Car Audio

what amp do i need for my subs?
Why can't I receieve MW on my car radio?
my jensen tv radio keeps saying bad disk even when i put in a disk cleaner or even a brand new cd?
car stereo from 2008 ford focus to 1992 Toyota corolla?
What amp should i get?
which slim sub is the best for my single cab truck?
can you buy a box for a 18 inch sub online?
What is better JL amps or Kicker amps?
car radio key code, enter code and WAIT appears?
Best Price on Sony Xplod Subwoofers?
where can i get speed pulse info for fitting a nav system to a renault grand espace year 2000 2.2 rt-x dt?
where can i get cheap subwoofers and cd players?
Why does my car trunk lid rattle when I play my stereo/amp/sub system? How can I avoid the rattle?
1980's BMW 320i Stereo Installation question?
i want 4 door speaker and 4 speakers on the back of my car wan i get 2-2 chanel amps and double the speakers?
I have 2 12 inch kickers & an amp of 780 wtts yous think thats good enough?
what is the best brand sub-woofer for my car?
Lanzar OPTI7001D any good?
Im looking to find a subwoofer box's to fit my 2007 eclipse. Anyone know where i could find one?
What is the best in dash cd player for a 1991 honda crx with a budget of $120?
I need replace the speakers in my car and all I want is something basic?
the end of my aux cord got stuck in plugg in my car radio how can i get it out the dealer what to much?
how do you take the stock cd player out of a mazda tribute 2001?
please recommend a cheap good car stereo?
my solobaric square subs dont work.?
Why does my car stereo sound bad?
How does RF modulator work?
Dual xdmar6720 stereo no display?
2 channel or mono amp.?
08 Taurus Firewall help?
I have a silverado 1500 crew cab (2005) and i really want subs. Is it possible to put them in the cab?
How Can I Improve My SQ?
can i somehow plug my cell phone in my car to listen to my music?
What kind of car subs or subwoofers are these? HELP please?
Amp woofer and head unit. ?
car Amp quesion!!! help?
my amp won't turn on?
How come the 2007 Civic aux input doesn't sound great?
does ipod touch have gps app?
where can i get a stereo wiring harness diagram for a 1994 plymouth grand voyager se?
why is my amp in my car turning on and off wen i raise the volume?
Can anyone tell me how to turn of the Traffic Program announcements on my car, it's driving me mad?!?
What is the best amplifier for my sound ordnance B-24's ?
Honda Audio?
How long can you play a car stereo without the engine running before the battery dies?
What is the best deal for the best bass? thanks?
I have two JL Audio subs in the back seat of my truck. How do I check what model they are?
Are my car speakers blown?
i bought a used 2001-acura-3.2T, with bose audio,does n't play cda format , any reasons?
where an how do i install a cd deck on a 82 toyota pick up?
Cranking Battery+Accessory Battery?
How do i hook up a Mmats dhc1400.5 amp?
how good r the redtop batteries ?
My Car Audio does not play mp3, when i convert it to CDA it still does not play it. Please advice?
CAR CD PLAYER over heating , why?
What is the radio code for ford 6000cd stereo, serial number M028916?
amp kit / power wire ?
looking for a sat-nav disc of spain and portugal,for a mercedes-benz 320cdi?
Can i operate two Memphis M class amps on one 15"T2 Rockford Fosgate woofer?
Audio Amplifiers Repost?
I need a head unit for my 1991 gmc Sierra, help?
Isolating a sub amp with a capacitor?
Anyone have an opinion on GPS navigation system (Garmin, TomTom, etc.)?
kenwood 1800 multi chanel amp or mono?
Will this sound system sound good?
Why isn't my subwoofer amp powering on anymore?
Do I need an amp for speakers in my truck?
What are the best speakers for bass?
Installing car amp remote wire to headunit?
Did You DIE?
What do I need to start a Sound System in my Car?
What kind of car amp do I need?
How do I hook up my iPod to my 2005 Honda Civic LX?
what size amp for 4 re se 12?
What's the best 12 inch sub for under $100?
What car amplifier for Two Fi BTL N2 15"s?
how to eject the cassette from a VW passat gamma cassette player? I cant see any eject button.thanks?
Don't know how to set my amplifier for my highs.?
How many ohms can my subs handle?
Does anyone know if IPOD touch can be used w/the IPOD intergration optn in Hyundai Sonata or is it just ipod?
Can a custom radio be installed in a 06 mitsubishi endeavor?
wat kind of a sub enclosure should i use??
2ohm vs 4ohm, wiring in parallel please explain?
what capacitor would i need?
What are the best type of subwoofers to buy for consistent. loud, and accurate hitting bass?
Help me finish wiring this car radio.?
car audio subwoofer installation?
Do 2 subwoofers make much of difference compared to 1?
How to instal my Dvd Stereo in a Chevey Implala 04?
car intenna still having problems?
I'm confused about RMS Ratings and Watts etc, will thing work and how do i connect it to my main head unit?
Why would people put an $8000 stereo system in a $2000 car?
Are all G-body trunks around the same height for some 15'' subwoofers?
how to play a dvd disk into cd player ?
engine noise help!?
how big of sub should i get?
DEH-3400ub pioneer wire diagram?
What kind of box is best with a 12in sub?
Are you annoyed by loud car stereos that have powerful bass speakers?
180 watt max speakers?
Who is the MFG. of TNT Car Audio Amplifiers? Secifically the TNT 1280?
Can anyone help me with my car stereo...?
how do i wire a fusion head unit to a 96 clio?
Will my Bose car cd player play an mp3 cd?
I have a Rockford fosgate t1000-1 1000watt rms amp connected to three alpine type r 10inch subs.?
My Car Radio?
Hooking up CD player?
Does anybody here know hoe to remove the faceplate/set the clock,pioneer cd player model DEH-P2500?
Vented enclosures versus bandpass enclosures?
Help with Subs for car.?
Is there any Puertoricans in here?
how much is my bose system in my car worth?
Where can I find a radio wire harness diagram for a 2002 Chevy Malibu w/ FM/AM/Tape Deck/CD Player?
i need my mitsubishi radio code and i am no sure how to get it...someone plz help?
Noise from my car speakers......?
good amp and effects for fender stratocaster?
should i get an amp for these speakers?
where do men like to men liked to be kissed?
I have a Soundstream Picasso PCX 2.700 and a Soundstream T5 10?
is this a good match?
Will these subs fit in this box?
Home audio amp in car?
My Amp started clipping suddenly.?
is there a subwoofer that can do 1500 RMS watts if so what is it?
ford 6000 cd unlock code?
