The novel of Troy by Adele Geras?
Need Complete Series of "Dead Case in Deadwood"?
What is a conflict and a resolution in the Hunger Games?
i need to know the authors names regarding recruitment?
The Saga Of Darren Shan:Is it good?
Does anyone know how I could get published?
What was the last bit of writing to blow you away?
Why did Owl Eyes attend Gatsby's Funeral?
What is your favourite first line?
How does Young Goodman Brown (Hawthorne) relate to anti-transcendentalism?
Harry Potter fans: If you could kill one HP character to save another one, which two would you swap?
Which Name of a City for My Story?
I am looking for a fantasy book?
What are the scariest things that you have ever experienced?
Do you think I killed that girl or murdered her?
Question about Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey, by Chuck Palahniuk (Spoilers)?
Is this really confusing?
Percy Jackson fans (books)............PLEASE ANSWER REALLLY EASY!!!!?
What's the worst last sentence of a book you've read?
If you had to write a book, what would it be about?
Writing a book, advice, please?
book - bonfire of the vanities?
Pride and Prejudice: Books Following?
How can i smell like Edward Cullen?
Name for a children's book?
What's a good book to read?
What do you do when you come up with too many story ideas in your head?
What book are you reading right now?
which is the best book u have ever read?
The Maze Runner, should I should read it?
The movie or the book - which do you pefer????
Was '1984' written before 'Down and out in Paris and London'?
Do Amazon Kindle Direct Publish books written in Indian Languages (Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, etc.)?
how do I sell my book idea that will save the lives of children?
How do I go about submitting a children's book manuscript to a publisher?
Please please please read?
where is a site with Paul L. Dunbars poems on it?
Does anyone know the title to this book?
Rumors: A Luxe Novel? **SPOILERS!**?
Bad portrayals of women in fiction?
What is the book" The image of the lost soul" about ?
Ideas for me to write about?
Swearing in literature?
How can I get Edward Cullen to put his baby inside of me?
How can I get "In the Jaws of History" by Bui Diem free?
I need help finding a audio book. Paul Harvey rest of the story?
Is 50 shades of grey fiction?
Why would someone go to boarding school?
on the painting "the forest has eyes" by beverly doolittle, how many faces are on the painting?????
Trying to find this book?? ()?
Which Blogging Platform is more Popular with Writers? Blogger or Tumblr?
I need a good novel, suggestions?
I'm looking for a fan-fiction of Hermione G. & Draco M. that was once in Coloured Grey & Contra Veritas?
Which is your favourite character of the book To kill a mockingbird?
What are the advantages of e-books?
How would you compare and contrast Agamemnon and Achillies in every way? Make it long?
do you know who king author is?
Do you know what book this is? ?
Names for characters in my book?
What should I name my story?
does anyone know of a book like eragon or eldist or the pit dragon trilogy?
Is the ISBN different for 2nd printing of a book?
How can I buy a book off a
Can someone help me and writing a diary entry about what life would be like in Bangladesh?
Anyone love "The Mortal Instruments" Series? :)?
what is the quotation that talks about life fading as a guy is writing about it?
First three Bourne books not on itunes?
What complications, resolution of the novel Oliver Twist?
Good name for a female character in a story I'm writing?
whats meant by fiction writing and content writing?
I want to find a book, but I don't remember the title...?
when i read books i forget what i read how do i fix this?
what are good classic books to read?
Who has bought the Cross my heart and hope to spy paperback book?
What are some interesting books to read?
Description of this house? Please help?
What are some real life situations for story telling as a means of survival or something near that?
Children's Books I read as a child in Cuba. (I think they were Russian)?
Readers: How do you organise your bookshelf?
What is your favorite poem?
Story...title help?
what is the best way to conduct a poetry workshop?
What is the thickest book you ever read?
Did you ever think you were enjoying a book, but the ending made you so angry you felt cheated?
Does this description sound alright?
Does anyone else think Stephen King's books have sloppy endings?
Who is your fictional boyfriend (specifically in Harry Potter but others allowed)?
Can someone help me write a novel review on the book twenty boy summer .?
In the Twilight Saga, what does 'imprinted' mean?
Name for my sci-fi series (planned for TV)?
book/ magazine article rights terminology So you know any and what they mean?
Help with Sarah Dessen books!?
Sandra Cisneros and Aurora Morales?
Why are you on the internet right now and not reading a good book?
Of Mice and Men book and movie similarities?!?
Were there ANY good writers that were SLAVES!?!?
Harry Potter!!!?
do you prefer sad dramas or happy endings?
Do you think the novel Rabbit, Run by John Updike should be considered a challenged book? Why, or why not?
According to Vol. IV of The Eclectic Review, what author has a fervid imagination and wonderful power?
Can you name a book that changed your life?
i can't wait to read the MARK OF ATHENA?
Character development method?
Where can I buy lion king book series? ?
This is Just more info for fatal kiss?
do you use any british slang? how have you picked it up?
"struck by lightening" that the name of the book i once read?
When will the book Harry Potter 7 come to the U.S?
Is this a good beginning?
Does anyone know any good books??
What are some examples of irony in Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle ?
Can any one tell me the name of this Wattpad book?
where can i post my short stories?
Why don't books have age restrictions?
Does anyone know a good website for a literary criticism for "Parliament Hill Fields" by Sylvia Plath?
Whats everyone reading?
what do you know about the writer Gregg Lewis?
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini?
What do u think about poetry.IS it fair 4a poet or journalist to write anything,even though not true.?
Can someone give me guidance, I'm a bit stuck with my story...?
Murder Investigation Macbeth Shakespear?
