Car Audio

What do i need for my light to stop dumming?
I just installed a sony cdx-gt510 in my car.?
Will a capacitator really help?
What happened to my amp?? help me!!?
I have a amp with output rca jacks wat does this mean?
Do i need to press on the subwoofers cone to press air out of the box??
Will 2 L7 15's Work With Only 600 watts RMS Per Sub?
How can I use my iPod in my car?
why can't I play a cd burned from my itunes on a regular car cd player?
Please help with subwoofers?
Speakers cut out at higher volume?
I need the wiring diagram for a 1989 S series Blazer?
What model # for back up battery and proximity sensor for Clifford 320.3X alarm system?
Cant find aux input in 2000 s10?
Is this a decent, low cost bass fix?
what are best the 6x9 speakers?
I need help with my car stereo?
What is the radio code for ford 6000cd stereo, serial number M028916?
AMP at 1 OHM???
Hooking up speakers to my car deck?
There is a whining sound coming through the radio.?
What is the price of pioneer car dvd system.?
On my Pioneer cd player- MOSFET deh p7400mp-- I can't figure out how to play my ipod from the auxiliary ?
Question on ohms for my subwoofer?
What sub should i get for a 4 channel 600 watt 2 ohm amp ? ?
What type of glue would i use to glue surround back on my sub?
If I buy new car speakers and amp...?
need help wit an amp..?
quick question about car audio selection?
Why am I getting weak bass from my car subwoofer?
subs humming when touching rca center post?
Should i do this trade?
Why does my amp cut out now after I put led lights in?
Ford 98 escort amp help?
how do i put new speakers in my ford contour sport 97 (front and back)?
How to install new rear and front speakers on a 2000 Chevy Lumina?
which subwoofer box would be better for my kicker L5 12"?
a little help on subwoofers plz?
How do I burn out a Car Amplifier?
Whats the deal with ZAPCO?
Would i need a 4 channel amp....or a 2 channel....HELPP?
Wondering my Sony xplod XMZZR3301 amp can handle two sony xplod GTR Series 12" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoof?
Which is the best car audio system?
how do i fit a 350w amp without the fuse blowing everytime i put it in i have a 98 (s) astra?
If you divide 350 watts by 12 is that how many amps you need?
Does Pyramid Car Audio make good subwoofers?
Will a 1.5 watt solar panel keep a battery charged?
If i wire a tweeter speaker to a 10 inch subwoofer this way will it work?
Neon lights pulsing to music...?
Head unit needing a faceplate!?
I need the Stereo Wire config. for a Ford Grenada?
where would be a good place to ground it?
how to secure an amp in my 2002 jeep wrangler sport?
05 ZX3 Focus Stereo Wiring 6 disc factory stereo , any one have the wiring diagram?
Infinity Speakers?
2000 Pontiac Sunfire GT Radio Harness Trouble?
Are Kicker subwoofers a good brand?
good car audio set up?
Is this a good solid system for a 2007 tahoe? Also can i get better with all the money im spending?
how do i stop my trunk from rattling?
Any one know where to get a wiring diagram for a Clairio DB245 Car CD Player ?
What should i do with my type r's?
my car stereo wont turn on?
how to hook up 3 subs and to 6x9 to i amp?
Renault Clio Rear Speakers?!!?!?!?!!?
What amps would go with two 12" type x alpine subs?
should i try a different brand head unit or get an eq?
I want to add a subwoofer to my car. What do i need to buy?
Amp has 2 power and speaker outputs?
How do I get the radio out of my 2001 Civic? It seems to have a bad ground and the dealer replaced the radio?
Help on speaker/amp installation.?
Looking for a GPS and I'm not sure where to start looking, help!?
What are the best subwoofers?
is a subwoofer and pair of components all i need to make a SQ setup?
My subs in my car have sounds but the speakers in the car don't?
What's wrong with my amp?
what songs really rock the car speakers?
wich is the best web-site to get subwoofer box for a 2004 chevy tahoe?
What is the name of the device that connects a CD player to cigarette lighter?
Cheap ways to make a car nicer?
i have 2 12" subs with 1000 RMS combined what wattage of amp should i get?
can my zx1000.1 and 1100 crunch amp power 3 15" cvr kickers?
still need help with volume control?
Question about subwoofers?
How can I play my music in my car???
There is a Zoom noise in my subwoofer when I turn on my car, How do I get rid of it?
With the continuing popularity of large sub-woofers in cars should we buy hearing aid stocks?
Will this 1200watt amp power a 15 inch sub?
What is all needed to set up a car audio system ?
Whats the best bank for my buck? Kicker, Rockford, JL, Alpine?
Would a Kicker Zx750.1 amp overpower a pair of Kicker Comps?
help with subwoofer wiring?
Refurbished subwoofer purchase?
I want to purchase new car speakers. Need help finding right ones.?
I am planning on purchasing a kicker sl7 15" subwoofer, but I dont know what amp to buy.?
Car amp for speakers question?
what size should my slot port be?
Are audiopipe amps good?
What size inline fuse in amps should i use to power my 1400 watt sony xplod amplifier?
im trying to replace the door speakers on my 2005 do you get the panel off?
I want New speakers for my 95 Nissan Altima?
Car radio remote control? What's the point?
key code for grundig car radio 2002?
Best car radio brand?
the best bass audio track to get a good db rating for competition?
Need help with sound system?
E36 325i Audio Trouble!!!!!!?
sound storm 5000 watts amp
Why do my subwoofers not perform correctly ?
when i turn off my car is it bad if i leave the radio/cd player on?
What kind of amp would go good with Polk MoMos?
where can i get a cd player for a 1997 cadillac deville?
Why are these 3-way speakers way more expensive than these 4-way speakers? (look at links)?
10inch orion hcca subwoofer?
No power to truck radio
No sound in my 09 mercedes after hooking up a new audio system?
Is there a Sirius Radio Tuner that integrates with the stock stereo of an 06' Mazda 3 besides the factory mdl?
How do I install speakers into the front doors of a 1992 Fleetwood Cadillac?
can you tell me how to install a water pump on a 1994 ford turous?
Can my cars factory radio play Mp3 Disc?
what kind of gauge for more than 1000 watt amp??
Are two subs better than one?
Why do my aftermarket speakers produce hardly any bass?
my stereo has too much power for my car battery...anyone know a good idea to fix it.?
what should my kicker 750 amp be set at for a 10" l5?
What iPod adapter will work with my car stereo?
What kind of amp do i get?
whats the best brand of subwoofers?
