Good books?
were can i download yalla habibi by karl wolf good version !! please?
What's your favourite book from your childhood?
Need Gothic First Name For A Boy?
Tenant of wildfell hall?
How do you get rid of books I don't want?
cant find this book?
What Do You Think Of This?
I want to write a book on Vampires!?
Conducting survey: Twilight vs Harry Potter?
Is it alright for an adult to read children' books?
10 Allusions ( movies , books tv shows or songs )?
What do you think of my story(it's a chapter in the book I'm writing)?
Do you think that they will make a movie out of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons?
Of mice and men book question?
How is this excerpt from my story?
Book about Thor and Loki?
Story events?
Cliff notes for ....!?
How many words in Pride and Prejudice?
"JK rowling and Dumbledore being gay" What's your take on it?
What are some good books for a 15 year old?
Do you think this is too much?
how are the nocturne and breaking dawn the same?
Do you think that Fleur should have Married Bill Weasly (or Charlie, I cant remember)?
“Which book are you reading right now or finished recently?
I have a question. HELP PLEEZE?
What is your favorite book?
Any Book Recommendations?
does anyone know the summary to this book?
What are some books like...?
What are some characteristics of ralph in the lord of the flies?
was virginia wolf a writer and if she was can anybody tell me the names of her books.?
What is dulce et decorum est about and what is the writers view of the war? a?
what awards has mythology by. edith hamilton won?
What are the characters plot and themes in Emma and how do they appear in Clueless?
What books have made you cry?
Help developing a character?
For romance books, a website that rates using flames, how hot the scenes...?
Please help with book characters?
Where should my story go from here?
What are some books by A.A. Milne before October 1926?
How is Reverend Parris from The Crucible a dynamic character?
I need some opinions from people who read love stories please?
What is Edward Cullen's most redeeming quality?
~~~~Easy ten points~~~~~ :)?
How to know if writing is your talent?
What kind of book are you reading right now and would you recommend it to others as you would a good film etc?
Has any one read the book green eggs and ham?
Whats a Fictional Story that has to do with the 1920's and The Great Gatsby?
What should I do with my copy of Breaking Dawn?
Would you rather go to school at Hogwarts or Forks High?
Is Eragon actually the son of a union between Brom and Selena?
Pick who do u think is the sexiest male vampire?
Can someone suggests some authors for me to read?
What are you reading right now?
Did Ernest hemingway write any books on the meaning of life?
Is this a good 200 word opening to a story?
How should angel's speak in my novel?
Can you give me your opinion on this short story (under 500 words)?
Is there realy a Willy Wanka Factory?
Whats a good book to read?
Before beginning his journey into Hell, Dante meets three wild animals. These are?
1984 by George Orwell .... Help Please/Thank You :)?
what are the disadvantages and advantages of having a television?
What would you do with this story brief?
What Harry Potter character would you like to snog?
Lord of the Flies opinion needed!!?
The theme of Education in Three Cups of Tea?
Next book in a Song of Ice and Fire?
what is a reasonable publishing contract agreement, from the viewpoint of an author?
What scares you the most about the supernatural world?
What are some good books about underdogs?
how graphic is all the sex in jackie collins books?
i would like to find the book, "the perks of being a wallflower" in portuguese, where can i find it?
Searching for the elusive Critique-Short Story?
How can I find out if an early typewritten document that I have (circa 1880s, probably) is valuable?
Have you read?
What do you think of Luna and Neville as a couple?
Where can I buy books written in Japanese - specifically 'Hawaii' by James Michener?
Can you inform me of Tredowata?
What is the theme/ purpose of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson?
Scientists publish the details of important experiments so that... (4 choices)?
Where can i find a riddle with the answer being an elf?
can you help me finish my scary story?
I want to know what your *TOP-10* recent sci-fi novels you would recommend reading.?
What is a book like the pact?
when is harry potter's next book going to release?
What you think about The Secret Circle book?
Why did Scout have to go with Jem to read to Mrs. Dubose? (To Kill a Mockingbird)?
Which themes do A Seperate Peace (John Knowles) and Macbeth (Shakespeare) share?
Can someone help me pick a fairytale?
How do I go about getting a book published?
Where could I sell my College Textbooks for about the same price as I paid for them?
Give a short romantic emotional love story..?
Moment Mal Audio and Teacher's Book Lehrwerk?
does katniss have kids?
Can someone translate this question into Romaji:"Just reading my favorite manga book"?
Should I write my story in first person or third person?
How is suspense created in Michael Crichton's Sphere?
Most annoying thing that writers do?
Is Twilight and the series worth reading?
A survey for avid fans of Harry Potter!?
How many books did you read in the last year? And do you think you read enough?
Can anyone tell me about publishing a book of poetry?
Why can't I get my Murder She Wrote fanfic published?
What book are you reading at the moment?
i need to know what the book 'the great gatsby' is about, but i don't want summaries of the chapters.
Wings by Aprilynne Pike!!!!?
What is roughcut edition of a book? Does it have a hardcover?
Words to create a positive/negative atmosphere?
who wrote the elder protocals of zion?
Which book has the people where they play their music so loud that they had to play it on another planet ...?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
what is the book Jodee Blanco " stop laughing at me about"?
Is this an ok idea for an english literature essay?
What is the best book/author ever?
Does anybody know about the disaster in Marcinelle, Belgium, in 1956, and a greek poem related to it?
Writers: Some random questions?
Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?
Hey! The Seventh Harry Potter Book is named "Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat."?
What are the major literary works of Ms. Felisa H. Batacan?
Have you ever read "They Cage the animals at night"?
If you had 10 bucks in a bookshelf had real for 6 of them how many ways can you arrange the books on the books?
How does John Mcphee make historical backgrounds interesting and illuminating?
need some verses on Palai,desert in tamil?
