Car Audio

my car speakers are ling at high volumes?
Why do my car speakers sound distorted?
what exactly does a "cap" do for a sound system?
How do you find someone, I only have there email address?
How many watts will me subs get?
1995 Toyota Camry 4dr. Stereo installation question?
Why does my car amp turn off and on randomly after working fine for months before?
Graphic equalizer setting help?
i have a boss eq and wanted to know this?
How do you CHARGE a Car Audio Capacitor?
1990 Pontiac Grand Am stereo?
What size speakers are in a 1998 GMC Jimmy?
2 pioneer 12" subs, amp help?
Will these speakers work in my car?
Capacitor wont light up when being charged? Help?
my truck cd player says bad cd and will not play any cd?
What speaker size do I buy?
What are some good rap songs that hit hard with speakers?
Any recommended shop to install 7"DVD player to replace the current single din unit in my Ford Mondeo?
Are voice coils supposed to swing around and make noise?
Do I need an amp to go along with subwoofers in my car? What brands?
i was installing a back up camera into my indash dvd, when wiring it to the battery, stereo lost power?
Which Car Stereo head unit integrates best with an Ipod?
i need the code for ford 6000cd radio serial number m004439 if someone can help please?
What size amp will run 1 12 inch sub?
ANY way to play mp3s in a car when it only has a cd player (no tape) and no line in?
What is the fuse layout for a 1991 dodge ram van?
What would be the best amp to power my two Alpline Type R 12s?
How many watts and rms's will I need?
Are alpine car speakers (not subs, just speakers) any good?
is it easy hooking up a farad cap to my amp/battery?
What is a decent working cheap sound deaden-er for a car trunk.?
10 " sub-woofer sound good?
I want to connect a new stereo cd player to my Mercedes 260e but the wiring is different? Which wires go where
if ive got 2 10" subs each at 150 watts rms, what specs should an ideal amp have?
Need to find good speakers.. Help please...?
How do i wire these speakers to this amp?
would the fi ssd series subs hit harder than my kicker cvx's?
i need info on seleting a car stero system?
i wantto buy a audio system for my santro special edition my budget is 40,000?
what kind of subwoofers should i get for...?
Installing A CD Changer Unit?
Sirius Sat Radio hookup to a SSR-ready car stereo?
how do you make the thump of subwoofers go away?
How to use a fx pedal without having to plug it to an amp?
how do you fit car Subwoofers?
Which one of these amps is better?
In op-amp inverting configuration is we use TWO trim pot 10kohm of each ?? WHY and HOW they connected...?
how big of a hole would i cut in a sub box that has a volume of 1.50077 ft.?
I have recently acquired a 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88. I want to know if there is any way to upgrade the radio.?
Does The 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Have A Aux input?
What is a fair price for the 10w0 Powerwedge, three years old?
I need help with sub woofer box?
where online can i buy 15, 18 or 24 inch subwoofers or speakers?
Find an amp?
How do I resolve vibrations from subwoofers.?
What decks have the best interface with pod's?
My sub woofer's don't work?
My radio in my car wnt work, can anyone help?
how are soundstream subwoofers?
2ch stereo unit to 4ch amp?
im trying to hook up my amp to my stock radio?
light up speakers?
If I have 4ohm Sub should I hook it up to a 4ohm amp? Can i hook up a 4ohm sub to a 2ohm amp?
Don't know much about subwoofers... help?
Which car stereo speakers are better- Memphis or Infinity?
12 inch sub?
How can I hear my iPhone through my car speakers?
Will this kill my subs?
Peugeot 405 TD 1995 Radio I put in wrong code what now?
question about my subs?
whats the difference betweet 2ohm and 4 ohm im hohin to get two 12inch kicker l7 whicj sould i get 2ohm oh 4oh
Do i need to up grade my alternator?
I am looking to buy a new Stereo for my 2003 Nissan Xterra SE, just not sure which one.?
Can someone tell me if i can run a 1440W amp in my 1998 Mercury Mystique.?
Is Kicker a good sub woofer brand?
amp turns of when i turn the music up?
One sub hits harder than two subs?
Speakers need more RMS wattage than head unit provides...?
how can i make my subs hit harder without spending alot of money?
ford KA radio key code?
Where can i buy the worlds most powerful subwoofer AKA funky pup?
I just purchased my 2002 300m and the stereo cuts out every 30 to 35 seconds for about 2 seconds any help?
how many energy do i need for my car?
I have a nav man but it isnt working!?
My car radio?
I need a bass package sound system for my car!!!!!!!!?
Best amp for 2 12' subs 300 watt?
Is this sony amplifier a good buy???
What amp should I buy to push 2 Kenwood w3010s?
i have a sony stero with only 160 watts but i want alot more i want more hit what do i have to get?
Left Speaker Distorts, but right speaker doesn't?
how to make a 6ohm speaker 8ohms?
why is my 1000 watt amp cutting out when the speakers kick?
how can i charge a second battery running to my amp?
What is wrong with my car radio?
Sony xplod problem in my civic?
Will I loose the steering wheel control of my factory AM/FM CD Changer if I replace it with an aftermarket?
Can anyone explane the purpose of holes in a subwoofer box?
1991 Buick Regal Stereo Problem?
will a nakamichi td-35z faceplate work on a td-45z head unit?
What is clipping?
milk on a bass amp.........?
subwoofer changes tune b/w cd and ipod modulator?
how much do subwoofers effect the quality of the music?
will a bigger fuse help headlights from dimming?
What are some songs to make ur subs hit HARD?
how to remove a radio from 2006 f350?
do subwoofers sound better with amps made by the same company?
What size should the box be for my subs?
Subwoofer amp size help?
How do you set the time on a JVC KD-R200 stereo?
putting speakers in my diesel,how do I go about hooking these up without cutting off.?
Every time I connect speakers to my amp, the protected light turns on?
What 6X8 has the best bass?
comparing 400watt sub to 750watt sub?
What stereo fits in a 1997 malibu?
How good is the pzi 2250 amp.?
whats the best car stereo to day?
2000 nissan altima alternator?
What are the best rap songs to play in your car?
rewiring needed for new stereo system?
is there a special adapter i need to hook up atermarket amp to bose factory radio?
How do you take off the door panels on a '95 explorer to change the speakers?
If you are paying for XM satellite radio via DirecTV, are you able to get that service in your car as well?
i need a mobile air con unit(which works) that i can just plug into the car's cigarette lighter to power it up
Dodge charger Speakers?
