Car Audio

how do i reset my anti theft system in my 2001 ford taurus?
cdplayer for a 1994 mazda 626?
I was wondering if anybody knew the specs for a GSpot 1004T car amplifier?
does anyone know a real good place around henderson nevada that aint going to charge so much for a decent pain
Kicker CVR'S PROBLEM!!!?
How do I get rid of this noise?
do you suggest two 12 inch rockford fosgate or two 12 inch alpine?
1995 olds cutlass supreme stereo wiring diagram.?
How can I make my subs louder without distortion or clipping?
How stupid am I? What kind of damage?
wher can i find a operation manuel for audiovox avd 300?
how can i push my speakers back out?
what amp brand is better out of these three?
L.E.D's lights adapter inside a car.?
My stereo keeps turning of and on lately in my Mercedes c 204 (2008) please help !?
does anyone have any idea why my radio dont work anymore?
best songs for subwoofers suggestions?
I have a JVC CD player in my auto. There is a CD in the unit that will not eject. Any suggestions?
How do i set up 2 dual 4 ohm subwoofers up to a 2 channel amp at 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
how to install a head unit into a single speaker car?
How Many Watts Is A 1998 Ford Expiditions Stock Amplifier????
Why do my lights dim when my bass hits?
what is the high input for on th amp?
what are some good 4x6 speakers and 6.5 inch speakers for a 2010 jeep wrangler?
hopw do i measure the size of a car order to buy off of ebay?
need help with a pioneer 750w?
What kind of subwoofer will shake up the air?
Cheap and good audio system?
does it matter what gauge wire i use to connect my car amp ?
Adding a second battery to a car how to?
what is the best gps automotive system to buy? I need something portable not handheld.?
Wires concern on hooking up to subs and amp?
Should I replace my speakers or get an amplifier instead?
will i be fine if im running 4000 watts off my stock battery and alternator? will this be fine?
2005 Subaru Legacy, Can I swap out the automatic climate control radio for the same radio that doesn't have it?
i need some car audio advice..?
What would be the best amp to go with a single alpine type r sub?
how many decibals do i need to have in my car to blowout the back window ?
My speakers cut out when i turn my music up what is the problem?
What type of amp should I get?
messed up my car?
why don't my subs work, when my amp is on?
2ch stereo unit to 4ch amp?
Can sound come through turned off speakers?
do I need a fuse or something to hook up an amp in my car?
I have two 12s could Audiobahn 400watts woofer before i use them i would like to no do tha bang or slap?
sub box help..... please!?
are hifonics amps a good quality. or if not recommend a good class-d amp to run a 12" jl w6 maybe two?
How do I install an aftermarket stereo in 01 celica gts without the amp bypass?
do you like cars?
What do i need to put a second battery ?
what 18" sub to choose?
I have Sirius radio in my car, and there are frequent cut-outs. How do I improve reception?
Car stereo help, sound's bad but don't know why?
i have a brand new kenwood amp and two 12 inch subs all wired up but it still wont work?
Which is better, Kenwood or Alpine?
Big Audio Install Advice Needed - Please Help People :-)?
is there something wrong with my car battery?
How to hook up aftermarket subs and amplifier to factory stereo on 2010 Ford F-150 XLT?
Jl Audio 12" W3v2 enclosure help?
I need help from some women...?
I Hv a HifiSystm tht has100Wats Rms I WudLyk2 ad anovaSubwufa2 dis of bout100 wats rms wat sizeamp do i need?
Subwoofer box design help?
Problem with my turn right light Mitsubishi lancer?
battery went dead in car now cant find radio code?
What kind of amp for 3-sub setup??
Tweek/Customize 2009 Nissian Murano NAVAGATION?
How do I get to the dash speaker on a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse spyder. The speaker in the middle on top of das
Is it ok to overpower my subs?
I just installed a boom box in my car but when i listen to it loud and on high bass my headlights flicker, why
Is this a good set up?
I have a BMW530d 2004 model.The battery needed changing. I was supplied with a 90 amp Willard battery which?
4 gauge positive wire and an 8 gauge negative wire, is this a problem?
A "virtual short" condition at the input terminals of an op amp means that:?
my boyfriend has a 1990 honda crx. he has a cd player. it doesnt pick up radio.what does it need? suggestions?
what kind of car alarm security should i look for?
Explain the effect of multiple crossovers between loci.?
i have a cd player that will olny play certian types of burned cds how do i know which ones it will play?
Need help choosing a car stereo system...?
What is some good but not really expensive car audio for a truck?
would best buy let me return a wiring kit i already opened?
how do i install an adjustable output adaptor -model SNI-35 in a 2001 Grand Prix stock radio?
Please help with speaker box?
How to bypass amp on my 2001 ML 320?Need to install aftermarket DVD-TV.?
my stereo in my honda wont work without the code, i have the code but i dont know how to enter it?
Subwoofer wiring, help please!?
What is the size or dimensions of the factory speakers in a 1996 Jeep?
whats a good brand that sells amplified subwoofers?
wire diagram?
ive blown out 4 subs in the span of a month, whats could the problem be?
My favorite station is far away & is staticy & sometimes gets mixed up with another station (in my car)?
Question about mitsubishi cars? (sound/audio) easy 10 points?
Alright dual ssubwoofers they have good reviews but are they good?
how do i get a wiring diagram for my radio?
how do i fix my car cd player when it kicks off and on?
Question about gauge wire on amps?
could a POWER ACOUSTIK OV1-5500D MONO 5500W Car Audio Amp power two power acoustik 15 inch RMS 2800 watt?
Car Amplifer????
I have 2 15" kicker solo baric L7 subs can i run these on a kickerzx2500.1?
I need help with my car stereo?
What would be the best Amplifier for a Power Acoustik Mofo-12?
how are amps from rockford fostage? and How about alpine?
What is the best brand/price for subwoofers and amplifiers?
Do subwoofers drain petrol in a car?
Are these speakers good for metal?
What is this life whant from us ?
How can you test a 1 farad capacitor?
Amp to car head unit; remote on wire is working oppossite way around.?
Car Stereo help ground wire not found?
How do i take the factory radio out of a chevy truck and put a ford mustang cd player in?
On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate Bush's speech?
How do I connect a Creative MP3 player in a toyota matrix (2004)?
do u hearth about ngv gases?
Installing 2 amps in a car help?
Is there a aftermarket xm radio that has xm built into it without having to buy little boxes and harnesses?
I want to upgrade my subs opinions plz?
how should i run the speaker wires? in car stereo installation with amps?
