What book(s) are you reading now?
blueberry sky?
What are you reading right now?
please help me with this plaseeeeeeeeeee?
what should i name this girl in my book?
Any good, contemporary, books for a gay young man?
Does anyone know this poem/story?
what is the summary of barrio boy by ernesto galarza?
Do you agree the definition for the word GENIUS is: Mozart, Da Vinci, and Emerald?
If a young person of today could read only one book in their lifetime?
can you tell me some good books of philosophy?
What are some really sad books that make you cry?
Thinking about writing a novel?
Would this incline you to read this book?
the lightning theif?
What was the worst book you have ever read?
What do you think happened at the end of Lord of the Flies?
What should my dragon's name be in my book?
PLEASE HELP any books u may know that a 13 year old girl would enjoy?
Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer?
I have just made a new account on and I need a better user name?
Title of book set in Tibet - young boys - potential lama being killed archaeologists res. Tibetan genetics
Ellery Queen's e-books?
Where is the biggest library and how many books do they have?
I really need a cute boy name for one of my characters! help!?
How do you pronounce this word from The Lord of the Rings?
Honest opinions of my introduction, please?
Can anyone recommend a good book on the Iran Contra scandal?
Favourite Book and why?
Why isn't the Warcraft book, "Of Blood and Honor", available in a book of its own?
what do you think of this prologue?
Is Holden Caulfield better off at the end of The Catcher in the Rye?
Who is your favorite author?
At what point in "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" do you get the 1st hint that the escape is ?
why can't i buy Hermato Pascoal Calendario do Som sheet music in US he is one of the greatest composers alive
What is the meaning of the word SIGH YO NARA?Which languageis it?
Which is the BEST Agatha Christie novel?
where does Stephanie Meyer live?
What book should a 15 year old boy read?
Thoughts on my dialogue?
How many chapters are in the Shugo Chara! manga?
According to the Bible, any for m of witchcraft is evil. So, what's the excuse for harry potter?
have you heard a plot like this before?
Where can I find eBook versions of Harry Potter?
What is, by far, the best book you've ever read?
Which Give Yourself Goosebumps?
Can someone think of a title for this story I'm writing?
To teens & adults: What is your favorite novel?
Im writing a story about a treasure hunter, and i want it to take place somewhere overseas any one got a clue?
Is this essay suitable for title 'fame'? PART 1?
[Harry Potter]... Who is your second favorite character?
Do publishers have to publish the names of their copy editors for a manuscript?
Good Book Titles and is This a Good Idea?
What was that book called again??????? ive been going crazy trying to remember!!!?
Horror short story help?
Can anyone reccomend any good books to read?
the meaning behind charlotte's web?
SherlockHolmes-THE REDHEADEDLEAGUE: Dirty _________give Holmes a clue when he meets Vincent Spaulding.?
book suggestions for 15 year old?
find literary criticism websites free ?
Which is book is easier to read, shorter, has less literary stuff, and is interesting at the same time?
I am almost done with the twilight book series. What is a GREAT book to read next and why??
What is your reaction About My husband's Roommate?
where can i find a timeline for the book the hatchet?
Can you help me?
I love Shakespeare but all of my books are paperback?
can any of you tell me a best book that you had ever read?
Urgent! How do I keep myself from rushing through the story when I'm writing?
How did the five pilgrims display their success? Canterbury Tales?
What do you do for fun?
Book about a dyslexic preacher?
I need a title for my memoir about Myrtle Beach?
What is your favorite teen novel?Why?
What is the worse Harry Potter book?
have you read the book "house of leaves" by mark danielewski? what do you think?
i have a 1950s coke machine that needs maintnance?
Need to know about a
B&A - Do you think that this a fair statement?
Is this description too wordy?
What name would suit an evil...?
Should i have..........?
How do I write without profanity?
Paperback Vs Hardback?
For Twilight fans - Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Why are some kids not interested in books?
Help! my time is running out!?
What is the best book you have read so far this summer???
how old is Jonathan Harr, the author of A Civil Action?
What time do you wake up in the morning?
what is this book called? please help.?
I am writing a book and need a character name!?
"The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway. What is the theme, method of development and type of essay?
Best of Saki - Saki wrote his best works in which news papers?
Does anyone know who was the TIME Magazine man of the decade in the 1980's?
Is harry potter series the best fiction novel ever created?
Can anyone recommend a really good, recently published novel?
If the dictionary spelled a word wrong, how would we know?
Good books?
What do you get if you multiply six by nine?
Could i get some help with figuring out a character name?
Looking for New Authors?
What traits does the monster have? what is he missing?
What are some topics for a short story titled "ANY THING" ?
What would be a good title for this story I'm writing?
What books are good?
Is Twilight boring?????????
Has Anyone Read Angels and Demons By Dan Brown?
When was Lee Cottrell’s first book published?
What do you read from the most?
Please help me remember the name of this book i really want to read it again!!!?
If you ever got a book published, would you allow it to be made into a movie?
Who would win in a fight? Edward Cullen or Dobby?
Can you give me a summary of "Jimi Hendrix: A Brother's Story" By Leon Hendrix?
Is Homer a real individual, or more than one?
Similarities and differences between these two books?
What is Percy Jackson?
What is your favorite classic book?
Does literary prices mean anything to you?
Is the start of my story good?
What are the titles of the books in this series?
What is literary modernism in the simplest of terms? Help please!?
where can I download "And other things v2 : the world according to clarkson" free pdf?
Your favourite book?
I have a question about epilogues?
When was poet Sahir Ludhianvi born?
Which book are you reading right now?
Would you still like Twilight if Edward was a Werewolf and Jacob was a Vampire?
In the book To The Lighthouse after Mrs. Ramsay dies, what three major areas fall into chaos?
