Which series is better Harry Potter or Twilight saga?
What is the best biography you've read?
which on is better harry potter or twilight?
Can someone name me a novel where the characters outsmart each other throughout the book?
Harry Potter - On character names?
How do I get an agent?
how could I get direct marketing lists of people in America and the world that like reading thrillers?
Why do Twilight fans obsess over Edward Cullen when in real life they would get a restraining order on him?
where could I buy the book " The Demigod Files" in the Philippines?
What book of Latin and Greek roots is the best?
Writers, who all on here is traditonally published?
Who is tired of hearing about Twilight?
Where in the Bible is this story?
In Shakespeare's MSND, how is the moon a symbol and a theme?
We're can I read the Navy Bluejackets book online?
Who is the author of the poem " Row, row, row your boat?"?
Banned Story Problems?
Any Shakespeare experts out there?
Shakeshare or today's writer? Who is a better read?
Is the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer popular in Britain?
Help I need a scene with a boufriend and girlfriend with a surprise ending!!!!?
what are some poems that are motivational and have poetic devices?
What are your honest thoughts on this?
The Merchant of Venice?
Can someone help me find this short story about a mortician turned murderer?
How did the play The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca influence World Literature?
Best of Saki - what was in Vladimir' bag in the short story "The bag"?
do anyone know where i can find a website with a soundtrack for the book so far from the bamboo grove?
When someone asks you what you're currently reading, do you ever feel the need to lie about it?
How to enjoy writing?
POLL: does anyone else think that people who hate twilight because lots of people hate it SAD?
What's your favorite book?
How do I people to read this story more ?
Writing a book, and has questions?
In what country was Count Dracula born ?
what is the significance of Owl Eyes in the great gatsby?
Ladies, what do you think about this guy character?
Whats your favorite blukford series book?
how do I become a fiction writer?
Who wrote the book "Eat the Rich"?
the hunger games book?
What are some adjectives to describe...?
do the harry potter books get more grown up as the series progresses?
TWLOHA - What is Renees story?
Whats everyone reading?
What was your favourite children's series/book when you were growing up?
Any scary stories you can tell me?
What was the authors purpose for writing Watership Down?
Where can I find an author to write an eBook for me?
What is your favourite book?
how to market a book its about a woman who finds out a person from her past is stalking her and he is famous.?
a tale of two cities...?
Describe character in appearance ideas?
how do i renew library books over the internet so i dont get majorly fined?
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 55, and find line 8, What does it say?
I can't think of the name of a book about making a believable character?
Book Suggestions?
anyone know a link for a powerpoint of the story of mice and men?
Explain the allusion?
What book is this?
Are they worth reading?
I feel really embarassed to write anything for my creative writing class?
How do I find a book at Barnes & Noble?
where can i find a list of people who likes to buy self-help books?
Is their a sequel to LIttle Women?
What Edgar Allan Poe story does is this quote from?
Where can I buy Frodo's Travel Cloak?
I need unique last names for a story?
good books?
how do you write a book report?
What point of view should my story be told in?
How do you become a writing genius?
where can i buy the hungarian version of the Da Vinci Code?
Have you read Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" and if so what did you think of it?
The chrysalids by john wyndham?
Can someone help me find the title of a sci-fi book?
opinions on ereaders?
Can anyone help me find literary terms in a few poems?
What (in details) is the poem Porphyria's Lover about? (By: Robert Browning)?
What is the Robert Penn Warren poem with the line "the alarm clock rains spangles on my head" ?
i like reading harry potter books but my friends think its 2 childish. wat 2 do?
Finding Another Authors Thesis?
B&A: What books do you plan on reading in the new year?
The Nun's Priest from the Canterbury Tales?
Spiderwick Chronicles' Mallory Grace?
Name the famous inspirational people who have turns things completly in other side?
Harry Potter?
Download a book (with steps please!)?
I am curious does white people read books by black authors?
This poem eludes me...?
Book about a man who lives in a crane?
Lord of the Flies Chapter 5 questions?
Songs for To Kill A Mockingbird Soundtrack?
Is Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet based on a real person or....?
Best YA/Indie/erotica books on kindle?
Book that talks about onions?
iwant to kow british writers name?
Do u think the RAB in Harry Potter 6th part might reffer to sirius's brother?
analysis questions on the poem the writer by richard wilbur?
Bored..Any Story Plot Ideas?!?
have you read catherine called birdy? i need help on a project...please help me?
where do i find Chekhov works to dwnload 4 free? i need them in german?
Story of a trial in my life essay?
what is the best...?
suggestions of adventurous books i should read....?
Harry Potter. ?
What do u recommend?
Long lost information book about Wolverine.?
What is the proper way to distinguish character thought from dialogue?
a mystery book with interesting/odd main character?
A poem called "Father's old blue cardigan" by Anne Carson but I don't understand it. Anyone can explain it?
how can i download rd sharma 10 book for free?
why do we still read about chinua achebe today?
Can anyone help me with my short story?
what is the most butiful place in the world?
A bit of a story I ask you if I should continue, please C/C?
What is the name of the song in Tuesdays with Morrie?
How do I come up with a great plot and character without writing a Mary Sue?
A book similar to Brida from Paulo Coelho?
A question about a book?
Good Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance Books for Adults?
I need to compare the poems ode on a grecian urn and to autumn by john keates, please be descriptive,help,asap
any good books or novels you've read?
In my book which one of these girls sounds better for him I need an opinion ( descriptions below )?
Would this be unformal when writing a story?
Which book have you read that you feel was bastardised on film the most?
HP: If Neville Longbottom.....?
How about this lines from my Novel?
Good names for antagonists?
