What Shakespear play do you suggest?
Can anyone suggest any good young adult fantasy books?
Does slang narrow the range of thought? 1984 by Orwell (Newspeak)?
What book are you reading now?
Stephen King said "Life is too short to reread books" Agree or disagree?
How Should I do this in my story?
In the epilogue of Perfect Chemistry by Simon Elkeles, who is Julianna Gallagher?
Diary of Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules?
Would this be plagrism?
Is a book a lousy gift to give someone?
What should I call my book?
I'm writing a story and was wondering what would be a better term then 'a ton'?
What was your favorite childhood book or story?
Guys i need help with this story anyone out there that can help me?
Who has the number of Harry Styles?
At the end of chapter 23, jem forms a new theory about why Boo Radley has never left...Continue At The Bottom?
In Wuthering Heights, how did Heathcliff die??
Anybody read a good book recently?
Does anyone know of available recorded interviews (audio) with Milan Kundera on the web or otherwise?
How can I master the literary technique of Purple Prose?
the best book you have ever read??
Ways to branch out one story idea?
A male witth shaggy black hair and bright bue eyes..?
How can i get deeper in my writing?
do you think the twilight movie sucked compared to the book?
What are some great books that you have read that you suggest for me?
Jonathon Edwards - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?
psychological question on the hunger games?
Native American romance...PLEASE HELP?
what was the book Fight in the Mountains about by christian bernhardsen?
The Scarlet letter questions?
Confessions everyone?
If you have a favorite book that you re-read, what is it?
i forgot the title to a book?
How old is this book?
poem of math my way written by Carol Shields?
Fiction novels/movies/music that glorify domestic abuse/stalking?
Where can I read or download Hiroshima by John Hersey online for free?
What are good books for learning guitar?
If any of you have read books written by R.L. Stine click here?
Character name suggestions please?
Great expectations close analysis help?
Birthday gift for a 7 year old girl?
what is jonathan Swift's main qualities as a writer???
"The Crucible" Lost Scene Ideas?
HELP PLEASE? A Project for College ? (LITERATURE)?
what can i find about Hafiz ibrahim?
Can someone tell me if this is okay?
I need a muse...?
Character Last Name!!?
What does the sentence play the string we have refers to?
what does "is there no help for the widow's son?" mean (from the di vinci code)?
Who are your favourite authors, and what is your favourite novel by each of them?
Some help about settings?
Which are your favourite books?
Sentimental note to write in childs book?
hey.. i wanna share my scary stories with other teens .. please gimme a link to the pages that are good enough?
Do you knwo Robbin George Killengwood? (is this spilling right).. where can i find articles about him?
whos the best vampire from twilight!!!!?
What kind of book would you like to read?
Im looking for a true crime book i had it years ago but lost it?
I need a name for a rich girl who keeps her dead friends' bodies preserved in her mansion?
Good Book Ideas Anyone?
Need help writing the end of my story?
Any Jews here? How is Koheleth, Ecclesiastes, a book of joy?
In the story "the Bet" by Anton Chekov, wht made the banker feel great contempt for himself?
who wrote the poem This England?
How to contact hash in Book & Authors? he/she wants me to answer some thing?
What are writers trying to show by the character slaying a beast in the story?
Name of this book? Can't remember.?
What makes 'the perfect guy'?
I'm writing a short story and need your input.?
What makes The Lovely Bones literary Fiction?
Where is the best place to buy anime or manga?
PG Wodehouse: What is Lord Emsworth's family name. If Threepwood, why is sister Constance named 'Keeble
Most people say the book is better than the movie. Is this true for you?
Was anyone else freaked out by the book "And Then there were None"?
Recommended books - psychological, mystery , thriller?
have u read the 7th harry potter book yet? if yes did u like it, if not, do u intent to?
HELP. I need suggestions for books.?
What is your favorite book?
Did you like Romeo and Juliet?
Harry Potter Question(spoilers)?
Dark fantasy question?
Research Paper Topic Help?
Second Try! Give my character a name?
Have you ever wanted to write a book?
bibliography of erwin castillo?
booklist for donada peters?
In the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens What Spooky effects are there? (book)?
Name for a character (girl)?
What is the best book ever written?
What is your favorite quote from a book?
Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson?
Sexist Novel?
Albus Severus vs Renesmee?
What are some books that feature people with elemental powers?
Have any of you people read Devilish By Maureen Johnson?
What do you think of these names for dragons?
One Our Town question..?
To kill a mockingbird?
What is the best play written by Shakespeare?
What would Voldemorts reaction be if...?
where can i find info about the american author joseph weisberg?
Does anyone know how I can get my poetry published without going through a big time agency....?
What is your favourite novel and what do you like about it?
in the golden compass, what are some symbols in the book and what is the significance of each of them?
Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?
Can someone recommend a good book to read?
Midsummer Night Dream or Midsummer Dream.?
Butter-beer Recipe Help?
would you read a book that has a misplaced comma every twenty pages or so?
what is the best book in stephen king's dark tower series?
Any good titles? I have no idea what to name this story?
Can you give me a website that includes a detail timeline with evey Act and Scene of Romeo and Juliet??
Why do Twilight fans obsess over Edward Cullen when in real life they would get a restraining order on him?
does anybody know who wrote 'The Yellow Room'?
any good suggestion for books?
How would you cite this authors name in MLA format?
what books would you recommend?
Lord of the Rings?
Trying to Find Old Childrens Book?
What book are you reading or planning to read right now?
Which Chekhov book is best to read first and why?
Fanfiction won't work for me?
Book Description and Query Letter Help Please?
is it safe to read manga(japanese anime books)and hentai??(japanese porn)?
