Car Audio

what type of battery would be good to run 4 amplifiers eqauling over7000watts?
Quarter stuck in my car stereo?
What's the cheapest way to connect an iPod to my car?
What are the best amps for 2 12" Kicker CompVR 07CVR122 subs?
What is the best sound system to get for a car for $500 dollars or less?
How to fix '02 Audi A4 radio with NO power?
2 10" L7s or 1 15" L7?
how to connect a 4 ohm sony to two double coil speakers with only one connector on the box?
what would be the best setting for this car stero setup?
aftermarket car parts?
new build sound system.. which capacitor??:S?
i live in md i have a learners permit i am over 21 how long do i have to wait before i can get my license?
12 volt battery isolator?
Need help with Kenwood security code.....?
2-ohm DVC subwoofer vs 4-ohm DVC subwoofer?
What is the Rear Speaker Size in a 1995 honda Accord LX?
how many walts does the speakers in the back of a honda accord 2003 lx model have?
Subwoofer help please!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
whats the difference in sound if any on the ohm load to ur amp.. or it doesnt matter as long as its enough?
i have a pioneer amp of 1000watts?
does it matter how big a subwoofer box is?
I have a subwoofer and a kit to install it in my car, I have no idea what I'm doing. What needs to be done?
Hello!! Can anyone let me know more about the MIO C130X GPS?
Would I be able to fit two 12" subs (kickers) in an enclosure into the trunk of a 2005 Honda civic?
Taking off the Back in Order to get to the Subwoofer from a Suburban?
what amp for my new subwoofers?
Deck not powering on?
any way of working a stereo serial number out from the car vin?
Subwoofer Question!!!?
My car came with a video system but it has no audio?
How to install radio without factory harness!?
Why is it you people must play your cars speakers on BOOM BOOM BOOM?
Is physics a dead subject to boy racers?
Where is the AUX plug in a 2007 ford focus zx4?
no cd player will work in my car?
Why arent my subs hittin hard?
Is Orion CO124s a decent sub for being entry level?
1995 olds cutlass supreme stereo wiring diagram.?
Is there a Car FM Antenna booster?
why do my subs play voice?
why doesnt my new stereo fit where the old one was?
why dose my 1600W amp get so hot?
95 Buick Lesabre,Autostart/alarm Viper 100esp (I think)?
What's the better box? For JL W7?
Why do i hear my engine coming through my subs?
How do you add an auxilary input to a factory installed GPS on my 2006 325ci convertible?
Is there a way to listen to the music on my phone from my car stereo?
my pioneer avh 3200dvd double din head unit wont let me play dvds..just comes up with a warning message?
I need to find specs on a 12" C-4 sub that came out of a triple woofer bandpass box?
what does red and green mean i have like 6 wires and i need to know which one to plug where on speaker adapter
Why does my car stereo make a clicking sound when I charge my iPhone?
Wanna put a bangin system in my 01 silverado extended cab.All stock now. Limit $1000 suggestions?
Would this system sound good? And will it sound good?
can a 1000watt amp blow a 12 "audio bond subwoofer?
Car Subwoofer Amplifier Input Voltage?
On my kicker sx 1250.1 amp what should I set my amp at?
Anyone heard of Rodek car speakers?
How do you remove car Stereo in a Saturn Ion 2003?
Help! VR3 CD Player won't accept CD's, radio is all static!?
My tomtom wont turn off what is the problem please?
Jensen VM9511TS DVD bypass?
q logic sub box for a 01 ram?
I have 2 Boss P126DVC subs.?
I need car stereo advice from an expert?
Speakers making a popping sound?
Aux-in on a Kenwood Reciever?
Why is my battery draining?
a sub without a box?
how many watts to push my 2 12's?
should i keep speakers if i get tweeters?
if i had a 2 ohm stable amp can i wire my speakers at 1.4ohms and be ok?
Blaupunkt Bahamas MP46 any good?
what is a good mileage for a bmw 6or 5 series (1999) if i want to buy one second hand?
What is the song in the new Jaguar commercial?
Kicker vs Kenwood vs Sony which amp should i buy?
Infinity vs. Fosgate vs. Polk Audio 6x9 3-way?
Need help matching amp and subs?
are ma audio qs series 12'' suitable for free air?
Installing car audio system 2006 Chrysler 300 touring edition.?
Can I change my 2002 toyota prius stock stereo system?
I have a 2009 GMC Acadia and an XM radio subscription. In the last few weeks, we are unable to get any AM/FM?
What happened to my amp?
What would happen if u run 2 amps without a distribution block?
How can I make my sound system louder?
psu turns off when bass gets loud ?
I need help with wiring my subs?
my foryou head unit doesn't recognize my ipod?
waterproof sub boxes?
who makes niche audio products, is it JL audio ?
1995 Mazda Millenia radio with Bose?
Changing state vehicle plates?
What size subwoofers should I get for my truck?
im looking for some bassy music to show off my system?
What is with the $200 cars and the $1000+ stereo systems?
what is dynamike on a cb?
free radio code for ford escort serial number M125924,?
Can i operate two Memphis M class amps on one 15"T2 Rockford Fosgate woofer?
cd adapter???
Will my UK DAB car radio work in France & Spain?
i need to find out how to program a pionees deh21 car cd player. i lost my manual?
rover 416 p reg wirering?
how do i hook up my kicker zx300.1 amp to my kicker 12's?
What guage wire should i use for this amp and Subwoofer?
Where are Atrend enclosures sold at?(Besides Best Buy)?
light up speaker installation?
Radio fuse keeps blowing in fuse box?
Should the negative terminal be connected when using a digital multimeter to check car ground?
Would a 600 watt amp be alright for a 500 watt rms subwoofer?
I am looking to put a system in my car, and was wondering what would be a good brand of subs to put in there?
92 buick regal gransport, cassette player problem.?
how can i protect things in my car?
how far away will hd radio reach...?
doea anyone know new good songs for subwoofers?
After Market Car Deck Problems!?
what is the cause of acceleration?
How do i hook up my system to my ford truck?
1998 f-150 radio and power windows?
How do i bypass the Parking brake feature on the Alpine IVA d300 Multimedia Screen?
Can I run 4 x 4ohm speakers and 1 x2ohm subwoofer off a Kicker 11zx700.5?
Why do some people give the wrong suggestions in car audio?
wat size guage should I use for my 200 watt amp?
replace car vcr with dvd?
How big of amplifier would i need for two 12" RWE302 MB Quart 1000 watt Reference Series?
What would be a good deck?
How should I wire my subwoofers?
How do I put an aftermarket cd player in my 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt.?