Do you think the closest we can ever get to a taste of roughly what JD Salinger was like in person?
Do you like this blurb? Short! Easy!?
Books Summary?
Ideas of any books I could read to extend my vocabulary?
Dune book report?!!!!!!!!?
Why am I being obsessed about reading westerns?
could someone recommend books for me?
Why is there a Kim Kardashian comic book?
Reasons princess to be banished from the castle?
Has a book ever been so bad you cannot finish it?
Can you read this pleeze!!! Thanx?
So, what are the rules on titling a book when it's the same name as a movie?
Writing a book! Need Help Here Authors?
Do you think the next book of Harry Potter will be the last?
during s e x if condem remain inside the then what happen?
What would be a good title for my story?
Whats a good last name for a person in my story?
Looking for a book about twin sisters?
Which Twilight Character is your favorite in the WHOLE saga?
What some good romance cop novels? ?
How long does it take to read Wuthering Heights?!?!?
Opinions About thee book " marked - house of night" series?
What is a good name for a story about a french cafe?
Who has read "A Death in the Family" ?
What is the best way to break into screenwriting?
What would you think of a female protagonist with multiple love interests?
I'm looking for a fun, light read to take with me on vacation? Any suggestions?
I need an analysis of the poem "Heart! We Will Forget Him!" by emily dickinson?
Does anyone know a website for the book 'a boy called it'?
What's a must read classic. I like Harper Lee, Steinbeck, Orwell and Twain...any suggestions?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Three examples of Juliet defying her parents?
What is the meaning of the book Ethan Frome?
Naming a fictional city?
I had a plan, back in the 1970's, to write, books or otherwise. I have lived my life always with this in mind
are there any short stories about hysteria?
Can anyone tell me what the themes are in the novel Forrest Gump by Winston Groom?
Has anyone ever read.....?
Is chapter 82 in vampire knight the last one?
What happens at the end of So Silver Bright, the last book in the Theatre Illuminata trilogy by Lisa Mantchev?
who is the troglodyte in this novel?
"The Song of Solomon" , Who read it ? I need help!?
What is your favourite Stephen King Book?
I'm trying to find the name of a book i had a few years ago, but i can't remember the name. help please!!!?
Does this sound too weird?
what attacked harry and dudley?
Book Title Search--Red Hair?
Magical fairy title for my story?
Name of a book?
what is Novel, its components and basic rules to write a novel?
What do you think of my short story opening? Thank you!?
what does date of posting/revisions?
I need a list of fairy tales? asap?
What do I do about copyright for my cookbook?
Is this alright for an 'action' excerpt?
Help finding info. on Nathaniel Hawthorne?
Twilight Fans: Do You Ever Wish Life Was As Easy As Just Finding A Vampire In Forks & Falling In Love?
in harry potter book 2, how did Professor Mcgonagall know that a student was taken into the chamber of secrets?
What is the current book you are reading?
what is a good book to read?
The novel: The Giver Please Help?
Tell me the best book(other than Bible, Koran, Gita ) that has influenced your life?
The most brilliant books of all time? Novels that just wowed you. Best of all time. Favorites.?
what is the best scary book you've ever read?
suggestions for some good historical fiction novels?
which is the best book you've ever read? and what it all about?
What are a few book reviews from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
If you could put the following characters into Hogwart's four houses, where would you put them?
What do you like to have happen in a novel?
how do u look at removed questions?
My story and character help please?
Can you give me some random book title examples? please :)?
What is a good horror story idea?
Who is your favourite character in a novel and why?
reading any good books right now?
How long does/did it take you to read each of the twilight books?
The Great Gatsby Questions?
Which story should i continue?
Where can i find a bur rabbit number book?
Do you ship Drarry (Harry and Draco)?
What is the title of Dan Brown's next book?
What are some of the flash backs in the book a separate peace?
When you were younger did u ever read the book Unspun Socks by Spike good did you think it was?
a) Some of the characteristics of a book are the title, author(s), publisher, ISBN, price and year of publicat?
What kinds of books do you enjoy reading ?
what is the best book you have ever read?
whats your favorite book?
which harry potter novel is the best among six novels?
Ideas for the first paragraph of my horror story?
In the novel Wicked, why does Dorothy say that her leader is named Theodore?
How can I improve this thesis for my Odyssey paper?
Could you tell me a story?
How is my story right at this point?
In a script, do I have to keep adding "(Continued)" to every page?
What's the best book you have ever read?
Someday, would YOU like to be noted in someone else's success?
Why is Autumn/Fall important to the novel Animal Farm?
Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" series. Doesn't it just kind of end, provided you don't count "Teeth of the Tiger"?
Did Dumbledore make a mistake trusting Snape or were Snapes actions a bluff to fool Voldermort?
I my poem any good? It is called "Come with me"?
Who is on the cover of all the pretty little liars books?
Who do u think will die in 7th HP book? Harry or Voldemort?
How would I find out what a Ralph Waldo Emerson, possibly unpublished, poem and signature is worth?
I want to be a good writer but how?
Plot ideas: based on the Handmaids Tale/ totalitiran regime ?
Have you ever enjoyed a book that was a challenge to read?
I'm writing a novel and need a "sharp" girls name?
books and fantasy.?
I read the book Harry: A history?
which is the richest club of the world?
if you had to read a fantasy story, what would you want it to be about?
Need help with world war three story.?
For anyone who has read The Alqemist by Paulo Coelho?
If you were running away from home, what books would you take with you?
Book name: teen book about a nuclear aftermath?
If you were trapped in Hogwarts, would you ever want to go back to your normal life?
what is your least favorite book of all time?
Essay Editing...Lord of the flies?
Is Anarchism the belief of abolishing all government?
