Who's your favorite book couple?
Is "Frightful's Mountain" a good book or "A Single Shard" or "The Giver"... Which one of these is the BEST?
I need names for my girl charater and guy character?
I need the name or author of a book that i read in the late 80's or early 90's.?
Is the movie 'hocus pocus' a novel?
which book is the best outta the twilight series to u?
What do you think of this story?
Please help!!! Urgent!!?
Novel help?! Thrilller! Do you like this plot?
Written A Book Now What Is The Next Step?
who would win in a fistfight, jack kerouak or ken kesey?
I am looking for a copy of Stewart Browne's autobiography circa 1930?
Book Fanatics?
How can I get a literary agent for script writing?
Please everybody I would like a story plot?
Elsewhere by Gabriell Zevin...what is the Resolution?
I NEED a good book to read?!Any suggestions?
Name for a girl in love story i'm writing?
I'm looking for a poem entitled Infirmed by Gwendolyn Brooks. 1st stanza reads "everbody here is infirmed"
Besides Edward, who is your favorite Cullen?
What is a good website where i can type and read other Peoples novels?
Where can I find good short scary stories for free?
Does this story idea sound interesting?
What are some good books to read?
any long romantic teen stories(:?
The book "Flip" By Martyn Bedford?
Teen Book about Ghosts?
What is your favourite book of all time?
What are some interesting psycholigical thrillers [books] I can read for the summer?
Anyone have any funny/scary stories for 10 points?
what was the name of the first nover that was typewritten using a typewriter?
Can someone help me find the name of an adventure book?
Does anyone know this book!? Please!?
Is the Book Thief a good read?
Main theme of "The Call of the Wild"?
who is likely to win the nobel prize in medicine this year?
Should i write these plots into a story?
Folks, do you honestly think this is an interesting journal entry for a last page (the ending)?
Where can i find Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate?
Who was Ralph Waldo Emerson?
what books would you recommend?
What are the book "A Doll's House" influences on the present?
What would you say to an author of a holocaust novel?
Advice with dramatic irony?
which is your favourite harry potter character?
Storyline help/tips/advice?
What is the name of the mentally confused brother in "When Lightning strikes" By Jenny Carol/Meg Cabot?
song about james joyce araby?
Can anyone give me feedback on my new website Has anyone read the book A Stand Up Guy?
Are there any experienced writers out there who want to help me learn to write better?
how do you get yourself in the mood to write?
a j quinnell who is he, what are some of his books title?
Has anyone read any good teen books lately?
Is Twilight a "fat girl" book/movie?
Does anyone feel "Dear God It's Me Margret" helped you get through puberty?
I want a good fictional book with lots of sex in it?
Harry Potter 7 release date?
who was zora neale hurston's husband?
What is the conflicy in the short story The Possibility of Evil?
Which historical novel publish in 2005 do you recommend as the best, and which the best thriller?
Books for teens? I'm going on a road trip and i wanna read GOOD books.?
What are your predictions for the 7th Harry Potter book? Any title names released so far?
Has anyone read any of Bentley Little?
What literary devices does Mary Lawson use in "The Other Side of the Bridge"?
What do you think of my wriritng?
hows this story so far?
sam glass and michael glass?
Harry Potter Fans, DH, Silver Doe..?
Some Urban Fantasy Recomendations?
Books like 50 shades of grey?
Sookie Stackhouse question? What does Bill want from her? And what is she?
Is Frankenstein a Romance Or Gothic Novel? If Either Why?
Im looking for a book name?
what is an elegy?
books like anita blake (laurell k) and anne rice?
Gardians of Gadiel?
How old was Hugo Weasley?
acting in The Crucible?
Can Anybody Recommend A Books Like teNeues's "Luxury Houses" range? ?
The Kane Chronicles - Riordan?
Has anyone read Night by Elie Wiesle? What did you think?
Any good plot ideas for my story? May or may not publish it.?
what is a memorable scene in the book Black Like Me?
When planning for a story, should you know EXACTLY what happens in the end?
How does John Donne portray death?
Thoughts on Twilight anyone?
What is the reason William Melvin Kelley wrote the short story "A Visit To Grandmother"?
ORS full form?
Where, when, and by whom was Joy Melville's book Mother of Oscar published?
How do I get rid of writers block?
What are some internal conflicts in I am Legend? (novel)?
Writers: How did you choose your main character's name?
Twilight fans to answer?
Books in storage for 10 yrs. Bug spray permeated boxes. How can I remove deep-seated odor w/o damaging books?
good romance novels ??? ANYONE ??
Should all the main characters in a book be mentioned in the first chapter?
Do you watch more movies than you read books?
do you think "Harry Porter" will become a classic of english literature?
Need opinions for my book?
Girl living in area with taliban runs away and is looking for her mom. - Don't remember name of book? help?
literary devices in The Plague by Albert Camus?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Is being kicked out a bookstore for an opinion on Twilight legal?
Whats the WORST book u have ever read?
Love vs Hate in 1984?
is the phrase "i am not going nowhere" correct?
How can i get a book delivered to me in camp liberty iraq?
What book would you recommend?
Good complete dark or twin Harry Potter fanfiction?
Is Dumbledore actually dead?
Candide or Optimism Compare and Contrast?
What’s your favourite Fictional Character of all times?
How to come up with a title?
What books would you recommend for summer reading?
Anyone read the Da Vinci Code?
Has Anyone Read Adventures of Greek Heroes? If so can you summarize it the whole book?
Writing a 15 page story?
who have read Maxine's Woman Warrior, Ng's Bone and Jade Snow's Fifth Chinese Daughter?
In Harry Potter series, what is the meaning of a Squib?
can you recommend a book you've read that i should read before i die ? or that may broaden my horizons ?
I don't know what to write about anymore?
