Car Audio

will putting a blanket in your sub box make it have more bass?
Need help installing aftermarket navigation in BMW x5?
What speakers do I need?
How many batteries and alternators will I need for this HUGE build?
Which one is better for Type R?
Bass problem distance?
Can I put 2 12'' memphis subs in a bandpass box?
Question about USB port for car Stero?
Kicker ? is this a Good Set Up? Kicker ZX200.4?
my 4 channel amp that i was talking about but didnt give the name or the wattage its a boss riot 1000w?
How much would 2 Brutus subs 10" with custom vented box and m650 amp sell for?
What gauge wiring and fuse?
I would like to buy a used car.?
Which subs will be best for rock/metal music?
I'm trying to hook up pioneer stereo but no sound?
radio code needed asap?
Is there a way, other than FM transmitter, to connect an i-pod to the factory audio system in a 2006 Corvette?
does my 2008 Chevy Trailblazer need a Double DIN Radio Dash Kit if i want to install a new deck?
placement of 10" active tube?
Will a 6 way channel amp help increase my high and lows on my factory speakers?
Can you use a 3000W RMS amplifier with a 1700W RMS subwoofer if you have the gain at the proper setting?
What is the best subwoofers ?
How much power does an amplifier really have when rated at peak? like a cunch pza 1400.2 ?
Have a 1989 S-10 Blazer and radio/cigarette lighter stopped working....?
Playing my iPod in my car with no Aux or Casette Player, Only CD player?
Do u hate it when A car with a loud amp?
i have two 10 inch subs in a box. what would be a sufficient size amp to use for them?
For two 10" Kicker 600 Watt subwoofers, specifically what type of amp would I need?
i need a diaqhramn for the scion stock cd player?
Help picking out car speakers 6x9?
my fuse in my amp keep blowing i rewired and disconnected my amp battery and my car battery and they stil blew?
what is a good amp for an Alpine SWR-1243D Type-R?
Switching wiring from rear to front speaker?
what amp should i use with these subs?
what kind of subs could i get and stay around $500 but still hit hard?
My radio looses sound while it's on. Why?
need to replace speakers?
how many amperes does it take on average to run a car?
Need help choosing car amplifier please!?
Good upbeat songs i can listen to loud in my car ?
can a 1995 camaro fit single 15" subwoofer?
Is it a good idea to order car audio components from
broken speaker i need help!?
will speaker and power cables cause noise radiation to the rca cables of my amplifier?
what's wrong with my radio?
How can someone compare rockfords r1s to alpine type r?
Can I put these speakers in?
What is the best sound system to get for a car for $500 dollars or less?
Can i use this amp for these subs?
What kind of input connections does a Chevy Colorado factory stereo have?
Dose anyone have a cd head unit from a nissan primera SE 1999-2000,?
I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima with the Bose 6-disc Changer. Is there anyway I can install an MP3 player?
2007 Suburban CD player HELP ...?
I have a 15" sub and a 2500 watt mtx .When ever im sitting or at a lite and I turn the bass up my car cuts off?
400 watt amp switched to 1000 watt amp?
Stereo store lied about free installation?
Whats the best audio/bass system you can put in your car???
Car electrical system completley dies?
When radio goes digital will my car radio still pick up stations ok ?
I listen to Sirius in my car, why is it not loud?I crank the receiver and my car stereo and it still is low.?
just brought amp sub need help installing into my mazda 626?
What kind of wiring should I use for my sound system?
Need 4 12' subs help! cant decide?
Performance teknique amp bass knob?
why everything is so expensive?
car audio sub woofers?
what is the best sound deadening material to use in my truck?
Is the AM in CB radios still in use.?
What else can i do to my ported sub box?
Hey guys, okay so i just turned 16 and i want some subs for my car?
i have 2 dual voice coil 4 ohm subs. i wired them in a series pattern that i got off otf
My car came with a NAV system and a 6 disc CD changer (all factory). Will I ever be able to watch DVDs on it?
How do I change out radio's in my car?
Will a subwoofer stop bass channeling through my car speakers?
How to wire dual subs?
Car subwoofer problem?
Subwoofer Amplifier Help?
What should I get myself for mother's day? I want it to be a suprise, though.?
what do i need to have a good automobile sound system? Do i really need a subwoofer?
Hi I need help ASAP I hooked up a amp in my car and I blew the car up ?
Best subs & amps?? Ported or sealed box?
Is it possible to retrofit Sat Nav to a Toyota Corolla T Sport (2003)?? And rough price??
Will a box give my rockford 6x9s decent bass?
What are radio-controlled or R/C cars?
Why do my speakers go fuzzy when my sub hits?
why do people in cars have to have there stereo up so loud it rattles there car?
Can a car radio play 2, 2 ohm and a 2, 4 ohm speakers?
Cary audio, grounding wires?
Does the quality of subwoofer enclosure really matter ?
Do the subwoofers Kicker 10DC124 have the bass boost?
Question about installtion?
Would stereo speakers work in car?
Which subwoofer is my best option?
what kind of subs do i need for this amp?
How many ohms is this?
how can i tell what type of capacitor to get?
I'm building a sound system in my car.?
how do you install a home stereo system into a car?
how to find the distortion volume level for a factory head unit?
More Subs VS Less subs same amount of power for both?
Help with audio system in truck?
How can I find a wiring diagram for the Craig PowerPlay 50-Watt Booster for car stereo?
how to run a car sound system at home using the mains electricity?
how do i hook up an amp in my car?
I need help fixing my car's radio!?
Subs that won't blow out..?
I have Kicker DCVR 12 inch dual voice coil subwoofers in a vented box.?
what would be good subs for a 89 ford ranger xlt?
Better amp pack of the two?
Car stereo playback issue?
which amp should i use?
Car stereo removal / installation: 1995 Chevy Cavalier?
how big of an amp do i need to power a 15in subwoofer?
What 10" subwoofer is better?
How Do I Run The Power Cable From An Amp Wiring Kit From The Battery In To The Car Without Drilling?
how much is one JL audio 10w7 subwoofer?
Car audio question! ?
does any one know what the beeping noise is on the tom tom sat nav?
What is the MTX Jackhammer?my uncle just recently got one,I never saw it nor heard it?
Would anyone recommend JL audio subwoofers?
Atermarket radio plus amp help?
Car audio Amplifier problem?
How do i hook up a second battery?
is this system fine to use?
ported or sealed?
how can i wire an alpine jdm stereo into my r33 skyline, which has an amp in the back "as standard" ?
jvc head unit shorted out?
