What is the most thought-provoking book you have read?
I absolutely LOVE reading.....any GREAT books you could suggest?
Where would I be able to get a picture/photograph of the Author Frank Crisp born 1915 Durham please.?
How Do I Encourage My Friend?
What is up with the people who hate Twilight?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLS)?
Any good ideas for a book?
Is my story too cliche?
How are Aeneus and Odysseus similar and how are they different?
Is it true that in order to get something copyrighted all you have to do is mail a copy of it to yourself?
What did you think about Ian McEwan's novel "Atonement"?
Thinking about getting a kindle?
can someone help me with my bibliography! PLEASE!!!?
othello ? iago..questions. Iago superior to othello?
Minor roles in Romeo and Juliet?
Do you like the part of my first chapter so far? please tell me? if it's too much only read few sentences?
what doo youuu think ?
I need some good music for when I write!?
the life story of celso al. carunungan?
How can I make a career as a writer?
Where can i find poems written byStephen Spender?
what is the name of harry potter 7?
What is the best book ever written?
Any fans of Kathy Reichs books?
I have over 21,000 words in my novel so far, but I'm only on chapter 6?
can you help?
WDYT of this description?
Who said: "Every man thinketh less of himself for that he hath not been a soldier" ?
whats your favorite book?
Why when I read I don't understand?
Getting my writing into more professional circles?
B&A Writers: Are you artistically talented in other areas?
best book/series written?
Do you know a special, hot name for a guy?
What are some things to keep in mind when writing a mystery book?
what are some similarities beetween the monster and and victor frankenstein?
What is the " Plot " in the Novel?
Why teenagers don't like reading classics ?
How do you write your characters?
Has anybody read "The Hobbit"? I need help!?
Is there a reputable person/agent that I can send a sample of some writings?
Has anyone read the book The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison?
Who said this in the book thief?
What is your favourite novel by Virginia Woolf?
introduse me a site that i can get rid of filter?
Name of this book...?
Do you think that people who read Harry Potter are nerds?
what do u think about DNA(Douglas Noel Adams)-the guy who wrote The H's gude to the universe?
character traits in the witch of blackbird pond?
I am going to barnes and noble right now should i buy a book?
hello I'm belgian and I'd like to buy nemi in norwegian?
what will happen to RON in the seventh novel of harry potter?
Harry potter v.s. twilight. what do you think?
what is better twilght or harry potter?
B&A: In your opinion, what are the most common topics young writers write about?
i`m looking for big online library for free (to read all pages of my own book)?
What websites can teach me about how to assess the price of rare books and illustrations?
If someone offered you $100 to read a book, would you? What if the book was the Bible, would you read it then?
Do you care about bending the spines of your paperback books?
Classic Novel Question?
Who wrote Hildebrandslied (Lay of Hildebrand)?
In a book, is the mention of gods and goddesses considered an allusion?
My English is not tough enough to exactly understand Emerson's essays, any idea? (I'm Turkish)?
I am writing a book and i want to know if i could use various university names and the acranym NCAA?
When is the Last Time you Read the Bible?
Is it tom sheldon or dom sheldon?
Good unused book titles?
Do you love reading and/or writing? :)?
Any Project Idea's??? Please :)?
What colour were Dorothy's shoes?
Tell me what you think?
What did Huckleberry Finn do that made him a hero?
Has one Rajvinder Singh been a Poet Laureate of Germany in recent times?
pride and prejudice 1995?
What is The Wave?
what is the order of all the james patterson books?
Your thoughts on this poem.?
B&A: Seven questions for you...?
A huge plot decision?
Would you fill out a quick survey about your physical traits? I'm looking to develop my character's looks?
any good books to read.?
Any suggestions? Looking for book(s) like the movie The Black Swan?
What does it take to get published for Kindle singles?
What's so great about the book "Catcher in the Rye"? I'm reading it now and it isn't that great.
What last names can go with the name Luna?
How do you create a evil or "not good" protaganist?
what is your favorite book?
why does Frodo leave home in the fellowship of the ring?
i have to write a short love story for english?
What stuff do you have to buy for your dorm for college?
Why do most people hate Twilight so much?
is there a book online for perelandra by c s lewis?
short summary of battle of books by swift?
B&A: How would your character react in these situations?
I need some advice on a story plot?
I am looking for a great book to read. I prefer adult fiction. Any suggestions?
So in the hunger games.... SPOILER ALERT?
Great Gatsby chapter 6 question?
what are some reasons why the districts in the hunger games begin to start an uprising against the capitol ?
what is your favorite poem?
What are some good books about planning for the future or what to do after college?
What are similar characteristics between the main characters in Pride and Prejudice and Masnsfield Park?
Which book is better harry potter or twilight?
What would the title of your book be if you wrote about yourself?
What is magical realism?
Please suggest ideas for an exciting fictional story?
Could you read/review my story please?
Writting a book and need a person to help me out.?
Jane Eyre! HELP please!?
What do you think of the daVinci code?
The Araby : By James Joyce question...?
what time period is the book On My Honor?
are you MAJOR EXCITED for NEW MOON????????????? Team EDWARD or JACOB?
Conflict ideas for a dialogue?
Are there any hints in "Macbeth" about Lady Macbeth and her father's relationships?
What are the best websites for Shakespeare's life and accomplishments?
a response to the story fiesta in the book drown?
where can i find someone to write a poem or a short speech for special occasions?
would this be plagarism??
Movie and book title about the old south?
What should a book publishing request look like?
what does MARK means in the line 28 of Macbeth story?
Are all the facts mentioned in The Da Vinci Code book by Dan Brown TRUE???
Team Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland?
stephenie meyer's address?
the outsiders! please keep reading its real short!?
I need a little story?
