Car Audio

connecting the remote turn on switch for amp with factory deck?
I want to know how to unlock my Geo Metro radio after a power failure. I followed the instruction and failed
Someone help with bose amp?
Where to find a car CD carousel?
Car sound system advice?
I have a car radio with a CD player, no cassette. Can a buy a xm radio that will work with my car radio?
what is the most rms watts to have where bass doesnt cover music?
Will these Subs work in this box?
need help finding cd palyer for car?
does any one knows a subwofer predator model pv2215?
is a legacy complete car audio system good?
can i put two 12" subwoofers and one 10" subwoofer all in the same box together? or would this mess things up?
Which system combo should I get?
Dynamat Cost For My Trunk?
does re audio make good amps?
sub enclosure for best performance?
I need help with my subwoofer?
LEDs flash to car audio?
How would subs sound in a cement box?
How can I put a nice system with LOTS of bass in a small car?
JVC player + Pioneer speakers.. Is it ok?
Speakers need more RMS wattage than head unit provides...?
kdc6070r in pajero - loose wires in dash and on cd player - what colours go to what pls?
Why do some people give the wrong suggestions in car audio?
What amp should i get for this subwoofer?
what are the wiring colour codes on a sony car cd player?
Does anyone have a Kenwood 10 disc cd changer in their car?
what is the best sub that i can buy wit max 300 $?
My subwoofer only play occasionally when I hit a bump in the road?
What does RMS stand for when it comes to Sub Woofers, and also what does it do?
i have 2 quantum audio Q10D2SPL subwoofers, i need a inexpensive but good amp 2 pwr them. any ideas wht b good?
need help on Kicker c18d subwoofer box design?
how do i get sound from my HD Tv to my technics stereo ?
I have a 2 channel 1200 watt amp and i only want 1 sub, how many ohm sub should i get?
Mitsubishi Eclipse Stereo Installation Question?
Kenwood or JL Audio?
I need help installing my Emergency Grill Lights into the grill of my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck.?
If I put my two 15 inch Kicker Comp. under my tonnal cover would you still be able to hear it in the truck?
What car stereos can display the artist/song name while listening to an FM station?
whats a good stereo for around $120-$140 that will allow me to shut the subs off from the stereo?
What colors does the LG Xenon come in?
what is better a sony xplod or a cvr subwoofer?
Do you know were to fine a real web site for government auction in NC?
How to hook up a car sub-woofer to a computer?
how to install new kenwood deck in 1996' honda civic ex?
Is this amp worth the money?
as anybobody had an E-Mail from BMW saying theyv won a BMW car & cash prize?
HELP! What do I need to do about this?
can you replace a Bose head unit with an after market head unit?
Can I hook up my CB radio to my car's existing antenna?
i am 15 how can i push my body to the limit i want the biggest body i can have i take amp mass xxx?
What is the best car speakers to get with a little bass?
Im trying to hook up my dad radio in his gmc van but it wont come on?
If I upgrade from a type S Alpine sub to a type R will there be a noticeable difference?
Navigation research help?
car amp wont turn on?
what amp should i buy for 2 12in subs?
I want to have a remote car starter installed in the Pontiac MI.area?
Why won't one of my speakers connect anymore?
ICE - looking for Car stereo that will play MP3's from USB stick?
is my sub blown amp bad or what??
how to install a tablet into my car?
All Audio Enthusiasts????
i disconnected my car battery to charge it,when i reconnected it the stereo has asked for a code which i dont?
750 watt ts-vr12 smells?
I am looking at 2 1400watt subs and 1 1400watt amp would I need 2 amps 1 for each sub?
Sub LPF setting 60 or 80 hz?
Which Way Should my subs face?
How to play my IPOD in my car which has only CD player.I?
what do these amp settings mean? and do?
what speaker sounds better?
How can i connect a CD player into 1992 MITSUBISHI GALANT?
old ford radio cass 5000 rds?
How come only my tweeters work in my car?
pioneer avh-p6400cd?
Is there a more cost effective way to connect iPod Nano to your car audio system?
Bedroom amp for metal under £200 , 2nd hand?
Is there anyway I can hook headphone wires to my cars audio system so I can play my ipod?
Is it possible, to install a pair of audio speakers (from a standard CD Player) into my car?
ford stereo help?
Can I hook up a computer speaker to my stereo?
will a boss cx 1000 amp pull 2 kole fw-12 sub-woofers?
hd radio receiver for nissan sentra?
Rockford T1 Subwoofer?
Pioneer stereo info?
What is the best food to use in a food fight ?
i need a 1000 watt amplifier to push 2-12's?
Sundown zv3 (2) 15 vs alpine type r 15 (3)?
does anyone know much about bmw cd changers?
99 ford escort. radio works, no sound. please read as its complicated.?
Neeed color codes for 06 silverado radio.?
What voltage amp do you need to power 2 12" subwoofers?
I need help picking out car speakers!! Not sure what to get, can anyone help?
What mounting depth for a ts-w3001d4 sub?
TunerSpotter, you need to cease and desist?
Is my car amplifier going bad?
Is my amp killing my battery?
i want to hook up some more things to switches in truck. ideas?
What must I have and do to activate my Jensen VR185 to get sirius radio?
18 with no job experience, is it possible to work at Best Buy?
Amplifier in truck won't work?
What's the best amp watts for a 15 inch subwoofer?
Need help on HD Radio Converter?
cheapest subwoofers in canada?
4 15" kicker subs box cubic footage?
How to remove ford fiesta CD PLAYER 6 in dash without dealer's keys?
why dusnt my alpine 9812 give any sound to my car speakers?
If a amp says it can put out 300RMS X 2 channels at 4 ohms, then will each sub, if u have two, get 300Watts.?
i have 2 amps in my car. 1 for all my speakers and 1 for my sub.?
Is there a good way to watch live TV on BlackBerry?
How come only my tweeters work in my car?
Eclipse AVN62D is ESN Locked?
Am i under powering my subwoofer?
which amp and sub is better?
350z Bose sub direct sub replacement? whats the ohms rating for it?
Does replacing an amp with a new one affect the sound quality if the new amp is the same just newer?
How to change the time on a pioneer radio?
my car speakers turn off when i turn the volume up?
THIS IS FOR GUYS ; what fashion do you hate on girls?
I'm gonna install my own amp, how hard is it? What equipment will I need?
I am about to buy "MTX JackHammer Dual 12" Subwoofers" but i dont know how many watts they have each
Where can I find diagrams on different ways to hook up car audio subs?
what is the best brand of amp wire kits out there?
