Electromagnetic Induction Cooker?
what is the Charles Bukowski´s very new book?
Where can I read Paddy's Road Life Stories of Patrick Dodson online for free?
I need the solutions to the children's puzzle book entitled: "It's For You" by John Talbot. Help!
What are some good book series?
what is the nuclear power?
Please help!?!?! Any good story ideas, even a name?
How to fix a bent soft cover book?
what do Flavius and Marullus intend to do about it?
What do you do when your trying to get in contact with someone who makes it very hard?
I'd like to read about a female-sniper (no matter what: fiction or documentary). Any help?
what would be your first line?
cant seem to find the page for the great gatsby?
Suggestions on books to read?
Where can I find pictures of a young Truman Capote?
what are the list of reactions to duncan's death in macbeth?
How come they change the book covers aftet a few years after its been published?
How often do you read?
If you hadn't noticed, I am back on B&A?
If I had a really thick book do you think I could hallow out parts of it?
twilight or harry potter?
Are there any good short story compilations out there?
What is your fave Harry Potter book?
if I am writing a first person novel, do I need scene breaks?
What is the name if the book about the relationship between edgar allan poe & his cousin?
4th Lorien Legacies Book?
where can i find sherlock holmes detective cases and mysteries?
Artemis Fowl Book 1?
How to write a book like....?
I need help with my Alice in Wonderland(twist) story plot.Please help me?
Im writing a story about a treasure hunter, and i want it to take place somewhere overseas any one got a clue?
Title for the villain's side of Sleeping Beauty?
What's this book called?
Question about my book? Thanks?
I have trouble focusing while reading and read too slow. Where can I get help on the internet?
ssshhh...true Harry potter fans?secret question!...answer if you dare...?
What are some good ideas for this story? Easy ten points!?
Question about The Great Gatsby?
i'm reading some clasic books can you recomed some?
Which is the last drama of WilliamShakesphere?
Who are some of your favorite Fantasy and Sci-Fi authors?
can you suggest some books about arthurian legends with epic battles ?
What are your favourite books that you think everyone should be forced to reid?
I need help with a character?
What are some uncommon last names?
why was gothic writing so popular in the 1800s?
What do you notice about the stage directions in "Waiting For Godot"?
Twilight, harry potter??
"et dulce decorum est" a good primary source?
James Herbert,ONCE ...what happens to the main character in the end,also Nell Hugo and the old man?
Novel/Book 20,000 words?
Anybody read The Kite Runner? What is your opinion about the book?
What poem represents Daisy Buchanan's Happiness from the book "The Great Gatsby"?
whats the dialogue for vampire academy?
Anyone have children's book ideas?
What is the full name of Sherlock Holmes?
if u went to hogwarts who would u go to the yule ball with?
I heard there was a new t.v series similar to goosebumps by R.L STINE?
Who wrote "evil triumphs because good men do nothing"?
Can anyone give me a plot for a story?
Twilight Question - Does Bella change?
Who is your favorite MALE character from a novel?
Who has, or is planning on, praticipating in Nanowromo?
if jesus christ did really have a wife and a daughter...would it really affect the faith we have.?
Is this description good?
Lyddie Chapter Summaries???? 10 points!?
My first NaNoWriMo tomorrow?
Could someone reccommend some great books for me? I am a 21 year old female. Thanks!?
what are the main events in the book?
which book do u consider a classic must read?
i am a poet i want to write for the film. how?
When you read Harry Potter to you think of Fred and george as one person or two?
what is the setting for this book?
The Sisterhood of the traveling pants?
what is poetry?
Do you read for pleasure at home? How often? What do you enjoy reading?
I need two interesting names?
Crank by Ellen Hopkins?
kann anybody tell me something that Henri Perruchot wrote?
Has anyone read the books, One Child and Tiger's Child by Torey Hayden.?
Writers! How many rejection letters would it take for you to give up?
topic that links animal farm with to kill a mockingbird?
please help me if you read things fall apart?
Do you think Harry Potter is a Children's book?
how to find how many copies a book was printed ?
Who do the Rebels save at the end of the 75th Hunger Games?
Why do YOU like the Harry Potter series?
What tarot deck has a Fool card that has the Fool carrying a butterfly net?
What do teens consider a good book?
Looking for a good book, similar to killing Lincoln and Kennedy. Please help?
i'm writing a book about an assasin in post apocolyptic world?
What are the words to the poem by EE Cummings that starts "I carry you in my heart" ?
When you are thinking of buying a book, what influences you?
What was the last book you read ? did you finish it ?
Books? Anyone know of ANY good books for mature teens?
can u name your 10 favourite books(ficton)?
Any of you have this Audio Book?
Same cover, different isbn?
Are there any books similar to Pandora Hearts or Kuroshitsuji?
Why do teen girls enjoy Twilight?
Lord Of The Flies question?
Who knows what Nain Desintje De means ?
What was Richard Adams's purpose for writing Watership Down?
twilight series, is new moon boring?
What do you think should have happened to Eveline in the book Dubliners?
Does this book sound familiar to anyone?
Game Show names for my story?!?
What are the last 3 GOOD books you have read?
Creative short story ideas?
What are some good classic books?
Do I look like Alice Cullen?
Help with story plot?
in harry potter?
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Q?? 10 points??!?
When did Twilight stop being cool with teenage girls?
Help choosing a book for English?
Who asked the question about The Catcher in the Rye? (II)?
What magazine/ magazines do you currently have a subscription with?
Mates Dates series about character Nesta?
Do you guys like this little story?
4. What images in Kafka’s short story The Metamorphosis create a mood of apprehension in the re?
Short AR books at least 10 points?
who read the pearl harbor is burning!a story of world war ll. did u like or no.why. tell me about this story.?
