Car Audio

Where is the best place to buy speakers online at?
help best bass blocker for tweeters?
Why wont my amp work?
who has a Rockford Fosgate Punch P3002?
Can a sony Xplode 1000w power 2 pioneer 10" RMS 350?
How do I install a radio from a GM car into a 1991 Nissan?
Upgrading The big 3 Question?
how to wire two subwoofers?
weird bass noise coming out of subs even when amp is off?
car cigarette lighter socket wont work but the fuse seems to be o.k. what else could it be. cant charge tomtom?
how many watts can a 1/0 gauge wire handle?
repairing bent rear axle 2001 pontiac aztec?
What does it mean if my subwoofer amp says it's stable 1 ohm@1100W rms?
How to install aftermarket stereo into John Deere 4840?
car amplifier mtx thunder4405?
how do i install a car amplifier?
How to wire up a sound system in my 2002 Jetta?
Best 6 x 8 Car speakers under $100?
some people say it's OK to have a little more watts on your amp than your speakers can handle,how much more?
Do I have to get my speakers re-installed there?
I want a big car antenna?
Best amp for my 2 dvc(2x4ohm) sub?
capacitor help?
how do i install my 3 wire LEDs?
how to wire many wires?
to power a subwoofer is it better to go 4 ohms or 2 ohms? which is better?
WRX MY02 stereo options?
How to remove Mini Cooper speakers?
my cd player in car, loads, reads then errs. I did get a radio shack cd cleaner and my cd player still does?
how to install new kenwood deck in 1996' honda civic ex?
Would this subwoofer setup work?
Can I use a larger capacitor for my amplifier?
what is better 2 12" subs or 1 15" sub?
How do I instal a subwoofer to a factory stereo?
What's the best bang for my buck with car audio speakers?
how to hook up a high wattage amp?
i try to download music to a cd....and it wont play on my car stereo cd player...any idea why/????
humming coming from car speakers while using an amplifier?
i want to upgrade my amp from 1200 watts but my wiring kit was only rated for 1200 watts do i have to rewire?
amp is cutting out at high volume?
How do speaker bass sound different from subwoofers? That is if you know:D?
How to wire two 15 inch jbl speakers 4 ohms to an Alpine mrx-m100 mono powered amp. What do i need to do?
Where to get a cd player kit for Lincoln LS?
I need help finding the right amplifier?
infinity 5 1/4"speakers only playing over the tweeters in the center.?
best car alarm?
What format does music have to be on a cd to play in a standard car cd player.?
how can i tune my subwoofer to 8-ohm sub (connected in a series). show me a picture of pioneer 306dvc in 8 ohm
subwoofers and what type of amp?
Broken aux port for my car radio?
radio compleatly stoped working in my 01 E230 Mercedies, any one know how to fix it?
Does two 12" JL Audio subwoofers hit harder than two 12" power bass subs?
How can i bypass the video blocking on a pioneer avic d2?
will 4 Ohm stereo work with 2 Ohm amplifier?
is a dimmer switch required to power up an aftermarkey stereo receiver?
What size amp should I use?
Can i use a gps as a navigation adaptor?
i have 2 kicker l7 12s and would 1600 watts amp work?
Should I buy these subs?
Will adding a 15 to my 2 12 subs make my sound system better?
Is Kicker a good sub woofer brand?
Do I need another battery for my car if I have speakers for my car?
amp kicks on then goes to protect?
What size amp would I need for this setup?
i have an xtreme amp in my 99 ford escort an i got two 12's hooked to it my right side of amp doesnt work y?
Is there something i can attach to my stock stereo to hook up a sub and amplifier?
A code for my phillips radio/cassette?
Can I wire these two subs to my Kicker Dx250.1?
Where can i get ALPINE products very very cheap?
Sub works for half a second and shuts off ?
starting audio system??????help!!!?
How do I get 1020AM without the static?
Space between subwoofer and backseats?
When wiring a toggle switch do you connect both leads to the positive or negative wire.?
3 way speakers in the front doors not functioning completely?
Will a capacitor help the sound of my system?
What do I need to adapt my new radio to my car wiring?
I have a tv in my car, and is able to use navigation, what do i need get to buy to make it nav. ready?
How do I hook up subs in a car? (Please best answer .s)?
light dims when bass hits?
I got three choices for my SUBs...?
which subwoofer is best for bass?
question about sub woofers?
My Pioneer DEH-P9800BT unit plays sound for a few seconds then cuts out when listening to a CD or the tuner?
what enclosure should i use for my 2 12" insignia subwoofers?
Good amp and sub combo?
Can you give me the names of some audio songs that really take you to the edge of passion while driving?
How do i pull my stock stereo out?
I have a 97 Lumina and the break lamps are very dim,what could be the problem?
What wiring kit will I need for these subs and amp?
How do I install my car alarm? So much wiring?
How to wire a toyota stereo to my car?
I NEED A FAST ANSWER plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
where is the factory amp in 96 voyager?
JL Audio 2x12" CS212WX Good Subwoofers?
Cawr audio and LOC help thanks?
Sony 2-Channel Xplod Amplifier, MTX Dual 12 Subwoofer Enclosure, Sony 12 Xplod Subwoofer or JL Audio 10w6?
what are some songs that you like to drive to?
im trying to make a cd..?
what are the common or main problems causing a sub to freeze up.?
If I have two 300W speakers in my car, do I need a 600W amp to get the full power out of both of them?
What stereo for my catera?
how do i wire my two d1 subwoofers to .5 ohm?
how good are 12 inch MA audios 4ohms?
Jensen VM9312 bad disk error?
How can I tell if I have the Monsoon stereo system?
Dual in dash receiver?
Car Radio Interference when Rear Defrost is on...?
i have 2 10" subs at 8ohms. how many watts are required to run them but not blow them?
$1500 to spend on a sound system?
why some scientific projects best be done in space or the moon instead of earth give an example of a varible?
how to choose car speakers for stock audio system?
How can I attach mobile or ipod to my sony cdx-5500 car stereo. It doesnt hav AUX IN?
Question about Car Audio!!?
I'm looking to buy subs and amp?
I have 1 Rockford Fosgate p3 15", What amp[for 150-380$] will best suit my sub and make it hit the hardest?
How do I "cleanup my connection on my amp"?
JL audio w0 subs 12in?
How do i connect two remotes?
i want to install an after-market cd player in my mazda protege. where can i find info on how to do it myself?
How can I bipass the e-brake wire for a Jensen 7" flip out screen radio?
well my stereo in my 76 monte carlo keeps turning off when i drive my car.i wanna know if anyone know why?
what are the best car subs for 150 each?
cheapest subwoofer enclosure for 12 inch sub?
