Car Audio

2 15s sealed 1000 watts?
Switching out my old amp for a better one. Thoughts?
How do I hook up an amp and crossovers?
How much would a pair of subwoofers cost to buy and install in a car?
Reparing MTX 81000d amp questions?
What do you think of this amp sub combo?
is loud music still illegal in california?
Replacing Head Unit in 05 Nissan Altima 2.5s?
what gauge speaker wire should i use?
Which would be LOUDER??
97 jeep grand cherokee factory stereo, need to know if there is outputs on back for after market amplifier?
I installed a radio in my 89 corsica and the speakers do not play, what could be the problem?
what is the high input for on th amp?
im iranian & muslim i can marry with jewise girle in iran?
i want to put 2 Power Acoustik 12' 2400w in my 2001 mercury cougar......what electrical parts do i need?
what kind of amp should i get??i have two 12's with 1200 watts max each?
Kicker l7 help?
What kind of wiring should I use for my sound system?
Does anyone have a Kenwood 10 disc CD changer in their car?? HELP!!!?
Using speaker wires to connect Amplifier to Subwoofer RCA Inputs?
Does anyone know anything about the sound on after market radios?
Radio stations don't pick up so well in my car?
PLAD413 Amp Schematic?
Do I just need a dash kit and wiring harness to install my deck and speakers?
How do I play my Mp3 player in my car?
2001 Nissan Maxima BOSE Subwoofer !?
what kind of radio do i get ?
What is a good 12" sub for $100US?
I'm new to car audio...whats a good system to start with?
People who live in Clermont, FL area only!!! Where do you go to buy accessories for your car or truck?
Would you buy this if not why and what could I do to get people to buy it?
Anybody no of any websites to install a car stereo?
My aftermarket stereo stays on even when car is off?
want to play my mp3 player in the car, not sure how?
where would I fit in?
What size subwoofers should I put in my 2004 Sebring Sedan?
Citroen C3 LX - New CD player/central locking problem?
how do you reprogram a amp.?
if my stock radio doesnt have rca jacks, how do i run the rca cables to my amp?
What most important in a Car?
Ford Falcon EA 1988 Radio Wiring Diagram?
how to install a sony xplod car stereo?
How do i make a switch turn off the speaker on the inside but turn on the outside one?
Car Audio Systems What's The Best Brand & What Should I Get 4 A Great System?
I need a radio for a 57 ford custom wagon that looks classic but has a cd changer?
New Jersey state laws for an auto accident? Is it the other girls fault for going through the stop sign?
How to connect amp & subs to factory stereo? 98 318ti bmw?
what are the problems with hooking up a car stereo...amp and speakers to a factory radio?
how do you remove the panel off of a 98 nissan altima? and install speakers?
How good is XM NavTraffic in the New York & New Jersey Area?
ford 2006 Rd's radio?
kicker l5 12" for cheap?
Can subs and amps work with a factory radio?
What is a good brand for an electric guitar and amp?
I have a Sony CDX-GT64PUI aftermarket stereo. Will 6x9's work without installing an amp?
what types of radio fuses are in a 1998 acura cl?
What are the best (sound quality and durability) 5.25 component car speakers?
My cd player keeps saying check cd and spits everything out?
Looking for in dash iPad solutions, exchanging my current stereo deck for iPad, keeping all wires concealed?
Can you put 12" subs in a 2002 Chevy Impala LS?
Can i fit 2 Fi Btl 12" subs in my 2000 Nissan Maxima?
What makes the bass in a car?
i have a optimus amp help?
radio wiring color code for 1996 mitsubishi eclipse gs 2 door coupe?
I need to know y my radio comes up With an earre E-04 mean?
car alarm system vehicle security electronics, inc model #vs8900 derringer 2?
will a bass cannon sound good in a regular cab truck?
what can i do to trick out my car?
How do I get better AM reception in my car?
how do u clean a car cd player?
Aftermarket stereo sounds much worse than stock, no bass?
What is the connector part i need to replace my car stereo in my 2005 cobalt? Its a special connector?
DO i need to add an extra fuse added to my fuse box if i am installing and amp and 2 subs?
installing door speakers in 1992 ford taurus?
my speakers shut off when i turn up the volume?
Why do people insist on playing music on their mobile phone through the loud speaker?
i have a 2001 grand am anybody know like the wiring diagram to hook up a cd player?
How to remove the CD player from 2006 Ford F150?
Charging a capacitor?
I have (2) 12 inch subwoofers in my trunk............?
why do my speakers decrease in volume wen the volume on my deck is turned up?
whats good music for a car sound system?
can i connect 4 ohm sub to 2 ohm source?
how do i connect subs in my car?
Lookin at upgrading my audio system in my jeep?
Subwoofer for a small car..helpppp?
Hey i need help witch subs should i get.?
What cool things can you do to ur car that aren't to expensive and don't mess with wiring?
what answers?
Pick one Type 95 Or Pp90 or Cm901?
Subwoofer and amplifier help?
500w psu be enough for my setup?
Memory loss in stereo?
what is the difference in sound?
Do loud bass car stereos leave a ringing in your ears, and if so, for how long does it last?
I have a Pioneer TS-W3002D2 12 In. Champion Series PRO Subwoofer. What amp is best for it?
What's a Good set of car tweeters?
Help with car stereo, 1995 C280 Benz?
What is the book cost on the CompuStar Pro P2WSSR car alarm /starter?
Whats the best way to make my car sound loud without spending alot of money?
Where can I get a cd changer for my car?
Funky pups subs for sale?
What is a good safe first car?
What amplifier would work best?
Static in Chevy s-10 radio?
which amp is better? Phoenix gold rsd 300-1 or Crunch GPV 800.2?
kicker amp and sub Q & A?
Help with Subs for car.?
What is wrong with my amp/sub?
Can 500w Alpine Mono Amp Power 2 12inch Alpine Type E Subs?
How to get a cd changer off "shuffle" ?????
Good amp for Alpine SWR-12D2 12?
My car stereo stopped working?
Where can I pick up REAUDIO SEX SERIES subwoofers ?
How many subs can I run on a car factory battery?
what is the hardest hitting subwoofer out there?
Can anyone recommend quality car speakers?
Does my Kenwood KAC-1502S 2ohms load can handle two Kenwood KFC-W110S subs 8ohms.?
Why Do my Subs make a "knocking" sound?
System help?
what amp should i run and for which subs?
best speakers with high and treble no bass for under 50bucks?
How can I bipass the e-brake wire for a Jensen 7" flip out screen radio?
will i be able to use a in dash dvd player for my car in south africa if i buy it from the usa? How do i know?
what do people talk about on ham radio?
2 gauge vs 0 gauge power wire ?
cigarette outlet in car no longer works?
can i hook 4 speakers up to one mono amp?