I NEED help with Dracula by Bram Stoker.?
I need help im looking for a poem to read to my girlfriend?
half magic by edward eager?
i want something new and exciting to read any suggestions?
Where can I find a Biography of Stephen Davis?
Help, what to write about using the idea of religion in Unwind by Neal Shusterman?
How do you get a model for your book when you're ready to design your cover?
Does anyone know who the author of the story "Cherries Ripe" is?
Twilight fans How old are you and are you a guy or a girl?
Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?
What was your absolute favourite book, and what was it about, and by whom was it written?
is there a good book to read????? BOOK NAMES PLZ!!!?
Opinions on this story ?
what is the next book after Van Alen Legacy in the blue bloods books?
What are some of the ways in which Shakespeare unifies Hamlet overall?
thomas hardy?
How is there Privacy in the novel Brave New World?
If film and literary characters had Twitter accounts, whose Tweets would you follow?
do you think witchraft and wizardy, are such a bad thing fir children to see, even though its just fiction?
Thoughts on this Paragraph? BEST ANSWER?
If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I need a good under-10k-character sci-fi or fantasy story?
What Novel are you reading at the moment (if any)?
What's a good title? What are good names for characters?
Whats a book thats better then Twilight?
Where can I find a summary for "The woodlanders" by Thomas Hardy?
Does anyone know any poems about family?
A fictional character that influenced or impacted you?
Can you think of some good discussion questions for the book "Forty Million Dollar Slaves" by William Rhoden?
Writers: Do you tend to make a character look like you?
Writing a book. Thoughts?
Do you like Osho Rajneesh?Why?
any short story ideas?
art of seduction. book by robert greene?
where to download Panchatantra in english pdf format?
Why doesn't anyone like Jacob Black?
What book should I read next?
Books that scared and put you on edge for weeks?
Can someone help me? (Short)?
what is the most coveted novel of 2006?
I'm writing a book and I need a location the story is about a treasure hunter?
Do you think this would be a good story?
what are some of the lessons Melinda learns in Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson?
Is my chidlren's story good?
how can i find a website that will let me read the book candy freak?
Problem with past tense?
Why is this Twilight book so popular?
What do you think will happen in the end of Harry Potter?
Any good audio book websites?
do you have any cd of charles bukowski? where can I to buy one?
Whose point of view begins The Odyssey?
How do you cite this book in the MLA 7th edition? Please help!?
What do u think will happen in the 7th book of harry potter? who will die and who wont and y?
If you were to look in the dictionary for the definition of stupid, who would you find?
Ok well i need help with writing a short paragraph. Any suggestions?
my mate likes 'Jacqueline Wilson.' what do you think?
what do you guys think?
Does anyone know of a book or books that I could use for my paper?
How would you name Zn(OH)2?
Damon Salvatore or Stephen Salvatore?
Do you know the name of a children's book about a girl who picks strawberries?
How would i do TPCAST on Ted Kooser's poem "Applesauce" T-title P-Paraphrase C-Connotation S-Structure T-Title
Are there any books about people turning into animals?
how is julie of the wolves different from other books?
what are some good quotes from the book "things fall apart"?
famous doctor turned writer in the 1900's?
When your finish writting a book,whats your next step.?
Can anyone suggest what I can do with unwanted books?
do the harry potter books get more grown up as the series progresses?
life story of alice walker?
wat book would u bring if u where stranded on a desert island?
what is edward from twilight's last name?
who else thinks twilight sucks?
Poem question?
Whats the best way to begin writing a memyoir?
How could I describe this hotel in an interesting way?
Did anyone else want to give reading A Song of Ice and Fire after the red wedding?
Much ado about nothing and Macbeth? 10 points?
Re: Joyce Carol Oates title?
What is the Tone of the book Saving Max?
Want to read the New moon book ?
Names please for book!!!!?
What is the best book you ever read..? up to now?
What's the book that you are addicted to , right now???
Where can I find pictures of Homer's Iliad?
Why does Dan Brown still stand behind his claims?
what is the best way to ask a girl out?
Would you believe me?
Whats so big about twilight ?
I would like to start writing articles /a book to make money, how can I get started ?
Can I do some questions in spanish?
I've written a very short novel should I bother doing anything with it?
What is a really good writing program to use for fictional novels?
Ok Tori Spelling's new book sTORI Telling?
How come some people hate writing books?
My son wants to learn how to draw in the style of those old comic books.?
who is jonathan chadwick the medium and seer?
How should he react to his dad's death?
"HISTORY OF THE WORLD , FOR CHILDREN" . who's book is it ? Any information ?
What do you think of my character names?
Writings that make a point, what do you think?
Examples of lessons through dreams in Alice in Wonderland?
What other books can you recomend besides fifty shades of grey?
Harry Potter,Twilight or The Lord of the rings?
A book to compare 'The picture of Dorian Grey' with?
Please read this extract from a certain book and tell me how this is possible:?
Do you like chapters in books?
How to get my books back from Kindle.?
A book that changed your life ?
Making a zombie apocalyspe book :) that could be a series of books help?
POLL: Have you ever read the "Lord of the Rings"?
Ophelia is to Hamlet as ______ is to _______. ?
Is the audio book for "twilight" any good? can they be played on an ipod nano 2nd generation?
Where can I find details about the characters in the book The Hobbit?
Moonlight Wish... Would you continue to read this?
Anyone familiar with the "Bobbsey Twins" series? What's your favorite memory of these books?
Where can I find the poem "Lover's Return" by Langston Hughes?
i'm in serious need of a good book?
How To Write A Zombie Book?
Can someone help me with this sentence?
As the equalizer resets, what is the best method to unskip the x093?