Need help writing a modest proposal? Anyone help?
who is the author of science fiction book called "the masonic prophecy"?
whats your favourite Jodie Picoult book and why?
Velocity by Dean Koontz!!!! Help please!!!?
is 14 too young to read steven king books?
A GOOD german name ?!?!?
What do you think of my writing?
Some good Gothic Horror books for a 16 year old to read?
Want to buy texbooks but in used form. Can anyone give me the source?
How would you react if a story changed right in front of your eyes?
Im writing a book, and would like to have it published.?
Does anyone know the name o this Sesshomaru story on Quizilla?
Can you find a bookstore in Manila selling My Uncle Oswald by Roald Dahl?
have any of u read the alchemist by paulo coelho?
how do you make a poem about something you didnt realy like?
Do You Like The Book Twilight?????
Fahrenheit 451 Symbolism?
What do you think of this extract from a fan fiction that I'm writing?
Which e-book reader is best?
Any good books to read..?
Books you think everyone MUST read before they die?
has anyone read Gravity's Rainbow?
Are there any books written that are based off of The Elder Scrolls series?
Anyone know where I can find this MCR fanfic?
Who else would love to read more companion books to the Twilight Saga in addition to Midnight Sun?
What are two examples of cacophony in The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?
Mobilis in Mobili - Verne, 20,000 Leagues?
where can i find lyrics to "my heart is not a poodle"?
Writing a story, idea help?!?
Who is the tragic hero in Antigone?
What GENRE would you put this in?
i am sad. i have 3000000$. what i need to do?
Who is the most boring author in the English language?
Does anyone know if Earl Emerson will write any more Thomas Black novels?
Can you give me a genuine story review of this new plot that came to mind?
What is the best Discworld novel?
Need information for Holocaust Book i'm writing?
who want to be money maker in logidtcs ?!!!?
Can someone make me a cover for my book?
analyize percy shelley 's sonnet lift not the painted veil with those who live?
Who has read the book hearts in atlantis by Stephen King?
I'm sitting down with a Harry Potter book...Just about to read chapter one. Is it gonna be worth it?
Is "Dan Brown" really Guilty of the charges ?
what is the scariest stephen king book?
Any Good Book Suggestions?
Do people still read books?
Do you like prologues?
Top three favorite authors.?
Women reading fantasy? Do maidens ages shock you?
How should I start this chapter?
Whose read the book Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? And did you like it?
How do people read so fast?
Got any exciting books to recommend?
How does one formally reference a king in a book index?
The vampire diaries series?
what are way Katniss Everdeen shows rebellion or how she is rebellious in the first 4 chapters of the book?
I am 17 i just wrote this song what do you think please please answer and please please be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone Recommend Post-Apocalyptic Teen Books?
what are some examples of books that are autobiographical but are collections of essays or?
Project Panic- Fairytales across cultures?
Whats a book thats better then Twilight?
Are There Any "Plot Making Processes" Out There?
Where is the cheapest place to buy The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong?
LA Confidential characters?
what is the setting of the book Massive by Julia Bell?
What is the theme of the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain?
Har anyone read So B. It yet? What is soof?
Help with writing a story, please?
who wrote the poem begining two young and saucy dandelions?
who is your favourite author?
when does martina coles next novel come out and what is the title?
The meaning of this idimatic phrase: If he'd been one of us, we would have glued his shoes to the floor.?
What does Apollo and the reference to light symbolically represent in Oedipus Rex?
What is Robert Kane's view on free will?
Put these books in order from best to worst (Stephen King's)!?
Twilight eclipse book.. book report?
Who decided that Charles Bukowski's tombstone should read "Don't Try"?
does anybody know ANY good poets???
New and improved HARRY POTTER SURVEY =]?
What movie is better than the book?
If my book is published by a British publisher will they change the spelling?
Does any know the Roald Dahl poem, In the quelchy quaggy sogmire, from "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator?
Story Ideas Please!!!!?
Is there a category for this?
A lesson before dying?
japan's dollar was called what in 1988?
Was Jane Austen a lesbian or into incest or was she straight?
Themes of the book "The Glass Castle"?
I have to write a long essay about the theme of empathy in "The mourners" and "The prison" by bernard malamud.?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What's your favorite horror story and what is it?
When is the book 'the magic toyshop' set?
Lord of the flies - are these ideas correct , do they make sense?
What are you reading at this moment in time?
A gift a Nick Hornby fan??
What are some books or book series similar to the Privite Series by Kate Brian?
For something I'm writing: could somebody describe their version of "fantasy" vampires?
Has anyone read the book The Bronze Bow?
Free Comic Book Creator?
Do you prefer Homer's Iliad or Odyssey?
Are self-help books worth reading or not? Why?
Book Title???????!!!!!!!!?
What are some good last names for these characters?
What's the name of the competition for the worst opening sentence in a novel?
Help with writing???????
B&A Writers: How long have you been working on your current writing project?
Would you help me out with some lines for a character?
>>hp fans<< What would you write in a letter to Voldemort?
What is the origin of the phrase "death by a thousand cuts"?
Do you know what book this is?
what do you think of my fanfic?
Anne Rice writes soft porn books under .........Rolencourt?
i need a book about self determination..and overcoming doubt?
harry potter fans! wouldn't this be a cool idea?
crucible ACT IV?
Should I read Twilight before deciding I hate it?
Harry Potter 7, any theories?
Who knows Forugh Farrokhzad ? one of my iranian friends sent a poet by her and i am exteremely intrested.?
Harry Potter and twilight fans: One thing you have to agree with...?
Good books to read?
john irwing´s biography?
Help with picking songs that represent books?
What are some books like...?
Name of the book I lost?
