Car Audio

okay any body know why my car sound system sounds louder when i play the radio?
whats a good cheap decent subs?
I blew up my stereo...?
Car amp does not get enough power when car is on?
what after market stereo such as dvd navigation system I can use for 02 I35 infiniti?
What is the best sound system that I can get for about $5000?
My car is 16 years old, and it's dependable and good, but it has a cassette deck and no cd player.....!!!???!!
question about RCA jacks?
will this cd player be able to have a sub ? sorry about this again lol?
so i got a tv/stereo in my car where can i buy some dvds that are music videos?? i do i have to burn cds?
I want to install the best possible subwoofer system in my Benz...loud enough to wake the dead. Suggestions?
ford fiesta radio code needed please :)?
sub is not playing loud?
Wire to car CD player went bad?
if sterreo is right and left, is mono just right or left?
Why wont my Sub play at higher volume and power?
Amp will not stay on please help?
Help with pioneer mosfet 5Wx4 (deh-4000ub model)?
what wires can i use from home for my car amp?
Can you get shocked by a capacitor in a car's stereo system?
side post battery cant hook up amp power cord so how do i do it?
How can I hook up car audio to my hometheater?
Sub not working// amp and headunit respond fine.?
How do I unlock my stock am/fm cd player?
how can i secure subwoofer box in my truck?
installing a new system?
i'm looking to run a 12 or two what kind of amp should i use?
How to wire a stereo into a 2007 FLHTPI?
Can I have one sub bridged and one unbridged on my two channel amp?
Do you have a DVD player in you car ?
How do you safely use a car power inverter?
How to install a boss capasitor?
dont be stupid i know real rms subwoofer question for pros??
can u but a 12 inch subwoofer in a camaro?
Which car stereo speakers are best Sony or Kenwood?
How do I remove the stock stereo from a 1994 Ford Tempo?
What will happen if I mix 2 different speaker wattages?
Saturn pre-amp stock?
What are the specs on a chrysler/dodge 93 sundance radio?
Which car speaker is the best?
How do I by-pass parking safety feature on radio?
My subwoofers randomly stopped hitting and sounded distorted. What's causing this?
what amp is good for two 12 inch kicker cvrs?
Modern Radio for Classic Mustang?
c.d. player in 2001 grand caravan does not reject . can you help?
custom sub box placements?
Best Car Woofers for the Price?
SAT Nav card replacement?
Can anyone help me with buying an on dash digital speedometer fro my car?
can u help me?
Which box should i get for these subs?
What type of sound system should I get for my car?
best buy audio help????
hyundai accent help my new ken wood CD player just stopped mid CD i went to fitter he didn't know?
can i sync my phone to my car without bluetooth?
Do blown speakers sound like they're in a tunnel?
Radio not functioning properly on Renault megane?
best subwoofer!!!!any shallows subs or 10 subs?
My capacitor holds power but as soon as i hook my amp up it drains all power?
Can you put speakers in a box without using an amp?
Who is the current bass player for P.O.D?
i have a sega cd & i'm not sure how to hook it up i also need to know what the mixing port is for and do i nee
How can I make my subs louder?
How Do I Install an Alpine Audio Player in my '99 Ford Taurus?
Does anyone have experience with the 2010 hifonics brz line? ?
Car stereo installation help?
my car audio headset doesnt have aux?
Is it okay that my dual subwoofers are more powerful then my amp? ?
Is this a good box for my Kicker 15" l7?
when did pyle dryver PLDCP3 come out?
What is the best and most affordable Navigation system?
Need an MP3 dock to use outdoors with powerful speakers included.?
I installed 8 flourecent light fixtures with electronic ballist, I bought a new stereo and get interference???
Which subs should i get 2 ohms or 4?
Where to buy and install sub woofers in Minnesota?
Subwoofer cone space vs Quality and xmax?
How do I or can I stop my car radio wandering off the station?
Is this a good deal for a subwoofer set?
Just bought a 2000 Grand AM GT. Everything works fine except for CD player.?
To meet the RMS of speakers do i need an amp for my stereo?
What is DAB reception like inside a car (using a personal DAB radio)?
Why did my tape deck stop working?
Cayo Ernesto Thaelmann?
if i have 2 12' alpine type r's with 500w rms each would a kenwood 900w rms x 1 at 2 ohms work well together?
What do i need for my car system?
how can i build a ported 15" sub under the back seat of my 2000 chevy silverado?
what is faster a lamborghini or a ferrari?
does anyone know how much a radio harness for a 2004 monte carlo cost?
Decided to go with (2) jl 12w6v2?
are there a car battieries made for if you live in cold tempature areas? Where would i find it online?
alpine speakers and HAMR?
Code for rds 5000 radio[Escort]?
What should I use to stop subwoofers from rattling my TRUNK LID(only)?
How to work a Remote Starter/Alarm?
is this the correct way to setup this subwoofer?
what is the best amp wattage for a '98 chevy-cavalier (4 cylinder), without it having to drain my battery?
how to reinstall a factory stereo nissan sentra 2002.the last owner had a aftermarket radio in it now i want?
What size indash gps do I need. 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Do you own a class AB amp or class D amp?
who from all of you guys like BMW's car?
how do i remove the noise which is hearable from outside,inside when sub-woofer is making those sexy bass's.?
whats a good name for a auto club thats all about audio? or just a auto club name in general?
where can i find an after market sat nav with a screen bigger than 3 inches?
need good subs!!! what kind be the best? Can subs handle true power?
how can i look at my jensen tv radio when am driving?
Does the Kicker zx 1500.1 run at 4 ohms?
Which car amp between these two?
why do my subs sound bad when i close my trunk?
how can i output video from an iphone to a car stereo?
radio stop working how to get it fixed with out going to a shop?
My car has a lot of bass but I?
What Amp Kit and Head Unit should I get?
can you get the weather report on a cb radio?
Is it bad for the wiring kit to overpower the amp/subs?
how to wire 2 4 ohm dvc subwoofers to a 2 channel 4 ohm amplifier?
bad aftermarket radio reception?
How big does the box need to be for a 12" subwoofer?
Is this Sub and Amp I am looking at compatible?
Fact or crap, "under powering a sub will destroy it"?
Wiring tweeters like this, would it work?
Help with understanding ohms?
Fm Modulator?
how about shrink tubing?
wat are the subs of the day?
Best possible car sound system?
Why does the bass in my car tend to stop and then play when I play my music?
Can a 2 ohm stable amp power a 1 ohm sub?
what is a good sound system for a 91 mercucy like subs,amps,dvdcd player?
what is your favorite car mine is the Ferrari enzo.?
