Car Audio

My hifonics amp making noises?
how can i put 4 subwoofers in my trunk?
Sub wiring diagram help?
unlock security code for Kenwood NDX7120 double din T.V?
My p3 sub sounds like a piece of ****, whats wrong?
My car audio reciever (audio head unit) face plate has weird spots on the surface. how should i clean it?
Why the pre sub is not working in my sony XRF5100?
Removing and installing a new cd player for Ford Escape?
Which of these is the best AMP?
extreme bass in truck?
Which companies system is best for car? sony or kenwood or blaupunkt?
What are some things you can excel in for car audio in college?
Best Amplifier for Subwoofers?
What are the best means to connect an IPOD to my car radio (CD Player) ?
is this subwoofer a good one i just bought it and wanna know if it will be loud and sound good or not?
What amp should i get with these speakers?
would a gm series 760 watt amp pioneer go good on a jl audio 15'?
How do you put in two 12" sub-woofers in a pickup truck and what other equipment do you need>?
I need help in deciding on my front speakers?
Best sub for rock/alternative music?
new songs with good bass?
My speakers sound absolutely terrible!?
whats the best type of amp for my sub?
Do i need an amp for my speakers?
subwoofer box...use a double sub box for one subwoofer?
Should I get a second sub for my car?
how do i find the stereo serial number without removing the stereo from my ford fiesta?
Having Urgent Amp Issues!?
Can I buy an amplifiers even though I don't have subwoofers?
Good car stereo w/ iPod?
Is $800 a good price to buy and install 4 Kenwood 6.5 speakers, a 10" sub and JL 360 + JL 250 amps?
can a VHF antenna be used on a CB radio?
What are some good car audio subs? (kicker, Pioneer, Rockfordfosgate)?
Ford F150 new stereo install?
Question about MoJo sub w/ cheater Amp?
has anyone converted the XM satelite radio to Sirius radio?
My sub stopped working?
Is it possible or how can I fix my sub?
How to Install my speakers/ 12'' sub into amp and as well as my amp.?
How to adjust alpine amp to kicker subs?
Kicker vs Kenwood vs Sony which amp should i buy?
what kind of box should i use?
which subwoofer would have better quality sound??
how to use sat nav on my cd player?
what kind of amp wiring kit should i get?
i cant remember the car brand name!?
Can anyone suggest a car cd player?
Sterio wiring diagram?
JL 13W7s, Kicker L7s, Premiers?
how would this amp match with these subs?
when i play music in my car as i turn it up it les do i need to replace the speakers or the radio or both
how do you know when an car antenna wire is bad without removing anything from the car?
how to hood up an aftermaketradio to a aftermarket amplifier?
How can I unlock my honda accord stereo from the aint theft system?
Should I Buy Itouch 2nd Or 4th gen?
what is the connector on the outside of a sub box called?
txx apx 15in audiopipe good item?
How would you rate the MTX 12" Terminator Subwoofer System ?
What's the best subs and amp I can get for cheap?
Pioneer AVH-P6600DVD Ipod connections?
will this be a worth it sub upgrade?
Need help connecting amp to head unit?
Is this amp powerful enough to power these subs?
Why won't my subs work?
Well... Everytime my neighbor starts up his car or unlocks it or something Im not sure, it...?
Can somebody please recommend a strong powerful amp along with a pair of subs that are booming loud?
what is a car?
What kind of amp would i need for a kicker 11s15l72?
what is the best subwoofer?
have connected a new stereo to an 05 vw golf.Reconnected battery and steering and airbag light are still on?
How to Wire A Rockford/Fosgate 800A4 AMP?
How long will a car radio installation take?
will 6x9 speakers act as "mini-subs"?
Does audiopipe make good quality subwoofers?
Why won't some cd's play in my car stereo?
Hofner bass and bass amps?
enclosure help for my alpine type R. what should i get?
I have a 1998 Ford Taurus with a busted radio!!?
Some help with my Sendai CD788 CD player??
What type of subwoofers and amps are truely the best sounding?
Best way to connect amp/subs with stock stereo/radio 1999 Toyota Camry.?
Which is best headphone for laptop?i want best quality i want good bass and good stereo.?
MA Audio HK4000D?
I need the colors for the radio wires on a 1995 ford probe. can anyone tell me them.?
engine noise help!?
Is the Hifonics BXi1608D strong enough to push my subs?
overheating in car amp?
what is best car audio forum?
if a car was doing 135mph.?
sub under powered? blown?
Hifonics HFi2500D vs. Alpine MRP-M2000?
How many watts to components if I'm running 1000 watts to my subs?
needing some help?
i have a 2000 ford focus se with factory cd stereo there's no rca outputs how can i hook up my amp to it?
question about car amplifiers?
can i use power cable as ground cable??
Car amplifier bridged question?
Alpine swr 12d2 blown after a week?
Best way to wire up an amp where the stereo has no remote wire?
What car amplifier for Two Fi BTL N2 15"s?
How do I remove my car stereo panel?
car customization?
i want to mount my 12in. sub on the rear shelf of my do i do it? any specific tools i need?
How do i change the amp LED?
Is it possible to use the DVD drive in the navigation unit in the 2007 Ridgeline RTL w/ Nav for dvd playback?
can i hook a remote wire to the rcc memory fuse?
Garmin nüvi 1350 or 1350T?
i have a sony cgx gt300 but the buttens on the faceplate other then power wont work. remote works though?
how do you remove the radio in an 05 chevy malibu classic?
Audio cd for the car?
What is the difference between these amps?
I have a 2003 gmc sierra ive had a sony video system installed with interface?
What do I need for a beginner CB Radio?
how many subs for my crew cab?
What is a good amp for my car? I have 2 12" Rockford fosgate punch P2.?
how to install speakers in an integra?
What is the purpose of the fuse that you place in-line between the battery and the amp?
What pioneer deck puts out the most volume?
How would you rate these amps in or as far as sound quality?
Very hot CD Player????
preout voltage question...?
Playing an Ipod without a tape deck?
I have a MTX Thunder Elite 1501D and a 3 farad capacitor running my ported L7 12" Why NO THUMP What do i need?
6x9 speakers?
Fix a torn rubber surrounding on a Digital Design sub?
Add headphone connections to existing car stereo????
Do you like stock or aftermarket car audio?
How do I find instructions for installation for a boa remote starter?
