy cheap steros and speakers? Also I want to buy a spoiler.
Which amp is better for a 15'' mtx 9500?
How do i make my bass travel with a 500watt alpine amp an a mtx 12?
When installing video in-dash player to a 2007 Dodge Charger, where can I run the 12V wire to on the the car?
i have a 1994 toyota camry i want to change the speakers what size are the stock front speakers?
Dimming head lights- what's better capacitor or battery?
JL Audio 10W3D4 question?
Using IPod in car....?
I need help figuring out the voltage for amp gain. All data included in post...?
Is there an xm in dash stereo to replace the one in my Toyota Sequoia?
Installing Ipod equipment in car?
Can you hook a regular small refridgerator up in an 18-wheeler? If so what is needed to complete installation?
pls help with car code?
Have a tevion car cd/mp3 unit, will not play cd`s get error code 6??? anyone help?
whats the best 18" subwoofer?
Does anyone have any tips for bracing a subwoofer box in the trunk of a car?
What is this life whant from us ?
What is the best en-closer for my 2x12" Audiobahn Immortal Subs?
Will This box work? For a 91 Toyota Camry?
No power to cd player but work if I hookup 12volt and ignition wires all together.?
kicker L7 and amp?
y do i have power every thing works but no sound on my jensen vm9412?
Building a sub box?
Whats got better sound quality and what to do?
Why is it that when we're driving and looking for an address, we turn down the volume on the radio?
My CD player in my Peugeot 206 will not play CD's
I just got a 15" CLIF DESIGNS CD1500C. With clarion 1500 mono amp. with a great ported box.will it sound good?
Which is better? Is better to face your subs towards the front or back of your car?
whereis the cheapest place to buy kicker subs?
One of my Subwoofers Hits Harder than the other how can i fix this?
is 10ga wire enought for a 1000w max amp?
changing wires for alt?
something is wrong with my car help plz............?
Are cadence subwoofers good?
2 12" 4ohm 1300W subs, what size amp do i need?
Why won't my 93 Wrangler start after installing stereo?
how big of a box do i need for a mojo 15?
What is wrong with my car antenna? It won't raise up, meaning I have no radio?
How do I get 5VDC from 12VDC?
i want a volt meter using several leds in a line?
why do my subs sound so weird?
Can you play your iPod in a car without an AUX plug?
my sub is an 1100w pioneer and my amp is an 1000w sony xplod, my sub started to smoke?
Ipod Adapter For Car?
subs that shake other people's windows at a stop light?
Why do i hear distortion in my new kenwood stereo after volume 21?
Will this wiring kit work well for my setup?
Boston Acoustics Review?
sony xplod stuff. if you think it's junk click here?
i am looking at a BOSS audio amplifier, and it says MOFSET power, what does that mean?
How much would it cost for a custom subwoofer box?
would it affect sound quality if i vaccum pressure a sub box?
How to plug an amp into my head unit?
If i run 2500watts rms for my whole system what would i need?
putting an aftermarket stereo in a 2006 silverado?
if you bridge a 2 ch amp to one sub is that 2ohm or 4?
Is the Audioque 2200d a good amp?
Can I play my iPod through my car's sound system?
Disable parking brake feature on Kenwood KVt-512dvd player?
I can't get the engine whine to stop?
2003 suburban how do i unplug radio antenna?
Is there an adapter you can plug into a car lighter socket that will make it like a normal wall outlet?
Can anyone help with a code for Ford Fiesta radio?
Is this a good Subwoofer?
Is the tl-1021 amp by the any good?
I need a cd system put in my 1997 maxima. Is it easy to put a system in your own car?
What brand of subs do you recommend?
Can i hook a 5500 watt class d mono amp to 3 12" speakers?
Im getting 2 15" alpine r subwoofers. What would you recommend for an amp for 300$ or less?
My subwoofer doesnt go to the beat of the song?
my amp wont work only the protection light comes on.. how do i get it working?
Is this good????
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus SE... and i need a CD Player?
