Car Audio

what is the best car audio system ?
Do i need 2 amplifiers; one for speaker and one for subwoofers?
jvc kd-sx930 car stereo information?
Please help answer my cars system question!!!!?
what is a reasonable price to install a fm modulator in a 95 jeep cheerokee at a local car stereo place?
rear driver side speaker no longer works?
What 10" sub and amp should i get, i really don't want to spend more than $600?
What kind of amp can my car stereo support?
mg Rover Radio Code Needed?
what kind of stereo system can i get for my hummer for 200 bucks?
what size box should i run on my 10's?
How many amps/ah does a Lantern battery?
How to supply power for Cdx-fm120(pioneer cd changer/loader)?
what are some safety features on cars? pleas answers?
What is some good new Rap or Rock music, with heavy good bass tracks?
Whats wrong with my subwoofers?
How many watts over the wattper channel on your car radio be to get maximum sound?
I have the code for my BMW 525i but every time i enter it it beeps before i enter the fifth digit.?
speaker size on 1997 eclipse gst?
Does anybody know of subs that look like these but are better?
Car stereo turns on(lights up) but no words on screen?
What are the best 6x9 car speakers?
Monsoon amp problem....?
I have two kicker l7s 12 inch. Whats the best amp at a good price for those?
What is the best speakers/sound system I can install in my car?
What is a good amp i can get that puts out 2400 rms @ 1 ohm.s?
How do you remove the dashboard in a 99 Buick Century?
Is there an iPod cable that has a 30 pin connector on one side and an auxillary jack on the other?
i get two kicker comp vx 12s in a Q-box how much power ?
car stereo?
how to tune my subwoofer and amp?
Alpine Type R question
Which battery should i get for my 2400 watt rms. Kinetik or Xs power.?
can you install a gps system to a car console? not your self but at the dealer?
Using equalizer and DSP software to encode MP3s for car audio?
Sub loses power when other is connected?
What is the best way to power a playstation 2 in a car?
Speaker wire or copper wire?
How many decibels are my speakers?
Questions on L7 kickers?
Is 14 Gauge an good speaker wire size?
i need a stereo wiring diagram for a 96 jeep cherokee?
What are the common causes of blown speakers in cars?
Would it be ok To run my power remote and rcas together?
How many after market speakers would i be able to fit in a new Ford Fiesta hatchback?
if i got a sub with 3000 watt peak and 1000 rms will a 3000 rms amp blow this sub or power it completely?
Know how to fix a in the rubber surround of a subwoofer?
Does this CD deck fit my 1993 Ford Ranger XLT?
which is more dangerous, exposed leads in a 500w power supply or a 12v car battery?
Help picking out the right subwoofer?
Do Subwoofers cause a distraction to drivers?
How much would a new sound system for my 2001 GMC 2500 cost?
How good is Kicker subs when they are pushed by Cerwin Vega amps?
do subwoofers sound better with amps made by the same company?
orion hcca 10002 amp is able to push four subs?
whos resposible for my stolen stereo?
how much should I pay to have satellite radio installed in a new car? Is $700 too much?
How do you fix a CD player in a 2000 Nissan Maxima?
Is this the right amplifier?
is my amp blown? if not how do i fix it?
1000 Watt amp too much for a honda civic?
Car Sound system, lots of questions in details.?
I'm looking to put a new stereo system in my Mustang? What is the best, and affordable, system out there?
Install surround system in my car.?
I saw this nice Nissan Maxima......?
How can I make my system sound better?
How to Get the max bass and sound from speakers without damaging or blowing them?
What subs should I get?
What size are the front and back speakers in my 97 dodge dakota sport?
door speakers cut in and out?
How do I wire subs that are in SEPERATE chambers?
/ctcp [PRT]-[SLt]-[-17209-] xdcc send #1?
I think i grounded out when trying to install a after market head unit. what needs to be fixed?
looking to buy brand new audio system (subs, amp(s), deck, capacitor, etc.)?
Will this setup blow my sub?
how to wire car alarm to 1996 dodge dakota?
are theses good brands for amps if im on a budget?
where can i get a colour code for a fiat punto stereo?
can i power this sub from my amp?
fitted amp to my car radio whistling noise when engine on?
How do i get the door panel off a Rover 25 ()3) without wrecking it?
what is the best car subwoofer brand?
how to hook up a second amp in my car?
What are some hard hittin rap songs?
Can my headunit power these?
I own a 95 Nissan Maxima. Lately I've been thinking about replacing my stock radio.?
My amp doesn't work and it gets hot. Why is that?
radio code for a chrysler grand voyager?
Is a Boss amp 2 channel 2000 wat amp good for a 12" 1200 watt sub?
Subwoofer System Help?
What wiring kit would i need for my sub and amp?
what are the best speakes for highs to put in my explorer.?
cd player not working?
Need an owners manual for a 2006 chery vivant?
what cables are needed for the craig portavle dvd player?
Pioneer shallow mount subwoofers?
What is a good amp for my 2 kicker cvr 12"?
Anyone ever heard of/seen a sound system in a semi/tractor-trailer?
Purchasing a CB Radio.?
How much its okay to pay for getting installed a car stereo with navigation and backup camera?
what are the best kind of subwoofers to get ?
Plz help radio code 4 a ford fiesta finesse serial number MO35402!! in a crisis!!!?
1000 watt sony xplod amp 2 1/2 channels ..turned off and wont work..?
Amp suddenly stopped working?
what gauge wire and how long do i need for my system?
Can I hook up these two 12" 4ohm subs to this 1 channel amp?
what can i used to play my ipod touch in the car?
how much would a 98 honda accord factory stereo go for at a pawn shop?
What's a unique name for a car audio business?
Unique Autosports or West Coast Customs - Which shop is best?
how do you install a subwoofer tube?
alpine or Fi audio?
when was the pontiac firebird first made? and give other info on it?
TITAN T-3003 aftermarket auto allarm..... Help!?
how do I play my ipod through my car speakers?
i have two 12" s12 kicker solo barics, and a rockford fosgate p500.2 amp.?
How can I take the Citroen C2 stereo out and put in my Sony stereo in and keep the on screen displays?
Will 1 infinity sub get my car bumpin?
How can I protect my subwoofer from damage and water?
why wont alpine deck turn on?
What happened to my radio?
whats the difference between a marshall dsl and jcm900 amp heasd, is ther much diffrence between the drive?
Songs with GOOD BASS..if you know your MUSIC ..?
3Kicker L5's help please?
in my truck 1500 doge the batrry meter indcates high low?
