I have an idea for a childrens book, the problem is I dont know what to do about it, plus I cant draw, help.?
How can I finish my book?
what's is the beast number name (666) that the bible does make mention of?
Out of all of Stephen King's fiction, what is his best work?
did the last book of the twilight series, breaking dawn, ruin the whole series?
What events in Jane Eyre show her individuality?
I would like to purchase unbound manuscripts so I can bind them myself. Where can I buy them?
Is it really necessary to read the Twilight book after watching the movie?
What are all the titles of the books from The Wardstone Chronicles?
who is Barthe DeClements ?
How many 'best answer's you have. If you have any then how does it feel when you are awarded with that.
Which Agatha Christie book to read first?
name one poem by a latino author?
Whats a good vampire romance book to read?
where can i find cheap books in detroit?
What's everybody reading right now?
What are your favorite girl names?
Im reading a book called Dont Look Behind You for school and i need 10 vocab. words from the book?
Read the intro to my story please.?
Is Marley and Me a sad movie?
Is there anybody in the Atlanta area that wants to learn and practice Judaism?
what is the best book EVER?
Question about the book Moby Dick? Ten points for best answer!?
did any body read the martian chronicles by ray bradbury?
:. HARRY POTTER Fans Please Read .:?
I need some good young adult girl books?
How does everyone find out Jacky's a girl in the Bloody Jack series...?
Were there women in the Victorian era Police?
What are some good books for a 15 year old?
Do I look like Ashley Benson? (Hanna on pretty little liars?)?
What is Simon Holt's official site?
cud any1 suggest a gud site to download buks from for free?????
Any one Know anything about Gaston Bachelard?
Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher; Questions?
I dont have good english, can someone edit my fiction work?
Why does Pi give Richard Parker credit for his survival?
Can someone help me understand the context of the Three Wise Men, as stated In RISE by PJ Coble?
How many pages is ideal for a children story book?
Can i skip some books and read the last one in the Harry Potter Series?
Can Someone Suggest a Book to Me?
has anyone read the book or atleast seen the movie hiGH Fidelity?
I just read this and...?
Best Book Written for Year 2012?
Where can I read full books online?
How can I read Enrique's Journey Online?
Your favourite book about time travel?
Book that made you cry?
What is the name of this book!?!?
what is A song: men of england by shelley about?
which is a better story plot?
how do i get a book or short story published?
i have an idea for a twilight fanfiction but i don't know how to start my story... HELP!?
can you help me analyze?
Can anyone tell me if there are any good vampire books to read other than Vampire academy, Twilight saga etc.?
Need help with a slasher script!?
I read from and i finished the chapters there, is there a another web i can read from, to contin.
Would an adult book store refuse to carry books written by Dr. Suess? Are there any Young Adult book stores?
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
how to plan character design?
Questions for the book Enders Game?
Do you think 12 year olds should be reading Twilight?
HP Fans: Do you share initials with any HP character?
What is critical eye?
Is It plagiarism if I use a song line for my story title?
I'm writing essay about selling organ.?
I have a 13 yr old daughter...?
What do you think of this book conversation...? Rough draft?
what is a realy good book?
I'm writing a story - Does this make sense?
What song would be similar to a World War II story?
What are some good teen books that involve a love triangle?
What do you think of my story?
could dumbledore find a horcrux at the bottom of the ocean?
How can I get paid for poetry?
For people over 30. . .What are the favorite books from your childhood and why?
opposite of inspire?
What were some of your favorite childhood reads?
PARADISE LOST-private series (spoilersss!)?
Does anyone know some REALLY good books?
What are the top 5 BEST SELLING BOOKS for 2005?
Should i read the Harry Potter series?
What literary decice or figure of speech is this?
what are some similarities beetween the monster and and victor frankenstein?
Death of a Salesman?
Most heartbreaking book you've ever read?
Jules Verne wrote a lot of fictions, why only a few of them available in English?
Rick Riordans Percy Jackson and Kanes Crossover?
Where can I find William Golding's 'Fable' essay?
Twilight book covers? Is there a reason she chose them?
If you have read "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire, do you think there is a point at which Elphaba becomes wicked?
What is Jayge Carrs' email address?
To kill a mockingbird (what is it about)?
Micky Spillane novels?
what is this book series called?
What lines show Lord Capulet playing the part of a hospitable host? What does he say?
my nephew has written a book, which he wants to publish in ebook form. Can any one suggest the full procedure?
Good Book For 15 year old girl?
what do you think of my hair?
Does Eric Clapton has an autobiography written and published?
Twilight: Team Jacob or Team Edward or Team Switzerland?
Do you honestly believe Harry Potter is the greatest series of books ever?
17th Century Carpenters?
What is Lennie (and George's) dream in Of Mice and Men?
what would have happened if alaska didn't die in the book looking for alaska?
Do you have any tips for writing a non-fiction magazine article?
to kill a mocking bird page numbers helppp plzzzzzz?
Who wrote the poem that begins "I know a lady, lovely in her bones---" and how does the rest read?
the inferno by dante alighieri? is this a good book to read about poet?
if i have a theory in astrophysics and i want to make patent regestration what shall i do?
Where is a good place to publish poetry?
Can you give me a 2 sentence summary on Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury?
BA: Do the people at your school call you a geek?
Who is the greatest poet in this world?
Can Someone Help Me PLEEEASE?
Any opinions on this story? This is just a small part of it?
Harry Potter ORRRR Twilight<3?
Best book youve ever read!?
What different aspects make up a character?
Books about...................................…
Looking for a good novel, What book was SO good you could not put it down.?
Who is your favourite Author?
Was the Phantom of the Opera real?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight?
Can you please suggest some books for me to read? (like the Harry Potter series)?