Any good websites for books/books reviews?
What is a good name for a race of demons?
Hey! Did u ever think that the Sorting Hat might be a Horcruxes?
Can I read Book 2 of the Abhorsen trilogy without having read Book 1?
Cereal box report on the series of unfortunate events austree academy?
A raisin in the sun Story questions PLEASE HELP!?
does anybody have a good plot for a werewolf book ive always wanted so can u help me think of a good plot?
Who is your favorite poet? what is your favorite poem?
What is the title of the 7th book of Harry Potter?
do I have to read the One Last Wish series by Lurlene McDaniel in order?
what are 2 diction examples from the book across five aprils?
What should I rate my fic on ffn?
How is my short story opening?
in what point of view the novel speak is being told?
In The Raven by Poe, what aspects of human life does the raven represent?
what is your favorite book of the twilight saga?why?what is your favorite part(s)?
Good Teen/Young Adult Fiction Books?
in ch. 10 of To Kill a Mockingbird, what season is it?
Is the opening of my essay okay?
i need a really amazing book?
Is there a website for word up! magazine?
What's your story "just like"?
who were the venetians?
what is the accuracy of Da Vinci´s Code facts?
What book is the following quote from "The average person is likely to forget that writing is onl.."?
What book am I thinking of?
Critique my story (first chapter)? Harsh comments are welcome?
if you have read tuesdays with morrie please answer this?!?
How much of the story do I need developed before I start writing?
waht would be a good title for a story?
Whenever i write a story i can't stay with it and go to another one, what should i do?
Please help me with my romance story?
twilight takes over people!!?
What is an example of the boys in "Lord of the Flies" having trouble surviving?
How would you describe the cave in the book hatchet?
Can you tell me a link when I can download the books of Jeaniene Frost ?
im doing a survey on twilight?
what twilight team are you on?
Who was "A" in Pretty Little liars?i never finished it.?
Title=?author=? poemaboutaboyrunningarace.Heisinfirstpla…
"the perks of being a wallflower" book HELP!?
Story Name Please Help?
what are some good books set in victorian london? (from the view of a more poorer person)?
What is the most boring book you have ever read?
How to write a story in the future?
Twilight Fans?
What book do you think is better? Harry Potter books or Twilight books?
in what act and scene does the balcony scene take place in in Romeo and Juliet?
Does anyone know this book?
Is this a rip off of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"?
when a book is approved on net galley, how do i read it?
There is a book called as "mother" written by a Russian author and it is pretty old book?
I read Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra, and I'd like to know the comments of others who have done also?
What are some books to read?
Has anyone read any good books lately?
Anyone know any good books to get my mind away from Twilight?
can't remember the name of this book?
What was the apocalypse in hunger games?
Which Dickens novel features Uriah Heap?
Short Story Writing and Illustrators Contest for Canadians?
In search of new authors....?
Good and Evil in Hamlet?
Why is james pattersons eye droopy?
charles bukowski-huge fan?
Could anyone provide me house address of Famous English writer R.K Narayan's daughter who resides in Mysore.?
Trilogy of Youth In Revolt?
Can't decide which name to use for my main character?
Harry Potter fans: Thoughts on this? :)?
Did you like the Silmarillion?
Fyoder Dostoevsky's "Brother Karamazov" and "Crime and Punishment"?
Where can I find the essay "pink think" by Lynn Peril?
A medical question for my book!!?
Was 007 based on a Real Spy?
Do you like fantasy books?
how old is the judge in blood meridian?
Who has read "Lord of the Flies?"?
Comparison Essay on THe Adventures of Huck Finn and the adventures of Tom Sawyer?
a million little pieces?
What kind of historical books could i read?
Essay topics for Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli?
Is there any symbolic meanings attached to the name Rinehart in Ellison's 'Invisible Man'?
A Title For My Story?
In what way or ways is Lady Macbeth involved in the plot against Banquo?
How to save money buying lists of people who like novels that are thrillers?
reading log??
Is what happened to Dave Pelzer in A Child Called It real?
Who thinks Shakespeare was a real person and not the creation of several writing geniuses??
Who/What persuaded you to read Twilight?
What are some good writing topics?
Help with my story?!?
Children book agents that specializes in child education.?
Help with some questions from the book Night by Elie Wiesel!?
Should I buy Twilight the book?
I need a name.?
Whats a good nickname?
Why do people blog?
do u know any author who reads like iris johansen historical romance books?
Where can I find information on the School of Donne?
if you had to kill off one Cullen (twilight) which one would it be?
What was the last book you read for pleasure?
what is a good obsession/mania to explore for a short story?
What does the shoemaker's bench in a tale of two cities by charles dickens represent?
Making a Literary connection to Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"?
I want to contact porn writer T.J.Ryder and also get a complete list of his short stories and books?
What book is this quote from?
What is considered the best and most accurate translation of the Bible?
I need Good books? Know any?
Isolation in Slaughterhouse-5?
Sort of regarding Aly's question (Kind of BoB, but Twiligth vs Pride and Prejudice): Team Darcy or Team Edward?
Any ideas for disposing of books I don't want to keep?
I need help on a book title?
Harry Potter Fans? As tomorrow is September First......?
What is the meaning....?
what are some good books that i would like to read?
According to the dating system of Middle Earth, in what year did Frodo destroy the ruling ring?
The Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy Antagonist?
What do we mean by Figuren in Rilke's Duiniser Elegien?
where can i find free ebook, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man ?
JK Rowling vs stephanie myers?
Some good British psychological thriller books?
Who else would love to read more companion books to the Twilight Saga in addition to Midnight Sun?
does any one know any of the sherlock holmes stories that reffer to drug other than man with twisted lip?
what internet colllege book buyer pays out the most money?
who are two minor characters in the book, a farewell to arms, and why are they significant?