Does this make you want to continue reading?
What does the book The Life of PI have to do with the number PI?
What's your favorite self-help/self-development book?
im looking for an old fairytale picture.. a bird in tree talking to possibly a little girl or woman.?
Can you recommend a book for me?
In Enders Game, how does Graff manipulate Ender and why?
What is the best book/novel you have ever read?
Where can I download audio books for the Hardy Boys?
Imagine Twilight was never published.....?
what is the best way to store old books?
What is the title of the book that changed your life permanently?
is this offensive to readers?
What are some books with graphic, and I'm not talking about the graphic novels(comic books), I'm talking .....
Would vampires from twilight know who pooped just by smelling it?
will i marry seema jain?
Anyone else find 'Twilight' unworthy of the hype?
why do twilight haters still read twilight?
watership down question?
Ugh, wedding scene I'm stuck..?
10 POINTS! Do you know any books like this?
Do you fold your paperbacks?
Harry Potter fanssssssssss?
what is the beutifull girl's name ?
Does this sound like a good idea for movie/book?
Twilight, Harry Potter or The lord of the rings?
Is this description confusing?
What is alexya allen doing now?
Does anyone know what this book is called?
can you please review my story?
I can't remember the name of that book.....?
Quick feedback on a short story?
what happens to Fernand in The Count of Monte Cristo?
What is it called when the bad stuff start to happen in a story?
i hate the da vinci code. the book was offensive to god. there was limited research done by the author. If u d
who was Sidney in the tales of two cities. what was he like?
What do you think of Twilight?
What's the point of reading books?
What makes you want to buy a book?
Does anyone out there happen to knoow the author of the book "Wild Minds" ?
What is the difference between a Muse and a Manic Pixie Dream Girl?
Is it difficult to create diverse characters?
What to do for publishing poems?
Who wants to read a half crazed 12 year old's horror story? Also perhaps looking for a gf...?
Which is a beter app ibookshelf or book crawler?
What is the Exposition, rising action, and climax of Oedipus The King?
How should I write my prompt?
in 1984 were double think and the philosophy of no objective reality part of party doctrine from day one?
What are some of you favourite books?
catcher in the rye?
What book am I thinking of?
anyone know of a good thriller/action romance movel?
i want to buy a novel that is already a movie or had a movie made for it what should i buy?(a good one)?
Where do i write my nanowrimo novel?
What books have made you feel inspired?
harry trivia!?
If you were a vampire, what would be your favorite animal to drink?
who is Birgit Niehaus?
Whats a good book for a 12 year old?
If you were at hogwarts which house did you wanted to be in?
Is this plot a good plot?
Is Three Cups of Tea formal or informal writing?
What are some books similar to The Hunger Games ?
what is the best online bookstore which sells used books with international shipping?
In The mice and men we meet george and lennie. Describe each man, then describe their relationship?
What's the last book you read and would you recommend it? ?
I am so sick of hearing about Twilight. Anyone else?
How does John Mcphee make historical backgrounds interesting and illuminating?
What are some good books?
Some free books on iBooks ?
I need help for a story plot?
Magic Jack Help Please!!?
Is there any chances of sequal of harry potter and the deathly hallows?
B&A: Writing 'controversies'?
I need a fast pace fantasy book to read, anyone have any suggestions?
I dont speak very good englsih, can you edit this?
I need to do a 5min Power Point on anything to do with the novel Virgin Suicides... Ideas?
I need help with a book?
Can anyone explain this quote?
What are some seminar questions for Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One?
Grab the nearest book?
Anyone Know Where 2 Find Good URBAN Fanfiction Story Sites???
Story of a pale girl. she doesn't talk but she plays piano?
I need some advice on my YA book?
what are hardy boys books worth?
what is organic architecture?
Examples of Byronic Hero in Manfred?
Where I can I find books online for the disadvantages of homeschooling?
someone reads french or german books ?
Ideas for writing a book?
What was your favourite book when you were a child?
I need some Good Books?
Are these short poems poetic?
what can you say about the last leaf story by O. Henry?
Do you ever feel like your part of the story?
If you wrote an Autobiography...what would it be titled?
The Catcher in the Rye vs. A Separate Peace?
i want to start reading books again?
I am looking for a good book on asian myths and folklore.?
has anyone read a child called it by david pelzer?
Faustian Childrens Book?
Please rate short part in my story out of ten!?
Romeo and juliet HELP!!!?
what is the name of kakashis book?
Is anyone else sick of hearing about Twilight?
Have you read the book Fahrenheit 451??! ?
Is the history in 'Da Vinci Code' fact?
Can't remember book name?
What are some good modern contemporary romance books that aren't cheesy?
who is jules verne?
I need a book like 50 Shades of Grey that is also in 1st person?
read biographies?
5 main details from the book remeo and juliet?
I'm making a certain story and I need a title?
What are you reading?
what pages are there references to "copper sun" within the story?
What is Latest Book your are reading?
In d pgs of Da Vinci Code, pgs:60,138,192,262,141,217,i find some codes instead of the titles, Whatz that ??
Who is the greatest Novelist in Greek language of all time?
Have you ever read "The Second Summer of the Sisterhood"?
What are some good Japanese novels?
Wich one of the steven lawernce gang memebers wrote a book? ?
where can i read boy crazy by hailey abbott online for free?
does anyone knows if john saul (author of perfect nightmare) has other pen name/s? and what is it?
Finish the story! I'll give a best answer!!?
detailed Alias Grace summary.?
which is the short story in which this couple on a trip gets a precious Carpet?
What is a persuasive essay of Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men?
What are the elements to a good novel?
What did/do you think of Enid Blyton books?
Looking for a good teen read like these books?
do kids read more or less than kids in the past?
