Anyone have any book recommendations for a book or series similar to 50 Shades of Grey or Bared To You?
Would you be so kind to help?
help finding this book! perisan girl moves to America?
Im confused, which one has the vampires, Twilight or Harry Potter?
My daughter loves Hugo caperet and ah wants some book by the same author any suggestions?
what are fantasy characters and how do they help or improve the story?
Was anyone ever beheaded at Alcatraz prison?
What’s your favourite Fictional Character of all times?
What is the setting of The Merlin Effect by T.A. Barron?
what is a good name for this book...?
What is the best title for my book ?! I want something unusual !?
Who is a bookaholic like me? What book was the best?
i need a summary on the book "I know wat you did last summer"?
What are some good books for teens besides Twilight?
Is it a good research paper if the authors only used descriptive statistic?
What should I write about for NaNoWriMo?
On Chesil Beach (book)?
where can i find french stories in french?(on the web)?
What s your fav book?
I need a beta for a Harry Potter fanfic?
Do you like Harry Potter? Who is your favorite character?
Who is the main character in the book road race by philip harkins?
Some good twists to add to a book?
What book are you??
Is EDWARD CULLEN hot or not?
Name for a secret file that sounds cool and ambiguous?
WHAT TO READ NEXT? Any suggestions?
Animal sidekick for a villain?
How to make a Romance story interesting?
did shakespear actually exsist ar dida bunch of old guys make him up?
What do u like most about Harry Potter?
where can i find the text for the short story rosamunda by Carmen Laforet?
Who is the sexiest man in Harry Potter?
Bad girl nd boy names?
PLEASE HELP?! what is the irony in this story (link inside)?
Are there any metaphors and personification in "It Couldn't be Done" by Edgar Guest?
I don't know what this story is about. Could someone tell me?
What is the publishing process for a book like?
Which novel are you reading these days? And by whom?
i decided to take up writing?
How many books have you read this year?
Can't remember this book?
a good ghost story book?
I need tips on reading a Harry Potter book in two weeks.?
Whats the WORST book u have ever read?
What is a good teen book series?
what is pragmatic psychology?
in which NERDS book do the hyena and jackson start dating?
Is this plot a good plot?
The Soul (the Host) by Stephenie Meye?
What was the last good book you read?
what are some ways to get good hand writing ?
What does this verse mean to you?
Poor girl falls in love with her master, movie on PBS?
Dimensions/marigins of book pages?
Who's with me about Breaking Dawn?
I need to find a good book?
Is Felipe Polanco still living to this day ?
B&A family: I need a title, fast! (my very last request)?
When do I need to cite a source?
Did a well-known author actually write the new Lost book Bad Twin? Anyone know who wrote it?
Information on writing a query to and editor/publisher?
do you think that twilight is stupid?
What is the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone pages look like in the adult version?
who is the number 1 book publisher?
Hello. I wanna tell a story. Just because.?
What is the best fictional book about World War II and espionage that you've ever read?
Chapter Names for a Love Story?
What is your favorite book?
who is harry potter .?
What should I call my story?
in what version did peter pan rip off tinkerbell's wings?
In the Crucible, why does Elizabeth Proctor not encourage John Proctor to confess and live?
Are gray aliens too cliche?
Which Harry Potter Character Have You Fallen For?
does the time traveler's wife movie follow the book? if not is it very similiar?
Whats the best book you have ever read?
How does the first chapter of Candide introduce some of the major themes of the work?
Were there ANY good writers that were SLAVES!?!?
Name of play written by Princess Elizabeth Bibesco?
name the last book you read ???
Ladies, who would you like to marry Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?
How do comic book authors/artistes get inspired for there story and characters?
Short Story Feedback Please?
please tell me what ya think (does he know)?
What should the two girls names be in my book?
how do you make a story really good?
funny nonfiction book?
All quiet on western front what are the rising actions, and hook?
Ok well i need help with writing a short paragraph. Any suggestions?
Is "Brokeback Mountain" originally a short story OR a book OR a short story in a book?
What does BEP format mean?
How is this excerpt from my story?
Is 30,000 words too short for a first book?
Which is the best set of books written - Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Please only vote for one of these!?
Twilight/Harry Potter?
1984 by George Orwell .... Help Please/Thank You :)?
Is it wierd that i read all twilight books even the last one twice in a month?!?
What happens in the last act of hamlet?
Harry Potter vs. Leven Thumps. Which do you like better? And/Or are they comparable?
how can i make money from writing stories (without fee)?
What Book is this? It's killing me? Help?
Writers: What is the message of your story?
Have you ever read a novel or short story that made you cry?
Where can I read Brokeback Mountain, the original story?
I am looking for a book (read more inside)?
The casual Vacancy could be banned in India? Your Thoughts?
In the book title, Tactical Edge: Surviving High-Risk Patrol, what does "edge" mean?
what is simplicity?
book: the grapes of wrath........???
What is the best book you have ever read?
What are name of songs that can described Holden from Catcher in the Rye?
A children's book title question...?
who is dorian grey?
Can someone explain the difference between bibliophilia and bibliomania?
Need help outlining my plot and creating a character?
What is this books title?
what is susan jacoby trying to tell the readers in "math is a waste of time"?
Who wrote "We must have respect for our plumbers and philosphers or neither pipes nor theories hold water.
Twilight fans: what do you think of my pix?
would you rather have a daemon or a death?
Free online diary websites?
What genre do you prefer?
Do you think this book is lame or not? Would you buy it?
i need some story tiltles for my new book?
Ideas for short films/short story?
If you were a vampire, what would be your favorite animal to drink?
i need an idea for a short film?
Harry Potter Vs. Twilight - battle for the best?