Car amplifier sparked/short circuit. fuse is not blown but the speakers stopped working. help me please!:(?
Which one amp should I buy?
How do I install my car speaker. Only wires are present.?
best buy -circuit city etc. do they know what thay are doing?
Cassette adapter not working?
should i buy 2 12' kicker subs or 2 12' tma subs and what amp sould i power them with?
Need advice for a car GPS navigator!?
alpine or kenwood amp for the alpine type r?
How do you know whether to get subwoofers with 2-ohm or 4-ohm?
I have a 1988 Mercedes 300 CE and when I start my car the JVC Radio that was installed when I bought the car?
What order should effects in my amp's effects loop go in?
What size of amp do i need to power two 12'' pyle red label square1400 max watts ?
Will this amp be fine with the stock alternator?
What is the best amp to get if I have two shallow mounts from Pioneer? And do I need one amp per sub?
custom box design for fosgate p2/p3 15 in sub?
Please help Car electric problem?! 2 Wires one negative one positive?
Will this amp be good with my subs?
Should i go with 24 or 18 or 16 gauge speaker wire for my car audio system?
My 12" subs stopped working.?
Sound clips in and out when my engine is on?
How do i hook up my CB antenna?
Are the Jl Audio W6v2-d4 12 inch subs louder at 2 or 8 ohms?
Need help with amp to make speakers louder?
looking to build a bandpass?
Does anyone know of a way i can play my Iphone in the car?
When I switch songs my subwoofer still continues to work but in vibration noise.?
Speakers For Rap?
do you like cars?
whats a good amp for these 2 of these subwoofers?
How do you install an amp in a 2008 outback?
Will a 4 Gauge wire make my subs hit harder?
Is it bad to play subwoofers at low volume?
Will this amp and sub work good together?
school of mechanical by internet motor?
where can i buy a auxilary unit?
Suggest a car stereo to play mp3 CDs and connect external mp3 player?
Can you run 3 subs, 4 5"1/2's, and 2 6"x9" speakers off of 1 4 channel amp?
How do i get a 2 ohm sub to put a 2 ohm load?
How do i replace the original bose audio system in my infiniti j 30 with an aftermarket head unit and speaker?
Nissan Murano my bose radio suddently stoped. anyone know where the fuse for the amp??can't seem to find it?
how to hook up a black light in my car?
Are 15" subs better than 12"?
2001 Toyota 4runner speakers ?
are 12's louder than 10's?
pple with intellegence help me out!!!!!?
radar detector?
If I buy this car stereo, do I need to buy anything else for it to work?
AMP going into pretect mode????????
how much would it cost to change a automatic transmission to a manual?
Is a 2000 watt amp too much for dual 600peak watt subs?
Looking for a capacitor?
Are boss speakers any good?
can I run a new line for a car cigarette lighter from the fusebox or directly from the battery?
adapter to fit ford fusion radio with a amp?
Best surround sound for my truck.?
Do i need an amplifier for my car audio?
i want to hook up tweeters help me out?
New mega speaker issues?
How do I know if my '91 New Yorker has an Infinity Audio System?
will an american fm tuner work in asia?
which amp should i use?
How do i enter the car radio code on my ford festiva?
Can a amplifier increase the volume to your speakers?
i am trying to find out how to wire my subwoofers up. they have 4 voice coils on it and now my music is barely
How can i know how much watts do my subs have and how much can they handle ?? They are 2 12 pioneers?
where is the pvc valve located on a 2000 Toyota Corolla?
Question about a Pioneer Sub?
What all is needes for car audio in home?
Rap songs with deep bass?
Do they make 3.5mm stereo to rca cable withb 6 rca inputs?
RE Audio SXX12D 12" VS Alpine SWX-1243D 12"?
all that remians is an awsome band i dont care what ather people think?
1994 - 96 Peugeot 306 radio/cd player wiring trouble..i think?
I have a car audio(mostly dealing with subs) question..?
What is the best kind of subs to put in my jeep?
I have Pioneer Premier TS-W3002D4 and a kenwood 9104D can anyone tell me how to wire this?
Can anyone recommend quality car speakers?
What does er-2 mean on my AM/FM/CD-reciever in my car??
Whats my best pick for my new sub 10' rockford?
I need help! I'm trying to install a Pyle dvd in my 99 Blazer is there any one out there that can help me?
what are some good beats or songs to listen to while im racing my car?
should i bridge 2 sony xplod 1200 w 12's with a 1400 watt amp?
i have a 2002 dodge ram van conversion van and i wanna put an all sony stereo system in it?
power range for an alpine type r?
what subwoofers and amp should I buy and how do I install them?
amp and speaker hook up question?
I can't tell if my subs are distorting/clipping someone please help!?
how do my subwoofer out power my amp?
would rock ford fosgate punch 3's sound good running off a kenwood kac 9104d amp?
What are some good 300rms-400rms 12" subs?
JVC deck with usb and deck with no USB?
wiring harness for a pioneer deh-2400?
Will a 1000 watt amp power 2 15' subs?
bose radio ?! i need help ???!!!?
is it alright to use a capacitor that holds more than what you need?
connecting an mp3 player to a cars cd player?
Please help me with my in-car wiring kit please.. Is 10 & 12 gauge too much. Which one of these will i need??
can anyone tell me how to enter the audio code to my Blaupunkt 39100SN8E20 when the display reads code wait?
Need To convert110AC To 12Volt DC?
My cassette adapter isnt working?
Any way to plug in an ipod so it can play through my car speakers?
what would be the best brand of 6.5" speakers to use for a chevy sylverado pickup? not subs?
which brand of car stereos is better?
Will a small 12v battery push my amp and sub?
will a leak in a subwoofer box make it sound quieter?
i have a 2000 volkwagen beetle and i dont know what size speakers i should get can any one tell me ?
Good car audio selection?
Subwoofer opinion help!?
Help me with my amp.!!!!!!!!!!?
I have just bought a ford ka and i need a radio code serial number, m002930 thank u :)?
when and why do i need a capacitor?
radio doesnt work well in my car?
Capacitor and wiring for subs?
I'm just looking for some speaker for hyundai excel 99 model. will sony X plod 6" speakers 400W workout rite ?
I got new car speakers installed help !!"?
Why my tweeters in my car are a little louder?
How much would you spend on improving audio quality in your car? And what did you spent it on?
How can I fight a loud music ticket when I have a stock radio and speakers and my windows were up?
which would be louder; a 12" kicker L5 or a 12" alpine type r? both with a kicker zx750 amp. similar boxes?