Why won't any car stereo fit in my 2004 Buick Lesabre?
what size amp do i need for 2 sub woofers 500 watts total power?
My subs stoped working all off the sudden?
You've got your system all connected, now what?
would 2 5000d ssl mono block push the 2 kenwood 12 kfc-3011 and 2 jl audio w0v3-4 good?
how can i find my true love cause i been single 10 months?
what is a mach 3 stereo for a vehicle?
How much watts do you guys recommend for a JL Audio 15" w3 sub?
I need to install a new stereo into my MAZDA 121 1997 but have no circuit diagram. Can anyone help?
brand new subs wont turn on?
whats a good amp for a alpine sub?
Would this amp work for this subwoofer?
Sony CDX-GT320 compatible headphones?
what is the cd or mp3 format for the taurus ses 2001?
Which system is better?
Multi sized subwoofer set-up?
Audio in vs audio out?
acura tl audio speaker dimension?
What is the best car battery to use for a stereo system with 3 screens and 2 amps.?
am trying to install a aftermarket stereo on a 2003 ford f150 (not working help)?
are these subs and amp worth the money?
My headunit turns off and i dont know why.?
What is the best wood to use when building a custom fiberglass subwoofer box??
What subs are best for me?
python 880 xp installation manuall pdf file?
Subs Backwards or the right way round?
Will Increasing my subwoofer box size affect the sound?
i have a CLARION VRX755VD tv. i installed it to be able to watch movies while i drive but it makes my car die?
What are the dimensions of a Pioneer DEH-2200UB?
How much does a decent CB radio cost?
Help me pick between subwoofers and choose me an amp ?
What do I need for a good sound system in my car?
is satellite radio work in all around the world?
What is a website I can buy replacement radio buttons for a '99 Chevy?
I need help in deciding on my front speakers?
What is a good subwoofer under $300 that puts out atleast 750 RMS?
What is a good way to keep the screws in my subwoofer box?
Is it possible that one of my speakers isnt working because a change in settings on the amplifier was altered?
Is $279 a good price for a Viper - 5101 Remote starter installed on a....?
Which is better Ford or Chevy?
i have a 2006 dodge charger r/t and my cd player don't work everytime i put a cd in it says error cd what do?
nakamichi pa 300ii 14.4 volts?
Whats the best 15 in sub for 200 dollars?
Which car stereo is better?
rockford fosgate or kicker?
How to set my amp settings?
Limit 10 watts to only 1 watt?
How should this amp be set up to get the lowest deepest bass notes?
My subs are really quiet?
What do you think when you see a girl in a sweet car with her sound system turned up?
what kind of amp should i buy for 3 alpine 12inch type r subwoofers?
What do we know about Cadence Car Audio?
My sub makes a boom..boom..boom sound while searching on CD player ?
12" kicker 8 ohms sub whats the best amp?
Do two kicker cvr 12 sound good without an amp?
what is the difference between 2 way and 3 way speakers?
Does a Pioneer MVH-P7300 stereo play 5 generation Ipod 30gb?
do you spend money in Kicker or JL Audio? (no spl)?
are my subs 1 ohm stable???
how can stop t/info coming on so loud in grande punto please?
Are these speakers any good?
What R&B Music Is good for a subwoofer?
How do you remove a stereo from a Eunos Roadster?
when i say tomtom one i mean sat nav?
What size load do u put to a quad 2 ohm sub and do u need to wire in series? What does wiring is series mean?
I need free information on wire coloring on 1997 premier pioneer super tunerIII?
What kind of tool or tools would i need?
Gain and bass boost question.?
where is a good place to mount an amp in a chrysler concorde 2000?
Any way to make a slave cassette deck independent or dependent on aftermarket stereo in a car?
Helllp!! small pioneer amp/w 1 sub; can't get it to work?
when i turn my aftermarket radio down my sub doesnt go down?
Good car speakers ford focus?
Need to Track my car! Where can I find something?
What is wrong with my car radio?
The sound in my car stereo from the ipod doesn't listen in stereo, any help?
best buy -circuit city etc. do they know what thay are doing?
why does my car keep cutting out?
Can you find the cubic footage of this sub box?
I live 60 miles from la will hd radio stations reach my town from los angles?
Whats are some cross overs for car sound systems? im new at this.?
Speaker wire gauge for 4 ohm dvc subwoofer?
how do i load cds into my vw cd player?
Car radio receiver with HD and color changing?
Licensing issues with WMA, MP3 and iPod?
Subwoofer wont get loud?
how do i convert my car radio to digital?
what is the code to reset my stereo?
Best aftermarket head unit with these features?
why wont cd's that i burn play in my new fiesta, but they will play on my lap top?
I need a little help with my system?
My 4 in. pioneer speakers in my car le when volume is turned up really high?
what kind of home stereo subwoofers do i need?
what day of the week are the most car accidents?
What type of sub(s) and amp should i go with?
My subs will thump 2 or 3 times in a row with no volume even going to speakers...they also rumble. Whats wrong
fiberglass boxes??
Car stereo has no sound when my head lights are on??
Subs don't move? (2) 4 Ohm Alpine Type r 12' hooked 1 ohm to Hifonics Brutus BXI 1606d?
should i add a seperate battery to amp?
Should i get all this for my car?
how do you put 2 amps in 1 car?
What's a good car speaker combination for a lowish budget?
Anybody have suggestions on a Good Cheap single DIN CD/MP3 deck for under $100? Thanks!?
is it possible to put wires from a another deck on another OR?
1995 acura legend radio code?
What subwoofer would be better for bass? Vibe CBR12" or Twin Edge 12"?
What head rest monitor should i get in my Honda Pilot?
Power went out in my car WHAT HAPPENED?
how do you get the factory radio out of a 95 ford thunderbird?
how would i put a CD player in a 55 crown Vic without destroying original dash board?
what is the best in-dash audio system for a car, if you want to have a tape player?
How do I purchase and put a new stereo system in my car?
What would be the amount or ohms?
Sub cutting in and out?
how do i hook my speakers up to an amp and keep my sub to a different amp?
speaker installation guide for chevy silverado 1994?
What is the difference between 8 amp and 2 amp when using a 12 volt battery charger?
What is the difference between 400 watts and 800 watts?
i need Silver mica capacitors 1000pf for rvr pj300m 300 watt FM transmitter rf modual please me?
What amp should i look for?
would this be a good subwoofer setup for beginner?
Why do I not have any power to the new car stereo I just installed?
i need radio code for a bmw 530i 1995?
where to get another subwoofer like the one that comes with a chevy cobalt?
Car sound system help?
The audio on my in car dvd player isnt working?
is it ok to give my subwoofer 100 extra rms?
