Car Audio

a question for my fellow BASSHEADS?
Will Infinity 6x9 kappa series run off MRP-F600 amp?
Amplifier Voltage/Wattage/Wiring #2 STEWIE?
whats better alpine R's or S's speakers?
Radio code for 2005acuratsx?
What subs would be louder and clearer the p3s or alpine type rs; both powered by Rockford fosgate p1000-1bd ?
where can i get an old school orion hcca 225 amp rebuilt?
What guage wires should I get for a 400 watt amp and 300 watt pea subs? s?
Which car speakers give you the most bass for under $150?
Help choosing car stereo?
Boschmann Sub and Amp, what do you think?
My new car has an MP3 Aux plugin, looks like a head phone plug in, what can I buy to play my ipod in my car?
which amp is the better amp for my two 10' kendwoods that put out 1k watts each?
If i install just a head unit in my car how much will the sound improve?
How to install car audio speakers into a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE (4 Door)?
Fiesta Zetec - trying to play music from my iphone but.....?
Why won't my car sound system play mp3's?
Subwoofer and Amp question?
Question about car audio.?
Help me find this rare subwoofer PLEASE ?
Ive got a 95 bonneville, how i should go about putting a kinda large(Its not huge) extra speaker in the trunk
Why does my HPF on my head unit effect my subwoofer!?
My interior light+power door lock does not function!?
Are alpine CD decks with detachable faceplates universal (in case a face plate is stolen..)?
Car Sound System, Will This Work?
where can I find a charts for fuses in vaulkswagen passat?
Would these subs work with this amp?
my car just got reposed advice?
recommended sub size for a vx1400d?
What's the Best car gps system of 2012?
Car u damage the speakers in cars?
How do I get the auxiliary input for Sony Xplod working?
Kenwood 8017 question...?
how do I wire (2) svc 2 ohm subs to a class D 1 ohm stable amp with two positves and two negatives terminals?
Killer stereo system for car?
Good sub(s) for under $100?
Car stereo receiver - usb connected to aux?
Adding a powered subwoofer to my 2000 Saab 9-5 sedan?
where can i find an english manual for a Panasonic DV2001 car navigation/dvd/tv car system?
does anyone know of a auto parts store that stocks the 2 song (Dixie) horn with remote control near milwaukee?
A question about my speaker & amplifier setup?
Connecting wireless backup camera to Pioneer Head unit?
ford streetka radio code?
Where can i get a 2008 G6 radio with an aux jack for my 2007 G6?
How can I bipass the e-brake wire for a Jensen 7" flip out screen radio?
what a good amp for 2 alpine 10in type s?
do i need a compactior?
Any ideas on how to get my CD unstuck from the CD player in my Pontiac Vibe?
How do I stop my speakers from making my door panels shaking?
can i "double up" the wiring coming from my sub and fill all four connections on my multi channel amp?
Buying a new head unit for my car stereo?
help needed with sub & amp system?
what sub goes good with a hifonics hfi1500d?
I need two 12" subs for a sealed box, I don't want to spend more than $200 one them?
XM satellite radio can be heard all the way to Mexico City?
2gig ipod with a griffin radio adapter help?
I Am building a sub woofer box and i need some help.?
What brand of car speakers is best for hard rock and heavy metal?
What is the basic unit and sub unit of volume?
What are some good speakers for my car?
custom sub box build?
how do i put the radio code in a ford festiva 98 demon with 5 stacker ?
is the re xxx worth it?
Upgrading my system!?
How much would it cost to install a DVD/MP3/AUX/CD receiver in my car?
When will we see car's that run on water ext ext?
Car stereo to battery piece?
Remove Control Panel in 2004-07 Malibu?
If you blow a subwoofer what are your chances of having it refunded or replaced?
blaupunkt 520 radio need code?
Rover 25 Radio code please?
if my subs run at 800 rms together powered by 700 watt amp is that still to much power?
How do I install a sub in my Mazda 3 stock radio?
Will an amp blow my car's stock speakers?
How do I know if the cigarette lighter in my car is working?
what is the best amp for a jl audio w7 13?
Please suggest me a good set of car stereo, amp and woofers for my Ford Fusion?
i need help unlocking my GM (RDL TYPE) factory radio?
Where is the stock radio antenna located in my Xb?
upgrading my car's sound system?
How do I fix a problem with my stereo?
Speaker specifics for a 99 Chevy Suburban?
CB Help FAST!! Please?
how much do you think a car cd player would cost from a pawn shop?
I have a 1987 Ford Thunderbird and I want to know if VR3 Roadmaster RS900 car speakers will fit?
Where can I get an aftermarket car stereo?
My (truck)amps need more power. Should I add a 2nd. alternator & battery just for them?
Is Overdrive on a guitar amp essentially the same thing as distortion? a distortion peddle?
which subwoofers are best/?
I need a pioneer Deh-p37oomp cd/mp3 car receiver wiring schematics?
Is there a condenser?
I'm thinking a company name for my car accessories shop,any idea?
i need the wiring layout of a jensen car dvd i think i have the wrong one?
my subs sound better?
how to remove heat from the room, if no air condition is avaliable?
what amplifier should i get for my subs?
Can you fit DJ turntables into the boot of a car?
Enough room for a subwoofer box?
which subwoofers are better?
Help with subs/systemm?
subwoofer in my trunk.........?
how to change stock car radio of a 1997 mazda b2300?
Some questions?
Need hard hitting 10" subs? Recommendations please?
Can I hook up another set of speakers to my amp?
Where can I find an aftermarket head unit for my 2001 Impala that will not lose the features?
Compact Disc player installation?
What are the amp specifications i need to run these?
Does it matter if I have a hatchback sub box in my sedan?
if you put a bigger fuse in your amp will you get more power?
what is the new song by neo, I heard it on the radio?
Audio for best quality?
what is the best car battery for a stereo system?
Stereo Replacement for 1983 Volvo 240DL?
Why do people put their volume to the max?
Box dimensions for subs?
Car stereo question.?
@ what voltage will the Concept cd-3910 amp will produce 4krms into 2 ohms?
Please help me!!!!!!?
what is the hardest hitting speaker made in the world?
What is the best enclosure for my subs?
what does this mean 2 u ?
Amp Remote Wire Help?
what type of vehicle is in this year?
How to pull a radio out of a 1991 Ford Taurus L?
What speakers could I buy that would replace 8 ohm 20 RMS factory speakers?
which amp will be suitable for my subz dvd sytem and 6x9?