What would be the worst/most extreme way to die?
My most favorite novel is the book Johnny Tremain...and I wanna know if there is any book like it?
If Slytherin Is All About PureBlood, How Come Snape Is In There If He Is Half Blood?
Best English translation of Goethe's Faust?
How do I describe an Asian person without being racist?
What is your favourite book of all time??
Whats this teen novel called?!?
What is your favorite book and why?
Your new favourite author?
Scarlet Letter Help, Thanks?
Who are these characters and their info in the novel speak?
Why did Harper Lee never wrote a second book?
song about james joyce araby?
Lord of The Flies - William Golding?
Just finsihed PD James' "Children of Men." Did anyone else find it boring?
What is the difference about these types of books....?
Who loves twilight, is it as good as i'm told?
Your opinions please?
The Help 5 story events of the help in chronological order?
Suggest a good book or author for me to read?
How do I get a book published?
WRITERS: How attractive is your main character(s)?
Should I read the Harry Potter books?
Book soundtrack?????????????????
names for futuristic weapons?
Lord of the rings online?
Anyone know any good books to read?
where do I find comparisons on literary writings from Shakespeare and others?
Reviews on the Scorpio Races?
In the book , the kire runner, they often use ther term "Agha".. what does that mean?
Twilight series or Harry Potter series?!! Which is the best?
I need book suggestions?
what happend the night everything changed in the book just listen by sarah dessen ?
What's your favorite way to read a book?
the book that has....?
what is that book that has step by step lists and stuff to help write a book?
Songs for when Katniss finds out there can be two winners in the Hunger Games?
Need to know the title of 2 children's books.?
Does anyone have the book In Short: A Collection of Brief Creative Nonfiction?
tips for good storywriting?
What is your favorite book out of these?
what is the difference between a tercet and a "terza rima" in Dante's Divine Comedy?
How to fix a plot hole?
What do you think about Kaavya Vishwanathan (that 19 yrs old Harvard student and author)?
What book is this? (I only know the cover)?
Different names for my book?
The book when thunders spoke by virina driving hawk sneve, Oren Lyons?
A company of fools book?
To Kill A Mockingbird: Who was Atticus' favorite child: Scout or Jem?
What is your favourite book of all time?
harry potter 7 book ending?
plot ideas for novel?
How does modern world affect our daily lives?
Percy Jackson: The Big 3's Oath?
how do like the beginning and middle-ish of my short story?
what year did the peace dollar coin come out in the US?
I am looking for a crime book about a guy who did research on serial killers and ended up meeting few of them?
2nd Beautiful Disaster Book In April?
What is the best book you've ever read?
I'm looking for Erik Mykland's(Norway Footballer)autobiography book,any1 knows where can I buy it on the net?
Favorite quote?
Does any1 know where i can listen to an audio file of David Wilkersons "The Vision"?
What is the literary term used when authors give animal characteristics or qualities to elements such as fog?
What are some good fantasy world names?
Which book have you read that you feel was bastardised on film the most?
What does everyone think of The Da Vinci Code?
I need a few good books to read?
Which are Jim Thompson's novels that deal with the theme of the communist witch-hunt of the 1950's?
How can I write a character like this?
Where can I read full books online?
Chapter one and plot, comments, criticism, and suggestions appreciated!?
Who do you respect more writers(that write stores) or singers?
Best place for a novel to get feedback?
What books made you cry?
what did Aeschylus gain by including the Cassandra scene in the Agamemnon?
I need some book ideas for a 13year old girl! ?
Please help me in finding a solution...? (s?
I need help naming a character in my book?
Team Cullen or Team Jacob?
Who's a better vampire,Lestat or Edward?
has anyone read "lolita" by vladimir?
Suggestions for a Vampire Book please.?
How do these 4 texts relate? What do they reveal about the human condition?
What's the name of this book?
What is the best Dean Koontz book out right now?
A good last name for my main characters?
How does The Catcher in the Rye affect today's literary scene?
Tips and advice when writing?
Any Twilight fans????!!!!!
Symbols in Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk?
do you know of any more classic novels for children and teens?
How should I begin a story?
Is anyone else sick of the Harry Potter series? Not the movie?
good book to read???
abigail williams was completely to blame for the witch-hunt in the crucible? true or false?
Where can I find a downloadable version of the textbook "School Art in American Culture 1820-1970"?
Would you ppl like another paranormal book?
what is those people that live without T.V is it the amish or who?
I need help with a horror story?
What's the best book you've ever read?
who is draco malfoy in real life?
what do i need to do to find that woman not the woman after the books released?
How can studying classical literature make me a better writer?
What are the best books that I absolutely have to read during my lifetime?
What's that book "The Secret" about!?
Why do people hate twilight so much?
What is the best way for someone to get into the writing business?
what was your favourite book when you were little?
What are your favorite history books and authors?
If you wrote a book about your life what would the title be?
how can i find a person to help me write a true book story?
Where can I find a copy of the book "The Gospel of Judas" in Metro Manila, Philippines?
i need INSPIRATION!!!?
In the novel Sophie's Choice, what is the message of the story?
Is twilight worth reading?
I thought david copperfield was about a magician?
Is is possible to publish e-book in Japanese in US and sell worldwide?
child book edit help please :)?
What do you think of my OTHER warrior cats fan fiction?
How did William Shakespeare influence other writers?!?!?
I need a good book to read?
im reading the prisoner of Zenda and i need to know the time period of which this book was set?
Harry Styles fanfic title?
Cloud atlas character question?
What books would you suggest for a 12 year old girl who is beyond university level reading?