Can someone help me with this book problem (read additional details)?
Are there any famous American political poets or poets who wrote politically?
What is your favorite Shakespearian quote? Why?
What do you think was the most shocking moment/death of the Harry Potter book series?
What do you think of my two poems?
can you recommend any books for me to read?
Lord of the Flies question?
What was the last book you read, and would you recommend it to me?
Does anyone know where I can read the second "Pretty Little Liars" book online?
Why would each scene be confined to a single space in a Novella?
Books and Authors? How many of you are....?
Should I read "The Odyssey" before I read Joyce's "Ulysses"?
How does Shakespeare generate suspense in the first act?
What books have you read lately that you would recommend?
what is the longest book you have ever read?
What's a good classic book to read? (Ex. Guliver's travels, Oliver Twist)?
How many spaces should I use between sentences, thoughts and dialogue in my manuscript?
Can you give me some help with my story?
Harry Potter Fans- Would you ever enter the Triwizard Tournament?
need ur help?
Help with the title of a book I read, can't remember!?
Do you think Dumbledore had a hand in writing some of the "modern" wizarding laws?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
Why is the book Lolita considered such a great love story when we're talking about a pedophile?
Can someone check out my flashback?
Have you read"The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks?
Last book you read that you really could not put down until it was finished?
Where do I find the biographies of Richard and Florence Atwater. I have looked almost everywhere.?
where can i purchase the book chilly billy?
please critic my book begining?
What's the title and author of the closest book to you?
i need a good book to read!!?
Are there any subjects that the Dummies book series have NOT been written about yet?
if you read kissed by an angel...?
What do you think of the twilight impersonators?
10PTS! Please edit my fast-paced paragraph?
Advice for publishing my first book?
What should I read next?
I'm writing a book and I need a bit of help?
is it possible to fall in love with a character in a book?
does anyone know where I can find The Crucible book Comentary?
Where can you create a book cover for free?
Why should my brother read pendragon?
I need help with Nanowrimo?
What are some tips you can give me on writing a book, from your own experience...?
whats that book called? its a series?
Is Harry Porter series readable for adult?
Does anyone feel weird after reading twilight?
What is your favorite book?
What, according to you, is the best vampire book or eries of books ever written?
Read my book? (Uncompleted, just a few short chapters)?
has anyone read "Lost Boys" by Orson Scott Card ? This one of his is not sci-fi.?
is it possible to download the fantasy novel tailchasers song in ebook form?
Any fellow writers wanna help me out?
Catcher in the rye .. Help.. Please feel free to answer. Best answer will get s.?
is intelligence quotient changing?
I'm going to the beach in Nov.- What two books should I bring?
books on riace warrior and kritios boy?
Do you know the title of the book where there is a black and white cat that has a map of islands on its back?
Trying to remember a novel about a little boy moving in with his grandmother?
What's ur favorite book?
Need a good story title?
cliff notes for each chapter for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins?
Which of these names should I name a MALE character?
Twilight ?
a Q for someone who lives on Staten Island...?
What do you think of this idea for a book?
help with this Scarlet Letter question?
What is a great "London book"?
Is this a good blurb ?
Are you looking for twilight stuff in south africa?
What is the recommend length for a book with chapters that's a short book? Like if they were gonna be....?
Happy birthday, Issac! How many of Asimov's books are in print?
In my novel Do I have to make up my own.....?
where is osama bin laden.cos hes d cos of these terrorist attacks?
Where can i find this online?
Books you think everyone MUST read before they die?
if your a fan of the twilight book series by stephanie meyer please answer?
Can someone remember this book for me?
Writers: If your main character had a Facebook...?
really good true or close to true western books?
Do you think Harry Potter is a little overrated?
Good Books??????????
what is the role of time in the great gatsby?
What books ... any books, fiction, non fiction ... does anyone recommend? They have to be clean ...?
Saint name that goes with Joseph Michael?
Does anyone know of any novels that are about abusive relationships for teens?
about the percy jackson series and grover...?
Example of an ALLUSION (in English, writing, literature, etc. etc.)?
Help with my sims 3 story on wordpress?
how can i get my book of poems published?
A good motive for murder?
St. pats day so get to your knees and stand on your feet?
what are some good songs that relate to the rangers apprentice series?
Writing a book like goosebumps? Anyone interested?
How does Mr Brocklehurst influence Jane Eyres later character?
Story Ideas for FanFic?
Favorie novel or short story by Stephen King?
What can I do with my reviewing experiance when I leave school?
Thought on The Great Gatsby?
whats the funneist joke in the world?
How is my short story opening?
good titles for a book about romance.. ?
What do you think happens next?
What books would you recommend for a 15-year-old girl?
What defines a serial killer?
what's the best site for funny/good quotes?
Would you read this...?
Memoir book called "PS I love you" - Author?
Book where two girls switch bodies?
What does R.A.B mean? Iread it in harry potter and the half blood prince.?
Hm, what's a good book to read?
what does "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer talks about?
a new book, sound any good?
I need to start a fire do you have any?
Walden by Thoreau.. Help?
Just finished Spirit Bound, whats your opinion?(Spoiler)?
What Twilight book is this from? ?
Books? Best book you have ever read?
when i become a famous author will you read my books?
Is there a Magic in Manhattan series here in the Philippines???? Please I really want to buy that book. :(?
In the Great Gatsby, is the narrarator Nick Carraway reliable?
Where i need computer related book?
Interactions with others?
What's your favorite children's book and why?
Best book recommendation for a 20 year old?
does just reading Leonard Cohens lyrics ever make you cry??? That man is profound!!!?
Who's your favorite author?
Name the world's first banned book!?
What is the sci-fi book Schild's Ladder?
I need an unusual name for an angel in my story.....?