Installing JL Amp...?
Should I get the JL audio 12inch ported set up or the 10inch?
I want to know what my 2000 4x4 s10 stepside regular cab would look like lifted before I dish out the money ?
where can i buy just the channels for a car amp not the hole amp?
amp installation, what could have went wrong?
kicker comp 12 problems??? help please?
Does the Dual XDVD8183 charge the ipod?
what sound system would work best in my massy ferguson 4880?
What do i need to know to hook up car amplifiers and subwoofers?
can anyone help me please i cant find my radio code can anyone help me please the serial number is m462386?
where to buy uplander Phatnoise drive?
What is the best amp power to make my JL W3 sub work best?
what are some great songs for a car that has good bass to it?
wiring help for memphis 16-sc1.500?
Can I hook up an ipod to my car speakers without having a car stereo?
what size speakers fit inside an 1970 camaro?
Lanzar OPTI3201D or APK-2500 or audioque2200?
can you hook up mp3 players to your car radio and play it through the car speakers ?
Just a question about a 1986 Mercury Cougar radio wiring harness?
Can I control my amplifier's power?
Better bang with this AMP?
I have planed to fix amp and 2 subwoofer for my honda city ivtec.. i got jvc 7 inch head unit?
installing amp for highs already connected to radio?
how do i wire a 6ohm sub to a 4ohm amp?
I'm looking for car audio shop selling reasonable car audio for the brand of kenwood, jvc or pioneer in Penang
do you like cars?
Is it possible that one of my speakers isnt working because a change in settings on the amplifier was altered?
can my 4 channel 250 watt Alpine MRV-F340 amthap push my two 12 inch subs t are 1000watts each 400 rms?
What is th technological progress of a electric car?
Car Audio Question Though xD!!?
Which would be louder???
Does anyone know where I can find a Car Cigarette Adapter Splitter with an on/off switch?
I lost the remote to my sony xplode car cd player, can i just get a universal remote from walmart?
What is the best amplifier???
Subwoofer car wiring ?
how to remove speakers from toyota tundra 2002?
Do the wires + - of a CB radio and the wires + - of a linear amplifier, attach to the same power supply?
What happened to my amp?
What is a decent working cheap sound deaden-er for a car trunk.?
My car cd player wont let me put in cd's why?
Hey um I have the Premier 12" 6000w max 2500 RMS sub so what amp do I need?
Who has the wireing schematic for a poineer supertuner D?? I got it a garage sale and there's no book.Thank
1 din cd player in holden vt?
whats your fav car and why?
Pioneer DXT-2369UB Question?
how loud is loud enough?
How do I hook up my aftermarket radio in my '03 Malibu so it turns on and off with the car?
how to remove the radio out of a 96 chevy blazer?
Wiring diagram Ford courier 2006 Bualcab?
what is channels on a subwoofer amp?
Can I control my ipod from my 2005 TSX steering wheel?
Is the stock sound system in a 2004 pontiac grand prix gt2 good?
My amp keeps blowing fuses so it wont start?
i got two 15 inchs subs that wont fit in the trunk of my sudan should i have some cut the edges to make room?
Which amp would be best?
what are the best 12''(2x) subs for an explorer on a 1k watt nitro amp. looking for around 125-200$ clear bass?
I bought a pioneer sub and a amp without any wire?
If I get a new car radio antenna with a strong signal will I be able to hear all the stations in my area?
Will a 5500W 6875 peak W generator handle a furnace 115v 9.8 Amp & Fridge 115v 8.1 Amp and inducer motor 207V?
Question about Kicker box and subs?
how do i set the clock on a 92 buick century?
will this car audio setup work without an extra battery or capacitor?
Good sub for cheap price?
i require a Blaupunkt radio code as fitted to a Peugeot serial No is BP2775T6462152?
i need help with my sub box?
how u be rollin when you's be all crunked up?
Wiring two two P2 15 POWER ACOUSTIK SUBWOOFERS at a 1ohm load wont damage my amplifier or subwoofers will?
What the best ipod car Decks?
problems with new cb radio?

How much wattage would each woofer receive if....?
What amplifier would you recommend?
What is an MP3 radio?
I need help with my subs/amp installation? Easy 10 points please help!!!?
what upgrade should i choose for my sounds in my xsara?
will my subs blow i have a kicker 1000.1 amp and last years kicker cvrs should i upgrade my subs?
How do you get the stock stereo out of a 97 honda civic?
what is the port tuned to on this box?
Do I need an amplifier?
Why Isn't My battery grounding out my amp?
Whats the best in dash car reciever for 250-300$, perferring sound quality rather then features,?
i have a honda 1994 lx can i fit any speakers in it?
Subwoofers play music but wont hit?
What is a good set for low bass twin subs less than MYR 2K for a Nissan Grand Livina?
Pioneer stereo won't power on after jump starting my car ?
can anybody please tell me the code for my wife's car cd radio the car is a ford focus?
1dvc 12" 1 mono amp?
Amp Question Please Help?
Who is right?
Car Subwoofer box input jack?
a comercial says that you can have your car payment paid off and you pay them $39.00 a week, is that true?
cant anyone recommend a sound system for my car?
my stereo wont work and its only a month old help please?
Why is one of my subwoofers hitting harder than the other?
Car subwoofer beating by it's self?
How to choose a subwoofer and amplifier?
my radio in my 97'kia sephia does not work the fuses are ok what should i do?
What type of sub(s) and amp should i go with?
I want upgrade my sound in my car. I Need suggestions!?
Usb to Aux for Sony Car Stereo?
How can I tell if my car audio amp needs a new fuse or is fried entirely?
Mumbai ? value for money car stereo with bass ?
How do I hook up an extra battery to my amp and subs to keep headlights from dimming?
I have 2 10 inch subs and a 1000 watt amp .What is a radio i can buy for under $50?
Why will Maxwell CD-R Music cds not play in my car?
Help with sound system for car?
i wanted to know how i could hook up at least 6 subs, with 2 1800 watt amps, what are the things that would be?
Need help choosing a new amp?
how much would a pawn shop give for a flip out car tv/dvd player
Do car sound system tweeters run off an amp channel?
Kicker or Rockford speakers?
Is this a good deal ? (Amp)?
Car Audio question?
Car with NO cd player?
Sound system problem---not sounding as clear as it used to?
did I get the right amp?
How do you place a broken Antenna Mast on a Volvo S40?
Where is the CD holder in the Newer VW Beetles??
i want a cheap 3000w massive audio amp?
How much better are the Rockford t1 12" than the p3 12"?
if i order an amplifier online will the fuse and everything come with it.?
