Car Audio

what company is the best car audio company?
Does the 05 acura tl stock navi head unit have RCA outputs?
What Stereo Deck could I get for my 2000 New Beetle?
are the MTX Terminators worth $200?
Can I hook RCA jacks up to a stock radio in a 2002 Chevy Silverado to hook up an amplifier?
Is a 1200 Amp too much for my 2 kicker rated at 800 RMS total ?
what size subs will fit in the trunk of my maxima? also what size amp and what brands should i look at?
Question about Car cassette Adaptor...?
Installing a radio in truck, after connecting wires 2 touched eqch other and the screen wont come on now.?
How to wire in a car cd player the right way - what's better than wire nuts and/or elec tape?
do i need a new antenna for my car stereo?
Insignia amp? Worth it?
Inexpensive CD player for a car?
What is with the $200 cars and the $1000+ stereo systems?
Need an amp for 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Z subs. What do you recommend?
sub box for Fi BTLs?
Would the bass sound bad if I cut down and resealed my sub box cuz its too big for my trunk?
i want to connect a led lights to my dome light on my scion tc.?
What is the best subwoofer for rap/hiphop/r&b songs?
where do i go on line to get a new upgraded powertrain control module?
low battery?
What kind of subwoofers will get really loud but will maintain a lot of sound quality?
can I get a copy or download a map disc ?
Why brother, WHY!!!!?
am i allowed?
Jack Hammer Price!!?
Is there a way I can get just a USB port installed near my car cd player without getting a USB cd player deck?
Car stereo wire harness?
Lanzar Audio?
1995 Nissan Pathfinder and Amplifier question?
What subs would be better?
Is this a good deal for a subwoofer set?
Looking for a car stereo which is the best sound quality?? ive previously had a sony! Jvc or Goodmans ?
Where are some good online sites to find replacement car audio parts/faceplates besides ebay?
I have a 1998 Cavalier. Our factory radio was stolen. Installed aftermarket radio won't work.?
how can i get the dvd to play on the nav screen while driving in my 2007 chevy avalanche?
I have 2 15in subs I don't know anything about them but I'm looking for a amp to power them?
How do you charge up a stiffening cap?
What is the bmw radio code for serial number "AL BDUW0196067" ?
do you think my boyfriend is cheatting on me or not?
what amp fits these subs?
Woofer vs. subwoofer?
How do i get to the rear speakers of my 1998 Dodge Intrepid?
two 250w rms subs with 175w rms amp? HELP!?
Mono vs 2 or 4 Channel Amp?
Anybody have a Garmin Nuvi 660?
Is this a pretty good subwoofer?
Getting 2 12" Alpine SWR-1222D subs and an amp but im unsure of what my total system power will be....?
what is the most romantic music to listen to when your making out and you know?
itried that it still will not go on i see it a little and then it gos off and show me the samething?
Need advice on car audio system?
What are these new radio systems that have some kind of adapter things for ipods? can i get one for my car?
why do people put cotton or somthing i dont know what it is in sub boxes?
What kind of amp do I need???
i just got a zune for christmas and im wanting a way to play it through my car.?
is there a car cd player out with an ipod interface that lets you still use the ipod screen to pick the songs?
jvc kd nx5000 found 8 gps satellite working but still could not calibrate?
I have some 12 mtx and one chennal mtx amp and it keeps cutting off i have everything hooked up right but seem?
Subwoofer - need help?
Who invented the motorcycle?
Can i by a subwoofer and put it in with no amp, if so will you still hear bass?
Thanks in advance for any help , any of you may be able to provide to me, in regards to my stereo?
What kind of sound system would be best to put in a 2001 Dodge Neon ES that is under $600?
Car subwoofer make strange popping noise?
no power to the fuelpump 1 wire to sendingunit is hot but the blue wire that runs the pump is not?
Do I need a av selector box for my car?
What is the loudest and best Sub?
I need the wiring color codes diagram for a 1992 Ford Explorer?
Fitting a blaupunkt radio to a 97 micra passion?
what colors are the positive wires on the rear speakers of a 2005 honda civic?
shallow mount subwoofer question?
Will an alpine mrp 1000 power 2 alpine SWR-1042D 10 inch subs?
what kind of mono amp for two orion hcca's 10.2?
Why Do The Back Speakers In My Car Cut Out?
How do you fix a cd error on a card radio?
can you hook a car sub woofer up in your room?
Will my subs sound good with this amp?
4 JL Audio W3 12" subwoofers on JL Audio 500/1 amp?
what is the best name in car audio?
what part of an exause system makes a car sound different?
will my subwoofers be louder sitting in my backseat right behind me or in my trunk?
What type of amp should go with these subwoofers?
how to install kenwood amp to factory stereo in 2002 TrailBlazer?
Which one should I Get?
What are my subwoofers doing?!?
what is the wire behind my backseat on my mazda protege5?
can i use my kicker subs upside down?
Is having such heavy wire for my car amplifier necessary?
Will a kenwood d class mono amp power 3 kenwood excelon slim subs?
When wiring subs, does the ohms affect the subs in any way?
Can accidentally touching the positive to the negative on the amp ruin it?
Why does the static in my car radio get worst when I accelerate?
what would be the best sub for my 2002 firebird?
how do you do it?
Can this models radio fit in 06 Chevy Malibu?
Why won't my power antenna on my 1991 Acura Inegra work?
whats the best subwoofer on the markert right now?
who makes the stereos fitted to fiat commercial vehicles?
how do i remove the raido from a 2004 toyota tunda?
what is the video format for a Boss BV7320 car stereo?
What happens if I don't use the whole subwoofer box?
is theses a good subwoofer?
Best sub for rock/alternative music?
how many watts are in a zx300.1 kicker amp?
what kind of plug in (wire) is this?
Whats the hardest hitting bass song you know of?
Brand new Cb squeals?
Is it ok to run 2 car stereo amplifiers, one at 2 ohm and the other at 4 ohm load?
how to install a jvc kw-xr610 into a 2004 dodge durango?
Who makes the best Car stereo/cd mp3 player?
What amp would you recommend for this sub?
How do I thank 'turboext' for helping me retrieve my Radio Code - He saved me quite a few Bob. MFBCWM?
TV Tuner is not working right. Please help!?
does it matter if i have a 4 gauge or 8 guage wire for my subs?
The touch screen on my Power Acoustik car stereo does not work. Why and how do i fix it?
How do i connect 2 amps together?
Would anyone be able to give me a Ford radio code?
whats the most wattage my factory alternator will handle for a amp?
How to set up 2 amps in a car?