Is a Line Level Converter and an L-Pad the same thing?
What is the best enclosure designe for 2 pyle 12in 4ohm 800watt subwoofer need picture only plz?
What song gets you in the mood to drive like a MANIAC!?!?
How to install LED lights?
Is there a good car stereo out there that doesn't cost that much?
what is the best crossover to get for my 3 12" solobaric subwoofers?
will 200 watts of headroom be enough to prevent clipping?
Will a Crunch PZi 1500.1 Push all 1500 watts ?
whats better kenwood or alpine?
Why does my sub not work!? Please help...?
CD Player for car?
Ford 5000 rds stereo code?
My sub is not working please help?
Head lights for my car.?
isnt it possible to take altec lansing surround sound computer speakers (sub and 5 speakers) and put into car?
How play The King Of Fighters 2003/2002/2001 in my HOME TV? Is it possiable?
Question about bridgeable amplifiers?
My battery went dead on my 95 Accura. The radio displays CODE and I do not have the stereo serial number?
Subwoofer amp/ wire help?
will a amp eventually kill my battery or alternator?
Question about car subwoofers?
I have an amp already & how do i hook up another amp and sub seperately to my cd player.?
pioneer spl champion TS-W5102SPL subwoofer wiring and amp options?
Hands free kits?
Kicker 06CVX12-4 vs Alpine SWR-1242D... Which would you pick?
What should I do if I lost my 1996 BMW 318i Radio Code?
well my stereo in my 76 monte carlo keeps turning off when i drive my car.i wanna know if anyone know why?
I'm trying to sneak out, but my truck seems a bit loud, any advise?
What is an amplifier?
I know it's low end, but who knows about the quality of Pyle, Lanzar, or Legacy car Amps. Any Good?
I'm calling you out, HardThinker?
My zune won't play in the car anymore?
what do all of the wires on the back of a monsoon deck mean?
mercury villager w/cd ,and 5 cd changer but no control lites on radio or clock showing =is this a fuse probl?
I know nothin about car systems but i want the best of bass so what sub and amp do i need for under $3000?
Will these subs fit in this box?
security codes for cdplayer cdx-m6oor?
i need some Crazy Bass songs?
can i have two batteries hooked up to one alternator. one for my subs/amp and the other for car stuff?
How can I get a CD out of my deck?
which speakers i should buy, kenwood or pioneer for my car ??? which one has more bass?
Is Pyle subwoofers and amplifiers any good?
how can i use my cassette adapter with kenwood dpx-4020 to play my ipod?
Will a Polk Audio pa880 amp work in my G6 without taking out my Monsoon system?
which would you pick, Alpine type R newest model with 1000rms or two of the older model with600 rms?
Why aren't my cds working in my car cd player?
my amp wont turn back on?
wha are 1999 328i speaker sizes?
Compatible Faceplate for Stereo?? Alpine CDE-9852?
what are your favrioute driving songs?
What do I need to install a cd deck in my car?
is this a good idea to mount my amplifier?
Is this wiring kit everything I need?
I have Blaupunkt 10cd changer,what compatibility factor do i have to look when i buy after market car dvd?
should i get an 8" kicker sub for my car?
What are some 6 by 9 car speakers with good vocals and good highs? 100 watt rms range only!?
how do i store pics and video on my pioneer DEH-P7800MP car deck?
my gps screen got hit and now it is black?
What type of car amp will i need?
Looking to build a 12" sub box?
Speaker Depth Front Doors '95 Sunfire 2 door?
is a 600w 2 channel amp too much for a 12in JL 125w rms sub?
Will this power one 10" subwoofer?
What are the chrome things that keep your trunk from popping by speakers?
Can you put 12" subs in a 2002 Chevy Impala LS?
How to install my car subwoofer.?
what is the best product to buy for playing your music from the ipod over the car radio?
My Zune wont connect to my Premier DEH-p69oub Stero Whats Wrong?
Would this be the Right Amp for these Subs?
Stereo or Mono which is the best?
Instructions on how to replace factory rear speakers in a 03' Toyota Camry?
Why does my car stereo only play sound from the radio?
what kind of carpet should i use for subwoofer boxes?
Choosing front and rear speakers.?
how do i hook up the memory from a pioneer stereo system to a 1994 toyota corrola?
i have a mg zr and i would like to relocate my headunit to the centre vent does anyone make fascia for this?
Do I need a second set of signal/patch cables (4 channel amp, 2 speakers, 1 sub)?
Are Walmart subwoofers?
how do i look up aol screen name profile info without being a aol member?
how do I get my Samsung (GT55S-11T) phone to link automatically to my Pioneer radio (AVH-P2450BT).?
Why is really loud bass from your stereo cool?
Hey i wanted to know how many amps my 2004 Denali can have?
how to make a custom fiberglass sub box (step by step)?
have you ever heard of progressive subwoofers?
What are some good speakers for my car?
No sound with my new Jensen stereo! :/?
i hav a mp3 player is it possible to connect that to my car speakers.?
Why wont my car stereo work?
hi,, is it a good idea to have component speakers in front and rear of the car?
I plan on buying 2 Kicker L7 12's and i wanted to know what type of amp is best. also is Lanzar a good amp?
What size are the rear speakers in a 96 Honda Accord LX?
Kicker subwoofer 2ohms or 4 ohms?
help with my car audio system?
Sub for an F150, placement and selection?
i want to buy an amp 4 my car, but how many watts until i need to use another car betery to power my system?
How can I fight a loud music ticket when I have a stock radio and speakers and my windows were up?
Would this fit in my Corsa SXI+?
How do you get quarters out of the car CD player?
what are color wiring codes for a '94 chevy blazer stereo?
Is this amp okay for this sub?
i have about 2350 watts worth of amps im putting in my car do i need a high output altenator?
What are some good speakers?
Car Stereo Has No power?
Can you use cotton as polyfill for a Sub box?
I am trying to find the color code for stereo in a 1989 ford aerostar?
kicker or JBL?
how to remove the radio from a pontiac grand prix gt 1997?
How do I plug into my AUX in my Panasonic In-dash CD Player? (Car stereo)?
what amp would i need to push 2-15''SOLO-BARICL7?
about car navigation system?
Can I use this amp with these subs?
i want a good subwoofer set up for under $300?
where is the CD changer located in a 98 Taurus just bought the car it says CD on the in dash radio .?
Is there an Ipod adapter for '98 Civic LX without a tape deck or audio port?