How to write a good romance scene?
why do boys only love cricket as sport?
Does every story really need a love interest?
Jodi Picoult Books?
What questions might you ask Stephen king after reading his book "Carrie" ?
how old is martin luna in the book, Brothers in Arms?
I need a REALLY good book?
Who do you like Jacob Black or Edward Cullen....?To those of you who read the books.?
How do I get into a writing mood?
How are Hemingway and Faulkner SIMILAR?
Twilight Question....?
What are the internal and external conflicts in the book Twilight?
Best Ever Horror Book?
What are some good thriller/mystery/horror books?
Just give me some feedback on this thesis please, skilled writers only.?
What's the book you wish you'd written?
where does austen speaks about mr and mrs bennets marriage?
Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangar...?
WDYT of this description--too wordy?
A good non fiction memoir to read?
Books... What are some good books? (But please, good ones!)?
Is this summary boring, or is it just that not enough people are reading it?
Hey.guys. Does anyone know how to read comic?
I wrote a fantasy book like lord of the rings anyone want to critique? I also need it proof read.?
Name of a short The Village movie?
why paulo coelho wrote the novel the alchemist?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
Do you hate or love twilight?
Which book would you have banned...?
Do you go to the library...?
Did reed die in the eighth book of the private series?
I am chenxiaobin ,I am in thailand know ,thailand is very hot ,I want go back china ,but I don't know ,do I hu
What is a really good teen fiction novel out now?
Who knows a good book that I can read?
What is your favourite ever word?
Okay, so I'm writing a story, and I need a name for a character. Think you can help?
Help me explain to my friend why Harry Potter is better than Twilight?
what role does aesthetecism and hedonism play in the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray?
Is this okay for a 13 year old?
Would you want to read a book if this was the first chapter?
What was the name of michael jackson lawyer?
"Deathly Hallows"- what DIDN'T you like? *spoilers*?
What should I do in school during if I am ahead of others in everything?
who read the pearl harbor is burning! A Story of world war ll. can u tell me about this story.?
Does anyone know where can I download the whole collection of James Patterson ebooks?
what did azalea hear when she was eavesdropping outside of the gazebo? entwined by heather dixon?
Where can you buy those books that have the pages cut out so you can hide things in it?
what do you think of my story so far?
HP Fans (RA/DA): If you could...?
What is the best Kindle to get?
modern or medieval plot re-post.?
why is jay gatsby from "the great gatsby"a tragic hero?
Why did Magwitch turn to crime in Great Expectations?
which Shakespeare play has the characters: Kate, Petrucio, Bianca, Baptist Minola.?
What's the book that YOU couldn't put down?
“There is no good or evil: only power and those too weak to seek it.” J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and The Sorc?
in the time of the butterflies events ?
Just read and answer?
What's the most simple but certain way to "self copywrite" or "self publish" my poems, lyrics, my words?
ir parallel realities do exist, then how might i reach a different one?
Good Potential Story or Major Flop?
Does Rory Emerald mortally wound H. P. in J. K. Rowling's newest novel - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
I am writing a novel...? read and edit plz. Thnx!?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
What Is the book divergen about is it good?
Hi I wanna be an author can somebody give me some direction?
if i like daughters of the moon series and sweep series what books would u recommend?
Give me some good long books to read.....?
Which Non-American author have your read. I mean the contemporary authors. only people from USA answer this.?
plot summary of the transparent sun by linda casper?
Is James Patterson the "master of the thriller genre"?
the story "The Fig Tree"by Katherine Anne Porter?
Questions about the book night?
has anyone read the book "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
Favorite book of ALL time? What is it and I guess you can say why?
Who would you be and why?
my computer is attacked by trojan downloader and toolbar can not solve the problem,so what should i do?
Is there anyone who ships Dobby and Voldemort?
Does comic book writer Nick Spencer have a website?
Jane Austen or Stephanie Meyer?
HELP!!! can anyone recommend books to improve writing?
Is this a good crime plot for my story? Please read!?
What is this book called?
A question for people who have read "Of Mice and Men"...?
Anyone help me with my story?
in harry potter?
Book recommendations?
What do you think of this story?
In Crossed by Ally Condie, why is Ky and Cassia seperated?
Which was Michener's best selling novel?
what is your favorite inspirational book?
Shakespeare Julius Caesar question?
The book: Thirteen Reasons Why (Don't Read If You Haven't Finished It)?
If I create a Barnes and noble account and download books on the iPhone app can I later put them on my nook?
i love jasper do you love him?
Exist an index to George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM?
is j.d.salinger alive?
What are the main themes in the help?
I have some questions concerning Anne Frank?
Stephen King said: "If I cannot horrify, I'll go for the gross-out. I'm not proud".?
Blue fingers ninja book?!?
what is the meaning of civil in turkey?
Does anyone else feel sorry for Stephanie Meyer?
What do you think: Analyzing Sentences?
does anyone know when the new book for the twilight series comes out and if they are still making a twilight m
What Grickle book should i get?
What do you guys think of these books: The Demon King, and The Heir Trilogy...?
trying to get into reading. can anyone recommend any novels/autobiographies ?
Why does Hannah kill herself in 13 Reasons Why?
Daily Writing Challenge #2?
Harry Potter Fans: Which is a more scary image.....?
What was the saddest death for you in Harry Potter?
Avatar fans, do you think Amon or his Equalist could ever murder?
is the novel Shawshank Redemption as good as the movie?
What do you know about Paolini's 3rd book in the Inheritance trilogy?
whats the best book you have ever read????
who is character polianna or polyanna?
Who would win a fight, Rand from Wheel of Time or a giant, evil anthropomorphic toaster oven that can chanel?