Are 4 Rockford Fosgate P3 12" subwoofers better than 2 Rockford Fosgate T2 12" subwoofers?
what is the best Amp to use on two 12'' size speakers??
Button in car.. clueless what it does?
New Stereo wont start! Please help!?
AMP going into pretect mode????????
car radio . dont know code number?
I have a Panasonic CQ-C8401U Cd player I need to take it out so i can hook my xm receiver. How do i do this?
explanation on bass boost and when is it necessary?
Monsoon Radio Replacement 02 Grand am GT?
Will I be disappointed going with 2 JL 12w6's? 13tw5?
How do i fix a speaker?
How do I find a constant power tap under the dash of my 78 ford thunderbird to hook up my aftermarket stereo?
Is There an Aftermarket Keyless entry/ start system?
What is the best type of Car alarm to buy.?
Is something wrong with running two different size subs in your car?
Cheap Amp for 2 RE SEX?
auto dvd player?
Why am I getting weak bass from my car subwoofer?
Does anyone have a recommendation of a subwoofer i should buy, and what else i should buy with it?
Is there a way to play my ipod in my '06 chrysler 300 even though there's no ipod plug?
What fuses do I need for my 2002 Suziki Swift to get the Cig lighter and radio to work?
Kenwood KAC- 8104D MONO AMPLIFIER and 2 KFC-W3012 12" SUBS, amp is getting very hot, what do I do?
is there a converter i can buy or a center console i can buy to make 6x9 speakers compatible with ipod or MP3s?
Why do I hear static in my stereo when the rear defrost is on? When I turn it off there isnt as much!?
Should I run two single voice coil 4 ohm subs @ 2 or 4 ohms?
NEED HELp!!!!?
what is the wiring diagram for a 2000 ford contour radio?
What kind of sound system should i get for a 2010 mazda 3 sedan?
Wiring diagram for 92 chevy lumina?
my amp will go into protect when low bass hits?
why does everyone tell me tht it is a bad idea to get a bazooka sub woofer for my car?
what subs would be better to get?
Can someone give me a detailed list of components I should buy for my car's sound system?
Sub problems?
Wheres the best place to get a car CD player installed?
What Subs should i buy?
Reverse Gage 12v Car Stereo?
Can somebody give me some dimensions for a 10" sub woofer using a 300watt amp.?
Car CD player wont work.......?
What wires do i need for big 3 upgrade?
What Percentage of vehicles produced each year since 1986 had a Factory installed Cassette Player?
what is wrong with the audio?
Subwoofer/ airspace questions???
Car amp going into protection mode?
Need some good info on a truck audio system?
Best head unit for subs.?
Are the connections for 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD the same as 1999-2000 models for factory radio installation?
JVC Car Radio MP3 Adapter Help?
Crunch amp and 2 10" kickers?
does anybody know what the orange wires on the back of a CD player go to??
How many ohms is this?
amp/subwoofer problem?
What size of amp for car stereo?
im wiring a mercury sable car stereo need help?
Can I wire these two subs to my Kicker Dx250.1?
What are the best "Bang for you buck" subwoofers?
Is there a way to block a GPS when already installed in a car?
What Audiobahn amp would you recommend to power all of these Audiobahn speakers?
15" Alpine Type R Subs?
My CD player didnt come with a cassette?
subwoofers not working right?
2 12" subs to go with my amp?
What gauge wiring kit should i use for my amp in my car?
is it possible to hook up two amps to one sub??
Is the Thermo Tec-Cool It insulating mats just as good as Dynamat for a heat barier & sound control?
How important is air-space for subwoofers?
Is a Kicker zx750.1 amp good enough to power two 15" Kicker CompVRs?
can i hook up three subs too a 2 channel amp?
Which is better Memphis or Kicker?
Just got back from Best Buy?
sony Headunit (CDXGT600UI) and JBL 949 400wt Speakers.?
To electronic genius.... how can I convert PC CDROM to Car CD Player?
which amp should i get?line 6? i want an amp around 100-150?
Does this come with 2 subs, a box, and an amp?
how old do you have to be to drive?
car sub and speakers?
Best amp to run 4 Kicker Comp 12s?
What Kind of Stereo Equipment For Cars is the Best?
where is the factory amplifier located in a 1995 ford bronco with premium sound?
Can these subs and amp be wired safely?
can i mount a subwoofer in place of a normal speaker in a car?
What do you think of this for a sub sound system?
+12 Volt Bat Wire Wht w/ Ylw or Blu Stripe +12 Volt Ignition Wire Ylw w/ Rd Stripe. still no power, now what?
3 kicker cvr 15's...with the right box for these subs how much bass will be pounding?
if u have a game and a pool party on the same day what do u do?
what do i need to run subs and an amp?
what is the best car battery for a great system?
what should be the best audio for small cars?
how do i load backgound picture into pioneer avic-n3?
Can I put a head deck in my car?
Help with 1995 Chevy Suburban Audio Wiring?
If I buy a speaker for me to be able to hear it does I have to buy a speaker?
is it bad to put a home theatre subwoofer in a car?
I'm wanting 2 buy a GPS navigation unit 4 R vehicle but unsure which is the best? Can you give me any advice
How to wire my subs and amp?
which is better in ohms?
I have a 2010 F-150 XLT Super Cab and want to upgrade my factory Radio?
What amp should i put with a Rockford Fosgate - Punch 12" Dual-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer?
anyone in GA interested in adopting a white male, pitbull-mix.?
Is it possible to hook up my Sirius S50 radio to a car amplifier and then to speakers hooked up to amp?
will a 140 amp alternator fit on my 1994 park avenue? which is the oem for my vechicl, the 105 amp or the 140?
how would you rate alpine type r's?
truck audio?
Best 1000W amp for the buck?
is this a good combination?
Car Stereo Wiring Plz Help!?
house speakers with a car stereo?
Cd player face plate...?
My car doesn't have any usb port, need help to connet my phone with it?
What car amp should I get?
what are some things i should know about car stereo systems?
can a 3 year old have nightmares bout something they've been through?
How does Blaupunkt In Dash CD Receivers rate next to Alpine, Kenwood or Sony?
when i turn up my car amp my speakers dont play?
an aftermarket dvd player wont work in my car?
How can you test a 1 farad capacitor?
can i put a new mercedes GPS and radio in my older mercedes?
Why is my car CD player not working?
will any 1200 watt amp power two 10in alpine type r's?
Can i bridge two 4 ohm subs to the Visonik V318XT 800 watts, Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier ?
does any body where i can get a diagram on how to install pioneer avhp 4900dvd touch screen?
can i fit fog lights to my peugeot 106?
when choosing an amp for your subwooofer, should you match the RMS with the amp?
how good is a 15" subwoofer?