I Need A Title For My Story!?
Is Pap religious in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
What do you think of this part from my story?
If I'm only 14 do you think that I would be too young to wright a novel?
What are the latest American bestsellers?
Can anyone tell me WHO is revealed as the present-day descendant of Jesus in Brown's THE DA VINCI CODE?
Why isn't poetry displayed at grocery store checkouts?
When will Hades (Halo # 2) by Alexandra Adornetto come out?
What authors are similar to Dan Brown?
how many novels has Ruth White wrote?
describe autumn - creative writing?
I just got my novel self published, where to go to get free copy rights?
I lost interest in the book I am writing?
How to get book in US?
Werewolves vs vampires? bq?
What was the most enjoyable book you read when you were a kid?
If you are a student in Hogwarts, what subject would you excel in?
Identify Buna and Auschwitz in Night by Elie Wiesel?
Percy Jackson!!! Mark of Athena and House of Hades!!!?
Details supporting why reading is like an adventure?
What does everyone think about this?
What was your veiw on The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown?
I'm trying to create a small town, but I can't think of any names?
What's the one fiction book with a teenage boy genetically altered to not get his mom's brain disease?
Did I kill her first punch that girl?
Writer's Poll: Does it ever feel like you do your best writing when sad or is it just me?
What toy from Harry Potter you wish for birthday's gift?
I am writing an argumentative paper on the topic of how nature without the intrusion of technology is becoming?
What is novel title ... where the psychiatrist lives by chance, and commits to lead his life by dice rolls?
can i get a free download of an e-book on "dream interpreter"?
is it possible to fall in love with a character in a book?
Death note and Octavia Butler, anyone? And does anyone else wish they could be friends/soulmates with L?!?
Where can i download Wendy Alec's "Chronicles of Brothers" series ebooks for free ?
How do I become a published author?
How to contact Douglas Adams' estate?
good idea for story/ good story? I'm a little stuck, help anyone?
A power-full extract from Hosseini's novel 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' that demonstrates his P.O.V?
Does anyone know of a site that collects stories of all kinds?
Dus it bother yu wen peeple mis pel werds and arnte awaar of gramer$?
Looking for a romantic read in an exotic locale for my boyfriend and I can enjoy?
why is jem like a mocking bird?
The Odyssey by Homer?
how do i get started on writing a novel?
Need help before I can write, How do I narrate my life story?
These questions are for people who have read the story "Rip Van Winkle"?
What did Edgar Allan Poe mean when he wrote, "Dreams".?
Twilight, Harry Potter, or both?
What are the books that changed your life?
Who are some culturally diverse poets?
Who wrote the Bible?
Need to Find an Updike Poem...?
How is the start of my story? Please rate!?
Songs which relate to Lord Of the Flies?
How do I contact a literary agent for childrens books?
Does anyone know how to write an incorporation?
has anyone read this book?
what can I do if someone publishes some of my translations without my permission?
How can you relate Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House & Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner?
What is the name of this book ?
what poem and author talks about ermin in winter?
Can you add copywritten material to a book?
Need a one word title for this story?
what book that made you cry?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or Rory Emerald and the Jester's Javelin?
What do your bookshelves say about you?
How do these character names sound?
what are the themes of the sherlock holmes stories ?
6 examples of foreshadowing in the book Night, by elie wiesel?
Can you tell me some famous poets?
Writers block need some ideas?
Why is my teacher making us read the Tell-Tale Heart?
What is your favorite Charles Bukowski poem, story or book???
hey i want some book titles......(for gay/bisexual teens)?
Where can I find a copy of the original play Pinnochio?
how much is the toolbar?
British novels about twenty-somethings?
How to submit short stories and/or poems to magazines?
Give Me at least 10 authors..?
Warrior Cat Prophecy, plz?
I'm confused about the concept of a "Wreck This Journal"?
What's a good Shakespeare comedy scene for two or three men?
Can you give me the five most important books by FRENCH authors that I should read? I'm in Paris.?
Names for a story...?
I need help with my YA novel.?
What themes do Amory Blaine convey in This Side of Paradise?
How can one publish a book?
Is George Orwell a modernist writer or a postmodernist writer?
Will This Make a good story ?
What's a really sweet and girly name?
what would be a good name for a character in my story?
need some good books to read?
help my Mac book pro 2007! BLACKED OUT!?
How many words are in the book "Mark of Athena" by Rick Riordan?
do sharon m. draper write a first book?
"THE DREAM" Read my story please?
What are some pros and cons to "releasing" in The Giver by Lois Lowry?
Where can i get the Essential Elements book for C ocarinas?
whats the best book you have read?
Search for Kahlil Gibran book?
Why did Voldemort turn evil?
i cant find the name to this book .pleaseee help and ill do somthing in return,just ask?
what is more important money or family?
What´s your favorite book?
can i mention a celebrity in a good light in my novel?
What was shakepheares best work?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
I've never been to haunted forest before, & I'm scared?
what techniques are used in the poem 'when we two part' by byron?
Give me a strong name......?
where would i get free e-books of jeffrey archer & many world famous authors?
Any Good Old-Timey Southern Stories?
Who else thinks Twilight the series is incrediably dull?
How to Write Quickly?
What is your favourite book? (pls no Harry Potter/LOTH/Animal adventures thanks).?
The Mark of Athena, some thoughts and opinions please.?
who wrote fingermail moon?
Revised ''story'' Please help :D?
Were there any instances of Walt Whitman's work causing women to faint?
What are some good books made into movies?
Truths about human nature in life of pi?
Original Novel The pride and prejudice by Jane Austen with all chapters?