Which amplifier should I purchase?
Will I need a dasboard kit or extra hardware if Best Buy installs a cd player for my 2002 Jeep Liberty?
how do i uninstall my 4 speaker out my 4 channel amp?
Does anybody know how to install 6x9's in a 89 cadillac seville? Or know a site where i can get instructions?
Car stereo plays loud clear & perfect then gets really fuzzy & silences. What is wrong with my stereo?
What's a good but cheap sound system for my truck?
will this be a good sound system setup?!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Help with Car stereo. 4 Channel + 2 Channel , possible Power bottle necking?
My Kenwood 1800 watt amp shuts off after volume increases?
What subwoofer to choose?
can you fit any type of same size car sub in a mtx sledgehammer box?
do i need a sperate amplifier?
how to removing the trunk cd player in a jaguar xj8?
FM Modulator Help!?
what amp would give a deeper tone 2 my system?
Can i connect 4 speakers and 1 sub to my amp?
What amp will push my 2 Kicker CompVR CVR104 good?
amp + sub wiring question?
sub and amp wiring questions?
Does anybody know were i should tune my car amp too, or the specifications?
Need these sub woofers to sound great?
Subwoofer questions? ?
How do you know what size a car speaker is?
Can you get a wiring harness for a stereo if you lost ir?
sony amps what do you think about them?
under powering...........................?
How much is Kenwood KVT-627 worth?
Is it bad for the wiring kit to overpower the amp/subs?
Will 2 MTX Terminators 12" Flex My Windows?
What Amp is better a 4 channel Rockford or a 4 channel MTX. Both are top of the line. Please help.?
Can anyone recommend some subs and a CD player for my new hammy down Honda CRV?
i just bought a pair of 12'' kickers for my car what size watt amp should i hook them up to...?
my harness wire orange/white touched metal creating a spark and made dash light go off?
Car speakers wont work unless I push them with my hand?
Im getting this subwoofer system... I think its a great deal. do you agree?
When hooking up an amp under passenger seat and the ground is weak on the seat bolt.what other option is there
bridgeable vs non bridgeable car amp?
how to install antenna for 1994 toyota camry?
what is the maximum din size for a head unit that will fit in a 94 honda accord EX.?
Error 1 on Audio - Honda Civic (2004)?
Can i hook up 2 subs and an amp to a factory grand prix radio?
how do i go about getting the radio out of my 89 chevy celebrity?
Is it okay to mount an amp on an enclosure?
Underpowered amp or overpowered amp?
I need to know about car audio?
How do I best hook up my subwoofer?
Need expert advise on installing a 16,500w system?
I have 2 12" 1000w a piece pioneer premiers, what would be the best amp to run two subs?
I need the factory stereo wiring diagram for a 1992 mercury couger?
hook up an mp3 player through a 2004 chevy silverado stock cd player or tape player, just am/fm?
Is there a way to burn CD or DVD and It can be played on the car's CD player?
CD R in car? File Type?
Can anyone give the titles of some hip hop car tracks? The ones with bass that really shake the vehicle..?
If i buy a Sat Nav in America, will it work in the UK?
What are two good speakers subs to go with a Rocksford fosgate p500-2 amplifier?
wire harness stereo car help?
do jl audi0 amps shut off to alow them to cool off when they get to hott?
I cant seem to find a good wiring diagram for my 1999 ford zx2 premuim sound system.?
I need help with car audio?
Audiobahn murdered out series 2400 watt 4 channel amp protection light on?
Help with makeing a sub encloture?
Headunit turns off??
Does it cost a lot ot put in a sound system in a car? If so how much and how hard is it to install?
1995 ford windstar stereo?
orion cobalt 800.1 amp problems?
Does anyone know of a car compass that really does work in the car?
for car alarms is the Crimestoppers CS-2004 or the Audiovox aps997 better?
I have a pioneer deh 340. Please explain what the FIE function is.?
if i have a 456 watt mono amplifier with two subs hooked up how any watts are going to each individual sub?
My cigarette lighter is too small for most car adapters...?
I have 2 12" Pioneer Dual Voice Coil, 2 ohm, 400 watt rms, impediance of 1OR 4 ohms. Ineed help! ?
hooking up my speaker to my amp?
what is the right amp for two 1500w subwoofers?
I enjoy listening to a.m. radio talk shows at night. Can you tell me what make and model do I need to be able?
What's the best bang for my buck with car audio speakers?
do i need a new stereo?
do i have to buy anything for my radio to have a parking brake bypass?
Wondering about Subwoofer Placement?
Do i have to put an amp in my car if i plan to hook up a sub woofer?
car speaker trouble puncture wound?
i have a 2009 dodge ram so...what would be the best sub and amp?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
audio problems with honda accord?
How do I play music in my car from my smartphone without an aux jack in the car?
is best buy good for installing subs?
Need help choosing car amplifier please!?
subwoofer rattling noise?
What size amp should i buy for my sub?
Where can I find a single din with flip out made from alpine, kenwood or pioneer? ?
Mondeo 1999 radio wrestling?
What kind of 12" subwoofer could I get for cheap (like under 60$).?
how to get loud bass?
I need in help to use my ipod in my 2007 Mercedes ML350. an AUX or something similar please?
Rover metro nightfire special1994 cd player?
Would this amp push these subs ?
Have 2000 Dodge Dakota. Looking for 'blue' headlight look. What brand headlights are recommended?
Where to hook up the (yellow) constant power wire on a aftermarket headunit?
My sub woofers are not working and I have all of the cables connected.?
How much would a new sound system for my 2001 GMC 2500 cost?
2 amps...on 1 battery?
why would my prime rockford fosgate 1200d amp not sound 100%?
How do I set up Bluetooth Audio for my JVC KD-S28 two my iPhone 4s?
how do you replace the semiconductors on a car audio amplifier?
Would it sound better (car audio)?
Songs with nice bass (New sound system)?
i smelt my speaker burning but it didnt blow? and now i cant play it long without smelling the burning again?
What are the features of a Audi RSQ?
Where is the AUX plug in a 2007 ford focus zx4?
hideing Speaker/amp wires in the car?
Can you bridge one sub to a 2 channel amp?
Will the stereo input cord of a BOSS 612UA fit with any other BOSS head units?
How to install an amp power wire to the battery and then into the cab of my 1996 chrysler concorde?
i have a 12" sub with amp in my truck i am wondering how to add another 12" sub without killin my battery hlp
Will these be good subs to purchase?
Do I have to get a 4 channel amp if I have a mono amp?
I want a system for my car, but don't know much about this stuff...?
why do my speakers buzz?
Can i play an mp3 disc on my 2007 toyota corrola?
is $450 for two 15" rockford fosgate t1 subs a good deal?