Power Acoustik 1920 Watt?
Can I hook up 2 two way bass system thts 6 ohm with 4 speakers thts 8 ohm and a sub thts 4 ohm how can Do this?
Ford Focus stereo not working, need help?
does this look rediculous?
What kind of subwoofers should i get?
Here's a little challenge for you. Motorcycle music.?
Any one know if its hard to install an after market CD deck in a 2003 chrysler sebring with a fact cd changer.
Car Stereo Has No power?
Ok i have a scion-tc, and i am trying to add lights on the inside how do i go about doing this all by myself?
I have a pair of boss diablos and i need some advice on what amp to get for them.
12v speakers/amplifier not working anymore?
Does this subwoofer's built in amplifier have the same RMS as the subs?
Do I run a risk wiring my subs at 1-ohm?
AMP/Subwoofer hookups?
What amp or amps would be good for my 15" kicker l7s dual voil coil subs?
Can I change the factory installed radio in a '98 Ford Taurus SE?
what specs are important when comparing car audio equipment?
How to install a capacitor?
What type of wire do i need for car audio?
My mistubishi montero sport 2001 please help???
Why is my amp always overheating and cutting out after 1 song?
I want loud bass for my car, help?
whats the best car stereo to day?
whats a good 15 inch sub? thats going to beat hard and sound good?
Car adio sound system power?
where a good place to ground ur amp at in a 2000 chevy blazer in the back?
a CD is stuck in my player in 2004 Silverado truck. I have a factory unit with a cassette player?
If I have two dual 4 ohm subwoofers wired to a one ohm amp load and I remove one is it safe to play the other?
Toyota avalon mounting kits?
Would it make any sound?
Why is my subwoofer fading in and out?
Is there an auxillary input on the back of the 2005 Expedition radio?
Question about car radio?
most of the song from channel 95.5?
what kind of speakers do you need for a 95 civic, is it 6x9?
just clarifying on new sound set up in my 08' Santa Fe?
baretta question?
buying four Soundstream T6-12" or T6-15" Subwoofer, what model and how many soundstream amps to use?
Car stereo won't work, Ideas?
What size secondary battery and power/ground cable should I use?
how do i remove the radio from my x reg Vauxhall corsa?? (older version corsa)?
Are these good speakers for cars with no amp?
Can somebody please help me figure out how to install my 6x9 grill on my 2006 chevrolet malibu?
whats a good 12" subwoofer?
how do i install a 5 channel amp with 3 sets of rca's and one coming out of head unit?
Twin capacitor... !!!?
What subwoofers should i get? kenwood or infinity?
Dvc kicker cvr 4 ohm?
subs and amp with ohms?
Does a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee have a AUX input on the factory radio for MP3 players?
I have some JBL HLS810 house speakers can i hook them into a car?
Why do I get a ERR 1 when I try to play a burn audio CD in my car, but plays fine on my home stereo?
Will the stereo from an 04 grand am fit in an 05 aveo?
When was the first car cassette player installed, and who was the manufacturer?
if i buy a head unit at best buy will they install it for free?
Infinity Reference Subwoofer Noise Problem?
Looking for car cd player wiring harness adapters, such as a kenwood to pioneer?
amp won't turn on after working fine for a month?
JL Audio 300/2 Amp?
Bridged Amp making random noises >:(?
How do you set the clock on a Kenwood KDC-2006 cd player ?
remove amplifier from ford expedition?
what amp do i need!!!!!!!!!!!?
What speakers do you recommend for my car?
how many watts are the Mmats pro 6.5 component speakers?
what are some web sites for cool wiring schematics for different devices on cars?
How to wire a sub/amp?
I have 2 mtx thunder 8000 12 inch subs, what amp should i use to push them?
RCA cords broke off in my amp, need to extract.?
Why does my stereo wiring harness have an extra ground, and an extra constant power wire?
is my amp enough for my subwoofers?
sub and amplifier advice please!?
how would i go about adding another battery to my car?
Does anyone know what the speakers on the mitsubishi infinity premium stereo is?
How big are my speakers?
How do i know when my speakers will blow?
Sub woofer making a wierd noise?
Looking to upgrade the stereo system in my 2004 Corvette....?
i have a question about the gain on my amp?
What is the mustang stock stereo size?
Is the combination of a Blaupunkt stereo and JBL speakers good?
where can i buy a new high output alternator??
how do i know if there is the right girl out there for me?
I have an 04 Explorer Sport trac that i am trying to install new speakers, which factory wire is positive/neg?
How can i bypass the video blocking on a pioneer avic d2?
Component or 2 way?
Some questions about Sub-woofer wiring?
Factory HU amplifiers set up?
Does being fit really pay off ! ! ? ?
What kind of subwoofers will get really loud but will maintain a lot of sound quality?
need help on how to wire my subwooferss!!!?
wat yall think about a?
I need security code for 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage cd player?
sony xplods or kenwood ?
How to fix bad radio reception?
Is there anyway to know if this radio is stolen?
What to do about getting a 12 inch subwoofer?
my amp just stop working but led shows that the amp is on...what can cause this?
can i connect a subwoofer to a sony xplod cdx-gt110?it doesnt have sub outputs?
How loud is too loud?
Which is the best car security system?
help with subwoofers?
does this person exist?
How do I connect my Mytouch so it will play out of my car speakers?
My subwoofer makes a rattle sound when the bass gets in the higher range. Help please?
2006 Nissan Sentra New Subs and Stock Amp?
Were could i buy a good mdf spec box for a rocksford fosgate 15 inch t2?
adding kicker amplifier to 2003 passat with 4 speakers and 4 tweeters?
I need wire digram for kenwood KDC 419?
powering four subwoofers?
How to hook up a kenwood Amp?
should i connect the front speakers to the stero or the amplifier.?
How do i remove the stereo from a 2005 mustang"?
Where can I find audiobahn power cords for the ATB6AT model?
Are Hifonics subwooers good all around?
I just bought two 10" subs, what kind of amp and box should i get?
What speakers should I put in my 95 honda civic?
Car Stereo Subwoofer Help...OHM?
is this crazy car sound system setup ok???
how is JL Audio?
sound storm 5000 watts amp
where can i find a optimus 340 watt amp instruction manual?
Best 12" inch sub to buy for first set up?
Power supply radio question?
how do i connect 2 car amps to my head unit when it only has 1 pre out.?
what is 2 channel or 4channel amp?