Why has goody proctor turned abigail out of the proctor household?
i an an african, living in nigeria. how can i get books written bycontemporary african american free of charge
Which page does Eragon first say "Brisingr"?
Who has Published with Westbow?
What is your favorite book?
I need help thinking of names for a story?
If you could be any member of the Cullen family, who would you be?
how do i increase my reading speed??
Twilight fans: if you could kill off one character in New Moon, who would it be?
Lucas? is this a good book?
Do you find that films ruin books?
Dumbledore gay?
Writers: What are some words or slang you've made up in your story/novel?
In the novel The Awakening by Kate Chopin what is the central queston?
how does dickens describe human beings?
i need help naming a story?
How much do you care about a book's cover design?
What is "Tender is the Night" by Fitzgerald about?
What advice, if any, is valuable in any of Kevin Trudeau's money books?
I live in a suburb of Chicago, IL <Oak Park> and would like to know where I can sell gently used books.?
what exactly makes a movie/book "high brow"?
Whats the best book you've ever read and dont say twilight or any of the other stphanie meyer books, there gay?
I NEED a good book!!!!?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Why do people like Draco Malfoy?
How to make a book of my life?
How do we find a reputable book editor?
Please help what is the overall tone of the Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacob provide evidence from the story too?
Could anybody give me a summary of Lamia by Keats?
in what act and scene does Romeo get banished in the play romeo and Juliet?
website with summaries of chapters 1, 3 and 6 of the muqaddimah?
HP: Draco ..or...Harry?
which book did you read recently?
Which work do you like best from J.D Salinger?
What is the best book you have ever read?
read peretii and dekker books online?
What does "revenge is a dish best served cold" mean?
Do any of you guys know where I can download a free copy of Brenda Joyce's Captive?
Examples that Macbeth is NOT a tragic hero?
What is your favorite Lemony Snicket book?
What is a good High School name? (real or fake)?
Do you like Harry Potter?
Help with book . Format or content . Yet another federal prison book ?
When was Shel Silverstein's messy room published?
New richard laymon book?
I can't remember the title of this book.?
How much money do you get for perfect condition books when you sell them to a half price book store?
Should I read Les Miserables or The Grapes of Wrath? I'm a student.?
what page has the word maim in the book the true confessions of charlotte doyle?
How many books do you read (for pleasure/leisure) in a given month?
In that book called 'The outsiders', what are some difficult words?
best character in comedy of errors n why?
who is adolphus huxley?
Which is the most interesting book to read for a teenage girl?
what would be a good title for this sort of story?
if you were a literature professor which books would you want your students to read?
looking for hardcover book the happiest man in the world fro 1950's?
Looking for this fantasy book?
Thesis for Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew (plz check)?
effects of idioms in written speech?
Since book titles are not trademarked, should all new books be titled The Da Vinci Code?
How many books per year do you read?
Why is gullivers travels a classic novel?
Is Percy Jackson a good novel series to read?
Does anyone have the book The Case For Christ on Nook?
what would the climax of the hunger games be?
what are some good teen girl drama books?
Does anyone know where I can find the text for Toni Cade Bambara's "The Lesson"? there any one that will be able to send a novel ''mary'' by MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT via THE İNTERNET.
Books like the Thief Lord?
How do you get rid of books I don't want?
What is your favorite Twilight book?
What do you think of my preface?
What household objects and activities is the speaker compared in the 1st two stanzas of "Huswifery" by Taylor?
What is your Favorite.....?
Help - Antigone Exerpt?
I'm trying to find out the name of the poet that wrote the poem called " It".?
have you read "the sun also rises" by hemingway?
A question about Twelfth Night..?
Who has information about Norman J. Clayton, gospel song writer.?
where can i get the full story of it happened to nancy?
what is the age limit on Twilight?
listen to book (Hunted) online for frrreeeeeee?
Can someone make me a cover for my book?
Slogan for Writing Café?
How do you describe someone crying, and running away?
Im looking for a book that will change my entire perspective on life.?
To Kill A Mocking Bird Questions?
Which is your favorite fairy tale?
How do you vision your characters in your book?
differences between 'Of Mice and Men' book and 1992 movie?
Ayn Rand and her books. Have u ever read any of her novels?
In the great gatsby how do the surroundings affect the characters?
i need a name for a group name for characters in my story?
Simple question for my book?
who is your favorite author?
Can lord Voldemort lust ?
whats your favorite book called?
What is your pottermore user name?
Looking for a book don't know title or author?
Suburbia in Sitcoms....?
What is this book series called?
How much is a average kindle?
I'm looking for Ruth Starke (The Author)'s Address?
What do you think of this chapter?
TWILIGHT-Is it rude that I saw a girl with a "Team Edward" shirt on and a big picture of Edward's face..?
can you read the world book of records online?
What do you think of these characters names?
Critique my story?10 points!?
This or That-Names Edition!?1?
what is your favourite dostoevsky book?
what is the zip code of California?
Do you like the Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Saga better? why?
How do you know when to make a book into a series?
Is Stephen King overrated?
Can I have a book summary an Charlie And The Chocolate Factory thats about a page long?
Wich nice book to read do you recommend to improve my english?
What are the top 100 American Classics Literature?
are there any books like this?
How can I find out J.K. Rowling's exact address?
Favourite Sci-fi and Fantasy books/authors?
How did Daughter of Smoke and Bone End?
I enjoy writing poetry. Other than using the internet, how would I go about getting my work noticed/published
Need help choosing a name?
Does anyone know anything about the mythical characters, Damelus and Diaphenia?
Does any one that live in New Jersey know any good writing clubs?
What non-profit organizations will Type handwritten notes for Seniors in Nashville, TN ?