Help my car will not start 93 Pontiac grand am?
How long will a yellow top OPTIMA battery last?(roughly)?
Is it possible to pull the stock radio from a1997 acura in order to get serial number myself?
How can I get the code to get my car stereo to work? I had to change battery and now it asks for code to work.?
Will This amp power these subs?
i smell somthing burnin inside my box that holds 2-12"subs(1200watts) whats wrong?
Can anyone tell me on a 04 rexton 2.7xdi se model what the bulb sizes are I have 3 separate lights in the unit?
Car Audio Set Up Help (Subs and normal)?
what amp would be best...?
will a grille for a shallow mount sub fit a normal mount sub?
Are there any car stereo amps made in the USA anymore? Or should I go mid 90's old school?
I spilled soda on my kenwood head unit. Can i pour a little bit of water in b/w of the buttons to clean it out?
car speaker help plz?
Thinking about selling my Hiphonics Brutus BX1500D amplifier. How much is it worth?
i have a 2011 mustang v6 where should i put tvs in my car?
What watt amp do I need? (I don't know how to read the specs so please be specific on how many watts I need.).
How do you stop subs from dimming your battery?
any one know a good car audio installation shop in SAN DIEGO that is reasonably cheap?!?!?
Would two 12 inch JL subwoofers be installed with a Boss Armour Amp?
How is BOSE 6" car speakers?
How to attach a subwoofer to Kenwood Stereo with 2.5mm subwoofer jack?
What do I need to upgrade my cars stereo system?
Can I install a Kenwood KDC-138 car receiver in a 1972 Porsche 911, and if so, what do I need to do it?
::::Can you explain this Amplifier to me::::?
My Pioneer DEH-P9800BT unit plays sound for a few seconds then cuts out when listening to a CD or the tuner?
Will these subs work good?
I bought and 2000 nissan maxima and the stereo is not working, what could be wrong?
JVC KD HDR70 car radio USB port stopped working?
Wondering how much my subs cost?
how do i by pass my security system on my 99 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
Can anyone give me the Radio Code for a Ford Radio 2003 Serial: M180715 ?
Tevion cd/mp3 player with memory card slot facia.?
Wiring from my amp too subwolfers?
about how many sheets of mdf does it take to build a dual 12'' sub box?
Anyone know how to hook an iPod up to a 2003 or newer Porsche Boxster's stereo system?
ma audio compition subs?
How do I Find the wires to hook up my cd player in my k5 blazer?
where can i buy inexpensive car stereo equipment?
Car audio system turned off while driving? ?
how to fit aux cable for tomtom go 910 to factory fitted radio (single cd player) honda crv 05?
So I went to my local shop and they were telling me a Jl 13" W6 would be louder than a Alpine 12" type x
97 jeep grand cherokee sterio problem?
There is a possibility to connect an MP3 player on 1989 Buick Century, equip ed with factory AM/FM radio?
which way should i face my subs in the trunk of my car to get better bass?
would a kenwood 1800 watt amp power 3 kenwood subwoofers with good sound rated at 400-500 watts?
how can i fix the wiring for my cd player?
How do I improve car radio reception?
what 12 inch subs r the best on the market today for around 100.00 dollars?
what are some loud 6x8 car speakers?
Factory HU amplifiers set up?
help with capacitors for amp subwoofers??
Kicker solo x subwoofer?
can car head unit dvd players play music and video simultaneously?
If I go to a drive in theater and use my car radio to listen to the movie, will it affect my battery?
2 12 inch kicker l7s what kind of amp?
I want to hook my Ipod up through my car audio system. My truck is a 2000 dodge ram 1500 with a casette.?
What do I need to connect my sub woofer to my car?
What kind of subs should I get for my 1000 watt sony xplod amp.?
My car amp is not getting power, why?
choose amp for car sub?
How do I or can I stop my car radio wandering off the station?
amp wiring wire help?
which car stero is the best .give me the company ,price n model number if u can ,please.?
2ohm vs 4ohm, wiring in parallel please explain?
Ported/Vented Sub box or No?
How many decibels are my speakers?
2000 mustang subwoofer installation?
Need help with tuning subwoofers?
im looking for sum good heavy bass songs for a system?
Bridging a 4 ch amp?
What sub should I get?
code for mondeo 6000cd rds eon?
My pioneer deh-240f car stereo ?
What speakers would be best for my car?
help me with my truck?help is needed asap.?
how do i "break in" my subs????/?
Ford radio code unlocking?? ?
Help with makeing a sub encloture?
6 1/2" Subwoofers replacing Stock 6 1/2" speakers?
Why does my sub keep going out if it is turned up too high? I have a Sony xplod stereo, amp and sub .?
How would I connect 4 speakers, 2/4 tweeters/component speakers and 2 sub-woofers?
Phillips SC201 Ariel is connected and OK How do I tune it No display?
Anybody have a Dodge Stealth? Do you like it?
My hifonics amp making noises?
lost my car radio code,?
I need steptostep help wiring my line out converter to my 2000 dodge Dakota stock stereo?
have you ever heard of progressive subwoofers?
How to remove a Pioneer DEH-3400 car stereo?
Can A Battery Charger Harm an Amplifier If You Are Running It While It's Playing?
Would a engine misfire effect my amp and subwhoofer?
What all do I need to hook up for stock radio, Kicker amp, and Kicker subs?
How do I get rid of the engine noise affecting the car radio?
what kind of car alarm security should i look for?
Looking for suggestions on a box w subs for my GMC Sierra?
how can i listen to ipod on my car's stereos?
what does the general lee auto look like?
Question about my Subs?
I need help with my subs/amp installation? Easy 10 points please help!!!?
does anyone know where you can find an online manuel for a honda 1987 acur?
How is your day?.?
Where can i find esy financing for custom wheels?
What amplifier(s) should I get?
What is wrong with my car audio system?
would this work well with two 600 rsm subwoofers?
Why doesn't my NEW aftermarket stereo turn on?
aftermarket radio HELP!?
question about my 6.5 components?
i have two 12inch alpine 1222d type r . what amp should i use?
what amp should i use for kicker l5?
can someone explain to me how a car sound system battery works?
My car CD faceplate?
can't find a HO (high output) alternator for my truck?? :(?
What car amplifier should i use for these subs?
If jesus was real and satan was real what car speakers would they have?
i ordered 2 kicker l5, 12" any advise on an amp?
Can I play my iPod through my car's sound system?