Who would you say is our greatest living author?
Harry Potter Nerds of Answers...?
Can't remember what this book is called?
For Harry Potter fans?
For all readers. What do you think of my writing here?
What do you think the other horcruxes are?
books for me to read?
Is Christopher Paolini married or has kids?
What was the saddest scene in the 7th HP book?
The Crucible, end of Act I question? (Would love to hear other opinions?)?
What are your top three favorite books??
What do you think of the annual Gerard manley Hopkins festival? Is it good?
How would you write this ending?
Wattpad publishing problems..?
Whats a good book to read?
help writing about the Taliban (and if possible) how it relates to The Kite runner?
Help with story name ideas?
Harry Potter fan-fiction?
What is the importance of the numbers 84 and 87 in christianity?
does anyone know a similar book to eragon with dragons other than harry potter, lord of the rings, and dragonr
Will reading the classics (American literary canon) actually make a person more well-rounded?
What do you like and dislike about John Green's writing in Looking for Alaska?
Is it legal to copy books to digital?
Where can i find an empty book?
Can anyone recommend any good fiction set in Philadelphia?
If you take the first book you can find and turn to page 48, line 8, what does it say?
About GRRM novels (ASOIAF), which character do you like best:?
Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way????
Which is better? World War Z or The Zombie Survival Guide?
Can you do a English project about a book if you only read a summary of every single chapter?
How can I make this story have a twist?
"The Last Temptation Of Science" Short story?
What is a good book for 16 year old?
NEXT/ Michael Crichton (Character Help)?
Does this antagonist sound believable?
In wizards first rule how is Richard related to darken? Also how does darken die?
Does anyone like Breaking Dawn???
The rising action and climax often lead to the story's what?
Is it possible to read all of the Harry potter books in one month?
What Book are you reading at the moment ?
Is Stephen King overrated?
What is the plot, climax, and setting of this story?
Harry Potter?
Where can I read books online for free?
How do my Jewish and Native American Characters sound?
Who do you think will die in the next Harry Potter book and why?
has anyone read the book A MANGO SHAPED SPACE?
What are some good books like ellen hopkins/ looking for alaska?
What Is The Story Called?
Do you think Twilight is stupid?
Has anyone heard of a childrens book called "do you know the little man"?
anyone knows the contrast in the story "a tale of two cities" by charles dickens?
Has anyone read The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom?
literary theory critical article outsiders?
Does anyone else think that "Running with Scissors" by Augusten Burroughs is the most fabulous book ever?
What is the climax, plot, theme, and the conflict of the boy of the painted cave?
Exist an index to George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM?
What book should I read?
What book is the best for me?
What is the positive nature in “The Outsiders” (The Book)?
Too many Pretty Little Liars books?
What is Faulkner's best book?
Can you analyze this?
Name the book you are currently reading?
What's a good name for this novel?
It's funny, but this Twilight book series looks like only shallow teenage girls read it? Am I wrong?
What are some good names for book characters?
What topic would people be most interested in a fiction book?
What is your favorite book not originally written in English?
What service did Hrothgar perform for Beowulf’s father?
Are there any really well written history books on France?
who is willaim hobbs?
How does today's youth connect to R.K.Narayan's Malgudi days?
What do you do when you have too many story ideas in your head?
Help with my book title?
Hush, Hush fans...which book cover is your favorite?
What's the scary story?
Do you have a favorite poem? If so what is the name of it and who is it by?
Large second hand bookshop found in or around Coventry?
A novel, movie anything about a child growing up with either positive or negative outcome.?
Do you like Switzerland?
Where can I find information on the characters' traits/backgrounds in the novel Timeline by Michael Crichton?
I am writing a Book about Iraq aided by a journalist. How much $% should he get.?
Are you a fan of the Millennium Trilogy?
How Do You Picture Gemma from Stolen by Lucy Christopher?
Is it normal to write erotic stories about you and your crush?
do you know where i can read the whole sweetvalley series online?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
Where in the nursery rhyme does it say Humpty Dumpty is an egg?
was u scared on june,6,2006?
A good teenage book?
Does anyone have any book suggestions?
which is the best autobiography book from bollywood ?
Can a mature 11-year-old read the blue eye by toni morrison?
What is john grisham's book signing schedule for 2008?
In which US state is John Irving's The Cider House Rules set?
Can i skip some books and read the last one in the Harry Potter Series?
What 5 books would you bring on a year-long trip…?
does anyone else HATE twilight?
What are the most overrated novels?
write a journal entry about an interesting book or story that you have you read?
Poem relating to the book COLD MOUNTAIN... ..?
Books similar to these?
I need help with me speech RE memoirs of a Geisha~belonging?
Why Would An Author Want To Use Magical Realism In Their Story?
What are some books about dramatic relationships for 18+ ?
Help me, please with my story plot?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Which magical object/spell do you think you NEED the most?
Can the stories on wattpad be published?
Are vampires being overused?
Can someone edit my "who am i" essay?
I need an editor for my novel?
Why are Harry Potter Fans So Jelous Of Twilight Saga?
A Critical Response of "The Passionate shepherd to his love" by Christopher Marlowe.?
Was the Marauders' behavior towards Snape any better than what Riddle did to the orphans and students?
When does Twilight get good? ?
How to have an intresting covo.?
Do modern popular fiction texts, both written and visual, reflect or affect our lives?
was shakespeare really one person?
What do you think of these characters?
Russian Formalism ???
Japanese real fiction/horror novels, PLEASE. 10 points for help?
what is the most nice or beautiful title about fantasy with romance?
Have read/studied Enduring love by Ian McEwan, and The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by Jim Cartwright?
Forbidden City by William Bell?