I wrote a poem in 1997 and was published in a poetry annual in I beleive 1998. Any clue on where to find it?
When atticus shoots Tim Johnson (the dog) in Too Kill A Mocking Bird?
I have been reading romance novels, but now i want to read other genres.....?
What was it that made Twilight/50 Shades of Grey so popular?
i read the book on the devils court and have to do summer reading but dont remember? whats a good website?
Compare/Contrast Bye Bye Birdie and Grease?
What are all the fairy tales about magic birds?
why aren't there 12 books for A Series of Unfortunate Events??
is it kosher to go to an authors book signing with a book that was previously bought?
Has anybody read this fic?
Anita Blake, whats up with her now?
what is the best website to sell used books online?
Please help; writing advice?
I am doing a essay on the Chronicles of narnia , why did Cslewis use the word Chronicles for the title ?
What's the oddest book you have ever read?
W.H. Auden?
Villain needs a plan?
To which publishers should I send an autobiography to for publishing?
OK, so I vowed to ask more Harry Potter questions... here they are :)?
what poem is writen in front of UN?
know any good short horror/thriller stories?
Which book should I buy to study for the ASVAB test?
Good male antagonist name?! I will pick a best answer.?
Does anyone....???
what the best book u have ever read?
In search of serious zombie books?
Theory of Herbert Spencer about life ?
Need help finding my Mental Magic book?
Could you send for me some infomations about Sergei Khrustalev - a actor russia?
How do you forget a book some one spoiled O.o?
Can anyone tell me what books are suitable/required for 12-13 year olds?
Please can I get your opinions on this story?
How do you start writing when you have no idea what to write about?
I'm a fan of Sarah Dessen and John Green's books, what other books would I like?
what is the meaning of allusion in poetry?
in harry potter(book 3) prisoner of azkaban..?
I just read Fahrenheit 451 and now I'm starting to think like Beatty?
the books that get written by writher: dale caronegie in human relation?
where can i get books written by seasoned african writers?
Question About My Story?
When you read Harry Potter, do you picture the actors as the characters?
Harry Potter...?
Book title? Or a link for plot searching?
I need help with a speech =.=?
does a marketing job stifle creativity?
Which is the best book you have ever read?
there's a website with clever one-sentence summaries of classic literature. do you know what?
the differences between the movie and the book ? ellen foster?
Help with bibliography?
What comes to mind when I say Wind in the Willows?
Plot twist for this short story plot? Please?
Read my rough draft of this short story please?
A question to all the writers. What is your favorite writing software?
any good books?
How does the writer use his setting to help the reader anticipate events that happen in A Separate Peace?
would this story im working on be considered "good"?
How can I find the Apocrypha and a book of Christian Legends that aren't included in the Bible?
clockwork angel? has anyone read it before?
What are the similarities and differences in Helena and Hermia in A Midsummer Knight's Dream?
Team Edward Or Team Jacob?
B&A: How is your handwriting (+BQs)?
-Please Help- What is the climax for the book The Breadwinner by Ellis?
How is Katniss Everdeen Stubborn?
Who is the best character in Harry Potter?
In Fablehaven book 5, does Seth die?
(10 points) Would someone please care to read my SHORT STORY and critique it?
Are these books anything like Twilight or are they any good?
How to get my book published?
The Crucible's text act one?
No-No Boy by John Okada help?
I have to write a story for my homework assignment about vampires, can you please give me inspiration?
Can you tell me what the "el grito" (first journal of chicano literature) is about?
Twilight Survey?
Please help me find the Title and Author of this book?
Animal Farm - write a short story about what happened to Snowball after he escaped from the farm?
someone help me: i am currently a student writer and i am lost?
Is this a good way to start a book?
Is Holden Caulfield from the catcher in the rye homosexual?
NaNoWriMo Tips ?????
Is writing a book a good idea? or a bad idea?
Catchphrase for a superhero?
After a documentary essai, how do we write a conclusion?
I know of blog services, but its taking too long. Anyone willing to help with this?
Dracula books that follow the book?
How do I find a publisher in Canada to publish a series of books that I have written and illustrated?
Would this idea make a good book?
What Exactly Is 'The Book Of Enoch' ?
what was the sacred place waht was it significance to jess and leslie? question to Bridge Of Terabithia?
Frankenstein the book!?
Any avid readers???
Is writing books dead?
i need a good book to read.. help no twilight?
What is your favourite verse of poetry?
Question about M.Scott Peck, the author of The Road Less Travelled?
I am looking for famous boulder colorado residents and former residents in literature. Can you help?
Analogies between the writer, Adeline Yen Mah and the fairytale character Cinderella?
Any good foot falling asleep stories?
Do you know of any American teen fiction about transgenderism?
What complete works of Shakespeare should I buy?
Your favourite character ever?
Favourite book from when i was little?
i need 5 journal entries on the book
READ!!!Am i a good writer?
What story am I describing?
What 7 items could you use to symbolize 7 things in the book Pride and Prejudice?
Who is Flannery O'Connor?
I need some help with a D&D Campaign?
girls: do you have a favorite book {i've already read the twilight series}?
In the book Great Expectations, who makes signifigant sacrifices, and what were they?
Did Shakespeare believe the Earth was flat?
How can I improve the plot of my story?
Who is the most perfect writer in your opinion?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thoughts, Please Help?:)!?
what is the 7 harry potter book going to be called.?
August Corteau: your opinion?
i need to download a book "Bhagavath Gita" can anyone give me a link?
Who has Published with Westbow?
Harry Potter: True or False Survey?
Is it fair to say that Celine Varens was in Rochester's social class?
should i right a book? please answer?