What amp to get for my subs?
how to install antenna for 1994 toyota camry?
How can I get my car stereo working properly?
Pioneer Head Unit (deh-p77mp) - Where to find rear unit?
Why does my car radio cut out after working for a few minutes?
what size are the golf 2003 tdi car door speakers?
how do i connect my phone to my jaguar x type phone system?
Does anyone know if those FM tuners that let you play your i pod through your car stereo work good?
I need help with my amplifier selection, how many watts, RMS, and channels?
For the best sound in my car should i replace the front or back speakers first?
how do I adjust my 2 amps for speakers and sub?
Is this Amp suitable for these Subwoofers?
Car sound system on a budget, what do you think?
is 650 watts a lot??
factory stereo and subs?
Well this amp power these subs????
What's a decent Amp and sub woofer for my car?
Do I need a bigger car battery for my subwoofer?
Amplifier Install on 2001 Oldsmobile Alero Firewall?
whats the cheapest way to get my lights to stop dimming?
Seriously! Why don't people paid attention to RMS watts instead of PEAK.?
Is there any way to put speakers behind the seats of a 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS?
Can anyone please help me get keycode for my ford radio?
do subwoofer sound waves hurt fish?
what does 1000 watt subwoofer sound like vs a 2000 watt subwoofer?
Sub's and amp help?
How can I make my sound system louder?
2001 mercury cougar subs?
I configured a 500$ Car Audio System. Your thoughts of this setup?
Car decks not working. No power?
What size Subwoffers whould be better?
How can I make the volume in my car stereo system louder?
Which car adaptor for my iPod should I buy?
Car audio question for my car?
How do I hook up my RCAs from second AMP to CD Player?
can you have 2 different wires connected to the same thing?
who can i write a biography on?
what amp should i get?
my subwoofer was working fine and now it randomly stopped but when i push my hand against it, it works?
Why has the positive cable melted at the point it connects to the amp recently?
I have 3 Dual 4ohm Subwoofers, Can the 3 be wired for a 1.33ohm load?
What size Subwoffers whould be better?
ZX1000 or ZX1500 amp for two 10" kicker cvx subs?
waht amp do i need it these are 300 watt RMS with a 1000 watt peak?
how do I play my ipod through my car speakers?
Reccomendation of an amp for two 12" Rockford Fosgate 2000Watt subs. Don't want to spend a lot?
Will an fm transmitter work on an aftermarket deck?
Why is it you people must play your cars speakers on BOOM BOOM BOOM?
Could anyone tell me what speakers i can fit easily in my t reg Vauxhall Corsa?
there is a code locking my volume limit how do I bypass that?
Powering a 750 watt sub?
Do i need speakers and sub woofers for my car?
No bass through car speakers, helpp!?
Which amp should I get for a Sony Xplod 10 inch?
wiring / ohms / amp help?
i am running three subs in my car... how should i hook up the speaker wire..?
Whats wrong with my amp?
toyota camry wiring trouble?
could my subs handle this?
My radio/CD player in my car does'nt work, the fuse is still good. What else do I need to check?
I want a big car antenna?
Does anyone remember the original video for "BOOM" by System of a Down?
Why do my subs make a buzzing sound?
how can i leave people in the dust?
what is the best 10" sub that will have both sq and spl in a sealed box for less than $200?
anyone know a site where i can find a cheaper mtx jack hammer?
I have $2000 to spend on a sound system for about a 03 suburban. What would be the best system for everything?
Is this sub package good?
what amplifier will go good with my two sony Xplōd 12" SVC Subwoofer?
which ohm for re audio se 15s?
Whats the best car speakers?
how do i get the display to show on my kenwood deck?
speakers amplifier power rating help?
good dash dvd players listed down below?
are american pro amps any good?
a china company named MCOSTA electronic technology from,whats about car ipod aux input?
How good does a handheld cb radio work?
Capcell OR Capacitor ?
would a hifonics brutus BXI 2610D amplifier power my 2 12'' L7s?
I just got a Rockford fosgate p8002 amp second hand and I don't know how to hook it up???
Could you please stop driving through residential areas "bumping your bass"??(No one is impressed)?
what should i do with my memphis me 12s?
Brand new 2009 Buick Lucerne Head Unit Question?
i just bought interior neon lights for inside my car...where do i get them installed?
how can find a car radio code(Mitsubishi Mirage 1999)?
is nav4all a real good navigation system?
code 4 radio?
What are some good 6.5inch and 6x8 inch speakers?
How much will this cost for my car audio?
What subwoofers should I get?
what are the stock speaker sizes for a 1973 chevrolet caprice convertible?
will i be able to hook up an amp and subs to this head unit?
would installing a newer stereo into a 70 camaro ruin the car?
can you give me some acne remadies?
Can some one tell me where to find a color diagram for a Sony Xplod CDX-S2000 wire harness?
Does anyone know how to fix an amp?
Does anybody know how to connect a MP3 player to a 2004 530i BMW sound system?
What speakers should i put in my car?
Problem with rear speakers?
speaker wire, best brand?
2 18" fi btl's or 4 15" Alpine type r's?
Radio code for ford focus ser no: M173505 please?
i have a 2004 mustang i want to hook up a amp to my factory system are there pre amp out puts on fords ?
How many watts does my amp need to be?
Can someone please tell me what number is the fuse for radio on a 1996 mustang gt?
installing a navigation antenna?
My car stereo is buzzing, what do i do?
How much will a headphone amp do for me?
i cant remove my cd cassett from my multi changer in my ford focus can any one help?
how do I play my ipod through my car speakers?
Car stereo is shorting out, what is wrong?
can i run a secound car battery to my amp instead of a capacitor?
Quick Alternator/Battery Question.?
is there a way to hook up my ipod to my stereo in my '06 ford fusion without using itrip?
all eight eyes but one will see the same to reveal that final name... volvo hunt?
is there an update site for a myguide sat nav?
What kind of car sound system do you have?
I have a Rover 25 with factory fitted radio. Can anyone help me find the code for it?
new speakers or stereo???
What is the song in the new Jaguar commercial?
Subs or replacement speakers?
No sound from vehicle sub woofers?
Can a new alternator/battery toast a car radio?
Which is the better battery? kinetik...or optima?
is 7 subwoofers loud?
Does anyone know where i can get a Stock Wire harness for my 1995 mitsubishi eclipse gst?
What is the best soundproofing material for my car?
car audio suggestions?
will a 1100 watt amp go good with 2 800 watt pioneer subs or will it give me ugly bass?
how do remote turn on leads work from rca?