Do JVC headunits require a special USB cable?
Please help! I need an online stero manual?
Do 2005 chevy malibus have an AUX connection?
will my subs and amp drain my battery?
Whats up with my JVC Head Unit?
Stereo not working, need help!!?
Running 2 car subs on oax502?
How are amps drawn?
y do i have the need for speed?
whats the best song to drive to at night? or style of music?
how to bridge my amp?
Would it be bad to ground 4 different wires to the same location?
What size speakers from front to back are in a 1997 Chryler Sebring LXI hard top.?
cassette player in toyota camry?
Good 10" sub for around $100?
want a new radio system in my 97 grand marquis what should i look for? and/or need?
will this work with playing my iphone 4 thru my cassette player in my car?!?
Is there an adapter for a car charger that is too small to fit into the outlet?
I have 2 alpine type S 10 inch subs. will a alpine mrp-f250 run them?
what size gauge is your nose?
My car sterio has no memory?
two 12's vs a 15'' sub?
What kind of amp should i get for my subs?
apline or pioneer deck?
Aftermarket sound system?
GPS does and donts on buying one?
what does 45x4 mean in car radio terms?
Looking for an amp, please help 10 POINTS!!!?
What is the DIN size for a Chevrolet Optra 5?
which car deck/system is better?
How to connect my own subwoofer?
When I turn both subs on in my car they loose alot of bass but when I have one on it sound fine what's wrong?
How do I prevent my system from draining my battery?
how do you make a car stop rattling when you have a audio system?
How is car AUDITOR speakers & amplifier and FOCAL subwoofer?
I just bought an in dash DVD player for my car How can I override the parking brake switch?
Whats better. a 5500 watt power acoustik amp or a 5500 watt boss amp?
where do i tap a ground for my indash dvd player to always be on even when i am driving?
list of 15" car subwoofers?
I have a 1997 nissan maxima and it has the bose systom in it?
ma audio hk4000d amp?
would anyone recomend a crossover for my system in my car.?
What audio deck do I get for a 2001 dodge ram 1500?
Orion or JL? Im looking for the best bass produced.?
Subwoofers cut in and out?
10' Dayton Sub, Boss Riot Amp?
Why do my Alpine amps go into protection mode?
Where can I get a box for an 18inch subwoofer?!?
i need a wiring diagram for a 93 chevy astro van?
advice before going to the car dealership?
Does anyone know the speaker size for a 1998 Dodge Neon 2Dr Coupe? It doesn't say in the manual.?
i am trying to install a pioneer radio in my 95 cadillac concours!!!!?
Rap songs with alot of bass?
What is a good wattage for a car stereo?
nissan figaro radio expander?
How many watts can I run off a 220 amp Alternator?
whats a good car system?
What is the difference between anti-lock brakes and non anti-lock brakes?
Would this set up sound good in a car, or would I need another amp for the door speakers?
after replacing post on my battery my car stereo would not load and play?
what kind of amp do i need if im running two NOS8 bazooka tube?
Subwoofers and Amps, best place to buy online and offline.?
what size gauge is your nose?
Where can I find a decent car stereo system for not too much?
What is the best subwoofer enclosure design software?
What is the best device to use to keep my headlights from dimming when the bass hits?
How to power a car amp in my room?
Best way to play iPod in a Car?
What kind of amp should i get?
If I run 2 subs to a mono amp rated at 500 x1rms, do both speakers get 500 watts?
can a kenwood kac-821 power two 12' Sony Xplod subwoofers?
What does wattage mean when talking about car speakers.?
does a traffic ticket for loud music count as a point on your driving record?
Why won't my car radio play my cds?
Name as many exotic sports car as you can please?
best gps for least money?
i want to put 3 10" subs in a sealed box downfire silverado?
Where can I find a Subwoofer box to fit inside of a chevrolet s10 pickup regular cab.?
question about guitar amplifiers?
can bad wiring cause the amp to overheat?
My car stereo says mp3/wma compatible, wat exactly does this mean?
Where can I find a dvd in dash player for my car?
any good company selling car stereos?
Help with amp settings?
Why are my subwoofers barely hitting?
Alpine mrp-m1000 or pdx 500/1?
has anyone out there ever seen a 45rpm record player in a car?
what size ohm amp do i wire one 4 ohm speaker to?
I am looking for a good reasonably priced sat nav system (uk), what do you have and how do you rate it?
How do I hook up both amplifiers to the same subwoofer?
How would i get schooling for car stereo repair?
i forgot to disonnect the negative terminal from my car battery and sparks went flying!?
is a hifonics brutus bxi1206d 1-ohm stable?
Cassette stuck in radio?
Are Kicker Comp Subs Good?
will this setup work or not?
2006 F-150 car stereo removal?
I want to thank those who answered my question about a loud growling noise in my f-150. It was bad alternator?
which are better car speakers?
Why is my subwoofer volume so low?
98 blazer speaker install?
I've got car speakers, I know what amp I need... What else will I need to set it all up?
How to run Amp Kit in 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
can i use speaker wire as electrical wire in a car?
Subwoofer setup I'm thinking about buying?
How to rig my car stereo, ghetto style?
I have two 15 Memphis subs and a 3000 watt amp it sounds good inside but you can't even here it outside help?
I just baught Sirrius Radio, sound issue?
car cigarette lighter socket wont work but the fuse seems to be o.k. what else could it be. cant charge tomtom?
What's a good High Output Alternator for a Chevy 1990 454 SS single cab truck?
building a custom sub enclosure?
How can i spend my £200?
DD1508 paired with a hifonics glx1800.1d.?
I am looking for an AUX adapter for my 2006 honda civic can anyone help me? PLEASE HELP!!?
Can someone please give me a link on "all about subwoofers"?
what kind of amp is needed to power a kicker l7 12:?
what is the best radar detector on the market?
Two 15's Rockford Fosgates Deal?
Does anyone know how to connect an Ipod to a 4G (2006-2007) Eclipse?
Please can somebody help me find my ford ka radio code? serial M 036319. Thanks!?
what is the code to a unlock the radio to a 2000 mitsubishi diamonte?
How much would it cost to get my front speakers fixed in my car?
Will overpowering a sub by 75 watts RMS blow it?
Kicker dx500 amplifer to power 2 10" cvrs?