What's your favorite book? One that you've read over and over again.?
Idea on what my story should be about?
Does anyone like Judy Blume?
I fear, to early; for mind misgives?
What is the name of the main character in An Amercian Requiem by James Carroll?
Dan Browns books..??
If you were going to name a book you were writing about the prison experience - what would you call it?
Just curious, is I am number four a good book?
Problems with Harry Potter Books?
Whats the Da-Vinci code?
BOOKS SIMILAR TO----------------->?
need a good book -can anyone recommend?
What is the thinnest book in the world?
Why do most guys hate twilight?
What are some good books for teens?
Breif summary of S.E Hinton's that was then this is now?
What is a name you don't hate, but would at least mildly dislike to be your name?
Do you know any faerie names?
can you recommend a good suspense book?
Would pre-ordering Breaking Dawn be better than just getting the book at the Chapters party?
what do you do when u find a word u dont know in a book?
What cool/magical/amusing scenes can I put in my novel if it takes place in a magical world?
Can you please help me with a summary on the book "Red Dog"??
DaVinci Code Quest: Help on day 10! What does silas touch??!?
Is anyone else getting REALLY tired of kids using !answers because they're too lazy to do their homework?
George Harrison :] (LL)?
To kill a Mockingbird?
Books like Bras and Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski?
How can i read my email on my kindle?
I can't remember the name of a book!! It's driving me mad!?
Help with my charactor? 10 points?
What are the best writing pieces of Poe?
Does anyone know what, exactly, Lytton Strachey died of?
good books for teens?
Where did Odysseus' men come from?
Pathetic Fallacy in the Setting of the book "Alive" (Plane Crash in the Andes)?
If you could choose any book character to be real, which one would you pick?
HELP ASSAP JANE EYRE. I will be very grateful, please :(?
What is Jane Austen saying about "love" in Pride and Prejudice?
Crusade or not to Crusade ..that is the question?
I Need help finding Harry Potter fan fiction!?
Lord of the rings race of people, what are they called?
What are gohst? Do they really exists.?
Any humorous stuff that you would like to read about?
I need some blackmail ideas?
in sense and sensibility who own allenham court?
Babysitters Club books?
What is your response to Abbey's, Desert Solitaire, environmentalism via his criticism of industrialization?
Help with Different Types of Characters For Story?
where can i buy Detour for Emmy in Hardcover in a store?
Which plot is more original and interesting? Pls answer! 10 points!?
Is there any books like this?
Can you read my book?
Can anyone recomend me some good books?
any Bently Little fans?
Good books?
Any Vampire Books except Twilight & Vampire Academy?
Where can I download Titanic books, besides
I need to view online the best examples of photography book layouts. Can you guys mention few URL's?
Has anyone owned one of the "wreck this journal" books?
A writer needs your help! Naming characters.?
Is Marley and Me a sad movie?
Lord of the flies thematic analysis?
What is the humor in the novel The Lovely Bones?
a lover of animals?
What grade level is cut by patricia mccormick ??
please help?
What are the names and correct spellings for the three muskateers in Dumas' novel?
What is a good fantasy/ adventure book in which a boy is caught romantically between two girls?
Internal and External conflict of the story "the pedestrian"?
Gothic short story project!?
I'm writing a novel for nanowrimo, but I feel it's too bland?
Of all of the characters in Animal Farm, are there any who seem to represent the point of view of the author?
Why do book publishers make a book the middle of the series scarce?
What novel changed the way you viewed the world?
How do they make sure all books are there? Nothing stolen?
What book would you recommend?
Do you dream about Edward Cullen?
free ebooks in pdf form plz and thanks?
Girls fan of Twilight series answer please!!!!!?
Can someone please give me websites where I can read Meg Cabots books online?
Can you help me with this small writing problem of mine?
the pearl by john steinbeck?
From the Crucible: who said this quote?
Which books should be read before you die?
Similarities between Jane Eyre and The Odyssey?
Question about Divergent book series?
how to make a childs dress up box?
what are some ordinary, yet futuristic girls' names for one of the main characters in my story.?
In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, what are the page numbers for Francisco's "Money Speech"...please help, any ed.
do you like lord of the rings? why?
Did new moon make you cry, if so what part?
In what order should I read Tom Clancy's Op Center books?
What is your favorite book(s)?
What do you think of Twilight?
What was the last book someone gave you as a present?
was the novel "flowers for algernon japanese?
Query Letter for my Novel?
What is the book or movie where a girl spells the number five in her name?
silly names for two characters!?
need help...term paper due tomorrow due on contrasting heros based on three books, huck finn, st. joan,plague
I want to write a book about a blind man who works as a counselor, can someone give me an idea for a title?
Good books about suicide, anorexia, self injury, or drug/alcohol abuse?
Im about to write a book and i wanna know if this idea sounds stupid?
Where can i find a list of all the manga characters?
favourite book couple ever?
How do journalists find their sources?
Whats your favorite Harry Potter book?
How to write this character?
how do you get a book of poetry published at free of cost?
Character development help?
How to become a poet?
name this book please?
What books would you recommend to a teenager ?
Tell three ways in which Poe makes the setting of the poem seem distant, as if in a fairy tale?
Can a kid buy A Game of Thrones?
Do you love Twilight? ?
Need help on poem written by Robt Burns *To A Mouse*, ends w/ the best laid plans of mice & men gang aft aglae
Who owns the rights for the Empire and Lucky Starr novels by Isaac Asimov, and why aren't they kept in print?
What do you think of my book so far?
Would this plot make a good story?
What is considered the best English edition of Dante's "Divine Comedy"?
sokora refugees?
gossip girl book series?