Who was it that said,"Don't go softly into that night, rage, rage against the light?"?
What happens in a princess's day?
Scary books that aren't that scary?
What Are Some Good Topics To Write A Book About?
What do you think of this short story?
The Shack by William Young: Questions!?
is there a way to get the audio books for the chronicles of narnia for free?
My sci-fi fantasy novel - Plot devices in question. Are they believable?
What is the most disappointing book you've ever read and why was it a let down?
Why do people hate Twilight? .....?
who is your favourite author?
Looking for book title on "Nostradamus" novel (see details)?
I want to read some GOOd books. ?
whats your favourite book?
Writers Block! I can't find my perfect beginning!?
Can anyone tell me what is the TITLE of the story of a husband and wife...?
Whose your favorite charactor in Little Altars Everywhere/Divine Secrets of The YaYa Sisterhood?
What do you think when you hear these story title?
Did your beliefs changed after u saw The Da Vinci Code Movie?
What are some smiliarites and differenes between the hunger games and catching fire?
who is ur fav character in harrry potter????
What do u recommend?
im writing a book and need to two names?
Recommend a Good Book?
whos your favorite author??
i need quotes from other people about anne rice?
Do you keep a diary?
Do you lend people your books?
Character names for my story?( both genders)?
down by the salley gardens?
In the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbertson, what is a social issue that is present? What is a theme?
New books?
Books you can reread over and over?
In "The Cask of Amontillado", how do you know that Fortunato has an addiction?
what are the themes in "to my brother miguel in memoriam"?
Where would be a good place to find a team partner during an action/horror book?
Who's your favourite Shakespearean character?
How do I find discussion Questions for Nora Roberts Book "Northern Lights"?
what's your favorite book ever, that you can read more than once?
Can anyone help me find a book by Scott DiBenedetto?
is this poem good?
Is anyone else sick of Twilight questions?
"Life of Pi" which edition should I buy?
i need some nmaes for characters in my story?
What five questions would you ask Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind answer the question ?
What's a good name for my character?
A Splitting of the Mind(frerard fanfiction)?
How many books did Charles Dickens write?
a sorry poem?
how does lee present racism during the missionary to, the ladies hypocrisy?
What comic character is also known as Karl Alfred?
where can I buy mills and boon novels cheaply in India?
What is the theme for war of the worlds book by H.G. Wells?
What are some classic fiction books?
What book will change my life forever?
Outlander (the novel) turning into a movie?
Racism Quote in the Great Gatsby?
Books similar to The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?
Will there be a book after Abandon #2: Underworld by Meg Cabot?
What book is this from "you Get a line and I'll get Pole honey, we'll go fishin' in the crawdad hole"
Is the Diary of Anne Frank a hoax?
Harry Potter!?
When is kiss x sis chapter 31 coming out?
where can i find "jump derry" by christine donovan?
Has anyone read Danel Quinn (Ishmael, My Ishmael, Story of B)?
good teenage books?
what are some books I can read that will give me general knowledge?
what's the best book you've ever read?
what do you think about this Lyrics ?
What book did Dizzy Gillespie give to Fidel Castro as a gift in the movie A Night In Havana?
I need help thinking of a decent pen name.?
What is a REPEATING symbol in Death of a Salesman?
Need some feedback on my One Direction Fanfic? :)?
What's the best book you've ever read ?
Summer Reading?
I am looking for the official website of knitter Sally Melville?
Do you feel Cho Chang (Harry Potter 5 ) is beautiful ??
meter in act 1 acene 1 of Shakespeare's Twelth Night? Orsino's opening..."if music be the food of love..."
Creepy, weird, twisted books?
B&A - Need some advice regarding my book, if you could be so kind?
What are some songs that come to mind when thinking of the characters in The Fall of the House of Usher by EAP?
How to introduce a character in a Novel.?
Can anyone tell me where i might find a book about the history of Swinford County Mayo?
how to childbed?
Should books be censored?
Edgar Allan Poe book cover design?
Anyone ready for quite a bit of reading?
How many times have you read the Twilight saga?
Has anyone bought the book Neo Soul by Lindsey Williams? Were the recipes good?
The Girl in Times Square?
please find articel for me ? i can not find articel?
mitch brennan, st george contact details!?
Is the book Jane Eyre also a play?
Professional info on copyrighted symbol?
Would these following books be a literary merit? If yes.. how? (At least see the book title) Plz.?
In what john Steinbeck book was there a scene that?
What is a good title for this?
Russell Edson poem?
What does Edith Nesbits children's books have in common with horror or ghost stories?
what happens in divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood the book by rebecca wells?
Writers: At what stage in your writing to you chose a title?
mayor daley's reading list?
Twilight baby names?
Where can I find free e-books?
Authors similar to Chuck Palahniuk?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Does anyone remember a book series called Wayside Schools?
Who was simon finch in to kill a mockingbird?
Good free teen novels in iTunes?
who wrote a play entitled. A Midsummer Night's Dream?
What is a good dystopian novel to read?
Give examples of literary and non literary prose by citing examples from any source of your choice?
Is this a metaphor in The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood?
Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse series?
novel Character quiz?
Who is an Agatha Christie fan and why? or not?
I am 13 and Writing a Novel. This is the first page of the first chapter. What do you think of it?
Can you name a book after a song title?
Which book do you prefer?
Should I read Eclipse?
The vampire diaries books order? :/?
Is the book The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter available in the Philippines?
What is the story of Emily Rose?
As a huge Harry Potter fan, should I read the Twilight series?
why does dumbledoor think it is best to keep harry potter with the dursleys?
how did maya die in pretty little liars?
any ideas out there regarding ways to self-publish a book?
is joe brown in "light in august" white?
how is carpe diem symbolized in john milton's poem "on having arrived at the age of twenty three?
