Car Audio

Where to put a amp?
What would be louder 2 15 inch L7's or 3 Alpine 12" Type r Basically i want bass i can feel.?
kenwood 6104d mono amp?
where can I buy subwoofer boxes for a '97 silverado reg cab?
Hi. I have a ford focus 2002 and need the key code for my radio. Serial no. is M405231. Can anyone help?
What the best car stereo if i want deep bass (for hip/hop-rap) from subs?
The Legacy Red LA 1870 is it a good Amplifier? It has 1800 watts.?
why dose my amp work when the car is off but it dont work when its on?
Is my system for my car a good setup?
What colour should i make my car interior be?
Would a bigger port be louder?
What is a good cheep sub and amp set I can put in my car?
Can i hook a 12" pioneer subwoofer to my 2005 passat's amp?
show me how to change a headlight on a car for a 1998 oldsmobile cutless ?
Car audio question?????
1600 watt amp question?
is my sub woofer broken?
What is the matter with my subwoofers?
My car doesn't really beat to me. What am I doing wrong?
do u know crystalcsub?
is there any way i can put any kind of speakers on my moped besides the portable ones?
Help! I want to buy my boyfriend a stereo system for his 2000 chevy s10...?
What's the difference between RCA bass control knob and a PAC LC-1?
Would a 300 watt amp power 3 10" subs?
custom l5 subwoofer box for 19994 buick roadmaster?
what gauge wiring kit would you run to a pioneer mosfet 760w 2 channel amp?
Ground loop Problem, help me resolve?
what is a suitable amplifier setup according to the amount of speakers I have?
What do i need for my subwoofer setup?
car aftermarket bass problem?
does anybody know how to change shocks for a dogde dakota truck?
where do i find the color codes for a stereo on a 1987 nissan sentra, the wires have been cut from the harness
Why did my car speaker start smoking?
what is your favorite brand?
What would you recommend I have in terms of an audio system (subwoofers, amps, speakers) for my car?
How do I find a short?
I have just bought a a Sony CD player but theres is no back wires/box with it were could i find these wires?
I'm looking for a good site with car audio reviews for subwoofers and more.?
What brand of sub-woofer is best for picking up bass?
Why does my car stereo receiver keep going dead?
How Do I Fix The Wiring For My Car Speakers?
Which signal processor should I buy?
how much is it to install a cd player in your car?
How do you get a factory ford CD player to work?
minimum watt stereo i can use?
my sub woofers play but no sound from door speakers?
How to wire two mono amps to one svc 4ohm sub?
Valet 561R remote start installation problems on a 98 honda civic?
what amp do i need for this subwoofer ?
Pioneer DEH-3300UB question?
Why does my bass sound weird?
Is the JL Audio 12WX-4 WX Series 12" 4-ohm subwoofer good?
help me connect my stereo please?
I don't know anything about subwoofers, please help!!?
Are boss speakers any good?
How to set up 2 amps in a car?
what specs am i looking for in a capacitor?
the amp in my car only gets power some times? All my fuses r good and theres no cuts in my wire. anybody know?
What's the speaker size in a 2001 Chevy Lumina?
Does anyone know of a site where i can buy a complete audio system for car?
Help with subwoofer amp?
Why won't cd's burned from my computer work in my 1998 chevy silverado pick-up?
89 s10 4.3 vrs stock mustang 5.0?
Where is my remote wire on my radio?
What kind of Amps & Speakers? Xplod?
I have an 07 camry I had a subwoofer installed and now it just stop working.what could be the problem?
6x8 speakers in 6x9 speaker openings?
Does Pyramid Car Audio make good subwoofers?
I think I blew out my Alpine 12" subs. Is there any way I can fix them instead of throwing them away?
What brand of speakers should I add to my system?
How big of a speaker will have a 10 inch subwoofer in it?
what could be wrong with my sub?
will this bass remote work with this amp?
I accidently put my credit card in the CD changer in a Pioneer car stereo. How do remove it?
Do i need speakers and sub woofers for my car?
How Do I Fix The Speakers In My 99 ' Civic Sedan(Stock)?
Pioneer car audio help?
what car speaker should i get without having a amplifier?
Subwoofer help please!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
ford explorer cd changer?
4 10" subs that would work good together in my fiberglass box?
need radio wiring for 1988 lincoln towncar?
car audio of old model year dodge caravan fits in new model?
how do I link car audio amp's in series to get more power to the sub's?
What are the basics for car systems?
Sony 6x9 rear speakers, no bass?
What would be a good deck?
How To Use Subwoofer Instead Of Rear On JVC CD Player Deck?
system in my f250? help?
Am I going to ruin my alternator or battery?
Why does my rockford fosgate have 2 inputs for the power and ground terminals on the amp?
Does a 2005 chevy colbalt have a hookup for a mp3 player or ipod type device?
if im running 4, 260 Watt peak (2-60RMS Watt) what size amp would i need to to put out so hight quality sound?
In Phase IPS520MP sound problem?
Cassette Player problem?
How do I hack my navgation system in my 2005 GMC Yukon so I can use it while driving?
KENWOOD KAC-9104D (KAC9104D) Class-D MONO 1800W AMPLIFIER w/ (2) KFC-W3012 12" SVC 1200W SUBWOOFER?
Should i get all this for my car?
Does anyone know how to get the decode for a ford stereo model 6000ne siril no (mo15601)?
Im having trouble wiring my new kenwood deck to my stock Ford Ranger wires.?
what is a good amp to power front set of alpine type-r speakers?
What is the best 12 inch sub speakers i can put in my probox in my truck?
i have 1 12" pioneer model ts-w306c 1000w 400rms whats a good amp for that?
Putting a Sub in a '96 S10 Pickup?
hooking up a system in my car 2 subs and four speakers i got a question form anybody with experience?
if i wanna buy a pioneer SUBs do i need a pioneer AMP,or can i buy some other brand?
97 Diamante Radio Light Problems?
how do you input the radio code for a ford ka.?
speaker gettin distorted?
What car subwoofer should i get?
Anyone have experience with Lanzar Max subwoofers?
Are all aftermarket car stereo faceplates universal?
do they have Bose Wave Radio in korea?
Can I plug in a secondary cab to my SWR workingmans 15? If so, what type of cab, what watts? And how?
hi can anyone help i have a 95 escort and have lost the radio code the radio is a 5000 rds thanks?
i just replace my speaker on my 98 civic but its seens like there is no bass can anyone tell my why? thank you
Amp turns on then turns off right before subs hit!?!?!?!?
What are the best 15 inch sub woofers to buy?
Car amp keeps sparking badly then blowing fuses when I connect power cable. Help?
Would you need an amp for four speakers?
what kind of speakers should i get for my car?
window shaking bass?
i have a crunch amp running to my 6x9 and a kicker amp running to my subs i also have 1 power cord?
