What website can you read Avatar: The Last Airbender books?
was the resolution in hamlet a coincidence or inevitable?
What do you guys think of Edward, Bella, Alice, and Jacob?
How to I make my character a Mary-Sue?
where will I get novel tamas bhisma sahani translated in marathi?
The Quote "with life as in death may each man get what he deserves" is from what Shakespear play?
what is the most interesting book you have ever read and why?
does anyone dislike Twilight?
does anyone write good fanfics?
What is a good book on the doors?
is there any body knows any thing about light and water meuseum?
Opinions of my plot please?
Would you read Shakespeare for pleasure?
What do you think about Rabindranath Tagore?
Does anyone know of a site that collects stories of all kinds?
To Kill a Mockingbird, Mayella Ewell, help? :)?
can you help edit my thesis?
An inspector calls by J.B. Priestley?
is the DE Vince code good?
Is it okay to start a story like this?
Ohkay,, so does anyone know how to make these paragraphs flow better?
Who is the author of 'DaVince Code'?
Do you like Twilight? Why or why not?
What happens in the 7th Princess Diaries? I want a full description! Most details gets Best Answer. ?
Book that relates/helps girl going through boyfriend's death?
Good books on New Orleans?
How do you picture zoe nightshade from Percy Jackson and the olympians?
My kindle won't give me an archived book!?
I want to be a good writer but how?
book store that sells the book "Gospel of Barnabas"?
What Section Do YOU Head For First When You Enter A Bookstore Or Library?
What is the most memorable book you have ever read?
How many different books are there in the world?
If Edward Cullen were real would you date him?
Good and Evil in Hamlet?
I am looking for a mills and boon book, very old and named Samson and Delilah which took place in the Australi?
How can I finish my stories?
Discussion questions for And then there were none by agatha christie?
I am writing a book in a fantasy land and I am making it like Skyrim a little...?
Anyone know this book?
What are the underlying themes in "From here to eternity" by James Jones?
how to read the story?
How do you write a Musical scene into a novel not a movie?
Tell me how to learn French well?
Give a good title for a love story.?
What's your favorite book?
Where Can I Find free YA Online Books?
where can i get Billy Bunter Books?
Has anyone found Waldo?
What is the rule of 3 mentioned in the da vinci code?
How is the problem solved in the book Savvy?
Who's your favorite author?
What page number in the crucible?
Do you think this is a good idea for a story?
Akkarat - in the Windup Girl?
I'm trying to find the title and author of a (book / Short Stroy)?
How long did it take you to read "Twilight"?
What do you think about this poem?
I am reading The Missing: book 1 Found has anyone read these?
What is your favorite book (in the last 5 yrs., 10, of all time?)?
OMG I like, LOVE Twilight!!Do you think Edward is hott???
Would You Read This Book?
Where can I custom order a book printed hard cover?
How Long Is Jonathan Groff On Glee?
What is the theme for this short story?
What do you guys think of Edward, Bella, Alice, and Jacob?
How would you write this...?
What happened to Dahlia Lu?
What do you think happened at the end of Lord of the Flies?
how do i find my favorite authors' next book?
What is your favorite George Orwell book?
Any cute names for a girl?
Coincidence, excellent taste, or do I have a soul sister?
good ya dystopian novels?? matched by allie condie?
How does Dean Koontz relate his characters to the people in his life?
do you think twilight is over-rated?
How to start off a short story?
Frankeinstein by Mary Shelley?
Can you name 5 significant parts in A Room with a View?
Where in the Dante Club does Longfellow talk about Fanny to his daughter?
what shakespearian item is being auctioned off soon?
Who was your favorite Author as a child?
A Moveable Feast question?
We're learning about John Milton's "Paradise Lost" in school. What are your views on the poem?
What do you recommed I read?
I need a name, for a woman. A beautiful uncommon name.?
It's not easy being in love with your best friend.?
Was Shakespeare a woman?
how to compare between shy and normal girl?
Any good Spanish books with demons, vampires or maybe mermaids?
What is a good chase book?
What do you think of Forrest Gump?
How to describe someone crying?
If you were sorted by the sorting hat in Harry Potter?
Ideas for a Scary 55-word short story...?
What are some good books to read?
Harry Potter, who do you love most?
does anyone know a good book for a 14 year old girl?
Does my Query Letter sound good?
Fiction book recommendation?
Is James Frey truly a fraud?
what book is right for me to read?
What do u think about the Scout Movement ?
grow their leave?wthey made in to logs?wwget metal>?WWhere do trees come from?wygrow?wget?W?
A Separate Peace plot question?
can you help me find this Homestuck fandom?
What series of books has Robert Jordan written?
what events, if any, did Dante inspire or influence with his writings?
Should I leave my first chapter in a cliffhanger or expand it?
How could I start my story?
I have a book by emerson, essays first series boston 1900 does it have value???
have you ever read a book that you have found so interesting.....?
Are there any illegal books in the u.s.?
Is both Dorrance and Tate publishing a scam?
Can i get a professional critique on Maya Angelou?
What is the funniest book you ever read?
How to go about publishing a book?
For all the twilight readers witch side are you? Edward or Jacob , and why ?
So, Harry Potter or Twilight?
Has anyone else noticed this connection between Twilight & Harry Potter?
Rewrite these sentences to make them more interesting.?
What does everyone think of The Da Vinci Code?
What was the last book you read/?
i realize the phrase "catch 22" comes from the book but why "22" why not 33 or 44 or 55? whats it signify?
is there a second book for bruiser by Neal Shusterman?
Anyone read `Scarlet Letter`? What do you think abou it?
Who is the author of the book 'A suitable boy'?
What are some good antagonist ideas for a Psychological Thriller based in a gigantic cruise submarine?
what is the best predator in a woodland ecosystem?