Why is my car locked in gear?
Kicker L7 cutting out at higher volumes?
What kind of amp would go good with Polk MoMos?
What amplifier should I get for my car?
I have two 10" mtx thunder 6000 subs but i dont know what kind of amp to get. N e ideas?
Why do some guys have their car stereos turned up so loud they can be heard a block away?
after my boyfriend spliced into my stock speakers in my trunk of my 2000 alreo with 2 12 in pioneers the stock
orion hcca vs AQhd both 12s?
For the old jl audio 10w6, what is the best way to wire and at what ohm load?
Where can I find an Installation manual for a blaupunkt CR-4096 car radio?
car amp wont turn on?
Do you like Boston Acoustics?
How can I hook my MP3 player to my car?
help i have 2 12in kenwood subwoofers, and a 1000 watt amp, i was going to add a 500 watt power amp,?
voltage question??????????
what is RMS what does it stand for?
can you play music from ipod with pioneer 2450ub?
is it possible to install an amp and to bass speakers in a car with a stock radio?
what is the best compitition box for 10'' swiss audio subs?
Calculating wattage of sub speakers?
Easiest way to install a new pioneer radio in a 2003 Civic?
sony xplod 100w amp and a pioneer amp 760w?
removing a security coded car radio?
New speakers, car stereo quit working?
i need the code for my Chevrolet' s radio. it is aveo 2004.?
Can I get subwoofers hooked up using my stock deck?
CAR AMP question?
Wiring color codes for a Sony Xplod CDX-GT240 cd player?
New battery for my car?
Why doesn't my NEW aftermarket stereo turn on?
What size amp should i get?
can someone help me to where can I order an audio input cable for my kenwood KAC 8020 car amplifier?
What gauge wire for 600w RMS Subwoofer 1200 peak?
what do i need to add a sub to my system?
PS2 in my car?
if i change my factory fitted Stereo in my car would it de Value my car when i want to sell it?
I need radio code for my 1988 Mercedes Benz CE300, can anyone please help me with this?
How can the language on a Panasonic Strada CN-DV155 (dvd + nav system) be changed from Japanese to English? ?
What should I do for my car audio?
New amplifier please answer?
why my 12'' sub blew up?
Can installing subs fix a blown car speaker problem?
Where can I get two 6000 watt sub woofers?
Car subwoofer problem?
My rear left speaker wont work anymore, the wires dont work, is there anyway i could straight wire and how?
New to car audio help with setup?
can anyone suggest some good hip-hop or rap songs with good bass.?
How does a gps system give up-to-the-minute voice directions?
i have two 12 inch subs and a 350 watt amp. my subs will sometimes shut off in the middle of a song. why?
I have two 10" and a 12" pioneer subs. What size of an amp will work the best in my 2000 Grand Am?
I want to replace my factory speakers in my car and i am stuck between polk and infinity.?
Why does my trunk keep opening from all the bass?
what is the deminsions of a 2005 saturan ion 1?
I need a in-dash cd player only without am/fm?
What is some good songs with good to play in my rap crap?
What would I need to properly power one Kicker 04 S18X 2-Ohm 18" (hehe) sub? Kind of Amp? Batteries? HELP lol
which car stero is the best .give me the company ,price n model number if u can ,please.?
why do people in cars have to have there stereo up so loud it rattles there car?
Would this Rockford Fosgate Prime R250-1D Amp be enough to power 2 10'' Kicker Comps? ?
why are my headlights still dimming?
Listening to music in the car with the engine off?
How to make system sound better ?
wiring diagram for Pioneer car stereo?
what is a better mtx subwoofer the MTX JackHammer JH55(12s) or the MTX TR5512-44?
can i connect a 8gauge wire to a 12 gauge wire?
All Audio Enthusiasts????
if my car dosent have CD player , i wanna get one , any clue how much it would cost?
nissan sentra 2002 doesn't play recorded cd's?
How many watts is it good for a car sub?
How to tell of subs are blown?
Aftermarket foglights not connected 03 Mitsu Lancer?
Both of my speakers have shutoff, is there any way to fix it or do I need to buy new speakers?
are powerbass subs good?
What is the best and most affordable Navigation system?
can you fit 8 guage in dvc mofo sub?
how can i wire one kenwood 12 4 ohm speaker to a mono block 2 ohm amp?
i insert a cd into my car stereo and as soon as it takes it in it ejects it right back out?
DEH-3400ub pioneer wire diagram?
Do i need a Capacitor for my car audio System?
Infinity G37 Bluetooth Audio Help?
Problem With My Car Amplifier!!!! (10 points guaranteed)?
Car speakers not working.?
are DTI amp any good?
4 channel amp will be direct or indirect?
Car Stereo help please?
just brought a subwoofer box?
what is that thing called???
Best 400 watt rms subwoofer?
3 rockford fosgates in a sealed box?
Is there an xm in dash stereo to replace the one in my Toyota Sequoia?
What kind of enclosure should I get?
Acura Radio code?
How to replace the rear speakers in a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 regular cab?
What could be my car audio system?
Is this a good amp to use?
can i put a honda accord radio/cd player ina honda civic?
Why do so many people buy into the hype that is the shitty Kicker L7?
what kind of stereo/speaker system would I need in my car to be heard miles away?
Explain about 'wide band amplifier'. And also how to find the efficiency of a complementary symmetry power amp?
can i just connect my loc conv. wires directly to my rear speaker wire left and right ?
One of the buttons on my car stereo doesn't work but I need to enter the code...?
Where to get a custom radio trim?
What 2-din gps, dvd, cd, etc is comparable to the Pioneer avic D3?
how much power can a fi btl 15 handle i know the rms is 2000 watts?
What are speaker sizes for the front doors and dash of a 1998 chevy s10 extended cab?
2007 Passat- radio stopped working. Fuse OK. Does not illuminate at night either?
Which speakers are better? Pioneer ts-d1320c or boston acoustics pro60se?
Why does my subwoofer cut out on loud parts of the song?
Pioneer DEH-12 wiring help?
I have a va audio 2200 watt amp and the problem that i am having is this.... ?
A "virtual short" condition at the input terminals of an op amp means that:?
Whats the best way to wire my 2 15" 4ohm dvc kicker l7s?
What happens when a Sealed Subwoofer box is poorly sealed?
What about ?
what amplifier is better bc2000 or aq2200?
What kind of amp for 2 12" subs?
where can i find free schematics to kenwood car cd players?
How do I make my IPod the default setting on my Mercury Sable Sync system?