I'm writing a book, but all my friends laugh at me about it. What do I do?
Room Emma Donoghue question?
The Cask of Amontillado?
How would you describe this?
Random Question: What color is your main character's hair?
books similar to 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'?
Harry Potter Question?
Does Anyone Else Like The Dark Guardian Series By Rachel Hawthorne?
What's the most over-rated and under-rated book you've ever read?
Best book you ever read?
I read this book a year ago... but I can't seem to remember the title. HELP! ;[?
more intersesting paragraphs? vamps in troble, s?
Uncopyrighted lullabies for my book?
Which Atlantis theory should I use?
what is the next book stephine meyer is publishing?
The novel 1984, isn`t there a GREAT similarity between the Brotherhood and Al quaeda???
In "To Kill A MockingBird" what kind of food,dishes,drinks,snacks,or anything,does Calpurnia make in the book?
I need some help with my book?
Do you agree Harry Potter should be banded from every school and books stores of the world?
Whats your favorite romance or fantasy book?
Which is your favorite Sherlock Holmes story?
a new perspective by janice e. fein, what were the predominant emotions felt by the author in her school days?
If I use the term "greaser" in my book would that be copying S. E. Hinton? 10 points!?
Do These Vampires sound alright for my story?
What is the last chapter for Night World book 3?
Help with this please?
What's your favorite Dr. Suess book?
Looking for some good books?
What are your favorite quotes in the Twilight series?
If you read the Twilight Saga...?
Harry Potter Vs Twilight? =/?
The inferno as Star wars version?
Who will die in the lat Harry Potter book?
I need help with my story!!!!?
What book(s) are you currently reading?
HP Fans: If you could have the same last name as one of the characters...?
Which novels contain the theme of brainwashing?
What do you think of my beginning?
If you could be any character in Harry Potter who would you be?
has any one in india has the book"thinking on your feet" by louis nizer?
by having std's does it effect your brian, blood, or heart?
Who likes science fiction slash mythology?
Do you think Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger have kissed yet?
Harry Potter Fans What would you do if .......?
where can i get a free e copy of da vinci code?
Who is the antagonist in the Divine Secrets of the YaYa sisterhood?
In the book Night by Elie Wiesel how did Elie's relationship with God change throughout the story?
Do you have a favorite author?
Which book do you prefer out of these?
Do you like the twilight saga?
Blood and Chocolate Antagonist?
My story I writing, How to make this happen?
Can you please tell me good books for young adults beside Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight series?
What team are you for the twilight fans. Jacob or Edward and why?
I need information about the life of Annie Auerbach.?
What is your favorite book in the whole world?
Need help with creating a title for my story?
do you think midnight sun will be eventually published?
who can help me write the summary of "deep in the heart of china"?
Time period where To Kill A Mockingbird takes place?
Book similar to the codex alera series?
Name the book you are currently reading?
what book are you reading right now????
What books did you read when you were a kid?
any book recommendations? I loved harry potter and twilight and recently read bitten..?
Ideas for stories...?
In Eveline by James Joyce, what promise did Eveline make to her dying mother?
Has anyone read "The lovely bones"? It really upset me for some reason.?
What is the name of the main (girl) character in Elizabeth Kostava's "The Historian"?
What caused Odysseus' men to be destroyed?
what do u think happens in harry potter and the deathly hollow?
Male 14 year old looking for a good book?
High School Stereotypes. ?
Do you think Wonder When You'll Miss me by Amanda Davis novel is a good book for teens?
How many people feel that the Harry Potter theme is stupid?
Who can write the best trickster tale?
in gifted by marilyn kaye who is behind carter on the cover?
Literary devices in Dante's Inferno?
Has anybody read kiss the girls by James Patterson? What are your thoughts about it.?
What is the title of this kids book - from 70's - a lion and some bird flying overhead walk across hot desert?
Do you have a favorite series of books?
how do i start my book review?
What should I name these characters?
A good story title please?
Twilight or The it girl series. what is your favorite:]?
im stuck..which name do you like the best?
What kind of person would you think of if you heard these names?
Help! I'm worried I might not finish my novel?
In the three little pigs book what were the three things they made their houses of?
How many languages has Heidi been translated into?
In a novel, why do writers put some words in italics?
What is your favorite quote on Twilight or Harry Potter #7?
Can some one help me get started?
i want address of arabic poet (zuhair bin abi salma)?
i need a hard copy book on facebook distractions that i can read online?
what is a good book series to read?
Do you like to read long books or short books?
what do you think will happen in the seventh harry potter book?
How can I become an author?
What do you think of these?
Why are New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas used so much in Gothic, or dark-themed, stories?
has harry potter gone out of control?
what are four character traits of ponyboy in the outsiders?
who is amy guttman?
I'm writing a book about a fantasy world, can you tell me if you think these opening paragraphs are good?
I'm scared of flying, I'm going on holiday... any advice?
What books to read in preparation for the SAT's?
Should I read Harry Potter?
So I beat this guy, Fortunato, in a drinking contest now he wants to show me his secret stash. Can I trust him
I want to know the name and author of a book which i read long before.I forgot details but remember story only?
where do we go after death regardless of religion?
I need help with a story!!! PLEASE!!!?
Where can you find free chapter summaries for "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser?
Would the stories I post online be considered popular?
how to make coconut hat?
What's a good name for this character?
To all readers,please recommend me a non fiction lovely book in English,that is easy to follow,not very long?
How would you descirbe the writing style for the book Night by Elie Wiesel?
Where can I get a print of D.H. Lawrence's painting "The Feast of the Radishes"?
How do I do stuff on Face Book?
"Flowers for algernon" by daniel keyes?