What are some modern conflicts in Charles Dickens' a tale of two cities?
Who was the brother that gabe and Josie had in locked in time by Lois Duncan?
What would be creative items to add to a (similar to:) dream catcher? ie: skeleton key, a ring, beads, feather?
Anyone ever read Cry thy beloved country????
Is 13 an appropriate age to read T.H. White's King Arthur books?
Four Seasons Fill the Measure of the Year----------When I Have Fears that I May Cease to Be?
If someone plans to write a book, how should they get it copywrited?
Has anybody read the book, Inside Out by Terry Trueman? HELP!?
What was Ben Bova's book title about his adventures in Micronesia and Polynesia?
I am writing a novel and I need names of chemical drugs?
Greatest writer of the 3rd Millenium AD ?
Good names for story characters?
What should I write about?
how to develop lateral thinking?
Name a good book?
Is there a audio book website?
collect information about sylvia plath's mirror?
Is the intro of my horror story fine?
psyc thriller help what do you think of plot for novel?
Books with the themes of survival and prejudice?
Excuse me where I can read The godfather novel in The Intrnet for free, please?
should I read the first harry potter before u move on beause ive saw the movie?
In the Lord of the Flies why is it so significant that the boys start a fire on top of the mountain?
Have you read Kate Welsh's, Her Perfect Match?
I need help with a book idea. ?
Does anyone know the name of this children's book?
30 facts from the novel someone knows my name?
Looking for book recommendations. Any good books I am 18 if that helps.?
What order does the Sprawl trilogy go in?
just read this poem,?
Does Raymond the Marine in the book "House of Leaves" have a last name?
The Deathly Hallows?
Which book are you currently reading? Do you recommend it?
Can someone send me the twilight outtakes?
How long on average does it take to get a picture book published once it is written?
Does Anyone know info about the author shakespear?
How should Ron Weasley die in Harry Potter 7?
When did Scott O' Dell die? Author of Island Of the Blue Dolphins.?
Once one has a book published, do they continue to receive royalties for that specific book forever?
What are Langston Hughes' parents' names?
what are some good books?
How to bend the rules- fanfiction writing?
Help Choosing Title of Story & Main Character Name!!?
How to be like Artemis Fowl when ur a girl?
Have you read the Davinci Code? What are your thoughts on it?
What is the books you prefer to read?
What are some books similar to "Rules of Attraction" and "Perfect Chemistry" by Simone Elkeles?
How badly is this written?
Question On the Title of A Book?
Can you picture this......?
Know any good fiction books?
helppp!DAVINCI code trailer!what are the opera songs???
what are three examples of atticus's definition of courage?
Am i able to read the entire book of 'Stargazer' on
What are some books like perfect chemistry?
What is the ultimate question that goes with the ultimate answer of 42?
NEED HELP Chris Mccandless And his Father-Their Relationship (Into The Wild)?
What is a good name for a capital city?
What's the most comfortable position to read a book?
Can somebody help me remember this book?
50 shades of grey book 2 pdf please .?
where can i download Jhon grisham novels for free online??
Do you understand?
The tell-tale heart help?
What is the main gist of the book "I Moved Your Cheese"?
I need a good book to read really badly!?
Can anyone recommend a good novelization of traditional Indian mythology?
I Need A Book To Read?
Playaway audiobook help?
What do Necco Wafers, Nibs, and Juju Beads in the poem Ex-Basketball Player mean?
Stephen Crane-The Open Boat?
What did Bradbury mean by the quote "Those who don't build must burn" in Fahrenheit 451?
Why doesn't Orsino go see Olivia himself in Act I? (Twelfth Night)?
how do you exactly pronounce the word, "Zarathustra" from Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra?
how are the underground man and Ivan Iliyich similar?
what are the seven voyages of sinbad?
Who thinks the Monstrumologist book series could be the next big thing?
What is the best book that you have read?
What death did you cry the hardest at in any of the Harry Potter books?
Need Help With My Book About Assassins!?!?
Ive been looking for this book about a boy in stalingrad?
An epitaph to sign writer Joe?
What were the names of the hobbits in lord of the rings?
Most inspirational book you've ever read?
Which one is bigger, Harry Potter, or Twilight?
How to add chapters to a story?? FANFICTION?
When writing about a novel in an essay, should you use present or past tense?
Excuse me people does this Poem make sense, please read?
Lately, I've been noticing this alot?
I need help on finding a teen romance book??!!?
where cen i get a full plot and synopsis of oil! by upton sinclair?
For anyone who's actually read The Catcher in the Rye....?
What are some quotes by Jack Merridew in Lord Of The Flies that show his savage side?
Realistic Fiction Titanic books?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
controvercial topic for discussion?
What is the best unabridged English translation of "Don Quixote" by Miguel Cervantes?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Where can i get a adventure time finn hat ?
I'm looking for the title of a book and its author.?
my awesome Theory! Read it NOW!!!(Twilight)?
Scariest page in Stephen kings 'it'?
haf you read the giving tree..?
Who knows where you can get free anime?
DO you know some body to correct my English writing?
What happens in chapter 1 of "boy's life"?
Can anyone recommend a book?
One book you’ve been meaning to read?
Best book youve ever read!?
in which book can you find teh ten commandments and what cahpter and verses?
Do you like Twilight?
In the Scarlet Pimpernel, does anyone die?
People who are good with writing, help?
What book are you reading right now?
is there a story about oh the places you'll go?
Idea for a story Part 1?
How did the book "The Hour I First Believed" by Wally Lamb end?
is the literature nobel prize given for a specific book?
What do you think is better twilight the book or the movie?
I am really enjoying "From Here To Eternity" but glory be, does it ever end?
Need 2 girl names that sound similar?
what's wrong with my book?! why isn't anyone helping!!?
