Car Audio

what cars are good to put in a JVC - 50W x 4 MOSFET stereo?
If i buy a kicker zx1500 amp will it hit harder than my HIFONICS1610?
Does anyone know about car audio systems?...?
what kind of amp do i need for my two 12inch pioneer Subs?
how to burn 5.1 audio track which can be played in car?
Can I install pioneer speakers with the factory stereo?
I am installing a stereo in my 03 grand am and i need to know where the switch porwer (red wire) is connected?
How do you change the speakers on a Smart ForTwo, without removing the whole dash?
how many watts should my amplifier be if i have 2 800 watt subs?
Can you use bookshelf speakers in a car?
How to get subwoofer to flex?
After changing my car battery my CD player in my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder doesn't work. Any ideas on how to fix
What's a good car alarm thats very sensitive and loud.?
Where can i get my 1986 ford f150's stock radio fixed?
Can I remove tweeters from my coaxial speakers?
I got three choices for my SUBs...?
where do i hook up my dimmer wire and my illumination wire on a 96 silverado with a sony explode deck?
Is what they say about legacy car audio true?
Installing an aftermarket cd player in chevy suburban?
installing aftermarket radio chevrolet impala?
Can I switch out my car dvd player for new stereo?
What is meant by Tape/Tuner CD Controller ?
What would be an official price for these subs?
how to tell if my speaker has 2ohms or 4ohms?
buzzing car subwoofer?
radio frequences..?
i need example of late model bmw radio componet layout 1984 318 i?
What size amp do I need for a 12" sub?
How many things can be hooked up to a car battery?
Source for audio cables for Honda CRV Radio/CD?
Do cars have subwoofers already in them when they are made?
How to remove the car stereo from a 1996 Honda CR-V?
Got this car amp need to know what subs are best?
Ford Fiesta stereo code please?
can a fuse be too many amp. for my alpine amplifier?
XM or Sirius?
How do I set the pre settings for radio stations on a 1990 Honda Accord's AM/FM radio (with cassete deck)?
My car system.......vibration??
I have an electric acoustic guitar with an amp I need help slurring my notes together I can't get it?
I have just aquired a Ford Mondeo Radio,it lights up but not a lot else Ihave the code!?
what amp do i need for my 2 12" subs.?
How to use Motion X on my Pioneer AVH-P8400BH while driving?
Does the type of speaker wire really improve sound quality in car audio?
how are hifonic subs?
best car system avaible for best price?
How do I splice automotive cd changer cable and 3.5mm phono plug cable together?
I'm looking for a good amp to go with the subwoofer below?
Would the Alpine IVA-W200 fit the dash of a 2003 ford explorer?
Car CD player replacement or repair?
Do I need an amp to hook up a sub?
which would hit harder on my 1000 kenwood amp 2 Alpine SWR-1242D 12 or 2 kicker cvx?
I have a Toyota 4runner, I want a little bass in my music, do you think 1 10 inch sub would be sufficeint?
would bridging a 2 channel amp provide any benefit? For two subwoofers wired in series?
Need Port Dimensions, (Please Help)?
I need help with setting up my Car audio system?
in an amplifier whats a decoupling capacitor ?
Is anyone else pissed off at country radio`
is a mini amp 800watts good for a 1100watts sub ? PLEASE HELP?
Need a radio diagram for vehicle?
I need a head unit for my 1991 gmc Sierra, help?
Please suggest a good mp3 player for my car..?
I have a question about the placement of my InLine fuse for my amp?
car radio problems memory?
Where can I find a wireless / bluetooth ipod controller for my car?
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus with a busted radio!!?
XM or Sirius? Which is better? What's the cost of each "unit" and per month?
Do i need a smaller inline fuse
1999 acura tl vin 19uua5640xa009132 radio code?
Help with car speaker size?
Don't you hate it when you start the ignition of your vehicle,turn on the radio...?
how to remove accord rear door speakers?
My car speakers are playing only bass, brand new speakers AND deck?
how do you re-set a radio in a corsa 1.4 sri - 2001?
which IPOD FM transmitter is the best?
Where can i find a replacement car raido face for a "jensen" c..d. player.?
How do I install a Volfenhag ZX-Hypercap capacitor, I have no instructions?
What kind of stereo can i get for my 1997 Ford Explorer?
Any Pioneer TS-W306C/DVC owners out there?
how to run a car sound system at home using the mains electricity?
I have a TL 2010 white.. should i get a sub and an amp for it?
Hi, Had a flat battery, now need the code. Serial num is M149299 model NÂș 2003R. Great if any one could help?
What subwoofers should I buy?
i installed an amp and a sub in my car today, but i couldn't get the amp to power on. help needed.?
The best audio?
I recenly had a new battery put in my car now my radio wont work?
hello i have a new radio the DEH-7800mp and i want tp put new Animated Display can some one give me step4step?
how to stop car speakers ling and vibrating when songs come on with high bass or drum solos,?
Help with a system in my car?
How should i set my amp and radio lpf and hpf?
What has better audio quality, CD player or Aux?
How do I find the rca voltage on a kdc-mp238 HU?
Can you upgrade car speakers without getting rid of the stereo? And how much would it cost?
I have a Vaxhall Vectra 2002 MK1 and want to change the stereo?
I have a sony ericsson w580i and i wanted to play music through my car stereos,?
Listen to ITouch in Car?
what does bridging mean?
why does my radio stay on even after i take the key out the ignition.?
I am debating between three car stereo systems, which should I buy???
Renault Megane Scenic Radio Code?
im looking to get a new amp/sub?
What is W/R for my car stereo?
Help with watts and rms?
What is the size for the front and rear speakers for a 04 Nissan Xterra.?
CD player in car wont work?
question about buying a car security system?
Watt rating on amp power cables?
What kind of head unit do you suggest?
Where can i find a wiring harness for Lanzar SDN72UBD Double din?
Fixing a car amplifier?
Need help with a radio question?
Locking your stereo?
how to get rid of a toyota previa?
RF 12" p3 shallow vs 15" comp?
I'm getting 4 10inch kicker subs that are 100 watts each and 4ohms each, what amp should I get. ?
What size are the dash speakers in a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXI?
How can I replace my Sony faceplate for the stereo in my car?
86 S10 with suicide doors?
Will This box work? For a 91 Toyota Camry?
are these good brands?
Are there any door speakers that have good bass?
Interior lights for a 1990 silverado?
My subs and amp help please.?
Subwoofer Help kicker or pioneer?
(Car Wire Harness) Help Me Please- To Install New JVC Radio?
why can i hear the engine noise from the car speakers when its turned on?