Any news on Fablehaven?
what are some good quotes?
why do u think charlie got angry at miss kinnian when she pulls away from him in the taxi?
Do you guys know any site to publish stories?
B&A: Do you only read books?
Who is your favorite author? Any type of writing...?
Neil Gaiman's Sandman?
In the pretty little liars books, what did Aria do in iceland that was so bad?
what internal conflicts make life difficult for the character? which of these conflicts encourages the charac?
The best H P Lovecraft short stories?
what are character flaws?
What is Bilbo Baggins' brother's name? Frodo's dad?
The best book you have read in the last 3 months?
Your fav twilight book?
Lord of the flies help?
Why do you read......?
questions about the chocolate war?
How many books have you read in 2008?
How will you be in the paradise?
is there a map of the journey of andrew pham's journey to vietnam in catfish and mandala?
What do you think? Feel free to share constructive criticism!?
How long should my book be?
What's the worst book to movie adaptation you've ever seen?
Was 'Van Helsing' A real man? Or just a character Bram Stoker made up in his novel 'Dracula'?
what are the ten most important scenes from the book Catcher and the Rye?
Are there any books/stories about the Bosnian Genocide, like the Boy in the Striped Pajamas?
BEST young adult books you have read.?
Target market for a novel?
In the book "Among The Hidden" by Margaret Haddix where does the story take place?
I've heard Cullman Wallace referred to Stephen King in "House Without End". Where?
I am looking for uplifting passages.....?
Are The Saga of Darren Shan books good?
Idea for a character in a love story I'm writing. Need your opinions?
I need a goood book to read... help!?
Is It Weird That She likes To..??
What is the scary story?
In the novel the Sweet Hereafter, by Russel Banks, why does Banks give the town of Sam Dent a human name?
What's your favourite Hogwarts House?
Star Wars Book Order?
Strange way to kill yourself?
who your favorite author and why?
what is a question?
Any bloggers looking for a challenge in 2008?
"how to tell a true war story"?
Are Alice Hoffman books any good?
I have a question on Julius Caesar and the character antony and cassius.?
PLEASE critique my writing!!!! 10 points!!!?
I need a great setting for my script?
What is the title this science fiction book ?
what was daily life like in England around the 1600's?
What would be a good book title about a rich girl living on 5th ave: 5th Avenue________fill it in the blank?
Help with a novel title?
What can you infer about Hurston from the allusions that she incorporates in her writing?
How many people on here read TWILIGHT!!!?
Ladies, what do you think about this guy character?
What genre would you recommend that I classify my story as?
Is there anyone who read the Harry Potter series who DIDN'T like them?
book the tratchenberg system of basic mathmatics?
What is the theme of the short story "Ambush"?
What skills and crafts are valued?
Are you team edward or team jacob in the twilight series?
what did bella dicover after edward left Forks?In Twilight New Moon?
Question about "The Lottery" short story?
The novel Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier?
Anyone know any books or articles about Satan in John Milton's Paradise Lost?
Is it wrong to have a 14 year old in my book kiss someone?
Who likes. . .?
What Do You Think Of My Book So Far, Thought? PLEASE HELP?:)!?
How can i write this paper on Obama and Romney?
B&A: Ultimate B&A Poll?
What do you think about my story so far???
Why do books get discontinued?
If So B It would have gone one more chapter what do you think would have happened?
What kind of man is the protagonist in Magic Barrel? Does he change in the end?
What are some good books for me to read?
i just don't understand Twilight fans....?
If you could meet a character from a book, who would it be?
Random Harry Potter poll...?
what is leonardo divinci code?
why punjabi s are leaving their country?
How do I start this book and what is a good title?
How does One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest relate to when it was written?
[Quote #12] any stories for this quote? (for a book I’m trying to publish)?
Writing a romantic story with sex?
I need help with a plot?
Name of a fiction book from the 90's or before.?
What do you think of this beggining?
Writers: Describe your novel in one word?.?
Short sentence about trail of tears ?
Why are some people naturally better writers than others?
Glass Houses (Book #1 in morganville vampires) Questions?
What was the last biography you read?
What are some great writing tips?
Tips on world building?
Help finding a book title please?
I need a book to readddd! Something similar to twilight.?
Who is Alicia in shopaholic ties the knot?
What books are similar?
How Should I Start my Fictional Story?
Is The Time Traveler's Wife an appropriate 11th grade book report?
How to write past dialogue in a novel?
What do you think of this poem? ...i wrote it myself.?
Do you know any cute boy names for a13 year character in a book?
which is the best book u have ever read?
Any Ideas for a Strong Female Name?
is the harry potter series good books?
List of books of anas story?
Analyize "La autenticidad de la mujer en el arte" by Rosario Ferre?
Is the Sarcasm in My Essay Good?
I have three books that appear to be first edition Dickens. Does anyone have an idea of value?
Who dosnt like the book breaking dawn?
Give me the best author to read in english novels?
How to publish my words as quotation?
What is your favorite girl and boy name? I need a characters name for a story I am going to write.?
Where can I find The Neverending Story?
What's a good name for my blog?
What was the last book YOU read?
How do you think I should end things for this character?
what's the most helpful non-fiction book you ever read???
Anyone know the title of this book series about bondage?
Which book do you reconmend me?
Where can u find a bio of Robin Mckinley?
College student to buy an e-ink e-reader. choices are kobo/kindle 4/kindle paper white?
Tom Bombadil: Where you offended he was left out of the movies? (Lord of the Rings)?
In what realistic way could an island or city "Sink?"?
what do u consider the best book ever written?
Is Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward out in the Philippines already?
who is james joyce?
Where can I find free notes on These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder?
I need some book ideas!?
The house on Mango stree or The notebook?
Hey i am planning to learn German please help?