Some amazing books related to teens, drugs, sex, drinking, etc?
When was The Tempest by William Shakespeare written ?
Do you think Aslan was ever tempted to rip the children to pieces .....?
Has anyone ever read Fahrenheit 451 ?
Has anyone read the book 'The Shining'?
What book are you currently reading?
Have you read Pablo Neruda's poems?
how does the event hinder full emancipation for the newly freed slaves?
I want to know about the publisher of GONE WITH THE WIND BY SYDNEY SHELDON?
how to end my story on a cliff hanger?
What's the best place to ask about a fanfic I need to find? ?
Do you listen to music when you write?
Do you own a lot of books?
Have you read all 4 of Dan Brown's books & which is ur favourite? Da Vinci / Angels & Demons...?
Are the facts in Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader true?
I need help with Romeo and Juliet?
Can anyone tell me how completely accurate the book Da VInci Code is?
Hi, is there anyone who can help me with my project?
I need a name! Can you help me?!?
What's the best book you have ever read?
Anybody read Abdul Kalam"s book-Vision 2020 ???
Do you have to see Atlas Shrugged 1 to know what is going on in Atlas Shrugged 2?
so I have writer's block. Any suggestions...?
Modern day story of Cain and Abel?
What L.A. eatery was named after the Italian word for “string,” because it was started on a shoestring?
I am looking for information about Belle van Zuylen. In English, German, Italian, Slovenian. Thank you.?
Help! I can not remember the name of a book.?
Elegant Prince and Princess names?
Steven Crane Birthday and place of birth?
Why do YOU love/hate Twilight?
Good Hook for a story?
nikki giovanni's complete works?
Is this too much exposition?
Did Samuel Adams write any books?
TWILIGHT-Is it rude that I saw a girl with a "Team Edward" shirt on and a big picture of Edward's face..?
can i mention a celebrity in a good light in my novel?
What kinds of foods would a wealthy British family in the Romantic period (1785-1830) have eaten?
Macbeth:Easiest soliloquy to portray in front of the class?
Why Is Fifty Shades of Grey Such a Bad Book (In Terms of Writing Style)?
What would be a good title for this book?
English short story on war, Please help?
What are some good books on dealing with grief/loss of a parent?
Choke or Lullabye by Chuck Palahniuk?
For the fans of Eragon and people who know the ancient language!?
How many words a day do you have to write for NaNoWriMo, and...?
Last book you read that you really could not put down until it was finished?
Writing a medieval novel....?
Skyrim dawnguard-werewolf or vampire lord and why?
Dan Brown purports that all his facts are true.Does anyone have proof of his various claims?
How did Mariah and Faith live in the book Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult?
what is the name of the socity wherein sherlock holmes was a member?
what do you think of the world of 1984 by George Orwell?
Fonts to use for a school novel?
Know Some Good Books????!?
Do you think that J.R.R.Tolkien was a genius?
What's the Scariest Book You Ever Read?
Has anyone read Rise and Shine by Anna Quinlan?
Good romance/fantasy books for teens ?
Any lovestory novel to read.What do you offer?
Good books starring charectors with aspergers?
How do you tell your man he can't please you?
I am addicted to books?
how does own present the natural world using dulce et decorum est faculty and the send off?
Read my horror story and tell me what you think?
What was the meaning behind Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut?
What happened to the Light of Earendil in the Return of the King?
Opinions on this short excerpt?
Assassina creed 3 apprentice respawns?
rip van winkle the book writing an essay help plz?
What book is this from?
what does boo mean in "my boo"?
In the Twilight Saga, what does 'imprinted' mean?
How can I get my newly written book reviewed when it was self published??
I need to read a book, any ideas?
What book are you currently reading?
What do you think of my OTHER warrior cats fan fiction?
Good fanfiction about Draco Malfoy?
the story hills like white elephants?
who is/was the greatest author?
songs that represent the book the lovely bones?
Does anyone know a famous novel that starts with dialogue?
Are Harry Potter Next-Gen ships considered to be canon?
What is Stephen King's best book?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
how much did colleen m cCoughla earn from the book and the movie the thorn birds?
I have some questions on Pretty Little Liars!?
In the Great Gatsby, did Gatsby truly love Daisy?
What is the point of view in Whatever Happened To Janie and how does it impact the story?
To publish a children's book. Is it really worth it to get an agent?
whats your favorite book to read??
Does book 5 of the Twilight series "Midnight Sun" finished or have a release date?
Should I read a Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice Series)?
Book: The Grapes of Wrath ?
Anna Karenina book report help?
I am listening to the audio version of Stephen King's "11/22/63".?
Essay Hunt? I need help finding some :)?
Can anyone recommend a good novel?
Who is the murderer in the Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe?
Im writing a book of what gods were before they were gods any thoughts on who i should make the main character?
Comparing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Peter Pan?
Artemis Fowl Book 1?
best book you ever read?
For anyone who read the book "The Shakespeare Stealer"?
Teen Reading List Ideas?
Clear story ideas please?
Why should lovely bones get an oscar?
What is the first book that you have read that has been turned into a movie?
Harry Potter ?
I have recently come into possesion of a book by Charles Shoemaker called 1939 AD has anybody any ifo on it?
What are some romance novels with "alpha male" rescuers?
Why am I terrified of publishing my two books that I have written?
Someone who has American hardbook editions of the Harry Potter books?
Songs related to The Catcher in the Rye?
Who was the first book character you fell in love with?
What would you define as horrible writing?
I need help with my book?
what is chikhir wine?
How does Flannery O'connor prepare her readers for Gods grace?
I need help with my writing?
The book Twilight?
do you need points?
What are some important events in chapter 4 of the great gatsby?