Which type of speaker is better?
whats better jbl gto 12'' subs or jbl gt5 12'' subs?
InCar DVD Player from Lincoln Navigator. Have wiring harness, but need schematic to know which wires are what?
i need the2006 ford wiring diagrams?
What is your first reaction when you hear loud bass coming from a nice car with rims as it drives by?
How do I get engine noise out of my truck radio?
Does anyone know where to get a CD player for a 1998 Ford Taurus?
how can i tune my subwoofer to 8-ohm sub (connected in a series). show me a picture of pioneer 306dvc in 8 ohm
i just bought new speakers for my car... but it rattles like crazy! how can i fix it?
How do I remove the dashboard of my 2003 honda civic ex coupe? I am trying to install a pioneer 5800 deck.?
Where would I find the radio antenna in a 99 camry? Theres nothing visible...?
Help making a constant 12v for stereo?
Would an 800watt amp be sufficient to power this in my car?
removing a cd player from ford escape?
How big of a sub box do i need?
how to hook up tweeters in car?
whould this subs amp combo work well?
is this a ok amp for the price?
2 L7's or 2 soundstream tarantula t5's 15inch, both in a probox!?
What amplifier should I get specially for what I want?
where can i get a 250 watt speaker for $40 bucks or less?
Subwoofer Amplifier question?
Best way to splice in remote wire to amp?
I need help with a Kenwood KDC 138 car stereo?
Will this head unit fit in my car?? Please Help!!?
I have an fi bl 18 inch, if I get a Rockford fosgate class d prime 1000 watts amp will it help the speaker?
could an amp cut off due to subs being to powerful?
I have a Sony GT320. When I put a cd in?
Will an aftermarket cd player with an aux jack read my ipod songs?
Do You Hate It When People Blast There Speakers?
i can"t get mycd that idown load to playin mycar or cdplayer?
Subwoofer watt question?
Audio file to get best out of bass?
We did not find results for: I have a 6006E 6 disc cd/tuner. I have lost the 4 digit security code.The serial?
Can I put a parallel wired sub on a non bridgeable amp without damage?
Rockford Fosgate Vs Sundown Audio?
12 Inch or 15 inch subwoofers?
is my amp too powerful for my speakers?
Were can i find a dash?
alpine rca signal sends when tuner is on but not when cd is played?
I need a power switch....?
car audio box problems help please?
What kind of amp should i get for my memphis sub woofers?
who makes the d-1011 7" tft lcd motorized in-dash monitor tv radio?
What does impeadence mean and if i have two subs do i double thier power for the amp?
if i splice rcas to my rear speakers to hook up an amp will this work?
2012 Chevy Express speaker size?
amp problems?
kicker and some memphis car audio 6x9 questions?
how much do 2 12 l7s subs cost in a box?
Does 50w on the reciever mean each channel?
how to install a plbw104 subwoofer?
Will two kicker 12 inch cvr duel 2ohm subs work good with alpine mrp m 1000 and handel the power?
How to connect 4G phone in 2008 Mazda 3 car stereo system wirelessly?
Radio won't work. Burnt a fuse or what?
can you change the voice in car audio warning systems?
Does anyone know when Alpine usually releases their new decks? I want to buy one but want it to be current!?
amp turns of when i turn the music up?
How can I test which wire is for the speaker in the car?
what guage wire is that?
i was looking for some 12 or 15" subwoofers. which do you recommend that bump hard?
Bad rattling in subwoofer?
what is going on with my system?
Wondering what the right sound system for me would be?
Help... upgrading my system, what do I need?
What is the best car stereo system with Subwoofer, Box, Amp Combo for under 500$.?
question about car audio and amp power?
Subwoofer and amp help?
i have an alpine 3354 amp with no remote wire hookup anyone no how to bye pass it or where to hook it up at?
What amplifier would be best for an Alpine 12" subwoofer?
Memphis Car Audio PR220 Amp and 12" Subwoofer: What is the wattage of these units?
How much is it to install a car stereo in a 1998 ford f-150?
I'm about to buy a new sub?
i have a zx1000.1 kicker amp what sub should i get that will pound?
How to connect a PS2 in a car (help with monitor)?
what kind of amp do i need?
Why is alpine type x speakers rms lower than type r? Why is type x more expensive? what is better about type x
Will a JL Audio 500/1 Amp Be A Good Fit For 2 12" JL Audio W3v3?
Why is there engin noise still coming from my subs?
How to wire 2 ohm subs to a mono lock amp?
xm radio question.....?
What Size speaker wire do I need?
are memphis subwoofers good?
My car CD stereo won't play CD's?
Need help with car stereo installation. Where do I put "lighting switch terminal" wire?
how good are the kenwood 1000 watt 10 inch subs?
What is the best stereo with tv monitor to put on an 02 Mustang?
Boston Acoustics Gt2300 Or Hifonics Zeus ZXi200.2 amp?
My JL system isn't cutting it, is RE around the same quality?
I'm installing a car cd player and need to know something!!!!!?
how do i remove the rear spekers from a '98 plymouth voyager?
I got a new car battery. Now the radio won't work.?
know any good songs for bass like to show it off or something?
I have 2 12" DVC subs that are 4ohm + 4ohm, and a 1000w amp 2 CH., and am wondering....?
What brand is a good RCA cable for my system?
where can i put two 12" subs in my 2002 dodge dakota standard cab without taking up too much space?
What size & brand amp is needed/recommended to power one autotek ss-1544E sub and four sony explod 5-1/4s?
is it really possible for a car stereo to burn out and not work?
What exactly should I seal a subwoofer box with???
where can i find specs. on speaker boxes for car systems?
When do you need a subsonic filter and when do you not? (car audio/powering subs)?
I disconnected my car stereo to put it in my new vehicle & now its not working what could be wrong?
How much power can I pull from the remote wire on the head unit to run 4 amps before I blow something?
What kind of subs do you have?
Rockford Fosgate subwoofers?
Who is the current bass player for P.O.D?
bad computer or just a bad wire?
Is a kicker dx1000.1 amp .5 ohm stable or 2ohm?
subwoofer volume help? easy?
What would be a goot matching spl Sub for a Alpine MRP-M850?
What does negative voltage mean on my amp?
Does anyone know how to remove the front speakers of a 1998 Toyota Corolla?
Subwoofer Amp Settings Help!?
I have an audiopipe 15001D and dont know what size wires i need?
Where to get 1996 Nissan Maxima radio buttons?
Fi btl n3 18 or n2 18?
new car audio system.. do i need a new alternator?