What are some good quotes in Pride and Prejudice for close reading?
why do you think dumbledore still trusted snape?
Title or Author to poem?
Can you write a book and declare it to be Public Domain?
Suffering from writer's block.....?
Do you think Dumbledore really died?
What are some book series who's protagonist was raised to be special instead of just being born special?
pain has a voice by Richard Samuels is a book of poetry i am trying to find details anyone help?
The Lying Game Book Series?
who is the half blood prince?
Is this alright for an 'action' excerpt?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts? PLEASE HELP?:)!?
Could you please give me some feedback on this piece of prose?
Which Pride and Prejudice "sequel" is the most authentic?
According to Charlene in Empire Falls, men tipped female waitresses based on what?
Can an author of a book direct the book's movie adaptation?
Can anyone tell me an event that happened in Dante's Inferno: Canto 1-5? Tell me four and you'll get 10 points
Question for a story?
What are your thoughts on "The Di Vinchi Code"?
Mrs. Morrow in The Catcher in the Rye?
Looking to buy catalogue of Rainer Fettings' art published 1981-82 by Mary Boone and Anthony d'Offay Gallerie
Does reading subtitles improve your reading better than books?
What are some of your favorite books?
What are books similar to Wild Card by Lora Leigh?
Where did Ernest Hemingway lived in the Bahama???
Would you ever recommend twilight to your children?
is it possible for me to read a novel online? like the book of Julie Garwood?
questions on the book outsider?
Harry Potter Book 7 question!?
How can I conclude this essay better? PLEASE HELP! Thanks!?
What poetry form is "The Wind" by Robert Louis Stevenson?
i'm looking for a poem that ends - I told him that there was no god and then he walked away - HELP?
Why does Poe, rely heavily on imagery to provide a detailed description of Prospero's hall?
What does sir gawain get from the lady of the castle and what is the purpose of this present?
who is your favorite author and for which of their books? <3?
lookng 4 value of 50 yr old set encyclopedias excelent condition?
what's the saddest book you know? Which one will make me cry first?
I need a name.?
list of animals in the recent red data book?
What's your favorite poet?
What are some good books to read?
“In your opinion, what is the best book you ever read?
What do you think of lulu print on demand
Where can I find V.C. Andrews' book Midnight Flight to read online?
What do you think of my lst chapter of novel on
what do u feel about the da vinci code?
How do you like this? A short exert. Actually I have no clue how to spell it, should it be excerpt? :P?
Is there a translation in english of Karnama e Sarwari by Sarwar ul Mulk?
Lord of the rings race of people, what are they called?
Who do you think will be the next dragon rider in the inhertince trilogy?
whats this book called?
Ideas for paper on Harriet the Spy?
Is this story creepy/scary?
Do you know any children books that is multicultural?
Where could I find the full text chapters of the "The Book of Margery Kempe", I really needed it for my report?
open office writer heeeeelp?
Why do all you fans like Twilight?
Do I look like Alice Cullen?
Bitterblue po and katsa?
The Book "The Bean Trees", who is the hero?
What books would you recommend?
I am looking for a good Severus Snape / Lily Evans FanFic?
where i can find old and used books of tiziano terzani?
make an ABC book about drama and theatre?
Where can i read seeking crystal online?
Who was the Publisher of Laura Middleton: Her Brother and Her Lover?
Was D.H. Lawrence's book Sons and Lovers modeled after his childhood?
Can someone tell me a good book series that I would like? I like fantasy fiction.?
Twilight fans - quick word?
Title for an essay on George Orwell and his book "Animal Farm"?
Do you think this is a disgusting storyline?
where can i read "break it down" by lydia davis?
Do you think this essay topic is appropriate for college?
Blonde hair & Purple eyes. I cannot remember the name of this book and I loved it!?
Leonardo Da Vinci?
where to find book notes/summary on "All Our Kin" by Carol St Stack?
Does anyone know of any good love novels for teen girls?
What happens in The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn chpts. 14-19?
is burned the 7th book in the house of night series?
what the meaninig of valentione?
Who wrote the short story "Most Dangerous Game"?
Who wrote the rutabaga stories?
Is it stupid to use a name in a novel that is personal?
Did anyone cry whilst reading the Harry Potter books?
Please how can I find a sponsor for the publication of my first novel?
I'm looking for the name and author of a science fiction book about jupiter and aliens and humans. Help?
How can I publish my phD thesis in English Postmodern Literature through a reputed publisher.How to go about?
what is the meaning of population?
Who is Richard Rodriguez, and what books has he published?
help with my book idea (male and female character names and also title. also lots of reading)?
Does anyone know this novel?
best books you have read?
Comparing the Scarlet Letter and The Minister's black Veil?
How is this writing? And how is it for the beginning of a story?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Define "sin" as it is set forth in the scarlet letter?
Help With My Character?
If the book "Marked" by Kristin Cast isn't about witchcraft, then why is there rituals and circles ect?
My sister is not dead, what should I do?
harry potter theory?
viola in shakespeare's twelfth night?
Looking for a Daria fanfiction? any idea?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Any good series like The mortal instruments?
Is this character name too unoriginal?
Do you listen to music while you read a novel?
Recommend me a book like Twilight?
whats more important reading the book or watching the movie?
Help me get a story idea?
Question about the ending of Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, The Wyrm King?
Approximately how many books do you own, and what kind are they?
Has anyone read the mercy thompson series and alpha and omega series by patricia briggs.?
What was the first American novel to sell one million copies?
hey ... just wnderin im only 13 and im thinkin of publishing my book on vampires ? read below 4 mi blurb on it?
Whats the plot in the book Stephen Kings "It"?
In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is there a loss of decency due to persecution?
Beautiful name for a girl with the following characteristics:?
If you were to replace Edward Cullen...?
B&A - How/ Why did you choose your Y!A user name?