2000 Dodge Neon-I would like to put a factory CD player in this car but I am not sure which radios will fit.?
Subwoofer Amplifiers?
Do I need to get an interface to install a new radio?
i'm having trouble getting my cd player to work in my toyota hiace van 86 model. what the problem?
Why does my Apline cd player 9827 display "Interrupt"?
hello i need help i like listing to loud music but my car isnt loud enough for what i want?
My stereo keeps turning of and on lately in my Mercedes c 204 (2008) please help !?
is it enough?
Alpine Vs. Eclipse Subwoofers?
do you think i can fit 2 15's and 2 12's in the back of an 03 cavalier if would i do the layout?
Just bought my 16 year old a car and the face plate for the stereo is missing...where do i start?
I have a 2000 mantana van and the tv stoped working. you can here the tape but you cant see it on the tv.?
how do i connect 2 optima batteries in my car for my sounds?
were can i get a cheap 8 inch vga monitor for a car?
Whats the best stereo system and speakers for a 2005 z71 chevy colorado?
looking for location of factory amplifier in a 97 ford thunderbird?
I want to know if any of you know a good Loud Cheap Subwoofer To Hook Up In My Room That Would Shake The Room ?
bridgeable vs non bridgeable car amp?
00 Toyota celica gts stereo wiring diagram?
how to play ipods (movies) from my iphone on my car kit?
What would make a new head unit drain a battery overnight?
i have a jvc radio in my car and i was wondering what wire is the sound?
Which amp should I get?
will bridging my 400 watt amp give my spekers?
i have a 15 inch subwoofer and i need to get a new box for it what is the smallest one i can get?
I need Help with My car audio Setup .. 3 subs 1 amp . I need to wire them correctly?
Why do my subs cut out on bassier songs but not others?
how do i make my sony xplod put out the full 1000 watts?
my car radio?
Which is currently the best Car Audio System?Is it Sony Xplod?
how should i wire my subs in my truck?
What do you think of this car audio setup?
Is the kicker comp or infinity 1260w subwoofer better? Both 12"?
i insert a cd into my car stereo and as soon as it takes it in it ejects it right back out?
Remote wire doesnt turn amp on?
best amp to get best bass for 2 12" Kicker CompVR 07CVR124?
Mounting speakers in my car?
Does anyone here if I run 2 wires from my 09 chevy cobalt stock radio ports to the radio control switch if the?
Can you install a Kenwood stereo in a 2003 Ford Expedition, and still maintain control over the DVD player ?
how can i push my speakers back out?
What Kind of 15" subwoofers are really good???
what song could you imagine...?
is bolt a good amp and sub brand?
radio wiring color code for 1996 mitsubishi eclipse gs 2 door coupe?
what amp would be best for two Pioneer Premier TS-W5102SPL subwoofers?
what audio system works better for a1987 mercedes but is cheap and easy to find? need help desperately?
process to install rearspeakers in magna 1993?
i need to kno the wiring codes for the Dual-xd7500?
what company is the best car audio company?
Should i have a ported or sealed box in my new car?
when my amp is turned up high it goes into protect mode?
i have a 2000 dodge stratus and am in need of a new battery?
Does my Kenwood KAC-1502S 2ohms load can handle two Kenwood KFC-W110S subs 8ohms.?
Will my alternator handle my car audio system?
Is it safe to keep CDs in Hot Cars?
What kinds of doctors are there?
I want to change my car stereo... what is the best way to do this?
Will a 2000 watt Lanzar heritage amp be good for 2 Kicker L5's?
What kind of alternator should I get?
is there any electro /techno/trance radio station?
03 subaru wrx stereo?
what sizes are the speakers in the santa fe?
ipod touch car head unit/receiver?
Best Buy head unit installation questions?
Putting a CD player into an older car?
where would i look to get help with hooking my car stereo back up?
Guitar Amp volume issue?
How do i set the sounds in my car system?
if i have a 456 watt mono amplifier with two subs hooked up how any watts are going to each individual sub?
Which is the better woofer ?
what is wrong with my car audio?
need help wiring house?
hooking up an alpine 7915?
Bridged Amp Question?
What is some top quality car audio equipment????
my amp and sub keep cutting out,what are all the possible problems?
Do I need to buy new speakers if I get a new radio for my car?
Did I burn up my Amplifier?
Can I run a Kenwood x500-1 Class d at 1 ohm?
Wich car should i buy a cadillac deville or a cadillac fleetwood?
How do I hook up an aftermarket amp. to '02 VW GTI factory Monsoon stereo?
Car Radio Turns Off When I Turn It Too Loud?
I got my stock stereo stolen from my 99 Dodge Durango recently. How can I find a new strereo that fits??
i have a 2006 jeep grand cherokee overland. where do i plug this into? the back of my head unit?
What Do You Think of this Car Stereo?
Ford radio locked, need code for M021626?
What is a good subwoofer under $300 that puts out atleast 750 RMS?
My CD player didnt come with a cassette?
is there anyway to tell if a subwoofer is blown just by looking at it?
What wattage to run my american bass?
Which ones a better sub? The Kenwood KFC-W3012 or the Infinity 1252w?
holden jackaroo se cd player security code?
2 kenwood kfc-w3011 12" ?
What are some good pounding songs for a 10 inch sub?
can anyone helo me with car audio fibreglassing?
What laundry powder smells the best?
what can i do to my car stereo system to stop my lights from dimming?
I've got a nissan micra but it only has a tape deck in it?
Is volfenhag a good brand of car audio?
digital designs subwoofer in 3^ft cubic feet box?
Can you drop the ohm loads on speakers?
is this a bad a s s system?
im buying 6" x 9" for my jeep what are a good kind?
alpine PDX-1.1000 are they good amps or whats a better one?
Subwoofer watt question?
How can i get my car dvd system play through my car speakers?
What's a good amp for 2 10" Rockford P3D2s?
need help buying car stereo amp/subs?
suggested air space for two twelve 12" subs?
Would this setup work?
What is the difference between a 2 ohm sub and a 4 ohm sub?
Is the Kenwood DDX 714 good replacement for my Honda Pilot stock stereo?
wats the new akon song, ihave been hearing it on the radio, it goes like this "noticing you noticing me"
I need help with car audio setups.?
ported or sealed sub-woofer enclosure?
i need good car cassette?
My 2008 Nissan Versa has a aux in plug in cord socket. What can i connect to that?
Radio in 2001 ford Taurus doesn't turn on the hour and min button works only when car is off and key out?
Waht is the color code of Geo Prizm model 1992 car stereo harness?
subwoofer wiring? need help?