Which to u think will sound better?
Is $125 a fair price for 5 year old 12 inch diamond subs in an enclosure?
USB flash drive Car Stereo?
i have a media receiver in my car. when I tried to plug my ipod into it, speakers became muted.What happened?
how do you take the template off around the stock stereo and steering column on a 1994 honda civic?
what does it mean when a bird hits your windshield while driving?
is there a part i can buy add rca cables to my factory cd player?
Whats the best product for playing my ipod on my car stereo?
Is there any difference between these speakers?
What is the dB of a Hifonics 5.25" speaker?
how do install my radio so it can play the dvd while i drive?
Is it illegal for a car dealer to sell a car without seat belts in NY?
Installing subwoofer and amp in a Nissan Altima 2009?
Do I need an amp for a single speaker?
How can I put a satellite radio in my car without there being static?
boss audio subwoofer good or bad?
Question about bandpass subs?
we got a used bmw 545 2005 model am i able to connect it to my ipod or do i need to buy something first?
Replacing stereo, what are extra plugs for?
If i have a pair of 4-way speakers with a 260 watt Max, what is the max per speaker? is each one 260 or less?
What subwoofer should i get?
does the sub placement in a suv affect the sound?
my car stereo wont play sound but everything else works?
How much sub woofer wattage?
no RCA wires on indash stereo?
What would be th best subwoofers and speakers for this amps?
Car electrical system completley dies?
How much would a complete car audio system cost to install?
i have a 95 Chrystel cirius . when replacing the factory 6x9 speakers ihave 4 wire leads I need only 2?
Help, my subwoofer is beating like booom boom boom boom even with the volume down at zero and also w/no music?
should i get a speaker or sub?
how to hook up a new car stereo deck in a 2002 mustang?
4 channel amp two 6.5" whips, one 12" rockford P2.?
CD STUCK In Car CD Player?
How many watts can I run with stock alternator?
What adapter will I need to get Sirius radio?
Hi, i have 2 TS-SW3041D pioneer subs, can any1 tell me what a good 2 channel for them would be? thank you?
How should I wire my 4 ohm subs?
JL 450/4 amp. What speakers would you recommend?
is it easy and lucrative to start your on car audio shop?
Would an Alpine pdx 1000 by 1 be good for a JL 12 W7?
would an after market amp work with my bose head unit ?
Please suggest the best front speakers for Alto CNG as there is no space for the rear ones.?
do guitar amps work on electronic drums?
Can i have a car amplifier without a sub?
I want to know exactly what I need for my car subwoofer?
WHy does my coded cd player keep forgetting the settings?
where do you find a radio/cd faceplate for car?
How do i turn one channel into 2?
Help with Dual XDVD8181 code?
Best bang for my buck on sub and amp?
what are good subwoofers?
Want to get a GPS Navigation system for my husband...suggestions?
the stereo does not play when it is hot outside. It's Pilot and it turns on but no sound(radio/cd). how to fix
What year did my subwoofers come out?
What can we use to stop tom tom falling off windscreen?
where do i hook the 4 wires coming out of my 1 farad capacitor to?
Would you rather?
How should i connect this s.p.d.t switch?
How do I get the code to activate a Honda car radio after the power was removed?
can 3 dvc subs be powered by 2 2channel amps?
Which would be louder?
2000,buick regal monsoon radio code?
what type of subwoofers are good for a single cab s10?
What is a good car audio forum?
SHould I connect my iPod to my car by soldering wires to the CD leads on the CD board of the headunit to my A?
i want to buy the hifonics brutus 2400 watts amp?
got a junk boss ph2.1300 amp think it would push 15's?
Car Radio Fuse Keeps Blowing?
car stero comes on but you can hardly hear it out at the speeker?
What brand of 18s hits lower for bass?
Can i hook up a new head unit and use my factory speakers in my 02 volvo s60?
Why won't my pioneer radio work?
why dosent the volume turn up or down on my sony CDX-GT06?
Is it possible/how difficult is it to install 6x9 rear speakers in a 2003 mustang coupe?
Can you have two subs in a ported box, and two subs in a sealed box, hooked up in the same car? If so, how?
What else would I need for this sound system?
Amps supported by pioneer deh-1300mp?
Power Acoustik PTID-8920 for my mini van?
can some one give me the math for centering audio speaker on a square piece of wood because i needtomakea box?
Can i hook up a amp to a stock jeep cheroke radio?
Can I upgrade my car's sound system, but keep my stock speakers?
I need an adapter for my stock Chevy radio to use my mp3 player?
Whats a good amp for these 2 subwoofers?
Multiple amplifiers and how to run them ?
I have a 93 Ford Taurus, would an overhead dvd player be able to be installed in this car?
i have 2 12'' subs and they are both each 2 ohms and i need help picking out an amp for them?
is it a bad idea to hook up a fm modulator to a constant 12v instead of a switched 12v wire?
Looking for the best subwoofers for the cheapest price?
alternator noise in radio after runing 0 ga?
Radio code for ford fiesta 1999?
How do you take out the radio for a 94oldsmobile 88?
Help identifying the make/model of a car! Please! Only have a small picof the dash area & brief description!?
What audio system for a 2012 GMC sierra crew cab?
what kind of audio should i get 4 my car?
willl this amp power these subs?
Can I install an aftermarket cd player on a 07 Honda accord sedan? such as pioneer sony? whatever?
What type of speakers do I need for my car?
What do you think of this car audio setup?
Stop car battery going flat?
What is a good 12" sub for $100US?
Kicker cvr 15"s?
Can I use a subwoofer with 1 RCA plug?
How can I Instal CD player in Toyota Crola1998?
how do i connect a indash without a wire harness my car is a 89 cadillac deville?
how much will i need to open a Car Audio Garage?
How much would you sell a working amp but has 1 problem?
>>>>>subwoofer enclosure specs<<<<<<<?
What size of subs is best?
Can i connect sony speakers to a kenwood deck?
Playing your iPod in your car?
Could the grounding wire for my car radio be red?
What is a Rockford Fosgate .50 connecting punch cap ? What does it do and why is it a good idea to have one?
where can i get a cd player for my car?
do i need a amp for my new speakers?
What is best Car audio system for Indica?
how many watts does a kicker impulse 352xi stero power amp have?
quick questions 750.1 + jl w7?
Can I bridge my Head Unit?
how to hock up an?
Is my Cd Player broken In my Car?
Was radio the first wireless? I hate wires?
What is the difference between brigded and unbrided amp power? Please explain wattage, etc?
Woofer Boxxx Tips!!!?