I replaced the stock stereo in my 2007 Tacoma and now my dome & map lights don't work. Can anyone help?
how do i get my cd out of my bose radio?
car stereo?
what wrong with this amp?
Remove CD after cd player taken out of car?
Can u get a ticket for having burned cds in your car?
Can you please recommend me cellphone which i can download software of tomtom car navigation.?
What kind of amp should i get for 2 12" subs???
What do i do to make my subwoofers hit harder?
KICKER 05CVR124 CompVR 12" 800 WATTS SUBWOOFERS nned an amp for them?
Three 12" or Two 15" subwoofers?
Amp draining my battery?
How much would you spend on improving audio quality in your car? And what did you spent it on?
Audio skips when listening to the radio....?
What is This Sound?
MP3 via car spkrs?
What's a good amp for 2 15" Fi BTL subs?
I'd like to know whether or not my company truck has had a gps device installed in it recently.
W3 jl or kicker l7?????? Thank you!!!!!?
wht type of cars is the one tht is the fastest?
Which is the best audio system for the car?
can you hook up...?
Who is the best car audio manufacturer?
Is there a way i don't have to hook up the parking brake for a phase linear uv7i multimedia system?
2000 Dodge Dakota will not start after trying to install amp and sub?
i have two amps with crossover one amp is 250 watts thor and 120 thor to a x m 3 coustic crossover?
Best speakers for bass?
After CD player installation, the buttons don't do what they are intended to do. Help?
Do i need an amp for 4 aftermarket Jensen speakers JPS365. 175 watts Peak?
Will running 2 8 ohm subs in series as 16 ohm be bad?
can a JL 13.5" W7 run properly with a Alpine PDX1.1000 amplifier?
my amp says 2ohms but my sub is 4ohms, can i make it work??
car speakers hissing ?
is this audiopipe amp do any good?
where can i find the stereo wire harness of a 97 ford taurus just the wires?
The stereo system on my 95 BMW 525 was locked out when the battery went dead. Anyone know the code to unlock?
how will a second battery drain in a car audio system if you never play it when the car is off?
where do connect the positive dimmer?
Do these component speakers contain 2 tweeter and two woofers
If my amp is powerful do I need to upgrade my battery?
DD 3500 10'' subwoofer?
Help with installation.....amp and subs?
will this battery set up work?
Does the quality of subwoofer enclosure really matter ?
where do i find a manual for a clarion drb5475?
Would I have to re-wire the speakers after unpluging the stock amp in a 94 Chrysler New Yorker?
What subs should I use with my jl audio 1200/1 amp?
Will my car bump hard with these subwoofers ?
Is there a devise that allows me to plug my laptop into my car cd player so i ca listen through my cars?
what color wire is the remote on my head unit?
Cd/ipod player without radio for car?
Radio in car has stopped working. is it the speakers or the stereo itself?
Getting new car speakers?
where's a page to find all stereo manuals for free?
How big of an amp would I really need?
do you randomly make peace signs all day?
VW 6 Cd Changer doesn't work when it is hot, May- October!?
FM transmitters without an antenna?
Looking for an amp, please help 10 POINTS!!!?
What would be the best subwoofer type and placement for my 2001 Dodge Durango?
How do I bridge my Jensen A300HLX amp? I have no manual, the box says that it is bridgeable, but no switch.?
Amp light turns on with thermal light on until I connect the ground cable?
Can new Car stereo connect to factory speakers?
is there any way i can hook my car dvd player to a switch but also keep it running through the Ebrake??
What kind of amplifier should I get for my car audio?
Radio Harness for GMC Seirra SLE2 without Bose?
Could someone help me pick out a radio for my Toyota Tacoma?
i got two 15 inchs subs that wont fit in the trunk of my sudan should i have some cut the edges to make room?
Looking for the right amp for my car setup?
I have a sony cdx-1150 and I need the information on the wires so I can install it in my ford minni van .?
how to build a cellphone? or how to build a speaker?
where can i find an stereo wiring harness for an 2000 hyandia sonata?
have you ever built a SPEAKER CABINET amp?
if i have two subs that are 4 ohms each, and hook them to a amp, how much do they draw.?
How Do You Reduce The Airspace In A Sub Box?
my truck cd player says bad cd and will not play any cd?
How can setup my Ford Escape 2006 radio to work in Europe(even FM Frequency Numbers)?
What is an easy way to break in a 15 inch Solarbaric Kicker sub woofer?
Can you wire one channel at 4ohm and the other at 2ohm in a 2 channel amp?
What does adding an amp to your door speakers do?
2 speakers on a 4 channel amp ?
Even when it's freezing outside they'll have those windows down?
what is the name of this song?
Car radio keeps resetting itself?
Car speakers going out at high volumes?
2001 Dodge Neon radio help?
Kicker L3 15 can you put one in a single cab truck behind the seat or anywhere?
is it bad to over power a 10" kicker cvr by 60 watts because its (400 rms) and i got an amp that does 460 rms?
How big of an amp do I need to get for my subs?
If jesus was real and satan was real what car speakers would they have?
where can i find lowpriced car stereos?
What size Door speakers for 1995 Jimmy?
How do you set the bass and treble on an Alpine cda-9835?
Sub loses power when other is connected?
I cut my car antenna cable for my ST2 Sirius satalite radio. What can i use to connect the two ends together.
What do you think would be a good amplifier for my new subwoofers?
are blaupunkt speakers good speakers or do they suck?
Why does my car subwoofer stop beating one day and beats another?
Will This Amp Power These Subwoofers?
how do i turn the loud feature on my jensen vm9212?
how do I wire a cb radio into the fuse box on a 1999 dodge ram?
Just installed a car amp and I have an audible buzzing when the volume is down, please see details below.?
Car radio wont turn on, neither will clock, or internal lights, car still runs fine, all external lights work?
Why wont my car stereo turn on ?
i want to install sub wofer in my car ?
How to wire amp to stock stereo?
looking for a song.........?
Does anybody know the differnce between an 8Gauge & a 4Gauge amplifier kit?
I have power going to my amp but no sound to my speakers.?
Help Fixing car radios? Whats wrong with it?
if u were a car, what make and model would u be?????????
radio in nissan wont show any power.?
Requesting car stereo information - just bought an old car-would like to give it some great sound.?
how do i wire my alpine type x to 2 ohms?
What do you think would be the best amplifier out of these?