Do you listen to music while writing?
Did I entirely ruin my Library Services Assistant interview when I messed up on an digital book sorting test?
Is the Sarcasm in My Essay Good?
What do you think of my story?
How does motivation make a story better? MORE EFFECTIVE???????/?
In need of references?
I found an old copy of "The Master Key System," is it worth anything?
PLEASE HELP any books u may know that a 13 year old girl would enjoy?
What is the brothers secrete in the book "contents under pressure" by laura?
What do you think of my idea 're-write fate'?
Good books that teens can relate to?
do you like my story so far?
What girl’s famous diary was translated from Dutch to become one of the worlds’s best selling books?
What's the last good book you've read this week?
Harry Potter Fans: Voldemort, your eyes??!!!!?
In what scenario could these two characters meet?
What's the longest book title you've ever heard?
what is meant by mills&boons?
Fantasy name for a girl?
What happened to the magical tree that kept the White Witch from entering Narnia?
I have a couple questions of the book Of mice and men?
what is john green' email address?
Any good, contemporary, books for a gay young man?
`are there free audio books on net?
eck wilson= who? his importance?
social identity in taming of the shrew?
what made phillip laugh the first time all day, in the book the cay?
In Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows why is everyone so surprised when Voldemort flies?
any Catherine Cookson fans?
Tips for writing diaries?
Has anybody read 'the dangling witness' by Jay Bennett ?? URGENT?
name for three charecters?
Help with summary for story?
Who is your favorite character from Twilight?
So, read any good books lately?
Do you personally think filling out a character chart is helpful?
What happened to Sirius's body?
Anyone into T.S. Eliot? Want to talk about his writing? I'm not writing a paper, so no time limit...?
Who wrote this book that had fashion commandments?
Are the Twilight books worth reading?
Title For A Story I Have D:?
whats in the tatty devine book?
What name goes well with this?
As a writer, what's your take on the self-help guides and how-to books for writers? Do they help or hurt you?
Good book for a teenage girl..?
i need notes on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel Memoria de mis putas tristes (Memories of my melancholy whores)
what is an appendix??
How can I increase the sale of my new novel?
What type of literary device is; "it's raining questions around here." ?
Would y'all read my book?
Are new animorphs coming out?
What book have you enjoyed that you could re-read it again and enjoy it just as much?
Is this story good to you?
Do you know any good books about best friends/friends with benefits falling in love ?
Is classic literature dead?
In the short story "compatriots" by Emma Lee Warrior?
Read the start of my short story please!?
What Are Some Good Books For A Book Club Ages 11-13?
Writers: If you got published, would you allow people to write fanfiction on your work?
Anybody else writing a novel? How's it going? Any advice about getting an honest agent?
HP Fans:~~Questions~~~~~?
Facts about an 18 year old girl in 1890s?!!?
What is the last book that you've read?
Why people like to watch TV in a home,or not read booksin the forest ?
Writers: What is your greatest flaw as a writer?
Is this a good way to describe being kidnapped and drugged?
what do you think of this bit of my story?
what are cheap book stores?
What kind of books should I read if I want to improve my writing?
Help with the Odyssey by Homer? #1?
Does it bother you if cuss words are in a book you are reading?
[Homeless Bird question] What are three of Koly's emotions?
Did your favorite author write your favorite book?
Was anyone else really bored by the 5th Harry Potter Book?
lord of the rings:?
Is it weird I write novels on my Iphone?
Harry Potter or the Terrific Three?
What is this story and who is it by?
Similar books to nicholas sparks novels.?
Whats the author of this book?
from where do i can download e-book "to the last bullet" writtern by vinita kamte ?
How much should I expect to get paid for writing a book?
Is this a good story plot?
I really want to read a novel that'll (literally) scare the hell out of me! Any suggestions?
What booking talking about "Somebody pick up the ball......"?
Am I alone in my understanding of the American job scene???
What are some of the REALLY good books you've read?
Does anyone know this children's book about a pig and gumdrops?
Has anyone read the book White Noise by Don DeLillo?
Yo! by Julia Alvarez?
Does this book idea sound interesting?
is there any site from where i can download a audio book for shadow kiss i.e vampire academy 3?
Is this idea any good?
What is the best science fiction novel you have ever read....?
Does anyone actually read a lot, lot, lot?
The MAIN REASON why you're going to see NEW MOON?
I want to try and get a story published?
Questions about your story...?
HELP! Any good books?
Description of the publishing career.?
What books would she like if she likes....?
a book and it starts with the con?
I am looking for online text of "doctrine of divorce" by a famous author whom i cannot remember the name
what is the summary of books 1-4 of mario puzo's the godfather?
Whats a good last name for a person in my short story?
Breaking Dawn? love it? or not?
question for people who have written their stories starting with the end or already know the end when starting?
I want to start reading again and can any recommend something for me ?
What are some good books about; drugs, abus, changing lives around, comedy, street life, or all together?
What books could be like star wars or fun space fantasy?
why is hamlet so upset with himself after the actors go to their rooms?
What's the best fiction book you ever read?
Why are Harry Potter books so popular, even between adults?
How can I politely explain to people that Shakespear was written in English and a translation is pointless?
Quotes from the original A Very Potter Musical?
What book, in any language, would you recommend me to read.?
If you publish a story on your Facebook page, does it become Facebook's property?
Whats your favorite icecream out of these three.?
What are your favorite lines from any piece by Shakespeare?
help pls? which is the right word to use in this sentence? decide or decided?
Characters in farewell dawn bsc?
Where do you get your inspiration to write from?
/\/\.. Harry Potter Fans.. Do you think Tom Riddle was.../\/\?
Any good books like Twilight?
Main Idea of letter to john adams?
what was the 5th harry potter book called?