What is the title and author of this short story?
Twilight fans please answer I will be picking the best answer?
How do I get over Twilight?
Have you read "the Life of Pi"?
why living thing can move?
Are there any other good drama playwrights like Tennessee Williams?
Is the information in Franz Kafka's 'The Great Wall of China' fact or fiction?
Looking For a book, please help me?
Does anyone have the book called THE ROSE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE by Tupac Shakur?
Can anyone tell me where I can read Paul Ricoeur, online?
Help me with the Giver please!!?
on which page in Alice in Wonderland the Queen wants to kill Alice?
which on is better harry potter or twilight?
What is your favorite V.C, Andrews book?
Do you think Beowulf was a hero?
how do I protect a story and characters therein I have written for children from being taken by anyone else?
Few sentance summary about myself? Yay or Nay? What can I add to have it appear more compelling, more unique?
What does "befurbelowed" mean?
what is the last book you read that was so good you just couldn't put it down?
Would this title get your attention?
I need to find an editor for a comic/manga?
Have you ever read the Bhagavad Gita?
What Was The Best Book In The Twilight Series?
Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" question?
I am looking for a book to read,?
A Song of Ice and Fire question - Spoiler alert?
What pet name did Lavendar Brown give Ron Weasley in the book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?
What are these childrens books called about a brother and a sister..?
arthur miller's all my sons?
Im looking for a really good book?
Has anyone here written a novel? If so how successfull was it?
A summary on Invisible Man?
Oxford Dicctionary Differences?
B&A - How/Why did you choose your Y!A user name?
typology of luke 15?
what's your favorite book quote?
Ideas for good story?
What book should I read next?
Need a title for my narrative?
In the book Gathering Blue by Lois Lawry, what was the name of the flower.?
Donna Boyd and Werewolves?
Writers : Do you ever wish you could Live the life of your favorite character(s) ?
how would the book wildlife turn out if quill was'nt in it?
Is Professor Snape good or bad?
What impact did the book, Brave New World have on the world?
Poll: Favorite Vampire Book?
Odyssey Book 14 - What would have happened if Eumaeus had not found odysseus?
is it SERIOUSLY worth reading?
How to write two parts in a story?
Shadow Souls best scenes? (The vampire diaries) URGENT!!!!?
You guys, I REALLY need help with my story!?
Romance between Kaye And Roiben in Ironside by Holly Black?
Will there be a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
Can't decide which Amazon kindle to get?!?
The name of this book?
How unlikely is it that I'll become a published author when I grow up?
are my characters mary sues/gary sues?
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott..HELP!?
Will JK Rowling do a next book featuring Harry Potter's son?
Do you think this is a good start for a Novel be honest?
Can I have some help with 1984?
Are the Twilight books worth the money?
What are some really scary horror books about ancient cults and rituals?
have you ever heard of the story about " ticky ticky tem bo no sor rem bo tary bary buchi pick pam bem po"
Who is Seamus Heaney?
Are there any metaphors in Shylock's monologue?
How much would a large library cost, (not as in the building, just books) Maybe the size of a living room?
What is the best book YOU have ever read?
How does one become an author and publish a book?
Harlequin/ avon/ etc., romance books?
If Kafka was to write a sequal for Metamorphosis, what would he call it?
What is 'Newgate Romance' style?
Who else besides me hates Twilight?
Why do you read Twilight?
What are some good books to get into reading?
Why can't Edward in Twilight read Bella's mind and why does she smell different?
Which book should I read? Harry Potter or Spiderwick?
What would be some new werewolf transfomration methods?
Can i plzzzzz have a summary on Heat by Mike Lupica...plzzzzz?
What name sounds the best for my story?
"Tis better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." which person said that?
Which of these personalities would you like to get to know more?
In the novel Wicked, by Gregory Maguire, what did Elphaba's baby teeth signifie?
What is the difference between a book and a novel?
Are the Twilight books worth the money?
Do you like my stooory?
Writing a story, what are some 'twists' or 'obstacles' i could use?
i want analysis or critical essays on some poams.......... please???????????
Inspirational/life changing books?
In what text does Machiavelli write about republics?
What is your favorite book of all time and what did you like best about it?
Who wrote the Scifi Gen-syme novels?
Are these books any good?
HP Fans!!! If anyone could come back to life, who would you want it to be?
What do you think of my writing? Where can I improve?
Who is your favourite fictional character of all time?
What is the moral behind Plato's Horse fable?
books by sophie kinsella?
what do you think is a book that shouldn't be read unless you've got a lot of patience....?
Help in to kill a mockingbird ch10?
Picture a girl with red hair. What's a name that comes to mind?
Harry Potter?
where can i get this edition of the shining the book by stephen king?
Why do books come out in hardcover first?
Climax of My Sister's Keeper?
I am doing a Character Sketch for my English school, the book is "The Beach House" the character Jack Mullen ?
who wrote the following:?
Lord of the Flies question?
the true blood book series? (sookie stackhouse)?
Good books... To read?
I CANNOT find this book for the life of me!!??!!?!?
Who has read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?
I need to find a literary agent in or around the san diego area.?
Velocity by Dean Koontz!!!! Help please!!!?
Do you keep books after you have read them?
Name help please!!!!?
Why did Bella Swan NEVER got angry at Edward Cullen, But she always got mad at things with Jacob?
What makes a book a great book in your opinion?
What do you think of the first part of my novel?
Any one out there who's interested with the Harry Potter books 1 - 6? What's your comment with the latest one?
Books like a the immortal series....?
Owww!, Im writing a book, and I REALLY want to write my villan this way, but is it racist?
What do you think? Feel free to share constructive criticism!?
Has anyone read twilight?
what is your favorit movie author book tv program? etc?
Has anyone ever read Starcrossed/Dreamless by Josephine Angelini?