What do I need for a new speaker + subwoofer system in my car?
why is there a humming noise comming threw my sub?
Hooking up speakers and car sub woofer package in house?
Amp for 2400 watt rms subwoofer?
how do i wire my remote on my car amp?
Can the 'Street Edge' speakers be installed to a cars Parcel Shelf?
car audio stock specs on 1999 ford escort zx2?
how much should i sell my system for?
wat muffler pipe should i put in my 2000 vw jetta 2.0 to make it sound very loud?
i want a car sterio in my bedroom?
How to install a new radio in a 1992 buick century?
Pioneer DEH-P7900B iPod/Satellite Radio-Ready CD Deck?
what subs should i get to get the full potential of my system?
subwoofer amp won't turn on?
Bad subwoofer sound quality after a few weeks?
how many watts do i need for a solar panel on the car?
I want to get a new stereo installed in my 2004 Mini Cooper S?
what would be the best mid priced amp for for 08 kicker L7?
what is Eeprom dump on a car stereo,and where is it?
Does any one have plans and or dimensions for a sub woofer enclosure in a 4th gen. firebird?
my car radio won't turn on?
Sealed, ported, vented, or bandpass.. What is the best subwoofer box style?
Whats the best soundsystem for car audio in the market today?
if you had to choose would you go with a Kicker L7 or Kicker CVX?
What kind of wire gauge do I need fo a 2000 watt amp and two 12's?
How do I find the code for my radio?
Subs? Ported box or sealed box?
Is a scam?
peugeot 307 2006?
i need some help about my car audio?
How much will it cost to install a subwoofer if all the speakers in my car are in the doors?
what is the farad to watt ratio? i have heard .5f=500w, and .5f=25w. im installing 5200watt system in my car?
if i have a 2 subs do i need a 2channel amp? on the cd player how many pre amps do i need for one amp?
enclosure help for my alpine type R. what should i get?
I want my car stereo to play my flash drive as if it was an iPod. Does anyone know how I can do this?
What kind of amplifier do I need to power 2 15 inch Kicker?
Unlocking delco-loc radios?
car theater system?
where is the factory sound amp for dodge grand caravan sport se 1999 ?
1,000 watt subwoofers, i need an amp.?
why does my new computer subwoofer smells like burning ?
connecting subwoofers in series?
Car subwoofer question?
What are some good 5-1/4" speakers and an amp to match them?
What are good radio stations for these kinds of bands?
How old to have car stereo installed?
my Dual model xd5120 car radio is having problems?
What is a good amp for two 12" MTX JH5512-X2D?
Where would dynamat placement benefit me the most???
Looking for cheaper, quality subs and amp.PLEASE HELP!?
Need a for sure answer....?
i need some help with a car stereo system?
where do i hook the brake and reverse wires? for my ptid-7002nr power acoustic stereo?
I need to know the perfect amp volt and watt for a car sound system?
06 grand cherokee replaced head unit.after 6 months car stalls service cntr says stock HU has importnt circuit
need a car under1500 + pictures?
how do u setup a sub to a amp to a cd player?
adding speakers to my gmc truck?
Will this wiring kit work well for my setup?
Why is my amp overheating?
Drivers License?
ok so i got a new car how do i connect my ipod to the factory radio?
how do i install a amp into a factory car cd player?
What kind of subwoofer enclosure should I make?
are these subwoofers any good?
What are the top 5 competition speakers I could put to fit in the interior of my Acura RSX Type S?
Sealed or ported box for 2 12" pioneer champion subs ?
which amp would be better?
Best Ported Enclosure Specifications for 12" Alpine Type R?
is it illegal in collinsville illinois to drive with green neons turned on under your car?
is it inappropriate to have a sexual attraction to lawn gnomes?
Would this Rockford Fosgate Prime R250-1D Amp be enough to power 2 10'' Kicker Comps? ?
What stuff do I need for these subs?
i have 2 punch p1's what size amp will make them hit hard there in a ported box in my trunk?
Do you Ferrari?
Need help buying a subwoofer system in a 2005 crew cab F150?
is antenna wire need to be hot or ground?
Griffin Itrip equivalent for samsung galaxy s3?
Radio turns on but no sound comes from speakers. Is it power source or bad wiring?
Do brand names make a difference in car audio?
what makes a subwoofer have a good quality crisp sound??
im looking for a nice but cheap sq sub system?
What do i need with these?
I have a thunder 4500 mtx sub and i'm looking to get a 300 watt amp, i have $100, what is the best amp to get?
what amp for 2 2012 alpine type r dvc 2 ohm subs?
Opinion on Subwoofers??
Subwoofer continues to cut out?
dual voice coil subs wiring question?
New Speakers Sound Crap!?
could i use 10 gauge rockford fosgate wireng kit to wire my 2400 watt amp to my two 12 inch pioneer subs?
what are the best speakers to put in a hyundai accent that i am tunning up?
Buying Car subwoofer?
apline subs and amp wiring?
what is the best way to hook up a 1000 watt sony xplod 2 channel to 2 12inch kicker comps at 2 ohm?
I have a pair of rockford t1's 12's and i just hooked up a kicker 800 watt 2 channel amp how do i bridge it?
hooup tweeters?
Does anyone have XM in their car? Is it worth the money?
Subwoofer is installed but very low output power?
Tried to put a new radio in my car and now my none of the lights in my car works, the doors wont unlock, etc.?
Would anyone consider paying for Sirius satellite radio?
I have 2 12" 400 RMS subs, anyone know what the suggested volume for a box would be?
I need help! I'm trying to install a Pyle dvd in my 99 Blazer is there any one out there that can help me?
If i replace my old amp with a new one do i have to change the wiring?
JBL GT5-12 Sub Quiet?
Car stereo help needed?
Ive been looking at the ROCKFORD FOSGATE R300-4 amp. What are some other good 4 channel amps?
Car audio question! ?
Whats best way to airtight a subbox? 420 :)?
Am I Crazy???
what jl audio amp do you think is the best bang for your buck?
what has cooler lookes Lambo or ferrari?
my stereo is cutting out?
Is my Acura RSX pre-wired for the sub?
wat guage amp wiring kit do i need ?
Breather hole for sub box? Why & how?
Connecting grounds when installing aftermarket head unit in car?
What should I use to stop subwoofers from rattling my TRUNK LID(only)?
Is volfenhag a good brand of car audio?
I have 3 12's in my trunk. I want to know how to not blow the fuse out.?
What Are The Best Songs To Play At A Car Show??