What are 4 literary elements for The Best of Me, by Nicholas Sparks?
Why do so many people dislike twilight?
good teen books to read?
I need help with a story ideas... about Greasers?
Honest opinions please xx?
how do i get a book from butterworths?
Planning the plot for a Crime?
where can i read shutter island online for free?
.s which full name do you like best?
... Blair Clarke vs Blaire Clarke?
does the scripture approve of musical instruments during our worship services?
how can i wright this essey will compare and contrast thee two....?
What is the literary award that to be presented in Puerto Rico in Dec or Jan of this year? I have no more info
In Twilight,what made Bella think Edward Cullen was a vampire?
what city was described as the "city of dreadful night"?
Novels that illustrate different perceptions of the American Dream?
I've been reading a lot of Stephen King, is the anybody else as good as him i could try?
TWILIGHTERS...Do u think it was Edwards ?
How do you write a foreword for a book of poetry?
RumbleFish by SE Hinton?
Name of a horror story?
What is the real name of George Eliot?
Writing Help ? Needs Feedback?
Is this a good idea for a book or not?
Pathetic Fallacy in the Setting of the book "Alive" (Plane Crash in the Andes)?
I need a good book!!!?
10 POINTS!!! does anyone know any books for goths?? 10 POINTS!!!?
Whose books you like more? Stephen King or John Grisham?
recommend some fantasy novels?
who inspired Hiaasen to write novels????????????I need real answers.?
How do you write a stellar query letter?
German version of Aesop's Fables?
what should i name the main character in my book?
will Harry (Potter) die?
What are the last 10 books you've read?
Read any good books lately?
does "im contemplating if im too young to write my autobiography" make sense.?
Do you like my characters/plot?
What are the 4 character's names that are in the short story "The Cask of Amontillado"?
From which website can i get information ofthe book "A Short History of English Literature" by Ifor Evans.
Good settin for fiction novel?
Is anyone else sick of Twilight?
Polls:Lord the ring or harry potter?
where can i find quotes form the book "one flew over the cuckoos nest" that deals with views on women?
What is the worst online site to order text books from?
Y!A not posting my IMPORTANT question, PLEASE READ?
Read a poem of mine? 17 year old male?
What can I do with 400 books that nobody wants?
Heres My Book Introduction!:)?
a series of unfortunate events!?
What should i name my character?
what was the best book u have ever read?
Harry Potter Fans: Pop Quiz!?
Ever read James Hardley Chase?
Has anyone read all/any of the books of "Conversations with God"? What did you think of it?
Name all the books written by Robert Ludlum?
is there a complete tranlsation of les dossies secrets?
anyone read "the hidden messages in water"?
Ruins by Orson Scott Card ending help?
Should I love Edward Cullen, or Jacob black?! Sure I've read the books and seen the movie, but I can't decide.?
Is This Good Writing?
what book are you currently reading?
“Do you reading Harry Potter books?
which book is better? twilight or harry potter?
Why doesn't anybody read anymore?
I'm doing a project on the book crank,?
Pride&prejudice- how does austen's narrative style contribute to the overall effect of the novel on readers?
Im 14 and i want a really good book to read over the summer..Any Ideas?
I'd like to be an author, what steps should I take to getting noticed?
Are the Dragon Lance novels based on Mormon principals?
does this sound like a good sci-fiction book?
I can't find annie mary schimel photo?
Having trouble starting my novel for NaNoWriMo. Help please?
i have started many books in a past year and finished none. Why?
Anyone know of books similiar to Moon Called by Patricia Briggs?
What is a good title for this story?
Why do people use pseudonyms?
Have you read this book? Finding a Happy Medium, by Claire Voyant? The idea was channelled to the author.?
If you were powhatan, would you had spared john smith?
Have you read Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott?
Is there any website that you can read Dr.Seuss books for free?
I need help with the book "1984"?
Anybody read a good book recently?
how does the setting in the book, "the adventures of huckleberry finn" play a major role?
Which Twilight coven would you most like to belong to?
Death note and Octavia Butler, anyone? And does anyone else wish they could be friends/soulmates with L?!?
What is the best book you'd recomend for teens?
Kimitake Hiraoka, was his life poetry? Did he die for his art?
frequently used words in catching fire?
Whats your favorite Book? please list the author iif you noe?
Can someone sumarize Billy Bud for me?
what is the name of the 7th harry potter series ??
What is the plot summary of Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy?
Does anyone know of a really good page turner?
What did you think of the book uglies by scott westerfeld?
i would like a summary of "A Child Called It" by Dave Pelzer?
What are some good books?
How to start a persuasive essay?
Where can I publish one copy of a book?
Help finding this thick book...?
The book "I Am Legend"?
Teen books about student-teacher affairs?
a classic novel with the main theme of love?
How do I publish my own book of poetry?
What's John Steinbeck's favorite food dish?
What is the name of this book?
Senior thesis fiction novel?
Does anybody know a Good Publisher for a Story that's pretty Dark/Mature?
Breaking Dawn?
what is the meaning od the word deutimus?
Do you think Dumbledore had a Horcux?
Shakespeare's Macbeth--essay ideas?
Why did Wendy, from Peter Pan, choose to grow up?
Is it bad to have a realistic but unlikeable villain/antagonist?
where is mary carolyn davies from?
why did aunt pertunia and uncle vernon have to die?
where in the Charleston, SC area is there an exerpt written by Pat conroy?
Twilight Fans: What Is The Worst Ending You Can Imagine For Breaking Dawn?
haw can i help my son to learn English language well,he speeches romanian,any system or books or cd is good.?
why do people believe that only nerds like reading books?
harry potter or twilight?
What's your opening sentence?
Would you review my Twilight fan fiction?