HOW do i put Music on My Quizilla stories(Plz read description!)?
What do u thing of my story so far?
Do you think Dumbledore is still alive?
Names with "trip" or "rat" in them?
Does anyone remember "Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories"?
DOes anyone have a general guideline to write a book review for any publication or a site like amazon??
How do you decide what race to make your characters?
what year did walt wittman write oh captain my captain?
i need answers to a book called first semester be cecil b cross?
My english teacher actually let her son (who isn't even in my class) critique my paper!?
does anyone know if the author barbara erskine has a website address. what is it.?
Can someone tell me what Happens in the book tempted by pc and Kristen cast? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW!! :)?
where can I buy mills and boon novels cheaply in India?
Topics for short stories showing human nature?
I want your opinion on part of my fourth chapter, thanks?
What're some inspirational songs to listen to when writing a story?
Examples of how the suitors in The Odyssey didn't actually love Penelope?
James Patterson appropriate for teen / young adult?
What do you think happened to Raju at the end of R.K Narayan's novel "The Guide"? Did he die? Did he faint?
Literature Pop Quiz!?
Is Twilight overrated?
Any amateur or professional writers out there?
I'm a Muggle!?
What do you know about bookshops in saudi arabia?
Does anyone know of good teen books?
Which edition of "Bleak house" should I buy?
Where are free factory car manuals for my 98' Ford Econoline?
A need for an Oliver Twist expert!!!!?
What do you think of my excerpt??? .s!!!?
what are some quotes from pride and prejudice about the Bennet family?
I'm looking for a pink elfish kinda book..?
In the maze runner, what is the purpose of the maze?
Hey guys, can you all help me with this riddle, it's quite hard for me...Clue, Harry Potter, Hogwarts.?
Has anyone read this book??
BOOKS- do you prefer Hardcovers or Paperbacks?
Que significa "nae maeum" / What does "NAE MAEUM" mean?
help with my book......?
What is a secret of Dr. Heidegger's past?
If you could write a love story, what town would write from and would you be the main character?
Any other movies/novels about ordinary people rising up to fight oppressors?
As a child (or if your a child now) What was/is your favorite book? Why? Author? why?
Who was the best science fiction/fantasy writer from the '50s and '60s era?
What's your favorite book? One that you've read over and over again.?
Got a favorite book that was made into a movie that you think they did a great job on?
I loved 'Prey' by Michael Crichton. What other books would you suggest that are similar to this?
books!!!!! what can u sujjest me...........?
is the movie the kite runner the same as the book?
What are you?
Twilight info (books)?
Has anyone read Eragon or Eldest?
Any more suggetions.....?
Have u read any really funny books lately?
1.Think back to “Gumption.” If the narration had been third-person, would you have sympathized as much with th?
Where can I find "Yoga for your eyes" by Meir Schneider in Australia?
I need a good literary Agent. Do you know of a great one?
What would be a better way to say this; what word describes this?
Lord of the Flies; were animals harmed in it?
What do you think of this part of my story?
If you've read Blue Bloods and Twilight?
how is the lord of the rings series(a review on it maybe?)!?
Im jealous of the Harry Potter books..?
When was 'The Ache of Marriage' written?
Is this a good plot for a book?
Early 1800s? Need help for my book..?
what was the main issue for the novel (the satanic verses) by salman roushdy?
I want some information or a web site on the book called Emill. The authur is JOHN JACK ROSSO .?
I need a good title for this love story?
Is my story good in your eyes?
Writing a story for fun,I need some teenage boy names!?
where can I get free royalty free photos for a book I am writing?
Anyone else think that Stephenie Meyer is selfish?
Across Five Aprils book- need help!?
do you know any famous authors wh ohave been known for plagiarizing?\?
What are key terms and characters to include in a description of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"?
What does the white man's burden represent in rudyard kipling's poem "The White Man's Burden"?
Which character from A Raisin in the Sun do you think represents this quote?
What would be a good female character whose in college?
lord of the flies:what made ralph different from the other boys?why did he not became savage like most others?
Harry Potter and Twilight???
I'm into exposing my book , The Adventures of Avarom. Any Ideas?
How can anyone like a book as poor as twilight?
What exactly is the term Chicklit?
What are some examples of culture in the book Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Nyul Choi?
Who is the Grand Dame of Science Fiction?
What is your favorite book from the Hunger Games series?
Can you suggest a name for this Heroic Story?
What does the book "The Prince" say about being/becoming a supervisor?
what is the most sorrowful or sad sentence you have read or heard?
How is prejudice portrayed in the Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky?
what is the imagery in farhenheit 451?
Recommend me a book!?
Is there any place where I can purchase used novels?
What book have you read more times than any other book (excluding the Bible)?
Has anyone read the book "Kasha" by Miyuki Miyabe?
how can i get into reading ?
Does anyone have any quotes from "The Realm of Possibility" by David Levithan?
how much of james frey's "my friend leonard" was actually fabricated and is there proof?
Which one do you like for the title?
"The wind blew and shook the house"?
how many books have you read so far in your life?
what's the most sold/buyed book in the world? and in how many languages was it translated?
summery of gioldie lox and the 3 bears?
what is the favorite book u have read?
I have a first edition of Gone with the wind that is marked published MCMXXXVI which translates to 1936?
*New Moon... What the Heck Man???*?
creative writing ideas?
does anybody know any good books out there?
Anyone got the new Kindle Fire?? If so thoughts?? Anypoint in buying?
in the Raven by Poe, why won't the bird leave?
what is meant by "delirious abandonment" in William Golding's Lord of the Flies?
how to start an essay?
What is an example of the boys in "Lord of the Flies" having trouble surviving?