Which amount of wattage would be best for two 800 RMS 2 ohm subwoofers?
I need help with my subs?
Cheap high quality subwoofer and amp ideas?
Is Pyle a good sub woofer brand name?
how can i wire some l.e.d. lights so that they turn on when my sub woofers play bass?
How do I set up my subs and amp without any RCA Inputs please help?
Are these Kicker Subs any good?
Radio Fuse Keep On Blowing up in Camry. Plz help.?
why is my subwoofer making a clicking sound?
Sound system for toyota celica, is this a good set up?
bose radio in 1997 eldorado has no sound?
What vehicles offer XM Nav/Weather with a in-dash GPS System?
Will my monoblock 3000 watt amp work with my 12 inch 2300 watt subs?
whats the difference between a subwoofer and a speaker it self?
when i pushed down slightly on my subwoofer it sounds deeper/better.?
can subs switch polarities on their own?
Is this speakers worth buying? Help?
Is the Kicker L7 really a bad SQ sub?
What audio speakers are the best to get for a Buick LeSabre?
does your electric guitar have to match with your amp?
Car DVD Player?
Do they make a radio better than KENWOOD?If so what brand is it? And why do you think so?
Just bought Honday Odyssey. Looking to add DVD player after market. What do you think works best in Odyssey?
i need the wire 12v color codes?
How do I wire 2 DVC subs at 4 ohms ea into a 2 ohm amp?
i keep blowing up subs?
where on the internet can I download a different voice for SAT NAV?
i am a genius, do you want to know why?
Hard hitting Rap music?
Can anyone help with radio code. Philips 22DC745/60 Rover 75 RG745WX1016344 Other number XGD101090PUY Thanks?
Will a 750 watt power inverter run a 75000 btu forced air heater that uses 2.8 amps?
2006 Saturn Ion radio draining car battery?
Recommended Amp for Alpine SWR-12D2?
mtx TE601D?
Can I hook a black light to my amp?
How do I hook up an extra battery to my amp and subs to keep headlights from dimming?
Do two kicker cvr 12 sound good without an amp?
what is the theme song to PINKS on speed tv?
I just bought a new glow plug for my traxxas revo 3.3 and it burnt out in half a tank of fuel?
What would be the best box i can buy for a 12" pioneer champion pro?
Sub Box design help please? car audio?
Looking for someone who knows about car stereo equipment?
Easiest way to install a new pioneer radio in a 2003 Civic?
100w RMS speakers or 75w RMS speakers, which would be louder?
cd player in car plays music in left speakers, why?
How find out how loud my system is?
Hi guys, can anyone help. I need the radio code for a Ford 6000 cd sn M041954, Thanks, Mick.?
I need a 10" sub that beats hard?,Drive?
Please Help Car Audio Speaker Setup?
what is the best car sound system?
in sound and audio what is SPL?
Brand new amp went up in smoke!! HELP!?
will you be able to hear a subwoofer through a car boot?
Can anyone help me with the call volume on a Pioneer Deh-P980BT.?
the right suwoofer?
how to wire my 5 channel amplifier?
suggest me a good car audio system...?
Help when installing subwoofers.?
What does everybody think about the brand "dual" car stereos?
Neighbor playing loud music?
I would like to know......?
Can upgrading a head unit improve your bass?
1990 4runner amp installation?
Problem with car radio?
Car cd player with mp3 capabilities.... Can I burn mp3's as a data disc to put more tracks on the cd?
What do I need to install a touchscreen radio in my 01 tahoe?
When combining an amp with a headunit is the total wattage added together?
sony xplod stuff. if you think it's junk click here?
Are re audio subs good reliable great subs?
Do loud bass car stereos leave a ringing in your ears, and if so, for how long does it last?
I don't know anything about subwoofers, please help!!?
CD player?? in car help!!?
RCA Noise Filter hook up?
Can i connect two car head units?
How to wire my cars speakers and subs to an amp?
what is a MURS radio?
Car Sub woofers? please help me?
japanese radio please?
I need to get a release of lean from gmac?
can 3 dvc subs be powered by 2 2channel amps?
Where can I get some good speakers and amp?
Is the Kicker L7 really a bad SQ sub?
I had a sound system installed in my car and my battery died. What will fix this?
Is This System Any Good?
How about launchcast music playing inside the car?
Radio Code?
I created own radio channel, Now stream is going through microphone, I want change streams going by speaker?
Can I connect a car amplifier to the Bus In and the Bus Out RCA jacks on my Sony Stereo?
Please, can somebody explain to me the different between KVA AND AMP?
Can you brideg 2 subs and then 2 speakers to a 2 channel amp?
Should I get yellow top or a second battery?
Can a Memphis 15-m3mojo12 (orange basket) use recones from other sub brands like FI,SSA,or DD?
Does anyone know why the radio in my 2002 Ford Focus works some days and some days doesn't?
600+ watt amp for Alpine type R 10''?
Why does my amp fuse keep blowing?
Cheap Car Audio Upgrades?
i have a dual xdvd 8182 and i cant get video while driving can anyone help me?
can i decode my radio in my car ?
Where can I find cheap car audio on the internet for Canada ? (Not including Ebay)?
will installing an amplifier in my car be bad?
Wondering what the right sound system for me would be?
How would I wire these subs and amp together?
will changing a battery on a vs calais stuff the computer up ?
Cheapest way to fix my sound system?
Connecting amp to cd player without any RCA Outputs?
Should i get a capacitor?
whats the best way of installing a TWEETER in a car..?
Amp.Subs And Wireing Kid Question?
What is W/R for my car stereo?
What is the best car stereo thats under $155?
Is DynaMat worth it?
Car problems-please see if you can help me figure out what it is.?
How to remove a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Radio?
Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D?
Anyone know the affects of hot/cold weather on batteries. is hot/cold more harmful to batteries?
How many watts can a SPS 17C2 handle?
Looking for car audio system that will sound good.?
what is a loaded subwoofer enclosure?
iam looking for a picture of a ford fiesta model 1993?
I need help choosing PWR\GRND wire sizes for my amp.?
Why does the radio in my car come in fine and then suddenly goes to static?
can the ground wire be bigger than the power wire for a 400/4 ( 4 channel amp)?
What battery should i get for a 200 amp alternator?
Car stereo speakers question?
i have a kicker sub.....?
how do i install an auxiliary audio jack into a potiac vibe?