How to remove a Pioneer stereo from a Toyota Echo?
what amp wattage to purchase for my car?
Recommended 4 channel amp and wiring method?
Wich one is the best gps for truck?
Alpine pdx 1000.1 (2) alpine type r's (1) alpine type x all 12's?
Im having a friend sell me 2 10" Sony it worth it?
Tuning subs to play only lows using line output converter?
Car audio system question, for 2010 Ford Fusion se?
I have an Alpine IVA-W200 Head Unit in my car and would like to use an auxillary input...?
Is it Difficult to Install a Sub woofer in your car?
i just got a jvc kd-g12or car stereo can i hook up a mp3 or mp4 to it,if so how?
i need a code for acura radio 2002 cl?
I have an 07 Lincoln MKZ with a THX sound system....?
2002 suburban with 2 15inch kickers Subwoofer?
About how much is a decent car amplifier?
i need the wiring layout of a jensen car dvd i think i have the wrong one?
Infinity Kappa vs focal 6x8 What would you go with?
How to get my sub and amp working?
how do u install a fan to an alpine 1000 watt amp?
Can I connect my TV woofer (Sony 3D Basso) to my car stereo?
Good speakers for car?
how to replace a car battery without losing stereo code? help plz?
where do i connect the red, yellow,and black wires in my car stereo?
I need to replace the speaker wire in my 2000 ford expolorer...?
why the light on the amp keep flashing on and off.?
JL Audio 500/1 Amp Fuse?
what is the best amp for my subs?
i need help with subwoofers?
Does my 2000 Honda Civic Si come with stock door speaker crossovers?
Does every vehichle have a factory amp for the speakers?
What gauge wire for 300w amp?
How much should I sale my car radio for?
Do I need to buy a fuse or plug for my high level input on my ampplifier to make it work?
How many miles should be on my 2001 car?
Where can i get good subwoofers?
Is the fuse on the back of a car stereo for the speakers or power all together? Pioneer DEH-23UB?
what size of subwoofer should i get for my 08 chevy impala?
2000watt Pioner Premier, with a 1200watt Nitro MOSFET amp , is it a good combination?
How to hook up my car amp?
240w car speakers?
audio system for '05 vw beetle?
Bose stereo system, would it hurt anything to have two amplifiers?
Is two 12" subwoofers louder than one?
what is the best car audio system ?
What kind of CDR does Mitsubishi Motors Infinity reads?
Does anyone know the name of this car?
Cassette adapter not working in my car?
How can I wire four 4 ohm Speakers and two 4 ohm tweeters to a 4 channel amp using only 2 of the 4 channels?
I'm buying new car speakers, any suggestions?
my pioneer avic n3 keeps saying cannot calculate route?
do I need a fuse or something to hook up an amp in my car?
I need help with my deck!?
how many farads do i need in a capacitor for my car stereo system if i have a defecit of approx 40 amps?
CD Player will not pull in CDs?!?
would this amp run well with this sub?
2 15" kicker comp vt's & a kenwood 9102d?
Why are my car speakers ling when I turn the volume past 10?
How can I play my music in my car???
i need some HELP?
any recomendations for a sub woofer and amp for a 2006 toyota prius ?
which car stereo is the best?
Is a brutus 2400d amp good for 2 jl audio 12 w0v3_4 @ 2 kenwood 12 kfc 3011 both svc.?
stock radio on 1999 passat?
Does it matter if my sub is centered in my truck?
would a capacitor help my car from cutting off?
Is my amp rated correctly?
I was wondering if i should get the Kicker 15" cvx or the Kicker 15" Solo Baric L7. Which sounds better?
Can You install any car sterio in a 24 volt truck ?
What amp for four infinity 652.9i?
Help deciding between kicker subs or pioneer?
Audio system bridged wire?
If i get 2 12 inch alpine type rs what amp should i get?
my subwoofers are going out randomly?
Dub Mag Sub?
What the best car stereo if i want deep bass (for hip/hop-rap) from subs?
How to up stock radio in 2001nissan maxima to subs and amp?
can the cdm-7874 play burnt cd's, if so how do i make it possible?
Having trouble finding reviews/info for a car stereo I found online - RCA's RCD228 - can you help?
I have a 3600 watt system with dual 1800 watt kenwood amps, do i need the 3800 watt kinetik battery?
What kind of battery needed if running Amp and Subs?
what is the hardest hitting sub ?
witch is better car audio???
i have a 2007 chevy express with the duramax diesel can i hook a 2000 watt power inverter to accessory battery
I want to play my ipod mini in my 2005 Nissan Xterra.?
swiss audio subs cost?
Need Help! Car Alarm????
Can I leave stuff plugged in my cigarette lighter in my car if the car is off?
2 12" kicker comps are making this weird sound?
i will be listening to my amp and subs and after a little while my subs stop working but my amp is still on?
why does my subwoofer sound dampen?
Do car audio system installation companies allow you to bring in your own equipment?
why is it today the younger youth drivers, have to have music soooo loud?
What size amp should I use with two 10" Rockford fosgate subs?
Which Pioneer Speaker is better??!?
new cd player wont turn on but stock will?
Should the sub face the back seats or the back of the car?
Im having issues with my stock Rockford Fosgate audio system in my 2002 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V?
Subwoofer question, BL Fi 18'?
Why did my car speaker start smoking?
clock face?
why is my ssl evolution 3000 watt amp keep goin into protection mode?
What's alpine car audio like?
what is the smallest sub that will pound in my car?
What does a 1-180 degree phase do?
Subwoofer buzzing, need help!!!?
why does evryone like kicker?
Car u damage the speakers in cars?
I need a cheap but good amp to power a Rockford Stage 3 12" dual ohm sub?
Should I get 2 type x subs or 2 T1 or 2 T2 subs?
High output alternator?
Question about upgrading to high output alternators in subcompact imports.?
0.5ohms how hard will that hit ?
Can you find the specs for this SubWoofer?
i have maruti 800 with me , can any one tell me cheapest car audio wher i can play cassetes as well as cd?
What kind of Amps & Speakers? Xplod?
what would be the best sub for a car?
trying to install a cd player in my car CHevy impala 2001 what brand to use.?
So i was told a SVC 2 ohm and a DVC 4ohm sub wired down to 2ohms are the same power wise?
Anybody know how to pull up the aux option for a kenwood radio?
What exactly does CD Playback mean?
Don't you just hate it when a car crashes through your wall?
My Stereo head unit and two 12 inch audiobahn subs with amo turn off while driving, power cable? please help?
has a chip been developed to change an automobile's xm radio to sirus radio?
the bracket holding my muffler broke. Any one know how much it would cost to fix?