What is the significance of this stanza in Shakespeare's sonnet 73?
Need help remembering a fantasy book's title..Jenny, Alan, Dragons..please help!?
If I loved CANE RIVER by LALITA TADEMY what are some other books I should read?
Have you read a banned/controversial book before?
I need help with character names for my story!?
Does the book the outsiders impress English teachers?
Books a 15 year old won't mind reading?
I need some advice on my writing?
What makes a good poem?
Do you enjoy reading and watching Harry Potter films and books?
Could you answer these parts of Things that are?
Should freedom of expression be curtailed? Give your reasons?
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character, now having read the final Harry Potter book?
writing a book stuck?
how many of you sneak a peek at the end of a book before finishing even if you truly do not want to???
My uncle is advertising his book on, what is the name of a free website to advertise the book on?
A midsummer nights dream - summary - up to act 3 scene 1 ?
I need some tips on writing a monologue?
if I'm doing a biography report on a person, and u can't tell who it is cuz itz a mystery report...?
What happens at the end of the book wolf rider by Avi?
has anybody seen the movie "thank you for smoking" or read the book? what did you think of it?
How to choose a pseudonym/pen name?
How about this for a book idea?
anybody have clues as to how to read shakaspeare?
I've been invited to go to a Harry Potter themed party?
Trying to remember the name of a children's book about illiteracy. Can you help?
How do I find a publishing lawyer?
Who knows were to find Fruits Basket english translations online?
I need a story title. PLEEASE HELP(:?
And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.?
Are Native American people often stereotyped when written by white folk?
linz9901, can anyone find her?
Good poem? I wrote it . ?
I am reading books by Faye Kellerman. Does anyone know another author like her that I could read?
Why do people like Emily Dickinson's poetry?
Are there any biographies about daddy Bush?
What would you identify as the key conflict of act 3.?
how can i download for FREE the story called (Night of the Milky Way Railway) (.pdf or .doc) ?
team Jacob or team Edward? from twilight?
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer?
What's the best book you ever read?
Have you ever read "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"?
a good love story for young adultss/teens?
What's an Elvish name meaning "he who quests"?
I can't decide which book to read. Help?
What is ur fav book of the month?
Does someone have a list of atleast 200 character traits?
In Twilight,what made Bella think Edward Cullen was a vampire?
Does anyone else think King went Matrix in the final Dark Tower book?
Help me think of a fan fiction crossover?
Which is your favourite book series out of these?
What is the average earning range a new author can hope to make on a book?
Book about a dyslexic preacher?
GOOD BOOKS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?
Help with personal conflict paragraph!!!!!?
What`s the reason behind the huge success of the Best selling book DA VINCI CODE eventhough it`s blasphemous?
how do i judo flip someone?
Some novel questions please help?
GIve me some ideas for a story?
is revenge of the living dummy the same as night of the living dummy 2?
Character names in your novels?
To Kill A Mockingbird?
reading books online?
Charaters in 'Thirteen Reasons Why'?
Book recommendations please?
What are the mother's motives for wanting her daughter to be a prodigy?
do you think facts in da vinci code are true?
Do I Like Him?(Read Description)?
What is the greatest Treason?, according to TS .Elliot?
Why did the author of "Of Mice and Men" create so many characters with disabilities?
Do you buy books regularly?
Making a new word?/Translation?
Girls fan of Twilight series answer please!!!!!?
if any body has read the la da venci code do u belive what he has written in the book.all those myths?
what does rompe mean?
What is the theme of Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir?
Good book for 13 year old girl?
How can I find out about a 1939 crime fiction collection?
Where can I read " Sand Chronicles" vol 7 (online)?
How to read books faster?
Help with Books on stuff?
Any books like Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson and Game of Thrones?
Is this character too cliched?
What is a great book to read?
What was the last book you read?
'The Pearl' by Steinbeck?
What do you think of this short story idea?
who is your favorite author?
In the great gatsby how do the surroundings affect the characters?
What are some must read books?
How do I organize and write my complex story idea?
Harry Potter fans? Your theories??!?
Harry Potter Q~ includes the boggart.?
Other than the Summer collection, is Lisi Harrison continuing the Clique series?
Why was Ralph Waldo emerson considered a reformer?
favorite author?
Jesus Christ God, Son of God or Prophet ?
Format used when publishing to Nook Store?
My sister and I don't get long very well, what can i do to help our relationship?
Do you like twilight?
Grab the book you are reading, go to page 49, paragraph 4, line 2. What does it say?
why people are not honest?
As the twilight craze takes the harry potter fan following fading away?
What do you think of the beginning of my story?
What do you think for a Christian Teen girls book?
what is edward cullen?
Do you like your handwriting?
HARRY POTTER- Is the elder wand made of thestral hair or just made from an 'elder tree'? Please cite response?
How much do used paperback books sell for?
Where can I get the Twilight READ poster?
Why can't I find more peoms by Karl Shapiro on the web?
Sookie Stackhouse Series?
Famous American Authors?
To Kill A Mockingbird... help ?!?
What's the name of the hopsital in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
Can someone give me tips on how to be a better writer?
where can i find a black play play which has an intereting monologue in it?
What are some good books for a 13 year old girl to read?
Who was Jack the Ripper?
what is the secret behind the book called "stop swearing and start living"?
Question about booksie and deviant art?
What name do you like best? please help!!?
Can anyone help me with a discussion I have to head on Frankenstein?
Did J.K. Rowling get the name "Lily Potter" from the Titanic survior?
What is the short story about a person being stoned?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
What's the worse possible ending you can think of Harry Potter 7?
Anobody found any good books to read lately?
is dialogue a rhetorical device?