What amp should I run my subs with?
Installing a cd player in a car?
can i use a different brand of amplifier for an alpine car stereo?
what to expect for your car audio installation?
i was doing soooo well and now i've blown it!?
how to install a cd cahnger with built-in fm modulator?
where should i place my subs?
What is the best sub for a 2005 dodge regular cab I want it to be really loud and I wanna buy 1 sub?
i have a JL 12w3v3-2 and a 300/2 JL amp. when bridged the amp is 4 ohms. is that a prob. with my 2 ohmn sub?
Car Radio: Compatibility Advice?
Want to know how to wire 2 amps together for 3 subs?
I have two 15' mtx subwoofers. the plastic dust covers have small hairline s in them. How can i repair?
Good website for basic Mobile Electronics info?
How can I get pandora to play on my car stereo?
would you trade two 12 inch kenwood tornados for a single kicker l5 12 inch?
Good amp and sub setup?
DO u know how can I sell it or if u can help me about that?
what is the best type of sub out now?
how long does it take to hook up an amp and subs to a jeep?
isn't it so anoying how radio stations like 97.9 or 102.9 or 107.5 play the same songs over and over again?
Best frequency setting for my subwoofer?
My amp wont come on and stay?
Have a question about a setting on my alpine faceplate?
my car radio won't turn on?
My head unit doesn't have a subwoofer audio jack on the back?
Loud thump in aftermarket stereo?
safe to install??
Does a built-in window antenna affect the radio reception in an after-market deck in your car?
i have a radio code for my ford focus but it doesnt work so what do i do if the code has been changed?
how to install a eclipse 4/3/2 channel power amplifier 3640?
Alpine R's, Kicker l7s, or Pioneer Premier?
Remote wire from car amp won't work?
Is there a way i don't have to hook up the parking brake for a phase linear uv7i multimedia system?
how can I connect a amp and sub to a accord 04?
how to connect two amps to two subs (one amp per sub)?
Car audio, Sony MEX-BT3000P faceplate on a different sony receiver?
Need Help picking My amp Thinks a Hifonics Brutus BRZ2400.1D?
help wiring new system to car?
i have two ten inch kicker l7s and want to add two 12 inch MTX jackhammers. will it work?
Would this amp be good for this one of these subs?
Which car stereo has the best feautures..?
I need a wiring diagram for a 1993 Ford Mustang LX with the Premium Sound?
I recently installed my Dual cd770 in my car and I wanted to know how do I play my mp3 player on it?
What Kicker amp with L3 sub.?!?
my sidekick want start..i have lights, music.. but no turn over not a sound.. batery is what could?
What speaker will be better?
Is one 12" sub enough?
where can I find the largest subwoofer that I can buy if not then the loudest?
What brand of Sat Nav would you recommend?
i have power to my radio in my car but nothing out of the speakers...any idea? any help would be nice thnxs?
Kenwood DDX7019 and iPhone?
What is a better SUBWOOFER brand (12") MTX KICKER OR EARTHQUAKE?
How to hook up a tv, stereo, and dvd?
would a phoenix gold 1600 watt amp be able to power one 15" t2 to almost its max?
hooking up the sub number 2 haha?
radio remaval for 1993 ford f150?
i have a jvc kd-g120 and want to connect it to my 1998 ford expedition?
i have seen three types of same jbl subwoofer . which one is original?
What is the best CD lens cleaner for an auto cd player where one can't reach the lens with a q-tip?
Car radio turns off while driving?
i changed the battery on rover 25 and but enetered wrong code,got the right code now, how can i make it ask ??
How good is a Quantum Audio (1500w) amp?
Does capacitor brand make a difference?
is a mini amp 800watts good for a 1100watts sub ? PLEASE HELP?
Can having the bass turned up to the highest it will go, blow the speakers in a car?
Does anyone know how to install a stereo on a 2002 Nissan Altima?
is there suppose to be music coming out of the subwoofer?
How much horsepower does a 1997 Honda CR-V have?
Anyone need a free car???
Why do my friends subwoofers sound louder than mine?
anyone out their in texasever used Car Toys to install stereo/alarm I did today ruined dash of 75 stingray!?
what can i buy to get more bass out of my system?
Best car sub - what kind ?
Should i be ok using a Pyramid 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Amplifier to power a Boss PHANTOM 10-Inch 4-Ohm woofer?
What car do you own??????????
i purchased a new 2008 dodge ram quad cab. i want to install 3 or 4 8" subs. and replace all of the speakers.?
I used to have an amplifier but disconnected it to sell it. Now my CD player wont turn on at all, whats wrong?
Best door speakers to get?
i hook the yellow wires together and the reds together the stereo doesnt turn on only when i connect all four?
i have a 2003 dodge neon sxt and in it i have a stock radio it stoped playing music?
my radio wont turn on and my windows wont roll up?
Is under powering subwoofers reallly that bad.?
Battle of the Kicker Subs: CVR vs L7?
How much is a Rockford fosgate 75.2 amp worth?
Ford radio m129061 cd player 2004?
amp remote turn on lead?
My car sub has gone really quiet ?
where can i buy a front for my sony cdx-gt929u?
Would a engine misfire effect my amp and subwhoofer?
How can I add another subwoofer to my current setup in the car?
How can I get a signal to my amp?
Will this subwoofer fit in my car?!?
Need Car Window Tint Answer ?
Amp turns on but doesnt work but leds light up?
Where can i find a throttle cable for a 1971 tOYOTA Cordla? i have tried alot of places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what happens if speakers are hooked up backwards?
Does a mono amps power split between the two subs?
need help finding an amp for my sub?
Can I run a Kenwood x500-1 Class d at 1 ohm?
connecting LEDs to car stereo ACC wire?
How to wire 2 12" Zeus Hifonics Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil to a 2 chanell 600 watt sony xplod amp?
What does the Hifonics BXi-1208D truly give out at 1 ohm?
installed car stereo, works perfect on tuner, but doesnt get loud on CD or AUX!?
subs randomly beat harder?
Where is a good place to put a subwoofer in a 2005 Tacoma Access Cab?
Need a new head unit iPhone ready ?
Amp keeps shorting out?
10" + 15" sub and amp(s) for $650?
what 6x8 component systems handles the most power and sounds the best?
I have a 93 Ford Taurus, would an overhead dvd player be able to be installed in this car?
A Good Under Seat Amp?
Car "tube" amps?
How to tune this amp sub combo!?
What is the song title in the new mercedes benz commercial?
Question about installtion?
What do you think of this car audio setup?
What amp do I need for my car system?
car amp/batteries for system?
how do i remove a radio from a 1993 mazda 626?