Best soubwoofer for a car?
which sub is best suited for swift?
whats a good amp for 2- 15" orion HCCA?
Help please! 1999 audi a4?
Setting gain on Alpine MRP_M1000?
Install Radio FORD WINDSTAR?
Car Amp question... How much power? .s.?
Did my Amplifier Fry?
what subs with my amp?
is there a way to check if im getting a good ground?
Kenwood w-3011 or pioneer champion series ?
How to play pandora from andrpid phone to my car?
I Just got an optima batt..But the bass still keeps shutting off..?
Is it possible to connect four 4 ohm speakers to a 4 ohm 4ch amp and then...?
What do you use to clean up wires in car audio?
what is the radio code for a mercedes 2000 ml 430?
Wanna put a bangin system in my 01 silverado extended cab.All stock now. Limit $1000 suggestions?
Is a old school punch4080dsm a good amp?
What amp do I need for a 12'' Eclipse sub?
Can i run 1000W sub through 350W amp
What do you use to clean up wires in car audio?
How to find importer of car speaker?
Why is my CD skipping in my car?
Which 6x8 Speakers Should I get? (Links included) ?
Any recommendations for cheap combo car sub n amp?
I have a Kenwood amp that has been working just fine. Suddenly 2 days ago it stopped but the red light is on?
Putting in a second alternator in a 2002 Monte Carlo SS?
where can i get an fi btl series sub in Canada , qc ?
Satellite Radio - would you buy it as an add-on to your car? I didn't get it when I bought the car and was
99 eclipse Audio system accesories?
Why is my amp overheating?
what do i push on my stereo system in a 1997 honda accord to be able to get the error of and enter in a code?
how to connect an amplifier to a car stereo?
subs stopped working please help!!!
My car stereo just randomly cut out :(?
auto fuse box prints for a ford?
whats the best song to drive to at night? or style of music?
Anyone have instructions on how to install a toggle switch to an amp?
What is better to us when building your own sub box screws or a nail gun.?
Should I upgrade to alpine pdx?
Stock CD player add-on in 01 toyota corolla stoped working?
What you think of these subwoofers? (1000rms?)?
Separate battery and alternator wire for system.?
I just got a 09 mustang gt and want to put a 15 inch sub in it?
Anyone know about Subwoofers?
Help!! My amp powers on but no bass is coming out of my subs?
Songs with nice bass (New sound system)?
Mp3 player cassette adapter wont eject, any help?
is 4 orion xtrpros 15.4 better than 4 rockford p3 15.4?
what is Dual Voice Coil?
Anyone think this will fit?
How do I take off the AP-IV protection circuitry on a ppi amp?
Will my Alpine 500W Amp run 2 12" Subs?
Do I Really Need The Following?
Is this audio combination for my RX8 any good?
Deepest Bass .?.?.?.?
How to Remove 1997 Honda Odyssey Radio?
How do I power my car audio deck from a household outlet?
If i have 2 1000 watt subwoofers, how big of an amp do i need?
are 2 8ohm subs and 1 4ohm the same?
is a legit and good priced site to buy subwoofers from?
Would a 600watt amp under power 2 15s to fry them?
Does it matter if I use 9 gauge power wire instead of 9 gauge speaker wire to wire my sub to my amp?
how do i get rid of motor noise in my speakers??
What cd players would fit a chevy cavalier?
How do i install a SCAN POD i bought from walmart?
Car CD Player not working after flat battery?
how to hook up 3 amps and a epicenter ?
Do better quality amp wires make subs sound better?
Which HEAD UNIT should I choose?
are JVC subwoofers good?
direct program fm transmition for iphone?
Should I get 10" or 12" subs for my car?
Is it possible to place a tweeter from a home stereo speaker in a car?
what amp do i need for my subs?
Wut r fule injector rods...?
Can anyone tell me how to take the dash out of a nissan titan? I'm trying to add a subwoofer to my stereo.
what did you do to replace the speakers in the door for an audi 200 with a bose setup?
led lights off on car cd player?
Is this a good amp speaker setup and will this amp give me maxa peformance?
1999 F250 radio HELP!!!?
I got zen. which is suitable system for my car? R woofers gives Xtra punching effect? pl suggest.?
is vacuum cord thick enough for an amp for a car stereo pushing 50 watts per channel?
Can anybody recommend a navigation system for my car?
GM Factory radio replacement?
where can I buy wire?
Which subs will sound best in my 2005 F150 SuperCrew?
what is the loudest subwoofer system u have heard of?
96 voyager factory amp kicks off when cd plays.?
i have 2 15 inch kickers and need new amp not sure what brand or what wattage to get?
My jbl cs60.4 blue flashing help!!!!!!!?
What Size Amp Do I Need?
problems with my new amp and subs?
iwant to mount a6+9 speaker in a 4+10 in 1986 cutlas supream.?
Do I need an amp for this?
what are the loudest speakers you can get?
An Ipod and car Question?
Why buy a high wattage speaker?
how much dynamat do I need?
Do new stereos Come With Wiring Harness?
What amp should I get for my 15" Memphis subs?
Can i use two different subs?
Which car stereo unit to choose?
Where can i buy a stealth car stereo faceplate/fascia?
Anyone know of an interrupter device that stops (fries) the loud speakers in other cars when parked beside it?
how can i bridge a 400w/4 channel amp?
What would cause my car am channels not pick up anything but static?
What amp should I get for 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch P1 12"?
Did i get ripped off?
Adding another amp to my system...?
Do I need to reset the amp for my subs?
JVC Car Stereo fitting Citroen C3, electrical faults, car wont start!!?
Does this sound like a good setup so far?
VW Passat radio - how to turning off TP (traffic reports)?
can i make a box out of 1/4" mdf that will survive sound pressure levels?
Top ten songs to play on woofers or sub woofer?
Who makes the best subwoofer of the listed?
car audio system opinion
Which brand do you prefer for car audio?
why is my car overheating???please help?
What would be a good mono block amp for this subwoofer?
What is causing my amp to go into protection?
Should I buy these?(Please help!)?
Looking for FM transmitter for car to play Ipod?
what kind of subwoofers and amps should i get for good SPL?
Car Audio, Which is Better?
what are some good quality RCA cables?
Which Amps Do I Need for my subs?
how much would a complete stereo (deck, 2 amps, 1 sub, 4 speakers)install cost?
Can you guys give me websites to where i can get good bass music for subs...all i want is bass tho.?
I recently bought a sony explod 12inch sub 1200 watts and im woundering wat kind of amp will sound the best?
Value in cash or trade?
Looking for new subs in 2002 Toyota Camry?
Would this ported box work well with these subs?