Help writing a story where a girl suddenly finds herself attracted to another girl's big feet?
How can a photo be a cabinet?
do you belive every thing in the bible?why?
Harry Potter fans: Does Aunt Petunia have a job?
Season of love........?
The Once and Future King?
What was the Meryl Streep poem on Prairie Home Companion 7/2?
who own's the world's largest private collection of books?
Breaking Dawn Question....?
What is the main theme in The Phantom of the Opera?
Which book of these is easier to read: "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "The Great Gatsby"?
What books do you recommend for someone who really liked The Scorpio Races?
A male witth shaggy black hair and bright bue eyes..?
What is the book called that's written by the creator of Shameless, Paul Abbott?
Does anyone know a book about communication styles in different countries or cultures?
Family members have borrowed my Twilight books, and I can't get them back for a while. Quileute legends...?
What symbolism is used in the story the king of the bingo game by ralph ellison?
I drank a bottle of washing up liquid 4 a bet now i dont feel good?
Which is your favourite mills and boons novel?
Which author has also directed a film based on his book?
Title For my Book? ((Please Help!!))?
Which story idea should I write for NaNoWriMo? (easy easy 2 points)?
What should I title my expository essay about Franz Kafka?
Harry Potter FANS! ?
Summary of Macbeth by William Shakespeare?
What type of girls & guys do u imagine when u hear these names?
do you have a book case full of fiction/nonfiction novels?
STEPHENIE MEYER or J.K. ROWLING? Who do you think is better?
A good sci fi book about a space ship that is drifting into space while the crew tries to keep their sanity?
Does anyone know about a children's book printed in the 1960s that focuses on a little red ball? "I hit the ba
which stephan king books would you recommend?
I want to find the meanings to names?
Book Recommendations.?
When was the first Harry Potter book published?
What is the name of this book?
What are some good short-story ideas?
Do you think reading out loud to yourself would be better for non-fiction books?
Book where a child finds an old homeless man with wings?
What could I possibly write about?
What is a novel or a series that is a MUST read?
If you were making a poster representing the motifs of sight, blindness, darkness, and light in Macbeth...?
What about Bella And Edward?
Fantasy/Adventure book titles?
Is New Moon as good and romantic as Twilight?
Golden compass, Lorax, Catch 22, The secret garden, emma?
name of this romance book?
Have you ever read a story so true that it was painful to read?
Now that the Harry potter series has ended, I've got no books/series to read:( any recommendations?
can you go to bed dead and wake up alive?
Can I download Catcher in the Rye on my Nook?
What book should I read?
Who wrote the Book of Love?
Harry Potter fans: Why is Cho Chang so hated?
Why can I read my Ipod nano without reading glasses yet I cant read a book.?
What was that DARN short story title?
What's that book???
To all book worms.....suggest a good book for me to read.?
Can someone please give a summary of this book?
online copy of climbing the tower by harry crews?
Is The Immortals series worth finishing?
Answer this if you know the answer?
I need tips for my short story (suggestions needed)?
What book are you currently reading?
Fond a story on 'Quizilla' and now cant find it. i know its a long sho but can someone help please?
Anybody else sad Harry Potter is over?
B&A: Morph into your character! Will you answer some questions?
E-mail editors? Return favour?'?
I want easy book talks about the history of America?can anyone help me plz !!?
Homework Help on the Odyssey!?
What did Charles Dickens think of Christmas?
Is this a good idea for a story?
Who chooses Harry Potter over Twilight?
What are some good interesting books to read?
why do authors use stage design?
What are some physical traits of piggy from lord of the flies?
Plot for The Escape by Robert Muchamore?
Where can I find Shel Silverstein poems (apart from the official site)?
why is emily dickinson famous?
Problems with Twilight?
A poem, please...?
Do you think the Necromancer is going to look cool in The Hobbit movie?
what are some discussion questions for the book raising elijah?
“Have you read any good books lately? Would you say Good read?
How does anyone keep from writing in the first person?
Are you going to read the book about Natalee Holloway?
where can i find the text of the poem "horse" by Gloria Anzaldua online?
Is Wesley a good name for a prince in a fatasy story?
HP FANS! what is your patronus?
whats the best website to read books online?
Where can I find the book Constantine a Great Christian Monarch and Apostle?
Anyone have any "reading recommendations"?
book about 12 year old girl with leukemia?
Who is the most beloved fiction character of your childhood? and why?
do you like every book that you read?
You might add an extra layer of meaning and depth to your story by concieving of a narrator as a ?
Questions about Sebastian and his father, in "Brideshead Revisited."?
How to start off story?
in anne frank'sdiary Why does Anne cling to her ideals despite the horrific world around her?
in real books, how would you write this?
Classic books?
what is your top 5 best sci-fi books?
What are some really good books?
Villain needs a plan?
When you write a book, whether fiction or based on fact, where do YOU start?
Good Teen Girl Books?
Places to submit a story.
Would you read spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
Are you a Hindi writer and want to see your work published on the web?
I need help naming my character, please help!?
how do i find Purpose to my LIFE : Show me steps to do it?
Weeds and Flowers in Hamlet?
what is a gothic genre?
What do you think of this story?
Is it worth getting a kindle fire (read 'Additional Details')?
I need a summary of new moon?
i read this novel once about twin sisters Bersheba and Angelet....anyone know the name?
what tennyson book is this dedication from?
Julius Caesar by Shakespeare?
Is here a sequal to From Far Away?
What book are you reading now?
who was the painter of MONA LIZA.?
I need help writing a Lord of the Rings fanfic?
What is everyone's favorite book in the Twilight saga?
What book are you reading at the moment?
BOOK REPORT HELP- Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie?