I get embarrassed every time I go to the library. Help?
Like Chocolate?
Can anyone tell me 3 anecdotes from the story of Tom Sawyer?
has anyone read "the routes" & the da vinci code"?
how do I write gripping essays?
Greetings from Germany! I would like to know what you think will happen in Harry Potter 7?
where is the index of Jim Morrison's works?
Book simular to the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick?
What are some writing contests for preteens and teens?
Tip to writing a mature story?
whats are some plays written by fernando arrabal?
any book suggestions from fantasy genre..??? please write brief reviews also?
What's the 2nd princess diaries book?
Would you ever recommend twilight to your children?
What are the best novels about adventure on the high seas?
vampires or mermaids?
What do you think of this novel idea?
Maya Angelou's caged bird sings?
Anyone out there who likes Robin McKinley? Which of her books is your favorite?
what is the theme of the story The Third Eye by lois duncan?
Does anyone have any info on the 7th Harry Potter Book?
Do you think Harry Potter is, the least interesting character in Harry Potter?
Harry Potter fans ?
what is this story 'shiver' by 'maggie stiefvater' about?
What are some themes in the book/movie "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner?
Any good Wizard names?
What do you consider the top 3 books to read before you die?
What is a great biography or autobiography to read?
What is your favorite book? What's it about?
How many books do you read?
Im feeling depressed that theres not gonna be any more Harry Potter books what can i do?
What do you think about a math book with only examples ? Please read below for additional details ?
is it okay if a story has a little of cliches?
What do you think of "The Pact" by Jodi Picoult?
Why do you think people don't bother to use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation?
what would be the best way to publish a new book?
I need some where to correct my English writing I mean what is the best way to raise my English writing?Thanks
Volunteers needed...?
Against Twilight or With Twilight?
How do you write an email in a book?
What should I title my book?
Is this small insert any good? What title do you think is most suitable?
what literary devices are in the hop-frog?
Is it shameful to write erotica?
Best book you have ever read?
who is samuel beckett?
Book deals?
any good quotes on animal farm by: George Orwell ?
which book is better: The Road by Cormac McCarthy, or The Moviegoer by Walker Percy?
how to write your own chapter to odysses?
help with a name for a school christmas shop?
I have this story and I need REAL opinions please :)?
Best Autobiographies for young adults?
I have a book idea. Is it good?
Who wrote The Family Karnofsky?
What is orientalist paradigm in Forster's A Passage to India?
Looking for a good romance books with berserkers?
What are you currently reading?
Does this idea have potential?
Anyone read the pretty little liar books?
Ideas of a title for my story?
Does anyone remember Sweet Valley Books?
Who wrote "East is East and West is west"?
can someone give me a SIMPLE explanation of what Bitterschokolade the german book is about? briefly? please?
any good books?
where can i find ready or not my meg cabot?ive looked EVERYWHERE?
what is free will?does king lear have free will?
how are books clasified by?
If I wrote a book biography about a celeb with their blessing, does the celeb get paid, a percent?
what happens in lord of the flies?
In Romulus my father, why does Romulus strike Raimond?
A place to sell old books.?
Help with a fantasy group name?
What are the main characters in the book mine too men by john steinback?
The book you are currently reading - or have finished reading recently...?
Can you please tell me what you think of this book?
Compare the characters Alida Slade and Grace Ansley in Roman Fever?
Benjamin Zephaniah - Face?
Did Dumbledore invent the 12 uses of dragon blood or not?
What is your favorite book?
Help!!!! Please!!!! Anyone who has read "Lord of the Flies"!!!!!?
Need help with the book "The Sun also rises"?
Favourite character and why ?
Fantasy/ science fiction/ young adult books with diversity?
How much time did it take you to read the Twilight Series?
Famous quote "Life is what you make it". Who originated this?
I am in need for help with my novel!?
What are you reading this week?
what artist's bird illustrations fetched a printed book record $8.8 million at a 2000 auction?
What conflict could I create between a powerful, wealthy, CEO father and...?
Great expectations close analysis help?
where can I buy a gift certificate for an online zine store for my girlfriend?
I lost my book if true confessions of Charlotte Doyle and I have a major exam . Is there any free audio books?
!!!!!HARRY POTTER!!!!!!?
Just Finished reading the Harry Potter series and am now looking to find another epic series any suggestions?
Explain Text to World re: Tom and Whitewashing in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?
what was the author lane smith inspired by?
Need help with book...? 10 Points!!?
Ideas for a good plot story?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What are some specific literary device that captures the movement of time?
which is fast than time?
I have a panel next week about "studying abroad". What are your comments?
what does the book Holes tries to teach us?
Is Twilight Good?!?!?!?
science fiction and fantasy?
need a book abouttt a couple that..?
'da vinci code'is being branded by church as a hoax and book defames the church on its part.which side is rite
In the book, Ramona Quimby, age 8, Is the author sympathetic to Ramona?
What is a good book to read?
Doesnt anyone know?
Is Poe's "perverse" subconscious?
Explore the role of Desdemona in ‘Othello’. What does she represent?
to watch twilight the movie before i read the book?
HELP! Show don't tell?
What are good books to read?
Need Book Ideas!!:) Help?!?
Percy Jackson & The Olympians fanfiction: Is my prophecy good?
What death did you cry the hardest at in any of the Harry Potter books?
Can third person omniscient narration be unreliable ?
Where I can find the e-book of "Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince"?
Need help on a story idea!!?
Who's the hottest book character ever?
Is there a part in the novel, "Death of Artemio Cruz" by Carlos Fuentes, that talks about nationalism?
What 'famous' book do you think is the most over rated?
is there anyone who know a website for reading novels n stories?
Does anyone know what Grendal's mothers name was in the classic Brit Lit "Beowulf"?
Whats your favorite icecream out of these three.?