A little plot advice perhaps?
Which Stephen King novel or short would you like to see made into a movie?
Where can i read the lost the black room online?
In the book, Ramona Quimby, age 8, Do you believe that Ramona was the right character for this book? Why or wh?
Scientific doubts about supernatural creatures(vampires, shifters etc)..?
Did you like the book "SUFF"?
What are the reasons that led Rubin Hurricane Carter to shoot people in a bar?
can somebody help me in doing a summary of the "The Tree" by F. Sionil Jose?
How long should the first chapter of a story be ?
What should I do for my writing prompt?
how dies in the new harry potter book??
better book of the three. Mcteague, beloved, or next?
How to publish a translation?
For Fahrenheit 451, what is a an example in the book where it shows evolution?
Anyone know of a book with the main character of Beverly Hill? She went from a poor hooker to a highclassmadam
House of Night Fanfiction!?
what do you think of this story so far?
Siddhartha Question help...?
I haven't read a book since I was 8. Is it too late to start?
What are some good books?
what books has thomas harding written??
How often do you read?
A good title for a love story?
What are some good mystery/crime/suspense novels to read?
Who was the most radical writer?
what is ASAP?
What happened to Elizabeth Proctor after Johns death? The Crucible.?
Do you think Dumbledore is dead?
How hard is it to write a book? I need advice!?
whats a good book about mystery?
Any suggestions for a name for a demon?
Creating characters for your novel?
How does McKibben's The End of Nature feel about progress? Does he dislike progress and how is that shown?
How many pages long is a prologue?
What's your favorite book by Johanna Lindsey? And Why?
If you remove your poems from an online site are they no longer "published"?
give me the names of the books written by stefan zeige?
How many books have you read or listened too?
who was mina harker?
Why the book "I know why a caged sings was banned?
Good Kindle books anyone ?
can someone tell me what this story is about?
Where can I find C. Paolini's Eragon and Eldest for free download?(maybe some other e-books)?
Where can I read the full text of "I just wanna be average" by Mike Rose by Today. No nearby bookstore has it?
Harry Potter fans:If you got a letter that of acceptentance to hogwarts.would you go????Also what house do you
drugs, money and killing song foor the book outsiders?
Who is this Jean meldi!?
Has anyone ever read the ORIGINAL Forrest Gump book that came out long before the movie did?
Where can i read Web Technology Book online for free?
Need some help with a book?
Book(s) on AR quizzes?
**What are your opinions on Twilight by Stephanie Meyers?**?
How do authors make villains seen menacing and threatening?
What are good books for a teenage girl to read? I'm 17?
character names for my short story?
i have to do a story for english?
Barnes & Noble or Borders?
I am looking for a British poem that uses the phrase "red Indian"?
Help with understanding of death of a salesman?
How many books did Martin Luther Kind Jr. write?
twilight question...?
What books should I read?
Good ideas for a romantic story? 10 points :)?
what is the book frankenstein about?
I'm looking for a better love story than twilight?
Rupert Axebanger Brookstanton a death eater?
can i read game of thrones at 15?
Why is this even in the book?
how do you like my 2nd chapter?
What do you think of my story? 10 points.?
has anyone tried the robert madison love spell?
FOR GIRLS ONLY? Is this a fake face book please help!!?
Last name for Vera? Im writing a book!?
what is a screenplay?
A teen or pre-teen book can't recall name please help!?
Anyone suggest a good book to read? Since im a guy would like to stay away from romance and that stuff?
Where can I find free ebooks for download?
When writing a book, is it really worth it to get an agent?
whats the best books that you have ever read?
what is a book called that the author tells it like they are the main character...but it is fiction.?
What is generally an acceptable level of swearing and sex in a "Young Adult" book?
Help! Books for middle aged women?!?
Who is the greatest children's author of all time?
I want to read Free Four from the Divergent series but I don't have a kindle?
The Epic of Gilgamesh: I have to write an essay & I'm having a lot of trouble getting started?
Who do you prefer Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
The story of the Margery Kempe manuscript?
Are their any non fiction books that discuss "what's funny"?
What is the overal summary of Blood Diamonds the book?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Is Twilight REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying to you right now?
the extras by scott westerfeld??? free read?
I need the plot summary for the Purloined Letter?
Looking for a book not sure the title or author but know the plot and storyline.?
What's a good name for my book? Please help!?
where can i download Great Expectations (1998) for free?
where to sell 1st edition books?
Dinner With Your Favorite Fictional Character. . .WHO?!?
what is a good site to post my short stories, poem and other writings and get readers and reviews?
What are some good young adult books?
what is writer ramakrishnan's latest book?
How does The Hobbit compare to The Inheritance cycle?
what do you think of when you think of the colour black?
Did you read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad?
I have a question about The Crucible?
Is there goin to be another book in the dark guardian series?
WHO is the author of harry Potter?
What books are you reading?
Please help me? short story?
Whats a good book!?
What are the similarities of the book Milkweed and The boy in the Striped Pajamas
"The White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling?
I need "level two" Of Mice And Men questions?
Recommend a book?
What contributions has emily dickinson made in american literature?
should i find the E_mail address of Mr Ali ashraf darvishian the famous iranian writer?
Recommend some books for me?
What are the good james bond 007 books by Ian Fleming list more than 1 or 2 and what about bad ones?
There is a heart logo on the cover of a Danielle Steel novel does anyone know the name of that novel?
* Who's Your Favorite FICTIONAL Couple? ?
Help for a quest novel!?
Book to read for AP Literature?
Can anyone recommend some good book?
What are some major complications in the Mark of Athena?
What is the theme, tone, and the analysis of the peom, "Heart! We Will Forget Him" by Emily Dickinson?
what do u prefer in a story?