How would you rate Dynamat?
Why cant you hear my car audio system from a distance?
will using a high-watt amp drain your battery. 350 watt amp compared to 1000 watt.?
got an subs and amp question?
92 Saturn Sc Transmission Help?
Car amplifier Help dont know what to pick?
HI, I want to get top speakers for my car,Meaning I want the sound to be excellent quality,also when put?
Best sub woofer suggestion.?
is 4 alpine type r's or 2 alpine type x's better for a jeep.?
does an amp mess up by hooking the battery cable to the remote?
I have 2kicker cvr 400 rms my amp is 300 rms 4ohm or 500 rms 2ohm what do u recomend?
is it possible to play songs in a car from a mobile using bluetooth??how?
Can I do this?
Subwoofer Foam Repair?
i need help i have an iphone 3gs?
How to repair my car audio (AM/FM/cassette) system?
Does Bang & Olufsen sell car speaker?
can i run 2 rca jacks into a splitter to four for my amp?
The guage wire i need for my amp power is 4 guage. will it be okay if i use 8 guage wire instead?
What kind of subwoofer enclosure should I make?
Ma Audio HK4000D?
is there a master code for renault car radios ?
What would be louder 2 15 inch L7's or 3 Alpine 12" Type r Basically i want bass i can feel.?
geo metro hatch back sound system?
I want to move my CDC40 headunit from my Vectra to my Astra. Does it need to be Tech2'd? How easy is this?
Iphone wont play music through car stereo anymore?
What to do if your car wont take in cd`s and it says cd in?
What should I buy next? A new amp to power my JL Audio 13w7 or rims?
Please help with this radio code! 22dc279/62z, T0H301; RN279f10201927?
kicker amp is fine till hooked up to a different sub... WHY?
does any no why im getting no power to my stereo for my mitsubishi space wagon(its not the fuses in the box?
i dont know why my subs are cutting out?
Whats the most efficient 12'' subs that my Kicker KX1200.1 amp won't blow?
What time does Fry's Electronics close ?
Could i use any wire to replace the wire thats sotered on to the battery on an ipod touch first generation?
How do you imput the radio code into a renualt clio?
I have 1000 watt Precision Technique pushing 2 12" P3's and a 700 watt precision technique for my mids and hig?
How many farad capacitor do i need?
what type of component speakers do I get for 05 monte carlo?
How much would this cost?
My subwoofers keep going on/off?
Is this Pioneer car stereo good?
Is it better to have four subwoofers or just two?
Car Music?
how to hook up tweeters?
i have a 1993 chevy s10 ext cab, and 4 12'' competition subs + 1200 watt 4 ch amp, will it make my truck bang?
speaker in the car is really low how do i fixes this?
how would you set this up?
need 1998 deville factory stereo diagram?
My head unit fuse blown? HELP!?
generally, what subwoofer enclosure is louder?
car speakers not working? How do I fix this?
question about car audio, which method is better?
I have a CD stuck in my car stereo.Any suggestions in getting it out?
do you love driving cars and making a crazy movements?
I have two 12 in. mtx's. they both pop Is my Voice coil fried? How do i fix it?
does any one know a site where i can find a repair manual for a car?
94 trans am speakers?
How do I wire subs parallel?
I want to get amazing sounding speakers for my car! $450 budget. Please help!?
Where is the aux hook up for a 2005 Ford Focus SE?
How do I turn off the chimes in a 1997 Taurus?
Should I get 12" or 15" subwoofers?
How do i tune a 73 mustang radio?
I have 2 800watt subs. What kind of amp or amps do I need? ?
Graphic equalizer setting help?
what is the difference between a sub with 4 ohms and a sub with 2 ohms?
what would be a good sub for my truck, my buget is under 200 dollars and I only want 1 12"?
can anyone tell me the radio code for a seat ibiza? reg is WA53 LDJ?
I want a good sound system in my truck for under 200 hundred dollars??? Mostly looing at good bass.?
How do I get rid of the noise in my subwoofers when I turn on my car?
How do I remove a power antenna in a 1987 Buick Regal Limited?
how does a fuse work on a amp?
How much amperage comes from a AAA battery? (not amp-hours)?
How to bridge 4 subwoofers to two channel amp ?
Will the radio from a 2007 chevy cobalt work in my 2006?
FIAT BRAVA - Radio Code help please.?
Can you add a CD player and power locks/windows to a 2002 toyota echo?
hooking up radio on a 87 cutlass?
I need the wiring diagram for a 1998 Mitsubishi?
2JVC 10 subs totaling 500 watts,and two sony xplodes totaling 2600,what amp should i get? Its in a Taurus?
which of these subs hit harder?
how good are tube subwoofers when compared with box subwoofers , if i have to use it in a car (sedan)?
What should I get myself for mother's day? I want it to be a suprise, though.?
where can i get a free car?
I need help with some car amps?
What's wrong with Sony Xplod brand audio equipment?
Will a bass capacitor drain my battery if it's display and LED's stay lit?
speakers with a 1967 chevelle?
I want a stand alone car radio without removing the stock radio of my classic car?
what can 300 mA power?
I Need 6 and half inch speakers for my Accord?
is there a way to connect my ipod to my car stereo in my new focus?Stereo radio/CD – Model 6000CD?
how to remove heat from the room, if no air condition is avaliable?
I want to get sound in my trunk?
Car won't start, no lights nothing, tried jumping it. I replaced the + & - cables, but how do I get to the one?
how much is a blown 12" Alpine Type-X subwoofer worth?
Looking for a cheap head unit?
lets say u have 2 motors, thats 900 watts combined?
Need To Know About Car Audio...?
A cd is stuck in my kameleon. Tips to get it out?
can my new car radio be the cause of my random dead battery?
Need help! Blew out speakers?? Making weird beeping noise?
Would a 400w Mtx amp kick harder then 1100 boss or 1000w Pyle classic?
Why are my door speakers getting loud?
Protect light on my insignia amp won't turn green!?
whats a better make of car stereo? alpine or pioneer?
would it be dumb to get 4 10" subwoofers?
want to find out how much car amp kit costs?
I am having trouble hooking up my pioneer head unit. It turns on but no sound..any suggestions?
I need speaker info on my 1992 camaro i need the location, total number in the location and sizes please help?
how do you delete an address on the acura mdx 200g navigation?
does 400 watts rms really give me some bass?
Will it hurt a speaker if the magnet touches metal?
fm radio on my new headunit?
Car Stereo CD player.....I lost my 4 digit security code !!?
Which is better to use when connecting audio wires?
MTX 12" Thunder 8000 VS. MTX Dual Terminator 12"?
Is this good stereo price?
Honda Accord '92 stock radio - signal, light, power but NO SOUND! WHY?!?
Subwoofer help!?
What kind of amp do I need for my truck?