My aux jack is broken, how can i replace it?
How hard can a 5 inch subwoofer possibly hit?
where can i get a box or bracket to install a subwoofer IN the back of my seats?
Hi, Changed the battery on my Ford focus and now the stereo needs a code, my serial number is M160815, please?
my keycode radio for my w reg ford focus is locked. its flashing a code X165ABC what does this mean?
How much for my system?
Best subs for this amplifier?
How hard is it to remove a casette player from a '93 Corolla and install a CD deck?
I have a 1991 Ford Escort LX. What is the color code?
ok japan just got this brand new car and they said america will never be able 2 get it and its 2500 dollars?
I have 2 10inch subs in my car and?
Fiat Punto mk1 cassette changer...?
My car just died because of the amp being on 2 days straight how can i shut if off?
my subs in my car?
Wires good, Subs good,Amp works..#2?
How do you take the carpet off the back deck in a 2000 Concorde to replace OEM speakers?
Would i be able to install a 525 watt subwoofer in a BMW 328 1998 without use of an amplifier?
is there a aux input in 2005 trail blazer factory stereo?
How loud/good do you think these subwoofers are?
Mixing different brand door speakers?
What should I do for a box?
How can I find a code for a panasonic cqvad7300u cd player?
Sub not getting bass, help?
Aftermarket radio harness for 2009 ford Mustang? Why cant i find one?
Backlight on the pioneer car gps is out?
Does amp brand really matter?
What is the obsession with the L7?
Where can I get a cd changer for my car?
radio keeps shutting down and back on?
amp impedance question?
I bought a bigger AMP for my subs, but when I hooked it up it sounded terrible, why?
average price of new stereo?
I have an Alpine IVA-W200 Head Unit in my car and would like to use an auxillary input...?
wat is a good sound system for my mercucy grandmarquis?
What are some good subs and amps that go together?
Car Sub-Woofer Questions?
MTX dual road thunder 12" what's a good price?
this new brand "BOSS" on car stereo equipment, does anybody know anything about it? is it good? is it bad?
Fuse for cigarette lighter?
what can u put in a speaker box for more beat?
Can i hook a 200 watts RMS Subs to a JBL CS60.2 - JBL 2 Ch 120 Watt Full Range Amplifier ?
what are some good reasons i can tell my parents so they will let me get subs?
Is it hard to hook up an amp to ur speakers?
Power wire for subwoofer system isnt working?
How to get my car adaptor to work?
How to tune an amplifier without blowing my subwoofer/s?
i have a new pioneer sterio for my car and i had a few questions on how to fine tune some settings?
99 Suzuki Esteem has 4 alternators since i bought this car what is the problem here?
what is the best subwoofer and amp combination at a reasonable price?
Honda Del Sol radio - removed from car - need a unlocking code to reactivate?
Subwoofer making a constant popping sound?
I have these 300 watt roadmaster speakers that i dont know where to hook them up to.?
using tape adapter for car, I have to turn speakers all the way up, is this normal?
What is the Best in dash stereo?
can i use my b us audio jack to listen to music ?
2002 Honda civic lx coupe interior neon install help?
What do i need for subs?
Need some car help ASAP?
What type of amp should i get for a 1200 watt Sony Xplod Subwoofer?
I have around $300 for a new system, What would you do?
I'm looking for a good and cheap GPS system for my car ? Any help would be grate full?
Do I need a crossover between subwoofer amplifier and the subwoofer?
What subwoofer setup will be louder?
Would this amp work with my sub?
do i need speakers or sub woofers? i want to increase the sound of my music in my car now i just want to?
How do i get my bass up?
Audio system for a 2007 Toyota Yaris?
Broken aux port for my car radio?
which wires positive on a AC plug?
will 2 15" L7s bang really hard in my 2005 chevy impala trunk with dynamat?
how do i fit a cd player to a 1993 toyota carina e? is it difficult or should i get someone to do it for me?
what is my ford radio code?
Is it safe to connect an iPod to my car stereo?
Kenwood KDC-135, does it play mp3 players?
Confused about Ohms and quality. Rockford Fosgate?
What is your dream car and why?
Why am i blowing my parking lamps fuse in my XR6 When i wiring up my new audio system?
Do cars with powerful subwoofers often end up with a dead battery?
what sat nav?
What product is this? (see details)?
This amp with this sub?
What size amp for 2 12 in subwoofers?
what are the colors for my speaker wires on the back of my car stereo in my 2001 buick century?
nissan factory stereo 1995?
How should I tune my system?
What subs should i get?
Sort of the Same question but an update?
Kicker vs. Diamond vs. Hifonics Subwoofers?
Why does my car amp get hot and cut off?
How to play pandora from andrpid phone to my car?
can some one advise which speakers would go best with this amp?
Just got my amp and subs installed yesterday. After 2 hours of cruising they both felt hot.?
wat guage amp wiring kit do i need ?
Whats the hottest car amplifire out in the market right now?
what are the good tagalog songs to bump your car?
where in aus can I get the speaker and power plugs for a pdx-m12 alpine amp .. fast ?
want to re-wiring my car for cdplayer?
Should i buy two 12inch kickers a 1100watt amp and 4 speakers (2 front 2 back)?
AC current amplifier clamp test?
How good/bad of a job does Best Buy do installing car stereo faceplates?
Is car toys a good place to get a system installed?
My Kia Rio 2006 cd/radio is showing ICDE on the screen after reconnecting the battery, please help?
diamond audio 1200.1 that i took out one of my cars i"m selling and installed it in my other car and it burned
i have a 5000 watt planet audio amp thats hooked up right but the logo wont light up?
How much is a Rockford fosgate 75.2 amp worth?
Alpine radio CD Receiver CDA-9826 won't play sound at all?
subwoofer setup for reg cab?
how many speakers are in a 1990 vovlo wagon?
Help with Axxess AX-ADCT2?
I need a speaker box for a 2005 F-150?
Is it still cool to carry around a boom box?
Who has had a radio/CD player stolen out of your vehicle?
Sup woofer keeps shutting off during high peak bass?
My Kenwood KDC-MP345U stereo isn't working. Need tech support, Please help?
Can I do this?
i need the colod code for radio in my 2000 chevy silverado?
Car Audio system outdated?
i hooked up an after market cd player to my 2000 Yukon Denali, but when all the power is on, there is no..?