Mama's Bank Account book review?
Are there any significant shifts in focus in 1984(George Orwell)? What principles tend to govern them?
Batman fan fiction sex scene advice?
Scary Stories / Creepypasta for female narrator/reader?
Which American poems share a theme of accepted identity?
Does anybody know what happened in the 4th sisterhood of the traveling pants book? Seriously?
Are any of you guys participating in NaNoWriMo?
PLEASE HELP ME!! i need you!!?
Alright guys, who is your fictional crush?
i need buy machine metaza for dog tag?
What were the top ten best sellers of the 1980's?
Do you know the children's book about a chief (red chief? maybe) who is lost in a museum?
When Did Dr. Kevorkian Say, "Dying is not a crime." Was it in a book?
Examples of defiance in the Hunger Games novel one?
How come Sam wears the One Ring in Mordor in Lord of the Rings: ROTK and is not detected by Sauron?
What was the last book you ever read?
So in my college text books Asian gangs were well known back in the 1700's before black gangs are known...?
Can I find a site or book about Emam Mohamed Abdou, The Islamic Scholar?
Where can I buy the full Vampire Academy series online?
Can you tell me what you think of my story?
Paraphrase each stanza on Langston Hughes poem harlem [use the link below]?
Is there a blog that specializes in Contemporary Creative Writing?
What are some hot male/boy names for a story on wattpad?
Gandalf the Grey vs. Albus Dumbledore?
How do I prepare a manuscript for publication?
Think About This Harry Potter Fans?
Who is the antagonist and what are some of the conflicts in 'Snow Country' by Yasunari Kawabata?
How do I publish a book without paying a lot?
Help with my story? (your opinion)?
How else can I show the emotion of other characters in first person POV?
What book did you love but hate as a movie?
Twilight or harry potter?
I'm looking for an anime that is similiar to the witch hunter robin series any suggestions?
Help with my characters?
Looking for a young adult science fiction book about dimensional rings published before 1991.?
what do you know about the term corpus linguistics?
Should I read Eclipse?
what is the full form of WWE & WWF????
can anyone help me with some of these questions(about Shakespeare)?
Catching fire, the hunger games?
Does Maeve Binchy or Marian Keyes have any new books coming out or Lesley Pearse?
Does anyone else think there should be a seperate section for Harry Potter?
Do you think the author presents a real experience to life in the Phantom of the Opera?
has anyone read the prophet by khalil gibran?
Why is a christmas carol written in staves/verses?
Question about my book character!?
What Vampire Book should i read next?
Where is Judith Krantz? Her website is gone and I can't find any info. Is she still writing?
Private series fans!!! who do think is who [pic]?
What scares people? (ideas for a horror story)?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What are some good books that have to do with.....?
Harry Potter Survey?
conservation/preservation policy-literature review?
Does the book "The Phantom Tollbooth" have pictures in it?
Is it worth it to get the 2006 version of Writer's Market? How much do specs change over a year or two, or 4?
A question for authors?
how do i get a book published?
Good books to read after Dan Brown?
What's the difference between Jane Eyre editions?
Did anyone else who read Twilight find Bella extremely annoying?
Any ideas about how to solve the writing problem, please.?
Who agrees with me that the Twilight book is way better then the movie?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
What kind of computer do writers use?
what are the seven wonders of science?
in the giver what happens at ceremony 2,5, and 6?
Who is your Harry Potter role model?
What fantasy novels involve a quite modern land ruled by a king?
Do you know anything about Martin Luther King Jr.?
I read the book description in the 3rd book for Moirins Trilogy (Naamah's Blessing). Where is Bao?
chuck palahniuk books?
Twilight, Crank, Harry Potter?
In what chapter does Charles Bingley propose to Jane Bennett? (Pride and Prejudice)?
Where can I get books by Martha graham?
Book about a dyslexic preacher?
silent hill copyright story?
What is important about Harry having his mother's eyes?
The Book Thief question....PLZZ READ?
would you buy a book even if the author wasn't famous at all?
Great Expectations!?!?
Any Ideas? PLEASE HELP!?
Canterbury Tales, what social class does the Oxford Cleric belong to?
What is the Best Book Ever Written?
Please recommend the best John F. Kennedy's biography you've read.?
Good Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Mythology, War books to read?
What is the worth of human life in Dollars?
Good Books?
favorite books about traveling or wandering souls?
Help with my teen romance story?
Harry Potter Fans: Random Harry Potter questions?
Tips on writing a sad book?
how many pages are in the book angelas ashes??
Disturbing town names?
Pride and Prejudice help?
book where a girl is disguised as a boy?
who hates twilight???????
what is your favorite series of books.... Author?
Should I read Twilight (serious answers only please!)?
what book is better? harry potter and the deathly hallows or breaking dawn?
Question about Stephen King's Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption?
How does Dumbledore die?
Can I do this for my story?
What is the shining moment for each of the main characters in the Acorn people?
I need some names for a few characters?
What he hell is Twilight?
Are there any instances of the supernatural in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?
Any good twilight forums?
what happened to love and romance?
What’s the last book you read?
I'm looking for "Complete Works" of Gerald Durrell, J Herriot & jerome K. Jerome. Do u know the publisher yr
How is Richard Wright accepted by neither black nor white people in Black Boy?
any book recommendations? I loved harry potter and twilight and recently read bitten..?
Any ideas on what I should use?
Use these words in a short story or paragraph?
What book do you recommend for a 15 year old girl.?
in the 'Age of Innocence ' where can i find quotes of hands, clocks and time?
Some ideas for my time machine book?
How many men out there have the same name as mine.Jason Raymond Brent?