Can someone give me a detailed list of components I should buy for my car's sound system?
Scosche 1600 Watt Amp 'n Cap Wiring Kit?
What sounds good with 4 channel amp for inside and mono amp for subs. what you recommand for a good set .?
what does this thing in my car mean?
My amp is overheating anyone have any suggestions?
What are the best subs/speakers for my car?
Best way to play music in my car?
radio shuts off?
Would it sound better (car audio)?
Anyone ever put an aftermarket audio system in a Saturn VUE?
Best (small) Car Audio system to buy for a Chevy Colbolt LT?
Which Car Stereo is better ?
where is the best place to buy a in car DVD player?
car amplifier mtx thunder4405?
Is my 12 volt wire my ground or my power wire went looking up a amp?
how do i set up a simple car stereo?
amp second battery keeps dying?
Can you install a bluetooth audio system in a 2006 crown victoria police interceptor?
key code for grundig car radio 2002?
i need help with fuses?
Does anyone know if there is a school for mobile and electronics in maryland or surrounding area?
What should i look for when buying a new car stereo, speakers, and subs?
how do you install an active crossover?
What head unit do you need to play downloaded/burnt music?
Would 2 12" subwoofers be too much for a 2002 Honda Accord?
what do i need to make a subwoofer box?
I need a slot ported box design for 2 memphis 10" subs.?
got a bigger amp but doesnt hit harder?
Does anyone know why the internal fuses on my amp keep blowing?
How many subs can I run on a car factory battery?
Im getting an 84 ford f150 and there is no stereo?
how do i remove the noise which is hearable from outside,inside when sub-woofer is making those sexy bass's.?
Can I charge my iPhone in my car with the USB input?
Will i need to upgrade my current speakers to get good quality with subs?
Subwoofer stopped working?
you can use one amp with 2 tens right?
I need the guidlines to build a subwoofer box for a Lanzar OPTI1232D?
If i install a pair of 6x9 speaker in my car with 2000 watts, do i get the same quality when i install some 12
How important is box rise?
is this amp to much watts for my subs?
Can you give me info about subwoofers, particularly bass tubes?
CD stuck in factory radio of 04 Jeep Wrangler?
Is it okay to use speaker wires from back Car speakers to sub?
what are good subwoofers at a good price. and what kind of amp to use with four inside speaker that are 600 wa
What is my fx45 alternator amp?
What size speaker does my 1994 Dodge Spirit have in it's rear doors?
What is a good amp to run 2 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D212 subs from?
Cheap, but quality car speakers?
How to remove a honda accord 91 car stereo?
What is it called...?
Any special instructions for removing the stereo from my '04 Element or do I just grab my pick axe 'n' go?
how do i remove the speaker out of the door panel of a 95 honda accord lx sedan.?
what is your opinion on the memphis street edge 15-ser12?
hi i have just got a vw polo and it has a factory stereo?
Sound system question?
whats the best subwoofer on the markert right now?
Why is the protection light on my amp on?
Whats the difference between 2 and for 4 channel amps?
ford cd player rds 5000 i had to put in a new battery and it is asking me for a code any help please?
How can I fight a loud music ticket when I have a stock radio and speakers and my windows were up?
Amp shuts off when hitting hard or continuously (w/ 1 type R Sub)?
what components make up a cars audio system?
Whats the best amp set up for 2 12 inch G1 gtuned boston subs?
400W amp and 6x9 speakers?
Does my 1998 Honda Accord EX stock stereo deck have preamp outputs?
Can i hook up Three 12 inch subs to a 1008 wat mono amp?
What kind of amps do I need?
What speaker sizes will fit 2010 mazda 3?
Can someone explain this ohms stuff to me?
To All Bass Heads?
Can you help me find a wiring diagram for the stock stereo wires of a 2001 Mercury Cougar?
4 12" Solo-Baric Kickers in '02 Impala?
Would 2 12" memphis pr subs be alright with a rockford fosgate 500 watt amp?
can anyone please tell me a link to remove a golf mk4 stereo tape player thanx?
Subwoofer help please!!!!!!?
Can I transmit music from my phone to the car radio?
my car plays some burned cds and spits out outhers it dosent like wtf?
I have pioneer head unit, 12cd changer, 2 12" subs and an amp. Will I need a seperate battery or should i b ok
I need help on my SUBWOOFERS and AMPLIFIERSS?
My car radio does not work?
What are some good amps for mids/highs?
Problem with Sony Subwoofer amp?
Aftermarket radio for 2003 Chevy Venture?
what size front speakers does a 1998 Saturn SC2 coupe have?
best mobile with budget max 10,000?
What would sound better? (2) 4-way 260W at the back VS. (4) 2-way 180W front and back?
how do i bridge my amp?
I need help with my radiotor, so help me if you can.?
how much would u sell a 200 watt amp for?
I found some wires in my car running to my trunk?
No sound when hooking up a cda 9884?
cassette player or CD player for car?
How can i plug my ipod into my car radio?
what size and brand car speakers should i buy?
which amp is better for my subs?
what is the best car radio right now?
I have a problem with my 2004 Honda civic's radio?
What's the difference between speakers with and without sound insulation?
Speaker Output to Rca Cable Question?
does a mono amp mean u can only add one sub?
how can i hardwire my sirius power supply to cig lighter?
My battery keeps dying.Do i need a capacitor for my wooffer and amp?
A few months ago I put a new radio in my truck. Soon after I started getting an annoying humming sound.?
Kicker solo x 12?
What would be a good amp to power this sub?
could a POWER ACOUSTIK OV1-5500D MONO 5500W Car Audio Amp power two power acoustik 15 inch RMS 2800 watt?
I recently had to jump start my 2002 monteo sport and now the radio doesn't work . all it says is off?
what 18" sub to choose?
Can listening to loud music damage your health and make you hard of hearing later in life?
need some help with car speakers?
Pioneer Head Unit Remote (Clicker) wont work?
How do you remove a head set from a 2012 Ford Escape?
This amp for a 12" sub?
stock 1998 range rover ??
Where is the best place to buy a radar detector?
My kids use my laptop computer to play DVDs in my car, is there someway to use my car stereo for the sound?
Best mono amp for my new sub?
is current supplied with audio amplifier output?
How to set up a 7 band equalizer for Rock/Metal music.?
Can I power 2 15" 1200 watt subs with a 300 Watt Amp?
I am wondering if it is possible to make a bass knob(EBC) with a 500K potentiometer and a headphone style jack?
are there jump drives for the car stereo?