Looking for some ideas on sound system layouts?
i bought jbl gto638 im wondering if i wired them wrong or not compatiable with my car?
How long does it take to break in new subwoofers?
I would like to buy a car audio set for my santro I would like to know which models of sony will fit my car?
my ripspeed cmr-i3000 is wired up but nothing work except the thing comes down to put a cd in any ideas?
i need an unlock-code for a 1991 oldsmobile 98 regency,with a delco cassette-fm radio?
my sub vent rattles when the sub pounds realy hard, way to fix?
Buttons on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT radio.?
do dr crankenstein be da stereo dat be all dat, a bag of mf chipz, 2 Cokes, n' a ice creem?
my amp only turns on with everything connected except for the ground? WTF is wrong with it. its a small mtx275?
What amplifier would be better?
What would cause this interuption in a car stereos reception?
i bought an fm ipod transmitter and when i play it in my car it is very fuzzy?
How to get stuck CD out of CD player in 2006 Nissen xtera?
What should I do about a cd stuck in my car stereo?
I need something loud and has good bass, suggestions ?
out of these 2 which do you think would have better SQ and sound better in a sealed enclosure?
Does anyone have the radio wiring diagram for a 94 ford ranger?
Is it ok to Hook up some creative speakers to my car?
hole vs. no hole in a subwoofer box?
how to make my trucks system louder?
how many wires do you connect on a dual voice coil speaker?
is there any way to hook up your amp without running it from your battery.?
Will I blow my speakers?
I have installed speakers in my parcel shelf there were amazing but not sound rubbish n e reason?
Whats better? One 12" sub or two 10" subs?
can i run to amps in my car,and how?
Whats an Auxilliary do?
about subwoofers?
Car Sound System Help?
I have a mtx jh300 amp with 2 image dynamic subwoofers. id10v3 2ohm speakers. how do i connect them to my amp?
What amp to get for 2 10' lighting audio subs?
What are the amp specifications i need to run these?
Anyone know where I can get a cable from my Zen Sleek (not a photo) MP3 player to my cd player?
Car speakers to tv? Help?
HELP! car stereo manual or infromation...?
If you want to change your car stereo,do you just buy the front Head unit & it just slots in?
Sound system is messing up, idk what to do?! (Rapid clicking noise that increases with RPMs?)?
Does anyone know how to set the clock on a 1991 Buick Lesabre 4 Door?
what amp will be powerful enough?
What is the best GPS to buy?
why do people in cars have to have there stereo up so loud it rattles there car?
Car System suggestions, clarity over bass ideas.?
amp help please?
i want to put a speaker box in my car?
speakers sound like they blew?
About how much would a ported box for 4 alpine type s 15's tuned at 32hz cost.?
light up speaker installation?
Car Sound System Setup Question?
How do you remove a stereo in a ford feista?
what's wrong with buying a cheap power amplifier?
I Need 1996 Ford Ranger Stereo Wiring colors...?
my subwoofer is 1200 watts and 350 RMS so would that thump with an amp with 350 rms?
i have a jeep and i installed a stereo in it. when i turn the volume up, the sound doesnt sound clear anymore!?
What kind of sub and amp should I get for my car for under 250 dollars?
Can't play CD-RW's in factory player?
LANZAR CD Player error codes?
Car amp help?
Does anyone know where I can buy a pink sat nav? (Reasonally priced)?
how do you get step by step directions on how to hook a car cd player for a chrysler labaron?
How do I hook up subs to my moped?
where can i find cheap cars that are in good shape in raleigh nc?
I have 2 8 ohm home subs and 2 200w car subs and 1 150w car sub. How do I hook them together?
have a 400 watt amp can i use a 15 inch 300 watt subwoofer for it?"?
i need a song that....?
How do I plug my ipod into the car, and let the car play the music on my Ipod?
Im looking for cheap but great sounding subwoofers and amp. What are my best options?
Are kenwoods speakers as good as their subs?
how do u use tap screws when installing new door speakers? 6.5inch?
Is this a good deal for a pair of Alpine Subwoofers?
I am trying to find the color code for stereo in a 1989 ford aerostar?
What would be the best pair of 12" subwoofers to put on the Rockford Fosgate Punch P8002 amplifier?
Subwoofer 98 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?
total amp power? (90 watt and 200 watt amp connected together)?
Why is only one of my two Kicker CVR subwoofers firing?
How do i stop the rattling of my rear quarter panels?
I have 2 600 watt rms 1200 peak DVC 4 ohm subs i want to run them with a mono amp what specs do i need?
Will this car audio set-up work?
I have a 2003 windstar with no pic on screen...sounds there a fuse for the screen
Unlock code for a fiat punto?
Too much power for my sub?!?
How does dual 4ohm work?
I need bass loud so that it should go out of ma car...i have JBL 1100watts bass tube in ma wagonR right now...?
why rims and sound systems etc
I cut my car antenna cable for my ST2 Sirius satalite radio. What can i use to connect the two ends together.
what subs sound better (kicker)?
Can you put 12" subs in a 2002 Chevy Impala LS?
Is it possible/wise to use my Bose Companion II speakers in my car via DC-AC converter?
how do i calculate total RMS from 2 separate channels?
Why isnt my deck working in my truck?
Should I get a second car battery or upgrade my existing one?
Car Stereo Installation Troubles?
Just bought 2 12" Memphis subwoofers,and I have music coming from the woofers also...?
I'm getting a '98 blazer and it's got a cassette player(I want CD) I need to know what those things are called
Beats pro power source ipod nano 6 gen?
questions about what kind of speakers and size i have in my car?
Kicker DX300.2 Power Protection Light is Red?
Speaker wire question?
how do i hook up jlaudio speakers in a mustang?
How do I take speaker wires out of amp?
Should the music (sound) ordinance be dropped? Need OPINIONS from all ages for a research paper!?
Removing static and boosting FM radio reception in my car?
Question about a cooler stereo?
Using IPod in car....?
kicker car sub and amp wont work in home?
I need help picking out the STRONGEST bass system EVER :)?
There was a small module add on that let you plug the headphone jack into your stereo. Where can I get one?
What numbers can I use to get Country music on my car radio in the Sacramento, Ca area?
what is the best mtx subwoofer?
HOW SHOULD I WIRE MY KENWOOD KFC-W3010 12" 4 Ohm subs to my Kenwood KAC-8103D amp?
Hifonics brutus amplifier?
What do you have in your trunk.....?
Can I use a poweracoustik D1-4000d and I run it for an alpine 12d4 type R?