Zombie book about father searching for his son?
Looking for the title of a scifi novel with pink terraforming?
Who is Tubal Rabbi Cain?
The Five People You Meet in Heaven vs. For One More Day?
What does Newspeak seek to accomplish & how does it serve as a "Dystopian" society?
how did Nicholas Sparks treat the theme of love in Dear John?
What is the actual title of this picture book?
what are 2 conflicts that take place in the book born confused by Tanuja?
Harry Potter- If you were walking down the street and you ran into Lord Voldemort...?
Which science fiction or fantasy novels feature floating sky cities?
Should i buy a notebook for random ideas i might get for my book?
What's one plot that has been so overused?
Are you currently reading a book? If so what is it? Is it any good?
what is the difference between Expression and Representation and Symbolism?
Books about cats who solve mysteries.?
what conflicts can arise in my story?
dont you hate finishing a good book!?
has any one read?
when jace is told that he and clary are siblings does he get mad in city of bones?
Is this a good concept?
What book always makes you cry?
Any good code names for character?
do you like reading Franz Kafka literature?
What did come out first: "2001: A space odyssey" the movie or the novel by Arthur C. Clark?
Is this a good name for a thirteen-year-old girl in my book?
haw can i faund the books about large sacale advertising?
What is your favorite book? And it can't be Twilight or HP...?
What category should my story fit into on
i need to find the book THE HERE AND NOW by ANTHONY D. CARR?
Which book should I read for my next year English AP Class? (11th grade)?
What book are YOU currently reading?
What do you think of this idea for a story?
what is the meaning to aesops the frogs who desired a king?
what would your harry potter patronus?
What is the best book you have read?
What book is BETTER than The Twilight Saga?
Is "Hernandez" a good name for a story character?
Brave new world question?
which one's of nietzche's book should a beginner of his work read?
Does anyone know a good book that explains?
Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier?
How to stay motivated on fictionpress?
What's a good magical power that is most wanted by a villan for a main character to have? s!?
what oliver Goldsmith want to tell us by his drama She Stoops to Conquer?
Could anybody give me a quick summary of the book Under Pressure by Carl Honore?
How do you tie your shoes?
Ideas for a short 10 page graphic novel?
Will i like the book twilight?
what is the name of the bourgeois gentilhomme from moliere?
In the book The Kite Runner why does Assef say this..?
Could this work as an idea?
How can I find the author of the book "Tuesdays with Morrie"?
How many pages are in the harry potter books?
What is "DA VINCI CODE" about?
so if jesus being married wont affect the faith ... why does the catholics strongly dispute the idea of it?
How a book can change person's life by Malcolm X?
What questions would you like ask the author of any book your reading?
Intro to my book on Wattpad (Short) Any tips?
How many books have you read or listened too?
what do u like the most about harry potter?
top 10 books that you'd recommend reading before you die!!?
Have you read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan?
Does anyone have the list by USA Today for the best 100 novels of all time??
Will I ever be like Anthony Robbins?
Words used in the book the help?
why do girls love edward cullen so much ?
Does Alexandre Dumas have any brothers or sisters? Source please!?
Need a name for a character desperatly?
Recommend me something to read!!!?
looking for a book store in NYC that sellls the book "James Connolly: A full Life" by Donal Nevin?
Can anyone please recommend a good book for me to read???
Can anyone tell me the name of a book? It was about a babysitter...?
Writers block! I need help?
can i put a celebrity in my book?
Which is the best Twilight book in the series?
How many more books do you think Robert Jordan is going to drag out of the Wheel of Time?
Name one really really really really really really good book?
What books could you recommend to me?
i am planing a novel on life in mumbai . what would you like to read in it ?
What is the ultimate romance story (apart from Romeo and Juliet!)?
Who does Jane Eyre marry?
how do i present the first draft of a book does it have to be put on paper a special way?
Would my book get panned if I said that a mix of Hydrogen Potassium is the cure for Leukemia?
Why is Shakespear such a...?
Harry Potter poll!!!?
Where can I find a script of the duet acting piece called "Forever Walking Free" by MacKinlay Kantor?
My story, please help?
10 points? Is this a good plot?
What novel is best??? 10 points?
What is the differens between those two Hannah montana Books?
Who doesn't like Twilight?
Does ANYONE know about this book, Toyland? (From the 80's)?
I accidentally signed with a vanity press Publish America.?
Malcolm Gladwell ~ The Tipping Point?
Will Someone Write A Poem For Me About The Book 'The Lovely Bones'?
Writers: Would this annoy you to death?
What do you think of this?
Breakfast at Tiffany's online reading?
I need the name of a book?
what is the weather like in your country ?
What influenced Edgar Allan Poe's poetry?
In the short story "compatriots" by Emma Lee Warrior?
Congratulate me (please)?
Do you have the -Fox movie- Anastasia's music notes for all the songs in the movie?
Question on a great and terrible beauty ?
about the percy jackson series and grover...?
Has anyone read the book "What the bleep do we know?" ? If so , is it worth a read?
What is Ted Kooser trying to say in his poem "Applesauce"? How do i interepret this poem sentence by sentence?
Does anybody know what a Thomas Brothers Map Book is?
harry potter or twilight?
best character in comedy of errors n why?
Who's Obsessed with the book Twilight?
Your thoughts on Edward Cullen's "I may not be human, but I am a man."?
What is your favorite Richard Laymon book?
is a very brief story about events in a person's life still considered an autobiography?
Idylls of the King?
grapes of wrath help?
did anyone else dislike the new Harry Potter novel?
BA: What are the top 5 things you would do...?
Who was supicious of kit being a witch in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"?