Alpine type X 12 inch i have two of them?
how do i remove my car stereo from the dash.?
whats the best sub enclosure for solo baric 12s?
What is the best kind of subwoofer out there?
JVC KD-LH810 works but no sound?
subs not working. whats wrong please help?
Which sub should i get?
Ground wire and speaker wire?
Does God starts humming when she forgats the words of the song she sings in the kitchen?
I have just bought a Toyota Yaris but the stereo isn't working!!!?
is there something you can buy to by pass ur system so you can watch dvds on ur front tv in ur car or truck?
Whats a good websites to find and purchase accessories for my car (stereo, speakers, etc...)?
i need cheep good speakers, i found a site called the twister group, are they any good?
Car stereos touchscreen?
How do I fix my speaker ?
what can i do go make me car sterio sound louder?
How do i know how many Ohm's is my Rockford Fosgate 10's T1s?
which auto navigation gps to buy?
My car stereo will not allow me to program radio stations permenantly- once I turn the car off, they unprogram
A few questions about car audio?
what is the code to reset my stereo?
Which subs? And which head unit?
i cut the wires that lead to my aftermarket radio, now lights, acc, locks dont work. how to fix this?
Installing Interior Footwell Neons?
what speakers should i put in my 97 jeep?
Why does my alpine type r 12" keep blowing?
My car's cd player reduces in volume!!?
can this wire be fixed ?
L.E.D. lights in cars?
Please answer this question?
How many watts to push one Kicker CVT 12" 4Ohm Sub?
What gauge wiring kit do I need for my High powered amp and subs?
how do i convert a micro usb to and aux wire?
How do you reset the Radio Code on a Ford Car?
i just got a 10' kicker L7 and i keep smelling a weird smell comming from the sub is this normal?
I have a 1996 Buick LeSabre I replaced the battery and now the sterrio will not work,is there a factory code?
I just got a new stereo for my truck (it has an iPod direct usb port)?
Wiring for Pioneer KE-2828?
I have a Kenwood Car Stereo?
why do my subwoofers get quiet?
Is it safe to order from (please help)?
How do you hook up your highs in your car to your amp.?
Whats a good song to have up loud in ur car?
jvc head unit?
Can i hook up Three 12 inch subs to a 1008 wat mono amp?
help i i have a deh 70bt car stereo. I need help understanding about audio setup/adjustments?
Alpine type x 10" or kicker l7 15"? ?
Best subwoofer for single cab Chevy?
I burned a CD on my computer it plays on a cd player but won't play on my car player. Any clue why?
How to fix car speakers?
how to instill two capacitors?
is my woofer blow???????
Does playing an Ipod from your car radio drain the battery faster?
Would it make any sound?
Why wont my car amp turn on?
Best Sub-Woofers on the market?
Which class amplifier uses more power?
Car stereo/speakers are giving out a buzz sound for 3 days. Where can I get it checked in the NJ area? Thanks.
Why is my horn not stopping?
wold my amp push my subs without damaging them?
Do I need to get an interface to install a new radio?
How do I know if my subwoofer will fit?
is it okay to mix amplifier brands?
Play music on radio form iPhone ?
shaker 500 vs. FH-X700BT?
is the Crunch Ground Punder 1000.2 a joke?
my battery went flat on my ford, and the radio needs a code, does anyone know the code? the serial is m144610?
What happened to my subwoofer?
are in dash dvd players illegal?
how many sub-woofers will a 3600 watt MRV F705 V12 amplifier run?
is this amp good?
How to install a sub in a sub box?
kicker l7 12", alpine type r 12"? Which hits harder?
How do I check to see if I am getting 900rms to my subs?
Changing my subwoofer box?
what is the best and cheapest way to improve car stereo reception?
Ford focus radio code?
What is your main reason for not using a Sat Nav system?
How to make speakers on a tv louder?
Hifonic Amp/ Kicker L7 , 12" add another amp ???
whats the name of people that work on car wiring to a car stero?
Can The MUTANT MT10AS Plug Into The Mains?
Older chevy truck, CD player?
Subwoofer Help kicker or pioneer?
I have a 2001 Nissan pathfinder and the Bose 6 disc changer is jammed. Is there a way to manually eject them?
How do I change the clock time in my 2001 Hyundai Elantra? Thanks.?
Can I buy a Car Stereo in the US and fit it into an Indian Car?
easy 10 points for this subwoofer ???
ma audio compition subs?
how to hook up 2 subs to a mono amp with 2 speaker terminals?
amp still on after car is off????
what size box do i need for my 12 inch sub woofer?
What amp should i have to Power a 12" mtx 9512-04?
Capacitor Vs. Battery?
Are Mtx 12" inch terminator subs any good?
how many watt amp would be best power 2 12in kickers?
I was just woundering is kenwood a good brand?
My subwoofer in my car doesn't work all the time?
What are the best subwoofers out there for the price?
police car doom light rules?
is there a way to hook up my subwoofer in my 2006 cadillac DTS?
can you mix sealed and ported boxes?
Changing the Radio on a 2005 Sebring Convertible?
Best 15 in sub set up.?
Car battery dying from amplifier/sound system. What can I do ?
Car cd player with mp3 capabilities.... Can I burn mp3's as a data disc to put more tracks on the cd?
where can i find body kits for a 2001 toyota echo? (coupe)?
where can i find a mazda 6 face plate for a radio other than dealer or ebay?
can i stop my lights from dimming?
Is my amp drawing too much power? How can I fix this?
I have a solid audio f-29 amp I wanna know how to adjust the levels I have 1 12inch kicker comp?
ford exp 92 wireing color code for speekers with factory amp?
can you show me a wiring diagram for a 1956 chevy radio?
i had a 1999 durango, and now i have a 2001 lincoln ls v8. question about the speakers...?
what lanzar 15" subwoofer is better?
Can I mount my car amp onto my subwoofer?
Sealed or ported box?
where can i get some good but cheap sub woofers?
Can a 20-year old lose some hearing by listening to REALLY loud blasting music for 2 and a half min. in a car?
Truck Stereo subwoofer question?
how do i replace the speakers in a 1993 mercury villager van?
how would i wire 2 4ohm single voice coil subwoofers?
Amps and Subwoofers information?
Do I need a transmitter if I buy a HD radio for my car?
My Memorex stereo system wont play cds does anybody know what to do?
Should i get tweeters?
What amplifier should i use for my Kicker COMP 12" subwoofers? Is a 1250 watt amp too much?
what is a Linear Amplifier?
is there any website that will tell me enclosure recommendation for my sub's?
Car stereo questions? what to get?