Where do i send my kicker sub for repairs?
What is your dream car and vacation ?
what is the best battery for my sound system?
Why do I not have any power to the new car stereo I just installed?
Alpine Deck to an 05 honda civic. No power!?
I was messing with the radio wires and now my power windows dont work?
Can some one tell me where to find a color diagram for a Sony Xplod CDX-S2000 wire harness?
Which one of these two is the better subwoofer?
What Sat Nav system are you using?
Good Music to blast with new speakers?
Car amplifier goes into protection mode briefly, then no power?
dash panel lights out on my 1993 honda civic- where do I buy a new rheostat switch?
What is it called when your car is messed up like stuff broken?
Why does my remote wire create a problem?
what do you recommend for someone looking for good subs but is on a budget?
head 3932441 what is the chamber size & what year?
Dual or Jensen?(For indash recievers)?
how to install an amp to a stereo with alot of wires?
how to make them hit harder and stop the rattlen?
What subs to get?
How should I turn up my subwoofers?
All time low - Lost in the stereo.?
How do I know if I'm blasting my stereo too loud?
Bang for the buck sub and amp combo?
anybody having issues playing mp3's in their 2006 hyundai sonata where it does not play all tracks.?
New Sub for Alpine MRP-M500 AMP?
How do I hook up my Sansa e260 to my car stereo?
400W RMS AMP pushing 300W RMS Infinity Sub?
Which subwoofer would be better?
what CD changer is compatible with Toyota Camry?
Is it possible to switch a radio that's in a 2002 Pontiac Grand prix with a new ipod mp3 radio?
What kind of wire gauge do I need fo a 2000 watt amp and two 12's?
I have a 95 Honda Accord w/factory Cd player. I have the unlock code, but it's not working. What should I do?
What kind of GPS is the best for the car ?
how do i change my front 2 shocks for my dogde dakota 4*4????????
Buying a new head unit for my car stereo?
I have a 2200 watt amp and two 12" 1300 watt sony xplod subs, is it possible for me to blow my subs?
Is my amp killing my battery?
amp installation, what could have went wrong?
How quickly would a 3000w inverter drain 2 85aH 12V batterires? Thinking about installing on my motorhome?
2001 silverado anti theft code for radio?
How do I remove the 6 cd stereo from my 2002 S10 ZR2 dash?
how do you remove the rear 6x9 in a 1993 toyota camry?
Car stereo fuse?
what are the best subs/amp for a car?
2006 Honda Civic Sedan Audio?
How do I hook up my mp3 player (non-ipod) to the stereo wires in my car? (no stereo in dash, just wires)?
How should I mount my amp?
What is the most watt can a 1 10 inch kicker comp sub can take?
what is better a 40,50,or 80 farad cap or a kinetik khc 1400 battery?
Is there a smaller speaker box I can put in my 99 honda civic?
do you know where to find the wiring diagram for a ford ranger?
What is the best kind of subs to put in my jeep?
my subwoofers are not hitting hard enough whats the problem?
Can anyone help with a radio code?
Car audio system.?
Will a small 12v battery push my amp and sub?
Jaguar S Type with subs?
safe to install??
What amp for JL audio 12w3v3?
can i buy a key to take out my car radio?
My Pioneer subs recommend sealed enclosure? Why?
where can i find a stock raido wiring harness for a premium sound 93 ford probe?
Will running my inside speakers thru my head unit and having an amp hooked to my sub sound ok?
Amplifying car door speakers?
KDC-MP345U radio install help?
how to hook up an amp?
Is it safe to assume that the dark and light blue wires for the rear speakers in my saturn l200 ?
After wiring up my head unit, it does not work?
remote start?
Whats the best way to run four kicker L7s 12inch speakers?
Hey I was wondering how many watts you need for a car sub?
i have a crunch pzi 2250 amp, i alrady know its not the best but will it push my two pioneer 234r's?
Will an Alpine type R 1222d 12" sub fit in the Scosche Se12 12-Inch Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure?
Problem hooking up subwoofer?
How to hook up a new car radio?
can u help me?
car stereo.......?
i need car door speakers for my 2000 jaguar s-type?
How do I set-up my logitech x-530 in my car?
pontiac 2005 grandprix?
what is the best 6"*9" 3way car speaker 2006?(what is top 10 car speaker 2006?)?
wiring 2 amps to 2 subs off one battery?
why does my car stop when driving and why does everything cut out electricly?
Is there anything louder than these speakers for a car?
Are these Good Speakers?
can anyone provide a code for ford fusion 2003 radio?
03 subaru wrx stereo?
How do you remove the stock stereo from a 98 Oldsmobile Intrigue?
how to stop your van tracker system working, to stop the boss checking up on you!?
i got a 12" alpine r type sub (only one). what type of amp should i get?
How to get Japanese radio stations in my car (Yokota AB)?
would rock ford fosgate punch 3's sound good running off a kenwood kac 9104d amp?
is this wiring diagram correct of 3x 2 ohm dvc's wired to one mono amp bringing the load to 3 ohms on the amp?
what else is needed for a complete sub system?
what's a good wattage for an amplifier?
how do i wire my 4ohm dvc sub to 4 ohms?
buning a cd in mp3 for car?
i wanna know if a Rockford Fosgate (T20001) 2000 Watt 2-ch 1ohm stable will push 3 15's cvr's?
Where would you suggest i could get some cheap but good sub-woofers, speakers and amps?
How Much would it cost to redo all the wiring in my car?
amp suggestions??
Kicker comp 15" vs. kicker comp 12"?
Why are the bass boom boxes so loud in cars, whats the real purpose?
Acidently put casette in wrong way. how do i get it out?
Is this a street beater sub?
what is a good price for 2 10s and a box?
When I listen to burned CDs in my Car...the CD player only plays the first 8 or so tracks, help!?
Which is the best DVD player for my vehicle, Flip down monitor or headrest monitor?
Would this radio be to powerful for my car?
connecting an mp3 player to a cars cd player?
help!!!!!!!!hooking up two amps and two subs?
How to Fit Sony MEXBT3900U to Mini Cooper 2003?
How do you install a stereo into a 1999 ford taurus?
How many watts does my amp need to be to push these subs?
Whats the difference between 2 and for 4 channel amps?
I'm having compatibility issues with a car cd player when I burn audio cd's any suggestions?
4 12's 2 amps music cuts off around val 25 what could be the problem?
Where to buy Capacitors?
Is this a good brand for car audio?
Subwoofers not playing loud/hitting hard.?
Which subwoofers would you get out of these 2?
One 15" or two 12's??
Aftermarket JVC MP3 player not working correctly after install. Any help?
xm radio?!?!?