I have an Alpine MRP-M500 Pushing one JL 12W3V2. Should I go with a ported box or sealed box?
Are my subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers safe?
where can i find information on a pioneer DEH-P835R deck???
I have a Clarion Cd player for my Jeep and I change the battery now my CD player doesnt work?
if i have a dvc subwoofer can i get a two channel amp and set each channel to the each voice coil?
I am looking to get a new sound system for my car.?
how can i put sub woofers in a 06 Tacoma?
What all do I need to do a big 3 upgrade?
Peugeot 405 Sedan Speaker Size?
Is it okay to switch a house speaker with a car speaker?
When Will they stop making Cars??
When a 2 channel amp is bridged for one sub...?
Which head unit to get?
what all do u need for a car audio system?
I installed an after market radio in my 2000 Dodge Stratus and now have no bass in rear speakers.?
how would you rate audiobahn amps?
What is the name of this audio / exhaust system?
How can you tell when a digital capacitor is bad?
Can i hook up a speaker with a ohm impedance of 4 to an amp with an ohm of 2?
Why won't my radio work?
X993 not fit into 1998 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe?
Any idea on how hard this sub will hit?
are the MPs spending to much money on rubbish?
Best door speakers for Skoda fabia?
Best speaker for a 95 Eclipse?
I have 2 t2-12 inch subs with a 3 inch dual 4 layer 1 ohm voice coil what ohm load amp should i use the subs a?
What is the code for my stereo?
i have an aiwa cdc-r227 head unit. how do i turn off the demo mode on the display??
Fi Bl 15 sub with audio que amp 1200 watts Rms?
i need to know what colors connect when installing a new cd player,so i dont attach the wrong colors?
How can I buy a Kenwood dpx-6051mp?
school wants to confiscate my subs?
How should i go about hooking up my subs and amp to my car if i already have an amp for speakers?
Which subs are better?
what makes a good subwoofer?
Rear speakers are dropping out?
what kind of subs are the best?
I Have a mini Sub, can i install it without a amp into my car?
What is your favorite kind of car?
10s or 12s..?
what size amp do i need for 2 sub woofers 500 watts total power?
i have 2 300 watt subs, what is the largest amp i can have? what size should i have?
2006 sentra with rockford fosgate system, what color is the remote amp turn on wire?
i have no yellow wire in my wiring harness?
how do u remove the car stereo from a new VW Golf ?
System for Car???
is sony xplod amp good ?
amp wire help!!!!!?
Where to put my subs in my sedan?
What size amp do I need for my 12" Pioneer Premier Subs?
For putting subwoofers in your trunk - are boxes necessary?
Should I get a 10" or 12" subwoofer?
what is the best car battery for a stereo system?
i want to use 4 chn amp to power 4 speakers and 1 sub.?
I need help with my car audio!?
I've got Sony mp3 player and i want to use that in a car. how can i do it???
Are there any touch screen navigation or radio compatible for a 98 toyota 4runner?
Is a car subwoofer supposed to suck air in or blow it out?
will a nakamichi td-35z faceplate work on a td-45z head unit?
How high of voltage can you run a car audio amp on?
What Sub should I buy?
what is the fuse in the back of a head unit for?
wierd stereo problem!! Please help!!?
how do i charge and discharge a car audio capacitor with a resistor?
Looking for a compatible amp?
How can I connect a I-pod Nano to my stock Toyota Tacoma car deck?
My subwoofers are way too loud like you cant even hear music?
What is that cross over called that hooks up my amp to my factory stereo in my truck ?
What is the best food to use in a food fight ?
Vendors sub vendr is irrelevent to the purchaser. True or false?
Good/inexpensive amp that pushes 800w rms @ 2 ohms?
which is better?
how can i get a job in Minnesota? where can i learn how to drive?
What kind of performance batteries are best for mustangs with a lot of sound equipment?
Bridging and Paralleling?
Simple head unit with lots of speaker options?
what do i all need to hook up my subs in a car?
need help picking out an amp?
I recently was putting my escort passport 8500 radar detector on the dash mount & pushed the button too hard?
What subwoofer should I get for my car? Don't wanna spend a lot though?
Fitting C/D Player,Need Information on wiring on Jag Sovereign 1988?
New back car speaker problems?
is pionner is good or kenwood in the car stereo?
What are the best 6x9 speakers for sound quality?
I have a 1979 Mercury Zephyr. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get a cd player installed for it?
Why is my car radio not working?
Look for new system. need help.?
i just bot a cb radio for fun. it has a red and black wire to hook up to my car. how do i do that?
looking for the best 10" subs out there any suggestions?
Six 6x9 off a 4 channel?
i just put in a cd player in my 95 neon but no sound comes out any one no what it can be?
how to wire my car with this 0 gauge wire?
Ive seen i few s on my Brand new Sony car speakers!!?
stock speakers no sound first REAL answer gets 10 points?
Speaker system question?
I have StreetPilot c330. Anybody knows how to reduce sun glare (visor is not the option I like) ?
question about becker radio model 1492 in mercedes 1991 350sdl?
In a 1989 chevy caviliar z28 what is the speaker wire color ?
2001 impala ignition switch?
what will beat harder, a 2000 watt amp with 520 rms or a 1600 watt amp with 900 rms?
Would two alpine type r 12 Handel rocker fosgate r1200 ?
i want a sub woofer in my pick up truck?
why is this with a car audio system?
would a subwoofer in a sealed box still sound the same if i mounted it upside down?
Does radio distortion or bad quality damage speakers?
would the Kicker 08ZX1000.1 amp be a good choice?
dear sparky: how do you....?
What Car Audio Battery Should I Get?
I need some songs that will bump on my system?
Can I install an XM Satellite Radio into my car easily?
I need a speaker box for a 2005 F-150?
Car cd player with mp3 capabilities.... Can I burn mp3's as a data disc to put more tracks on the cd?
Need hard hitting 10" subs? Recommendations please?
Designing a portable amp for a2 product design, what could make it unique? ?
Toyota Echo 2000, what size speakers does the front dash, rear deck, and door take?
my truck radio ..please?
On a 960 watt SPL amp, how many rhm's will it put out.?
What's a good but not-too-expensive car stereo model that i can plug my iPod into?
how good are the kenwood 1000 watt 10 inch subs?
good amp for my subs?
I have a car DVD/MP3 player can I burn videos on to a regular?
Is this Sub and Amp I am looking at compatible?
Would my DC to AC inverter work for my stereo system in my car?