What does the Bazooka powered amp look like & how do I install it?
how do i hardwire an mp3 player to my 98 mercedes c280?
B.Y.O.B oyea?
I have 01 ford expedition stereo has no bass output and rear sub doesnt work is there mayb fuse blown?
Need help choosing an amplifier and a box for 2 12" subs?
my friend gots a 94 honda accord lx tryin to install a stereo but....?
Why does my car radio doesnt come on?
need help with installation of subs and amp?
do i need a wiring harness if i am going to put a new stereo into a chevy colorado 05?
Can a 4 ohm speaker work where a 2 ohm speaker was?
why are there 2 sets of rca inputs on my amp?
how can i connect ipod with my honda accord 2007 (japan spec) car stereo ?
500 watt rms amp to power a 300 watt rms sub?
I need help with my subs!?
Car cigarette lighter?
Woofer vs. subwoofer?
iPod hook up not working in my car. Help?
Kicker L7 not loud?
What amplifier do i need i have two twelves?
Sound system setup help...RMS Of speakers vs. Amp?
Key code for grundig car radio 2002 please help?
how big of amp can you run before you should get a seperate battery?
Has anyone bought a Dual XDMR7700 CD Player for their car. How do you like it?
i have two 600watt boss subs. what is the best size amp to use to get max performance?
What is the best car subs and amp?
What brand of car stereo w/ an MP3 player has the best performance for its price?
Can turning your subwoofer mess up your car?
what is the best bass package out there for my budget!? please help 10 points!?
i have two audiobhan 12's rms 1100 a piece. what type of amp should i use?
help with dual 12" sub box -- Please help!?
Why does my car keep dying??
List songs that will show off my subwoofers?
what does aftermarket mean?
If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?
What kind of amp should i get?
looking for a web site that sells complete car audio systems?
1992 Buick Regal won't start, and when it does, it stalls shortly thereafter?
how can i unlock theftlock radio code?
Does anyone have a TOMTOM gps navigator?
will this do? how will it sound? will it work for rap music and stuff like that?
how do i wire up my subs to my amp?? i have 2 250 watt subs and a boss 1000w 4 ch amp?
will i need a new battery with this system ?
where can i buy cheap car accessories online?
What is a good Alpine amp for two Alpine Type R 12"?
Your Open Question: Can a Kicker 750.1 push 2 12s Kicker Cvrs?
I would like to know how to add a subwoofer to my system, please go through the rest of the question.?
What is the best car stereo system out there right now?
Why no sound from my car amplifier?
how to install 2 car stereos?
How can I run speaker wires under my dashboard in a 1991 cadillac eldorado.?
I want to get a job or own a business professionally hooking up car audio equipment?
2004 Kia Optima Radio not working?
How to use my mp3 player in my car?
Which new car has the best sound system?
Amplifier suggestions?
how good are these speakers?
Is a 250w amp kit okay for a 200w subwoofer?
Ford Transit Radio Code.. Please Help!?
How do you change radio fuse 2002 chrysler voyager?
I am looking for 2 subwoofers that I can fit in my hatchback that the box takes up as little space as possible
How hard would it be to install this radio dock in my truck?
Is a subwoofer a dog that lives in the basement?
What niose will a speaker make if its blown?
1 12" t1 or 2 15" p3's?
what are the color codes from a radio for a 2004 chrysler 300m?
are car stereo's hard to put in?
New stereo head unit? or amplifier?
2nd battery for audio?
Power Acoustik or Kenwood Amp? Which one will really put out more power?
wire colors for 93 nissan pathfinder in dash stereo and amp?
best car stereo set up for 1200 dollars?
New speakers, no sound?
Dual 400 watts xpe2700 installation?
Which wiring kit to choose for crunch amp?
what k box is in a massey ferguson 698?
can an active sub be linked up to other subs and/or amps?
if i have 2 12' alpine type r's with 500w rms each would a kenwood 900w rms x 1 at 2 ohms work well together?
Trailblazer 05 CD Player Not Working...?
reserve or max amp power?
Headunt Wiring Harness in Truck has no power?
Car Radio - Ford F-150 - Want to use Aux Jack with MP3 Player?
how do you unlock a car radio in a 1998 LaSebra?
How many rca cables needed for 4 channel amp ?
would 2 kicker l5 15s be better than 2 fosgate p3 15s? i would have them on 500 rms a piece?
I have 3 amps in my car how do I hook up another battery ???
looking for a bluetooth car kit help?
Do I have to replace my all my audio components if I switch out my stock Ford head unit?
Can you remove a remote car starter and reinstall in a new car?
i am purchasing dual JL audio 10W6v2 subs and i want to know what amp i should get with them?
Need help with a dual battery install ?
i hooked up my amplifier and still i have no power to it what am i doing wrong?
What are the best speakers to buy for a 2002 Honda Civic coupe?
Where can I get this cable for my car speakers?
Installing A Car Stereo On A Chevy Caprice!! Need Help!!!?
i have 4 18' sub's and i was wondering why it is still quiet. (20,000watts) i have it on full all the time?
What kind of amp would you need to push a 12" Audioban Flame series?
Would a 600 watt amp be alright for a 500 watt rms subwoofer?
I need help to decide buy a Subwoofer.?
i want a sub woofer in my pick up truck?
how do I get rid of engine noise in my car stereo?
Which is better if i wired my 4 ohmn cvr 15's parallel or series?
cheap car speakers??????????
Could I connect a larger Sub and Amp to my Stock subwoofer in my Civic?
Do i need a capacitor?
can any 1 giv me some advise on a sub and amp for my car im looking 4 sum seriouse bass?
Building a sub box?
Can someone tell me how to hook my PC and/or Zune to my stereo sound system?
stereo intalation?
Subwoofer set up in a prius?
has anyone bought off of
Great System???
i take my car winered colou, my wife daughter wnt to chne colour?
how do i install a amp into a factory car cd player?
how do you change the radio in a 1997 nissan maxima?
I have a power t10001 bd amp and t2 Rockford subs with a duralast battery ?will my lights dim?
i want to play my iphone music on my car i have a 2004 Hyundai elentra? what can i use?
What size speakers does a 1997 Toyota Avalon have?
I am getting 2 kicker cvr 12" have a rms of 500 and max 800 watts. What size 2 channel amp do I need?
What's the point of turning your bass up so loud all you hear is a dull boom?
need subs with good rms and peak power that can handle my amp fine?
Is Pyle a good sub woofer brand name?
how much are they worth?
box size for pair of 12" subs?
What sounds good with 4 channel amp for inside and mono amp for subs. what you recommand for a good set .?
why is my system "clipping" or distorting?
which will have better effect in jbl , base tube or subwoofer?