What happens if my amp isn't powerful enough ?
How to uninstall the stereo on a 10th generation Toyota Corolla?
hooking up my speaker to my amp?
What kind of amp do I need?
Should I trade my two 10 inch Vegas for one 15 inch audeobond ??? Both with a 1500 watt amp?
Amp question?
how to run a car audio system?(read details)?
Is the Installer Institute a good school to attend for mobile electronics? I need some reviews.?
I have 15" kicker comp I don't know the model and need specs can someone inform me the model please thank you
Can i hook up a 500k scosche capacitor to my subs with a 760 pioneer amp on it?
Options for bass increase (no sub)?
Would a peugeot 307 (03) standard stereo have a RCA socket?
Can A Stock Radio Be Used In Any Car?
installing a radio. We have to unhook the speaker wire and rehook it to hear sound.?
Of what material are cheap speakers made?
need help with setting car up with satellite radio?
2010 Dodge Avenger "CD ERROR" Please help?!?
whats the best car radios out there?
any sugestions for putting an audio system in 94 buick?
If I buy Audio system from USA for my father Alto LXi, will that be compatible?
My car stereo is making high pitch noise randomly. Any suggestions on fixing it or what to check?
how good is a spl 1800 watt fx2 amp?
What kind of an amp do I need to power these?
Blupunkt radio/CD Changer fault?
How to put subwoofers in an 04 taurus?
why does is my sub hitting too hard to where it doesnt sound good?
sirius radio hookup?
How much does it cost to fix electrical problems in my car stereo?
what would be better for me a sealed or ported subwoofer box?
stereo problem?
i need a jack for a pioneer cd player?
clio expression standard radio/CD unit - I have just purchased and am without instructions for use... can anyl
Best radar detector on the market?
i bought an amp at walmart can i take it back and get my money????????? I already opened it?
Does anyone know the serial number for radio?
Why doesn't my 1992 190e Mercedes stock stereo get very loud?
How do you remove the center console on a 2000 Civic Si?
What kind of speakers would you recommend for my car?
I have around $300 for a new system, What would you do?
why does my subwoofer bang every time i turn the car on.?
Power on/off trouble with new stereo?
My new truck has just as a CD player. How can I listen to my books on cassette as I travel.?
Crunch pzi2000 1d amp in protection mode how can i fix it?
what would sound better??
I need help with my car audio. 10 points?
Stange smell coming from subwoofer?
My new car stereo suddenly stopped its ability to use the USB function?
if you buy subs do you need to buy new speakers?
im getting a 200W Subwoofer for my car. what sort of amp will i need?
Can I tap the remote power terminals on my car amp ?
Do cars play dvd-rw's? For instance the Acura TL, if so which years?
How would these two speakers fit together?
Sony xplod constant power problem?
Will this amp push 2 Kicker comp 12's?
What kind of subwoofer will shake up the air?
Car Audio (How to install a subwoofer on a stock sound system?)?
how to fix car radio?
what is a good website to order sub woofer boxes?
Can i hook a tweeter up straight to my head unit or do i have to run it to my amp?
300 Watt Amp Good for 2 12'S?
what is the best amp for my 2 Q POWER DELUX 15in 2000w max 1000rms?
capacitor question?
Why does the radio/cig lighter fuse blow as soon as I replace it, wasted 3 new fuses now Mercedes A140 52 reg?
My amp keeps cutting in and please?
Back parcel shelf speakers being affected by subwoofer?
Can I have a two-channel amp and run two subs with it? Also i would like to be able to bridge my two 12" cvr?
How should I mount my car's front speakers?
Car amp and sub, if i have 4 12'' runnin on one amp are they getting proper power?
Which CAR AUDIO system with which you dont need to carry your CD's in the CAR?
Which brand do you prefer for car audio?
Why won't some cd's play in my car stereo?
Can a Pioneer radio be used along with my Kenwood KVT-M700 in In-dash Monitor?
What are good 2-12'subs, an amp, head unit, 2-6x9 rear speakers, and 2-6-3/4 front speakers?
for guys--> what do you think about girls with sickk systems on there car?
4 Channel amp? Terminals? What are all of the parts of the amp for?!?
What would be the best speakers to put into my 2011 Mazda 3?
I have a kenwood kvt m707 & need help!!!?
whats another way to reduce trunk rattling from bass besides-Dynamat.?
My CD is stuck in my radio!! is there a way to remove it?
my alpinei need this help bad?
Car audio troubleshooting?
Putting a sub in my car, what else do I need ?
Subwoofers turn off at higher volume?
How do I put Auxiliary integration into an older car?
Mono amp 600rms????????
How do I instal a subwoofer to a factory stereo?
Does anyone own the Kenwood Kac 9105D?
Where is the Sleep Number Bed factory?
where does the car stereo antenna wire run throught on 2000 mitsubishi galant?
I'm looking to buy a CB Radio but is there anything I should know about them first?
I recently bought a CB radio for my car...?
Question about Dodge Stratus?
What does TRO mean in the cd player?
How come my 97 Jetta had bass in it and didnt have a sub in it?
need help choosing between this subs?
Dual XHD6425 headunit problems?
How do i set the channels on my car radio?
is it bad to play your stereo system while the car isnt on?
Is it hard on my Rockford amp if it goes into thermal protect mode?
What is the code for radio serial number m1c231b? me here!!!!????
Would i be damaging my 2 10' L7 subs by using a zx1000.1 amp?
What does it mean when you need to replace your tire tread?
I have lost the stereo code for my ford cmax 57 plate any ideas people !!?
smoking sub???
Wanting to place a 12"sub box in my car, which way should I face the sub, towards the back seat or the trunk?
Does an 800w amp need a capacitor?
How much air room for subs?
Before the engine gets hot, my car radio produces noise while moving, but not while standing. Tell me why?
tunning the right hertz for dual 2 ohm type r?
How to install Kenwood amplifier to battery?
I want send one ringtone in you mobile?
Why does my amp keep going into protection mode!!!?!?!?!?
Car audio cuts out periodically?
Is there anyway to convert factory installed xm radio to sirius in my car?
my amp makes a popping noise when turning the car off and when i turn the car back on, the bass is very loud?
In car audio/video terms, what does sidebreak means?
subwoofer amp won't turn on?
sub not working good, amp is hot?
Whats up with the GPA systems in cars?
i put a cd player in a x reg corsa all the radio stations are lost when ignition is turned off can ne1 help?
Why doesnt my Light dim when i try to charge my capacitor?
What kind of amplifier should I use to power 2 MTX TR4512 subwoofers? Can I use an MTX TN250/1?
my citreon Xsara 1.4 the fog lights will only switch on but not off unless i switch the headlights off HELP!!?
whistle sound comming from speakers in jeep?