If Roald Dahl was around today would he be more successful than JK Rowling?
How does the life of Harper Lee and her historical background influence the writing of To Kill a Mockingbird?
Count of Monte Cristo?
Are Dan Brown's books Harry Potter for adults, or are books like the Davinci code just Harry Potter for adults
What is the Best Book that you have ever Read and how many times do you keep going over it, Fact or Fiction?
anyone knows the story the boys and their money?
Is The Phantom of the Opera real?
Would this make a good film?
Why haven't I been able to finish any of my novels?
What is your favorite thing to read about?
Where does my book stand in this series?
Book/Movie where someone dies of starvation?
Should I be an author/illustrator?
analysis for lov's alchemy by donne?
Uhm, A Seperate Peace??
Who thinks Bellatrix LeStrange is the best death eater?
What is the meaning of the expression "Straw Boss"?
Is this a literary device?
How many books did you read in the last year? And do you think you read enough?
what book have you enjoyed that you could re-read it again and enjoy it just as much?
What do you think of my high school application essay?
help with "the crucible" questions?
Books similar to go ask alice, Ellen Hopkins?
My new novel has 42 characters (people); would that be too much for a book that’s almost 1000 pages long?
My character is just like another character, only in a game?
About DIGITAL FORTRESS (by Dan Brown): Chapter 104. Is it just me?
who edited "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?"?
good books?
Renesmee from Twilight?
how to get the book "train your girlfriend" for free and not download it?
short moral/positive story . . .?
What was your perspective on the themes of Margaret Atwood's book "The Handmaid's Tale"?
Good free teen novels in iTunes?
Would you please read my short story, and tell me honestly if I enough talent to be a writer?
divinci code, angels and demons or digital fortress which is the best Dan brown novel?
good website to find everything about the book "touching spirit bear"?
Do you read for fun?
images & symbols in o'henry's the last leaf?
who actually wrote the poem in 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'?
I need help with coming up with a name for a teen hang out in my book? any suggestions?
Across Five Aprils book- need help!?
What character first names and surnames are the best?
I am trying to get my adult short stories published and I was wondering if anyone knew of a publisher?
Phantom of the Opera college bound?
how can i expand my idea into a novel?
Question about print on demand book publishing.?
How much do authors such as Amy Tan, Stephen King, and Barbara Kingsolver make per year?
What is the Genre of the book Amazing Gracie by A.E. (Ann Edwards) Cannon?
Which of the following is NOT an example of direct characterization?
There's a poem that speaks about a two-toed tree toad and a three-toed she-toad..i can't remember it....
I need a fast pace fantasy book to read, anyone have any suggestions?
I heard this Breaking Dawn theory?
Who would win a fight, Ulmo or Manwe? Why?
I need help with comparing Jane Eyre and Tennyson's "In Memoriam"?
Whats a good title for my story?
What is your favorite Book?
i need a haiku for simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, and onomatopoeia about the sea?
What do you prefer? science fiction or mystery?
How to Read a Bad Story?
How should I go about becoming a Screenplay writer?
What literary character best describes you?
How is my short story opening?
A Book To Read?? Already Done Twilight?
What are the names of all of The Clique books in order?
Need a title for my book! What's your opinion?
what is a jaberwalkie ?
What book is this.. does anyone know?
When reading do you prefer the protagonist to be male or female?
What is a good mystery i can use for a story? ?
Can I have some critique for the beginning of my story?
Tess of the D'urbervilles - social class and lineage in the novel? Please help!?
Which name do you like the best?
How can I get myself to read?
what do you think of about my story? please tell me what you like/needs improvement, etc! ?
The bronze horseman vs Tatiana and Alexander?
What is the second excerpt from the Count of Monte Cristo that has oscillations in it?
Recommendations for Books?
Any good popular book to read?
symbolism in kate chopin's "the story of an hour"?
Have You Read All the Books You Own?
what is the setting of "The three musketeers" by alexandre dumas?
what is your favorite book of the twilight saga?why?what is your favorite part(s)?
I'm looking for a certain book?
Are there any other Mauve Binchey readers out there???
What Are You Reading Now?
Why the other people cry when they overwhelmed?
can y'all please help me right a first kiss scene?
I am looking for a romance book?
What happens in the last act of hamlet?
Need help with code in book 2 of 39 clues series?
Why does DeLillo say "it’s very American to write about being young and lost"?
The Last Song by nicholas sparks ?
when was roxanne longstreet the author born?
Does anyone know the name or author of this short story? I've been looking everywhere!?
What genre is this book?
what do you think about this piece of writing?
Anyone have an story ideas based on the song "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace?
Do you think Harry Potter is a Children's book?
Writers: Do you ever? (+ BQ)?
Is my mafia book idea good?
what is the plot structure in an occurrence at owl creek bridge?
Sympathy in Huck Finn?
Does this sound like a good book?
Regarding Orwell's tome "1984", how is big brother controlling your life now compared to when it was written?
How popular was English historical writer, Antony Sutton, & his "Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler"?
Harry Potter series?
Whats the symbol /motifs and theme in this To Kill A Mockingbird small passage ? 10 points.?
What is your favorite Octavio Paz poem?
Which name is more professional: Charlotte or Vivian?
what is the importance of the title Brave ne world?
How do you publish a book?
do you have any opinions to the start of my story?
Struggles of someone trying to become a god?
how a man can in his fortune? already decided by God ?
What historical values does Brave New World have?
I am looking for a book set in Scotland called Rhana, Rana, Ranna or similar?
DOes any one know this Hogwarts RPG website? Please read the details For more info PLEASE!?
I'm taking a biology course and I was looking for the book: Biology 9th Edition by Sylvia Mader. If anyone has
Good open ending for a fictional story?