What fuses do I need for my 2002 Suziki Swift to get the Cig lighter and radio to work?
I have a 2008 Silverado with the factory navigation?
Why does a car manufacturer charge $2000 for a navigation system when you can buy one in the store for $250?
Is it possible to install a Pioneer AVIC-D3 in a 1999 Mazda Protege?
how do i know if there is the right girl out there for me?
two sony xplod amps wondering if my alternator and battery is powerful enough to handle?
Car stereo and speakers.. which brand i should go for?
I want REALLY good bass in my car and im lost in what i need to get?
Can i download my audio books on my new kindle even if i dont have a audio acount?
how do you reset renault scenic radio after error appears?
I need advice on building 6x9 speaker boxes but do not want them sealed? Do not like the sound!!?
Would a low quality head unit with a good quality 4-channel amp cause distortion and bad sound quality?
How do I wire 2 of the Rockford Fosgate T1 2ohm Subs to 2 ohms?
What makes the bass in a car?
will my amplifier and sub combination work bridged? What setup should I use w/ these?
How to wire 2nd car battery?
Car Head Units: Difference between these Kenwood heads?
Running amp power through firewall grommet... '95 Grand Marquis?
answers to round 5 challenge 8?
4 ohm sub , bridged on 2 channel amp ?
two 10" subs or one 12" sub?
Is it possible to put a OEM Chevy Bose Touchscreen CD/mp3/nav into a 94 impala ss?
looking for a good sub and amp?
What is the difference between these subwoofers?
What Would be the best amp or amps for my set up?
What are the best speakers for quality but are not terribly high priced?
Subs smell warm sill pretty new?
i need an amp to push a 15"?
100 watt amp blows fuses why? whats your guess?
how do I remove the rear door panels from a 2005 subaru outback?
What do you think about Tecvox mobile video monitors?
Fan website for mr earl the prize man school mall copyrights?
Capacitor or Extra Battery?
1999 Mercury Cougar radio wiring diagram?
is there any way to use my ipod in my car??
1700 rms watt amp ok for 100 amp alternator?
what store would sell Cassette Tape Adapter?
want to buy second hand e700 pionner head unit any one think where might pick one up at cost?
What is the difference between these 2 amps?
I accidentaly a word?
Opinions on jbl and infinity subwoofer?
How much electricity does it take to power an aftermarket car stereo?
Car stereo problem. Radio has no sound?
Refurbished subwoofer purchase?
I am trying to buy a CD receiver and a couple of speakers for my car and only have $250, what can i get?
help on the sub box port hole?
2 12s kickers help on the box?
How loud is a 900W car subwoofer?
What is needed to connect an MP3 player to a 2006 PT cruiser audio system please?
where do i run the hot wire through the fire wall for my amp in a 2004 lancer?
can toyota celica(2005) play 4 different songs at a time seem 2 have problems when raidin with my chick n broz
what is the car stereo radio wiring diagram for nissan sentra 2002 SE-R?
can anyone suggest some good hip-hop or rap songs with good bass.?
I think I stuck a needle in my finger, how do I get the bleeding to stop?
What is the best car receiver for me?
is there a way to connect my ipod to my car stereo in my new focus?Stereo radio/CD – Model 6000CD?
is this sound system worth it ?? plz help and tips?
How long do you have to hold down the source button on a pioneer cd player DEH-P59501B to make it turn off?
Why is my car sub not hitting as hard as usual? PLEASE READ!!!!!!?
Ok to have car subwoofers and tweeters in same enclosure?
radio wiring diagram for 1991 ford taurus sho?
What is some good Sub-woofer music to play in the car?
will a 1700rms amp blow 1500rms subs?
sub box brands?
what sub should i get???????? :)?
what's the best sound system can I get for a new Mustang GT?
Best MP3 storage device that I could plug it into my car stereo?
what is the hole in the right back corner in the deh-p470mp head unit?
does ford make a satellite ready raido???
i have a 96 jeep what kind of speaker would be best and what size are those i want some power?
is my amp good enough for my C.O.M.P. Dvc subs?
Advice in buying a sat nav?
I need to replace the cd player in my 200 nissan sentra?
I am looking for some serious bass, what subwoofers should I get?
How do you install a CD player in a 2002 Eclipse? I read that you have to bypass the amp and run new wire.?
Fosgate 12" sub or Kenwood 12" sub?
Why is there no sound from car speakers after installing aaftermarket radeio?
2 L7 better in sealed or 3.9 vented box?
I am installing some Alpine components in my 2000 jetta, where do I place the crossover in the door cavity?
Which is better Kicker audio vs. Memphis car audio?
Car Audio Speakers?
Capacitor connecting question???
Help with Amplifier Setup?
what watt amp should i use?
Which Wheel Looks Better?
which of them is the best rear speaker for my ford figo?
what is a good brand of subwoofers?
This Is The Easiest Question I Ever Asked!! So Easy Its A No-Brainer (If U Want A Easy 10 Points Answer!!!)?
my harness wire orange/white touched metal creating a spark and made dash light go off?
has anybody herd of Cadence audio? and r the better than orion?
Where can I fix my car tape deck at a reasonable price?
My Kenwood Deck USB keep's Reading Problem?
What's a good transmitter to play an ipod/iphone in my car?
How long would it take...?
espace wires for radio?
Do I need extra equip to rec Sirius radio with my JVC KD-G310 in-dash unit?
what is the website for dual audio?
Should I get a GPS Navigator? Afraid someone may steal it?
Digital Designs Subwoofers.... good, bad?
What amp should i get for my 2 sony xplod 12s 1200 watts?
anyone have a cb-radio?
can a VHF antenna be used on a CB radio?
Is there a smaller speaker box I can put in my 99 honda civic?
question about my 2004 Chevy Cavalier??
best sound and durability: alpine or JL or do you reccomend somethin else?
Will this amp be good with my subs?
Which is better - Sony Xplode or Piioneer for my Skoda Octavia?
my car speakers arent working?
which type of subwoofers?
Why are my lights dimming?
Help with code for Opel radio Philips CAR 400?
what are the best car speakers for a good price?
240w stereo 1 40 x 4 alpine 4 channel 1 1000w 2 channel how do i hookup 4 great 6x9s and 2 10s and one 12 sub?
is 25hz a good tuning for a sub woofer box?
i have 2 15" subwoofers 2200 watts a peice. what amp should i use?
does big sub woofers make you burn a lot of gas?
Car Stereo Won't Work Without Subs?