I need major car electronics help??
How good/bad of a job does Best Buy do installing car stereo faceplates?
Car subwoofers smoking i inc power b4 it happend they work normally when i lowered power but what happened?
radio in nissan wont show any power.?
why did my factory system seem to have more bass than my new system?
Trying to match amp and subs?
what amplifier i need for a 12'' eclipse 88120ti sub woofer?
What amp do you recommend using with my speakers?
Is my Cd Player broken In my Car?
Alpine SWX-1043D 10" 3000W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer?
speaker system question?
Car Audio Advise please?
Front Speaker Issues - 2009 Cobalt LS?
How to fix a car CD player?
what are the best subwoofer?
How do I make my trunk stop rattling?
doe's any1 know the code for a rover 414i radio. it wont play and needs a 4 digit code?
Where could I get my car speakers installed?
Do You Hate It When People Blast There Speakers?
What is the best type of subwoffer?
Ford Ka - switch tape deck for CD Player?
whats the best way to wire a Dual 6ohm sub?
Where can I get seat covers for my Ford Ranger 60/40 split seat?
I want to install an Amateur Radio 2M/440 mobile transceiver in a car?
Would a 2400 watt rockford fosgate punch amp run 2 15" L7's?
i need to know if this is a good set up?
i need help with a tomtom one 130s?
I have a DNX7100 Nenwood Navi system in my truck, "power" works because I can eject cd's and movies.?
what does Ford RCN mean?
when you cut a hole for a 10" sub do you cut it exactly 10"s or smaller or larger?
How to pick an amplifier for my car?
my car stereo?
Are kicker subs worth it?
How to hook up a JVC radio to my Car?
At What Subwoofer Frequency is tuned?
is this a doable car stereo setup?
How to make iPod work with aux port?
Will this subwoofer and wire work together?
is there any other radio comparible to a bose?
What's a low noise preamp?
Quick question about hooking up system?
Will a JL Audio 500/1 Amp Be A Good Fit For 2 12" JL Audio W3v3?
What is a good pair of bass heavy headphones?
are these any good for speakers?
1993 corolla rear speaker size?
Can the USB vehicle Power adapter that plugs into the DC power outlet play mp3 songs?
I want to listen to my ipod in the car?? Please help?
Can my cars radio play mp3 files. The car I own is a 2004 Toyota camry, the stereo is a JBL?
How do you hook up a sound system to a 1996 ford taurus?
what Stereo should i buy, Alpine or kenwood or other?
Can anyone help me with my lack of knowledge on car systems?
Anyone have first hand experience with hifonics brutus BRZ1200.1D?
Does anyone know, where I can get my in car radio reset, as I have no idea what the code is?
How do I install a radio in a Jeep Cherokee?
what does an alternator do for audio? should i get one?
How to wire 2 Alpine SWR 1243Ds and a Alpine PDX M12?
Why do my front speakers rattle in my 1996 cavalier??
Someone help me please!!! I have a new 2008 Jaguar automobile. My Memorex C.D.s do not work properly?! HELP?
Good Sound System For A Car?
How big should the port be on my box?
Changing rear speakers in 2001 LE V6 Toyota Camry?
Am/fm car reciever smokes as soon as car is turned on?
What can you wire 8 dual 4 ohm subwoofers to?
Pioneer car stereo help!!?
Does anyone know where i could get a brain for a Clarion VRX935VD car DVD player?
I have a va audio 2200 watt amp and the problem that i am having is this.... ?
Car Stereo Speakers?
where can I go to download a wiring diagram for a rockford fosgate punch 700 wattX4 amp.been to R.F website?
Headlights dimming when sub hits?
problems with subwoofer amp?
CB radios Antenna Inputs?
im not sure what color my car is called.?
Ford ka 600cd player sound ok with these speakers ?
Why is my in car cd player not playing any of my cds anymore?
Best car stereo decks?
if a car has a tbs but no recall what does that mean?
I need to know what colorson my stereo?
if i have a 456 watt mono amplifier with two subs hooked up how any watts are going to each individual sub?
Help with 1995 Chevy Suburban Audio Wiring?
When are capacitors useful in car audio?
head nuit help?
Car audio questoin??
which amp is better please answer this for me?
were can i find antanna mask for power antanna?
Class D Mono Two Channel amps?
Subwoofer Information?
Can a single AQ hdc3 12 handle 2250-2350 watts for daily?
Where is factory amp located on 2005 Cobalt with Pioneer stereo system?
Sound system for Lexus rx300?
what kind of speakers his mids and highs?
i'm interested in buying a system for my car....?
What amp for component speakers?
2012 Scion xB Pioneer premium stereo system PT546-00121 question.?
do I have subwoofer in my car without amp ?
kicker speaker help please?
450 W subs 1200 W amp?
Which is large one volt or one amp?
what is the different between pioneer DEH-P9650MP and DEH-P9600MP (specification/attribute)?
What should I do?
Where can I find a dvd adapter or player for the in-dash screen on my 2008 BMW X5, 4.8L?
inside car speakers dont play?
i want to get 2 MTX 7512-44 what else do i need??!!??!!??!!??!!?
car audio 4 maruthi swift.?
How old do u think u should be to be able to drive a car?
What kind of speaker system will give me great all around sound with low bass?
how do i find the stereo serial number without removing the stereo from my ford fiesta?
If I buy a new car radio will I still need the code of the old from the old radio?
My radio has a rating of 260 microTesla's, is that high?
Would you rather have a Kicker 2500.1 / the MA Audio HK-8025X / or a kole audio 7000?
Alpine, JL, Kicker, clarion, JVC, Rockford or Xplod?
does anyone know how to obtain the code for my 95 jettas peice of **** sterio lol?
Improve gain on car Subwoofer?
how do you get from port richey to 4419 rowan rd in new port richer fl. 34653?
Can I hook my car LED's to any 10 amp power source?
Only true bassheads that have knowledge of AA, DC, Sundown, etc need to answer?
which car sterio is best for Ford Ikon?
What speakers should I get? Vibe Slick 50 or Kenwood KFC-E1362C?
ARE JLW3'S any good?
How can I fix my car stereo?
No sound coming from my car stereo?
Is it possible to install a factory, rail mounted dvd into a GM van which didn't come with dvd?
when the conservtives retain power again?
Best buy subwoofers?
Can I change the stereo in my Honda Civic to a regular CD player?
OEM subwoofer.?
I am putting a system in my 2008 Impala. Is this one decent?
Car aux tuner adapter?
Help with a 2004 toyota tacoma audio?