Installed a stereo system and my passenger door and headlights dim when the bass hits? please help?
how do i wire 2 dvc subs to a 4 channel amp?
do i have to get a bigger amp in order to get another sub?
how can i install my car stereo wen there is no ignition wire on the wire harness?
Good but cheap 10" subs?
Any Know The Speaker Specs For A Scion XB, The Size Of Them?
My amp won't turn on. Everything is hooked up like it always has been. It's not any fuses. Radio works fine.?
Is it advisable to have a career in the military?
What should I buy for my ride?
Will these speakers fit in my car?
hooking up a system in my 99 Buick Regal, where is the hole in the fire wall is to run my power cord?
Is it possible, to install a pair of audio speakers (from a standard CD Player) into my car?
Does one sub cause less rattleing than 2?
car lights dimming! :(?
why do my subwoofers sound like they are blown?
Where can I find a cig lighter and socket for my truck. Non-smoker. I need it for my Sirius radio transmitter.
450 W subs 1200 W amp?
Mohawk car amplifier and speakers?
Car Stereo Wiring Help!?
Will This Stereo Fit In My Truck?
What alarm companies install a touchscreen keypad in your home? does ADT have this?
No power to truck radio
What is a good Car Stereo for under $99?
How do I know whether or not I am already using a high-pass filter on your head unit?
can I hook my subwoofer up to my surround sound?
can anybody help me find a good sound system for a chevy avalanche?
What are good loud thumping bass headphones?
My amp keeps turning off?
How much to install a 1 din head unit into my 2006 mustang?
What are the best subwoofers i can put in my car?
Am I underpowering my system or overpowering?
why wont my aftermarket radio work?
Installing a power cap?
how much should it cost to install a full car stereo system?
i want 12 inch subs that hit harder then the Kicker L5's?
anyone else have issues with this Sirius Receiver?
Can I ground an amp to the battery?
I need help plz....?
How to build an audio box.?
does the box to this 15" sub make it suck this bad?
How do u fix the radio?
my truck cd player has a cd that wont come out?
Mitsubishi eclipse stereo?
Are kenwood subwoofers any good?
Syncing Ipod Shuffle with my Kenwood DNX6160 in my truck.?
Car audio system failure?
What amp would go good with Dual 12" 1100-Watt Illumination Bandpass Subwoofers?
Focal access 165 CA1 vs 165 CVX polyglass car speakers?
What sounds good with 4 channel amp for inside and mono amp for subs. what you recommand for a good set .?
trying to find info on panasonic vcr model number pv3700k need to know if it is in stero?
With in Car Audio Using a USB Input do you control navigation through the library on the mp3 player or stereo?
Can i power two 350 WATT RMS subs on a mono 350 WATT amp?
whats the best brand of subs?
I need help with getting an amp for my subs.?
What would do if you had my setup?
Rockford fosgate p1 question?
Installing A Car Stereo On A Chevy Caprice!! Need Help!!!?
if i wan to put 160 watt front door speakers along with 180 watt rears what kind of amp should i use for those?
Dangerous car audio problem.. help!?
are you a car audio expert? Help me?
Why are my audio fusses keep shorting out?
kicker solo x?
which ones should i get?
My amp is not turning on?
What is your first reaction when you hear loud bass coming from a nice car with rims as it drives by?
i need a radio key code but cant get the serial number?
Common Electronics Question?
Question about my subwoofer and amp.. detailed answers please !?
How would I install a stereo into my '95 Ford Escort?
hard hitting but low dropping bass songs for a 10" sub?
My car serial number is VF1EM0W0C36880815, could you please tell me my 4 digit car radio code?
Is there any way around voiding my car warranty when i install subwoofers?
Alternator help?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
how do i install a car stereo in 2004 jeep cherokee?
Where would I put subs in my '06 F150?
What is the loudest sub?
help with car audio(subs)?
Can i just swap out amps?
How do I unhook my car alarm? It was installed at Best Buy years ago but I no longer want it.?
Should I get another 12in sub or get a single L7 Kicker?
what is the best way to give my soundsystem more power?
Is the port length split or equal for multiple ports?
Can I fit 4-gauge power and ground cables into the ALPINE MRP M500 amplifier?
how would this amp match with these subs?
Why does my car cassette player keep ejecting the tape when i put it in?
car audio help hooking up sub and amp without hooking into head?
cant beleave it my sons batterys flat to.please help with radio code?
My speakers keep cutting off but my head unit looks like there is still sound?
okay any body know why my car sound system sounds louder when i play the radio?
Found a speaker box and want to fix it up?
How do you replace speakers in Chevy Malibu 03? I would like Bose speakers...?
Rookie question about amplifier and subwoofer?
why put a 1k ohm resistor for 12v?
Installed new door speakers now stereo cut out?
Will 1/0 gauge wire work with my amplifier?
will this amp run these subs?
I have a power inverter in my car and it makes my system Buzzzz What Do I Do ?
SPL competition involving TRAIN HORNS!!!!!!?
whats a better make of car stereo? alpine or pioneer?
How do i install a wire adapter kit in my car?
Car cd stereo has no light but it plays cd's. Is it a fuse?
how much are they worth?
how to get the radio serial number of an acura mdx 2002?
Waht do you think of this volfenhag sub/amp/box setup for my truck???
How do you keep a 6-Disc Multiplay on one disc?
Question On cars amp?
can i run more than one amplifier power wire to battery?
My car cd player is randomizing my songs?
Would a 600 watt rms amp be to much for stock electrical in my car?
What speakers would work best for my truck ?
where can i find telescoping automotive antenna blanks?
uconnect wiring how to wire it up?
i blew a slow blow fuse in my amp and then replaced it, it now turns on but no sound is being put out! HELP!?
4x50 watt house stereo powering a 1000watt sony sub ?? help?
looking for wiring diagrams to switch a Century buick '01 Radio harness with a Sony CDX-GT33W Wiring Harness?
Does anyone know why my speakers arent working?
Which amp is best for Rockford Fosgate - Prime 12" Dual Sealed Subwoofer?
Should I contest to this police report?
Car Speakers for Nissan Altima 97?
How can I get an aux input in my car?
advice before going to the car dealership?
What type of Amplifier do i Need?
Volume control on steering wheel not working?
Decent car audio system without an amp or subs?
Need help deciding what subwoofer to buy!!!?
You know the orange trucks that say "yellow"? what's up with that?
Would a 15' kicker L7 sub in a ported box fit in the trunk of an '05 Chrysler 300?
Can someone that has measured his db spl in their car can please?
Newbie needs help!?!?!?!?
need honda car radio code?
Amplifier question?