What is a good set of sub-woofers and an amplifier for my car?
what amp would be the best for 2 15" rockford hx2?
I've burnt a CD for my car and I can play it in my Computer, my Van but it won't play in my car, Why?
Help with CD Error?
NC neon underglow laws?
Is CB radio still used?
Where would the P. con wire hookup to when your hooking your amp up in your house.?
400W amp and 6x9 speakers?
Can a 2001 Mr2 spyder fit a full sound system?
Why does my Rockford fosgate amplifier blow up my speakers?
why man think his good looking by the car they drive.?
need some car amp advise for some kickers?
how to tune delco radio antenna '97 lumina to get rid of harsh AM static?
ineed a wiring diagram for a boss dvd 9500b in dash dvd tv my name is burt my email is (
im going to buy a battery from walmart for the auio system in my room,so i can have a full car audio system?
how do i hook up a Capacitor to my amp, where can i find a diagram?
how to take off door panel on 2004 f150?
How dow you reinstall the car stereo for a 1997 mercedes e300d?
kenwood kdc 6527 wont load CDs?
car audio system help?
how do you convert rms into watts?
1ohm or 4 ohms?? For my 10's?
what can i use to filter out the noise of grounding coming from the speakers?
I have a 99 nissan sentra and I want to put in a 05 nissan xterra cd player?
I have a 2004 Acura TL w/o the stock Navigation. Is it possible to add the factory navigation unit to my car?
which one would you pick?
what type of speakers and subs should i buy?
CB Radio, do i need any permit?
for a car system. whats the best amp(size and brand) and subs(size and brand) will get the ground shaking?
What is the best way to get pop stickiness out of radio buttons in a car?
What is the parking break bypass code is for my BV7200 Boss Audio System?
Do square subwoofers make a huge difference in sound?
Which amp could I put for my ?
How can I repair blown subwoofers?
If anyone knows if I can replace on 2012 toyota Tundra regular stereo(no JBL) by GPS EOM with JBL system?
My car Ford Freestyle 2005 (van) has an auxilary button?
Car cd player skips but not scratched and only does with high vol?
Car stereo removal help?
Installing a sub in a hybrid?
Want to upgrade speakers in car, need some advice?
Are 8 inch subwoofers good for bass in my car?
should i keep dash speakers in?
W3 jl or kicker l7?????? Thank you!!!!!?
is RMS power ratings per voice coil or for the entire subwoofer power handling?
How can i fix my break lights?
I have a Phoenix gold zx500 amp and I am going to buy kicker solobaric L5 12" speakers do I get 2 or 4 ohm?
Why does my subwoofer cut out on loud parts of the song?
does the brand of the amplifier have to match the brand of the sub woofers?
Sub Help (I don't need 20 characters!)?
whats the best amp i could get to power a 12" solo x without breaking the bank. looking to spend $300 or less
What would be the most beneficial Amp?
Amp and woofer brands?
What amp or how big of an amp to buy for 2 15" Kicker Comps?
Why do men car about their car so much...and they have to fix it up all cool and stuff?
Distorting sound with gain all the way down?
Matching an amps frequency response with the sub?
Sub woofer "hits" when changing the song.?
How do I cut the wires to take out my car CD player?
what gauge wiring would you guys recommend?
Is 2 12'' 1300 watt subs w/ 1200 watt power amp and box worth $350?
i cant hear audio on my jensen vm9511ts when playing a dvd?
wireing for a sub to amp?
Too much power for the speakers?
Would a car battery die from listening to the radio?
Underpowerinv car speakers?
2 12" alpine typr r's vs 2 12" fosgate p3's?
What amp should I buy to get the loudest sound out of my two 12" Cerwin-Vega subs?
What Is a BETTER subwoofer 12in kicker l5 or rockford fosgate t1?
2000 Ford mustang radio harness diagram any help?
Will a 1.5 watt solar panel keep a battery charged?
when i turn my stereo on it shuts back off?
what frequency should i tune my MTX JH55 Subwoofer to?
Buying a new sound system?
Where can I find the factory cd player for a 2001 plymouth neon?
what is the cheapest way to make your car mp3 compatible?
input reguarding an in dash dvd?
how will this audio system preform?
Do i need a capacitor for a 1200 watts amp for 1 JBL gt5-12 so what kind?
Ok so I am going to get my first real system so I need some help deciding what subs to get.?
Crackling Noise in Car Radio Daewoo Lanos 1.2 2004?
qualitly of alpine amps?
My cd player doesn't have any power. ?
whats the best sat nav on the marketthese days. I need one innit?
My interior light+power door lock does not function!?
When I was a kid in the late 70's early 80's my dad had this thing that changed colors with music what is this
Is this a good amplifier?
I have a grand prix, and I am looking for a new stereo.?
Two speaker box with 4 subwoofers?
help with car headset - radio?
amplifier and subwoofer setup?
what is a good navigation system?
Can you hook up more than 1 battery charger to a car battery?
how much rms watt's does a power acoustik 5500d gothic series put out at 2 homs?
i have a Kicker 06ZX2500.1amp and 4 Kicker 06CVX12-2ohm subs can i hook them to my mono block?
GPS for vw jetta 1.8t?
whats better 2 lanzar opti23d 12 or 2 kicker cvr 15?
how to make a 6ohm speaker 8ohms?
Upgrading car stereo, do I need another amp?
Interior Speakers Cut Out When The Bass Hits Hard?
i have a Seat Ibiza and the stereo suddenly stopped working..can anybody help?
I just got a lightning audio sub 750 watt 4ohms. is it any good and any recommendations for an amp?
Jensen VM9312 bad disk error?
Radio/cassette/ Multi changer, My car has all three ?
will these wires work for sub/amp/truck?
anybody ever heard of a racing voltage stabilizer?? should i get one?
What Subwoofers To Buy?
I need a sub box??
Input and output wattage of a power inverter?
Do u hate it when A car with a loud amp?
Old Skool Soundstream?
I have a GPS tom tom go 910 bluetooth how do i get to connect it tru my car cd speakers, no aux or tape line?
no sound out of car speakers?
6x9's Fitted, Wiring is 'correct', RCA plugged - Yet no sound?!?
I have an audiopipe 1500 APSM mini, and I have 4 subs, how do I hook all 4 up to it?
can i connect a 8gauge wire to a 12 gauge wire?
Do you recommend MTX audio? and ported vented or sealed box?
What kind of stereo/speakers should I get?
Subwoofer dust cover keeps coming off?
How to take out a car radio?
i have a 30 amp electric cable .. what amount of kw is safe to run an electric shower?
Subwoofer - need help?
NANO and trasnmitter not longer transmitting?