How can you get paid for your creative writing?
Do you good-readers out there get these habits when you're reading good books?
what is Malcolm gladwell's email address?
Is it true that sherlock holmes used to use drugs?
costumes from romeo and juliet?
What books/authors would you recommend for a fan of violent exploitive books?
Writing a novel - need opinions on creating conflict...?
What Charles Bukowski book should I read next?
Help with the book Dracula!?
What songs can I put on my To Kill A Mockingbird soundtrack?
Dead Poets Society question?
I would like to buy an old looking personal diary for present for my 14 old sister.tadej?
The Clique book series characters?
Who is your favourite character in Harry Potter?
What is uses of tally 9.0/9.2?
What name should I give my character who is a famous movie star? She is Hispanic and white.?
If you've read Noel Edmonds book on cosmic ordering, how do you rate it?
Would Clark Gable have made a good Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights?
I need to read Twilight in 2 days what sould i do?
good fantasy idea? or just regular fiction?
What's your favorite book and what's it about?
What are books similar to Wild Card by Lora Leigh?
Pawn a james avery ring ?
what are the characteristics of the theater of the absurd?
Is my size good,perfect,Average,bad,cool or Excellent?Plz read details that follow... ..?
Is there a website where it is easy to find book signing, events ect. near you?
Does anyone remember this children's book series?
Trying to find the title of a funny book?
What is the rising action in the book Dogsong by Gary Paulsen?
Best way to display (and preserve) an antique manuscript?
do u love to read?
What mystery book is this?
Hello, could anyone please recommend me songs similar to Imagine Dragons - Radioactive?
books filled with puzzles?
What are good books to read for 13-19 year old girls?
What is a good short poem about a mentor?
Who is an author of a poem "Anabelle Lee" ?
Does the book Catcher in the Rye worth reading for?
Where are Lillian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who...." series set?
How many "Magic Attic Club" books are there and what are their names and the order they need to be in?
If you read Twilight....?
What's the difference between a novel and a novella?
Which point of view sounds better?
What are some examples of irony in Kurt Vonnegut's book Cat's Cradle ?
I am have major writers block?
Title for the villain's side of Sleeping Beauty?
Who else out there thinks that...?
Who are some actors that match characters in catcher in the rye?
Is there a site where i can read books on-line for free??
who gets killed in the latest harry potter book?
Difference between Sherlocks help!?
Guy Vampyre Names((book helps))?
Does The Lost Symbol make sense on it's own?
what was the 5th harry potter book called?
what is your favorite place in the world?
Does the apple ibookstore have a $5 and under ebook section?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Question?
The Secret Hodgson Burnett Project Please Help!? is my story...good/bad?
what are the ten most important scenes from the book Catcher and the Rye?
what is islam in your view?
How does a free lance medical transcriptionist/ghost writer get online work?
Naming my child after a twilight character?
went to the OV site but could not find the 1995 Persuasion so the info was useless?
which book shoul i read?
Do you like Twilight?
any1 know where to get a book on all the recent spells in the harry potter series ;)?
Wher can we find inventors?
why does phemius song disturblope?
How was a Tale of Two Cities Romantic?
What do you think of my story that's posted on wattpad?
My first story! Does it sound good so far?
Harry Potter?
Hunger games Glimmer costume?
List me some gripping novels that keep you interested from the start?
how does the narrtaive techniques contribute to the meaning of the romance?
What are publishers looking for right now?
Is it bad writing to write a novel without much description?
how does the narrtaive techniques contribute to the meaning of the romance?
When will this twilight phase be over?
What kinda books do you like to read?
What's the most inspiring book you have ever read?
Can you give me some help with my story?
Do you have to read the first three books in the Chronicles of the Necromancer to understand the Fourth?
GOOD titles for my story about a corpse/ghost boyfriend?
whats the meaning of syriana?
What is the book "IT" about?
anywho read the book "The good earth" please help?
What would you rather read in my story?
is 'revenge of the imprisoned' an interesting name for a story?
POLL: do you like your life as a writer?
How many books have you read so far this year?
Has anyone ever heard of this book by Annie Wauneka "The dilemma for Indian women"?
I'm looking for an interesting and very challenging mystery book?
Is it copying? I disagree. Help?
Have you ever read "A Child Called It'?
Anyone out there ever read Coldest Winter Ever?
What do you think of Stephanie Meyer? Some say her writing is better than JK Rowling's. Your opinions?
Who is your favorite Twilight character?
Why does Dan Brown always wear the same outfit?
What's your favorite twilight saga book?
Im writting a novel can people read the first chapter and feedback to me please? :)?
Does writing have to be perfect?
Why does everybody seem to hate "Son of a Witch" by Gregory Maguire (the sequel to Wicked) ?
How can I stop my book-buying addiction?
Books for a 14 year old girl?
Book suggestions for the summer...?
Do you have any theories about R.A.B. in the "harry Potter and the HalfBlooded Princ" ?
"Can you read too many books"?
examples of alliteration in the story of Beowulf?
Lord of the Rings questions?
Writers Block.....................?
When is Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting / Glue / etc) coming out with a new book? Any news about another movie?
harry potter versus twilight?
Pick celebs to be put in the roles of these people from the book romeo and juliet.?
How many people here have been scammed by
Can anyone suggest a good book, new age, spiritual, inspirational?
Harry Potter should i read the books if i saw all the movies?
In To Kill A Mockingbird, How is Scout brave?!?!?
the natural & shoeless joe?
What town did Tom Sawyer get shot in the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
Left behind books?
What was the name of this book?
Is the book World Without End as good as Pillars of the Earth?
what is the plot of Seal Team Six (the book)?
To those who like to write: What exactly to you write?