Is my story any good?
What website can I go on to find Monroe Elementary in Hanford on Cortner st?
Is it legal to sell public domain information?
How long should a comic be before you reach the main plot?
hey i got a writers block T_T?
ARTEMIS FOWL HELP. sector 8 (was it sector 8?) night vision goggles!!!?
Can anyone recommend a great book on Greek and Roman mythology?
Game Of Thrones - the shadow monster?
Editing images off the internet for book cover?
What is your favourite fairytale or children's story (from your own childhood)?
What should my characters name be for my book?
Some suggestions to help me?
I just read the Chosen. What did you think of the way the father raised his hasidic son in the novel?
Should I have a writer, write my story into a book?
Which name fits this personality?
Producing the Lord of the rings?
What should I read?
Roger Moore book signings?
How does "Rebecca" challenge gothic concepts?
Who is your fav author?
what are all the stuff nedded to make a good book?
what do you think about the books of J. K. Rowling?
For those of you who have read Catcher in the rye?
Explore the ways in which John Steinbeck presents and develops loneliness and isolation in of Mice and Men?
Would a story about a guy falling in love with a cow be popular?
Does anyone else think The Hunger Games is a rip off of the movie The Running Man?
When will Ryan Phillips next book be published?
Does anyone know anything on the author, James Thurber?
young adult books?
wolfs do coexist with a human but why?
what do the lines in the romeo and juliet act I prologue mean?
Who's your favorite fictional vampire?
If you were making a list of books everyone should read before s/he dies ...?
i have a lot of great ideas for books, tv shows, and movies. how do i go about putting these ideas into motion?
What is the name of this book?
LULU VS CREATESPACE...which is better?
will goosebump books go up in value?
Could I write a book of my Answers?
what is your favorite book?
who wrote this poem; it goes like this?
Good writing??? Answerrr im 13?
Please tell me in 250 words why is Victor Chang a hero.?
Book Report!?
What are some good adult horror books starring teenagers?
Does anyone think that "Million Little Pieces" author James Frey was treated unfairly?
Is it okay to mention a song title in a book?
Is there a way i can take a picture of say like a book then upload it somewhere and have it come out typed?
Can anyone give me a list of good books to read and a little summary? EASY 10 POINTS!!?
What could the plot be for this?
I was just wondering when carrying a knife does it go by the lenth of the "Blade"?
What do you think of my poems?
Twilight Fans who Hate Harry Potter: Why do you hate HP?
What is Eagle Strike's theme(by Anthony Horowitz)?
which is the favourite British word..??
What is your favorite book?
What are some books that describe individualism?
Murmuring Judges- David Hare?
I am very homely and can't get a boyfriend, what should I do?
What are your favorite Bealtes songs?
Is my writing boring or too long? Opinions needed!?
how would one go about copy-writing my writings?
what is the significance of the book the face on the milk carton?
A Good Title for This Story?
Why don't people get that Les Miserables happens during the JUNE Rebellion and not the FRENCH Revolution?
what book should i read next?
Short story help required?
Harry Potter?
Would love feedback from my stories?
What's Katie's secret in the Nicholas Sparks book Safe Haven?
Who invented short story?
I need a name, for a woman. A beautiful uncommon name.?
did anybody else out there thoroughly enjoy The Belgariad by David Eddings?
Documented argument writers block?
Good titles for a zombie story?
is william forrester a real person?
Overview or summary of book "Halfway House" written by Mohan Rakesh?
Why do people think some books are better than Harry Potter?
Is this a good story?
Should Laurie and Jo ended up together in Little Women, or is it better the way it is?
Have any of you read Let the Great World Spin?
where would you find information about Garfield? (the cartoon)?
What is the Amateur Cadger?
favrite book?
anyone know a site that has summaries(like sparknotes) of the hamlet by william faulkner?
Is Angela's Ashes an autobiography?
What do you think of this writing so far? PLEASE HELP. It is very short!:)?
What is a good reason for a guy breaking up with a girl in a book about vampires?
In need of a good read?
I need the name of a certain romance book. ?
Who is your favorite Fiction author?
People acting like Twilight Characters on YA!?
I really need help with this? Urgent?
Isn't it time Books & Authors was a first level category?
I have been writing a short story that I would like to have published in a magazine. How do I begin?
why cant I finish my books?
Have you ever cried book after reading a book?
I need some blackmail ideas?
What do you think of my blog design ?
I am writing a book, for fun, and I need a 3rd creature to go with my: vampire and werewolf. ?
are there any books on Suanne Bigcrow?
In Albert Camus's "The Stranger" how is Meursault a reflection of Modern Literature?
Are all of Kathy Reichs books part of the Temperance Brennan Series?
What are the dwarves and galdalf discussing when bilbo finds them after his escape for the tunnel?
Who here does NOT like twilight?
Just wondering... what would you do?
Do you think the closest we can ever get to a taste of roughly what JD Salinger was like in person?
What's you favorite book?
how can i get books mentioned in MIT's opencourse?
Any recommendation on books like those from Deepak Chopra or Louise Hay ?
Edward cullen or robert patinson?
can anyone give me a pun from The Twelfth Night, and a malapropism?
What's your favorite book?
is there an official web sight for the literary angency, Janklow & Nesbitt Associates, New York?
In the story The Book Theif, List the titles of the stolen books in the order in which they are stolen.?
good book to read???
What are examples of growth in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"?
Where Can I Watch Enduring Love Online?
On my face-book’s map. Accidentally I wrote wrong places, there is no option to delete them, who can help me.?
what are the themes in shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra?
What other books and authors might I enjoy if I like Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga?