Why is Harry Potter and the philosophers stone an interesting book?
Your tummy is growling at you, and you're in the middle of a very good writing streak. What food do you grab?
Sorry for me being silly! What is the title of the seventh book of the harry potter series?
Similar books to noughts and crosses?
Can't remember book title I read in the 80's-girl secretly dated an older boy. Jess? He taught guitar. Series?
What is V. C. Andrews famous for writing about & what connection does she have with trickster Rory Emerald?
which scripture did Elias's mother love the most?
In Hamlet, where does Hamlet not want his mother to go?
What are the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley?
What is your favorite book?
Who thinks Bellatrix LeStrange is the best death eater?
Reccomendations for good books to read?
who are Barbadoes in jonathan swift 'modest .. .?and whats their relationship with English and Irish people?
What is the name of Ethan's sister in the Faeriewalker novels?
Which series of Novels should i continue?
Are there any more books in the Mathed series by Ally Condie?
What is a good summery for Fire and Ice by Robert Frost?
I can't remember from Carlos Zafon's book "The Shadow of the wind" the "devil's" name. . .
what do you think of Deepak Chopra's books ?
What do you guys think about my writing?
Robert McCammon?? retired??
Is the book, "Twilight" is good book?
Do you love the Twilight Series?
Who is the epic hero in The Faerie Queene by Sir Edmund Spenser?
What do you do with books you read.?
Who completed his novel Omerta shortly before his death?
Would it be okay to read Jack Whyte's Templar novels first or should I read his other books before?
is the Da Vinci Code real or fiction?
what was the best seller in 1999 titled "____ Road"?
What is the meaning of the poem "Morning at the Window" by T.S. Eliot?
girls: why do you love twilight so much?
who wrote the book "the wave"?
What is your favorite book and why?
Are there any books that you are/were obsessed with?
Need help with writing story please? xx?
hows the opening of my story? please be honest...?
ANSWER URGENT PLZ. What does it mean when someone says "you make me"?
I have three questions regarding the book "Night"?
The best Margaret Atwood novel?
How to resolve this conflict in my story?
What are 5 reasons why the novel Huckleberry Fin should be banned?
British "coming-of-age" novels?
Who is the better writer: Somerset Maugham or V.S.Naipaul???
What are some good young adult fantasy books?
WHAT ARE THE BEST BOOK(whatever may be the type)?
What's the best way to write a conversation between two people?
Readers and writers: does a character's smoking, drinking, or drug use affect your opinion of them?
any Harry/Voldemort Shipers?
Setting of Stephen king novel?
What is the average book deal structure for a first time fiction writer?
I am writing a book and need a character name!?
called white rose or something like that?
Is anyone else pissed of about the 4th Twilight book, Breaking Dawn?
helllppp i need spark notes or chapter summarys of the book in the heart of the sea!?
Can anyone suggest a good book to me?
Does anyone have favorite quotes from The Bonesetter's Daughter?
What are some books like The Prince and The Art of War?
Is this realistic character development?
how do i get in touch with the author of th e star in our heart poetry book?
TEEN fiction book websites for dsi?
is there any evidence or text as pertains to the lost text of the book of revelation?
author of "a woman of substance"?
Is Scarlett O'Hara an anti-hero?
Good horror books to read?
Warrior cats idea for all of you to use!?
The line between weird and scary?
Where did the believe come from that saying the name of the play Macbeth out loud brings bad luck?
A book as good as A thousand Spelndid Suns or the Kite Runner?
Why do people hate Twilight so much!?
does someone knwo which artist ( i think was a writer) signature is B. B. ?
What would be a good alternative ending to the book Midnighter, The Secret Hour?
Whats your Top 5 classic books (e.g. Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations etc.)?
What book are you reading?
Harry Potter took Neville away from me! What should I do?
How obsessed with Harry Potter are YOU?
I want to get a free ebook with the title "Running one person business"?
Ghost of Christmas Past Wreath Symbolism?
do i look like tonks?
what should you do as a news report for "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
Common Great Gatsby Essay question?? IGCSE?
who invented the word assasination?
Are there any sites where you can write with others?
Ideas for Dystopian story, ANYTHING?
is this a bad idea? sending my query before....?
What is the best book you've ever read?
Need help with writing a car accident scene?
What is their relationship in Parvana's Journey?
How can I write a story in 2nd person (examples)?
What was the last book you bought?
Who wrote a german book called (Im not sure this is the right translation) "Love Is Only A Word"?
What was the last book you read?
In 1952, who wrote the novel Player Piano?
American Horror story?
Is Wicked a good book for a 12 year old?
19 girl any book ideas?
What is a example of Symbolism?
in which website do you recommend me to surf the web to find free audio books without having to pay any $?
What are some good teen books?
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows?
Opinion on The Hate List by Jennifer Brown?
Is Ralph a tragic hero in Lord of the Flies?
Is there a person on this world that does not like Harry Potter???!!!???
I'm writing a book, does this sound like something you would read?
Would you read...?
Will the traditional, printed book be eventually phased out in our digital age?
If you could write a book from the past who would it be and why? Thanks?
why Shakespears wrote tragedy?
How graphic is the book Lolita?
there is this book about annonymos dirty secrets?
The crucible help? Anyone please?
whats the name of that book?
What is a Ballad?
Which of the six Harry Potter Books do you like the most?
Villain needs a plan?
The Da Vinci Code - Summarize what a cryptex is, and how it works in under 70 words.?
Rate my short story please. 10 points/BA?
The hobbit....HELPP!?
Critique my writing (really short, will return the favor)!?
How much money do the characters in "Sense and Sensibility" and "Pride and Prejudice" have?
If you have finished writing a book, what do you do? Copyrights?
To Kill A Mocking Bird?