Ripspeed CD Player Re-installing problem help needed asap!?
cassette in car casstte player making clickling noise and is jammed, anyone know what to do?
any one know where to find an online owners manual for an alpine v-12 MRV-F307 amp?
how do you know when your car needs to be serviced ?
What kind of amp could push 2 L7 12's?
how to hook my power wire up to my kill switch?
What is suitable for my car audio setup ?
Bluetooth adapter for car.?
I'm fixing to get a MTX ThunderForms single 10" Terminator subwoofer 50-250w rms RMP101_T45?
Whats louder/better? JL 13w7 in sealed spec box or 2 Rockford 12" T1's in ported box?
What would I set my settings on my rage 258 guitar amp to play acdc tunes?
Best 6x9 speakers for $25?
Kenwood MP345U Radio Not working?
What amp would go with these subs?
Cheap place to buy Kenwood KFC-W3011 1200-Watt 12-Inch Subwoofer?
When did cars 1st have radios and what was the first car to have a radio ?
How do I Find the wires to hook up my cd player in my k5 blazer?
more subs vs watts?,Drive?
What is the right size capacitor for my system?
Where can I buy a Sony SH2000 2000RMS stereo?
wiring diagram 1998 buick skylark car radio?
where could i find cheap car audio head unit in the phils?
What subwoofer best for my car?
I heard there are xm carkits available now...?
The van I bought has a dvd player, but no monitor. Any suggestions as to what brand monitor to buy?
Does the Kenwood DDX418 support USB 3.0?
Where do I buy chevy tahoe parts?
What is a 30 amp inline fuse?
Front Speakers Are not On?
can some one please help me figure the noise out !?
why wont my car stereo turn off!!?
Car amp remote wire problem?
I need car stereo advice from an expert?
Is it better to have your Subs facing your backseat or your trunk?
Dose anyone have a cd head unit from a nissan primera SE 1999-2000,?
I need a song list for my system.?
wat are some good hard hittn songs for my system?
Anyone know the radio code for my Ford Focus Zetec? Serial number M311939. Model number 6000NE.?
What is the best powered subwoofer for extended cab tacoma?
do i need an extra battery or a better alternator? or what im not sure?
I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM. I wanted to know how many watts is the radio from the factory?
where would you be without ME?
For putting subwoofers in your trunk - are boxes necessary?
I have a Alpine cda-7941 and am wanting to install it in my dodge intrepid.Does it have to be hooked up to amp
What Do I Buy To Play My 80GB iPod Without Using A FM Transmitter??
if a car was doing 135mph.?
What Sound System should i get?
Does the size wiring affect how loud subwoofers are?
car audio. remote wire?
why man think his good looking by the car they drive.?
Can I hook Alpine MRP-M450 amplifier to my mids?
Kenwood x993 headunit - audiobahn hct 2300 powering 1 600 watt eclipse sub - 4 door speakers - all in 2002 exp?
are undercar lights legal in SC?
Anyone know where I can get GPS software for auto GPS?
i am thinking of buying new subwoofers for my car.?
Car CD Player Unlock Code?
this is gunna sound really stupid...but im just making sure.?
i have 1 kicker 12" L7 sub at 2 ohms. could i power it with a Hifonics BXi 1210D amp?
what size of subwoofer should i get for my 08 chevy impala?
Headlights Getting Dim / Stereo System / Battery Draw?
so iv got two 300 watt kicker subs, 4 ohm's a piece in an in closed box. what would be the best amp to buy?
Do you have to remove the door panel to replace speakers on a land rover discovery series II, and if so how?
What are the top 5 names for the best kind of car amp?
what size DIN is a factory 2005 chevy avalanche radio?
Come audiophiles! Is this worth the money?
Will my aftermarket Speakers fit?
Is is ok to run 4ohms amp to 2 ohms speaker even with the gain right down?
Why do speakers sound so different from one another?
Why doesn't a cd-rw work in my car cd player?
What materials did you use to build your subwoofer enclosure?
am radio not working/ fm dose?
Could you list used cars with AUX Input?
How to wire up two 12' subwoofers to a mono amplifier?
Which is the best car audio system combination?
who makes better car audio alpine or kenwood?
is it really worth putting an amp in for my speakers?
15" Sub vs 2 12" subs?
Sub Mounting Problems?
questions on amp kits?
How much would building my own house cost if I own the land already?
change my speakers in a 1995 lincoln continental?
whats the best system i can get for $500.00?
1700 rms watt amp ok for 100 amp alternator?
Kicker L7 or MTX thunder 8500 ? please suggest an amp for this thanks!?
Does anyone have a good website that tells how to install a new cd/radio in a 2001 Honda civic?
when was the first radio installed in cars,what was the vehicle make and was it considered a luxury?
Fiat punto mk2b / mk3 stereo wiring?
How do I play my MP3 Player in my car?
car speaker question 91 honda civic?
securty code for fiesta radio?
1991 Ford thunderbird radio problems?
Which sound system would be better to set of in your car?
i just bought a flip out dvd xdvd8181, need help hooking it up to play movies as i drive?
My Alpine CDE-100 Stopped Working?
where can i find or get refurbished car stereo's, car dvdplayer with cd-cdr-mp3 player?
Alternator whine in stereo system ?
What's better RF p3 shallow vs RF regular P3?
Trying to put Car stereo system for Honda Accord 2008 lx model?
If i have 15 inch subs in my car could i hear a difference if i also put two 10 inch subs in there?
1997 Malibu Antenna Replacement suggestion?
can you use a regular cd lens cleaner in a car?
can you make any sealed box into a ported box?
Why aren't my subs as loud as they should be?
CD player in car won't turn on?
how do i wire my 4 ohm dual voice subs to get the 2 ohm load from the amp?
Dual Electronics XINBP212 Car Subwoofer?
ford escort radio, m045818?
fi audiosub woofer question?...
Help with amp wiring?
wen i turn the key on, my subs just are hitttin constantly?
2009 Scion Xb with ipod jack but can it play the PSP?
how to connect a 4ohm subwoofer with an amp?
Is this Alpine car amp worth $150?
Are the lights on a racecar real?
how to take off door panel on 2004 f150?
2005 chevy equinox cd player problem?
Is it better to have your Subs facing your backseat or your trunk?
What would be better, sealed subwoofer box or ported subwoofer box?
How many amps/ah does a Lantern battery?
can a sony Xplod 1000 watt amp Xy-1652Z be bridged?
is pionner is good or kenwood in the car stereo?
can anyone tell me how to get radio code for ford mondeo MO76388? thanks?
what is wrong with my cd player?