Know any good books I could read?
Does anyone where I could find a translation online for Romeo and Juliet??
why are books not black with white writing?
Can I get your opinions on my characters names?
J. R. R. Tolkien's character "Cirdan", featured in the lord of the rings and other books; exactly who was he?
Whats your favorite book?
How old are the characters supposed to be in the pretty little liars books?
I am searching for the name of a book?
What book should I do my report on?
What are some good YA paranormal romances?
In the book Wicked: Ressurection, do Holly and Jer end up together?
Where should my story be set?
characters of Ithaka by Adele Geras?
Who would win in a fight - Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?
Does anyone know a book about the future where they create a religion that combines Christianity & Islam?
to be or not tobe?
What is a good teen book for girls?
What Happens in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows?
How often does everyone read books and what are you currently reading?
What should I name this character?
I'm looking for a children's book that is a collection of animal stories.?
s it true that alot of teenage girl love reading book base sex thing other book?
im writing a story about a songwriter who goes traveling to rediscover his love for should i end it?
Percy Jackson question please help confused?
Question help for "The Stranger" by Albert Camus!?
Who is your favorite twilight hottie?
The Great Gatsby Help?
how do i describe magic in a novel?
Book awards for the hunger games?
Book about a dyslexic preacher?
Is Da Vinci code for REAL?
I am so sick of hearing about Twilight. Anyone else?
What kind of books do you love to read?
Help me find a book that really is of my taste!?
How Can I Grab The "Reader" (My Teacher) Attention in My Essay?
biografey woman writter L.M.Momtcomery?
Im writing a 5 paragraph essay about the book new moon from the twilight series. BUT i DiDNT READ iT! HELP!?
what do you think of this begining to a story?
Will anyone be willing to create a book cover for me for free?
How many words (generally speaking) should a children's book for a 6-8 year old have?!?
Book suggestions?
Question about this book called Hungry(or Hunger)?
What historical fiction books would your reccomend?
What's a cute name for a frog?
Who is Bartleby the Scrivener?
do you or do you not need to buy a publishing package before you can publish your book?
What Type Of Story Should I Write..?
Fieldy's book... got the life?
Does anyone know of any African American book editors?
Essay question on Oedipus Rex, Like Water for Chocolate, Macbeth?
I need help with naming a male character?
Do publishers have to publish the names of their copy editors for a manuscript?
what is the difference between a roman catholic and a methodist?
What's up with Twilight?!?
Is Memoirs of a teenage Amnesiac a sequel to Elsewhere?
Ted Kooser's poem "applesauce"?
What are some of these examples in Huckleberry Finn? PLZ HELP!?
Why does anyone read Twilight?
How can I change this part of my Story?
What do I title my nanowrimo story?!?
What should I call my Hunger Games story?
question about writing?
books on the founders of Santa Cruz California?
What's the name of this book?
Which is the best book on Facilities Management and from where i can buy it?
would you read this novel?
Example of verbal irony in contents of a dead man's pocket?
what is the author's tone in the book That was Then, This is now?
Twilight/Harry Potter?
Need an opinion for a story I'm working on.?
How do you get through a hard/boring book?
what is the name of the book in oprah's club that has gotten bad press recently?
What are similarities of Winston and Julia?
How can I allow my vampires to walk in daylight?
where's this quote from?
Recomend any good books?
How does Bridget Jones (book) involve food?
Can anyone recommend me a fantasy-type book?
What book is this from?
what would you do in this scenario?
Creating a thesis statement for the tell tale heart by edgar allen poe?
What children's book has a animated bug on the cover and in the book a bug drives a car?
A book about unicorns.?
What's the fable about a boy, an old man, and a donkey?
Please help! Books and Movies... Plot!? Suspense/Irony/Surprise!?
Harry Potter vs. Twilight? J.K. Rowling vs. Stephenie Meyer?
How good were the last two "His Dark Materials" books?
The end of Stephen King's Dark Tower - Genius or Let Down?
A short story where a couple take on roles on vacation in a car?
What are some of the Biases of the Present-Day Characters in a Daughter of Time?
I need to know the name of this short story...?
What is happening in the novel 1984 story 3 chapters 5-6?
Would you read this(Explicit)?
I'm looking for a fun audio book (book on tape) to take with me on vacation? Any suggestions?
what are some discussion questions for the book raising elijah?
HP Fans (RA/DA): The Ultimate Choice?
I can't remember the name of this one book...?
What Great Book Have You Recently Read?
Nate Archibald's personality? What makes him so attractive besides looks?
To Kill A Mockingbird- What would be a good symbol to represent each character?
What book is this?
Chapters Indigo Plum card?
What was your favourite book as a child and why?
what is Meursault look like in the stranger ( L’Étranger )?
Summary for King Arthur!!?
What book are you reading at the moment? ?
Why do people hate Twilight so much?
B&A: My dearest fellow writers..take that....?
Has anyone read all the magic tree house books ?
What is this book called?
A good book to read?
ok so whta shod i do?
Whats the saddest book you have read? Please not teen books..?
Question about point of views in my story?
tell me some good books, 'how to talk to girls', suggest link?
What is your favorite classic book?
What is the title of this fiction about Jane Austen?
What are some of the obstacles they face in the Wizard of Oz?
Rowling's/Dumbledore's Army: Do you think it's odd that...?
How do you feel about Prologues?
what are four details of Waverly Jong from the book called The Joy Luck Club?
differences between dracula and twilight?
How do you write a query? How do you make a PERFECT one?
What is the difference between fantastical literature, magical realism, and fantasy?
I dont have good english, can someone edit my fiction work?