How do you feel about the book, The Great Pretender by Millenia Black?
What is the book "great expectations" about?
What do you think of my conspiracy societies for my book?
Name for island group?
I have a question I really need to be answered please help!!!!?
what is love?
Which Richard Scarry book is this?
HP Fans? What was your reaction when you heard that Rupert Grint got the swine flu?
How can I start Reading (novels and big books)?
Which Kindle is best to buy?
Do all books/stories have a theme to it?
in the book wes moore and drugs help ?
Why is religion so important?
what is a detailed summary of important events etc on the book Old School by Tobias Wolff?
Ideas for the first paragraph of my horror story?
need funny reading material - any good book suggestion?
How do I find a publisher for my books? And where can I find a list of them to contact?
what is it about?
Who do you love more Edward or Jacob?
WDYT--Opinions on this excerpt?
Please help me on the hobbit?
book recommendations for teen girls?
Which famous female character from literature would make the most high maintenance girlfriend?
Which is your favorite series-Lord of the Ring or The Chronicles of Narnia? (Lion,Witch and the Wardrobe)?
I am an aspiring author and I need some help majorly!!!!!!! please just llisten I'm not crazy I promise!!!!!!!?
First Science Fiction/Fantasy story your ever heard or read?
has anyone read "los insociables" written by Mario Bencastro?
Am i too overly obsessed with this Fantasy, Twilight?
Book Suggestions!!!!!!!?
Any tips on how to improve my query letter? I don't know what else to do?! 10 points!?
What great books would you recommend I read??!?
whats more important reading the book or watching the movie?
what s.f. story circa 1970's about a meek man who enters a closet in a house for sale and exits in tree world
In books, around what year did queer start meaning gay rather than strange?
Can a king be jumped by a single piece?
who is the creator of the spindizzyand what is it.?
would u like it if j.k. rowling(author of harry potter) wrote another series? or some more books?
What are some good Teen NOVELS?
What are some awesome books?
Tell me about one book you could NOT get through, please!?
what was the best book of poetry released in 2005?
what book u like better? twilight,new moon or eclipse.?
How many books are in the Twilight series and what are they all called?
How do you find an author if you know their real name but not their pen name?
How can I get classical English novels?
Which books should everyone read?
Need some constructive criticism?
How old is Gandalf in Shire Rekoning?
Mindfuck/Horror Novels?
What is a good title for my Full House fanfic?
I'm interested in books about CON ARTISTS. Know any good ones?
Can I have whole story, perhaps good summary of 'Waiting for Godot'?
What was the last book you read or are reading ?
Help with 'of mice and men' crooks?
What traits of Ernest Hemingways personality are revealed within the characters of his books?
How is Willie Loman's house symbolic in the book DEATH OF A SALESMAN?
Rewriting The Raven by Eadgar Allan Poe?
Who is Ralph Waldo Emerson?What were his thoughts?
do you have certain standards when it comes to reading books, or will you read just about anything?
who is E.E cummings?
Pilgrims progress help!!!?
can anyone recommend a really good book?
What do you think of my book so far?
wuthering height by Emilybronte discuss the plot?
I need the name of a book about a phycic boy named noah.. and this boy and girl kept having same dreams..U.F.O
I am searchin a book of wich are paintings of dwarfs. i do not know a name of author. tnx?
Would you buy/read my book?
Should we ban books?
Which of the seven Harry Potter books was your favorite?
help! please read the first sentence of my story and tell me if its any good? thank you?
Have you read any of the Gor books?
Summary of Till We Have Faces chapters 1-5?
Book Poison Study -Is the Commander a Man or a Woman?
i want to know how to find isalmic web sites?
What's a good short story that has to do with growing up.?
What should I name my story?
Why am I not writing my essay?
What are episodes of Law & Order that relate to the topics in To Kill a Mockingbird?
How big is your book collection?
Friedrich by Hans Peter Ricther?
im trying to write a csi story but i need to know ways someone can be murded?
Teen recommended non-fiction books?
Concerning WWI in the Guns of August by Tuchman, what does she mean by military schedules?
What are some really good romance novels to read (that arent really graphic)?
French world economic and cultural survey published yearly ?
what is the best horror book to read? I wanna be scared reading a book, is it possible?
Who wrote the book "The Ambler Warning"?
is there any fan of kundera here? plz tell me what in his books attracts you ?
Symbolism Question??????????
Who is on the back of the first harry potter book???
What do you think of fanfiction stories?
Know any good paranormal series?
Good Books? 10 points for best books;)?
Who were Chuck Close's parents?
What are the names of the characters in the book "The Wendsday Wars?
Is this a good beginning?
When is Jingle Spells 3 coming out and how much will it cost?
What is the name of this book about the holocaust?
what were the clues found at the crime scene of the orient express by Agatha Christie ANSWER FAST?
I am looking for book distributors...?
Why is it on my-diary you can't read what other's have written without logging out?
Proof that Macduff is gay?
Is this a good intro to a story? Would you read more?
when is the next l.j.smith's book coming out?
would a fiction novel be more emotional if ....?
Who on here likes to read or write?
Does anyone know what this poem was called , and who wrote it ?
what is your favourite poem?
Whats your favorite book series? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia?
In the play Hamlet, was there ever a time Polonius talks about King Hamlet?
What is the message or theme of the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair?
Need some creative ideas for a story plot?
Is having action scenes in most chapters in my book a good thing?
Are Erotic Stories a Sin?
4 easy questions on the custom house from the scarlet letter?
I am looking for the text of pam ayres poem 'now don't start' ?
does anyone know the children book "under the black flag"? if yes where can I get it?
TKAM, 2 simple question.. please help!?
twilight or harry potter? *please answer only if you have read all the books in both series*?