Series or Parellel amp?
my car speakers only play from the right speaker when listening to an ipod?
the top varish on my cars paintwork is flaking. How to I deal with it and cause no more damage.?
I need to know why my subs hit when the deck is on 0 and the car is running?
Hey i have a lot of trouble with my trunk radling from my subs what would u suggest?
how do you hook up an amplifier to a ford factory cd player?
How do I access the speakers in an '84 cadillac DeVille for replacement?
Where can I take my car to get a new stereo installed?
What car is the "hipster" car?
airbags can u help?
Best subwoofer size for metal music?
Need help on a car stereo ?
Headunit mounting plate for 1Series BMW?
You know the orange trucks that say "yellow"? what's up with that?
is there any other way to make make my trunk not rattle without dynamat?
I have blown 4 fuses in 3 days.?
How big of a port do i need for my subs?
Can I hook two 4 ohm subs up to this amp?
My car stereo won't play CDs - help!?
subwoofer wiring? need help?
clarion radio can anybody help to de code?
Im having problems with my car stereo and deck?
I want to super increase my verna 1.6 optional MUSIC BASS?
how do i run a head unit, equalizer and amp?
stock 1998 range rover ??
How can i stop by altima CD player from skipping when I play Cd's?
kicker subwoofer how to use?
NEED HELP! Looking 4 car audio advice.?
my 1999 chevy tahoe stereo won't work. the clock will come on, and that's it. Any ideas?
How do I find audio wires on 13 pin DIN cable?
Anyone know of an interrupter device that stops (fries) the loud speakers in other cars when parked beside it?
Radio code for Ford Transit 6000 CD Radio?
installing a system in my truck!?
found out that my wires for my car radio caught fire and now my radio doesn't work my radio looks ok.?
2 12 in subs in ported box?
the best way to build a dual port speaker box?
Alpine type r 1223d with alpine m240 amp?
Subwoofer + Amplifier?
My amp has been giving me problems and it's related to the ground?
car sound system?
are ebay car alarms good?
can you fry 1000 watt rca cables by sing them on a 1500 watt amp?
where can i find the instruction manual for an old blaupunkt car stereo?
iPod connection to 2008 Toyota Corolla -- how, and with what?
should i have my bass on while my subwoofer is on?
What is the radio code for ford 6000cd stereo, serial number M028916?
Deciding on 3 different subs.?
can you make any sealed box into a ported box?
which one?????
What amp wire kit should I get?
Will 4 Sundown sa-8's on 2k rms be louder than 2 12" subs on 2k rms?
Amp 6 Ohms stable pushing 450 rms?
Need help with a Kenwood Radio?
Hi guys, little help here. i bot a pioneer 1000W sub and 4 pioneer mids 160W. 4ch or monoblock?
Amp not working continued questions more details!!!Helppp?
A few months ago I put a new radio in my truck. Soon after I started getting an annoying humming sound.?
Radio code to unlock radio?
how much watts should my amplifier be?
CD's skipping on my Sony CDX L550.?
dose any body have the unlock code for a kenwood kdc-516s?
I got some jbl speakers from bone yard but don't now witch wires are hot?
kicker amp and sub Q & A?
can anyone help me with instructions with hooking up my amp and sub to factory stereo Nissan Altima 2006?
Ford 4500 RDS EON key code needed?
Do I need an amp for my car stereo?
Does the base model of the 95 corolla have rear speakers?
how much base will I get with two 12'' subs?
What sub should I get with my 500 watt Memphis Amp?
Im getting this subwoofer system... I think its a great deal. do you agree?
Power wires, grounding.... Car Audio?
Do I Need An Adapter Or Somthing To Hook A CD Player Up To My Truck(83 Ford F100 Explorer)?
why does my amp keep shutting down?
Do i need an amp for my car sound system?
two 4ohm dvc sub and amp wiring question plz help?
Replacing a car radio that is locked?
Car audio help! Please?
Do I need all the same wattage in my car speakers?
bus driver plays radio way to loud?
LED Wiring help please?
would this stuff make a good sound system?
Are the faceplates on car stereo / CD players interchangeable?
problems reconnecting my subwoofers in my car?
Radio code for a ford transit radio serial m630675 its a 6000cd?
how to play my amp at 34hz?
If i have a bass knob on my amp, how does it change the bass sound? Does it change the gain on the amp?
Run 800 Max watt amp with 8 gauge amp wire? Think it should be alright?
Is the Rockford fostgate p8002 strong enough to push 3 punch hx2 15's?
do i have to get a store bought stereo prof installed to keep my car from locking up?
3 JL Audio subwoofers & Amp question!!! Need Experienced Advice!!?
How much does it cost to install a subwoofer, and amp into my car?
how do i update my garmin satellite navigation?
New Jersey state laws for an auto accident? Is it the other girls fault for going through the stop sign?
What size speakers fit in a 2001 Celica GT?
is there a way to install new sony head unit animations?
Where can i get a motor bike?
Does the Monster iCarPlay Cassette 800 for iPhone and iPod work with mp3 players?
i have a cd installed in my car. all of a sudden it stopped playing any audio cd i put in.?
'95 Honda Odyssey and $600 woofers system questions?
How good would the PIONEER GM5400T amplifier be for a Sony 12" Xplod Woofer?
How can I set up my sytem to soud better??
My right car speakers don't work when i play casettes only?
where do i hook up the parking brake wire to in my 03' jetta tdi standard?
4 channel amplifier question?
Are kicker a good brand of speakers for my car?
What Sized Speakers Are These? Anyone Know?
Car CD player not working?
Car CD player will not play, but tones sound. Replacement will not power on? WTF?
Where Can I Find?
My amp shuts off after about 20mins. of play when i cut the radio off then turn it back on the amp?
Install a 2nd hand navigation unit into a 2004 mercedes e-class?
Which amp would work better for my car stereo?
Recently installed new head unit, subwoofer and amp now clock and radio stay on when car is off!?
My 2002 silverado did not come with fog lights so what do i need to install them?
I am trying to find the color code for stereo in a 1989 ford aerostar?
best buy installed a new radio in my truck and now my subs beat half as hard before.what could be the problem?
Car stereo and speakers.. which brand i should go for?
how do i put household speakers into a car?
What are some of the top brands regarding subs?
Is my 12 volt wire my ground or my power wire went looking up a amp?
i have a sony 2 12's and a crappy sony amp?
Which is the best all-round 12" subs: Kicker CVX124, JL Audio 12W3v3-4, or Alpine SWR-1242D (TYPE R)?
My Alpine MRVF345 Alpine amp displays VLT over and over blinking on the LCD Screen?!?
What are the longest tire skid markes made???
whats the difference between subwoofers and speakers?
i have a 12 in infiniti and i just got a 1000 watt amp how do i hook it up correctly?