Is the sony xplod a good subwoofer or not?
do i need a subwoofer if i am connecting a 4 channel amp to 4 speakers?
What gauge (awg) wire should i use?
What would be the best amplifier and box to power two 1300 watt 12" sony xplod subs?
with a dvc subwoofer do both sides need to be connected?
Best amplifier for these speakers?
All of the lights and my radio in my truck stopped working?
I have some rockford fosgate subs and when I hooked them up I dont get any sound! Why and can they be repaired
my rockford fosgate 1200 watt amp get extremely hot why?
need help with a pioneer 750w?
how do i wire 2 seperate mono block amps each to their own subwoofer? any diagrams or photos to help me? a?
Crunch pzi2000 1d amp in protection mode how can i fix it?
Does anyone know how to set the clock on a 1991 Buick Lesabre 4 Door?
car audio info?
How much would it cost to install 2 sub woofers with an amp?
speakers dont work but subs do?
Where can I get an aftermarket car stereo?
Why do i keep blowing fuses in my amp?
Subwoofer SQ SPL competition!?
is this alternator big enough?
Where would you suggest i could get some cheap but good sub-woofers, speakers and amps?
How much power does the stock 2009 Mazda 3 head unit put out to the speakers?
Do you think my car (1992 Chrysler Lebaron 4dr) can take 2 12 inch Insignia subwoofers.?
subwoofer question?? IN OR OUT, FRONT OR BACK? GLASS BREAK???
Please Explain Car Audio Settings "Q"?
what is a good car GPS for $150 or less?
wattage of '92 toyota cressida cd player?
Need Enclosure for 400W DVC 4Ohm Targa Sub enclosure?
would one sub woofer thump enough or do i need two subs i have a fairly small trunk does that matteri just don
Necvox rear TV screens in merc S500L?
How do I Find the wires to hook up my cd player in my k5 blazer?
what do I need to hook up a normal walkman CD player so it works in my car?
My friends say that if you install subs and an amp in your car, your alternator will die. Is that true?
Can i wire a single Kicker VS12L52 to 1 ohm?
Car speaker installation?
Kicker subwoofer opinion?!?
I have a Maruti WaganR Vxi 2000 model (India). I need to know does it have 12V negative ground system or not?
In Gualadajara, Mexico airport can you take a bus to Tamazula, jalisco or can you only take a cab?
Gps that works in the U.S. and Mexico?
Which is worth more, a baby or a car stereo?
wats the new akon song, ihave been hearing it on the radio, it goes like this "noticing you noticing me"
Whats the radio code for a 92 Honda Accord?
what would be good speakers to buy for my 2001 saturn SC1?
Wiring of car sound (without front fuse on power cable)?
What is the mating end on the connector? Details inside?
kenwood kac-9102d?
Will 2 18" fi sp4's still get loud in a sealed box?
If my amp has water damage?
i'm not sure if wiring my subs at 3 ohms would blow this amp?
Can u hook up a amp to a stock radio? Or do u have to get a aftermarket radio to do that?
where can I buy wire?
need help with subwoofers?
Toyota Camry System- Sealed or Ported Box?
Someone please help, this is weird? box noise?
can i use a series resistor to a 4 ohms speaker in order to come up 8 ohms to drive from 8 ohms output PA amp?
Where is the cheapest place to buy subwoofers online?
please help me with my first CAR?
Whats a better amp mono amp or 2-channel amp for 2 subs?
speakers for 2005 silverado crew cab?
I'm getting 2 polk audio dxi subs, I was told I would need to upgrade to a 1ohm stable amp,any suggestions?
What types of amps do i need for my 4 6x9s, 4 subwoofers and 2 6inch speakers?
bridging a subwoofer?
Is this subwoofer package worth it (link provided)?
amplifier wiring/car audio?
I have a 2000 X reg Ford Focus. Code needed for 4000 RDS radio.?
why are rap songs so long?
would you recommend this fi x car audio subwoofer?
Rattling with the sub?
My amp is shutting off after 5 mins of pushing the subs?
can anyone helo me with car audio fibreglassing?
Problem with car CD player?
does anyone know where i can find an old school sub called "funky pup"..please help!!!!!!!?
Will Increasing my subwoofer box size affect the sound?
Help purchasing new car sound system!?
What is the maximum power consumption of a 8.9 V portable CD player that draws a maximum of 359 mA of current?
My car radio quit working all of a sudden.?
Ipod for Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD?
what is the best amp to use for dual 12inch 1600 watt subs?
how do i wire the am/fm radio i bout from pep boys for 50 bucks into my chevy 1985 ct pick up?
Can you "wire" a license plate?
Looking to buy some Subwoofers for my new ride...any recommendations are appreciated?
amp bass knob?? (20 characters)?
how can i make them hit as hard and loud as possible ?
this weekend i will be purchasing me car audio system but still having trouble deciding?
Why G_Unit called like this?
which is the best audio system for a car (durable)?
Why won't cd's burned from my computer work in my 1998 chevy silverado pick-up?
2000 Chevy Cavalier audio question?
What Speakers should i replace my factory stereo with?
I am thinking of installing a new cd/radio in my car (renault scenic),are all car radios standard size ?
i just bought a mp3 adapter? weird noises?
need a wiring diagram for a '96 buick park avenue with picture has am fm cd and cassette?
Where can i buy parts for an amp?
What is the best amp to have with two kicker cvr's 15" ?
Window Tinting?
How to make car speakers clearer ( make bass only go to subwoofers.)?
Why does my left front speaker have no bass?
have a sears garden tractor model # 917.255980. when I turn the blades on the amp meter go to neg.?
iam in love and if youare single?
what size amp do i need for 4 180 watt speakers and 1 1100 watt sub?
best amp for my speakers?
i just bought 2 Kenwood KFC-W3013PS subs and a kicker DX1000.1 amp. will the amp be enough to power my subs?
are rockwood amps good?
how do i remove roadstar car stereo?
Is the sound quality of an FM transmitter better than a cassette adapter?
Car Radio, How to hook up a Pioneer Radio in a 1993 Ford Ranger with different plug-in harnesses?
Repairing a rubber speaker surround?
Should I go with Sirius or XML? I would like to get my husband satellite radio for his car for Christmas.?
Sony Xplod Amp And Sub?
Where can I find my Audi A2 Radio code?
What type of capacitor to use?
Kenwood KAC-8104D 1000-Watt Max Power 2 Kenwood KFC-W3011 1200-Watt Sub?
positive wire terminal?
where could i get cheap rime for my car at.?
Where can I get extra wireless headsets for 2004 kis sedona dvd player?
Sound shuts off when turned up and when subs hit. Help?
where can i find cheap electronics like car audio, flip screens,?