How to have my DVD/NAV play while driving?
I need to get a GPS for my car!?
Is this at 1.5 ohms? W7's?
Can someone link me a compatible audio system?
I am buying a new cd player for my car and i am scared that the cd player isnt going to fit..?
were can i find a picture showing me were a poweramp is for a 2001 dodge 2500 series pickup?
how many cell phone have u have?
i need a amp to bump 2 12" cadence 4ohm 700 rms each?
how does a person convert mp3 files to format that can be burnt to a audio disk and play in my car cd player?
Best place to buy speakers,and best brand for my budget?
Bmw aftermarket stereo issue?
How can i install Subwoofers without a Amplifier?
which subs would sound better? 2 kicker L3s or 1 L7?
sub box help..... please!?
why is there no sound coming from the front speakers in my truck?
which amp will be good for my 2 kenwood kfc-w3012 subs?
how to hook up a linear to my cb?
Witch 15'' subwoofer would have the loudest spl?
how to install a stereo in a 2001 Lincoln town car?
I have two 15" Kicker CVR's, what amp should I get to power these too?
Jensen VM9020TS wire harness needed?
What amplifier would you recommend?
can i power 2 x 400w speakers from my car radio's 4x50w amp?
12 inch subs best quality?
is there a aux cable that plugs into a cars cigarette lighter?
Need Help Finding a High Current Alternator?
Can subwoofers damage your rear dack speakers??
How does this transmitter work?
can i play heavy metal music on SUBs? does it sound good or very good on planning for 2 10"?
does anyone know a real good place around henderson nevada that aint going to charge so much for a decent pain
Whats the best way to change my front door speakers on my 1999 Chrysler 300m?
Would two alpine 12" type e subwoofers run well with an alpine mrp m500 amp?
Is this speakers worth buying? Help?
Is this a good amp for these speakers?
how are dual brand amps?
Is it okay to connect my 4 Channel pre out to my Monoblock input?
Boss 5500 watt vs. Power acoustik 5500 watt? which is better?
im trying to install my amp to my factory stereo but cant find the amp wire from the wires. what color is it?
jvc head unit?
waterproof sub boxes?
Why was Blaupunkt the "IT" audio system in the 80's but now its cheap caca?
is my head unit messed up?
What amp should i use to power to Kicker C12s?
finding an amp for my sub! help!?
How many watts do I need?
can you i pics on a pioneer avic-d2?
where can i find a good box for my 15" eclipse subwoofer?
Will my 300 wat amp power my 12 inch sub and 2 5/7 speakers?
2003 Mercury Sable: Should I get a New stereo w/ faceplate, or an AUX.?
car dvd repair????????
Are these subwoofers good?
Quantum audio subwoofers?
is it safe to buy from amazon?
iphone-car speakers help!!!!?
Question about car audio?
what is the best brand of car audio electronics?
factory cd player?
Car Sound System Music?
What is another word for not stero?
What kind of amp would be best for my single 15inch kicker l7 in a single ported box?
Adding Aux to Sebring 2004 car stereo?
Best 12" subwoofer for bass and clarity that is not ridiculously expensive?
Do they made car amps for tetweers?
Would a car battery die from listening to the radio?
Hey, I hear everyone talking about lanzar, what do you think about the opti-drive2000D .05 OHM STABLE!?
Luxman SQ 38 F vintage amplifier specification and Price?
radling sound in catilc converter?
what is the best car audio system for the price?
2 kicker l5 15s or 2 alpine type r 15s?
What's a good stereo to put in a 2005 Mustang?
pioneer deh-7600mp?
Why is my car deck bugging out?
can a subwoofer blow a amp?
Beginner to car audio:) need help! ?
Can I plug my PA system into a car?
subwoofer paper cone or other material?
subwoofer.. and amp pricing question?
Subs and Amp Help Please?
What is the best way to intergrate by MP3 player to my vehicle? I have a non ipod mp3 player!?
what kind of sub should i put on my ford ranger extended cab that will be heard far away?
How do you uninstall a '02 Toyota Solara factory stereo without breaking any trim?
Is there anywhere on the web to download free map upates for my Magellan GPS unit?
Help with choosing a SubWoofer for 75 dart?
How can i get the most out of my MTX 5510-44 subwoofer?
i have a visonik amp 1800 watt with 1100 watts max subs?
Need advice for car amp and subwoofers?
How do I connect a 750 Watt amp to my home speakers?
nakamichi pa-301 amp info?
is it okay to start a car while radio is running..?
in my 94 Jeep Cherokee my cd players screen will not light up any sugestions?
CDs playing much better on car stereo than mp3 player?
Getting satellite radio in an older car?
Car Radio wire trouble, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
2008 Ford Transit 6000 CD radio mute wire, where is it?
replace lights in monsoon cd player (camaro)
how to buy navigation system for ford mustang 2010?
Can u hook up a 2ohm Amp to a 4ohm sub?
can I add an amp to my 99 camry factory radio?
I got a new car battery. Now the radio won't work.?
How difficult is it to install a satellite radio antenna on your car?
where can i find a place in Sydney to get a car audio certification?
how to fix static car radio?
My amp is keep dying when pounds to hard?
What do I need to play my MP3 in the car?
whats the difference between the 08 zx750 amp and the 10zx750 amp?
What AMP do i need??????????
is xm radio service installed in cars available in any african country?
i have jus instal 2 speakers that r 700w plus a previous installion of a 300w sub my taillight don't work?
Subwoofers/ amp question?
which Car audio would suit my merc c class?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
How much is this car audio system worth?
what size speakers are needed for nissan alitma 98?
mu subs arent hitting as hard after ground came loose?
Good settings for mtx jackhammer amp?
Repeat Mono Stereo Amplifier/Subwoofer?
lost radio code for 6000cd rds eon?
Car System?
how can i hook up ipod to 2004 ford explorer stereo?
how do i replace speakers in a 2003 dodge 1500 dashboard?
wut honda has the same motor as an 91 integra LS?
Pioneer TS-W301R 12" Subwoofer i installed ?
My speakers get static when I turn the volume up. They're quiet all the time. ?
Best place to put ground wire in 1997 jeep grand Cherokee?
What radio/cassette will interchange with 1993 Montero?
Do I need to upgrade my electrical system for my subs?
subwoofer + amp question?
I used a multimeter to tune my amp, but my subwoofers sound like they're distorting?
Does anyone know the wiring diagram for the factory amp on a 99 mazda 626 with bose?
What are the best bass speakers? My friend has some that are loud that makes his car shake but i want?
i got 2 jl audio 12s and 2 kenwood kfc-3011 subs which ssl amp would do the job?