Ever read anything by Adrian Lavan?
What famous authors were alcoholics or drug users?
The Last Lecture rising action?
did warewolf and vampires really exist?
Harry Potter Fans- Would you ever enter the Triwizard Tournament?
questions on george egerton's keynote.?
What happened to ?
Is Harry Potter fiction?
Can you suggest me some good novel based on Love story rather any other genre.. ?
Water for Elephants ?
Is Slenderman copyrighted?
So what do you think of author Ted Dekker?
What's next weeks lottery numbers?
Why you people hate twilight?
How many words are printed on the page of an average hardcover fiction book?
What are some references to Romeo and Juliet in the song Love Story by Taylor Swift?
Harry Potter Book 7 question!?
When and where was Stephanie Meyer born?
Can identical twin be the opposite sex?
Story summary! need help!! <3 10 points best answer!!?
Would you like to read a book like this?
which twilight book should I buy?
In Harry Potter why is Harry Considered a Half Blood?
Twilight Saga is the best!!! What do you think?
Thesis statement for author Mary Shelley?
i have an old leather bound book from 1931 called missel du magnificat. I think its french,any info will help?
which part of the whole harry potter series did you find really funny?
where can I find the book the mist by stephen king for free online?
how can we teach literature in language classroom?
What do you think of my wattpad story?
How do I being writing?
I am looking for a female author, anyone have suggestions?
What is a name for a high school for my story?
Where can I find critical essays on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby?
Help with this section of my Individual Reading Assignment on the BFG?
Whats a good book for a 17 year old girl who love romance novels?
Tim O'Brien's "The thing's they carried"?
a twilight book (eclipse) question?
Harry Potter or Twlight?
Do anybody know any good romance books for teen girls? I'm a bookworm : ) and where i could get them?
Why should I read Twilight?
A book I read and have forgotten the name, author and cover of. Help?
What changed between 2009 and 2012?
Do you ever re-read a book?
Any good books I can read?
could you help me remember this book?
I Don't Know What To Call My Book!!!! WARNING! DRAGON AGE FAN-FICTION! Any help?
Who here wishes that J.K Rowling would write an 8th Harry Potter book ?
How is this scene for my story?
Please help me remember what book this is!?
Is there a website that offers content advisory for books?
Twilight or Harry potter?????
author el-quaran. where can i find his books?
Can anyone help witht the w.o.b.a.t. tests? (harry potter)?
what is your favorite book ever?!?!?!?!?
what is the hymen and what the usefull of it?
answer my novel character quiz?
Do you like any of this writing? which part?
Need Book Title Name..Please help..?
Can I expect to make a living from one book published?
Do you have to read the bluford high series in order?
do you wish you were someone from twilight?
A title please? Anyone?
Would you continue reading?
Book recommendations for a teen?
Is there anyone on who would like a beta reader?
Where can I find scans online of pictures from the book "Witches" by Erica Jong.?
Is it unusual to have never heard of Stephen King?
Has Stephanie Meyer continued writing Midnight Sun?
If your favorite characters & historical icons were Americans living in 2012, who would they vote for on Tues.?
Is there any websites where i can publish my own "book"?
Whats a good biography book to get?
How do you read Manga books?
Do you think they should remake 'The Stand'?? Who should be cast as the characters?
Which Potter character do you have a terrible crush on?
Why did Mary Peiffer Stop reading books on tape?
what are some good books that you can suggest?
Where can I find an online free copy of Yasunari Kawabata's "A thousand Cranes"?
Ink Heart or Twilight?
Whats your favorite book?
I'm a big fan of "californiacation", what author writes most like Hank Moody?
Dinner With Your Favorite Fictional Character. . .WHO?!?
CAN you judge a book by it's cover?
How does Katniss change throughout the book catching fire?
Best Gothic LIterature?
Please pray for the unfortunate people who lost every thing in Hurricane Sandy.?
Where do you read your book? + your fav place to read?
What is a burlesque satire?
i read a book and now i want to find it again but i dont kow who wrote it or what its title....?
I'm writing a story just for fun, what do you think?
Name ideas for my book and thoughts?
THE CRUCIBLE... 10 points will be awarded, simple answers!! pls help?
I need story ideas ............?
What actor looks like my character?
what is your favorite book?
What do you think so far? :)?
What is Marlow knowledgeable about in the heart of darkness?
i need character names!?
The Borrowers; its a book?
How could my character say this?
Stephen Kings the Tailsmen?
English Question! Literary essayyyy?
where can i find all of tupac's poetry on the internet from his book "the rose that grew from concrete"?
Is my story good so far? I need some good story titles :o?
Has anyone read Stephen Kings' new book 'The Cell'? How does it rate compared to his other books?
if making a short film, are you allowed to quote from authors without getting sued or somthing?
Which appeals to you be entertained or to be inspired?
Help me with my story?
What world guinness book of record should my english club break?
Why can't Jace touch Clary at the end of City of Lost Souls?
Good Books!!?!?!??
What are some sad but beautiful poems or short stories that make you cry?
Can someone explain this to me?
Who is the author of this web page?
Is writing erotica a legitimate profession?
Has anyone ACTUALLY read Gravity's Rainbow?
HP fans, what do you think of this?
Do you like the short beginning of my story?
What is the climax of The Hunger Games (book)?
What is the climax of The Night World Series Witchlight?
Who is a greater author- JRR Tolkien or JK Rowling?
how much would u pay for these Twilight Autographs?
Do everyone hides behind their smile ?
is Ubik a good SF novel?
Need some tips for a story I'm writing/planning to write.?
the diseases that presented in the past then disappeared and return again?