Where is the best place to install subwoofers in a car?
anybody know the pincode for radio cassette in peugeout 106 diesel?
How do I remove the speakers in the front doors of my 1997 Camry?
does the power of your amplifier have to match the power of your subwoofer or vice versa?
Having A Problem With My Tweeters?
hooking up ipod to 2003 cts?
What should i do with my system?
Does a Sony CD changer (model cdx-t69, or cdx-616) work with a Becker 2330 cassette player?
Got ripped off on Classifieds...need opinions?
I have a 760 watt pioneer amp and when everything is hooked up the power light to it flickers?
Amplifier Competition!?
how do i properly break in my new sub?
Do you know anyone who can unlock it?
How to wire this subs to get full power?
What's the best amp I should get for my 1 alpine 15' type r 4ohm?
What speakers are just as good as kenwood for cars?
What is the best wiring configuration for 2 amps?
They are 2 ohm speakers dual voice coils?
Where should I face sub-woofers in a SUV?
how do you remove the stock stereo in a 2000 dodge durango so that an aftermarket stereo can be intalled?
what does this mean car amps?
I have 2 pioneer ts-w303r 4 ohms with a kenwood 1000 watt max amp?
Dual 2 ohm or 4 ohm subwoofers?
Are hid lights legal in irving tx?
2005 F150 wiring? radio not powering on?
What size speaker wire do I use for these subwoofers?
Will my speakers matter for what amp or sub i buy?
Sony xplode 52Wx4. How do I set the clock?
Car audio amp losing power?
Does anyone know how to connect an Ipod to a 4G (2006-2007) Eclipse?
How much does it cost to put an overhead DVD player in a van?
is it possible to hook a motorcycle battery to the amp as a capacitor?
Ford fiesta radio unlock code?
Can i use a Kicker comp, 10" in a 1.5cubic feet Ported? ?
2007 Saturn Outlook DVD Bypass?
How to add a Subwoofer?
Can You hook up an aftermarket cd player up to the stock speakers in a vehicel?
can i use scosche speaker wire as a ground wire for my car amp?
new Dual XDM7510 dash radio not working properly (no sound)?
which would hit harder?
Which is the best car audio system?
car amp!??
How do you fiberglass plastic? Is there any special way to do it? or any special materials?
Is there any way I can play my ipod with out the radio in my car?
KA radio disconnected from battery?
Can I use a car battery charger to power a car amp?
SUBS and AMP help?
need some help with my eclipse 1.8 ?
What amp would i need for subwoofers?
What Are The Best Songs To Play At A Car Show??
Why won't my car accept common types of CD's?
Which sub woofers are the best?
can the jvc car receiver model KD-670 play mp3 cd's?
How should i set my amp for best bass?
What is the back of a car stero ?
My amp is getting power but not putting out power to speakers?
How is a 300W RMS amp isn't going to push an 800W RMS Sub?
89 Dodge Dynasty - I replaced factory stereo with new top end unit, the problem...?
New crossover help!!!!?
is there a way to unlock my radio in my 99 blazer?
Could anyone give me advice on improving my car audio system?
What the best ipod car Decks?
What kind of speakers sould I get?
Instructions for finding and saving radio stations on my car's Ford RDS 2006 Radio/Cassette player, please.
what brand of decks offer an aux input or usb input?
Car and iPod hhellp ?
what is the most popular car color?
how to hook up a memphis crossover model 16-CX25A to two amps?
Sirius Antenna on a Jeep Wrangler?
What kind of wire do I need to wire my subwoofer into my car?
Hifonics brutus BXi1206D amp?
is the shaker 500 that comes in some mustangs a good sound system if not what should i get?
Power Acoustik VS Soundstream??
Does anyone remember the original video for "BOOM" by System of a Down?
what changes the sound of a bass guitar?
nuvi or streetpilot?
How Do i take out the radio in a honda civic 99 sedan not coupe??
What is the diference between a ported box and a bandpass box. and which is better??? ?
automotive dvd player problems?
has anybody used ground shaker sub boxes? particuarrly the triple 15 ported enclosere? would you recomend it?
Iphone Connection Through Car Stereo?
what size amp do i need to push my two 12 inch kenwood subs?
98 jetta radio code?
How do I improve car radio reception?
Looking to upgrade the stereo system in my 2004 Corvette....?
ported or non ported sub box kicker cvr?
i am looking for a siemens ncdc 2013 cd or somewhere to download it from as some1 stole mine?
Subwoofers choice?
This Songs In My Head?
Car stereo wiring help?
delco 12 disc cd changer won't eject?
how much (about) does it cost to have a radio installed in a car?
1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon 442 Radio!!!!!?
What kind of speakers should i get?
how you will comare audio system of s550 with other lux cars? quality of sound wise?
How to turn off my alarm system?
how to get my car tunk from radiling from my car system?
What would be the best amp and sub combo to put in a 99 eclipse and still have trunk space?
Speakers cut out at higher volume?
I have a 2010 Chevy Cobalt, what do I need to add an amplifier to the factory head unit?
I need a good amp for two 15" kicker l5's?
Without there a way i can fit 2 15's in the trunk of my 02' mazda 626?? ?
HELP!!! do you have an OHM wiring diagram?
Which amp is better between these two?
what web site is florida eastcoast riders?
Good Bass Package for Car?
what amp to buy with sub woofers?
whats a better sub box?
Does the radio in a 2003 Jeep Wrangler have the audio plugs (red/white) in the back?
how can i disconnect the antenna from the Mach 460 sound system in my 2001 Gt mustang?
my car stereo caught a station from another state how?
2000 Crysler concord 4 disk cd changer will not eject disk, just reads ERR. please help Why?
How can I hook my car amplifier and subwoofer sup to my desktop computer?
repair for an autovision vcp model ve6825 revision j?
How do I tune my Phillips SC201, there is no display panel to show where you are.?
I have a tview d7905bd car cd/dvd player?
Will running a speaker off another speaker create a drop in wattage?
I bought a toggle switch to shut off my amp(for subs), how do I install it?
which car stereo is better?
what are the best subwoffers that are cheap?
What do i need for my cars subs and amps?
how much for a whol car audio system?
If I cut the wires on my factory radio, which wires are what?
What brand of Sat Nav would you recommend?
Why did my fuse blow as I drove over a speed-bump?
Does Anyone Know In "Decibels" The Most Loudest/Powerful Music System Ever Installed In A Car?
12" Kicker solo-x and Kicker 2500.1?
how to stop static on my sirius radio?
how do you set time on a pioneer deh-7000r?
How do i know what gauge of wiring to use for wiring my amp?
is anyone selling a in-dash stereo,maybe alpine,jensen,valor,clarion for a good price?
Using Car Stereo Equipment in my home?
What kind of amp do i need for my subwoofer?