How do you get over your writer's block?
Good idea for a story?
What should be the main idea for this prompt?
I need help with writing a book?
catcher in the rye?
What book do you think is better? Harry Potter books or Twilight books?
where can i find the 1636 version or cinderella?
How is my opening paragraph?
What website I can find origami instructions?
When was the first Nobel Prize for Economics awarded?
Author's writing question!?
I Need Three City Names Please?
Which story should I write?
Books like Jumping Off Swings?
Who is Charles Paladin???
Is the huxley lecture a successful piece of persuasion?
how should i write my book?
emergency!!!! plzz can somebody help me to find Noughts & Ctosses by malorie blackman as a free e-book?
I need help with coming up with a name for a teen hang out in my book? any suggestions?
How do you get names for your storys?
who is Ur fave person in harry potter?
where to bind small books?
are you in love with a fictional character?
Has seeing its popularity put your edge off Twilight?
what is the novel His Master's Voice by Stanislaw Lem?
john lisec?
Please tell me what you think of this book?
bedtime story for young children help?
how does frodo show self-sacrifice in Lord of the rings?
Who wrote The Catcher in the Rye?
Chronicles Of Narnia and Christianity?
In Romeo and Juliet why is Juliet important?
About Harry Potter....?
How's my story?????????
What is a good name for this fictional character?
Would anyone be willing to read my English essay?
Why is prospero considered a renaissance man in The Tempest?
discuss the structure of the novel Salem's lot. Identify the role and effectiveness of the headings, epigraphs?
What could a motif of knots stand for in a story?
Why do people like Twilight?
Have you read any of Suze Orman's books?
Books with dark romance?
what is your schedule for nanowrimo?
Book about girl whose friend is jewish?
Where could someone with writer's block look for inspiration?
Trying to write a book, help, help, help!?
I'm writing a novel and I need a few names?
13 years old... Do you think I'm a good writer? And another question...?
Golden Heart Contest (Romance Writer's of America contest) questions?
whats your favorite book?
What happens at the end of Endure by Carrie Jones?
What are your top 3 favorite books?
Are these two books by Deepak Chopra the same or extremely similar?
I need help writing a thesis for my narration?
where can i download Da Vinci Code free ebooks?
balance in my pass book?
what is the most inspiring and uplifting book you have ever read?
What's the name of this book?
Edward Cullen or jacob Black? ?
What are the best 100 books to read?
Can someone please fix this?
Questions On The Book "Nancy Drew and The Secret Of The Old Clock?"?
Can you name an author whose name begins with C?
Good non-fiction/fiction survival books that tell a story?
10 points..which last name sounds posh?
How does one structure their memior before sending to Publishers?
Has anyone read the book "HUNGER GAMES"?
How do concentrate on writing and planning your book?
Can anyone reccomend any good urban or street books ?
Can you clarify what a Mudblood or Muggle-born is?
do you like Twilight?
What are some good books to read?
Is the book The Glass Castle good?
I'm looking for the title of a children/teen fantasy book that I believe was written pre-1985.?
Writers: Have you wondered what others think of your writing style? Care to share?
Who are some main characters in the book Restless by Rich Wallace?
Hamlet killing Claudius?
Am I the only peson not crazy about Twilight?
Katniss and Peeta quotes?
Ernest Hemingway.?
Andy Griffiths Just Crazy chapter summaries please?
can someone give me some romance advice?
Stephen King- Dream Catcher. Look inside for other great books that you'd like to talk about.?
I have a queston about book publishing?
A child called 'it' by Dave Pelzer?
Is this story idea overused/done before?
What's the best "classic" book?
I'm writing a book, but need some "first" names for characters. Help!?
Is a good publisher for a 14-year-old?
Physical Description for Stephen in The elvent plague?
Was Othello a tragic hero? Why or Why not?
Where can I buy books of Mir Publishers in India?
Any recommendations for a Vonnegut/ Brautigan/ Tom Wolfe/ Donna Tartt fan?
what is amma?
Is there going to be another Softwire book?
Which book do you suggest to read?
In the book "the odyssey" how is the character Odysseus known as a trickster?
What do you think of this book?
What is Jordan's role is The Great Gatsby?
What is the theme and symbols in the poem "The Weary Blues" by Langston Hughes?
secondary sources for the catcher in the rye?
If I retired my book from my current self-publish company can I publish with a new one?
What was the last book you read?
Does ANYONE like harry potter, why or why not? I love it?
Any suggestions on changing writing genre's from poetry to fiction?
can anyone give me names of authors that consistently write good books?
Is Lysander worthy of Hermia? Help PLease!!!!!!!!!!?
Publishers Of Bibles?
Is there any story/book in which Alice in Wonderland's Alice ends up in a romance with the Mad Hatter?
Where's the guy from that wrong the Conan books?
Book where a boy receives a call from someone who admits to a crime?
Is this a good story concept?
Where can I find the book the Complete Guide to World Mysticism?
What d'u think is the value of studying Shakespeare in the modern world?
What is your favorite Harry Potter book?
How to make my character more realistic?
I'm looking for a good young adult book to read, any suggestions?
i came upon millions of dollars tho a lottery ticket how do i keep that a secrete?
I am in need of a "must read" book.?
Looking for an old book?! HELP?
im writing a book about 2 bisexual teen girls who fall in love, is this a book people would read??
Who is Phillip Pullman?
Help with writing essay on Night by Elie Wiesel?
Need advice big time on writing!?
What does this mean?
what's your favorite book of all time?
Questions from the story book called The Golem by Isaac Bashevis Singer help, please, please, i beg you,please?
Zombie novel w/ pictures? Other good horror books?
What are some novels about the grim reaper?