What GOOD books can you personally recommend?
what are the conflicts and power in "macbeth"?
Where did Henry Miller live in Brooklyn, NY?
With cold weather coming , what are some good books to read ?
i need a title to my story?
Can I return a book I bought on the barns and noble online store?
where can i find books by iceberg slim?
Has anybody else read "Phantom" by Susan Kay?
Has anybody read Kola Boof's book about her alleged sex affair with Oama bin Laden?
I am trying to think of a crime novel I started a couple of years ago.. what is the name of it?????
All words to poems: Fredrick the Mouse (who lived at the top of a very old house) and Miss Dora Duck?
Good books to read?
Anything missing?
Is there a more modern version of the Fall of the House of Usher?
What are some famous short stories for kids?
What Are Some Good Classic Books That I Can Read?
what are two golden lines from the book The Samurai's Tale?
another book idea yet again.?
Story with pictures or just story with words only?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? PLEASE HELP?:)!?
Mumuring judges; Who is irina platt and is she black?
Anyone ever read the Seth books by Jane Roberts?
how,specifically,do i write some of the listed poems:dirge,elegy,lyric,eulogy,sonnet,ba… poem?
Next divergent book? HELP!?
can someone give me a brief summary of the plot of the short story The Tell-tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe ?
What's your writing style?
In a series of unfortunate events what is the setting?
Where can I find a book strap for one's belt?
what is a good book to read?
What did you think of Twilight?
I am looking for a certain poem. I think it is by RS Thomas. Its a sad love poem. Know some of the words....?
anyone have good plot ideas for short story?
When was Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson written?
suggested y a books plz...anyone?
who wrote the harry potter series whole name with her initials???
Zombie novels, books..................?
why some books provide solution of only odd number problem?
How much novelists earn?
What chapter is the story "Unforgettable song of the Witch"(picture book) by *Shizumasa*(Takanari) is shown?
Help! I need a title to my story?
Ok so I asked a sometime ago for a evil boy name, now any ideas for a common light/good girl name?
What do I need to do to take care of books in Madrid (30% humidity)? Should I humidify or is 30% OK?
Ive been having writters block?
What feeling is Babbitt trying to relay to her readers in Tuck Everlasting?
In Homer's literature, how do women communicate differently from their male counterparts?
Can anyone recommend a Book Agent?
Is it possible to read Twilight and not fall in love with it ?
Looking for Thriller and crime authors?
Im writting a novel can people read the first chapter and feedback to me please? :)?
Is this a good way to start my story?
Anyone know any good dragon books? - What is the difference between? (10 points!)?
In the book "Slaughterhouse-Five", who exactly is the narrator?
i don't have a specific harry potter fic i'd like to find but?
What Should The Characters' Be Named? Please Use Made Up Name!?
do you think that da vinci code is not a work of fiction after all?
Top 10 apocalyptic movies/books?
who is the author of the novel Rasselas?
Can anyone recommend a book?
Can someone find the ORIGINAL copy of "The Boy who cried wolf" online, by aesop?
The five people you meet in heaven?
Help: readers of Inkheart and Inkspell please help me!?
what title could i use for a story about war?
Is this line from Romeo and Juliet a paradox?
Should i read Twilight ?
On a scale of 1-10 how good is this story? Please review.?
harry potter or twilight?
What do you think of these names?
Great expectations close analysis help?
What do Jodi Fine, M.F. Christianson, Indian Lutz, Ray Laubs, and Josh Simpson have in Common?
Do you guys know a good book?
how many works has charles dickens written?
Which book radically changed the way you look at the world? Why?
What book can be paired up with As I Lay Dying by Willian Faulkner?
what is the name of sir thomas malory's parents?
What is your favourite book and why?
any fantasy series recommendations out there? I have read pratchet, jordan, feist, tolkein, butcher.?
does anyone like the book "the picture of dorian gray"?
Marxist and similar books.?
What is your favorite book/what would you recommend reading to anyone?
Tell me the book you read that forever you smile about when asked your favorite book ?hear title mentioned!?
Do you read because you Have to or because you Want to?
Can you help me think of a plot issue?
Was Alice in Wonderland just a drug trip?
Who are the characters you believe will die in "Harry Potter-Book Seven"?
I would like to know the value of this book 'Legends of Fairyland' by Holme Lee?
some Dragon names for book?
In the book "Animal Farm" what real life character does Napoleon symbolize with that revolution?
what is the name of the fifth book in the clique series?
I have some stories that I'd to be read and criteaqued? Where can I go to post them for free?
What is the meaning of the poem "Caged Bird" by Maya Angelou?
♥♥TWILIGHTERS---I call upon you?♥♥ What do you think?
Brave New World questions?
Attention twilight die hards:Team Edward or Jacob?
Is Treasure Island a historical fiction book?
Who else was annoyed with Bella in the 3rd book?
How did the book "The Jungle" affect America?
uglies by Scott westerfeld project?
.s...which name is better for a posh man?
How does this sound so far??? Opinions Please :)?
What is the difference between the us version of the harry potter books and the brit versions?
What's the best book to use to prepare for the CBCP examination?
I need a fast pace fantasy book to read, anyone have any suggestions?
what are some good books for teen girls? i like stuff that i can kind of relate to and really get into.?
Can someone recommend a good book?
If you have read Twilight-Breaking Dawn?
Can anyone suggest a good supernatural/ghost/horror author?
How many books have you read this year and which was your favourite?
Warriors series of books?
can i marry my copy of twilight?
which is the best book fwom which can i learn and understand easily about body language ?
short summary of hamlet acts 3-5 for a powerpoint presentation?
how to open my third eye, i want to see?
How can I make the plant grow in the J.K. Rowling site?