What do you do when you come up with too many story ideas in your head?
didanyone read the story JUILE OF THE WOLVES? if so, can u plz write me its summary?
Would you read my book (super short)?
Is It Weird To Read?....10 Points!?
Sex scene in lost in time by melissa de la cruz?
has anyone solved the ultimate code of DIGITAL FORTRESS? plzz tell it. im dying to know?
where can I get these?
Which theateres hosted the plays of Shakespeare?
What do you think about'' half-blood prince''?
What is your favourite drink? Coke or Pepsi?
Readers of the Twilight Saga?
What do you think of stories written in journal/letter form (plus BQ)?
I need a short story about an object that symbolizes something now.?
What are the internal and external conflicts in the book Twilight?
What is your Favorite Book right now?
How is the book "Twilight" bad?
Ways to die for my scary story?
what are the principles of planning?
Is these a good books idea and titles?
What's good story title?
i need three examples of how jonas feels from the book the giver?
What is the meaning of the title of John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men?
what is the plot of the sea of monsters?
Books/Movies Where Someone Moves From One Place to Another?
Cormac McCarthy?
Is This A Good Start To My "Crucible Essay"?
HHHEEEELLLPPPP. moby dick symbols please?!?
Good scary paranormal books?
live fast die young and leave agood looking corspe?
if you had the choice to live forever would you?
someone please help me... i really need to know what kind of sacrifices emily dickinson made to succeed. help!
Good place to hide my diary?
What is a "Narrative Approach" style essay?
Looking for a 1970s juvenile fantasy novel about 4-5 cousins who role play & discover their...?
what is your favorite book?
What do you think of this story?
is sauron all powerfull in the books as he is in the movies?
Would you buy an e-book about making money from surveys?
When should I start the main plot of my novel?
How do Victorian era values shape the way the characters in a Tale of Two Cities act?
If you could pick one book that had a profound effect on your life?
Who is your favourite author?
What's the book that's affected you the most out of all the ones you've read?
where can i find printable text books ?
can you find 20 talse of pilandok?
what would be a good title to my book?
Book LOVELY BONES, two major conflicts?
Children's book series?
WDYT--is this excerpt ok?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
when you talk about and author in MLA format?
PLEASE HELP!!! Questions on William Shakespeare!!!?
Does the author Stuart Kiminsky, ever state the name of the agency Toby Peters owns?
does anyone know any books for someone struggling to be themselves?
what is the name of the last clique book out now and is there 6 or 7 ?
What are some good young adult books?
who wrote, "better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven?
let me know if you would like to read this as the middle of a story?
Looking for some good paranormal romance.?
what is the details of the story half angel?
Who wrote the famous book - 'The Red Wrath'?
Where is Mark Twain's novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" banned?
Why should one read "Lord of Rings"?
In the book Bless me, Ultima, where does the climax occur?
Star Wars fans, why does Lux Bonteri flip when he lost his mother, but not when he lost his father?
Would you buy a 300 paged colour book?
Which Harry Potter character would you want to take you to the Yule Ball?
what is the city where published, publisher, and copyright date for From Sea to Shinging Sea bye christine W?
What are some good books about mountineering?
1st person POV question?
Is Harry Potter pureblood?
Who was the youngest of the three Brontë writing sisters?
vampires or werewolfs?
was edgar allen poe involved in theatre in england?
How long do I have to wait until I can submit a story to
Suggestions on ideas for my main character's secret?
What are the differences between a memoir and an autobiography?
Naughts and Crosses?
What did you do for income purposes while you waited to be Published? See Below.?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Which would you rather be a spectator at?
Good title for a story?
The Crucible: Explain why Proctors knowledge that ...?
What do you think of my first blog post?
Easy Questions PLEASE HELP ME?! (:?
Could some one help me i am trying to find a book i used to read in primary school?
How do you like my book plot about vampire!! :D I swear I'll publish it!!?
In the hunger games...SPOILER ALERT?
Can I put swearing in a novel I am writing for teenagers?
Good Books, Please...?
What is a good name for a shy, sweet but cute girl who is around 16?
What book are you reading these days?
Some ideas for my story?
title of a book?
When is the forth wicked lovley book coming out and whats it called?
who is the greatest author ever?
Did you cry at reading the last Harry Potter?
Do you think Anne Rice will ever write a sequel to The Mummy?
Chronicles of Narnia vs Harry Potter vs lord of the rings?
Full form of malayalam poet o.n.v kurup?
Which is a better series?
Can someone recommend me a good book?
To be or not to be?
i am interested in history and mysteries surrounding it. like marco polo, francis drake. cant find a good book?
Is Stephen King's The Gunslinger good?
S. King,P. Straub 1st edition"Black House"Block of pages are not in order. is it worth anything?
I need help writing a small paragraph 5 extra pts!?
How do I write in second person?
can someone use your personal info & statements to publish a book without your consent?
can you supply the opening line?
How to cite book page numbers in MLA format? s.?
Muslim Terrorist Group Names ?
Do you know what romance novel this is?
If the world were like Fahrenheit 451 which book would you like to have commited to memory?
when does the clock go backward?
good books 4 teens anyone?
I need some Super scary names?
What's the title of your favorite book? Who wrote it?
can i ask what thet mean y a h o o !?
what does portia order her household not to do?
How do I describe a cursed forest?
help with frankenstein?
Is there a sequel to 'The girl in times square'?
Has anyone read the book Lord of the Flies? If so, what do you think of it?
i need help finding reviews and such for the book october sky by homer hickam jr.?
What is the way Pinocchio is pronounced - is it ch like in chill or Ch like chronicle?
What is your favorite book? What's it about?