I have a 1998 toyota 4runner and am looking for a rear speaker enclosure. I would like a custom fit. Any Ideas
What are the Speaker Sizes for a 1996 Land Rover Discovery SE?
Sub box for two 12" Boss Phantoms?
I am installing a car stereo into my Dodge ram quad cab, I was thinking about getting 4 12 L7 should I?
What is the difference between these subwoofers?
What is the Best Fm Transmitter?
What Amplifier Wood I Need For The Audiobahn AWIS15P 15" Immortal Series Subwoofer PLEASE HELP!!!!?
what kind of subwoofer should i get?
do I have to buy installation instructions for a kenwood car stereo?
Where can i find a bass knob for my Kenwood amp?
how to install wrangler hard top wireing kit?
Can the 2002 dodge neon play an iPod through an aux cord?
Why does my stereo wiring harness have an extra ground, and an extra constant power wire?
are bostwick 1000 watt amplifiers any good?
Car speaker question?
where can i find an amp with lpf and hpf for different channels?
how can i put a sound system into 2011 corolla?
what subwoofer should i get? for a 02 mercury cougar,?
Would you rather?
I am looking into gettin some subs for my car. Is it necessary to get an amp for the subs to sound good?
do i need the big three upgrade i own a accord 1994 4cy?
Amp problems!! I have and 04 corvette and I just bought 1t Rockford fosgate 12" and a capacitor, ?
subwoofer problem?
how do you install stereo?
I need help parellel parking?
Are optima batteries good for car audio?
i have three subwoofers( a 15" kicker L5 & 2 10" kicker L5's) what kind of amp do i need to power all of them
1969 Dodge Charger?
sundown audio vs skar audio?
How do I hook an ipod/iphone up to my Pioneer Avic D2?
Hey my Speakers in the truck are 6 x 6's could i fit anything else in there or should i just look for more.6x6
How to hook up new kenwood mp538U unit with stock mach 460 speakers in 2001 mustang for good sound?
Why you don't normally see a brown car?
what rms is a 1000watt sub?
If I install a subwoofer in the spare tire well of a sedan, will I still be able to hear it?
I bought a Totota Prius in 2004 without bluetooth. Can I add bluetooth now?
Why does my subwoofer/amp only work when the radio is on?
I have a 2002 Volkswagon bug w/ cassette player, does any on know what will really work for playing my Ipod??
I have legacy amp 1600watt bridged and 800rms. What kind of 10inch sub should i get and how should it be wire?
what are the best speakers to put in a hyundai accent that i am tunning up?
I need new car speakers, what's best?
My audio bahn 2200 hct amp cuts of and on when i turn it up?
sub and amp install??
I need some help regarding car amplifiers?
How do I remove speakers from the top of the dash board in my 97 chysler sebring lxi coupe?
Do I have enough power runnin to my Alpine Type R's?
My lights are dimming?
i bought a 12in 1400w pioneer subwoffer and planning to buy another what size amp do i need(mrs on subs is400?
I have a Pioneer DEH-11 Stereo, trying to hook it up to a 2000 Dodge dakota?
Has anyone heard of car audio manufacturer?
Blaupunkt sat nav dx r70 need oprating instructions?
how do you wire 2 jl 12w6 and Alpine V12 amp MRD-M1000 to get 2 ohms?
Hi, I have a Rosen a7 roof mounted dvd player. How do I change the region? Thanks.?
what do you press after entering the radio code in a renault clio?
94 Camry stereo wiring problems? Please Help!?
0.5ohms how hard will that hit ?
what are the top 10 car audio speaker brands???
How can i wire my amp to put out its full 1500W power?
How many watts does a PS2 have?
can you use iphone to talk using aux in car stereo?
I Got Three 12" Subs Running Off One 2 Channel Amp?
Where is the best place to go to get a car audio system installed?
How hard would it be to install my subwoofers?
How do i install an aftermarket radio to my 2000 tiburon?
Car amp and sub help please.?
4 channel amplifier question?
What's the wire called that connects the amp to the subwoofer?
How do I know if a speaker is "blown"?
Have 2 12" mtx 5000 subs, Jensen 300W x 2ch. be enough power?
I need a sub box??
How do I fix my car stereo?
Subwoofers power??????????????????
Sundown sa12 or re sex12?
Whats the best aftermarket car CD player/sirius radio/ipod jack entertainment system?
My 2 year old son inserted some coins into my car stereo. The stereo is no longer working, how do I fix it ?
i have a 96 crown victoria, what subwoofer and amp should i get?
12 inch sub?
Would 2 15" L7 kickers Weigh down a Honda accord back end?
amp problem?? need help!?
upgrading car sound system?
the cheapest place to buy car amplifiers ?
Can I bridge these amplifiers?
Need Help with my car audio setup?
Is my system getting quieter or am I loosing hearing?
Alpine CDA-9887 vs Pioneer DEH-P710BT?
best sub and amp combo for 300-500?
What mp3/ipod capable cd player should i get for my 91 accord?
Ford 4500 RDS EON key code needed serial No. M240915?
Could my door speakers have blown if my iod fuse got blown?
where is the cd changer located in a 1997 Ford Taurus?
Putting a Sub in a '96 S10 Pickup?
speaker question?
I want to buy a secondhand mercedes sat nav system,can i fit it myself?
Car stereo not working?
Old Skool Soundstream?
I got a new batterey on my 1994 truck and my stero is lock out! Does any one know how i can unlock it?
will one pioneer TS-W5102SPL sound better than 2 12in 800 watts each 400 rms?
Two Kicker Comp Dual Voice Coil Bridged but popping?
my sigrat lighter in my 2005 nissan murano is not working?
I have two 10 inch subwoofers and a 400 watt amp. What do I need to prevent my battery from dying?
Can someone tell me what causes noise from my car audio JVC kd-apd49 that I installed in MBenzC280 w/antenna?
About how much would it cost to put a sound system in a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Is it easy to install?
where can i listen songs of hindi movies on internet and can download them.?
Car Speaker System?
Is there an inexpensive car device that would enable me to charge my iphone AND listen to music on it?
Is RE audio any good? Im looking at their sex series subwoofers.?
what kinda setup would be best for 2 kicker cvx 15"s?
am i pregnatie?
Are you still annoyed by loud bass car speakers. If you could mute them, would you?
any recomendations for a sub woofer and amp for a 2006 toyota prius ?
best way to hook up 4ohm dvc?
witch screen do i need for my car 2001 gmc jimmy?
I bought a new stereo for my car & installed myself. Im getting power to the stereo but no sound. ?
who iis selling an audiobahn bass cotrol ABR 100T?
What Color Wire On a Clarion Vrx575Usb Is The Parking Brake Wire?I Want To Play A DVD While I Drive? Help Me??