How much would it cost to get a auxiliary jack installed into my car (2000 Toyota Avalon)?
best alpine deck and suggested wiring for sound system with sub and 7 speakers three amps?
Whats your favorite Subwoofer?
Where can I find an Installation manual for a blaupunkt CR-4096 car radio?
Any opinions on car stereo installation in Muscatine, IA?
Would you recommend Alpine Type S's?
how can you tell what year a car stereo is?
Soundstream Amp! EGA4220 if you have read it!?
Anyone know about Subwoofers?
Will I be ok running an 1000 watt amp?
Alternator whine in stereo system ?
Car dash Bord cutting?
how do i connect a 2 channel output from my head unit to a 4 channel amp?
My subwoofer stopped working randomly?
custom install 4 inch speaker replacing 4x10?
adding bluetooth to my 1990 pickup?
How do you hook up an amp to a sub woofer and head unit?
Is it okay if the rms for my subs is higher than the rms for my amp?
Best car head unit that support ipod...?
Does anyone know where I can get a good stereo system for a Buick Century?
What is the best subwoofer to run off of my amp?
What is the best amp to get?
Will I need a wiring harness for a Pioneer head unit going into a new Scion xD?
what are some good speakers?
What does OEM stand for in car language?
wiring sony 6x9 into a saxo?
Sony CDX-GT31U USB car radio cannot see all the MP3 files?
How do I find an LED bulb that will fit my dashboard specifically?
amp wiring color help?
Which audio should i install in WagonR?
In low pass filter capacitor is with respect to gnd but in 2nd order low pass filter capacitor is feedback why?
Im bridging 2 1200watt(max) subs, What watt mono amp should i get?
I have a sunfire sedan and want to relocate the front speakrs to the trunk, is this possible?
what good sound system i should put in my 91 mercucy?
Are kenwood subs good?
My brother's car was set on fire and exploded onto the neighbors yard?
Hi I am unable to unlock radio, can someone help me to find unlock code for m001527 serial number of Ford Ka?
Where is the cigarette lighter in a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse gt?
Install an audio system in a '93 Plymouth Sundance?
How would I hook up a 2 ohm stable amp to a sub with dual 6 ohm voice coils?
What is a audible safety warnings?
I am installing an amp on my factory radio. Where do i hook up my ant rem. wire to?
connecting a 2 channel amp to a sub and two 6x9's?
i have a 1 12 in compvx kicker sub. What is the best kind of amp?
how to change the color of the spedometer lights in my 2005 dodge stratus sxt?
I want to get the static and popping sounds out of my car radio!?
What brand of audio speakers are in Honda cars/trucks?
what do i need for my stereo system?
Subwoofer + amp question?
Where can i buy a subwoofer box that will fit under the rear seats of my 2003 f150?
8 inch sub what kind of amp should i use?
Can you bridge 3 10's subs?
If my amp is 400 x1 at 4 ohms and my sub is a 4 ohms 800 watts would it work correctly?
is there a aux cable that plugs into a cars cigarette lighter?
Need a good car audio, plz help ..!?
is there a special adapter i need to hook up atermarket amp to bose factory radio?
What size amp do I need?
I want to connect a new stereo cd player to my Mercedes 260e but the wiring is different? Which wires go where
is it safe to buy on craigslist?
Woofer vs. subwoofer?
Is there a better indash deck than this one?
im looking for a strong powerful subwoofer that can handle my Mono 1000 watt amplifier. any ideas?
what subs should I get and amp?
MTX Jackhammer with xm-554zr 600watts?
I have an 04 explorer eddie, it comes wth factory sub n amp. I wanna have alittle more bass at the back.?
can install pac tr-7 bypass on jensen vm9511ts?
Have you heard an Alpine Type X?
I need help parellel parking?
Which is better?
alpine setup?
which would hit harder?
What’s a good sub and amp set up so I people can hear me form 2 blocks?
Which cars start to break down at 80K miles?
What kind of amp would I want to use with these subwoofers?
2007 town country navigation says needs disk. Where do i get that?
what amp(s) is compatible with an fi bl 12?
How do i put in a new cd player into a 1996 ford probe at home?
What is a great head unit for just 100% sound quality?
If I replace the fact. CD player in an 02 Monte can I still use on-star and the wheel controls?
do you think this navigation is good?
why do my subs work better when im not driving?
I know nothing about car audio but I am looking to put up too 2 grand into one...........?
subwoofer installation help plz!?
What are some positive reasons ot have one 12" subwoofer in a car over two 10" subs?
Would a 2001 oldsmobile alero have an AUX port?
AM Radio in our 2007 Caravan stopped working?
JBL GTO963 6x9 fit 2012 Altima?
Some one stole my car stereo and they cut off the wires how much will it cost to get a new one installed?
What causes the whining noise in my fiance's car stereo system? How can you prevent it?
Can someone link me some good car subwoofer listings on ebay Price range around 60$ please?
What type of car speakers do you recommend?
Looking for a good subwoofer?
What brands should i consider when buying an amp and subwoofers, and should they be the same brand?
i need help finding this for my car.?
i have a 2000 dodge stratus and am in need of a new battery?
is a mini amp 800watts good for a 1100watts sub ? PLEASE HELP?
Witch is a better subwoofer?
Where do i get the power for my LED's?
How can you take a dent out of a subwoofer center cone?
Witch brand is better in car audio?
install speakers?
2 12" kicker comps OR 1 15" kicker?
My 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT?
What exactly is a car subwoofer(s) and how do you use them?
can a Polk Audio MOMO Carbon C500.1 handle two 1200 watt subwoofer?
install tv into car with xbox already hooked up into CIGARETTE LIGHTER?
i have a 1250 watt SPL and the red light wont go off?
Whats a good amp for this setup?
Can you put android on a harman/kardon gps?
will this sub/amp combo work?
I have a mtx jh300 amp with 2 image dynamic subwoofers. id10v3 2ohm speakers. how do i connect them to my amp?
my serial code for my ford is V091791, can someone help me get the radio code?
I have a Magellan Roadmate 2000 gps?
was wondering if this subwoofer would go with this amp?
Is there any volume control switch for cone type speaker? Where can i find one?
Loud Subwoofers helppppp?
Is my amp enough to power my speakers?
2007 Camry Se - Will two 12 inch subs work?
how to connect car audio?
I want to get a subs for my car I have no idea about car audio, what should I get?
What kind of amp wiring should I get?
what does OD, in guitar amps, means¿?
Which 15" subwoofer do you think is th best? one that bumps harder?