O.S. max. cv-12 vs VX 16?
would you trade two 12 inch kenwood tornados for a single kicker l5 12 inch?
Trying to make a sub box for 12" for my house. My surround needs more bass. What's the best way to build one? ?
WHY dont my car radio and clock work?
I have a two channel amp and want to power one dual voice coil sub. how do I run that at 4 ohms?
Does anyone know what year a pair of 6913 Infinity 6x9's were made?
What size are my speakers?
Will this work???? Need to know soon!?
does it hurt cds to put them in a car visor holder?
Does wireing car audio up to a home Amplifier work?
How should i adjust my amp for 2 L5s?
1998 Expediton Mach Audio Wiring Help?
Car speakers, amplifier, and sub woofer first time install question?
does a subwoofer, speaker, and reciever need to have the same watts?
What type of car radio would be fitted to a 1980 Triumph Dolomite in 1980 as a standard fit from a Dealership.
What color is 12 volt cord on fusion speakers?
whats the best # 1 rated subwoofers?
noise at car radio?
I'm making a cd for my friend, and I need help choosing material.?
What is gain and other settings on a amplifier, will i blow my sub?
Bluetooth antenna for car?
What is a good amp for 2 10" rockford fosgate punch he's?
anyone know why this is happening?
Where to buy Capacitors?
rewiring a jetta car music?
With a 400W amplifer and a Pioneer 50Wx4headunit can i power 4 stock speakers and an after market subwoofer? ?
Alpine Type R 12" subwoofer - can anyone give me some advice on what amplifier and box to buy?
How to hardwire an LED bar in my car?
Which car stereo speakers are better- Memphis or Infinity?
sub woofers and boxes?
sps cdc 8fmk?
My speedometer, radio not working. fuse?
my speakers sound disorted when i plug the 6x9's in....?
pioneer ts-w2502d4 good amp to run it?
Car audio replacement?
Help from Car audio enthusiasts----will a 200 watt amp shorten the life of my battery and altenator?
What should I do for my car stereo?
are there many or any incar (tweeters/ midrange) speakers that are dual voice coil or have 2 ohm impedence?
just installed new speakers on my car?
My family just got a 2008 Toyota Sienna, and i was wondering how to use the MP3?
what subwoofers should i buy?
What would be an official price for these subs?
best amp/sub for $300?
what can happen if i run my power (positive) wire to my amp without a fuse?
Will u get a ticket for playing ur speakers too loud?
My cd player keeps saying check cd and spits everything out?
2 12" kicker L7 and I want to wire them to my Hifonics 2 channel amp. What is my best option 2 or 4 ohm?
hello, i´m in need of a ford stereo code serial number M037221 . please help me out to get back the music!?
Ford 4500 RDS EON key code needed serial No. M240915?
what answers?
im looking for car headunits with white illumination does anyone know of any?
Is Your System Really banging When Car alarms go off when you pass them and your head lights are dimming?
help with my new kicker subs and amp please!?
Is it OK to overpower the sub a little bit?
Stock CD player says "ERR" is there an inexpensive way to fix?
My system does not hit like i think it should?
Instead of using my cruch amp on my subs where there's already an amp should I just hook it to my speaker?
where can i get a cheap remote car starter?
lost the bass knob for my mono amp?
Which wire to hook up first?
where can i get a free car?
Subwoofer distortion in videos?
What color neons or L E D's should i put on this color car?
best suitable sub for ov1-3000d ( power acoustik )?
12 " sub box how to build or what a good stander one would be?
What amp do I need for my subs.?
ok japan just got this brand new car and they said america will never be able 2 get it and its 2500 dollars?
Good Bass Package for Car?
How do race car drivers go to the bathroom when they are racing a 500 lap race?
Amplifier suggestions?
My subwoofers are acting weird?
The capital one guy is making the repossess guy come get my car?
does anybody no where i can find a 12v Amplifiier and wires to put in my scooter?
what size speakers does a 1997 ford f-150 extended cab take?
good small woofers with amp/s?
why would i buy the alpine swr1243-d if it has the same specs as the swr1043-d subwoofers?
blow a subwoofer?
Amp suddenly stopped working?
Does anyone know where I can get my factory radio-mitsubishi (shorted out) repaired?
speaker size for the 2006 saturn vue both front and back?
4 or 8 gauge power wire for sub amp?
i have a 96 mustang...?
Why would Bose make my subs sound bad?
How do i know which subwoofer box to buy?
Are the control markings on a car amplifier accurate?
SAAB 900 cd changer wiring connector square to round?
i have a stereo from Phoenix Digital but i can't find anything about the company or my stereo on other sites?
How should I ground the capacitor for my sound system?
How do I get to the dash speaker on a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse spyder. The speaker in the middle on top of das
Car audio setup. Would this work?
I have a 2007 vw beetle that I would like to get a new radio and speakers for i have 600 dollars what do i do?
how to remove alpine head unit?
Car speakers?
ford 2006 Rd's radio?
Are there mobile (in-car) DVD players that support DVIX and XVID formats?
How to fix power for radio?
what size speakers fit a 2005 audi a6?
what to save for a car sound system?
can i use this to install my radio in my 2001 chevy impala?
Detailed specs on 2007 Tahoe optional Bose speaker system?
how to hook up a new deck to a volkswagon golf 2000?
Should i get the Hifonics BX 1800D amp or the Hifonics BX2005D for my 2 Solo Baric L7 15"s?
Some Amp Tuning Questions?
What is the best radar detector?
How to get power to cassette player in 98 Honda Accord?
How far will a sandwich take me when used as an automobile?
parking brake wire for in dash dvd?
My fuse keeps going out?
Will a Kicker S10L7 woofer work well with a Kicker ZX550.2 amp?
how do i run one dvc 12 inch audiobahn at 2 ohms, my sub has 4 positives and 4 negatives.?
Will a double din with a 7" front screen in my 2006 Ram 1500?
How long will a car radio installation take?
I have a 800 watt polk momo sub and 300 watt jensen amp how can i make it louder?
I need help with a few car audio questions......?
do you need a specail crossover or amp?
what are extra wires in 98 accord radio?
Can I add an amp or subwoofer to an 05 Toyota Corolla in India?
how do i connect a power cap to an in car audio system?
Best Car Subwoofers? Which ones and why?
Help with box size for my Subs.?
AC Adapter works in one car, not the other?
Whats a good amp for my 2 12" Alpine Type R's?