Steering wheel buttons -> new audio system?
which sub single voice coil or dual?
what size speakers fit in the doors and the back window of my '98 honda accord lx?
Can i stream music through my car speakers?
I was on my way to buy a Sat Nav yesterday and?
When is Naruto shippuuden 82 eng sub coming out?
hooking up an ipod to a 330ci?
My friend has a Kia Soul, and it has a USB port, but for some reason my 16gb iPod Touch won't work?
Need help with car audio.?
if i was looking for more power would i wire my amp for 2 ohms or 4 ohms?
Does one sub cause less rattleing than 2?
Does anyone know about sound?
subs cut in and out?
What type of subs should i get for my car?
What does the A/C button on a car do?
garmin 250w can the 250w be used on a 24v system?
What kind of Amps & Speakers? Xplod?
Wondering how much my subs cost?
What kinds of phones can I hook up to play on my car stereo?
whats better 6x9 speakers or 6 and a half inch speakers for true stereo sound?
Do low profile subwoofers sound any different?
amp wattage?
do downfiring subs sound better? can u tell the difference from?
how would i isntall a 12v strip of led lights in my car?
need car stereo peeps for this one?
Problem with sound system?
Burnt Cds wont work in standard cd player in my car? Burnt on itunes?
I've got Sony mp3 player and i want to use that in a car. how can i do it???
Alpine type R or RF P3?
I have a 2000 watts mono D brutus amp on two alpine r type 12 4 ohm, wht ohm shud the speakers be?
i have a 1000watt rms sub is a 1000watt amp good enough or will i need a bigger amp/run 2 amps to the 1 sub?
I30 2001 infiniti problems?
Kicker or Xplod?
would a separate battery ran to my car audio system make it louder?
Chevy Corsica 1996 - Car Radio Works - No Sound?
In car Monitor headrest bracket?
what answer has the least unit size?
wats the life expectancy sony xplode subs?
can i run these speakers off the head unit alone?
Car radio and speakers?
well np with that but does it have something to do with the OHMs maybe my computer pushes more than 4 ohms?
What is better two 12'' Kicker L7's or four Kicker 12'' CVR's?
How many watts will be sent to my subs, Hifonics brutus BRZ2400.1D?
which subwoofer enclosure are better vented or sealed?
Do i need to hook up another battery to power big subs?
what would be louder, 3 underpowered 12" subs, or 2 over powered 12" subs?
rims and tires?
Is the Rockford Fosgate Punch P2 more of a SQ or SPL subwoofer?
New Alternator Install Problem?
New speakers, would this work?
Will this kill my subs?
How can I make auxillary lights flash?
Are Precision Power Amps still as good as they use to be?
Can i use a 6,000 watt amp for Dual 4,000 watt Subwoofers?
ZX1000.1 Class D Mono Amp Questions?
2007 Honda Accord AUX?
Magnum Dual 12" Loaded Enclosure/Magna Bass Amplifier Combo?
What is a good car subwoofer setup?
How to install ovi In n 95?
my fiesta car radio 3000 displays lock 13, its refusing to take a code & play music. Please help?
How can I patent my car club name by myself. Where can I get the information?
Which is negative/positive on my door speaker wire?
Is this a good amp for my kicker l7?
What subs should I get?
Is this a good amp wiring kit?
How much power can this sub REALLY handle?
Good speakers for car with JL 12w7?
Why did my car speaker start smoking?
installing an auto dimming gentex mirror with compass and temp display, need some help?
Why not put a Flowmaster on a 2000 Mustang?
Is it possible to get the car's statistics like gauges on an in dash monitor?
Are MA Audio Hardkore 12's worth the money?
Is there such a thing as a touch screen car radio?
06 Honda Accord: Which of these speakers is better?
subwoofer box wiring?
Can I disconnect my subs/amp?
There is a possibility to connect an MP3 player on 1989 Buick Century, equip ed with factory AM/FM radio?
What is the best hand held GPS? For street Navigation
I have a x file audio class D 1500 watt amp. i cant find out how much its wearth on google. any help?
what all do u need for a car audio system?
Rate my sound system?
why do people do things they THINK they know how to do, when they clearly have no idea?
car audio system...?
Will these speakers fit a 94 Celica ST?
Car Audio Question...?
Stereo with sub and amp?
how to reset a car alarm?
i need a Good cheap amp to run my 2 12" mtx 500w subs. what should i buy?
What is the max SD card capacity on Pioneer AVH-P3200BT?
Im trying to make subs with mdf but i dont know what thickness to use, im puttin 2 12" xplod subs with 1200wts
where can i get a 6 disc cd changer for a 2001 nissan pathfinder?
How can I add audio cassette player to Honda Odyssey EX and get aux input for DVD player, iPod or MP3?
Will this amp/sub setup work?
My kenwood amp doesnt work anymore?
Why is my amp in Protection mode?
How to connect the electrical connectors of a car stereo to a home electrical source? I have a DC 12V adaptor.
how can i make my system louder and sound better if i can't change the deck. will new speakers do the job?
My car amplifier does not have fuses sticking out, how will i know what to do?
HID conversion kit questions?
what colour wire and pin number is the constant live wire for a vauxhall Omega in the iso multi plug?
I have a Detachable Clarion faceplate for my car stereo. Can I buy a different one with an Aux?
Why do my speakers cut out?
Would these be good subs to put in my car?
Do I need a special CD to make a MP3 CD to play in my car? How do I do make one?
where to buy harry potter number plates?
will this hit hard?
can i get a keyless entry system installed in my car if i dont have automatic locks?
Fi Bl 15 sub with audio que amp 1200 watts Rms?
What kind of subwoofer should I buy for my car?
which subs should i get?
how to wire m3 mirrors to 1990 honda accord?
Are the Hifonics Olympus subwoofers any good?
If you have a navigation system in the car, do you have to pay extra if you use it?
Head units difference?
how many watts amp do i need for my 10in and 12in pioneer subwoofer?
hooking up 2 amps to subs, what type of ground wire needed?
excellent Bass in my car?
How do i go about hooking 2 amps up to one sub?
Speakers JUST worked 10 mins ago, now they are not?
Can a 600 watt amp power two 12's?
How hard is it building a ported subwoofer enclosure?
PowerBass 2xl60c or Kicker DS65.2?
Car audio! is the regular 50x4 deck bridgeable?
how to get power to the amplifer?
I have 2 sony xplod 12" subs and a alpine m1000 mono amp is this to much for my subs?
I need the radio code for a 6000cd, serial number M019856, many thanks?
Whats a ride?
has anyone put 2 12" subwoofers in a ford f150 ext. cab?