I need Help with my story?
Why people believe a novel that is fiction as being true?
I am writing a story but here's its plot?
If you were to write your diary entry for today, what would you write?
What is you fave quote?
let me know if you would like to read this as the middle of a story?
Great Expectations, Charles Dickens?
Where can i read free four for free online?
Is this a good story idea? Need Feedback!?
What are some good books that you have read?
What is the title of a Christian fiction book containing hero Prince Morningstar?
Read this chapter of a story?
What are you reading now?
I need help with some info on Mark Twain?
What are some examples of culture in the book Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Nyul Choi?
If you could keep only one book you currently own, which would you choose?
to kill a mockingbird questionnnnnn?
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Q?? 10 points??!?
I need a title for my fantasy novel?
What is a good copy for 'Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table'?
Places to get essays/projects published?
What's your opinion on the Twilight series?
Good title for story?
what is Secrets No More by Goretti Kyohumendo about?
What should I title my book?
Fountain Head or Atlas Shrugged?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
I' looking for a great teen/girly/romance/erotica book to read help?
What is the rising action for BOOK 1 KIDNAPPED?
i am searching for modesty blaise books by peter o'donell.any lenders?
I want to keep a list of all the books I read with a simple review, author, etc. Some site out there?
What do you think of this final goodbye?
themes of Gilgamesh and Antigone?
How does this description sound?
Any news on Harry Potter book #7?
Names for story characters?
How do I properly site this book?
Who else will be sad when Harry Potter is over?
How does the book Split Second by David Baldacci end?
Sorry everybody?
the black cat by edger allen poe?
Why was the Maugrim's name changed to Fenris Ulf in the American editons of C. S. Lewis' work?
what value does a child get by reading HARRY POTTER?
what happened in chapter 1-5 in we'll always have summer?
What are some other sites like Spark Notes?
Is this a good title of a book?
Anyone have any name ideas?
Feedback On A Friend's Writing?
Is It Weird To Read?....10 Points!?
Little black book?
What's the most outrageous book you've ever read?
Where can I get a copy of the archers craft by A.E Hodgkin.?
What are some recommended children's books?
what does gluttony have to do with The Lord of the Flies by William Golding?
Any book suggestions?
I'm way too short?
what are some of alice walker's poems?
Can anyone tell me where i can find a free movie download of "Lord of the Flies"?
What is a good published poem that will be easy to write story about?
What's your favourite ever book?
team edward or team jacob?
Whats Everybody's Favorite Book?
Is this a good short intro paragraph?
Why does Poe, rely heavily on imagery to provide a detailed description of Prospero's hall?
· Do you think that books are a thing of the past?
I wanna write a book about a dream I had?
wats the review for the book "the room on the roof " by ruskin bond?
how much do u think a LIFE magazine from 1948 is worth right now?
Do you prefer reading books written in the present or past tense, and why?
Luigi Guarnieri biography?
What Book Are You Currently Reading?
which website do i find book reviews?
are there any books writing in very simple English (for adult reader)?
What do people think of my poem?
quotes of architectural drafters?
Character of Lady Macbeth.?
I can't remember the name of this book?
Gypsy curse, please help?
and in green underwood and cover blossom by blossom spring begins.?
Who actually goes to the library?
What was the best book of 2006 ?
Which Harry Potter character do you find more attractive?
What's a beautiful name for my character?
I'm writing a story and need your help.?
Name three of your favorite authors, the first book you ever read by each of them, and your now-favorite...?
children's story help?
HEY! Harry Potter experts! What is the name of the seventh book and who do you think is R.A.B.?
What year were Scarlett O'Hara and Frank Kennedy married?
If you are writing something underneath something, would i be a comma or 3 dots?
I need a title for my story?
Is this good for a short story beginning?
What do you think of my cast of characters?
Do people actually like Twilight?
The Mortal Instruments Book Covers?
Any one read Speak by Laurie Anderson?!?
Do you think my novel is good enough to be published?
name of this book??.....?
What do you think of the beginning of my fantasy novel? PART 2?
Harry Potter fans, today is Remus Lupin's Birthday.?
10 points: Would you buy a hard back or soft back books of the game of thrones series?
How to write fiction and use the right wording with conversations?!?
Character unable to speak (broken bones)?
Most thought provking jane austen and dickens novel?
What would make you stop reading a book that you were really enjoying?
How can I know how many words I have written in my story?
Can anyone help me with a story plot?
Are these two books by Deepak Chopra the same or extremely similar?
Harry Potter True and False Survey...again?
who wrote "devil and mrs Prim"?
Help writing a essay!?
i cant end my short story help?
I need actors and actresses for my story! Would you help me?
Twilight, Twilight, Twilight...?
What book is on your bedside table?
English Marathi dictionary?
Without giving me any spoilers, can you tell me if you liked Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
How can I increase the sale of my new novel?
An Idea to Crush My Writer's Block?
What is the core message of the novel '20000 Leagues Under the Sea'?
Do you think Harry Potter will die?
Twilight or Harry Potter? Which do you prefer? Why?
Can anyone give me a list of mangas that have a lot of "kissing" ?
Is there another book simular to Sigmung Freud Interpretation of dream but easier and not as much dicriptive?
What is the last book you read?
What do you think of my fantasy story idea?
what would spome describing words to describe an enchanted forest?
Anyone know the mood of the story Treasure Island?
Looking for ideas for a novel?
Would I be able to understand Thorough's Walden?
Could you please help me...?
When you are older and have kids, will you buy your kids the Harry Potter books?
are bob ong books available in booksale?
Writing a novel, need a hang out spot name?
More Harry Poter Trivia!?
What is your favorite short story and why?