Im New to car audio and I was wondering what amplifier I would need to power 2 Kicker 10C154?
can the pioneer n1 play vcd?
If You Know About Car Audio,Can You Please Help?
Sound System Help!!!!!!!!?
If you have a sound system in your car (big speakers) and play it in the cold will it ruin it?
Would the Alpine SPX-17REF fit in my '02 SAAB 9-3?
should i go sealed box or ported in a explorer?
wich gps navigation is better tom tom or garmin?
what type of vehicle is in this year?
stereo wire match up help?
custom sub box for a 03 liberty?
what is spl?
wiring my amp up help?
A 15 Amp rated duplex can be installed on a ____amp rated branch circuit?
how should my 2 dual coil subs be connected to my 2 channel amp?
how come when i turn my amp on i losse sound clerity?
What year and make of chrysler/ jeep vehicles does this stereo fit model #56002466?
what else will i need with these speakers?
Kia optima lx 2002 help radio wiring ?
Kicker Sub Suddenly stopped working?
Removing and Changing Capacitors?
Instrument cluster problem ?
Car amplifier power cable?
Which subwoofer is best?
I have a 2005 bmw 645ci and i have no ipod audio input. Can i install one?
Car Door Speaker Trouble?
vote for the best subwoofer system?
Follow up to my "What do I need for my system?" question?
How can I set up a car sound system ?
Is this a good amplifier?
How do most people listen to mp3 music through their car?
Which amp do you recommend?
How much power for two alpine type r 12s?
What should i have A Sealed box with 2.5 cubic feet or a ported bix with 1.5 cubic feet? btw i am using 2 10"?
Is this a good sub-amp combination?
can you fit 3 12" sub woofers into a 66' mustang coupe?
I want to get a 15" Subwoofer, Should I go with Rockford Fosgate or Digital Desgins, and what set-up?
i have a aiwa deck and when i hook it up to my amp and eq doesnt do anything it doesnt turn it on or nothin?
I need help to know if this is a good brand of xenon?
How to replace stock stereo on 2000 Buick Regal (ls)?
Are there any other 18" subs out there besides JLs and SoundStreams???
How can i install Subwoofers without a Amplifier?
how would I connect a concept ccd1200 to some old school fosgates rfz1810 or at what settings?
What type of subs should i get? And amp?
What are the implications of using a different sub in a bandpass enclosure?
What kind of stereo console is compatible in a 1996 Buick Regal?
what would be louder memphis mojo 15" or 2 CVR 15"?
What is a difference between a crossover, band-pass,pass-band, low-pass, and high-pass filters?
can i still get good sound quality from subs in a ported box?
Is an under-the-seat subwoofer worth it?
would it be good to replace my 6x9 speakers with 63/4 speakers?
How do I get the trunk to stop rattling when the bass hits?
How do you remove the stock cd player in a 2006 scion Xb?
what's the difference between 2 and 4 ohms in a subwoofer? what's the best combo for my scenario?
Does Audiopipe make good amplifiers?
2000 Mustang GT convertible amp?
my ipod cassette deck doesnt work in my car?
What type of amp should i use for my speakers?
I need....?
i want to power 2 12"kicker solobaric L7 subs with a B 1000d hifonics amp.will it work?
How do you fit a cigarette lighter in a Peugeot 106 Salom?
Do I need to have an amp for 6.5" subwoofers?
what are 1995 maxima rear speakers?
Pyle PL53bl Installation Help?
stereo goes off and then on after car goes on a ditch?
How do I set the pre settings for radio stations on a 1990 Honda Accord's AM/FM radio (with cassete deck)?
How can i make my car amp power cables longer?
How do I wire two ten inch dual voice coil woofers in a box for a vehicle. I want to bridge them.?
Hi i live in California and im about to take my road test next month. I need some tips on how to pass the test
Do I need to buy a higher output alternator when i upgrade my battery.?
Subwoofer HELP! please give input.?
Sub sounds blown, but isn't?
What kind of subs should i get?
My 06 Civic Radio cuts off and comes right back on when I have the volume in high 20's, low 30's.. problem?
Where to place front speakers in car?
I'm getting a Alpine - 500W Class D Mono MOSFET Amplifier with Adjustable Crossover, what subs would work best?
What kind of capacitor should I get?
new motorola rizr help?
My phone says car kit ?
how can I convert a factory navigation system to regular dvd player?
Car amplifier in home issue!?
What is the best set up i could get on a 300$ budget?
Do I need a capacitor for my system?
having trouble wiring a new radio?
Putting a System in my car.?
Can anyone tell me where the AUX port is in the Ford Focus?
What do I need to install a subwoofer?
Can two amplifiers of the same kind give you twice the power per sub?
My subs are 8 ohms.. never seen car subwoofers that are 8 ohms.?
can i install an remote starter on a?
Why did my car speakers shut off?
How do speaker bass sound different from subwoofers? That is if you know:D?
When the install was done on my car for the 6 disc cd changer. they did it wrong , now in order to hear the cd?
How do i enhance my cb radio (make it go farther)?
how to tell if the positive or negative wire cables shorted out on a car or not?
Can i just run 2 subs or do i really need an amp?
I need to know my car stereo code which was lost when I had a new battery.The serial number is M007176?
DD Audio Subwoofer and amp question?
2007 Camry Se - Will two 12 inch subs work?
car head units?
Is a Dual xiaz 460 amp alright?
Just bought a subwoofer....?
Hello really need some help my radio is asking for a code its a ford fiesta .?
What kind of amp do i need?
Car Battery Light is on & Subwoofer cuts in and out?
How do I cut a hole for a cd deck in my car dash?
Orion hcca subwoofer?
Advice on my car stereo system?
Hello,I bought a pioneer stereo doble din,but it dosent fit in my murano 2004, what can i do?
Can someone tell me how much it will cost to get my 2 subs and amp installed ?
Which is the best postion to face your subwoofers? up towards the trunk or out towards the back of the car?
i'm installing an after market stereo into my car and now have no sound coming from my door speakers?
ineed to run 2 wires?
Whats a good amp for the rp90 Digitech pedal? Coz it sound like crap with my line6 15 watt amp.?
My car radio stoped working?
Can my amp handle 1-ohms?
how much would it cost to ship a car from calif to bangkok?
Sub woofer smoking n vented box?
can anybody tell me a good website for aftermarket car parts?
pioneer car and video?
What is the best 6.5in Door speaker, JL or Alpine?
what amp should i get for my rockford fosgate P3D215?