Looking for a good sub woofer?
Installing a PAC SNI-35 Adjustable Line Output Converter?
how to tune my subwoofer and amp?
Which car stereo speakers are best Sony or Kenwood?
how to install cdchanger in 2002 honda odyssy exl?
do i need a special sequence for the code to unlock the radio in my 1996 saturn sl2?
does this amp go good with these subs.?
i need something cool sounding to put as a decal on my car...what should i put? i have 16 letters to use?
do the cd players in new cars play copied cds?
How hard can I drive a pair of 10" Alpine Type R subs on a MRP M1000 (1000 RMS)?
what subs are better?
Home Subwoofer converted into Car subwoofer?
what could be wrong with my sub?
Good Speakers and sub for car?
what speakers will fit my 2002 - 2006 Toyota Camry?
will a alarm led lite installed bt professional after buying a new car that came with a alarm drainbattery?
What does 150W RMS x 4 @ 2 Ohms mean?
why can't i connect my subwoofer to my car stereo?
Help in in car audio and visual please.!?!?
how are satellite radio signals routed to your vehicles radio?
What kind of speakers do I need?
How to keep my subwoofer from burning out?
Earth/ground wire in pioneer car stereo?
what is the best cb radio?
I want a car sound system in my car. How much we talking?
help with car speakers !!?
Which is the best car bass tube between Sony Xplod & JBL?
should i try to put my subs in myself or pay a lil extra to have it done pro.?
How should i set my amp settings so that the sub will stop cutting out?
Size of filter for 95 l tank.Is 450l/ph ok.?
Corroded channel on car amp?
what is the best type of ampifier and what is unique about each one?
would a kicker zx 1500.1 amp be good for 2 15 kicker l7s in a ported box? if not what would be?
Is it possible to tamper with a car and completely drain the power overnight?
I can't find the code for Ford Fiesta radio, any help?
How to repair Rockford Amp RCA inputs?
Can you get a ticket for playing loud music in your car?
Memphis 12 dual speaker sounds like its bottoming out?What caused this?
can anyone help with a ford stereo code?
Where do I ground my car amplifier in my Foxbody (Hatchback)?
What are the top five most popular cars in America?
Making an AUX jack in a car?
are there any subs small enough to put under the backseat? Don't want to put sub in trunk to muffle the bass?
Is there a site to get code for manufactory radio?
im planing on completely overhauling my sound system?
AUDI A6 Radio,No Power?
Need help wiring amp to the right ohms?
System problem? Help please?
How much would it cost to install 2 sub woofers with an amp?
ford or chevy?
Whats a good stereo system for my car?
How could o be able to work for a car audio company?
i have a 95 honda and i have a pioneer cd player in it, how do i get it out to put in another one.?
what amp is better?
where do IO buy Electric adapter? I thought I bought one with my unit. I told the sales lady I wanted one?
MP3 CDs for Cars?
Do you know where could I get cheap clothes for school, I don't have enough money to buy hollister or aeropost
Car stereo help! (mp3 players)?
do you have a pet name for your car?
top ten songs to play on woofers or sub woofer?
How good is the rockford fosgate punch p3?
My speakers give out very little sound. What is wrong?
Kenwood KVT 512 unlock code?
How can I configure my Pioneer DEH-P2900MP head unit for better sound AND bass?
Can I still use the changer from the factory and order another CD player from the factory for my Expedition?
Kicker 12' Subwoofer dual inclosed box?
Which subwoofer out of these will be the loudest?
I have a 1996 saturn...?
4 channel amp VS Monoblock?
Need help with a name for car accessories and in car entertainment. Any ideas? THanks?
How do I know if I will have enough power for my speakers?
If i have an audio planet 3000 watt monoblock amp what capacitor is good do the farads matter?
2006 Scion xB Radio Manual?
Sub box volume size help?
Sub cuts out not from clipping?
Is there supposed to be a spark when i connect the power wire to the red terminal?
Truck Speaker and radio Set Up?
I have a question about the wiring of the Audiobahn AW122N 12" subwoofer.?
What is the Best Car Stereo?
what is the stereo wiring diagram for a 92 civic cx, the harness was stolen with the old radio.?
Trying to find out how to get my subs to hit harder?
Who makes the best subs according to quality of sound?
Pioneer AVIC - D1/D2/D3 Install???
i need some help with the speakers Im going to get?
just a general question on a audio system for my car?
Why does my car system sound better when I only have 1 speaker turned on?
after my boyfriend spliced into my stock speakers in my trunk of my 2000 alreo with 2 12 in pioneers the stock
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
6-hour road trip with no tape deck: how can i use my iPod? Any hope?
What decent car stereo/ cd player would any of you recommend?
Big Three wiring Car Aduio?
Alpine Amp cuts out...?
How do you install an Iplug into a Kenwood deck???
Subs/Amp Help viper 550.6 12" JL kickers?
Anyone know.?
Can Anyone Help Me Out On Car Audio Help?
Hifonics Brutus amp has the protection mode flashing?
Can I run two dual voice coil subwoofers by Eclipse on a 33250 amplifer by Eclipse and if so what load?
86 Toyota tercel rear speakers?
how do i calculate my max watts at a higher voltage than was tested?
Is this a good setup for a truck?
VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!:who has a pair of shoes?
cerwin vega is the best?
From all of us in Polls and Surveys, Merry Christmas to all.?
Has anyone installed a sub and amp into a bmw 540i?
which brand of speakers and amps are better out of these 2 rockford punch and kicker?
Just bought a new car.....................?
My cd player in my 2001 Hyundai Elantra GT has not been working, does anyone know what is wrong?
Whats subs should I get 2 Alpine SWX-1243D or 2 Alpine Type-R SWR-12D2?
How to stop alternator whine in a s10?
Is it possible to restore bass on blown out speakers?
What are some of the basic things to know when purchasing a subwoofer?
what transportation gets the best gas milage?
I have a BOSS CH 700 amp. Would this speaker be able to hold? its a Pioneer Champion TS-W304R?
What could be wrong with my head unit?
Amp+ Radio advice please?
98 Montero door panel removal?
2 kicker l7 subs zx1500?
should i do a subwoofer blowthough on my 86 chevy c10?
what sub box is better?
who used cb radio's is it jest truckdriver an who do you talk to?
How do you run a power cable for an amplifier from the battery to boot in a Honda Accord '56 reg.?
what is 1-626-9X8-8Y80 ?
cant fix my sound system?
how many watts is my subwoofer?