What is the best website to buy in bulk of paranormal/romance novels?
Does anyone know the name of this book? It's driving me insane!?
I would like to write a book. With stories submited by different people. What should I know.?
What book are you currently reading?
I am writing a story and need a little help! I give best answer!!?
wat is a good greek mythology story?
Hello people!! This is a question for everyone!! ...unless you're illiterate!!?
Do you fold the corner of the pages in your book?
I need your top 20 sexy boys names.?
Good Sci-Fi or Fantasy series to read?
How can I find authors?
How can i locate a publisher for a children's story book?
What is Saruman's staff made of (according to the books, and not the movies)?
Howcome alot of people think twilight is okay but not harry potter?
How was Son of a Witch, the sequel to Wicked?
Can anyone tell me the name of this science fiction book and / or who wrote it based on my description?
Has anyone read Locked In Time by Lois Duncan?
♥I need a book to read!♥?
What are some novels Roald Dahl wrote, for adults?
In the last Private series novel, Revealition, did Reed die?
whats your favorite book?
Out of the whole Twilight series, which book is your favorite?
Would you be able to provide a picture of Dr. Richard Moscotti, psychiatrist, who practices in Wynnewood, PA?
Just wrote a poem can you read it and tell me what you think?
please read through and give me your opinions am i the only one who thinks this?
Do I look like Ashley Benson? (Hanna on pretty little liars?)?
PLEASE: The Crucible by Arthur Miller,Why is the title so apporoiate? ?
what was your favourite book as a child?
whats id the theme of the book "enders game"?
What happens once you finish writing a book? how to get published?
Could Voldemort/Tom Riddle have kids?
What would you call the time period in which the novel "My Antonia" takes place?
What should I title my short story?
Alien in human body falls in love with human novel?
I need a short poem that addresses the subject of not judgeing a book by its cover, anybody got one?
who wrote the Narnia Chronicles?
what is the theme in this novel?
What is the best book you've ever read?
For those of you that hate twilight...?
why do witches/wizards fear to speak voldemort's name (as mcgonagall said)?
Who is your favorite character in Twilight book or movie?
What is your favorite line of Sylvia Plath's from either poems, journals or Bell Jar?
does anyone know Christian writer Barbara Johnsons web page address?
Which is better: The Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Series?
Any good teen 1000 lexile or more books?
Harry Potter or Twilight and this is only for people thats read both?
Why is it that none of the Harry Potter books had Snape on the cover?
Who wants their book or audio CD published?
what is my charles dickens barnaby rudg worth?
Why do u hate Twilight?
far anyone who has read the twlight series by stephanie meyer i have a theory with the new book breaking dawn?
How to Create and Write a Child Character?
how do plants get there energy?
How long did it take you to read "Twilight"?
Which character in literature would you most want to be with?
Help with character name, please? any ideas?
What book series is based for the 2010 movie "Fallen", starring Paul Wesley?
Do you belive that the story in the Da Vinci code is palusible? do you belive that Magdalene is Jesus' wife?
I need to find a Mississauga library in Mavis road or Derry?
What is a case construction in debate?
how to make a proposal for a new book club?
who has read BOMBAY DUCK IS A FISH. What do u think? I didnt expect her to die at the end. Did you?
How does my short story look?
what is you favorite book?!?!?
Hi! I am looking for pdf versions of the Demon Billionaire Trilogy books. Can anyone help me please?
any vampire books/movies?
What does Tennyson's title mean...Tears Idle Tears?
What's your favorite quote from Bridges of Madison County?
What books out there are about mercenaries?
I had a dream I got a missed call from "Judith"? Who is that?
Does anyone have any information on two books of published poetry by Clifford Ryan Irwin?
Similarities between The Road and our world today?
poll: get the nearest book or the book you are reading and.....?
Is it just me or does Wayne Dyer repeat the same concepts in every one of his parapsychology books?
Why do people write so many romance books?
i want to find the nastrodumas scriptures printouts for free?
In King Henry the IV was Prince Hal ready to be a king? Was he really a deliquent, or was it all a plan?
which do you think is better Harry Potter or Twilight?
What is Roger Crowley's thesis in his book 1453?
Creative name for a monster?
How Good is My Story? Title: Evo 18?
what are some literary techniques used in a novel usually?
think of a title please?
I need some book help again!):?
Who is your favorite horror writer and why?
Can someone help me find something to read?
Can you please tell me what you think of this book?
Hunger games book questions?
edgar allen poe?
What should I name my short story?
whats the best poem book/poem you've ever read?
Name of this children's book?
Do Bella and Edward end up getting married?
book named:twilight saga's new moon. where is it sold?
What do you think will help me write a book so it will be really good lots of people will love my books.?
Looking for a new book to read...?
Creating a character for a book?
Is there a website where I can read the sun also rises online?
What would be a good book that you would recomend?
Is this a Tear jerker?
Do you think Sirius Black is dead?
who was truman capote's lover in the film Capote was he a writer? and how long were they together?
I want to know why a writer choose a particular writing style? i mean the one who write for instance novel, dr?
What are two ways Laura from The Glass Menagerie escapes into a world of reality?
How can I read A LOT of books?
Does Stephenie Meyer plan to write another book for the twilight series?
Help me correct my short story?
Are writers trying to find the most special names for their characters...? (BQ)?
Check out this wattpad - she's got talent!?
how does my horror story idea sound (a verse story. lots of reading)?
book about alzhimers called 36 hours?
The Demon thief by darren shan starts wierd...why?
Why doesnt anyone recognize the men's true motives. Dauphin & Duke (Cpt 27 Huckleberry Finn)?
The Outsiders Sodapop traits?
Help with urban fantasy setting?
Finding A city for a story?
Is it right to ban novels just beacuse a couple of people think that it is offensive for whatever reason?