Can a Japanese navigation screen work as a DVD monitor ?
Should the subwoofers in my trunk face the front or rear of my car?
how do i hook up my kicker zx300.1 amp to my kicker 12's?
Do other cars hear rattling or music/ bass?
what is the best amp for a FI BTL 18"?
which amp is better for my subs?
will i need an amp in my car for this: InPhase IPS 920SD + Juce JS694 6 x 9 + Kenwood KFC-P507IE speakers?
any way of working a stereo serial number out from the car vin?
Is it bad to listen to music in your car?
Name these speakers!?
is my car amp broken?
i have a car audio problem?
Can anyone find out the code for my fiesta 4500 radio? The serial number is M157692. thanks!?
Car Audio Help?
Buying new subwoofer sound system, new advice?
Does anyone know where I can buy a pink sat nav? (Reasonally priced)?
2007 Honda Accord AUX?
i can;t remember how to set the clock on my pioneer car stereo. help!?
Can I Use My Subs Out of My Car?
Is this a good deal for subwoofers and a box?
RF:Punch vs Power subs, whats the difference In Sound And Vibrations They Give Out?
cd adapter???
I want to replace my XJ6 1995 stereo where do I find one preferably new if possible help me out?
What are the best low cost mids for a car stereo?
Putting a Port in a 7cuft sealed box?
help choosing subwoofers?
What is the max wattage for 10in JL W0's?
How to replace Car Stereo mp3 plyr(aftermarket:can be removd by pushing a button)with a new player with aux in?
Where can i get my 1986 ford f150's stock radio fixed?
I have a 600w amp 4ch I have 2 6x9s and a 10" sub do I need capacitor?
installing aftermarket radio in an 88 Grand Marquis?
Bassheads..Jl Audio 12 W7 or RE Audio 12 XXX? ?
Subs that pound?--------?
can i change the voice on my satnav?
Looking for keyless entry beep speaker or siren that is discreet.?
amp and sub combo advice?
Can anyone recommend two subs for my amp?
how can i get my car's bass over 150 db wat subs do i need . and will a mtx jackhammer do it ?
what kind and whitch amp should i use on my door speakers?
2003 Malibu radio install?
Which of these subwoofers is the best?
left front speaker wires are orange and grey whicH one is positive?
Which sub should i buy? Rockford p3's or Pioneer champion series pro?
If I buy a Ford CD player on ebay, does it need to come with anything extra?!?
whats the best car amp i can get for $100?
Where is the MP3 player input on a Mercury Milan?
If I have a two channel amp at 4 ohms then how many ohms is it putting out bridged?
car radios and how to fix it on a 1996 neon?
It is possible to install a 115-volt power outlet in a car/SUV (aftermarket)?
I have the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas And I need some cheat codes?
my car i making a screeching noise?
I need to know what to get for a kia souls audio system.?
How to do self car audio?
Looking to get nice subs?
How do i get the code for my Ford stereo?
anyone knows how to hook up audio wires from 08 nissan murano to a pioneer dvd player, please.?
Whats the big deal with low noise rca cables?
99 eclipse radio brackets???
how to get my sub and amp to work after a jumpstart?
98 blazer speaker install?
How do hook up my 1800W kenwood KAC-9105D to my dual voice coil 15" type r?
how do i wire up my subs to my amp?? i have 2 250 watt subs and a boss 1000w 4 ch amp?
With a choice between 2 12" subs and 1 15" sub, what would be better for more bass?
I need a car music adapter?
A good system for a single cab truck?
Car audio ? If i have a 12 that max watts is 1500/750 rms and the amp is 2400/800rms will it blow my speakers?
how do i get vomit off speakers in my car?
Will a US Amps US-2000 power two 15" rockford fosgate p1's good? is there things i should know about this amp?
i am looking for a siemens ncdc 2013 cd or somewhere to download it from as some1 stole mine?
which amp for 12 inch type r's?
Am I overpowering my subwoofers?
witch sub should i get???
whats the correct settings for a 600 watt amp?
Rockford Fosgate 800a2 amp, 2 grounds?
Car CD player will not play, but tones sound. Replacement will not power on? WTF?
where can i get sub box hookups?
Subwoofer setup help?
How do I fix the broken plastic on a subwoofer?
Car Stereo volume wheel problem..?
Whats wrong with my Ford factory radio?
I want to know what a Sony XDP-4000X is and if it will connect to any sony deck?
What is the best RMS wattage to use for 6x9 speakers?
What could be wrong if a car alarm goes off for no reason?
Why wont my car's cd player play a burned cd?
I want to know if i can run the Power Acoustik TS1440-2 amp in my 1998 Mercury Mystique.?
how do you disconnect lojack?
Whats the best 12" subwoofer for under $200?
Could I use this Pyle Subwoofer?
what to use to play music in my truck?
kicker dx500.1 with two cvr 12"?
Subwoofer and Speakers for Jeep??
Question about my sub box?
My 2005 passat stereo stopped working, Its a stock monsoon stereo system.?
wich fi audio combo would be better?
amp kills my car?
Problems with my car radio?
Why does my car subwoofer keep going in and out?
3 prong power plug into your car, how?
Should the driving age be incressed from 16 to 18?
How can I get 12 volts to my car stereo from a wall outlet in my house?
will the orion wasp.28 fit in my revo 2.5 ?
should my remote cable be connected to my amp from my headunit or from the blue cord?
My subs stopped working?
kicker L7 15 or 12?
what subs should i get with my new Rockford Fosgate Punch P500-2 amp? (interested in square subs only)?
My father bought a Toyota Prado 2000 w/ stereo unit NAVIKEN model NMDN-D59. Is it reprogrammable to English?
How do i connect 2 SVC 4ohm car subs to my home amp which is 8ohms.?
what is the hardest hitting speaker made in the world?
Voltage Drops?
Is Pyle a good sub woofer brand name?
ok well i have a car that has a manual transmission and im thinking about installing a car audio system.?
new speakers... anyone got some suggestions?
What's the best Car Speakers I can get, not worried about money? I want Something that will Break Glass!!!
How should i upgrade my 2000 Mustang v6 Radio/audio system?
Rap songs with deep bass?
What is a good amp to power a kick l7 15"?
What amp should i get of these subs?
Why does my car subwoofer turn off then back on when I have it turned up and I stop at a light?
what size capacitor i need if i run 2 square kicker l7's with 15000 watts and an rms of 750?
Why does my pioneer deck only play cd's and not the radio in my car?
Solox sub box?
Has anyone out there installed a hardwire connection for their iPod in a 2006 Matrix?