Big Bass Tunes?
subwoofer question?
Car subs into home reciever?
what happens if I run a 4 guage power wire with a 10 ground wire?
question about car audio subs/sub box?
will a kinetik hc600 be fine?
the code for my car radio is missing and now it won't turn on, how can i find it out??
What type of subwoofers do I need without blowing my speakers?
which wires are postive and negative for the rear speakers of a 1995 mazda b2300 audio speaker wiring diagram?
How does bridging work with an amplifier?
Is a custom box for 2 JL Audio W3 12 inch worth it?
The Truth About Sony Xplod Subs?
What is better a touch screen in dash monitor or a regular in dash monitor?
i have a 2200w amp and two 1200w subs. one is 2ohm n the other 4 ohm both DVC.. how do i connect?
baretta question?
We just puchased a 2001 Lincoln LS and the CD player doesn't take burned CD's. Anyone know why?
How to wire the rf300/1 to two ohm I know how to wire the subs?
What do I need to buy to get a decent stereo system for my car? like loud speakers and amp maybe?
i bought a new JVC stereo for my car, all my wiring is correct but there is no sounds coming from my speakers.?
I had a flat battery & now no audio as I don't know the code?
Does having a small half penny size hole in a SUBWOOFER affect the sound?
How can I make my cd player on my focus work after I installed a new battery; radio plays but it reads "no cds
iPod in my '92 Accord?
I need help figuring out what is wrong with my car stereo, it sounds weird?
Car "tube" amps?
What size amp do you reconmend for two 12" 750watt subwoofers?
1994 cherolet s10 blazer speakers?
can i run a subwoofer while it not in a box?
help w/ wiring?
Ipod Adapter for my 2004 Sentra?
New Car Speaker sounds bad?
2004 Durango no sound from Radio/CD player?
what is the stream code for the peak 98.7 fm az for the week of 8/20/09?
Rap songs with deep bass?
Can I plug in a secondary cab to my SWR workingmans 15? If so, what type of cab, what watts? And how?
Subs and amplifier pairing?
what car seat cover colors match with brown paint car?
Do you tip the person who is installing your car stereo and subs?
How can I disable the 'Caution Alarm' on my Sony stereo?
what hits harder mtx or kicker subwoofers?
I want to play the sound from a portable sat nav unit through my car audio system?
Will a Boss CE502 500 watt run a Sony Xplod 10 inch well?
can u change a car battery without losing the radio code?
how to power 4 ohm speakers and 2 subwofers 2 ohms?
Can i hook sony explode speakers to factory stereo without adapters?
Amplifier for Sony XS-LE121D subwoofers?
i screwed my crossover to my speakerbox, on top of the speakers, would it be ok, or would it be bad..?
Amplifier keeps cutting out..?
What is the best Sub setup for a chrysler crossfire that meet my requirements?
Can I connect my iPod to an XM radio cord (without radio)?
Help replacing old stereo?
What's a good but not-too-expensive car stereo model that i can plug my iPod into?
hi i have a ford 6000 cd radio M030418 i cannot find the code for it please help can someone please supply one?
My amp isnt amplifying!?
help with subwoofers?
switching out a head unit?
Subwoofer recommendations?
What all do you need to hook up sound system in car?
can anyone find me a beat 725 car dvd player / radio manual online i cant seem to find one anywhere?
if my subwoofer gets REALLY hot on the bottom when i play it loud for a while does that mean its ready to blow
Do I have to hook up an amp to my component speakers in order for it to work?
i have a small suv and i want a kick butt bass what type of amp, box. and subs would you recomend?
Can anyone please help: I have a 5000 RDS EON radio - the serial no. is M125962?
Car survelliance, in car, with audio....?
How do you hook up a amp?
What does TFT stand for?
Turtle beaches audio only coming out one side?
is it a bad idea to hook up a fm modulator to a constant 12v instead of a switched 12v wire?
wat are some good hard hittn songs for my system?
whats your thoughts on this subwoofer?
What subwoofers are good?