If I buy a book, is it fair use to scan it and create an audio book for my personal use with a reader software
Speeches in the book All the King's Men??
Do you belive that The Lord of the Rings is the world's greatest piece of fiction?
Name for my sci-fi series (planned for TV)?
If it takes an elephant a week to walk a fortnight how many oranges are there in a barrel of grapes?
why won't my mum let me read those books?
When did u guys cry when u read Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows?
what are good books to read about vampires?
Anyone read the poemThe Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden?
What is your experience with Arthur A. Levine Books?
I have to act out a childrens story for my sign language class and it can only be one minute have any ideas?
What came first... The chicken or the egg?
Who’s 1985 Complete Guide to Executive Manners was the first book devoted to workplace etiquette?
i am looking for a online - reading of book the bronze horseman.please, give me a advise for some web site.?
Twilight or Charles Dickens/Mark Twain/Jane Austen?
What is the moral behind Plato's Horse fable?
What are those tiny books at borders that are audio and use headphones?
where to read manga?
basic philosophy books?
How can you posibly write a good story? I dunno where to start?
Does Bella ever tell charlie that edward is a vampire?
I am writing a book about a boy who is a hybrid werewolf and vampire but he does not know what he is yet and?
Question about the book Peeps by Westerfeld?
Critique my story? Be honest and brutal!?
i am looking for any books published by author martin douglas hoke. does anyone know of any?
How/where can I find out what edition my book is, using the book itself?
Good books for a 15 year old???
Do you think the DaVinci Code is giving Leonardo Davinci a bad name?
Would you read this book, fiction readers please. and this is MY work, not you non-creative people?
To Kill a Mockingbird themes?
Can people suggest some realistic sirnames?
obsessed with twilight what should i read next?
Where can I buy these books?
Ideas for a storyline?
What is the name of this fantasy/SF short story?
Which name is more attractive? (From a girl's POV)?
Twilight, Bella's mind or Edwards?
Did anyone read the book "The Third Secret"? Is there any truth to it?
Wicked series by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie?
Copyright laws in regards to eBay, , Google, etc.?
Albus Severus Potter Gryffindor or Slytherin?
i read like a lot and people think im a lillte wierd adn a book worm what can i do to stop reading so much?
What is the title of this book?
Do you find it hard to write when you are tired?
Odyssey multiple choice questions...?
Harry Potter/Twilight question?
is The Great Gatsby boring and whats the plot?
What is your opinion about the book vampire diaries?
the passionate shepherd to his love quiz & answers?
Do you think Harry Potter will die in the last (sniff) book?
Is this an example of good story-telling?
What is the rising action in the book " the Vampire Diaries the Awakening" in detail please!?
I need a good title for this love story?
What is the meaning of the fog in "one flew over the cuckoo's nest"?
Who thinks that Inc should ban more people from asking questions ?
English work story opening?
Is 'Dawn of the Dead' a True Story?
why would a book be released early?
What would have happened if Katniss and Peeta went through with suicide in the hunger games?
Where do I go to publish a short children's story? for free?
Could I get sued? the ques. has to be longer so im making it longer by writing
Trouble coming up with a title for my novel?
which Wayne Dyer books do you like best ? why?
how much would it cost to hire a book editor?
Can you please write down one sentence?
If you wrote a book about your life what would be the name of it?
What does the writing on the rings of Hermione's time turner say in Harry Potter?
Who is the real offender in "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" according to Atticus?
where can i buy jaycee lee dugard book a stolen life?
If you could keep only one book you currently own, which would you choose?
Charecterization list fot cheaper by the dozen book?
Who were Shel Silverstein's parents?
A Mystery Story in own words around 150-200 words!!!?
Game of thrones confusion!?!?!?
where can i download free harold robbins novels like betsy, predator etc?
Which book have you re-read the most?
What is the theme of The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks?
Who is your facourite character in the In Death books by J.D. Robb?
What do you think of the beginning of a story I'm writing?
Harry Potter Fans. ?
What is the best book (of all time) you have ever read?
what is the name of the sword that Arthur pulls from the stone?
Is Twilight Good?!?!?!?
Is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight self-reflexive?
reverend parris in act 2 in the crucible. Can you help?
What is the setting in zoo by edward hoch?
how do i start my story?
How does Steinbeck Present George's and Lennies Desires?
Emily Dickinson poem meaning?
Any good books you would recommend to a teen girl?
what legal document or contract can I use as a writer working with an illustrator?
Help me please! Writers block!!!?
what book are you reading?
What are some important symbols for sin aside from Pearl in....?
Whos side are you on Edwards or Jacobs (in the Twilight Series)?
Novel Copyright naming help?
Can anyone send me the Draco Trilogy fanfics by Cassandra Claire?
My book, what should I name it?
I want to be an editor of children's novels. How does one get started in the publishing business?
How can someone solve the problem of someone bullying them?
Smart Folks, Please... Which of these books do you think would serve to better educate me?
What do you think about this...easy 10 points?
Just watched Free Willy and just go curious?
Do anyone know any dirt on the poet name Rudyard Kipling?
What do y'all think of this story I'm writing?
how much land does a man need story by leo tolstoy?
What makes literature worthy?
HELP! Lord of the flies!?!?!?
Title of this book on cats?
I wrote a book entitled, "The Perfect Dress" by Mary Jane Cole. I can't find it on . How come?
What is your take on Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go"?
has anyone asked for a book recommendation on here,read the book and really enjoyed it ?
I need Book reviews of "Deception Point" and "Best of Roald Dahl"....?
Thesis on the book "The Secret Life of Bees"?
A boring girl's name?
Effect of third person omniscient ?
Is there a book or series of novels called "The Final Fantasy Fable"?
What's Better? - Twilight or Harry Potter?
Please can someone list the scales and Arpeggios that are in the Grade 4 Violin scales Book?