What's a good subwoofer/amp combo?!?
My car radio wont turn on ?
Which subwoofer would be better?
Everything i need to know about what sub amp and speakers to buy, i want good, loud sound for rock and rap,?
What size of capacitor do I need to protect 6 ohm tweeters?
how do i install a CD player in 1993 ford crown victoria?
How do you measure speakers / subwoofers to figure out how big to make the box ??? ?
Kicker solo x 12 ported or sealed?
how should I power my 15'' Kicker Solo Baric I have a Crunch Ground Pounder 1400.4 series amp is that good?
I have a sony amp that is 1000 watts. It draws 30Amps. would it be ok to use a 1.6 farad capacitor with it?
Any way to plug in an ipod so it can play through my car speakers?
stereo deck for a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee?
could i lose my license from being a passenger of a non licensed driver?
Why does my amplifier stay on without a remote wire?
Car amps in the House?
Can I connect a MP3 player to an amp and speakers in a car without a radio?
is 250 rms amp to strong for a 150 rms kicker subwoofer?
How can I listen to my iPod in my car if I do not have an AUX plug-in or tape player?
Which Panasonic home theater system model?
do I need anything else to but this speaker system in my car?
Sub/Amp ground wire problem?
Best (small) Car Audio system to buy for a Chevy Colbolt LT?
Most powerful subwoofer under 1000 dollars.?
I have a TL 2010 white.. should i get a sub and an amp for it?
Help on what to get for a new speaker system?
Dual 10's or single 12? Best bang for the buck?
Alpine type x 10" or kicker l7 15"? ?
Will the factory radio in an 06 Ford Fusion fit in a 2003 Ford Focus?
Problems with iPhone 4s and car bluetooth?
Where can i find (car) speaker boxes with speakers and subs all in the same enclosure?
where can i find schamatics for car power amplifiers?
what's the best way to position sub box in car trunk?
radio code?
I am buying a 2003 VW Passat, and i want to get a system for it also.?
what can i hook my head unit ground wire up to?
Is it possible/how difficult is it to install 6x9 rear speakers in a 2003 mustang coupe?
Will audio system be too much for my alternator HELP???
Can my subs break my back window?
Which sub box will give both sq and spl?
What's a good brand of car audio speakers that won't hurt my wallet?
KICKER 05CVR124 CompVR 12" 800 WATTS SUBWOOFERS nned an amp for them?
what car subwoofer is the best?
I am thinking of installing a new cd/radio in my car (renault scenic),are all car radios standard size ?
What sub woofer encloser should I get?
Is a Dual xiaz 460 amp alright?
whatas a good song to test bass??
Remote starter for car in Toronto?
Car Audio - Can I connect the front speakers also to the amplifier?
alpine in dash dvd/mp3 player problem...?
How do I install the trunk speakers in an 01 Lincoln LS?
What kind of cable do you use to hook up the xm radio reciever to the Aux input in my '06 Dodge durango?
Which sub would sound better?
Do anyone know how to hook two car batteries so i could sep my amp from main battery?
Car Audio - Best ADULT stereo System?
What type of amp should i get for a 1200 watt Sony Xplod Subwoofer?
Please code radio m010499?
what wattage speakers should I use for a 20 watt amp?
What are better L7 or L5 subs?
How do I unlock a saturn car radio?
Can i run these subs with this one amp?
How can i play my mp3 through my car cd player?
Car shutter, to hide head unit/cd player - is it possible?
When subs are in the trunk, do they sound better with the subs facing the front of the car, or facing the rear?
pyle 4000 watt amp?
5000 rds unlock code?
New to the car audio system world, looking for assistance\opinions?
i have a car stereo question. please help...?
can i possibly bridge two four channel amps together? and if so how?
CB radio stray signal squelch?
who makes the best car subwoofers?
can i mix these two subs together with the same amp? will they both get the same power?
Will wiring subs in series/parallol with 4 subs lower the power to each sub??
Car stereo says "Err3" even with radio code?
What kind of amp should I get to power these subs for my car?
Audio systems for cars?
My kenwood kdc-352u restarts in "demo" mode?
2 Kicker L7's or 1 fi BTL 15"?
Saturn pre-amp stock?
How do I remove the factory subwoofer from my 2003 Nissan Sentra?
what size are the rear speakers of an isuzu rodeo 1999?
Can you connect an Audio Control Epicenter to the amp without connecting anything to the head unit?
Can you help me with an Audi radio code?
where is the horn in a ford tempo 1994?
Can I hook up another set of speakers to my amp?
What amplifier should I get for this subwoofer?
Im installing a sony car stereo to my olds 2002 alero i need to know what wires from the alero connect to the
What wire gauge should i use to hook up my alpine type X subs?
what is the diffrence on 2 ohm and 4ohm car audio?
subaru car stereo?
Does Best Buy do a good job installing cd players?
how do i work the telivision system in the gl450?
How to hook up subwoofers and an amp?
how to hook up a alpine mrp-m500 amp to stock radio.?
Should I get my sattelite radio from sirius or xm?
car stereos?? what all do i need....steroes?..subwoofer?? confused..?
Citroen Xsara Fitted Radio - How do I put my four digit security code in?
What's a decent Amp and sub woofer for my car?
Why does my Positive cable on my Suburban burn when I Use my 600W Amplifier?
so im decided to get a boss ce 202 amp how are they?
Why do my subwoofers sound bad in cold wheather?
what is the best sounding subwoofer for 500 RMS?
Eclipse Mp3 port access?
Can a 10 " 4 ohm sub woofer connected to a 4 channel Amp in bridged mode?
Will 1 Fi BTL18 running 2200 Watts be bumping?
Stuck CD! Please help!!?
what speakers does the 1993 Ford Aerostar come with?
building a new box,my ? is how much do i add for port an sub displacement?
Car amp with 4 channel with supported speakers?
Car speakers cutting out at high revs?
What's a good choice for a first car?
If i have an audio planet 3000 watt monoblock amp what capacitor is good do the farads matter?
What speakers should I get for my car?
Is the AQ-750 amplifier and an Obsidian 15" D2 sub a good combination for a subwoofer?
iPod in-car mounting solution?
SPL Woofer for around 500 dollars?
oldsmobile alero cd player installation kits?
will a 7 inch indash fit on an impala 2000-2005?
Whistling sound heard in sound system???
I just bought a sub box for a 06 chevy crew cab. About 1.0 sq ft per side I purchased 2 10" rockford p1 subs
the over current light keeps coming on on a sony xploid amplifier 800w what does this mean?