First time car speaker buyer, need help?
How to install subwoofer+amp into a 2007 camry le?
what size of speaker wire?
Best subwoofer size for metal music?
What is the best subwoofers and amp i can buy for my acura tl 2008?
should i cry when i get a ticket?
Can I put a 2 Din radio on my 2005 honda civic vp?
I have 2 alpine SWR-1242D and i was wondering if a LANZAR VBRA285 would be good for it?
would 1 memphis m3 15 hit harder than 2 rockford fosgate p3 10s?
connection scheme for kenwood 357d?
Anyone in Denver using Sirius sat radio in their car? Signal Problems? What frequency are you using?
What would be the best amp(1 ohm stable) for my 4 kicker comps?
Thanks to kaezoo for answering my question about the loc in my cadillac.?
Does this need an HID kit?
what do CAPACITORS do?
What all do you need to hook up sound system in car?
How do I stop my speakers from making my door panels shaking?
Is it ok to wire 5 led light strips and 1000 watt amp on the car battery if nt what can i do?
Need a good car audio, plz help ..!?
How do i hook up a Mmats dhc1400.5 amp?
What's is the best sub system for a 94 chevy pickup regular cab, and I want a nice thump so people can hear me?
what size capacitor should i get?
Question About Bucket Seats?
Putting aftermarket amp in car with an after market one? HELP!?
all eight eyes but one will see the same to reveal that final name... volvo hunt?
What gauge for my amp ?
How big do RCA amplifier cables have to be?
Installing a sub and amp to 2011 VE SV6?
is there something wrong with my car battery?
testing a sub with a voltmeter?
Does the garmin 1350T gps have Elev. readout?
Stereo volume knob color came off?
Can someone tell me were can I connect my remote wire to make my amp shut down when the car is off?
Siemens VDO CDR2005 code please?
i want to set my car player sla,treble,mid,bass it has -6 to +6.?
how do you remove a stereo from a 2003 dodge ram 2500?
what are the best car alarm brands?
I Need help with car audio?
Speakers help. Again :)?
Will I bust my sub woofer if I turned the amp all the way up, i currently have it turned halfway?
MTX JackHammer JH4512-04 Car Subwoofer?
Will a 750 watt power inverter run a 75000 btu forced air heater that uses 2.8 amps?
My car amp has 3 slots for 25A fuses.?
subwoofer louder when sitting in the back seat?
I have a I think 2001 explorer and I want to put a new cd player in it instead of the stock cd/tape player....
Help finding a CB radio system!?
Which is better to power 2 rockfordfostgate HX2s?
Help with Sub and Amp install?
kicker question about my memphis sub box?
Getting New subwoofers and i need Help with subwoofers.?
Amplifier channels and speaker set-up?
I have two 10 inch subs that are 300 rms each and a 4 channel 250 watt pioneer amp will this work?
the best audio system for ur car ???
I have a CD player in my car.Would have prefered a tape,as I can only seem to find cd,s of black rappers?
Can a bose car system work without a bose stereo?
What are the best subwoofers out there for the price?
How to play FM radio through PA speaker?
What kind of speakers will go good with a 97 eldarado if I want it to sound good and have a lot of bass?
Jbl subwoofer or Fli subwoofer?
Hi, I have a ford ka and need to get the radio code, the serial number is MOO2968 can someone please help.?
Radio cutting on & off when it wants to.?
which type os subwoofer box , do u think is just awesome for me? i m having a pioneer [TS-W306DVC] subwoofer.?
Anyone knows how to set the clock on a Pioneer DEH-P4400?
where can i find an owners manual for alpine cd/receiver older model #CDA-7839?
What do the colors mean for my car radio wiring?
is it enough?
what sort of sub box should i make for my inphase xt12?
is it better to face a sub front back or sideways?
question about audio capacitor and (led) lights on them?
ways to tell if your sub is blown?
Would a kicker 08ZX1000.1 amp be too much for 1 kicker L7 12 inch?
how good is the almani s7-12 woofer?
whats the best sound system u can put in a car?
Port Area Question 2 15" Fi Bls?
Is there another way to hook my Ipod to my car?
sound dampening?
Installed a new car stereo and now stations won't come in clearly?
what songs r good for 2 12 inch subs in a sealed box?
Speakers turn on and off by themselves?
Where is the Aux port in my expedition 2005 eddie bauer edition.?
What subs can i use with a jl audio 1000/1 besides a w7?
Wiring to 1 ohm...will it blow?
Pink Black wire on AVG VDP1?
Which subwoofer to buy?
question about speaker wiring?
voltage suffering?
Why won't my subs hit?
6x9 speakers, to port or not to port?
Do you have Sirius radio?
what kind of amt will i need to power a type x 12 inch sub ( i don't know anything about car audio)(?
where can i get powerbass decals i need new ones?
i have 6 stillwater kicker 12s in a super bass box ,so what kind of amp/watts/channel do ineed to push them?
Why wont My Subwoofer play anymore?
I have gt a x type 2002 jaguar,and recently had a repair done and now i haven't?
how can i get the code for the radio for fiesta car stereo N reg?
What is 1k in car audio?
The fuse box on the left foot of the driver missing 3 fuses?
I want to know if any of you know a good Loud Cheap Subwoofer To Hook Up In My Room That Would Shake The Room ?
What kind of radio system can i plug into my cigarette lighter to drowned out all the chitty chitty bang bangs
what is the best sounding combinationm of amplifiers and subwoofers for a civic hatchback?
What is the best sound system?
when you wire 2 subs and a mono amp at a 1 ohm load does it deliver 1200 rms to each speaker or just one?
What is the difference between an audiophile system and a normal stock system?
will this be a good sound system setup?!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
my keys are stuck in my ignition, how do I get them out?
front speakers for a peugeot 307 what size are they?
what is the most romantic music to listen to when your making out and you know?
How to cut abs plastic and mold it?
What brand of subwoofers do you prefer?
Cd player help 97' cavalier?
Is is possible to get an aux jack installed into a car stereo?
i,m looking for the diagram for a 2003 kia sedona fusew box?
Cd problem? Please help asap?
will this sub box combonation fit in a G35 coupe?
how do i get radio code for rover 25?
Can I hook my cars system up without an amp?
What are good car speakers?
how to hook up 2 alpine 1242 type r's to a audiobahn a8000t?
what is a good gps for my car?
online site for cheap car audio?
Car Radio Troubles (Can someone help me?)?
Pyle PLTS72U dvd in dash cd player for car?
Amp and woofer brands?
what size and brand car speakers should i buy?