Cpacitor isn't going to help right?
does a stock 2000 monte carlo ss stereo have a subwoofer out?
None of my car speakers works after installing subs/speakers in the rear?
What is the easiest way for me to add tweeters in the front of my 2000 chevy silverado ?
I have a choice, the DUAL XML8100 car Stereo and DUAL 8110. Latter has MOSFET & 40 watts more for $30. WHICH?
2DIN audio system - full form?
Who in Dallas, Tx makes custom subwoofer boxes for Nissan Titan's?
I got a 2010 Chevy silverado and I remove the radio and put a stock navagation but volume won't go up or down.?
What all do I need to hook my amp and subs up?
Which car amplifier to power subs?
How to make my system sound better HELP?
Adding an amp to a stock Ford Fusion System?
Best of the best SQ sub at 500 RMS?
Subwoofer problems, i cant get any sound?
What are the 2001 Pontiac sunfire orignal speakers specfications or watts?
how do i connect a power cap to an in car audio system?
whats the difference betweet 2ohm and 4 ohm im hohin to get two 12inch kicker l7 whicj sould i get 2ohm oh 4oh
Speakers Subs Amp 05 Malibu?
12" w6 jl audio subs?
sound still appear from my laptop speaker even after i've pluged-in the headphone or stereo speaker. pls help
would it be to much bass if I mounted two 15 inch subwoofers pushing 2,000w each in a 1996 Dodge Ram pickup?
what music songs have big bass beats?
alpine thief?
I need help with all the stuff I need to hook up my system with out ruining anything in my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
car amp power connection?
My rear left speaker wont work anymore, the wires dont work, is there anyway i could straight wire and how?
New speakers sound distorted when turned up very loud?
what amp can take speakers and a sub?
good in dash gps with back up camera?
Where is the Amp located in a regular cab 1999 Ford Ranger XLT?
Subs and Amplifier Help?
What is the best stereo receiver for a 2004 Wrangler?
what wires do i hook up to install my kenwood radio into my 1990 buick lesabre?
Good sub-woofer for under $300?
What is the right amount of subs with the right amp?
Ford Focus Question Help!!!!?
Would polyfill make thos box the right or close to the right cubic ft for my subs?
What would make a car alarm continuously go off, with no obvious reason?
Suggest a car stereo to play mp3 CDs and connect external mp3 player?
My CD player is not taking in cds.?
is there any cheap car kit for amplifying phone sound?
how much can i get from this system lookin to upgrade?
Car speakers le when driving?
Speaker & Amp help!!!?
apline or pioneer deck?
Good Bang for your buck Subwoofer system?
Will 2 Hifonics Bx2006d amps Power 2 Solo Baric 2000watt 15" Kicker subs?
hooking up my amp power cord????
Need help picking a good semi cheap 4 channel amp?
new vehicle bad radio signal???
Best capacitor car stereo?
if i have a 1000 watt RMS 2 channel amp at 2ohm, will it work with two 500 watt RMS subs at 2ohm.?
What should i do with $200?
prewiring a in dash tv for dvd playback with out having the car in Park?
Car subwoofer problem, bass is off beat!?
What is the best 1/8 nitro car out there?
which amp is better to power this subwoofer?
Can I use this Kinetik battery that is meant 4 powerful car audio 2 power my car 4 driving,lights,music etc...?
What is the best sub for under $100?
would discharging a stun gun on to a cars metal parts cause harm to the electronics of that vehicle?
How to fit 6.75 car speakers In a 7" custom speaker panel?
low battery?
sub wouffer [idk how to spell it]?
How do I play my ipod through my car stereo without an auxiliary port?
Can I run the ipod through a car amp and speakers with no radio, using ipod for volume control, selection, etc?
What are your favorite cars?
antenna question how do you know when an car antenna wire is bad without removing anything from the car?
Whats wrong with my amp?
how many watts is a ford ka speakers?
what do you think the average person spends on his/her car audio system?
is this agood package?
Please help me with my amp settings (bass)?
Where is the fuse on my punch 200 watt amp?
Can anyone tell me what cars a Delco AM/FM Model # 9345280 will fit. Ref # is 60HFF?
Questions about head units, amps, speakers, subs, etc.?
wiring diagram for pioneer deh 2300 bb?
what web site do i go to that has free catologs for rims?
what is the best speakers for fronts?
What is the best amp to power 2 12" pioneer 308D4?
looking for a in depth picture of a deh-p4300 wiring harness.. have one and i think i lost a wire?
I have a problem with my kicker ix404 amp..?
How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy SII to my car stero?
why did my subs stop wotking?
what kind of sub woofers?????
Is a stock radio compatible with new speakers or a sub?
I just bought 2 JL Audio 12w3v3 subs 8ohms each and I have a JL audio 400/4 amp 2ohm output.?
5000 rds unlock code?
Why does my professionally installed aftermarket radio in my 2007 Chevy cobalt seems to turn on and off? ?
94 nissan pathfinder stereo wiring diagram?
how do i hook up the remote wire on my car amplifier?
will dual 5.25 inch 135 watt ts55 illuminite speakers fit into my 01 ford tuarus?
I opened a small audio spot I'm looking for a wholesaler to buy from?
How much does this subwoofer cost???
What amp should i get for my 2 12" Type R's?
Do subwoofer enclosures have to be symmetrical?
What would be a better head unit for my Chevy Avalanche LT 2005?
can anyone tell me how to set the clock on a 2003 Jaguar s type?
Does an Amplifier have to be connected to the car battery?
Need help finding a part for my new car?
Do they need my car for viper 5900 transmitter replacement?
Which is better KAC-7204 or rockford t10001bd for dual KENWOOD KFC-W3011 12"?
can you get pulled over for having music too loud in a car?
i need a new radio plz help?
How should I wire 2 4ohm subs to this amp?
i cnnot locate the fuse box on 1981 chev superior 22 passenger bus?
how can i bypass the parking brake condition so i can view dvds while car is in motion for my Dual xdvd700?
Pioneer headunit from cruch field?
my car battery died,and im guessing it was my speaker amplifier?
Car subwoofer question?
Can I bridge these amplifiers?
can you bridge this amp with these subs?
Whats tha best car surround system?
I have 2 12' kicker 1000 watt subs and 1000 watt sony xplod amp..What Kind of cables should i get?
I have 2006 eclipse and want to add additional speaker (subs and tweeter). Any suggestion? Budget is $600.00?
where can i find peel n seal? Acoustic Dampening material?
how many watts are my speakers in my car?
Car audio capacitor inquiry?
Which sub/ amp/ box combo is best?