Is the noise of a car horn or jack hammer music? what is the difference between noise and music?
help installing a dual CD770?
I need a radio wire diagram for a 1990 chrysler lebaron?
2001 HYUNADI TIBURON CD player probs...?
Good Stereo system?
i bought a new JVC stereo for my car, all my wiring is correct but there is no sounds coming from my speakers.?
'00 Honda Civic CD Player ERR-00?
In a 2003 Hyundai Accent, what are the speaker sizes?
i have a 2007 chevy express with the duramax diesel can i hook a 2000 watt power inverter to accessory battery
do spl enclosures not have any back pressure support?
getting rid of alternator noise from my audio processor?
IPhone through car radio? ?
Where do I buy the wire that connects the ipod to the car charger and lets me play songs from it?
Whats the best way to add a second battery to my car?
Car Stereo issues?
how is the CLS 350 mercedes?
Best place to install a CD deck?
Would my amp work with my speakers?
How many watts does my amp need to be to push these subs?
Need a good car audio, plz help ..!?
i need something cool sounding to put as a decal on my car...what should i put? i have 16 letters to use?
installing car sub woofers?
rockfordfosgate or kicker?
Does the XM Skyfi3 work in the older Skyfi equipment?
Which component speakers is better? Infinity Kappas or Pioneers?
I own a 2000 Pontiac Montana with a DVD player?
Jensen VM9511TS DVD bypass?
how to build a speaker box?
What channel amp do I need for my subs?
ive a garmin nuvi205 satnav it has a digital speed display does anyone know how to make it read out analogue?
who makes a good 12 to deliver tight low bass?
Will buying a Kenwood Radio make my Factory Speakers Sound better?
What parts do I need to install a new stereo on my car?
how can i get the car radio out?
why did my speakers stop working?
I have a 1996 Buick LeSabre I replaced the battery and now the sterrio will not work,is there a factory code?
The manufacturer of a CD player has found that the revenue R (in dollars) is when the unit price is p dollars?
I know nothing about sound systems, anyone wanna help fix this?
I have a 1100watt Sub for my car. will a 300watt amp be big enough?
How do I install a FM direct cable for sirius radio directly to the fm radio for a 1999 ford F150 with a stock
which of these amps are best for my sub?
What stereo should I use?
What amp should i get for my 2 12" Type R's?
I have 15'' kicker L7's would puttin zero gauge wire in it make it louder whats best also ported or sealed?
listen to mp3 player through car speakers?
Sub installation - amplifier and stereo question?
1999 Ford Explorer Cd player?
i want the sony cdx m620 face plate only tell me where to look for it?
can you test a cd receiver for power without the face plate?
Why won't my car radio work?
do you have a to have a fuse when you do the big 3 upgrade?
How much would it cost to have an in dash receiver installed in my car?
do i need a new alternator ,battery or extra battery?
can i use the tape deck adapter to play music in my car using my iphone?
What speakers will fit in the front doors of a 2004 Pontiac grand prix?
Guys Need Car Help! Gift for my BF! :)?
What is the difference between the HID conversion kit and just buying Xenon bulbs?
How can I get the radio code of a '96 boxster I just acquired? Is there a way to avoid any fees to have it?
for guys? what car is the best car for a girl?
AUDIOPIPE TSAR15 need help!!!!!!?
who want a 600 watt amp 4 yo car?
no its not...its only one watt tho?
Purchasing the right amp?
car stereo question?
which subwoofers hit harder have more bass and better sound 4 kicker cvr 12s or 4 memphis power reference?
Will this be a good car stero system?
why doesnt my car audio work properly?
Stores in Toronto, Canada that sell license plate frames... preferably of the padres:) thanks?
What kind of amp head/cab should I buy?
4 gauge or 8 gauge in a 1995 civic and what kind of 12 inch subwoofer?
which is best - A Kenwood KAC-716 or a Fly 240w?
My amp power light goes from green to red every time it trns on?
gettin speakers, help a brotha out?
Can I check for a draining car battery with my multimeter?
i am currently looking to buy some audio equipment for my truck. av5495 by eclipse. exp. opinions on speakers.
Any suggestions on in-dash car audio unit for 2001 Sebring?
What subwoofers and amp would best go along with the system im putting in my car?
i no this will sound odd but need help?
Fitting car stereo has ruined my battery?
Can installing subs fix a blown car speaker problem?
What's a good touch screen for a 2012 chevy silverado crew cab 1500?
my amp and sub keep cutting out,what are all the possible problems?
Rosen navigation frozen will not turn off even the car is turned off.?
Would this sub system work?
Should i get the audio technica ath m-50 or the fanny wang 2000?
My Vauxhall Corsa T reg Radio doesnt work :( Please Help?
who makes best subwoofer 4 cars?
Can Someone Recommend an Inexpensive Satellite Ready, CD, MP3 Playing Car Stereo?
phass car audio?
?how do you connect amp in line fuse?
what kind of subs/radio should i get for my car?
What do I need to make a good sound system in my car?
Would you recommend these speakers?
What size and type of amp should i get for 2 12' Sony explods? ?
Where can i find a 40 amp blade fuse?
Battery died on my car now my stereo won't turn on?
what size speakers dose a 96 honda civic use?"??
Answer if u love cars!?
Is a line output converter need with speaker level inputs?
How to convert my car speaker size to another dimension.?
How much would a complete car audio system cost to install?
Getting noise through stereo?
What exactly is included in a complete sound system for a vehicle?
What sub should i buy?
Putting an AMP on my 2012 SE Volkswagen stock speakers would it work?
will 20 amps matter on alternator idle amperage?
What amp would be best to use?
generally, what subwoofer enclosure is louder?
We just puchased a 2001 Lincoln LS and the CD player doesn't take burned CD's. Anyone know why?
What kind of amp and subs should I get?
How do you load multiple CDs into a 6-CD car stereo (01 Accord)?
Is it ok to hook up four kicker comp 12s single voice 4ohms to one 1000w sonyxplod two channel amp?
please can you help me, i have a ford radio need code for it......?
does anyone have the instructions on how to remove the amp from a 95 acura legend or no how to do it
stereo and windows work intermediately?
how to play a dvd disk into cd player ?
car sub an amp?
150-200 amp toggle switch?
How can I get my car stereo to stay programed?
what size speakers does a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville have, both front and back?
I have pioneer 12's. Looking to upgrade. So....2 15s or 4 10's?
does the xplod cdx-gt06 have a loud option?
How to install i-pod adapter?
Old Skool Soundstream?
What kind of amp would I need to run 2x 2k watt subs?
I am installing a Tube subwoofer and I can't decide between purchasing Audiobahn or Bazooka...what's best?