Why do people find it plausible for Human characters in stories to be sympathetic?
what you think of this story?
how can i find contact information of the writer Patrick Chamoiseau?
what is the best book ever?
what person and or/ which even has had the greatest impact on the development of Siddhartha's identity?
what if a ripley`s girl fall in luv with a black african guy?
How many books do you have at home?
Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite book?
What do you do with a book that never really interested you.. throw it away?
How the Wiesel family could have escaped in Night by elie wiesel?
Name of us female author. Lesbian. Lived in Paris?
What is you're favorite romantic novel? ?
Twilight Fans: Which Do You Consider To Be Most Forbidden?
Bad News Travels Fast?
What book are you reading at the moment?
How did "Don Quixote" story ended?
How to create a site for troubled teens?
So, does Harry Potter die or what? Everyone's answers are so confusing.?
How do the prophecies help shape the plot in Macbeth?
The strangest books you’ve never read?
What are the health benefits of being an author?
What do you t think about Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
i want good and/or funny young adult books?
What are some examples of Chillingworth being a bad father figure and Dimmesdale being a good one?
Paperback Vs Hardback?
what do you think is the best book in the WORLD?! everr!!?
I wanna write a book about a dream I had?
Have you ever read a book that really scared you?
Commune with I? Is that right?
what is G. William Domhoff's date of birth?
websites/ books for analysis of "French Lieutenant's Woman", by John Fowles?
what's the book equus about?
from where to download munshi premchand novels or short stories in english for free?
POLL: How good are you at writing poems ?
Where can I read full books online?
how do you love someone without being together?
How many books do you read a month?
how i can find nice books or article about success&motivation in internet?
What should I keep in mind when having one character as two?
And in that moment, I swear we were infinate.?
Honey hunt 20-23 translated?
Help with finding good fanfiction stories and pairings?
which is the most thrilling novel ever??
Teens: would you read a 140,000 word novel? Especially if it were your genre?
What do you think of my writing?
Give an example of Tom insisting on doing things "the hard way or "by the book".?
Nonfiction books on mediums?
Do you like reading teen novels?
What should I name my character?
is the Harry Potter book series worth buying?
Book site? What is a good book website?
Can you describe the setting in Blue Bloods by Mellisa De la Cruz?
Heart Break Books Anyone????!!!!?
Did Asher Lev make the right choice to paint and show the picture at the end of My Name is Asher Lev?
The Dark Tower Series - Read 'Wolves of the Calla' or 'The Wind Through the Keyhole'?
I need help with the book Hattie Big Sky?
Which plot do you prefer?
Does anyone have any tips of how to write a children's book?
What are some good books that you have read?
What is the title of the novel about a boy's imaginary friend that falls for the boys mother?
What do you think of these authors?
I need an analysis of Robert Frosts "The Road not taken?
How can I get rid of writers block?
The Darkest Powers font?
Who served as British Prime Minister twice, and also won a Nobel Prize in Literature for his historical...?
is there some underground beef between the writers Zane and Omar Tyree?
what is the book im not who you think i am about?
what books would u say must be read?
Does anyone have any writing tips for me?
I'm looking for Fitz-James O'brien's short story called "What Was It?" and notes on the story
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Do you know a really good book?
What is so bad about Twilight?
what is the best book you have read?
The Good Guy by Dean Koontz summary?
Characters? Stories? What insures me of it's safety?
Where can I find someone that will donate sign language books to the deaf in Zambia Africa?
What did Joyce Carol Oates write?
why should we stady science?
Examples of literary terms in the Odyssey?
Examples that Macbeth is NOT a tragic hero?
What happens in the first 3 chapters of the book To Kill a Mockingbird?
What is the "Save Toby" book about?
Good Autobiographies/Biographies?
where can i find a summary of Mad Dogs, Englishmen and the Errant Anthropologist: Fieldwork in Malaysia?
Is my story well written?
Who is the model for James Stark in the house of night series?
Can someone help write a summary for the book "black ice" by lorene cary?
A question about a story I'm writing?
what do you prefer?
At what part did you start crying while reading deathly hallows?
What is the Title of the Story of the house that can Talk?
If you could be any Twilight (Saga) charechter; who would it be?
Whats your favourite book of all time?
Realistic Fiction Titanic books?
do u think that old nursery rhymes have sadistic undertones?
Grab the nearest book...What does this line say?
Would Ray Bradbury be considered a literary figure?
ok i need a male name for a character in a book im writing, any ideas?
What victorian aspects are in "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin?
Which is the best written "thing" here? xx?
What's a good last name for my story character??
I NEED names like NOW!?
what do you think of the harry potter books?
Who is better: Edward Cullen or Michael Jackson?
What are YOU...Reading?
What is a twitter novel?
what is you favorite book?
Any good plot ideas for my story? May or may not publish it.?
Where can i read the death and life of charlie st. cloud online for free?
What compares to the book 1984?
Who has 10 facts about the poet "Nikki Gionvanni"?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
What is the name of this book?
Twilight fan, I have a random question.?
What's A Good Book I Can Relate To?
Where can i get the last children from gudrun pausewang ONLY IN AUSTRALIA?
What is the male equivalent of Woolf's A Room of One's Own?
What do you think is the hardest part of a book to write?
How can you compare marriage in "The Story of an Hour" to "The Yellow Wallpaper"?
Contest: Tell the best short story (in 200 words) to win the 10 points!?
Books like Evernight and Vampire Academy!?
J.K Rowling or Stephenie Meyer?
Part 2. . . ran outa space?
school reading the golden compass?
I'm desperately in need of books to read :( ?
In need your opinion about Harry Potter books 10 points?
Who are the fictional characters Cecily and Gwendolyn in love with?
What is the greatest book you ever read or are reading now and by the author?
what is The Futurist: A Novel about?
what is your favorite Pendragon book? and why?