If you've read The Westing Game, I need a list of who's who (e.g. the winner, the bookie). See details.
Does anyone know where I can find the kindle edition of "to kill a mockingbird" on
Stanza in Sylvia's Plath's "Daddy" analysis, can anyone help?
Who is your favorite author? of all times?
"it was a dark and stormy night" are these words in the public domain?
What are some pieces of art work that could relate to KITE RUNNER the book?
Help with this book: The Thief Lord?
Who here believes that Dumbledore is not dead?
What is the Black Hole War by Leonard Susskind?
Why does the novel "Never cry wolf" by Farley Mowat has that title?
what is your favorite book???
what the meaning of VIP??
Will Beth Fantaskey publish another Jessica on the Dark Side book?
Twilight Saga...which is your favourite and least favourite?
Any good books out there?
About how long should it take to write a 3 page essay?
Childrens Books help!?
Where can i get a book appraised in the chicagoland area?
Have you ever read the same book more then once? What about a books series?
What is your favorite Harry Potter book and what are some of youre theories about it?
What is a great book you've read recently that I might enjoy?
A quick ? for Twilight?
I am a fourteen year old wannabe author, please read this excerpt and give me advice?
Who do you think RB in Harry Potter is?
How do you publish a book? :D?
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Question?
Chinese Cinderella - getting the book?
A question about writing books?
Has anyone else read "The Slap" ? I can't put it down!?
Help with my story plz?
Are there any books that have no pages?
I drank a bottle of washing up liquid 4 a bet now i dont feel good?
Are all Ellen Hopkins's books in poetry form?
If you have read the Chrysalids how would you describe Unlce Axel?
has anyone rewrote Lovecraft's works?
please help! Books about childrens intelligence?
Which U.S. city has the best public library system?
What is the marriage plot?
What are some cool names for a main character in a book?
What is so great about the Great Gatsby?
What are some good books?
what are some good children novels?
Best book you've ever read?
what kinds of poems does Richard Eberhart make?
Is there any info. on a poet named Anna Petrovne Bunina, that wrote the poem "From the Seashore"?
For people who read twilight only?
Documentary films vs reading ?
What do you think about Stephen King's latest book?
What are some good books?
Harry Potter: true or false survey?
who's your favorate author?
Harry Potter readers, if you have read the half blood prince?
Has anyone read this book?
Does anyone know when The Winds of Dune come out in paperback?
i need a pretty name for a little girl in a book i'm writing....?
Name Some Good Books.?
Please read this and help!!!?
Harry Potter fans: Why is Cho Chang so hated?
I'm looking for a book about a young girl (maybe twelve)?
if you had a choice, which book would you read again ?
Hatef Mokhtar: Is he among the the top authors in the world?
books on monks?????????
When you read a novel, do you associate with the hero(ine)?
Key facts from this book, help?
I'm 17 what do you think of this poem i wrote, i know that's depressing,but is it any good? be honest please!!
teenage girls who is you favourite author?
harry potter?
Good Angela's Ashes quotes!?
Why were as some people so shocked and gasped in horror when they found out Albus Dumbledore is gay?
If C.S. Letwis and J.R.R. Tolkien got in a fight who would win?
who are the protagonists and antagonists in that summer by sarah dessen?
I am trying to find out about the meaning of the poem "In My Craft or Sullen Art" by DylanThomas?
what is a good book series to read?
What are some good books for 6th graders?
Which name do you like better for my character?
LEGION by BLATTY...a question...?
what are some of your favorite books, or suggestions for good books to read?
What are some book series who's protagonist is a tragic hero?
Can someone help me describe John Proctor ?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Should I feel ashamed that I'm 21 but have only read about sixty "adult" books so far?
Can you ppl please giveme a book list with the best books or your favourite books?
Where did "Cat bite your tongue" come from?
Can you list me of a good number of great books to read?
Has anyone had any dealings with WL Writers agancy?
Who was JT Leroy? did he ever actually exist?
What are some mystery stories about a house of cards?
Does anyone know any good sites on poetry that have different types of poems and info on poets?
What's that play that Algis Budrys quotes from in the novel "Rogue Moon"?
In Michael Crichton's State of Fear he says there is no global warming and that it's a myth?U think its true
Where can I find Wilhelm Reich books now!?
What is the title of the story about the hand...?
Does anyone know the name of a cafe, where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter?
How is the first page of my story?
Does anyone know the title or author?
Scarlet Letter questions? Help?
Who would win in a fight - Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?
Which name do you like best? It's for a band in my book?
in the odyssey wat is an example of supernatural forces? help plz i need an idea or some ideas.?
Some good Gothic Horror books for a 16 year old to read?
how does Zuzak use the literary devise a foreshadowing to pull the reader in?
Help with ideas please?
J.K. Rowling's next book is called The Casual Vacancy. Thoughts? Are you going to read it?
What are some good opinions about the book "The Hobbit?"?
How to read a book online and print some of its pages?
list of short storie topics??? please.?
Kinsey Millhone series?
my life is so fun what should i do to make it even better?
Whats this book called?
Does anyone know where to find a translated version of the book Tristana on-line (preferbely for free)?
How do you feel when you write in your diary/journal?
Which books can you read again and again for renewed pleasure each time?
Roger Mcgough's poem "the lesson", when was it written?
Titles for my story please?
Why was the book "The Outsiders" Banned?
i have read a confederacy of dunces and jitterbug perfume ...what should I read next?
What's the poem the narrator gives Patrick in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower?"?
Hi I'm writing book and need an name for my main character?
"Farmer Giles of Ham" Plot Diagram Help?
a twilight book (eclipse) question?
My story, please help?
Help me get a new plot line?
Would You want to keep reading? Is it good?
why should i read Enders Game by Orson Scott Card?