Twilight eclipse and breaking dawn?
what book would you like to see made into movies?
Can anyone help explain to me the characters in William Demby's novel "Beetlecreek"?
what's this book called?
What do you guys think of the concept for my love story?
What are you reading now?
Someone recommend some books please?
What do you think of this post-apocalyptic speech?
favourite book?
Does anybody have a name for a berry?
B&A: How would your character react in these situations?
Is Liir Elphaba's son in the book Wicked?
a hater of marriage?
what the best quote and desciption the hunger game?
If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be?
What are three quotes that show suspense in Poe's "The Cask of the Amontillado"?
Who wrote Lego Ninjago?
What is the satire in Handmaid's Tale?
Who is your favourite Winnie-the-Pooh character and why?
What would happen if bella select jacob insted of edward? plzz give me some tips for a short story?
how reading impact our life?
what do you think about this piece of writing? good? horrible?..?
What are some good books?
In Harry Potter, do they have wizard dentists and optometrists and such?
Does anyone know about poems associated with To kill a Mockingbird?
What houses had stairs in Sylvia Plath's childhood?
In Catcher in the rye, is Holden Caufields middle name mentioned by chance?
Where can i find free books?
i REALLY LOOOOOVE Ingo, tide knot,the deep, the crossing of Ingo, Storm swept and i really want to talk to her?
twilight:which team r u?
Who is Ruskin Bond's literary agent?
What are some stories told by a dead person?
In the book The Schwa was Here what virtue would you use to describe Crawly?
Book like stranger in a strange land?
I love reading and I'm looking for some really good books out there?
What is the name of the artwork that has an angel and demon sitting on a canoe, and a woman crying on a rock?
what are really good fantasy books?
book suggestion please!!!?
WHO liked the series by lemony snicket, a series of unfortunate events?
Brief letter to ayn rand about the book anthem?
What book "changed your life"?
would this be a good made up story?
When does the 5th Twilight book, Midnight Sun, come out?
Out of these names, which ones go well with this last name? easy 10 points!!!?
If you ever met Severus Snape...?
Would you read this book?
Does anyone else get annoyed by the poor spelling, grammar and syntax of some of the questions on this site?
Constructive criticism for my beginning, please?
what are some great books for teenagers to read???
Telepathical/fairy powers?
I need a beta reader?
How does Jem dress in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird?
Harry Potter fans: May I ask you hypothetical question based on the series?
good books to read for young teenage girls?
Which Publising company in the world will accept my Eulogy on America for publicatrion?
Is three major characters enough in your opinion?
Harry Potter question doin a survey?
Name for a character: Brie or Bree?
Dickens or Shakespeare?
Hi, I wondered if anyone could give me opinions on this short piece of writing?
Mean Girls Character Analysis?
World War II Books!? Recomendations?
I need a book to base a movie off of?
What magazines do you like to read?
Last book you read?
Where can I find a complete text on Civilization and Its Discontents?
Who wants to join a writer's critiquing group?
Fav. William Shakespeare play?
In Anna's story why did Anna die from taking an ecstasy tablet and her friends remained unaffected?
Read my plot for my story I really need help 10 points comment?
What's the worst book you've ever read?
How AMAZING is twilight?
What's your favorite Children's Book and why?
what book have you read again and again and why?
Do you know of any book characters with bright red hair?
Is it a good idea to always dress your twins exactly alike?
What book has had the greatest impact on your life?
Seven Original Story Ideas?
What if Marcel Proust wrote 'choose your own adventure' stories?
Speed readers, how do they do it ? It took a lady 45 mins to read the new Harry potter book today !!!?
I have to ask, Who likes Edgar Winter or his brother Johnny. If you like either one or...?
who is the publisher of "The Turnabout Trick" by Scott Corbett?
Is there a 4th book by aprylinne pike yet?
can Someone list some good teen books ? Please don't put twilight series or harry potter series!?
What book would you reccommend for a 16 year old?
What's that new spiritual book that's out?
HELP!!!! Where can i find a summary of my book BABY by Patricia MacLachlan?
do you like to read if not say no and y if yes say y and your top 3 fav books!!?
Do you think Edward Cullen/ Robert Patison is hot?
Recommended books from the Victorian era?
Idea for a character in a love story I'm writing. Need your opinions?
How are Holden from Catcher in the Rye and Hans Huberman from the Book Thief similar?
What book is on your bedside table?
Can someone give me or tell me where I can find a short summary of the book "Sinews of Power"?
When did carol ann duffy start writing? ASAP?
How do Russians feel about Anton Chekhov?
We do not read novel for improvement and instruction?
Where in the Hollywood district is there an affordable area to live?
Have you read any of Benjamin Franklin's writings?
Is anyone familiar with "From Hell" by Alan Moore and can you tell me your thoughts on this?
innocent and virginal women in spenser's the Faerie Queene?
the wheel of time?
friends which the fastest or easer way to get increased my face book pages like please tel me if any buddy knw?
What are some good Classic/Modern Classics to read?
A good website where I can find chapter(s) titles in a book?
Imagine you have entered the magical land of Stephanie Meyer. What would be your first act?
Does reading a lot hurt your eyes?
what is the name of the opening group on tour with stephen marley right now?
Good free teen novels in iTunes?
Calling all Sidney Sheldon fans..."If Tomorrow Comes" [The Remake] - who acts?
Team Edward or Jacob?
What is your favorite Romantic book or story?
What are some songs that relate to The Crucible and How does it relate?
what is the book Sliding Into Home about?
name best books ever written?
childrens book- whats the name?
The Outsiders You Like The Book Read More?
I'm righting a story and i need to know whether to kill Rollow or not to kill him..........?
Can anyone tell me about this Gone with the Wind special edition?
anyone good with names & appearances?
What is a good book for a young girl about age 10-15?