How do I fix up my 1996 Buick Century 4 Door Sedan?
my fm on my radio works some times but the am and tape player works all the time?
Van for tax deduction?
what do i need to install an indash cd/dvd player in an 06 silverado?
Can i hook up a kicker 10" L7 DVC 4 ohm and a kicker 10" L7 DVC 2 ohm to a 750 watt rms mono amp?
alpine type r question?
Whats the best type of subwoofer?
in-dash cd player for my suv?
how to power 4 ohm speakers and 2 subwofers 2 ohms?
Does a 2002 Buick Rendezvous have an Aux switch to plug my ipod too?
Is the F.C.C. going to allow XM and Sirius satellite radio to merge?
Car Radio Replacement?
Replace factory stereo in 2010 xterra x?
All time low - Lost in the stereo.?
Why buy a high wattage speaker?
How to fix my goodmans 4216s cd multi changer it won't play just says door?
My subwoofer keeps cutting out?
What are the best 10" subwoofers i can buy with only 4 1/2" mount space?
is there a device to go from 2.5mm jack to bluetooth in my car? my mp3 player to parrot hard wired in my car.?
waht subs should i get for a monoblock autotek mean machine 2000 watt amp?
How to fix car stereo reception?
Amp question????
What to look for when buying 6 x 9 Car speakers?
How do i know if a Car Audio system will work for my car?
im going to replace my cars factory speakers.. how much of a difference will i experience with some new brands
what is the REAL difference between 2 & 4 ohm? and what works better for what?
What sub enclosure should I use?
weird car in my front yard?
do i have to take my ford stereo out to get the serial number?
Zune 2nd Gen plugged into car's headunit?
i am using a line converter and it is only only allowing for one of my subs to work?
Do subwoofers need to be broken in (like new engines)??
What Are The Best Subs for My Truck!!!?
Help with setting gains on amp with multimeter?
does putting a sound system void your warranty?
Amp wont turn on, everything hooked up correctly with right volatage?
how can i get a blow off valve sound on a non-turbo car?
Where can I find the factory wiring lables online for a 2000 eclipse GS?
Double din radio fit my ranger?
do you think g unit is good?
q logic sub box for a 01 ram?
2002 Audi A4 rear speakers quiet?
Anybody have a Dodge Stealth? Do you like it?
auxiliary box?
Subwoofers cut out then come back to normal?
Why does my pioneer deck only play cd's and not the radio in my car?
what is ohms in a subwoofer speaker??
What kind of amp should i get?
What is the sharpest kind of car?
where can i get some good but cheap sub woofers?
how do you replace the stock 6x9's in a 96 pontiac grand am?
Can a 80w car radio be used with 40w speakers ?
Okay so i have 2 10inch sony xplod subs and a 500 watt sony xplod amp?
where can i get a good but cheap sub and amp at?
is it possible to unlock a car door by sattelite?
what is the color coding for a 2000 ford escort stereo?
99 taurus 6-disc cd changer question?
Would 2 12 Inch CVR sub-woofers run good off a 4000 Watt J.A.B. Class D Amplifier?
weird question about my RE XXX 15 inch?
How else can I customize my cars stereo ?
Installing new radio in my car?
Is there a house amp that does lows for around 200 dollars or less thats halfway decent?
can you hook up a house powered sub-woofer to you car audio?
What features of MDF make it better for sub enclosures?
Would this amplifier work?
What will be the car audio price for 2Din?what will be the car audio price for 2 Din?
Why won't my subwoofer go down by itself?
When you shop for a sub the recommended enclosure size us vaugue?
Is there any stereo SPEAKERS out there that glow with the bass, and the color is green?
Car amplifier wont power! Help!?
what are the 1990 honda accord compatible car sound systems-cd player/speakers,etc?
What are some good pounding songs for a 10 inch sub?
How to bridge a 4 channel amp?
Any way to increase power of Boston Sub woofer on jeep patriot lat x 2011?
How do I install tweeters in my car?
Custom car stereo instillation?
need help with subwoofers?
SatNav software for stereo?
where can i get car audio systems already ready put together?
i just got a radiohead...?
how can i find out how much a cd tuner is worth???
Will a set of Infinity 9613 6x9 fit in a 2003 Cavaler LS Sport?
How can I disable the 'Caution Alarm' on my Sony stereo?
what is the best amp for triple 12' kicker comps set up?
what amp do i need for my subs?
where to buy harry potter number plates?
where can i find dynamat?
I have 2-10'in Visonik subs How many watts does my amp need, minimum and max amp power?
enclosure requirement.?
is it ok to mount my amp and capacitor to my sub box?
CB Radio help please?
how can you tell is a sub needs to be in a ported or sealed box?
I need help with my subwoofer?
is my dual xr4110 deck good to use with 2 12in 1200w sony xplod subs with a 1000w xplod amp?
how to remove 2001 Chevy blazer rear speakers?
Infinity G37 Bluetooth Audio Help?
How big of an alternator do I need?? Batteries?
Putting a head unit in my 1996 Jeep Cherokee?
Car Stereo Installation Troubles?
which amp should i get?line 6? i want an amp around 100-150?
Setting amplifier gain with DMM?
My car subwoofer is loud and creates a lot of low bass? Should I be able to hear music?
What electrical modifications do I need to make for 2 15" Kicker L7's?
Could you tell me where the mixture adjusting screw is on a 85 spectrum carburetor?
Do Optima car batteries go bad?
Car radio wont turn on!!!!!?
can you fry 1000 watt rca cables by sing them on a 1500 watt amp?
Is there anyway to upgrade a Nissan 2004 quest's radio?
how to get best sound system in car?
Type r 12 4ohm or 2ohm amp + sub advice?
perfect amp for alpine type s's?
Which subwoofer should I get?
Alternator problem or not?
cheap car speakers??????????
How Much?
I put gum in my dogs ear...?
Why wont my burnt cd's play in my truck?
Is there a way to design a device (or does one exist) that interrupts audio when my phone rings in my car?
What if I have a 1200 Watt Sub...But I have a!?
2002 Chevy Venture Van Warner Brothers DVD System?
What is the difference between a sunroof on a car and a moonroof on a car?
down fire subs?? sound difference?
how can i use nokia6230i as a audio input to my car audio system?
Amp for this sub?
Would my car have a lot of bass?
Fact or crap, "under powering a sub will destroy it"?
question on car audio!?
Can anyone tell me a web page where Hi-Fi buffs and nostalgia collectors buy mint condition stereo equipment?
how will the memphis mojo subwoofers sound in a 1996 totoya avalon?