10 points..which of these guys sounds nice, interesting?
Is print on demand doing to literature what autotune has done to music?
how can i learn to use irony in novels that i am writing?
annoying twilight fans??
Any twilight fanfiction that have one of the shapeshifters imprint on bella?
What is the meaning of the word estate?
Why is gullivers travels considered a classic novel?
How many people are obsessed with Twilight?
writing and publishing a book as an international student studying in UK?
what is this book about?
What is your faverite author in English literature?
How do i read harry potter and the half blood prince online?
Will J.k.Rowling make more books in the HArry Potter series after book 7?
Are there any fanfictions where Draco duels Voldemort?
I need some help with story!!?
Why does everybody like the Twilight series?
in musee des beaux arts by w.h.auden say that the old masters of art recognise the reality of human existance?
Have you read any books on jewish and german relation during the Nazi regime?
Help with Episodic structure in Huckleberry Finn?
who wrote our national anthem?
In the hungers games, if you are reaped and someone volunteers in your place, are you possibly reaped again?
Whose work do you respect the most? Whose the least?
any cool stories to contribute to a webpage?
Book about icelandic economic crisis?
Why are Goosebumps books famous?Can we get the digital version free?
Name a random book, and let's see which one would get the most thumbs up or down?
What is the answer to this riddle?
"Lately, what is a good book you have read?"?
I want to download a free version of Harry Potter and the Order Of Phoenix. Help me please...?
Why do people like Twilight?
Working on a Book and need Ideas?
i just finished reading body surfing by Anita shreeve and wanted some recommendations on other books like it?
Where can I find a summary or guide for the book "the Machiavellian Moment" by J.G.A. Pocock?
what is the role of language in teaching of english literature?
Do you like Tao Lin? Do you?
Harry Potter fans: May I ask you some Hufflepuff-centric questions?
Book help please title and character name?
a good Stephen King book?
Favorite books?
do you think books will become extinct in the near future due to electronic devices?
Websites for writers?
Can anyone tell me the URL of George Schaade's website?
Book summary of wading home?
I'm trying to find a Harry Potter fanfic about Dramione?
Uncommon/weird names for girl?
If you've seen and read I CAPTURE THE CASTLE, is the book's ending the same as the movie's?
IMDB Equivalent for Books?
I Think I Forgot How to Read!?
What should I name this book?
Which of the following best paraphrases the excerpt below, spoken by Hamlet?
Who are the 420 Assassins and Hassan El Sabbah?
How is a sensitive, loving husband such as Othello brought to murder his gentle Desdemona? Be very discriptive
Literary magazine for short stories?
How cool is Harry Potter????
was gwendolyn brooks ever married?
Does anyone know where I can download an in-depth practice test on "Hamlet?"?
What do you think was the most shocking moment/death of the Harry Potter book series?
Who likes Harry Potter??????>?????
can anybody tell me who is dick gregory?
How should i start my horror novel?
QUICK HELP NOW easy 10 points!?
So we've all heard of how Stephanie Meyers thinks of vampires...?
What is this!?
what are some general facts about miguel cervantes?
how can i find free scenario of 21 grams movie?
WRITERS- Roleplay as your main character as you answer this question... About self-worth?
When should I start a new paragraph or line? I have a story with a lot of dialogue.?
Soundtrack for the Vampire Academy series?
what vampire books are good?
How to Get a Self-Published Book in book stores.........?
I'm wanting to be an author but I have writer's block? How can I stop this?
What time will my order reach my house?
Harry Potter fans - Wish Ron a very Happy Birthday :) What will be your b'day gift to him?
What's the best book you've ever read?
Packing for the Future?
I am looking for a picture book. One line is, "my name is dirty harry and I never take a bath."?
how does the copyright law effect me as astudent?
RA/DA/HP Fans: Which character do you wish we could know more about?
Good books for teenage girls?
any reccomendations for a book to explain all about kosher foods and keeping kosher?
Character names for a teenage boy?
What is the Myth of Pope Joan?
Does anybody have a good idea for a book?
Exposition of the fall of the house of usher?
Would you ever read a book about world war 3?
Does anyone here have to read Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm for your summer reading?
literary analysis of relationship between dante and virgil?
Explain onomatopoeia?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Why did Malcolm X start to wear glasses?
fake serial killer names wanted!?
Why would harry potter books be banned?
How many paper cuts have you had?
Book recomendation?!?!?
Which fantasy writers other than Terry Goodkind write more mature-themed books. ?
Looking at the list of “negatives,” how do you think the Europeans could have behaved differently?
how does romeo change his attitude towards love through out the book?
What is the miniature world that Conrad creates within the Heart of Darkness?
Where can i listen to "to kill a mockingbird" for free online?
Publish an autobiography?
Help from authors, please and thank u:)?
Why do Harry Potter fans hate Twilight so much and vice versa?
The Da Vinci Code - Book Report Ideas?
who read the Rosa Parks (Maryann N.Weidt). can u tell u me about this story.what is this story about.?
Whats a way that Odysseus looks for glory through actions in the Odyssey?
Can anyone name a critic that thinks Jane Eyre is a feminist novel?
Can any one give a short summary of the book "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
Lord of the Flies by William Golding Question?
If you could have any 'magical ability' in the world?
any1 know JEFF HERMAN's current contact info,(master literary agent)?
Who is "A" in Pretty Little Liars novel?
What book of the twilight series does it say edward has green eyes?
I write book , though I have no supllor to publish it. could you help me ?
Book...The sigh of the four?
What's that random name generator called used for writing a book?
Which fictional characters would you invite to dinner?
I'm 15 and want to read "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follet?
any good book suggestions?
Download Julia Quinn's whole collection?
Questions about publishing a short novel that is 50,000 words?
I want my short story published. Where could i send it?