My speakers keep cutting off but my head unit looks like there is still sound?
What company would be producing the best?!?!?!?
Breather hole for sub box? Why & how?
How do you match 4 ohm speaker with an amp?
How do I remove the factory installed radio on a 2001 Xterra?
my car subwoofer stopped working...why?
Can i get into trouble for this?
How to fix car amps that don't work?
installation of a aftermarket radio for a 1993 ford f150.?
how hard is it to install a car cd player?
If you have a sound system in your car (big speakers) and play it in the cold will it ruin it?
1999 chevy prism stereo harness?
need help choosing subs.?
what kind of amp would i need to power 4 225watt 2 way speakers, and 2 1000w dual 4-ohm subs?
What do you think of Wal-mart?
Hi I have just got a Ford Fiesta and I need the key code for the radio. My serial number is M003545.?
My Amp is Cutting Out with Every Bass Hit?... More info...?
How do I remove a stuck tape from a car stereo?
Where does my rca cables go from my amp to this dash player?
Are after market CAR STARTERS any good?
How to hook up my kenwood deck right?
2006 Honda Odyssey Nav System Not Mapping?
How do I wire a capacitor?
i have purchase JVC 5 way speaker - what it means pl explain?
Which would hit harder?
My car stereo, amp and speakers cut out while driving and wont turn on again, HELP!?
Should i get the Kicker s12l7 subwoofer for my sedan?
Should I install an aftermarket radio in my car?
who makes better car audio alpine or kenwood?
how do you wire up a delco 89bjlz radio for a garage.?
2004 Sienna car stereo?
any body hear solo x 18 inch and what is the amp for this sub?
what are some similarities and differences between cars of the 1930's and cars dof the 1940's?
do i need an alt upgrade?
what are the pros and cons of one l7 15 compared to the pros and cons of two l7 12s?
Can a double din cd player be installed in a grand Am GT 2002??
is it possible to hook up/splice sub woofers into 6x9 speakers without the use of an external amplifier?
Does the amp control the amount of power to the speakers and subwoofer?
Sales and Insatalation of Automobile radios?
songs with surprising bass?
I want clean bass not thumping rattle box 6.5 kickers in panel or a 10 kicker sub ?
amp wiring wire help?
Wiring diagram for pioneer deh p6000 radio unit?
can you burn two 300 watt single voice coil speakers on a 1600 watt 2ch amp?
Can I play my Ipod through my Pioneer deh-P4100? There is no USB/Aux place in the front of the face plate.?
hooking up 15 inch subwoffers they have red with red black with black how do i connect them?
i could do with help choosing an amplifier?
What is the best enclosure for my subs?
What exactly should I seal a subwoofer box with???
New radio no power and free wires?
Where exactly in a 1999 Mercury Cougar is the 6 disc cd changer in the lugage area located?
My ford focus c-max (04 zetec) has no clock, this seems a bit strange in such a new and well laid out car?
do i need to change the stock speakers if i buy 2 10inch 1000 watt subwoofers wit 2000 watt amp?
Would two alpine 12" type e subwoofers run well with an alpine mrp m500 amp?
I just got 2 new 12" eclipse subs and had my amp fixed but it doesnt work right????
I have 2002 durango with factory stereo an it is cutting in and out ?
My car stereo says mp3/wma compatible, wat exactly does this mean?
is this too much for one amp?
Older navigation system?
How do I give my CD out of my Car CD player?
Amp for 2400 watt rms subwoofer?
how can one check what web sites were looked at ?i was lookin at some speakers last nite.forgot where?
What do I need in order to make my car stereo bump? I mean REALLY loud so that it rumbles the whole car?!?
I want to replace the sound system in my car what kind of speakers and subwoofer should I get.?
can i sync my i pod to my car?
Kia rio radio placeholder?
I have a Sirius question pls help?
good amp for 2 sa 12s?
Can I connect an Auxiliary output cable in this car Radio?
Can someone explain the division of Ohms to me?
how to install amp and subwoofers to a 2001 mercury sable?
I HAVE A CAR AMP audiobahn A2200HC?
Help with car amplifier wiring?
What's the best amp for my Rockford Fosgate HE2 12" subs?
Hond Civic CD Player/Radio Code...?
Ohm load question? Please help!!!!!!!?
are rover 25 speakers any good for bass?
What kind of subwoofers should i put under my back seat in my 2005 f-150 supercrew?
how to woire up dual 2 ohm subwoofers ina parallel connection?
My Pioneer AVH-P7500dvd has a blank or black screen.?
i want alpine type-x speakers anyone know what is cheaper than that but just as good i whant base and clarity?
3 10''s or 2 12''s alpine?
A sentence containing the word stuff?
how do i wire two 2 ohm subs to a monoblock amp?
capacitor worth it?
Radio in car has stopped working. is it the speakers or the stereo itself?
Kenwood amp with no sound switch?or Hitron amp with sound switch?
What is the wattage on a kicker zx300.1 amp ?
Can you power 4 speakers and 2 subs with a 2 channel 600watt amplifier?
Should I Damage my Factory CD Player for the Loud Woofer Sound?
Where on my log book will the code be for my radio?
Will hooking up two 4ohm speakers to a single channel on a 4 channel amp hurt anything?
1999 Camry LE. Not wanting to do much dash modification. Are there any online fit guides for audio?
Where are compnent speakers located?
Car speakers to tv? Help?
will IPHONE work on alpine IPOD cable?
How to make an ignition cable in a car radio?
Whats the easiest way to install a amp in a 2000 hyundai tiburon?
honda accord 1990 speakers?
how can i reduce the the door rattle due to speaker bass of my mazda 3?
How do I remove the faceplate on my 2003 Ford Ranger..?
Kicker 15 subwoofer 1 or 4 ohm?
Which should i get i only have enough for 1... 0 gauge wiring or a capacitor?
What are some good Car Audio tec. schools in the Illinois Area?
How can I make my stereo sound better without much modification?
I got a alpine mrx m240 amp that 1500w rms x1 at 4ohms, 2400w rms x1 at 2ohms, 4800w max power, size: 1 channe?
Peogeot 306 radio unlock code?
what's the difference between an amplifier and sub woofer?
Need and amp to work with the Dual 4 ohm Kicker CVX subwoofer, any suggestions?
can i use foam as an stuffings inside my sub box?
How do I set clock on my car stereo it is a sony cdx-c680?
2002 Toyota 4Runner speakers?
i really don't want to spend much on amp sub and box combo?
is loud music/bass bad for dogs?
i need to know what the color code for the stereo wiring on a 1999 mercury mystique is?