Will this amp work with these box speakers?
how do i remove a 2002 mazda millenia head unit?
can i run 2 12"subs with a 1300watt Class D Monoblock Amplifier??
What will be the car audio price for 2Din?what will be the car audio price for 2 Din?
Is it bad to hook up a negative(ground) without a positive?
I need the stereo wiring diagram for a 2004 Honda civic.?
What its the best sub box for 2 12's alpines type r, a vented or a bandpass?
Best box setup for a Polk Audio MM1040 10"?
I have a Pioneer AVIC-D2 How can I search for an Address without pulling over and putting on the Brake?
Audioque 2200 vs massive audio d5000 vs orion hcca d5000?
To the Honda Owners?
would a 1200 watt brutis amp be good for 2 mxt 12s in a terminator box?
Double din car stereo to single din?
which Car audio would suit my merc c class?
Would this subwoofer set up work in my car?
Sony sub-woofer XS-GTX120LW vs XS-GTR120L. Which is better?
Putting in a car audio system and need help.?
what is a Farad Capacitor used 4.?
how do i get rid of motor noise in my speakers??
I need to recharge my a/c unit but dont know where to do it. please help?
Where is the best place to mount a car amp?
Do you have to pay for another subscription when you add another XM radio?
will my 2003 cadillac dhs radio need a secondary xm radio antena?
does anyone know or have any info about 1969 ford ltd , would like some web sites for dashes ,radios?
Best cheapest sub out there for 150 a pair?
low battery?
how to wire my car speakers?
What touchscreen navigation system should I buy?
how much are these subs worth?
whats everyones dream car?
Is it good to have 2 subwoofers running off 2 amps?
97 jeep grand cherokee factory stereo, need to know if there is outputs on back for after market amplifier?
Why wont my amp turn off?
Car Stereo Speaker Installation Question?
how much would i get for my amp?
Best way to hook up two ,2ohm dvc subs?
18 guage wire?
how to hood up an aftermaketradio to a aftermarket amplifier?
How To Take My Speaker/Amp Wires Out Of My Car?
Do these subs go with this amp well?
in dash stereo with an auxillary output?
How can you take a dent out of a subwoofer center cone?
Subwoofer help!?
who is sellin subwoofers in olathe under $100?
I have no sound from my rear speakers and when i bought new ones and installed them still no sound any ideas?
2 12 Kicker CVR's or 2 12 Rockford Fosgate P3's?
i was looking for some 12 or 15" subwoofers. which do you recommend that bump hard?
What is a good 12 inch sub woofer and amp combination?
I have a XHDR6435 car stereo made by Dual.?
Car Audio - Sub woofers- Amp Help please need system advice?
where is my bang?
What could have happened to my radio reception after having body work done, espec. losing NYC FM&AM channels?
The am/fm radio in my 1992 dodge caravan stopped working, how do I fix it?
What is my amp worth?
What stereo system would be best for a 94 ford bronco?
What size speakers go in a 2006 Honda CR-V?
what is a good amount of watts on an amp if you are connecting 2 1000 watt subwoofers???
I need Radio code to operate audio radio Mercedese benz actros truck 4141model 2008 Ch no wdanhcaa18l318567?
what can i use to stop my battery from dying when playing my Audio system in my car when the engine is off?
Car amplifier wont power on?
what does it mean when a car amplifier says mosfet? and what does it mean when it says acoustik?
How to get my sub and amp working?
Does it matter what type of guitar or amp I buy?
What get for NEW2012 alpine type r?
i'm having trouble getting my cd player to work in my toyota hiace van 86 model. what the problem?
RCA cables amplifier wiring?
How do I hook up a car stereo in a 84 chevy c10?
What speakers are the best to put in your car if you want it to really bang?
my speakers wont work!! help please?
Infinity vs. Fosgate vs. Polk Audio 6x9 3-way?
Car cassette player help?
Can you install sub woofers back to back?
does a farad capacitor help with not taking so much power out of the car battery?
how can i find out what my 97 jeep cherokee stock speaker watts are?
Where on line can you get free wiring diagram for Radio in a 1991 Chevy Camry?
I have a 12 disk pioneer cd changer in my car can it play mp3s.?
2600 watts 1000rms 2 ohm speaker how big of a amp?
Where to get an amplifier for my car speakers?
What do you think of...10 points?
One sub hits harder than two subs?
how to hook up subwoofers to in a truck?
Car sub's in the house?
what is a Farad Capacitor used 4.?
the first do you have this page in enpanish?
What's Better for a 2000 watt amp 4 Gage or 0 Gage?
Is there really a difference with Speaker Wire?
amplifiers 800w @ 2 ohm?
How do I change my clock on my Pioneer deh 2000mp?
I have 2 subwoofer of 10" hvng load of 8 ohms with a peak power of 260 watts n rms of 130 each?
Does anyone here if I run 2 wires from my 09 chevy cobalt stock radio ports to the radio control switch if the?
What do i set the LPF to on my amp. it says 50hz-250hz?
Will my subs work with this amp? Or is there a better option? Need Help please?
can any one give me a website for a owners manual of an audiophase car cd player model ca711 made in 2001?
Has anyone tried to install Ma audio 2 12s on a 1996 ford mustang?
What car brand name supplies the best bass for speakers?
Do I have a bad voice coil?
What Car Stereo Setup Should I get?
Song or bass test song that will blow my subs needed pronto?
about subwoofers?
How do you install a system in a car?
What Amp and Subs should i buy?
are this subs good?which is the best one?
How does one find the frequencies that an iTrip transmits on?
Killer stereo system for car?
hi everyone , forgive the ignorance but.....?
whats $3.95 x 52? please help?
What kind of subwoofer should i get?
What size amp would I need to run two 12 inch kicker comps?
What parts do I need to install an aftermarket cd plAyer in a Chevrolet Colorado?
What do i need to put in my car to heard the bass?
How can I make my subwoofers louder without hurting them?
Iif it was a fuse wouldn't my stereo not turn on at all?
Sub and Amp?
What is the true power of subwoofer/speaker with specificatins: Norm .40 W , 240W Maximum?
I recently purchased a Saab 9-5 Aero 2003. I need to replace the HK subwoofers. Where can I find them?
What AMPLIFER should I get for my subwoofers?
does anyone knows a manual that can tell me how to?
is there a site for free view of instruction manual for d db 1200 amfm cd receiver?
Can I somehow use my home theatre speakers in my car? ?