I want to read Korean books on line, but can't find any sites, can anyone help?
Questions about the book 'The Boy Who Dared'?
Here's my idea. How about we start a writing critiquing group? Anyone in?
what makes you motivate?
What is a manciple?
Is markesh for death or one can escape?
Does anyone know where this book cover is from?
does anyone know what role science plays in the book THE WHITE MOUNTAINS by John Christopher?
Question for anyone who owns a kindle..please help?
Help with my new witch story?
Is the book, "Twilight" is good book?
What is a Master’s Degree? Where do you get one? How long does it take?
Edgar Allan Poe "The Raven" question?
Can you give me a good story plot?
Scary stories? please please help!?
What happens in the series of SWeep by Cate Tiernan?
where cand i find reports written samples from?
Story Line Question?
I need help with a question from a book "the jungle" by upton sinclair?
really great inspiring book for a 13 year old girl?
What are good question and answer to the The count of Monte Cristo?
The Best Books You've Ever Read?
Good supernatural romance novels for females in early twenties?
Wattpad- Read my story?
When I am quoting Jesus, where do I put the apostrophe? Do I use, "Jesus' words" or "Jesus's words"? or other?
How to do this???????
What do you think of Twilight?
What is the answer to THE question, the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
What qualities must a person have to start oa book?
Is there any book with boys as main characters?
What Was Danielle Steel's First Book?
What book are you currently reading? How is it?
How can you make your handwriting better?
Any beta readers out there?
Who would win a fight between Edward Cullen and Harry Potter?
Looking for an AU HPDM fic?
What is the next book you’ll be reading?
a book store called 'ebookmummy'- What is the meaning?
whats your favorite book in twilight saga?
Which famous french author said "Qui suis-je?"?
any info re dr. joanne kubis-mehalik ?
ANYONE who has read a seperate peace?
The Magic Faraway Tree?
whats the poem where some knight takes the girl he loves away from her marraige?
My book needs a title. Any ideas?
if the path of the beam is the way to the dark tower how do i find the start? where is the nearest 12 gaurdian
"The Crucible" Questions Over Act 2!!!! HELP ME!!!?
After reading twilight?
Baseball book - girl on high school team?
Is it more important to savor a book, or to hurry up and finish it, so you can read another one?
1980s or 90s YA book series about nuclear bombing.. name?
Give me some good prisoner names please.?
I want to write a book.?
Does anyone know where i can get jeantte oke books for free or really cheap? besides ebay or amazon!?
Is it true that animal lovers tend to find human characters to be unappealing compared to animal characters?
Where in Voltaire's 'Candide' is there an example of a litote?
What was the best book you ever read in your opinion?
What do you do when you find out that Orson Scott Card has decided Ender should split up his soul and give...?
What are some great fantasy books?
why are twilight haters so arrogent sometimes?
Poem about the shades of black people.. light, bright, almost white is part of it... know the name of it???
In "The Most Dangerous Game", What was the desperate chance that Rainsford is forced to take?
What are some good pranks for a fictional story?
How is my writing? Do you like it?
has anyone read "go ask alice"?
What was your favourite childrens book?
In Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, how old is Count Paris?
Where can I find poems about sports?
What book is this book that I read in 3rd grade?
In the book called "Da Vinci Code", do you really think Dan Brown intended to call his literary work fiction?
Psychology= what are the factors or variable that determines human observable responese?
Harry Potter fans, how do you resist the urge to re-read the series for the billionth time?
Do you like the name Sarah or Sari for a character?
How should i start my book? (horror)?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
What is the rubber tubing all about in Death of a Salesman?
What is are the best books you have ever read ?
What makes a good bookshop?
If you were a student at Hogwarts, would you befriend James or Snivelly?
I would like to know where I can find high school year books either from the school or from any particular web
Do you think that the book To Kill a Mockingbird has controversy in how it deals with racial issues?
What was the earliest James Patterson book published?
What are the characters name in the book dark harvest by Norman Patridge?
Can someone please help me! Now! :(?
Milton,Paradise Lost !!!?
Plz Tell Me About India Today Book Club And Sweepstakes?
Look for me by moonlight by Mary downing Hahn???PLEASE HELP, easy TEN points?
What is your favorite book???
What is your favorite fairy tale?
100 Answers Please!!! What are your 4 favorite books?
what book are you reading right now?
harry potter fans? your fave spell??? (IN HP)?
What is a good abandoned building?
Im the novel to kill a mocking bird what are some ways tom robinson shows courage?
Twilight VS Harry Potter?
What conflict could I create between a powerful, wealthy, CEO father and...?
What would you rate this story? ( long please read)?
epistle by li-young lee?
What book should a 15 year old boy read?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… STORY?
Why are books that include sex in it considered "inappropriate" for school?
Is here somebody who would love to chat about books written by Tolkien?
good English grammar book ?
I'm looking for a old black fairy tale book with some of the spookiest illustrations I have ever see. Not Dore
Harry Potter vs. Twilight?
I'm looking for cliff notes or a guide to reading a Spanish short story "Noche Oscura en Lima" by Barlow.
tips on writing a first time novel?
Why do books have several blank pages in the back?
Great books for a teen?
Has anyone NOT likes the Twilight series books? And which is the 1st book called?
How is having imagination rewarding?
What happens when an omega werewolf gets his revenge(death of a loved one) waited for more than 8 years.?
Trying to find a poem by Hal Summers called "The Rescue" can anyone help? It's about a cat up a tree.
what are some of the diseases mentioned in the book "Here is a Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics"?
The book canyons by Gary Paulsen?
Twilight haters have you even read the saga?
compare and contrast zeena and mattie from ethan frome?
What book have you tried to read but just had to give up?
hi,i am a HARRY POTTER fan.are you a fan too?