I had to get a jump on my car today and now the radio wont work what could be wrong?
Car Sound System Help?
whats the best way to wire a DVC sub to this amp?
Car stereo cd player problem IS 300 2001?
I have three 10inch subs with 200rms each and four door speakers with 50rms each. What size amp should i get.?
best box for a 12in sub woofer?
jl subs 12w0-4 or 12w0-8?
Any good 6-6.5'' subwoofers?
Can I hook up this amp to this one subwoofer?
Can someone give me info about car stereos?
what is a mach sound system?
Which Wire is the AM Antenna on a Sony XPlod CDX-F5510?
What's the best auto battery i need?
Do I pay the extra for a nemed brand or risk the never heard of one??
I installed a cd player, and now it doesn't work and neither does my side mirrors or my dome light.Whats Wrong
how long has Brazil been using flex cars?
i have a 2003 honda civic , i just need to know how to wire up a pioneer car stero .colors?
Size of stock tweeters in a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?
What is a good 12" sub for $100US?
Subs and Amp????
74 dodge dart?
What's a good brand amp that won't overheat quickly?
how do i take out my radio?
Do you need to warm up subwoofers?
Can i use an amp for GMRC-01?
Car Stereos?
Who makes the best radio JVC or Pioneer ?
is under powering your sub make it sound wers/damage it?
Will putting a system in my car decrease it's value?
will i do any damage to my car stereo or my amp if i use regular audio plugs (red and white)not rca connectors
I bought two 10" kicker subs enclosed in a box but i know nothing about amps. So what amp should i get?
Is swapping the radio in my car considered a modification?
Why will my sub not play any music?
What is the 07 ford ranger's OBD2 pinout?
Can I run four single 4 ohm 10's on a 1 ohm amp?
Limit 10 watts to only 1 watt?
What is the best radar detector and why?
Can you get an aux input installed in a '05 chevy tahoe?
Hey i need a wiring diagram for a 2000 silverados radio, think you can help?
How do I do this XM satellite radio thing?
Do i really need an amp when hookin up two 8 inch speakers to my back seat speakers? I need answers fast.?
Im helping my cousin install a system in his 78 Chevy scotsdale we have two sony xplod 12" subs peak:1200?
Can i add a second "normal" car battery in the back with/and my audio System ??
sub woofer questions?
Help with choosing speaker system in 350z?
Car audio Clipping with 2 subs?
how will the memphis mojo subwoofers sound in a 1996 totoya avalon?
Why no sound from my car amplifier?
Can a single AQ hdc3 12 handle 2250-2350 watts for daily?
who likes Peugeot?
what should i set the frequency to??
what types of material {other then a fiberglass cloth}can be used when building a custom sub enclosure?
what a good bass amp for low bass 10hz-50?
How to remove/install original oem cd changer on a 2006 ford f150 truck?
>>>>>subwoofer enclosure specs<<<<<<<?
I need to know if my Rockford fosgate amp p10002 will push my mtx sub 9500?
i would like some help to translate some words in japaneese?
what kind of box do i need for alpine type x?
i have a pioneer car cd player but i dont know does it support all types of formate or not ?
My First Car---Suggest Good Music System Setup?
any body got the code for sony cd player car?
i can't get my 1995 chevrolet cavalier into gear. its a automatic?
What kind of stereo can i get for my 1997 Ford Explorer?
Does the direction of the subs make a difference?
is it safe to wire a cigarette lighter into boot of car using existing wires from a live feed to lights?
is my sony xplod amp on?
Does anyone know difference between rockford punch 45HD and regular punch45 old chool amps from late 80's ?
where can i find specs. on speaker boxes for car systems?
Where would you put a 2nd set of tweeters?
Should I install an aftermarket radio in my car?
some amps say 1000 watts max, 500 watts rated. which wattage will you be getting then?
Can anyone give me the code for a CD player....?
What hits harder two 12's or one 15"?
I am looking for a good reasonably priced sat nav system (uk), what do you have and how do you rate it?
I own a Ford 94 explorer and I was looking into getting a Car system. Mostly for clarity and bass.?
Which car stereo should I buy?
Is this a good head unit to get?
Eclipse cd8443 pro mode settings!?!???!?
i have a frontier with a rocfordfosgate stock radio. it has no rca adapters on it. how can i hook up an amp?
Pioneer flat panel speakers?
i need help with my sub box?
What is the best web site to buy car stereo stuff from?
Does anyone know where I get the connector for a Sony CDX-L400X?
can i connect a subwoofer to a sony xplod cdx-gt110?it doesnt have sub outputs?
Pioneer MOSFET 50w x 4?
Amp too powerful for my subs???
where can i find a box for a cerwin vega stroker 12"?
how many sub-woofers will a 3600 watt MRV F705 V12 amplifier run?
Speaker sizes for a 1993 BMW 325i coupe?
If anyone knows if I can replace on 2012 toyota Tundra regular stereo(no JBL) by GPS EOM with JBL system?
what size amp should i get for these subs?
i need some car audio system advice?
I have a GPS tom tom go 910 bluetooth how do i get to connect it tru my car cd speakers, no aux or tape line?
Do i need a amplifier for my car?
How do I unlock the stereo in my 1999 pontiac grand prix gt?
Why Do my Sub turn off?
Which Subwoofer is better and why?
solid strands copper or tinned copper audio power wire?
i want an adviseon what amp is to b used for an L5 12 dvc sub kicker?
Audioque 1200 or 2200??...Fi Q 12"?
Best make and sound of in-car cd player?
How to wire a JBL GTO 7001 as 2 Ohm output?
How would you connect a wire harness from a factory radio to a wiring harness?
I need help picking some audio equipment for my brother's Dodge Stratus RT. Subwoofer, amp, etc.?
how do i get vomit off speakers in my car?
Car stereo amp and subs removal?
can i bridge my two rear 6" inch pioneer to my two channel 300 watt amp? speakers are 180 watt mid/highs?
xtant A1244A subwoofer?
how do i hook up a amplifier to a factory car stereo?
I am looking for an AUX adapter for my 2006 honda civic can anyone help me? PLEASE HELP!!?
My dad recently updated his sat nav and now the audio isn't working, how can this be fixed?
i have a jvc radio in my car and i was wondering what wire is the sound?
please can you give me code to my blaupunkt stereo BP9374Y4724146 thank you?
a battery has a voltage of 9 volts and the light bulbs have resistance of10,20 ,30 ohms. what is the new volt?
Help hooking up amp to car stereo?
What speakers fit a vw polo 07 plate?
how do you reprogram a car remote?
how to power my 1200w amp?
What brand of car subwoofer is the best and powerful?
what sub should i buy?