I need help installin a sony cdx-s2000 cd player in a 1987 lincoln mark 7.....the factory connectors r cut off
need help also with my ford ka radio code ....M507000?
is a kicker zr1000 running on 14.5 volts to much for cvx15d4?
if i buy a subwoofer does it come with all the wires i need or just the subwoofer?
How much will it cost to get a car audio system installed?
What is the best amp power to make my JL W3 sub work best?
Viper 5501 draining battery?
A question about monoblocks?
What 15" should i get?
help with buying an amp?
kicker zx1000.1 (Fi car audio) (kicker_guy_17 please answer this)?
which of these subs would be better?
What are Good subs for metal?
What is a good amp for my 2 kicker cvr 12"?
how powerful of an amp would i need to go with a Sony - Xplod 12" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer?
i have a spliced wire coming from a hole in the ceiling two white wires two black wires and two grounds how?
How do you use the Schumacher XC6 6/4/2-Amp Battery Charger to charge your battery?
My speaker wire goin from my amp to my subs is getting hot and melting the sub casing even causing sparks?
How to work my sub?
What's it like going from an automatic gearbox to manual after 8yrs?
My 15's are making a popping sound when I put it real loud.?
how have cars developed over the years?
how do i install a flipdown monitor in my 1995 tahoe?
Sony xplode in a 93 toyota pickup?
about max rms and amps read details thanks?
Can I listen to regular FM radio in a car with satellite radio?
Cassette Player problem?
How do u get rid of noise interferancer in a car amp?
How to setup 3 amps for 4interior speakers a pair of 6x9 and two subs ?
qwerty ?!!?
I want to add another battery in my car... I know this can be done.... any help would be awesome... thanks?
my car amplifier ligth comes on and off blinks but no sound to my speakers they just move in and out?
I have a cassette player in my car. I heard Wal-Mart can take it out & put a new one in. Is that true?
is a 2000 watt amp too much for dual 600peak watt subs?
What amp set up would be better? Read on.....?
How do you replace the factory stereo in a 93 escort gt?
anybody know how to set up 4-6x9 speakers and 2-L7 subs. With 2-2000 watt mono amps and a 4 ch. 2000 watt amp?
which will haveharder bass 3 pioneer champ 3000watts subs or two 15 sx re audio subs?
Can I somehow use my car kenwood subwoofer and kenwood amp indoors and 4 car speaker? if so how would i do it?
amp bass knob?? (20 characters)?
what are some songs with really good bass and i dont mean rap songs?
which car audio set up is better? need answers quick!?
do I need a fuse or something to hook up an amp in my car?
Will a Sony explod 1000 watt amp power my two alpine type r 12"?
Can i use my Sansa clip in my car?
Amp Connection?
car speaker and subwoofer help needed?
Best speakers for your money?
Will this be a good/loud setup?
sub woofers for 07 chevy silverado?
Car radio help Please?
Will these Kicker subs hit hard?
Will installing a kicker zx650.4 amp cause my4 door car speakers to lose bass if i install it?
Who invented the motorcycle?
I have two 12" alpine type R subs going in my 1987 corvette in a custom made box. what amps should i get?
how many miles per gallon does a 08 dodge grand caravan get?
Buying wires to hook up subs. ?
Why cant i play cd-r in my 2005 chevy trailblazer?
Building a Subwoofer Box?
Can anyone tell me what pioneer head unit this is????
can anyone tell me how good these brands are?
need help fixing amp?
mounting antennas to a van?
What is everything i need to install subs in my car?
In a 1989 chevy caviliar z28 what is the speaker wire color ?
waht subs should i get for a monoblock autotek mean machine 2000 watt amp?
can i hook up two amps together?
How to put subwoofers in an 04 taurus?
How do I remove the stock radio from a 2004 Chevrolet Impala?
I want a better sound system in my car. Whats the cheapest way to get loud, good quality music to play?
What are the best subs?
Bose speakers le when to loud? (kenwood headunit)?
What is a good car speaker?
What wattage of amplifier would you guys recommend?
Connecting iPod touch to car?
Car stereo randomly mutes then comes back on.?
How do I unhook my car alarm? It was installed at Best Buy years ago but I no longer want it.?
What do you think of this setup?
What is a good type of touch screen headunit?
Help Lanzar Amp Keeps Blowing Fuses?
How to install an LOC?
What do think about the Sony Xplods.?
I can't get my cd player to eject cd's?
car stereo installation question any help please?
can i connect AMP to the door speakers ?
will a 4000 watt amp work with 2 12" subs 1000 watts each?
How to hook up a tv, stereo, and dvd?
Cheap high quality subwoofer and amp ideas?
My subwoofer is acting up and when i turn my car on it beats for like a few seconds then cuts out, whats wrong?
Speaker box?
Help with subwoofers?
Alpine headunit aux input?
best sub and amp for about $500?
cheap car speakers??????????
Can I fit THIS stereo in THIS car?
Cassette adapter help?
how do i calculate my max watts at a higher voltage than was tested?
Would I be able to mount two subs in this?
Subwoofer Amp Wiring?
My alpine mrp-m850 amp cuts out bass when i turn the volume up?
what is the wiring for the factory radio in my 1993 acclaim?
Should i tint the headlights?
What car? recommends for u..?
How can I enter 1500 into the gas pump so it stops at $15?
What interior looks better? Ignore the brand ...?
are re audio amps any good?lookin at an xtx5000. 2500watts rms.?
What do i do if my amp's output port doesn't work?
Amplifier setting question?
what can i do to trick out my mitsubisi eclipse?
My subs stoped working all off the sudden?
Will my UK Garmin Nuvi 300 Sat Nav car charger work in a US car?
Bass in my car?????????
Why does bass keep cutting out?
components or 3 way?which is better?
i want to put 3 10" subs in a sealed box downfire silverado?
i have a jvc kd-sh55 does anyone know where the + mem,and the - anr the re,yellow,and black?
how can i play my Ipod nano in the car (using car speakers)?
Car speakers, amplifier, and sub woofer first time install question?
where do i find a replacement transformer for my am radio in a 1968 t-bird?
alpine type r amp selection?
MTV will U pimp my ride?
Amp to power kicker soloric l7 12s?
can u help me?
My CD player won't pull my cds in.i try to put cds in it, it won't go. What's wrong with it? What should I do?
What's the difference between a 2ohm speaker and a 4 ohm? ?
Burned Cds doesn't work in my car stereo when the engine is running???!!?