Charter traits for Midsummer Night's dream characters? ?
Where can I find an audiobook of The Catcher in the Rye?
What's a good book I should read today?
Book project song help?
The vampire diaries ... Book vs TV show ...?
how many james patterson alex cross books are there and what are they in chronological order?
what is allegory? what are allegorical plays?
Why do all girls think that the vampire "Eduard Cullen" from Twilight is perfect?
what's your Fave Book?
Short story ideas anyone?
B&A Writers: Are you artistically talented in other areas?
how can I publish my books?
Where can I read "The sound of a voice" by David henry Hwang online?
Harry Potter Question?
Where could I find a good scary story on Lake Superior?
What shouldl I do for the family?" Will I live in the house I have now?" Will I adore my kids?"
In pretty little liars what is the "Jenna thing"?
if youve read mockingjay?
Examples of deceit in 'A street car named desire'?
Can I get some feedback on this novel I'm writing?
where can i find children's books in Hebrew in the us?
Twilight series vs. Twilight saga?
Where can I read "The Da Vinci Code" online?
What to write my book about? (specific)?
Can you read my story? Two chapters only :)?
When you're writing a dream scene is it good to...?
Good wattpad stories?
How does the beggining of my story sound ?
Was Kurt Vonnegut drafted in the Vietnam War?
What is your favourite book of all time?
Divergent book series survey?
In the novel, I Am the Messenger, how do the following characters evolve? With textual evidence.?
If you have read the book "O Pioneers!" By Will Carther, can you answer these questions? PLEASE?
How do our values and the media guide our interpretation of literature( novels, plays, poems)?
who does mercutio and benvilo think romeo is in live with?
can i get the hand delivery of the book 3 steps to conquer add?
any books about the impact of seccond hand smoke?
Write stories with a pen or on computer?
Any ideas I really need people's help on this!!!!!?
I need words to describe kissing. Help?
Hero/protagonist obstacles...any general rules?
Who do you think is the hottest HP person ;)?
how would i describe a murder scene in details?
Has anyone read Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland?
A lesson before dying?
Can anyone give me a synopsis of Chapter Four of John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty"?
where can i go to find the value of a book collection?
Any one know which are the best vintage(old) mills and boon books.?
Book Recommendations?
If I like books by Francesca Lia Block, what are some other suggestions?
A name for my book? ?
gay shape-shifter romance book series?
Books for teens?
Do you like my story?
What's the best book you read this year (2008)?
Can you write a book, even if you don't know how to properly write?
What is the most inspirational novel you have read and why?
Twilight/Harry Potter Survey!?
Twelfth Night - Act 4 Scene 3?
A writer needs your help! Naming characters.?
How do you put a full portion of text (say a news story) in a paper in MLA format?
Can someone tell me the philosophy of life as depicted in Herman Hesse's 'Siddhartha'?
is it ok to have sex with 3 guys if you're not gay? i do it a lot and like i dont know why...but i like girls.
dear readers who loves harry potter beacuse i want to make frinend whit him or her?
Advice for a young author writing his first novel? How do I organize my story?
What is the answer to the riddle from hemingways book, the snows of kilimanjaro?
Any good books that have been made into films?
Is anyone interested in joining a collaborative writing project?
Is there a second book to Wings by aprilynne pike?
Who has read The Kite Runner?
books on death penalty and family?
what are good author interview questions?
In his letter to the Bishop of Cavaillon, Petrarch says that truth begets what?
analysis of chapter 4 lord of the flies?
Who is your favorite Author, Dead or Alive?
whats the best book you have ever read????
What hapen with Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily in Wanted (Pretty Little Liars)?
Who likes 'Harry Potter' movies & 'Harry Potter' books here?If u likes tell me where can I get the books.
Red Badge of Courage question?
Great Expectations, Charles Dickens?
How did the Victorians perceive nature?
Mothers day poem.?
lookin for the name of an old kids book (series) about a group that solves mysterys with science?
Where can i get the summary of "The second lady" written by Irvin Wallance?
please help! Books about childrens intelligence?
Do you like this story idea about dopplegangers?
How do I begin my book?
How many typed pages on a computer equal a page in a novel/book?
The name of a horror/ thriller book?
Easy 10 points!!! What are some good books to read??
If you wrote a book about yourself and your life what title would you give to it?
how good is the twilight series by stephanie meyer?
Good books on human communication?
Anyone know any good writing forums?
Good vs. Evil secratic seminar circle questions in Lord of the Flies?
What's a unique, Twisted, Mind-Boggling Username?!?
Do you know where i can find quotes from the love is characters?
What is a song that is kind of about the book "Night" by elie wiesel? or the holocaust?
Twilight Fans?
Is my story good so far? Sorry it's long!?
What's a critical review?
who is your favorite character in the HARRYPOTTER SERIES?
I need help naming a character in my book?
where can i read romiette and julio online for free?
wild at heart by john eldredge on line?
The Christian child R M Rilke?
Any one elses favourite book 'Birdsong' by Sebastien Faulks, if so what else did you enjoy?
What are your thoughts on strike witches?
where can i find answers for study guides about "the Crucible"?
Does anyone know of some good 19th century - 21st century British Authors?
Harry Potter...?
HP question:who do you think is R.A.B in the note inside the horcrux?
Where can I read Dragon´s Breath by E.D. Baker Online?
teenagers! can somebody tell me o recomend a really good book that you have read?
I have 24 Horatio Alger books in quite good condition printed ~1908 that I want to sell. How do I find buyers?
is there anybody who has a copy of "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got A Life" ? I want to buy it!!
what are the sections in book 17 the odyssey?
what is the antagonist for Bratfest at Tiffany's?