Will my subwoofer work with this amp?
What is a decent brand/wattage of car stereo amplifier?
do you have a 88 mighty max 2.0?
Do I need car amplifier even if I'm more concerned on vocals (sound quality) and not bass?
how much dyno mat would you need.?
No clue about sound systems! I want the very best installed in a 2002 honda civic ex for 6000$ Thx in advance!
Specifications of a 99 Mercury Cougar stereo.?
2 12 inch kicker subs in 07 ford mustang?
Can anyone tell me what subwoofers are the best for loud bass?
Subwoofer amp question?
1.5 farad car audio capacitor?
Big 3 upgrade/dimming headlights?
Hey I just bought a pair of kicker L7 dual 4 ohm solo-baric and I need to know what amp whould be better ?
where can i find a out let for aiwa hifi?
witch is better, two 10in mtx with wholes or two 12 dual subs?
Best kinetic battery for 2 15 cvx 4 ohms and zx 2500? ?
What kind of car speakers should I buy?
What would you say is the maximum watt sub I should get?
What would sound better 2 15" CVX, 2 12" CVX, or 3 10" CVX ?
wiring car stereo to marine batteries in rv?
How can I eliminate noise from my satellite radio that is in sync with engine RPM?
what brand is better?
Are there any speaker upgrades available for a 2003 Audi A6?
i have a problem with a 400 watt amp?
Pioneer or Kicker amp?
why are my car 6x9 speakers in my car not coming in clear, and have to much bass?
Which of these two 15in subs would sound the loudest and hit the lows the best?
Good hard hitting song for 1 10'' 2012 kicker with a 400 watt jenson amp?
Why does my car cd-player skips some music on a burned disc?
why wont my pioneer DEH-11E turn on?
good amp for this set up?
i was looking for some 12 or 15" subwoofers. which do you recommend that bump hard?
My subwoofer only play occasionally when I hit a bump in the road?
How do i know if my subwoofer is working?
Do I need a second battery?
would i be able to change my radio?
Would my 2001 toyota highlander 4 cylinder be able to power a 500w amp for subs?
I need information about an in-dash monitor?
can anybody tell me how to set the clock on a pioneer DEH-p5450 cd player?
Where can I get an instruction manual for a ministry of sound MOSCA89 car stereo?
Why do these Amplifiers look different?
What size speakers are in a 93 ford explorer?
Is there anybody buy from Happyshoppinglife?
can anyone help with my cd player?
My new subwoofer started smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Deep Loud Basss?
does it matter if i have a 4 gauge or 8 guage wire for my subs?
where can i buy a good audio system for my car?
wich amp would be better for a fi btl?
what determines what frequency a subwoffer will play loudest at?
how much are my amp and subs worth?
Does Clif Designs Make Good amps?
Do you double the rms of two subs when looking for an amp?
Replacing indash stereo 2002 pathfinder?
can the ground wire be bigger than the power wire for a 400/4 ( 4 channel amp)?
My CD is stuck in my CD Player!!! Please Help!!?
Is there a universal remote that will control the DVD player in my Oldsmobile Silhouette?
I have 4 subs in a box wired for 1 amp each and low car battery what now?
what would be a good name for a car club? we got some people in town and we are trying to think of a name....
annoying buz sound from car speakers?
how do i know if my amp has an internal fuse and what does it look like?
Whats better? 2, 12" Subs w/250 Watts RMS or 1, 12" sub w/500 Watts RMS?
I need the code for a 99' VW passat stereo system, not stolen had to fix a part so stereo on safe mode.?
Cd player in truck not working?
cassette in car casstte player making clickling noise and is jammed, anyone know what to do?
Can i hook up a amp to a stock jeep cheroke radio?
i have a precisionpower pc2150 amp. what fuse should i use? how many amps?
Having trouble finding amp? ?
1994 BMW Stock Radio?
how do i disconnect my subwoofers and amp from my camry?
Hi anyone good with PC audio help me? i got a question: can a sound card damage PC SPEAKERS + AUDIO WIRES?
Which amp would be better for these subs?
How do you remove the door panels off of a 2 door 2000 grand prix GT?
best subs to get plz help?
1999 Ford Explorer Cd player?
i want to buy two cerwin vega stroker pro 15''.How loud would they be heard?
I just baught Sirrius Radio, sound issue?
what's the difference between an amplifier and sub woofer?
what size are the speakers in a 1992 ford f150 ext cab?
Can I hook these subs to this amp?
I NEED A FAST ANSWER plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
what size port?
What is a loud single 10" for sound quality and Demo shows?
mount averrest?
What is the best enclosure designe for 2 pyle 12in 4ohm 800watt subwoofer need picture only plz?
What car sound system should I get for my truck?
how do you take the radio out of a kia spectra?
Car audio system wiring question please help?
I got three choices for my SUBs...?
How do you remove a dhasboard (around CD player) on a chrystler neon?
Car speakers le and get quiet at higher volumes?
does anyone know where i can order a cheap red 12 inch neon subwoofer ring? i can only find them in pairs.
i cnnot locate the fuse box on 1981 chev superior 22 passenger bus?
how to remove radio from astra 1.4 1995 model?
Changing my subwoofer box?
Will this Amp work with my Sub?
is it possible to fix a blown speaker?
yo kan some one now how to spell........i love u baby ore babe?
my stereo in my honda wont work without the code, i have the code but i dont know how to enter it?
What is a good tape cassette iphone adapter for my car?
Car stereo wiring fried?
what is the theme song to PINKS on speed tv?
Why Do people hate Boom cars?
Subwoofers choice?
how can i change the cassette player in my ford ka?
what would be a good dock for my new system?
how many watts do jbl dual voice coil speakers need?
Fixing a car amplifier?
i think i blow my subs!! please help!!!!!!!!!!!?
just put a stereo in, it ran untill i turned the car off. when restarted, stereo lights up but no sound?
How to remove the radio/stereo from a seat ibiza 2003?
Car sound system and exhaust?
Which amplifier do I use :: 2..4.. Channel?
were is the multi dic cd player in a 2005 vectra?
car radio hook up problem?
A good car stereo deck for the price?
is 4 guage fusion wiring kit good for jbl gt-x646 400 watt rms 800 watts max.....?
What kind of car stereo would best go into a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire with its own kind of speakers?
What's the best amp i can get for these subs...?
Wich power source should i get?
Does an 800w amp need a capacitor?
fusion 1000w cerwin vega 12''?
It was not the fuse. Radio will still not work?
i just got my car fixed, and now i've got it back the stereo?
Are they connected?