I have a Ford 6000cd radio and I need the code?
what are the best pair of 12'' subwoofers that i can buy?
i have a 400 watt lighting audio amp and i hooked it up right and i still dont have power going to my amp?
MTX amp sparking??? blown fuses idk whats wrong plz help!?
music in cars?
Need some help with car audio?
Possible battery drain issue? Not too sure if this is a good idea! Please help.?
kicker solo barics or kicker subwoofers?
Which speakers are better?
Help with aftermarket speakers? Monsoon Audio System?
3 12" jl w3s VS 2 12" rockford p1s?
amplifier, subwofer & amp wiring kit for 2007 nissan sentra?
will the price of gas ever go back down to a $1.50?
Could you tell me how to recogise a stereo headphone?
What's my best bet for buying a stereo system for my car.?
How to wire together?
can I take out my car radio by myself?
will this amp power the subs?
How to Replace dash in audio unit in 92 camaro?
which sub amp combo should I get?
is it possible to put 10'' subwoofers as door speakers?
Where are some good places to put subwoofers/amps/tweeters in my truck?
What speakers/components should i buy for XUV 500 w8 ?
Songs of 2010 with great bass for my car?
Is there any amplifer that can handle two 4ohm subs that are bridged?
how do i start my dads car without hes keys? ps: help me!!!!?
guys please help me about car electronics?
Should I get a Viper or Prestige 2 way alarm, Is there a big difference?
Can you run different amps with no problem?
how to match the rms of amp with rms of sub?
what kind of cross over do i need for the a 160 watt 6-1/2" speaker so no bass goes to it and cause distortion
91 integra stereo will not turn on after i turned on the A/C. help please?
Free Radio code for ford focus 1999 serial no M002221? can any one help me please?
building a new box,my ? is how much do i add for port an sub displacement?
How do I remove a car stereo cd player, not stock?
how can i install my amp in my factori car stereo?
SSA subs: Icon 12" 1000 or Xcon 12" 1750 watts?
what will happen if i face my subs foward?
What subs would be better? What should i use?
Boston Car Amplifier Help?
Does anyone know the wattage for 2 12 inch "Roadmaster" Subs? Its an enclosure, i just bought it off my friend
How to bridge a 4 ohm subwoofer and a 8 ohm sub together?
can i buy an american car stereo and install it in an alpha romeo. the car is in serbia?
How should I set up an amped sub with oem head unit?
car toys store?
I have a 2006 Tc.How do I connect my universal line output converter from the factory radio to the Sub?
I need help fixing my car's radio!?
Car Battery continues to die?
What is the best video to audio converter out there?
I need the radio code for my Ford Focus car radio.?
issue with Subwoofers..?
Can anyone tell me more information about the (green colored) Earthquake PH 5000 Max Monoblock?
Car Audio - Sub woofers- Amp Help please need system advice?
Alpine System?
What is the best 18 inch sub for cheap?
what is the wire colour code to install a Pioneer deh-1300mp to a honda civic cx 1998?
My car has an AM radio installed - is there anything I can do so I can use it at night also?
2007 ford focus aux cable?
Is this a good Amp for the money?
can you jump start a car with some audio wire, elecrtical tape and 2 9volt batterys?
Do you add up (RMS) watts in a subwoofer system for finding the right amplifier?
Does my amp turn off when i turn my car off? If not then is there an easier way to turn it off than a toggle?
Can portable DVD players really take the temperature extremes of car use?
my 2010 ford escape radio sounds muffled then goes back to normal.. why?
How much will it cost to install a subwoofer if all the speakers in my car are in the doors?
my car stereo does not work after a spill ?r=1255440029?
How can i install Subwoofers without a Amplifier?
do dr crankenstein be da stereo dat be all dat, a bag of mf chipz, 2 Cokes, n' a ice creem?
Whats better 2 12" RE Audio REX or a level 4 12' DC subwoofer?
How do I instal a subwoofer to a factory stereo?
Ford Focus stereo not working, need help?
I need help on what to put in my car's audio system ?
Should the music (sound) ordinance be dropped? Need OPINIONS from all ages for a research paper!?
is it possible to connect a jvc mini stereo to a 12' alpine sub woofer used for cars? ?
What size speaker wire do I use for these subwoofers?
Problems with 95 Avenger ES car radio...checked everywhere else?
how do i change mhz,s on radio controlled cars?
Which wires are which for installing a stereo on a 94 civic hatch?
What Kind of amp would you use for one 10 in a civic?
with a mosfet 50w rms x 4 car stereo, will it be better to get 50 watts max rms component speakers or 110wrms
how can i connect my ipod to my car that has no ipod connector?
solo x 12 or 4 diamond 15's?
help car stereo: fix or buy or get a used one?
Whats the highest SPL anyones done with a single infinity 10.1?
What's wrong with my car stereo?
Best subwoofer under $100?
im thinking about getting these tommarrow for my car. but only with 1 sub instead of 2.. its cheap too?
What happens if I use bulbs with a higher wattage than stock on my car?
Sony XM-754HX Car Audio Amplifier ?
1 channel on my amp works?
Amp and capacitor trouble ?
New battery for my car?
what kind of neons should i buy?
Im having a friend sell me 2 10" Sony it worth it?
Which subwoofers are better?
Is this amp good for my sub¿?
What are the best songs to listen to while on the freeway?
How do I disconnect my car stereo?
Subwoofer getting hot?
Kicker amplifier - zx 400 and CVR 12 inch kicker sub?
NEW Dual radio wiring to an old Dual radio?
What size amp do i need?
Are CD Player face plates interchangeable?
code 4 radio?
Can I power 2x 200 Watt Speakers with a 12V 7AH battery?
would this amp work with these?
i am looking for the radio code for a 2000 honda accord lx?
Do any body know how can i change the Mercedes E320,2003 navigation system to europ version code?
I want to replace my '09 Jetta's radio system.?
Where should i get a 10" dual sub box from?
2001 Mustang GT stock stereo won't play disc?
The alpine 1000 wont do 1000 @ 1 ohm ?
how can i make my sub kick not vibrate?
Please help me out?
How do I stopping speakers in '02 BMW from ling while radio is off and even when car is off?
i have a problem with a 400 watt amp?
Can I use a cellphone charger to power up a car stereo?
What Are The Best Type Of 12" Sub Woofers?
Has anyone installed a sub and amp into a bmw 540i?
Hard Hitting Rap Songs!!!!!!!!?
What is wrong with my car speakers?
how much harder will these fi subs hit??
did i blow or mess up my subs?