Best 10'' Subwoofers i can buy ?
do i need an amp if i want install a subwoofer?
are these subwoofers good?
what kind of subs should i get?
car speakers info? buyin new speakers but i dont kno anything?
can you hook up subwoofer to ford factory radios?
what kind of neons should i buy?
what is the stereo wiring color code for a 1995 chevrolet silverado?
I have a 5 dollar bill with a star after the serial number on it. do u know what it means and if its worth ant
Which is better? a manual car or an auto one? and why?
what size capacitor should i get?
i have a blackmore dvd player 4 my car i get picture but no sound. what could be my problem.?
how do i make my woofers work?
I have a amp hooked up to my rear speakers and i want to hook the amp up to 2 10 inch subs how do i do it?
Head unit for F150 with Sirius Satellite?
with a dvc subwoofer do both sides need to be connected?
Which 4ch amp should I get?
If I use a old fashioned car cassette to cd player adapter and then adapt it to my cell phone, will it work?
why are the gas prises going UP?
can anybody help me?
i have my serial number for my ford fiesta CA03 YEAR 2003/ NUMBER -- M002911 , I NEED RADIO CODE?
How can I get the code to get my car stereo to work? I had to change battery and now it asks for code to work.?
why do i need a box for my subwoofer?
I have a 1996 lexus LS400 the cd changer is giving me a error code 22 can anyone tell me what this is?
can you help me with an Audi radio code?
I need some help on GPS's? What is 2-D trilateration?
What's better? Sirius or XM satellite radio? I'm a Sports fan and specially NFL.?
Subwoofer Amplifier question?
what would be the best brand of 6.5" speakers to use for a chevy sylverado pickup? not subs?
which amp to get for my speakers?
Is there really that big of a difference in the performance between 10' subs and 12' subs?
will 12" sony xplode subs fit in my sub box?
Car Audio Question?
The head unit on my newly installed stereo system dims everytime the bass thumps or beat drops, what's wrong?
How to use Bluetooth on Boss BV9562B (mic problems)?
aight i need help for what i should do with my truck?
how do install car tv and dvd?
Is Kicker a good brand of Subwoofer?
car cd hooked up right now no sound coming from speakers?
What is the hot wire on a stock radio.?
my amp keeps blowing fuses, don't know what the problem is?
best buy -circuit city etc. do they know what thay are doing?
Subwoofer balancing act?
some kind of anti freezing exept ethylene glycohol?
Car CD player problems?
What sort of wires do I need for my Subwoofer and Amplifier?
How do i install my pioneer car stereo?
Does the thickness of the wire matters why/ or why not?
Where's my radio fuse on my car?
ford fiesta radio code?
Ground wire keeps catching fire?
how do i do it ???
will this setup of subs box and amp work?
Ford Falcon EA 1988 Radio Wiring Diagram?
What amp do i need to get to push 2 12inch mtx tr55 subs.?
Why after factory radio won't work?
would 6x9 speakers fit in a ford windstar?
how to power the lights on my tweeters?
What do u think of Kenwood subs?
is it worth buying a amp/sub with this setup?
If i buy a Sat Nav in America, will it work in the UK?
Wiring a sub to amp. Please help?
Can any gauge wiring be hooked into any amplifier?
best speakers???
how do i boost my bass?
Jl audio jx 500/1 bass setting?
Boss or JBL?
What are some good pounding songs for a 10 inch sub?
Best sub out of these for under $$?
how to wire up a kd-lh910 jvc cd player to a '91 toyota truck?
What subwoofer is good with an 2000 pioneer amp?
help with subwoofers?
does anyone know where I can go to find out how to take the door panels off a 98 mazda 626?
Where is the stock radio antenna located in my Xb?
anyone have a car wiring diagram for 2000 ford focus?
im looking for a live car auction held in Buffalo, NY not done online?
What would be a better 4 channel amp, a MTX or a Rockford Fosgate for mids and highs?
Which amp should i buy for my 3 subs?
What type of amp should I use?
how many watts rms would a 4-channel amp have that is rated for 720 watts max?
i am trying to hook a aftermarket radio in my that i drive now it turns on and everything but no soun?
Amp Power Protection?
do an aux port can be used for pan drive?
Subwoofer and amp not working in car?
Installed stereo in Civic 2001 and dash lights won't open!?
have an eclipse audio 55430 h/u, want to hook up mp3 player via cd changer input. Please help!?
Car speaker installation question?
i got a 4 channel amp and my car radio has two sets of outputs?
Does buying car speakers made it louder?
What is the best way to wire this system?!?
How do you wire 2 subs to a mono amp with specific ohm settings?
Pioneer avic z110bt compatibility in a Holden Commodore?
Best Sound System For A 02' Mirage?
Legacy LA759 Car Audio Amplifier?
Battery died on my car now my stereo won't turn on?
Is it OK to run 1/0 gauge power cable along my speaker wire??
how can i make my system sound better?
what size rims should i put on my srt-4?
i have a 15" L7 kicker & wondering if i should get this hifonics 1000 watt at 1ohm good?
I need a power switch....?
sound system for my does it work?
what amp for my two 12 pioneers?
What kind of sub and amp should I get for my car for under 250 dollars?
Does anybody have this for their iPod?
Best vehicle for bass?
What is the best amp for a 12 inch Alpine type S?
does anyone know anything about bumper speakers?
Who in Dallas, Tx makes custom subwoofer boxes for Nissan Titan's?
how to i replace my amp?
Pin code for Peugeot stereo, HELP!!!?
How to hook up an amp and subs to a deck and only play bass through the subs but not in-car speakers?
I just got a 2006 F150 supercab. What are my best options for upgrading the sound system.?
Does the flexsmart x2 transmit below 88.1?
Rockford Fosgate P300-2 Amp with a single JL audio 12w3v3 Sub, best tuning guidelines?
I want to get two 15" subwoofers and a new amp I have researched so much about them but experience > research?
Trying to purchase a car cd player....?
Looking for a quality cell phone holder for the car?
i swapped my factory radio to aftermarket, the swapped back but factory radio has no power now?
How much is a Bose System?
2channel amp help 1 channel not giving me sound?
wiring cables up to cigarette adaptor?
1994 Cadillac seville stero help?
my amp in my car is turning on for about 2 seconds and then the power light switches off.?
Speakers randomly stop working?
Where do I connect a USB to a Kenwood KDC-X590 Car Stereo?
Wiring In Speakers! Need Help ( +/- )?
looking for the location of the factory audio amp on my 94 chry la baron?
Capacitor for my amps?
is it okay to have these speakers and headunit without using a seperate amp to power it?