Some of the world's best Classical books.?
If you could jump inside a book, which book would you choose?
Film for the book How I Live Now- Meg Rossoff?
could someone help cite this in MLA format please?
in the lord of the rings how many black riders are there?
I can't remember the name of this story?
What are some Black last names?
Novels on european Immigration?
Any good romance fiction books?
Good literature?
Need book suggestions?
I am looking for a publisher for poetry I have written, any tips?
Does this ruin the book or make you want to read it?
If Hemingway were alive, <with a drink close by> what would be his first sentence about the Katrina debacle?
What is the name of this Stephen King story about the flu?
Hi everyone.What book made you cry?
Where can I download books to read?
~Are there any books similar to the movies The Breakfast Club or The Art Of Getting By~?
who wrote the serenity prayer?
does anyone know the theme to robert frosts pomem "mending Wall"?
Thank you for the second line of my novel. Can you give me a third? It's about the medical origin of vampires.
I have a cafe where i usually go. See the details?
Will you offer me some info on the personality of Nicu-Aurelian Steinhardt?
In general,which type of bedtime story will make sleep at night?
How many comic book stores are there in the United States?
Do you usually buy a book after you have read it?
Can anyone give me some insight on writing meaningful haiku?
Briefly describe how money and love are intertwined in The Rocking Horse Winner.?
How much of "Plot Against America" by Philip Roth is historically accurate?
Why does Maurice feel guilty when he kicks sand into Percival's eyes?
How does the book "Oliver Twist" end?
what is the mortal insruments series?
What site can i find out what Klutz books are in barnes and noble now?
Twilight/Harry Potter Survey!?
Are the show Make It Or Break It and The Secret Life of the American Teenager based on novels or book series?
Can you tell me in one or two paragraphs why you think Dracula is a coward?
Is it true that the Perks of being a wallflower is a bad book?
What to read: City of Ashes, Gone, or The Mark of Athena?
What is the best Danielle Steel book you've ever read?
Good Character Names for A book I'm writing?
Can anyone recomend some good books?
Any good books...I'm a teen but like older material! I'm very mature so any really good books?
Books are friends.Do you agree?
I need help remembering the name of a book?
why is ayn rand considerd a good author?
Name of book? (Described cover)?
do u believe that snape killed dumbledore after visiting
what books did thomas hill write?
Help me for my story?
I'm writing a fantasy story, but the more I write, the less fantasy there is....?
who is write the miserables novel ?
Who thinks Edger Alon Poe is a weird writer?
how do i get a writing agent?
1.The narrator of “The Glass of Milk” does not tell the reader the boy’s name, though the narrators of “Gumpti?
What book comes first: the lost hero or the son of Neptune?
Prologue vs. First Chapter?
I need help writing a book report on the book Flush by Carl Hiaasen?
HARRY POTTER FANS: The Daily Prophet Rapid News Column!!?
What are the objectives of: an author,a critic, a translator,a reviewer and their materials and technics?
What is the genre for the book, Sold by Patricia McCormick?
Is this scene confusing?
has anyone read grave sight by charlaine harris?
How many poems would I have to write to make it a book?
does anyone know where i can find and online summary for the book Bastard out of Carolina?
Anyone recommend any good books? I loved the Prey, do you know anything similar to it?
Name a good book please?
good teen pregnancy books?
Founding brothers??? by joseph ellis?
Why read books when the movie version is available?
What book/s are you reading right now?
what are the character is the book Tangerine and what are their ages?
What is your favorite book: twilight, new moon, eclipse, or breaking dawn?
What do u think of Vanessa Hudgens as Leah Clearwater & Dakota Fanning as Jane in the Twilight movies?
Twilight Fans: Do You Think The World Will End In Fire Or Ice?
How to win a short story competition?
What is your favorite book or a book you really enjoyed reading?
How Much Does it cost to copy tight a book?
Giggle or a short laugh?
Does anyone here like the name "Alceron"?
I'm getting a twilight tattoo, advice?
Help I need Story ideas?
who is the popular people in the woildwide?
Have you read a Chetan Bhagat novel? what are your views for his writing ?
I Though Sure This Was A Nicholas Sparks Book But Can't Find It Pls Help Me Find This Book?
Reasons for censorship of books?
Artemis Fowl- Fairies and Humans?
Where can you buy the book about an old man. a tiger in a cage and a fox?
Do you think Twilight should have its own category?
Do you fold the corner of a page when reading a book, to remember your place, or do you use a bookmark?
what is the title and author of the last book you read? DId you learn anything from it?
Why are poeple so upset over The DaVinci Code?
Do you know any novels about bipolar?
how do i get my wife off of harry potter fan fiction?
ok this is not a stupid twilight question?
Personal scary stories?
would you buy a horror book written by a woman?
What makes 'the perfect guy'?
Can't appraise old book..very difficult with anonymous author?
Are there any Albert Camus complete collections?
Does this have a REAL novel feel to it(short)?
Are there any JK Rowling Books available since the Harry Potter series?
Cheap Used Books????????
Recommend me some books to read?
where is a good place to donate used books in Saint Louis, MO?
i want to write a book i need ideas or tips to help ?
Do librarians use Google to answer reference questions?
Does anybody like to read?
What happens between fang and max in the Maximum Ride Series 5th Book 2nd in the protectors series?
A Harry Potter Question ~contains spoilers for HBP~?
WDYT--Opinions on this excerpt?
What books of this century do you think will be considered classics in, say, 100 years?
A true story!?
The Canterbury Tales...What is the description of the physical appearance of the Shipman?
Does anyone know this book?
What's your favorite book?
Has anyone read call of the wild?
Why wasn't Breaking Dawn as good as the first 3 books?