Sound deadening my trunk lid?
What is your opinion of these very loud boom boxes in autos that you can here at least a block away?
subwoofer question?? IN OR OUT, FRONT OR BACK? GLASS BREAK???
Who makes the best Car stereo/cd mp3 player?
Can you test subwoofers without a box?
Does the quality of headunit you get for your Car Audio setup really affect the SQ (sound quality)?
Opinions on Rockford Fosgate?
Car audio problems? Radio and clock won't work?
Does my 2003 Suburban stereo have inputs for an aftermarket amp?
Where is the best place to put my Kicker Bass Station 10" Single subwoofer in my 2003 Toyota Avalon?
Is there a way to determine the polarity of a fuse plug without a voltmeter?
Alpine PDX1.1000 would work?
How to wire 2 channel amp to 4 speakers?
My amp goes into protect mode what's happening?
i have 2 dual 2 ohm rockford p3 punch what is the best amp for them and best way to wire them?
Would a Wal-Mart face plat for CD's in a car work if I stole one that was used on the example display?
My Jensen Phase Linear UV10 Head Unit is stuck in Camera Mode?
Where is there a place to hide an amplifier in my car?
I got 2 12" dual 2 ohm eclipse subs they have a double stalk magnet that is huge how many watt's can they take?
How to use 500W Car Amp In - House ?
why is my sub not pounding?
I need to find a car audio installer for my 2000 BMW 328i?
Worth 5 starts, 10 points - Audio/Micro?
Do u think i can fit two 15 inch subs in a ported box. i have limited trunk space.?
Is it bad to play subwoofers at low volume?
what is a suitable kicker subwoofer system?
IS the price of In Dash dvd players dropping?
My dad blew out my cars bass?
Anyone can help me with my subwoofer question?
can I use Boston acoustic BA635 in my car stereo?
Is My Battery Enough to Power My Subwoofers?
Whats wrong with my cars audio system?
Radio code for my Ford CD player?
does a lighter or heavier car handle better?
i need to get wiring set up for pioneer deh -5 need to know what color goes where?
My amp is burning the power cables no matter what guage wire i use.?
My capacitor sparks...but sometimes works...what should I do?
Kenwood KDC-252U afternarket headunit ?
I want other people to hear my bass...?
Is this amp configuration doable ?
need radio color code for 88 dodge dakota?
My New Kicker Sub Sounds Like Crap?
AMP differences Mono - 2 channel - 4 channel?
Speaker box need help?
50 Amp fuse on power cord hurt a amp only with 25 amp fuse?
fiat stilo radio code?
why did my dual xdm7510 car stereo screen go out?
If i buy a high out put alternator can i still use my regular car battery?
why isn't my car conditioning working?
How can i make a dc 24v motor with 16.5 amp rating variable speed? can anyone reccomend anything?
Can I connect a CB radio directly to a car battery?
Play my WMA or computer files music in my car?
How do u get a stuck cd out of the cd player?
Best front door speaker to put in a Hyundai 05 Tiburon?
what is the largest car speaker ever made?
Are Kicker CVX subs good?
im looking to putting sum bigass subs in my car?
on my 1200watt 1 channel amp i have a sub sonic switch,should it be on or off and what does it do?
How much should I expect to pay for someone to fit a bass tube?
What is a good cheap amp under 200 dollars to get with an alpine type R 4ohm 500W RMS?
What is favorite natural talent you were born with?
my radio in my 2002 ford focus just sopped laying the fm am and cd still work what happened ^ how do i fix it?
Power antenna and all radio functions not working?
i have a 1200watt amp can it work with a 800 watt sub?
where can i put 4 speakers in a 1978 caprice?
How do I put my Logitech Z-2300's in my car?
What could be wrong with my GMC Jimmy when I can't turn the key off all the way unless I tap it into Park?
i have 2 solo beric L7 12s they are 2 ohm i want to push with one amp what is the best amp to push them?
I want a good system so should i get 2 memphis mojo or 1 JL Audio 13W7. Which was more bass?
why is my stereo system not working?
what would be a good amp to power 2 of these subs?
Can 4 American Bass xd8 subs handle a Crescendo bc2000 for daily?
Temporary fix for a broken car speaker?
were can i get a speaker box?
smelling buning smell from head unit any ideas why?
My car stereo head unit turns off when i open it to put in a cd. What could the problem be?
replace speakers on a 2002 mitsibishi galant?
What Is The Best Kicker Subwoofer Model To Get?
can any one help me decide ?
My subwoofer box has a huge in it?
Whats the rms...............?
can u use a amp that has less watts the the subwoofer?
Power on/off trouble with new stereo?
What should I do if my lights still dim?
10" subwoofer and amp?
how to plug an amp into a factory radio w/o amp inputs?
Youtube channel and subs get sub back =D?
1997 chevy malibu , speedometer stopped working?
What amp should i buy for two 10" subs?
is RMS power ratings per voice coil or for the entire subwoofer power handling?
where can i get automotive audio installation help?
how to hook up radio dodge neon 1998?
what kind of amp could i get to power my 2 10" kicker L7s. i want something under 200 if possible?
Building a Speaker Cabinet, Wattage?
why does my car amplifier makes a buzzing/humming noise?
Cheap way to amplify electric guitar without using an amp?
Does it matter if you pair average speakers with really good subs in my car?
93 chevy cheynne stereo removal?
2004 Pontiac GP. Had aux input installed with factory radio. Now gauges go to zero intermittently. Help?
All possiblities of speaker buzzing?
Can I use this wiring kit?
would a kenwood 1800 watt amp power 3 kenwood subwoofers with good sound rated at 400-500 watts?
subs & amps help me out please?
what size should i make a box for my woofer?
What amp do I need for my car system?
Help with subs. i have a type r 10 n now a 15?
Will this (product linked inside) be subject to radio interference?
Is there any other woofer that sounds like the W7 from JLaudio and makes like a wave motion when it Hits?
what do i need to power a 400 watt car sub?
is there a way to turn my mp3 files on my cd-r to..?
Is my Amp wired correctly?
Can i bridge two 4 ohm subs to the Visonik V318XT 800 watts, Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier ?
toyota corolla?
Whats this song !! help i herd it on the radio?
question about car amps?
what do i need to wire my subs and amp?
The best auto diagnostic tool ? I can buy one in online store, who can give me a answers? ?
why isnt my amp and sub working. i have it all hooked up right?
Type R Subwoofer 12" Sub VS Kicker L7 12"? Which is Louder?
digital analog system. $5,000 system. do knw how many watts i has. any idea?