Can't decide who my female character should fall in love with...?
Where can I trade in books for money?
What is literary modernism in the simplest of terms? Help please!?
loss of innocence?
the line between good and evil characters?
Comedy of Errors who is a static character?
i need a list of great american writers. where can i find this?
is Katia and Katniss basically the same name?
who created Kitty Cucumber?
Anyone know the story The Step Not Taken, by Paul D'Angelo?
Creative Book Presentation on Inkheart?
What do you think of this excerpt from my book?
What are some good books on the contemporary culture of Detroit?
Does She have potential to be a good character? Help with last name as well?
In Arthur and the invisibles I can only find 48 Mul-Muls where are the others?
If you were cast away on a desert island, and could have only one book with you there? What book would?
How would you describe these houses and rooms for a story?
Twilight question for Jacob-haters?
Do you think Diarrhea could be a pretty name?
How to write a good review?
Anyone have short story ideas?
Magic of Making up book?
To Kill A Mockingbird essay title?
i wrote a children's do i get published?
read book online free?
Who is (or was) your favorite author, and why?
Space jason bourne like novels? but less conspiracy.?
what do I do first if I want to make a book for my poetry?
I need a title for my short story?
What were your favourite books as a child?
Has anyone read the short story Sentry by Fredric Brown?
Movie or Book for Pride and Prejudice?
On NPR in early 90s I heard a satiric "coming of age" tale. A black comedic take on Lassie. Anyone know of it?
do you know the name of this book?
what do you think will happen in the 4th eragon book?
who would be a modern day Plautus?
Who's your favorite author!?
Are you a Twilight fan or hater?
What is it about the fantasy-horror genre that gives it such widespread and enduring appeal?
what's your favorite stephen king novel?
i need one good prose on winter?
Can someone help me come up with a plot for a play?
Why don't you people try Google?
I'm trying to find "The Waltz" poem by Dorothy Parker. I need the words to the poem.?
Is this piece of writing good?
Please help me find out what book this is?
Just read and answer?
Does anyone know where I can get FREE booknotes on Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey?
Of all the books you have ever read, which 5 would you re-read time and time again (and why)?
Free books mailed to your door?
What's the most over-rated and under-rated book you've ever read?
What is the best book on religion you have read?
What book are you reading at the moment?
Has any one read the "The Symphony of Ages" book series by elizabeth haydon?.?
How do the events in the novel Holes by Louis Sachar relate to the real world?
What is your favorite 'monster'?
What is a good story about witches?
readers group?
What are the 3 most important/major scenes in Shakespeare's MacBeth?
Life and Deeds of General Sherman by Henry Davenport Northrop Original 1891 book good cond Whats the value?
What book is on your bedside table?
What on earth am i here for? or Join discussions at:
Costume ideas if I'm dressing up as a character from a book?
Pick up the neartest book, what is it? Now go to page 43. What are the 1st three sentences?
Help writing a short story <3?
Three examples of Juliet defying her parents?
Full summary on the book death by latte?
can anyone tell me of any good books to read?
THE GREAT GATSBY! What does this quote from the novel mean?
what does "edge" mean in the following book or video title?
Where can i find chapter summaries of the book "the life of andrew jackson"?
Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character?
do you read lee child's books?
Has anyone ever read Dr. Phil's book Self-Matters?
Any suggestions for a story plot/prompt on an identitiy crisis?
Persuasive Essay topics?
What is your ABSOLUTE favorite book and why?
Do you like the Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Saga better? why?
can you really make a living being a writer?
Harry Potter fans, what is your favourite mean of magical transportation and why?
Good Romance Novels to Read?
in "a rose for Emily",what is the implied meaning of the title?
that book twilight...?
How does Anne Frank mature throughout her diary?
Does a second edition by Charles dickens have any monetary Value?
how to write a poem for lord of the flies?
Which Dr. Seuss book does the following come from?
what is wuthering heights about?
i do not no how to read or write and i find it hard to understand any most of th things?
The Araminta Spookie Series?
where can i read fade by lisa mcmann online ?
Any books like the Host out there?
imagine you have been shipwrecked on a desert island. what are the first things you wuold do?
Does anyone know a really good book to read?
do u know ...coelho?
can anyone recommend any good fantasy books?
Do you reread a paragraph or sentence more than once to retain the context of what you're reading?
Can anyone make a great narrative/story?
Need feedback please help....?
How would you think a female with the name Molly would look?
What do you think of this story?
What are your favorite children's books from your childhood?
farenheit 451 question? please answer?
PLEASE! Read my admission essay ASAP and give opinion if it's good or not?
Any Good Teen Books to Read?
Does anyone know if Thirteen Magazine, the UK monthly horror publication is still running?
Does anyone own the book the Da Vinci Code?
Would you read this fantasy novel?
How do you go on hilary
What book are you currently reading???
What does "Les Miserables" mean?
Besides books, what do most small, non-chain bookstores sell?
What audio books do you suggest?
all quiet on the western front annotation?
My husband is talking about selling his soul to the devil, what should I do?
How do you know when to make a book into a series?
How does Piggy die in Lord of the Flies? Does he die with Simon?
what do you think is going to happen in the next Harry Potter book?
did anyone like the book wicked by Nancy holder & debbie viguie?
What is the relation between mark twain and Henry Rogers?
In Pride and Prejudice, did Elizabeth choose Mr. Darcy for love or for his money?
Quizbook writing : If I write quizzes that are based on a textbook or textbook(s)?
How do you properly cite a handout when writing an essay? It is 4 pages with 4 poems.?
who was jocephus flavias?
is there a study guide for the ray bradbury story the crowd?
does any one know where this quote came from?