How much would just the labor cost to install a some what high tech car security system?
Why doesnt my car radio play the new cd's that i just burned?
Is there gold in old car radio's?
I used "'s" enclosure/port calclatr how did port length come out2more than my overall box length?
Help!! I need to know what is the best vehicle for me.?
plz answer my question?
Which car sound system set up?
Do you face a sub forwards or back in the trunk.?????
I have 4 15" subs dvc 2 ohms stable, what is the best way to wiring them up.?
how do i remove a cassette player from a 96 Peugeot 106?
i run a cb in my car, but it picks up the engine noise, what can i do to stop getting that noise.?
Infinity Speakers - Difference?
Will these Kicker subs hit hard?
Ford Ka radio code required?
Why does my remote wire create a problem?
My 95 Jaguar vdp radio won't work. what is wrong?
Good amplifier for these subwoofers?
Question about choosing speakers.?
car repair speakers on back don't work?
which is a better amp the kicker kx 2500.1 or the mtx ta92001?
Need help with L Port Sub Boxes?
is ther any way to lower a car amp's output?
Wiring up a new head unit to an old volvo 700 series stock amp?
Does this CD deck fit my 1993 Ford Ranger XLT?
is there a manual eject of a cd on the JVC KD-S30 CD player?
I have paid 336 monthly for a car now I'm in default, can I stop the repo?
i just installed a new radio and have some issues?
What is the best car stereo system that money can buy?
Subwoofer Comparison?
Make sub louder how to?
What size box should i make for my situation ?
How do i fix my subwoofer?
How Much?
can you hook up 2 10" kicker and 15" kicker to one amp?
Just got my amp and subs installed yesterday. After 2 hours of cruising they both felt hot.?
Car radio wiring help needed ASAP?
If 2 subs are 400 watts apiece, does that mean i need a 800 watt amp?
do i really need to pay $120 for a stereo wiring harness for my 2004 silverado?
three 12's and two 10's with boss 2000 watt 4 channel.stock head unit. Not getting power i want. Suggestions?
what is wrong with my amp?
what would make my car amp turn on and off...i have replaced the the breaker fuse, and the ring terminals?
Corroded channel on car amp?
which one is the best remote starter starter for my ford ranger 2004?
Will this Amp wire kit work well with my car amp?
does any 1 know where i can get a wiring diagram for my stock stereo in my 98 honda passport?
No sound after wired as diagram shows!?
can you bypass afuse in a wire going to the amp?
Question about installtion?
Is this amplifier ok for HIFONICS HFi12D4?
I need a sat nav system and have just found a decent deal on a Sony - are they any good? If not - what is???
I used a multimeter wo tune my amp, but my subwoofers sound like they're distorting?
Replacing Factory Stereo?
Need some help with my van radio?
Do you I need a extra battery or better alternator?
would one of them pioneer amps with 760 watts (-5200T) push my 15" L7 kicker with out over heating easily
800w qpower subs with 1000w nitro amp?
96 Accord EX, stock speakers, aftermarket system?
Amp for 4ohm DVC Alpine type r?
Is this a good sub/amp combo?
Where can i get a bass remote knob for my jensen a600hlx?
is jackhammer really the best speaker?
what brand is better?
Will this amp work with this subwoofer?
What are good subwoofers?
Mark bought 14 tapes, some priced at $6 each and the rest priced at $8 each. If he spent $94 altogether,?
are these enclosures any good?
can you plug american products into a german cars cigerette lighter socket?
Would it be better to have a bigger sub?
question about my subs?
Cd player help 97' cavalier?
What amp to get?
13.6v power supply to +12 input?
car audio sound system?
Can I use my head unit's sub-out pre outs for a 2-channel amp powering my front component speakers?
what are some good brands of car amplifiers?
how do i remove my factory radio on my 99 ford tarus?
What do i need for a good car sound system?
Want to buy a car in-dash.?
I recently purchased a 2002 grand am gt and I would like to put in a multiple cd changer. Any suggestions ?
Car stereo installation?
Ford Fiesta Ghia 2002 1,25L Radio Code please?
why do my tweeters keep blowing and does it have something to do with the amps?
Car audio component switching problem?
Do people really know what sound quality is?
Why is my subwoofer not working?
Where can I put a sub in my truck?
What do I need to do to install a Pioneer AVIC-F700BT in 2006 Audi A3?
oil pressure low at idle, normal at road speed.why? have new oil pump. 1978 f250 400m?
Car Audio: Clean & Crisp Splits?
Adding a second deep cycle battery for car audio system to existing stock battery?
anyone no the maximum sub depth for MTX Dual 12" Subwoofer Enclosure (BS212S)?
i need help unlocking my GM (RDL TYPE) factory radio?
What amp do i need to get?
I want a system for my car, but don't know much about this stuff...?
Why is it when i turn the volume up on my system the subs quit working (need help please)?
Do guys think it's cool or hot or whatever if a girl can drive ?
does the brand affect a sub or is it just the watts/rms?
How can i get my alpine cda 9853 cd player unjammed?
Car amp and sub, if i have 4 12'' runnin on one amp are they getting proper power?
Alternator help?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
Looking for keyless entry beep speaker or siren that is discreet.?
New stereo wont work?
I am looking for some serious bass, what subwoofers should I get?
kenwood kdc-x790?
can I connect a sub to a stock car deck?
battery or capacitor?
Can you power 2 JL Audio 12W3V3-2's to a JL Audio HD 750/1 Amp ?
Help me choose a car audio system.?
bandpass vs ported box?
JL Audio 12" W3v3 vs. 12" W0v3?
What is the best portable navigation system for the price... Tom Tom... Magellan?
How are these subs?
Car stereo skipping problems?
Audio in vs audio out?
whant is 3^3 =27 or 89?
What are the best 5x7/6x8 speakers at a good price?
I have jl system and need to have more power. Battery help!?
Another question which is better free air, enclosed speaker box or a ported speaker box for a 78 caprice trunk?
Car AUDIO?????????????????
subwoofers for siren?
radio code?? Please help?
Why does my car stereo stop functioning momentarily on uneven roads?
i need a new radio for my car, any suggestions?
5wire flat cable 14 or 16 type for installing speakers & led lights?
which subwoofers and speakers?
How can i tell when my kicker l7s are broken in?
Kicker zx750.1 Problem. Can you help?