10 Points!!! Best title for my book that I am writing. Help!!!?
Donnie darko plot error (SPOILERS)?
I am stuck at a part in my book i need your guys help!?
are there any Ridley Pearson's (Novels that features Lou Boldt) fans out there?
Do demonic hauntings progressively get worse and worse?
Action books written set in Australia?
Does anyone know why M. Scott Peck and his wife split up just before he died?
Who are some mother and daughters who are both published authors?
What's my Pink Floyd rock & roll comic book worth? ?
Would anyone be willing to read the intro to my new book?
Team Jacob,Team Edward or Team Switzerland, and why?
Am I allowed to create a character with OCD?
If you were a vampire, what would be your favorite animal to drink?
how is a book published?
Stephen King?
I know this section is totally dead - but could someone, ANYONE, help me... about my novel?
Is Pandora Braithwaite lovely??
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
what's a good book about the effects of internet or technology on society?
is there a novel based on the life of Vaslav Nijinksy?
How much do authors make on each book they sell?
Do you consider Harry potter appropriate?
Why does technology not advance in Game of Thrones?
Im writing a story about a treasure hunter, and i want it to take place somewhere overseas any one got a clue?, list price changed when revised?
A good name for a boy, about twenty years old, in my story im writing?
Can anyone reccommend their favorite book?
Character speech in my book?
Twilight vs Harry Potter (with an interesting fact)?
What are some great romance novels for teens about best friends falling in love?
Dates for Bill Sammon for Lectures/Book Signings in Washington DC/Baltimore Maryland Area?
How can teachers tell that you wrote only one draft of a writing assignment (like an essay) ?
Any1 read 'How opal mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life' by the kaavya girl?
What is the title and author of this book?
Does anyone know any good books?
What is the name of this book? It had green jacks that where ghost like and could steal your body.?
i am looking for, a sad, romantic, action, horror novel, with some humor?
The southern vampire mysteries book series?
does any one live in nc and go to porter ridge in ms kozlinski's class?
What is a good sailor moon fanfic that puts Haruka with a Original character?
Which book is the third, part of the trilogy - da Vinci code, Angels and demons and???
What do you think of this character/story summary?
Which book do you treasure most from your childhood?
What are some songs for the Hunger Games Part 1?
Help with the plot to my story?
Examples of Totalitarianism in Darkness at Noon?
Any good 'Fantasy' or 'Alien Magic' books I could read? OR just good books in general?
where can i download this books?
What is this book called?
Names for childs spooky story?
Why are people always on the side of Edward and not Jacob? TWILIGHT?
What is a good name for Katniss's baby?
any teen novels/books with deep meanings, like Rising Phoenix by Karen Hesse?
Confused about the mushroom scene in "Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter?
What classic books should I read?
What is the Name of this book?
Good books that teens can relate to?
Good free books for the nook?
Good reason to be frozen in time?
What is the worst fanfiction you have ever read?
Tips on writing a horror novel?
Could Voldemort/Tom Riddle have kids?
what is white slavery?
Who is your favorite writer and why?
Where can I find Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse for download, IN PDF FORMAT?
What's a spooky name for a forest?
what is the plot of noli me tangere? ( exposition, development...)?
What does "Ibid." mean in a book's list of references?
what is the entire monologue of Sidney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, the part where he says:?
In the children's book, A Wrinkle in Time, how come IT only had a small part in the book when IT was the main
I need a bit of help with the description of a haunted house/paranormal activities?
In "Ode to a nightingale," what does Keats symbolize?
Anne Rice- Vampire books... Who wants them to continue, and do you think they ever really will?
How could theme exists? With examples thx?
Has anyone read much of Harlan Coben? Your thoughts?
One can access literary criticism by:?
If you saw these book covers, what would you expect the story to be like?
What is the setting for the book Girl with a Pearl Earring?
Just for fun - list 10 books in your collection...?
do you think Robert Pattinson made a good Edward Cullen?
Does anyone know where and/or if I can find the 1st names of these characters??
would a fiction novel be more emotional if ....?
Who knows when Lois Lowry's new book is out?
Are there any good books about toilet history?
Book suggestions on romance/relationships/teen books.?
Are there any classic novels about survival?
Sloppy house? Please help !?
Rick Riordan books............?
Anybody know a good poetry review site?
Good stories for a teen to read?
Is there a site I can write a book/biography/Diary-like book for free and then publish it online?
are old films of edward rowe snow in 35 mm format worth preserving?
“ Our feet were forever churning for a purchase of these undulating paths, our hands forever clawing the air,?
How can I tone down on the action in my story?
Which do you prefer to read; a blog or an online diary?
what is a teleogist?
What should I call my story.?
where can I find information about the life of the writer, Lael Littke?
Who are Phineas, Fat Freddy, and Franklin?
Book review for college?
Harr y Potter - the station sequence is supposed to be taken from Douglas Adams - Dirk Getly books - any idea?
Would Twilight be a good book to read for a 16 year old boy?
What do you think of it?
What do you think of my friend's story?
First attempt at writing what do you think?(what needs to be edited and revised)?
What is your favorite Dan Brown book?
Can someone help me with a surname?
Crucible Arthur Miller?
Any good books based on JFK?
were can i order aged 13-17 books?
Does copy corner bind books?
what other examples of parenthetical expressions can you use?
What Exactly Is Energy Aura Projection?
What should my dragon's name be in my book?
What are common themes found in Dr.Seuss?
which one is better to give, a fifty shades book set or vampire diaries book set?
Where can I get poster of the Shire from Lord of the Rings?
is there some underground beef between the writers Zane and Omar Tyree?
who wrote the short story - Leaf by Niggle?
did the noval the da vinci code portray a change in civilization?
Anyone doing Nano this year?
How is the character John Proctor in The Crucible altruistic?
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn. List on order form WORST to BEST?