How to hook up my sub? ?
Can I use a Bose car cd / radio w/ non Bose speakers-If so, is anything else needed (i.e amp)?
Whats some good car subwoofer brands?
Can anyone tell me how to remove the radio and speakers from a 1991 honda accord?
I want to install two 12 inch subwoofers in my car.?
Is this bad?
How can my car subwoofer be broken already?
how much is Mercedes loudspeaker worth?
what amp do i need to run a subwoofer?
Im locked out of my car radio, does anyone know the 4 digit code?
Can anyone help me with stereo adapters?
Installing new speakers in front door? How to hook them up....?
y do i have the need for speed?
mmats or alpine or sony 12''?
i have 2 alpine type r subs. and i got the box and everything but i dont know what kind of amp to get?
only one of my side mirrors is flexing, is my placement off?
Looking for a good spl for testing stereo equipment.?
Subwoofer AMP ground location in my 2004 Buick Rendezvous?
Help with price of subwoofers and amp?
Were can I buy the MTX THUNDERFORM DODGE DAKOTA CLUB CAB SUB BOX without the subs?
How can I test my radio and amp?
Is this a good auto amp for a system?
My car radio has no power?
i have a 600 watt amp is that rated rms?
Hi, I have a ford ka and need to get the radio code, the serial number is MOO2968 can someone please help.?
ground cable question?
1996 Honda Accord original speakers?
Best auxiliary cable to use?
ford mondeo mk2 signal booster location?
What is best Car audio system for Indica?
Can I hook up my car deck which only has a mono RCA output, to a amplifier which is has stereo inputs.?
Making hole in parcel shelf for sub?
Mono amps for subwoofers?
What's going on with my amp?
How do I set radio stations on a Kenwood Car Radio(KDC-1028)?
How to play ipod in my toyota corolla?
Help with Subwoofers?
clarion wq2510d vs alpine type s SWS-10D4?
are neon lights underneath the car legal?
which is a better way to point your subs???
Why are my car speakers playing white noise?
Is it okay to connect my 4 Channel pre out to my Monoblock input?
I want to play my iPod in my car but the radio doesnt have a casette player. Help!?
SUB make does any1 know?
Dual xdmar6720 stereo no display?
Car Stereo Question?
my vm9214f jensen front screen does not open, what seems to be the problem?
Can you use home entertainment speakers or subwolfers in your car?
How much does it cost to get a stereo deck installed for a car?
What speakers should i get for my car?
Problem with subwoofer, can someone help?
how do i hook up woofers to my stock stereo?
What channel amplifier will I need?
isnt it possible to take altec lansing surround sound computer speakers (sub and 5 speakers) and put into car?
how to clamp a car amplifier?
what is the most popular car color?
what does the ATT mean on my Sony Xplod head unit?
Subwoofers + truck seat?
why is my car amp turning off as soon as the bass comes in on a song?? pleas help!!!?
why does my car keep cutting out?
i have a 2 channel 400watt 2 ohm stable amp,?
1999 acura tl vin 19uua5640xa009132 radio code?
Where would I purchase 24" electric air horns. That has no compressor, it would hook up to a 12V system.
How do you hook up the the door speaker on a 97 door to a 2000 vehicle?
What subwoofers should I buy?
do sub woofers pull alot of battery power?
how to make my 10 inch punch subwoofers loud with a 1300w amplifier????
how to hook up a second amp in my car?
Can A 4 awg power cable and a 8 awg ground, Can it drain my battery?
What is the best subwoofer that slaps hard but sounds good at the same time?
What amplifiers should i use?
Why do my subs cut out when I reach a certain volume?
Best deck/stereo to put in a car?
1 12 w7 v.s 2 12". rockford P3?
How can a CD player tell if a CD is burnt?
What kind of speakers to get?
how do I install lights?
Amplifier wiring kit help?
Hooking up Subs and amps?
unplugged subwoofer making loud noise?
Subwoofer wiring, help please!?
Is it better to have your Subs facing your backseat or your trunk?
What is a good cheap car amplifier that can power 2 Kicker Comp 12's?
Will in dust cap on subwoofer effect sound?
What is the name of the manufacturer of GM Radios?
Powering speakers? (link to pictures below)?
how to hook up subs and amps?
JL Audio 12W7 Question?
Car Audio: Use only front speakers? or back also?
Where can i find i diagram of the firewall of my 2000 Honda Accord to wire an amp?
I am verymuch confused which brand is better one in car stereo category . If anybudy help me , kindful to u?
How big of an amp will I need for a 400w RMS sub?
If I underpower my car speakers, do I run the risk of damaging them?
why do my tweeters keep blowing and does it have something to do with the amps?
I have an Audioline graphic equalizer, how do I wire it up in my car?
thinking about putting two 12" subs...?
What speaker system do I have?
what cables are needed for the craig portavle dvd player?
Need a 2000-2500 Watt Amp With Speaker Level Inputs?
light on radio dont work?
Coming next month my tv in the car won't work in my car anymore. Is there a converter?e ?
Car audio amp keeps shutting off?
What materials do I need to Fiberglass?
Car autostart ???
XM or Sirius? Which is better? What's the cost of each "unit" and per month?
I have a Kicker kx550.2 amp and 2 Diamond D1 (DVC) 4 ohm subs. What is my best way to hook these subs up?
2000 Jetta had a monsoon radio and amp in it, but someone cut off the factory connectors?
if you were born in 1994 do you have to wait untill you are 18 to get your drivers licens.?
I have just purchased an MG ZR which came with a Kenwood KDC-4024 head unit, i wanted to replace this with a..
how come when we look for an address we turn the radio down?
I have 2 mtxtr75 10 with a 1000 watt alpine amp why do they keep cutting out?
nissan factory stereo 1995?
The better audio speaker?
are your initials WAB?
I have a question about my car stereo?
CAR AUDIO SYSTEM?? please help!?
What component speakers are best?
Protocol to put a new sound system in my car?
Subwoofers Harming Rear Speakers In Car Due To the Moving Air?
i need a unique deck?
I want to buy a new Rockford Fosgate subwoofer and amp but don't no what wires/cable to get?
What type of sub(s) whould sound good hooked up to my 800 watt (rms) kenwood amp?
Why is my subwoofer fading in and out?
Dual av Car Head unit Bluetooth Audio Help!!!!?
How do I connect my iPod Mini to my CD player?
will a kicker amp z200.2 power two kicker 12" subs?
What subwoofer cable do i need?
What sub should i buy?
What is the bigest rim size you can put on a 1997 ford expedeition?