Does anyone have a satellite radio in their car that ACTUALLY sounds GOOD? How do you have yours installed?
Help with choosing speaker system in 350z?
how do i turn off the valet mode on my car alarm?
no bass from subwoofers when using mp3 device from stereos aux port?
how to convert audio amp into wifi amp..?
How do i wire my subs to the amp?
1998 audi a4 bose radio. cassette tape is stuck in radio.?
bridging two 8inch subs across two amps?
Gas Prices, What's The Highest You've Seen??
If I bought 2 of the kicker comps already enclose..?
Why does my left front speaker have no bass?
what do i need for a nice system in my car?
loudest subwoofer under 300$?
how loud will 900rms be on 2 12in subs?
My compacitor drains my battery and my car wont start.?
How can i use my car speakers and put a plug on them to use on my home reciever?
what are the best kind of subwoofers to get ?
My subwoofer box has a huge in it?
My subs are turning on and off, and I need help?
the battery died in my corsa and now it has been recharged, the radio will not turn on! How to I fix this??
What speakers should I get?
what are some good tens that pound hard?
I have a 60amp in-line fuse for my car stereo and its keeps popping, how much higher can i safely go?
How often do you have to charge a capacitor?
who can tackle a car audio question?
Subwoofer problems with Alpine CDA-9856?
Installing Car amp to subs and head unit?
Blown speaker or amp?
Which is better Bose or Pioneer sound system for my car?
help with my kenwood 900 watt subs?
Anybody know of good/cheap auto painters?
what is the best speakers on the matrket for my truck???
which fuse goes to the radio in my car?
why my stereo touch screen doen't not work anymore?
amp installed correctly but wount turn on?
How can I make my car stop rattling every time I listen to music?
What is the hardest hitting subwoofer?
Chevy Cavalier wiring conundrum?
question on car amp to power my 2 12" type r's?
Car problems-please see if you can help me figure out what it is.?
do you think g unit is good?
Hardest hitting system.?
How to remove the Demo Mode on JVC KD-R401?
how do i hook up a mtx pro50x4 car amp?
Is 4 ohms to one sub a good idea?
My subs are cutting out when i turn the volume up in my truck. any help?
where can i get some car stero products for extremly cheap?
why is my car radio and charger plug not working?
Subwoofer cuts in and out?
Why won't my car start?
Navigation icon near battery?
what 12 inch subwoofer should i get (loudest/cleanest)?
Can i hook 3 alpine type Es up to a 450 watt amp?
car audio subs and amp question?
I got a problem connecting my Car Audio Reciever I think I burnt something :/ PLS HELP!!?
How much is this car audio system worth?
whats the best?
What is the difference between 6inch/16cm speakers and 9inch/24cm speakers?
Subwoofer getting too much power?
were is the intake air temperature sensor for a dodge stealth es 1993?
Does a 1999 jeep cherokee sport have an infinity stock system in it?
i drive a 73 cadillac coupe what would be the best system to run with?
How do I hook up 1 sub dvc to a mono class d amp that has 2 channels?
Do I need a capacitor and a battery?
Has anybody got the code for my car stereo?
New car stereo makes speakers pulse rapidly even when quiet.?
What kind of car stereo do I need?
What is the best way to hook up my 15" rockford fosgate sub to a 250 watt amp?
Is this amp any good?
where can i find a optimus 340 watt amp instruction manual?
4 12's 2 amps music cuts off around val 25 what could be the problem?
Bestbuy Audio Question?
How to bridge 4 subwoofers to two channel amp ?
Alpine subs, 2 1243d or 1 1543d and what alpine amp to go with it ?
Deep Loud Basss?
What you got?
Kicker cvr 15"s?
I want to be fit?How long does it will take?
does a subwoofer, speaker, and reciever need to have the same watts?
do my car speakers have to be the same watts as everything else in my car like the amp ot subs?
What is better to us when building your own sub box screws or a nail gun.?
Would it look and sound stupid to put a sub in my car?
What is the estemated cost for conversion kit to convert to natural gas for fuel?
does anyone know where i can get an update for my mio digi walker c310 gps?
Please suggest me a good set of car stereo, amp and woofers for my Ford Fusion?
What does the details on some 6x9 car speakers mean?
I am installing an amp on my factory radio. Where do i hook up my ant rem. wire to?
Changing time on Sony xplod cdx gt350?
i have 2 12" solobaric kicker L7 what amp do i need?
What sub-woofer is better for me?
which sub should i get?
What kind of amp wiring gauge...?
how can i tell what amp i need to match my subs?
Who makes the best car audio speakers/amps?
Song with "Radio" in it?
Big subwoofer problem need help!!?
I need a sub for my 2003 gmc sonoma single cab!?
what can i do about faulty Kicker compVR 15" subs?
Is an alpine mrp-m1000 amplifier likely to blow the two 15" alpine subs that peak at 2000W but have 750W RMS?
Is a 100 fuse holder with a 4 gauge wire good for an 500watt amp?
New car head unit: Will these plugs fit the same socket?
The radio in my 1988 Chevy pickup is getting a weak signal. Problem is probably in antenna cable couplings.?
what would be louder memphis mojo 15" or 2 CVR 15"?
How come my aftermarket stereo doesnt turn on when I turn my car on?
can you connect two subwoofers to a mono channel amp?
How much is my sound system worth?
85oldsmobile delta88 oem woodgrain dash faceplate covering climate controls, and radio. Where can I find it?
How do you Install aftermarket radio on a 2002 Jeep Wrangler?
How much will it cost me to install an In-Dash Navigation HU in NY/NJ Area?
The best audio system for the price?
150w car inverter cant power 70w speakers?
Which is a better Bass package? HELP Urgent!?
how do i remove the dashboard of honda civic 93? i want to replace new cd player with factory fitted radio.
Burnt smell I think coming from cap?
Do you think I should install a car stereo myself or have it done professionally?
my car cd player resets everytime i start the car?
How much would a new sound system for my 2001 GMC 2500 cost?
2012 VW Golf TDI, best sub/box set up for minimum space used?
How to add AUX to 1998 Ford Escort 4dr?
How big of a capacitor do I need to run 2400 watts RMS?
Can anyone tell me the wattage of the factory power amp in a 93' Nissan Quest.?
Can you have both Hydraulics and a sound system in a car?
Has anyone heard of car audio manufacturer?
Amplifier Quality for price Question?
2 15 memphis prs and a 1000 watt crunch amp vs 2 12 old style rockford fosgates an a 1000 watt bostwick amp??
the TS-W3002SPL sub from Premier says it has Dual 2 Ohm Coils so is it a 4 or 2 ohm sub?
stock radio on 1999 passat?
will a 14.4 v radio work on a car in the usa?
do the 12" kickers cvrs bump hard?