How can I make my subwoofers louder without hurting them?
subaru car stereo?
what amplifier will go good with my two sony Xplōd 12" SVC Subwoofer?
oil pressure low at idle, normal at road speed.why? have new oil pump. 1978 f250 400m?
How do i import music into my MBZ Command Music Registry?
if i already have an aftermarket CD player do i need another harness for a new one?
Best door speakers to get?
Car Audio Power wires?
Can i operate two Memphis M class amps on one 15"T2 Rockford Fosgate woofer?
What amp and sub is top of the line?
why wont my dual in dash car stereo work.?
Cost of installing a stereo in a car?
do I have subwoofer in my car without amp ?
Who makes the best in dash Navigation/DVD players and why?
Exactly how does under powering a sub cause damage?
what is the REAL difference between 2 & 4 ohm? and what works better for what?
what is my friends boom box called?
Do anybody know where to get cheap car dvd players at?
2 amps to run 4 subs?
Should I amplify my car speakers?
what subwoofers should i buy?
Will this stereo fit my 04 Tiburon?
what kind of audio system should I get for my 2008 Impala ls?
I need to know how to update my navigation system. Can someone explain how to do this for me?
I have no Idea what amp I should get?
Stereo speaker?
How exactly does the iSimple JamKast work?
what are the colors of the radio wires on a 1994 audi 100 how do i connect them to an aftermarket harness?
DO Anyone know how to bypass the factory Amplifier on a1999 LEXUS GS 300?
What are all the available methods of playing music from a device through your car speakers?
Hey Does anyone know where i can get a true 0 gauge amp kit and not just 4 gauge wrapped in a lot of plastic?
How much would a kicker solo x cost? And wat is a gud amp for it ? I?
Can you get electrocuted when messing with wires in a car?
Can i hook my 12" car sub rated at 800 wats peak to my yamaha a-28 stereo amplifier?
my car stereo in my I30 just began to display error on cd player can someone help me solve this problem?
How to wire a six speaker system to a car stereo with only 4 outputs?
Is Sony Xplod a good car audio product or not?
home sub in car with inverter?
VW 07 Rabbit?
Does Sonic Electronix take open items for return?
Who makes Patriot car amplifiers? Or the Patriot line of car audio?
Car subwoofer and amp?
can you hook up automatic start on a 08 nissan altima?
How do I get my car cd/radio out (cdr 500) so I can replace with a new one?
speedometer and radio not working on 1998 mercury sable ls?
How much would it cost to get an auxiliary output jack installed for an ipod in a 2006 pontiac g6?
What is messing with my subwoofers?
Is my Acura RSX pre-wired for the sub?
How do I bypass the warning on my car dvd player?
Did you know that in your car if a cd wont play with scratches you can lick it and wipe it off?
How do I install my pioneer cd player into my 1990 Chevy Corsica?
Boss speakers and amps?
why are some car amplifiers like 2 feet long and over a foot wide and some are smaller like checker board size
i need an unlock-code for a 1991 oldsmobile 98 regency,with a delco cassette-fm radio?
i cant find a manual for my car stereo clarion DRX7675z?
Kicker Sub Suddenly stopped working?
if i hammer a nail into a tire will it make any loud popping noise or something?
1986-1989 lincoln mark 7 stereo wiring...NEED TO KNOW WHICH IS REMOTE WIRE?
Need a replacement battery for my 2003 Dodge Neon?
What are the best options for replacing rear deck speakers in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix with Monsoon stereo?
What do you think about this amp?
My 1997 LX450 (ie Toyota Landcrusier) has a new stereo cuts out?
why isnt my amp and sub working. i have it all hooked up right?
2012 Chevy Express speaker size?
does anyone anythig bout almani s712?
what is radio station 95.5 klos website?
Does the Dual XDVD8183 charge the ipod?
Anyone know where i could get specs for a ported subwoofer box?
Do I need anything to install a powered sub in my car?
whats better 2 ohms or 4 ohms?
Does a car stereo make the engine work harder?
Can i connect two car amps together.?????please?
subwoofer question, sub vs sub?
CAR TOYS audio video store?
Low cost amplifier, for a single 6.5 inch sub?
I NEED Help From Someone Who Knows Alot About Car Stereo Systems That Can Explain it In SIMPLE TERMS!! :)?
Lights That Flash With Music?
how do you wire 2 dual 2 ohm subs to a 2ch amp?
Is my amplifier broken?
Can I have one sub bridged and one unbridged on my two channel amp?
What Audio/DVD/Nav system will work in a 2003 Chrysler 300M Special?
what answers?
I Have 2 dual voice coil subs that are 4 ohm each, how can i wire them to a monoblock amp to get a 1ohm load?
Can anyone suggest a decent built in gps/radio unit for my car (supra) that replaces the standard radio unit?
can connecting a subwoofer directly to battery mess the speaker up?
89 Crown Vic Stereo Wire Colors?
radio cutting out. amp running hot. speaker quality decreasing. what's going on?
High pitch buzz coming from subs?
Why do my Car audio system don't sound that good?
What gauge wire is blue remote wire for car amp ?
what car is this?(pic included)?
How Do I Get The XM Radio ID Number?
How can I figure out the AMP's my alternator can output?
What do you think of our car audio business?
Will this amp work with these subs???
Why doesn't my CD player on my radio work anymore?
What size amp should I have to power a 15 inch kicker compVR?
Why is my system louder with just one sub hooked up?
Will this sound system work well in my car?
what channel is radio disney?
Does Audiobahn make decent subwoofers?
How do I get the main screen on the MYGIG system to play dvd's?
Need help!!!! with my car audio!!!!?
Good system setup? Need help!?
hey ppl ... erm i have a wv plus.... hmm how can i say this... i dont know what format is the cd player...?
How Much Is My Car Stereo System Worth?
Static in Chevy s-10 radio?
i got a 98 ford expedition and i was wondering how do i get to the speakers so i can replace them?
Wiring 2ohm subwoofers?
Can i wire my radio to a memory wire?
i have a 89 acura with a cassette player and i want to buy a CD player for it what do i need to do?
Car audio help??
Car speakers do not work at times?
what size are the rear speakers on a 1996 mercury sable wagon?
What kind of gas mileage does a 89 ford bronco 2 get?
Where to buy sound-activated LEDs for car?
Subwoofer amp power help?
I'm buying a subwoofer for my car, which is the better choice?
Would a single yellow top optima be enough to power a 1500d hifionics amp and to 12"subs each 400 rms?
I have a jvc 2-ch power amp ks-ax5700 (900watt), What size subwoofer do I need or is preferred?
How many rca cables needed for 4 channel amp ?
Easiest way I can listen to my ipod touch in my car?
Drivers License?
help picking out and creating a new car sound system?
Should I pair these subs with this amp?
Satellite radio...?
when and why do i need a capacitor?
Can anyone recommend a good/reliable 5 door hatchback?