What amplifers are available and able to power a kicker s12x solo x subwoofer?
to all people scare of dying?
why is my subwoofer rattling?
What would be the perfect subs for this amp?
I need Car Subs?
What is the best car mp3 music system?
Should I Damage my Factory CD Player for the Loud Woofer Sound?
The speakers in my tuck always start distorting sound at a mid-level volume. What can I do to fix that?
I have a Sony explod cd player and I have just got a sub an amp but i have no wires?
Cd player in truck not working?
I can't find out what is wrong with my subwoofer?
how can i install a playstation 2 on my car??
How to bridge alpine 3528 amplifier?
Which subwoofer should i get?
i have a 89 mecury grand maquis w/ a built in factory do i by-pass it to get radio/speakers to work?
What is the best recomended 12in shallow mount sub? and the best 500wat amp i can buy?
Which Amps Do I Need for my subs?
I just got a new system for my car. Name me some hot songs that will really show off my bass.?
What color neons or L E D's should i put on this color car?
how do u replace a stock tape player with an aftermarket cd player in a 97 ford explorer?
Car Amplifier?
My car radio is not working :(?
Should I run my speakers with an amp or not?
To put a stereo into a car?
What amp do I need to run my sub?
First step in buying sound system?
***Car Help! Speaker issues. New sound system and I am a rookie looking for help!***?
What is the Difference between Speaker boxes???
Will a bass capacitor drain my battery if it's display and LED's stay lit?
What amp should I pair with a Rockford Fosgate P3d410?
how can i get a job in Minnesota? where can i learn how to drive?
Why are my door speakers cutting out?
Still cant see any obvious reason why my amp would stay in protected mode...?
I installed a new cd player and now my dash lights are out !! ?
2003 monte carlo after market cd player?
How can I play stereo songs in my car with a cassette-mp3player adapter?
Instead of using my cruch amp on my subs where there's already an amp should I just hook it to my speaker?
I need to know the audio wiring color code diaghram for a 99 expedition with mach audio.?
No sound coming from my car stereo?
Why are people so into having subs and amps in their cars?
gas prices?
I need to know the wiring diagram for a 92 chevy blazer?
Blueprints for under backseat subwoofer box 1998 chevy siverado extended cab ?
What would be the best amp for an Alpine Type R 15" subwoofer?
What does two channel input in a mono amp mean?
Which Audio setup looks better for a Toyota Celica?? (pics)?
Need help picking a amp for my subs?
How do I re wire my radio so it doesn't need a amp to play? ?
Is it ok to switch up my car sound system brands?
How do I fix this?
Will double din radio from later MX5s fit into 1999-2001 MX5?
Amplifier draw from electrical?
Fact or crap, "under powering a sub will destroy it"?
What is the best way to route cb coaxial cable into my car?
Know anything about aftermarket CD changers--specifically, removing them?
What amp should i buy?
cd wont play in my car?
how man watts is a JVC 4 channel amp?
What are the best type of Sub woofers for cheap price?
I want to thank those who answered my question about a loud growling noise in my f-150. It was bad alternator?
I want to build my own speaker box rather, what's the best wood to use?
What brand of radio car is the best?
My car stereo stopped working?
2008 mustang gt head unit no power help~?
Will my bass system hurt my Cadillac?
Will these speakers work in my car?
Optima red or yellow top?
would 2 12" rockford in a custom ported box pound good with a 800 watt pioneer amp?
how do you unlock radio on 2000 chevy 1500 4x4 after battery change and radio says loc?
doe's any1 know the code for a rover 414i radio. it wont play and needs a 4 digit code?
How should I build the box for sony xplod 6x9?
how do i hook up a home system in my car?
Is there a device to be able to time my own 40 yard dash accurately, or 100 meter run, by myself? Please help?
Which settings should i move on my hifonics 2400 monoblock d class amp?
Buying a car amplifier cheap?
Car Audio Cd Player Question?
In car dvd Help please!!?
car audio powering issue?
How should I go about upgrading my 2004 tacoma's audio?
what can you do ona dab radio that you cant do ona normal radio?
How to replace the Factory radio on Pontaic Grand Am 2002?Any helpful links with pictures?
Why are my car amps turning off after 10 minutes of play?
why does my truck radio just play static?
Can i just plug in my new car stereo?
What size amplifier do I need?
What subwoofer should I use with my amp (400 watts x1 bridged).?
Install my naxa nca-705?
What should be the first thing to upgrade in my car to make my audio sound better?
Amp for 4- 6X8 door speakers?
we have 2005 malibu and the cd is stuck in the player how do i get it out ?
I have to retire my radio and speakers :(?
how do i remove the rear speaker and speaker grill from a 1999 hyundai accent sedan step by step?
Does the navigation system in an 09 tahoe have RCA outputs in the back for a subwoofer/amp?
why are not there any f1/formula 1 games online?
Are answers getting sloppy?
Can i add speakers to my doors?
Is music unlimited subscription service compatible with the Sony Giga panel Car stereo?
Speaker Output to Rca Cable Question?
I have a 89 Chevy Caprice i just got it out of the paint shop and had the interior to match i have a box?
Need help shopping for subwoofers?
when running wires to amp from a dvc 4 ohm converted to 2 ohmm does wires come off one side or one of pos on e?
what cd you got in your car?
Should I buy these 22" rims?
Pioneer DEH-4300UB will this support 4 speakers and sub?
Can anyone please tell me what size tweeters to purchase for my '98 toyota camry?
Can't get my sub to work! Really frustrating.?
What brand of amp and subs shoild i get?
Get Best Buy to Install CD deck?
If you blow a subwoofer what are your chances of having it refunded or replaced?
my cosra as started smoking from behind the radio any ideas?
Which amp would be better?
which is the best woofer for you?
whats bad about a panosonic car stereo?
Can anyone tell me where the fuse box is in the suzuki forenza 2006, the one with the radio fuse in it.??
info on a old car stereo deck?
I need to get a amp for my 2 L7 kickers!!!! I will give you lots of points!!?
where to install car speakers?
My subs will thump 2 or 3 times in a row with no volume even going to speakers...they also rumble. Whats wrong
How does RF modulator work?
Whats wrong with my subwoofer?
cassette in car keeps stopping and radio cuts in?
What is the most appropriate settings for my subs to get the maximum bass from them?
Need help with a dual battery install ?
Need hard hitting 10" subs? Recommendations please?
Pioneer avic z110bt compatibility in a Holden Commodore?
where can i find a good kicker for my cb radio
What hits harder, 2 12's and 1 15 or 4 12's?
are lowriders gangsta car?
is it ok to use stock speaker wires?