I have a full kenwood system inclding componant set.Need to know best way to hook another componant set to amp
My subwoofers aren't working?
Why do you need an enclosure for a subwoofer?
radio needs correct code Phillips type car 400 ( 90 532 621 )?
How many watts are in this Factory Amp? Mitsubishi Eclipse 3rd Gen, Infinity Premium Sound System W211?
How much to replace car speakers and stereo?
what size should my slot port be?
Fixing a car amplifier?
I have an SUV with a sunroof, and would like to install a flip down monitor. Can this be done?
CD player spitting out CD's?
how do i install a phase linear uv7i without it hooking up to the e-brake?
Can i use a gps as a navigation adaptor?
whats a good bumper sticker??
when costumizing my page, how do i add pictures and stuff like that?
Download Bass Bosster?
what portable dvd player can I use in a 2003 Jeep Liberty limited edition with sunroof?
How can I get my Phillips CCR 600 car stereo safe code?
Is there a software upgrade for cda car stereos which makes them mp3/wma compatible?
i need help with a car stereo system!!!!!?
In my 2003 Corolla, the speakers pop then don't work unless I unplug the rear ones. Any help?
Trade Current Amp For A Memphis Amp?
HELP need to know how to get a code for a car radio from the pc?
mustang radio instilaation problems?
I have the inphase xtb212, but i wanted to put the two subwoofers in a bass tube?
How good is XM NavTraffic in the New York & New Jersey Area?
Does anyone know how to decode a Vauxhall (Astra) car radio which is currently in SAFE mode?
Help with ford fiesta radio code?
New Car Audio Equipment Release Dates?
how do i hook up a rca converter to a 2005 stratus?
How to wire 2 12" Zeus Hifonics Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil to a 2 chanell 600 watt sony xplod amp?
what are the most significant issues facing U.S. subsidiaries of foreign auto suppliers?
Do I need a capacitor and a battery?
Car Stereo Shuts off When Volume is turned up to medium or high?
Installing Subwoofer Wiring in a 1999 Chevy Cavalier. Any tips for hiding the wiring under the panels?
What car comes with the best subwoofer? Stock.?
Sub woofer hits when changing song/change input source/shut car off.?
I have installed quite a few Car stereos but this one has me stumped!!?
radio code for ford transit minibus please?
How do you check the wiring for rear speakers in a 1998 chevy blazer. The speakers are not working properly.?
how to wire 2 4 ohm dvc subwoofers to a 2 channel 4 ohm amplifier?
Problems installing a radio (Sony CDX-GT210) into a Mk3 Golf?
I am getting a kicker 12 inch sub i think its 1200 max but im not sureand 800 watt amp how hard will this bump?
fi btl 18 or two 12 orion hcca.. what will be louder. with a 4k amp?
do the 12" kickers cvrs bump hard?
Iphone 4S wont play on JVC radio?
What is a good sound system for your car?
how loud are my subwoofers?
where is the best place to install a car stereo in the portland metro area?
car radio code needed?
i have 2 jl audio speakers that are 15 inches and dont know what amp to use.?
What subwoofer is better please help T2 vs alpine type r vs p3?
Opinion on Subwoofers??
I bought 2 12" kickers and need an amp. Any suggestions?
can you fix a broken coaxial wire?
what are the specifics on ground wire for subs?
would this stuff make a good sound system?
I need help with choosing a car stereo system(subs&amps),any help?
sub box???
Does the back seat in a 1998 lumina go down?
2003 toyota avalon xl speaker size?
Best sound Quality for 10" Subwoofer???!?
What is the highest DB reading in a car sound system?
1995 Acura Integra GSR Hatchback SE Speakers?
what amp do i need for these??
Which brand of amp is the best to buy?
My father bought a Toyota Prado 2000 w/ stereo unit NAVIKEN model NMDN-D59. Is it reprogrammable to English?
Kicker L7's and a Hifonics amp...?
What brand name should I go with to replace the stock speakers in my car?
I have a SONY GIGA PANEL for my car and i was wondering about the preset Dynamic Soundstage Organizer (DSO)?
I have 2 12" l7 kickers and i need help with choosing an amp!!!?
which is best music player which can play Mp3, dVd, audio cd for Spark LS? My budget is 15,000 INR.?
Need To convert110AC To 12Volt DC?
Where would be the best place for tweeters in a 99 Dodge Ram?
I want to buy a Guitar Amp help?
Car Radio Fuse Keeps Blowing?
Why do pakistan not have a online auto auction site ?
Help with wiring my sub!!!!?
how to determine car speaker polarity behind the car door-Help ASAP?
hi, how good are crunch subwoofers, gpv12d4 12inch dual 4ohms ?
CAR TOYS audio video store?
Can an amp power both my sub and my door speakers?
How can i fix my subwoofer system?
Someone help with bose amp?
what kind of stereo system can i get for my hummer for 200 bucks?
how many miles from AZ to WA?
Help on ford locked stereo please....?
How do i repair the foam circle bit on my subwoofer? It has a small rip on it.?
car amp question?
how to stop my car from rattling, from the inside the plastic panels?
2 kicker l7 12s or 1 15l7?
Best shallow mount subwoofer for a 91 s10 single cab?
What's a good transmitter to play an ipod/iphone in my car?
Why won't my radio work?
Help asap please!?
How much will it cost to get a car audio system installed?
what are some good bass songs for subs in a car?
How can i get a jammed cassette tape out of my car's radio?
What Ohm subwoofer can i buy to work with my mono amp? Single voice coil?
how do you change speakers in a 01 honda civic coupe?
Problem with radio-cd player in Nissan Altima '94. It doesn't work..doesn't turn on..any suggestions pls.?
20+ pin power connectors?
Really bad alternator hum from new panasonic lcd head unit. Any suggestions on fixing it???
hello, does anybody know what music video is when two girls are driving (not the same car) both of them are mu?
How many watts should be needed to power an 8" sub woofer in a ported box?
how long are you suppose to break in a new subwoofer?
after replacing post on my battery my car stereo would not load and play?
89 delco radio how to set time?
did i get ripped off for alarm and speakers?
what does it mean when you dream of cops?
Orion HCCA 10 or Sundown Audio Z-10?
I need the 620 Ktar code d & w 10/28?
fastest way to sell subs and amp?
What is my amp worth?
Is it the stereo or the speakers?
JL Audio 13.5 W7 wiring and amp?
R T1d212 rockford fosgate subs good?
how do i know if my rca cables + radio are working?
how many people get so annoyed?
what are some web sites for cool wiring schematics for different devices on cars?