What are these books?
How do i publish a book of drawings?
where can i find the book "hello from heaven"?i looked at three dollar stores and they didn't have one.
What are good book title ideas?
I need a literary criticism on a poem or book of poems by Eavan Boland. Can anyone help me out?
In the Great Gatsby in what way is Jay Gatsby great? and isn't?
If Mr is short for Mister, what is Mrs short for?
Can someone give me a short summary of The A-List by Zoey Dean?
What is the best book you've ever read?
If you could ask anyone...?
I have a first edition of 'The Silver Pigs' by Lindsey Davis published by Century. Does anyone have a value?
Harry potter?
A question about NaNoWriMo?
I'm looking for some awesome darker last names for Sebastian and Scorpius?
In The Raven by Poe, why doesn't the bird permit the speaker to forget?
I need a unique boy name?
Which Dean Koontz book to read first??
What are some good books to read?
The author of this book????HELP PLEASE!!!!?
Has anyone read the book, "The Energy Bus" by John Gordon?
Can anyone help me find a book?
what is the original book in the chronicles of riddick series?
who would you say was the best american writer in the 1920s?
Whose death did you find the saddest in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
What are some books similar to "Sweetheart" by Chelsea Cain?
is alice in wonderland about a girl on drugs?
has anyone read the book The Battle of Jericho by Sharon M. Draper ?
How did Little House on the Prairie end?
Which story idea is better?
Twilight/Harry Potter Survey!?
Which characters fight on the side of the white witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?
what writing style is the book uglies?
Help on my short horror story...?
What are you reading right now?
How did Voldemort fly without a broom?
Why do I need a plot diagram to brainstorm ideas?
Does anyone know any good websites to download college books?
Which is the best book that you have ever read?
Comparing and Contrasting TV shows with Frank Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"?
have you ever read 'The Winter Tree' by Georgina Lewis?
Good Books For Teenage Girls?
can you write a book with just an idea? what else might i need?
What is a good name for Katniss's baby?
What happens after you have been chosen for the hunger games?
Does anyone know a good site to download audio books for free?
Who is Marv Balousek?
I want to read some GOOd books. ?
Could You Read My Wattpad Story?
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character and why?
What are some methods of novel writing?
Do you know any cakes that are famous in fiction, like the cake in Matilda?
What do you think of this plot?
Can somebody recommend a good sci fi/fantasy book or a decent author?
Where can i find the story of renee yohe?
why was omaha bombed in red dawn?
Any good book recommendations?
“14,000 things to be happy about” is really a good book?
What do you guys think of the concept for my story and its love interest?
help me out please...?
question about my novel...?
Can anyone recommend some books?
What comes FIRST in The Clique Series, "Dial L for Loser," or "It's not easy being mean?"
Do you think books should have a rating system like the movies?
Need help naming a pirate vessel?
Any Edie Sedgwick books?
Why can't "The Da Vinchi Code" be true?
I have to write a short epic story?
HELP who is good with writing and could help me?
what is your greatest fear (for a horror story i came up with)?
Which is better Twilight or Harry potter?
question about writing essays?
What type of guys do u picture when u hear these boy names?
why do they keep cloning duncan idaho?
good books for a young adult?
What's the worst book you were made to read in school?
Who is one of Esmeralda Santiago's friend during her high school in Brooklyn,NY?
Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare-Book Cover Models?
Who has written the book BRANDENBURG?
What book are u reading these days?
Does anyone know a good Romance book?
Do you like my plot so far for a book? not long? 10 points?
what's your opinion on Twilight by Stephenie Meyer?
Who was the best 19th century Science Fiction?
list some things that she remembers in likes 25-36 in upon the burning of our house by anne bradstreet?
Character last name help?
Harry Potter fans: Are you upset that HBP didn't include DADA lessons with Snape?
What Is Your Response Towards This Paragraph ?
What could be a good motto for the fictional diner in my novel series?
How do I help beta stories of
Does anyone know anything about Ray Bradbury and his family?
Is there a sequel to the book "To Kill a Mockingbird"?
the definition of meraphysical poet?
Great books for the beach? [10 points!]?
Please help me with character names!?
Who is your favourite Author???
what is your favorite book?
Night by Elie Wiesel HELP?
if you went out with a guy for 2 days is it to early to have sex?
who else was disapointed with the ending of the da vinci code?
What writing style do you prefer?
Recommend me a book?
What weapon would an ex-special forces mercenary choose in the absence of firearms?
Huckleberry Finn: River as a symbol?
What type of names can you come up with for me to use in my story?
Anyone one tell me what is jamie lewis? is this a person's name ?
Can anyone tell me what book this quote is from?
i Need help with making a plot line?
Picking a book fr: library, how do you 'judge' whether it's worth reading?
can someone read my percy jackson spin off book?
A non-religious symbol for hope or faith?
Are the story plots in the novel "Frankenstein" and the 1974 movie "Young Frankenstein" ?
How many Non-Japanese Light Novels are out there?
What is a good name for this book?
Any books you could suggest that enforce feminism?
What is the main theme of "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe?
Pride and Prejudice :)?
what does "pas devant" mean?
when is the ides of march?
What is the structure of the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"?
Do published authors get a copy of their own book?
where can I find a free on line price list for antiques, and antique books?
Have you ever read the book Hatchet by Gary Pulsen?
what is the plot of the call of the wild?
How does Young Goodman Brown (Hawthorne) relate to anti-transcendentalism?
if you had a choice, which book would you read again ?
Any Auden fans here? I esp like his As I Walked out one evening. Rate his other work.?
What's the difference between The Vampire diaries books...please read..?
how sad is my prologue? scale of 1-10?
what is the theme of nevermore by James Patterson?