I need help with the Rewards Codes (KTAR and the PEAK) for 7/13?
whats all i need to hook up my system?
whats the best alpine type r subs?
What size amplifier would I need to push a subwoofer that's 500W RMS?
What is the meaning of channels in amplifiers.?
Whats the easiest way to get Sirus Satellite Radio system in my car without replacing the existing radio?
how can i secure my subox in my boot? i do not have any carpet only a platic floor cover, typical peugeot.?
Sound - Sony Xplod?
car speakers and subwoofer with head unit?
What Amp Do I Need?
Will i need anything to support my car audio system?
kim basinger?
How can I fix my car's cd player?
what type of amp do i need for my two subwoofers?
Listening to music loud in the car?
can you install a 2006 saturn ion lv 3 digital stereo on to a saturn ion 2004 lv1?
Which bass frequencies make you feel the bass the most?
This is a random questioon?
What would be the best amp for me?
Which subwoofer should should I buy to go with my Alpine MRD M605 amp?
I have a werid problem with my radio?
how big are the rear speakers from a 2001 mitsubishi galant?
What sub amp is this HELP!!,10POINTS4HELP!?
How do i put a resistor in on a 2 way 3 1/2" speaker?
i have 2 dual voice over coil 10" subs and 1 single voice over coil. can i hook them up without blowing my amp
How to wire Screen to work during driving..?
What do you think of this amp sub combo?
Questions about car audio?
Help! What is the rms of jl 15w0v2-4?
Audiopipe...Amps; CEA? GOOD? BAD?
Remote output wire from head unit?
Will I lose my car settings with aftermarket car stereo?
How good is Rockford car audio system?
how to stop trunk raddling from subs?
What hits harder a ported box or a sealed box?
Anyone know how to burn a CD-R (.wav) that will play in the 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe's 6 disc Monsoon stereo?
1 Bug sub or 2 medium ones?
i keep blowin my fuses in my amp why i have it bridge to 2 12 800 watts an my amp is 760 watts?
How to remove the factory rear speakers honda accord 2013?
which mono amp is better to buy kenwood or Hifonics ?
will a 14.4 v radio work on a car in the usa?
Does anyone have instructions on how to program a transmitter on a 98' chevy blazer?
Help with subwoofers? Please.?
Should I Face My 15's Toward the Trunk or Engine?
What car stereo should i get?
I need to know the perfect amp volt and watt for a car sound system?
ok question 2 about my amp?
cd player problem?
Is it safe to run a 750RMS watts Subwoofer to a 500RMS watts Amp?
How many watts is a 2 channel JBL SR 6615 Power amp?
How many amp installation kits do I need? And types of wiring?
How come you can't hear my system outside my car?
what kind of carpets should i get for the inside of my car?
Sound System for my car?
Will these subs fit in this box?
Car audio system for a PA-Venue Sound system?
How do you stop the diming of your head lights with a system?
can u but a 12 inch subwoofer in a camaro?
Can you help me buy a sound system?
What is cranking amps.?
Anyone know of good car audio dealers in Indy, IN?
Would this setup work for my subwoofer?
amp remote turn on help?
Subwoofer help!?
What do the different parts of an equalizer mean? examples: 32, 64, 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K Read m?
how do i set the time on a kenwood kdc mp7028 stereo?
Subwoofers for my truck?
whats the best subwoofers for my audiobahn a1300hcx?
can i use a stolen radio face plate in my car?
subwoofer, amp, box, wire match?
What song should I play on my new car audio system?
best car sound system under $2000?
Where can I put a sub in my truck?
Help with Car Amplifier Settings - HPF and Filter Slope Settings?
whats the best amp i should get for 2 12" kicker comp cvrs?
Would this amp work with this sub??
is it worth buying a amp/sub with this setup?
low battery?
2000 nissan bose. Ive hooked the wires up correctly ground the harness to the car but no sound out of speakers?
How can I listen to tapes in my car?
how do you make amp shut off with Line out converter on 06 impala?
question about jl audio 10w7 subs?
Car Speakers?
buying a radio for a car with 10 speakers?
Would a SSL EV2500M be a good match for a 4ohm Kicker Cvx?
My car's audio system will play perfect until I turn my subwoofers up then it skips and cuts out?
Stereo with sub and amp?
subwoofer incloser?
Amp for my 12" speakers?
i need to find a radio to fit in a john deere 200lc excavator?
have l reg maverick,new radio fitted,worked for a day then stopped. radio appears to work but no sound at all?
Have any of you ever had your car broken into?
I have a12w7 jl sub.and a hifonics 1700.1 brz is that good ?
I am looking for a ceiling unitfor a P/U truck that holds Stereo and four speakers?
can a 3500 watt boss amp power two pioneer premier subs?
Will a cobalt 800.1 amp run two kicker vr 12s in 2 ohm?
What is your favorite car?
Amplifier battle! Who wins this one?
Problems with my Pioneer DEH-30MP. Sound goes away after 1-3 seconds.?
Is 2 Kicker CVR 15s ported louder than a Fi Q sealed?
Want some advice to set up an car Audio system?
I need help finding an amp and wires for a car system?!?!?!?!?!?
can my amp damage my subwooofer?
What do you think about this speaker system for 2000 accord?
Can you connect an amp and sub to a stock stereo?
i Have a sony cd player in my car. is there any way i can hook a headphone jack to that and use my ipod?
how can i run car amps off house current?
What subwoofer should i buy my budget is 900$ with the sub box and amp any ideas..?
Locking your stereo?
Now any good radio stations?
I need some good BASS songs!!! Rap, rock, or what ever IDK!!
How to hook up my head unit? Help!?
how to repair the cassette player in a 2000 ford focus?
Why does my Subwoofer keep fading in and out of sound?
should i get a sealed or ported sub box?
Apart from Truckers does anyone use CB radio these days.?
What size amplifier would I need to run 2 15 inch subs and 2 12 inch subs? What size power wire would it take?
How do I fix my stereo?
amp shuttong off help please?
Question about Pioneer DEH-7200HD?
Car amplifier question.?
waht do i need to do to hook up DVC subs as opposed to older speakers?
how much does a car audio system cost altogether?
does anyone know how i can get instructions to use a clarion drb3675r in car audio player ?
can anyone give me code for ford mondeo 6000cd serial mo24967 thanks.?
Technology Experts, please help. How can I listen to my ipod in my car?
i really don't want to spend much on amp sub and box combo?
x1 and x11 whats the difference?