Anyone know of somewhere I can get low priced 6.5" speakers ?
What speaker will be better?
How much does a decent CB radio cost?
can i use pioneer cd/mp3 player with blaupunket cd changer in my car?
How to Choose the best speakers and subwoofers for cars?
2002 grand prix supercharged 3.8v6 with a hud (heads up display) on w/shield the car has 150 thou. k's on it .
What Type Of Sub And Amp To Use In My Car??
Subs in jeep wrangler?
what is the best car alarm right now?
could i hook up 4 speakers to one mono amp?
How can you tell when a digital capacitor is bad?
where to buy uplander Phatnoise drive?
hi.. I m taking new Zen estillo... which is the best car audio system.... SONY, PIONEER or KENWOOD?
My system does not hit like i think it should?
where i see cool tunated cars ??
Would this amp be sufficient to power these subwoofers?
You've got your system all connected, now what?
I am hearing impaired. Why, when TV at mono, I can hear 50% better than stereo - without my hearing aid?
I wanted to know which amp kit is the best one out of these 4 kits?
What are Tweet speakers?
How are amps drawn?
should i buy this amp for my subs?
Is hooking up a CD deck the same in all cars?
Connecting a car amplifier?
can i run a secound car battery to my amp instead of a capacitor?
Car Auxiliary Trouble?
i just got 2 volfenhag 15s what kind of box should i put em in? sealed or vented?
Would this bust my car speaker?
best brands for 15in subwoofers?
2 channel amp at mono.....?
81 Cutlass radio wires wont work?
What amp should I buy to get the loudest sound out of my two 12" Cerwin-Vega subs?
How to install CD player in my Toyota Prado?
What is the size for the front and rear speakers for a 04 Nissan Xterra.?
Whats the better car amp - Alpine or Hifonics?
Replacing a car stereo myself?
are there any subs small enough to put under the backseat? Don't want to put sub in trunk to muffle the bass?
can you use a regular cd lens cleaner in a car?
My subs all of a sudden just stopped playing, but there are no signs of why they would just stop. Help please?
are infinity speakers good?
are american legacy amps good? i have the model number LA-2078, 2400 watts, how good is it gonna be for me?
How do I set up an amp?
Can a subwoofer in your trunk ruin your car?
what happened to the radio in my car?
whats the fastest car in the world?
Is there any way to customize my 1997 Ford Taurus with an in-dash stereo?
what type of car speakers sound best and with more bass and clarity ?? the 3-way speakers or 4-way speakers ??
How would 3 kicker comp cvrs sound in my trunk?
How stupid am I? What kind of damage?
12 inch subs vs 15 inch subs?
Which would be a better deck for my car? Alpine CDE-102 or Pioneer DEH-4100UB?
What would be good but affordable speakers to go on a 1200 watt max sony xplod amp?
How much would you estimate it costs to have a car audio shop custom make a 12" subwoofer sealed enclosure?
I have 1600 bucks hook me up?
Subwoofer and Amplifier i dont know why it gets so hot?
Removed Jammed Cd's From Stereo Now CD Player Not Working?
I want good bass in my car. What do I need?
Hello! I was with my gf at night and we listened to car radio (CDs) for about 6h?
my car speakers wont play you can only hear the subwoofers?
JVC player + Pioneer speakers.. Is it ok?
What is the best amp to get?
How can I Instal CD player in Toyota Crola1998?
I have a Rover 25 with factory fitted radio. Can anyone help me find the code for it?
i have 1 kicker 12" L7 sub at 2 ohms. could i power it with a Hifonics BXi 1210D amp?
Subwoofer for music type?
best oil grade to use in sub saharan africa?
Does anyone know the correct way to bypass a lexus gs 300 factory amplifier having major problems?
sirius radio?
i have a boss gt1000m and 2 dub 200's 12", i want the best bass i can get how wuld i set my amp? 1997 celica
What kind of speakers and amp should i put in the trunk of my 1997 Infiniti I30t,(I want something blue)?
electrical help please?
jvc kd-sx930 car stereo information?
Subwoofer amp size help?
i have a hand wired vox amp as the tubes heat up 10 mins makes some noise is this normal?
Would i need to upgrade my battery?
im wiring a mercury sable car stereo need help?
Subwoofer Question!!!?
How can i fix my radio?
Ma Audio HK4000D?
Looking for a good but cheaper subwoofer amp?
how do i start my dads car without hes keys? ps: help me!!!!?
pandora working on kenwood deck?
what size power inverter will i need to run my standard 12 cup coffee maker in my camper van?
is a 400 watt 4 channel amp enough for 2 350 watt speakers and 2 270 watt speakers?
What's wrong with Sony Xplod brand audio equipment?
my car stereo wont turn on?
Would one fi btl 18 hit harder than 4 kicker compVX 12's?
How old do u think u should be to be able to drive a car?
why is it that getting hit by a car seems embaressing??
What kinda of subwoofer box would be better sounding ported or sealed?
Help with my car speakers!?!?!?
What are the best speakers for a car . two 12s .?
If i build a larger sealed box for my 15 inch subwoofers will it be louder.?
Changing stereo and display in Astra 05?
Amplifier selection help?
im having amp problems...?
What deck will fit in my car?
Mazda's Stock Ford radio ('97).. harness for Aux?
can a kenwood amp 9104d power a l7 15 kicker?
Needing help with a stereo setup for a 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500?
Bluetooth adapter for car.?
Satellite Radio, Sirius or XM?
when i turn the volume up my stereo quits working?
Need a 2000-2500 Watt Amp With Speaker Level Inputs?
I want to add another battery in my car... I know this can be done.... any help would be awesome... thanks?
How do I put a CD player in my car?
Having trouble with bluetooth in car stereo system?
How do I set the clock on my pioneer car stereo?
i just bought a 95' chevy 2 door cavailer and i want to get some subwoofers that will really hit maybe some 12
How should I wire my subs and amp?
Problem with car CD player?
how to calibrate nuvi 1100?
Can you fit a 6x9 speaker into a 5 1/4 front door slot?
Why do people use extra batteries for there systems?
car radio when turned up makes a distorted ling sound?
what size of speakers are in the doors?
How to fix a drive belt in a 2003 Toyota Corolla?
car audio, amplifier brands/amplifiers?
Help with finding a good subwoofer?
Harness/Head Unit question?
if i splice rcas to my rear speakers to hook up an amp will this work?
Does your Radio eat a lot of fuel?
How many Amps & Speakers should I put in my trunk and inside the car and how big too?