Blue is for nightmares?
Which five books will have the biggest impact over the next 100 years?
Can someone tell me the title of a book by William Makepiece Thackeray?
Freewriting for anyone! poems, short stories, etc. NO DUMB ANSWERS PLZ!!!! or u will be reported?
i want to watch goosebumps online, but cant find a place can anyone help?
Any free online book clubs?
Names that would match with these types of people?
What are some traits of Jean-Louise (Scout) Finch .. and why ?
Who are the main characters in the book All Creatures Great and Small?
When will "The Solomon Key" be released?
How often do you go to the library?
What is the book that has had the greatest social impact in the last 100 years? Why do you believe so?
Who is your favourite character from any book?
Has anyone read The Horror At Red Hook?
wut iz another special thing about emily dickinson's poetry?
i can not enter chat?
Do you think my story is original?
why do people stay away from poetry?
What novel would you most like to see done as a movie?
which is better sunsplash or raging waters?
How to make my story more popular on fanfiction?
According to Piggy, why is it likely no one, including the people at the airport, knows where they are?
i need a recource where i can find popular lituature of the 1940's?
Lord of the flies essay help, need opinions?
So, Doesn't it annoy you how Twilight Twinkies go on...?
Classical Romantic Short Stories?
Can someone edit my Christmas story so far?
to publish a novel for the first time?
does anybody know a funny event or emberassing moment funny incident?
Who are the main characters in the Sword and the Stone by T.H White?
In the story "The Great Gatsby", How does Nick react to jordan Baker?
why do people love to gossip and make one sentence into a fiction book rather than pay attention to what they?
how do you get books for free on a nook tablet?
Novels that make you think and feel. Any suggestions?
i have a kindle. does anyone know how to delete a book off the kindle?
How do you sell books to MacKay's book store?
Shakespeare Othello question?
Unusual Mythical Creatures?
have you read James Joyce Ulysses?
The Crucible- Arthur Miller?
What was the last children's book you have read?
What are some good ways to promote a book?
Which of these book titles interests you most?
What's your favourite book of all time?
What was the last good book you read?
What order does the Green Lantern: Blackest Night graphic novels go in?
Is the book A tree grows in brooklyn, quite similar to the movie ?
Edgar A. Poe vs. Emily Dickinson?
If you have read The Outsiders, Please help me with a question, FAST!!!?
do you have any character names idea for powers charcteristics any gender dosent matter i go wrighters block?
Steinbeck's message on power in 'Of Mice and Men'?
What was the name of the company that sold books to school kids in schools in the late 50s - early 60s?
childrens novel where kids travel to another world through a TV?
Has anyone read?
i have written a novel and few plays. How do i proceed to get it published.?
A children's poem about about a boy called Horace who ate his own head he was so hungry?
what is my name starts with A ends with O for short tony also could be compared with the name that is anthony.
I can't read books !! why?
Name for a character?
What is supposed to go in a Prologue?
Looking for a good book to read! (Teen)?
How do you be a GOOD fanfiction writer?
Climax of Call of the Wild by jack London?
easy/hard way to earn 10 points?
Looking for some history books here. . .?
Harry Potter fans: How would it be if Harry Potter was turned into a comic or animated movie?
i have a questions about the book the Odyssey ? please help! i dont know the answer?
What should i have on my copyright page?
Do you know what formalist criticism in literature is?
tell me all you can about stephen king the horror writer?
What is an elite novel?
Harry Potter Fans---Weird Potter Connection?
“Have you read any good books lately? Would you say Good read?
Which Story Should I Write?
Good wattpad stories?
could you give me an afro asian novel classic ?
I read this book a few years back which spoke about how aliens have visited earth.?
Does this sound like professional or amateur?
I need some name ideas for the Cockroach groups in my book i'm writing.?
Which of the following is NOT a step in the publishing process?
Does anyone know anything on the book The Eight by Katerine Neville?
Help naming characters please?
I'm writing a book and my character's name is Florentina. Any suggestions for nicknames?
What does Aunt Alexandra feel about one's background or heredity in To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 13?
what ideas does shakespeare try to develope in his play- Mecbeth?
Anyone like to give their opinion on my stories and help me out?
Murder mystery help.Are there drugs that can make you kill someone?
Could you please recommend books for a grade 8-10 book club?
I'm gonna go to a book festival and I really d'ont know what to choose..:((?
Will everyone turn to page # 194? In a book of your choice? What is the third sentence from the top ?
Can someone tell me what happens in the book tempted by pc and Kristen cast!?
The controversy between Twilight and Harry Potter fans?
What do you read?
What poem contains the line "if you get too close, he'll punch you in the nose"?
what children's book has coconuts?
Favorite Book?
Is Get a Clue JUST like The Westing Game?
Twilight or Harrypotter?
What book would you hand someone and say, "You HAVE to read this!"?
Great Chapter Books!?!?!?!?!?
Does the song "6 minutes" by the jonas brothers relate to the novel Catcher In The Rye?
Does this read well to anyone? I think it needs to be more engaging?
what do you reckon of this writing?
Story plot ideas? I really want to write a story but I dont have any ideas. Please help?
What do you think about writers mixing religion and conspiracy to sell their work?
Do you good-readers out there get these habits when you're reading good books?
what are some good books that are fantasy fiction......sort of like harry potter or eragon or similiar?
how would i describe a murder scene in details?
I haven't asked a Twilight question in a while.?
What happens in the series of SWeep by Cate Tiernan?
Whats the most feared creature in the world?
help me download for free robert frost poetry?
What is most boring book you ever read?
Book Outline?
Name this books from My Ideal Bookshelf!?
Tamora Pierce... Alanna, Daine, ect?
Book vs Film, which is better?