Why I have voice coming out my 12inch subwoofers?
what do i do if my car sounds sick?
Cassette plays audio but spits out tape?
Is it worth it for me to re-install my 3 year old car stereo?
How to adjust clock on Kenwood KDC-132?
how to install amplifier in 2002 chevy impala?
What amp should i get for my two subs 3000watts each=6000watts?
what size amp would i need to run two of these subs?
How much louder?
What wires do i need for big 3 upgrade?
My Memphis Pr200 Amp Make My Speakers Go In And Out whats the Problem?
Can I use the in-built amplifier of my home stereo as an amp for car stereo?
Can I put a radio deck in another car?
Will a P700-1bd amp make much of a difference than a P500-1bd? Im running a Rockford P3D4-15 at 2ohms?
my sub not working why not HELP?
What are some good songs to play with my new sound system?
AltecLansing Octane 7 or Cyber Acoustic CA5402 speakers?
99 Ford Ranger single cab truck sound system. what you think about my idea?
can you bypass afuse in a wire going to the amp?
should i buy an intercom system for my sandrail?
I need a key code two open my radio serial number M065923?
Best subs & amps?? Ported or sealed box?
where to get a jaguar 02-03 Xtype replacement navigation system?
What is a good cheap head unit for my Camry? Clarion vs. Kenwood?
Which Subwoofer is better and why?
Does Garmin Nuvi 200 sat nav need a memory card?
subwoofers for 2012 VW Golf?
10" or 12" subs?
Would anyone be able to give me a Ford radio code?
lanzar OPI 3200D or audioque2200?
I had the system in for two weeks, but now the amp turns off and on everytime the bass hits hard.?
Best Car Audio for my Maruti 800 car?
I need help with my deck!?
How many watts on a subwoofer sound good?
Sony Headunits, which one?
What format do I use to put my songs on a disc that will play in the car stereo and a boom box?
2 x10" sub vs 1x15" sub.. which will pound more.?
How much is this system worth?
Is this a good sub/amp combo?
how to hook up 3 subs and to 6x9 to i amp?
Mercedes audio problem?
How do I power a car amp via mains electric?
How do i fix the aux input on a pioneer stereo? Do i buy a new faceplate?
How many watts does my amp need to have in order for my subs to work at max efficiency?
What would be a good sound system for my car?
How to wire a 4 channel amp to a sub and two speakers?
Can a Corsa 1.0 Ecoflex have a new bought stereo installed?
how do you make your car stereo loud?
how cab i get this girl that is pregnant and she has a boyfriend?
amp and sub?
Can I install 2006 Odyssey GPS in an older Odyssey?
what subs do i need for a planet audio tq402 amp?
got a junk boss ph2.1300 amp think it would push 15's?
What would you like to ask?why is my car stereo turning on with out the car being on?
My 1000 watt Sony xplod amp has a brief green light then nothing?
my tape deck only plays out of one speaker in my car but the radios fine any ideas?
i want to put a real fly SYSTEM in my 1972 chevette,?
what is the best speaker system setup you have found?
Rear USB connection for Head unit?
can i replace my factory sub in my 00 cadillac sts with an aftermarket sub?
How do I play songs in my car through my ipod touch?
my car CD player won't let me insert a CD whats wrong?
Hi there is no clock in my ford focus c-max(04 zetec) not in the computer or on the sony cd player? HELP?
I have a pair of Rockford Fosgate 10" shallow series subs and a p300-1 amp, is there like a kit I could get ?
Car Sound System Music?
is there a certain power or watt voltage on a subwoother to put in a car?
Why stereo can't handle full volume?
What is a toggle switch?
What kind of speakers should I get for my car I have an AVIC and 03 mustang gt convertible?
What sub woofer and amp to get ?
How and where do i buy an adapter so i can Play My Ipod nano 5th Generation through my car speakers?
HELP!!! My Stereo shuts off when I turn my headlights on? #2?
is DHD a good car audio brand?
This is to CynicLos... was that bridge or not...?
How do I adjust the clock on a Pioneer DEH1550 car CD Tuner?
is it easy to put a big sound system into a mini cooper?
What is better for deeper bass in a car? Subs set to high or low pass filter?
i own a 94 dodge ram and have a problem keeping my kicker l5 10 running?
I left my lcd tv in a hot car,at about 93 heat for 20 min's. The color is off. Is this permanent damage?
will these go together?
what is a Linear Amplifier?
iSimple iPod to MP3 Plug?
How much should pay for a JL Audio W7 subwoofer?
What is an MP3 "sound sytem" in a car?
2003 silverado Viper 9501?
changing car audio system. change or keep my old system? thanks?
Can anyone give me a list of good rap songs that have great bass?? 10 points!!?
is u be tryin to git all up in ma grill?
Hooking up a monoblock amplifier?
what kind of subs could i get and stay around $500 but still hit hard?
I have 2 12" l7 kickers and i need help with choosing an amp!!!?
A friend is offering to sell me two 12 inch "Dual" subwoofers for my car. I'm not familiar with the brand. any
where can i find a subwoofer box for 2 15"s?
what size box should I get for this sub?
How can I wire my sub to 2 channel amp?
what are some good stereio systems for a car ?
How can I get the code for my radio, without having a dealer take the radio out?
how do i add one sub-woofer to my car audio?
How do you connect a PC (netbook) or external HD to your car's audio?
jeep cherokee rear speakers???
Need help with Kenwood security code.....?
2 12" Fi audio Q or 1 15 RD audio Alpha V.2?
I'm having compatibility issues with a car cd player when I burn audio cd's any suggestions?
Which brand do you prefer for car audio?
I need a stereo for my truck bed and help with a 1999 dodge ram?
Why is only one of my amps working?
Please help me out?
why do my subwoofers get quiet?
Car audio question, what should I do so I wouldn't need a new alternator?
2 Kicker cvx 15, 2 kicker l7 15, or 2 rockford fosgate t1 15?
Can anyone tell me if the Kicker S18X-4 Solo X 18 is a good sub?
What size amp should i use for my subwoofers?
how do you know which speakers to buy to install into your car?
all off a sudden my car radio will not broadcast in stereo anymore the cd player still plays in stereo?
what is the difference between a farad capacitor and a capcell capacitor
I have an 03 mitsubishi eclipse - I want to add a radio that takes mp3s - any suggestions?
Which amp would work better for my car stereo?
Best system for my chevy truck? updated question?
How do u remove the back speaker on my mercedes?
what is the best subs for me?
I Need an amp to power my pioneer sound system but dont know what to use?
would i be better with 2 15 inch kicker compvr subs or 2 12 inch cvx subs?