Mazda's Stock Ford radio ('97).. harness for Aux?
I have a BMW530d 2004 model.The battery needed changing. I was supplied with a 90 amp Willard battery which?
Looking for a new car radio!?
im trying to fit 6x9 speakers in the back of my car but i need some instructions on wiring?
will i need a cap to push this system to peak power or do i just need to buy another battery?
where can i find an after market sat nav with a screen bigger than 3 inches?
Trouble with car amp?
Amp overheating and shutting off?
can you buy a car in dash dvd player that plays when the car is moving?
How do I know how much to sell this subwoofer in my car its very expensive system, what do high end ones cost?
whats the dimensions for 2 15s pyle subs?
Why does my Pioneer amp cutting out at high volume?
which amp should i get?
how do i get amp and sub wires under the carpet in my 03 dodge truck?
2 fi btl 12's with 2 alpine mrp-m2000 amp?
What subs should i get for my truck?
how do I put my radio code in my 97 monte carlo?
Where are the grouding points on a 2003 Renault clio for a subwoofer?
i have brought a ford ka but there was no code for the stereo the serial number is mo11042 can anyone hep?
does anybody know about a rim and tire alarm? I've looked on ebay and search engines still no answers?
For my 2008 vw rabbit i am either getting 2 10w7's 1 12w7 or a 13w7, which will sound best and fit best?
Help on wiring up and MTX RT251D amplifier and a Rockford Fosgate Punch (P1) 15" Subwoofer.?
light up speakers?
how can i find out what size speakers is in my car?
can you bypass afuse in a wire going to the amp?
speaker doesnt work but i have power?
I own a 2002 BMW 330I and i wanted to intergrate my ipod(5th generation) to the factory stereo.?
How much would I lose with a Sealed box?
im 10 but just becouse i am dont lie do dreams come true?
What's a typical potentiometer value (ohms) for a radio...?
how do you bluetooth music to your car radio?
Car Audio----sound system vs system?
wat if i put a bigger fuse in my amp then wat it says to?
Hi i have a 6000 cd player my serial number is m59113 and i need the code for it.i would be really happy i?
How can I attach mobile or ipod to my sony cdx-5500 car stereo. It doesnt hav AUX IN?
I've had this clarion cd player that I never installed in my car, whats the minimum watt amp I need.?
My car radio won't play burned cd's!!?
What would be the best amplifier to power these subs?
300w amp power and ground wire?
My car radio stopped working!?
My speakers are broken how do i fix them?
i need amps?????
Should I get two subs or just one?
i got my stereo installed at la curacao it was connected incorrectly will they fix their mistake?
How is car AUDITOR speakers & amplifier and FOCAL subwoofer?
How can I fix my car's cd player?
I have terrible car speakers. Should i get an Amplifier or just new speakers?
i ordered my porsche with the color atlas grey metallic, can anyone show me any pics?help me?
Do you need to display the postcode of the maker of a personalised car number plate on the plate itself?
wich sub setup is better?
wiring dual coil speakers into my 1993 lebaron?
2 jl audio w3 v3 12's in ported box, or 3 of the same 12's in a sealed box?
AMP going into protection mode?
I know RE subwoofers are good, but are the SR series good?
How do I tell if I have monsoon car stereo system? Best answer 10 points!?
how do you make a fiberglass subwoofer box?
Speakers in rear doors instead of deck?
What size speakers can I fit in a 2003 Ford Focus zx5?
Best subwoofer under $100?
Question: Avic GPS Navigation System?
I'm looking for a good in dash DVD stereo?
What type of speakers are stock in a 2004 Cavalier, and what is their RMS wattage?
Best way to splice car Speakers?
how do I insulate my cars trunk for bass?
which Car audio would suit my merc c class?
Should I get 2 10" CVRs or 2 12" CVRs?
Touch screen Navigation?
Has Anyone installed 6" Boston Pro seperates in a 97-01 Honda Prelude?
Twin capacitor... !!!?
Replacing Car Amp Fuse?
Would my car sound good?
£€£€£ serious help with car audio system installation ?
subwoofer ? need help?
which box type is more prefered by SPL competitors??? and Which have been known to when???
Can you help me buy a sound system?
What's wrong with Sony Xplod brand audio equipment?
answer to round 6 challenge #2 what order please?
how to do take out my factory door speakers on a honda accord LX 2003?
Home subs on a car?
Would you buy these subwoofers?
how much would you pay for this set up?
where can i buy cheap 1000 watts subwoofers and 2000 watts amp that will sound good?
Subwoofers: More or Less ohms?
what is the best brand of tweeters?
how do I play my ipod through my car speakers?
how do i ground out my ground wire of my pioneer cd deck inside od my ice chest stereo?
Got this car amp need to know what subs are best?
I have built in speakers in my tower but they are not putting put any sound! How do I fix it?
Drilling a hole in a sub box?
do I have to buy installation instructions for a kenwood car stereo?
how do i install a 5 channel amp with 3 sets of rca's and one coming out of head unit?
can i 300 wat amp power two 10s?
would these be good woofers for 5.25"?
what is ipod ready mean for car stereos?
How do i remove my after market stereo in my 93 F150 XLT?
What is a fair price for neon lights?
how to install a car audio amp?
Is it safe to handle?
Can I install an aftermarket radio in my 2002 cadillac deville?
i run a cb in my car, but it picks up the engine noise, what can i do to stop getting that noise.?
Is it wise to go over a car audio Speaker's RMS?
Can I hook up a amp and sub to a stock bose radio?
Custom v. Prefab Box?
Which subwoofer setup would be best for me?
FM Stereo Audio Transmitter?
What is a good bass system for a ford f250 there is a limited amout of space its a four door also?
Are Sony Xplods nice subs?
when i burn a cd on my computer it does not work in my cars cd player?
What is the size of the factory subwoofer in a 2005 chevy equinox?
which brand of car you people will suggest me?
do subs really need wearing in ?
a car amp with the same max watt output is more expensive than another, why?
Do the infinity kappas sound better with an amp hooked up toit?
anyone know which remote to buy? i need a replacement for model# PRO9642CH?
Do i have to put an amp in my car if i plan to hook up a sub woofer?
Advice on buying subs and an amp?
what amp do I need for this sub ?
Should there be audio coming from my subwoofer?
I want to know how many watt amp i need.?
My subs stopped playing?
is it ok if i put 2 12 inch subs on my back seat and will it sound good?
dual4ohm sub wiring question..?
What size amplifier do I need for these products?