Where is the book you are reading at the moment set? ?
Who has read the book Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles?
Give me the title of this book?
Books like the game by neil strauss?
Is there a website where you can read books online without having to download them to a file or disk?
whats tom clancys new book about? (coming out may 31 2006)?
words ending in "sis"?
Your favorite book by James Ellroy ??? Any similar writers recommended?
Which Guitar book shall i buy for him?
Website for generating house description?
Surfer names for a story?
I need a really good hook for this story?
Hahah chapter twooo!!?
Good books to read?
2 sentence chapter summaries for To Kill A Mockingbird?
Romance Readers: is it important to you that the heroine is strong & capable, or...?
need help in naming my characters!?
What is written at the bottom of John Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland illustrations?
What is Da Vinci code all about? Can any one give me info about this book?
Who's a better vampire,Lestat or Edward?
I need story help? (Best answer gets 10 points)?
Has anybody ever saw or read the outsiders if so what happens at the end?
What did you think of the ending of the De Vinci Code?
Need names that suit my characters? [Appearance & Personality included]?
Which would you rather read?
What do you consider the top 3 books to read before you die?
What does the sea represent in the poem, Ulysses, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?
What do you think of my story for a 13 year old?
Da Vinci Code boycotters only!?
was V for Vendetta from a book? How long ago if so?
What is the Hawthorne effect?
What does "don't you remember that love, like medicine, is only the art of encouraging nature?" mean?
Whats your favorite book?
What are you reading?
Does anyone know the title of a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson about a ship?
What was your favorite book when you were a kid?
Will there ever be a sequel to "You, maybe" by Rachel Vail?
I like Gone With the Wind & Ayn Rand name some more books that I may like?
What European novelist raked in $36 million in royaltie in 2000?
Questions for the B&A-ers?
where to watch diary of a wimpy kid dog days?
Happen to know any good books?
What's the difference between a 're-imagining' and fan-fiction?
Can you tell me about the book "Seabiscuit"?
Is this too much to include in my story?
what is the title of the seventh harry potter?
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?
I am reading this book and i am woundering....?
Writers' block! Help!?
Which one is the first book?
What literary/poetic devices are used in OTHELLO!?!?
Could I have a script for Cathy's Book...?
Is Their Eyes Are Watching God book still banned?
What is the Harry Harrison novel West of Eden and its related sequels?
how to analyze the writing of my favorite authors?
does anyone know any books that have a mouse as the main character?
What is Vera's hallucination in the book and then there were none?
Can anyone recommend any fantasy/romance books with vampires in them?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Who would you hang out at Hogwarts with if...?
Which house are you in at Hogwarts according to this...?
How does this sound for a synopsis of my book?
What was the short story about a man who dreamt of his parents' courship?
Which of these books is the most interesting?
TWILIGHT: do you think Bella was being selfish when she loved Edward and Jacob both in Eclipse?
Has "Twilight" ruined the Books & Authors section?
do you think harry potter will die in book 7??
If your book gets rejected by a publisher, do they tell you what was wrong with it?
Example of a short narrative essay pretending that I 100 & I have to tell my life story.?
i want to write my own book how do i start?
Where i can get the The best selling book "The Red Wrath" by Hatef Mokhtar?
What type of poem is Crossing the Bar by Tennyson?
Searching for a book?
In Kevin Trudeau's book he mentioned a website about government entitlements. What is the website?
What is the worst book you've ever read? ?
What is the best fantasy series you have read?
Do you think Harry Potter will die?
Scenes for a short film from books?
What hapened at the end of "His Dark Material"?
Do you have any ideas as to who the painter in the Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant is?
How many pages should a chapter have?
Why do people say "wow amazing! You're a good writer!" When they clearly aren't? Are they taking the mick?
what does preemted mean?
How do you choose a really good book?
How do we know the Bible was not a collection of fiction novels written for the sole purpose of entertainment?
Who wrote the poem "THE SAPPER" ?
what do i need to do to find that woman not the woman after the books released?
What book did you last purchase?
What's a non-cheesey book idea to write?
have you ever read a book more than once?
whats the best book you have ever read?
When you read The Crucible did it leave you with any questions or thoughts?
I'm considering becoming an Amazon Marketplace vendor, anyone out there have experience in this?
i need help with the book THE AMERICAN by Henry james?
What do you think of the beginning of my book? PLEASE HELP OUT!:)?
what are some literary techniques used in a novel usually?
Hey folks...can u tell me which is the great novel u've read till now?
What do you think of a library that sells/ deletes its scholarly books?
Help with book I'm reading please :)?
Need some GOOD Books??
What are some good teenage books/manga?
A book that follows the path of insanity of a person?
Writing A Book... Any Ideas?
Writing a monologue on To Kill A Mockingbird.?
Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre?
Do you think this is too many hints? Or would you guess this too easily?
Favorite character......?
Left behind audible book?
Out of the whole Twilight series, which book is your favorite?
anyone interested in writing a gang novel?
Where can I find the pdf books in Marathi like Yayati, Shriman yogi & other famous marathi sahitya books ?
What do you think of "Twilight"?
Does anyone have any writing ideas?
What role does Shakespeare play in the novel Brave New World?
House of leaves, worth purchasing?
What are some Character Traits for Raskolnikov ? In the book Crime and Punishment?
do you know where i can get a biography on Lisi Harrison?
Stephen King?
What is a good book to read?
Storm8 ID for Bakery Story?
Is there nowhere I can find a decent brief synopsis for books!!?
Looking for some history books here. . .?
What is this book????
I need a book to read!?
what's on your bedside table?
What is a killer Macbeth essay topic?
Do you like reading??
What are some scary places for a story?