How does the title " The Image Of Love In Black And White Sounds"?
give me your 10 books I must read before I die?
Ever read a book about a babysitter kidnapping?I can't remember the title!?
should i finish this story.....?
any one have a photo of children's author Cathy East Dubowski?
Book “A Jury of Her Peers” What in Mrs. Peters' life and past contribute to her sympathies for?
Does anyone know if Katie Price is going to be bringing out a 5th book about Angel?
I need help writing a thesis for english on the book night?
Role of Cunninghams in To Kill A Mockingbird?
Need questions for explaining my book?
Writers -- If your main character drank a love potion...? (+BQ)?
Where can I buy a book that tells me the values of videogames?
Team Harry Potter or Team Twilight?
what level is this book?
What's the name of the font that is the title of the book seedfolks?
does stephen king the writer have a email ?
Outside reading book project, The Host by stephenie meyer?
What the heck is so satanic about Harry Potter?
What is your favorite book of all time?
I forgot the title of this book?
Any good books on Wattpad?
Is there any connectionwith Shakespeare & Cricket?
Aside from everything you've heard, what are Jane Yolen and Rory Emerald like?
Is the title "i'm.mortal" copyright even though"In Time" didn't use it?
Is "Starship Titanic" worthy of the name of Douglas Adams?
What is V.C. Andrews best book?
Is "When It Happens" by Susane Colasanti a good book?
Why do so many people hate reading books?
how is the pardoner's tale an allegory?
which is more enjoyable to read...biographys or fantasy books?
Blogging websites for teens.?
Does anyone feel weird after reading twilight?
I can't remember the name of this book. please help?
What is your favorite work of fiction? Can you recommend a good book (no sci-fi though please)?
What's the name of this story?
I've written myself into a corner.?
Does anyone else out there think that Voldemort is really dead ?
What do you drink/munch on when reading a book?
Is a fire demon too clichè for astory?
What is The Best Book You Have Read In The Past 2 Weeks?
characters: please help me pick?
brave new world?
What are the general literary movements of the 1800s in Europe?
Am I the only one infatuated with Marla Singer?
First poem I've ever written. Any good?
ok, i need some creative people!?
Authors, and Illustrators, please help me!?
Looking for more information on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader book?
Good fantasy story ideas?
why did steinbeck end East of Eden so shortly?
Is there another Artemis Fowl Book coming out other than the Eternity Code?
What is the greatest sci-fi/fantasy book you have ever read?
Your favourite actor/actress of the Harry Potter movies?
Book Review Please!!?
Is "The Diamond Girls" by Jacqueline Wilson a good book?
Every sinlge Sarah Dessen book??
how can i portray just ella (a book) in just one picture? can anyone find a good picture?
What is the main conflict in king kong the island of the skull by matthew costello?
In what discourses do ralph and jack most frequently participate in lord of the flies?
So.. short story i'd like to get advice for?
Which classic novel should I read next?
My story needs help..........?
Why does Dumbledore appear dead in his portrait?
What is this Book?
what other good books are like percy jackson?
What does this quote mean (from The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time)?
What age group would you recommend the book lolita to?
Calling Twilight Fans ?
What's a good book to read?
How do you pronounce Zenocrate?
What do you think of this Female Character?
Where can I find a good book on the Holocaust?
What is you favorite book of ALL time?
how many star are in the world?
Can anyone recommend a good Earnest Hemingway book?
Anyone know of any books that are "laugh out loud" funny?
How many books total have the 4 Lord of the Rings books sold compared to the current 6 Harry Potter books?
Memoir of The house of Tomorrow by Gary Crew?
Why do the mariners hail the bird as a Christian soul?
Which is better? Atlas Shrugged or Fountainhead.?
is the harry potter series good books?
life is but a vapour that appeareth for a little while then fadeth away.?
what are the documents of critical and creative thinking,finding min idea,skimming and scanning?
What is the impact of desktop computers on design and editorial departments of publishing houses?
Who is your favourite author?
How to write a thesis without an introduction?
Do you think I read to much, please answer!?
How is pip, in great expectations condescending to others?
Has anyone ever read 'Misery' by Stephen King?
What is the explanation for Picnic at Hanging Rock?
Help Please! Due tomorrow!?
do you love to read and why?
Johnny Tremain questions?
What can I write about next?
In which book didHarry Bosch and Kiz Rider had lunch in a Cinese restaurant?
A book with weird/fun facts about World War One?
Best Book You Read This Year...?
What is a good visual component for a book report?
Difference between "fallen hero" and "tragic hero"?
Is there any one from third world who can write an article for our magazine?
was dumbledore a homosexual?
authors,place of publication,publishing company,year of publication of the book of lifestory of mother theresa
Can you people suggest me some books that are hard to read ( for complex structure of sentences ) books ?
King Arthurs Excalibur- is it the sword in the stone or from the lady in the lake or both?
Should this be "the beginning" of my story, after the prologue?
"his patience could see in the bud of the aloe the blossom at the end of a hundred years."?
Who is Charles Campion's wife in "The Stand" By Stephen King?
Can someone give me some good books to reard?
When writing a novel, is it appropriate to put action and dialogue in the same paragraph?
What do you think of my book so far?
Which character is more deserving of sympathy in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly?
Would you read this ?
what do u think of the book new moon? ?
where can i find a publisher for my novel??
I need a common american town name (not new York or Chicago, or Seatle) for my story?
Twilight: Is the book better than the movie?
What are two characters in The Crucible I can compare and contrast?
Do you read Poerty?
Twilight Fans have to pick?
What is your favourite book?
What is the moral/ theme of the Daughters of Eve by Lois Duncan?