What is an amplifier that can power a subwoofer and two speakers?
I need Help Picking out a amp for my subwoofers can anyone please help me?
SAT Radio Ready, What else do I need for Sirius Radio?
Fi BL what do I need?! ?
I have a question about car Speakers please help?
question about audio capacitor and (led) lights on them?
What kind of amplifier do i need for adding a subwoofer into a stock sound system?
Classic Rock?
Do I hook up the yellow wire to the ignition wire or striaght to the batterywith the red one?
Factory xm radio drivers side speakers only?
why do crossovers have gain control on them if they dont act as amps?
will this amp over power these speakers?
7 watts for a cb is that powerful enough? FCC license?
What amplifier would be best for three 15" kicker L7's?????????????
2005 suburban speakers?
can a 1600 watt boss amplifier support 2x12 inch pioneer champion series subwoofers?
One subwoofer?
electronic audio- in trs wires, does it matter how many 'strands' of copper are soldered on to the connectors?
Is this a good deal for a sound system?
can i install an amplifier without drilling through the firewall?
I have both 200 aux kenwood and jvc radios which brand is better?
Does playing an Ipod from your car radio drain the battery faster?
What would be an ideal sub system for me to put in my firebird?
Will oversized 6.5 inch speakers fit in my 6.5 inch factory opening?
what are ohm ratings?
how much can i sell my alpine mrp-m2000 for?
how to connect ipod to toyota ist standard stereo system?
what would happen if i hook up a 2 omhs speaker up to 6 omhs amp?
why is my amp's protection light on?
400watt crossfire amplifier + 12' RE Subwoofer?
subwoofer/amplifier help?
How to make your subwoofers sound deeper to hear them from further off?
When it comes to amps,car speakers and cd head units what should you compare or match up as of ohms watts rms?
Is kicker a good brand?
Looking to upgrade the stereo system in my 2004 Corvette....?
Someone please help me with a download link for system boot disc for pioneer AVIC DRZ09 car music system?
will hooking up 2 12" subs wired at 4 ohms and another 12 wired at a mystery ohm cause damage to your amp?
subwoofer and amp question?
Dodge Caravan 2001 CD Player Question.?
subs for f150 2004 supercrew?
how do i get the instructions for a phillips car stereo for my '97 hyundai?
what is the difference between 4 channel and 2 channel amps?
Amplifier Tuning! I need help!?
speaker size for a 2000 silverado ext cab?
Car Stereo fuse keeps burning out.?
best buy good car audio?
What are some good subs for $200?
I have a 1994 Chevy Suburban, I need a stereo for it. Is an Eclipse CD3414 stereo compatible with it?
Amplifier selection help?
how much do subs cost?
Need help with Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT?
I have a 98 lincoln town car I dont know much about car systems what a good car audio system i should get?
Ideal subs for my brz1700?
Help when amp powers up subwoofer flexes out and holds?
is it okay to have two different brands of speakers in a car?
if you were born in 1994 do you have to wait untill you are 18 to get your drivers licens.?
how do you install neon lights to your subwoofers?
Does it really matter about the brand of a in-dash dvd player?
who knows a place where i can find cheap car stereos and where they install it for free?
hello i need help i like listing to loud music but my car isnt loud enough for what i want?
Speakers,Subwoofers help?
Should I buy my amp on ebay?
good speakers to use with a dual amp 340l?
Best subwoofer for my sound system?
Alright - time to show who's the boss. Car sound system from scratch, what would you do?
Problem with radio-cd player in Nissan Altima '94. It doesn't work..doesn't turn on..any suggestions pls.?
Why does my car stereo screen flash?
Car Audio; What are tweeters for?
in need help with finding a wiring diagram for a radio?
what is the best kind of cd player to get for my car?
what are the best subwoofers?
Question for Paul S?
I have a kenwood kdcmp235 deck with a temp 1000 watt sony amp and a 15 inch sub but i get nothing?
Why is my sound system flicking on and off, what should I do to fix it?
My sound system setup?
Pasadena, California looking for ipod FM transmitter that actually works. Tested a few, still no good results
How do I wire my two subs to this amp!?!?
what's a good type of car subs i should buy?
I want to put subs in my car?
where is a good place to sell my speakers and amp out of m car?
Airbag Light on after an aftermarket radio was installed?
Key Code CD changer 5000 problem?
i just got subs put into my car- how do i stop the rattle in the trunk area?
what is the best amp to use on two 12 in KENWOOD KFC-W3012?
which subwoofer is better?
how to instaill amp ina car?
How do I unlock my stock am/fm cd player?
I want to install the best possible subwoofer system in my Benz...loud enough to wake the dead. Suggestions?
navigation systems how do they work?
The radio in my mondeo displays the station but there is no sound.any ideas?
Vauxhall astra radio code please?
CB radio has very high SWR reading?
i need to know if this is a good amp...and is it really pushing 4000 watts or not. look at pics?
What kind of amp would I need for these speakers to run optimally?
Cassette Player problem?
Car amp does not get enough power when car is on?
What job would I fit into?
15" Alpine Type R owners?
Is one 12'' sub for my truck gonna be enough? or should i get two?
What subwoofer and amp should i get for my first system?
Add deep bass to song?!?
i have a 07 camry se hooked up rca converter to stock stereo and the speaker wires and now sound in car is low?
question about rms and peak?
car audio rca output?
How to stop trunk from rattling from subs? Ford Mustang 2006.?
Is it possible for a stereo to cause the car to overheat?
Please help! Subwoofer rattling inside?
What is the advantages/disadvantages of a sealed subwoofer box over a ported?
Is this Sound System Compatible With a '98 Cavalier?
Is it better to have multiple amplifers or one big one?
What is a coaxial car speaker?
Kenwood head unit, grand am, problem! please help!?
my amplifier just turned off out of no where. and doesnt come on anymore why?
good small woofers with amp/s?
Is Bazooka El-1014 subs right for me?
Is there a certain kind of amp you need for door speakers?
how to hook up subs & amps?
Want to put a new stereo system in my 2000 Celica gt?
Speaker smaller than hole by a few milimeters... What to do?!?
I have2 12" svc mtx 7500! what is the best and or hardest hitting box to put them in? and any pics of the box?
Car audio help please?
Honda accord radio question?
How do i unlock my ford focus car stereo?
Burned CD error while in Car CD player? What do I do?
Requires assistance with Premier TS-W1008D4 1200W max 350 rms sub?
how to hook up ipod to kenwood car stereo?
Fi Audio BL vs Ascendant Audio Havoc?