What Subs should I get?
will a xmod gen 1 body fit on a gen 1 chassis?
Finding the code for my car radio?
can i stop my lights from dimming?
what should i set my kenwood amp to?
over heat amp?
What making my Sony mhc-gs200 not stay on¿?
My interior lights won't come on. What is wrong and is it easy to fix? It's a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Good subs and amp for amazing bass?
Need HELP! Using voltmeter to set gain ?
I'm thinking about purchasing Jupiter Jack for Xmas presents. Has anyone used it and how well does it work?
where can I find a replacement clifford matrix alarm remote!?
How do you carpet a subwoofer enclosure?
Why are Kicker Comp sub prices down?
Use amp or head unit wiring for speakers?
03 honda accord radio?
wat size box for 12" type r?
In a car speaker there are two wires which one is postive?
Should I get these subwoofers?
Where is the Factory Amplifier located in an '93 Infinity J30?
Finding the right amplifier for my sub...(confused)?
Whats better a type R or a kicker L5?
How do i remove the dashboard of a 1996 Chevy Cavalier? I need to get the stereo out.?
shaker 500 vs. FH-X700BT?
What type of wire to get for my sony xpold amp 1000 watt?
which sub should i get?
Were to put sub box in trunk ??? Do subs need open air infront of them or can they sit 2 inches away from rear
i need something to remove scraches on CDs?
Does the 95Z28 with a Bose system have an externial amplifier for the radio itself. If so where is it?
question about my 6.5 components?
looking for a price on a flip down monitor, model # OHV1000?
My Car Stereo Turns Off And On Help ?
why is there only holden and ford in bathurst 1000?
Which subwoofer is better?
why is there only holden and ford in bathurst 1000?
Auxiliary ipod hook-up in rockford rfx-9400 problem!?
Subs And Amps?
hz to wattage, what does it all mean?
sundowns sa 12 setup help?
I can't find Aux button in my BMW x3 2005 car and there is no switch saying AUX in dash board?
are subwoofers better when the db on them are high or are they better when the db is low?
I have a 2005 toyota 4runner with a v8 with a 15 in kicker l7 and a zx1000.1amp, should i add a extra battery?
New setup, will this work?
my car audio is fuzzy when turned on and improves after a few minutes?
Kicker Dx1000.1 Amp Help?
What are some good quality and LOUD headphones?
trunk dimentions for a 2002 mercedes benz c230?
Subs or replacement speakers?
How long will it take to install a stereo system?
im having problems with my car mute wont shut off no matter what i do, on my pioneer deh-p3600.?
Can anyone explane the purpose of holes in a subwoofer box?
I want to find usable blue prints on how to build speakr boxs for a vehicle?
93 chevy cheynne stereo removal?
anyone using a KENWOOD Car audio system with a USB port ?
1997 jeep grand cherokee where in the firewall can I run my power wire for my amp?
Time that a capacitor takes to discharge?
Is there a 20 AMP ANL fuse?
Can u jump start a smart car with ur iPod? ?
rockfordfosgate or kicker?
amp size needed for 2 12 inch sony xplod subs?
Does a better alternatormake a big difference?
has anyone heard about the mtx audio 8 inch subwoofer with a quad voice coild???would it be loud???good deal?
I have 2 12" rockford fosgates that have 800 watts a piece. What kind of amp and wireing do i need?
I have two ten inch boss phantom subs running to a 2000 watt amp but they aren't as loud as possible?
touch screen stereo brand?
Amp help for 2 12" Kicker CVX's?
help with my wont turn off, and its draining the battery!!!?
i have 2 12" alpine type r subs?
why won't the aux input on my pioneer premier head unit work?
I need the code for a 99' VW passat stereo system, not stolen had to fix a part so stereo on safe mode.?
is there a way to put a aftermarket sterio in my 1999 ford taurus. Is it posible.?
What Gauge wires do i need?
which is better in a 12" rockford fosgate p3d4-12 or Alpine SWR-1223D?
Car Amps & Speakers: RMS Power Overload?
I have a 1440 watt Power Acoustik plasma sphere and when i put the ground on it truns the amp light out?
I have a ford radio 5000 rds M014324, had to change the fuse, but I haven't got the code - can anyone help?
What are good subs for a reasonable price?
Car ipod sound system help?
What size speaker covers/sub woofers will fit my 2002 buick regal ls back speakers?
Can I charge my iPhone in my car with the USB input?
Would this be amp be capable of running these 6x9?
What do you use to clean up wires in car audio?
Y does my 450 watt amp shut off with my 375 watt 10" sub is it the wiring or is it the amp?
Nissan Altima radio/clock/cd player not working. What do I do?
will this kicker amp run my sub?
Car alarm installation question?
Help with amplifier size ?
will 2 15" l5 sound good on a zx1000.1 (first good answer gets 10 points)?
I hooked up a sub and amp in my 93 ford ranger and i have a buzzing sound in the subs what could b the problem?
Hooking up speakers and car sub woofer package in house?
what would fit me best?
Anyone KNOW about car audio?
why do my subs in my truck hum really loudly when i start the truck?
Car dock for Microsoft Zune?
Hi does eneyboady no If Mtx audio sound ok loud and good quality good sense of bass ?
Just bought JL Audio XR650-CSi 2-Way Component system and now looking for a JL Audio amp. Any advise?
Does two 12" JL Audio subwoofers hit harder than two 12" power bass subs?
Im looking to get one 12" Sub and Amp what should I get?
amp blown?
Good speakers for my car?
Is a 1978 scottsdale silverado still able to play songs from my ipod via an ipod car jack thing?
Do i need a Second battery?
2007 ford focus aux cable?
how do i set the time on my cars clock?
JVC KD-HDR20 or Pioneer DEH-2200UB?
I have a 15" sub with a 90w stereo (no sub out), what else would I need to get this sub to full potential?
Which Audio setup looks better for a Toyota Celica?? (pics)?
How do I stop the screeching noise whenever i play a cd on my cd player?
ford or chevy?
how to wire subwofers?
car subwoofer problem?
What numbers can I use to get Country music on my car radio in the Sacramento, Ca area?
my amp stops playing if i turn the bass knob pass half?
What Distribution Blocks come in the KICKER 05PKD1 car amplifier kit? What gauge and how many inputs?
Has anyone out there installed a hardwire connection for their iPod in a 2006 Matrix?
HD Radio, separate antenna?
Is it possible to hook up one subwoofer to a two channel amp?