Is it creepy that cats are always the sometyms the source of evil?
What are some external conflictS and internal conflictS in The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks... not the movie...
What are some good epic fatnasy books without romance?
A Midsummer Night's Dream Question?
Lord of the flies Quotes that show Roger is Cruel?
I need help finding a book from my childhood?
How do I plan a African Wedding?
Harry Potter couples...???????? The book and the movie?
Have you ever read Mr. Norrell and Jonathan Strange?
What are your 5 most favorite movies of all time?
wordly wise answers?
Which Twilight book is YOUR favorite?
how do i begin writing a book?
Character traits for Ralph from Lord of the Flies?
what is library?
Title for this story? Ten points to best answer!?
is the movie Schindler's List the same as the book??
Where can I read The spice and wolf light novels in English?
Does anyone know of a really good page turner?
I have a question about the book crescendo, the sequel after Hush, Hush?
Has anyone read "The Blind Assasin" by Margaret Atwood? When did you figure out the twist?
international literature competition?
In the book, "Black Like Me" what was taken to darken the skin?
The hero's journey (momomyth model) for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?
Does the story murder of the rue morgue by Edgar Allen Poe have literary merit?
who is lemony Snicket?
Does anyone know where I can find the short story "BURNT TOAST" by MACK REYNOLDS in ONLINE TEXT? Thanks
Any good books about tornadoes?
i need inf about reiki centers in north jersey?
What is the worst book you've ever had to read?
What is a character trait for Ashley in the book "Prom"?
I need a local appraiser to check old books?
The Stranger Albert Camus help?
How do you feel about this paragraph I wrote?
Any ideas for a cover for the book "Just Ella?"?
Looking for a poem called: The Hermit of Sharktooth Schoul written a long time ago.?
Will anyone start to like Allen from D Gray Man?
Hardcover by Charles Dickens titled "The Life of Our Lord" 1934 by Simon & Schuster.?
What does it mean if a publishing company is non-profit?
Who do you think is going to die in harry potter book 7?
what is the theme to the novel tell me your dreams by sidney sheldon?
What is a Literature Character?
el-koran. where can i find his books?
Why was minimalist cubisium formed?
In Candide, what does Voltaire mean when Candide says "We must cultivate our garden"? ?
Did anyone else notice this maximum ride referance in mockingjay?
Name a book that you have read that you could not put down?
Whats the reason that people like Harry potter books?
Some good nicknames please?
Do you use a bookmark?
Story title of where there is no sleep URGENT!!!!!?
Does anyone want to trade stories with me so we can critique each other's?
Can anyone recommend a good book?
can anyone recomend some good books to read.?
Favorite Harry Potter Character?
Where do I find information about society grounded in a contract in the works of Rousseau and Nietzsche?
Percy Jackson: The Big 3's Oath?
Any good truth or dare questions?
What is the 11th word on page 69 of the book closest to you now?
Would you keep reading?
English work story opening?
Has there ever been a time that a film has been better than the book?
Do you think that people are less intelligent now then in the past, due to less reading?
If your life was a book, what would you name it? [[title]]?
What epic US battle did Micheal Shaara depict in "The Killer Angels"?
Suggestions for short story .s?
Where to CHEAPLY find a rare book?
Who exactly was in the plan to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love in Much Ado about Nothing?
Have you guys ever heard of a Russian story in which a professor eats freckles and turns into a baby at night?
In need of references?
What happens in ch.20 of scarlet letter?
lord of the flies assesment?
How should I end my story?
Young Adult book that's not new, but i need help remembering the name!?
thoughts on my second chapter?
Need help with finding a book I read a long time ago whose name I can't remember. Please....?
Do you recommend reading the Davinci Code?
Where you shop for books <on-line>?
Books you could read over and over again?
Can anyone help me with a story plot?
What exactly is the intended age range for X-Men readers?
what are some good holocaust books or movies?
I have 3 months to read any books that I wish, and I'd like to read mind expanding ones. any suggestions?
Movies and novels based on or including asylums?
Help!!! Antony and Cleopatra 10 points...?
Will there be a problem publishing my novel if I published an exerpt as a short story with the same title?
When writing, how can I show instead of tell?
Where can I find a copy of Paulo Coelho's "The Valkyrias" in Spanish?
YA fantasy/adventure books like...?
recommend some percy/annabeth sex fanfics on
What is a good plot for a mystery story?
what was the best book u have ever read?
what happens to michael & rachel, left behind in waknuk but with the intention of finding the world of sealand?
To Kill a Mockingbird 5 Elements of Voice?
Is this a good story idea?
Harry Potter fans - what House are you in?
Am the only one who thinks Twilight is racist?
What are some songs for the Hunger Games Part 1?
What is a "familiar" and when does it appear in Act III of The Crucible?
Do you have a lot of books at your home?
Books Similar To The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, 13 Reasons Why etc.?
Of Mice and Men - Why does George insult Lennie?
what is the reason of existence of human ...born,live,death simple that ?
What should title be of music essay?
According to u who would die in the last Harry Potter book?nd why?
Do you like Harry Potter?And why?
What did you like and dislike about the book The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien?
What do people think happened at the end of Urth of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe?
How much action should you have in the first few chapters.?
what are the guidelines to mentoring,How can one be a peoples person, How can you influence ppl esp. teenagers
did you read the last harry potter book?
when was samuel adams mentioned in the book My Brother Sam Is Dead?
I am the writer of harry potter?
Any good suggestions for books that make you think?
Does anyone know any good books for 12 -13 year old girls?
Could anyone give me references to fiction, films and academic texts that portray women as evil?
What book have you read that has changed your perspective on life?
How has Benedick changed his attitude to Love and relationships before and after the tricking scene?
What are the top 3 science fiction books ever written?
what is mr gum book 4 isbn?