Should I contest to this police report?
Why/what did this happen?
what are the connections on the back of a necvox DA-7169?
how can i view my ipod music videos on my touch screen pioneer stereo?
car question automotive?
are these ok speakers?
how do i hook up the wires on the passenger side window switch of an 83 chevy pick up?
What would be a good deck?
How would i wire 2 kicker comp 12's to work with this amp?
I want to put subs in my car, but i don't know a lot about it. help?
rockford fosgate punch and power subwoofers?
Audio experts! I need help!?
How do I use my mp3 player to listen in the car instead of a stereo?
Any suggestions on in-dash car audio unit for 2001 Sebring?
can a rv with 30 amp electric hook up to 50 amp sites?
getting alot of amps how many amps alternator would i need?
How can i change the speakers of a Toyota Corolla 1993 Automatic?
Would a new Ford Escape XLS with no extra features be Sirius capable?
Bluetooth adapter for car.?
is there any way i can hook my car dvd player to a switch but also keep it running through the Ebrake??
i need help wiring my car audio, VDASSS@YAHOO.COM?
I'm building a box for 3- 12" infinity reference 1250w what is the best amp for that hook up?
I have 2 kicker cvr 15 at 2 ohm I'm lookin for the perfect amp for these speakers is soundstream rub1.1000d it?
What are speaker sizes for the front doors and dash of a 1998 chevy s10 extended cab?
Question about AMPS and SUBWOOFERS. ALPINE.?
do i really need a amp for my subwoofers?
is xovision a good company for car stereos?
I have an 89' civic hatchback with 43K miles, whats the most i'd get for it?
is lazar a good amplifier brand?
Need help with a Kenwood Radio?
Which sub-woofer is better?
will adding extra speakers in a car make the others sound crappy?
what happened to the radio in my car?
Car Audio Problem...Head Unit and subwoofer?
I can't get the engine whine to stop?
Does it matter if you power 75w(rms) speakers with a 50w(rms) per channel amp?
how do you install an isimple i77 to your car radio?
how do i install speakers in a 1989 ford f150?
So im getting a Deh-1300mp pioneer deck and 2 pairs of TS-A6872R speakers,will the Deck give enough power?
Can a Rockford Fosgate Amp handle .5 ohm?
where can i buy a 300 watt amp and how much do they cost?
which car deck/system is better?
If i have an amp and subs what do i need to hook them up?
Subwoofers for your car? BASS?
Car stereos?
What Amp will work best with these pioneer sub-woofers?
what are some good bumping songs?
i have my serial number for my ford fiesta CA03 YEAR 2003/ NUMBER -- M002911 , I NEED RADIO CODE?
i have a 2009 accord, do i need any special adapters to hook up an amp and subs, or just the normal wire kits?
wat subs have best sq and knock hard?(out of following)?
I have 1000$ and want the hardest hitting setup possible... Subs and amp?
if i only put 1 subwoofer in my car will the sound quality still be okay?
Where can I get a wire color chart for a 2000 ford explorer?
Car stereo & subwoofer help?
Speaker wire or copper wire?
install a battery, amp, and subwoofer?
Home Subwoofer converted into Car subwoofer?
What car amp should i get?
need help with car audio(subs,amp,ect.)?
How to get an RCA signal from the stock radio of a car?
if u have a Dual voice coil sub and each coil is 2 ohms dus that make it a 4 ohm sub or gest 2?
how do I install Sirrius or XM into my 2004 Nissan Murano SE? Does it need to be done by the dealer?
What are the best songs to play on Subs?
What is the best subwoofers?
looking for lexus es 300 oem navigational system or a system that will fit the 2003 and has radio /cd in it.
I am installing an amp on my factory radio. Where do i hook up my ant rem. wire to?
i have 2 12 inch 1000 watt spx subs what kind of monoblock amp should i get?
please hurry and help me,i wanna get this done,lol?
will a dual din indash tv fit into a 1991 cadillac deville?
is it possible to hook up a remote wire for my amp to a stock stereo?
Will an Alpine MRV-T502 be okay to power my Alpine Type-R 12" with 2 ohms?
Do guys drive around with their bass "bumpin" because they like it or to get attention?
How can I connect a subwoofer to my stock 2009 Ford F-150 deck?
Help choosing car audio pieces?
is it illegal in collinsville illinois to drive with green neons turned on under your car?
How to install the radio on a 95-99 chevy cavalier...?
Subwoofer(s) chirping?
Will this amp power these subs?
How do i put my cd player in my van?
i need a diaqhramn for the scion stock cd player?
Need a good pair of speakers to compliment my 2 Alpine type R's?
Car Tape / CD Speaker Switch System?
do 2005 ford escape already have an aux input... if so where is it?
How can i plug my satnav in?
Will this amp work for this sub? Let me know?
What is the best system i can get for an '05 Ford Taurus SEL?
Explain to me why capacitors are a waste of money? or are not...?
Two 500rms SVC subs, will this amp fully power both subs?
How to wire a JBL GTO 7001 as 2 Ohm output?
Best Quality Subwoofer Brands?
If you buy car speakers of any size can a speaker installer company make it so they fit?
Should I call to cancel Sirius Satellite Radio?
Pile in car cd unit bluetooth code does anyone no how I can find this out as I bought it second hand?
Is it possible to use your satellite radio antenna for your Stereo for regular FM radio?
Whats a good amp for my subs?
what is the most popular car color?
Are JVC autoestereos good?
factory radio?
Subwoofer and amp help?
What happens if you use 400wat amp with 1200 watt sub?
Right amp for 2 tsw3002d2's?
two questions?
How to install a car amplifier?
When you have a GPS system in your car, do you have to pay....?
I have a shaker 500 6 CD changer in my '07 Mustang?
How much speaker wire would i need to install two ten inch subs in my truck?
Can we use amplifier on pc speakers?
I Have No Idea What Kind Of Subwoofer To Buy?
What rms amp do I need for my subs ?
the manufacturer of pioneer car audio?
How do you change the front door speakers in a 2000 Acura 3.2 TL?
Subwoofers in my truck?
speaker wiring to car.?
i Have a kicker comp 10in what would be a good solid amp for it?
why do some people love loud thumping bass?
I bought a cd Player for my truck because my other on just stoped working wired it right and it still doesnt w
car stereo?
is there something wrong with my car battery?
Where is the cigarette lighter in a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse gt?
my subs got stolen?
What amp should I get?
Best place to have car audio equipment installed in St. Petersburg, FL or nearby?