Which subwoofer is right for me ?
anybody know where i can buy a box that will be compatible with two pioneer ts-w301r subs?
How big of a amp do I need for a L7 Kicker?
Code for Renault Clio CD player?
type r 10 or 12 sealed or ported?
How do I make my car sound like a ferrari, porsche or lamborghini?
Where to buy a car stereo wiring harness?
How do I get a CD that I have burned from an album to play in either my car or CD player?
Alpine Speakers?
speakers aren't working, what's wrong?
What is a good set for low bass twin subs less than MYR 2K for a Nissan Grand Livina?
Bamf 5500 trips protect when volume up. HELP!?
which car is better, a beettle or a honda?
How to make my system sound better HELP?
I have a 2001 pontiac grand am gt with factory stereo. It keeps saying check cd?
good cheap speakers for car?
Car subs wont play audio?
I have a portable DVD player to be installed in my van - where should I get it professionally installed?
Will I blow my factory speakers if I install an aftermarket deck?
Do they sell 0 gauge big three upgrade kits?
What color are the positive/negative speaker wires on a 2004 Nissan Sentra.?
How can I remove a nokia car kit from a MK5 golf?
Can someone help me with a car audio installation question?
1995 Chevy Lumina Speakers?
Questin about manual transmission?
What is a good car amp brand?
Will a 2100 amp produce 1700 watts easier than a 1700watt max?
does a 1995 geo prizm have a cd player ?
I wanna use a CB but I don't want to sound dumb?
Getting a new car
Which of these is the best speaker brand for car audio?
what kind of audio system should I get for my 2008 Impala ls?
What 2 subwoofers would work well with sony xplode 1000W?
Power issues on Kenwood KDC-MP342U Head unit.?
hi..i was wondering if any1 can give me info on how to break down the ohms on a subwoofer?
Is it possible to put subs in my 88 Jag xj6?
Car Amplifier question?
I have a hifonics Brutus 1200 watt RMS amp. Is it enough for a 10" hcca Orion sub?
My head unit fuse blown? HELP!?
I am running a Rockford Fosgate T1500-1BDCP at 8 ohm, the sub was too powerfull and drained battery. Is it ok?
what does this subwoofer wiring diagram mean?
where can i get cheap but good subwoofers 12" or more with amp and wires preferably enclosed Suggestions?
Which subwoofer is better?
What amplifier should I purchase?
how do you know what size compacitor to get for you car audio?
If I have coaxial speakers in my car, is there any benefit or detriment to adding a separate tweeter?
does anyone make a mercedes adpater that will fit an aftermarket stereo?
I'm wanting the baddest system I can put in my 07 classic ext. Cab. Suggestions? Expert only please!?
how to hook up a 2400 watt amp and 2 2000 watt subs?
whats the most bass a car can handle?
ford 6000 cd unlock code?
How to wire my kicker l7s 15s 4ohm to my hifonics 2400 monoblock 1 channel amp?
is it common for men to steal womens panties??
can i mount my amplifier onto my subwoofer box?
*N2Audio* any ideas on rubberized spray for enclosure?
Which speakers should I get for my car?
How do i connect 2 SVC 4ohm car subs to my home amp which is 8ohms.?
Can i fit 22 inch rims on a 2000 infiniti i30? Will this damage my transmission?
No sound coming out of speakers?
code for ford fiesta 3000 traffic stereo?
portable Satellite radio receiver?
whats the best stereo system for a hummer h2?
car audio voltage questions?
Can the new 2012 Alpine type R's actually handle 1000Rms power?
when an amp specs say it has for example 400w x4 channels what does that mean?
which sub performs better, a FI BL 12 or a memphis M3?
what speakers should i get for my car?
Subwoofer speaker wiring?
Whats are some good car subwoofers that will make my car bump?
89 Crown Vic Stereo Wire Colors?
where is the best place to order a cutsom mx6 subwoofer enclosure??
To those of you that drive cars with LOUD stereos...?
whats a cheap strong and light material that isnt made of any iron?
car CD player adapter kit and autoreverse problem!?
Headunit in truck radio not comeing in?
will 12" sony xplode subs fit in my sub box?
What size box should i make for my situation ?
Ok Need A lil Help With Wireing?
how do i program my remote for a viper car alarm 790xv?
Good solo sub-woofer for my car?
5"x7"/6"x8" Speakers or 5-1/4" Speakers?
What is your Favorite?
My Friend Says This Isn't Right. Experts?
Need a for sure answer....?
has anyone bought from a site called "the deep discount"they sell car & home audio items?
Will you get more bass/bump if you turn the subs inside out so they face the inside of the box/enclosure?
What amp should I get?
Need to know how to wire 4 ts-w3001d4's together in a box?
Installing my cd player in my car?
Do you have to be certified to work in audio installation department at best buy?
My amp isnt amplifying!?
I dont' know what to buy to put in my car...?
Sound System : Pioneer or JVC or Kenwood ?
I have a 1100w sony xplod sub woofee and a 600w sony xplod amp...what configuration do i use to hook up rca?
how do i install the Jensen VM-9411?
I need help running 4 12's on a 1800 watt mono amp.?
Only one kind of subwoofer works in car.?
What wire harness do I need for aftermarket JVC car radio?
i installed a amp in my car and it makes the antenna get a terrible signal how do i fix this?
Kicker or JL?
Car cd player with mp3 capabilities.... Can I burn mp3's as a data disc to put more tracks on the cd?
what kind of connection do i need to hook up for my playstation/in my truk to my tv in my radio?
Why does my stereo keep increasing in volume?
What is a good subwoofer brand for around $200, and should I have a vented or enclosed box?
sub installation help?
How to use ipod in car without car stereo?
Remote gain control for a boston acoustics amp?
What kind of speakers do i need, and where can i get them?
I am getting an error, E-02, on my Kenwood amp and can not figure out what to do to fix it. Help?
3,000 watt rms subwoofer amp.?
Eletrical Problem (97 Ford Taurus GL)?
how to wire an alpine type r swr-1243d?
Would i need to upgrade my battery?
how can i get my door speakers to stop rattling?
jl or kicker?
I Need Help On Which System for BASS!!!!!?
why man think his good looking by the car they drive.?
Does the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT have an ipod/mp3 player system the the 2SS?
I'm trying to put my nice stereo in my Jeep,my son said it's just a hair too big.?
where can I buy subwoofer boxes for a '97 silverado reg cab?