What is the inciting moment in West Side Story?
Why do people hate Twilight, I mean, I really don't get it?!?
What was Washington Irving's childhood like?
What are some women's names that begin with a b?
What were Fred Weasley's last words?
what young adult book has this part in it?
What is the protocol with writing a fiction novel based on historic facts?
Has anyone heard of an author by the name of Willard A. Heaps?
Using Figment vs Wattpad?
what is marie's 10 digit account number in the book The Da Vinci code?
Title for my short story about a murder?
Any fiction novels from a serial killers point of view?
im looking for the year book of my 5th grade class how do i find it?
Can anyone tell me the title to this book? And where I can find it?
does anybody know anything about the book I, Robot!!!??? this is urgent?
what did you think of the ending of the da vinci code?
What are some literary terms and elements in connection to William Cullen Bryant's works?
what are the other books of c b lewis in the chronicles of narnia?
who is the greatest band ever?and why?
Does the film of A Man in a High Castle have similar story line to the book?
What is your favourite book of all time?
so we are all players?
Anyone ever read Kurt Cobains Journals?
How long until I should introduce my main character to this?
What are some interesting characters names in Slaughterhouse 5?
How old do you think Della and Jim are in the shot story "The Gift of the Magi".?
has anyone read the book, The Grays? by Whitley Strieber?
I read a series of books in 5 th grade and i cannot remember what its called.?
Aide with my character, Lily....?
What is your favorite ghost story?
How to write a short story?
Who is your favorite HP character?
twilight fans only ?
I have read everything worth reading!?
where are the "Sisterhood of the traveling pants" books plots set in? what state do they live in? HELP ME!!!!!
Books Similar To Ready Player One by Enerst Cline?
I love Enid Blyton - The Author. Lots Haven't Heard Of Her. Who Loves Her As Well?
Any decent 50 Shades of Grey FAN FICTION?
which title sounds better?
Who knows Maryse Condé (Guadeloupean writer) and what's your favorite book?
I'm looking for a poem by Nikki Giovanni called "The Women Gather" written 1975-!?
A name for a drug that causes someone to temporary forget painful memories?
The train from rhodesia?
where is there a posting of Richard Wright's "How Bigger was Born" online?
The A-List Novels Zoey Dean?
have you guys read montana 1948 by Larry Watson??
ok like seriously why do people keep on asking if Edward Cullen is cute? ?
Do you still read books nowadays? And if you do...what do you read?
Do you wish that all boys were like Edward? [Twilight]?
wat is the best way of sucide?
where can i donload the book hang gliding training manual ?
How many books are in the xanth series by Piers Anthony..whats your favorite?
How do you use a kindle book reader?
Was Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series inspired from Jane Austen and Bronte?
A good fantasy book for a fifteen yearold boy?
Help with a book review on WICCA RELIGION?
Is this a better love story than Twilight?
1 Page summary flesh and Bone?
Heart of Darkness question?
What do you think of this excerpt?
describe friar laurence from romeo and juliet in a well developed paragraph?
Which of the Harry Potter books was your favourite?
Best book youve ever read!?
What was that book where the main character (a kid) had a imaginary friend name "Captain I.F."?
what was michael morpurgo first book?
Vampires or Dystopian Novel?
What price should I take for these books?
Is this a good story idea?
I can't read books !! why?
Help with title of novel?
the characteristics of comedy of manner in the importance of being earnest?
Even though I'm 13 will I get a letter from Hogwarts?
How can I start a story?
was this a good idea or no?
What do you want in an ideal character?
Books in Public Domain?
Who are the characters of "Killer of Men" by Christian Cameron?
What are some good contemporary Japanese authors who have been translated into english?
What books have made you feel inspired?
What is the summary to "Party Girl" by Lynne Ewing?
What makes YOU smile?
Are the Scott Pilgrim books worth buying?
The Book Thief - Death?
Careers as book cover designers?
Is this a good name?
Who is GA McKevett?
Should I read Pretty Little Liars?
Whom: favorite poet?
Good Romance Vampire books like Twilight?
Is my fanfiction character a Mary-Sue?
What is the longest good book you've ever read ?
Help on writing short stories for exams?
Which sucks most: Twilight, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter?
Would u plz help me finding a brilliant title for my book ?
Harry Potter or Twilight? JK Rowling or Meyer?
Does anyone else want to kill the Twilight fans?
Do you think it's bad luck?
Does anyone know of a childrens literary agent that accepts manuscripts by email?
Harry Potter fans: Does this tick you off?
I have a question about writing?
What songs should i use for the book animal farm?
What do you think of these character descriptions?
Any good books that I should get?
I Finished the Mark of Athena?
in the hobbit trailer?
Who is the greatest American author??
What book comes after The Dark Tower?
What is a long detailed accurate summary of the book "Camel Rider" by Prue Mason?
What book did you last read or are reading now?
Is this a good blurb ?
Anyone know a good page-turning book?
Where to go to write a book?
name for a character in my book?
Am I going through writers block?
Any good series like The mortal instruments?
What is the protocol with writing a fiction novel based on historic facts?
Any one read THE DEEP by helen dunmore?
harry potter fans! wouldn't this be a cool idea?
Books that are similar to John Carpenter's "Halloween"?
Can someone tell me what Fallen by Lauren Kate is like?
What book is this quote from?
What do you think of this story idea?
what kind of books do you like reading?how often do you read?
A good name!?!?!?
Does my story sound good for children?
can i find books of Will Durand on net?
Can I find William Blake's poetry online?
What are good books, novels, series, ect to read for young adults?
Has anyone read?
Harry Potter Question.......?
a house divided by catherine cookson audio book?
Can someone explain what the story is about the lying in "A Million LIttle Pieces"?