Reading a book electronically vs paper book.?
What is the test of the bow in the book , Odyssey?
Where can i find pictures from the profiles of 'Top 8'?
I need a Book Recommendation?
in twilight, is Edward going to marry bella?
Is it strange I listen to music while reading old literature? And actually comprehend it better?!?
How do I write a book?
The Da Vinci Code?
Does anyone else find Bella in the Twilight books really whiny?
Where can I download Raz B book?
How is the Backlands divided?
Need a really ugly name for a girl?
would a superhero novel be best in 1st or 3rd person?
Is this book only on Kindle?
why do we see what we want to see in literature?
What is Shakespeare's Hamlet about?
questions about writing and publishing a book?
Twilight book question?
Where i need computer related book?
extremely loud and incredibly close Help!!!?
Do you know any good books?
A Streetcar Named Desire?
Any Young adult/Romance/Fantasy books?
Has anyone read the new J.D. Robb book that came out on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2006?
your opinion of the twilight series?
Are these books in a series?
How much is Peter Mayle's "Chilly Billy" paperback book worth?
How are illustrators for novels paid?
What was Evelyn Waugh's best work? Besides the following:?
I need a name for a ficitonal city.?
Anyone read any books from the 1800's, stories about women and their families? (fiction)?
Trying to find a book?
Good books for a teenager?
Is anyone else sick of technophobia? You get dirty looks if you use web on kindle fire in a waiting room now?
I've been wanting to write for 6 years now, but everytime I start I feel that it sucks!!! Any suggestions?
i need your opinion. do you like the novel Twilight? Yes or No. thank you!!!?
Does anyone know any really short horror stories?
Of the ladies of Maycomb (From the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee) list one that is a stereotype?
What is the most thought-provoking book you have read?
Is this better rewrite of my story ?
What Are Talking Books?
Idea for the girl in a love story that I'm writing. Need opinions?
What was your favorite novel that you read?
what are the best young adult books?
So, what do you think of my writing?
Where on the island are the boys rescued in lord of the flies?
What do you think of the monologue I wrote?
Will Suzanne Collins make another book about katniss and Peetas life after mocking jay? Or something aboutherm?
It's Hard to be Mean?????
The order to read the Narnia Chronicles?
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys?
book of Jessi's secret language(babysitter club)by Ann M.Martin?
Best way to write a book critique on a book you didnt read?
The crucible poem i need to fill out these questions?
Dan Brown The Lost Symbol?
Where can I read full books online?
Question about sending books of to agents?
Do you have any info on Denise Levertov and who she influenced?
Whats your plans on summer reading books?
what do you think about this poem?
Looking for copies of Try and Stop Me by Benette Cerf and Speedy by Max Brand in new or used condition. Help.?
can anyone give me the names of some good novels?
Which is the best E.D. Baker novel...?
First Time Writer Needs Help?!?
Where can I download poem "The Penny Fiddle" by Robert Graves?
From which website i can read books for free?
Can a book be released early in other countries than another one?
who was the fairy tale character who fell asleep for years and awoke with a long beard?
Good long books for teens?
twiligiht-what is up with this?
What is your favorite book??
I just finished the TWILIGHT series?
What book are you reading right now?
Need tips for my picture book?
is it wrong for me to be in love with a fictional charatcer?
What is the best mystery book you have read?(new one that had just come out)?
Idea for short story set in a party?
POLL: Twilight books OR Harry Potter books?
what book are you reading at the moment?
whats the worst movie ever?
Themes in Glass Castle?
Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Can someone help me find my high school yearbook?
I need a first line for my story.?
10 Points!!! Best title for my book that I am writing. Help!!!?
In Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead why does Rand change Dominique's character?And how does this effect the reader?
harry potter witchcraft?
What songs relate to the play Hamlet?
What would Voldemort see if he ever encountered a Boggart?
Good book idea!!? Please Help?
What book do you intend to read next?
shatter me by tahereh mafi?
I need a good excuse?! please read!!?
Does anyone know any good books for 12 -13 year old girls?
Is The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong a good book?
Can someon link me to a website that has detailed chapter summaries of "Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of Nimh"?
Poets who write about Dystopia/Utopian society?
Dang, don't you just hate it when a book makes you cry?
wild hotels. what are they? I'm a romanian translator and I'm blocked. thank you. wild hotels?
I need help with a plot?
Which book in the Left Behind Series are you reading right now?
What's better, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Why do you think so?
Does anyone know how different the unedited Dorian Gray is from the one publishers cut down?
Can you guys help? leave criticism or remarks!! :)?
What is "Book tubing" ?
Who know's of a great Autobiography or Biography of a wealthy American, that's worth reading?
Easy 10 points!!! What are some good books to read??
What is Hilary Duff's book Elixir about?
What to say to my favorite author?
What is the average number of books you read in a year?
WHATS THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK??!!!! Help!!!!! WIll give "BEST ANSWER"!!!?
What is the title of this children's chapter book?
Looking for a book I read in Grade 3?
What are some good last names for these characters?
Do you think they should banned Harry Potter eventhough is motivating kids to read?
Andersen vs Grimm - a gift for a baby boy?
What is Percival reaction to fear in lord of the flies?
hi foolish how did you know that?
Creative Essay Topic for the novel 1984 by George Orwell?
The argument of Geoffrey Canada's in Fist Stick Knife Gun?
Where can I get a copy of CS Lewis's book "The Screwtape Letters"?
is robert louis stevenson's treasure island a real place?
What do you think of my plot?
Do you like fight scenes in fantasy books or not?
Books or TV????
What literary devices are used the most in the play A Midsummer Nights Dream?
Where can I find a copy of "The Phantom of Manhattan" by Frederick Forsyth ?