Things to increase car audio quality?
Will this sub and amplifier set-up work?
need the electricle diagram for my horizon saxon mobility scooter?
Rear speakers on tray or on side walls?
Car audio questoin??
question about my car stereo?
If i buy a kicker zx1500 amp will it hit harder than my HIFONICS1610?
how can i tell if the stereo i bought is stolen?
I'm looking to put a new stereo system in my Mustang? What is the best, and affordable, system out there?
how do i install a 5 channel amp with 3 sets of rca's and one coming out of head unit?
Kenwood car cd player help?!?
Sony cdx gt23w to Home theater Sub?
can you run a 4 channel amp unbalanced?
Alright - time to show who's the boss. Car sound system from scratch, what would you do?
L7's or XXX's?
car audio problem please help?
whats the best sub(s) to hook up to a 1000 watt kenwood kac 8105 d amp?
JVC KD-PDR51 car radio adaptor?
how can i get the dvd to play on the nav screen while driving in my 2007 chevy avalanche?
Need Help real bad, radio harness cut off and need help finding what goes where.?
subs still not working... it must be my wiring ?
Subwoofer and Sealed Enclosure Help!!!!?
I have a 2004 Nissan Altiman and now the cd player is saying error and won't play my cd's... why?
how long would these subs last??
1000w kenwood amp, how long of a ground can I run?
Stange smell coming from subwoofer?
What kind amp should I get?
How do you remove the factory installed radio from a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder? There are no screws.?
Bought a new Infinity M35 with the Bose Surround Sound System, but can't find any music recorded in Dolby 5.1.?
what amp should i buy to get the maximum bass from two kenwood kfc-w3010 12" subs?
What is the big 3 for a car stereo system with subs?
help with speakers and amps in my car?
What's wrong with my cassette adapter?
Sealed or Ported?
What is a good wattage for a car stereo?
do you get same sound in a truck as a car would with subwoofers?
How do i bridge my two 12" subwoofers to my Sony 4 channel 600 watt amp??
stereo intalation?
I want to get amazing sounding speakers for my car! $450 budget. Please help!?
Will a 1 farad capacitor be capable of managing two powerbass 12 subs, with a 3000w amp?
Why do I know nothing about Eclipse audio?
2 kicker cvr 12" 4ohm dvc subs hooked to a kicker 400.1amp?
I am adding on to my install question?
how do i stop the back of my car from rattling?
What size box should i make for my situation ?
I am looking for An owners manual for an old Audiovox AM/FM radio; model GM-CXP?
what size should my slot port be?
which car speakers are good, if i am looking for more bass without Amplifier, 6.5 speaker size.?
Getting new subwoofers, need your opinion?
whats a 13 amp plug body made out of ? (materials)?
What size box should i build for a 6"x9" and a 6.5" Pioneer speaker?
what size speakers for cavalier?
What type of material should I use to fill my sub box?
I have a 12 inch Kicker CompVR 4 OHM Dual Voice Coil Sub?
i have two 10inch subs from home stereo and if i can replace the car subs and hook to factory amp?
What is the difference between a mono-channel amp and a multiple channel amp?
How to install GM side post adapter?
what is a real bad rap song cus i listen to rap but i wana hear so really good rap? any sugesstions?
what is a 100kw potentiometer in ohms?
Weak cb signal plz help..........?
If i wired up the constant power, and normal power wrong on a stereo head unit, would it drain my battery?
my cd player is not putting sound out whats wrong with it?
can i use a 1000 watt amplifier for a 2000 watt subwoofer?
Would some one give me a link to a wiring kit that would work for my system?
Can someone identify what subwoofer this is? I found it in my garage and would love some more information. thx
How do you put a new sony radio/CD player into a 1991 honda civic hatchback (EG4/1.5)?
what is the biggest sub-woofer ever made?
Suggestions on sub & amp combo and best door speakers to get?
Wiring 2 DVC 4ohms to a 2ohm Mono amp?
A Car CD Deck remote?
How do I remove the factory CD player from a 2002 Honda Odyssey?
Subs blowing out windows?
Which subwoofer should i get?
My car makes a LOUD weird noise when I accelerate over 40, I recently had a pipe installed in my C.Coverter?
How much should I charge for this car audio system?
What amp would be best for a total for (6) 4ohm speakers?
Can anyone recommend a good 600 watt sub amp wiring kit?
Help on this amp..?
Is it better to buy or lease a car. why?
How does a capacitor work?
can i get a cd player for my neon?
does my 2002 toyato truck have spark plugs?
All right-side speakers of car stereo sometimes les?
where can i find specs. on speaker boxes for car systems?
I've lost the radio code for my 'X' Reg Fiat Brava-is there a cheap and easy way to find it?
how can you tell is a sub needs to be in a ported or sealed box?
Sound system problem #4?
is jackhammer really the best speaker?
My RCA stereo speakers are have no bass, only high pitches. Help!?
help please?
How good is my sound sytem?
VW MFD Sat Nav?
Finding an Amp for 2 Pioneer TS-W309S4 ?
Do stock GM steroes have an input for speaker wire or audio composites?
i have two KFC-3012s where can i find a ported box to factory specs?
why do all teenagers think that drinking and drieving is cool?
will i need a capacitor?
Can u open a keyless remote ..locked using your cell phone?
Does a better alternatormake a big difference?
pioneer avic-d1?
600+ watt amp for Alpine type R 10''?
On a Garmin GPS (C340)What is the difference b/w using a traffic antenna: GTM 10 versus the GTM 12, just $?
Nearly every stereo I have looked at has an output to supply 4 speakers so how could I add 2 subwoofers?
Can Hong Kong amplifier wiring kits be trusted?
stereo wiring factory schematic for 99 jeep cherokee? What color is what?
Putting in tape that plays from CD player?
What do i search for when wanting someone to fit my car sub woofer and amp?
2 jl audio 15w0v3 or 1 re audio sx 18. Both on 1000 watts?
radio making engine noise?
Does anyone know if SMD DD-1's...?
How do i install New Speakers into a 2004 Ford Escape?
Do i need another battery?
i need help guys~!!!!!?
What subwoofer should i get?
how much air space does an alpine r12 subwoofer require?
Are JVC autoestereos good?
How do you install a CB Radio into your car or are they only designed for rigs? (I have a Cobra.)?
Why don't my subs kick hard?
mini cooper s stereo?
is there a way to wire a fi ssd to 4 ohms?
5wire flat cable 14 or 16 type for installing speakers & led lights?
What does the number of OHM's mean in the specs of a subwoofer?