Is this a good beginning to my story? (its titled In case you forgot....)?
Where does Holden(in the catcher in the rye) say hes a pacifist?
Do you think Draco Malfoy will turn to the order of the Pheonix?
Star Wars Book Order?
element and side character question.?
Which is the best book you have ever read and why?
what is the best book and song?
why is the book Troy so hard to understand?
Would you read this book based on true events if I wrote it?
What does the term American Beat poets/ artists exactly mean? History of the Beat artists?
Does anyone here read TeenInk?
Please give me a title for my gothic story?
A sad romantic book?
What will happen to Harry Potter book 7?
is there any books similar to the mortal instruments series?
Where can I find an english translation of Antonio Machado's poem "Laprimavera besaba"?
Male character, you name him!?
My overtired short story beginning, tell me what you think!?
can i use celebrities's real story as examples , case study etc in a non-fiction/how-to book?
Scene 3 in act 3 who escapes the murders?
The pillars or the earth by Ken Follett?
Can someone describe Taylor Swift for me please?
Please help with a realistic story of mine?
Any ideas for a Halloween murder mystery?
GOOD BOOKS!?! Help please?
Are there life lessons presented in the novel?
is it legal to write a story involving characters from another story or based on those?
What is the tone and mood of "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer?
What are some good books for a teenage girl?
What great books would you recommend I read??!?
What age is the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks intended for?
What books do you recommend?
How do I apply for an ISBN for a book in Malta?
Suggestions on books to read?
Is my story idea a good one?
What should be done to inculcate the habit of reading in children?
Who likes Judy Blume books? Any faves?
Is there a app where i can get free books?
What is your name? Does anyone know 7th graders from FAir Lawn's TJ middle school? Are you one of them?
Harry Potter or Twilight: Which one's better?
A Book leads me in my life . Which's your book friend ; which leads you in the dark ?
Which do prefer sunrise or sunset?
What's the outline of the hero's quest in 'The Monkeyface Chronicles'?
What do you think of my poem "The Last Strand"?
Is it possible to be in love with a fictional character?
How long does it take you to read a 500 page novel?
I need help with righting a teen fiction?
i need help and info on banning books in school libraries?
Any ideas for a cute/funny fanfiction story?
Does anyone here have Fanfiction.Net account?
What would you do if Twilight was discontinued?
Can anyone suggest a Harry Potter type of book that is an outstanding child/adult read? Christmas present.?
What do you think of this last name for my character?
What is your favorite books?
how to get a book published soon?
How can I get into reading?What books are good?
Who is your favourite book character?
the name of a childrens from at least 10 years ago about a pig who hated being dirty?
Is this a good story so far? Does it make you want to read more? 10 points. PLEASE READ?!?!?
Is this a good story?
Is there a realistic stephen king book? If so, can you give me some examples?
how do I submit a manuscript to publisher for their review?
(the victim of not a few veteran bores)?
the significance of the time 8:40?: great expectations?
Is 30 chapters too long for a book?
Who loves Shakespears' "Hamlet"? Please help me answer these Q's?
In the Scarlet Letter chapter 8-10 Summay?
Who is Susan Sontag? What is she famous for?
What Book are you reading at the moment and is it interesting?
Who is the author of Boots An Saddles ?
Ten Points!4Questions!,The outsiders?
Harry Potter fans ?
what are the symbols in "Peter and the wolf" by Angela Carter.?
In this passage, how does Iago (from Othello by Shakespeare) characterize himself for the audience?
What SPELLBOOK should I get at Barnes & Nobles tomorrow?
do all/most authors go on book tours?
can you suggest some links and downloads to learn magic?
Is "Bared to You" a good book?
Whats a good novel to read?
what is the other words for "spelling mistake"?
Is there any such thing as a Pandora-type site for books/authors?
Cold Mountain book report help?
In what order do you read the book series "Windrusher" by Victor Digenti?
What's the best way to promote a small-press comic book?
What kind of love is in the novel is "King Lear?
can sumbody please answer this 1 question bout this 1 book...? please answer fast..?
about the hobbit the book?
can anyone suggest good books?
Looking for Sci-fi or thought novels?
on Pretty Little Liars, didnt they know A's number?
Percy Jackson Book Question???
name a good book , please?
How should I write this?
Would it require any payments from the author's side if he\she wants to publish a novel (a promising onee)?
what is the average length of family saga book?
In Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 3, what does the following quote mean?
Writing together? Stephen King and Peter Straub?
Intimidating, Tragic, perhaps misunderstood flavors?
Will J.k.Rowling make more books in the HArry Potter series after book 7?
Candide or Optimism Compare and Contrast?
how can i know god? can isee or know god?
how do you pronounce anna karenina?
Dean Koontz Or Stephen King?
otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong...order of all the books and possibly the anthologies?
Would you rather the protagonist or antagonist win?
What Books bear mention of Drizzt Do'Urden, Books not by R.A Salvatore?
I'm writing a story and I need a girl's name?
Is there any good books on how to deal with people in business?
Ideas for a short story on wattpad?
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
How does this sound? Any advice? Can you rate it out of 10 please?
What Sort of Reading Material Do You Keep in Your Bathroom?
The MAIN REASON why you're going to see NEW MOON?
what are the 3 steps in the Odyssey for the hero's journey?
is there a book out the name is poseidon?
Which of these sounds like a more interesting title for a novel?
What is an example of an aphorism in a literary work?
Is there a term used for adults who act extremely childish?
The Catcher in the Rye: Quotes About Movies?
what is the book neither black nor white by joseph holloway about?
What's a good song that relates to The Great Gatsby.?
How do I publish a book? Plz read description.?
Is my story good enough?
How many Harry Bosch novels have there been?
Any interesting biographies 300pages or more?