I am 30 yrs old I am very disencourage about what is happening in the world, How do I go on?
HELP!! I need a summary on remembering green I can't find one thank you so much!?
Where to submit stories?
breaking dawn pages???
i want free e-book of the da vinci code if any body can sent me??
Why read books when you can watch movies?
“Which George Orwell novel showed the dangers of excessive state control?
what is the most strange thing god created in your point of view?
Angela Jackson poems to share?
What strange places have you read in?
I'm a fan of horror and fantasy books what are the best reads?
What is your favorite line from the harry potter books?
Can someone review my thematic analysis of "The Kite Runner" (Part 2)?
A username for a writer?
Peer-reviewed critical essays on Breakfast by John Steinbeck?
does anybody know the quote that starts off from macbeth my dark deed in the night?
Why did Bella have to be so stupid and let the fetus eat her alive!?
have anyone here read Katie Macalister's "You slay me"?, if so what do you think about it?
I need help creating water magic for my story?
What is your favorite book series?
Works of literature/classical music inspired by the Book of Job?
this question is about Romantic Novels in English , Suggest me ten best Romantic novels as you rate ??
How do I sell my T.V pilot?
can you annalyze the letter by amy lowell?
Does anybody ever read these?
what can you tell me about the book sTORI Telling ?
Name of this book? please?
What is the name of this book?
Harry Potter?!?!?
Why Can't I Finish Stories?
why do people read classic novels?
Does anyone recognise this vague book summary?
Writers: So why write? It seems like such a waste of time?
Is there a book for complete lead guitar for the beatles on the market?
i was supposed to paraphrase "when lilacs last in the door yard bloom'd" but im having a really hard time
Is there going to be a 7th samurai girl book?
What character in Harry Potter do you feel the need to defend and why?
Do you have any really amazing books that you would recommend for teenagers.?
Can someone help me find a children's book title?
The central message of Dante Rossetti's "Silent Noon" is that?
what books would u say must be read?
Why did jodi picoult choose the title nineteen minutes for her novel in a paragraph pleaseeee?
Is there going to be a Sookie Stackhouse book 11?
What was your favorite book you had to read in high school?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Who is your favorite author and why?
when was "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" written and published?
Anyone know of any writing groups I could join? Or do you want to start one with me>?
What kind of insight does the book Devil in the White City offer?
What do you like to read?
What do think about?
Is there some way you can find out who follows you/how many followers you have on
What should happen after my character gets beat up?
Where can i find a summary of my book BABY by Patricia MacLachlan.?
Most Hated HP Character ♥ Round 3 ♥?
Great books for a teen?
Why is Leah so blonde ?
Question about the book "to killing a mockingbird"?
birthdate-6 march 1989.time-4:46 a.m. India-chandigarh<city>. wt is my moon sign,sun sign and rising sign?
Could Stephanie Meyer actually be one of the worst book authors in history?
is there a person or creature that lies and says he is a god or god in mythology or in ...?
What's your favorite book series?
Sharpe's Rifle Questions Help?
Do you know of any books that the author added extra chapters to after it was published?
How to make your own book fantasy world?
Does Sara Shepard (author of Pretty Little Liars) use a ghost writer?
In what floor at barnes and noble at the grove will I find the book called house of the spirits?
well any opinion on shakspear's diverse personality or dramas?
were can i find a copy of "the children were dancing yesturday" to read online for free?
find critics about "how the garcia girls lost thier accents"?
A young adult book with the cover containing a camera?
How should you describe characters in a book?
Are you a fan of Eragon the book? If so take this challenge!!!?
What is your take on Fitzgerald's portrayal of the American dream in The Great Gatsby?
Should I get the ps vita ?
A GOOD german name ?!?!?
The first person who can tell me what book this is from gets the 10 points! :) Think it is funny?
What is the purpose of wattpad?
What do you think of my story (below)?
I'm trying to remember a childrens book I had when I was little?
Got a favorite book that was made into a movie that you think they did a great job on?
is this a good start to a story?
Which short story scared you when you was a kid.?
Lord of the flies questions help?
I wrote a book when I was 15, and got it published. Should I be famous?
Which name sounds better?
Preachers on TV : Joyce or Joel better 4 U ?
What are the ways that Marlow and Kurtz are changed by the Jungle in the Heart of Darkness?
Has anyone else read the book Stone Cold?
i would like to write a book but i am not getting how to start.can you tell me the beginning?
Have you any favourite books to recomend?
What do you think of this story concept?
can anyone help me choose 3 books to read out of this list?
Quick, quick! Please read this!!!!?
2 or 3 lightning thief book funny qoutes? plzz?
Who are graymalkin and paddock in macbeth?
Opinions on this description?
What are some good books to read?
Twililght- Who doesn't want to read it because of the reasons listed below?
When do you indent and NOT indent paragraphs in a novel?
edward cllen or edward scissorhands?
Can someone summarize the novel "The Dead Zone" for me???!!?
Need some opinions on this, please?
what was the birth date and death date of Dr. Thomas A. Harris?
Novel help? world war 3?
Has anyone had their book published with Wiley Publishing company?
What are your favorite books?
Futuristic type girl names?
Creative Writing 10 POINTS?
Who was the 1st indian to be awarded the nobel prize for literature?
B&A: Does your story include the following?
How would you describe an underwater ballroom?? Please Help!!?
Future of Traditional Publishing: Favorable or Unfavorable?
the pearl by john steinbeck?
What book is this? Please help!?
What are the steps to becoming a successful writer?
What do you think of Tristan Zara?
Is writing books a good way to make money like a business whether it be online or paperback?
What book are you reading?
why does my chin hurt?
Whats your favorite book?