How to add back the factory Bass to my Car?
My car's CD player acting crazy...please help!?
Does anyone know how to remove the stock stereo from a 94 toyota camry?
buy a car dvd player on line?
ANL Fuse Holder Question!?
What kind of music can i listen too that will really help me to use the full potential of my new system?
Subwoofer in a stock box?
Car with NO cd player?
Question with 6.5 Infinity Reference 6020cs Components?
Do i need an amp for my car sound system?
How do you install a capicitor for an amplifier?
Sony headunit + sony amp = sony subs?
How do I fix this?
How would i run 2 amps from one set of RCA cables?
How do I remove/eleminate my car's capacitor?
Will this sub fork with my Kicker Comp 12in. Subwoofer.?
Does the 2002 Olds Silhouette read mp3's ?
Is the pioneer DEH-14UB compatible with Iphones thru either of the front auxilrray inputs?
Is it possible to get a cd out of a car stereo after it has been disconnected from the car.?
1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme What is the ampage of the front and rear speakers?
where can i listen songs of hindi movies on internet and can download them.?
What would sound better....4 12" cvr kickers or 2 15" cvr kickers???
How do i make the audio system in my car really good?
what is triway capable when talking about car amps?
If i was to buy a kicker for my car do i also need to buy a AMP?
Will this AMP power this sub?
car speakers and subwoofer with head unit?
Renult Clio or Ford KA?
Bass slapping doesn't sound right?
Subwoofer Box info needed?
What guage and what kind of wires do I need?
how to wire a portable tv to a battery?
What size amp do I need for my car?
what is wrong with my cd player?
I need to match an amp to my 2 12" Kickers?
Help Me Please !? Speakers and amplifier not working but they are in protective mode?
help amp and subwoofer?
need to see what type of main i need for a 480v 7 100 amp service?
Where can I buy a stereo faceplate?
can i have 3 subs that arent the same brand?
How would i get the tip of a electric guitar plug out of an amp?
Does anyone sell storage containers that fit in standard car radio slots?
Scion radio Problem?
Amp n woofer NOT WORKING?
1999 gmc savana will double din radio fit?
Subwoofer Placement?
what is the best car audio system ?
How can i get my speakers to work?
Im building a ported box for 2 MTX audio 10's. What dimmensions would be best for the box?
Stereo volume knob color came off?
Is it wrong to pump up your speakers in public?
How to wire these subs with my amp?
i will be listening to my amp and subs and after a little while my subs stop working but my amp is still on?
Are Pioneer AVIC N1s for sale on ebay a scam?
What sub should I buy today?
What would be a better amp out of MTX or a Kicker amp for mids and highs?
Automobile car radios sales and service?
What subwoofers would sound best in my car?
How do I put a Chryser 300 2007 model radio in my 2005 car?
Help with a Delta car alarm system model 455t?
My car radio is set to accept only odd number (ie. 104.5) frequencies, but in Europe they are even. Help!?
whats going to happen if i don't change the oil from my car ?
Are dual voice coil subs better or is it all just preference?
Will this setup work or what will I need?
In a car speaker there are two wires which one is postive?
Could a Kicker ZX750 800 w Amplifier power a 15" Rockford Fosgate t1 sub at 1200 RMS wattage?
Is my car stereo fried?
Even when it's freezing outside they'll have those windows down?
At what point will car music dmage my ears?
Can you fit 2 10 or 12 inch kicker cvx under the back bench of a 2010 silverado?
Head lights are dimming bad, should I buy a Cap?
My Next Question What Are Some Good 6X9's to get everyone says pioneer or sony?
help with my new kicker subs and amp please!?
I need some help on choosing type of subs and amp?
Best way to power these speakers?
as anybobody had an E-Mail from BMW saying theyv won a BMW car & cash prize?
How do I remove a radio from 1993 Mitsubishi?
Question about factory cd changer for 1995 Toyota Avalon.?
good songs for my subs?!?
help on performance speakers?,boston acoustics?, rainbow?...?
Does anyone else hate 97.1 AMP radio station in LA?
i am looking for instruction manual for an amplified subwoofer called TS-WX20PLA from Pioneer, how can I find?
Are Phoenix Gold good subwoofers?
A full-fielded 70 amp alternator only produces 45 amps. The most likely cause of this is a:?
Can I tap into stock sub with a LOC for Sub Install?
I accidently put my credit card in the CD changer in a Pioneer car stereo. How do remove it?
where is a good place to sell my speakers and amp out of m car?
how to remove metal frame from backseats in a 2002 v6 mustang?
Tuning my subs to stop my windows and doors from rattling?
100k potentiometer in place of 50k potentiometer?
what should i name my car?
easy 10 points for this subwoofer ???
My car speakers and subwoofer are making alot of noise?
my fader and balance settings dont adjust right and i keep getting buzzesfrommyhighs are they 2 loaded of bass
could a POWER ACOUSTIK OV1-5500D MONO 5500W Car Audio Amp power two power acoustik 15 inch RMS 2800 watt?
How can i connect an equalizer to a stock radio for a 1998 ford contour?
What is the best amp for this sub.?
will i get more bass if i add a capacitor?
can a car radio from the US work in the UK without the need for a band expander?
I want the perfect sub box?
Just bought 2 12" Memphis subwoofers,and I have music coming from the woofers also...?
Is it common to have 6 x 9 " speakers installed in the doors of a car?
i want to wire 4ohm dvc into 8 ohm dvc. please show me?
i have a 95 mazda millenia,wat kind af hardness do i need so i could put a ilpine stereo.?
How do i tune a 73 mustang radio?
I had a mysterious Ford Explorer Radio...?
where can i find body kits for a 2001 toyota echo? (coupe)?
im 10 but just becouse i am dont lie do dreams come true?
I have some 12 mtx and one chennal mtx amp and it keeps cutting off i have everything hooked up right but seem?
I am trying to decide between two headunits for my car help em decide.?
ipod nano and mini cooper?
do you think my boyfriend is cheatting on me or not?
How do u put in a 1997 acura tl radio code? Is the code on the bottom of the ash tray?
How much will this cost for my car audio 2?
Car Amp & Sub problem?
If you have subs in your car, & you leave the car off but you keep the music on, does it drain the battery?
Power Acoustik CPT1-3200D vs Power Acoustik A2400DB?
How do you hook this 4 channel amp up?
is this a good deal??? a 12" kicker L7 and a 800 watt crunch amp and all the wires for $240.?
Is there any way I can listen to my ipod via car speakers if the cig lighter, tape, and cd player are broken?
What is the mustang stock stereo size?
i am getting a lovebird will loud music be ok?
why doesnt my radio work?
What happened to my amp?
How to wire a box to 2 ohm?
Car Stereo Problem?