What could be wrong with my head unit?
I want a car sound system in my car. How much we talking?
where can i find a plastic box/case big enough for a amplifier?
Car Subwoofer and Amplifier Help?
15" re audio sxx or 2 12" alpine type r?
what subwoofer is better?
will this Cd player work in my infinity g20t 2000?
What kind of speakers do I need?
i need a jack for a pioneer cd player?
Would doubling a 4ga wire do the same as a bigger wire for an amp?
Is the Hifonics Zeus Zrx3000.d amp any good?
answer to round 6 challenge #2 what order please?
Resetting my car radio with a code...?
what a good song for subwoofer and lot of bass?
How much does it cost to replace car audio system?
I need security code for radio on 2001 Daewoo Lanos?
boss 2500 watt class d mono block?
can you adjust the amp gain on a headunit with a built-in amplifier?
Can an aftermarket amp work in this situation?
I am planning on purchasing a kicker sl7 15" subwoofer, but I dont know what amp to buy.?
What is the standard stereo in a 2001 Vauxhall Corsa C and is it compatible with a 12 disc CD autochanger?
Why doesnt my car radio play the new cd's that i just burned?
Why Does My Amp Get So Hot?
no sound coming from my 2003 silverado radio.?
I bought a car and it has no stereo looks like the wires have been cut. Is there any way i can put another in?
Bazooka tube installation question?
I have a stereo in my truck and i have LOUD engine noise through my amped speakers. All grounds were tested???
how do i tell if my amp is blown? can someone help me?
How to get stuck CD out of CD player in 2006 Nissen xtera?
How to install computer lights inside the car?
how do i fine a use car lot with use cars?
Hooking up a head unit in my 2003 H2 but the speaker wires to the hummer dont work.?
Do you need dynomat in newer cars?
ford car radio unlock guide?
Do you think this subwoofer will bang?
bazooka tube does size matter?
i need car audio help?
what is the best bass tube for the money?
How can I paint the dustcap of my subs?
My aftermarket Headunit (stereo) wont work in my ford fiesta mk4 (98)?
Kicker Solo Classic Sub?
Does it matter if my sub is centered in my truck?
12" sub or 10" shallow mount sub?
How do I get the bass to sound better (car)?
how much would it cost to install an entire sound system?
lets say u have 2 motors, thats 900 watts combined?
Sony MEX-BT4000P questions?!?! PLEASE HELP?
I need the radio code for my cd player from my Renault Kangoo model/No:22DC279/62 Prod/No:FD0904190318680 ?
Car Amplifier help!!?
2001 dodge 1500 extended cab backseat room in inches?
when i plug my aux into my car, the speakers do not play the music, they just pop back and forth.?
Car audio question?
What is a good amp to push 2 350w rms subs at 2 ohms?
Subwoofers not working.....?
Which speakers are better?
what is the difference between the alpine type r-swr1243d and the alpine swr1223d?
amp isnt getting power?? HELP. its attached to the battery and is plugged into the amp. what am i doing wrong?
2 10's subs or 1 15 sub
Can car speakers be wired down?
Pioneer XM tuner compatibility?
Car radio blinks continuously am able to play radio/cd but can't change time or stop blinking?
What do I need to get satellite radio?
Why are my car speakers ling/squealing?
Kenwood Radio Battery Drain?
I have a 2001 Cadillac Eldorado ESC with the stock stereo system and speakers how can i install new speakers?
what kind of amp do i need?
How do I remove and replace the back speakers in my 1995 Toyota Celica Convertible?
What type of CD can I play in my Jeep.?
Who Likes ((((BASS))))?
speaker wire whats the best kind?
Legacy LA668 4-Channel 1000 Watt Car Audio Amplifier. good amp or not?
When reading the specs on amplifiers, how do you know how much wattage is distributed to each subwoofer.?
How do I put the code into a tuner list in a Renault Scenic?
would this be an effecient way to run an xbox 360 in the car?
Need help with add-ons/customization ideas for my 96' Cutlass Supreme.?
Listening to iPod in the car with no audio jack?
Whats the big deal with low noise rca cables?
Is an xtreme powerbass subwoofer good quality? ?
Where can I find the factory CD wiring connector for a '96 Chevrolet Cavalier?
what is the best sub and amp combo for around $200?
my stereo has too much power for my car battery...anyone know a good idea to fix it.?
know any links for drop down tvs for trucks?
good car audio set up?
What is a good car amp brand?
Whats the rms...............?
The laides in the hood they say 50 you hot but how do I tell em I am local ?
Can any one explain this?....?
what is the watt rms?
Pioneer Premier Car Stereo owners/dealers?
Do you get annoyed when someone drives by with their radio so loud it is shaking the round?
will this combination blow my subs?
I have these 300 watt roadmaster speakers that i dont know where to hook them up to.?
will a ported box be louder than a sealed box?
how do i remove a car stereo from 2001 mitsubishi galant?
Problem with Amp and deck ?
my cd i jammed in my player in the car - any suggestions for getting it out ?
I have an ipod nano 4GB and want to play it over my car stereo.?
Is the Mobile Dynamics car audio school good?
Ford fiesta radio code?
tiburon 2003 gt how to get audio exits to the amp with aftermarket stereo with no rcas!!?
what is the difference between banana plugs and RCA cables?
Need a place to sell my Kicker L5 15"?
Which amplifier should I get? UK?
I have 3 car amp a 1000 watt,2200 watt and 1500 rms power for subs I wanna know what size of capacitor to get?
Can I fit aSony MP3 cd player to my 01 Audi A4 1.8 Turbo Quattro?
Will this box work for this subwoofer ?
Does two 12" JL Audio subwoofers hit harder than two 12" power bass subs?
Will this amp power my 2 12 cvr Kicker comps?
would a 2002 expedition dash board fit in a 97 expedition?
Where can I find a manual for an old school Clarion DRX9175L and Clarion 920EQ for free if possible?
How do I install a new after market radio in my 1998 Honda Accord?
Can fuses on a car amplifier appear to be in good condition but actually blown?
2 12'' fi btls with an orion 5000 watt amp on a 05 dodge ram 1500?
How do I improve car radio reception?
I have a system in my car and my amp needs 14.4 volts to push hard what do i do?
am i going to cook these subs?
what are some good reasons i can tell my parents so they will let me get subs?
how much can i get from this system lookin to upgrade?
Where is the stereo amplifier located on a 2000 Olds Alero (factory)?
Car Audio Question?
Hello! I was with my gf at night and we listened to car radio (CDs) for about 6h?
What can I do to improve the sound system on my 1 series BMW without changing the standard head unit.?
What is the box size i need for an Alpine Type-R 12 inch Subwoofers?
Help with audio deal! should i do it?
Best cheapest subs and amp for my crown vic?