How do i get my book into Barnes & Noble?
What is the context of this qoute: "The Pen is mightiery than the sword."?
Can you give me a speech with 4-5 paragraphs with title and author?
has anyone ever read "abeginners guide to reality" by jim baggot??
What is the story of the shot heard round the world?
Which character sounds more attractive?
Did Clement C. Moore name the reindeer?
Harry Potter fans, I need a new book to read, please suggest something?
R u a twilight fan?and if u r are u team Edward or Jacob?
what is your favorite book?
what is the MAIN conflict in stargirl?
The best way to learn how to write fiction cheaply?
Nancy Drew Mysteries?
anyone know of a good book or a good website to learn about proper nutrition?
Which of these book titles interests you most?
Problems with Twilight?
What is the name of this 20th century novel?
can anyone help me find the name of a book please?
What is your favorite Book by Nicholas Sparks?
Has anyone read the whole bible?
Who is "Gossip Girl" in the book/movie series?
Abridged vs. Unabridges for Rebecca?
Lord of the flies conch question! 10 POINTS IF YOU KNOW?
What's your favorite poem?
May someone send me in word format the short story Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx?
Would you read Shakespeare for pleasure?
What is your favourite book and why?
I have a compelling life story?
Fake restaurant names?
What is the book To Kill A Mockingbird about?
When reading a book what do you prefer?
Were can i find a book called Friends Withe Benifits written by Lawrence Ross?
How to tell a guy you love them but you love someone else?
Bookworms: how many pages do you average per day?
Sage has 3/4 of a book left to read. if she reads 1/8 of the book each night, how maby nights will it take?
Why do people put so much stock into the Davinci Code?
What is the original book on Alice And Wonderland about?
Which names for these characters?
Any good, long, Epic love stories?
Copyright: How much text can you copy and paste without infinging a copyright?
Who is a pop(ular) historian?
If I was writing a supernatural romance book would it be smart to use one point of view or two?
why do u think gloria dump had opal plant a tree in her garden?
Is the twilight saga books only for girls to read ?
Which one of these books should I buy?
Any ideas for a children's picture book?
Forbidden City by William Bell?
is Clement Moore's 'The night before Christmas" on the public domain?
Has anybody read IN Evil Hour by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? need to write essay. any suggestions about topic?
What is the title of the next Lemony Snicket book that will come out? The thirteenth book, I mean.?
Cute nicknames for my characters?
What do writers wear?!?
how does hawthorne criticize hester prynne?
What Are Some Good Newer Books?
In which children's book does an orphan go and live with her grandfather in the Swiss mountains?
which harry potter book has the most pages?
Could you read this and let me know what you think?
what is the best book you read?
What are some good books for a teen to read?
Harry potter writers block !!!!?
why in breaking dawn did Edward Cullen:?
Does Anyone agree with this quote?
A good medieval book...?
Example of direct and indirect characterization in lord of the flies?
۞ I need a good title for my story, please help ۞?
Where can I find a publisher and agent? And will it cost?
Must have books for M.R.C.P part 1 exam.?
Can you recommend a book like Cowboy Bebop, Firefly?
How much is the new WIMPY KID DOG DAYS book?
Harry Potter Vs. Twilight?
where can I find some nice choral speeches? Choral Speaking pieces online, for free of course.?
Twilight Saga - which one is your favourite?
story characters' names...?
What do you think of this excerpt form my story? Be honest?
Can I take my stupid erotic fanfiction, rename the characters, and make millions of dollars from it?
How does this idea sound?
What effects are created by the description of the bunk-house in Of Mice And Men?
i am looking for articles regarding new trends in librarianship?
I'm writing a book...i need help with thinking of a name...?
I need to write a short story with a twisting ending that changes the whole perspective of the story?
What book is the best for me?
when was catcher in the rye banned?
Does anyone know good literary books which talk about/mention Stonehenge,King Arthur,Land's End or the Sea?
.s..which name is better for a blonde hair man?
Question for those who read 'The Death Cure' - third book in Maze Runner Trilogy?
i need to the books about michael foucault.can you helpe me?
In A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsin, did nora have sex with krogstad?
What does the storm symbolize in The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe?
How would you incorporate yourself into the Harry Potter Story?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight?
How does this idea sound?
Who is your favorite romance writer and which romance writer do you think writes the best sex scenes?
There a website I can read David Flynn's "Temple at the center of time" book?
What exactly is studying "literature"? Is it just reading ancient novels/text?
What Are Some Good Songs That Could Be Like A Theme For The Story I'm Writing?
What contemporary writer shows the most artistry?
Is there something similar to this in Harry Potter?
How does Jonas in the Giver ( by Lois Lowry)relate to Jesus and Gabe relate to Gabriel the angel?
Vampire Names?
I am an obsessive teenage reader what are some of your favorite books.?
Plot twist for this short story plot? Please?
New Name for..................................?
HP Fans!!! If anyone could come back to life, who would you want it to be?
What literary terms are expressed in The Pardoners prologue by chaucer?
Will the Judas controversy pave way for the box office success of the Da Vinci code?
Whose outlook on life has been changed after reading the works of Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged, Fountain Head etc)
What is the last book you read ?
Catcher in the Rye.. is Holden a modern day hero? Why/ why not?
Who were they going to see in the Cantebury Tales?
Are there any book clubs on the Central Coast?
I need help with harry potter and the half blood prince!?
Is there a sequel to The Hunger Games?
Can I purchase books in different languages on a kendel?
Does anyone know if where to buy the manga series nagatachou strawberry or is it only online?
How many movie adaptations have been made of Romeo and Juliet and what are they?