Can i upgrade my speakers with out buying amp?
Rockford Fosgate 4600X amplifier- need help!?
I need a stereo wiring diagram for a 1995 toyota camry?
How can I put subwolfers in a 1973 Corvette?
Rockford Fosgate vs Memphis audio vs Kicker cvrs?
Should I get Dynamat? (s best answer!)?
240w stereo 1 40 x 4 alpine 4 channel 1 1000w 2 channel how do i hookup 4 great 6x9s and 2 10s and one 12 sub?
Is this a good list for a good sound system?
interior led lighting in car?
Problem With My Car Amplifier!!!! (10 points guaranteed)?
Will this Amp power ONE ten inch subwoofer?
how to find out what the remote wire go to?
What is the best mono amp for two mtx 7500's? (Dual Voice Coil)?
Would it be stupid to get subwoofers for my Saturn Ion 2003?
Subs kept going out, HELP?
I've had the front of my JVC stereo stolen. Can I buy another front to put on it?
Can I have a CD player installed into my 94 Buick Century ?
Will Pioneer Coaxial 6.5" round dash speakers fit in a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?
About the father of containerization?
audio cables and some other wire in the back of my 4runner?
Will an amp blow my car's stock speakers?
my brother's question about sub woofers?
How do you remove the antenna from a 2002 chevy s-10?
What power amp do I need to supply a 12" Alpine Type R 1242D Sub?
Why do my subs keep fluttering on an off? Anyone know!?
i need ultimate help. putting up trip wires or to catch someone who is messing with my car.?
How do I set up my amp to make the bass in my car chest pounding?
can the cdm-7874 play burnt cd's, if so how do i make it possible?
Which speaker wires are which?
Radio code for ford Mondeo?
8-gauge or 4-gauge wire?
How to repair my ford focus 6 cd changer?
How do I change the speakers in my car?
how should i wire speakers in my car?
bass boost?
Subwoofer, amp, box 200$?
Car stereo problem? no bass?
what is the difference between a subject-and-keyword search engine and a mulitreaded search?
Parts for model jvc kv-m700 6.4 tv?
Can i wire two 4ohm subs briged runing parralol.??????? 420?
I have a fusion reactor and amp, what are the best settings for my system(hertz)?
dont underdstand how rear otput is setup but facia has built in sub, also got 4 channel amp?
How to convert 12v DC to a + & -18V DC?
I have 2 600 watt super blue subs and a pioneer 820 watt amp, how could i make it louder?
Why does the bass in my car only sound good sometimes?
my t20001db amp gain making Noise?
Where I can go to learn to install auto stereos, amplifiers, etc, etc?
1 21" subwoofer or 2 15" subs?
what could be the problem with my bad car radio reception?
Will these kenwood subs bump?
i have a 2004 mustang i want to hook up a amp to my factory system are there pre amp out puts on fords ?
auto thief radio?
i have 4 8 inch subs should i do a 4 channel amp or put 2 2 channels?
what am i looking for on the back of a cd unit to attach to my steering wheel controls?
Which 6.5 in. speakers are best for my car?
How to wire a car power switch with led on it?
Ford radio code needed?
Putting a system in my 97 Lexus ES300 for >$500?
2001 Ford F-150 CD Player?
Problem with car CD player?
Why dont my car speakers and subwoofer have no sound?
why do my subs in my truck hum really loudly when i start the truck?
I want a new radio for my car...?
what are the good tagalog songs to bump your car?
Alpine type r 12 vs powerbass 2xl 12?
I have the honda accord 04 coupe ex and i want a aftermarket speakers?
Subs in jeep wrangler?
why would my radio say protect after hooking up an amp?
how to take out a car radio?
I installed my amp and sub, by my amp doesnt seem to be turning on..?
Good Car CD Player to buy??!?!?
I cant get the right code for my ford fiesta radio,my serial number is m099055?
which car had the first air bag?
new car stereo install?!?
Question about car radio?
Do you need speakers and subwoofers?
Whats wrong with the amp?? ?
Car radio not working?
2001 grand am gt rear
Is DB a good subwoofer and amp?
bridgeing subs?
I have a "18 Planet Audio Sub 600 watts. Whats the maximum power amp I can run?
can corolla cd changers play dvd audio?
Looking for a new subwoofer amp?
best speakers to fit a citroen xsara?
trying to get my car speakers to bump, HELP if you know anything about car audio?
51 (2002) Reg Volkswagon Bora. Just bought it and rear speakers appear to have been turned off.?
What should i do to my Car first?
Why are so many manufacturers producing cars that look like they have been styled by a cartoonist?
Car amplifier help please?
How do I take the stereo from a hunday elantra 96 out ?
i have three 12' subwoofers. their alpine, i want really loud deep bass, i have a 1995 ford explorer need box?
Need help in getting new subs any suggestions? kciker, rockford fosgate?
kicker 12" L7 or JL 10" w7?
Hz to tune my ported box to, also too many watts RMS?
What subwoofer(s) to get?
does the drive shaft turn the wheels?
Can somebody help me find a amp?
rover 620 radio removal??????????????
Speakers on a 4 wheeler?
what size box is needed for PLD15WD?
i hooked up my amplifier and still i have no power to it what am i doing wrong?
music in cars?
How do I Install a XM RoadyXT in a 2003 GMC Sonoma with a Kenwood aftermarket CD Player?
(2) 12" kicker solo baric L7?
Do anyone know how to hook two car batteries so i could sep my amp from main battery?
I Can't Remove My Car Stereo?
Replacing the stereo in my SUV...?
Speaker box for twelve inch subs?
i need to know?
my stereo in my honda wont work without the code, i have the code but i dont know how to enter it?
i have a 300 watt subwoofer amplifier, what is the biggest size subwoofer i can use?
my speakers are not putting out sound?
Which is better for a car stereo, Sony or Pioneer?
Can i use my 600 watt wrieing kit with a 200 watt amp?
What subwoofers are better?
How do I find the proper fuse location for my 04 Ford Explorer Sport Trak radio.?
Ways to improve sub box ? fiberglass resin ? spray bed liner? ?
Which car speakers will give out the most bass, and the best quality?
Power a coiled push-in car cigarette lighter with ac adapter or AC 110v ?
who knows anything about car speakers?:)?
whats the best brand of speakers?
i no this will sound odd but need help?
how much could i get for my jvc kd-avx44 headunit at a pawn shop?