Power Points Within A Car?
Where is a good place to get my car audio installed in Arizona.I just purchased new speak,sub,amp,stereo?
how do you get LED lights to pulse to my music?
hi i need the ford radio code for my radio the number is m132687 ford escort lx 1996.?
What amp will compliment a 12" infinity 1262 watt subwoofer?
can u power 2 12" subs with a mono amp?
can anyone tell me what cable i need to connect a sony head unit into a ford fiesta 2006?
How do i put an aftermarket stereo into my saab 9-5?
Is a am CB radio good for car to car or car to house communication?????
Cheap system?
How can you tell if a fuse for a aftermarket cd player blown?
Why wont my system for my truck work its rly anooying me and making me mad ?
Nearly every stereo I have looked at has an output to supply 4 speakers so how could I add 2 subwoofers?
What type of speakers and sub should I get for my truck?
Is this a good sub/amp combo?
Do you double the rms of two subs when looking for an amp?
Which of these 5 amps are the best for 2 12" MTX tr75 subs?
Why is bluetooth audio not activating amp/sub?
Does the deck you use affect the sound of a car sound system?
does any1 know bout delcobose gold stereo system in a 92 camaro 25th anniversary edition.?
can i hook car speakers up to my home stereo ?
2 12s ported vs 2 15s sealed?
Does gain have to be adjusted on an amp if input impedance is raised?
What size speakers does a 1997 Toyota Avalon have?
How do i remove the front door panels from my 97 lumina ls?
Where to buy Capacitors?
How Do You Remove A Stuck Cd From Car Radio?
i have 2dvc 4ohm 12"kicker compvr and high powered amp need to know how i should get this system to work good
What do you think of...10 points?
Running subs in parallel question?
What household item can I use to secure a connection of a battery holder to a chip in keyless entry of a car?
My sub stops when I turn it up loud?
can i use any bass remote with any amplifier?
how do i remove the radio of my 1999 mitsubishi montero?
I would like instructions on installing an antenna for my 1998 mercury tracer?
i was wondering what to get i wanna get 2 10" subs and an amplifier?
Subwoofers stopped working?
How many amps would i need to power subs?
What size capacitor for a Kicker L7 Solo-Baric?
What parts to I need to install a Pioneer aftermerket stereo into a 2002 Dodge Ram?
Need Help Deciding on an Amp/Sub Combination?
my blaupunkt car300 needs code?
Can I use an AC adapter for g53jw/sw on a g53sx?
What is a kicker CompVR's Ohms if it is wired in series?
is this a ok amp for the price?
What type of head unit should I get for my speakers?
Plugging a guitar into a bass amp?
Small amp stock speakers?
Whats a good brand for speakers, subs and amps?
hello does anybody know how to set the clock in a clarion ARB 0350 car radio?
Car stereo deck converted to home theater?
Why does my amp go from protect to power and back and forth?
Why does my stereo wiring harness have an extra ground, and an extra constant power wire?
Whats the best way to make my car sound loud without spending alot of money?
How do you play music from you iPhone in your car?
How to install a Kenwood stereo in '99 Mazda Protege?
Just bought a Pioneer 12 inch, 800 Watt car sub woofer. What sort of amp should i run?
minimum air space requirements for cheap subwoofer?
Anywhere besides where i can look up owners manual for an alpine car cd player?
18" solox kicker?
Would a screen face head unit fit in a 2002 jeep grand Cherokee? (1999-2004)?
GPS do they have to go through cigarette plug in the car?
Will these 12" kickers work with this box!!!!!!?
how do I add a second battery to run my stereo?
What are the things i need to hook up another amplifier?
What size capacitor should I buy?
How do u take the Dashboard off a 2000 Blazer LT?
What do watts mean in a stereo speaker?
magnum magna bass amp?
My honda civic 98 cd player is slow to seek tracks, like forward and rewind??
what is the difference between sub boxes?
Whats a better amp mono amp or 2-channel amp for 2 subs?
Kenwood system for my 04 Dodge Ram 2D (advice or opinions!)?
Do i need capacitor for speakers?
What kind of subwoofer should I get?
Why are my subs not getting enough power?
What kind of car amplifier do i get?
Why are my sub woofers smoking?
What to use to stick tweeters to dash?
i have tried to create a mp3 cd to play on a vauxhall vectra cd 30 but to no avail has anyone done it?
My aftermarket stereo stays on even when car is off?
What year did car manufacturer start putting radios in cars?
I'm trying to install a deck in a 1994 ford explorer...?
have kenwood stereo and whenever the base hits hard the lights fade a little, whys this?
Car amp does not get enough power when car is on?
$1000 Dollar Budget for Audio system.?
a cd player regularly sells for $90. it is on sale for 30% off.what is the sale price of the cd player?
Looking for someone who knows about car stereo equipment?
how much would it cost to have a radio installed in a car?
alternator whine from amp?
Advice on Sound Systems?
what is a better way to hook up a amp?
How do i wire my subs together?
stereo deck in a 76' plymouth?
The radio in my car is a JVC KD-SHX900 and it keeps randomly powering off.?
will 2 15 inch kicker comp vrs fit into my 2005 tacoma 4door?
What amp to use with these subs?
Behringer vintage ac108 amp buzz?
just put a sub and amp in my cutlass. for some reason the sub is barely flexing and im not sure why.?
Which is the cheapest online store for car audio?
i need the color of the ignition wire from the factory radio wires of a 1999 cadillac deville?
may car has a factory monsoon stereo in it. can anyone tell me what the codes E20 or E23 mean? (for cd player)
subwoofer,, need to know what amp to run?
have a 97 bmw and no idea how to take this alpine radio out?
when i plug my aux into my car, the speakers do not play the music, they just pop back and forth.?
i wanted to buy a dvd player for my car?
do you think a 1000 watt amp is to much for?
New car stereo fuzzy sound from one speaker only?
i need some help with the kind of amp i need for my subwoofers?
how to wire 1 quad 2 ohm and 1 dual 2 ohm sub on one amp???
how to reinstall a factory stereo nissan sentra 2002.the last owner had a aftermarket radio in it now i want?
how do you hook up a subwoofer from a stereo into a car stereo?
What is that cross over called that hooks up my amp to my factory stereo in my truck ?
How many Decibles will 2 kicker comps hit?
I am getting no sound out of the woofers or mids on my kappa 3-ways?
the difference in auto and diesel mechanics and the schools you can go to and the money they make and the jobs
2004 nissan sentra amp wire route problem!!!!?
can i operate the stock radio on the car if there is pioneer dvd system installed on it?
Does anyone know where i could get a brain for a Clarion VRX935VD car DVD player?
what is recommended amp for a rockford shallow mount 12?
Looking to buy a new system for my audi. 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
can you put an after market cd player in a 2000 impala?