How can I play my ipod in a car that doesn't have an ipod jack?
how do you disconnect lojack?
how do i know which terminal on my sub is positive/negative?
? about an amp..What kind of Amp do i need to push 2 10' subs?
need to know what are the wires on a pioneer super tuner 3 d are?
All of the lights and my radio in my truck stopped working?
What are the best sound systems out right now?
The screen on my Power Acoustik PTID8940 in dash dvd player no longer works?
I have a Rockford fosgate punch 150 amp and i wanna match it with a T215 inch sub wats a better match D2 or D4?
well i ever fall pregnant by richard halliday?
what automakers offer sirius radios in there cars?
Are Power Acoustic subwoofers any good?
Does an amp have to be hooked up to a sub?
Saturn techno commercial a couple of years ago?
What kind of amp do I need for my sub?
Which subwoofer's is better?
Neon lights in trunk?
why do most home stereo systems not have subwoofers?
Does installing an amplifier in your car only add power to the connected speakers?
what is (-5(x(-8)+15-6x8=?
other than a car battery, what else can power up a amplifier?
I need help finding subwoofers for a 1994 Nissan Altima?
cd changer to fit an audi 8 pin connedction whats the best one?
how to tune my subwoofer and amp?
What are the sizes of the Factory 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 speakers?
How to wire this sub+amp?
Installing amp in a car with a factory amp already in?
Old Skool Soundstream?
Im trying to replace the speakers in my car but one of them wont work. What could be the issue?
What kind of amp am I going to need to push a 12" 1200-watt Alpine sub? I dont need anything amazin, just good
Kicker subwoofer 2ohms or 4 ohms?
Is nvidia infotainment system available on indian market?
What could be causing my radio and the gauges not to work?
what is da best subwoofer & amplifier i can put in my car???
What is my Ford fiesta radio code?
please help me,... i need the anti-theft security code for my '96 acura 3.2TL?
Car stereo to battery piece?
whats the most wattage my factory alternator will handle for a amp?
Will my head unit power two 4x6s no trouble? ?
Having Urgent Amp Issues!?
1500rms subs? legit rms please?
which will haveharder bass 3 pioneer champ 3000watts subs or two 15 sx re audio subs?
Amp Works, Wiring good, Subwoofers wont play?
Im having a car stereo/audio problem?
How do I fix my car's cd player without buying a new one?
Best 10" Sub... Price is not an issue.?
sub woofers for 07 chevy silverado?
smoking sub???
Should I contest to this police report?
i am trying to find out the dimensions for a subwoofer box for a ford f150?
Which amp should i get?
What is wrong with my headunit?
is it alright to hook up 2 amps to a battery..what is good or bad about it?
how can i grow and make money in life ? which profession should i choose ?how can i always be happy in life ?
If I can hear your car stereo from my livingroom while I watch TV, shouldn't I be allowed to shoot at your car
i have a 2003 yukon xl i wanna run 4jlw7 which amps should i work wit to like break the back window.?
what are your thoughts from changing a 100amp breaker to a 150 amp breaker?
Just bought 2nd hand corsa - stereo won't work needs code. It's a philips car400 serial no: GM0400Y2760374.
Radio installation Kit for a 97 Ford Escort?
what speakers are good for a 2002 grand prix se? do i need an amp for just speakers?
How do I remove the factory cd-changer from a 2003 Escalade EXT?
What subwoofers should I get?
How do I fix my Dual XD7500 stereo problem?
Which Car Amp should I choose?
do my subs and amp have to be the same brand to work? and help me pick an amp?
My speaker wire connection on the inside of my sub box melted down and melted the negative wire side?
How can I make my car stereo sound better?
What should i do to my Car first?
i have a stock radio in my altima but i have subs why when i put the bass up it goes up on all my speakers?
removing a security coded car radio?
speaker deminsions on a 2001 SAAB 9-3 convertable?
How do I get my stock radio out of my 2008 kia optima?
Where can I buy funky pups! ?
does anyone have the radio code for a renault radio model no. 22dc481/62 and serial no. 7700433070s994?
can you add better sound systems to your car after you bought it?
I installed my stereo, I know I did everything right but..?
which of these subs would be better?
i have a ma audio 4000d.the power come on the amp.but know sounds come from speaker.?
Would a Wireless Fm Transmitter work with a '95 Maxima?
what amp do i need for my 2 new 12 in kicker cvrs aluminized?
If I know nothing of mobile electronics, do I need more than MECP basic installer study guide for preparation
how do i bypass the ebrake on a jensen in dash dvd?
Can someone explain subs and amps to me? I have a 400 watt amp going to 4 speakers but...?
Question about Kicker box and subs?
what are some safety features on cars? pleas answers?
Where do i connect my exterior light for my car dash?
WHy does my coded cd player keep forgetting the settings?
is 7 subwoofers loud?
Which amp should I get?
I want to upgrade my 2003 Pontiac Vibe stereo and speakers?
need code deactivated for kenwood?
I need help finding the perfect box for my subwoofer?
I would like an opinion.?
What is an amplifier?
How much will it cost to put my stereo system in my car?
Messed up my stereo in my Civic.?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
car problems i could like some help if possible?
I live in minasota Iam on SSI I need a car that runs good for free can anybody give me a car. thanks?
will these subs hit good with this amp?
Car amp/speaker question ?
why is their an ethernet port under my cars radio?
I need the wiring color codes diagram for a 1992 Ford Explorer?
What cables to get for car sub/amp?
cq-c5110u installation instructions?
why isn't a ligal?
Should I Buy Or Build A Sub Box.?
I have two subs in a box would I need a mono channel or two channel amp?
How can I build a adjustable audio amplifer for a PDA and or cellphone?
15w fubar power acoustik car subwoofer, what amp and box?
Temporary fix for a broken car speaker?
What are the speaker sizes in a '96 Jeep Cherokee Sport?
why is my bass loud on low volume but almost none on max volume?
What is a car audio system brain?
speaker set up?
Will these speakers fit in my car?
I have two twelve inch eclipse subs they both have 4 terminals. How should they be wired correctly?
which is louder?
Ford fiesta 53 radio cd player code?
my pioneer tweeters sound static when volume is turned up?
Way to hook up ipod to car?
What would be the best speakers to put in to a 95' celica?
This is for Brandon E?
Do you need speakers and subwoofers?
Just picked up this Sub what would be the appropriate amp and wiring?
is there a way to unlock my radio in my 99 blazer?
My car subwoofer stopped working?
Does a ported subwoofer box sound better than a unported box?