Best subwoofers for hitting hard?
What kind of sound system do you have in your car?
Aftermarket Stereo Was Working, Then Powered Off And Won't Turn On.?
What would I set my settings on my rage 258 guitar amp to play acdc tunes?
1988 mazda 323 original harness wires..?
Speakers with the setup?
Lg Xenon worth $280?(bestbuy)?
i have two dual vc 122 inch subs 4 ohms per voice coil how do i drop them to 2 ohms for the pair?
Subwoofers - SSA ZCON vs Kicker L7?
Should i go for Polk Audio DB651 speakers, or Pioneer TS-D602P?
does a 1997 chevy blazer 4 door LT trim have a aux/audio in plug for the stero?
Subwoofer(s) chirping?
what would be louder 6 kicker L7 12" subwoofers at 600 rms or or 4 kicker L7 15" subwoofers at 1000 rms?
Ideal Frequency Setting?
I Have $300 for new 15" sub im thnking of getting audiobahn immortal sub!should i get it or what should i get?
why is my bass loud on low volume but almost none on max volume?
Subwoofer and amp combo?
Problems connecting iPod to Sony xplode car stereo. ?
I need a professional help guys?
1997 cadillac seville radio removal?
No thump in my trunk with subs?
What subs shall I get?
what is the purpose of car audio capacitors? ?
How do I find radio brackets for a 99 Corolla?
best 6 by 8 speakers with loudest output under 100 dollars?
If I bridge my 4 ohm subwoofers does that make them 2 ohm?
Question about four subs with one amp?
where can i buy a repair kit for a 10" sub-woofer?
How much for Satellite radio dealer installed in dash 2006 jeep liberty?
Car subwoofer stopped working?
Amp/Sub Combo opinions?
What subwoofers are better?
can i connect 3 speakers in a amp of 1600 wats?
can anybody suggest a music system and speakers chevrolet SPARK car?
What do I need to make it work?
Can you hook up an exterior draintile to a sub pump if actual drain no good?
Why does my bass keep blowing out?
what size speakers are in the 2008 chevy cobalt lt sedan?
how do i fix shorted out dash illumination lights in saturn sl2?
Where Can I Find A Dash Kit For A 2007 Honda Pilot LX?
Where can i get good subs and an amp cheap? What kind do i need?
I need new car speakers, what's best?
Car audio...tweeter problems?
Kicker 10" Subwoofer (CVR10) 600w, good sub? and what amp should i use? and can i use my stock radio with that
Can I somehow use my home theatre speakers in my car? ?
Subwoofer box dimensions for a Lanzar 12inch 1600 wat 4 voice coil sub?
hifonics colossus LTD any good?
i have a subwoofer 1200watt and amp 1100 watt i dont know how to wiring my sub has four terminal please help?
I need to replace the cd player in my 200 nissan sentra?
What is a good adhesive for mounting a GPS unit to a dash?
05 sterling daycab truck door speaker wiring?
Two 10" Subs or One 12" Sub?
Which amplifier would be the best?
Which kind of 15" subwoofer should I buy?
what kind of capacitors should i get?
Will 2 12's fit in the back of my suzuki sx4 sport?
Good SPL subs??? $700 & less?
When are capacitors useful in car audio?
Play IPOD with Car Stereo with USB?
I blew up my stereo...?
I Just Got My System On My Car? What Are Some Good Bass Songs?
Would 500 watts to 700 watt subs damage my speakers?
Subwoofers? Fi Audio Bl 10" Sub vs Fi Audio Bl 12" Sub.?
Graphic equalizer setting help?
static coming from one speaker in my truck?
interior led lighting in car?
can my stereo play songs off a flash drive?
what is a better sub JL audio or Pioneer?
Looking for a GPS for my car.?
I got an 05 honda accord and i want to put an amp and crossover with the stock readio is there anyway 2 put it
After market radio help please?
How can I make my python 991 output positive pulse for the doorlocks?
Should i re wire my Subs?
I was wondering what size speakers are in a 1997 chevy s10? im buying new ones and dont know what kind to get?
All Audio Enthusiasts????
car speaker advice...?
where can i get an adapter for a 1989 toyota camry for my new stereo?
what is better MTX or Alpine for car audio?
What is the best car stereo I can get for under $200?
What is the wattage of a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT radio?
2005 Chevy Silverado OEM Bose cd player stereo xm radio is a 6 disc player?
Advice on subwoofer maintenance please?
Car audio help................................?
What is the maximum top mount depth for a toyota camry front speakers?
I have 4 gauge wire and a e1800D jl amp?
wats the best system u can come up ?
who from all of you guys like BMW's car?
Can I use a 1200w amp on 500w or below sub?
what hits harder mtx or kicker subwoofers?
how do i connect an subwoofer to an amplifier to the stock radio in aN 05 NISSAN altima?
Difference in sub sizes?
how to install flip down car monitors?
Whats a good sound system for 600 ?
what is triway capable when talking about car amps?
What are good subwoofers for bass?
if you had $4000 to spend on electronics what would you buy?
Harness hook up in my head unit.?
JVC car stereo Model KD-G310 faceplate?
If I buy a 12 inch subwoofer and an amp for my car, what else do I need?
Car Stereos - Head Units - Why is it SO HARD to make it right?!?!?!?
radio keeps shutting down and back on?
I have a JVC deck for car and am wondering about a ipod adapter to where i can play music using ipod not deck?
good subs for car?
what kind of alternator do i need for my sytem?
Can you put speakers in a box without using an amp?
Best sound system to put in my car?
abnormal noise coming from sub-woofers.?
Is it possible to buy car radio face plates?
help with power and ground inputs?
Where can I find a box pr deminisons for a sub woofer box to fit into a Toyota Tacoma Double cab?
Car amp solid green (on) but no sound unless power cable in remote!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do you need to have a complete functioning car stereo system?
Car radio problems with the iod fuse?
List of "top of the line" subwoofers?
how does the speaker wire connect to my new alpine subs?
How can I get my subs to play music clearly?
renault laguna 52 reg radio code please?
HOW MANY JL'S and with what amp?
why do some people love loud thumping bass?
amp power wire fuse question?
My fuses keep blowing on my amp?
Will 10 gauge be enough?
Orion HCCA Subwoofer?
Amplifier for two 10" subs?
Do car stereos which say "satellite radio ready" have the satellite radio built into it already?