Favorite poem?
Anybody has an idea for the main idea of the article " Notes from the Hip-Hop Underground?
Confirmation code? for my face book id?
Pan poem by Elizabeth Browning?
How long do you think this group would last together?
I was just wondering when carrying a knife does it go by the lenth of the "Blade"?
Would you mind reading my *EDITED* teen fiction/romance story?
who written in THE RING?
where was born Moby?
What are some good teen novels?
What do you think of someone who loves harry potter?
Which book should I read first?
I am a huge fan of the Witcher books/games, any other suggestions?
Which sounds like a hotter name for a guy? easy answer!!!?
How can I start my story?
do you think the da vinci code is contraversial?
How do you portray a man-hating character without any straw feminist cliches?
Tell me what you think...?
A question about book title. bq?
what are some unpleasant facts about being a writer?
Can someone recomend a good book?
favorite book and why?
does borders, target or barnes and noble carry the knitting book Stich 'n *****?
Please tell me what you think of my writing?
Is the book "Pure" child appropriate?
What is this children's book?
Where can I get foreign versions of the book "Twilight"?
What is this book's name?
what means Turk?
Goodgirl names for my book?
how to learn to play Bella's lullaby?
help with a 3 wishes story?
Is this a good story?
HELP! I need a guy character! (name)?
What are some good books to read(veterinary work&philosophy)?
I am looking for someone to tell me if my journal can be turned into a book. Its call Addiction/Unspoken?
where can i read perfect chemistry by simone elkeles online?
why is it that most ppl dont like kristen stewart playing bella in twilight? ?
I am working on a Children's book and just completed the manuscript.?
List of authors with writing tips on their website?
Book Fanatics?
What is your favorite Novel ?
Any plot ideas for a story?
I am a first time writer trying to get published. Any suggestions?
Hi guys, can anyone tell me of a realy good scary book.?
Do you think Dumbledore's backstory in DH strengthened or weakened his character?
Stephenie Meyer Book?
HP fans!!!- Did you like the HBP(6th hp movie) movie or not.?
Different Ways Of Presenting Creative Stories?
How to develop a toxic romance in a novel?
Why Homer(in the odyssey)would or would not want to invert Odysseus and Telemachos journeys?
Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident Setting?
A Poem I wrote, Opinions appreciated?
Do you like lizzie mugguire?
does anyone know the titles or authors of three books i read in primary school?
twilight fans this is for you?
who is Franseca Lio Brock? cnt spell sorry..?
what was your favourite book when you were 15?
third sentence on page 29 from the book cloest to you?
Whats an example that demonstrates Shakespear's writing style?
the explanation for the Iowa childrens choice award wo in the book the face on the milk carton?
What are all the couples in the Merchant of Venice?
10 points what do u think of this story so far? Must read part 2', too, plz read additional details?
Good book that is a canadian prize winner?
What are your favorite quotes in the Twilight series?
how do get your offline messages?
If Harry and Ginny had more kids what would they name them?
which name is catchier?
If you had to murder someone with a book, which book would you choose?
How does the crossing of ingo end?
Where can I publish a 40-pages story?
where is this line from?
I can't remember name of book. Help?
What book (or better yet- books) might catch the interest of a 14 year old boy?
Any good vampire books to read, that could be comedy or anything.?
when did jesus rise up from the grave? sunday or monday?
In the Madeline books, was Miss Clavel a nun?
can you give me a simile from a book?
What last names should I give my characters?
I'm looking for a Zack/Cloud fanfiction?
do ne1 knew the answer for dan browns crypto code at the end of his novel "digital fortress"?
Can you give me random words? Just any, like 'clock'? I need ideas for a book.?
What animal would you say these characters in my novel most represent?
what surpirises the joad family on their journey?
Dumbledore's Army (TRUE Harry Potter Fans) : HP Poll!?
Public Domain Question?
Whats your favorite Harry Potter book?
How do you annotate a op-ed article?
Similar novel to "The Bean Trees"?
"I passed out nicotine gum", could anyone explain this sentence to me?
Someday, would YOU like to be noted in someone else's success?
has anyone read the legend by kathleen givens?
Ayn Rand and her books. Have u ever read any of her novels?
Has anyone read Machiavelli's The Prince?
How much is my book worth?
Can anyone help me identify the title of a book I read? It is about a boy in the future...?
Writing a novel. Concept any good?
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe monologue?
Got any ideas for prose?
What book should I read for outside reading?
Children's circus parade picture book???
Where did ‘Ickle-me, Pickle-me, Tickle-me too’ go?
Do you hate the twilight saga .. or the movie?
What Book is Talmud?
What's your favourite book?
what would be the best book title for my book.?
Teens story, please help?
What should my story be about?
what was the best book you have read recently...and who's your fav author?
What's your favorite fantasy world....?
Harry Potter Fans/RA/DA: Who's that character?
how do I get Advance Reader/Review Copies?
I can't decide which book to read. Help?
... Blair Clarke or Blaire Clarke?
Did anyone read "a chill in soul" or in another name"ruh üşümesi"?
Is there a difference betwqeen the original Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep book and the bladerunner..?
a poem about child's fear rate it ?
What is the brothers secrete in the book "contents under pressure" by laura?
Help me please anyone who read black beauty!?
Edward or Jacob ; Who do you like better ? and Why ?
What are the objectives of: an author,a critic, a translator,a reviewer and their materials and technics?
What Is A Good Scary Story Theme/Lesson Learned For A Scary Book?
does my idea sound any good to make it into a book?
im writing a book and i need to give a character a weapon but i dont know what to give him.?
Should I change my last name?