Do I need a better H.O. alt?
custom l5 subwoofer box for 19994 buick roadmaster?
I have a 1998 toyota 4runner and am looking for a rear speaker enclosure. I would like a custom fit. Any Ideas
What should my frequency hz be set at for 3 10" subs?
Can i miss out the connector and join the wires together?
what kind of subs do i have?
Car sound system battery power?
How do I remove stero from 1997 inifiniti I30?
what amp for my 2 kicker 12' l7's?
I have an Alpine IVA-W200 Head Unit in my car and would like to use an auxillary input...?
Subwoofers and Body Kits?
Looking for antenna for sirius radio, model virus?
Hello! I was with my gf at night and we listened to car radio (CDs) for about 6h?
My head unit turns on but no sound out of speakers?
How much does it cost to get an mp3 jack installed in my 2009 Nissan Altima?
what causes my car to die and not start at all cause of the stereo?
Cheap audio systems?
What is your favorite brand of after-market car speakers ?
What speakers could I buy that would replace 8 ohm 20 RMS factory speakers?
Will an amp turn on without the remote cable?
if you have thicker wires connected to your subs will they hit harder or does it matter???
how do i wire a 12" type r 1241d sub at 4ohms?
What's the best Sirius plug 'n play receiver?
do i have a bad car lighter?? eletrical help?
What ANL fuse do i need?
10" SUBwOOfERS??????
how much would it cost to install a stereo that i bought in my 95 thunderbird?
what brand of amp would u recommed?
how do u find a relationship with a special girl?
my car stereo quits playing at times and then comes back happens at diffeerent times?
What are some good speakers for an S10 1998 LS?
Do sony xplod cd reciver cdx-gt505 support sub woofers?
Does anyone know what a "crossover" is?
Where to find the car stereo mechanical design guide(1DIN,1-1/2DIN and 2DIN)?
Can you replace a 20 amp fuse with a 40 amp fuse for the fuse container near the battery for amp wiring?
I have a 1996 honda accord and my radio is lock how can i unlock it?
How is the antenna wired on a dodge charger 2006?
stereo wire match up help?
can i replace a 30 amp fuse to a 20 amp fuse in my car? or 30 amp to higher?
how do you replace the stock 6x9's in a 96 pontiac grand am?
Play iPod In 2003 Toyota Corolla?
15 inch boss phantom what amp do I need?
How do i wire my Kicker L7s to 2ohms each?
My car stereo turns itself off? Why?
Can someone put amp brands in categories good/bad?
Is a cd-btb200 for a Pioneer DEH-P5900IB worth it?
speaker size of a 2002 honda pasport front and rear?
Building speaker pillars.?
DC Audio Subs, how long do they last?
Pioneer or LG head unit?
how do i connect my car stereo without a harness for a 2004 hyundai tiburon?
what size speakers fit in an oldsmobile alero. In the door?
Can i use an amp for GMRC-01?
Kicker CompVR vs Kicker L7?
What should i do with an extra amp?
do subs really need wearing in ?
Im helping my cousin install a system in his 78 Chevy scotsdale we have two sony xplod 12" subs peak:1200?
which subs sound better and how much better does it sound then the other subs?
what type of speaker wire and ground wire should i get to hook up my sub in my car, and do i need both?
My bass sucks and my amp isn't loud enough what to by.?
The 10inch Alpine type X 1000watts rms?
Is my sub and amp compatible?
hinfonics amp no output and clicking?
Why do the rear brake pads go bad so often on my daughters '94 Olds Cutlass Supreme... twice since Christmas?
Can I drive the car that my mother rents?
Amp n sub clipping problem ?
Sendai CD789 CD Player Instruction Manual?
how much could i sell this amp for?
a car amp with the same max watt output is more expensive than another, why?
what is the perfect amp for 2 12inch infinity kappa perfect 12d VQ? i would really like to know. ?
Will the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT fit in a 1998 Civic LX?
what dimensions would be best for a box for a 15" square kicker?
free sat nav voices for tomtom?
Do subwoofers need to be broken in (like new engines)??
For my first subwoofer sound system should i go for MTX Terminators, or Dual or Sound Ordinace?
Which AV/GPS head unit?
IS this a good way to test my amp?
Rockford Fosgate T1 Help?
What are the best 6x9 speakers?
can you wire these subwoofers to 2 ohm?
How do I by-pass parking safety feature on radio?
what does a front end alignment consists of?
On a car what does it mean by 442???
what car audio brand is good for bass?
Installation of and amp and subwoofer.?
How to wire subwoofers in a car?
Camping trip - need ideas on how to power a stereo please??
kicker amp is fine till hooked up to a different sub... WHY?
do these speakers and sub fit my car?
Should I go with two Sony Xplōd® 12" Aluminum DVC Subwoofers or one?
What can you wire 8 dual 4 ohm subwoofers to?
how would you hook up the amps?
Which subwoofer should i get?
wiring two dvc 4ohm kickerL7's to 1 ohm? PLEASE HELP speaker wire question?
How to connect my car stereo if the cable colors of the stereo and car are not the same?
What type of subs should I get? I want loud and clear bass, I don't want to spend more then $700.00 cnd on 1
Can anyone tell me what cars a Delco AM/FM Model # 9345280 will fit. Ref # is 60HFF?
Good car speakers best quality?
Viper 5704 car alarm remote start issues?
Do you need HD radio antenna for car for HD radio?
Audio CD Changer question?
Logitech z623 subwoofer?
Whats the best brand/make navigation system?
My subwoofer in my trunk is "hitting" when I close my doors and trunk, why is this?
Does anyone know where to find a video on. . .?
Is there a way I can boost my car's antenna? Would it make a difference of i got a new antenna?
what is wrong with my amp?
Please Help I need Code for my Ford 5000rds M004494 many many Thanks?
what is a good amp for my alpine type s sub?
wich way should i face the sub in my trunk?
What system to should I put in my car?
wat amp should i use?
who do you suggest for car audio?
Can someone tell me how a single 10" Kicker L5 sub would compare to a 10" Kicker Comp C sub?
wat r the car speakers for such as amplifers,?
should i get 1 kicker 12" L5, or 2 kicker cvr 12"s?
xplore 4090 true wattage?
What's the best sat navigation on the market in the UK?
what kind of subs should I get for massive bass?
What amp would go with these subs?
do u need a an amp to use a sub woofer in your car?
Should I buy 2 10" L7s or 2 12" Comp VT's?
what is best amp for 4 indoor speakers with 50w rms max?
so0o0 i'm looking into buying some subs..... and need some questions answered?