What are the best aftermarket speakers for a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
Best 2 channel amplifier that has 4 guage wire terminals for the money?
How do I use my aux cable in my car?
I just installed a used radio in my car (2003 Malibu) and it is reading "locked" How do I unlock it?
solid strands copper or tinned copper audio power wire?
Help!!! My Ford Focus Car Stereo asking for a Code? and I dont have the manual?
How can I listen to my MP3 Player through my car stereo?
why doesn't the phillips cassette adapter fit into my 2003 passat W8?
What kind of amp would be best for my single 15inch kicker l7 in a single ported box?
which amp should i buy for 2 rockford fosgate 4 ohm DVC subs 10 inch???
How to install a radio in a open air Tractor?
Any good resources for choosing car/truck audio speakers?
Can household 3way switches be used for 12v lighting?
Are longer car Antennas/Aerials better than shorter ones?
Have vauxhall corsa sxi 52 radio serial number but need cd code, please help!?
How well will a metal subwoofer box work?
2004 9-3 Linear, Turbo - the six CD lights stay on unless I take the CDs out. SID & door lights stay on too.?
will subwoofers distort if they arent getting enough power?
Why won't the sound come out of my speakers?
Best amp for a 1000w rms alpine for under 250?
Whats a good brand for speakers, subs and amps?
Is regular scotch tape insulating?
Detailed specs on 2007 Tahoe optional Bose speaker system?
2007 Kia Optima LX HELP PLEASE.!!!?
Car won't start. There is absolutely no sound when I turn my key. Everything works radio, windows, AC, heat.?
how to save the channel radio in chevrolet optra 2009?
HELP ME!! I am technologically retarded!!!?
I have a 2000 ford f150 xlt supercab, i was wondering where i could place subwoofers so there out of the way?
How to get my car adaptor to work?
Can I install 6.5 4 way speakers in a 1993 Honda Accord & whats the difference bewteen 2 way & 4 way speakers?
Should i put a 2 12" subs in the trunk of my car or in the back seat?
is it ok to hook up 2 subs to a mono amp?
What is a good, cheap, nice clean sound guitar amp worthy of small gigs?
Which car stereo should I buy?
Can I buy any head unit for my car?
Weird noise coming through speakers or subs from my amp.?
What kind of wire for CB antenna?
will this amp blow my subwoofer?
i have a MoFo 15 and want to put a RockFord T1500-1BD on it what wires do i need? and is that amp good enough.?
How do i set my sub amp's gains to get to most power out of it?
What's a good sound system for my car?
Car won't read CD's (Shaker 500)?
What's a good/cheap GPS device for a car?
Subharmonic synthesizer in a car?
Why does a cd tuner cost twice as much from halfords?
want to play my mp3 player in the car, not sure how?
wich speaker wire is positive and negative in the back of a 1999 Ford Ranger?
auto thief radio?
I am restoring a '69 Alfa Gt Jr. My question is what is a good surface mount speaker and where do I put them?
how come my cassette adapter is starting to not work?
What size box should i build for a 6"x9" and a 6.5" Pioneer speaker?
Orion HCCA154 or JL 13w7?
do car audio capacitors weaken over time?
Replacing 1970 El Camino Sound System?
where can i find a "red" Sony Xplod Sub Subwoofers 12" 1200 watt?
how do i find the stereo serial number without removing the stereo from my ford fiesta?
Will my speakers matter for what amp or sub i buy?
Good subwoofer brand.?
What cd stacker is compatible with......?
would a separate battery ran to my car audio system make it louder?
What audio system is good for 2000 audi A4?
Swapping a casette player for a CD player?!?
what is the loudest speakers for mid and highs?
need an unlock code for a s-reg clio?
amp blown?
after market car products?
Why does my car battery stay on even though my car is off?
Kicker L3 ,10in-sub in a sealed custom fiberglass box getting a second one.Which kicker amp to power both?
Should i get 1 15inch sub or 2 12's. Im looking to get the most bass possible!?
Need help with subs and amp?
Subwoofer brand opinion?
Can My Car Speakers be Replaced With Bigger Speakers?
removing stereo unit from mitsubishi magna executive 2000?
High output alternator needed?
Hifonics Titan vs. Zeus? Any noticable sound difference?
auto fuse box prints for a ford?
can use aux jack connect car amplifier?
How do u connect to a mp3 on a factory radio with no aux input?
What kind of amp would be best to power a 12" Sony Xplod sub and sony xplod 6x9's?
Remote output wire from head unit?
Is there any other woofer that sounds like the W7 from JLaudio and makes like a wave motion when it Hits?
Big Car Audio Advice Need Please :-)?
How to super increase car bass?
Amplifier and Car Battery?
iPod use in the 2007 Camry XLE?
Is buying an audio system for my car worth it?
How do I fix my car radio?
Will a Kenwood KFC-W3012 12 inch subwoofer work with a Kenwood KAC-8104D 1000W mono amplifier?
How much its okay to pay for getting installed a car stereo with navigation and backup camera?
Putting in subs in my 2001 s10 there is power to the amp but no sound is coming through the subs?
Which is better, Alpine SPS-500 or Pioneer Premier TS-A643P?
Could i be able to run one kicker l5 with an mtx audio 1501d thunder amp or an l7 or is it too much? ?
can you tell me how to install a water pump on a 1994 ford turous?
What are some good speakers ?
What brands should i consider when buying an amp and subwoofers, and should they be the same brand?
What size speakers are in my car?
Need Acura 2000 3.2 tl radio code plz help?
How much damage will a subwoofer do?
what was the average cost of a car in the 1960's?
i have a high powered system in my car i need a 2nd battery how could i hook up the 2nd battery?
What type of subwoofer box should i use if i hav no space restictions and i want the deep loud bass?
whats better high ohms or lower ohms for a sub?
i have a passtime that can disable my car i need help on how to take it out?
Max wattage of speakers and amp question?
Do i need to upgrade my alternator or run two batteries?
Will a ranger s10 cap fit a 93 dakota ?
what amp do i need for 2 500 watt subs at 2ohm?
Kicker L7 15" Subwoffer help?
Difference betwwen 4ohm, 2ohm, bridged?? Im buying a car amplifier.?
What is involved in removing a CD Player from a 1997 Landcruiser?
How to take a 2000 seat arosa radio out?
How should I go about reducing trunk rattles?
On 5ch car amplifier can i run crossover we tweeters?
rx300 nakamichi preamp out?
Is a lanzar MAXP4260 a good amp?
How Much would it cost to repair a voice coil on a Boss 15' subwoofer?
w^4-12w^2-2=0. What is the solution?
What should i do with $200?