Do you have a toyota camry? What car stereo system do you have?
How much would a complete set of subs cost?
i need a wireing diagram for a 94 camaro stock radio?
i bought subs and and amp with a nice head unit should i upgrade my factory speakers?
i have a 2003 dodge neon sxt and in it i have a stock radio it stoped playing music?
where can i find a wiring diagram for a nissan frontier 2002 wires going into stereo?
what can make your subs sound blown on a ice install Apart from if they actually are?
is cerwin vega a good subwoofer?
How to connect ipod to car radio?
i'm looking to run a 12 or two what kind of amp should i use?
Which subwoofer is better?
Car sound system for metal music?
I have 2 pioneer ts-w303r 4 ohms with a kenwood 1000 watt max amp?
what are some good headphones that i can have my music loud and other people in a car wont hear it?
How to wire this sub+amp?
What stereo should I use?
My car sterio has no memory?
ma audio hk4000d amp?
What is a better sub an Alpine Type-R 12" or a Rockford Fosgate T1 12"?
CD wont eject out of CD player in my car? ?
I just bought two 10" subs, what kind of amp and box should i get?
My battery went dead, now radio is in code, please help.?
Will my 1200 watt 2 channel NITRO blow up my 2 kicker 12' CVRs ?
anyone know the code for a ford 4000 RDS car radio player?
04 ml350 radio with no sound?
Amp wont turn on?
I recently bought a dvc 2 ohm 10 in type r should I wiring it?
Can I use amp kenwood 720 watts with subwoofer addzest 600 watts?
I just bought two 10" subs, what kind of amp and box should i get?
Car shutter, to hide head unit/cd player - is it possible?
Is Monster Radio Play better than iTrip?
If I simply upgrade my battery is it necessary to upgrade my alternator?
I have a marine stereo, 4x40 watt w/2 150 coax speakers. Would an amp help with the sound and what kind?
what gauge wiring would you guys recommend?
I have around $300 for a new system, What would you do?
Would subwoofers sound better if they were facing the front of the car or rear??
How To Get 200 db in my car?
My sunroof rattles pretty heavily when my subwoofer is playing. Is there any way to remove this?
how much is a magnavox 1400 watt amp worth?
I got new car speakeres fo my 2005 pontiac vibe, I soon realized the stock speakers are rivited in.. need help?
Is this a good deal on a car cd deck?
how do i hook up 2 amps to 4 speakers?
car emblem that looks like a wolfe on it?
Will this be a good/loud setup?
How to install radio without factory harness!?
whats a good bumper sticker??
What Size amp do I need?
will bridging my amp give my speakers more power?
Aiming a sub towards the front of vehicle?
kenetik hc800?
My jl amp turns on but won't work?
What kind of speakers does Honda use?
Is a 14 cubic foot ported subwoofer enclosure too big for 2 15" Fi BLs?
Please recommend a great SWR meter to tune my Cobra CB radio?
how to wire subwoofers?
Ported sub box question?
are rockford fosgate amp kits good?
What can you expect from HiFonics 1000d amp?
Are Kicker subwoofers a good brand?
05 Maxima, I can't find a double din install kit for my dvd player Can i cut a single din to make a double?
Can you easily flip a TFT lcd for better viewing angles?
1989 dodge stereo wiring diagram?
do i need a amp to run one kicker substation ks80 in my truck?...or will it not work?
New Power Wire?
Is Skar Audio amps any good?
What are good subwoofers and amp?
quad 2 ohm voice coil sub wired to 2 ohms for a mono block amp?
how to make my screen to come out on the jensen VM-9212?
What Do I Need For My New Sound System? (Part 2)?
can a poorly charged battery cause car speakers treble to be weak?
i need the manual for Xsara Picasso radio, can i get one on-line?
Would it be possible to hook up my 5.1 Surround Sound system in my 2001 Prius?
I am buying a new cd player for my car and i am scared that the cd player isnt going to fit..?
alternator upgrade help?
i lost the code for radio, the serial number is M010038 can anyone help me please?
how do i get my in dash radio to play the songs from my mp3?
which subwoofer should i get for my small car?
what amp would you recommend?
I need help about car audio (subwoofers)?
What amp would you recommend to hook up to 2 MTX XT12-04?
my ikasu mp1812bt cd player will not play and comes up error6?
my cd player wont turn on all wires are connected and all fuses are good .?
How far can I push my sub without chancing blowing it at all?
Will a 12v wall charger keep a 12v car battery charged wail i use my amp on it?
Speakers, Chevy cavelier?
Amp wiring kits?
Would two 6x9's without an amp give me sufficient bass?
What is a better amp for my highs a Kicker or a Rockford Fosgate?
is it okay to have a 8olm speaker with a 4 olm tweeter?
who makes the best auxiliary power UNIT for a semi?
car stereo expert needed please....?
Can you find the cubic footage of this sub box?
Loud music?
Car audio and getting the most out of my subwoofers?
1 New 10inch Sub and Box?
Need some help with car subwoofers!?
Is what they say about legacy car audio true?
i urgently need a wiring loom to self fit a second hand clifford car alarm system. please help.?
my car plays some burned cds and spits out outhers it dosent like wtf?
What amplifier should I get for 2 12" Orion subwoofers?
can I add an amp with a 25 amp fuse. to my fuse box?
installing nexus 7 in dash?
2 ohm stable mono amps??
speaker setup..will it work?
sound on GM vehicles DVD player?
what is the best sub for rock music?
need help balancing out my subs?
What I some really bassy hip-hop for subs in your car?
learning about car audio [subs and amps]?
sub woofer and amp help!?
How do I reset my Python car alarm?
Buzz in car stereo when headlights are on?
My amp keeps going into protection mode?
How to bridge my subs in a box.?
How to get a cd changer off "shuffle" ?????
what 15"s do you think would be louder?
Somebody told me, my Kia Sorento 2008 can play 6 CD, but I do not know how to do.?
Need help finding a way to listen to Ipod over car stereo?
Whats better 2 10" Kicker L7's vs 2 12" Kicker CVR's?
What car? recommends for u..?
What would be the perfect subs for this amp?
is vacuum cord thick enough for an amp for a car stereo pushing 50 watts per channel?
ford speakers?
how to wire this sony sub and amp?
my 4 inch speaker sounds like a 10 inch?
How do you take the radio out of a Daf CF?
will this sub and amp make my car windows flex?
Is a Boss amp 2 channel 2000 wat amp good for a 12" 1200 watt sub?