What are some good car speakers?
how does audio ratings work?
Problem with bass on my 6"9 speakers?
Subwoofers and amp perfectly hooked up but won't work?!?
CAR AUDIO SYSTEM?? please help!?
What is the Difference?
subwoofer or new deck and speakers?
i got a couple of questions dealing with car amps?
Did I hook my sub. to my amp right?
How can I play my ipod in a car that doesn't have an ipod jack?
waterproff subs???
What are the best car speakers to install in your car?
how to adjust amp settings for sub.?
rockford fosgate or kicker?
I need a pic diagram of factory radio wires to a 04 silverado SS. I can't figure out witch one is the ignition?
where is a good place to buy car audio?
are 2 12in or 15in cerwin vega's v-max's worth getting.?
What are the loudest subs made? I want to use them for street beating and spl. ?
I have a car DVD/MP3 player can I burn videos on to a regular?
Good Quality Subs and Amp at very low price?
Boston Acoustics G2 12 or PG Ti 12?
How do put on the dvd player in a navigator?
Can the Pyle PL63BL speakers fit my 95 Toyota Camry?
MB Quart , Hifonics , or Audiopipe?
Please can anyone help with the code for my ford radio, the serial number is M131820. Thank you.?
How do I set the clock on 2004 Liberty Jeep?
which of these would be better for subs?
Do you think I should get shatterproof windows, I'm hitting 167dB, video included.?
Car audio help???????????????????????????
New Car stero wont work.Why?
2 L7 12's or 1 FI BL maxed out?
what can i do to trick out my car?
Help finding a CB radio system!?
i have question about wiring my system?
Best speakers for Metal in my car?
Where is the best place in your car to install dynamat?
2003 toyota avalon xl speaker size?
Car audio education in New England?
Which subs will be best for rock/metal music?
Ways to improve sub box ? fiberglass resin ? spray bed liner? ?
Who makes the best remote car starter?
If i splice together two 60watt, 4 ohm channels will i get 8 ohms?
stero help?
What should I look for in a Mobile FM Transmitter?
Subwoofer disconnected in car, need help/direction!
if you touch a cb radio antenna or if it is touching anything will it blow a fuse or break anything?
i want to buy some subs and i dont know what i want. what size and watts sub should i get, and what amp.?
Im trying to replace the broken speakers in my 1990 volvo 240. Does anyone know what type i should use?
what is the wiring diagram for a Ranger 2950 DX silver eagle mike?
How much is a kenwood 12inch 400w rms sub worth?
I want to build my own speaker box rather, what's the best wood to use?
Subwoofers and amps?
Car stereo was making a ling noise, then all the speakers completely quit working.?
Broken CD player in truck?
What is the best Subwoofer??
Is this amplifier ok for HIFONICS HFi12D4?
is a vent in a subwoofer box ideal?
question about sub woofers?
How big of a capacitor do I need?
Why don't the buttons on my faceplate respond?
ok i need an amp to push my hifonics brutus 15" 1000 watt max subs. i need an amp that cheap.?
what is better for most bass? 15" kicker L7's or 12" W7 JL's audio powered by a 1000 PDX alpine?
Does somebody know if having a sound system with too much bass damage the car in some way..with the vibration?
Car audio question for my car?
Question about LANZAR VIBE amps...?
Does anyone know the radio code is for a Mercedes axor 1829 2010 radio code is?
Wha car system should i go with?
Which Car Audio System is better? Pioneer Or Blaupunkt? Which Speakers are good? Polk or Blaupunkt?
why does my amp cut off?
Best Place to Get Subs and a new Headunit installed?
whats $3.95 x 52? please help?
Which stereo should i get for my car?
how much for new speakers for 99 pontian grand am?
why doesnt my radio work?
What is everything that I need to purchase in order to have a quality sound system for my 1995 Toyota pickup?
1995 honda accord ex sedan speaker question?
will a becker traffic pro face plate work on a becker online pro ?
single speaker volume control, using resistor?
Why can my car handle a 4500w amp but not a 5500w?
how do i hook up woofers to my stock stereo?
is DPC Auto a legit website?
where is your stock audio amp in a 2002 Pontiac Grand am Gt?
Can a cheap car head unit sound good if you hav expensive speakers?
What is this life whant from us ?
Is an Alpine CDA-9853 and an Alpine KCA-420i for $120.00 a good deal?
head gasket gone on my fiat bravo how much?
I am thinking about putting 2 10" subs and an 12" sub in my car.?
My Mazda MPV 6 CD changer takes a CD, acts like it is going to play and then ejects the CD. Any suggestions?
My Subs dont hit like the used to.?
Which subs should I get?
2 mono amps and 2 4ohm subs?
would you make this trade?
My pioneer radio won't turn off completely?
hi does the mtx ts8512 44 square woofers have excellent bass output?
Vented Subwoofer box Specs.?
car audio - amplifier help plz??
Hyundai Entourage DVD Player audio gets other noise?
2 sub woofers hooked up to a mono block amp?
How do I remove the stock radio from a 2004 Chevrolet Impala?
ok i need help?
Best Loud Bass Songs For Subs?
Need help deciding what subs to buy, Kicker, Pioneer, etc.?
want to get like two 10' sub woofers in my car?
Subwoofer Leads Broken?
Whats wrong with my Sub?
How do i unlock a chevy rds cd player?
Replacing stock car battery a good idea?
Any body have experience with PYLE's PLD52MU headunit? Is it any good?
Kenwood Amp Red Light Problems?
which one is better of these Hifonics amps ?
What type of sub should i get?
amplifier for these speakers?
how to connect my phone to the car in order to play music?
where can i find pictures and reviews of a year 86 sabb?
Is this a good GPS an a good price?
What is the best manufacurers for each peice of the system?
i have a jl audio 12w6v2 sub and i bought an alpine MRP- M1000 amp will that?
Bridged amplifier question?
What to make a enclosure port out of?
what is the best HD Radio, DVD MP3 car stereo with an aux. input?
Will I be able to install this speaker?
could i run 2 15" kicker L7's with 1 kicker zx1000.1?
would 2 kicker L5 12s or 1 kicker L7 15in be heard from farther away?
what color of cables do i need to plug in my car stereo?
jeep grand cherokee stereo?
jl audio zr door speakers?
What are some cheap yet good subs (sub whoofers, spelt phenetically)?
how to display the album art on the alpine XDA-x001?
2 ohm dual voice coil subwoofer running at 2 ohms?
What sub-woofer/Amplifier package should i get?
how to remove rear seat in 2006 f150 supercrew?
what kind of box is best for a 15" kicker solo baric l7?