Polk Audio or Infinity for interior speakers/tweeters?
Is there a way to use a 2.1 PC speaker with subwoofer to my car stereo?
i got a new stereo and i noticed somthing?
JL Audio W7 13.5" or Rockford Fosgate T2 15''?
I am trying to find the color code for stereo in a 1989 ford aerostar?
connecting subs to stock head unit with line out converter?
Is this enough money?
Why wont my car radio work?
audio hook up, doesn't play certain parts of songs?
JL w4 vs. MTX Thunder 4000 - (The old models) Which are better?
what wattage amp do i need for my 2 12inch subs?
Need Help with Ipod Connection to a Car that has an Ipod Jack already?
Is it wise to go over a car audio Speaker's RMS?
wat would u do if u saw some 1 crying for help?
Car Cd Player, how do I loead pics? KD-LH810?
what do I need?
i have a Pontiac Grand dam se and the year is 2000 how big is my trunk?
i have 2 12"kicker cvr subwoofers. what amp(s) would be best for the subs?
I need an amp to power a car sound system that will be legit! Please help, confused about channels and watts?
Car ipod sound system help?
CD STUCK In Car CD Player?
When my stereo is blaring my headlights dim.?
Can I hook up another set of speakers to my amp?
Whats the best stereo system and speakers for a 2005 z71 chevy colorado?
Is the JVC KWAV50 DVD-CD-USB 6.1-Inch Screen Receiver compatibe with steering wheel controls?
want to re-wiring my car for cdplayer?
10" kicker cvr what would sound better?
How can i fix my radio?
1200 watt speakers 375min rms best amp if amp says 175rms per channel does it work for 375 min rms?
looking for tuner brain?
Woulld you rather have two 10 inch subwoofers or one 12 inch subwoofer?
To choose the best sub what are the important factors please name and rate?
Where can i find out how big my alternator is.?
question about car audio?
best place to sell subwoofers?
compitition sound system question?
Why is it that when my husband is driving and looking for an address, he turns down the volume of the radio?
music not playing through all speakers and amp while on AUX or cd, only on tuner. Any help please?
where is the amplifier located in a 2005 lexus es 330?
Where to buy sound-activated LEDs for car?
Samsung galaxy s 2 in car bluetooth?
should i install a new car stereo or home stereo?
0 Search Results for When the problem happen if I use addzest 30cm 600 watts with amplifier carrozziera gx2000?
Anyone know how to reset a code for this cd receiver. Kenwood KDC 7007?
How much does a custom subwoofer box cost?
i want to put an amp and subs in my car but dont know a whole lot about it and dont want to pay alot.?
how many watts should my wiring kit be for a sony xplode 1200 watt amp?
Can I hook up a computer speaker to my stereo?
How do I stop my trunk from rattling because of my subs?
Best place to install a CD deck?
Breaking in Subs?
I need to find an amp for my car speaker or how big of an amp?
Why don't I have sound?
Need help on audio system for my car.?
JVC KD-G425 Help.?
Correct way to fiberglass?
My CD player in my Peugeot 206 will not play CD's
i need an amp?
which ohm for re audio se 15s?
What kind of subwoofers are best for competitions? W7, JL Audio? What kind of amp is needed?
Aftermarket stereo won't turn off with car?
My Alpine CDA 9886 deck wont show iPOD screen?
aftermarket cd player problem?
remote start just clicks on 01 durango python brand?
What kind of amp head/cab should I buy?
Were can i get a 67 Chev impala at 4 a great price.?
I can't get my amp to work?
bass boost?
Kicker- Comp 12" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer?
How exactly is car stereo with 4 speakers outputs get 4 speakers and two subwoofers.?
can i hook up three subs too a 2 channel amp?
What are good loud thumping bass headphones?
need help finding sub woofers?
what kind of 12 inch subs should i get to POUND?
is a scosche 500k micro farad capacitor compatable with my jl 1400d amp, and 300 watt jl sub?
need help on sound system for car?
Do you think this sub with the sub box will be ok?
does any one like white neons under body kit?
interior speakers i need 6x9's and i think 61/2's for my bronco am i right?
Are Kicker Comp Subs Good?
Car Audio Question?
Car speaker randomly works?
Will 2 jl audio 12 w3s with a 500 watt jl amp hit harder than 2 qpower 15s with a 1000 watt amp?
Why doesnt my radio turn on anymore?
does a 1998 merecedes benz C230 have a cd player?
would 2 5000d ssl mono block push the 2 kenwood 12 kfc-3011 and 2 jl audio w0v3-4 good?
I would like to replace the stock radio and speakers from my truck. Never did this before any tips?
How much Power does an Capacitor give?
i want 12 inch subs that hit harder then the Kicker L5's?
Will my car be okay if I fit a new head unit?
I'd like to learn how to drive. How much it may cost? And how many times it takes? (Approximately)?
Soundstream or Kicker 15" subwoofer?
how much are rockford fosgate punch xlc subs worth?
Are 104 watts of sound good in a car?
Speaker sizes on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee.?
speakers in my car....................?
I bought a 2006 E350 Mercedes. What do I need to do to add Sirius Satellite Radio?
Why won't one of my speakers connect anymore?
New CD wont work in my car?
car stereo in citroen?
how do i hook my small sub to my headunit in my car.?
If i have a 60-watt stereo and want to bridge an amp to 4 speakers and 2 subs, what amp should i get?
Convertible speakers vibration/rattle?
Renault megane 96 audio?
How hard is it to put a new radio in a 98 Dodge Neon?How do you take out the old radio?
can someone please explain to me in detail how i would be able to bridge my 4 channel amp to a 2 channel??
For anyone who know these well. Lanzar opti6c's. are they the most power 6.5 components on the market?
2007 ford focus aux cable?
How much for my system?
have i blown my built in amp on my subwoofer PLZ HELP?
Why did it take such a long time for automobile manufacturers to offer an audio/mp3 jack in factory radios?
Which amp is better?
X993 not fit into 1998 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe?
How do I install the trunk speakers in an 01 Lincoln LS?
is it possible to use the AUX as car alarm system? how please?
How easy is it to use a sat Nav..?
Can someone give me a review on these subwoofers? Please?
How to make a blown sub not sound blown?
Does a Sony XPLOD 2-channel 1000-watt have "line-level inputs"? I'm new to the whole stereo setup?
will a 2003-2004 toyota matrix single din adapter fit in a 2005 version?
Alpine type X 12 inch i have two of them?
I need the Stereo Wire config. for a Ford Grenada?
my car audio system power problem?
How do you hook up subs to a factory radio with navigation system?
radio code for nissan almera 2003?