What poems by Yeats have Greek or Roman myths in them?
What are your thoughts on the book "Life of Pi"?
Who is your favorite Author, Dead or Alive?
What is a Literature Character?
does anyone know where to download free books?
Critic my book beginning rate it 1 -10 tell why please?
Good name for a villain/bad guy in a story?
All you Twilight haters (and maybe some Twi-hards or whatever you call yourselves)... just a quick question...?
what is "the old man and the sea" all about"?
What do you think of my book?
Girls, would you read a book which had a male narrator?
What should I do, my teacher is going to read my story/book, questionable things in it so far.?
Potter Fans? Have you ever had any HP-related dreams?
What is the best site sell collectable books?
Porn Star?
Does anybody know were I can find someone who will edit and proof read my manuscript?
Reviews and opinions please?
who has read the book Monster?
Why does Charlotte Perkins Gilman use insanity in "The Yellow Wallpaper"?
Why do we have to study the bible?
which is the best book you've ever read till now?
What are your thoughts on Harry Potter?
Help with my story?!?
A really really good book?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
writing a movie script, reading written scripts?
critic the beginning of my book please do not read unless you enjoy reading! thanks!?
1984 by George Orwell... What HASN'T occured in some way or another?
Theme help for Macbeth?
How does this Introductory paragraph sound?
what type of writing style did emily brontes use in the novel wuthering heights?
If you could meet a character from any movie or book who would it be and why?
Read my story please!!!?
♥Twilight fans!!! Which team?!?
Do you trust Snape?
Who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?
Team Edward Or Team Jacob....?
Why do teenage girls adore me so much?
Why do illiterates not bother to use the spellchecker?
Are ebooks are a good way to go for the future of publishing and idea to do now? Do teens and kids read ebooks?
the lord of the rings was made of realyty of some nations folklor?wich was that?
do you think it was rationale or merely an excuse for hamlet to not kill cladius while he was praying? explain
childrens book old stories in it the yellow ribbon, iron john, one eye, two eye, three eye, pecos bill,?
Ok! I asked this before but I edited a bit of it! How do you like my blurb for my book? Not long, 10 points?
What is Don in the Myre?
do you have to read???
What book are you reading at the moment?
BEST young adult books you have read.?
what are some good books for an eager 15 year old girl?
Have my enemies still remember me or have they forgotten about me?
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Book?
Does anyone know the name of a children's book series about a family of porcupines?
Whats the best/most intersting autobiography you've ever read?
what is the main theme on The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe?
People, who is your favorite author to read? In what genre? Why?
Book suggestions for teens?
looking for prints depicting christina rosetti's "goblin market".?
Good titles for my story?
Does Thoreau dislike progress? How is that shown in Walden?
Good classic novel for teen?
How long did it take you to read harry potter and the order of the phoenix?
Writers -- After the end of your story, is your main character...?
How would you analyze this sentence?
what is a really good scary quote or paragraph from Stephen king books?
If Bella and Jacob had a baby girl, what should it's name be?
Have you read "Freakonomics"? Do you recommend it?
What kind of weapon other than a bat could be kept in a closet but could also be used to break a leg?
Did anyone read Fahrenheit 451?
I need help with book AMONG THE IMPOSTORS?
What game could you relate the novel 1984 by George Orwell to?
Title of book about a town that doesn't always exist?
need some name ideas for a male character..?
Any good book recommendations for a 13 yr. old girl?
how many books have you read so far in your life?
What is a good book to read? alike are we all?
you're or your? = all that i live for.?
Some good book suggestions?
How does shakespeare present Othello in Act 3 scene 3?
How does King Creon in Antigone exemplify the qualities of arête, hubris, ate, nemesis?
does michael jackson scared u?
If you could go to hogwarts, would you?
Do you think this is a good plot for a teen novel?
what are good web sites related to literary criticism and reading lists?
Any suggestions on a monocraft book about Rock History or 50s/60s rock and roll?
TwilightHater: Why Do You Hate Twilight?
I've got a library card....?
How is the best way to narrate my life story?
The tamed of the Shrew....?
looking for a children's scary story book about people who ate kids (may have been goosebumps)?
Any suggestions for a gud book ?
what are the contemporary issues of george Eliot's time and how does it influence silas marner ?
Character unable to speak (broken bones)?
In Twilight why does Bella want Jasper and not Alice to go get food with her?
Did "They ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise.” come from the Decameron?
House of usher description?
Have you read any good books lately?
Can anyone help me figure out the title of this horror book?
Could someone PLEASE answer my questions I asked?
Has anyone read the book "The amazing adventures of Kavalier and clay?" I have a few questions.?
Anyone suggest authors that write like Patrica Cornwell?
Boy names for my story?
Writers: How good are you at these things?
Here is a question that's making me a little curious?
Nanowrimo survival tips?
recommended books to read in french?
sequel to 101 dalmations (the book)?
Where can I download mills & boon ebooks?
Gone With The Wind Sequel?
Which book should i read next?
Are you team edward or team jacob in the twilight series?
What's your stance on happy endings?
what is Lockwood's purpose in Wuthering Heights? help! :(?
Tedd Smith Piano score the hiding place?
AR, high point , easy read book? I'm 13 PLEASE HELP ASAP! need to read a book by Friday :(..?
★ Which book is the best among these 5 books?!?!!?
Anyone read a Child Called It?
In Secret Life of bees by sue monk kidd, what month would lily want to be named after?
Honest opinions/critique on a story I'm writing?
Does anyone know what this Short Story is called and?or who wrote it?
who is Eli Wallach?
Is my mafia book idea good?
Would you want to read a book if this was the first chapter?
who is lawrence osborne?
"how can i read Heartless by Sara Shepard online for free?"?