Do you need an amp if you hook up subwoofers in your car?
Can my 2 channel amplifier run both my Sub and 2x rear speakers?
What sub would be perfect for my alpine pdx 1.1000?
why do idiots buy kit car lamborghini's and act like they are real?
my subs dont work but the amp has power?
Aftermarket stereo won't turn off with car?
Do i need a sealed or vented box for my speakers ?
Nissan Master Technician needed?
where can I buy a earthquake subwoofer?
Subs are making a weird sound there kicker 10in cvr's?
4 a 7 inch sub-woofer what does the distortion, max control and cross talk mean? + is it a good subby?
Is this Amp Powerful Enough?
How does one clean CD player that says "no disk"?
An enclosed wire transformer has four wire leads coming from it.?
How can I cool my amp?
What is the difference between a 10 gauge wire and a 4 gauge wire in a car amplifier?
how do i wire my amp to speaker?
How to wire a sub ?
15" tc sounds tc-3000 or a 15" fi bl?
How does this audio setup sound?
I need a wallpaper size of A Stickshift nob!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a 2000 watt nitro amp and it keeps over heating what to do?
2 12' P3 v.s. 2 12' L7?
What is the replacement for the transistor NDP7060 for an orion amplifier?
would a 1200 watt new planet amp blow a kicker thats peak power is 300w?
Car audio enthusiasts: I want to find a top of the line in-dash unit to compliment my awesome system.?
How do I fix my car stereo?
what do i need to to connect a sony cd player to a 1999 vauxhall astra?
Is it normal to get an amp for car speakers (not subs)?
Replacing stock radio in 95 3000GT SL?
Calculating wattage of sub speakers?
how do i wire my stereo in my 1956 Lincoln Saratoga. I have a newer pioneer stereo but no directions.?
Where can i order a Cd/Dvd Lcd screen head unit for my car?? any1 know a good website with cheap ones?
how do i bypass the emergency brake video blocking feature on my dvd player?
help finding my remote wire?
I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM. I wanted to know how many watts is the radio from the factory?
how do u take a quarter out of a cd player?
whats a good loud bass system for under $600?
Need Help On Which Audio Sub Brand?
Car Audio Help!!! (System)?
If I splice together a 18 gauge wire to a 20 gauge wire will it work?
Help from Car audio enthusiasts----will a 200 watt amp shorten the life of my battery and altenator?
whats bad about a panosonic car stereo?
i need a keycode for my ford fiesta radio 3000?
Help!! i need my radio code for my 08 honda civic lx?
Can someone tell me how to remove the stereo from my car to get the serial number ?
Do I need an amp for a single speaker?
Which is a better amp for 2 12'' Kicker cvr's?
what is a simple and easy way to set your car audio amp?
where can i get the plug in for a CDX-GT10W cd player?
Question about car amplifiers?
How can I tell if my car audio amp needs a new fuse or is fried entirely?
Where should i put my ground wire?
How to get car cd player to read radio song title?
What is the Difference between Blue tooth ENABLED and BUILT-IN Blue tooth?
Where can i buy a good wrench?
what is a good site to find car subs and amps? or what is a good store to go to?
how to install multiple amps?
my tape deck only plays out of one speaker in my car but the radios fine any ideas?
Can any body help tellme how to connect a tachometer in my integra?
i just bought a mp3 adapter? weird noises?
How do I set up my car audio?
will 2 ssl 4000d amps pust 2 jl w3v2 dvc and 2 kenwood kfc-3011 or will 2 hifonics 1700d amps do better.?
Wiring Harness Schematic?
Just bought some 8" planet audios. cant find them anywhere online?
how to correctly wire my sub and amp?
How to get my car adaptor to work?
wat guage amp wiring kit do i need ?
My speakers wont play vocals?
subs barely hit using line out converter because stock head unit does not have rca's... why?
Which subs? And which head unit?
this weekend i will be purchasing me car audio system but still having trouble deciding?
where is the best place to buy a in car DVD player?
What should I do with my JL W3 12' Sub?
car stereo installation in chicago?
What to set amp settings to?
Which of the latest cellphones have the loudest stereo capability?
what is the hardest hitting 15" subwoofer?
in car accessories?
I need help figuring out what is wrong with my car stereo, it sounds weird?
Is it possible to put subwoofers in mercedes benz c class 2009?
do i need a code for a sanyo fxd 680gd cd player?
Anyone have the BOSS indash dvd/cd player?
Why don't burned cds songs appear in my car audio system?
i need a radio code for my ford radio 6006e cd player - serial no.MO 26761- can anyone help please?
how do you unlock radio on 2000 chevy 1500 4x4 after battery change and radio says loc?
which subwoofer is louder?
I have 2 dual quad voice coils. Can they be ran to a 2 channel amp?
car audio stock specs on 1999 ford escort zx2?
am trying to install a aftermarket stereo on a 2003 ford f150 (not working help)?
what are some good brands of car amplifiers?
**car stereo prob** 1997 Mazda 626?
Will this amp/speaker setup sound good?
why wont my amp and subs work?
is it legal to fit speakers to a moped?
Aux "deleted" from Sony CDX-GT23 car radio?
If i make a data CD with MP3 songs on it. Will the songs play in a random format on a CD player?
Need help with my trucks sound system?
Having A Problem With My Tweeters?
does hyphonics have a home page?
Kicker CVR or Alpine Type E?
New car radio picking up noise from engine?
What amp wire kit should I get?
What are some good speakers ?
Who makes the best subs according to quality of sound?
How do I set up my car sound system?
Is a navigation system helpful?
Does this sound like a good setup so far?
what car amp i should buy for my 2 10" subs and 2 6x9 speakers?
What to do when the hotwire for you deck wont work?
I hate my POS S10 b/c it keeps breaking down:(?????
What kind of sub-woofers and how many, can my amplifier run? Can it run stereo speakers at the same time?
Car Audio: 3 Way Component Sets?
PLEASE HELP!!! amp problem?
Fi car audio or SMD car audio ?
Help! Can i use a DVD player screen as headrest monitor? 10 PTZ if sbn has solution?
If im running 2 subs how do you figure out the ohms? Help please!!!!?
What speakers for jeep wrangler?
need help with a car stereo set up?
name a mono amp at 1000 watts RMS @ 4 ohms?
dvd headunit?