Which Subs will sound best with a rockford fosgate P10002?
want suggestions on what sub to get - experienced people answer only?
should I have a sealed or vented subwoofer box for 2 15" kicker CompVR's?
Can i add a second "normal" car battery in the back with/and my audio System ??
what guage wiring would I need for a 4000 watt car system? or close to it?
can you wire your undercar neons to your headlights?
What or how many amps will I need for my wife's car?
240w stereo 1 40 x 4 alpine 4 channel 1 1000w 2 channel how do i hookup 4 great 6x9s and 2 10s and one 12 sub?
will my sub box sound different with 1 port covered?
How to play my ipod through my stereo?
just got a 2000 Jetta for my bday, finally 16. it's has a tape player. How much would it cost to install?
Why not use fibreglass and lenses instead of CCTV for rear vision?
What would be better?
any suggestions for a good subwoofer?
Can i blow a speaker by connecting it to another speaker?
What type of SD card is compatible with a Dual XDVD9131 car stereo?
How to stop vibration of rear speakers due to subs.?
i need a wiring harness for a 06 Chevy HHR?
2 Kicker cvr 12" or 1 Kicker l5 12"?
What Mtx amp should i use with a 12" MTX 7500 that will push it without overheating?
Showing protection mode in my car stereo?
How can I have auxillary input in my car stereo?
Beware of this user?
I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla. I would like to put in an aftermarket cd player. How do i remove the original 1
Radio system for my 2001 ford focus LX? [help please]?
I would like an opinion.?
My subwoofers do not work unless my car is in drive. What's wrong?
Is there an attatchment available to buy so that I can listen to my ipod through my car stereo?
Traded my old laptop for a amp and sub?
What do i need for a sound system in my car?
2 12 inch kicker solo classic, 2 12 alpine type r or 1 12 alpine type x?
What's the difference between RCA bass control knob and a PAC LC-1?
What kind of amp would i need for 4 Alpine type r?
I want to get two 15" subwoofers and a new amp I have researched so much about them but experience > research?
how to connect line out converter to my amp?
Do other people like it when there is hair left on the shower soap?
Is there anyway to put just a sub with no amp in the back of my accord coupe?
where is the cheapest place i could buy a stereo?
Why does my '01 Dodge Durango radio have loud static?
I have a 1999 Nissan Altima. What is the best sound system for my car?
do Biggie Smalls be big pimpin in da afturlyfe?
The AM reception on my 2001 windstar improves greatly when the engine is off. Static is loud when on. Why?
what lanzar 15" subwoofer is better?
My JL w6 sub got torn on the outside edge. Where's a good place to get it fixed?
what kind of Wire harness do i need for my 2004 Saturn Ion?
installing car stereo wire harness?
harman/kardon spekers wont work?
Can my amp run this subwoofer safely?
What model are these subwoofers ?
How many decibels are my speakers?
I am looking for a decent subwoofer (and amp if i need one) for a 2000 Crown Victoria.?
Do I need an amp for speakers in my truck?
I need help with a few car audio questions......?
Help me pick between subwoofers and choose me an amp ?
What is the best brand for subs?
System setup help (box and amp); kicker l5 15 inch dual 2 oohm voice coils.?
What kind of in dash?
need to find a dash kit for my 2010 hyundai?
What is the difference between a sunroof on a car and a moonroof on a car?
Can subwoofers actually explode from too much bass?
pushing lots more watts to my subs?
What amp should I buy for my sub?
Underpowering subwoofers?
What car audio RCA's am I going to need for my set up?
Easy way to find the hole in the firewall?
What stereo system should I buy for my car?
How easy is it to install a car radio?
can you run 3 dvc speakers,two 4ohm series & one 2ohm series to 2 ohms?
avalanche 2 channel amp, unsure of wattage?
I have 2 solar barricks speakers1000watts and bought a 5 channel amp but it blew what kind of amp can i use?
Is it true that really loud and powerful subs (SPL) can damage your internal organs?
how do you replace the front end axle on a cavalier?
what web site is florida eastcoast riders?
What niose will a speaker make if its blown?
What is Satellite Radio?
Who makes the best radio JVC or Pioneer ?
I am making a sub box and i striped a few screws, so they are lose would they make noise with the bass?
double din stereo question?
What do you bump in your trunk?
I bought a 1994 Thunderbird LX the radio/clock does not work,any ideas?
clarion car cd player problem?
whats better: JL audio 10W6 or 2 12" sony xplods?
Changing out the rear speakers in my 01 Cavalier. New speakers need 2 wires, car has 4. Whats going on?
what car with a big snroof do you recommend?
can you blow your amp if you have to big of subs?
how many watts do 12" mtx terminators per sub have?
Kicker Solo Baric L7 15" wiring help?
Which battery should i get for my 2400 watt rms. Kinetik or Xs power.?
Don't you just hate it when a car crashes through your wall?
I am looking to buy a small sound system for my car, and I was wondering what all I need to get.?
instructions for navigation system for chevy tahoe 2005 z11?
I need to find the right car amp for my subs.?
Can i plugg my ipod into my car radio? and how?
how would this set up do?
I replaced my old stereo in my truck with a non stock one but wont work? help?
how do i store pics and video on my pioneer DEH-P7800MP car deck?
sound system Cap question - please read?
Value in cash or trade?
My Orion Power Mobile car CD player model 810 works but my new speakers won't. Looking for manual or help?
Code for Ford Focus radio Serial number V267140 Please?
nowdays, is hafler worth it?
what kind of car amp do i need?
The best way to hook up my subs.?
2012 Silverado Crew Cab Audio Suggestions?
2001 ford taurus radio wiring?
Does anyone know where I can buy a pink sat nav? (Reasonally priced)?
my subs wont work, the stereo, amp, and crosover still work the rcas are plugged in whats wrong?
i am thinking about buying a tom tom xxl550tm first gps ever.......what do you think???
where can i download free sat nav voices for blaupunkt travel pilot please?
i just bought a flip out dvd xdvd8181, need help hooking it up to play movies as i drive?
need really good advice in choosing CD player for my car!!!??!!?
A part of my auxiliary cord jack broke off in the auxiliary port of my new car!?
how to install 4 way speakers in the door of a 1987 s10?
What size amp is good for 2, 800 watt peak power output Subs?
How do I program various stations on a Jensen CD330X Car CD Player?
is a power acoustik amp for a subwoofer a decent amp?
help i i have a deh 70bt car stereo. I need help understanding about audio setup/adjustments?
Which is best in Mp3 player for my Maruti Alto ?