Does it bother you if cuss words are in a book you are reading?
Does this story sound good to you?
do you like edward cullen?
spy story, im writing one and need some good missions...?
the name of a book of fiction where a family is on the run from the law because the son murders a young man?
Which famous female character from literature would make the most high maintenance girlfriend?
I'm aching to read a good book. What's your favorite?
What do I name my new book?
My husband and I have read all the Twilight books and all the Harry Potters. What would you recommend next?
Where does the expression "from hunger" come from?
Topics for me to write a series?
would you read this novel?
Which do you prefer? Harry Potter of Twilight?
what is the name of nikki's roomate in meg cabot's book?
what is lust?
Names for the leading female character in my book?
Harry Potter or (ugh) Twilight?
Title for a fantasy story I am working on?
What is a cool Name that has not been used never for a fictional character?
I need some feedback on my stories....?
Has anyone read The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman?
In the novel, I Am the Messenger, how do the following characters evolve? With textual evidence.?
Whats a good name for a Book Club??
Exactly how hard is it to get a young adult novel published?
I am writing a paper on fairy tales. Can you help?
Is Dean Clancy a worthless moniker?
What good vampire books would you recommend?
Why can't I find info on PBS presentation of son's bio of Vita Sackville-West?
Twilight Fans are annoying right?
GUSTAVE LE BON . the great writer . Any thing about him ?
who wrote a fictional book about a young English girl, who was married to a vicious older man?
Dramatic Life! any ideas please?
who is best Pam reader in?
What was the title of the 80's kids picture book about a budgie and a boy called Pete?
Technical tips and advice for writing?
Any adventure/mystery story ideas?
what are 3 ways scout shows courage in the MIDDLE of To kill a mockingbird?
Best Vampire books??
What do you think of dreams in writing?
In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, does Calpurnia have a middle and last name? If so, what are they?
What do you suppose made Harry Potter Series popular and a widely loved story?
Has anyone read "Shella" by Andrew Vachss??
What is the best book YOU have ever read?
What are some of the best free Kindle books?
Can anyone help me find a book I forgot the name to?
What did you think of Cormac's "The Road"?
what was dispute between Whites and blacks American when Luther King Wrote speech "I HAVE A DREAM"?is It now?
does anyone else think that "The Alchemist" is way overrated?
In Ishmael by daniel quinn?
whos your favorite author or book?
Any theme suggestions on my next series of poems I want to write?
What are your favorite books by Latin American writers?
Americans love the novel "Of mice and men" and I really like it. Plz help with the question below.?
i need a map of maycomb from the book to kill a moking bird. can someone PLEASE help me???
Help! I need a Horror story idea urgently.?
which character in shakespeare's julius cesar said: cowards die tenthousand times before their death the.....
what is the name of the very first bible ever found?
Which is your favourite Danielle Steel book?
Whats a good title for a quest story?
Who was Ruben Dario?
Published in 1957, this author’s autobiographical novel captured the rebellious and restless undercurrents of
Help on The Great Gatsby (s)?
What do you think about this poem?
Did JK Rowling get any money from the Harry Potter MOVIES?
What's the WORST book you've ever read?
Books dealing with death of mother?
Why is Harry Potter so popular?
If you were to write a book what would it be about? Why?
Please recommend a GOOD book!!! PLEASE!!?
Any good young adult dystopian novels?
Need help on my story.?
Would it be weird for a 15 year old guy to read the Twilight Series?
What is a story conception?
What is the book The Lions Share by Bernard Porter about?
Is a multivolume set in books a series of books?
Good book with a gay storyline?
I need very good names for people and places?
whats the best TWILIGHT FOURM site?
what is the grandmothers name in "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"?
What is a great summary of daughters of darkness by l.j. smith?
what do you think of my novel idea?
Do you read books before seeing the movie or see the movie then read the book?
Which house would you like to be in if you went Hogwarts?
facism in the book the wave created what?
In the beginning of Wallace Stegner's Crossing To Safety he quotes a Robert Frost poem. What is the poem?
I am a writer and i need help on book?
If I buy the Nook is the G3 worth the extra $50 or is the G3 near useless? Will wifi work with my home wifi?
What do you think of this nasty scene from my book?
were can i read the book sozins comet the final battle online?
What happens in the mark of athena?
Who wrote "Embrace the Dawn" ?
Where can I find a summary of Up From Slavery the autobiography of Booker T. Washington?
personal narrative based on a universal theme?
i want an analysis for my haert leaps poem written by william wordworth .know?
What good books to read?
how can I make myself read more?
Does anyone know any good books for teens?
Any tips for a new writer?
Question about the novel I want to write for nanowrimo?
Is this considered science fiction?
Does the author, A N Wilson, have a web site?
B&A: In your opinion, what are the most common topics young writers write about?
I need a new book to read.?
how do you know if an author's use of pathos is effective?
what is the best athuer conan doyle story?
The Lord of the Flies?
What is your perception of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code? Will you watch the movie?
Which one of these two books should I read?
What is some good books α 14 year old girl might like to read?
creating a book trailer?
Who is tired of hearing about Twilight?
Which do you like Fiction or Non-fiction books? And Why?
have read the book "The Vinci Code"? Do you believe in it?
Agriculture vs Hunter Gatherer?
What would Francis Hancock from to kill a mockingbird dress like?
If you had to choose the title of your autobiography, what would it be?
Catcher in the Rye- Ice Skating Rink Question?
where can i find these heroes?
What's the name of the last book you read?
How many pages does the book, Yummy Southside Shorty have?
Whats a good journalism topic?
I need a really good title...?
what are some allusions in the play, death of a salesman?
Is it even possible to improve as a writer?
What's the best way to promote a book?