How do I get my VW GTI to play my iPod?
What is the best amp for this subwoofer?
What do I tune a box to for 13W7?
why does is my sub hitting too hard to where it doesnt sound good?
what shows my true speed my sat nav or car speedo?
Is this good stereo price?
Sundown zv3 (2) 15 vs alpine type r 15 (3)?
How do kicker L7 subs sound better?
do Docta Crankenstein make rill good car stureoz?
how do i remove the cage from my mazda 626 for a Pioneer mp3-cd player?
hard hitting subs under 100 dollars?
where can i get a good set of under glow neons for my car?
For the car audio experts.?
The manufacturer of a CD player has found that the revenue R (in dollars) is when the unit price is p dollars?
How Much Is My Car Stereo System Worth?
Getting Car Bass To Sound Louder?
Just bought a Lanzar 2000W Dual 10" Subwoofer for my van. What amp should I buy for it?
What subs and amp are best for my situation?
JL Audio C3-650 or Kicker RS65.2?
Is my amp bad or my deck?
what is audible safety warnings?
Which portable speakers system works best?
Alpine type r 1223d with alpine m240 amp?
What do you have in your car for a stereo....???
Are Subwoofers for cars universal?
What kind of car audio amp do I need for my subs?
I am looking for a new radio for my jeep. I need some advise please.?
Amp is working but speakers and sub arent?
i have a 1985 cutlass supreme i put a small block Chevy 350 in it and i have a Chevy Th400?
Have I blown my car amp?
I want to know how to unlock my Geo Metro radio after a power failure. I followed the instruction and failed
how do i wire 2 dual 2 ohm L7 15's to a kicker 1500.1 amp?
Why Did my subs blow?
can i hook 2 sony xplod 1100 watt speakers to a sony xplod 1000 amp?
I'm hooking up 2 amps to 2 do I hook up my rca cables?
How to fix radio in 1999 cavalier?
how can i decode the radio on my car? it is a nissan sunny, 1995 model.?
Stereo problem with kenwood head unit wont play music?
Can i put a sound system in a 1986 silverado?
Does it matter which way i lay my sub woofers?
What amp to power 2 15hcca?
should i buy 12' dual subs for my jeep if i only have speakers in my front 2 doors?
What is the best way to make my car stereo iPod compatiable?
Grand Cherokee radio code?
What Car Amp Would I Get for this subwoofer?
Is this a good deal? Car Audio?
do all cars have hand-brakes?
what is the best car audio system?
How important is my actual car battery to my sub woofers.?
Can you bridge 3 10's subs?
I cant connect my iphone to my car stereo. Help!?
is this a good amp for me?
What should I do with my subs and amps?
how to hook up multiple speakers to my amp?
Pioneer In car dvd won't play all divx files?
ok so i got a new car how do i connect my ipod to the factory radio?
Why doesn't car audio MP3 players play MP3 DVDs? My portable DVD players does.?
size of wire needed to hook 200 watt invertor to car batttery?
nissan maixma bose sound system vs. aftermarket speakers?
How do you put in two 12" in sub-woofers in a 2001 Chevy Silverado Extended cab pickup?
How much can I sell my Rockford Fosgate Punch P200.2 amplifier for?
Amp Question please help!?
what 15"s do you think would be louder?
What do I need to make my bluetooth work in my car?
Cheapest way to fix my sound system?
My subs will hit hard then they wont...any suggestions?
I have two 15in Kicker Subs..2000Watt each 1000RMS. If I were to get one amp what brand and watt should I get?
Do i really need 2 amps for my car system?
what cd dvd player mounts flush in a double din dash?
Whats wrong with my subwoofer?
Is $1,300 normal for a sound system for my truck?
What would i need to power these two 15" Subwoofers?
How many pre amp output do i need?
amplifiers and watts?
Are these speakers good for metal?
Car radio keeps clunking?
I want to buy car mp3 cd player. Which and where to buy?
Should i get tweeters?
Car won't start, I turn the key and it just clicks. Lights and radio still function.?
will geek squad install a radio in my 1975 ford f-150?
will a Kenwood KAC-9152D mono amp run two subs or only one?
can i turn audio tape to cd. i have audio tapes of my late brother.?
ICE installation?
What type of subwoofer box should i use if i hav no space restictions and i want the deep loud bass?
Getting speakers and need help?
what do you call stoage box thing above car cd player? where Can i buy them?
Any car stero/speaker people out there?
about car navigation system?
I'm looking to put a new stereo system in my Mustang? What is the best, and affordable, system out there?
Do I need to upgrade my subwoofer power wire?
Does the brand of an amp matter? If so why?
Hi I have just got a Ford Fiesta and I need the key code for the radio. My serial number is M003545.? Help please?
my amp stops playing if i turn the bass knob pass half?
What radio system should I pick?
Is there any possible way.?
Watts on my new speakers. Long but pry an easy answer?
I have installed a car stereo. It works fine, but when I turn the ignition on no sound plays from the speakers?
in Edmonton, Alberta; where is the best deal for getting command start installed in my car?
Car Speaker help??????????????
AM transmitter for ipod???
Need help determining what my port is tuned too?
Car cd player not working? please help!?
What Amp Should I Get to Power 2 12" Subs?
How can i hook up my phone to my car?
Loudest Sound System for Tahoe?
What is better two single coil subwoofer or q subwoofer but dual coil ?
Can I use a aftermarket stereo in my car while still using the U-Connect Feature?
Can 2x 1800 watt alpine subs handle a 12db bass increase ? ?
Can someone help me select a new cd deck?
Rockford Fosgate or kicker?
Whats the best amp to buy ? (not a vs question)?
Speakers for 2005 Impreza?
how can i tell if my son is gay........?
car radio code needed?
Radio AM/FM doesnt work in my car?
Viper Smart Start for iPod Touch?
i have two 12' Pioneer premier 1000watt Subs, Can i run them to a 1000w Kenwood KAC-9104D Mono Amp?
amp kicks on then goes to protect?
Will 6x9 car speakers fit in a renault megane door?
Sony car stereo High and Low Pass Filter Adjustment on MEX-BT3700U?
GPS system in my car..can someone in my family....?
Songs with nice bass (New sound system)?
what kind of speaker box would be better for a 91 honda accord.sealed or bandpass?
Can i put a sound system in a 1986 silverado?
How can I hook up car LEDs in the house?
which do you think is a better gps : tom tom or magellan?
what (generally) would be louder? 1 15 or 2 12s if both have the same complete rms rating?
have you heard of a gps nav made by aris?