I bought a pioneer sub and a amp without any wire?
Im depressed i need a free give away car...? im tired of riding the Bus?
the top varish on my cars paintwork is flaking. How to I deal with it and cause no more damage.?
Is this car subwoofer setup compatible?
Brutus for my Pioneers?
I have a sub of 1200 w and one 1000w, would it be smart to get them installed both without ruining the sound.?
need help with a pioneer 750w?
what kind of box does a jl 12W7AE need?
Can you go to jail if you bass boost in your car?
What is a decent amp to get to power 2 12" 2 ohm Kicker CVR?
How do i take out stock radio/cd player in 01 eclipse?
sound system and quality?
What kinda amp for my subs?
Hooking up 4 way amp with 12" Subwoofer?
If I get new sub woofers for my car, do i have to replace the interior ones as well?
direct program fm transmition for iphone?
need help with speakers?
Why car radio shuts off?
Square subwoofers, round subs., small subs., big subs. ..........?????
Aero port calculations?
What does Speaker distortion sound like?
what is a better all around car stario system...rockford fosgate, alpine, or percision power?
Best way to connect my Sub and Amp? 5 Stars!!?
Why my 12" subwoofer is popping?
SUB woofer and amp help???
which way is the best to install a sub woofer?
what aftermarket stereos fit a 2003 chevy cavalier?
Where is the amp located in a 2007 jeep grand cherokee?
What amp for these subwoofers?
25 inch subwoofer??
How can I hook up car audio to my hometheater?
Need basic Car speaker advice?
New Audio System Question!?
Amplifier brand pros cons?
I already have a mtx terminator TN250/1 amplifier would that be able to power 2 10" kicker cvr's?
Can you hook a regular small refridgerator up in an 18-wheeler? If so what is needed to complete installation?
when you hook up an amp to your car?
Reset radio in a Suzuki.?
what are the best subs?
I want to get the most out of my car audio sound system?
how to remove heat from the room, if no air condition is avaliable?
alpine type x sub woofers?
Subwoofer and Amp works for 5 secs.?
How do you know what size a car speaker is?
Where does the high level input plug go on the radio.?
what is the proper wood thickness to build a speaker box?
what do you think about this subwoofer?
what amp should I get for 4 12" 8 ohm kicker comp subs?
Ported vs Sealed box?
anyone know radio code for a grundig car 2002 radio serial number gm020221045824 driving me crazy! thanks?
Is Buick Lacrosse does have a satellite radio?
Is this radio complatable with my vehichle?
12" c12 comp or 2 L7?
how much does it cost to have rear speakers fitted in my mk5 fiesta?
Can anyone tell me the Audio wiring color code for Ford 2002 Winstar?
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee- rear speakers will not work?
Why are my subs not getting enough power?
does anyone know what colors the lg xenon comes in?
queston about my subs!!!?
Annoying cassette player noise. How do I fix it?
What is wrong with the radio circuit in my civic?
My crossovers arent working properly. Is it defective or just a setting?
I have just bought a Toyota Yaris but the stereo isn't working!!!?
Chevy crew cab rear speaker wires?
if the cd player in my car doesn't support mp3, then what is the name of the format ordinary cd tracks are
subwoofer wiring question. dual 4 ohm subs - 4 channel amp.?
Cheap Audio System?
Is it bad to put a diffrent type of surround on my subwoofer?
buying an ipad mini for double din use?
how do i wire my 4 ohm dual voice subs to get the 2 ohm load from the amp?
I have a VRCD500SDU car stereo, and I need a manual for it, none of the online links are working, orrr?
is thare a car talk radio show in the morning ?
Wire my subwoofer in series or parallel?
i have 2 12'' L7 kicker sub woofers wired at 4 ohm will the zx 1000.1 power both of them?
Can I hooker up a Amp and Sub to a the factory deck in a 2007 Pontiac G5 GT?
Ideas on mounting amp to box?
What is the purpose of the fuse that you place in-line between the battery and the amp?
on my car stereo why can i only get stations on LW and MW?
Does anyone have the new series PPI amps. How do they sound?
how many capasitors can i put in my car for my amps?
please helpme recommend one amplifier for run with my kickers 06 VS12L52 & 05TS10L52?
2 12" MTX Terminator in a ported box?
does anyone know the radio code for a sony cdxm800 car stereo?
Wire Configuration 2 options what is best, want most power, sound quality, bass,brand !?
my 600 watt amp keeps going into protection mode...even before I hook up the do I fix this prob?
what is the best Amp to use on two 12'' size speakers??
How do I control the volume on my audio/video sys for my van. It has an FM modulator and no manual to help?
How can I hook up my mp3 player to my car without using a stereo?
Can you get a ticket for playing loud music in your car?
Dynamat Cost For My Trunk?
Install Power wire from my amp onto my battery? Quarter Panel Problems!?
Car lights wont turn off after installing stereo?
Noob question about fuses?
i have a 2005 tb and the radio lights have gone out. the ones with the numbers on it to change the station.?
I just bought two 10" subs, what kind of amp and box should i get?
I want to use Bluetooth with my car radio? Who makes something like that I can buy?
need help on car stereo?
Left Speaker Distorts, but right speaker doesn't?
Amplifier ??? Stereo?
Do i need to upgrade my alternator?
how to wire my car speakers?
CB Radio with PA output trouble.?
Good enough setup for a decent price?
my dad has CB radio in his truck?
What is ohm on a amp?
Best Amplifier to Push 10" Dual Kicker CV-Rs Sealed?
Second Car Audio Battery?
PLEASE>>>help!!! some one stole something from me?
What would you recommend running two sundown audio sa 12's at?
What subwoofers should I buy?
Does anyone know where...........?
I need help with car audio setups.?
Who do you talk to about an air bag not working?
do you think that about 200 years will exsist flying cars?
SSA Audio or Sundown?
Is it better to have more amp power then speaker power or is it the opposite?
when do car accessories like audio system came 2 exist?
why my car stereo is making a humming noise ?
What all do I need to hook up my subs?
How do I connect 4 kicker 8in. Comp subs through series, into a 2 channel amp, but I want it mono.?
has anyone bought from a site called "the deep discount"they sell car & home audio items?
help installing speakers integra?
Does anyone know if any of toyoto wire harness fits the lexus gs300?
can i put a cd headset into any car?
Toyota avalon mounting kits?
my car radio wont turn on, how can i check if it is repairable or do i need to just get a new one?
What would work better for my speakers?
JL component set XR570 CXI?
Mounting sub amp on side of trunk -- will this work?
line input converter for stock head unit?