If J.K Rowling made other books unrelated to Harry Potter would you read them?
a story about an old sailor who was sentenced to wear an albatross aroound his neck and tell his story?
Where can I find biographical information about the poet to the poem "The Snow Flowers" by James J. Montague?
Where can I download some nice ebook?
Rough draft book idea. Good start? Help me revise!?
literature book websites for dsi?
How do you connect To Kill A Mockingbird to the United States today?
good literary journals?
is the book on the road a good book?
what book are you currently reading?
Do you think the Harry Potter series is for adults or children?
who wrote "Love Poem"first line is There is a shyness that we have?
What is the title of this sci-fi book?
What do you think about the Left Behind series? (Not including the prequals)?
What's your idea about "Girl with a pearl earring" book and movie?
what is the proverb that bilbo baggins invents in chapter 6?
Anyone read Catch-22 (by Joseph Heller)? What did you think? (Spoilers!! Please say nothing about the sequel.)
What should I expect to pay for an 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica in good-excellent condition?
What is the title of the book about a woman who drowns herself?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
what is shades of grey about?
Do you think I'm an okay writer?
what are some really good books that a teenage girl would enjoy?
how do i find out when joanne rowling is doing a book signing?
What should the title be to a forbeidden love story between a mermaid and a human?
can you read this and tell me what you would do in this situation?
animal farm / animal colors?
Is there a story that portrays the mother-daughter bond of Demeter and Persephone other than the myth?
What's your favorite genre of fiction?
Come up with The Lord of the Flies questions?
Names for fantasy villages/towns?
Any Books on ''Not to be afraid to succeed...''?
All writers , little motivation?
I was watching the Prisoner of Azkaban for the 100th time last night when....?
What book should my friend read over the summer?
At only 15 years old, what teen is already in graduate school and has been nominated for three Nobel Peace Pri
ANTIQUE 1667 le nouveau vulgate - please tell me if it's worth anything?
The beauty of nature is indicated in line?
I can't find this old young adult fantasy book, can anyone help?
is there an academic definition of "cultural narrative"?
Questions to help out my story please. If you can help?
Books where this happens?
What do u guys think about Emily Giffin Books?
What is the funniest book you have ever read?
Is there a biography thesaurus?
What is your opinion on the Twilight books and movie?
Which is the best encyclopedia?
Can anyone tell me four examples of figurative language in George Orwell's 1984?
How do you tpcastt a poem by james joyce ?
What is your favorite book from high school?
I'm doing a book report, does this sentence sound good?
I need unique names for a story I'm about to begin working on. Any ideas?
Why do you like the books you like? Details below.?
Don't u think this is hillarious?! Twilight fangirls u'll hate me 4 this but i so dont care lol?
who wrote the book "do bhiga zameen"?
Mocking Jay book questions?
do you think reading the Harry Potter books or watching the movies are better.?
what is the name of this manga?
How to return e-books?
Creative people of the world dont fail me now?
How can I improve this fight scene?
I need to find the book on the Hatfield-McCoy by Sam and Orville McCoy?
Harry potter series is over... now what are the latest crazes in the book world?
Honestly, why do people like Twilight?
What is the best method to improve your vocabulary ?
I have a secret, but I really want this to happen. What should I do?
Does the book "The Catcher in the Rye" have any innapropriate scenes in it?
Click here to help me with a New Moon question!?
What book are YOU currently reading?
Journey to the center of the earth book project help?!?!?
does any1 have a Dugan's Topical Reference Bible 4 Sale?
who is the auther of " enipadikal" novel?
can I view a copy of among the hidden online?
Want to sell heritage book manuscript of Vedanta handwritten by Dara Shikoh 400yrs ago well preserved?
What is your favorite book (or series of books) for children and young adults?
Does anyone know the title of this book?
Would I get in trouble for using the same title of a different book?
Good Young Adult Books to read?
School Project for The Kite Runner. Would love some help!?
Would you read this book?
Does writing have to be perfect?
Recommend me some good teen/young adult books?
Title for my book - which is best?
I stumbled on a website with the words "fetch" and I think ".ca", which summarized used book prices Cant find!
What is Jane Austen's most acclaimed novel?
who wrote the poem or essay with the line about "do not go gently into the night?"?
I wrote these chapters for a book! Is it something you would buy?
What is the most compelling book you would suggest to your best friend? NOT THE BIBLE!!?
Mistake in Harry Potter?
is mark twain similar to aesop?
How do you find the main idea of a reading?
What books should I read?
What is your favorite Stephen King novel?
In the book "To kill a Mockingbird", what would Americans in 1964 find confronting about their convo?
Rowling's/Dumbledore's Army: Do you think it's odd that...?
Do you like the Twilight saga?
Crank by Ellen Hopkins; I need help from someone who owns this book.. PLEASE?
i will interest to write oracle certification which book is best?
What are good names for a fictional club?
what are the sweet valley characters except for liz and jess wakefield?
What do you think of the short story starter?
Who is the Bible author?
opinions on my story, idea?
Got a fictional crush? :)
In this passage, how does Iago (from Othello by Shakespeare) characterize himself for the audience?
Is it bad I can't write a simple summary of my book series?
What are good last names that go woth Alec, Eric, and Derek?
What are some good, classic books that every person should read in their lifetime?
find the quote for othello help please?
witch book do you want to live in?
How do I read faster?
What are some good books that have hot guys and romance?
Suggestions for male character's names?
Poem for Dad for Christmas?
What things should I look out for when analyzing a poem or a passage from a book?
Summary of The Clique book "Dial L For Loser"?
novels that left a deep impact on you?
who plays the pig in the boys' mock pig-killing scene?
What book should I read?
Do you know this SSHG fanfic?