Has anyone read any good teen books lately?
is snape in harry potter novel really with voldemort?
What is the best book/novel you have ever read?
what is "The Leopold Locked Room" about?
What is given in the book The Da Vinci Code? What is encrypted in it?
im doing a research paper on madam bovary dealing with literary criticism, what would be a good topic for it?
I need 2 prose on winter?
Do you like my book chapter? :)?
Why cant I login to my fanfiction profile?
What is the best way to promote my book?
any good recommendations for my grandmother who has just taken an interest in reading factual books?
is there a book title with the words "hold the linguine" as part of the title?
Life as We Knew it book?
1984 Book question help needed?
The book "The Giver" (read description)?
my son needs to dress up as a book character?
Where can I find the summary & meaning of Robert Frost's poem,'Out, Out'?
okay seriously- what do you think will happen in the next harry potter book?
I need some words for a ABC book that Ancient Rome did that we use today!?
Is there any famous scene in literature or drama that involves spiting in somebody´s face?
Is it copying? I disagree. Help?
What books (popular or not) would you never recommend to anyone?
What is a good book to read?
where can i find an essay on the poem "the mower against gardens" by andrew marvell?
Could someone pls give me an example of a poet or a author who lost trail of thier thoughts while writing?
What things do you think I need to know about creative writing?
What is D.J MacHale's first name?
Twilight Fans: What do you think the Breaking Dawn cover symbolises?
What was the last great book you read (UK)?
HELP!Who knows the book The Host by Stephenie Meyer like the back of their hand?
do you like my short story?(chrisian short story)?
who is nicholas in the canterbury tales?
large print books - Jan Karon or Sue Grafton?
Thoughts on "The House of the Spirits"?????
Is there anywhere to read capter 2+ of Spiritbound (vampire academy book 5)?
A book about dolls who are alive?
Where can i find the tribe books?
What is the title to this childrens book where a girl is turned into a tree?
Is this a good idea for a trilogy?
Are there any Christian authors because I plan to become one when I am twenty years old at least?
Would Luster be a good name for a dragon?
Can you give me some book recomendations?
How were the seven rooms in "The Masque of the Red Death" arranged?
Anyone know of any good teenage love books?
The dreaming of the bones?
is there anything wrong in an adult, a family doctor, reading a harry potter book?
what is the age limit on Twilight?
B&A: Care to share who/what character are you most proud of creating?
Twilight fans ... if Bella didn't become a vampire?
In the Bridge of San Louis Ray what is the novels central time referent?
What's a good book?
Who is cassandra caine?
I need help on concluding my Crucible essay?
Name me some good books?
what is catch22 situation?
Publishing: What is a "true" advance?
How to be a writer? (Please answer if you are one!)?
Need detailed synopsis of Aldous Huxley's Point Counterpoint ASAP!?
How many editions of the Guinness Book of World Records have there been to date?
Which fictional characters would you invite to dinner?
Is this too descriptive for a character introduction (the character is being watched/admired by someone)?
Free used books, does any one know, if theres available sites which provide free used books, for PAOLO COHELEO
WHIP HAND by Dick Francis?
What do you do when you come up with too many story ideas in your head?
I need help figuring out the climax for Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn?
Where in the Bible is this story?
I'm trying to remember the title of a fantasy book I read years ago...?
what reminds you of to kill a mocking bird?
What was the children's book series called in which the main character was named Maggie?
How do you organize your books?
I would love to get a copy of the poem, A Rocket in my Pocket.?
how does billy pilgrim deal with the horrors in his life?
Is this story any good so far?
good hiding places for 3 books?
What kind of guns do we have around the world?
Is anyone else appalled at how many bigoted comments have been made about revealing Dumbledore's sexuality?
Harry Potter wingfic?
Where to put period after a word like 'go'?
Which do you like best Narnia or Harry Potter?
I need a scary first person tunnel scene for a story?
What is this book???please help?
Has any one read Facing The Music? Did you like it?
I am a Christan who is 13 and really wants to read twilight?
Good books for teenage girls?
Searching for a book...?
For specialists in Russian literature:?
Can you read and Review my Fictionpress story! If you have a story i'll review yours.?
the best book you've ever read....?
Severus Snape: Love him or Hate him?
can you describe the imaginary summary of 7th novel of harry potter?
The MAIN REASON why you're going to see NEW MOON?
How is the book thief and the boy in the striped pyjamas related?
What should I include in my farewell letter?
What's the BEST book you have EVER read?
When Elie dreams of a better world what will that world be without?
How do I recover money I loaned to a company that has not been paid?
could someone recommend a book for me to read? ?
Why do some books have "This page is intentionally left blank"?
Can I legally publish fan fiction?
What were Shakespeare's conflicts?
Was there a novel that made you cry?
do you believe that life is too short to be spent on reading?
twins names for a new book!?
Is there anyone out there that has read a really good book lately?
Does plot sound Clitche? Any idea on how to improve it?
Ignore "does this zombie book sound interesting? (#1)?
A tale of two cities help?
is there a movie to the book "summer secrets"?
book about giant snakes/crocs?
Read this short excerpt, tell me what you think?!?!?!?!?
TwilightHater: Why Do You Hate Twilight?
is this a good book plot?
Which book name sounds better?
Has anybody read Ishmael?
How to read someone's mind?
who do you think should have gotten bella in twilight, edward or jacob.?
Fantasy book recommendations please?
What is the best book you have ever read?
How do these character names sound?
Whats a good book that I would like?
What is the Book Kill Shot by Vince Flynn about?
What is a funny children's book?
Cliqe book conclusion?
Story idea help please?
what r some good vampire books?
Have you read 'Irrational exuberance' by R.J.Shiller?
Books written in Latin?
What book should I read?