Before, During, and After the Radio?
cerwin vega re series 30 making box?
Can a car radio play 2, 2 ohm and a 2, 4 ohm speakers?
What to do about getting a 12 inch subwoofer?
How do I connect my head unit to my mono channel amp to two subwoofers?
What are some AWESOME songs with bass?
Will this stereo work in my volvo?
Which car speakers give you the most bass for under $150?
I bought a new car, can an amp and a subwoofer connect to the original car stereo?
some kind of anti freezing exept ethylene glycohol?
need help wit an amp..?
my car i making a screeching noise?
Xplod Or kicker 12 inch Sub?
What are the laws of playing loud music while driving?
Car audio voltage question?
INSTRUCTIONS or HELP for H&B car radio/mp3 player - Model CA-4545?
What's a good subwoofer/amp combo?!?
installed new stereo..dash lights won't turn on now..HELP.?
how to bypass parking brake inhibit for indash tv?
Can I fit a cd player in my 79 El Camino? Crutchfield says none will fit my car.?
My Car radio Don't work how do fix it"?
Im new to cb radio is channel 19 like the main contact channel?
Another question.How many and how big of tvs should I put in the car too?
why does my amp say 1800 but only push 900?
Can I hook RCA jacks up to a stock radio in a 2002 Chevy Silverado to hook up an amplifier?
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the owner's manual for the Eclipse CD 5423 radio - online or d/l???
Amp goes into protection mode when I turn up the volume?
is it bad to under power at a drastic measure?
who makes power acoustik?
best sub and amp for about $500?
Can fuses on a car amplifier appear to be in good condition but actually blown?
where can i find an online guide or instructions on how to replace the factory speakers in a 2009 Mazda 6?
I'm buying 12" kicker compvr subs and I wanted to know what size amp is best for those kind of speakers?
Kenwood system for infiniti g35 saden?
Cost to add an audio jack to a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer?
single twin 12' enclosure or two single 12' enclosures?
How much does a car stereo system cost?
Will a 600 watts rms amp hurt a 500 rms sub?
(4 or 5) crv kickers 12" or 2 l7 12" and 2 12" cvr kickers or 2 12" cvr and 2 15" cvr or 2 12" cvr and 1 l7 15?
What's a good car alarm thats very sensitive and loud.?
should i do this, sony car deck?
which brand of speakers and amps are better out of these 2 rockford punch and kicker?
is it ok to wire speakers to deck.?
Loud 15" Subwoofer?
Whats going on with my amp?
What kind of amp do i need for these subs?
99 Suzuki Esteem has 4 alternators since i bought this car what is the problem here?
Sony Xplod Stereo System (Main Power?)?
I have a thousand watt amplifier..i need to know what kind of gauge wire to use?
when using a DC to AC power inverter w/ a direct plug-in do you need to keep the car running?
Is it safe to hook your power wire directly to your battery without a fuse block?
Advice on Sat Nav please?
I have s .no galaxy tdci 2008 how to get the stereo code?
Where can I find good quality GPS Navigation systems for an inexpensive price?
What car speakers for boat?
Please need!!! Dimensions for a sub woofer box in a 1993 f150.?
Does anyone know where to find the wiring for my CD changer?
Is this Pioneer car stereo good?
Wiring color codes for a Sony Xplod CDX-GT240 cd player?
Why wont my system for my truck work its rly anooying me and making me mad ?
Is kicker a good brand?
Weird question- but need help?
Re: kicker solo x 18in amp?
i want to install an after-market cd player in my mazda protege. where can i find info on how to do it myself?
cerwin vega strokers 12'?
Whats a cheaper priced subwoofer with good bass?
Argument with my mom about car subwoofers?
How am I wiring 3 subs!?
Which amp is best for Rockford Fosgate - Prime 12" Dual Sealed Subwoofer?
amp turns off when i turn the music up?
how does autonatic starter work on a car?
What do I need to adapt my new radio to my car wiring?
What kind of amp should i get.?
why does my car amplifier makes a buzzing/humming noise?
Is Precision Power a good brand for car audio ?
Sound shuts off when turned up and when subs hit. Help?
would a rockford fosgate T-2000 amp be a good match for 2 jl audio 13w7's subs?
What is wrong with my headunit?
What is the legality of playing movies on an in-dash player while driving?
What does two channel input in a mono amp mean?
what does red and green mean i have like 6 wires and i need to know which one to plug where on speaker adapter
Mp3 Compatible Car Stereo?
How to make speakers on a tv louder?
xtant A1244A subwoofer?
2 types of Ford RDS 6000 CD player?
Which speakers should I get?
can I put any car stereo in a 98 malibu?
Car audio sound loosing power?
Planet Audio any good?
what band sings my hearts a stereo?
Does this subwoofer's built in amplifier have the same RMS as the subs?
Will I need a capacitor?
speaker deminsions on a 2001 SAAB 9-3 convertable?
where can i buy an agu 80 amp fuse?
Are 2 12" subs louder than 1 15" sub?
choose amp for car sub?
New head unit and speakers, but bass is weak?
How to wire together?
Coming next month my tv in the car won't work in my car anymore. Is there a converter?e ?
i need instructions for pioneer radio/cd model number keh-p2830r?
Car Stereo fuse keeps burning out.?
Are these Subs safe with this amp?
Which Fascia Would I Need For My Yaris?
Anyone know where I can get a decent 2 channel car amp max 800w for cheap?
if i buy new speakers will it make my sound better with a stock radio?
Subsonic Filter, bad if you don't have one?
Car stereo trouble?????????????
what is a good capacitor to go with for my system?
why do people in cars have to have there stereo up so loud it rattles there car?
Is This Amp Right For My Subs??
I need help with my subwoofers!?
how do you bypass the factory amp in a truck?
Do i need a expensive/peripheral wire harness for a after market radio in a 2011 jeep patriot?
I need opinions on subs and amps for my car...?
Car Radio, use mp3 player??????
Can I hook up my car subwoofers to my surround sound in my home?
Sundown Audio or DC Audio?
What are good subwoofers for one EV4000 class D amp?
alpine type r question?
2 kicker solo x 18 2ohm?
Best subs for a mustang convertible?
can a mono amplifier power 2 subwoofers?
How to charge a 1 Farad Capacitor?
Whats the difference between two 12"subs and two 15"subs ?
which one?????
Can this amp support these subs?
Question about my wiring setup?
i would not sleep with a guys on the first date!!!?
Some questions?
pioneer spl champion TS-W5102SPL subwoofer wiring and amp options?
I need help with my subs/amp installation? Easy 10 points please help!!!?