I have two 12 inch Pioneer subs. They are 400 watt RMS each. I want a class D MONO amp.?
could someone please help me understand speakers and amps?
What are the best Subs Sub woofers that i should get?
What is a good safe first car?
so iv got two 300 watt kicker subs, 4 ohm's a piece in an in closed box. what would be the best amp to buy?
How much of a difference would a capacitor make?
Does anyone know what X,K,Ka,V,S.. stand for on a cobra laser detector?
Whats the name of the software for costum speaker boxes?
parking brake wire for in dash dvd?
my keycode radio was stolen from my car. if i replace it will a new radio work or do i need a new code?
Suggest a sub for me?
My car amp has 3 slots for 25A fuses.?
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus SE... and i need a CD Player?
Japanese imported 350Z sat nav conversion without buying from Nissan..?
How can I politely ask people to turn down the volume on their car's sound systems?
whats a good gps navigation system ?
is my 2008 checy malibu xm ready. I bought the base model of the car and it didn't come with xm service?
A good subwoofer for a single cab?
Tweek/Customize 2009 Nissian Murano NAVAGATION?
Putting aftermarket amp in car with an after market one? HELP!?
How do I replace the audio system contols in my 2001 Ford Focus LX sedan?
What's a good but cheap sound system for my truck?
why wont my car stereo store anything?
My 2 10 "subs wont even vibrate any more. Just idle. Help?
How can I fix a stript screw?
I have pioneer subwoofers and the recommended enclosure space is .65-1.25cu ft should i go small or large?
can two amplifiers of the same kind give you twice the power per sub?
powering four subwoofers?
What kind of amp or amps should i get?
Where can i get a sub box for 95 chevy silverado ext cab?
Does din matter in acar stereo?
Someone help me to learn how to drive a stick!!!- just tell me the step when you first put the key in then?
how important is the name of stereo when it is used with rca output?
Why won't my car radio work?
what amp do you all recommend for powering two alpine type r's. 4 ohm dvc.?
capacitor help?
Problem with my alpine cda-105 need help please?
What kind of amp should i get for 2 12" subs???
What brand of speakers should I add to my system?
power to front right speaker but no sound ?
I just installed a stereo into my car without a harness( did wiring myself) and plugged in with no power why?
Which of these car speakers should I get?
600 watt amp killed my battery?
i need some help or advice on what to with my car.?
How many watts does the amp have to have for an 800 watt subwoofer?
whats the best sub and amp combo?
Slight buzzing noise from Mazda3 factory radio?
is it possible to put a double din deck in a 1998 jeep grand cherokee and if u can how do u do it?
how a convertor works?
What do you think of this law. Loud Music playing in your car law.?
my serial code for my ford is V091791, can someone help me get the radio code?
Do you recommend getting a car alarm in a new prius?
Has any one installaled a amp in a 2000 ford toures sel i have one but there is no rca plugs HELP?
anybody know a good place to ground an amp?
Best sub for rock/alternative music?
If I can hear your car stereo from my livingroom while I watch TV, shouldn't I be allowed to shoot at your car
Im buying a used car with a 244watt stereo? is that good or bad?
Can car audio (stiffening) capacitors be mounted horizontally?
are 12" sony xplods 1300 watt or 1200watt?
Wiring a mono block amp to two subs?
If I run 2 subs to a mono amp rated at 500 x1rms, do both speakers get 500 watts?
Putting component speakers and tweeters on back of car?
Anybody have suggestions on a Good Cheap single DIN CD/MP3 deck for under $100? Thanks!?
Anybody have suggestions on a Good Cheap single DIN CD/MP3 deck for under $100? Thanks!?
is any one out there that has a hummer like me it's awesome and orange?
could I hook up a v 12 amp to a set of c 12 kicker dual subs?
how many and what size speakers are in a z28 camaro coupe?
Why doesn't my radio work and my clock reset everytime I turn the car off?
How should I go about setting my bass amp up?
I bought an amp I don't know if I got screwed or not?
How can i keep my trunk lid from vibrating?
How do i hook up my CB antenna?
i need a wiring diagram for 06 chevy avalanche stereo.i need to know to install an amp & sub with factory deck
why do my subs cut out when i put my volume up?
I need to know what kind of box I need for my subs. I have 2 Rockford Fosgate P2D4-10.?
Should I amp my Kenwood Excelon KFC -170 door speakers?
What is a good subwoofer box for 12" Kenwood subs?
How to wire a cd player in a 1994 jeep grand cherokee?
What would be louder?
What would be a good first car?
I have a dvd in my suv, but I have no idea how to hear the movies on the car speakers. Its a microvision?
I can't sleep at nights - too much loud music from car steroes?
Can I use subwoofers as speakers?
how to unlock kenwood DDx-6017?
Help choosing an amplifier?
Is it better to over power a sub?
what speakers has more power and base the square ones or the circle speakrs?
Is a Panasonic radio compatible with a JVC CD changer?
i need a wiring harness for a 06 Chevy HHR?
What kind of sub setup would be best for a 1993 Honda Del Sol?
Need best type of stereo/cd/ipod/speaker system for 1998 Maxima.?
How do you remove a cd that is stuck in your car cd player?????
What is the best cheap replacement car speakers I can buy?
Best 6x9 speakers for $25?
1996 cadillac deville wiring diagram?
which cd-r play on the sony car cd player?
Wire size for big three upgrade?
How to add another sub??
Is feedback in a car audio system normal?
Why is my car screeching when I turn on the A/C and my radio just cut off?
Amplifier going into protection mode?
Wiring harness to connect head unit?
best sub / install a subwoofer in dodge ram?
How do you remove a radio from the dash of a ford ecoline 150?
how do u take a quarter out of a cd player?
Sirius radio on a 2001 Mercury sable. I need to find the antenna jack, to put in a splicer. Where is that at?
Will people please stop asking questions in this catagory that DONT DEAL WITH CAR AUDIO?
will i be fine if im running 4000 watts off my stock battery and alternator? will this be fine?
What would I need to power a 2000 watt inverter consistantly?
I installed an amp into my car, but the car won't start when its connected. What should I do?
What is the component in most buses that make the bus sound extremely loud?
i have 2 rockford fosgate p2's in my car and looking for an upgrade..?
Is there really that big of a difference in the performance between 10' subs and 12' subs?
Radio code for mondeo?
what is this sub called cause i have no idea?
Is my amp too weak for my subs?
Head Unit Wiring harness cut?
How do i know if a Car Audio system will work for my car?
Which car audio system is best?
iso car stereo manual for dual mp3 cd car stereo?
How does bridging work with an amplifier?