What size fuse do I need for my car radio.?
I want to upgrade the speakers in my car? ?
what is the best kind of sound system for my car? money dosent matter?
Is there anything wrong with these subwoofer dimentions? ?
How wouldI install a 3 speaker subwoofer in the trunk of my Cobalt Supercharged?
What size speaker is in the door of a 2001 Accord coupe Honda?
How do you access the "aux input" on the radio in a 2005 Honda Odessey?
I need the original car stereo for a 2000 Pontiac grand prix where can I get it at?
blah blah blab?
how do i remove and then install the stereo in my 1997 nissan sentra?
install a mp3 player via a wired connection to the aux button on a 2004 f150?
what is the most powerfullest sub made and by who?
what is the best device to store music and play in car radio?
What do I need, and how do install a radio in my 2007 Yaris, XM equippped, without a bunch of exposed wires.?
What would be a good deck?
LED lights in my car short out then turn back on?
What is the best car CD player for the money with an AUX port?
Is 10 gauge good for 480 watt amp?
sony xplod?
which size speakers should i buy for my car?
More questions about My 12" Pioneer car subs!?
how big should 6x9 speaker box be?
when do i get the money i won on the radio?
is a dixie horn illigal? if so, why?
Rattling inside subwoofer?
car audio?
which subwoofer shud i get, the FI BTL 15 or the SSA XCON 15?
how to build an amp?
is a alpine pdx4.100 amp?
How much in general does it cost to install a bass system into a car?
Sealed or Ported For a hatchback 2001 ford focus zx3?
I can't find the CD changer in my 1999 Mercury Sable, I've looked everywhere in the trunk and dashboard.?
whats the best way to hook an ipod nano to a car? is there away?
car sound systems?
My subs in my car have sounds but the speakers in the car don't?
How can i fix my radio?
need rap songs with bass?
electrics for the radio and clock dont seem to be working on my pajero ?
is this a good deal for subs / subwoofers?
can a stock nissan radio fit in a stock toyota?
what would be a good sound system at a good price?
Best songs to bump to in your car.?
Which is best way to go?
need specs on how to build sub box for 95 camaro?
Pioneer DEH-5400BT or Alpine CDE-133BT?
Who has the best car component speakers?
will 6.5" speakers fit a space for 6" speakers?
What brand of car speakers is best for hard rock and heavy metal?
Does anyone own JL audio CS110RG-W1v2 ?
Kicker an quantium audio?
Can an single cd player be upgraded to a shaker 1000 system in a 2005 mustang?
i have a Acer Aspire 6930 is it possible to hook up 2 15in car sub woofers to it safely?
i have a Mobil CB in my house and need to make a ground plain how do i do this?
Radio Signal Questions, PLEASE HELP!!!?
my sound system rundown what needs to be fixed?
What does it mean when your car amplifier works for a little while then quits working?
Buying car alarm online then having it installed at Best Buy?
ground distribution block question.?
Is it posible to wire 2 dual voice coil 2ohm subs to 1 ohm?
are these a good deal for $150?
Is a mtx audio subwoofer good enough?
upgrading my car's sound system?
drained battery whats wrongg?
Help with designing a power system for a Rockford Fosgate based portable "boom box"?
Satalite Television for your car?
I want to make a box for a 6.5 inch subwoofer.?
could i hook up 4 speakers to one mono amp?
Lost the anti-theft blocks for two Philips Type CCRT 701 W8U Audio Player.any 1 know Philips Service place?
New speakers when turned all the way up it makes a rattle sound?
What or how many amps will I need for my wife's car?
when a two channel amp says it has 300 watts like a rockford that means in both channels?
Speaker wire sparks?!?!?
Can i hook a tweeter up straight to my head unit or do i have to run it to my amp?
what are the best band names for IN-Dash decks for cars???
what would cause the speakers in my blazer to stop working?
removing the stock radio out of my 2007 impala?
How do I take out a 2010 silverado radio? ?
TunerSpotter, you need to cease and desist?
How much would a good bass system cost for a car?
require a code for a 6000CD RDS car stereo, serial number is M630494.?
How do you remove the dash board on a 97 Chevy Tahoe to access the radio?
Is there a program on a computer to read SPL levels?
How to hook up my subs?
Stereo wiring on 01 Saxo VTR??
Very hot CD Player????
what web site would you trust to buy a 15"kicker l7 from?
Which subwoofers to choose? Alpine or Rockford Fosgate?
wiring harness help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what do u think about this subs?
i was unscrewing one of the wires and got some sparks then the amp started smoking?
What Car Audio Choose Amp?
Anybody know of a website that offers a free VIN report?
Can you put 3 subwoofers in a Mono Block Amplifier ?
Which is the best audio system for car and spekars?
tell me what to do. PLEASE (read details)?
help with car watts problems?
I just got a 585$ stereo system put in my car, is it customary to give a tip or is the labor included?
amp over heating due to new speaker i bought?
Car Audio Help for a Dodge Magnum?
What amp do I need for my 2 15”?
I want my kenwood system to hit harder people help me please?
What are some classy sounding speaker brand names that aren't already in use?
Car speaker impedance, and using a home stereo speaker as a car speaker?
Renault Megane Scenic 1997?
Where can i get a cockney voice from for my TomTom?
Where can I take my car to get a new stereo installed?
im having trouble with engine noise in my speakers!!?
Satellite navigation systems??
How hard to install new head unit?
Im looking to buy chrome lights, a sound system, and upgrade a Mazda MX3, any idea on where to buy car parts?
Please help! Corolla radio...?
Alpine or Pioneer for rear bass?
how do i fix an open voice coil in a 600 watt sub?
Does anyone know how to correctly wire a Sony CDX-M600 Xplod radio?
What would you recommend for decent car audio set up.?
Wondering which amp should i use for car set up?
If i have a bose sound system in my car, would it be stupid to try to upgrade the audio and get new speakers?
Can I go from a 10 gauge power cable to a 16 gauge power cable? (Car Audio)?
i want to find out more about important of soundsystem in automobile?
How to properly install 2 Amps? One for sub and one for mids and highs?
Can anyone tell me what kind of power supply i will need to use car amp (2400w) and subwoofer 1400w 12 inchs?
1995 Taurus Car Speakers Problem?
15" Sub vs 2 12" subs?
Whats a good sub-woofer box for 2 15"s CVR Kickers?
My subs don't seem to sound right "Or tight ?????"?
whats the audio quality of fm transmitters?
what is the loudest speakers for mid and highs?
whats the best car subwoofer in the world realistically?