Aftermarket sunnroof?
What kind of subwoofer/speakers are in the rear deck of my 97 lincoln continental?
how to i wire up a OAK1200 so im able to use 1ohm on the amp?
What point does it prove when someone drives through your block with the stereo so loud that your floor shakes?
whats the best brand of subwoofers?
What kind of inline fuse do you use if you want to connect your stereo straight to the battery?
give me your input on pap subs?
How should I set my car amp?
Does anyone have the radio unlock code for a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage?
How can I hook up my radio to an EZ Go?
my bmw stereo and navi don't work after i did a car wash?
i keep getting a p0123 code on my car. i r&r the t.p.s. but the code still comes up.?
2006 honda accord rear speakers how many watts dos it need the radio is the on it cam with when i bought it?
I am putting in some subwoofers, need help setting things up?
Where in a '00' Explorer should I run the wires for my amp and speakers to keep them out of the way of my chil
Stereo system in car keeps on cutting in and out?
I need a radio wire diagram for a 1990 chrysler lebaron?
Is it my CD player or my CD's that are goofy?
where can i find/built material to make a car amplifer box?
What would be better with a TMA 1000W mono amp?
can i hook my red + wire and yellow wire to the vehicles main fuse block that has a constant power?
how do i hook up a mono channel amp to two subwoofers?
What are the chrome things that keep your trunk from popping by speakers?
08 Taurus Firewall help?
what size alternator do i need for a 3500 watt amp?
No bass through car speakers, helpp!?
Where do i get good system or bass for my car?
dual xdvd8181 anti theft code how do i unlock with out remote.?
Whats the best type of subwoofer?
how to replace the ribbon cable in a sony cdx m8800 car cd player?
What is the best sub woofer?
Radio code for 2004 Ford Mondeo CD6000 serial M041959?
what is the best type of sub out now?
What's the best brand of 6 x 9 speakers in your opinion?
Anyone know how to fit a ford 6006 cd rds car stereo?
What are the best subs for me?
What is wrong with my car stereo system?
my serial code for my ford is V091791, can someone help me get the radio code?
i have a 300 watt alpine mrv t502 amp with 2 10 inch kicker subs?
iam getting 2 15" 4000 watt audiopipes TXXAPX15BL that run at 2 ohms and a 4000 watt lanzar vibrant amp?
Whats a good brand radio cd that will fit a 1996 GMC Jimmy LS?
Will this amp wire kit include what i need to hook up my subwoofer?
What kind of amplifier would be best for me?
Hard Hitting Bass songs?
help me with my truck?help is needed asap.?
amp remote turn on help?
How do you change the clock on a JVC KD-S5050 Car Stereo?
what is the Best subwoofer song?
How can u make the sub louder?
Will this amp give 2 of these subs 180Watts RMS each?
Why is my KICKER SUB acting like this? Ahhhhhh!?
cd got stuck in cars cd player, i got it out but now the cd player keeps making a weird noise, why?
detective conan soft sub?
1000 watt amp and subs, 800 watt hookup kit?
Help from Car audio enthusiasts----will a 200 watt amp shorten the life of my battery and altenator?
i have a turbo and it says toyota but i don now wat toyota is from i want to sale or install in my car?
Car audio system turned off while driving? ?
the best audio system for ur car ???
Will a capacitor help me?
What subwoofer box size!?
My car makes a LOUD weird noise when I accelerate over 40, I recently had a pipe installed in my C.Coverter?
Two amps???????
how do i hook up my kenwood vz-5000 to a radio?
how is a sony xplod deck for my car? good?
can 125hp power 2 1000w subs? if so how big would the amp(s) have to be?
Nightshade or BTL?!?!?
will my 2003 cadillac dhs radio need a secondary xm radio antena?
How to install an LOC?
Re subs 12S amp? any help?
how can i test to see if my car stereo is good?
What is the best way to wire this system?!?
How much would a good stereo system for a car cost?
What do you think of my begginer car audio system?
750 watt ts-vr12 smells?
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12inch sub.. anyone heard it?
why do car stereos have removable front plates?
Can I use the same negative wire and a different positive wire for two speakers?
if u have subs do u have to have an amp or can it get louder w/o one?
Code for radio.??? Mercedes benz E320?
require a code for a 6000CD RDS car stereo, serial number is M630494.?
Anybody know any songs/cd I can test out my amp/subwoofer?
bought an amp and light was red no speaker would sound. so connected it to my uncles and light was green?
hew friends can bass tube be used without amplifier my cd player is sony gtx270s pls friends help me?
answer to round 6 challenge #2 what order please?
what size speakers dose a 1992 toronado take?
is 4 gauge wire big enuff for a 1200 watt rms amp?
Which is the best amplifier for a psw812j subwoofer?
Installing amp to factory head unit help?
were can i download a diagram of fordf-250 radio?
Will a 45W x 4 head unit work with a 6 speaker car?
what size speakers ford 2000 expedition Eddie bower ?
Aftermarket Stereo Install Problem!?
What pioneer deck puts out the most volume?
The loudest subwoofers!!!?
where can i find/built material to make a car amplifer box?
How can i set up my JL audio 15in subs?
what does it mean to have a subwoofer broken in?
hi how can i stop the aulitnator noise trough my speakers ive tried a surpressor but it didnt work?
do i need a amp to run one kicker substation ks80 in my truck?...or will it not work?
lookin for wire code to put in car stero 88 ford tempo?
how much should i sale my orion amp for?
Alternator upgrade for sound system?
why does my neon say no bus when i turn on the radio?
I need a magazine for my 6 disc changer?
What else do I need for my car sound system?
Are all sat navs and car Cd players, compatible with all cars?
HELP! Need to adjust trunk lid?
What is a good stereo system set-up?
What is the best freq. set for a Kenwood KFC-W3013PS subwoofer ( Need A Pro. Help )?
How can I install an amp in my G35?
Does shud be my car to activate my XM radio or I can use my details in another sone?
how to use pioneer avic d1?
Best amp to push 4 12"s? ?
anyone selling a ford CD player for a 2001 mondeo?
I Want to buy car audio system in chennai in the price of Rs.3500-5500?
How do you remove a stereo from a Eunos Roadster?
speaker distortion?
I am putting a system in my 2008 Impala. Is this one decent?
how can i get my radio code for my "99 Lexus?
What kind of car is it in the background?
What does a bass cap do? Do I need one?
Sub woofers from computer to car?