How can I fix my car stereo?
were can i get the wiring harness for a flexvision tv model#lcm1041tv?
I need to get a GPS for my car!?
can a alpine mrp m2000 amp power 3 alpine type r 12's?
Do you need a capacitor to run subs?
Will these subs fit in this box?
Is a scam?
when an amp specs say it has for example 400w x4 channels what does that mean?
help with sirius satilite radio...?
what is the best head unit for car audio?
how big of a subwoofer in box can i fit behind the seat of my 03 tacoma?
If I get an adapter with a usb port that goes in my cigarette lighter, will I be able to hook my phone to it?
Can I update my 2005 Prius Computer software so it will look like the updated 2007 computer system?
I have 2 100 watt speakers, 2 400 watt speaker and a 1600 watt speaker, what power and brand amp should i use?
getting a subwoofer for 99 taurus se?
Is this car amp good?
Help, my subwoofer is beating like booom boom boom boom even with the volume down at zero and also w/no music?
My car radio has no power?
i have 2 12" alpine type r subs?
Is the amp, Pioneer GM-X702 bridgable at a 2 ohm load? Can someone post a manual possibly for the amp?
Where can i learn about car audio online?
Can anyone tell me the best but cheapest subwoofers to buy??
2007 dodge magnum speaker leads...?
where is the best place for me to get ground to my amp from a 95 tahoe?
Do rockford fosgate amps last!?
My CD-R that i burned is not working in my 2005 accord car stereo?
What company makes the speakers in an '02 Volvo S 60?
Frequency in a Bandpass box?
I just put 4 x 350 w speakers in my car what size amp should I use?
Ford Fiesta Radio code? Serial No M055087?
Can I remove tweeters from my coaxial speakers?
I have 2 12" mtx terminator subs with a 600 watt amp .....what amp kit wattage do i need?
which one is better?soundstream TRA960 or pioneer D4000F?
what do you look for in car audio subwoofers?
when running wires in your car for a sound system which ones do you keep separated.?
How many farads for my system?
How do I bridge two 4ohm subs to a 4 channel amp?
how much would the cost be to install 2 subs and an amp?
2 12's, amp, box, and installation under $1000?
what would be good subs for a 89 ford ranger xlt?
Cost for New Car Stereo?
Ford Ka stereo code Help please!?
best subwoofer box for 12 inch punch 2's. sealed ported or what?
What are the factory speakers in a 2006 GS Sedan???
How many people don't have a car or a licenses and are over 20? If you don't why?
What are my subs worth with box?
how much would i sell my jl audio w1 for in a ported box?
Where would I mount a amp in my 2001 extended cab ford f-150 safely?
Which would u recommend to be the best door speakers for my truck?
Component or coaxial?
i have a 300 watt subwoofer amplifier, what is the biggest size subwoofer i can use?
Seriously! Why don't people paid attention to RMS watts instead of PEAK.?
will this set up sound good?
Suggestions for a double din car deck that supports a centre channel speaker?
Hyundai Getz stereo not working ?
How do you format a Cd to work in a Ford Escape 2008 mp3 cd player.
What kind of amp(car) would be best with this sub and tweeters?
in your opinin whats the best brand of subwoofers for your car ?
how much would u sell a 200 watt amp for?
new product?
what is the best car in the world?
Car audio question, all feed back is great!?
Installing 2 amps in a car help?
where can i find a amp?
keycode for a 4500 rds eon?
can some one advise which speakers would go best with this amp?
how do u install a audio system to a mercedez benz 1990 190e 2.6?
i need help on making a bike stereo?
Alpine Valley Music Theater?
12" Type R Subwoofer. Best box dimension?
How to install neons /LED lights under dash powered by the batery?
Get new car head unit or new amp?
Would country music sound good with the bass turned up?
wanting totally free guide owners manual for pioneer deh-p360 that tells you how to work it?
would 2 subs sound better than 1?
what are some songs that have great bass for subs?
how do u take out a monsoon stereo out of a 2003 grand-am?
How do I setup my amp?
I have an 12" alpine type s sub an I want to make a box that's 1.3 cubic feet tuned to 34 hertz. How?
I have a cdx-gt340 cd player how can i take it off display mode?
Rear Speakers on 1999 Mazda Protege don't work, what to do?
Is this amplifier too much?
Can i put 2 12" sub woofers & a 600 watt amp to my stock stereo in my 95 chevy suburban with a cassette player
How much would it cost to get a Professional in-Dash installation on my new car radio?
Pioneer Amp Flashing Blue Light?
how to make work instruction look attrative?
what R the best kinda screws to use 4 mounting a sub in a box?
So wats up with my car?
What size amp should I use?
sound system question?
Should I buy this 12" sub for my car?
need help fixing amp?
Loud headphones with heavy bass?
Which subs should i get???? help?
Need some assistance can anyone help ?
car stereo aux input?
You've got your system all connected, now what?
Stereo removal from a 1983 Mercedes 240 D?
What is a good amp for 2 10" rockford fosgate punch he's?
Is a JVC drvn 800w amp a good amp to run one sub?
Which subwoofer box would be louder?
Will my amp be power full enough to run my subwoofers?
what size are the "rear deck" speakers on a 2002-04 Audi A4?
anybody ever heard of a racing voltage stabilizer?? should i get one?
Connecting grounds when installing aftermarket head unit in car?
Monopower vs 2 channel amp?
Speaker smaller than hole by a few milimeters... What to do?!?
what is "HS-IV tuner" for in-car radio?
what part of a radio or tv collects the radio signals?
WIll any HID kit fit any car specifically the Philips brand?
Need help deciding on an amp for my bass!?
Kicker subwoofer opinion?!?
After how many miles does a 2002 ford focus stop working?
Opinions on Alpine type-s 6x9 speakers?
How do I remove the interior panels on the doors of a 2000 silverado truck?
8 inch subs or 6 3/4 doors?
Saturn, is that American or Japanese car?
Is my amp big enough to do anything for my sound system in my car?
What is some good new Rap or Rock music, with heavy good bass tracks?
lowriders or big cars like a hummer!?!?
What is the wattage(watts) of the stereo in a 2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited Platinum Edition?
If I plug a hand held microphone into the aux input in my car, when I speak will it come through the speakers?
what amp can i use for 3 L7 kicker 15?
Whats a good sub woofer and amp system to put in my car?
Can I run a 1600 watt capacitor with a 1000 watt amp?
Would these be good subs to put in my car?
has anybody herd of Cadence audio? and r the better than orion?
how do i keep my speakers from sounding staticky?