What is a better audio head unit?
just wondering if anyone knows if a mmats dhc1400.05 can drop lower than .5 ohms?
What is the standard code for a renault scenic 51 year stereo built in type?
Bass/Balance problem on car stereo?
How many after market speakers would i be able to fit in a new Ford Fiesta hatchback?
Is it possible to hook up a sub and amp to the stock Alpine system in a Lincoln LS?
Belkin Ipod Car Charger/Player?
is there a way to unlock my radio in my 99 blazer?
04 Ford F150 HID Light Problem?
what subs are better from Kicker Solo-Baric S15L72 & Rockford Fosgate T2D212?
what is the viper car alarms offiacial website???
Can anyone explane the purpose of holes in a subwoofer box?
How do i fix a speaker?
how do i exit rearview mode on my pioneer double din its just a black screen that says picture may be reverse.?
what do i need to put dual 12" subs in my 2007 honda civic ex?
Is Evo a good brand of Subwoofer?
Amp for subs won't get power help!?
What do i do to make my Line 6 Spider IV 30 amp sound like an organ?
dc subwoofer converted into home stereo?
Help me with the location of the hot speed sensor wire please?
How can I install outdoor speakers on my van that I can turn on and off?
the cost of running a red light(baldwin park)?
why is my amp overheating??
Amp wiring kits?
What kind of box is best with a 12in sub?
would this amp run these subs??
Connecting Pioneer P4000Ub in Accord 2007?
i just bought 6 by 9 speakers for my car but they do not fit?
How many ohms can A two channel amp handle?
My CD changer in my 2002 Explorer gives me an error...HELP!?
Connecting ipod to car speakers without radio?
New to car audio could use some help please?
2 18" fi btl or 4 15" alpine type r's?
Input sensitivity for amplifiers, amp voltage ratings.?
Repeat Mono Stereo Amplifier/Subwoofer?
Why won't my head unit stay on?
How many decibels are my speakers?
Whats better? One 12" sub or two 10" subs?
i have 2 sub woofers with a RMS of 500 watts. what amplifier should i get?
what Stereo should i buy, Alpine or kenwood or other?
what is a good amp size for (2) 1200watt sumbwoofer.?
what stores sell aftermarket car receivers?
i need a security code for a deawoo leganza radio?
What would be good speakers and radio to get for a 93' Mercury Sable?
Audiobahn good or bad sub?
How to troubleshoot HID headlights, one side wont work?
Any suggestions on my car stereo plan?
What type of amp would be suitable?
Are these a good set of subwoofers?
If my car stereo specifies 52wX4,that means i can only get speakers with a wattage range of 52 or less?
Older chevy truck, CD player?
Cadence Audio vs Quantum Audio Vs Power Acoustik vs FI audio?
how do you reprogram a car remote?
Were would I run power cables through the fire wall for an amp on a 1998 dodge noen?
looking for a different car stereo.?
My amp goes to protection mode, do i need a capacitor?
subs dont move much but sound decent?
Ipod Adapter For Car?
i have a 2000 ford explorer. my radio isnt working. my clock will come on when i hit recall but radio will not?
How can i put 4 15 inch subs in the back of my 94 caprice with a ported ?
New amplifier please answer?
do i hve to use premium gas when driving mitsunishu endeavor ??
Is it possible to get a new antenna for my car?
Does anyone have the new series PPI amps. How do they sound?
trying to set station presets and clock on sony xplode cdx-ca810x need instructions please?
what is the best performance tire available for a luxury car?
what is the best sat nav?
Car Audio Amp Kit for 2 Amps?
Do I need a capacitor and a battery?
Connecting wireless backup camera to Pioneer Head unit?
How far away should i put my capacitor?
What is the best way to install a cb in a vehicle to get best reception?
can you hook up 2 subs to a single channel amp?
What brand sells the best coaxial car speakers (6 1/2" and 5 1/4")?
my amp doesnt work do to this problem?
panasonic DV2020T car nav/dvd/tv??all links-in japanese all menu same don't know how to change it in english!
does anyone know of a brand of subs?
Can someone help me with Car Audio?
Sony xplod sound system? ?
who got the best subwooofer between Alpine type R, Kicker, Memphis?
what type of subs should i get?
How should I wire my car speakers?
I want a Coaxial Speaker, please help me pick one from the list?
I'm about to buy a new sub?
question about sub amplifier power cable?
Are these car audio brands good?????
is there a BOSE stereo speakers and systems available for...?
My after market car stereo doesn't work ?
which speakers has the most bass?
dos anyone know whats the most a best buy truck full of electronics is worth if stolen?
about my sub and amp?
Installing a sub,amp and head unit in a Peugeot?
what do you need to press on a rover radio once you have the code to make it work?
what sub and amp should i use in a 2001 new beetle and does anyone have ant tips for a sub box to fit the bug?
best in dash cd player with hd build in?
How do you watch dvd while driving a car?
Car Stereo System Help?
I want satelite radio?
iPod and Aux Cable, Can't hear all of a song...?
Two 10" Subs or One 12" Sub?
Could you run 1000w RMS through a 12" Fosgate t1?
hello what is the meaning of twisted ribbon inred colour for aids/hiv ads they use?
I have a VRCD400-SDU stereo for my rig. Everytime I load a CD it trys to read it and then ejects. All cds.?
who have МЗКТ МАЗ MAZ-537 video?
Weird squeaky noise coming from car after installing new radio.?
My stereo keeps turning of and on lately in my Mercedes c 204 (2008) please help !?
Which subwoofers to buy?
is a 1400D watt lanzar Optidrive amp good for one L7 12?
What is the best sub/amp set-up that I can get without going over 2500?
I have two 8ohm 15" kicker comp and a planet audio 1000.2 anarchy does this amp match my subs?
car help - how to change antenna?
which web cites have diagram/pictures on how to install a car amplifier and subwoofer?
why is my razor E325 razor scooter so slow and dies so quick?
will this fuse work for 2600 watts?
what am FM CD radio will fit a 1985 Cadillac Eldorado's?
did you drive or have a job when u where 16?
Good amp for 15inch alpine type r 2ohm?
i am looking for greatwestenauto in laten utah please help me?
Should I use my 1 farad cap?
If I have a 4000 watt amp and at 4 ohms it puts out 1600 watts does each sub get 1600 watts?
SPS-601c....What amp?
do cops pull you over for playing loud music in cars?
what amp to these subs?
settin up a car sound system?
speakers for 1999 Corolla need help?