When is the next Jean Auel book due to be released?
recommend me some good books?
submit a creative writing and get immediate on line corrections?
If you could stop time, would you, if...?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Is Justin Bieber dead?
Please read my poem, and tell me what you think about it. Am I any good at poetry?
Which online bookstore provides cheaptest international shipping fee?
Writing a story, need advice with picking a name for a character!?
how to spell the word 'paradigm' ?pls let me know the meaning of it..?
What book are you reading at the moment?
How does my writing sound?
Can you give me some advice on how to write a book?
Why is gullivers travels considered a classic novel?
A serious question for Twilight fans...?
where can I read "you, maybe" by rachel vail online for free?
Do you use music to help write?
What is a great book on cd to listen to?
What are some Good teen books??????
Romeo Montague Biography?
What symbols represent Mark Twain?
I have so many book ideas, but I never follow through. Help?!?
I want to start reading for pleasure...What are some good books to start? I'm a male college student...?
Are the Twilight Saga books better than the Harry Potter series?
Any tips on how to write a short story that is "haunting"?
Rate 1 to 10 the plot for my story?
Anyone know some great books for a 13 year old?
Does your Avatar signify your character in any way?
HARRY POTTER FANS: What do you think is JK's favorite alphabet?
who is your favorite character from harry potter?
Is it normal to read multiple books at one time?
Is this a good story concept?
What site can I get pictures from the tell-tale heart?
who wrote the book "sins of siege"?
Is this idea worth pursuing?
does anyone still sometimes read the books you did when you were a teenager?
How do you get a children's book published?
Is there a great great novel for people from 10 to 16 ?
Should a 11 year old read the last two books in the Twighlight series by Stephanie Meyer?
What is the title of the PICTURE BOOK about new york city's nightlife? (I saw it at Virgin Records Timesquare)
What is the very last sentence of the current book you are reading?
Good Book?!?
How does Shakespeare present conflict in Macbeth?
Name three of your favorite authors, the first book you ever read by each of them, and your now-favorite...?
Help with Midsummer Night's Dream coursework...?
Who was greater: Flaubert or Balzac?
What is the main theme of Samuel Coleridge's Kubla Khan?
Should Shakespeare be contemporized?
How much is this worth?
How is Fight Club an experimental novel?
titles for a story please?
Game Show names for my story?!?
cricket through the eyes of a seagull?
i'm looking for a children's book that was about 2 kids that flew thru space helping people w/ reading problem
If you published your work on the internet would someone be able to steal it?
Help with Title name for book?
Who were the Prologue characters of the "Cantebury Tales"?
What does this quote say to you...? "Shakespeare is the Good, and contemplation of the best is always...?
What three books would you bring with you to a desert island?
What are 2 cause and effect events in the book "GIVER"?
Can anyone tell me what books are suitable/required for 12-13 year olds?
Good title for a story about Bloody Mary?
What book are you reading at the moment, and what do you think of it so far?
Confused about the mushroom scene in "Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter?
Is this a good book to read?
whats your favorite book that was turned into a movie?
has any one heard of a man named timothy lee mccarty he goes by tim?
What book should i read next ?
who wrote the story pusthakathil olinjirikunna apakadangal?
Who is your most favourite and least favourite Harry Potter character and why?
where can you learn how many copies?
In the 2nd book of Harry Potter (and the chamber of secrets) who was captured by the baslik and Tom Riddle?
Do you have a dictionary in your home?
Harry Potter Questions!!!For fun.?
Comparing Maya Angelou and Terry McMillian, why are they great writers in history?
What is the origin of the phrase "kicking the bucket"?
Can someone help me describe John Proctor?
Hate "Jacob Black" and "Edward Cullen"?
what should i read next? just read THE STAND.?
A few questions concerning "The Prince"?
who is your favorite character in the HARRYPOTTER SERIES?
What is this book that is similar to Freddie to Leaf?
harry potter or twilight?
In the Dante's "Divine Comedy", who where the three people he said deserved to be condemned to hell?
In the 18th & 19th centuries (1700-1800s), were first edition books bound in leather or as hardcovers?
What should be written in a review of related literature?What are its content?
The Host by Stephenie Meyer?
what do you do when u find a word u dont know in a book?
the best book you have ever read??
i am in 10 th grade a want a book review on the novel "three men in a boat" where could i find it?
Is the Da Vinci Code a good book and worth buying?
In your opinion, what is the best Science-Fiction book you have ever read?
I need some good girl names :)?
What is the message/theme in "Dreamland" by Sarah Dessen?
im starting to get curious about philosophy, any book recommendations?
Juliet is melodramatic?
So Twilight Your opions :D?
where can i see the anon. non fiction blog that has just won the samuel johnson prize?
What Are Your Top Ten 'Must Have' Books In Your Library?
A review of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde?
where do I look for the cost of old books?
What is the name of the book about a reporter going to a small town which is due to become a manmade lake?
What is the citation information for The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck?
What are some books that include autistic characters?
im looking for a story?
Do you care about bending the spines of your paperback books?
What supernatural creatures would be interesting in a story?
What do you think of my storyline?
HOw old is Pi in the book "Life of Pi"?
Where shall I set my story?
Of mice an men help!!?
Twilight Question....?
What was the last book you read?
Favorite Book? please answer.?
Can you make money with dish network?
How would this sound for a Halloween story?
Who are some really good fictional writers?
Anybody read Twilight and New Moon?
Have any of you read Let the Great World Spin?
does coffee cake have coffee?
I am currently reading Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth and I can't put it down.?
Can anybody tell me where i can find out who wrote a poem called Age of a Horse, it is at least 30 years old?
Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code - why is it so controversial?
I want to write a science fiction series...?
I am looking for a movie wherein the character was haunted by the devil, and he followed her to various places
William Cullen Bryant, how he shows his beliefs in his work.?