Need help with a story please!?
Which book should i read for my book report?
good books for 13 year old girls?
the twilight books and the twilight movie
Have you read " One flew over the cuckoos nest " by: Ken Kesey ?
do you like the books of Dan Brown? and whay?
What would happend? " Read what i've wrote Please"?
Which if theese books would you consider to be classics?
Difference between Sherlocks help!?
What will the seventh harry potter book be named?
Writing 5 paragraph essay.?
Finding quotes in books?
Theodore Rotheke's "In A Dark Time" relation to shadow archetype?
Should I read Dracula?
Any ideas for a better title?
How many people subscribe to The New Yorker magazine?
Who can think of a title?
Do you need to read james patterson other books to understand 11th hour ?
In Dan Brown's Digital Fortress, what is the Kill Code?
can you help me find chapter summaries on the book "rich dad poor dad" by Robert Kiyosaki?
Does Anyone like the V.C. Andrews Series?
any recommendations for books... for a teen?
A Harry Potter survey for fans.?
what was the story rappochinis daughter about?
Once upon a time long long ago.. I was told that there are only seven stories?
What's the name of this book?!?
I'd like to know anything about water exercises?
Are Harry Potter's kids pure blood or half-blood?
can you recommend a great audio book.?
why are ppl so mean about this?
I'm trying to figure out the name/author of this book...?
What makes you want to buy a book?
Do readers like these types of endings in their books? Description?
twilight question when edwars,bella,and alice were in italy?
Which is the best goosebumps book of all ?
Speech from The Lovely Bones or Plain Truth?
A Rose for Emily by William Foulkner>Theme of the story.?
How to begin an introduction on an compare and contrast essay? My topics are on two movies?
Can someone help me find the name of an adventure book?
Does anyone know where I can find a cowboy group that writes poetry?
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.?
Which book is this? Please help!?
B&A writers: I just realized that....+BQ(s)?
Edward Cullen OR Jacob Black?
why do people believe that only nerds like reading books?
Was literature better in the 19th century, or past?
I have a few questions about 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea'?
What do you think of my poem?
what you think about your wife?
Has anyone read any good books lately that IS NOT twilight?
How much would 175 kindle books cost all together?
Founding Brothers: Revolutionary Generation Question?
where is leonardo DaVinci reverse handwriting manuscript that talks about perpetual motion wheels located?
The Twilight series. Is it good?
Has anyone ever read 2 or 3 books in a day?
What are your views on the Harry Potter series and J.K. Rowling's writing style and the books content?
How long does it take you to read a book?
Recommended Books!?
what to do when trying to make own anime, where can i start?
Need recommendation on 2005's best non-fiction books?
Good names for characters in a fantasy story?
Any good books out there?
Do you prefer to write or type your stories out?
Who is Brad in "Glass" by Ellen Hopkins?
what is love?
I am doing research for a book I am writing. Do you think it is outdated to have a 35 year old heroine....?
What did Haru in Fruits Basket do to the guy to prove his hairs color?
Which of Jane Austen's books would be the best to read first?
what is beverly cleary's e-mail?
what do u consider the best book ever written?
Make a case for banning one of the following books: The bible, Harry Potter, Twilight, or Huckleberry Finn?
what's the best website to find a chapter by chapter summary of The Thief Lord?
I need a summary for the book Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen.?
explanation of William Shakespeare’s coat of arms???
what is the name of this book?
I am writing a newspaper column about book reviews, what is a catchy name I could use as the title?
Which Brian Tracy book to read first? Eat that Frog or No excuses?
Do you think JK rownling is going to kill Harry Potter?
earwig is native to what country or rgion?
Can I have your opinions on this story?
I am writing a short story for school, it has to be about the environment. Any ideas?
the writer of the captive lady?
I am looking for a good English language version of the "Cantar del Mio Cid." Any suggestions?
Anyone have a kindle fire?
Good books on kindle?
I'm writing a story about three girls wanting to be idols can you give me some title for my idol story?
on front cover of revelations by melissa de la cruz what does the symbol of the star on the girls neck mean?
Does anyone know of any good fictional lesbian novels?
Can 13-14 year olds publish books?
Is this good writing? (I want you to be honest)?
Do you prefer JD Robb or Nora Roberts books?
in the first twilight book when bella was like i never thought i'd die like this?
Does any author have the great characterization and understanding of human nature that Grisham has?
Harry Potter fans: What, in your opinion, is the best WRITTEN Harry Potter book?
What do you think......?
Who else wants to marry Edward Cullen!!!!?
What was the attitude protrayed towards women in "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow"?
matched by ally condie?
Question about The Hobbit?
which filmamking books are recommended for beginners?
What book are you currently reading and in short whats it about?
Mockingjay book Q's Please help!!!?
Have Film adaptations from books ruined the originality of reading it?
Quotes from the Host BY: Stephenie Meyer?
Book you have never read?
Help me expand on this writing prompt?
what book are you reading?
what did mr.hanley mean when he told queenie that people who teased her had their own hurt?
Whats the author called that made the book with a blond haired snow white?
Hey what book is this. Boyfriend is abusive so she leaves for her friends?
How many characters is too many characters? And my friend says a part of it is cliched?
what is your favorite book? i could use a good book to read?
Why are all YA books paranormal romances?
Which name is best for my guy character?
Artemis Fowl !!!!!!!?
what is " the second sex" by Simone de Beauvoir about?
I need as many women to answer as possible!?
Is it wierd for a guy to read Twilight?
Who is your favorite author?
What is this book and how much is it worth?
i'm writing a story at the moment and i need a really pretty female name, she is important and quite beautiful
What are examples of affection that happened in the book ' the outsiders'?
Help only 3 days left "book"?
Where can I find online critical material on Edward Albee?
Twilight -- Breaking Dawn?