I need radio help on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
why do my car speakers keep cutting out!!!!?
aftermarket cd player help?
Subwoofer setup I'm thinking about buying?
Is this ok to do to my subwoofer?
what size rims should i put on my srt-4?
What is the best mobile subwoofer that jl has?
Can I run a passive crossover on coaxial speakers?
if a car stereo has 50w x4(4o) is that how much power it supplies per speaker?
Which causes the most collisions?
Please Help Me With This Amp Question!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is a 10w7 sub better than two 10w3?
is it necessary to have a crossover in my car system?
Car stereo questions!?
Are there any 4-ch input (not including AUX input, just 4ch from HU) equalizers, preferable in 1/2din size?
can i connect a 6ohm impedance subwoofer from a home sound system into my var?
How do i remove the deck from my eclipse?
My car won't start. No noise at all. Lights turn on, radio turns on (with subwoofer), and all that stuff?
2003 chev cavalier antenna replacement?
whats the difference between a woofer and a sub woofer?
Sub loses power when other is connected?
3,000 Watt Amp With (2) 300 Watt Subs?
what speakers will fit my 2002 - 2006 Toyota Camry?
Fi Audio BL versus BTL?
kenetik hc800?
Auto DVD player?
Simple Subwoofers, Basic Help Questions?
Will an Alpine IVA-D106 head unit fit in my 1997 honda civic?
what size speakers does a 1995 toyota celica have in the doors and in the back?
Are the speakers in my car blown?
What is the best way to stop the battery drain on my punto?
Hifonics Brutus BRZ1200.1D with TS-W309S4?
Radio code Becker please.. changed battery and lost radio!!?
My car radio wont turn on.?
I've had the front of my JVC stereo stolen. Can I buy another front to put on it?
are lowriders gangsta car?
Questions about amps, and car audio in general?
i have a 2001 jimmy?
How to get clearer AM car radio reception?
What is the wiring convention for the 13.2mm 6-pin DIN audio connector, as fitted to my Volvo car radio?
Subwoofer Amplifiers?
Question about sound systems in cars...?
How long does it take to reset a Pontiac Grand Prix Radio that has theftlock?
how to hook up external speakers to a tv with no amp?
Boston Acoustics VS SSA Subwoofers?
What does it mean on a SMART CAR, when a triangle flashes up with explanation mark in the middle?
Fiberglass Method?
can i install my ford touch in my 2012 ford focus if it didnt come with it when i bought the car?
mach 460 speaker problems?
What car should i get that does not rattle when u have powerful subwoofers?
splicing audio wires?
car audio???
help on hooking up my sub?
Can you hook up 6 channel amp 6000 watts 1000 watts each channel?
Which subwoofer would be better?
My car system.......vibration??
Car audio setup. Would this work?
What does wattage mean when talking about car speakers.?
Unique Autosports or West Coast Customs - Which shop is best?
Is the remote control smart or just timed?
wich will bump louder 2 12 inch re audio xxx or 2 15 kickers L7?
Difference between 15's and 12's (Subs) Does size matter?
unable to run cd after burning on car stereo.?
I Have 2 Pioneer 1000W Sub's Going Into a 1000W Chrunch amp Wat Do You Think?
what subwoofer should i buy for this amp that i already own?
Do i cut half the power if i wire one sub to a two channel amp?
have a question about car amp?
Can anyone help me and tell me a good website to find wiring diagrams for car stereo's, that don't charge?
amp help please?
How to hook up computer fans on my car amp?
Which is best in Mp3 player for my Maruti Alto ?
Will a 44 amp car battery work in replacement of a 55 amp battery?
How would i wire 2 kicker comp 12's to work with this amp?
Radio installation in an 04 Malibu?
I'm having a hard time deciding where to place my LED lights on my '09 CRB. Any suggestions?
What would be a good amp for two?
where can i get a free guide on how to install a stereo in a 2001 nissan maxima?
Stereo Wiring colors of a 94 BMW 325i?
Is it possible to retrofit Sat Nav to a Toyota Corolla T Sport (2003)?? And rough price??
Kenwood KFC-W112s or Kicker Comp 12s? Also amp question?
i have a 300 wat JL audio amplifier, what gauge wire is best?
wiring 2dvc subs on a mono amp?
why is it today the younger youth drivers, have to have music soooo loud?
i have a golf cart and i need help?
How can i connect an iPhone to the hummer Bluetooth system?
scorpian granada shows at billing aquadrome?
I have a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII that the radio just went out on. Driving down the road, it went pssssssssssttt?
How do I install XM radio in a Pontiac G6 car 2006 that already is XM radio? Too much static and interference
how to play my ipod in the car?
My iPod Griffin AM/FM adapter brodcasts a weak sound with overpowering base, what can I do to fix this?
Good speakers for a 2002 Toyota camry?
Amp/Sub Ohm wiring question?
About a Power Cap?
i just picked up a Infinity beta 10inch DVC sub whats the max watts i can push through it ?
Is there an easy way to fix a rattling speaker in the rear passenger door of a 2000 Dodge Durango?
how do i connect a car cd player to a standard plug for house hold use?
does anyone have any idea why my front speakers and tweeters do not work but the rear speakers do?
2 Alpine 10" subs in ported box?
ok so i am thinking about buyinga system for my car i alredy have ll the wiring, i just need subs box and amp?
Why does my car radio only have sound from one side?
boss cd3155r question?
do we need extra amp for jbl cylinder subwoofer?
Is this how you bridge an amp?
Will a sealed subwoofer box that fits two 12's sound distorted or not very good when playing rock punk etc.?
how is the CLS 350 mercedes?
Do you need a capacitor to run subs?
My amp turns on and powers up but doesnt put out any music what could be the problem?
Best amp for speakers?
My head unit only has 1 sub output but thats not the worst part.....?
Should i get my speakers, subs, and amp from Alpine, Infinity or Pioneer?
what are the wires purposes according to the colors in a fiat punto 55 Lreg stereo instalation?
Hi there, please could someone tell me my code to ford fiesta radio, the serial number is m071727 . thank you ?
jvc cd player problems?
do you think that about 200 years will exsist flying cars?
would a zx2500x1 kicker amp run 2 15 in kicker cvx subs?
MY car stereo that i installed is malfunctioning.?
how many subs for my crew cab?
Which is better, ported or sealed box?
how do i hook up neon lights to my normal radio at home ?
Would like an inexpensive XM radio for in car and with boom box. ANy ideas?