What's wrong with both speakers on the left side of my car? Desperate help please!?
Best amp to go with 2 kicker CVT's?
Dont know which amp to get?
I had to have the ignition completely replaced, now the radio/cd/clock won't come on. Is this a fuse or wirin?
What is the best amp for under $150?
Iv Got 99 Problems and This Hyundai's One?
how do remove the stereo from a jeep grand cherokee 2003?
who from all of you guys like BMW's car?
15in dual voice coil 2ohm L7?
please show how to connect a xm radio in a 2012 ford focus se?
funny sound?
looking to rent home?
does the mercury sable's factory radio have rca outputs?
i have power to my deck but none to the amp or subs any thoughts?
who can i write a biography on?
2002 altima radio 'broke' - how to get to wiring connections?
my speaker makes buzzing noise but isn't blown?
How do i play my ipod in my car?
CD reciever hooked speakers+sub hooked to amp or amp hooked to speakers?
All my break lights dont work?
why won't the aux input on my pioneer premier head unit work?
amp bein weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i put a cd player in my 91 Chevrolet silveraldo?
What amp should i be using?
Trouble with TomTom 720 GPS Navigation?
how fast does a lamborgini go please help me yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…
Car Stereo with Ipod connector?
im getting a 12 inch kicker comp vt and i need a cheap amp that will still do the job at a good price?
2 channel car amp. can it be bridged?
Why would my car radio suddenly start working again after being dead for a week?
Will these subs and amp give me some nice bass?
how do i know if i need to buy an amp with my car stereo?
WHy does my coded cd player keep forgetting the settings?
cheap repo cars that i can buy?
I have 2 Mtx Thunder Pro2 Speakers, what amp do I need to get?
Help with buying subwoofers!?
Is this a good sub/amp combo?
can i use a series resistor to a 4 ohms speaker in order to come up 8 ohms to drive from 8 ohms output PA amp?
What car do you want or like ?
Choosing the best subwoofer?
the top varish on my cars paintwork is flaking. How to I deal with it and cause no more damage.?
would this fit into a car with a cd player?
How come my stock radio sounds better than my new one.?
Dynamat/Hushmat-Will it stop or at least minimize my trunk rattle?
Dont get much vocals in my sound system?
do you think that number eight willwin the race... in nascar?
I have an XM-2002GTR sony amplifier and am wondering how hot it is supposed to get?
I need help findind the right amp for my sub?
How big of an amp should I get?
How do I wire one Dual 2 ohm sub to a 2 channel amp?
JL Audio Sub: 12W6v2 or 12 W3v2?
why is one sub moving more?
were is the multi dic cd player in a 2005 vectra?
Did Buick make a cd player for the 1997 Park Avenue?
Is it possible to fit a Muscic Systems from outside instaed of company fitted in Tata Nano LX model?
What difference would it make if i increased my box size?
I'm thinking of buying a leisure battery, what type of battery & inverter do I need for best performance?
what amp would be good for 2 rockford p1s?
how can my ipod work with?
Need a very ingenious person's help?
Why did my subs turn off?
sub speaker and amp help?
What type of amp would be suitable?
What would be the best 2 subs and amplifier for under $300?
My clarion Deck DXZ835MP shows "not update" all of a sudden, now cant find my manul for it , any help ?
Does anyone have Ford Ka radio code for serial no M001894?
I'm trying to fit a new stereo in my car but the ariel connection does not fit, is there an adaptor available?
Whats the maximum speaker power I can use with my head deck?
Need to isolate my batteries?
Songs with killer bass ........ Beat your System?
what is wrong with my cars speedometer and how do i fix it?
Are 2 12inch crunch subs good?
I want like to put speakers in the trunk of my car so when i opened the trunk it would play loudly?
Subs and Amp????
Which type of subwoofer should I get with my amp, to match up the ohms?
What kind of sub and amp should i get?
i am hooking up a large system from a car in my house. i have all i need just need tech help.?
what would sound better??
RF P3-2x12 and BRZ1200.1 sub system setup help!!?
Is there a reset button? lights dim and radio went off and wont come back on?
how to get music from phone to car speakers?
What is bass boost on a car amp?
Loud noise from cooling fan on car?
What kind of system should I get for my 2002 Honda Accord?
isobaric dual 10W3s or one 10w6?
I am looking to install a subwoofer to get alot of base in my car, can someone recomend what I should do?
how do i set the clock on radio?
can less than 5 watts rms make the walls in your house vibrate?
i just bought some pyramid 6x9 speakers that are rated at 400 watt?
Can sum1 please send me a link that has cheap battery terminals wit 0,4,n 8gauge inputs all on one terminal?
subwoofer box for new 12" subwoofer?
Help me with my car audio issues!?
How to upgrade my ford taurus' factory sound system?
My ignition wire for radio does not work can i by pass it through hooking it up to the fuse box?
what are some of the new cars in 1951?
I want to move my subwoofer from my car to my house?
Can you install a Kenwood stereo in a 2003 Ford Expedition, and still maintain control over the DVD player ?
What do i need to have a good sound system in my car?
subs sound like a hitting drum?
Do I need to do the whole setup for a new amp?
are ma audio qs series 12'' suitable for free air?
My sunroof rattles pretty heavily when my subwoofer is playing. Is there any way to remove this?
The radio on my 1990 F-150 just quit.?
what is 94.5s radio number?
What is the best type of fuse for a 4 channel 400 watt amp with 8 auge wire?
Question about Pioneer In Dash Navigation?
What Subwoofer and amp should i get?
Will this much rms blow these subwoofers?
How can I tell if the radio in my car is sattelite radio compatible?
does any one no how to change the colour of the lights on the sony car cd player Sony CDXTGT410 CD?
What watt amplifier do I need for a 2500 watt subwoofer?
PowerBass 2xl60c or Kicker DS65.2?
I Have a 1997 Ford Escort and I removed my after market T.V Radio to install A normal after market radio.?
does anyone know what is the legal limit of watts on a car stereo?
Ford Escape Hybrid 2009 w/ Microsoft Sync Navigation. Which wire on the back of the stereo is the VSS cable?
how do you wire up two 12" double voice coil sub-woofers to work with a 4/3 channel amp?
whats wrong with my radio rca outputs?
Please help me...?
Gain settings on Alpine Amps?
ok so i hav a 95 saturn sl i have a alpine cd player and insignia amp ans 2 12inch insignia subs?
do my speakers need an amp?
subwoofer question?
i was wondering how would i bridge 2 amps together? e-mail me at thanks!!?
where is the location of the cd changer in a mercury 2005 sable?
car dvd please help!?