In SONY car stereos, between CDX 250 and CDX 350, which model is good one?
who do you suggest for car audio?
Why doesn't my right front speaker work, after I replaced with a alpine deck?
I need help with my car radio/audio?
Car Stereo Speakers?
Can you run an amp with 2ohms and 4ohms?
I want a system for my car, but don't know much about this stuff...?
where can i get an adapter for a 1989 toyota camry for my new stereo?
to connect 3 12''W7, do tou have to have 2 1000/1 jl amps or one could do the job??
What amp should i get? I have 2 dual 4 ohm 250w rms each subs! ?
wat speaker do u reccomend that would have LOUD treble?
installing an aftermarket radio into a 2005 toyota prius and i was told by metra i needed a 68 ohm restistor?
What are the best name brands for car radios and subs?
Would two 15' Kicker L7's go with a single Hifi Brutus 1700?
install tv into car with xbox already hooked up into CIGARETTE LIGHTER?
what does sub-claim means?
Removing factory stereo from 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?
Kenwood Radio Problem?
what would be louder 2 12 inch sony xplodes or 1 15 inch sony xplode?
How do you get a factory ford CD player to work?
Car Audio Diagnostic Help?
what should I get first, door speakers or sub and amp?
Any car stero/speaker people out there?
What Kind of AMP should I be looking for?
can somebody tell me the audio code for my ford ranger?
If I get my speakers replaced in my car do they have to have has much watts as my amp and subs?
Car audio capacitor inquiry?
can i use a .5 farad Capacitor for a 1200 watt amp?
May you suggest me an english radio?
what do i need to know about installing an audio system?
What Is A Good Amp For Two 12" Alpine 2012 Type R's?
Speakers And In-dash deck?
Setting the input sensitivity on my car amplifier and subs?
How to wire amp to stock stereo?
do they have a Ipod MP3 Aux Auxiliary Cable at fredmeyer?
CB/ Stereo Question, URGENT?
Car CD player keeps resetting itself..... ?
2000 volkwagen golf cd player problem! help me please!!?
How do I hook up subs in a car? (Please best answer .s)?
How to use ipod in car without car stereo?
i keep blowing amplifiers and i dont know why?
I need a diagram for radio wires for a lincoln mark viii?
can you play bass boosted songs on subwoofers?
how much usually is it for someone to put in a radio for you?
Does anyone know what is going on with the GPS nav system on a 08 chrysler 300C,I have had 4 of them replaced.?
I need a CB for my Rig?
Radio code for Fiesta Zetec?
If i buy a subwoofer at a store that installs them also is it free?
Radio for 1999 land rover discovery went out?
theres a humming noise coming from my bose speaker and the system is OFF?
i have a 1999 ford explorer an i wont to install a afthermarket cd player?
what's wrong with buying a cheap power amplifier?
i wanna install 2 amps and 2 dvc subs?
Speaker BOX?
Is it ok to use car subwoofers on my home radio?
I need a wiring diagram for an Impulse RES-R remote start alarm?
where should i go and buy NON insulated wire crimpers?
I want to watch live tv in my car?
when you connect 2 subs to a mono amp how id the wattage?
will my ported box have good sound quality?
Just moved to tennessee and my pt cruiser wont pick up local radio stations. Need help?
bought a new pioneer deck from a friend but it doesnt have the usual wiring u would find at the back...?
I have a few questions about 5 channel amps.?
I have a kicker comp 12" what are the specs?
does any one know how to use a 1.5 FARAD 24 vcd max digital capacitor?
rockford fosgate??? the best or just paying for name?
Power Two Things Simultaneously?
speaker wire whats the best kind?
My iPod wont work on my Jensen iPod ready radio?
what are some of the best things to put in a girls car to fancy it up?
How do I install a new stereo in my 94 Toyota Tercell?
Fi audio 18 vs kicker s 12s?
what amp wold i be better off getting?
custom kick panels for component speakers...?
ok which one whould u buy 15''mx or 15''sx re audio?
Does anyone no of an amp that will power these subs=
Why is the back of my car stereo getting hot?
Where can I buy a basic radio antenna for my car?
How do Audiobahn Immortals sound?
I need help hookin up my ipod to my car?
Should I get a Rockford Fosgate or Alpine sub?
How to run wire throw 1990 Honda CRX door jams?
Nightshade or BTL?!?!?
Whats the best product for playing my ipod on my car stereo?
What makes this Head Unit so good?
can i run 2 amps going off same battery.One amp for subs,one amp for 6x9's.Do i need another remote wire.?
is my crunch p1500.1 1 channel amp enough to power my 2 kicker cvr 15s and make dem hit hard?
Brutus 1700.1 good match for 2 12in kicker cvx?
How to wire my kicker l7s 15s 4ohm to my hifonics 2400 monoblock 1 channel amp?
some kind of anti freezing exept ethylene glycohol?
Will any other factory radio work in a 2005 Ford Explorer?
Where can I get good priced car audio online?
Anyone who knoes about sound systems please help!?
Sub LPF setting 60 or 80 hz?
My car has custom stereo wires from a previous owner. What should I do?
Do Kicker CVX's hit alot harder than CVR's?
The girls have got the radio. the girls (subject ) what about (have) (got)?
I have two ten inch kicker cvr subs and a 4 channel kicker 350.4 amp is that a good set up for a first timer?
Other than ebay where is a good place to buy complete stereo systems?
how to have 2 subs one running speakers one running a sub?
How much are Alpine DDDrive 12 Inch subs worth?
Help me choose subs..?
I recenly had a new battery put in my car now my radio wont work?
how big of an amp should i get?
how can i connect my sub and amp to my after market stereo that doesnt have subwoofer output?
Do i need a alternator wiring upgrade when buying a higher output alternator?
is it easy and lucrative to start your on car audio shop?
What speakers should I put in my car?
Is the Kenwood KAC-9103D amp good at all?
1986 Nissan 300ZX stereo replacement?
What's wrong with my amp/subs?
what will i need to start bass?
whats a good amp for these 2 of these subwoofers?
What types of amps do i need for my 4 6x9s, 4 subwoofers and 2 6inch speakers?
Where can I find a full audio system installation tutorial?
What size subwoofers should I put in my 2004 Sebring Sedan?
2007 Ford Focus sound system?
Question about two subwoofers in 1 channel?
how to recode heidelberg radio in volkswagen passat?
What size wire kit do i need?
Car amp keeps going into protection mode?
what are the best "budget friendly" subwoofers for my car?
What could be causing my sound system to cut out at high volume?
What that rap song that has jamaican guy repeating what sounds like "one good law"?