POLL. If you saw the below book titles. Which would most likely make you want to buy it?
in shrek the third, what is the song title of the song when he is being taken away to be imprisoned?
What would the theme be for this poem? Ted Kooser- "APPLESAUCE"?
What is the best way to publish an autobiography?
Does anyone know where i can find help for writing a character analysis?
HELP PLEASE? A Project for College ? (LITERATURE)?
Is this a good story concept?
Urgent need for some royal sounding names!!!?
I want to be a hindi song writer so pleaze suggest me any book in which the method of writing is discussed?
Can i get your opinion on this short story i wrote?
Tiger's Voyage Book Question?
What are some last names that start with S?
poll: How many people read Harry Potter 1-7????
I need something new to read! I like Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton. Any suggestions?
Words fail me by Patricia T. O'Conner?
Who's better at writing novels? Sidney Sheldon or Stephen King?
Things to use to stab someone?
what is the meaning:ambitious,hard working,patient,optemistic,pessemistic,d…
I need a Cute name character for my story?
Good books for summer reading?
Do you think publishers would take a 13-year-old seriously? Especially if I'm writing about a love story?
how do i get a lit file to work on my laptop?
Help with a title for a short story?
Who is the author of this article?
Do you guys Know when Inkdeath comes out or if thats even what the third book is called?
What is "tenure" and how does one get it?
Revived Question for Harry Potter Fans...?
wordly wise answers for test lesson 13 book 3?
Tips on how to get a book published?
does anyone know any good stephen king books?
hard times (charles dickiens)?
is goodreads a good way to find new books?
Judging a book by it's cover, would you read/ buy a book with this cover?
Do Panels ( Graphic novels/Comics) have names?
Twilight what is your opinion of the website TwilightSucks.Com?
can anyone help me find the name and author of this book?
I'm looking for a children's book where people are building a giant sandwich?
Whats a figure of speech from the irving book The legend of sleepy hollow
How to Write Quickly?
What is Winnie the Pooh called in the 25+ translations of the books?
can anyone help me with themes in franny and zooey by j.d. salingers?
Beginning of the second chapter of my novel.?
I need criticism for Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Rains?(published in The Martian Chronicles)?
Read and Comment on my Wattpad story!?
what is your fav book's to read?
what are some things that you hate?
Harry Potter or Twilight???
what is the symbolic meaning of beowulf's armor?
For anyone who has read Tom Sawyer...please help me out?
In 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman, do Lyra and Will have sex in the end?
What should I title my short love story?
E.L James' original blog?
For those who have read "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"...what did you think was...?
who is the better wizard- dumbledore or gandalf?
Story ideas?? Read description please.?
What do these names make you think of?
Twilight vs. Harry Potter?
Twilight haters AND Twilight fans?
Can someone help me choose my book cataory on wattpad?
A Girl name for a story!!!!?
people say writing is stupied and a waste of time should i stop writing and do some thing else?
I wrote a book on penguins. Do you think paper would've been better?
whats a really good book i could read?
please help and read?
Between Chuck Palahniuk & Bret Easton Ellis?
Which series is better: Twilight or Harry Potter?
i need to write a monologue about curley's wife from the book 'Of Mice and Men', how do i do this?
wher is the right position of the ring?
who loves harry potter?
anyone read among the betrayed?
Books for Teens???????
What would be a good book to start reading now?
Do you think it's best to watch the movie or read the book first?
In what twisted world is edward cullen considered a vampire?
Why do we become so engaged in books?
would someone who enjoyed the private series by kate brian enjoy the It girl series ?
what is your favorite book of all time??
How can I get my book published?
What is a good book by an AMERICAN author?
harry potter?
need book suggestions?
which is the one book that you would recommend everyone to read?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
What makes a good book and a good writer?
WHY do you guys all have a problem with TWILIGHT seriously?
Whats a good book for me to read?
how does the color of water book relates to stereotypes?
why are libraries central to the publishing chain?
Can you explain how the hard-boiled style was used in the maltese falcon?
what is the moral value of Gulliver's Travels story?
does anyone kno a good story or example of self concept and over coming it?
where can i read prom queen by r l stine online?
Do you agree with this statement?
Who thinks Breaking Dawn from Stephanie Meyer is the best book from all the Twilight Novels?
Reading X-Men: The Most Confusing Task I Have Ever Attempted?
Are "scars" on main characters cliche?
I need Help with the book NIght by Elie Wiesel?
"One flew over the cuckoo's nest" questions?
need help finding the title or author of a book?
What thing will remain forever??? except God..?
Can anyone recommend a good book please?
Baudrillard's Simulation and Simulacra: What English Novel should I choose to apply these concepts?
What did you think about the book Atlas Shrugged By Ayn Rand?
should I release as a novel, or three novellas?
What are your favourite books that you think everyone should be forced to reid?
who wrote little women?
Bianca Castafiore: is she a saprano ?
song about james joyce araby?
Can you give me a good hook for the story rapunzel?
I need a good fantasy book plz?
Chapter Reviews Of The Book- Three Cups Of Tea?
why did shakespeare write macbeth?
In the book "The Tenth Circle" by Jodi Picoult....?
Do you usually prefer books or movies?
what book are you reading now?
How do I do this and what should I name the characters?
HARRY POTTER FANS: Who would you hang out at Hogwarts with if...?
Colour help please.....?
How do you keep books new?
Why is the mythological background of the setting to "Oedipus the King" significant to the play?
There is a poem with the words, "kingdoms and caralons" in it. Does anyone know what it is?
What is the funniest Harry Potter moment from any of the books or movies?
What book should I read next?
E-mail editors? Return favour?
Which of these books are Interesting and Good Reads?
Any suggestiins for a nightclub name?
do you know the wood family members in the witch of blackbird pond?
good teen books that are like "crank" and "burned"?