What is your favorite kind of car?
How can I open....?
Do You Think This Is Enough Power To Run This Subwoofer?
we got a used bmw 545 2005 model am i able to connect it to my ipod or do i need to buy something first?
hi i want 2 buy my boyfriend a new cd player for his landrover 110?
Car stereo hook up problems?
how much would it cost to put a 2 12 inch subs in my 1997 mercury cougar?
How can i get both my subs working?
Polk Audio or kicker car speakers?
Can anyone help with car amp kits?
amp assembly in a car?
what to audio?
What and where is the 12V located in my car?
Kicker 8" DVC 4ohm Subs. using up to 4 @ once.?
Car audio QUESTION????????????????/?
amp for subs?
Why doesn't my car subwoofers work?
Where can I find detailed instructions online installing a in-dash car dvd player?
i need to know what kind of blank Cd's are use can use with 2002 Volkswagon gti stock radio?
Connecting my phone to car via aux input?
how to patch a hole in the cone of a subwoofer?
How to wire my amp to my subs?
IS HD radio capable of switching to same genre station?
where should i go and buy NON insulated wire crimpers?
I want satelite radio?
The last CD I played in my car was unusually hot when I removed it. Anyone know why?
Question about a car stereo system?
Can anyone tell me the best brand Car CD PLAYER?
18" subwoofer which would you get?
What is a good tape cassette iphone adapter for my car?
Best bang for my buck on sub and amp?
Mtx Terminators vs Kenwood W3013ps?
Which sub should i buy?
Will my subwoofers blow?
need help with car audio(subs,amp,ect.)?
I am looking for a subwoofer system and I'm on a budget is this sub goodquality? JBL GT-BassPro12 12"?
Cutting RCA cables in an attempt to solve electrical noise?
Thumbs down bandit....?
Wich is a better amp?
Car stereo deck help?
Special car window or modifications for high spl?
what kind of neons should i buy?
how can i make a template for my 6x9 rear?
Do i need speakers and sub woofers for my car?
Installing a CD player in the dashboard of a Toyota Corolla 2003 Ascent?
where can i find free ford escort van unlock codes for my car stereo?
What voltage amp do you need to power 2 12" subwoofers?
I want the perfect sub box?
Should I Buy this radio?
Car speakers help? 10 points?
86 Toyota tercel rear speakers?
My son Inserted coins in my cars CD slot, how do i remove them?
how do i put household speakers into a car?
Programming a car remote?
i want the result of my question just now about the important soundsystem in automobile?
What overhead fuse should i run?
Can the plasma car get wet?
what is the name of the gps connector on kenwood navigation units?
Digital capacitor for my 12 inch subs?
please can someone tell me if halfords fit car stereos and speakers even if u have?
Damage to Alternator after leaving lights on?
can you work in a factory if you are 16?
Are these good subwoofers?
Is the lightning cable for the iPhone any different? Other than size!?
How much are two 12 inch infinity 1262 watt subs in a box worth?
How much would a good set of car speakers cost?
Installing 6x8 speakers in a 94' thunderbird??
I bought a Sony CDX-GT62IPW but...?
Help! I want to buy my boyfriend a stereo system for his 2000 chevy s10...?
iPod use in the 2007 Camry XLE?
i need help picking subwoofers!?
Best Buy Installation Dept?
Will a 1000watts rms amplifier too loud for everday use?
I have a question about my subs in my car?
deh-6010mp user manual english?
How does XM play throught your sterero?
Changing speakers and radio receiver in a 1997 Toyota Avalon XLS?
How Do You Make Your Turn Signals Blink At A Faster Rate?
What wiring do I need for this Bazooka Subwoofer Tube?
What do I need to buy for my car to make LED lights flash to music?
Will subwoofers improve the sound of my car's audio system?
Is there a fee for the use of a GPS system in a vehicle?
Is it ok to splice the power antenna and amp remote wire together?
Whats the maximum speaker power I can use with my head deck?
Are kenwood subs good?
Which sub woofwer is louder?
hello which subwoofer sounds good mtx audio or re audio ?
MTX amp n subwoofer ?
What size amp do i get?
how do i turn my sub on from my kenwood kdc-mp142?
what is a police car radio called?
Amp putts out 900 watts rms, powering subs that should only have 700 watts rms, is this too much?
How many watts does my Bose stock stereo system have?
boss 30 farad cap vs. high end 1 farad?
If I upgrade from a type S Alpine sub to a type R will there be a noticeable difference?
the battery died in my corsa and now it has been recharged, the radio will not turn on! How to I fix this??
I have a 2003 350Z and it seems as though my 6 disc in dash Bose system radio/tape/CD is messed up and?
whats the difference between 2-way and 3-way speakers.?
need some help with car speakers?
How are these subs?
Why does my head unit turn off at high volume?
What is a better SUBWOOFER brand (12") MTX KICKER OR EARTHQUAKE?
How much bass do you need to bust out your windows in a 1995 Expoler?
corsa new stereo not working?
How long should i wait before i play my new subs?
1000 watt Sony Xplode w/ 840 watt Polk 12"... no boom boom?
What is better two single coil subwoofer or q subwoofer but dual coil ?
car stereo fuse keeps blowing?
How to keep my cars sound system from getting stolen?
is it bad to run a stereos output at the highest level?
I have a 98 Ford Explorer and the radio display light won't work!! How do I fix it?
My pet baboon won't shut up?
capacitor farads?
what is the Maximum Watts per Channel in a 1997 subaru outback stereo?
If i run the power and the audio lines together in my truck, will the 12VDC give me a noise hum?
Pink Black wire on AVG VDP1?
where can I get a good audio system for my car, price for about 500 for all?
CAR AUDIO EXPERTS, need help!!!!!?
What size double din will fit in a 2002 TrailBlazer?
Is alpine the best in-car cd unit?
what would it cost to soundproof a subaru outback?
2 new tires, and now my car is loud(humming)?
help with cds?
Need Some Help With Car Audio Systems.?
What size speaker wire do i need?
Can a 3000 watt amp kill my battery?
Speaker and car accessories for Clip+ 8GB?
I misconnected my car battery whilst jump starting,now my car radio won't work. What's the solution please?
Really confused about enclosures?
Some questions about Sub-woofer wiring?
Amp/Sub Ohm wiring question?
what is better obgy or general surgery?
is Mazda better than Ford?
Best audio receiver that can support 4 channel amp and sub amp for up to 175 bucks?