How Much Does It Cost To Have A radio With Speakers Installed?
how do i stop my speakers from rattling?
would it be worth it?
real good cheap amp for 2 re audio se 15s?
What are the top 3 car stereo makers?
One 15" or two 12's??
keep my box or build a new one?
can you give me some acne remadies?
Backup Camera Installation?
my car speakers stopped working after i tried to hook them up to a amp, (aftermarket)?
what automakers offer sirius radios in there cars?
Basic wiring question for subs and amp?
I have all of these except the Kenwood head unit, but I'm ordering it today?
what do yopu call a song played on an automobile radio?
1999 Suburban In-Ceiling Speakers Tweeters only?
Car radio code for 1991 Volvo 940 SE. Does anyone have?
I have a 2001 VW Golf with an OEM Gamma Stereo and want to connect my iPod to it can i do it on a budget?
what's the ideal amplifier for TWO JL Audio 10W3v3-4 (4ohms)?
How long does it take to break in new subwoofers?
how much does it cost to redo your car interior speakers?
are my subs 1 ohm stable???
What kind of amp would be good and sound good for my 2 15inch Kicker Subwoofers?
when running wires to amp from a dvc 4 ohm converted to 2 ohmm does wires come off one side or one of pos on e?
Need 98 Explorer Sport stereo wiring diagram!?
Subwoofer connection help.?
Would it be possable to fit 4 18s in a dodge charger plus all the batteries and amps?
Why car radio shuts off?
online car audio stores in canada?
I'm reading nothing out of the leads on my woofer, but the coil isn't seized.?
what are good subs and what do i need to have them?
i have a jvc kd-avx2 i would like to know if there is a sat nav attachment available?
My Car Audio does not play mp3, when i convert it to CDA it still does not play it. Please advice?
does anyone know how to remove a opel radio from an astra i have removed the grub screws but it wont shift?
I am putting a system in my 2008 Impala. Is this one decent?
what are the differences in mono amp and 2 channel bridged amp?
subwoofer and amp help?
How do i stop the trunk rattle on a 1991 Honda Accord Ex?
Kicker L3 ,10in-sub in a sealed custom fiberglass box getting a second one.Which kicker amp to power both?
how do i get my signal wires from the battery to the amp and box in my trunk?
can i build a sub woofer system at 120 dollars for my car?
I bought this stereo at walmart but dont know if I can return it?
I have 2 12" kicker CVR subs and i need to know what amp to use?
Subs cut out when the gain is only at half. Please help!?
What amp should I go with?
How do you tune your amplifier?
some sub/stereo help?
headlights still dimming?
ported or non ported?
Why won't my car stereo work?
I`m looking for a 20 pin connector for a Jensen car CD player where can I find 1 cheap New or used.None onEbay
If I get a 2 channel amp how should I wire my subs to get the max power from the amp.?
i need help wiring my car audio, VDASSS@YAHOO.COM?
I need the code for a Ford 5000 RDS eon stereo M184256 please?
I want to install the best possible subwoofer system in my Benz...loud enough to wake the dead. Suggestions?
I have 6 1/2" Polk Audio DXi650's 55w RMS x 4 speakers. whats a good/cheap amp that can power these with good?
How do you make a box for subwoofers?
what amp should i get for a rocksford fosgate Punch 12" 4-Ohm single subwoofer?
How do you wire a 4ohm sub to 1ohm?
how to wire 4 ohm L7 15 and 2 ohm l7 15 to Hifonics Colosuss?
My son hooked up 3 10" subwoofers and a 350 watt amplifer...?
How do I know where to shop online for a car stereo?!?
possible blown speaker?
where do i find 300 circut breaker for my 3500 wait amp?
My speedometer, radio not working. fuse?
parasitic alternator loss?
What can I do to improve the sound system on my 1 series BMW without changing the standard head unit.?
Rate mi truck....tell me wht u think?
How can I make my car into a 4th order port system?
What sound system options do I have for very small car?
how can i get my car stereo speakers to stop rattling?
Subwoofer Help ___________________?
Where can I buy just one Inline Fuse for my system ?
how can I install the 2003 s class Mercedes navigation into the 2002 Mercedes?
How to use speakers with different ohms from the amp and humming noise?
what size speakers are in the door of the 2001 pontiac grand prix gtp?
Need download on color coded wiring for 1993ford mustang lx car stereo?
I was wondering if anyone could get me a radio code for a 93' 100s gamma radio for an audi?
changing cobalt ss stereo?
car audio - component speakers front and rear? or mids in rear? THANKS?
In this circuit,how to calculatethe value ofR3(100 ohm)?
what should i do about my power supply?
connect ipod to car PLEASE HELP?
Car Stereo system question?
Can anyone help me with a Car System?
Need a car adaptor for Nortech Navigator system E-GPS010. Where can I find one?
Does any one know the measurements for a sealed box for two Kicker L7's?
2 12"subs or 1 15? What should i get?
One sub hits harder than two subs?
Is the Cobra DX IV a good CB radio?
alpine type r amp selection?
What speaker system do I need?!?!?
2 subwoofers vs 4 subwoofers question?
How to get stuck CD out of CD player in 2006 Nissen xtera?
Will someone hook me up with a car?
Why does my car stereo (detachable face) power off when the face part gets pressed lightly?
will my aftermarket stereo sound better?
I need the Ford KA radio code?
Are Sony head units in a car very good?
How do you fix a car radio that was set to off after my battery died?
Honda CRX stereo stopped working...?
HID help for 2004 dodge dakota?
My radio want come on after my battery was changed in a 2001 nissan maxima, how can I fix that?
whats all this about tree-hugging, then?
Hi-fi system in a car?
ipod for my cd player?
online site for cheap car audio?
is it okay to have these speakers and headunit without using a seperate amp to power it?
where would you be without ME?
2004 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo System?
I have a 97 grand pix, i was wondering what would you do with it if you had it?
Best Buy Installation Dept?
Is it possible to hook up one subwoofer to a two channel amp?
What gauge wire would i need for this setup?
whats the best affordable.....?
Why does my car radio keep turning off?
I am thinking of buying a sony ericsson w850i and just wondering if ...?
Is there a way to play my ipod in my '06 chrysler 300 even though there's no ipod plug?
I need someone who works on mercury sables?
When you add a 4 channel amp to a speaker system, is the head unit wattage included in the power that is sent?
Audiobahn atb10at sub/amp power cable?
I wanna use a CB but I don't want to sound dumb?
How do i improve my 12" subwoofer's output in my jeep?
My speaker system....?
Setting a car amplifier's voltage?