What is the best book you've ever read?
if you wrote a book that became a best-seller, would you let it be made into a movie?
What are a few pieces of evidence of Haitian culture in Graham Greene's "The Comedians"?
Has anyone read the "Earths Children" series by Jean Auel?
What scene in the Kite runner should I make a comic out of? Easy s?
Are there any good novels dealing with dystopia?
Need names for the love interests in my story. any ideas?
What was elie wiesels purpose in writing the book night in terms of faith?
Lou Gehrig:The Luckest Man book online?
Twilight series question?
where does the TS Elliot quote, arrive at the same place and see for the first time, come from?
How to get & stay motivated?
i need a pretty name for a little girl in a book i'm writing....?
Just a quick question about writing a story?
who is the son of god?
Do you like my story so far?
Any good books you've read lately?
Recommend a book?
Is this a good start to my book?
On what visual novel volume did these animes end in?
good books for teenagers : ) ??
I need an analysis for the relationship between Antigone and Ismene in the play Antigone?
review this short paragraph?
what's the best book you've ever read?
How do I become a Writer?
Scholars sometimes use Frankenstein as an argument against scientific technology that creates life forms?
Why do people insist the Davinci Code is truth when Dan Brown is a fictional novel writer?
where can i find the personalities of arts in the philippines?
summary of the life and adventure of santa claus?
Does anybody know what happened in the 4th sisterhood of the traveling pants book? Seriously?
from the book-from the mixed up files of basil e. frankweiler....?
Any good fantasy book?
Names for species of characters, please. Can you help me?
I am looking for the author who wrote a poem called One Last Gift and the poem itself.?
What do you think of this writing?
What books do you recommend to a 15 year old girl to read?
fav song????????
Should i read Twilight ?
Is it incorrect to class an American as a Victorian novelist?
Why would authors give you a limited amount of information about a character?
Anyone else looking forward to The Death of Bunny Munro?
hi! how long should it take to read one book ?
Does anyone know where I can listen to Hidden (house of night) audio epilogue?
Who is looking for an opinionated writer?
How did others influence elizabeth and darcy into getting married?
Poll:Top Contributors, are you pro-Twilight or anti-Twilight?
What's the definition of magic in fantasy fiction?
the hand handmaid's tale- what does it show ablout the commander when offred see's him looking into her room
what is in the 'Of mice and men book' that isn't in the 1992 movie?
how to get an appointment from Ruskin bond?
do u know were u can find mothersday pomes?
Good books for a 13 year old boy?!?
How does Montresor reflect Edgar Allen Poe's life?
Who would win? Edward Cullen or Harry Potter?
myra joyce was a character in a book published in or before 1947. What was title & author of the book?
How to describe this hairstyle?
Can anyone help me with a poem from the book the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.?
A Portable Anthology Second Edition?? I NEED HELP !?
who said "every tragedy ends in a death, and every comedy ends in a wedding"?
how would i summarize, in 100 words, sonnet 106 by william shakespeare?
David and Tally?
Who do you prefer? Severus Snape or Edward Cullen?
do you know something about kafka?
when does time start?
what punishment does the god give to the promise breakers persons???????? PLZ TELL ME!!!!!!!!?
Help writing poems help?
What are the top 3 science fiction books ever written?
Which was your favourite book when you were a child?
what do you guys think?
Can you think of another word for walked? I'm writing a story.?
Does anyone think the Book "A Wrinkle in Time" is an apprioate book for an 8th grade gifted class book report
annoying twilight fans??
Can anyone recommend a good book for the beach?
When Do You Have "Too Many Books"?
What books should I buy?
I'm writing a new story does it sound interesting?
Is HARRY POTTER bisexual?
Male story character names?
Is dan brown working on a new book?
Did Stephanie Myer finish Midnighr Sun?
What are the basic tenets of the Puritanism of Hawthorne's background and upbringing?
Creating an atmosphere in narrative writing?
Can a 13 year old publish a book?
Mystic River the book or the movie?
Borders vs. Barnes and Noble?
Name your favorite book in the Twilight Saga and why it is your favorite.?
Will there be a 2nd cirque du freak movie?
Summary of a paper by jamel akbar?
can we create a new curency sucessfully if the power of wealth is not distributed accordingly and fair among u
what is the greatest book you've ever read?
What was the last book you've read?
has anyone read To Kill a Mockingbird?
More questions on Lord of the Flies plz help its chapter 11?
star if you like Narnia (the books)?
How many pages is the average chapter in a book?
What television shows, movies, book series and similar would you like to see have a website like pottermore?
When does Twilight get good? ?
I need help with a title for a children's book..PLEASE!!!?
Who do the Rebels save at the end of the 75th Hunger Games?
Is there an epiphany in A Separate Peace, by John Knowles???
To Kill a mockingbird?
What was the last book you read? Did you love it?
If harry is short for Harold,?
Agatha Christie? Plz help.?
What's this book called? help please?
Someone recommend a book for me!?
I'm looking for this book?
Heres a question for all you Tolkien/Middle Earth/ LOTR Fans!?
what is that book that has step by step lists and stuff to help write a book?
Does anyone know of good teen books?
tuesdays with morrie?
Harry Potter Fans -- have you seen this?
Introducing a character gradually throughout a story?
Who doesn't and who dose like the Twilight series?
can anyone recommend a good book for me to read?
which Harry Potter character do like the most?
I want runi Tollkin FONT.Do you have it?
What is the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of the fault in our stars?
What are some good quotes from The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?
let me know if you would like to read this as the middle of a story?
Are there any good fiction books about charecters that have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
Character name ideas?
are there any other books about twilight that are like the directors notebook?
What is objectivity and subjectivity in writing?
Who is a in pretty little liars?
Is the Mortal Instruments book appropriate for a mature 12 year old?