I have 2 15s cvrs in a pro box with a 4000 watt amp at 1 ohm nd it sounds clean inside nd outside its ok ?
Why do my CDs scratch on my car radio?
How do I remove a stereo from a 1988 Mercury Topaz?
What sort of speakers should I replace my factory speakers with?
how much do dc subs cost?
what amp should i get for my (2) jl 12w1v2-4?
Auto-Volume for JVC KD-G720 radio?
What can you wire 8 dual 4 ohm subwoofers to?
What cables do i need for a sub woofer and an amplifier?
what wire should i use?
Can you connect 12'' subz n ampz to the factory cd player in my car?
Which is safer on impact: a gasoline or a compresses natural gas vehicle?
i need a 1000 or 1500 rms sub?
Upgrading Car Speakers?
how do i remove a vw jetta door panel?
I know NOTHING about car audio systems! Help!!?
2400 watt amp to much power ?
what is the code for ford ka radio?
i need a stereo wire diagram for a 1994 chevy silverado?
Could I connect a 600 watt 2 channel db drive platinum series to my 700 watt component speakers(mids&highs)?
Best 12" car subwoofer for $500 or less?
i need some subwoofers for my car with tons of base?
What causes tweeters to sound distorted?
Would it be better to have a bigger sub?
can i run 3 10" kicker subs on a kenwood kac-9105d amp?
can i hook up to subwofers to one amp?
How do you know your voice coils are burnt? No longer working right?
Help with car audio system?
Car audio system cuts out!!! Battery Problem maybe???
What kind of subwoofer?
Where can i find a cheap good amp?
What's wrong with my head unit?
What do I need to plug my Ipod through my car stereo?
Is rockford fasgate a good amp brand?
I need instructions to set the time on my car stereo?
what size are the headrest speakers in a NA Miata?
What amp would be able to put out the full amount of watts for 2 Kicker L7 Sub woofers?
do they have a Ipod MP3 Aux Auxiliary Cable at fredmeyer?
Problem with Sony CDX-C580! HELP!!!?
Which would be better, 4 Cadence CVL8's or 1 Kicker l7 15". Im looking for which one would have the best bass.?
Can i hook up an ipod to a stock stereo in an 06 Cobalt SS? If so how?
2008 Honda Accord Ex, Sedan: Ipod car integration question:?
why do my speakers come on when they want to?
Is one 12'' sub for my truck gonna be enough? or should i get two?
Why does the clock on my 2001 protege radio and radio stay on after the car is shut off?
Where do I ground my car amplifier in my Foxbody (Hatchback)?
is it possible to hook up a remote wire for my amp to a stock stereo?
Pioneer vs Kenwood headunit audio?
Question about a box for a 12" alpine type-x subwoofer?
how to wire 2 15' L7s?
Ebay question?
New amp - too weak?
need code for 3000 traffic M047669?
What's the best/easiest way to wire three Jl 12W3v2-d2?
Would these be good subs to put in my car?
How many car batteries will I need for this subwoofer?
i've a car with cd player but i want to upgrade with it with an iPOD, can anyone help me please..?
200wat amp 400wat sub?
will I need a capaciter for my new amp?
garmin 1100 black screan?
Car Audio Battery Voltage?
I have a 2010 Nissan frontier crew cab. I want to put some bass in it. What should I do?
I Have A 2004 Ford F150 and i cant find a place to run a power wire for a amp help?
What do you think of my begginer car audio system?
ALPINE MRV-1507 or class D amp?
My car stero isnt working, but the cd eject button still functions. whats wrong?
Where do I put the ground wire for my cb radio?
Alphasonik Amplifier?
i need a wiring diagram for a renault clio. whre can i find one online?
What head unit will fit in a 2004 chrysler sebring convertible?
does Subwoofer produce sound or base only ?
eclipse vs sony car cd head unit?
PS2 in my car.. But how can i make it work??
Can a 300 watt amp power 2 10 inch subs properly?
Which subwoofer pair is better?
delco stereo, model 16195161 Will this fit into a 98 chev Blazer?
I have a class d amp that is 500w x 1@4 ohm/800 @ 2ohm, I want to push 2 4 ohm subs what watt should i look at?
I'm getting a '98 blazer and it's got a cassette player(I want CD) I need to know what those things are called
Sub box Port hole placement?
Can crossing jumper cable wires cause a car stereo to short out?
Does Subwoofer Wire Length Matter?
Radio needs code after disconnecting battery in my 2002 mitsubishi eclipse. How do I get code?
250watt subwoofer how much is that in rms?
how to build an amp?
do i hve to use premium gas when driving mitsunishu endeavor ??
Do I need to change my stock alternator in my Honda Civic?
What are some songs with GREAT bass..?
What components of a sub determines it's loudness?
Car Audio, Which is Better?
my cd player skips like a lil kid win my bass is poundin?
Can i take a car subwoofer and use it in the house?
Which of these are better speakers?
I have a crunch powerzone 1500 wat amp, and two 12" alpine type r's. Bass wont work help!!?
Is an alpine mrp-m1000 amplifier likely to blow the two 15" alpine subs that peak at 2000W but have 750W RMS?
I have 2 DUB (400w), 6x9 speakers, what size amp do you all reconmend?
MECP certification?
i have a pioneer amp of 1000watts?
My car battery went flat and now the radio won't work without a code. Anyone know how I can get the code pls?
On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate Bush's speech?
why do my subs only work sometimes?
Licensing issues with WMA, MP3 and iPod?
Crunch Powerzone PZi2250 1000W 2/1 channel amp: Is it worth $120?
Preventing audio system/rim theft?
My car stereo resets everytime I turn it on...?
Does two 1000 watt r.m.s subs really give me loudest punchy bass?
can i use speaker wire as electrical wire in a car?
what are some loud 6x8 car speakers?
what brand is good and cheap?
when running wires in your car for a sound system which ones do you keep separated.?
Can I wire a 2 ohm and 4 ohm subwoofer into the same mono block amp?
Car audio setup with amps?
Where do i get good system or bass for my car?
Do i need an amp for these speakers?
How do manufacturers test their amplifiers before shipping them?
What kind of Subwoofer should I get?
When installing a sound system in a car, does the amplifier's wattage have to be the same as the subwoofer's
I am looking for a GPS/DVD/TV/CD/ETC device for my 1997 Honda Accord?
My 2002 silverado did not come with fog lights so what do i need to install them?
How wouldI install a 3 speaker subwoofer in the trunk of my Cobalt Supercharged?
SPL enclosure for 2 Orion HCCA 15's?
Does anyone know how to obtain a dodge radio security code?
How do i set my sub amp's gains to get to most power out of it?
Subwoofer + Amplifier?
CLRAOIN power amplifier and sub-woofer.?