Pioneer TS-WX210A subwoofer frequency setup?
New head unit trouble. Speakers not making sound?
4 channel 1000 watt amp???????????? Good Brands not these little off brand names!?
what is the best tuning/fitting for pioneer 800w sub for maruti alto to get the best bass effect?
radio cutting out. amp running hot. speaker quality decreasing. what's going on?
Wich way should i face my subwoofer's in sedan?
harness for high level input amp?
Which amp and subs should I buy?
the best amp for a db drive k915d2?
How much does a new 2012 10 inch, type R subwoofer weigh?
What component speakers are best?
Acoustic amp W electric guitar and Boss me 70?
reserve or max amp power?
How do I replace AUX jack for my 2010 Toyota Corolla?
what the best way to wire a 4ohm dvc sub to a 4ohm 2channel amp?
tuning a subwoofer box?
need help with finding the right bass for my truck?
Sony car stereo faceplates?
If i wired up the constant power, and normal power wrong on a stereo head unit, would it drain my battery?
how do i reset the cd player on a pioneer car radio?
Can I have a list of the top 5 types of car subwoofers with DEEP bass.?
i own a 2001 grand marquis LS. i cant find the CD changer in the trunk or under the seat. where is it?
sony xplod has illum wire. 96 concorde has illum wire and dimmer wire how do i hook this up.?
where to buy cheap electro voice speakers?
I have 4 240 watt speakers (kenwood KFC C6882ie) what kind of amp do i need to get? ?
All settings on 4-channel Amp?
do you necessarily need a box to install subs in a car?
what kind of speaker has better bass a 2 ohm or a 4 ohm?
how to input a 0 in the honda radio secuity code for a 97 honda civic?
i have a 250watt amp whats a good pair of speaker to buy?
The radio in my 93 Mustang is not working properly. Please help!?
What are some of the best subwoofers out there?
what is a good amp size for (2) 1200watt sumbwoofer.?
What size speakers go in a 2006 Honda CR-V?
How much should I sell amp and subs for?
how do you put music onto the pioneer avic z2 headunit? is there a usb port?
I have a pair of Hifonics AS12SQD4 subs. how do i get the dust caps to light up?
car amplifier kit help?
will this amp work with my speakers?
What is the best way to add bass and improve my car stereo for under $500? I have a 4 door 1998 BMW 328i.?
Navigation icon near battery?
Recommendation for which kicker subwoofer I should get?
Fuse location question?
What are some good car speakers?
Subs from radio, and no amp, good?bad?
car system question 2 10 inch jensens?
(2) Kicker CVX 12" subs with what amp?
whats louder a 12 or a 15?
how to get to speaker in focus trunk?
rattling noise from my car??
Help!! I need to know what is the best vehicle for me.?
Any idea on how hard this sub will hit?
My rear left speaker wont work anymore, the wires dont work, is there anyway i could straight wire and how?
how to connect a stereo to a nissan altima??
I am getting three Infinity subwoofers and I was wondering what amp would be best suited for them?
ive blown out 4 subs in the span of a month, whats could the problem be?
would this fit into a car with a cd player?
What do you think are the best 18" subs?
i installed a car radio, it has power but no sound?
Need help 1999 Pontiac Grand Am.?
tell me about history of india.?
How to remove a 206 radio factory fitted?
Is upgrading my factory speakers with kicker 11ks693 6x9 in the rear and 2 way in the front a good idea?
what do i need in order to play my ipod through my car speakers?
I need to fit a blaupunkt car stereo to my F reg, 1989 VW transporter.?
What is the best head unit for my Alpine system under $100?
Can I hook up a Alpline Mini Amp to Kenwood 12" subs?
What Amp Kit and Head Unit should I get?
Having a problem with my subs and I'm clueless.?
i bought a car sterio with touch screen av in and usb ports can i download a gps on the usb and open it on the?
i have a 4 channel autotek 2000.4 watt max amp should that be enough?
For a used van with a working DVD player and screen but no headphones, where do I get the headphones?
Can a bulit in cassette player from a car come out and be replaced with a cd player?
How many people have (or have thought about) a "carputer"?
Kicker, Kenwood, or Alpine subwoofers?
does the previous gen impalas have a floty ride to it?
2012 Chrysler Van OEM stereo in Mazda Protege5?
Why doesn't my car subwoofers work?
clarions good headunits?
Burning smell coming from my two 12 inch subwoofers?
i burned a cd and it plays fine in my dvd player but i sounds fuzzy in my car cd player why??
how big of an amp should i get?
Is it best to have a capacitor on a high watt car stereo?
Would you get more air movement and more bass in a walled system or not walled ?
2 12" Kicker L5's Quantum Audio Amp?
What are the best kind of Sub Woofers?
I just purchased a 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport. The speakers were blown and I'm looking to replace them.?
Car audio and capacitor questions?
need cheap car radio?
My car subwoofer is loud and creates a lot of low bass? Should I be able to hear music?
Car stereo is shorting out, what is wrong?
Looking for a cheap head unit?
What do you have to do when you short circuit and amp. And what does it mean if there is a low impedence?
Subwoofer returning to start position slowly, broken coil?
golf mk4 standard head unit sub compatible?
How to up stock radio in 2001nissan maxima to subs and amp?
If i have a new car and think i blew my speaker does warranty cover it?
What is the best subwoofer for rap/hiphop/r&b songs?
car electrics - screwed?
How strong does my amp. Have yo be To power 4 12s'. ?
car stereo question?
What's the best brand of car speakers/deck to buy???
I plan on getting 2 ALPINE SWR-1242D 12" TYPE-R subwoofers. Can I run them with my MA audio 800Watt amp?
amp protection light came on?
car subs and amp help plleeasee?
Any basics i need to know about car subwoofers and amps?
Is there a fee for the use of a GPS system in a vehicle?
Can any body give me the code for a ford radio m029781?
What type of subwoofer and amp goes best together to make some serious bass?
How can I listen to music on my iphone in the car?
PIONEER DEH-P6800MP head unit??
What is the problem with my speakers my car?
Car stereo help soldered wires?
How do I wire two 2ohm DVC subwoofers to a two-channel, 2ohm amp?
Has anyone herd about some car subwoofers called Exxess?? I have some but I cant find any info about them.?
installing car stereo wire harness?
What size amp for...?
Is this sub a good match for my amp?
Installing head unit and subs in 2001 jetta wolfsburg?
Can i run a 1 ohm amp to an alpine type x subwoofer???
Can anyone tell me why does my headlights blink like disco lights when I turn my subs up? What is recommended?