I bought two Polk audio 124dvc 12" subs with an rms of 50-360 what amp should I get to push both subs?
is it safe to underpower subwoofers?
Having a problem with the wires in the wire harness for my head unit?
What sounds better for car audio?
My car cd player skips. How can I fix it?
Play iPod in 2003 Toyota Corolla?
What would be louder?
my kenwood amp barely works if the volume is turned up but the ssubs won't work at all..what gives?
Subwoofer bass pulling on headlights i have a cap what else can i do to correct the situation?
Does my 2003 Suburban stereo have inputs for an aftermarket amp?
Why do my speaker cables get extremely hot when I hook up my car subwoofer?
i just bought interior neon lights for inside my car...where do i get them installed?
Why doesn't my right front speaker work, after I replaced with a alpine deck?
Does anyone have a Kenwood 10 disc cd changer in their car?
Car radio cut wires, can it be fixed?
looking for location of factory amplifier in a 97 ford thunderbird?
What color is 12 volt cord on fusion speakers?
when 2 amps connected, will it fry head unit?
What Subwoofers should i get?
Car subwoofers how do I know what is good?
What are some good songs to play at a carwash?
Honda Accord 2003 cd player problems?
what will beat harder, a 2000 watt amp with 520 rms or a 1600 watt amp with 900 rms?
How can i remove my blaupunkt cassete stereo from my car?
I have Two Audiobahn AW 1051T subs at 600w RMS, what kind of amp should i be looking for?
whats the best subwoofer box for a suburban?
new car audio system.. do i need a new alternator?
If I buy a new car radio will I still need the code of the old from the old radio?
what is the best type of subwoofer?
Speakers For Rap?
I need advice on building 6x9 speaker boxes but do not want them sealed? Do not like the sound!!?
Trouble installing aftermarket head unit?
I have a pioneer p5700 dvd monitor does anyone know how to change the button illumiantion from green to red?
wiring one voice coil of dvc sub?
i dont understand DAB?
remove amplifier from ford expedition?
will this be a good sound system setup?!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Whats New Car Audio System Should I Buy?
1995 Honda Civic EX Installed with Amp and Subs, and now....?
Ground to negative?
2 cobra radar detectors, which one is better?
Can you give me the names of some audio songs that really take you to the edge of passion while driving?
What the best car stereo if i want deep bass (for hip/hop-rap) from subs?
What fuse need to be changed when the car's radio doesn't work?
98 Malibu CD Player Issue?
monsoon stereo system question?
whats up with my fuses?
Question about building a vented speaker box.?
do i want a 4 ohms amp for a 4 ohms sub wats the diff?
2001 VW Jetta; I want to use CD changer hook-up for iPod. Ideas?
TOM TOM navigation thing, please help?
how do you instail a aftermarket cd player in a lexus is300?
What subs are the best??
is this a decent sound setup?
Will this amp be able to power two of these subwoofers?
chevy cobalt stock stereo?
big 3 upgrade battery terminals input/output?
what makes car alarm LEDs flash?
how do you hook up a amp to your 6x9's and 6.5's?
Alpine type r new gen sub ed voice coil?
what is the best amp for my setup?
How many preamp outputs do i need for my set up?
Best amp for 1 alpine type r 15?
Best deck/stereo to put in a car?
Which of these two sub/amp combo's are better, and WHY?
How to wire amp to rear car speakers?
I have a Valor ITS-702W in dash dvd player. Does anyone know a parking brake bypass?
Do 12 inch kicker cvr subs in an enclosure fit in the trunk of a 1998 ford tarus?
Buying an amp- help me?
do i need a 4 channel amp to go with my mono block amp?
Will a kenwood 8105D power two 12' MTX Jackhammers?
How can I lower the feedback on my guitar amp?
I think ive finally found everything i need for my car sound system. Would someone look over this for me?
antenna jack in my truck diffident then the radio?
What headunits will fit in my car?
What Vehicles will this unit GM Part number 20790838 fit?
Why aren't my subs hitting anymore?
What are the laws of playing loud music while driving?
what amp should i run and for which subs?
What's the best place to put a sub in my trunk?
No bass in my speakers anymore?
How do i play mp3s from my chocolate phone through my car speakers?
can my car head unit push a small sub without an amp?
what should installation cost for a new stereo, 4speakers ,amp, and a sub be?
What subwoofer for this amp?
can you test a cd receiver for power without the face plate?
my fuse on my amp keeps blowing, never has blown before in the past 3 years!?
car subwoofer hook up?
Why/what did this happen?
if one of my subs are 300w rms and 4ohm then what would it be for 2?
Help me build a bass system?
Can you give me info about subwoofers, particularly bass tubes?
What kind of box do i need for my Subs?
6 inch cheap speakers?
how to change a stereo for a 1996 ford ranger?
whats louder two type x 10s or one 12?
PowerBass 2xl60c or Kicker DS65.2?
best way to face a ported enclosure?
Are subwoofers louder with an amp?
where can i get my sound system installed in my car - perth?
what is the best sub that i can buy wit max 300 $?
Do the Pyle PLG6C need an amp for them to work? or can i just plug them right into my stereo?
i have an old pair of 6 inch subs, do i need an amp? and if do i hook them up?
10" Alpine Type X Subwoofer?
HD RADIO? Does the quality of the unit matter or does HD radio just suck that bad?
Just bought a car and the radio made by Sony doesn't work - is it just the front?
If I get a second battery do I need a second alternator?
where can i get my subwoofers reconed at?
Is my radio for my old car compatible with my new car?
can audio db kill you if loud enoough?
Panasonic cd player faceplate replacement?
what kind of school do you have to go to to install car audio equipment like speakers decks amps etc.?
what kind of screws should i use to put my subs in?
why don't my burned cd's play on car cd changer?
How much louder is a ported box compaired to a sealed subwoofer box?
what is the unlock code for a ford 6000 cd head unit?
What is the best car audio brand in your opinion?
want to get car audio certified?
which battery is better for car audio?
Which sub would be better?
2003 chev cavalier antenna replacement?
1 or 2 amplifiers?
Whats the best glue to use when repairing the outer foam ring on a sub?
Positive or negative wire?
Questions about car audio?
can i use power cable as ground cable??
Can I put sub where my back speakers are?
Can anyone give me a list of good rap songs that have great bass?? 10 points!!?