What is your favorite book?
Good book to read? Any ideas?
what was zora hurston influence on alcie walker?
what mean sintiendo?
How do I write down all of my ideas? Please read. ?
In Twilight the movie, did they show Stephenie Meyers?
what book are you reading just now?
Who is your favorite authoor and why? Or what is your favorite book?
Im writing a bok about a girl named Zalia?
What to do with lots of books?
Is "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell still copyrighted or is it in the public domain?
Review my story on Wattpad?
It's Midnight and Edward Cullen comes in through your window! WHAT WOULD YOU DO!?
Twilight Fans: Before Twilight Came Along... What Was Your Favorite Book/Series To Read?
I am submitting article to a journal and I dont understand this sentence in guideline foe authors?
Animal Farm - write a short story about what happened to Snowball after he escaped from the farm?
was there a book called Elder Scrolls writen in the 1800's?
Twilight question????????
Deathly hallows?
omigod i am readingthe Odyssey and i didn't read the asinment for spring break yet. know where to get sommary?
I need 3 books with a common theme?
Has any one solved the code Dan Brown included at the end of his books (Da Vinci and Angel & Demons)?
what do you think of this writing?
"There's only one thing more beautiful than the hind quarters of as horse,& if......."?
*SPOILER ALERT* Question for those that have finished reading the epic tale of Harry Potter?
What's a good book for time management, organization skills, and keeping focused?
In JLA: Tower Of Babel, Batman is kicked out from the JLA.?
Is it bad If I copy a published book?
How many words are in City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare?
Is there a web site where one can read full books online?
people who've read So B. It?
does any one know where to get darren shan books free?
Great Expectations question: Why does Magwitch want to help Pip so much in the first place? why does he care?
Can anyone please recommend a good book for me to read???
Patricia Cornwell books - Scarpetta?
I need a story title for a witch story I'm writing...?
When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet?
Does this book sound good?
For all the Ellen Hopkins readers?
How many of you have read Harry Potter ?
Which title should i choose?
what happens in Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott?
what do a sunset and evening star symbolize in the poem of Tennyson?
Why were the "Last of the Mohicans" the last Mohicans?
Can you give me the text of these two Ted Hughes poems?
Can anyone refer to the authoring work of Ion Creanga, with some specific reference to a book of his?
Can you review my story, I know it's not that good but still?
Any good Wizard names?
how can i describe dewey an lil from the book Crunch by leslie conner?
Anyone recomend me a book?
girls and boys 13-17 whats you favorite book?
What would you like to ask?
Who dies in the 6th Harry Potter book?
Are there any Stephen King fans out there? If so what did you think of "Cell"?
do i love reading or do i want love to like reading ?
Your opinion on this, please!?
I am looking for a biography of Lawrence Sanders, mystery author, deceased?
What do you guys think of Edward, Bella, Alice, and Jacob?
Summarize the conflict that John Proctor is experiencing.?
Am I the only teenager that hates Twilight?
Has anyone read Paulo Coelho's books? What r ur impressions about them? which was your favorite book and why.
If you are a author, what will you write and what if it is sci-fi& fantasy what will be your own "language"?
what name sounds best for a book?(fictional)?
How do you know when to make a book into a series?
What is symbolic about the crows in the book "Divergent"?
Help with some story ideas?
By what methods can u effectively analyes the relationship between u and other two person in the situation?
Who's your favourite Lord Of the Rings Character and why?
Does anyone know what this book is?
Something I Need To Know Please Read?
How do these Hamlet passages serve to develop character, plot or conflict?
Short story about homeless that builds a spaceship?
Have you read Uncle Tom's Cabin?
the great gatsby questionnnn?
Who read the Jenny and Benny book at
what is enrique iglesias newest album ?
Short but wonderful books?
Tolstoi or Dostoievski ?
Good sites to find more info on Books & Authors?
which is the most best selling book?
Justin Bieber is Rolecasting as Reed Ridchards in Blood Moon this new script-novel has published?
What does the C. in Arthur C. Clarke stand for?
What book should I read next?
Who is your favorite writer? (author)?
how does fortinbras fatther die in Hamlet?
What are some good young adult books to read?
Which book are you reading at the moment?
How is my story's idea?
In chapter 29 of Tom Sawyer he plays "hispy" and "gullykeeper", what are "hispy" and "gullykeeper"?
Is twilight saga an ideal book for teens?
where can i read this book online? Vino e Pane by Ignazio Silone?
Send writing to a publisher?
What books can i read if i loved the hunger games?
Harry Potter...?
Name Ideas For A Book?
what is a preferred ending to a book?
Books about power going to people's head and/or feeling like an outsider?
what is the general summary of Natalya Baranskaya's book "Just Another Week"?
What do you think of my story?
Names for the leading female character in my book?
Have you read Richard Smith's book the Dieters Guide to Weight Loss during SEX?
What do think of this love story?
Books to read please! I'm desperately lost =(?
who is lord foster?
twilight- do you want bella to become a vampire???
Lavender Brown? In Harry Potter?
Movie relation to book question?
Is this a good beginning to my story? For a 14 year old...?
What book can I compare Treasure Island to? A-level English Literature coursework?
why is night by elie wiesel relevant to today?
where can i download "Thing of beaty" (book about Gia)?
Who is your favourite character, Snape, Lupin or Black?
I need an analysis on "The dead men's path" by James Joyce?
Any young adult novel suggestions?
What 10 books or novels should I read before I die?
what does people like on the catcher in the rye?
What are the best books out right now, and why?
what is the process for getting a book nominated for the booker prize?
do u know d story Mabuti of genoveva edroza matute?
When is the third book from the inheritance trilogy, christopher paolini, coming out?
Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Who is your favourite author?