Does Young Adult Fiction typically contain simpler vocabularies than say Stephen King or Agatha Christie?
Would this be a good short film?
B&A: Morph into your character! Will you answer some questions?
What's the best publishing company to use when trying to publish a book (what is a reasonable price)?
What are names of some(if any) ghosts in Greek mythology.?
what good books are about peak brain performance or making your brain powerful?
Book: The surrendered wife download?
Anybody read the 'Fearless' books by Francine Pascal?
Favorite Book? please answer.?
Books! Has anyone read any of these books, and if so, what's ur opinion on them?
Really scary stories?
How to connect the books "The Crucible" and "bless me ultima"?
Harry Potter fans! Got a little survey for you?
what book are you reading ???
Who else thinks Stephenie Meyer is a horrible writer?
what was the first book name of "ADAM SMITH"?
Urgently Need book titled "BELOWS FALLS" by Archer Mayor. Any good advice may ge 10 Points?
Examine the Major Themes of Rebellion and Compromise in Where Shall We Go This Summer?
Theories on how Harry Potter will end?
what is the past tense of boost?
Books like Alfred kropp?
good books that will keep me interested?
Uncommon yet not weird English surnames?
The uglies series question?
New chuck Palahniuk, "Rant"...opinions?
what does rev. parris think of others?
bleak house - can anyone put these events in order?
Im looking for a Romance novel i cant remember the name to. I know alot of what happened can anyone help?
Have you read Guantanamo by David Hicks?
Book question?..Poem/Story?
Ughh, Why do so many people Love Twilight?
Novels By Dan Brown?
I need a good book, know any?
whats a good last name for a character in a story? (repeated question)?
Can you do a buy-read-return thing with a book at a bookstore?
Whats the name of this sea 'spotting' or 'finding' picture book I had as a kid?
What's your favorite book series?
What makes you want to buy a book?
What are your favourite books?
Any good ideas for a 5-10 page story?
why is bella swan important in New Moon?
Do you think that Holden falls into a nervous breakdown at the end of The Catcher in the Rye?
neurotics notebook anyone?
What are some basics of writing a book?
What is the difference between Penguin Classics and Penguin Red Classics?
Choosing a location for your novel?
. What does Julia bring with her that she has obtained on the black market?
Without using vanity publishing, how does my hubby get sci-fi book published? Do you know an agent?
Is Twilight Good?!?!?!?
Very confused about Amber House?
Do any of you know any good sayings or quote?
im trying to find information on one James A Sinclair or a book called The Sinclair handbook of photography?
Which of these classic books should I read?
Interesting Books ?!?
where can i buy the NOVEL temptation of a wolf by the korean author guiyeoni?
On the book, The House of Many Ways?
this means war : pick your side's?
What's your fave book?
What act/scene of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is the part when all of their identities are revealed?
What is the best Horror book you EVER read?
story ideas / inspiration?
A poem by Emily Dickinson starting "Ample make this bed" can anyone complete the poem, thanks?
What is your favorite book and why?
What are your favorite fantasy novels? Which authors should I be reading?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight?
have u read a book called ANNE FRANK the diary ofyoung girl .?
How did Cheyenne Wilder become blind in the book Girl,Stolen By: April Henry?
If you could date any character from Harry Potter, who would you choose?
Can you help with my short scary story?
How many men wrote the bible, who many book did paul the apostl write, when was the book of revelation written?
Help me identify this book set please?
do you like harry potter??
What happens when a person falls in love?
How do I beat writer's block?
What can i call my Vampire love story?
Are there anyone looking to get a book publish? i can help.?
Which Name Is Better .. ?
are they going to make a new movie on the third book of confessions of georgia nicholsen??...?
Please help with my story?!?
what is fiction written in the form of letters called?
Potter Fans? This makes me giggle ^.^?
If you've read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn...!?
How was 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' used against Oscar Wilde at his trial?
What do you think of the Twilight books..?
Help with a story please?
i don't know what's wrong but i can't get my grades up i triy but what i thank is right it realy isn't help!
I have writer block and it is really bad. how can i get rid of it?
A good title for a depressing short story?
Is hunger games mockingjay worth reading?
What do youi think of my strange plot?
is the book "mirror mask" good? how good?
has anyone ever heard of a poem that Talks about a fateher telling his son the importance of his name?
Were there ANY good writers that were SLAVES!?!?
Do ricky gervais stephen merchant and karl pilkington get 33.3% each?
How do I get my book published?
help? what can this character do?
Since you started to read, has there ever been a time in your life when you were not reading a book?
which is the best book of the alex rider series???
What Harry Potter books can i skip if i want to read the series over again?
Where I can find Amazon, AbeBooks & Ecampus books offer?
what would the BOOK about your life be titled?
What was your favorite Harry Potter book?
If you could recommend 3 books .... ?
Who Is Your Favourite Author?
summary of finnikin of the rock?
Have you read it?
Please help!?!?! Any good story ideas, even a name?
Does anyone know where I can find summaries of chapters in the book Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky?
What is the pendant in Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy made of?
Looking for a good literary agent or publisher for a great and unique little self-improvement book Brian?
harry potter or twilight?
Do you automatically think someone is intelligent.....?
Cullen or Black????????????
Getting into the Writers Mood?
what book should i read next?
Is anyone willing to sell their copy of My Eden Afterburns, by Val Kilmer, or know where I can get one?
I need story ideas anybody please?
who or what are hobbits and how are they different from elves?
why France support Armenia it is silly?
Brief summary of the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. NO SPOILERS PLEASE?
How do I start this story?
Which do you prefer, 1st person POV or 3rd person POV?
If you could you be friends with any Harry Potter Character who would it be?
Can I ask in spanih?