What is the best car cd reciever between 130 and 170 dollars?
what happened?
How do i remove a standard built in radio from a Rover 414 SLI?
looking for a in depth picture of a deh-p4300 wiring harness.. have one and i think i lost a wire?
i need to replace my radio in my 1996 dodge grand caravan. any suggestions on where to look??
How would 3 kicker comp cvrs sound in my trunk?
can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me? i got new twenty-fos on ma ryde.?
Best Buy Sound System Installation?
can you connect two subwoofers to a mono channel amp?
Why do my speakers in my car keep cutting in and out?
if i replace the stereo in my 2000 honda accord, will the preset and volume buttons on my steering wheel work?
How to install a subwoofer in a 2010 altima with the factory system?
why is my sub cutting out?
wich speaker wire is positive and negative in the back of a 1999 Ford Ranger?
how do u install subwoofers for your car?
I need help finding an adapter!?
Is installing a car stereo difficult?
how do pyle subwoofers compare to other subwoofers?
car stereo wiring?
A mistake.?
my amp stopped playing? when i hooked it up in my room?
good rca cable to use for competition stereo system?
what is the actual resistance of a dual 1 fi ssd 15"?
what kind of wires do i need to buy to install my subs and an amp?
can u power 2 12" subs with a mono amp?
do you need a two piece wiring harness for after market stereo on a 2006 pontiac grand prix?
I have a portable DVD player to be installed in my van - where should I get it professionally installed?
what is wrong with my amp and subs?
easy 10 points for this subwoofer ???
I only have a tape player in my car, how can I make it play CDs?
rockfosgate punch amp 550 rms bridge?
what are the best car subwoofers on the market?
Can some one gelp me i need a security code for ny cd6000 player the serial number is m044947?
What do you think the best quality subs/amps are to put in your car?
What's wrong with my car subwoofer?
2003 Malibu radio install?
Why won't my 08 cobalt cd player turn on?
stupidly powerful audio system - small, weak engine/alternator/battery?
What kind of cars do you like?...What is the best car to get for your 1st car?
Subwoofer box help please!!!?
how do you remove cd player in a Vauxhall vectra 53 plate?
buy amp or buy new radio?
Which should I get, the HIFONICS Brutus B15D2 1400W 15-Inch Subwoofer, or the MA Audio 15in DVC Hi-Perf. 900w?
What microfrad capacitor do i use to install HID lights on a 2006 Lincold Zephyr?
waht subs should i get for a monoblock autotek mean machine 2000 watt amp?
Is 7 inches enough room for a shallow mount subwoofer behind my seat? ?
What amplifier would power two Alpine Type X 12's to its maximum potential?
Amp stuck in safety mode? ?
Can I put a touch screen monitor on my car if I want to keep the stock radio?
What is the best Radio/speaker package for my car???
How much does it cost for a mechanic to wire subs?
I need to know about amperage drawn?
the GAME...?
whats a capasitor for?
how do you get LED lights to pulse to my music?
Fitting cd player in my car?
How much should I ask for subs and amps ?
can you put house speakers in a car?
Powerbank p1000.2 anyone know the specs? cant them any where?
I have recently bought two JBL Gto 1202 D subs ..I am looking for an amp to power both of my subs. Any advice?
need cheap car radio?
I want to buy my boyfriend an indash monitor for his 04 F-350 for christmas.?
I want a new car audio system....any suggestions?
What size rear speakers, front door speakers, and front tweeter`s, does a 1995 Japan model Nissan Gloria have?
Looking for red/white (woven together) carbon fiber sheets..?
Do i have to have a box for my 12" sub?
Would country music sound good with the bass turned up?
What audio format do most cars read in their CD player?
Drivers License?
What should i set my gain, hpf, lpf and bass to?
can you make any sealed box into a ported box?
adding speakers to my gmc truck?
How can I install my Pioneer CD Player and speakers in my 1990 Ford Crown Victoria?
Which Amps Do I Need for my subs?
What is the size of the front door speakers for a 2001 Montero Sport?
Honda Antenna Adapter problem...?
Car Speaker + Amp Audio Help?
Wheres the best place to get car stereos?
If i wanted to install a subwoofer in my car what do i need to get?
Is there a dash kit for an aftermarket headunit for a 2003 Taurus SES?
can i switch out speakers from my car?
What are the best quality subwoofers and amps out there?
What is the best suggested amp for 2 12" cvr kicker 122's?
Pioneer stereo won't power on after jump starting my car ?
what's best sat nav available?
I have the Pioneer dvd/navigation system. Can it be rigged to play dvd's again??
what are the best subwoofers out now to buy?
Are 12" Pyramid Royal Red Subwoofers worth buying?
I am debating between three car stereo systems, which should I buy???
how many people have died playing world of war craft?
my car stereo head isnt working?
200 watts cost how much?
Rockford Fosgate vs Alpine?
What is difference beetwen RMS and WATTS?
i have a 600 watt amp is that rated rms?
Where is the best place to loacte a subwoofer enclosure in the trunk?
I connected my power cord to the positive speaker port on my amp, no sound from deck but it turns on. Help!?
i want RF transmitter and receiver circuit diagram i want?
I had a cigarette lighter installed in my 2006 Mazda 6i. Is it suposse to illuminate?
Kicker Competition C15a Recone info?
Which subs should I get?
What size box do i need for my db 12" 2000w sub?
Subwoofer Voice Coils and Ohms?
What kind of gauge wire would I need?
Amp has built-in 25A fuse but requires 2x30A, why?
Car Audio Upgrades?
would this sound good?
Help me find info about Amp/Sub combo.?
i dont understand this ohm thing can someone please explain it to me in a simple way?
Question about my stereo system?
Will a powered subwoofer under my seat vibrate my butt???
Does the gauge of your remote turn on / rca cable make a differance?
Is there a way to hook up a car amp in a house for a car sub?
I need help running 4 12's on a 1800 watt mono amp.?
I have a 2000 tahoe and i want to hook my iphone to my factory radio and listen to it through my radio?
Speaker Wire I need Help?
My first car sound system?
i have a 2003 acura tl and i need the radio code please help?
My car stereo will not allow me to program radio stations permenantly- once I turn the car off, they unprogram
can a mono amp power 2 subs? if so whats better to power them..a mono, 2chanel or 4chanel amp?
Someone who knows a lot about upgrading car stereos—please help!!!?
Help On Amp Selections.?
power to front right speaker but no sound ?
Free Radio code for ford focus 1999 serial no M002221? can any one help me please?