Can anyone recommend a good book?
A world without Harry Potter?
what are your top favorite books out of the books on this list?
is there a poem?
Where does this quote come from? "Love many, trust a few, always paddle your own canoe"?
Are these characters stereotypes?
Rare & out of print books?
Tom Wolfe books, any suggestions?
Where can I get a copy of life story/ biography of Arch. Gabriel P. Formoso?.?
What are some names for cheerleaders?
What is your favorite book?
Is this a good sounding book?
What Does Everyone Think of the Twilight Series? ?
Who are the greatest cads and bounders in literary history?
I need a girls name that's kind of rebel-ish for my novel.Help?
I am doing this research paper on how Edmund from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe symbolize Adam.?
In the book "Puss in Boots" is Puss a cat wearing boots or is it two cats?
Which is higher ranked, a Yuzzhan Vong supreme commander or a warmaster?
J.K. Rowling vr. Stephenie Meyer?
ok i need a book thats really good . i have already read the twilight saga so don't say that.. so please help?
Dirty Liar by Brian James?
I need help writing a cute I Love You scene in my book?
Critique my story? Harsh Are comments welcome?
Why was miller fascinated by the witch trials?
Do i suck like people say?
What are some cool/uncommon names for my characters?
what is the story on Hunter S Thompson and F. and L. in it true and pls explain?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
if you had to kill off one Cullen (twilight) which one would it be?
which is the country with more public library's?
Opinions on this first bit of my book?
How is Education tied into Pride and Prejudice?
Any 6th or 7th grade mystery books and movies?
What would be the first line of your autobiography?
does anyone know a GOOD book?
Was Jane in "The Yellow Wallpaper" really crazy or did her husband drive her crazy?
What is your favorite book?
Is Pride & Prejudice still relevant in the 21st Century?
First Person or Third Person?
Where can i find "The Autobiography of a Flea" in complete text on the web?
I need a title and a theme for a book. What do u think is good?
Is there a verse anywhere in the bible that has the words "diaphanous bubble" in it?
Crediting an author not in the public domain?
do u read 4 entertainment?
some good names for a story?
Can i download a pdf version of my spanish text book?
what is the role played by interpersonal communication in agenda setting?
Any new Dan Brown books soon?
Can anyone recommend an easy Japanese book to read?
I'm writing a fantasy story, but the more I write, the less fantasy there is....?
Do you like to write?
Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind?
Don't understand something in The Picture of Dorian Gray?
Slaughterhouse 5...can someone tell me the whole moral of the story?
Can you tell me what the "el grito" (first journal of chicano literature) is about?
Who wrote Twilight, and whatss it about? Should I read it?
What is the James Patterson book that says "Their gift... is also their curse" on the front cover?
How would I know if the guy Loves me real or he is really serious on me?
Any Good Books To Read That Are NOT About Vampires?
Do you know of any self-help books that could change my life?
what books would you recommend?
Canterbury tales, Pardoners' tale help?
What is the story called about a fisherman that catches a talking fish that grants his wife wishes?
If you could name a/your child after a character in a book what name would it be and from what book?
The Stone girl by by alyssa sheinmel?
Twilight vs Harry Potter (with an interesting fact)?
I really need help with my book!?
Fancy Last Names (Writing a Short Story)?
Which Name Is Better .. ?
In what book does someone get baked in a pie?
is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Fiction or Non-fiction?
This is for anyone who has read the book the scarlet letter Please HELP?
What is your favourite quote from a book (not a movie)?
i need help writing a ghost story?
How old do you have to be to read these books?
stephen king?
Why are you afraid of a person?
Anyone know where i can find A midwifes tale chapter 4?
How many times have you seen "Twilight"?
How should i decide what to name my story!?
where can I find the gravesite of Ezra Pound?
Nickel and Dimed: What is the "money taboo"?
What are your Top 5 Favorite Book Series?
Bitterblue po and katsa?
A weird question on inspirations?
what is the best book series and movie series harry potter or twilight?
Books don't appeal to me now that I'm in a relationship?
gone with the wind--please answer!! (will pick best answer in 20 minutes)?
your thoughts about twilight?
looking for a book by Terha Catherine Collins on western guide to fungsi?
Who is herrick from the crucible?
What happened to Harry Potter's GRANDparents?
Novel titles?Help plz?
How can i use my emotions into a story?
need a name for a camp in my story?
......Will you read my poem (03)......?
Does anyone have the copy of Barbara Delinsky's book "Sweet ember"?? I cant buy the book. :(?
how can i sell my idea or story?is there any oppuortunity to save my cpyright?
Poems by subject or topic.?
The Bite of the Mango Book question?
Who wrote the Warriors series?
What are some other books written by Harriet Beecher Stowe except Uncle Tom's Cabin.?
Dark Dream\After Twilight by Christine Feehan?
Which book is better?
Does anyone know the author of "The 27th Wife"?
Should I continue writing?
what book is this please help?
Huckleberry Finn- (by Twain) Question?
does anyone know this book's name?
James herriot books (audio boks and or e text)?
What do you think of Twilight?
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
Should i read Twilight ?
What would be a creature like a werewolf or vampire?
Can you refer me to demographic data on newspaper comics section readership?
what was the name of the Quaker family who took in Eliza and harry in uncle toms cabin?
Blue Blood by Edward Conlon Reading questions ch 1-7?
huckleberry finn answers please?
What happens in season 2 of the Vampire diaries based on the books?
A certain drarry fanfiction?
Is the Harry Potter Series a Christian work?
What Are Stephen King's Top Ten Books?
NEED ENGLISH HELP its deals with The cask of amontillado and Fahrenheit 451?
Is there a fiction book that changed your life?
who wrote the first fairytale?
Important plots in Romeo and Juliet?