/\/\... Harry potter fans../\/\?
Is there a Japanese translation of Bulgakov's Master and Margarita?
Who is your favourite hogwarts teacher?
how old is maureen johnson?
What is the name of Molly Blooms lover in Ulysees?
What is the name of this book?
If you could you be friends with any Harry Potter Character who would it be?
What type of girls & guys do u imagine when u hear these names?
A good title for this story?
Where can I find books to read online for free?
looking for a good fantasy book to read?
Have you ever been discouraged from pursuing a writing career because of rejection slips?
Is this good horror plot? 10 points?
Does Stephenie Meyer plan to write another book for the twilight series?
Need help with tom sawyer!?
Thoughts on my writing?
[Auto]biographies/Memoirs on independent minors?
Any YA books set in outer space?
For those writers out there: what would you do in this situation?
Any good teacher x student fanfiction or books?
What are some unique names?
What's the best way to kill someone and get away with it?
How do YOU come up with a story?
how does the lottery by shirley jackson emphasize foreshadowing in regards to conformity and rebellion?
3rd book in Devastation serirs by Gloria skurzynski?
What would be a good title for this book?
What is the central conflict of 1984?
Any good books out there?
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Q?? 10 points??!?
Who can help me with a science fiction story plot?
how can I get world genius records book (PDF) for free ?
Do you hear a "voice" when you read?
Help me im looking for a book i read about years ago!!?
where can i get free books ?
Animal Farm Help?!?! 3?
Who do I contact to publish a book I wrote (Hamilton,On,Canada)?
Im writing a story and need music?
how can i get a copy of my book?
How many writers exist in America that are looking for ways to get published?
What was your favorite book you had to read in high school?
Free chick lit audiobooks....?
What's the name of this book?
Is Oshii Mamoru planing to release any new films soon like my favorite, The Sky Crawlers?
What is your favorite book/author?
where can I find an illustrated book with peter pan as a boy in london with fearies?
What should I do for this part of the story?
what is the nature of literature?
What are the recommended books on the Holy Spirit?
How would you, personally, turn $125,000 into $250,000?
would you read a book this book?
what is the accuracy of Da Vinci´s Code facts?
Harry Potter?
Who wrote Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow?
Does anyone know of any books, websites or courses on Writing "Chick Lit"?
I need title ideas for my new novel?
Does anyone else get a little sad when you finish a book?
I need help writing a paragraph about a girls smile!?
How to prepare for English literature major for a student from ESL?
If you could only have 5 books?
Which name suits this chracter(girl) more ?
Harry Potter: Do you think slavery of house elves is justifiable?
Literary Analysis: Analyze Theme?
What is the plot in jimmy carter's book the hornet's nest?
Are you interested reading this, and will you stick around for a second part?
Good Book Ideas Anyone?
is this a good thesis?
Harry Potter Question???
Burned by Ellen Hopkins?
what were the most popular occupations in the 1930-1945?
Good books I can read to improve english grammar?
Do you know any book stores or second hand book stores in downtown Toronto?
What is the best poem about Spring for grade 6 students?
who was behind eds mission in the book i am the messenger?
Why was I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Banned in the state of Colorado?
What is meant by dramatic irony in King Richard the third?
where to find answers for German books?
Me and my friend are going to write a book...need ideas?
from the book-from the mixed up files of basil e. frankweiler....?
What is a good name for a villain that starts with R?
Does anyone know what page this quote is on in the book the memory keepers daughter?
Is the book twilight any good?
What's wrong with writing about vampires?
Please help!? Am i Copying?
Am I overthinking this?
had anyone read the "Samurai Girl"? I love that book!?
Which two movements in history is Realist literature based on?
Help Please?
I really want to know where i can get Reymond E. Feist's books in Athens.Thank you in adnance.?
is Anyone a fan of the Dark Series, Christine Feehan?
How would i write this in third person?
New Moon - Is it worth Reading?
Attractive Men Romance Character Name?
i can't concentrate in my studies.. PLs what can i do??
i need a new book to read?
The Kane Chronicles: When are Lacy and Drew mentioned in The Kane Chronicles?
looking for a book please help?
Where could i find information or even better, a picture on the book, "Bow-Wow and Mew-Mew?
Aspiring writers, how often do you write?
What Is Your MOST Favorite Book and WHY?
what do you think is the best book series?
what is the climax of short story pancakes?
Harry Potter fans...?
Recommend some books for great read!?
searching for some classic books?
what do we mean when we say that beauty is truth, truth beauty!?
in need of a female name... any one?
what is A song: men of england by shelley about?
I heard that Terry Pratchett came out with two new books recently. What are they?
Can anyone suggest a good book?
Can I get some help coming up with a title for my story?
Who LIKES The Twilight Series and who doesn't?
i need to get my hands on ALOT of spanish childrens books
I need help with coming up with an intro?
Has a book ever made you cry?
How does one go about getting a writing agent?
Is it just me or did fanfiction net stop working yesterday?
Do you like this story?
hello everyone! I need more information about writer J. K. Rowling & famous trickster Rory Emerald. (Q. cont.)
What's the best and cheapest place to find a box set of Harry Potter 1-5?
Why does Pearl feel bad for hurting the bird? (The Scarlet Letter)?
What book are you reading at the moment?
is the twilight series demonic?
Can anyone help me find this book?
how much is the huckleberry finn book worth from the year 1896 in a good condition and it is not a used book?
Which of these books should i read? Looking for reccomendations??
What are good titles?
What book are you reading now? Is it good?
Which is the best book you've read?
I wanna read something light,happy and cheerful..Any suggestions?
What is your favorite book? and I'm a teen so I'm not interested in adult books,yet. But, thanks!?
Who could give me some information on Kwesi Brew, the poet?