Can to subs be wired at one ohm and how?
What you think of my setup need help?
Help with building a subwoofer box?
i have no rca wires on stereo how do i run to my amp?
Has any one baught a VR3 MP3 FM Modulator Transmitter?????
What is the best car stereos and sounds for cheap prices and are loud?
I'm going to replace my front door speakers and dash speakers with new ones... should I bother with the rears?
How do I bypass the safty feature on a in-dash DVD player so it will play while im driving?
Sub amplifier draining car battery?
subwoofer box questions?
What kind of amp do i need for these subwoofers?
How can i get my audio louder in my car?
I need some help finding out where my volume control is hiding...?
How big are my speakers?
Amplifier brand pros cons?
what is the hardest hitting 15" subwoofer?
best Car GPS unit for the price?
whats the best way to hook up two subs to a mono amp?
Will a double din with a 7" front screen in my 2006 Ram 1500?
Kicker or JL?
i turned jvc cd player up to 38 and now no sound comes out of speakers,why is that?
Why do some people give the wrong suggestions in car audio?
scion XA Pioneer CD player shuffles tracks?
where can I find a charts for fuses in vaulkswagen passat?
what size speakers go in the rear of my 1994 ex honda civic coupe?
what is a better all around car stario system...rockford fosgate, alpine, or percision power?
My amp is not working at full potential, and my subs are not loud enough.?
Can I turn up my gain on my amp more?
iPod touch 4G wont connect to Sony xplod head unit?
What is the best way to wire my system up?
Where is a play where i can get a good price for a subwoofer and amp for my car?
Would a JL Audio XD 400/4 power 2 JL Audio TR400-cxi and 2 JL Audio C2-600x6 speakers without frying anything?
Best use of car batteries?
does anyone know how to wipe out the code on a car radio ?
How many watts does the Ford's Pioneer radios put out?
Which is better Diamond d3 or Kicker L7s?
Need more info on changing the speacker on my ford explorer 2003?
Does anyone know how to obtain a dodge radio security code?
where can i find a wiring diagram for a 1993 toyota carina?
Car amp keeps going into protection mode?
88 honda wire diagram?
Which car amp between these two?
can you use polyester for in your sub box?
whats a better amp? kenwood, poweracoustik, alpine, or hifonics?
Using speaker wire to hook up subs and what gauge?
How do you change the Clock on a Pioneer Car Cd Player Model DEH-12A?
Are bigger watt subwoofers better? What does the watt difference have to do?
how do i build a custom sub box for my 2000 grand cherokee?
Can 10 inch subs play very low frequencies? ?
Should subwoofers face trunk or inside of car?
Using solid-copper HOUSE WIRE (of the proper guage) TO WIRE A CAR amp/subwoofer system?
Dying my hair? I can't get my parents to let me do it!!!!!!?
Messed up my stereo in my Civic.?
Help with car audio system. (subs)?
how to get out of grounding?
Engine noise in new stereo system.?
How do you clean a trunk mounted 6 CD changer?
How do you install a capasiter?
How to wire subwoofers in a car?
where can i get a car radio/ cd player thats compatable to an alfa romeo car ?
Anyone ever heard of orion 2nt subwoofer speakers? Are they any good, where can I find the specs on some?
How to wire my subs in my car?
Why did my subwoofer blow?
Do i need pre-outs in my head unit if i want to put a subwoofer in?
Will any stereo fit my 2007 Mustang?
Why does my aftermarket radio not go off whn I cut car off?
pioneer vs kenwood car decks?
Do you need an amp if you hook up subwoofers in your car?
What is a better subwoofer?
More Subs VS Less subs same amount of power for both?
Subs for my truck help?
What's the best Subwoofer?
where can i buy a sony car stereo faceplate?
kicker cvx 12" or 12" power acoustik mofo?
i need a radio code for my ford radio 6006e cd player - serial number MO26761?
How do I fix up an old bass amp?
PS2 in my car.. But how can i make it work??
memphis subs...?
would 2 12" rockford in a custom ported box pound good with a 800 watt pioneer amp?
I bought a 2000 Watt Pyle Amplifier. Would that be too much to power these subs?? And I have a Honda Civic Cou?
How do I switch which speakers the radio is playing on in My car?
can I take out my car radio by myself?
zune compatible head units?
Where is the best place to buy a car stereo from?
i changed my secret qustion and the answer and the password but i cant remember't now,how can i use my old one
How to change radio in a vauxhall?
how come my subs dont work?
1992 VW Corrado, Audio speakers for the front doors?
do cb radios have built in speakers?
Car CD player won't play anything?
how do you take out the dash of a c6 corvette?
How to play my IPOD in my car which has only CD player.I?
What could cause this humming noise.?
does vauxhall astra sport hatch 1.6 sxi have mp3??? or does it just play normal cds?
what should i put my amp settings at?
What Kind of AMP should I be looking for?
Why is there no bass in my car when I play music from my phone?
is 2 15 cerwin vega v-max's louder than 2 15 kicker c's?
My headunit has 4 RCA outs L/R F/R. Which should i use for my amp in (only have L/R)?
the cd buzz cuts?
Hiya i am desperate for my stereo code for my transit im off to london first thing my serial num m117049 chers?
what do womens do more than a man in a car when they are driving?
Big 3 Upgrade help???
Would this Rockford Fosgate Prime R250-1D Amp be enough to power 2 10'' Kicker Comps? ?
will a PYLE Audio PLDTVN65 fit in the stereo slot of my 2005 ford escape?
I need a good or very decent amp names.?
Car subwoofers- How many ohms?
Can anyone help me find songs that hit especially hard on Kicker Comp vr 12" subs?
how much is a blown 12" Alpine Type-X subwoofer worth?
I am having problems getting my BMW audio system to work?
Installing an Eclipse AVN5500 into 2003 Toyota 4Runner?
Help FORD KA radio code?
Need help with alternater?
Car radios?
Can anyone give me a few prices on what good subwoofers cost?
Please read this if you're asking a wiring question and to those who have already asked.?
what is that little bottle that looks like nitrous but is connected to the speakers and amplifiers?
Would this sub amp combo work?? 10 points?
If i replace my old amp with a new one do i have to change the wiring?
3Kicker L5's help please?
car equalizer hook up?
why is installing a car radio so frustrating?
I just bought 2 12" comp kickers. What amp?