Why Do I Keep Blowing My Fuse on my battery wire that i got hooked up to my amp?
Car buffer broken, need to know about new cords?
good brand subwoofers for cars?
what would be a good amp for a kicker 12'' L7 for under $200?
Do i have the right amp for my cvx 12"?
Will a 45W x 4 head unit work with a 6 speaker car?
i am new to the whole car audio system thing, can i get some opinions on a few porducts?
blown speakers in my car?
What is the RMS wattage in a 2001 cavalier monsoon rear subwoofer?
Can I use Sony xplod 1000 watts with sub addzest 600 watts?
Will a capacitator really help?
Why cant i play cd-r in my 2005 chevy trailblazer?
iPhone 3GS playing music through Sony CDX-GT550UI car stereo via USB?
Are there any Modifications that allow you to replace the Radio/cassette player in a Mercedes-Benz e320 1998?
I need help with a Kenwood KDC 138 car stereo?
radio stations?
Does a purchased car audio installation from Future Shop expire?
What kind of amp do i need for these subs?
how can i make my subwoofers louder?
Subwoofer Fissure HELP.?
Is this fuse big enough or too big?
who makes power acoustik?
I have a car stereo that has a 3" screen on it to play movies, how do I hook it up to watch tv while im drivin
What is the cheapest car stereo I can get?
How much difference does a ported sub box make???will the subs pound harder/louder???
How do I wire a flipout head unit so I can play DVD's with out setting the parking brake?
Running my speakers above RMS level?
What is the best audio set up?
problems with car amp!?
Sealed or Ported subwoofer box?
The best CB and antenna?
What gauge wire do I need to connect a 1200 watt rms to the amp?
I own a 12 fusion, whats the biggest amp i can put on the factory speakers?
how would i make a 2 boxes for two subs?
How many speakers can I hook up to a 1800 watt Lanzar D Class amp?
Can i hook subs and an amp to my factory head unit in a 2008 nissan titan with rockford fosgate headunit?
would this amp be good for 4 kicker comps 12"?
Car cd player wattage?
CD Receivers and speakers in car?
Will a 2004 Nissan Maxima headrest fit in a 2006 Maxima?
High output alternator needed?
sound system setup for my car?
Best Subwoofer and Amp.?
Sony CDX DAB 6550 CD Tuner.?
JVC Car DVD Player Help Wanted?
I have two 15 Memphis subs and a 3000 watt amp it sounds good inside but you can't even here it outside help?
who controls the radio in the car ??
how to make my trucks system louder?
Pioneer avic z110bt compatibility in a Holden Commodore?
My amp has a burning smell?
i have a peugeot 306 and the radio wont accept the code it just shows 4 lines - - - -. Can anyone help please
Automatic car audio visualizer?
Which one is louder and better for cruising?
If my fuse for my amp is near the amp and not close to the battery will that hurt it?
Dodge neon radio help?
Does anyone know how to reset the Radio on a 1998 VW Cabrio?
what does it mean when you open the trannys dip stick and it shoots out like a volcano?
is it illegal in collinsville illinois to drive with green neons turned on under your car?
Best subwoofer brands?
DO any car stereos play Zune?
How do i wire 4 ohm Kicker CVT 12's to 1 ohm?
i jump started my car and now i need a pass word to get my radio to work but i have no idea what it would be?
Lexus CD player faults?
which amp is better to power this subwoofer?
I played my stereo at high volume now its popping fuses in the fuse box up by the battery?
Help with car speaker size?
Y does the fader option have to be more to the rear in order for my sub to work?
Hifonics brutus brz1200?
why wont my car stereo wont turn on?!?
Harness for delco delphi 10352018?
What is the best way to wire two alpine type r's dvc 4ohm sub to a American Legacy LA 1400 amp?
One of my rear speakers in my 01 Jeep Cherokee sounds really distorted what can I do about it?
my car lost all power and stopped.i tried to jump it but only ran for about 75 feet.?
Which Cruze to choose?
kenwood car cd deck keep saying protect?
good bass songs to listen to on my system?
How do I install a car radio for '99 mazda protege?
Are jl or Memphis amps better for sq?
Keycode to my ford fiesta stereo?
Sony 2-Channel Xplod Amplifier, MTX Dual 12 Subwoofer Enclosure, Sony 12 Xplod Subwoofer or JL Audio 10w6?
What would be the best amp to use with these subs?
kenwood or memphis 12s?
Where do I buy a replacement 1993 J30 bose radio I spend alot of time in this car and I only get TALK RADIO?
can i get a cd player for my neon?
trouble after upgradation?
hi friend's.. i need to know something i'm having Pioneer DEH-4650MP HeadUnit.. i cannot play Rewritable CD'S
4000 watt car amp hooked up to a home stereo?
Toggle Switch with Three Prongs?
i need some input on my setup?
what would i need to do to make these speakers work in a car?
what is line out?
Installing lighting in my car by connecting a power inverter to the cables going into my subwoofer amp?
What kind of amp does it take to power two 12 inch subs at 1200 watts peak and 750 watts rms ?
Will my subwoofer blow?
Why does my battery in my car need replaced about every 6 months?
There are already low level wires that are set up for an amplifier how to convert the 2 to RCA?
Car installation question?
Will a capacitor drain my battery?
Just installed a new AM/FM cd player in my car?
I have a blaupunkt CAR 2003 (F) with all information can someone tell me how to work out the safe code?
how to fix a door speaker from rattleing?
Can a 12" sub work with out an amp? is an amp absolutely neccessary?
Steering wheel controls?
Is this a good amp for my speakers?
Rockford Fosgates P3's over L7 kickers, Or Alpine Type R's?
i was looking for some 12 or 15" subwoofers. which do you recommend that bump hard?
question about an amp?
any ideas of what kind of speakers i should get for my truck?
1995 Chevy Lumina Speakers?
2 12"subs or 1 15? What should i get?
Is the 600.1 too powerful for 2 12" p2's? If so, is there a way to use it safely on them?
Sub and AmpFOR SALE?
what would be the best sounding speakers for chevy pickup truck?
how can i find the radio code for my 1999 honda accord when i don`t have my owners manual.?
Does anyone know how to change a MPEG4 archive to MP3 in order to be able to listen it in my car stereo?
Which is the best online store for car audio shoping?
does anyone know how to unlock a radio from a 1995 geo metro?
How can i convert house speakers to work inside my car?
i want to power 2 12"kicker solobaric L7 subs with a B 1000d hifonics amp.will it work?
Amplifier for a 12" alpine type-x sub?
Car audio system, good deal?
Has any one tried the Roadcom RC400 sat nav , Thinking of getting one and would like some info ?
can mini cd-r's be used in a factory 04' dodge neon sxt cd player?
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