How do I Find the wires to hook up my cd player in my k5 blazer?
What watt amp should I match up with 2 12 inch subs that are rated at 400rms each and they both peak at 800w?
Does anyone know of any music that sounds good with their subwoofers?
how can i wire one kenwood 12 4 ohm speaker to a mono block 2 ohm amp?
Can somebody give me a list of what i need for a good sound system in my car?
would 6x9 speakers fit in a ford windstar?
I have a 98 Ford Escort ZX2. I want to install a mp3 player in it but the problem is none in market would fit.?
car intenna problem?
2000 cavalier low cooant light goes on & off, whats up?
guitar through car stereo?
What are portable amps?
what is the cause of most people getting hit by cars in singleton australia 2330?
Disrupting loud bass?
Will kicker 10' cvx fit 04CHD210 probox?
can a 1600 watt boss amplifier support 2x12 inch pioneer champion series subwoofers?
What is the best frequency to set a car audio subwoofer amp to?
Putting component speakers and tweeters on back of car?
What could be a issue on my 2004 Grand Prix audio system?
downloadable audio wiring instructions for 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback?
Big three - capacitor needed?
can this be done?
how two stroke engine working?
what song could you imagine...?
What is the purpose of a Dual Magnet car sub?
What 4ch amp? Frt(morel tempo6) rear(morel tempo 6x9 coaxial)?
can i fit an auxiliary from my sony xplod?
car help - how to change antenna?
how do you hook up a capacitor and what are the 2 things on top of the can and are there terminals you putonit
How to remove a Pioneer DEH-3400 car stereo?
Car sound and wiring with sub & amplifier.?
iPod music in car? What method is better?
How do I put speakers in a 1994 Toyota Tercel coupe?
USB Hard Drive for use in Vehicle?
Bridged amplifier question?
No sound coming out of my car stereo any battery recently died & was replaced?
Car Subwoofer + Resistor = Use In Home?
Radio code for a honda radio U2209 L4904?
why wont my car radio come on?
Best metal guitar amp for $409?
What do you think of JL's 8W7?
how do you fix a blown speaker. Cheap speakers for my golf cart, just put em in, now rattles like a tear?
Car Stereo System Question?
How do I cut a hole for a cd deck in my car dash?
I have lost the voice on my NavMan Satnav, please help?
Where is the best place to install subwoofers in a car?
Play my WMA or computer files music in my car?
Just got tomtom gps and screen has red circle with cross through it, how to fix?
how do you know what size compacitor to get for you car audio?
Does an amp have to be hooked up to a sub?
could my 2 RE Audio sex 12's handle Hifonics Brutus BRZ2100.1D?
how do you fix the power outlet in my honda accord 2000?
I keep blowing my door speakers D:< good door speakers ?
car radio codes, urgent!?
bypass factory amp in infiniti?
inside car speakers dont play?
Best Sub set up for the money???
Kicker or Kenwood Woofers?
wiring a speaker to a 3.5mm audio jack?
copy movies to dvd?
were can i get the wiring harness for a flexvision tv model#lcm1041tv?
Kicker amp (powering two 12" kicker comp subs) problems?
Can i sue this stereo place for incorrectly wiring my fog lamps?
if i replace my car stereo will the volume controls on the steering wheel stalk stop working?
Which Amp is stronger?
Why is my capacitor not turning on?
my antenna on my car autosart & door unlock blinks a red light all the time is this normal?
how many watts does my amp need to be to push my subs?
amp and speaker hook up question?
How can I plug an external mp3 player onto my Range Rover's (2004) stereo?
how to re wire the ignition turn on for a car stereo?
my xm radio feature is not working in my car?
Add deep bass to song?!?
will these be any better than factor speakers?
what amp wattage should i run three 1000w subs on?
how do i remove the dash to install stereo in a 92 Pontiac Grand Prix?
Does this radio have a subwoofer output?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
Does any body know about Q power 15" subs?
I was trying to install a new JVC car stereo and now has casued my interior and trunk lights to stop working.?
Does Anybody Know The Wattage of the Front Speakers of a 99 Mazda Protege DX?,Thanks.?
why dosent my sub play loud anymore?
I bought a kenwood screen, KVT-9100VD touch screen, from this guy at a fleamarket. Need password.?
How to wire in a car cd player the right way - what's better than wire nuts and/or elec tape?
What are marine speakers?
What should I put in a 1997 Mazda Protege?
any company suppling cheap car audio?
Front speakers and tweeters advice please?
Do i need a alternator wiring upgrade when buying a higher output alternator?
Alpine flip out monitor question?
Why does the static in my car radio get worst when I accelerate?
Adding another Sub?
can i install an amp with a stock head unit?
What to set car amp to?
how to make my screen to come out on the jensen VM-9212?
Changed the battery in my '91 lexus es 250 and now it wont start!?
Zune 2nd Gen plugged into car's headunit?
Running a 4 ohm stable amp at 300 watts to a subwoofer rated for 300 watts at 2 ohms?
Trouble with my subs cutting off?
how to burn audio music cd for older car sterio player?
Does it matter where I plug my sub woofers into on my amp?
i keep blowin my fuses in my amp why i have it bridge to 2 12 800 watts an my amp is 760 watts?
What class amp should be purchased?
What is better, one awesome 15" sub or two okay 15" subs?
MY car cd player only reads original CDs when I insert Burned CD it gives errors?
Ii need to know wot couple wires do what from my Sony head unit ?
does anyone have a Oldsmobile delta 88 royal brougham that shakes the ground.?
whats long and hairy and heavy to carry?
Installing my new car deck and when I plug the cord from the antenna the deck shuts off.?
What sub package should I get?
Do cars with powerful subwoofers often end up with a dead battery?
What is the name of the device that connects a CD player to cigarette lighter?
what are the size of the speakers in a 1994 nissan pulsar?
im wondering if they make some sort of kit to in stall 6X9's speakers in place of the 61/2's in my back deck
What size amp should i buy for a 2 12" kicker L7s? 1500 RMS, 3000 Peak?
How to hook up subwoofers with a capacitor and converter?
Whats the best stuff i can get for 700$?
Should i run a larger altenator or dual batteries or both?
HELP ME!! I am technologically retarded!!!?
does the power of your amplifier have to match the power of your subwoofer or vice versa?
I got 95,73,90,83,77,95,80 what is the average of my report card?
What amp should i get for 2 8" and 1 15" subs?
Keycode For Ford Radio?
Has anyone heard of an aperiodic enclosure. Box builders only please?
What are the speaker sizes for a 1997 Range Rover HSE (12 Speakers)?
Subs? Ported box or sealed box?