How can I figure out the color code to custom install a car stereo?
I will be buying 2 15's and an amp. Want the subs to run about 1000-1500 rms. What's a good amp to buy?
I need help with purchasing a news stereo system for my honda.?
Alpine Type R making a rattling noise?
Would a kicker 08ZX1000.1 amp be too much for 1 kicker L7 12 inch?
Does this sound like a good starter car audio system?
front speakers of a 2006 cobalt ls. What are the watts on them and the size?
help with a head unit fire?
Which is better Ford or Chevy?
What comprises a "decent" car audio set-up?
JBL,Kicker,or rockford fosgate??
Car amplifier goes into protection mode briefly, then no power?
help me match up bass blocker for tweeter?
why are my subs making noise like if there on with no radio on?
can somebody give me a brief introduction/summary to using fiberglass on my car?
Have to Kicker CVX 15 4 ohm subs. They are wired up + to + and - to -. What ohm will it be on a mono amp.?
pioneer ts w305c 12" VS pioneer ts w308d4 12"?
Keycode 6000cd rds eon does anyone have the code please serial no: M555521?
Will my sub amp work with any 12v in the car?
whats the pay for a MECP?
I have a marine stereo, 4x40 watt w/2 150 coax speakers. Would an amp help with the sound and what kind?
Can I wire a 2 ohm and 4 ohm subwoofer into the same mono block amp?
how big of anp will i need to power 2 mtx audio 12's 5500 series?
im having trouble with engine noise in my speakers!!?
which car stereo is better?
Is this ok to do to my subwoofer?
I need help with the Rewards Codes (KTAR and the PEAK) for 7/13?
how to install two amps to one subwoofer?
How should I install a stereo on my boat?
do i need a new alternator ,battery or extra battery?
I just bought a mazda6. I want to add subwoofers but want to keep stock headunit. Help?
Whats the easiest way to install a 2channel Amplifier and Subwoofers?
Radio Code for Ford 6000?
Can someone tell me about vvme car amplifier..are they good amp?
1999 Plymouth Voyager Radio?
witch rockford amps best for 3 alpine type x subs t1000bd or t2000db?
Fuses keep blowing in amp..will computer fans help?
How can I hook up TWO Kicker 12" CVT's to a Kicker ZX750.1 Mono block amp?
Crimping wires together?
i have a 1000w xplod amp n a 500k cap n for some reason the car kinda struggles to start, do i need a?
Should an amplifier's ground wire be hooked up to the capacitor's ground terminal?
Alpine type r new gen sub ed voice coil?
mondeo radio code serial number is V004132?
Whats the best sound system for a car?? HELP!?
What are those lights underneath a car called.?
what would be a good subwoofer set and box to get?
How do I change my car stereo?
Anybody who knows the best bass for a car?
i found a cheap kenwood KAC-9104D will it work well with my 12" type r subs their 1242d?
Please help! what size amp do i need to power my 2 12in 2800watt boss subs?
how do you hook up a radio in a 1988 735i bmw?
i need help for my honda crv 2006 electrical wiring on car stereo?
I have a 12" subwoofer and don't know my nominal power?
the tape player in my car keeps eating my tapes! suggestions?
head gasket gone on my fiat bravo how much?
which car stereo would you buy?
A lot of speaker boxes are wider on the bottom then top, can they be used upside down?
Anyone know where I can get a decent 2 channel car amp max 800w for cheap?
Looking for subs and amp packages?!?
can i give a sub thats rated 1500w rms an amp that has 1000w rms? is the ok?
What Capacitor Do I need?
history of automobile sector in india?
i got a kenwood amp,and the red light on it stays on and wont was working in another car.?
monsoon stereo system question?
I'm considering buying the 2012 lancer evo gsr and i have a question about the audio?
Is the Alpine MRP M-1000 supposed to get this hot?
can someone help me with my new pioneer avic d3?
wheres a good place to mount a bass knob on a 02 silverado?
Would like to install a new stereo into 02 Pontiac Sunfire. Car Toys tells us $150 extra because of Gmos 1?
Best Car Stereo Stuff?
alpine mrp m1000 type r ?
where can i hook up the remote wire in a stock radio in an e46?
Need help picking a amp for my subs?
I need to choose an amp for two sets of speakers and have no idea how.?
Witch wire in a 2000 Grand Prix GT is the remote wire for the stock amp?
is it better to buy a new car battery or charge the old one?
Faceing subwoofers in my 350z?
There must be areason !!?
how do i install an antenna?
how to keep the bass from drowning out the song?
What is a good amplifier to get for a Sony XS-L121P5W subwoofer?
what size amp should i get to power this sub?
I'm days away from purchasing a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe, and don't know which way to go with Navigation.
What is the best brand of remote car starters?
after adding a new amp for my component speakers my truck keeps dieing help!!?
will this setup hit hard?
Low volume in passenger door speaker?
Does anybody know where i can install an already bought stereo system, where they wont try to rip me off.?
why did my subs stop working?
Can someone please supply me with the radio code?
What Is a Quality Cheap Ipod Cassette Adapter?
Is anyone looking to buy some car audio and dont know where to begin?
Is there a such thing has to much air space for a sealed sub box?
I have a cd stuck in the multi disk changer and it will not eject. How do I get it out?
10" subwoofer and amp advice?
My Subwoofer overheated how can I fix this in the future?
if i conect monitor my car mp3 player can i wach dvd?
Ford Mondeo Radio Code?
Can you play your iPod in a car without an AUX plug?
what's wrong with my radio?
i need to know what kind of glue to use to put back on the black part that goes on the outer part of a speaker
Do i need an amplifier for my boat stereo?
How hear Ipod through 2007 Chrysler T&C RCA jacks?
my headunit keeps losing its memory?
neighbor playing with a car remote to make my car alarm go off is there anyway to stop it?
What laundry powder smells the best?
What is my ford radio code?? I have the serial number..?
My car mp3 FM modulator giving disturbance when engine is running. How can I get clear sound?
I have a 2400watt amp and want to know what would be the best subwoofers to run off of it.?
speakers sound like they blew?
How do I reactivate Honda Accord 2005 LX Radio?
My car radio has stopped working intermitently. Why and can it be fixed?
Sub amps restart then turn off?
i have two ten inch kicker l7s and want to add two 12 inch MTX jackhammers. will it work?
Can you solve this problem of mine?
whats the best affordable.....?
how do you fit car Subwoofers?
my pioneer tweeters sound static when volume is turned up?
how do you remove the rear 6x9 in a 1993 toyota camry?
the cheapest place to buy car amplifiers ?