Which book(s) do you never get bored of....?
what is the meaning of this poem??--"the world is too much with us"?
this is going to hurt just a little bit by ogden nash?
which book would you say has made you feel the strongest emotions (eg happy, sad, angry)?
How do Quotation books sell in the USA and Europe? and Who read such books?
Anybody read The Portrait by Iain Pears? What happens at the end?
Has anyone read "Once Upon a Time in The North"?
The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillippa Gregory?
I want to learn Astrology. Which book or website is the best?
A book similar to 'Beautiful Disaster'?
What is Better? Harry Potter or Twilight?
Which is better Twilight or Harry Potter?
In the novel Brave New World, for what reason does the director proppose to dismiss Bernard?
I need some help in researching Johnathan Swift, A Modest Proposal.?
a good story title..( please helpp..)?
is there a site that has creative writing for teens ages 13-18 during the summer?
NEED HELP PLEAASSE!!! i need a few answers from the book "In His Steps" by Charles M. Sheldon?
What is your favorite Book?
Need help finding the title of a book!!?
What is your favorite book turned movie?
favorite tom robbins book & why?
Im looking for a good book. Self help?
The author Kathryn Reiss' address?
i need a book to read but im too obsessed wiv da twilight saga plz suggest a book or saga i should reed?
What will happen to all the Harry Potter fan sites once the seventh book comes out and all mysteries revealed?
What children's book has a animated bug on the cover and in the book a bug drives a car?
What does it say about free will in War and Peace?
does anybody else like lemony snicket? also what are some good presents my parants can get me for christmas?
What would you think of this person whether as a fictional character in a book or on t.v.?
has anyone on here actually published something?
Are the Twilght books really that good?...?
Any (fictional) books with a juvenile delinquent character in them?
As an amateur author with a difficult editor, how do I handle the situation?
Who wrote the book titled, 'No Shortage of Evil".?
do you like my characters?
Who's sick of vampire and werewolf books?
What book or books are you reading right now? Who is the author? Are you enjoying it?
Any ideas for writing a childrens book?
What do you think is the best russian writer?
Twilight Fans!!!! I really like the Books and I love edward But are you going to see the movie??
William Shakespeare Question?
Help with stimulus for a short story?
Which is cooler for a guy to have: Sword or dagger?
What name do you like best?
Need a good, solid name?
Please help me?
how is julie of the wolves different from other books?
Do balrogs have wings?
How many of you belive that Dan brown is right in Da vinci Code?
characters from my sisters keeper?
What district would these characters be in? (Logical People please)?
Sweet sounding girl names for a character?
Hi Harry Potter Fans, What are You Going to Do?
What is Mark Antony's Funeral Oration?
What is Robert Frost's idea of Education by Presence?
Can you identify this story?
could anyone tell me something about heavy metal music?
How many mysteries did Richard Martin Stern write and where can I find them?
I'm 14, is it too late to learn to play the accoustic guitar?
Can someone summarize what goes on in the first 22 chapters of War And Peace by Tolstoy?
Harry potter fanfictions ?
What does 'Library binding' for a book on mean?
Do you judge a book by it's cover?
What is a Good MEAN GIRL name?
How could you describe this hairstyle in a detailed, interesting way?
can anyone give me names of authors that consistently write good books?
Who is the murderer in the Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe?
Noble House and Whirlwind were written by James Clavell. Please give me reviews?
Dumbledore gay???
Any good books for summer?
What Children/Teen Book is this?
Having trouble starting this story?
Julius Caesar questions?
What book(s) has helped you come-of-age?
Did the malfoys turn good in the end?
movie or book suggestions anyone?
The Book Speak when Melinda gets raped. Page Number Please?
where is the best way to sell lord of the rings figures?
What point of view should I write this story in?
if you could rename the book "of mace and men" what would you name it ?
want a story or poem on gender oppression by any women writer for critical analysis?
Has anyone read the book The Bronze Bow?
I can't remember the name of a book - it deals with native indians in canada and the borg (weird i know)?
Is this a good Introduction? Would you read more?
Lack of individuality in Oryx and Crake?
Is there a particular book that has had a strong impact on you?
“Do you reading Harry Potter books?
If you are a student in Hogwarts, what subject would you excel in?
Valentines day is over...this is what i gave my partner?
death of a salesman discussion question?
Time travelers wife Novel by audrey niffenegger help! Do not understand it...?
i want to listen to a book online?
David and Tally?
write me some joke?
Is there a book that you read more than twice? Which book was it?
Im looking for a good book but am not sure which one to read. Any good recomindations?
balrog vs. shotgun, winner?
Choose one universal theme and create a list of ten books, movies, or songs you can think of that fit within t?
Can anyone give me one good reason why I should read the Harry Potter books?
in the private series what happens to Noelle, kiran, Taylor, and Ariana?
read fruits basket anime for free?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
Would you read a book that started out like this? please answer?
Imagine Twilight was never published.....?
The making of a plot?
what's soul?
name the comedy written by Jean Racine?
For those who have read Inheritance, by christopher paolini, i REALLY need help :(?
Great story that explains socialism! Enjoy(:?
Who is your favorite Author of all time?
for those of you who have read Catcher in the rye?
the comunist manifesto by karl marx and frederick engels with related documents edited with intro. john e. to
What are some classic novels that use Paris as a setting?
What are GREAT books and or resources in STORY STRUCTURE?
Could Someone please write this situation in a mini dialogue?
what is "the old man and the sea" about?
What's a good book for teens?
What's a good publisher?
Can I Read Thoughts Of Others????,.....?
What was the last book you finished reading?
What do you guys think of the love interests in the story that I'm writing? Be honest.?
Does anyone know some REALLY good books?
Where and when was In Dubious Battle supposed to take place?
B&A Poll: What genre is your story?
Harry Potter fans ?