2001dodge caravan car audio diagram?
code for renault clio please?
RADIO wiring diagram 4 a1999FORD F150?
will my subwoofers sound good in my 03 mustang?
Mazda RX7 Needs a New Radio?
Alpine 12" Type-R Amplifier.?
where can I find a user manual fo a Pioneer DEHP4000 car stereo?
What type of body kit would fit on a 91 cutlass supreme??
Does running 2 subwoofers mean it will be louder?
If I use an amp with more RMS wattage than my subwoofers will they get damaged?
how about shrink tubing?
Will a ten inch subwoofer be big enough for my car?
Which System would you take?
Whats an Auxilliary do?
How much would a new sound system for my 2001 GMC 2500 cost?
Playing my iPod directly through an USB Port?
security code on an eclipse 54410 cd player?
Car stereo rca conversion question?
Looking for a good subwoofer?
Please help me unjam my car's CD disc changer?
Car CD player adaptors?
Kicker Vs. Power Acoustik!?
What speakers should I get for my car?
I was listening to two 12" subs in my car and my Rockford Fosgate amp suddenly cut out. What could be wrong?
would the Rockford Fosgate T20001bd amp be a good chocie to run 2 alpine type x 1243d?
Why did my subs stop playing?
Tube vs. Boxed enclosures????
How do you hook up a remote turn on wire for an amp?
Which is a better amp for 2 12'' Kicker cvr's?
What is the right amount of subs with the right amp?
is pioneer GM-D510M , mono amp capable of running dual voice coil 2 subs of 400 watts nominal input each!?
which subs should i get?
My car radio doesn't turn on?
why do some people hang a CD from the rear view mirror of their vehicles?
Front AND rear speakers?
Which speakers are better (opinions plz)?
what speakers do i need?.. or should i get?
If you want to change your car stereo,do you just buy the front Head unit & it just slots in?
were is a good place I should ground my ground wire?
why does my car stereo not have power going to it?
is the audiobahn aw105it dvc subs dual 4 ohm or dual 2 ohm?
Need HELP! Setting my MONO Amp for my subs...?
Help me with setting car sub-woofers plz ? ="(?
Can I install a car stereo from the USA in my car in the UK?
would a subwoofer cause battery problems?
i have a 94 dodge dakota what row and how far down on the fuse box is the radio fuse(what is the amp also)?
Apline DAB TUA-100DAB?
I'm going to buy two Kicker 12" L7 Subs and an amp. What amp will be good for that?
Will these subwoofers bumb?
sup i have 2 12 kicker comp vr and a 1200 watt sony xpod amp, will it be enough and will it hit hard to?
Whats the best sub and amp for me?
do i need to have speakers for my sound to work?
The Truth About Sony Xplod Subs?
Where can I find a digital stereo or a CD Player for my 1991 Chevy Cavalier?
Would a 3.5 farad capacitor be too much power for a 1200 watt amp?
component speakers dB rating?
how do you bypass the factory amp in a truck?
Dumb Car Sub Question....?
what amp would be good to go with 2 kicker c12 12" subwoofers?
any one who is good with car audio willing to chat with me?
what is the cheapest do you think i can get two twelve inch sub woofers for.?
One of the two fuses in my amp is missing. If I had both fuses there, would it make the subs louder?
best brand of car speakers for super clear and extra loud sound....pure treble no bass?
What kind of amp do I need to power my equipment?
Wiring 4 12" subwoofers to 1 1600w amplifier.?
I have a four door 2005 Ford Focus 4dr ZX4 SES, and i'm trying to install a subwoofer system. Details below?
In car audio/video terms, what does sidebreak means?
Amp doesnt play speakers , gets power just doesnt play subs ?
I'm not getting the correct amount of volume from my car stereo?
how should i run the speaker wires? in car stereo installation with amps?
what are the best quality subs for not a lot of money?
sugest me name for car accessories shop?
can my keenwood kac-9104d handle a .5 ohm load?
looking for usb bluetooth adapter for car stereo?
New sound system for my Camry 97?
My front 6x9's are 4ohm each. My rear 6x9's are infinity 2 ohms?
WHY is my HIGH quality car sound system HISSING AT ME ALREADY!?
Where is the radio fuse located in a 2001 nissan maxima?
how can I removal the rear panels, on my 06 dodge dakota?
Do 6x9's fit in a circular socket of a 6.5" speaker?
I have tried to install a motorola W376g into the hands free of my 2007 toyota camry it will not pair?
What can i connect to my Kicker KX200.2 amp?
what is tp on skoda laura's console?
Question about car audio competitions?
changed the cd player in my car and it dosent work but i tryed my mates one and that does?
Can a bulit in cassette player from a car come out and be replaced with a cd player?
amp for car subwoofer?
1999 honda civic cd changer suddenly stopped working?
what year were cd players put in cars?
What exactly do i need for a car sound system?
How can I hard-wire my Ipod to my car?
can anyone help me on how to attach a spare optical drive to my cars music system.?
Car radio wiring help needed ASAP?
I need the code for my ford sport tracs radio,?
Recommended sub enclosure dimensions for (2) 12" M3 Mojo's?
JVC KD-G780 radio bass?
kenwood kac-9102 has capacitor in it , but..?
my speedometer dont work?
Whats best way to airtight a subbox? 420 :)?
what are good audio capacitators that wont break the bank?
Car Audio.. Does this sound like a good deal?
Help!! My amp powers on but no bass is coming out of my subs?
What brand of stock speakers are in my 94' cadillac Sedan Deville?
on car stereos do you need an inline fuse on power wires or does the fuse on back of stereo take their place?
Box for 2 Sundown sa 12 d4's?
Can I replace the 4 ohm OEM speakers in my car with new 2 ohm ones?
where to buy good & relieable car audio system in delhi?
fiberglass sheets for molding speaker boxes?
Auxiliary port problem?
Why does my subwoofer smell bad!!!?
What role does the remote wire on my car stereo play?
can you test a cd receiver for power without the face plate?
Looking to buy sub boxes for a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT?
How do I hook an amp on my 03 Expedition with factory premium sound?
Wiring In Speakers! Need Help ( +/- )?
Does anyone know how to install bass blockers? you can find them at Thanks!?
what are some high quality amps that have more band for the buck?
How much to manufacture a Sat Nav?
I bought an amp and it wont push my ten inch Sub, will audio express let me return the amp?
where can i get the cheapest car cd player?
Can I change the front panel of my Pioneer DEH-4800MP with a DEH-5800MP?
how to install a cd changer in a vw jetta?
rear speakers cut in and out in my car?
Does anyone know how to remove he panel over the rear speakers and the door panels in a 1992 Nissan Stanza?