How the hell do u un-mount a JL W7 sub??Its in a red and I see no screws or bolts on the front?? HELP!?
Backseat Subwoofer Setup?
I have cd player in my car and nothing else, how can I play my music?
Subwoofer Ohm question?
I need a good amp for my subwoofer!!?
If I get an adapter with a usb port that goes in my cigarette lighter, will I be able to hook my phone to it?
Alpine IVA900-Missing part question?
what size fuse for a pyramid crystal 1800 watt amp?
What are some good car audio team names?
my RCA cable broke off in the outpput in my amp, I can't take the RCA output out of the amp, how can I get the?
is there an antenna adapter to connect an aftermarket xm tuner to the gm factory xm antenna?
12" Subwoofer in Mazda 3 Hatchback?
how many speakers do i need for a nice sound system?
all off a sudden my car radio will not broadcast in stereo anymore the cd player still plays in stereo?
what will bump harder the zx1500.1 or hifonics 2600?
what are good, loud, and dependable 15" subwoofers?
a sub without a box?
What would be the best amp for my subs?
is this a good deal????????????
car radio keeps turning on and off?
My speakers wont play music?
Amp and fuses.?
I have a 2003 chevy trailblazer, and my cd player is saying "check cd" what could possibly be wrong with it...
Sound installation advice and help please?
what do i need to have a good automobile sound system? Do i really need a subwoofer?
Subwoofer and Amp sound like poop!!!?
Are the speakers in my car blown?
Why were they unable to install a car alarm?
mitzu audio speakers?
what are the best car subwoofers on the market?
Connecting subwoofers to amp?
Am I Crazy???
Which are the best1)subwoofer2)amplifiers3)headunit?
Does anyone know where I could find out a Nissan Murano pinout (radio) schematic?
I m gona buy my 1st car should i get honda civic 2003 for $8000 or Toyota Corolla 2007 for $14000??? plzz help
2002 Mitsubishi Galant Stock Radio.........?
why do you need to ground a wire? what does it do... I'm just curious?
What kind of amp should i get for 2 12" Subs 400 wts nominal power?
2 Kenwoods VS 1 Alpine?
How do I make my car sound like a ferrari, porsche or lamborghini?
overhauling still on the air ? new shows ?
i have a 2000 ford ranger reg. cab and i want to put 10inch. subs in it. no bigger than 6.5in depth though.?
Alternator Whine Car Audio?
Car audio an overrated issue?
What are all the best brands of subs?
Car won't start and radio won't turn on? Help?
Need some subwoofer advice PLEASE!?
Do i need a expensive/peripheral wire harness for a after market radio in a 2011 jeep patriot?
Can I put a sound system in my 1999 Mercury Tracer?
A few questions about some subs?
My sony headunit in my car cuts off as soon as i turn the subs on, why?
I need a code for my 4000 rds ford radio any help? serial number M367854?
Can a 20-year old lose some hearing by listening to REALLY loud blasting music for 2 and a half min. in a car?
What amp alternator and battery size needed for my system?
Why wont my JVC MP3 player work correctly after putting in different vehicle?
what size speakers are in a 1994 dodge ram 1500?
is their away to hook up a car amp in a house?
does it make a difference if i use regular red & white audio plugs for my car amp?
Ive just bought a MEX-BT2500 and want to install it in my 10yr old BMW, will it be simple?
what does DUI stand for?
Which amp should I get?
2 12" kicker comps and sony xpload 600watt amp setup?
How do I install a radio in a Jeep Cherokee?
i just installed a kenwood kdc-252u in my 1991 buick century but the electric antenna wont go up?
can i put 2 amps to a .5 capacitor?
1997 VW passat stereo installation?
Car radio won't work?
i want to now how to make led light (disco light)using car batteries?
is it possible to blow 3 speakers at once?
My son has a 2002 Olds Alero with a top of the line stereo. What's the best battery I should get?
My subs won't hit in my car?
Car Audio.?
Car Stereo Power Usage AMPS Out Of Car Situation?
Does two10'' subwoofers put out more power than one 12'' subwoofer?
Polk db1001 or JL AUDIO® VR075-CT Tweeter?
i want to change my email account?
Kenwood Versus Rockford?
On a 2006 Mercury Milan with a 6-disc changer, how can I get the name of the CD songs display on the screen?
Mitsubshi Outlander IPOD adapter?
Do I really have to disconnect the car battery when installing an ipod adapter ?
I got a 15" sub an a 1000 watt amp and all the sudden when i turn it up loud it wont bump why?
Urgent!! I Need to know dimensions for a sub woofer box!!?
have yall seen that anp from sound stream called human regon?
Car stereo adapter. honda to pioneer?
What amp would I need for these two Kenwood 12" KFC W3011 subs?
My car stereo wont work! =(?
how do i wire an aftersales cd player to an audi a4 without buying a power harness adaptor?
Does my 1998 Honda Accord EX stock stereo deck have preamp outputs?
Does anyone know how to change the time on a JVC KD-R210?
2 Alpine Type R Subs, or 1? Please Help!?
What subwoofer should I get?
OK i have a 1,600 watt amp and two 15 in' sub woofers max watt 1000 each?
My car stereo, amp and speakers cut out while driving and wont turn on again, HELP!?
Is there any way to chance the FM frequency range of a Toyota 6609 AM/FM receiver?
you can use one amp with 2 tens right?
How much would these speakers be worth?
Does a cell phone connected to a car sound system mess it up!?
Can i use this amp for these subs?
my car stereo jumps when i go over sleeping policeman or big bumps in the road is this a loose wire?
How do you fix a car CD player? 10 points!?
Where can I find a door speaker size for a 1996 Ford Explorer 4 door?
I have Sony cdx M1000TF head unit. It has sub-woofer out. Can I connect those to an amp and amp to sub.?
Where can i buy a cheep car stereo..??
Where can i find headrest monitors for cheap in L.A?
Alpine KTP-445U Powerpack Amp?
What do i do after taking out the old speakers of my 89 THunderbird, the hook ups dont fit the new pioneers..?
How much would five packs of dynamat weigh?
1 channel on my amp works?
where can i find specs. on speaker boxes for car systems?
choose amp for car sub?
Do I need and amp for a pair of 6x9's with a 50 watt amp CD player and 2 door speakers already?
How loud would this be?
Sound cuts out on my car stereo?
What are those lights underneath a car called.?
whats the best car audio speakers?
can i use power wire from battery as remote wire ?
What is the full name of the Sony stereo that comes in the Ford Fiesta ST?