What amp and sub is top of the line?
has anyone converted the XM satelite radio to Sirius radio?
will a 500w rms amp over power 2 12" kickers at 150rms each?
How can i hook up my subs and rears to a deck that share a sub/rear output?
A.C. smoke Detector,have you installed one?
im getting a system 4 my single cab silverado. w3 12s or type r 12s?
Need Help real bad, radio harness cut off and need help finding what goes where.?
Can i use the stock amp with a sub and how ?
what amp should i get?
how would i power my car audio set up?
How do i connect a car subwoofer to my home theatre system?
can you hook up subwoofer to ford factory radios?
How much more battery does playing loud music use?
How do i fix my car radio?
What kind of amp should I use with 2 12" bazooka BW1224's??
2 L7's or 2 soundstream tarantula t5's 15inch, both in a probox!?
new sub adv?
Why does my amplifier is keeping shutting off?
I want to build my car's audio system piece-by-piece, how should I do it?
keeping my headunit, can i still install a amp and sub?
im tring to put in a new cd player into my 1986 i roc z carmaro and need help on what wires go to what?
Why wont my car amplifer work!?
What is an MP3 radio?
what kind of speakers will fit where 6x6's used to be, i need to know?
On a sub is it better to have more OHM's or less?
How do i figure out if my subs are dual 4 ohms or single 4 ohms?
How can I get my iPod to play through front and rear speakers using RCA? Currently, only the rear works.?
Need and amp to work with the Dual 4 ohm Kicker CVX subwoofer, any suggestions?
code needed for 4000 RDS radio?
Is there a fee for the use of a GPS system in a vehicle?
Songs to test out sub system?
Speakers cut out when roll down windows?
What is the best way to make my car stereo iPod compatiable?
What kind of subwoofers should I get?
can anybody suggest a music system and speakers chevrolet SPARK car?
Ford Focus Radio Code?
What is W/R for my car stereo?
Is my audio system eating my car batteries..?
is BLAUPUNKT a good brand for car stereos and speakers?
how do i wire my 4 ohm dual voice subs to get the 2 ohm load from the amp?
I need the code for ford radio 6000cd serial number m011181 can any one help please?
where can i hook up my remote wire?
What does it mean when...?
i need the wiring diagram for a 1992 honda accord stereo for free?
What do i do if I want to get an aftermarket 6 disk in-dash CD changer?
Please compare the specs of these 2 car speakers and tell me which is best and why?
I have two powerbass S-12s i would like to know how exactly they are wired.?
How many channels and watts should I have for great bass that wont blow anything for two Alpine SWR subs?
Do I need to upgrade my vehicles electrial system?
car stereo wiring?
what all do i need for a sound system in my truck?
Sound system for a 98' Dodge Neon?
How cab I change my pic on my itouch 4g?
my speakers wont work!! help please?
what is the best car in the world?
What diff would it make to put an amplifier for normal speakers in a car?
Does anyone out there know?
I have a cd stuck in a 2004 PT Cruiser stock radio/cd player. How do I get it out?
Would a car lighter USB adapter work in my vehicle?
subwoofer wiring diagram question?
what amp do i need for 2 kicker l7's the square ones they r 4 ohm dual voice coil 1000 watts peak and 750 rms
The right speakers for a downfire box?
what does it mean when ur car cd player says E2 and does not wanna play any cd's anymore? And how can i fix it
1100 watt subs, 1200 watt amp, good or bad?
what kind of subs should I get for massive bass?
What exactly do i need for a car sound system?
Can You scrap a magnet from an old subwoofer?
how can i put speakers in a car?
What would be a good amp to get for my subs?
Wiring A Sub With No Amp?
Radio code for my mondeo serial number is V020633?
i have a 2006 ford focus and here recently it won't play a cd. it says it is a bad disc?
can't find the factory amp 2000 oldsmobile silhouette minivan?
Car audio help! Broken?!?
Double din for 98 dodge ram?
I need help running 4 12's on a 1800 watt mono amp.?
Which sub is better for my setup?
can i run a starmate replay sirius radio reciever through my tape deck?
I need help on buying a capacitor for a system?
Can someone help me with my car audio system?
car stereo help?
Is the Rockford fostgate p8002 strong enough to push 3 punch hx2 15's?
What does a tape deck exactly do?
how to connect an MP3 player to cd player in the car?
Which of the charaterstics can be played with on a DOHC motor but not a SOHC?
Why does my subwoofer's wires burn out?
I need a website for a stero manual. eclipse esn 56050.?
ported or non ported?
rebate check i didnt get from the dmv?
Where is the best place to buy a radar detector?
how do u break in a subwoofer?
Hi I just recently got a 2nd hand honda civic 2006 canadian specs here in UAE & Deeply need the Radio codes?
Will my 2004 Honda Accord LS play DVD+R's?
Clio stereo with sub/amp?
Is it safe to connect an iPod to my car stereo?
Can you hook subs up to a stock cd player??
Remote Connection in an Amp?
i have a spliced wire coming from a hole in the ceiling two white wires two black wires and two grounds how?
Crunch PZA2000.1 2000 Watt ?
Capacitor for car audio, yes or no?
how to put cd's in a trunk 6 disc cd changer for a 2002 bmw?
What are the best speakers for both quality and bass? ?
Can i blow up my speakers by Hooking them up to my amp?
i have started new business of car speakers please tell me which car tape i have to purchase for demo?
hifonics 1608d - what have i done wrong?
I got a new batterey on my 1994 truck and my stero is lock out! Does any one know how i can unlock it?
how can i listen to music in my car with my mini USB?
What does a bass cap do? Do I need one?
how do you make a car stop rattling when you have a audio system?
Why won't my car cd player play more than 18 tracks?
Name of Car Component?
Does anyone know why the internal fuses on my amp keep blowing?
how do i take out the stock 97 honda accord stereo?
Wth my amp isnt really pushing my sub?
Best Budget Subwoofers? 12"?
Car amplifier in "Protect" mode.?
How do Audiobahn Immortals sound?
is this site legit, general speaker question about prices..?
neighbors have loud music in the home and car, my house vibrates from the loud music. what can be done?
What type of subs should i get for my car?
radio head unit for vw jetta 2000?
What exact amp do i need to power 2 SVC 4 ohm 400w rms subs? Like how much rms does it need to have?
My subs are acting weird?
help!!! what is a 12vpower terminal, trying to install car stereo?
Help with remote wire to amp?
if i have three 12inch subwoofers (kickers) @ 4ohms /300w...each. will they sound good?
how many watts is the alpine 3554?
Is it possible to have a CD player and a Cassette player both installed in the same car?