How do I find the remote wire, and How do I connect the remote wire from my amp?
I want to buy a MP3 player to use over the audio system in my SUV. Which is better, zune or ipod?
Will any car stereo power 2 Memphis subs, providing that I have an amp?
Ford fiesta radio code?
What are the best subs on the market today?
Unlock code for 2000 Acura Integra stereo?
What happened to my amp?
My 2000 expodetion wont start lights work radio come on even tryed to jump it just click when tryin to turn ov?
Car audio question about a radio?
where is the best place to get a cheap amplifier for my sub?
Will this amp work with this subwoofer?
What Kind of subwoofers have a "A" with a "Halo" around it on them?
How do I reset my radio after it's been unplugged without going back to dealer?
Can you put shallow mount subwoofers behind the third row? ?
Slogan for a car audio brand?
What are my options to use my ipod with an OEM stereo (single CD) in my 2003 Chevrolet Impala?
What subwoofers and amp would best go along with the system im putting in my car?
car audio speaker system?
help with my car subs and amp brands?
What's a good first car with awesome bass ?
How do I get my CD player to show the name of the songs on a normal CD?
The AM reception on my 2001 windstar improves greatly when the engine is off. Static is loud when on. Why?
can I add an amp to my 99 camry factory radio?
Where do you go to buy and have installed a car radio?
Which Brand Music System Is There In THe New Swift?
Will the original ipod shuffle work in a car head unit with usb slot?
kicker l7 hookup question?
Chevy Malibu stereo sound problem?
How much would it cost me to put (2) tvs in the head rest of my car? Include; tv, installation, everything.?
installed 2 12s boss at 500watts a piece and 700watt amp will it blow my alternater?
What are the best subwoofers i can get in my 2001 ford explorer?
amp kit for Kenwood KAC-9105D?
how can I remove a Sony cdx-s2200 unit from my dash......I've lost the tool?
What is the best adapter to put in a truck to hook up my Ipod too? How much do they cost about?
Car audio diagnostics CD to test for failing speakers?
Whats the easiest way of hookin 2 amps up in a car?
Best Budget Subwoofers? 12"?
i have a 2006 jeep grand cherokee overland. where do i plug this into? the back of my head unit?
I'm trying to find a factory in-dash radio from a 2003 Chevy Mailbu. All I seem to find is replacement radios
Audio skips when connected to bluetooth.?
where can i find mapupdates for my garmin nuvi 200w?
I have an extended cab sierra and i have a 12 inch kicker L5 and was wondering how i could get it to hit hard.
how do I get a cd magazine unstuck from the trunk of my bmw?
Does anyone have a Kenwood 10 disc CD changer in their car?? HELP!!!?
car noise pollution?
Who makes good cheap amps?
does anybody know how to get to the rear speakers in a 2002 galant?
I want to know how many watt amp i need.?
Are the orion cobalt 12's a good entry level subwoofer?
Which amp to power speakers?
what is the best system to get on a car?
how hard do those cheap kicker 12s hit?
how to hook up subs and amps?
is it possible to hook up an external USB drive to a car cd player that has a USB INPUT ?
I need help with the installation of a head unit in my 1993 323IS BMW?
need ford fiesta radio code. Serial no is M208621?
how to plug your mp3 into car stereo?
will this amp power my sub?
why is my subwoofer rattling?
I'm looking for an 18" sub.?
how much would it cost for me to buy a custom subwoofer box for 1 db audio xtinct 12"?
i have a 1200watt sub what kinda amp do i need?
Having a small system in my car, why does bass cut out when I turn the vol up on my sub-woofer?
i need the dimensions for subwoofer box under driver side rear seat in 1994 chevy silverado?
If ford radio was locked due to wrong entry of code three times. Can it be unlock?
I have a kicker zx750.1 monoblock class d amp hooked to 2 kicker dc12, 2 ohms. Bridged w/ 4 gauge wire that..?
wat speaker do u reccomend that would have LOUD treble?
Thinking of buying a GPS system that I can remove from the car.Need mostly for navigation purposes. Ideas?
does it hurt cds to put them in a car visor holder?
i need help with my car radio?
How bad is a Sound System affected in a Convertible?
How can I convert the PC CDROM TO A CD PLAYER IN A CAR?
Hi i have two mtx 12" subwoofers they are 750 watts max power each what kind of amp do i need?
witch car stereo is better?
how do i change my front dashboard speakers if the panel do not rise in order to get to it?
I want to put new speakers in my 02 ford escort and i don't know what size to buy?
Toyota Camry 2000?
Where is my ground at for my radio?
Neons going dim with subwoofer system?
Could i get possibly get a subwoofer in my car?
Who owns a 1993 Honda Accord?
About how much does it cost to install a car audio system (subwoofers and amp) at bestbuy?
i,m thinking of buying navigation system, which is best andcheapest?
What is wrong with my car speakers?
need help with car speaker wiring please help?
The AM reception on my 2001 windstar improves greatly when the engine is off. Static is loud when on. Why?
How many watts and rms's will I need?
what stereo receiver do i have in my 1996 mercury sable ls?
Do you hate it when...?
What is a good 12 inch sub woofer and amp combination?
how do you install a capacitor?
What kind of deck speakers should i get to go with my subs?
Does anybody know if..?
I found cheap subs...Are they any good? :)?
Navigon 2100 or TomTom One 130 or Garmin Nuvi 200?
I want to buy a subwoofer plzz helpp...!!!?
Subwoofer and subwoofer box for my silverado?
What would be the best way to install subs in the bed of my truck.?
Why does the bass in my car tend to stop and then play when I play my music?
What can a 1000 watt kenwood amp power in terms of subwoofers?
Best BMW head unit adapter for aftermarket head unit?
Would a distribution block separating a 4 gauge power wire sufficiently power this?
Where can I put an amp in my 2002 Ford F150 extended cab?
Do these subs and this amp work out?
Is this kicker amp enough for this 12?
How To Build A Passive Crossover?
how to hook up 2 amps? one 2 ch. & one 4 ch. I have 4 pioneer speakers and 1 sub.?
JL Audio or RockFord Fosgate Or just plain Sony speakers?
2005 Mini Cooper. Should I take it to the dealer to install XM radio?
Is regular scotch tape insulating?
Orion XTR3 12" subs?
Is a 300W amp good for a 450W Max(150W RMS) sub?
Is it worth buying subs?
How do I stop my FM Radio auto scanning?
My sony car stereo beeps a few times after I shut the engine off?
most stupid question ever, do the speakers sold at stores like besbuy and futureshop, come in packs of 2?
curious about car batteries?
three kicker cvr 12''s vs. 2 12'' kicker l5 powered by a kicker 1200.1.?
whats better Hifonics or Rockford fosgate?
Does anyone know of a radio that can work with a hybrid.?