Do you think this sub with the sub box will be ok?
I have jblcs1215 subwoofer,4ch amp. In my alto lx.Bt when i play music my car dickey produce noise.?
My JVC unit head died and i cant find my best buy warranty receipt. need help.?
proper box for 12" sundown nightshade subwoofer?
Should i buy these subs(jl audio)?
Good .5 or 3 ohm amplifiers?
16 year old boy's first car?
What is a bass blocker?
Do you own a class AB amp or class D amp?
Do I need to upgrade my subwoofer power wire?
Car CD player broken...?
I have an 800 watt amp,how big subwoofers should I use?
What kind of amp should I buy?
how could i hook up a bassman 60 15'' (guitar) sub to a pioneer 300w car amp?
Woofer vs. subwoofer?
I have a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse gts that I want to put an aftermarket deck into what do I need?
Whats my Car Audio worth?
Can I hook up a system to a 90's car stock radio?
Would my 1500rms JBL amp be alright to pair up with my 2 12"pioneer subwoofers that has a total pwr of 2000rms?
Good amp suggestions?
this amp for my subs?
Is it true That when you have your ac on in your car it wastes gas ??!?
If I put two 10' speakers in my trunk (not installed) ....?
Can you name the brand of car audio speakers that start with K and is called Killex or something ?
What gauge size do I need for an amp kit?
How should I turn up my subwoofers?
Will the car charger for my gps work in a UK car?
System wont turn on!!?
If I put two amps in my car..?
Can a car have 2 headunits?
Would a PDX-M12 Amp be good for an Alpine Type X 12''?
Would two alpine type r 12 Handel rocker fosgate r1200 ?
My amp is getting hot?
what kind of subs could i get and stay around $500 but still hit hard?
My ground wire for my amp question.?
What is the best Subwoofer wiring?
do i need a subwoofer if i am connecting a 4 channel amp to 4 speakers?
How many watts should my amp be for two 12" MTX 6000 in a ported box?
have u heard of NANO car ?
Buying/Changing out my speakers in a 2001 Honda Civic Coupe?
witch is better, two 10in mtx with wholes or two 12 dual subs?
hi can anyone help? i need the unlocking code for my car stereo(chrysler)the part number is P56038585AO please
Any ideas why my system isn't hitting too hard?
i got a fe-402 amp off my m8 the other day i pluged it in and it dint work the red light comes on.?
Can anyone recommend a good keyboard practice amp under $150?
Is my Acura RSX pre-wired for the sub?
We need some help?
how can i unlock theftlock radio code?
What can I do to improve the sound system on my 1 series BMW without changing the standard head unit.?
what are some good 12" subs that...?
How necessary is a subwoofer for metal music in my car?
where can i find wire color codes for 1999 chevy cavalier?
how do i install a new jvc cd deck in a 1997 nissan sentra?
amp second battery keeps dying?
Which companies make aftermarket car stereos for the US Market equipped with RDS?
Where is a place in kansas city where i can get a car amp installed besides best buy?
What will beat harder, a 2000 watt amp with 520 rms or a 1600 watt amp with 900 rms?
Will this car audio system work properly?
What kind of amp would I need?
Audio on Jaguar XJ8 not working?
What do I need to adapt my new radio to my car wiring?
Can my 400 watt crunch amp push two 10" subs?
have you got..?
keep getting amplifier mixed messages?
`92 Isuzu Bighorn,i need to set the clock but the manual is written in Japanese.Please help me?
I'm considering getting a sound system for my car? What are some great places to look at?
What do you think is the best for car audio Fosgate, Audiobahnor, Kicker etc....?
Where can I get free street map downloads for a Tom Tom Sat Nav?
why does my sub cut out when i go over a certain speed?
does any body have the software disc for the JVC exad AR 7000 that they would burn for me?
What is the maximum power consumption of a 8.9 V portable CD player that draws a maximum of 359 mA of current?
question about passport radar detector 9500?
I just got two kicker cvx 15'' need to know what kind of amp would work the best?
What does it technically mean when your car speakers are "blown"?
What size amp should I get for 2 10'' subs?
does the thiickness of speaker wire matter for sound quality without blowing the speakers?
Best amp to run 2 jl audio w6's 12 inch subs?
which subs should i go with?
Who is the OEM of the VW Polo 56 reg car stereo and cd changer?
Missan frontier wiring colors help new head unit?
Will this box work with sub?
Car radio won't work, power at wiring harness?
Wire speakers to moped?
New 200 amp alternator, voltage still dropping!!!?
what is a good bass hitting system?
My amp has no fuse I need help?
Car stereo distortion?
Will a 240 watts metra autoworks 2 channel amplifier work with my 400 watts pioneer subwoofer?
Choosing front and rear speakers.?
How can I install a tape deck into a car that didnt come with one?
bmw 525tds just bought 2nd tv unit still cannot get the radio tape cd to work?
Will subwoofers improve the sound of my car's audio system?
Would changing just the bulb to h.i.d change the light color and brightness?
Which would be harder to live without, the TV or the radio?
Amplifier question with power/ground?
Does a 350.4 watt 4 channel amp mean 350 watts per channel?
Where can I get a good true RMS 2000 - 4000 watt amp?
What subwoofers are better?
After market radio help?
going to buy 2 sony explode 15" subs and hook the up to a lanzar 4000 watt amp. are the subs and amp worth it?
how do i get sponsers for my truck club?
I need to find a schematic for a 1987 mercury topaz fuse system?
how can i get surround sound in my 1994 chevy corsica.?
How do I replace my stereo in my 2003 Ford Taurus with electronic climate controls?
are new kickers supposed tomake a popping noise?
Will this blow my subs?
recently i asked some local stereo shops the following?
how do i connect my ipod to my 2006 bmw 325xi?
How can i wire up a system to a bicycle?
cassette in car casstte player making clickling noise and is jammed, anyone know what to do?
I have four 15inch Rockford fosgate p3's 2ohm . Wat kind of amp should I get ? Please sum1help?
I am looking to get a new sound system for my car.?
Powering a 750 watt sub?
What types and kinds of speakers should I install in my vehicle?
can i run my subs on 2 ohms with a amp that is wired to 4 guage wiring ?
what do u think of this sub and amp?
connecting a switch to my amp?
I have a CD player in my car.. how can i plug in my ipod?
Will this amp work on my sub?
HO alternator or regular alternator?
Does xm satellite radio have to be plugged into your cigarette lighter in the car?
How to install pyramid equalizer anywhere?