Has anyone ever read the book, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie?
What is your favourite book or series of books?
Why didn't Yellowfang get sent to the Place of No Stars?
Twilight Series!?
Has John Christopher written any new books in the last one or two years?
who authored the Book"SCOUTING FOR BOYS" And on what subject?
Good books without movies?
Short story writing help?
What is The Meadow in the Hunger games book?
Is the ending of Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys good?
How should I start my book?
whats the title of this children's book?
how do i get to the library website to request books??
What was the last book you read and was it any good?
Does Jacob get over Bella after imprinting on her daughter in the breaking dawn book ?
Literature character who kills his/her lovers for them?
Wich "cthulhu" book should I read?
book about a young witch?
Is it just me or is the Ramses series by Christian Jacq really bad?
I really enjoyed the Ender series, the Sword of Truth novels, and the Foundation series. What would come next?
Why do girls Like Twilight So Much?
How's my story?????????
Helpppppppp Pleassseeeesssse!!!!!?
what should the title be?
Choose two character and explain their development and what they represent in this novel.?
Help with this scene please?
What is the significance of the name Nemo Simone?
What is your favorite book and what have you learned from it?
can someone help me with a writing assignment on the novel "a lesson before dying"?
Hey I've got a Hamlet question. Can someone help me please?
Good Wattpad Stories...Any type?
What is the story "The Devil" by Guy de Maupassant about?
Dan Brown and "The da Vinci Code"...?
which of the Romantic poets created a new type of hero?
Help to descride this dance scene? Waltz?
please help!!!?
do americans like bill bryson?
OMG!!! Hermione is Voldemort!!!!! i can´t believe it!!!?
How much does it cost for an ISBN number off of apple?
Who is your favorite author? Any type of writing...?
is there a site i can go to that will give an analysis chapter by chapter of birdsong by sebastian faulks?
During what year was the first book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy published?
Examples of famous novels where the character learns from his/her past and mistakes?
anyone know a good song for the catcher in the rye?
What are some good teen romance novels for boys?
What does reissue mean in regarding to books?
Why do you think about deep set eyes?
do you think that insanity is a relatable theme in a book?
when will the 7th harry potter book be released?
10PTS! Please rewrite this sentences?
Where does the phrase, "What nourishes me destroys me" come from?
Rumble Fish Plot? Help Please, Urgent!!!?
I need help coming up with a name for a figure in power, but is still down to earth and modest, help?
More information about Grimmauld Place in Harry Potter 7?
Anyone see and read Wallflower?
Does my writing sound stilted or unnatural?
Who wrote this?......For 10 points :-))?
Where can I find a Twilight shirt that has a picture of Edward and Bella or Twilight Couple Tee.?
What is Macbeth's reaction to what the witches show him in act 4?
what is the coolest book?
Do you like Twilight?
A book that's just like Harry Potter?
Could someone tell me the basic plot of what happens in Fire Study?
need help with book. is this plagrism?
Should I read Les Misérables or the Brothers Karamazov?
Any good stories on wattpad that are completed?
I need story plot ideas fast?
Who is your favourite Winnie-the-Pooh character and why?
What did you think of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"?
From where can i download all the ebooks about sherlock holmes in pdf format by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for fre?
HP Fans (RA/DA): If you could...?
I have a manuscript of a book-length novel ready to go. I am unpublished. Where do I send it,what do I do now?
Hi guys, can anyone tell me of a realy good scary book.?
I#m trying to find a science fiction/fantasy novel I read years ago, which had the words -?
anybody know of any good books about anger?
If I like Jonathan Franzen, what other authors might I enjoy?
How many words make a story a novel?
what does owens rings say in Just Listen by Sarah Dessen?and your favorite part of the book?
Do you think I should pursue writing or just give up?
how many poems did Frank Asch write?
Where may I have the story" THE GOOD RIVER"by PEARL S.BUCK?
Is there an actual book titled "Self-Esteem for Dummies"?
Where can I download a PDF of Catching Fire?
Where is your favorite place to read a book?
Which is better, Harry Potter, Twilight or The Hunger Games?
What does Ted Kooser's Poem "Applesauce" mean literally? What does it mean? Plzz HELP?
Where do I look for a biography on Dee Henderson, the author?
How many dvd books are in IMP's ancient civilizations set?
Writers--have you ever used a professional editing service?
What to write inside his card? (This is short)?
when should you quit reading a book?
What would you say if Snape turned blonde?
If basilisk venom can destroy horcruxes, then why didnt harry die in chamber of secrets..?
What are some good books to read?
What is a good mythical creature?
night by elie wiesel question help?
Have you ever read the book Twilight??
What is the best detective or noir book have you ever read?
interpretation of william wordsworth's "she dwelt among the untrodden ways"?
Do you think Cornelius Fudge in Harry was on the darkside secretly?
what deeper meanings does "the secret" by denise levertov have?
Who wrote the note to the Dark Lord claiming to have stolen the real Horcrux and signed it, R.A.B.?
I have written a book. how do I publish it?
How do I stop my boss from taking credit for my work?
What are some good fantasy books that are PRIMARY about werewolves?
Agatha Chrisites Novels??
what are some good war books?
who loves life?
What is your favorite Robin Cook book?
How many people want Stephanie Meyer to finish her book Midnight Sun?
Is 'walden', by thoreau, worth reading?
What are some good teen novels?
I have a problem with this scene in my book. Please help?^^?
would you rather see the movie or read the book?
Literature help again?
Summary of Ibong Adarna (by chapter) Any sites??
Why does Jesus never figure in vampire slaying novels an fictions?
Honest opinion about my story, please?
what's one book that you think every person should read at least once?