What's your favourite poem?
Read my story.. ?!Please!!....?
was Dumbledore following harry around in the first book?
I have a 12 year daughter who would like to read books/do reviewsfor publishers or whomever. Please help.?
If Dudley Dursley was a wizard what house do you think he would have been in at Hogwarts?
What was the series of childrens books with the family of Will Jill Hester Chester Peter Pauly Tim Tom Mary...
for the works of denmark?
pick two important passages from the book night from page 49-60 and respond to them?
Harry Potter Questions?
help finding a book pretty sure its set in world war 2?
Got a favorite book that was made into a movie that you think they did a great job on?
Book from the film "Away from her"?
brothers grimm stories?
How Is This Story Plot?
can anyone recommend a good summer book, i mean a real page turner?
why is jk rowling trying to b cooler than twilight?
I need quotes from 1984 that connect to the party's slogan, can you help me?
books that portray darwin theory surival of the fittest?
author and title of this book?
Which Pottermore username do you like better?
favorite harry potter book?
Honest review of the first book to my series?
what do you think about when you hear these blog titles?
Has anyone read Clive Barker's Imagica? No SPOILERS?
i lost a school library book what do i do?
What do you think of this name?
How would you characterize Victor Frankenstein as a father toward his creation or not?
Could anyone plz tell me the myth Gilgamesh in a simple way??
What message does Fyodor Dostoevsky convey through his novel: Crime and Punishment?
Where is your favorite place to read a book?
Good thesis statement for The Tell-Tale Heart?
what kind of books do people like reading? genre, storyline etc?
What's the best way to start a book?
what is a literary license?
Which is better: watching a movie or reading the book the movie was based?
Addicted to Writing!!!!!!?
Does anybody know about a novel named 'knowledge of angels' by J Walsch?
Some actually good YA Romance angst books.?
What are some situational irony and dramatic irony in the short story the life you save may be your own?
Are schools boring?
I can't remember the name of a book.?
what are the names of the best supernatural romance books/stories.?
who is hotter edward or jacob from the twilight books?
If it was Katniss Everdeen (the Hunger Games)vs. A Gallagher Girl (The Gallagher Girl Series) which would win?
Should I read Harry Potter?
When does hamlet admit he was not in control when he killed polonius?
Has anybody read The Incredible Journey?
The House On Mango Street?
What are some unique first names and surnames?
This has probably been asked a million times edward or team jacob? Explain your reasoning!!?
Which is the character you disliked the most of the Harry Potter series?
what is happening in Iron against U.S.?
Is this a good name for my character?
storylines for adventures/fantasy stories?
The Edgar Allan Poe narratives assigned for home and or class reading. what do these readings have in common?
How do the character Stanley in the play A Streetcar Named Desire influence our understanding of Blanche?
Where are the best free bookselling sites/groups?
What are some ideas I could put in the fifth chapter of my novel?
Is Harry Potter based on a true story?
What are the similarities between the book and the movie "Speak"?
Need some help! About books!?
Book Question. Please Help!!?
What is the last non-fiction book you read? Did you like it?
A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen question!?
How to write a love story/ how to get good ideas for one?
A serious question for Twilight fans...?
Is Harry potter good?
Is there an inconsistency with traitors in Harry Potter?
How do I publish and market a book on small business issues.?
What should I name my book?
How to recall face book password?
Is there a book you recommend?
How many Petrova Dopplegangers are there? The vampire diaries?
Can anyone help me constructing my novel?
how can i attract a boy??
Any Good Vampire Books Besides the Twilight Saga?
If I like Jonathan Franzen, what other authors might I enjoy?
Where can i find literary analysis papers on "The Decdameron"?
How to describe a persons' appearance in a story?
A question about Tim Winton.?
I'm looking for a pink elfish kinda book..?
Pretty Little Liars/ Private Series Help!?
Twilight haters have you even read the saga?
What can I do in my notebook?
How to describe a peaceful time in the water?
Do you collect antique books? What are your favorite authors or titles?
What are some other books in the series so you think you know...?
Why doesn't someone simply transfigure Ron Weasley's dress robes to be better looking?
What are some exciting good short stories?
in Hogwarts what is your favorite house and least favorite.?
I need a girl name to go with the boy name Hunter.?
The crucible help? Anyone please?
What 1990 novel is set on Isla bar, off the coast of Costa Rica?
Has anyone ever read 2 or 3 books in a day?
Harry Potter Fans!!!!?
What is texture of Billy Bud in terms of straightfoward narrative interposed alongside digression & commentary
Who are the funniest writers ever in your opinion?
Is there anyone who can recommend a book that is not Harry Potter that an adult might enjoy?
Need help continuing story?
Why is it no one on this site knows how to spell even the simplest words?
Need some tips for writing a steampunk story! I've always had an obsession with steampunk.?
what is the real name of boy who 's play in harry potter movie (i mean ron weasly)?
B&A, I'm so bored. Here's a survey for all!?
how would you write your own version of the book alexander and the terrible,horrible,no good,very bad day?
Another Harry Potter True or False Survey?
What, according to you, is the best vampire book or eries of books ever written?
How is Heroes of Olympus Series? How is Mark of Athena? How does it compare to Red Pyramid Series?
Books like John Green books?!?!?
Need a good book to read.?
Please Help!! Quote/Saying!!?
best books you've read so far this year?
How to defeat a demon?
A book written by A Gothamite printed in 1869 in London. Who is this 'A Gothamite. I could not find anything.
Good books for teenage girls?
Does anyone know what the burqa symbolizes in a thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini?
Have an interesting story idea but don't want to/dont know how to go about writing it?
In Lord of the Rings, who is your favorite character and WHY?
First Chapter...does it make you want to read more?
Where do you find a list of symbols used in the book called The Great Gatsby...and their meaning?